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LAMBORN, ROBERT                         PA-15-F-145
LAMPLUGH, JACOB                         PA-15-B-53
LATTIMORE, ARTHUR                       PA-15-D-513
LAUGHLIN, JAMES                         PA-15-D-167
LAW, MARTHA                             PA-15-D-522
LAWRENCE, DANIEL                        PA-15-A-72
LAWRENCE, HENRY                         PA-15-D-555
LAWRENCE, MARGARET                      PA-15-E-378
LAWRENCE, SARAH                         PA-15-D-396
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       PA-15-F-461
LAWSON, ROBERT                          PA-15-F-444
LEA, HANNAH                             PA-15-A-436
LEA, JOHN                               PA-15-A-217
LEA, JOHN                               PA-15-D-164
LEEPER, ISABELLA                        PA-15-B-187
LEET, EDWARD                            PA-15-B-53
LEIS, ISAAC                             PA-15-D-435
LEMON, PHEBE                            PA-15-E-218
LEPER, ANDREW                           PA-15-E-235
LEPER, GUYON                            PA-15-B-86
LEVIS, SAMUEL                           PA-15-D-129
LEVIS, SAMUEL SR.                       PA-15-A-411
LEVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-15-B-221
LEWIN, EDWARD                           PA-15-A-68
LEWIN, MARY                             PA-15-A-73
LEWIS, ABRAHAM                          PA-15-E-137
LEWIS, CATHARINE                        PA-15-F-337
LEWIS, EVAN                             PA-15-A-224
LEWIS, EVAN                             PA-15-A-432
LEWIS, GRIFFITH                         PA-15-B-18
LEWIS, JANE                             PA-15-B-21
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-15-D-605
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-15-F-335
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-15-F-259
LEWIS, JOSEPH                           PA-15-C-484
LEWIS, LEWIS                            PA-15-D-89
LEWIS, MAGDALEN                         PA-15-B-239
LEWIS, MARY                             PA-15-C-491
LEWIS, MARY                             PA-15-B-4
LEWIS, MORDECAI                         PA-15-B-150
LEWIS, PHINEAS                          PA-15-E-350
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-335
LEWIS,HENRY                             PA-15-A-397
LIGGETT, GEORGE                         PA-15-D-237
LIGGETT, LODOWICK                       PA-15-F-404
LIGHTFOOT, MARGARET                     PA-15-A-378
LIGHTFOOT, THOMAS                       PA-15-A-180
LINDLEY, JAMES                          PA-15-A-210
LINDLY, SIMON                           PA-15-D-236
LINDSEY, WILLIAM                        PA-15-E-379
LINDSEY, WILLIAM                        PA-15-F-170
LINFIELD, MARGARET                      PA-15-E-182
LINN, CHARLES                           PA-15-B-206
LINN, CHARLES                           PA-15-F-80
LITTLE, WILLIAM                         PA-15-C-292
LITTLER, SAMUEL                         PA-15-A-238
LITTLER, WILLIAM                        PA-15-F-42
LLEWELLYN, DAVID                        PA-15-C-244
LLOYD, DAVID                            PA-15-A-333
LLOYD, ENOCH                            PA-15-F-69
LLOYD, GRACE                            PA-15-D-211
LLOYD, RICHARD                          PA-15-D-13
LLOYD, THOMAS                           PA-15-E-356
LLOYD, WALTER                           PA-15-D-74
LOCKHART, PATRICK                       PA-15-D-5
LOGAN, JAMES                            PA-15-B-173
LONG, FRANCIS                           PA-15-C-206
LONG, JOHN                              PA-15-F-279
LONG, JOSEPH                            PA-15-F-251
LONGWORTHY, JENESIS                     PA-15-A-240
LOWNES, BENANUEL                        PA-15-E-447
LOWNES, GEORGE                          PA-15-B-69
LOWNES, JOSEPH                          PA-15-F-455
LUSK, WILLIAM                           PA-15-B-217
MACKELDUFF, JOSEPH                      PA-15-C-240
MADDOCK, HENRY                          PA-15-D-508
MAGUIRE, THOMAS                         PA-15-F-465
MALIN, JACOB                            PA-15-A-241
MALONE, PATRICK                         PA-15-D-189
MARIS, ANN                              PA-15-F-468
MARIS, GEORGE                           PA-15-D-300
MARIS, GEORGE SR.                       PA-15-C-410
MARIS, JOHN                             PA-15-B-263
MARIS, JOSEPH                           PA-15-D-123
MARIS, RICHARD                          PA-15-B-184
MARLING, MARGERY                        PA-15-E-167
MARSH, GRAVENER                         PA-15-D-189
MARSH, JOSHUA                           PA-15-C-15
MARSH, WILLIAM                          PA-15-B-166
MARSHALL, ABRAHAM                       PA-15-E-51
MARSHALL, ABRAM                         PA-15-C-254
MARSHALL, ANN                           PA-15-A-314
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-15-C-181
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-15-C-273
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-15-A-310
MARSHALL, MARY                          PA-15-E-77
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        PA-15-B-72
MARTEN, WALTER                          PA-15-A-74
MARTIN, GEORGE                          PA-15-E-238
MARTIN, JAMES                           PA-15-F-246
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-15-A-80
MARTIN, LLEWELLYN                       PA-15-D-462
MARTIN, MATTHIAS                        PA-15-E-49
MARTIN, ROGER                           PA-15-E-200
MARTIN, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-414
MASHMAN, JOHN                           PA-15-E-265
MASON, GEORGE                           PA-15-F-60
MASON, RICHARD                          PA-15-A-20
MASON, WILLIAM                          PA-15-F-51
MASSEY, MORDECAI                        PA-15-C-39
MATHER, JOHN                            PA-15-E-89
MATHER, JOHN JR.                        PA-15-D-428
MATHERS, JAMES                          PA-15-F-443
MATLACK, JOSEPH                         PA-15-E-292
MATSON, MORRIS                          PA-15-F-190
MATTHEWS, JOHN                          PA-15-D-300
MAXELL, JOHN                            PA-15-A-15
MAXFIELD, SAMUEL                        PA-15-F-14
MAXWELL, SAMUEL                         PA-15-F-14
MCADOWS, JOHN                           PA-15-C-381
MCCADDON, RICHARD                       PA-15-D-93
MCCAIN, SUSANNA                         PA-15-A-329
