Lewis County, New York
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Lewis County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   ----
----                                   DeWitt
----                                   Infant
----                                   Warren
-----                                  -----
-----                                  -----
-----                                  Charlie
-----                                  Infant Daughter
-----                                  S. Susan
ABBEY                                  Adelaide
ABBEY                                  Anna
ABBEY                                  Henry
ABBEY                                  Hezekiah
ABBEY                                  Isabelle
ABBEY                                  Martha
ABBEY                                  Simon G.
ACKERMAN                               Amelia
ACKERMAN                               J. W.
ACKERMAN                               Lucy
ACKERMAN CHILD                         Amelia
ADAMS                                  Clarke
ADAMS                                  Edna
ADAMS                                  Elva M.
ADAMS                                  Erwin A.
ADAMS                                  Frances
ADAMS                                  George
ADAMS                                  Jeanne
ADAMS                                  Lureen
ADAMS                                  Marion
ADAMS                                  Rettie C.
ADAMS HANLEY                           Lureen
AGENS                                  Daisy B
AGENS                                  Daisy B.
AGENS                                  Delbert
AGENS                                  Ruth B.
AINSWORTH                              Harold C.
AINSWORTH                              Lulu
AKINS                                  Martha A.
AKINS                                  Thomas
ALBERTSON                              Hazel
ALBERTSON                              Stuart L.
ALBERTSON HERZIG                       Hazel
ALEXANDER                              Elizabeth A.
ALEXANDER                              Florence
ALEXANDER                              George
ALEXANDER                              George R.
ALGUIRE                                Hiram B.
ALGUIRE                                Margery
ALLEN                                  Carlton
ALLEN                                  Catherine S.
ALLEN                                  Clarence
ALLEN                                  Elvaretta E.
ALLEN                                  Emory
ALLEN                                  Emory H.
ALLEN                                  James E.
ALLEN                                  Mary A.
ALLEN                                  Minnie A.
ALLEN                                  Nancy G.
ALLEN                                  Nellie
ALLEN                                  Sally
ALLEN                                  Warren L.
ALLEN (WWI)                            Clarence
ALLEY                                  Donald
ALLEY                                  Eva M.
ALLEY                                  Eva M.
ALLEY                                  Glenn
ALLEY                                  James
ALLEY                                  L. Glenn
ALM                                    Henry N.
ALM                                    Rachel
ALOAN                                  Alma
ALOAN                                  Edith
ALOAN BURNES                           Edith
ALVUT                                  John
ALVUT                                  Lena
ANDERTON (WWII)                        Stuart L
ANDRE                                  Henriette
ANDRE                                  Louisa
ANDRE                                  Michael
ANDRE                                  Sephronia
ANDRE                                  Thomas
ANDRE (CW)                             Michael
ANDRE BUSH                             Louisa
ANDREWS                                Almeda
ANDREWS                                Almeron D.
ANDREWS                                Clifford W.
ANDREWS                                Daniel S.
ANDREWS                                Dorothy
ANDREWS                                Hezakiah
ANDREWS                                Manford
ANDREWS                                Marion E.
ANDREWS                                Stephen P.
ANDRUS                                 Lida M.
ANDRUS                                 Naomi
ANKIN                                  Eliza
ANKIN                                  Eliza
ANKIN                                  Mary
ANKIN                                  Michael
ANNA                                   Leo F.
ANNA (WWII)                            Leo F
ANSON                                  George H
ANSON                                  Lucinda
ANSON (CW)                             George H.
APP                                    Grace
APP YOST                               Grace
ARRISON                                Sophia S
ARRISON BOURGEOIS                      Sophia S.
ARTHUR                                  W.
ARTHUR                                 Hannah
ARTHUR                                 Lucy
ARTHUR                                 Lucy
ARTHUR                                 Sarah
ARTHUR GOODRICH                        Sarah
ARTHUR TIFFANY                         Lucy
ASHLEY                                 Amyann
ASHLEY                                 Malerie
ASHLEY                                 Stephen
AUCTER                                 Catharine
AUCTER                                 John
AUSTIN                                 Cora
AUSTIN                                 Mary A.
AUSTIN                                 Sylvester B.
AUSTIN CROSSMAN                        Cora
AXTELL                                 Beatrice
AXTELL                                 Edrie
AXTELL                                 Leo D.
AXTELL                                 Mary
AXTELL                                 Nellie E.
AXTELL BAKER                           Beatrice
AXTELL CRANCE                          Anna A.
AXTELL FEY                             Marie
AXTELL SALMON                          Edrie
AYERS                                  Lionel F.
BABCOCK                                Ida M
BABCOCK SHELDON                        Ida M.
BACHMAN                                Barbara
BACHMAN                                Barbara S.
BACHMAN                                Ezra
BACHMAN                                Frederick E.
BACHMAN                                Frederick E.
BACHMAN                                Joseph
BACHMAN                                Nancy
BACKENSTROSS                           Evelyn M.
BACKENSTROSS                           Family Monument
BACKENSTROSS                           Roland A.
BACON                                  Augusta
BACON                                  Emma A.
BACON                                  Howard E.
BACON                                  M. Louise
BACON                                  Welcome E.
BACON (VN)                             Howard E
BACON HARTLEY                          Emma A.
BADURA                                 Anna
BADURA                                 Chester A.
BADURA                                 Mae E.
BADURA                                 Regina M.
BADURA                                 Stanley C.
BAGG                                   Anna
BAGG                                   Ela M.
BAGLEY                                 Abner T.
BAGLEY                                 Sabrina
BAILEY                                 Anna
BAILEY                                 Esther
BAILEY                                 Francis R.
BAILEY                                 Frank W.
BAILEY                                 George H
BAILEY                                 Harriet
BAILEY                                 Hattie O.
BAILEY                                 Herman W.
BAILEY                                 Mabel
BAILEY                                 Mary A.
BAILEY                                 Mary Ann
BAILEY                                 Maryann T.
BAILEY                                 Norman
BAILEY                                 Tessie E.
BAILEY (SA)                            George H.
BAILEY CANAAN                          Harriet
BAILEY RENNIE                          Helen
BAILKOWSKI                             Stanley
BAKER                                  Beatrice
BAKER                                  Children of Daniel and Susan
BAKER                                  Lena M
BAKER TRUDE                            Lena M.
BALASKO                                Ida
BALASKO                                Stephen
BALCOM                                 Geraldine
BALCOM HALL                            Geraldine
BALDWIN                                Elijah
BALDWIN                                Margaret
BALDWIN                                Stephinson
BALDWIN                                Therzy
BAMBRICK                               Catherine
BAMBRICK                               James
BAMBRICK                               James Walter
BAMBRICK                               Mary A
BAMBRICK ALLEN                         Mary A.
BANCROFT                               Elizabeth
BANNISTER                              Lilla
BANNON                                 Ila
BANNON                                 John W.
BARINGER                               Cyntha A.
BARNES                                 Henrietta
BARNES JOHNSON                         Henrietta
BARNIAK                                Henry W.
BARNIAK                                Katherine
BARNIAK                                Walter
BARTELOTTE                             John G.
BARTELOTTE (WWII)                      John G
BASSETT                                Eliza
BASSETT                                John J.
BATES                                  Frank
BATES                                  George
BATES                                  Hannah
BATES                                  Hiram
BATES                                  Samuel
BAUER                                  Charles
BAUER                                  Charles
BAUER                                  Diane
BAUER                                  Joseph S.
BAUER                                  Marie H
BAUER                                  Mary M.
BAUER (WWII)                           Charles
BAUER MEISTER                          Marie H.
BAUER WINIARSKI                        Diane
BAULIG                                 Anna M.
BAULIG URTZ                            Anna M.
BAUMGARTNER                            Anton
BAUMGARTNER                            Anton Nelson
BAUMGARTNER                            Gotthilf
BAUMGARTNER                            Johanna
BEADORE                                Mabel M.
BEADORE (WWI)                          Clarence E.
BEALS                                  Clara
BEALS                                  Lucy M.
BEALS                                  Olive
BEALS                                  Relief
BEALS                                  Wheelock
BEALS DOUD                             Clara
BEALUK                                 Alice
BEALUK                                 Eunice
BEALUK                                 Eunita
BEALUK                                 Joseph
BEALUK                                 Mattie E.
BEALUK GASSER                          Alice
BEALUK NAGY                            Eunita
BEALUK ROGOZIENSKI                     Eunice
BEALUK SABO                            Eunice
BECK                                   Rose A
BECK SPRINGSTEEN                       Rose A.
