Lewis County, New York
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Lewis County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

PACHOUD                                John
PACHOUD                                Joseph
PACHOUD                                Josephine
PACHOUD                                Julia
PAGLIA                                 Louise
PAGLIA                                 Louise
PALMER                                 Almira
PALMER                                 Charles T.
PALMER                                 James
PALMER                                 Mary Melissa
PALMER HUBBARD                         Mary Melissa
PAP                                    Helen
PAP MEZEY                              Helen
PAPP                                   Bertha
PAPP                                   Elizabeth
PAPP                                   Gabor
PARAGI                                 Gabriel A.
PARAGI (WWII)                          Gabriel A
PARKER                                 Luella
PARQUET                                Elizabeth
PARQUET                                John
PARQUET                                Lena
PARQUET                                Nancy
PARQUET (CW)                           John
PARQUET SMITH                          Elizabeth
PARRISH                                Marguerite
PARRISH                                Otto C.
PARRISH (WWI)                          Otto C
PATE                                   Jules
PATE                                   Mary
PATE                                   Paul
PATNODE                                Elmer
PATNODE                                Josephine
PATTERSON                              Ida M
PATTERSON                              Paul A.
PATTERSON                              R. Eugene
PATTERSON (WWII)                       Paul A
PATTERSON QUINN                        Ida M.
PAVER                                  Eliza M
PAVER BRIGGS                           Eliza M.
PAYNE                                  Eddie
PAYNE                                  Eunice
PAYNE                                  Frank
PAYNE                                  Lucian
PAYNE                                  Martha
PAYNE                                  Martha
PAYNE                                  Pevantia
PAYNE JOHNSON                          Levantia
PEASE                                  Alpheus
PEASE                                  Alpheus
PEASE                                  Fanny
PEASE                                  Fanny
PEASE (RW)                             Alpheus
PECK                                   Floyd Worth
PECK                                   Ida M.
PECKHAM                                Alice A.
PECKHAM                                Annis B.
PECKHAM                                Annis B.
PECKHAM                                Annis B.
PECKHAM                                B. I.
PECKHAM                                B. Wait
PECKHAM                                B. Wait
PECKHAM                                B. Wait
PECKHAM                                Dora M.
PECKHAM                                Emily J.
PECKHAM                                George W.
PECKHAM                                Ida
PECKHAM                                Joshua
PECKHAM                                L. S.
PECKHAM                                Lodowick
PECKHAM                                Lodowick
PECKHAM                                Lodowick S.
PECKHAM                                Mary M.
PECKHAM                                Nancy
PECKHAM                                Nancy
PECKHAM                                Rebecca
PECKHAM                                Stillman M.
PEEBLES                                Alice M
PEEBLES                                D.
PEEBLES                                Elsie M.
PEEBLES                                Emma
PEEBLES                                Harriet
PEEBLES                                John
PEEBLES                                Mary
PEEBLES                                Mary Ann
PEEBLES                                Sally
PEEBLES                                Semantha C
PEEBLES                                Venando
PEEBLES                                Woolsey
PEEBLES BUSHEY                         Semantha C.
PEEBLES DAMUTH                         Alice M.
PELLAM                                 Alice M.
PELLAM                                 Austin
PELLAM                                 Harry F.
PELLAM                                 Lillian B.
PELLAM                                 Martin R.
PELLER                                 Peter
PELLER (CW)                            Peter
PELO                                   Catharine
PELO                                   Nicholas
PELTON                                 Josephine
PENA                                   Carmen
PENA VALLER                            Carmen
PENCZEK                                Edward J.
PERCOSKI                               Charles B.
PERCOSKI                               Charles B. Family Monument
PERKINS                                Cora M
PERKINS                                Ernest L.
PERKINS                                Jennie E
PERKINS                                John B.
PERKINS EMERSON                        Cora M.
PERKINS NORTON                         Jennie E.
PERSONS                                Viola
PERSONS FARR                           Viola
PETERS                                 Anna
PETERS                                 Elizabeth
PETERS                                 Milton F.
PETERS BRADISH                         Anna
PETERSON                               Bernice E.
PETERSON                               E. Florence
PETERSON GALLUP                        E. Florence
PETERSON LEE                           Bernice E.
PETRIE                                 Conrad W.
PETRIE                                 Deborah Z.
PETRIE                                 Emily
PETRIE                                 Ervin A.
PETRIE                                 G. DeRoma
PETRIE                                 Hannah E.
PETRIE                                 Harriet J.
PETRIE                                 Herman C.
PETRIE                                 Jason
PETRIE                                 Jason E.
PETRIE                                 Warren J.
PETRIE                                 William H.
PFAFF                                  Anna C.
PFAFF                                  Charles J.
PFAFF                                  Dorothy
PFAFF                                  Jacob
PFAFF                                  Louise K
PFAFF RICHTER                          Louise K.
PHELPS                                  B.
PHELPS                                 Charles D.
PHELPS                                 Ellen J.
PHELPS                                 Emma M
PHELPS                                 Family Monument
PHELPS                                 Harriet
PHELPS                                 Leon H.
PHELPS                                 Minnie
PHELPS                                 Minnie A.
PHELPS                                 Norman
PHELPS                                 Olive
PHELPS                                 Olive S.
PHELPS (WWII)                          Olive
PHELPS ALLEN                           Minnie A.
PHELPS CARPENTER                       Olive
PHELPS CARPENTER (WWII)                Olive
PHELPS GIBBS                           Ellen J.
PHELPS WIDMEYER                        Olive
PHELPS WIDMEYER (WWII)                 Olive
PHILLIPS                               Bernice
PHILLIPS                               Clarissa M.
PHILLIPS                               Edwin D.
PHILLIPS                               Frederick J.
PHILLIPS                               Grace Olive
PHILLIPS                               Harriett
PHILLIPS                               Henrietta F.
PHILLIPS                               Horatio H.
PHILLIPS                               Infant Sons
PHILLIPS                               Mary E
PHILLIPS                               Olive M.
PHILLIPS                               Sidney G.
PHILLIPS                               William Johnson
PHILLIPS                               William L.
PHILLIPS (CW)                          Horatio H.
PHILLIPS FAULKNHAM                     Harriett
PHILLIPS SWEENEY                       Mary E.
PICHLER                                Michael
PICKERT                                E. Augusta
PICKERT                                Frederic
PIERCE                                 Frank
PIFER                                  Lillian M.
PIFER                                  Lulu
PIFER                                  Peter
PIFER AINSWORTH                        Lulu
PILCHEN                                Christopher
PILCHEN                                Mary
PILCHEN                                Rose
PITCHER                                C J
PITCHER                                Mary
PITCHER                                Sophia
PITCHER                                Zeruah
PITCHER CONKEY                         C. J.
PITCHER GREEN                          Mary
PITCHER JOHNSON                        Sophia
PIZELL                                 Patricia
PIZELL CANNAN                          Patricia
PLATO                                  Helen
PLATO                                  Ruth
PLATO                                  Stanley L.
PLATO SWEENEY                          Ruth
PLATTS                                 Catherine
PLEMONS                                June
PLEMONS                                Wendell W.
PLEMONS                                Wendell W.
PLEMONS (WWII)                         Wendell W.
PLUMMER                                Catharine
PLUNKETT                               Anna J
PLUNKETT CARPENTER                     Anna J.
POLLARD                                William P., Jr.
POMERVILLE                             Ada
POMERVILLE                             Clara Mae
POMERVILLE                             Edward
POMERVILLE                             Emma
POMERVILLE                             Frederick
POMERVILLE                             Josephine
POMERVILLE                             Josephine
POMERVILLE                             Marguerite
POMERVILLE                             Noel J.