MCCALL, JAMES                           PA-15-D-57
MCCANDLIS, JAMES                        PA-15-C-449
MCCASKEY, JOSEPH                        PA-15-C-472
MCCAY, WILLIAM                          PA-15-D-542
MCCLELLAN, JOHN                         PA-15-B-160
MCCLELLAN, SAMUEL                       PA-15-B-143
MCCLURE, JAMES                          PA-15-D-23
MCCLURE, JOHN                           PA-15-F-235
MCCLUSKEY, DAVID                        PA-15-D-4
MCCOLLOCK, MARTHA                       PA-15-C-109
MCCOLLOCK, WILLIAM                      PA-15-C-107
MCCONNAUGHY, JAMES                      PA-15-F-420
MCCONNAUGHY, JENNET                     PA-15-F-413
MCCOY, DENNIS                           PA-15-F-451
MCCRACKEN, JOSHUA                       PA-15-E-404
MCCUE, SAMUEL                           PA-15-F-320
MCCUE, SAMUEL JR.                       PA-15-D-207
MCDONEL, JEREMIAH                       PA-15-C-18
MCFALL, APTRICK                         PA-15-F-229
MCHARG, JOHN                            PA-15-E-276
MCILVAIN, JOHN                          PA-15-F-352
MCKEAN, SUSANNA                         PA-15-A-329
MCKEE, ALEXANDER                        PA-15-D-443
MCKEE, JOSEPH                           PA-15-E-18
MCLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL                     PA-15-D-131
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                     PA-15-F-348
MCLEAN, DANIEL                          PA-15-E-209
MCMICHAEL, CHARLES                      PA-15-D-110
MCMICHAN, JAMES                         PA-15-D-207
MCMILLEN, JOHN                          PA-15-F-276
MCPHERSON, JANE                         PA-15-E-277
MCPHERSON, JOHN                         PA-15-D-390
MCPHERSON, ROBERT                       PA-15-F-221
MCWILLIAMS, SARAH                       PA-15-D-509
MEANS, EDWARD                           PA-15-E-67
MEARS, JAMES                            PA-15-D-82
MEAS, JOHN                              PA-15-E-435
MEEK, JOHN                              PA-15-D-421
MENDENHALL, AARON                       PA-15-D-521
MENDENHALL, ANNE                        PA-15-C-149
MENDENHALL, BENJAMIN                    PA-15-B-141
MENDENHALL, BENJAMIN                    PA-15-B-58
MENDENHALL, JOSEPH                      PA-15-C-67
MENDENHALL, MOSES                       PA-15-A-360
MERCER, MARY                            PA-15-A-151
MERCER, THOMAS                          PA-15-A-40
MEREDITH, DAVID                         PA-15-D-26
MEREDITH, DAVID                         PA-15-C-521
MESSER, ROBERT                          PA-15-A-248
MILES, JOHN                             PA-15-F-204
MILES, JOSEPH                           PA-15-F-345
MILHOUS, SARAH                          PA-15-F-123
MILHOUS, THOMAS                         PA-15-E-189
MILLER, DOROTHY                         PA-15-E-254
MILLER, GAYEN                           PA-15-B-114
MILLER, HENRY                           PA-15-B-23
MILLER, HUGH                            PA-15-F-15
MILLER, JAMES                           PA-15-A-361
MILLER, JAMES                           PA-15-F-21
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-15-A-10
MILLER, JOSEPH                          PA-15-A-257
MILLER, MARGARET                        PA-15-B-152
MILLER, MARY                            PA-15-A-320
MILLER, SAMUEL                          F-497
MILLER, SMAUEL                          PA-15-E-287
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-E-29
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-E-174
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-E-82
MILLESON, JONATHAN                      PA-15-F-325
MILLISON, JOHN                          PA-15-B-165
MINOR, JOHN                             PA-15-E-454
MINOR, SUSANNA                          PA-15-E-456
MINOR, THOMAS                           PA-15-E-452
MINSHALL, ISAAC                         PA-15-A-347
MINSHALL, JACOB                         PA-15-A-418
MINSHALL, JOHN                          PA-15-B-6
MINSHALL, SARAH                         PA-15-D-68
MITCHELL, ISABEL                        PA-15-D-152
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       PA-15-D-136
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        PA-15-A-318
MOONEY, NEAL                            PA-15-C-331
MOORE, ANDREW                           PA-15-C-430
MOORE, DANIEL                           PA-15-D-429
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        PA-15-D-622
MOORE, FRANCIS                          PA-15-A-258
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-15-D-432
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-15-A-229
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-15-A-404
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-15-C-233
MOORE, JOHN OF THORNBURY                PA-15-C-290
MOORE, NATHANIEL                        PA-15-F-252
MOORE, REBECCA                          PA-15-C-196
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-15-C-368
MOORE, WILLIAM                          PA-15-E-19
MOORE, WILLIAM                          PA-15-F-41
MORGAN, BLANCH                          PA-15-A-66
MORGAN, GEORGE                          PA-15-B-202
MORGAN, HUGH                            PA-15-A-273
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-15-B-175
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-15-A-337
MORGAN, ROBERT                          PA-15-C-505
MORGAN, SAMUEL                          PA-15-D-66
MORGAN, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-419
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         PA-15-F-344
MORRIS, DAVID                           PA-15-A-107
MORRIS, FRANCIS                         PA-15-D-404
MORRIS, JAMES                           PA-15-D-635
MORRIS, JONATHAN                        PA-15-B-96
MORRIS, MARK                            PA-15-E-457
MORRIS, ROBERT                          PA-15-F-155
MORRIS, THOMAS                          AS-340
MORRIS, THOMAS                          PA-15-E-237
MORRIS, WILLIAM                         PA-15-C-260
MORRISON, ALEXANDER                     PA-15-D-609
MORRISON, ELIZABETH                     PA-15-F-176
MORRISON, MARY                          PA-15-F-117
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       PA-15-D-595
MORTON, JOHN                            PA-15-A-166
MORTON, JOHN                            PA-15-F-280
MORTON, MARGARET                        PA-15-D-1
MORTON, MARTIN                          PA-15-F-411