BEDURA                                 Amelia
BEDURA STOFFLE                         Amelia
BEECHER                                Albert W.
BEECHER                                Christina
BEECHER                                Elizabeth
BEECHER PETERS                         Elizabeth
BEERMAN                                Charles
BEERMAN                                Margaret
BEHA                                   Maryann
BEHA                                   Mathias
BEHA                                   Paulus
BELBA                                  Charles
BELL                                   Delight
BELL                                   Henry G.
BELL                                   Margaret
BELL                                   Tressia
BELL SWEENOR                           Margaret
BELNOIS                                George
BELNOIS                                Helen
BENEDICT                               Celia A.
BENEDICT                               James T.
BENEDICT                               Ruth
BENEDICT                               Ruth
BENEDICT SALMON                        Ruth
BENEDICT SALMON                        Ruth
BENNETT                                Elisha P.
BENNETT                                Eliza J.
BENNETT                                Robert W.
BENNETT                                Susan
BENTON                                 Edith
BENTON                                 Terrance
BERKEY                                 Helen
BERKEY                                 Helen I.
BERKEY                                 Paul F.
BERKEY HANNO                           Helen
BERLANGETT LABELL                      Lucy
BERNHOLZ                               Andrew
BERNHOLZ                               Francis
BERNHOLZ                               Philip J.
BERNHOLZ                               Wilhelmina
BETZ                                   Mildred
BETZ MIHALYI                           Mildred
BEYEL                                  Elizabeth
BEYEL                                  Frederick
BEYEL                                  Philip
BEYER                                  Jacob
BEZER                                  Louise
BEZER NEWTON                           Louise
BICKFORD                               Hattie E
BICKFORD WILDER                        Hattie E.
BIGNESS                                Arthur J.
BIGNESS                                Edith D.
BILLINGS                               Ellen
BILLINGS LYMAN                         Ellen
BINGLE                                 Genevieve
BINGLE                                 Harry C.
BINTZ                                  Claude
BINTZ                                  Clinton L.
BINTZ                                  Enos L.
BINTZ                                  Family Monument
BINTZ                                  Frank
BINTZ                                  Freda L.
BINTZ                                  Henry M.
BINTZ                                  Josephine
BINTZ                                  Margaretta
BINTZ                                  Mary J.
BINTZ                                  Nancy
BINTZ                                  Rose M
BINTZ (SA)                             Enos L
BINTZ MONNAT                           Rose M.
BIRCHENOUGH                            Harold J.
BIRCHENOUGH                            Harold J.
BIRCHENOUGH                            L. Phyllis
BIRCHENOUGH (WWII)                     Harold J.
BIRDWELL                               D. V. Ginny
BIRDWELL FARNEY                        D. V. Ginny
BIRO                                   Ida
BIRO                                   Sarah
BIRO BALASKO                           Ida
BIRO SIR                               Sarah
BISHA                                  Louis V.
BISHA                                  Mary J.
BISHOP                                 Caroline
BISHOP                                 Charles
BISHOP                                 Edwin R.
BLACK                                  Irene
BLACK JARECKI                          Irene
BLADE                                  Allen
BLADE                                  Alton A.
BLADE                                  Charles A.
BLADE                                  Cora B.
BLADE                                  Cora E.
BLADE                                  Edna
BLADE                                  Ethel
BLADE                                  Ethel
BLADE                                  Ethel
BLADE                                  Family Monument
BLADE                                  Frank P.
BLADE                                  Fred E.
BLADE                                  George E.
BLADE                                  Grace U
BLADE                                  Helen C.
BLADE                                  Linda
BLADE                                  M. Edna
BLADE                                  Mildred M
BLADE                                  Minnie E.
BLADE                                  Minnie E.
BLADE                                  Paul
BLADE                                  W. Gleson
BLADE                                  William H.
BLADE (CW)                             George E.
BLADE GRAVES                           Grace U.
BLADE ROSS                             Minnie E.
BLADE TUCKER                           Mildred M.
BLADE VAN ATTA                         Ethel
BLAIR                                  Bethany Teresa
BLAIR                                  Hannah
BLAIR                                  Robert
BLAIR                                  Robert
BLAIR                                  Shirley J.
BLAIR DUNCAN                           Shirley J.
BLANCHARD                              Emily
BLANCHARD                              Jessie L
BLANCHARD                              Oren H.
BLANCHARD                              Sarah
BLANCHARD BURR                         Jessie L.
BLANCHARD MOONEY                       Emily
BLISS                                  Albert J.
BLISS                                  Anna L
BLISS                                  Family Monument
BLISS                                  J. Maynard
BLISS                                  J. Rea
BLISS                                  Mary A.
BLISS                                  Melba V.
BLISS                                  Ruth M.
BLISS (WWI)                            J. Maynard
BLISS BURR                             Anna L.
BLODGETT                               Fred N.
BLODGETT                               Pearl L.
BOCKENHEIM                             Christina
BOCKENHEIM BEECHER                     Christina
BODNAR                                 Joe
BODNAR                                 Louis
BODNAR                                 Mary
BODNAR (WWII)                          Louis
BOLAND                                 Adelbert B.
BOLAND                                 Bettie P.
BOLAND                                 James B.
BOLAND                                 Willie
BOLIVAR                                Nancy
BOLIVER CAMPANY                        Nancy
BONI                                   Jacob E.
BOOKHAGEN                              Roy C.
BOOKHAGEN                              Roy C.
BOOKHAGEN (WWII)                       Roy C.
BOOTH                                  Charles K.
BOOTH                                  Charles R.
BOOTH                                  Minnie A.
BOOTH (WWII)                           Charles R
BORZON                                 Anna B.
BORZON                                 Stephen
BORZON                                 Steve
BORZON (WWI)                           Steve
BOSHART                                Brian F.
BOSHART                                Cornelia
BOSHART                                Edward J.
BOSHART                                Garret
BOSHART                                Mary A.
BOSHART                                Robert R.
BOSHART (KOR)                          Edward J
BOSHART (SERV)                         Brian F
BOSHART (SERV)                         Robert R
BOSHART WHITE                          Cornelia
BOURGEOIS                              Jerome
BOURGEOIS                              Joseph S.
BOURGEOIS                              Josephine
BOURGEOIS                              Julia M.
BOURGEOIS                              Mary
BOURGEOIS                              Sophia S.
BOWLEY                                 Isaac
BOYER                                  Elizabeth
BOYER JOHNSON                          Elizabeth
BRADFORD                               Hannah
BRADFORD ARTHUR                        Hannah
BRADFORD BATES                         Hannah
BRADISH                                Anna
BRADISH                                Bernette
BRADISH                                Helen
BRADISH                                J. Glen
BRADISH                                Lyle J.
BRADISH (WWII)                         Lyle J
BRADISH TUCKER                         Bernette
BRADWAY                                Thomas
BRAINARD                               Elizabeth
BRANAGAN                               Jerome M.
BRAUER                                 Amelia T.
BRAYTON                                Caroline F.
BREITSTEIN                             Sephronia
BREITSTEIN ANDRE                       Sephronia
BRESEE                                 Doritha
BRESEE QUINN                           Doritha
BRIGGS                                 Abigail
BRIGGS                                 Carl C.
BRIGGS                                 Eliza M.
BRIGGS                                 Joel L.
BRIGGS NYE                             Abigail
BRILL                                  Merwin S.
BRINK                                  Richard Harold
BRINK (KOR)                            Richard Harold
BRITTON                                Leon C.
BRITTON                                Shirlie
BRITTON (WWII)                         Leon C
BRITTON CHAPMAN                        Shirlie
BRODIE                                 Mary Alice
BROOKS                                 Amy
BROOKS                                 Charles M.
BROOKS                                 Harriet J.
BROOKS                                 Harry
BROOKS                                 Rosetta M.
BROTHERS                               Enos Albert
BROTHERS (WWI)                         Enos Albert
BROWER                                 Family Monument
BROWER                                 Teresa M.
BROWN                                  Alvin J.
BROWN                                  Alvin J.
BROWN                                  Carrie
BROWN                                  Delaphine A.
BROWN                                  Doris
BROWN                                  Earle F.
BROWN                                  Edna
BROWN                                  Electa
BROWN                                  Frances M.
BROWN                                  Infant Daughter
BROWN                                  Ira W.
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  Lawrence
BROWN                                  Mae
BROWN                                  Martha
BROWN                                  Pernal
BROWN                                  Richard R.
