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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1787-1806 | 2=1806-1822 | 3=1822-1835 | 4=1835-1847 | 5=1847-1862 | 6=1863-1869 | 7=1869-1874 | 8=1874-1878 | 9=1878-1882 | 10=1882-1886 | 11=1886-1888 | 12=1888-1892 | 13=1892-1893 | 14=1893-1895 | 15=1895-1899 | 16=1899-1902 | 17=1902-1904 | 18=1904-1908 |

MCALVEY, JANE                BARRE                        PA-31-3-382
MCALVEY, MARGARET W.         HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-16-171
MCBEAN, NORMAN               SPRUCE CREEK                 PA-31-7-270
MCCABE, HENRIETTA            HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-10-200
MCCABE, MARY                 HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-6-147
MCCAHAN, JAMES               BARRE                        PA-31-8-32
MCCAHAN, JAMES               HOLLIDAYSBURG                PA-31-4-93
MCCAHAN, JOHN                HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-325
MCCAHAN, JOSEPH              MILLER                       PA-31-11-339
MCCAHAN, THOMAS S.           WALKER                       PA-31-6-320
MCCALESTER, JOHN             SHIRLEY                      PA-31-12-15
MCCALISTER, SARAH            BRADY                        PA-31-11-85
MCCALL, RACHEL               HENDERSON                    PA-31-9-22
MCCALL, ROBERT               PENN                         PA-31-6-92
MCCANE, MORDECAI             NTL                          PA-31-2-71
MCCARTNEY, DANIEL            BARRE                        PA-31-2-228
MCCARTNEY, JOHN              HENDERSON                    PA-31-5-52
MCCARTNEY, ROBERT            FRANKLIN                     PA-31-2-83
MCCARTY, MARGARET            HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-9-260
MCCLAIN, JESSE               TODD                         PA-31-12-147
MCCLAIN, JOHN                CARBON                       PA-31-10-312
MCCLAIN, SAMUEL              TODD                         PA-31-4-256
MCCLAIN, SAMUEL              SALTILLO                     PA-31-11-332
MCCLAIN, WILLIAM             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-12-107
MCCLELLAND, JAMES            FRANKLIN                     PA-31-1-241
MCCLELLAND, JOHN             FRANKLIN                     PA-31-3-295
MCCLOSKEY, JAMES             FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-3-320
MCCLOSKEY, JOHN (DR)         NTL                          PA-31-1-55
MCCLURE, JOHN                FRANKLIN                     PA-31-1-160
MCCLURE, NANCY               TELL                         PA-31-10-41
MCCOMB, JOHN                 UNION                        PA-31-10-150
MCCONAHY, JAMES E.           MAPLETON                     PA-31-13-228
MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER ESQ.    PORTER                       PA-31-3-13
MCCONNELL, HENRY             NEWRY                        PA-31-4-221
MCCONNELL, JOHN              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-4-275
MCCONNELL, RUTHA             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-3-369
MCCORD, THOMAS               JACKSON                      PA-31-5-26
MCCORMICK, ALEXANDER         WEST                         PA-31-2-11
MCCOY, ABRAHAM               HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-6-126
MCCOY, FRANCIS               BRADY                        PA-31-5-450
MCCOY, JANE                  ALEXANDRIA                   PA-31-5-255
MCCOY, MARY                  WEST                         PA-31-5-499
MCCRACKEN, JOSEPH            ONEIDA                       PA-31-12-274
MCCRUM, GEORGE               BARRE                        PA-31-8-210
MCCRUM, J. REED              BARRE                        PA-31-17-379
MCCUNE, JAMES                MORRIS                       PA-31-2-29
MCCUNE, THOMAS               FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-1-192
MCDIVITT, SARAH              ONEIDA                       PA-31-9-214
MCDIVITT, WILLIAM            ONEIDA                       PA-31-7-343
MCDONALD, JAMES E.           MAPLETON                     PA-31-14-343
MCDONALD, MARK               WEST                         PA-31-5-204
MCDONALD, N. A.              MOUNT UNION                  PA-31-15-130
MCELROY, JOHN                JACKSON                      PA-31-6-22
MCENORLIN, JAMES             TELL                         PA-31-5-115
MCFADDON, ISAAC              WEST                         PA-31-1-222
MCFARLAND, GEORGE            GAYSPORT                     PA-31-3-455
MCFARLAND, JOHN              NTL                          PA-31-4-202
MCFARLAND, ROBERT            TELL                         PA-31-4-399
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM           GRAYSVILLE                   PA-31-13-157
MCFEATERS, JAMES             TELL                         PA-31-3-250
MCGARVEY, THOMAS             SHIRLEY                      PA-31-13-222
MCGLAUGHLIN, CORNELIUS       ALEXANDRIA                   PA-31-3-411
MCGOWAN, HENRY C.            DUBLIN , FULTON              PA-31-17-229
MCGUIRE, BARTHOLOMEW         BARRE                        PA-31-1-28
MCHENRY, SOLOMON             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-13-5
MCHUGH, ELLEN                MAPLETON                     PA-31-14-406