POMERVILLE                             Peter
POMERVILLE                             Peter H.
POMERVILLE                             Robert L.
POMERVILLE                             William
POMERVILLE (WWI)                       Frederick
POMERVILLE (WWI)                       Peter H.
POMERVILLE (WWI)                       William
POMERVILLE JENKINS                     Clara Mae
POMERVILLE PATNODE                     Josephine
POMERVILLE URBANCIC                    Marguerite
POMINVILLE                             Gregory Scott
POMINVILLE                             Mary
POMINVILLE                             Sharon F.
POMINVILLE                             Sharon Family Monument
POMINVILLE                             Zetic
POOLE                                  Lena
POOLE STOWELL                          Lena
POST                                   Ida A
POST NORTHRUP                          Ida A.
POTOCKI                                Anna
POTOCKI BADURA                         Anna
POWELL                                 Edward A.
POWELL                                 Eunice A
POWELL                                 Joseph
POWELL                                 Mary
POWELL                                 Sharon F.
POWELL POMINVILLE                      Sharon F.
POWELL ROWELL                          Eunice A.
PRATT                                  Bertha H
PRATT                                  Infant Daughter
PRATT MILLER                           Bertha H.
PRICHARD                               Magdalen
PRICHARD RADLEY                        Magdalen
PUFFER                                 Emmett A.
PUFFER                                 Ida A.
PUFFER                                 Mary D.
PUFFER                                 Maud B.
PUFFER CLARK                           Maud B.
PUFFER TIFFANY                         Ida A.
PURVINES                               Marie Louise
PURVINES                               Robin J.
PUTMAN                                 Mary
PUTMAN GIBBONS                         Mary
QUINN                                  Alice
QUINN                                  Ann
QUINN                                  Asa
QUINN                                  Austin D.
QUINN                                  Doritha
QUINN                                  Herbert
QUINN                                  Ida M
QUINN                                  Ida M.
QUINN                                  Joseph
QUINN                                  Joseph Harry
QUINN                                  Malcolm W.
QUINN (WWI)                            Joseph Henry
QUINN PECK                             Ida M.
RADLEY                                 Enoch K.
RADLEY                                 Henry Clifton
RADLEY                                 Magdalen
RADLEY                                 Peter
RAGAN                                  Elva V.
RAGAN                                  Infant Son
RAGAN                                  Lovisa
RAMSEY                                 Dorrance H.
RAMSEY                                 Herbert J.
RAMSEY                                 Minnie A.
RAMSEY                                 Rosanna M.
RAPAVI                                 Andro Peter
RAPAVI                                 Andro Peter
RARICK                                 Abraham
RARICK                                 Abram
RARICK                                 Katie
RARICK (CW)                            Abram
RASMUSSEN                              Leona E.
RASMUSSEN VALLER                       Leona E.
RAUHE                                  Ada
RAUHE                                  Daniel F.
RAUHE                                  Ernest F.
RAUHE                                  Leland J.
RAUHE                                  Mary
RAUHE YOUSEY                           Mary
REA                                    Fanny
REA                                    Laura M.
REA                                    Robert
REA                                    V. R.
REAGAN                                 Arthur D.
REAGAN                                 Winifred H.
REAPE                                  Patricia J.
REARDON                                James
REED                                   Arches A.
REED                                   Catherine
REED                                   Clifton
REED                                   Elihue
REED                                   Family Monument
REED                                   Helen G.
REED                                   Ida A.
REED                                   Janie
REED                                   Julia A.
REED                                   Leon
REED                                   Leonard R.
REED                                   Louise Helen
REED                                   Mabel
REED                                   May
REED                                   Roland F.
REED                                   Stella
REED                                   Susie
REED                                   Thomas
REED                                   William H.
REED MILLS                             Dora A
REES                                   Harriet
REES                                   James
REES                                   John
REES                                   Joseph B.
REES                                   Sarah Ann
REES (CW)                              James
REES BLADE                             Cora E.
REESE                                  Mary A
REESE BLISS                            Mary A.
REID                                   John
REILLY                                 Gloria M.
REILLY                                 Thomas W.
REINHARD                               Clifford C.
REINHARD                               Pauline
RENNIE                                 Beatrice
RENNIE                                 Clara L.
RENNIE                                 Clara L.
RENNIE                                 Cynthia J.
RENNIE                                 Emma M
RENNIE                                 Frances A.
RENNIE                                 Fred A.
RENNIE                                 Gerald B.
RENNIE                                 Gertie L.
RENNIE                                 Girtie L.
RENNIE                                 Harriet L
RENNIE                                 Helen
RENNIE                                 Henry
RENNIE                                 Henry
RENNIE                                 Leo K.
RENNIE                                 Samuel
RENNIE                                 Verne D.
RENNIE                                 Verne D.
RENNIE                                 William
RENNIE                                 Zaida A.
RENNIE (KOR)                           Verne D.
RENNIE PHELPS                          Emma M
RENNIE THOMPSON                        Harriet L.
REZSNYAK                               Andrew
REZSNYAK                               Ernest
REZSNYAK                               Geraldine
REZSNYAK                               Louise
REZSNYAK                               Rudolf
REZSNYAK (SERV)                        Rudolf
REZSNYAK (WWII)                        Ernest
RHON (VN)                              James W
RHONE                                  Eleanore
RHONE                                  James W.
RHONE                                  John W.
RHONE                                  Samuel Chester
RHUBART                                Lawrence P.
RHUBART (VN)                           Lawrence P
RICE                                   Helen E.
RICE                                   Mary Ann
RICE LING                              Helen E.
RICE PEEBLES                           Mary Ann
RICHTER                                Julius F.
RICHTER                                Louise K.
RICHTER                                Otto C.
RIDDLESPRAKER                          Rose
RIDDLESPRAKER MUMFORD                  Rose
RIDLESPRAKER                           Mary L.
RIDLESPRAKER NYE                       Mary L.
RIES                                   Mary
RIFENBARKE                             Ann
RIFFANACHT                             Jessie M.
RIFFANACHT                             Mildred
RIFFANACHT                             William G.
RIFFANACHT                             William Lee
RILEY                                  Mary J
RILEY BISHA                            Mary J.
RINKENBURG                             Jesse
RINKENBURG                             Seraphena
RIPP                                   Courtney L.
RITZ                                   Anna
RITZ                                   Sylvester P.
ROBERTS                                Eunice
ROBERTS                                Jane
ROBERTS                                Mary E.
ROBERTS                                Robert L.
ROBERTS LANE                           Eunice
ROBINSON                               Addie F.
ROBINSON                               Allen K.
ROBINSON                               Arthur J.
ROBINSON                               Charles S.
ROBINSON                               Edith May
ROBINSON                               Elsie B.
ROBINSON                               Horace P.
ROBINSON                               Ida Patricia
ROBINSON                               Jay William
ROBINSON                               Julia M
ROBINSON                               Mabel S.
ROBINSON                               Marion
ROBINSON                               Sarah H.
ROBINSON                               Sherman H.
ROBINSON (VN)                          Allen K
ROBINSON CRAIG                         Marion
ROBINSON HALL                          Julia M.
ROCCO                                  John
ROCH                                   Arlene
ROCH                                   Elmer
ROCKWELL                               Charlotte
ROCKWELL                               Elam
ROCKWELL                               Emily H
ROCKWELL                               Julia N.
ROCKWELL                               Nancy
ROCKWELL MALCOLM                       Emily H.