BROWN                                  Thomas
BROWN (CW)                             Thomas
BROWN (WWII)                           Alvin J
BROWN (WWII)                           Alvin J.
BROWN (WWII)                           Earle F
BROWN BLADE                            Edna
BROWN BURDICK                          Delaphine A.
BROWN HESS                             Carrie
BROWN NYE                              Electa
BROWN SMITH                            Martha
BRUCE                                  Bessie M.
BRUCE                                  E. Woodrow
BRUCE                                  Earnest S.
BRUCE                                  Edward Woodrow
BRUCE                                  Family Monument
BRUCE                                  Glen E.
BRUCE                                  Katherine
BRUCE                                  S. Elizabeth
BRUCE (WWII)                           Edward Woodrow
BRUET                                  John
BRUET                                  Mary A.
BUCHANAN                               Anna
BUCK                                   Frank, Jr.
BUCK                                   Stanley E.
BUCKINGHAM                             Mary
BUCKINGHAM BUSH                        Mary
BUCKLEY                                Dennis
BUCKLEY                                Dennis F.
BUCKLEY                                Dewey
BUCKLEY                                Elizabeth
BUCKLEY                                Eva
BUCKLEY                                James W.
BUCKLEY                                James W.
BUCKLEY                                Jane A.
BUCKLEY                                John
BUCKLEY                                Katherine
BUCKLEY                                Maurice W.
BUCKLEY                                Maurice W.
BUCKLEY                                Nan M.
BUCKLEY                                Nan M.
BUKTA                                  Janos
BULLOCK                                Artemas
BULLOCK                                Harriet
BULLOCK                                Jennie L.
BULLOCK                                William
BURCH                                  Anna M.
BURCH                                  Helen
BURCH                                  William H.
BURCH YOUNG                            Helen
BURDICK                                Anna J.
BURDICK                                Bernice
BURDICK                                Betsy Elizabeth
BURDICK                                Carlton W.
BURDICK                                Carrie E
BURDICK                                D. Ada
BURDICK                                DeWitt G.
BURDICK                                Delaphine A.
BURDICK                                E. DeForest (Di)
BURDICK                                Edythe
BURDICK                                Edythe
BURDICK                                Eileen
BURDICK                                Elhanan D.
BURDICK                                Eli A.
BURDICK                                Eli A.
BURDICK                                Elizabeth
BURDICK                                Emeline
BURDICK                                Emma
BURDICK                                F. Grace
BURDICK                                Family Monument
BURDICK                                Franklin Family Monument
BURDICK                                Franklin G.
BURDICK                                George A.
BURDICK                                Grace
BURDICK                                Harriet A.
BURDICK                                Harry D.
BURDICK                                Hattie
BURDICK                                Infant Son
BURDICK                                J. M.
BURDICK                                Jacob
BURDICK                                Julia C.
BURDICK                                June
BURDICK                                Katherine S.
BURDICK                                LeRoy C.
BURDICK                                LeRoy C.
BURDICK                                Margaret Ann
BURDICK                                Marjorie
BURDICK                                Mary E.
BURDICK                                Mary M.
BURDICK                                Matilda O.
BURDICK                                Myrtle N.
BURDICK                                Nora H.
BURDICK                                Norton T.
BURDICK                                Norton T.
BURDICK                                Richard E.
BURDICK                                Roie E.
BURDICK                                Rosetta A.
BURDICK                                Sara M.
BURDICK                                Sarah
BURDICK                                Seth S.
BURDICK                                Seth S. Family Monument
BURDICK                                Shirley
BURDICK                                Spencer E.
BURDICK                                Stephen R
BURDICK                                Stephen R.
BURDICK                                Wallace F.
BURDICK                                Warren
BURDICK (CW)                           Stephen R.
BURDICK (WWII)                         Carlton W
BURDICK (WWII)                         Norton T.
BURDICK (WWII)                         Richard E
BURDICK DAVENPORT                      Rosetta A.
BURDICK HILLS                          Cornelia J.
BURDICK HOUCK                          Mary S.
BURDICK JOSLYN                         D. Ada
BURDICK JOSLYN                         Roie E.
BURDICK LING                           Shirley
BURDICK O'HARA                         Carrie E.
BURDICK PEEBLES                        Emma
BURDICK PHILLIPS                       Bernice
BURDICK PLEMONS                        June
BURDICK SCOTT                          F. Grace
BURDICK WESTINE                        Sarah
BURHANS                                Reumae L.
BURKE                                  Casey F.
BURKE                                  Elmer J.
BURKE                                  Elmer J.
BURKE                                  Elmer J. Family Monument
BURKE                                  Louis D.
BURKE                                  Marion
BURKE (WWII)                           Elmer J.
BURKHARD                               Sarah
BURKHARD HANNO                         Sarah
BURNAP                                 Anna R
BURNAP                                 Joseph
BURNAP                                 Mollie B.
BURNAP                                 Olive L.
BURNAP                                 Solon
BURNAP LEVENSAILOR                     Anna R.
BURNES                                 Edith
BURNHAM                                Ada
BURNHAM                                Addie L.
BURNHAM                                Arthur H.
BURNHAM                                Bert M.
BURNHAM                                Bert M. Family Monument
BURNHAM                                Burton
BURNHAM                                Catherine
BURNHAM                                Charles
BURNHAM                                Charles T.
BURNHAM                                Earl
BURNHAM                                Elizabeth A.
BURNHAM                                Floyd
BURNHAM                                George H.
BURNHAM                                Harrison
BURNHAM                                Harrison
BURNHAM                                J. W. Burton
BURNHAM                                John Wesley
BURNHAM                                John Wesley
BURNHAM                                Louise C.
BURNHAM                                Mary
BURNHAM                                Maude M
BURNHAM                                Nellie
BURNHAM                                Stewart G.
BURNHAM (CW)                           Charles
BURNHAM (CW)                           Harrison
BURNHAM (WWII)                         Stewart G
BURNHAM CRANDALL                       Maude M.
BURNHAM EDICK                          Nellie
BURNHAM HOLLAND                        Ada
BURNS                                  Edward M.
BURNS                                  Edward M.
BURNS                                  Eliza
BURNS                                  Eliza
BURNS                                  Leone
BURNS                                  Leone
BURR                                   Albert W.
BURR                                   Albert W., Sr.
BURR                                   Alvah
BURR                                   Anna L.
BURR                                   Anne V.
BURR                                   Carrie R.
BURR                                   Cora M
BURR                                   Elva M
BURR                                   Emma
BURR                                   Esther A.
BURR                                   Floyd L.
BURR                                   Floyd L.
BURR                                   Frances M.
BURR                                   Francis M.
BURR                                   Harold E.
BURR                                   Harriet M.
BURR                                   Helen
BURR                                   Jessie L.
BURR                                   Matthew E.
BURR                                   Thomas Floyd
BURR                                   William
BURR  (WWII)                           Floyd L.
BURR (WWI)                             Albert W, Sr
BURR ADAMS                             Elva M.
BURR CORWIN                            Cora M.
BURR HARTLEY                           Emma
BURR MCLANE                            Helen
BURT                                   Florence
BURT                                   Goldie D.
BURT FETCIE                            Florence
BURTCH                                 DeWitt C.
BURTCH                                 Elizabeth
BURTCH                                 Howard
BUSH                                   Anna R.
BUSH                                   Augustus J.
BUSH                                   Catharine
BUSH                                   Christina
BUSH                                   Clara
BUSH                                   Cornelia
BUSH                                   Dennis P.
BUSH                                   Dennis P.
BUSH                                   Edward M.
BUSH                                   Elizabeth
BUSH                                   Ella
BUSH                                   Ellen
BUSH                                   Frances
BUSH                                   Frank E., III
BUSH                                   Frank F.
BUSH                                   Frank H.
BUSH                                   Frank, Sr.
BUSH                                   George
BUSH                                   Grace
BUSH                                   Harold C.
BUSH                                   Harold C.
BUSH                                   Harriet A.
BUSH                                   Hazel
BUSH                                   Horace C.
BUSH                                   John H.
BUSH                                   Leonard N.
BUSH                                   Louisa
BUSH                                   Mary
BUSH                                   Mary
BUSH                                   Mary Ann
BUSH                                   Nicholas H.
BUSH                                   Nick
BUSH                                   Rosanna
BUSH                                   Rose M.
BUSH                                   Samuel
BUSH                                   Sylvester
BUSH (CW)                              Sylvester
BUSH (WWII)                            Harold C.