MCILHENNY, ELIZABETH         BARRE                        PA-31-3-458
MCILROY, DELILAH ANN         HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-15-358
MCILROY, JACKSON             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-15-303
MCILROY, JOSEPH              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-13-166
MCILVAINE, ELIZABETH H.      JACKSON                      PA-31-12-132
MCINTIRE, JAMES              FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-3-347
MCINTYRE, ANDREW             SHIRLEY                      PA-31-3-383
MCINTYRE, PHILIP             BROAD TOP CITY               PA-31-16-95
MCINTYRE, ROBERT             SHIRLEY                      PA-31-13-50
MCINTYRE, SARAH ANN          MOUNT UNION                  PA-31-10-387
MCKEE, JAMES                 DUBLIN                       PA-31-2-45
MCKEE, JAMES                 DUBLIN                       PA-31-1-21
MCKEE, WILLIAM               JACKSON                      PA-31-5-5
MCKENNAN, ALEXANDER          HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-3-357
MCKIBBIN, HENRY              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-52
MCKINSTRY, JAMES             SHIRLEY                      PA-31-15-295
MCKINSTRY, SAMUEL            SHIRLEY                      PA-31-5-123
MCLAIN, JOHN                 TODD                         PA-31-5-453
MCLANAHAN, MARY              HENDERSON                    PA-31-4-474
MCMAHAN, MARY                BARRE                        PA-31-4-98
MCMAHON, JOHN                BARRE                        PA-31-10-209
MCMANIGIL, HENRY             NTL                          PA-31-12-110
MCMATH, JOHN                 TELL                         PA-31-9-154
MCMATH, WILLIAM              CROMWELL                     PA-31-16-26
MCMILLEN, THOMAS             TYRONE                       PA-31-4-42
MCMONIGAL, DANIEL            HENDERSON                    PA-31-3-457
MCMULLEN, PETER              NTL                          PA-31-3-201
MCMULLEN, WILLIAM            TELL                         PA-31-6-283
MCMULLIN, HUGH               TELL                         PA-31-5-370
MCMURRAY, JACOB S. (REV)     TYRONE, BLAIR, PA            PA-31-10-381
MCMURTIE, DAVID              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-4-342
MCMURTRIE, DAVID             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-13-70
MCMURTRIE, JAMES             WEST                         PA-31-5-78
MCMURTRIE, MARGARET          HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-15-397
MCMURTRIE, MARY              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-16-88
MCMURTRIE, RUDOLPH           HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-7-95
MCMURTRIE, WILLIAM E.        HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-13-173
MCNAMARA, JAMES              FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-3-382
MCNAMARA, ROBERT             ALLEGHANY                    PA-31-4-80
MCNAMARA, THOMAS             PENN                         PA-31-7-70
MCNEAL, ARCHIBALD            CLAY                         PA-31-7-138
MCNEAL, JAMES                TELL                         PA-31-4-109
MCNEAL, JAMES D.             CLAY                         PA-31-13-48
MCNEAL, JOSHUA               CLAY                         PA-31-6-65
MCNEAL, MARY                 TELL                         PA-31-12-86
MCNEAL, ROBERT               CLAY                         PA-31-5-407
MCNEAL, ROBERT G.            CLAY                         PA-31-11-342
MCNITE, WILLIAM P. (DR)      SHIRLEYSBURG                 PA-31-11-309
MCPHERRAN, ADAMS DR.         FRANKLIN                     PA-31-9-196
MCPHERRAN, REBECCA           SPRUCE CREEK                 PA-31-15-154
MCPHERRON, JOHN              FRANKLIN                     PA-31-5-442
MCPHERSON, JOHN              FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-2-112
MCVITTY, ESTHER              SALTILLO                     PA-31-13-334
MCVITTY, SAMUEL              SALTILLO                     PA-31-12-252
MEANS, HUGH                  MORRIS                       PA-31-3-223
MEANS, MARGARET              MORRIS                       PA-31-5-185
MEARS, MARY ANN              JACKSON                      PA-31-6-45
MEDAUGH, WILLIAM H.          MORRIS                       PA-31-18-215
MEGAHAN, JACOB               WALKER                       PA-31-5-95
MERKEL, JUDIA                PENN                         PA-31-8-287
MERRIDETH, JOSEPH            TYRONE                       PA-31-3-92
METZ, JOHN SR.               WEST                         PA-31-7-373
METZ, SAMUEL K.              BRADY                        PA-31-13-159
METZLER, NICHOLAS            DUBLIN                       PA-31-18-17
MIERLEY, ABRAHAM             CASS                         PA-31-11-46
MIERLEY, BENJAMIN F.         UNION                        PA-31-18-15
MIERLEY, SOLOMON             CASS                         PA-31-10-278
MIKESELL, ANDREW             NTL                          PA-31-1-89
MILLER,HENRY                 SHIRLEY                      PA-31-2-231
MILLER, ABIJAH B.            HENDERSON                    PA-31-14-181
MILLER, ABRAM B.             PORTER                       PA-31-14-279