ROEDER                                 Fred
ROEDER                                 Minnie
ROGERS                                 Abigail
ROGERS                                 Alva
ROGERS                                 Henry
ROGERS                                 Lester R.
ROGERS                                 Lorenda
ROGERS                                 Mary I.
ROGERS                                 William
ROGERS                                 William H.
ROGERS HOUGH                           Abigail
ROHR                                   Minnie M.
ROHR HERZIG                            Minnie M.
ROOK                                   Eddie
ROOK                                   Leon W.
ROOT                                   Aaron
ROOT                                   Aaron
ROOT                                   Belle
ROOT                                   C. Amanda
ROOT                                   Charles J.
ROOT                                   Egbert
ROOT                                   Elvira
ROOT                                   Gerald C.
ROOT                                   Hannah M.
ROOT                                   Howard T.
ROOT                                   James
ROOT                                   Leona
ROOT                                   Luthera
ROOT                                   Lydia
ROOT                                   Marcellus
ROOT                                   Mary A.
ROOT                                   Mary A.
ROOT                                   Paulena
ROOT                                   Truman
ROOT                                   Willard
ROOT DEWEY                             Hannah M.
ROSE                                   Charlie L.
ROSE                                   Charlie L.
ROSE                                   Dalista
ROSE                                   George A.
ROSE                                   George A.
ROSE                                   Lorinda
ROSE                                   M. Julia
ROSE                                   Mary L.
ROSE                                   Sadie
ROSE                                   Sarah M.
ROSE                                   Silva
ROSE                                   Stephen
ROSE                                   Theresa Cecilia
ROSE (CW)                              George A.
ROSE CRONK                             Lorinda
ROSS                                   Alred J.
ROSS                                   Dorothy
ROSS                                   Freda L.
ROSS                                   Hazel E.
ROSS                                   Mary Jane
ROSS                                   Minnie E.
ROSS                                   Peter
ROSS                                   Peter
ROSS (CW)                              Peter
ROSS BINTZ                             Freda L.
ROSS DUNBAR                            Dorothy
ROSSITER                               Helen
ROSSITER                               Kate Elizabeth
ROSSITER                               Maria
ROSSITER                               Patrick
ROWELL                                 Elwin H.
ROWELL                                 Elwin H.
ROWELL                                 Eunice A.
ROWELL                                 Florence J.
ROWELL                                 William
ROWELL (CW)                            William
ROWELL (WWII)                          Elwin H.
ROXBY                                  Minnie
ROZUMALSKI                             Peter R.
RUDD                                   Andrew J
RUDD                                   Clarissa M.
RUDD                                   Family Monument
RUDD                                   Floyd James
RUDD                                   Jeremy J.
RUDD                                   Joel
RUDD                                   Lester J., Jr
RUDD                                   Margaret
RUDD                                   Martha
RUDD                                   Martha E.
RUDD                                   Martha E.
RUDD                                   Mary
RUDD                                   Mary
RUDD                                   Reba L.
RUDD                                   Zylpha A.
RUDD (CW)                              Andrew J.
RUDD LIVIKER                           Mary
RUDNIK                                 John J., Jr.
RUDNIK                                 John J., Jr.
RUDNIK                                 Lucille
RUETZEL                                Margaret
RUETZEL URTZ                           Margaret
RUMBLE                                 Annabelle
RUMBLE                                 Augusta E.
RUMBLE                                 Benjamin
RUMBLE                                 Bernice M.
RUMBLE                                 Florence
RUMBLE                                 Franklin B.
RUMBLE                                 Franklin B.
RUMBLE                                 George A.
RUMBLE                                 LeRoy
RUMBLE                                 Mabel
RUMBLE                                 Mary L.
RUMBLE                                 Mayhala
RUMBLE                                 Maynard C.
RUMBLE (WWI)                           LeRoy
RUMBLE ALEXANDER                       Florence
RUMBLE KELLY                           Bernice M.
RUMBLE SNYDER                          Mabel
RUNGE                                  Anna A.
RUNGE                                  Anna M.
RUNGE                                  John C.
RUNGE COLLINS                          Anna M.
RUSQUE                                 Gertrude
RUSQUE                                 Gervas
SABINE                                 Agnes L
SABINE                                 Earl B.
SABINE                                 Nina L
SABINE LAGO                            Agnes L
SABO                                   Eunice
SABO                                   Geno
SABO                                   Jeno
SABO (WWII)                            Jeno
SACKETT                                Justice
SAHR                                   Edward J.
SAHR                                   Julia
SAHR                                   William
SALMON                                 Alice Maybelle
SALMON                                 Alice P.
SALMON                                 Amanda
SALMON                                 Baby
SALMON                                 C. Amanda
SALMON                                 Clara F.
SALMON                                 Clark Melville
SALMON                                 David Benedict
SALMON                                 Diane
SALMON                                 Doig L.
SALMON                                 Doig Lee
SALMON                                 Donald W.
SALMON                                 E. Morell
SALMON                                 Edrie
SALMON                                 Erdine
SALMON                                 Ernest J.
SALMON                                 Estella
SALMON                                 Family Monument
SALMON                                 Family Monument
SALMON                                 Gertrude Mae
SALMON                                 Gertrude S.
SALMON                                 Grover C.
SALMON                                 Hanford A
SALMON                                 Harold
SALMON                                 Harold L.
SALMON                                 Hazel
SALMON                                 J. Henry
SALMON                                 Jane
SALMON                                 John
SALMON                                 Johnnie
SALMON                                 Julia
SALMON                                 Lavinia
SALMON                                 Lee H.
SALMON                                 Lee H. Family Monument
SALMON                                 Leo M.
SALMON                                 Leo M.
SALMON                                 May
SALMON                                 Melville A
SALMON                                 Melville A.
SALMON                                 Melville J.
SALMON                                 Mildred
SALMON                                 Muriel
SALMON                                 N. Wells
SALMON                                 Nancy Lou
SALMON                                 Nellie
SALMON                                 Oliver Jerome
SALMON                                 Pauline
SALMON                                 Rosie
SALMON                                 Ruth
SALMON                                 Ruth
SALMON                                 Ruth
SALMON                                 Sarepta
SALMON                                 Susie
SALMON                                 Veronica M.
SALMON                                 ann
SALMON (KOR)                           Doig L.
SALMON (KOR)                           Hanford A.
SALMON (WWII)                          Melville A.
SALMON CORBIN                          Nellie
SALMON DORR                            Estella
SALMON GREENFIELD                      Ann
SALMON HUNT                            Diane
SALMON MOFFATT                         Erdine
SALMON RIFFANACHT                      Mildred
SALMON ROOT                            C. Amanda
SALMON SLATER                          Susie
SALMON WIDMEYER                        Muriel
SALMONS                                Chauncy
SALMONS                                Ella M.
SALMONS                                Flossie A.
SALMONS                                Julia
SALMONS                                Melville J.
SALMONS                                Mila J.
SALMONS                                Oliver
SALMONS                                Oliver
SALMONS (1812)                         Chauncy
SALMONS (CW)                           Oliver
SALMONS HARDING                        Ella M.
SALSBURG                               Argilla S.
SALSBURG                               Cassie
SALSBURG                               Harry S
SALSBURG                               Jennie E.
SALSBURG                               John M.
SALSBURG                               LeRoy
SALSBURG                               Lena B.
SALSBURG                               Pearl E.
SALSBURG                               Rhoda E.
SALSBURG                               Ruth
SALSBURG                               Seward H.
SALSBURG                               Willie A.
SALSBURG (CW)                          John M.