MORTON, SAMUEL                          PA-15-D-570
MORTON, TOBIAS                          PA-15-E-126
MORTONSON, MORTON                       PA-15-A-69
MOULDER, BENJAMIN                       PA-15-A-338
MUIRHEAD, JAMES                         PA-15-D-471
MUSGRAVE, MOSES                         PA-15-A-189
MUSGROVE, ABRAHAM                       PA-15-F-74
NATSILIUS, MATTHIAS                     PA-15-A-158
NAYLE, DEBORAH                          PA-15-C-299
NAYLE, HENRY                            PA-15-A-193
NEED, JOSEPH                            PA-15-B-98
NETHERMARK, CHRISTIAN                   PA-15-E-42
NETHERMARK, CONRAD                      PA-15-D-197
NETHERMARK, LUKE                        PA-15-E-86
NETSILLES, ARTHUR                       PA-15-E-192
NEWLIN, ELIZABETH                       PA-15-B-78
NEWLIN, ELIZABETH                       PA-15-A-48
NEWLIN, JANE                            PA-15-B-15
NEWLIN, NATHANIEL                       PA-15-A-349
NEWLIN, NATHANIEL                       PA-15-D-627
NICHOLIN, JOSEPH                        PA-15-D-507
NICKELSON, JOHN                         PA-15-C-393
NICKOLS, JOHN                           PA-15-E-20
NICKOLS, WILLIAM                        PA-15-F-117
NIVIN, ISABEL                           PA-15-F-116
NIXON, THOMAS                           PA-15-A-391
NOLLART, GEORGE                         PA-15-E-197
NOOKS, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-401
NORBURY, RACHEL                         PA-15-D-573
NUTT, SAMUEL                            PA-15-D-2
OARR, SAMUEL                            PA-15-C-32
OBORN, HENRY                            PA-15-B-13
OBORN, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-358
OGDEN, JONATHAN                         PA-15-A-249
OGDEN, STEPHEN                          PA-15-F-203
OGILBAY, JAMES                          PA-15-C-413
OHEER, PATRICK                          PA-15-E-22
OLDHAM, RACHEL                          PA-15-D-387
OLDHAM, ROBERT                          PA-15-C-124
OLDHAM, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-35
OLIVER, JOHN                            PA-15-E-220
OLIVER, SAMUEL                          PA-15-F-220
OMULLEN, ROBERT                         PA-15-D-554
ORSON, WILLIAM                          PA-15-B-85
OSBORN, RICHARD                         PA-15-A-203
OSKILLEN, MORRIS                        PA-15-D-75
OTTEY, ANN                              PA-15-C-425
OWEN, ELIZABTEH                         PA-15-B-94
OWEN, HUGH                              PA-15-D-413
OWEN, JOHN                              PA-15-E-341
OWEN, RICHARD                           PA-15-A-183
OWNE, JOHN                              PA-15-C-339
PAINTER, ELIZABETH                      PA-15-F-32
PAINTER, JOHN                           PA-15-D-524
PAINTER, PHILIP                         PA-15-F-318
PAINTER, SMAUEL                         PA-15-D-15
PAINTER, THOMAS                         PA-15-C-209
PALMER, JOHN                            PA-15-B-110
PALMER, JOHN                            PA-15-E-250
PALMER, MARY                            PA-15-B-177
PARKE, ARTHUR                           PA-15-B-55
PARKE, REBECKAH                         PA-15-C-156
PARKE, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-141
PARKER, ABRAHAM                         PA-15-C-395
PARKER, JOHN                            PA-15-A-41
PARKER, RICAHRD                         PA-15-A-298
PARKER, RICHARD                         PA-15-B-5
PARKER, SABILLA                         PA-15-F-53
PARKS, RICHARD                          PA-15-A-393
PARRY, JAMES                            PA-15-A-198
PARRY, JOHN                             PA-15-B-224
PARRY, JOHN                             PA-15-B-65
PASCHALL, JOHN                          PA-15-F-355
PASSMORE, JOHN                          PA-15-B-213
PASSMORE, JOSEPH                        PA-15-E-34
PASSMORE, WILLIAM                       PA-15-B-168
PATTEN, ROBERT                          PA-15-D-9
PATTEN, WILLIAM                         PA-15-B-122
PATTERSON, ARTHUR                       PA-15-D-85
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH                    PA-15-C-155
PATTERSON, JAMES                        PA-15-B-76
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       PA-15-C-103
PATTISON, ROBERT                        PA-15-B-137
PATTON, DAVID                           PA-15-F-63
PEARCE, EDWARD                          PA-15-F-234
PEARNE, MARTHA                          PA-15-F-231
PEARSON, HANNAH                         PA-15-F-314
PEARSON, JOHN                           PA-15-D-403
PEARSON, THOMAS                         PA-15-D-391
PEARSON, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-407
PEDRICK, JOHN                           PA-15-D-146
PEDRICK, JOHN                           PA-15-F-33
PEDRICK, RACHEL                         PA-15-D-538
PEIRCE, GEORGE                          PA-15-A-416
PEIRCE, HENRY                           PA-15-D-51
PEIRCE, HENRY                           PA-15-B-159
PEIRCE, HENRY                           PA-15-E-172
PEIRCE, JOSHUA                          PA-15-C-365
PEIRCE, RACHEL                          PA-15-F-183
PEIRCE, SARAH                           PA-15-F-167
PEIRSOL, BRIDGET                        PA-15-D-491
PEIRSOL, JOHN                           PA-15-F-289
PEIRSOL, RICHARD                        PA-15-C-416
PENNELL, HANNAH                         PA-15-E-280
PENNELL, JAMES                          PA-15-D-639
PENNELL, JOHN                           PA-15-D-466
PENNELL, JOSEPH                         PA-15-D-60
PENNELL, JOSEPH                         PA-15-A-286
PENNELL, MARY                           PA-15-E-98
PENNELL, ROBERT                         PA-15-A-293
PENNELL, WILLIAM                        PA-15-D-86
PENNOCK, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-15-A-355
PENNOCK, EDWARD                         PA-15-A-345
PENNOCK, JOSEPH                         PA-15-E-242
PENNOCK, NATHANIEL                      PA-15-F-24
PEOPLE, WILLIAM                         PA-15-F-89
PERTT, SIMON                            PA-15-A-283
PETERS, JOHN                            PA-15-C-122
PHILIPS, GRIFFITH                       PA-15-A-36
PHILIPS, JOHN                           PA-15-C-27
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                        PA-15-E-386
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                        PA-15-E-7