MILLER, ALICE C.             ORBISONIA                    PA-31-17-19
MILLER, ANNA                 BARRE                        PA-31-6-13
MILLER, DAVID                NTL                          PA-31-10-364
MILLER, ELIZABETH            HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-26
MILLER, ELIZABETH F.         UNIONT                       PA-31-14-378
MILLER, ELIZABETH M.         SHIRLEYSBURG                 PA-31-10-360
MILLER, ELIZABETH W.         HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-11-163
MILLER, ELLA                 CLAY                         PA-31-14-37
MILLER, FREDERICK            DUBLIN                       PA-31-16-123
MILLER, G. ASHMAN            HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-17-46
MILLER, GEORGE               NTL                          PA-31-8-279
MILLER, GEORGE P.            SHIRLEY                      PA-31-17-212
MILLER, HANNAH               MAPLETON DEPOT               PA-31-17-267
MILLER, HENRY                TODD                         PA-31-6-109
MILLER, HENRY                WALKER                       PA-31-6-296
MILLER, ISAAC                CROMWELL                     PA-31-10-362
MILLER, JACOB                HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-6-30
MILLER, JACOB                NTL                          PA-31-6-240
MILLER, JACOB                ONEIDA                       PA-31-8-270
MILLER, JACOB C.             MILLER                       PA-31-15-268
MILLER, JOHN F.              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-13-271
MILLER, JOHN S.              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-324
MILLER, JOSEPH               SHIRLEY                      PA-31-11-9
MILLER, JOSEPH               BARRE                        PA-31-5-229
MILLER, MARY                 SHIRLEY                      PA-31-10-371
MILLER, MARY A.              DUBLIN                       PA-31-16-228
MILLER, MATHIAS              CASS                         PA-31-5-163
MILLER, MATTHEW              BARRE                        PA-31-3-316
MILLER, PETER                SHIRLEY                      PA-31-11-114
MILLER, R. ALLISON           HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-17-420
MILLER, SAMUEL               ORBISONIA                    PA-31-12-142
MILLER, THOMAS               BARRE                        PA-31-6-211
MILLER, WILLIAM              LOGAN                        PA-31-18-238
MILLS, GEORGE                DUBLIN                       PA-31-12-163
MINEMIER, GEORGE             WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-12-394
MITCHEL, JOHN                HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-1-138
MITCHELL, CATHARINE          WEST                         PA-31-7-288
MITCHELL, MARY               JACKSON                      PA-31-7-253
MITCHELL, SAMUEL             JACKSON                      PA-31-11-194
MOBUS, FREDERICK             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-119
MOBUS, MARGARET              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-9-221
MOFFELT, JOHN                SHIRLEY                      PA-31-10-224
MOFFIT, ALLISON              WEST                         PA-31-13-385
MONG, GEORGE                 WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-4-251
MONTAGUE, A. E. MRS.         HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-14-380
MONTAGUE, JOHNATHAN          CROMWELL                     PA-31-7-264
MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER        WEST                         PA-31-5-58
MONTGOMERY, CHARLES          NTL                          PA-31-3-249
MOORE, ALEXANDER             WALKER                       PA-31-6-314
MOORE, ARTHUR                BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-6-78
MOORE, CATHARINE M.          PETERSBURG                   PA-31-14-101
MOORE, CHRISTOPHER           WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-3-217
MOORE, DANIEL                WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-6-14
MOORE, DANIEL                FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-3-234
MOORE, DAVID                 PHILADELPHIA                 PA-31-12-323
MOORE, DAVID R. P.           WEST                         PA-31-7-385
MOORE, ELEANOR               ALEXANDRIA                   PA-31-2-14
MOORE, JAMES                 TYRONE                       PA-31-4-263
MOORE, JAMES                 PORTER                       PA-31-7-278
MOORE, JAMES                 WALKER                       PA-31-7-118
MOORE, JANE                  ALEXANDRIA                   PA-31-17-362
MOORE, JOSEPH                FRANKLIN                     PA-31-3-428
MOORE, JOSEPH                FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-4-122
MOORE, LYDIA J.              CROMWELL                     PA-31-8-8
MOORE, MARTHA                WALKER                       PA-31-3-367
MOORE, MARTHA P.             JACKSON                      PA-31-10-270
MOORE, MARY ANN              BARRE                        PA-31-6-72
MOORE, NANCY                 ROCKHILL                     PA-31-12-284
MOORE, RACHAEL               BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-11-260