SALSBURG HOMAN                         Ruth
SAMMON                                 Teressa A.
SAMMON LINDSAY                         Teressa A.
SAMSON                                 Robert L.
SAMSON                                 Rosa
SAMSON                                 mattie V.
SAMSON (WWII)                          Robert L
SAMSON MCCRAITH                        Mattie V.
SANDERS                                Walter P.
SATTERLY                               Carrie
SATUSKY                                Henrietta F.
SATUSKY PHILLIPS                       Henrietta F.
SAUNDERS                               Bernard F.
SAUNDERS                               Bernard F.
SAUNDERS                               Charles I.
SAUNDERS                               Charles and Lois Family Monument
SAUNDERS                               Ellen
SAUNDERS                               Fay L.
SAUNDERS                               Freelove
SAUNDERS                               Freelove
SAUNDERS                               Julia
SAUNDERS                               Lois
SAUNDERS                               Margaret
SAUNDERS (WWII)                        Bernard F.
SAUNDERS BUSH                          Ellen
SAUNDERS WILLIAMS                      Freelove
SAUNDERS WILLIAMS                      Freelove
SAUNDERS WILLIAMS                      Margaret
SAYLES                                 Thomas
SCATES                                 E. Richard
SCATES                                 Mabel
SCATES                                 Rosemary
SCHANTZ                                Andrew R.
SCHANTZ                                Benjamin H.
SCHANTZ                                Christopher R.
SCHANTZ                                Joseph P.
SCHANTZ                                Margarehta
SCHANTZ                                Mary A.
SCHANZ                                 Pauline
SCHANZ REINHARD                        Pauline
SCHLEIDER                              Charles F.
SCHLEIDER                              Fredericka
SCHLEIDER                              John J.
SCHLIEDER                              Augustus F.
SCHLIEDER                              Barbara R.
SCHLIEDER                              Caroline
SCHLOOP                                Rebecca
SCHNAGKY                               Barbara
SCHNEIDER                              Henry B.
SCHNEIDER                              Henry F.
SCHNEIDER                              J. Mary
SCHOPFER                               Clarence L.
SCHOPFER                               Frederic
SCHOPFER                               Frederick
SCHOPFER                               Margaret
SCHOPFER                               Margaret
SCHRAFT                                Clarence A.
SCHRAFT                                Mary
SCHROEDER                              Nicholas
SCHUYLER                               Gertrude M.
SCHVENDY                               Catharine
SCHVENDY                               Christian
SCHVENDY                               Christian E.
SCHVENDY                               Rose
SCHWENDY                               Benjamin
SCOFFIELD DEKIN                        Jennie E.
SCOFIELD                               Jennie E
SCONTEN                                Nancy
SCONTEN O'BRIEN                        Nancy
SCOTT                                  Bernard J.
SCOTT                                  F. Grace
SCOTT                                  Frances
SCOTT                                  Gowan J.
SCOTT                                  Percy H.
SCRIVEN                                Albin
SCRIVEN                                Alice
SCRIVEN                                Family Monument
SCRIVEN                                Ruth
SCRIVEN                                Susie
SCRIVEN TIFFANY                        Ruth
SEARL                                  Esther
SEARL                                  Ida M.
SEARL                                  Jason M.
SEARL                                  William
SEARL WATERS                           Ina B.
SEARLE                                 Barbara M.
SEARLE                                 Homer O.
SEARLES                                Lyman
SEARS                                  Mary L.
SEARS GAYLORD                          Mary L.
SEAVER                                 Shirley M.
SECKNER                                Jefferson
SECKNER                                Mary H.
SECKNER                                Nelson
SECKNER (CW)                           Jefferson
SECKNER (CW)                           Nelson
SECOR                                  Minnie
SECOR ROEDER                           Minnie
SEELMAN                                Robert E.
SENS                                   Barbara
SENS SCHNAGKY                          Barbara
SEYMOUR                                Cora A
SEYMOUR                                Harold E.
SEYMOUR                                Izora
SEYMOUR                                Lois
SEYMOUR                                Margueritte A.
SEYMOUR INGERSOLL                      Cora A.
SEYMOUR MOFFATT                        Izora
SHARE                                  Eszter
SHARE GYURKO                           Eszter
SHARPSTENE                             Edith
SHARPSTENE COLTON                      Edith
SHARY                                  Antal
SHAVER                                 Gladys Marion
SHAVER                                 Isabel
SHAVER                                 John C.
SHAVER                                 Roy William
SHAW                                   Ella J.
SHAW                                   Florence I
SHAW                                   Henry
SHAW                                   Jane
SHAW                                   Mattie
SHAW                                   Polly
SHAW                                   Robert
SHAW                                   William
SHAW (CW)                              William
SHAW COMPO                             Florence I
SHAW CRUSEN                            Ella J.
SHAW WETMORE                           Ella J.
SHELDON                                Ida M.
SHERMAN                                Ida E.
SHERWOOD                               Jonathan
SHERWOOD                               Mahetable
SHETTLETON                             Zelda R
SHETTLETON EMERSON                     Zelda R.
SHIBLEY                                Joe
SHIBLEY                                Kate
SHOREY                                 Claude J.
SHOREY                                 Harrison A.
SHUE                                   Catherine
SHUE                                   Ronald A.
SHUE                                   Ronald A.
SHUE                                   Ronald A., Jr.
SHUE                                   Stanley C.
SHUE                                   Vivian E.
SHUE (WWII)                            Ronald A., Jr.
SHULTS                                 Sylva
SHUMWAY                                Charles P.
SHUMWAY                                Minnie M.
SICHTERMAN                             Lorraine M.
SILVES                                 Elsie
SILVES                                 George
SIMMONS                                Bertie
SIMMONS                                Clarence
SIMMONS                                Mary
SIMMONS                                Timothy
SIR                                    Doris
SIR                                    Sarah
SIR                                    Stephen
SIR                                    Steve
SKIFF                                  Anna Catherine
SKIFF                                  Charles L.
SKIFF                                  Charles L.
SKIFF                                  Charles L. Family Monument
SKIFF (KOR)                            Charles L.
SKINNER                                Decker
SKINNER                                Leroy A.
SKINNER                                Mary A.
SKINNER                                Richard L.
SKINNER                                Yale F
SKINNER (WWII)                         Decker
SKINNER (WWII)                         Yale F.
SKORUPA                                Paul M.
SKORUPA (WWII)                         Paul M
SLACK                                  Ethelda M.
SLATER                                 Charles G.
SLATER                                 Susie
SLITER                                 Anna E.
SLITER                                 Eleanor
SLITER                                 Emily L
SLITER                                 Maryetta
SLITER                                 Vivian L.
SLITER COOK                            Emily L.
SLITER CROUSE                          Vivian L.
SLITER JONES                           Maryetta
SLOCUM                                 Alvin
SLOCUM                                 Bessie L.
SLOCUM                                 Betsey
SLOCUM                                 Clarence E.
SLOCUM                                 Clarence E.
SLOCUM                                 Delight
SLOCUM                                 Florence A.
SLOCUM                                 Gertrude L.
SLOCUM                                 Helen
SLOCUM                                 Martha A.
SLOCUM                                 Myron M.
SLOCUM                                 Samuel
SLOCUM                                 Susan
SLOCUM                                 Wealthy L
SLOCUM HIGBY                           Delight
SLOCUM NOBLE                           Wealthy L.
SLOCUM PLATO                           Helen
SMITH                                  Albert B.
SMITH                                  Biela Martin
SMITH                                  Caroline
SMITH                                  Catharine
SMITH                                  Celestia
SMITH                                  Celia
SMITH                                  Ed M. B.