PHILLIPS, THOMAS JR.                    PA-15-E-39
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       PA-15-B-23
PHILSON, JOHN JR.                       PA-15-C-314
PHIPPS, GEORGE                          PA-15-F-460
PHIPPS, JOSEPH                          PA-15-E-347
PHIPPS, JOSEPH SR.                      PA-15-D-408
PHIPPS, NATHAN                          PA-15-E-318
PIERCE, GEORGE                          PA-15-F-140
PIM, ANN                                PA-15-C-465
PIM, WILLIAM                            PA-15-C-329
PLUMMER, ROBERT                         PA-15-B-14
POKE, THOMAS                            PA-15-B-228
PORTER, JAMES                           PA-15-F-77
PORTER, PATRICK                         PA-15-F-245
PORTER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-C-153
PORTER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-F-386
POSTON, JOHN                            PA-15-B-222
POTTS, EZEKIEL                          PA-15-F-401
POWELL, ANN                             PA-15-A-132
POWELL, ELIZABETH                       PA-15-B-102
POWELL, EVAN                            PA-15-B-11
POWELL, JAMES                           PA-15-E-202
POWELL, JOHN                            PA-15-A-415
POWELL, JOHN                            PA-15-A-420
POWELL, JOHN                            PA-15-D-558
POWELL, JOSEPH                          PA-15-C-357
POWELL, JOSEPH                          PA-15-F-109
POWELL, PATIENCE                        PA-15-F-313
POWELL, THOMAS JR.                      PA-15-A-4
POWELL, THOMAS SR.                      PA-15-A-14
PRATT, JOSEPH                           PA-15-D-64
PRATT, JOSEPH                           PA-15-F-130
PRATT, MARY                             PA-15-F-174
PRESTON, JOHN                           PA-15-A-398
PREW, CALEB                             PA-15-A-218
PRICE, JAMES                            PA-15-A-435
PRICE, JOHN                             PA-15-E-461
PRICE, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-67
PRICE, THOMAS                           PA-15-B-17
PRIOR, SILAS                            PA-15-A-376
PRYOR, JAMES                            PA-15-D-310
PUGH, JAMES                             PA-15-A-161
PUGH, JAMES                             PA-15-E-19
PUGH, JEMIMAH                           PA-15-E-366
PUGH, JOHN                              PA-15-D-206
PUGH, JONATHAN                          PA-15-E-96
PUSEY, CALEB                            PA-15-A-220
PUSEY, CALEB                            PA-15-D-40
PUSEY, ELIZABETH                        PA-15-B-109
PUSEY, JOHN                             PA-15-D-580
PUSEY, JOSHUA                           PA-15-D-259
PUSEY, MARY                             PA-15-D-293
PUSEY, WILLIAM                          PA-15-E-409
PYLE, ADAM                              PA-15-D-186
PYLE, ANN                               PA-15-C-492
PYLE, JOB                               PA-15-C-305
PYLE, JOHN                              PA-15-C-349
PYLE, JOHN                              PA-15-E-288
PYLE, JOSEPH                            PA-15-C-476
PYLE, NICHOLAS                          PA-15-A-410
PYLE, NICHOLAS                          PA-15-A-49
PYLE, RALPH                             PA-15-B-89
PYLE, ROBERT                            PA-15-A-322
PYLE, SAMUEL                            PA-15-C-200
PYLE, SUSANNA                           PA-15-F-417
PYLE, WILLIAM                           PA-15-A-428
PYLE, WILLIAM                           PA-15-B-200
PYPEL, ROBERT                           PA-15-D-119
RALSTON, JOHN                           PA-15-E-262
RAMSEY, SUSANNA                         PA-15-D-172
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                         PA-15-D-63
RATTEW, JOHN                            PA-15-F-421
RAWSON, JOHN                            PA-15-B-41
READ, JOHN                              PA-15-A-287
READING, MATTHEW                        PA-15-B-267
READING, MATTHEW                        PA-15-C-251
REECE, DAVID                            PA-15-B-188
REED, ANDREW                            PA-15-F-166
REES, EVAN                              PA-15-B-230
REES, JOSEPH                            PA-15-A-260
REESE, JAMES                            PA-15-D-102
REESE, LEWIS                            PA-15-F-149
REESE, MORRIS                           PA-15-D-289
REGAN, MICHAEL                          PA-15-E-396
REYNER, JOSEPH                          PA-15-A-441
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                     PA-15-D-552
REYNOLDS, FRANCIS                       PA-15-D-187
REYNOLDS, HENRY                         PA-15-A-164
REYNOLDS, PRUDENCE                      PA-15-A-274
REYNOLDS, ROBERT                        PA-15-A-327
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       PA-15-A-236
RHOADES, JAMES                          PA-15-F-369
RHOADS, ABIGAIL                         PA-15-C-264
RHOADS, ADAM                            PA-15-B-177
RHODES, CHRISTIAN                       PA-15-B-20
RHODES, JOHN                            PA-15-D-631
RICE, JOHN                              PA-15-A-226
RICH, JOSEPH                            PA-15-D-84
RICHARDS, EDWARD                        PA-15-D-516
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                        PA-15-A-445
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                        PA-15-D-27
RICHARDS, THOMAS                        PA-15-B-40
RICHARDSON, ANN                         PA-15-B-63
RICHARDSON, ISAAC                       PA-15-A-200
RICHEY, WILLIAM                         PA-15-F-256
RICHIE, ANDREW                          PA-15-E-268
RIGG, ROBERT                            PA-15-C-7
RILEY, EDWARD                           PA-15-C-53
RILEY, JOHN                             PA-15-D-286
RING, BENJAMIN                          PA-15-E-31
RING, NATHANIEL                         PA-15-D-633
RITTER, JOHN                            PA-15-A-245
ROADS, PETER                            PA-15-E-239
ROAT, MARTIN                            PA-15-F-263
ROBB, WILLIAM                           PA-15-B-198
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        PA-15-F-423
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         PA-15-C-217
ROBINBSON, GEORGE                       PA-15-A-58
ROBINETT, ALLEN                         PA-15-D-163
ROBINSON, JAMES                         PA-15-F-201
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-15-B-169