MOORE, ROBERT                HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-4-293
MOORE, ROBERT                BARRE                        PA-31-4-186
MOORE, ROBERT                WEST                         PA-31-11-198
MOORE, RUTH                  FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-3-392
MOORE, SAMUEL                FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-1-47
MOORE, SAMUEL                HOLLIDAYSBURG                PA-31-4-27
MOORE, SAMUEL                FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-4-325
MOORE, WILLIAM               WEST                         PA-31-8-219
MOORE, WILLIAM               WALKER                       PA-31-3-254
MORDER, ANDREW               MORRIS                       PA-31-15-388
MORGAN, JOHN                 SHIRLEY                      PA-31-1-178
MORGAN, JOSHUA               CROMWELL                     PA-31-11-349
MORGAN, LEWIS R.             MOUNT UNION                  PA-31-17-58
MORGAN, SOPHIA               SHIRLEY                      PA-31-4-430
MORGAN, WILLIAM              CROMWELL                     PA-31-16-22
MORGAN, WILLIAM              SHIRLEY                      PA-31-14-315
MORINGNSTAR, MARY ANN        HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-11-196
MORINGSTAR, GEORGE F.        HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-12-237
MORNINGSTAR, DAVID           LINCOLN                      PA-31-13-362
MORNINGSTAR, JOHN            HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-7-245
MORNINGSTAR, WILLIAM         HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-11-148
MORRELL, ROBERT              BARRE                        PA-31-2-264
MORRELL, SARAH               BARRE                        PA-31-3-342
MORRIS, JOSEPH               HOPEWELL                     PA-31-4-162
MORRISON, JAMES              SHIRLEY                      PA-31-2-278
MORRISON, JOHN H.            WALKER                       PA-31-5-227
MORRISON, MARY A.            MOUNT UNION                  PA-31-17-139
MORRISON, WILLIAM            SHIRLEY                      PA-31-6-21
MORROW, ANNA J. (FLICKINGER) NTL                          PA-31-8-86
MORROW, CHARLES              PETERSBURG                   PA-31-14-267
MORROW, JAMES                TYRONE                       PA-31-4-245
MORROW, REBECCA              TYRONE                       PA-31-3-351
MORROW, ROBERT               SHADE GAP                    PA-31-10-328
MORTON, MARIA                LOGAN                        PA-31-17-123
MOSER, SAMUEL                WEST                         PA-31-7-303
MOSSER, JOHN GEORGE          HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-328
MOTHERSBAUGH, JESSE          WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-5-157
MOTHERSBAUGH, SANFORD        WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-14-201
MOYER, JACOB                 NTL                          PA-31-8-390
MOYERS, SOLOMON              PENN                         PA-31-5-192
MURPHY, ANNA M.              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-13-348
MURPHY, MARY                 DUBLIN                       PA-31-4-282
MURPHY, WILLIAM A.           DUBLIN                       PA-31-15-334
MURRAY, JANE C.              NTL                          PA-31-13-313
MURRAY, MARY                 HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-12-363
MURRAY, MICHAEL              BARRE                        PA-31-1-281
MURRAY, ROBERT               TYRONE                       PA-31-1-171
MURRY, MARTHA                NTL                          PA-31-2-252
MURTY, JAMES                 HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-170
MUSSER, JACOB                BRADY                        PA-31-9-36
MUSSER, MARY M.              ONEIDA                       PA-31-14-32
MUSSER, SAVILLA              BRADY                        PA-31-11-272
MYERLY, MICHAEL              CASS                         PA-31-5-344
MYERS, DANIEL                SHIRLEYSBURG                 PA-31-4-304
MYERS, GEORGE SR.            NTL                          PA-31-6-84
MYERS, JOHN                  HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-68
MYERS, MARY                  PENN                         PA-31-7-397
MYERS, MICHAEL               CROMWELL                     PA-31-12-222
MYTINGER, CATHARINE          WATER STREET                 PA-31-5-235
MYTINGER, CATHARINE B.       MORRIS                       PA-31-14-159
MYTINGER, LEWIS              WATER STREET                 PA-31-5-6
MYTON, JAMES                 LOGAN                        PA-31-12-342
MYTON, JOHN                  WEST                         PA-31-3-451
MYTON, R. B.                 NTL                          PA-31-9-227
MYTON, WILLIAM               WEST                         PA-31-5-293
MYTON, WILLIAM               WEST                         PA-31-3-285
NAIL, SARAH M.               WALKER                       PA-31-10-353
NALE, MARY E.                PETERSBURG                   PA-31-17-120
NASH, JAMES                  BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-7-26
NASH, ROBERT                 SHIRLEY                      PA-31-17-179