BUSH BAILEY                            Mary Ann
BUSH COLLINS                           Mary
BUSH DECKER                            Frances
BUSH PELO                              Catharine
BUSH SCOTT                             Frances
BUSHEY                                 Infant
BUSHEY                                 Infant
BUSHEY                                 Nathan
BUSHEY                                 Semantha C.
BUTLER                                 Florence
BUTLER                                 William F.
BUTLER (WWII)                          William F
BUTLER WETMORE                         Florence
BUTTERS                                Nellie E.
BUTTERS AXTELL                         Nellie E.
BUTTS                                  Grace
BUTTS                                  William
BUZAS                                  Karoly
CADWELL                                Amanda
CADWELL HOUSE                          Amanda
CADY                                   Belle
CADY ROOT                              Belle
CAHILL                                 Edwin R.
CAHILL                                 John E.
CAHILL                                 John W.
CAHILL                                 Vina M
CAIN                                   Chipper
CALDWELL                               Argilla S.
CALDWELL SALSBURG                      Argilla S.
CALDWELL SARVER                        Argilla S.
CALHOUN                                Margaret
CALHOUN KENNEDY                        Margaret
CAMIDGE                                Anna
CAMIDGE                                George R.
CAMPANY                                Christina
CAMPANY                                John
CAMPANY                                John M.
CAMPANY                                Mary A.
CAMPANY                                Nancy
CAMPANY                                Vina M
CAMPANY BUSH                           Christina
CAMPANY CAHILL                         Vina M
CAMPBELL                               Alfred
CAMPBELL                               Catharine
CAMPBELL                               Catherine
CAMPBELL SPRINGSTEEN                   Catharine
CAMPEAU                                Octave
CAMPEAU                                Odile
CANAAN                                 Dennis B.
CANAAN                                 George C.
CANAAN                                 Harriet
CANAAN                                 Julia
CANAAN SAUNDERS                        Julia
CANNAN                                 Lawrence J., Sr.
CANNAN                                 Lawrence, Sr.
CANNAN                                 M. Kenneth
CANNAN                                 M. Kenneth
CANNAN                                 Mary V.
CANNAN                                 Patricia
CANNAN                                 Stephen D.
CANNAN (KOR)                           Lawrence J., Sr.
CANNAN (WWII)                          M. Kenneth
CAREY                                  Beatrice
CAREY                                  Denis P.
CAREY                                  Family Monument
CARLEY                                 Alvah B.
CARLEY (CW)                            Alvah B
CARLSON                                Gust
CARPENTER                              Alice L.
CARPENTER                              Almeda J.
CARPENTER                              Almont O.
CARPENTER                              Anna J.
CARPENTER                              Arthur H.
CARPENTER                              Beatrice G.
CARPENTER                              Charles D.
CARPENTER                              Family Monument
CARPENTER                              Family Monument
CARPENTER                              Family Monument
CARPENTER                              Gaius D.
CARPENTER                              George F.
CARPENTER                              Irving C.
CARPENTER                              J. Herbert
CARPENTER                              Leon E.
CARPENTER                              Mary
CARPENTER                              Minnie E.
CARPENTER                              Olive
CARPENTER (WWII)                       Olive
CARRERA                                Bruno
CARRERA                                Catherine
CARRERA                                Louis J.
CARRERA                                Margaret
CARRERA                                Margaret
CARRERA                                Margaret
CARRERA                                Rose
CARRERA                                Samuel
CARRERA MEALUS                         Rose
CARRERA RUDD                           Margaret
CARRERA SHUE                           Catherine
CARTER                                 Mercy
CASE                                   Blanche
CASE                                   Eliza L.
CASE                                   Hiram
CASE                                   Lettie
CASE                                   Mary
CASE                                   Mary
CASE                                   May
CASE                                   Nelson F.
CASE                                   Phebe
CASE                                   Winifred
CASE DAVIS                             Winifred
CASE MILLER                            Mary
CASE STONE                             Phebe
CASEY                                  Henry J.
CASEY                                  Mary E.
CASLER                                 Enola M
CASLER                                 Enola M.
CASLER                                 Jennie M.
CASLER                                 Jennie M.
CASLER                                 Kenneth M.
CASLER                                 Urial
CASLER                                 Wallace H.
CASLER                                 Wallace H.
CASLER                                 Zenana
CASS                                   Ella M
CASS                                   Florence A.
CASS                                   Freida
CASS                                   Jennie E.
CASS                                   Jesse
CASS                                   Jessie
CASS                                   Madonna
CASS                                   Mary
CASS HOTCHKISS                         Freida
CASS OLMSTEAD                          Ella M.
CASS OLMSTEAD                          Florence A.
CASS SALSBURG                          Jennie E.
CATES                                  Ed II
CATES                                  Kimberly Anne
CAVANAUGH                              Alice
CAVANAUGH                              Arthur J.
CAVANAUGH                              Family Monument
CAVANAUGH                              Francis H.
CAVANAUGH                              Francis H. (Hank)
CAVANAUGH                              Frences
CAVANAUGH                              Haver R.
CAVANAUGH                              James F.
CAVANAUGH                              James J.
CAVANAUGH                              John Edward
CAVANAUGH                              Lucille
CAVANAUGH                              Richard H.
CAVANAUGH (WWI)                        Francis H. (Hank)
CAVANAUGH RUDNIK                       Lucille
CHAMPION                               Marjorie E.
CHAMPION                               Phyllis B.
CHAMPION                               William H.
CHAPMAN                                Ada
CHAPMAN                                Arlene M.
CHAPMAN                                Erastus
CHAPMAN                                Hannah
CHAPMAN                                Helena M.
CHAPMAN                                Merrick
CHAPMAN                                Shirlie
CHAPMAN                                Wilbur F.
CHAPMAN (CW)                           Merrick
CHAPMAN OLIVER                         Ada
CHASE                                  Michael C.
CHASE                                  Squire
CHAUFTY                                Helen
CHAUFTY                                William
CHENARD                                Henri
CHENARD                                Henri
CHENARD (VN)                           Henri
CHEPKE                                 Erwin
CHEPKE                                 Family Monument
CHEPKE                                 Helen
CHEREP                                 Michael
CHILD                                  Amelia
CHILD                                  Thomas
CHIRILLO                               Antonio
CHIRILLO                               Margaret
CHIRILLO                               Mary
CHIRILLO OWENS                         Margaret
CHRISTIANSEN                           Charles R.
CHRISTIANSEN                           Winifred
CLAFFEY                                Daniel
CLAFFEY                                Geraldine
CLAFFEY                                Willie
CLAFFEY REZSNYAK                       Geraldine
CLAPP                                  Horace
CLAPP                                  Horace M.
CLAPP                                  John I.
CLAPP                                  Lucretia
CLARK                                  Addison
CLARK                                  Charles
CLARK                                  Eugene C.
CLARK                                  Fanny
CLARK                                  John H.
CLARK                                  John H.
CLARK                                  Lela
CLARK                                  Lillian M
CLARK                                  Maud B.
CLARK                                  Nellie C.
CLARK                                  Permelia P.
CLARK                                  Samuel
CLARK                                  Sarah M.
CLARK (WWI)                            John H.
CLARK MOYER                            Lela
CLARK PIFER                            Lillian M.
CLARK REA                              Fanny
CLARKE                                 E. L. Nathan
CLARKE                                 Horace
CLARKE                                 James L.
CLARKE                                 Rachel
CLARKE                                 Sophia
CLAUS                                  Abagail
CLAUS                                  Clarrissa
CLAUS                                  Elizabeth
CLAUS                                  Emily
CLAUS                                  Harriett
CLAUS                                  Hiram
CLAUS                                  Jerome
CLAUS                                  Lavina L.
CLAUS                                  Peter A.
CLAUS SWACKHAMER                       Clarrissa
CLEAVELAND                             Abraham T.
CLEAVELAND                             Charles T.
CLEAVELAND                             David W.
CLEAVELAND                             Lemuel W.O
CLEAVELAND                             Mary
CLEMONS                                Daniel D.
CLEMONS                                Ida
CLEMONS                                Mary
CLEMONS MOORE                          Ida
CLOBRIDE (CW)                          J. H.
CLOBRIDGE                              J. H.
CLOSS                                  Bertha
CLOSS                                  Bertha
CLOSS                                  Harold C., Sr.
CLOSS                                  Matilda
CLOSS                                  Oran C.
CLOSS                                  Oran C.
CLOSS                                  Sylvester
CLOSS                                  William G.
COATS                                  Eleen M.