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-15-A-141
ROBINSON, RICHARD                       PA-15-B-199
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        PA-15-C-141
ROBISON, JOHN                           PA-15-D-277
ROCKETT, HENRY                          PA-15-B-244
ROE, ELIZABETH                          PA-15-A-264
ROE, WILLIAM                            PA-15-F-139
ROGERS, JOSEPH                          PA-15-C-471
ROGERS, THOMAS                          PA-15-C-58
ROGERS, THOMAS                          PA-15-E-325
ROGESTER, DAVID                         PA-15-C-276
ROMAN, JOSHUA                           PA-15-D-444
ROMAN, PHILIP                           PA-15-A-312
ROSS, JON                               PA-15-D-180
ROSS, MOSES                             PA-15-D-567
ROSS, THOMAS                            PA-15-B-170
ROUTH, FRANCIS                          PA-15-E-101
ROWAN, ANDREW                           PA-15-D-275
ROWAN, CORNELIUS                        PA-15-A-173
ROWLAND, HUGH                           PA-15-F-61
ROWLAND, JAMES                          PA-15-D-366
ROWLAND, JOHN                           PA-15-B-198
RUSSELL, ALEANDER                       PA-15-B-217
RUSSELL, EDWARD                         PA-15-F-134
RUSSELL, JACOB                          PA-15-B-148
SALKELD, AGNES                          PA-15-C-129
SALKELD, DAVID                          PA-15-D-170
SALKELD, JOHN                           PA-15-B-44
SALKELD, JOHN                           PA-15-F-215
SALKELD, THOMAS                         PA-15-C-160
SALKELD, WILLIAM                        PA-15-B-126
SANDERSON, RICHARD                      PA-15-E-160
SANFORD, ROBERT                         PA-15-D-540
SAVAGE, SAMUEL                          PA-15-B-107
SAVAGE, THOMAS                          PA-15-B-37
SCARLET, HUMPHREY                       PA-15-B-197
SCARLET, HUMPHRY                        PA-15-B-218
SCARLET, SHADRACH                       PA-15-D-375
SCHOLAR, JOHN                           PA-15-A-147
SCOTT, ABRAM                            PA-15-C-177
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-15-F-17
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-15-A-36
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-15-A-212
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-15-D-548
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-15-F-219
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-15-F-249
SCOTT, PROVIDENCE                       PA-15-D-18
SEAL, HANNAH                            PA-15-B-208
SEAL, JOSEPH                            PA-15-B-207
SEAL, RACHEL                            PA-15-B-218
SEAL, WILLIAM                           PA-15-B-118
SEAL, WILLIAM                           PA-15-E-163
SEEDS, EDWARD                           PA-15-C-508
SELLERS, SAMUEL                         PA-15-A-389
SELLERS, SAMUEL                         PA-15-C-487
SELLERS, SAMUEL                         PA-15-E-413
SHARMAN, ROBERT                         PA-15-B-42
SHARP, ALEXANDER                        PA-15-D-104
SHARP, JOHN                             PA-15-B-254
SHARP, JOSEPH                           PA-15-B-214
SHARP, MARY                             PA-15-E-470
SHARPLES, CALEB                         PA-15-A-109
SHARPLES, DANIEL                        PA-15-F-127
SHARPLES, JACOB                         PA-15-F-104
SHARPLES, JAMES                         PA-15-B-211
SHARPLES, JAMES                         PA-15-F-98
SHARPLES, JOHN                          PA-15-B-232
SHARPLES, WILLIAM                       PA-15-C-294
SHARPLESS, NATHAN                       PA-15-D-8
SHEERER, DAVID                          PA-15-C-239
SHELDON, RICHARD                        PA-15-C-378
SHELLY, ROGER                           PA-15-B-183
SHEPPARD, WILLIAM                       PA-15-D-165
SHEWARD, JAMES                          PA-15-F-332
SHIELDS, DANIEL                         PA-15-F-351
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                        PA-15-D-220
SHIMER, CONRAD                          PA-15-F-459
SHIRARDIN, JACOB                        PA-15-F-3
SHIRLEY, THOMAS                         PA-15-E-112
SHORTLEDGE, JAMES                       PA-15-B-56
SHUSTER, JACOB                          PA-15-F-230
SIDWELL, ABRAHAM                        PA-15-F-68
SIDWELL, HUGH                           PA-15-B-84
SIDWELL, HUGH                           PA-15-A-304
SILL, JAMES                             PA-15-F-7
SIMCOCK, JACOB                          PA-15-A-43
SIMONS, RICHARD                         PA-15-C-486
SIMPSON, ALLEN                          PA-15-D-54
SIMPSON, GEORGE                         PA-15-B-179
SIMPSON, JOHN                           PA-15-D-224
SIMPSON, JOSIAH                         PA-15-C-56
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                        PA-15-C-102
SIMSON, JOHN                            PA-15-F-463
SINCLAIR, MARY                          PA-15-B-79
SINKLER, GEORGE                         PA-15-D-198
SKETCHLEY, JOHN                         PA-15-C-399
SKETCHLY, MARY                          PA-15-F-283
SLATOR, GEORGE                          PA-15-D-399
SLAUGHTER, JACOB                        PA-15-E-143
SLOAN, WILLIAM                          PA-15-D-546
SMEDLEY, FRANCIS                        PA-15-E-436
SMEDLEY, GEORGE                         PA-15-D-631
SMEDLEY, GEORGE                         PA-15-A-148
SMEDLEY, GEORGE JR.                     PA-15-D-549
SMEDLEY, MARY                           PA-15-F-1
SMEDLEY, SARAH                          PA-15-D-523
SMEDLEY, THOMAS                         PA-15-D-112
SMITH, EDWARD                           PA-15-A-331
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-15-A-265
SMITH, JANE                             PA-15-A-42
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-A-22
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-C-135
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-D-590
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-D-620
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-B-38
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-F-49
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-F-460
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-E-48
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-15-F-323
SMITH, JOSEPH                           PA-15-D-222
SMITH, MARY                             PA-15-B-140