NEAF, JACOB                  SHIRLEY                      PA-31-1-295
NEARHOFF, ABEDNEGO           WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-12-155
NEARHOOF, CATHARINE          WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-16-143
NEARHOOF, DANIEL             WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-13-234
NEARHOOF, GEORGE             WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-6-133
NEARHOOF, GEORGE M.          SPRING MOUNT                 PA-31-18-347
NEARHOOF, HENRY              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-5-456
NEARHOOF, HENRY              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-3-38
NEARHOOF, JAOCB              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-8-189
NEARHOOF, JERRY              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-17-401
NEARHOOF, SARAH              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-8-339
NEELING, ANN                 WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-2-23
NEELY, MARGARET M.           SHADE GAP                    PA-31-10-158
NEELY, THOMAS W.             DUBLIN                       PA-31-5-286
NEFF, BENJAMIN K.            WEST                         PA-31-17-76
NEFF, DANIEL                 PORTER                       PA-31-6-152
NEFF, DANIEL                 WEST                         PA-31-5-61
NEFF, ISAAC M.               LOGAN                        PA-31-10-167
NEFF, JACOB                  WEST                         PA-31-3-445
NEFF, JACOB K.               PETERSBURG                   PA-31-3-298
NEFF, JOHN                   WEST                         PA-31-5-490
NEFF, JOHN SR.               WEST                         PA-31-2-258
NEFF, MARY M.                HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-432
NEFF, NANCY                  WEST                         PA-31-5-251
NELSON, JOHN                 LOGAN                        PA-31-9-313
NESBITT, JAMES               SHIRLEY                      PA-31-1-12
NEWELL, ANDREW               WEST                         PA-31-4-219
NEWINGHAM, DAVID             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-3-313
NICKLE, JOHN                 FRANKLIN                     PA-31-3-311
NIGHTWINE, JOHN              HENDERSON                    PA-31-12-36
NIGHTWINE, JOSEPH            HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-494
NIVLING, JOHN                BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-5-36
NIVLING, MARY                NTL                          PA-31-13-277
NOBLE, CALVIN                CROMWELL                     PA-31-10-180
NOBLE, JOHN                  CASSVILLE                    PA-31-15-135
NONEMAKER, JOHN              CLAY                         PA-31-18-276
NORRIS, ANN                  SPRINGFIELD                  PA-31-4-431
NORRIS, DELLA                BRADY                        PA-31-11-392
NORRIS, JAMES S.             CASS                         PA-31-15-380
NORRIS, JOHN                 NTL                          PA-31-12-218
NORRIS, RACHEL               PENN                         PA-31-12-374
NORRIS, THOMAS               PENN                         PA-31-15-328
NOWUSKEY, MARY               HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-15
O'DELL, MATTHEW STEPHEN REV. NTL                          PA-31-3-151
O'FRIEL, BERNARD             HOLLIDAYSBURG                PA-31-4-196
O'KAIN, JANE                 HENDERSON                    PA-31-9-90
O'KANE, FRANCIS              BARRE                        PA-31-7-249
O'KEAN, DOMINICK             NTL                          PA-31-1-97
O'KELLY, LAURENCE            CASS                         PA-31-13-358
O'NEAL, PETER                FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-2-140
OAKS, ELSIE                  BARRE                        PA-31-5-454
OAKS, JOHN                   BARRE                        PA-31-4-3
OAKS, JOHN                   JACKSON                      PA-31-10-267
OAKS, JOHN M.                HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-8-387
OAKS, MARY C.                HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-160
OBOURN, JOSEPH               BARRE                        PA-31-2-127
OBUM, SARAH                  JACKSON                      PA-31-5-495
ODENKIRK, ISAAC              BRADY                        PA-31-11-255
OLIVER, JAMES                NTL                          PA-31-12-241
ORBISON, LYDIA R.            HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-12-278
ORBISON, WILLIAM             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-349
ORLADY, MARTIN               ONEIDA                       PA-31-6-310
ORLADY, PAUL                 BRADY                        PA-31-5-320
ORR, JAMES                   TELL                         PA-31-9-160
ORR, WILLIAM                 TELL                         PA-31-5-297
OSBURN, JAMES                WALKER                       PA-31-6-351
OSBURN, JOHN                 BARRE                        PA-31-1-119
OUTHWAITE, RICHARD           WALKER                       PA-31-11-374
OWENS, GEORGE W.             BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-17-80