SMITH                                  Edson
SMITH                                  Edward
SMITH                                  Edward & Roderick Family Monument
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Ethel
SMITH                                  Fanny Fern
SMITH                                  Francis J.
SMITH                                  Freda
SMITH                                  George
SMITH                                  George
SMITH                                  George R.
SMITH                                  George W.
SMITH                                  Harry
SMITH                                  James
SMITH                                  James C.
SMITH                                  James E., Jr.
SMITH                                  Jessie
SMITH                                  John E.
SMITH                                  Lena J.
SMITH                                  Louis M.
SMITH                                  Louis W.
SMITH                                  Louise
SMITH                                  Lovisa
SMITH                                  Lucy C.
SMITH                                  Luella E.
SMITH                                  Mabel
SMITH                                  Margaret
SMITH                                  Margaret
SMITH                                  Maria
SMITH                                  Marion Margaret
SMITH                                  Martha
SMITH                                  Martha
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary A.
SMITH                                  Mary S.
SMITH                                  Phebie
SMITH                                  Ray P.
SMITH                                  Roderick
SMITH                                  Seymour
SMITH                                  Zada A.
SMITH (WWI)                            Louis W.
SMITH (WWI)                            Ray P.
SMITH (WWII)                           Francis J
SMITH HARRIG                           Freda
SMITH LEWIS                            Celia
SMITH LIMEBECK                         Elizabeth
SMITH MEEKS                            Ethel
SMITH MILLER                           Maria
SMITH MUMFORD                          Mabel
SMITH MURPHY                           Jessie
SMITH VANAERNAM                        Zada A.
SNAVE                                  Baby Daughter
SNYDER                                 Adrian
SNYDER                                 Agnes
SNYDER                                 Benjamin
SNYDER                                 Clarence
SNYDER                                 Clarence E.
SNYDER                                 Dottie V.
SNYDER                                 Effie Mae
SNYDER                                 Elizabeth
SNYDER                                 Leonard J.
SNYDER                                 Leroy
SNYDER                                 Mabel
SNYDER                                 Mary M.
SNYDER                                 Nancy C.
SNYDER (WWI)                           Clarence E.
SNYDER BUSH                            Elizabeth
SNYDER HILL                            Dottie V.
SNYDER KAMPNEY                         Agnes
SOHOVIC                                Paul P.
SOHOVIC (WWII)                         Paul P
SOKOLOSKI                              Pauline
SOMMER                                 Mary
SOMMER VIRKLER                         Mary
SOVIA                                  Odile
SOVIA CAMPEAU                          Odile
SPAFFORD                               John
SPAFFORD                               John
SPAFFORD (RW)                          John
SPAFFORD (RW)                          John
SPANN                                  Anna E.
SPANN                                  Burg C.
SPANN                                  Gladys
SPANN                                  Joyce
SPANN                                  Kenneth C.
SPANN                                  Kenneth C. Family Monument
SPANN                                  Leslie E.
SPANN                                  Nicholas A.
SPANN                                  Nicholas, Jr.
SPANN                                  Pearl W.
SPANN                                  Tressia
SPANN (SA)                             Nicholas
SPANN (WWII)                           Nicholas, Jr.
SPANN BELL                             Tressia
SPEAR                                  Douglas Kirk
SPEAR                                  Douglas Kirk
SPEAR (VN)                             Douglas Kirk
SPECK                                  Clarence C.
SPECK                                  Fannie M.
SPECK                                  Homer
SPERRY                                 Elizabeth M.
SPERRY                                 Elizabeth M.
SPERRY                                 Ettie E.
SPERRY                                 Ettie E.
SPERRY                                 Franklin
SPERRY                                 Franklin
SPRINGSTEEN                            Catharine
SPRINGSTEEN                            Garrit
SPRINGSTEEN                            James
SPRINGSTEEN                            John William
SPRINGSTEEN                            Julia A.
SPRINGSTEEN                            Mayo
SPRINGSTEEN                            Rose A.
SPRINGSTEEN                            Simon P.
SPRUILL                                Orium
ST. JOHN                               Martha
ST. JOHN SMITH                         Martha
STAFFORD                               Arvilla
STAFFORD                               Hiram
STALKER                                Arta Missy
STALKER                                Joseph H.
STANCLIFF                              Olive
STANCLIFF DEVOE                        Olive
STANCLIFF HIGBY                        Olive
STANFORD                               James H.
STANFORD                               Lilian
STANFORD                               Syndonia
STANTON                                William E.
STARING                                Catherine
STARING                                Chauncey
STARING                                Matilda
STARING                                Nancy
STARING                                William, Jr.
STARING SWACKHAMER                     Matilda
STARRING                               Charlotte
STARRING                               Edward J.
STEARNS                                Harriet E.
STEARNS WILCOX                         Harriet E.
STEDMAN                                William P.
STEDMAN (VN)                           William P
STEPHENS                               Adaline L.
STEPHENS                               Adaline L.
STEPHENS                               Catharine
STEPHENS                               Charles
STEPHENS                               Charles H.
STEPHENS                               Elestine
STEPHENS                               Frankie Grant
STEPHENS                               Frankie Grant
STEPHENS                               George J.
STEPHENS                               Harvey L.
STEPHENS                               Harvey L.
STEPHENS                               Infant
STEPHENS                               Infant Son
STEPHENS                               Margery L.
STEPHENS                               Milton R.
STETSON                                Lillian W.
STETSON                                Oscar Frank
STEVENS                                Eliza M
STEVENS                                Sarah A.
STEVENS DOUGLAS                        Eliza M.
STILES                                 Ida Mary
STILES DENING                          Ida Mary
STILLMAN                               B. F.
STILLMAN                               Betsey
STILLMAN                               Elizabeth
STILLMAN                               Elva Viroqua
STILLMAN                               Esther
STILLMAN                               Harriet F.
STILLMAN                               Henry W.
STILLMAN                               Joseph
STILLMAN                               Lucy
STILLMAN (CW)                          Henry W.
STILLMAN CRANDALL                      Elizabeth
STILLMAN CRANDALL                      Esther
STILLMAN HALL                          Betsey
STODDARD                               Rosetta M.
STODDARD HOLMES                        Rosetta M.
STOFFLE                                Amelia
STOFFLE                                George P.
STOFFLE                                George P. Family Monument
STOFFLE                                Victor W.
STOLIKER                               Harriet
STOLIKER                               Japeth
STOLIKER                               Silas H.
STONE                                  Curtis
STONE                                  Curtis
STONE                                  Frances M.
STONE                                  James W
STONE                                  Lydia
STONE                                  Nelson
STONE                                  Olive M.
STONE                                  Phebe
STONE (CW)                             James W.
STONE BURR                             Frances M.
STONE PHILLIPS                         Olive M.
STOWELL                                Daisey
STOWELL                                Lena
STOWELL                                Louella
STOWELL                                Sydney S.
STOWELL DEKIN                          Louella
STRIFE                                 Family Monument
STRIFE                                 Mary
STRIFE                                 Nicholas N.
STUDER                                 Hazel
STUDER BUSH                            Hazel
STUKEY                                 Christopher
STUKEY                                 Halsey
STUKEY                                 Mary A
STUKEY (CW)                            Christopher
STUKEY DAVIS                           Mary A.
STURTZ                                 Jane
SULICH                                 Frances
SULICH KONKOL                          Frances
SULLIVAN                               Anna M.
SULLIVAN                               Charles
SULLIVAN                               Eleanor
SULLIVAN                               Elizabeth M.