SMITH, MARY                             PA-15-D-192
SMITH, RICHARD                          PA-15-A-127
SMITH, RICHARD                          PA-15-F-38
SMITH, ROBERT                           PA-15-C-73
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-15-B-262
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-38
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-260
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-15-C-342
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-15-B-16
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-15-F-192
SPEAR, JOHN                             PA-15-D-19
SPENCER, JOHN                           PA-15-A-305
SPERRY, JAMES                           PA-15-F-62
SPLAN, MORRIS                           PA-15-C-120
SPRAY, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-15-B-33
STARR, ISAAC                            PA-15-C-454
STARR, JAMES                            PA-15-F-402
STARR, JOHN                             PA-15-D-332
STARR, MARGARET                         PA-15-D-22
STARRATT, JAMES                         PA-15-D-354
STEDWELL, THOMAS                        PA-15-A-228
STEEL, ADNREW                           PA-15-A-421
STEEL, JOHN                             PA-15-B-226
STEEL, NINIAN                           PA-15-B-193
STEEL, SAMUEL                           PA-15-D-219
STEEN, JOHN                             PA-15-C-437
STEEN, JOHN                             PA-15-B-77
STEPHENS, ROBERT                        PA-15-A-81
STEPHENSON, GRACE                       PA-15-A-295
STEPHENSON, JAMES                       PA-15-B-236
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      PA-15-A-19
STEWART, ROBERT                         PA-15-F-272
STOCKIN, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-309
STRINGER, JOSEPH                        PA-15-D-575
STRODE, GEORGE                          PA-15-D-101
STRODE, GEORGE                          PA-15-F-334
STRODE, JOHN                            PA-15-B-164
STROUD, JAMES                           PA-15-D-156
STUART, DAVID                           PA-15-E-179
STUART, JAMES                           PA-15-C-397
STUART, ROBERT                          PA-15-F-272
STUART, WALTER                          PA-15-F-266
STUBBS, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-398
SULLIVAN, DENNIS                        PA-15-E-158
SWAFFER, JACOB                          PA-15-A-269
SWAFFER, JAMES                          PA-15-A-6
SWAFFER, JOSEPH                         PA-15-F-28
SWAFFER, WILLIAM                        PA-15-A-99
SWAYNE, EDWARD                          PA-15-F-180
SWAYNE, FRANCIS                         PA-15-C-327
SWAYNE, FRANCIS                         PA-15-A-131
SWAYNE, ISAAC                           PA-15-E-339
TALBOT, JOHN                            PA-15-A-122
TANNER, MARY                            PA-15-D-325
TANNER, PHILIP                          PA-15-C-287
TARBET, HUGH                            PA-15-D-582
TATNALL, ANN                            PA-15-D-482
TATNALL, THOMAS                         PA-15-B-223
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        PA-15-F-106
TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-15-C-94
TAYLOR, DANIEL                          PA-15-A-143
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       PA-15-E-385
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          PA-15-D-616
TAYLOR, ISAAC                           PA-15-A-275
TAYLOR, ISRAEL                          PA-15-A-191
TAYLOR, JACOB                           PA-15-B-120
TAYLOR, JANE                            PA-15-E-59
TAYLOR, JEREMIAH                        PA-15-E-195
TAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-15-D-465
TAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-15-A-186
TAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-15-E-357
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          PA-15-B-62
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          PA-15-B-162
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          PA-15-E-344
TAYLOR, JOSIAH                          PA-15-D-512
TAYLOR, MORDECAI                        PA-15-D-159
TAYLOR, MORDECAI                        PA-15-B-237
TAYLOR, PETER                           PA-15-A-102
TAYLOR, PETER                           PA-15-B-57
TAYLOR, PHILIP                          PA-15-D-367
TAYLOR, PHILIP                          PA-15-A-387
TAYLOR, RICHARD                         PA-15-B-71
TAYLOR, ROBERT                          PA-15-D-266
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          PA-15-D-503
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          PA-15-D-159
TAYLOR, SARAH                           PA-15-C-82
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          PA-15-A-216
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          PA-15-A-186
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-45
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          PA-15-F-287
TELFORD, JOSEPH                         PA-15-E-106
TEMPLE, WILLIAM                         PA-15-F-92
TENNENT, JAMES                          PA-15-E-443
TEST, JOHN                              PA-15-A-67
THATCHER, EDITH                         PA-15-E-230
THATCHER, JONATHAN                      PA-15-C-224
THATCHER, RICHARD                       PA-15-D-376
THATCHER, SARAH                         PA-15-C-242
THATCHER, THOMAS                        PA-15-E-405
THMAS, JAMES                            PA-15-F-70
THOMAS, ANN                             PA-15-C-63
THOMAS, ANN                             PA-15-A-299
THOMAS, CATHARINE                       PA-15-F-237
THOMAS, DANIEL                          PA-15-A-143
THOMAS, DAVID                           PA-15-A-425
THOMAS, DAVID                           PA-15-B-109
THOMAS, DAVID                           PA-15-D-336
THOMAS, EDWARD                          PA-15-D-593
THOMAS, ELEANOR                         PA-15-D-490
THOMAS, ESTHER                          PA-15-F-450
THOMAS, EVAN                            PA-15-B-31
THOMAS, EZEKIEL                         PA-15-C-456
THOMAS, JOHN                            PA-15-A-244
THOMAS, JOHN                            PA-15-D-447
THOMAS, JOSEPH                          PA-15-C-61
THOMAS, LEWIS                           PA-15-D-311
THOMAS, MARY                            PA-15-D-370