OWENS, JOHN                  BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-9-184
OWENS, MARGARET              BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-6-137
OWENS, MARY ANN              BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-16-291
OWENS, THOMAS M.             BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-5-354
OYER, CHRISTIAN SR.          BARRE                        PA-31-3-176
PALMER, BARBARA              SHIRLEY                      PA-31-11-93
PALMER, JOHN                 DUDLEY                       PA-31-16-91
PARK, JACOB B.               THREE SPRINGS                PA-31-16-158
PARKINSON, JULIA ANN         HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-9-295
PARKS, THOMAS                FRANKLIN                     PA-31-1-92
PARSON, ALEXANDER BLAIR      NTL                          PA-31-7-71
PARSON, ELIZABETH            TELL                         PA-31-5-274
PARSON, JAMES H.             NOSSVILLE                    PA-31-11-368
PARSON, JOHN                 TELL                         PA-31-12-234
PARSON, MARY ANN             NOSSVILLE                    PA-31-17-291
PARSON, ROBERT E.            TELL                         PA-31-14-272
PARSONS, CATHARINE           TELL                         PA-31-7-259
PARSONS, DAVID               TELL                         PA-31-6-43
PATTERSON, SUSAN             CATHARINE                    PA-31-15-298
PATTISON, JAMES              TELL                         PA-31-9-42
PATTISON, MARGARET S.        TELL                         PA-31-9-25
PATTON, MARY B.              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-359
PAWLING, ELIZABETH           SPRUCE CREEK                 PA-31-16-235
PECHT, JOHN                  WALKER                       PA-31-3-426
PEEBLES, JOHN                HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-241
PEIGHTAL, CHRISTIAN          HOLLIDAYSBURG                PA-31-4-37
PEIGHTAL, CHRISTIAN          MILLER                       PA-31-14-373
PEIGHTAL, ISAAC              PENN                         PA-31-11-55
PEIGHTAL, SAMUEL             WALKER                       PA-31-13-140
PEIGHTAL, SAMUEL F.          McCONNELLSTOWN               PA-31-18-154
PEIGHTAL, SARAH              HENDERSON                    PA-31-15-331
PEIGHTEL, LYDIA ANN          HENDERSON                    PA-31-12-214
PENNINGTON, DANIEL           WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-2-59
PENROSE, HENRY               BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-14-399
PENROSE, MARTHA              BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-10-201
PERGRIN, JAMES B.            SHIRLEYSBURG                 PA-31-5-183
PETERSON, ROBERT             DUBLIN                       PA-31-8-353
PHEASANT, SAMANTHA           UNION                        PA-31-18-138
PHEASANT, SAMUEL             NTL                          PA-31-2-262
PHEASANT, SAMUEL             CASS                         PA-31-7-198
PHEASANT, SAMUEL H.          UNION                        PA-31-18-438
PHEASANT, SARAH              UNION                        PA-31-7-282
PICKET, ROSANNA              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-9-14
PICKLE, JOHN                 FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-2-197
PIPER, JANE                  TELL                         PA-31-6-204
PIPER, JOHN                  PORTER                       PA-31-6-75
PIPER, JOHN                  NTL                          PA-31-3-484
PIPER, MARY                  TELL                         PA-31-5-282
PIPER, PETER                 PORTER                       PA-31-7-326
PLOWMAN, ABSALOM             BRADY                        PA-31-5-8
PLUMMER, NANCY               MARKLESBURG                  PA-31-8-314
POINTS, JOHN W.              FRANKLIN                     PA-31-17-279
POLLARD, MARY ANN            SHIRLEY                      PA-31-4-305
POOL, PETER                  TYRONE  (IN GERMAN)          PA-31-3-102
PORT, ABRAM                  HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-17-253
PORT, ALEXANDER              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-190
PORT, GEORGE A.              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-14-172
PORTER, DAVID                WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-2-135
PORTER, GEORGE B.            LOGAN                        PA-31-12-314
PORTER, JAMES                HENDERSON                    PA-31-5-376
PORTER, JAMES                WEST                         PA-31-5-476
PORTER, JANE                 NTL                          PA-31-4-264
PORTER, JOHN                 NTL                          PA-31-3-292
PORTER, JOHN                 ALEXANDRIA                   PA-31-9-234
PORTER, MARIA                ALEXANDRIA                   PA-31-12-381
PORTER, SAMUEL               WEST                         PA-31-2-243
PORTER, SAMUEL               BARRE                        PA-31-3-195
PORTER, WILLIAM              WEST                         PA-31-1-134
PORTER, WILLIAM              ELLSWORTH, TRUMBULL, OH      PA-31-4-500
POSTEN, CORNELIUS            CASS                         PA-31-5-156
POSTEN, PETER L.             MAPLETON                     PA-31-17-13