SULLIVAN                               Ellen S.
SULLIVAN                               Florence
SULLIVAN                               Florence T.
SULLIVAN                               Frank S.
SULLIVAN                               Johannah
SULLIVAN                               John L.
SULLIVAN                               John M.
SULLIVAN                               Katherine
SULLIVAN                               Lucy
SULLIVAN                               Madeline
SULLIVAN                               Timothy
SULLIVAN                               Timothy E.
SULLIVAN                               William H.
SULLIVAN                               William J.
SULLIVAN (WWI)                         Charles
SULLIVAN HILTS                         Madeline
SULLIVAN JONES                         Eleanor
SULLIVAN JONES                         Lucy
SULLIVAN KEECH                         Florence
SULLIVAN KEECH                         Florence T.
SWACKHAMER                             Abagail
SWACKHAMER                             Clarrissa
SWACKHAMER                             Mary
SWACKHAMER                             Matilda
SWACKHAMER CLAUS                       Abagail
SWACKHAMER JOHNSON                     Mary
SWAN                                   Amanda M.
SWAN                                   Bertha
SWAN                                   Bertha
SWAN                                   Charles
SWAN                                   Patricia J.
SWAN CLOSS                             Bertha
SWAN CLOSS                             Bertha
SWAN REAPE                             Patricia J.
SWANSON                                Neil Lysle
SWANSON (VN)                           Neil Lysle
SWEENEY                                Carl M.
SWEENEY                                Carl M., Sr
SWEENEY                                Cora
SWEENEY                                Earl G.
SWEENEY                                Edward
SWEENEY                                Eleanor A.
SWEENEY                                Elizabeth
SWEENEY                                Florence B.
SWEENEY                                Fred A.
SWEENEY                                Harriet
SWEENEY                                Harry M.
SWEENEY                                Joseph
SWEENEY                                Mary E.
SWEENEY                                Ruth
SWEENEY                                William H.
SWEENEY                                William H., Jr.
SWEENEY (WWII)                         Carl M., Sr.
SWEENOR                                Margaret
SYKES                                  Charles H.
SZANYI                                 John
SZANYI                                 Kathryn
SZEWCZYK                               Michael A.
SZEWCZYK (WWII)                        Michael A
SZOLLOSI                               Stanly
TALCOTT                                Jesse
TANNEY                                 Florence
TANNEY KOSTER                          Florence
TANZER                                 Caroline
TANZER                                 Freda
TANZER                                 Frederick
TARASEK                                Charlotte
TARASEK                                Ramon A. (Fritz)
TAYLOR                                 Marion
TAYLOR                                 Melba V.
TAYLOR                                 Rosa
TAYLOR ADAMS                           Marion
TAYLOR BLISS                           Melba V.
TAYLOR FEENEY                          Rosa
TEAL                                   Margaret
TEAL GORCZYCA                          Margaret
TELLER                                 Maude L.
TEMPELTON                              Charles
TEMPELTON (CW)                         Charles
TEMPLETON                              Martha Ellen
TERRILLION                             Mary
TERRILLION STRIFE                      Mary
TERRY                                  Peter
TERRY                                  Theresia
THAYER                                 Anne
THAYER                                 Lydia
THOMAS                                 Annabelle
THOMAS                                 Edwin (Ned)
THOMAS                                 Eunice M.
THOMAS DEKIN                           Edith
THOMAS RUMBLE                          Annabelle
THOMPSON                               Comfort
THOMPSON                               Ebenezer
THOMPSON                               Harriet L.
THOMPSON                               Harvey E.
THOMPSON                               Roza
THOMPSON                               Sarah E.
THOMPSON                               William R.
THURSTON                               Alice
THURSTON                               Alma
THURSTON ALOAN                         Alma
THURSTON HALL                          Alice
TIFFANY                                Angeline
TIFFANY                                Angy
TIFFANY                                Clarence H.
TIFFANY                                Cora B.
TIFFANY                                Cynthia S.
TIFFANY                                Dennison L.
TIFFANY                                Donald E.
TIFFANY                                Donald E.
TIFFANY                                Donald E. Family Monument
TIFFANY                                Edith
TIFFANY                                Elisha
TIFFANY                                Ella
TIFFANY                                Ellen R.
TIFFANY                                Elmer A.
TIFFANY                                Emma S.
TIFFANY                                Eugene H.
TIFFANY                                Evelyn C.
TIFFANY                                Family Monument
TIFFANY                                Harriet C.
TIFFANY                                Homer
TIFFANY                                Homer Family Monument
TIFFANY                                Ida A.
TIFFANY                                Ida L.
TIFFANY                                Inez M.
TIFFANY                                James L.
TIFFANY                                Levi K.
TIFFANY                                Lloyd Eugene
TIFFANY                                Lori J.
TIFFANY                                Lucy
TIFFANY                                Mabel
TIFFANY                                Maude C
TIFFANY                                Minnie Jones
TIFFANY                                R. Warren
TIFFANY                                Richard
TIFFANY                                Richard
TIFFANY                                Roscoe C.
TIFFANY                                Roy L.
TIFFANY                                Russel
TIFFANY                                Ruth
TIFFANY                                Warren A.
TIFFANY                                William E.
TIFFANY                                Winifred
TIFFANY (CW)                           Warren A.
TIFFANY (WWII)                         Donald E.
TIFFANY ANDREWS                        Dorothy
TIFFANY JOHNSON                        Cora B.
TIFFANY JOHNSON                        Gladys M.
TIFFANY LAFAVE                         Lori J.
TIFFANY LING                           Maude C.
TISS                                   Catharine
TISS                                   Mary J.
TISS                                   Nicholas
TODD                                   Joseph Edward
TODD                                   Marian
TOLOPKA                                Helen
TOLOPKA                                Joseph C.
TOPPING                                Hannah
TOPPING                                Rhoda A.
TOPPING                                William
TORRENS                                Genevieve R.
TORRENS                                Joseph M.
TOTH                                   Verna
TOTH FORNEY                            Verna
TOY                                    Emma R.
TOY                                    Ida N.
TRAMBOW                                Max M.
TRIESS                                 Michael
TRUDE                                  Alvah A.
TRUDE                                  Family Monument
TRUDE                                  Ivan G.
TRUDE                                  Lena M.
TRUDE                                  Mary Jane
TRUDE                                  Virginia
TRUDE                                  William G.
TUCKER                                 Bernette
TUCKER                                 Charlotte
TUCKER                                 Florence
TUCKER                                 Frank N.
TUCKER                                 Frank and Bernette Family Monument
TUCKER                                 Leo M.
TUCKER                                 Mildred M.
TUCKER                                 Nelson
TUCKER (CW)                            Nelson
TUCKER HOLLAND                         Florence
TULEJA                                 Madeline M.
TULEJA (WWII)                          Madeline M
TURCK                                  Christine M.
TURCK                                  John N.
TUTTLE                                 Addline
TUTTLE                                 Charles E.
TUTTLE                                 Cyntha E.
TUTTLE                                 George H.
TUTTLE                                 James F
TUTTLE                                 Keitha K.
TUTTLE                                 Norris B.
TUTTLE (WWII)                          Norris B
ULRICH                                 Anna H
ULRICH                                 Peter J.
UNKNOWN                                ----
UNKNOWN                                L
UNMARKED GRAVE                         ----
URBANCIC                               Marguerite
URBANCIC                               William John
URTZ                                   Anna
URTZ                                   Anna M.