COBB                                   Elmer F.
COBB                                   Ira I.
COBB                                   Joseph W. Joe
COBB                                   Kiara Nicole
COBB                                   Louisa
COBB                                   Ruth L.
COBB                                   Shelby Elizabeth
COBB (VN)                              Ira I
COLE                                   Ambrose F.
COLE                                   Harvey H.
COLE                                   Jane
COLE                                   Mary A.
COLE                                   Rhoda E.
COLE SALSBURG                          Rhoda E.
COLEMAN                                Ellen T.
COLEMAN                                Gertrude E.
COLEMAN                                Malinda
COLEMAN                                Mary
COLEMAN                                Thomas
COLEMAN                                William
COLEMAN                                Willie
COLEMAN DOWD                           Mary
COLLINS                                Alexander
COLLINS                                Andrew J.
COLLINS                                Andrew J., Jr.
COLLINS                                Anna
COLLINS                                Anna M.
COLLINS                                Bryan R.
COLLINS                                Charles
COLLINS                                Charles Bush
COLLINS                                Dennis
COLLINS                                Elizabeth
COLLINS                                Elizabeth M.
COLLINS                                Family Monument
COLLINS                                Frederick
COLLINS                                George
COLLINS                                Harry C.
COLLINS                                Helen
COLLINS                                James
COLLINS                                Levi
COLLINS                                Mary
COLLINS                                Mary
COLLINS                                Mary E.
COLLINS                                Mary Fally
COLLINS                                Roger L.
COLLINS                                Warren
COLLINS (CW)                           Bryan R
COLLINS BAGG                           Anna
COLTON                                 Edith
COLTON                                 Everett L.
COLTON                                 Florence R.
COLTON                                 George E.
COLTON                                 George, Jr.
COMPO                                  Evangeline
COMPO                                  Evangelist
COMPO                                  Florence I.
COMPO                                  Harrison
COMPO                                  Josephine
COMPO                                  Rose
COMPO BINTZ                            Josephine
COMPO KELLY                            Rose
CONGER                                 Susie M.
CONKEY                                 Adam
CONKEY                                 C. J.
CONKEY (1812)                          Adam
CONKLIN                                Sophie
CONKLIN URTZ                           Sophie
CONNORS                                Mary C.
CONNORS                                Nellie E.
CONNORS                                William L
CONSTABLE                              Anna
CONSTABLE                              Casimir
CONSTABLE                              James
CONSTABLE                              Jennie
CONSTABLE                              John P.
CONSTABLE                              John Pierrepont
CONSTABLE                              Walter Longstreble
CONSTABLE                              Wanda
CONSTABLE                              Wanda
CONSTABLE                              William
CONSTABLE (WWII)                       John P
CONSTABLE CRANE                        Wanda
CONSTABLE MCVICKAR                     Anna
CONWAY                                 Ila
CONWAY BANNON                          Ila
COOK                                   Alice M
COOK                                   Amelia J.
COOK                                   Catherine
COOK                                   Emily L.
COOK                                   Harmenus
COOK                                   Harriet M.
COOK                                   Infant Daughter
COOK                                   Irma L.
COOK                                   J. Dorn, Sr.
COOK                                   Jeremiah D.
COOK                                   Martha A.
COOK                                   Nelson J.
COOK                                   Theodore P.
COOK                                   Tiffany Louise
COOK (CW)                              Harmenus
COOK PELLAM                            Alice M.
COOL                                   Myrtle Maryette
COOL MATTISON                          Myrtle Maryette
COON                                   E. Augusta
COON PICKERT                           E. Augusta
CORBIN                                 Alice
CORBIN                                 Carl Irving
CORBIN                                 Fred W.
CORBIN                                 Nellie
CORBIN DRAKE                           Alice
CORBO                                  MaDonna E.
CORRIGAN                               Beatrice
CORRIGAN                               Kenneth E.
CORWIN                                 Charlotte S.
CORWIN                                 Chloa
CORWIN                                 Cora M.
CORWIN                                 Family Monument
CORWIN                                 George W.
CORWIN                                 Harriet
CORWIN                                 Lillian M.
CORWIN                                 Merryl D.
CORWIN                                 Newel J.
CORWIN                                 Ray A.
CORWIN DAVIS                           Lillian M.
CORWIN PHELPS                          Harriet
CORY                                   Lucy
CORY ACKERMAN                          Lucy
COSILMON                               Louisa
COSILMON COBB                          Louisa
COTELL                                 Sarah A.
COTELL MUMFORD                         Sarah A.
COUNTRYMAN                             Richard E.
COUNTRYMAN (SERV)                      Richard E
COVEY                                  Donald C.
COVEY                                  Fred W.
COVEY                                  Mary G.
COVEY                                  Robert W.
COVEY                                  Stella
COVEY                                  Warren Fred
COVEY (WWII)                           Robert W
COVEY (WWII)                           Warren Fred
COVEY REED                             Stella
COYLE                                  Esther E
COYLE WALSH                            Esther E.
CRAIG                                  Marion
CRAIG                                  William Winant
CRANCE                                 Anna A.
CRANDAL                                George H.
CRANDALL                               Adelbert
CRANDALL                               Arthur W.
CRANDALL                               Carlie M.
CRANDALL                               Caroline
CRANDALL                               Celestia
CRANDALL                               Celestia D
CRANDALL                               Clarissa Isabella
CRANDALL                               Cora A.
CRANDALL                               Elizabeth
CRANDALL                               Elvira E.
CRANDALL                               Esther
CRANDALL                               Etta E.
CRANDALL                               Eunice E.
CRANDALL                               F. J.
CRANDALL                               Family Monument
CRANDALL                               Franklin L.
CRANDALL                               George H.
CRANDALL                               Halcy
CRANDALL                               Hubert W.
CRANDALL                               Jane
CRANDALL                               Joseph
CRANDALL                               Lillian W
CRANDALL                               Lois M.
CRANDALL                               Loren E.
CRANDALL                               Lorinda
CRANDALL                               Louisa E.
CRANDALL                               Maude M.
CRANDALL                               Ray W.
CRANDALL                               Samuel
CRANDALL                               Simeon
CRANDALL                               Venie D.
CRANDALL                               William D.
CRANDALL (CW)                          Adelbert
CRANDALL FOOTE                         Etta E.
CRANDALL LEE                           Celestia A.
CRANDALL STETSON                       Lillian W.
CRANE                                  Wanda
CRANE                                  Warren Cady
CRANE (WWII)                           Warren Cady
CRONEISER                              Alose Al
CRONEISER                              Frank
CRONEISER                              Frank L.
CRONEISER                              Raymond W.
CRONEISER                              Thomas
CRONK                                  Jarvis
CRONK                                  Lorinda
CRONK                                  Sarah
CROSSLEY                               Mary Frances
CROSSLEY                               Nora M.
CROSSMAN                               Cora
CROSSMAN                               Edna
CROSSMAN                               William H.
CROSSMAN DURKEE                        Edna
CROUSE                                 Donald R.
CROUSE                                 Donald R.
CROUSE                                 Flora M.
CROUSE                                 Leonard U.
CROUSE                                 Theldon E.
CROUSE                                 Vivian L.
CROUSE (WWII)                          Donald R.
CRUNISAR                               Joseph
CRUNISAR                               Mox
CRUSEN                                 Ella J.
CSIZSMAR                               Catherine
CSIZSMAR                               John
CULLINGS                               Annie M.
CULLINGS                               Marcello A.
CUMMINS                                Beatrice
CUMMINS RENNIE                         Beatrice
CUNNINGHAM                             Anna J.
CUNNINGHAM                             Julia C
CUNNINGHAM                             Nellie E
CUNNINGHAM CONNORS                     Nellie E.
CUNNINGHAM GREGORY                     Julia C.
CUNNINGHAM HOWLEY                      Anna J.
DAILEY                                 Anna L.
DAILEY                                 Clarisie M.
DAILEY                                 Jennie B.
DAILEY                                 Maria C.
DAILEY                                 Mary O.
DAILEY                                 Norris A.
DAILEY                                 William
DAILEY                                 William M.
DAILEY (CW)                            William
DAILEY (WWII)                          Norris A.
DAILEY JOHNSON                         Anna L.
DAILEY LAROCK                          Maria C.
DAMUTH                                 Alice M.
DAMUTH                                 Judson
DAMUTH                                 Truman W.
DANIELS                                Fidelia
DANIELS                                Infant Son
DANIELS                                Jannett
DANKS                                  Edna
DANKS ADAMS                            Edna
DARLING                                George C.