THOMAS, MARY                            PA-15-E-275
THOMAS, MARY                            PA-15-F-321
THOMAS, RICHARD                         PA-15-C-511
THOMAS, RICHARD                         PA-15-B-158
THOMAS, THEOPHILUS                      PA-15-E-71
THOMAS, THOMAS                          PA-15-C-480
THOMAS, THOMAS                          PA-15-F-45
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         PA-15-B-193
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         PA-15-C-249
THOMPSON, AARON                         PA-15-B-182
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     PA-15-B-146
THOMPSON, JAMES                         PA-15-C-163
THOMPSON, MOSES                         PA-15-B-184
THOMPSON, PETER                         PA-15-B-234
THOMSON, JOHN                           PA-15-C-139
THOMSON, JOSHUA                         PA-15-D-335
THOMSON, MOSES                          PA-15-E-305
THORNBOROUGH, ROBERT                    PA-15-D-179
THORNTON, ROBERT                        PA-15-F-5
TIDBALL, JOHN                           PA-15-D-468
TIPPING, ROBERT                         PA-15-B-126
TODD, JAMES                             PA-15-E-327
TODD, JOHN                              PA-15-F-113
TODHUNTER, JOHN                         PA-15-A-17
TODHUNTER, MARGARET                     PA-15-A-156
TODHUNTER, MARGARET                     PA-15-A-156
TORTON, ANDREW                          PA-15-C-137
TORTON, HANS                            PA-15-C-277
TORTON, LETITIA                         PA-15-E-338
TOWNSEND, HANNAH                        PA-15-D-324
TOWNSEND, JAMES                         PA-15-A-366
TOWNSEND, JOHN                          PA-15-D-168
TOWNSEND, JOHN SR.                      PA-15-B-246
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH                        PA-15-D-602
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH JR.                    PA-15-C-194
TOWNSEND, THOMAS                        PA-15-A-384
TRANTER, RICHARD                        PA-15-B-119
TRAYHORN, ADAM                          PA-15-D-270
TREGO, ANN                              PA-15-E-224
TREGO, JACOB                            PA-15-A-100
TREGO, SUSANNAH                         PA-15-D-533
TREGO, WILLIAM                          PA-15-E-84
TREHEARN, WILLIAM                       PA-15-B-44
TREVILLER, HENRY                        PA-15-A-219
TREVILLER, JAMES                        PA-15-A-87
TRIMBLE, HENRY                          PA-15-E-358
TRIMBLE, HUGH                           PA-15-D-225
TRIMBLE, JAMES                          PA-15-D-290
TRIMBLE, JOHN                           PA-15-E-336
TURNER, ELEANOR                         PA-15-B-196
TURNER, JOHN                            PA-15-C-213
TURNER, ROBERT                          PA-15-F-18
TURNER, ROBERT                          PA-15-F-94
TURNER, SARAH                           PA-15-B-32
TURNER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-B-49
TYLER, JOHN                             PA-15-A-56
VANEMAN, ISAAC                          PA-15-E-56
VANLEER, JOHN GEORGE                    PA-15-C-75
VAUGHAN, JOHN                           PA-15-C-215
VAUGHN, ISAAC                           PA-15-E-342
VERNON, ANN                             PA-15-D-126
VERNON, ISAAC                           PA-15-D-81
VERNON, JACOB                           PA-15-B-61
VERNON, JOSEPH                          PA-15-B-226
VERNON, MOSES                           PA-15-E-11
VERNON, RANDAL                          PA-15-A-168
VERNON, THOMAS                          PA-15-C-519
VOGAN, JAMES                            PA-15-C-405
WADDEL, JAMES                           PA-15-F-225
WAGONER, BARBARA                        PA-15-F-269
WALKER, ALEXANDER                       PA-15-B-212
WALKER, GABRIEL                         PA-15-B-49
WALKER, GERMAN                          PA-15-E-180
WALKER, NATHANIEL                       PA-15-F-296
WALL, JOHN                              PA-15-D-510
WALLACE, JOSIAH                         PA-15-F-330
WALN, MARY                              PA-15-C-460
WALTER, JOHN                            PA-15-A-371
WALTER, LYDIA                           PA-15-D-147
WAMSLEY, JONATHAN                       PA-15-E-111
WARBURTON, ROBERT                       PA-15-D-184
WARBURTON, RUTH                         PA-15-D-291
WARK, WILLIAM                           PA-15-D-579
WASHBORN, SAMUEL                        PA-15-B-124
WASON, MATTHEW                          PA-15-E-408
WATKIN, AARON                           PA-15-F-44
WAY, BENJAMIN                           PA-15-D-132
WAY, JACOB                              PA-15-F-212
WAY, ROBERT                             PA-15-A-188
WAY, WILLIAM                            PA-15-D-182
WAYNE, ANTHONY                          PA-15-B-46
WEATHERBY, BENJAMIN                     PA-15-D-594
WEAVER, RACHEL                          PA-15-F-465
WEBB, BENJAMIN                          PA-15-D-534
WEBB, DANIEL                            PA-15-B-99
WEBB, DANIEL                            PA-15-E-417
WEBB, NATHAN                            PA-15-D-369
WEBB, REBECCA                           PA-15-F-121
WEBB, RICHARD                           PA-15-A-82
WEBB, WILLIAM                           PA-15-D-475
WEBB, WILLIAM                           PA-15-E-411
WEBB, WILLIAM ESQ.                      PA-15-C-418
WEBBER, JACOB                           PA-15-F-328
WEBSTER, ELIZABETH                      PA-15-D-577
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                        PA-15-C-497
WEIRE, ELIZABETH                        PA-15-D-190
WEIRE, GEORGE                           PA-15-C-488
WELDON, BENJAMIN                        PA-15-F-454
WELDON, JOHN                            PA-15-B-28
WELSH, GEORGE                           PA-15-D-39
WEST, WILLIAM                           PA-15-A-94
WHAREY, DAVID                           PA-15-B-155
WHARREY, JAMES                          PA-15-E-279
WHIGAN, JOHN                            PA-15-C-479
WHISTLER, MICHAEL                       PA-15-E-45
WHITAKER, JAMES                         PA-15-A-117
WHITAKER, JAMES                         PA-15-A-79
WHITE, ALEXANDER                        PA-15-B-138
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-15-B-148
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-15-D-107
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-15-D-58
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-15-F-100