URTZ                                   Jacob
URTZ                                   James Adolph
URTZ                                   John
URTZ                                   John
URTZ                                   Joseph Simon
URTZ                                   Margaret
URTZ                                   Marion Margaret
URTZ                                   Mary
URTZ                                   Paul Louis
URTZ                                   Peter
URTZ                                   Peter Jr.
URTZ                                   Sophie
URTZ                                   Stanley P
URTZ                                   Violet Mary
URTZ SMITH                             Marion Margaret
URTZ SMITH                             Mary
URZ MILLER                             Christina
UTLEY                                  Calista D.
UTLEY                                  Howard J.
UTLEY                                  Ida
UTLEY                                  Jane
UTLEY                                  John
UTLEY                                  John W
UTLEY                                  Joseph
UTLEY                                  Nancy
UTLEY                                  Walter
UTLEY (CW)                             John W.
UTLEY (CW)                             Walter
UTLEY COLE                             Jane
VALENTINE                              Minnie J.
VALENTINE NORTH                        Minnie J.
VALLER                                 Carmen
VALLER                                 John M.
VALLER                                 John M.
VALLER                                 Joseph, Jr.
VALLER                                 Joseph, Sr.
VALLER                                 Leona E.
VALLER                                 Mary K.
VALLER (WWII)                          John M.
VAN AERNAM                             Eva
VAN AERNAM                             Family Monument
VAN AERNAM                             Fred E.
VAN AERNAM                             George
VAN AERNAM                             Jennie M.
VAN AERNAM                             John H.
VAN AERNAM                             Mary C.
VAN AERNAM                             Wallace
VAN AERNAM                             Zada A.
VAN AERNAM CASLER                      Jennie M.
VAN AERNAM CASLER                      Jennie M.
VAN AERNAN                             Edgar C.
VAN AERNAN                             Edward L.
VAN ALLEN                              Family Monument
VAN ALLEN                              Harry John
VAN ALLEN                              Jessie A.
VAN ALLEN                              Mary
VAN ALLEN NOBLE                        Mary
VAN ARNAM                              Hannah
VAN ATTA                               Ethel
VAN ATTA                               Leo O.
VAN BROCKLIN                           Nancy C.
VAN BROCKLIN SNYDER                    Nancy C.
VANARNAM                               Fayette
VANARNAM                               Marcia
VANDAWALKER                            Erwin H.
VANDAWALKER                            Eunice
VANDAWALKER                            Jacob
VANDAWALKER                            Louise
VANDUYN                                Florence Elizabeth
VANDUYN                                Robert Gerald
VARGA                                  Mary K.
VARGA VALLER                           Mary K.
VERIGA                                 Susie
VERIGA MCINTYRE                        Susie
VICTIMS                                Families of Unknown
VIENNEAU                               John L., Jr.
VIENNEAU (KOR)                         John L, Jr
VIEW                                   Apostolic Christian Church/Evangelical Baptist Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery Flag Pole
VIEW                                   Cemetery Marker
VIEW                                   Mary Lyon Fisher MEMORIAL CHAPEL (1921)
VIEW                                   St. Patrick's Cemetery
VIEW                                   St. Paul's Cemetery Lychgate
VILAGI                                 Gizella
VILAGI FELBER                          Gizella
VINNIS                                 Catherine
VINNIS CSIZSMAR                        Catherine
VIRKLER                                Andrew E.
VIRKLER                                Harvey E.
VIRKLER                                Isabel A.
VIRKLER                                Mary
VIRKLER                                Mary
VIRKLER                                Michael
VISSER                                 Winifred
VISSER TIFFANY                         Winifred
VOIGHT                                 F. C.
VOIGHT (CW)                            F C
WAGNER                                 Sopa
WAHL                                   Elizabeth M.
WAHLEN                                 Dominic J. Jr.
WAHLEN                                 Dominic J., Jr.  (Bud)
WAHLEN (SERV)                          Dominic J. Jr.
WAITE                                  H. Grant
WAITE                                  Marguerite L.
WAKEFIELD                              Ernest H.
WAKEFIELD                              Laura
WALDRON                                Edward F., Sr.
WALDRON                                Perry
WALDRON                                William A
WALDRON (CW)                           William A.
WALDRON (WWII)                         Edward F, Sr
WALKER                                 Charles E.
WALKER                                 Ethel G.
WALKER                                 Ira E.
WALKER                                 John W.
WALKER                                 Patricia M.
WALRATH                                Nancy
WALSH                                  Esther E.
WALSH                                  Maurice F.
WALTER                                 Augusta E
WALTER RUMBLE                          Augusta E.
WALTERS                                Mary Jane
WANDSCHEER                             Eliza F.
WANDSCHEER                             Eunice D.
WANDSCHEER                             Henry D.
WANDSCHEER                             Lawrence D.
WANTZ                                  Fred E.
WANTZ                                  Fred E.
WANTZ                                  Marjorie
WANTZ                                  Nancy Anne
WANTZ (WWI)                            Fred E.
WANTZ GAYLORD                          Nancy Anne
WARD                                   Berton M.
WARD                                   Dorothea
WARD                                   Emma
WARD                                   Emma J.
WARD                                   James H.
WARD (WWII)                            Berton M
WARD MOWERS                            Dorothea
WARD POMERVILLE                        Emma
WARDWELL                               Charles
WARDWELL                               Dennis
WARDWELL                               Irena M.
WARDWELL                               Rosa E.
WARNER                                 Chloe
WARNER                                 Harriet A
WARNER                                 Mary
WARNER BURDICK                         Harriet A.
WARNER COLLINS                         Mary
WARNER HOUGH                           Chloe
WARREN                                 Ida M
WARREN SEARL                           Ida M.
WASON                                  Mary Alice
WATERS                                 Amelia E.
WATERS                                 Cora E.
WATERS                                 George H.
WATERS                                 Gertrude L.
WATERS                                 Glynden E.
WATERS                                 Ina B.
WATERS                                 Laura E.
WATERS                                 Marjorie C.
WATERS                                 Sandra E.
WATERS EVANS                           Sandra E.
WATSON                                 Earl J.
WATSON                                 Earl M.
WATSON                                 Nellie
WATSON (WWI)                           Earl M.
WATSON (WWII)                          Earl J
WATSON MOWERS                          Nellie
WATTERS                                Dorinda
WATTERS                                Eliza J.
WATTERS                                Eunice E.
WATTERS                                Francis A.
WATTERS                                Mary Ann
WATTERS                                Sarah A.
WATTERS                                Thomas
WATTERS                                William H.
WATTERS (CW)                           Thomas
WATTERS (IW)                           Thomas
WATTERS (MEX)                          Thomas
WAY                                    Abigail
WAY                                    Abigail
WAY                                    Antoinette
WAY                                    Belinda
WAY                                    Christopher
WAY                                    Clark B.
WAY                                    Cynthia S.
WAY                                    Jonathan
WAY                                    Jonathan
WAY                                    Lovisa
WAY                                    Thankful C.
WAY                                    William D.
WAY RAGAN                              Lovisa
WAY TIFFANY                            Cynthia S.
WDOWIAK                                Adam
WDOWIAK                                Ferdinand J.
WDOWIAK                                Karolina
WDOWIAK (WWII)                         Ferdinand J.
WEAVER                                 George E.
WEBB                                   Eliza
WEBB                                   George
WEBB                                   Sabra
WEBB                                   Stephen
WEBSTER                                Cyrus
WEBSTER                                Ellen
WEBSTER                                James C.
WEBSTER                                Norah
WEBSTER (WWI)                          James C
WEIDMAN                                Simon
WEILER                                 Leon M.
WEILER                                 Thomas G.