DARLING                                Sarah
DAVENPORT                              Evelyn M.
DAVENPORT                              Family Monument
DAVENPORT                              Rosetta A.
DAVENPORT                              William E.
DAVENPORT BACKENSTROSS                 Evelyn M.
DAVIES                                 Margaret A.
DAVIS                                  Adelbert P.
DAVIS                                  Alma J.
DAVIS                                  An Infant
DAVIS                                  Bathsheba
DAVIS                                  Belva M.
DAVIS                                  Daniel
DAVIS                                  Eliza
DAVIS                                  Evelyn
DAVIS                                  Grace
DAVIS                                  Grace
DAVIS                                  Hannah
DAVIS                                  Herbert G.
DAVIS                                  J. Frank
DAVIS                                  Jessie R.
DAVIS                                  Joseph B.
DAVIS                                  Joseph F.
DAVIS                                  Joseph P.
DAVIS                                  Lillian M.
DAVIS                                  Luella
DAVIS                                  Lydia
DAVIS                                  Mary
DAVIS                                  Mary
DAVIS                                  Mary A.
DAVIS                                  Mather J.
DAVIS                                  Ray W.
DAVIS                                  Ray W.
DAVIS                                  William S.
DAVIS                                  William S.
DAVIS                                  Winifred
DAVIS (WWII)                           Joseph F
DAVIS (WWII)                           Ray W.
DAVIS CARPENTER                        Mary
DAVIS DEWEY                            Lydia
DAVIS KALER                            Grace
DAVIS KALER                            Grace
DAVIS PARKER                           Luella
DAVIS SCHRAFT                          Mary
DAYMONT                                Lester N.
DAYMONT                                Mary M.
DECK                                   Mary M
DECK DAYMONT                           Mary M.
DECKER                                 Frances
DEEN                                   Almira
DEITS                                  Arrilla M.
DEKIN                                  Arletha
DEKIN                                  Donald G., Jr.
DEKIN                                  Donald G., Sr.
DEKIN                                  Edith
DEKIN                                  Estella M
DEKIN                                  Esther C.
DEKIN                                  Family Monument
DEKIN                                  George W. Archdekin
DEKIN                                  Jennie E.
DEKIN                                  June M.
DEKIN                                  Katrina
DEKIN                                  Lansing W.
DEKIN                                  LeRoy
DEKIN                                  Louella
DEKIN                                  Mabel L.
DEKIN                                  Maynard W
DEKIN                                  Maynard W
DEKIN                                  Robert Archdiken
DEKIN                                  Wilhelmina
DEKIN                                  Wilhelmina A
DEKIN                                  William E.
DEKIN (WWII)                           Maynard W.
DEKIN (WWII)                           Maynard W.
DEKIN HOUSE                            Wilhelmina A.
DEKIN KOONZ                            Estella M.
DELANEY                                Patrick
DELANY                                 Josephine Catherine
DELANY DWYER                           Josephine Catherine
DELMORE                                Grace
DELMORE BURDICK                        Grace
DELONG                                 Harold E.
DELONG                                 Mildred
DEMKO                                  Andrew
DEMPSEY                                Bridget M.
DEMPSEY                                Michael J.
DENESIA                                J. William
DENESIA                                Rose B.
DENING                                 Arno
DENING                                 Ida Mary
DER                                    Steven
DER (WWII)                             Steven
DEUKLIN                                John F.
DEVOE                                  Martin
DEVOE                                  Olive
DEWEY                                  Amirla
DEWEY                                  Dema
DEWEY                                  Fanny
DEWEY                                  Hannah M.
DEWEY                                  Infant Son
DEWEY                                  James W.
DEWEY                                  Josiah
DEWEY                                  Josiah
DEWEY                                  Levi
DEWEY                                  Lydia
DEWEY                                  Madison M.
DEWEY                                  Maria
DEWEY                                  Martha (Polly)
DEWEY                                  Martha S.
DEWEY                                  Medad
DEWEY                                  Reumae L.
DEWEY                                  Triphena
DEWEY                                  Unknown
DEWEY (RW)                             Josiah
DEWEY (RW)                             Medad
DEWEY BURHANS                          Reumae L.
DEWEY MUMFORD                          Martha S.
DEWEY PEASE                            Fanny
DEWEY PEASE                            Fanny
DICKINSON                              Mary A.
DICOB                                  Catharine
DICOB                                  Ella
DICOB AUCTER                           Catharine
DICOB BUSH                             Ella
DINGS                                  Matilda
DINGS NOBLE                            Matilda
DOBSON                                 Anna
DOBSON CAMIDGE                         Anna
DOLAN                                  Fred A.
DOLAN                                  Frederick A.
DOLAN (VN)                             Frederick A.
DOMAGALA                               John
DOMAGALA                               John
DOMSER                                 Anthony
DOMSER                                 Christena
DOMSER                                 Mabel
DOMSER                                 William F.
DOMSER                                 William F.
DOMSER (WWI)                           William F.
DORN                                   John
DORR                                   Estella
DORR                                   Eugene
DORR                                   Family Monument
DORS                                   Maximin
DOSZTAN                                Patricia A.
DOSZTAN                                Steve
DOTT                                   Family of Frank
DOTY                                   Eliza
DOTY                                   Frederick
DOUD                                   Clara
DOUD                                   Henry L.
DOUGAL                                 Charley
DOUGAL (WWI)                           Charley
DOUGLAS                                Eliza M.
DOUGLAS                                Thomas P
DOVIAK                                 Fred J.
DOWD                                   Mary
DOWNS                                  Hattie
DOWNS BURDICK                          Hattie
DRAKE                                  Alice
DRAKE                                  Francis A.
DUFFER                                 Frank P.
DUFFER                                 Leon J.
DUFFER                                 Margaret
DUFFER                                 Margaret C.
DUFFER                                 Mary A.
DUFFER HIGBY                           Margaret
DUFLO                                  Melvin
DUFLO                                  Nicholas
DUFLO                                  Sarah J.
DUNBAR                                 Dorothy
DUNBAR                                 William Bruce
DUNCAN                                 Alice
DUNCAN                                 Amelia
DUNCAN                                 Edith
DUNCAN                                 LeRoy
DUNCAN                                 LeRoy Family Monument
DUNCAN                                 Leon J.
DUNCAN                                 Shirley J.
DUNCAN LISCUM                          Edith
DUPONT                                 Marietta
DUPONT LYON                            Marietta
DUREN                                  Fanny M.
DUREN                                  Samuel H.
DURKEE                                 Edna
DURUZ                                  Marcellus
DURUZ                                  Susan
DWYER                                  John Daniel, Jr.
DWYER                                  Josephine Catherine
DYER                                   Emily
DYERS                                  Clarissa M.
DYERS RUDD                             Clarissa M.
EARLE                                  Marion
EARLE KERR                             Marion
EASTON                                 Giles
EASTON (RW)                            Giles
EATON                                  Sabrina
EATON BAGLEY                           Sabrina
EBERSIK                                Sarah
EBERSIK MEYER                          Sarah
EBERSOL                                Andrew
EBERSOL                                Catharine
EBERSOL                                Joseph E.
EDDINGS                                Anna A.
EDDINGS AXTELL                         Anna A.
EDDINGS CRANCE                         Anna A.
EDICK                                  Dolores (Kay)
EDICK                                  Elroy
EDICK                                  Harold D.
EDICK                                  Laura
EDICK                                  Mavis
EDICK                                  Nellie
EDICK EHLERS                           Dolores (Kay)
EDICK WAKEFIELD                        Laura
EDWARD                                 William
EDWARDS                                Ellen
EDWARDS                                Mary
EDWARDS HEPBURN                        Mary
EDWARDS WEBSTER                        Ellen
EFFLEY                                 John M.
EFFLEY                                 Margaret
EFFLEY                                 Martha
EFFLEY                                 Rosanna M.
EFFLEY HILTS                           Martha
EFFLEY RAMSEY                          Rosanna M.
EGAN                                   Anice R.
EGAN                                   Eleanore
EGAN RHONE                             Eleanore
EGGLESTON                              Samantha
EHLERS                                 Ronald
EHLERS                                 Ronald
EHLERS (KOR)                           Ronald
EINBECK                                Infant
EINBECK                                Mabel A.
EISLER                                 Anna
EISLER RITZ                            Anna
ELLIOTT                                John
ELLIOTT                                Margaret
EMERSON                                Arletha
EMERSON                                Avery
EMERSON                                Avery R.