WHITE, JOSEPH                           PA-15-A-371
WHITE, JOSEPH                           PA-15-F-197
WHITE, MARGARET                         PA-15-E-272
WHITE, NICHOLAS                         PA-15-D-495
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-95
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-15-B-20
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-15-E-439
WHITELY, JOHN                           PA-15-B-95
WHITING, RICHARD                        PA-15-B-134
WICKERSHAM, THOMAS                      PA-15-A-321
WICKERSHAM, THOMAS JR.                  PA-15-A-214
WIDDOWS, JAMES                          PA-15-B-127
WILCOX, THOMAS                          PA-15-F-435
WILDAY, OBADIAH                         PA-15-F-257
WILEY, WILLIAM                          PA-15-C-19
WILKINS, GEORGE                         PA-15-D-481
WILLIAM, DAVID                          PA-15-E-139
WILLIAM, SAMUEL                         PA-15-E-116
WILLIAMS, EDARD                         PA-15-D-588
WILLIAMS, EDMUND                        PA-15-C-467
WILLIAMS, ELLIS                         PA-15-D-492
WILLIAMS, ELLIS                         PA-15-D-30
WILLIAMS, HUGH                          PA-15-B-92
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-15-A-450
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-15-C-470
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        PA-15-C-259
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        PA-15-D-116
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        PA-15-F-147
WILLIAMS, LEWIS                         PA-15-A-431
WILLIAMS, MARY                          PA-15-C-379
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        PA-15-A-32
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        PA-15-E-116
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       PA-15-D-388
WILLIAMS, ZACHARIAH                     PA-15-B-81
WILLIAMSON, DANIEL                      PA-15-A-270
WILLIAMSON, HANNAH                      PA-15-E-301
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        PA-15-D-242
WILLIS, JOHN                            PA-15-B-186
WILLIS, JOHN JR.                        PA-15-A-369
WILLS, ANN                              PA-15-F-206
WILSON, ANDREW                          PA-15-C-475
WILSON, BARBARA                         PA-15-C-383
WILSON, HANNAH                          PA-15-D-569
WILSON, HUGH                            PA-15-A-175
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-15-C-46
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-15-C-162
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-15-E-125
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-15-E-304
WILSON, JANET                           PA-15-D-217
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-15-D-352
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-15-D-90
WILSON, JOSEPH                          PA-15-C-308
WILSON, MARY                            PA-15-E-144
WILSON, ROBERT                          PA-15-F-408
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-62
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-586
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-15-E-113
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-15-D-195
WITHERS, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-90
WODOROW, ISAAC                          PA-15-D-121
WODOWRD, NAYLE                          PA-15-E-117
WODOWRD, WILLIAM                        PA-15-E-149
WOLLERTON, CHARLES                      PA-15-F-409
WOOD, GEORGE                            PA-15-C-226
WOOD, HANNAH                            PA-15-E-383
WOOD, JOHN                              PA-15-A-278
WOOD, JOSEPH                            PA-15-A-325
WOOD, WILLIAM                           PA-15-A-444
WOODWARD, EDWARD                        PA-15-C-515
WOODWARD, GEORGE                        PA-15-D-69
WOODWARD, JAMES                         PA-15-C-44
WOODWARD, JOSEPH                        PA-15-A-30
WOODWARD, MARTHA                        PA-15-D-7
WOODWARD, MARY                          PA-15-C-134
WOODWARD, RICHARD                       PA-15-C-126
WOODWARD, RICHARD                       PA-15-C-385
WOODWARD, RICHARD                       PA-15-D-214
WOODYER, GEORGE                         PA-15-A-46
WORRALL, BENJAMIN                       PA-15-D-539
WORRALL, HENRY                          PA-15-A-254
WORRALL, JOHN                           PA-15-D-276
WORRALL, JOHN                           PA-15-A-33
WORRALL, JONATHAN                       PA-15-F-95
WORRALL, JOSHUA                         PA-15-A-289
WORRALL, PETER                          PA-15-E-8
WORRALL, PETER                          PA-15-C-158
WORRALL, PETER                          PA-15-F-395
WORRALL, PETER                          PA-15-E-321
WORRALL, THOMAS                         PA-15-D-331
WORRELL, EDWARD                         PA-15-E-432
WORTH, THOMAS                           PA-15-A-332
WRIGHT, HANNAH                          PA-15-D-191
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         PA-15-D-100
WYETH, JOHN                             PA-15-D-204
YARNALL, DANIEL                         PA-15-A-208
YARNALL, DOROTHY                        PA-15-B-143
YARNALL, FRANCIS                        PA-15-A-124
YARNALL, FRANCIS                        PA-15-F-290
YARNALL, JOB                            PA-15-B-73
YARNALL, JOHN                           PA-15-F-85
YARNALL, JOSEPH                         PA-15-F-207
YARNALL, MARY                           PA-15-D-625
YARNALL, MARY                           PA-15-E-115
YARNALL, MORDECAI                       PA-15-E-326
YARNALL, MOSES                          PA-15-E-164
YARNALL, PHILIP                         PA-15-A-414
YARNALL, PHILIP                         PA-15-D-144
YARNALL, PHILIP                         PA-15-D-442
YARNALL, THOAMS                         PA-15-D-173
YARNALL, THOMAS                         PA-15-D-427
YEARSLEY, ELIZABETH                     PA-15-A-271
YEARSLEY, HANNAH                        PA-15-E-225
YEARSLEY, ISAAC                         PA-15-E-424
YEARSLEY, JOHN                          PA-15-C-2
YEARSLEY, NATHAN                        PA-15-D-559
YEARSLEY, THOMAS                        PA-15-E-215
YOUNG, MARGARET                         PA-15-C-237
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          PA-15-B-255

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