POSTLETHWAIT, WILLIAM        SHIRLEY                      PA-31-3-348
POTSGROVE, GEORGE            ANTIS                        PA-31-4-100
PRICE, ABRAHAM R.            MOUNT UNION                  PA-31-17-96
PRICE, CHRISTIAN             CROMWELL                     PA-31-6-198
PRICE, DORATHY               ALTOONA, BLAIR               PA-31-12-271
PRICE, ELIJAH                CROMWELL                     PA-31-5-459
PRICE, ELIZABETH             CROMWELL                     PA-31-8-260
PRICE, GEORGE W.             CLAY                         PA-31-18-367
PRICE, JOSHUA                DUBLIN                       PA-31-12-174
PRICE, N. J. (MRS)           ORBISONIA                    PA-31-18-318
PROSSER, CHARLES             SHIRLEY                      PA-31-3-375
PROUGH, DELILAH              UNION                        PA-31-18-328
PROUGH, HENRY                UNION                        PA-31-8-98
PUTT, ESTHER                 HOPEWELL                     PA-31-9-141
PUTT, HENRY                  HOPEWELL                     PA-31-8-45
RALSTON, DAVID               WEST                         PA-31-1-123
RALSTON, SAMUEL              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-17-412
RALSTONE, SARAH              NTL                          PA-31-2-254
RAMSEY, ALEXANDER            SPRINGFIELD                  PA-31-9-52
RAMSEY, ELLENOR              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-5-257
RAMSEY, ELLIOTT              SPRINGFIELD                  PA-31-6-341
RAMSEY, JAMES                SHIRLEYSBURG                 PA-31-5-205
RAMSEY, JOHN                 DUBLIN                       PA-31-2-92
RAMSEY, NANCY                SHIRLEYSBURG                 PA-31-11-278
RAMSEY, WILLIAM              NTL                          PA-31-2-77
RANDOLPH, ROSANA             JACKSON                      PA-31-12-131
RANDOLPH, WILLIAM            BARRE                        PA-31-15-360
RANKIN, JAMES                FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-1-63
REA, SAMUEL                  TYRONE                       PA-31-3-291
READ, JOHN                   HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-12-94
READER, DAVID                TELL                         PA-31-6-191
REED, CHARLES H.             ORBISONIA                    PA-31-14-285
REED, SAMUEL                 PENN                         PA-31-5-492
REED, WILLIAM                FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-1-121
REEMAN, JACOB                NTL                          PA-31-2-201
REES, THOMSA                 NTL                          PA-31-1-132
REIMUND, MICHAEL             NTL                          PA-31-8-346
REINSCH, HERMAN              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-17-24
RENTCH, JOSEPH               FRANKLIN                     PA-31-1-250
REPPER, JOSEPH               ORBISONIA                    PA-31-16-33
REX, EMMA C.                 MAPLETON                     PA-31-18-33
REX, WILLIAM H.              MAPLETON                     PA-31-14-237
REYNOLDS, VEDDER C.          TODD                         PA-31-16-265
REYNOLDS, WASHINGTON         FRANKLIN                     PA-31-17-234
RHEA, MARY A.                SHADE GAP                    PA-31-7-295
RHODE, HENRY                 TODD                         PA-31-4-459
RHODE, PAUL                  WOODBURY                     PA-31-2-176
RHODES, ANNA                 SHIRLEY                      PA-31-17-294
RHODES, HENRY                SHIRLEY                      PA-31-13-188
RHODES, JENNIE F.            MOUNT UNION                  PA-31-12-24
RHODES, JOHN                 HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-16-82
RIBALD, MARY SUMMERSET       JACKSON                      PA-31-14-325
RICE, JACOB                  WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-8-3
RICHARDS, JOHN               COALMONT                     PA-31-7-355
RICHARDSON, MARGARET         BIRMINGHAM                   PA-31-10-67
RICHARDSON, TAMAR            PORTER                       PA-31-12-379
RICHIE, ROBERT               HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-4-262
RICKETS, HANNAH              SHIRLEY                      PA-31-2-241
RICKETS, HEZEKIAH            SHIRLEY                      PA-31-5-190
RICKETS, THOMAS              ANTIS                        PA-31-3-207
RIDENOUR, DAVID              JUNIATA                      PA-31-5-438
RIDENOUR, JOHN               WALKER                       PA-31-5-160
RIDENOUR, MATTHIAS           HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-1-214
RIDER, MARY                  WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-9-137
RILEY, WILLIAM               FRANKLIN                     PA-31-8-200
RINAKER, MARY                CLAY                         PA-31-9-65
RINKERS, BENJAMIN            CRUMAL                       PA-31-6-292
RIPPLE, PETER                SHIRLEY                      PA-31-5-307
RIPPLE, PETER                SHIRLEY                      PA-31-11-63
RISHEL, LEAH                 PORTER                       PA-31-16-266
RITENOUR, HENRY              HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-2-56
RITZ, MICHAEL                WOODBURY                     PA-31-3-269