EMERSON                                Avery Robert
EMERSON                                Chauncey A.
EMERSON                                Chauncey and Clarrissa Family Monument
EMERSON                                Clarrissa
EMERSON                                Cora M.
EMERSON                                Fred
EMERSON                                Hubert J, and Mary Family Monument
EMERSON                                Hubert J.
EMERSON                                Hubert J.
EMERSON                                Mary
EMERSON                                Myrtle
EMERSON                                Olive Mae
EMERSON                                Paul A.
EMERSON                                Philip
EMERSON                                Zelda R.
EMERSON (KOR)                          Avery Robert
EMERSON (WWII)                         Hubert J.
EMERSON DEKIN                          Arletha
EMERSON KONKOL                         Dorthy
EMESON (VN)                            Avery Robert
ERNYE                                  Kolman
ERNYE                                  Sophia
ESSENLOHR                              George W.
ESSENLOHR (WWII)                       George W
ETHRIDGE                               Charles I.
ETTE                                   Mary
ETTE FREEMAN                           Mary
EVANS                                  Eliza
EVANS                                  Ella M.
EVANS                                  Fred E.
EVANS                                  Sandra E.
EVANS                                  Thomas
EVERSON                                Charles W.
EVERSON (SERV)                         Charles W
FADNER                                 Elizabeth M.
FADNER                                 Jacob
FADNER                                 Lana A.
FADNER                                 Martin G.
FAHSEL                                 Family Monument
FAHSEL                                 Henry
FAHSEL                                 Johanna
FAHSEL                                 Margaretta
FAHSEL                                 Mary
FAHSEL BINTZ                           Margaretta
FAHSEL FISHER                          Mary
FAIRBANKS                              Addie E
FAIRBANKS HULBERT                      Addie E.
FAIRCHILD                              Helen
FAIRCHILD NEVIN                        Helen
FARNEY                                 Alice S.
FARNEY                                 Alida A.
FARNEY                                 Allyn C.
FARNEY                                 Barbara S
FARNEY                                 Barbara S.
FARNEY                                 Carlton N.
FARNEY                                 Catharine
FARNEY                                 D. V. Ginny
FARNEY                                 Douglas T.
FARNEY                                 Elmer S.
FARNEY                                 Irene S.
FARNEY                                 Jacob
FARNEY                                 Joseph A.
FARNEY                                 Josephine M.
FARNEY                                 LeRoy V.
FARNEY                                 Mary
FARNEY                                 Minnie L.
FARNEY                                 Philip
FARNEY BACHMAN                         Barbara S.
FARNEY EBERSOL                         Catharine
FARNEY VIRKLER                         Mary
FARNEY, LEROY                          Family Monument
FARR                                   Myrton C., Sr
FARR                                   Myrton C., Sr.
FARR                                   Raymond E.
FARR                                   Raymond E.
FARR                                   Vernon F.
FARR                                   Viola
FARR (KOR)                             Myrton C. , Sr.
FARR (KOR)                             Vernon F
FARR (WWI)                             Raymond E
FAULKNHAM                              Harriett
FAYLE                                  Harold A.
FAYLE (WWII)                           Harold A
FEENEY                                 Eliza
FEENEY                                 Eliza
FEENEY                                 Joseph L.
FEENEY                                 Rosa
FEENEY                                 William J.
FEENEY BURNS                           Eliza
FEENEY BURNS                           Eliza
FEHER                                  James
FEHER                                  Theresa
FEISTEL                                Louis E.
FELBER                                  C.
FELBER                                 Gizella
FELBER                                 Julius
FELBER                                 Stephen T
FELBER                                 Stephen T.
FELBER (WWII)                          Stephen T.
FELSHAW                                Alice
FELSHAW                                Desire
FELSHAW                                John
FELSHAW                                Katherine
FETCIE                                 Family Monument
FETCIE                                 Florence
FETCIE                                 Franklin F.
FEY                                    Marie
FILIP                                  Bertha
FILIP JARECKI                          Bertha
FISHER                                 Angelica
FISHER                                 C. Ingals
FISHER                                 Caleb
FISHER                                 Caleb L., Jr.
FISHER                                 Clarence Lyon
FISHER                                 Dorothy E.
FISHER                                 Emma
FISHER                                 Family Monument
FISHER                                 Family Monument
FISHER                                 Hiram
FISHER                                 Louise
FISHER                                 Lyon Hughes
FISHER                                 M. Rachel
FISHER                                 Marian
FISHER                                 Mary
FISHER                                 Mary M.
FISHER                                 Wallace M.
FISHER (WWII)                          C Ingals
FITCH                                  Fannie M
FITCH SPECK                            Fannie M.
FITZGERALD                             Duane M.
FITZGERALD                             Infant
FLAKE                                  Fredericka
FLAKER SCHLEIDER                       Fredericka
FLANSBURG                              DeForest C.
FLANSBURG (VN)                         Deforest C
FLEMING                                Harry W.
FLEMING                                Howard W.
FLEMING (SERV)                         Howard W
FLEMING (WWII)                         Harry W
FLEMMING                               Jennie
FLEMMING LIMEBECK                      Jennie
FLINT                                  Abbie
FLINT                                  Alexander
FLINT                                  Alexander
FLINT                                  Alexander
FLINT                                  Charles A.
FLINT                                  Doris F.
FLINT                                  Emily J.
FLINT                                  George
FLINT                                  George
FLINT                                  Martin
FLINT                                  Martin
FLINT                                  Mary
FLINT                                  Mary An
FLINT                                  Philip
FLINT                                  Stephen
FLINT (CW)                             Alexander
FLINT HILL                             Mary An
FOLEY                                  Phillip
FOLEY (WWII)                           Phillip
FOOT                                   Charles H.
FOOT                                   Frank E.
FOOT                                   Ira
FOOT                                   Jane
FOOT                                   Nancy
FOOT (CW)                              Ira
FOOTE                                  Clara F.
FOOTE                                  Donna
FOOTE                                  Donna
FOOTE                                  Ella
FOOTE                                  Etta E.
FOOTE                                  Giles
FOOTE                                  Glen A.
FOOTE                                  Jessie M.
FOOTE                                  John E.
FOOTE                                  LaFayette
FOOTE                                  Linda
FOOTE                                  Linda May
FOOTE                                  Lydia
FOOTE                                  Lydia
FOOTE                                  Mabel L
FOOTE                                  Nora E.
FOOTE                                  Pamelia L.
FOOTE                                  Sherrill M.
FOOTE                                  Warren
FOOTE                                  Warren G.
FOOTE (WWII)                           Glen A.
FOOTE (WWII)                           Sherrill M
FOOTE DEKIN                            Mabel L.
FOOTE SALMON                           Clara F.
FOOTE TIFFANY                          Ella
FORNEY                                 Francis J.
FORNEY                                 John G.
FORNEY                                 Verna
FOX                                    Marvin Leo
FRANK                                  Eleanor
FRANK                                  Frederick
FRANK SLITER                           Eleanor
FREEMAN                                Archable J.
FREEMAN                                Mary
FRENCH                                 David B.
FRENCH                                 Irene H.
FRENCH (VN)                            David B
FRISTENSKY                             Edith M.
FRUIN                                  Alice A.
FRUIN                                  Amy B.
FRUIN                                  Elizabeth
FRUIN                                  Elizabeth R.
FRUIN                                  Hannah
FRUIN                                  Henrietta A.
FRUIN                                  Henry E.
FRUIN                                  James
FRUIN                                  James A.
FRUIN                                  John
FRUIN                                  Maud E.
FRUIN                                  William J.
FRUIN (CW)                             James A
FULLER                                 Amy
FULLER                                 Chloe S.
FULLER                                 M. Louise
FULLER                                 Thomas W.
FULLER BACON                           M. Louise
FULLER BROOKS                          Amy
FURLOW                                 Clayton
FURLOW                                 Esther
FURLOW                                 Eugene, Jr.
FURLOW                                 Eugene, Sr.
FURLOW                                 Janie
FURLOW                                 Nina L
FURLOW REED                            Janie
FURLOW SABINE                          Nina L
GAFFNEY                                Bernard W.
GAFFNEY (KOR)                          Bernard W
GALEAUGHER                             James
GALLAGHER                              Hugh
GALLAGHER                              Lucy
GALLAGHER                              Sarah
GALLUP                                 E. Florence
GALLUP                                 Frederick D.
GALLUP                                 Frederick D.
GALLUP                                 J. Albert
GALLUP                                 J. Albert Family Monument
GALLUP                                 Joan
GALLUP                                 Richard J.
GALLUP (VN)                            Frederick D
GANSZ                                  Henry
GARDNER                                Bertha
GARDNER                                Verney
GARDNER                                William G.
GARDNER                                William R.
GARLOCK                                ----
GARNSEY                                Everett W.
GARNSEY (WWII)                         Everett W
GARRES                                 James
GARRES                                 Joseph
GARRETT                                Elizabeth
GARRETT                                Martha
GARRETT                                Simeon V.
GARRIGAN                               Donald J.
GARRIGAN (WWII)                        Donald J
GASSER                                 Alice
GASSER                                 Walter & Alice Family Monument
GASSER                                 Walter B.
GATEPOST SIGN                          Left
GATEPOST SIGN                          Right
GAYLOR (SERV)                          Willaim C.
GAYLORD                                Eva
GAYLORD                                Herbert E.
GAYLORD                                Kazuko
GAYLORD                                Kenneth C.
GAYLORD                                Kenneth H., Jr.
GAYLORD                                Kenneth H., Jr.
GAYLORD                                Mary L.
GAYLORD                                Megan E.
GAYLORD                                Thomas E.
GAYLORD                                William C.
GAYLORD                                William C.
GAYLORD (VN)                           Thomas E.
GAYLORD (WWII)                         Herbert E
GAYLORD BUCKLEY                        Eva
GEDDES                                 Florence S.
GENT                                   Augusta
GENT ZAHN                              Augusta
GENTRY                                 James C.
GENTRY (WWII)                          James C.
GERGELY                                Julius
GERING                                 Catharine
GERING LEJEUNE                         Catharine
GERNSEY                                Dora
GERNSEY                                P. N.
GIBBONS                                Mary
GIBBONS                                William H.
GIBBONS (CW)                           William H.
GIBBS                                  Edith M.
GIBBS                                  Ellen J.
GIBBS                                  Eugene G.
GIBBS                                  Family Monument
GIBBS                                  Herman
GIBBS                                  Joseph
GIBBS                                  Lena
GIBBS                                  Mercy
GIBBS                                  Minnie M
GIBBS                                  Sarah K.
GIBBS                                  Zerua H.
GIBBS (CW)                             Joseph
GIBBS CARTER                           Mercy
GIBBS NAGY                             Minnie M.
GILES                                  Albert Henry
GILES                                  Harriet
GILES                                  Henry G.
GILLIGAN                               Clara
GILLIGAN                               Helen
GILLIGAN COLLINS                       Helen
GLASGOW                                Robert
GLITTONE                               Joseph
GODFREY                                Mary Jane
GODFREY TRUDE                          Mary Jane
GOFF                                   Mary E
GOFF HOUSE                             Mary E.
GOLDEN                                 Helen
GONYA                                  Henriette
GONYA                                  Napoleon
GONYA ANDRE                            Henriette
GONYOU                                 Carl L.
GONYOU                                 Mary L.
GOODALE                                Amy S.
GOODALE                                Anna
GOODALE                                Daniel K.
GOODALE                                Emery J.
GOODALE                                Lilly M.
GOODALE (CW)                           Daniel K.
GOODALE ABBEY                          Anna
GOODHINES                              Gilbert
GOODHINES                              Gordon W.
GOODHINES (KOR)                        Gordon W
GOODRICH                               Ansel
GOODRICH                               Arthur D.
GOODRICH                               Grace E.
GOODRICH                               Herbert E.
GOODRICH                               Lois
GOODRICH                               Narcis C.
GOODRICH                               Rosetta
GOODRICH                               Sarah
GOODRICH JONES                         Rosetta
GOODRICH SAUNDERS                      Lois
GOOKINS                                Maude L
GOOKINS TELLER                         Maude L.
GORCZYCA                               Edward
GORCZYCA                               Edward
GORCZYCA                               Genevieve F.
GORCZYCA                               Genevieve F.
GORCZYCA                               Leonard
GORCZYCA                               Leonard
GORCZYCA                               Louis E.
GORCZYCA                               Nancy
GORCZYCA                               Rodney T.
GORCZYCA                               Walter
GORCZYCA (WWII)                        Genevieve F.
GORCZYCA (WWII)                        Leonard
GORDON                                 Achsah
GORDON                                 May
GORDON INGERSOLL                       May
GORDON MUMFORD                         Achsah
GOULD                                  Cecil M.
GOULD                                  Charles W.
GOULD                                  Emily J.
GOULD                                  Georgietta Sarah
GOULD                                  Harriet
GOULD                                  Napoleon V.
GOULD PEEBLES                          Harriet
GOULD YOUNG                            Georgietta Sarah
GRABB                                  Daniel F.
GRABB                                  Daniel F., Jr.
GRABB                                  Frederick H.
GRABB                                  John M.
GRABB                                  Nellie
GRABB (VN)                             Daniel F., Jr.
GRAHAM                                 Rebecca
GRAHAM SCHLOOP                         Rebecca
GRANGER                                Alfred
GRANGER                                Belinda
GRANGER                                Eddie
GRANGER                                Edward
GRANGER                                Effa May
GRANGER                                Effie
GRANGER                                George
GRANGER                                Henry H.
GRANGER                                Lydia
GRANGER                                Melissa M.
GRANGER                                Nellie May
GRANGER                                Nellie May
GRANGER                                Seth
GRANGER                                Sophronia E.
GRANGER ROOT                           Lydia
GRANT                                  Margery
GRANT                                  Margery
GRANT ALGUIRE                          Margery
GRANT ALGUIRE                          Margery
GRAU                                   Andrew
GRAU                                   Clara
GRAVES                                 Alida A
GRAVES                                 Grace U.
GRAVES                                 Harriet M.
GRAVES                                 Helen
GRAVES                                 Hermy P.
GRAVES                                 Marguerite L.
GRAVES                                 Mary L.
GRAVES                                 Royal W.
GRAVES                                 Silas
GRAVES FARNEY                          Alida A.
GRAVES JONES                           Helen
GRAVES ROSE                            Mary L.
GRAVES WAITE                           Marguerite L.
GREEN                                  Albert P.
GREEN                                  Daniel W.
GREEN                                  Eunice
GREEN                                  Lena L.
GREEN                                  Mary
GREEN                                  Myrtle
GREEN                                  Phebe
GREEN (CW)                             Edwin S.
GREEN EMERSON                          Myrtle
GREENFIELD                             Ann
GREGORY                                Albert L.
GREGORY                                Beth
GREGORY                                Deborah
GREGORY                                James
GREGORY                                John
GREGORY                                John A.
GREGORY                                John A.
GREGORY                                Joshua
GREGORY                                Julia C.
GREGORY                                Margaret E.
GREGORY (WWII)                         John A.
GREMS                                  Amelia
GREMS                                  Daniel
GREMS                                  Erastus
GREMS                                  Sarah
GREMS CRONK                            Sarah
GRIFFIN                                Marjorie
GRIFFIN BURDICK                        Marjorie
GRIFFITH                               Anita
GRIFFITH                               Mavis
GRIFFITH                               William
GRIFFITH (CW)                          William
GRIFFITH EDICK                         Mavis
GRIFFITH YOUNG                         Anita
GRIFFITHS                              Edith M.
GRIFFITHS                              Ellis W.
GRIFFITHS                              Family Monument
GRIFFITHS                              Infant
GRIFFITHS                              Margare tA
GRIFFITHS                              Margaret
GRIFFITHS                              W. Maurice
GRIFFITHS                              William W.
GRIFFITHS DAVIES                       Margaret A.
GRILC                                  Frank
GRIMMER                                John
GRIMMER                                Mary
GRIMMER                                William
GRISWOLD                               Alma J
GRISWOLD DAVIS                         Alma J.
GROTRIAN                               Wilhelmina
GROTRIAN DEKIN                         Wilhelmina
GRZEGORZEK                             Katarzyna
GRZEGORZEK                             Michal T.
GRZEGORZEK,                            Michal T. & Katarzyna Family Monument
GUDRIDGE                               Gerald
GUDRIDGE                               Gerald
GUDRIDGE                               Peggy
GUDRIDGE                               Peggy
GUDRIDGE (WWII)                        Gerald I.
GUTHEINZ                               Margaret
GUTHEINZ JOHNSON                       Margaret
GYDESEN                                Constance Elaine
GYDESEN                                Lois
GYURKO                                 Eszter
GYURKO                                 Ignatz
GYURKO                                 Layos
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