ROBB,HARRIET                 WALKER                       PA-31-13-105
ROBB, G. L. (DR)             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-16-383
ROBB, JOHN                   WALKER                       PA-31-10-327
ROBB, SARAH                  McCONNELLSTOWN               PA-31-16-17
ROBB, WILLIAM                WALKER                       PA-31-4-451
ROBB, WILLIAM D.             PORTER                       PA-31-4-486
ROBENSTEIN, AMOS F.          CLAY                         PA-31-18-304
ROBERTS, HENRY               SHIRLEY                      PA-31-18-245
ROBERTS, JOHN                SHIRLEY                      PA-31-3-63
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             WEST                         PA-31-5-66
ROBERTSON, GEORGE            SPRINGFIELD                  PA-31-5-187
ROBERTSON, JOHN              NTL                          PA-31-1-260
ROBESON, JOSEPH              TELL                         PA-31-4-501
ROBINSON, CHARLOTTE E.       HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-16-115
ROBINSON, H. C.              NTL                          PA-31-13-326
ROBISON, ANDREW              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-4-442
ROBISON, HANNAH              FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-4-169
ROBISON, JAMES               FRANKSTOWN                   PA-31-3-317
ROBISON, NANCY W.            WEST                         PA-31-7-301
ROBLEY, ELLIOTT              MAPLETON                     PA-31-15-219
ROE, ISAAC D.                MORRIS                       PA-31-14-168
ROE, JOHN                    PORTER                       PA-31-3-272
ROHM, H. C.                  HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-18-88
ROLAND, MARGARET             MARKLESBURG                  PA-31-12-298
ROLLER, JACOB                TYRONE                       PA-31-1-228
ROLLER, JOSEPH               MORRIS                       PA-31-4-239
ROLLER, PHILIP               MORRIS                       PA-31-4-139
RORAR, JOHN                  SPRINGFIELD                  PA-31-7-291
RORER, SAMUEL                NTL                          PA-31-3-149
ROSE, STEPHEN                MORRIS                       PA-31-3-363
ROSEBOROUGH, SARAH J.        ALEXANDRIA                   PA-31-18-371
ROSS, ELIZABETH (BROWN)      , ALLEGHANY                  PA-31-7-173
ROSS, ELIZABETH G.           PLUM, ALLEGHANY, PA          PA-31-12-183
ROSS, GEORGE                 JACKSON                      PA-31-9-102
ROSS, LEAH                   PETERSBURG                   PA-31-15-87
ROSS, MARGARET               JACKSON                      PA-31-10-253
ROSSEL, CATHARINE            NTL                          PA-31-4-57
ROTH,CHRISTIAN               WOODBURY                     PA-31-3-350
ROTH, ELIZABETH              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-16-229
ROTHROCK, JOSEPH             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-1-117
ROUGH, HENRY                 HOPEWELL                     PA-31-5-91
ROUSE, JOHN O.               MOUNT UNION                  PA-31-6-368
ROUSE, RACHEL                NTL                          PA-31-6-312
ROWLAND, G. M.               MORRIS                       PA-31-18-262
ROYER, MARTIN L.             ENNISVILLE                   PA-31-9-229
RUDY, GEORGE                 BARRE                        PA-31-3-370
RUDY, ISABELLA               JACKSON                      PA-31-18-58
RUDY, JOHN                   JACKSON                      PA-31-5-482
RUDY, JONES                  BARRE                        PA-31-5-231
RUMBARGER, JOHN G.           WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-8-305
RUMBERGER, MARY              WARRIORS MARK                PA-31-15-242
RUMMEL, JOHN                 MOUNT UNION                  PA-31-18-388
RUNG, GEORGE                 WEST                         PA-31-4-286
RUNG, JOHN                   WEST                         PA-31-8-257
RUNG, MARY                   WEST                         PA-31-12-3
RUPERT, DAVID                HENDERSON                    PA-31-11-120
RUPERT, ELIZA J.             HUNTINGDON                   PA-31-17-332
RUPERT, JOHN THOMAS          HENDERSON                    PA-31-16-350
RUSSELL, HARRIETT            McCONNELLSTOWN               PA-31-15-43
RUSSELL, JACOB               HOPEWELL                     PA-31-7-9
RUSSELL, JOHN H.             HOPEWELL                     PA-31-13-12
RUSSELL, JOHN W.             HOPEWELL                     PA-31-6-214
RUSSELL, SAMUEL              TYRONE                       PA-31-4-61
RUTHERFORD, NANCY J.         BRADY                        PA-31-14-148
RUTTER, ELISHA               CROMWELL                     PA-31-6-279
RUTTER, ELISHA               CROMWELL                     PA-31-6-254
RUTTER, JAMES HARRISON       SPRINGFIELD                  PA-31-15-302
RUTTER, JESSE                SPRINGFIELD                  PA-31-11-312
RUTTER, JOHN                 NTL                          PA-31-2-178
RYAN, CHARLES W.             ORBISONIA                    PA-31-17-197
RYNE, DENNIS                 FRANKLIN                     PA-31-6-116

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