WEILER (SERV)                          Leon M
WEILER (WWII)                          Thomas G
WEIST                                  Eva K.
WELLMAN                                Betsey
WELLMAN                                Lyman
WELLS                                  Edward D.
WERNER                                 Charles G.
WERNER                                 J Mary
WERNER SCHNEIDER                       J. Mary
WESNER                                 Mary
WESNER KIME                            Mary
WESTERN                                Baby Girl
WESTERN                                Lynn F.
WESTERN                                Nicholas B.
WESTERN                                Robert N.
WESTINE                                Felix W.
WESTINE                                Sarah
WETMORE                                Cyrus
WETMORE                                Eldon L.
WETMORE                                Ella
WETMORE                                Ella J.
WETMORE                                Emery
WETMORE                                Florence
WETMORE                                Francis E.
WETMORE                                Harriet
WETMORE                                Harry
WETMORE                                Joseph
WETMORE                                Mahitable
WETMORE                                Oren
WETMORE (WWII)                         Francis E
WHITE                                  Cornelia
WHITE                                  Hannah M.
WHITE                                  Jeffrey L.
WHITE                                  Julia
WHITE                                  Warren W.
WHITE MASON                            Hannah M.
WHITE SALMONS                          Julia
WHITEHEAD                              Hannah
WHITEHEAD                              John
WIDMEYER                               Charles E.
WIDMEYER                               Harold F.
WIDMEYER                               Muriel
WIDMEYER                               Olive
WIDMEYER                               Richard B.
WIDMEYER (WWII)                        Olive
WIEGARDT                               Beth
WIEGARDT GREGORY                       Beth
WILCOX                                 Elizabeth H.
WILCOX                                 Family Monument
WILCOX                                 Harriet E.
WILCOX                                 Jonas J.
WILCOX                                 May
WILCOX SALMON                          May
WILDER                                 Alice
WILDER                                 Carrie E
WILDER                                 Doarn
WILDER                                 Elsa
WILDER                                 Emma
WILDER                                 Hattie E.
WILDER                                 Marjorie
WILDER                                 Miranda A.
WILDER MCCORMICK                       Carrie E.
WILDER QUINN                           Alice
WILDER WANTZ                           Marjorie
WILISTE                                Thomas E.
WILLARD                                Jesse L.
WILLIAMS                               A. D.
WILLIAMS                               Abram S.
WILLIAMS                               Arinda
WILLIAMS                               Aurelia E.
WILLIAMS                               Bathsheba
WILLIAMS                               Catherine
WILLIAMS                               Daniel P.
WILLIAMS                               Dighton D.
WILLIAMS                               Edward D.
WILLIAMS                               Emma M.
WILLIAMS                               Frances M
WILLIAMS                               Freelove
WILLIAMS                               Freelove
WILLIAMS                               Hannah
WILLIAMS                               Helena M.
WILLIAMS                               Infant
WILLIAMS                               Infant Son
WILLIAMS                               Isaac N.
WILLIAMS                               Jacob A
WILLIAMS                               Joseph D.
WILLIAMS                               Margaret
WILLIAMS                               Mary A.
WILLIAMS                               Mary H.
WILLIAMS                               Polly
WILLIAMS                               Russell E.
WILLIAMS                               Wait
WILLIAMS                               Walter
WILLIAMS                               William D.
WILLIAMS                               William Wade
WILLIAMS (CW)                          A. D.
WILLIAMS (CW)                          Jacob A.
WILLIAMS (CW)                          William Wade
WILLIAMS (WWII)                        Russell E
WILLIAMS BROWN                         Frances M.
WILLIAMS CHAPMAN                       Helena M.
WILLIAMS DAVIS                         Bathsheba
WILLIAMS JONES                         Catherine
WILLIAMS LEWIS                         Arinda
WILLIS                                 Alfred F.
WILLIS                                 Elizabeth
WILLOUGHBY                             Angeline
WILLOUGHBY                             Clarence
WILLOUGHBY                             George
WILSON                                 Violet
WILSON LAQUAY                          Violet
WILTSE                                 Minerva
WINIARSKI                              Diane
WINIARSKI                              Stanley J
WINTER                                 Joseph
WINTER                                 Lea
WINTER                                 Rosie
WINTER SALMON                          Rosie
WISNER                                 Clara
WISNER                                 Frank
WISNER                                 Genevieve
WISNER (WWI)                           Frank
WISNER BINGLE                          Genevieve
WISNER GRAU                            Clara
WITTWER                                Beatrice G.
WITTWER                                Fred R.
WITTWER                                Lyle B.
WITTWER                                Robert J
WITTWER                                Royal Z.
WITTWER (WWII)                         Robert J.
WOELTJE                                G. Dewey
WOELTJE                                Ruby T.
WOLF                                   Elizabeth
WOLF LUKACS                            Elizabeth
WOOD                                   Alma S
WOOD                                   Edith
WOOD                                   Ethel G
WOOD                                   Ira D.
WOOD                                   Margueritte A.
WOOD                                   Matilda A.
WOOD HILL                              Alma S.
WOOD SEYMOUR                           Margueritte A.
WOOD WALKER                            Ethel G
WOODARD                                Lee
WOODCOCK                               Sarah E.
WOODEN CROSS                           ----
WOODS                                  Edelmira
WOODWARD                               Leonard D.
WOODWARD                               Vera Ruth
WORDEN                                 Aaron S.
WORDEN                                 Celestia D
WORDEN                                 Delphina C.
WORDEN CRANDALL                        Celestia D
WORMWOOD                               Cora B
WORMWOOD                               Florence J.
WORMWOOD                               Hiram
WORMWOOD                               Leona
WORMWOOD                               Mary A.
WORMWOOD                               Matthew
WORMWOOD (CW)                          Hiram
WORMWOOD BLADE                         Cora B.
WORMWOOD ROOT                          Leona
WORMWOOD ROWELL                        Florence J.
WRAPE                                  Bridget
WRAPE                                  John
WRIGHT                                 And E.
WRIGHT                                 Eliza F
WRIGHT                                 Eunice D
WRIGHT                                 Frances
WRIGHT                                 Malvina M.
WRIGHT                                 Mary
WRIGHT                                 Matilda
WRIGHT                                 Neil C.
WRIGHT                                 Neil C.
WRIGHT                                 Permilla
WRIGHT (WWII)                          Neil C
WRIGHT HOUGH                           Malvina M.
WRIGHT RUDD                            Mary
WRIGHT WANDSCHEER                      Eliza F.
WRIGHT WANDSCHEER                      Eunice D.
WYMAN                                  Harriet M
WYMAN BURR                             Harriet M.
YADDOW                                 Tina Marie
YALE                                   Sally
YALE                                   Walter D.
YEMO                                   Susan A.
YERDON                                 Family Monument
YERDON                                 Florence
YERDON                                 Margaret M.
YERDON                                 Mortimer A.
YERDON MCARDELL                        Florence
YOKEY                                  Henry
YOKEY                                  Saloma
YOST                                   Bertha
YOST                                   Earl James
YOST                                   Gertrude
YOST                                   Gladys
YOST                                   Grace
YOST                                   Henry
YOST                                   Mildred
YOST                                   Rudy
YOST (WWII)                            Earl James
YOST HERZIG                            Gertrude
YOST MOSHIER                           Mildred
YOUMANS                                David H.
YOUNG                                  Anita
YOUNG                                  Anna G.
YOUNG                                  Charles G., Sr.
YOUNG                                  Edith
YOUNG                                  Georgietta Sarah
YOUNG                                  Georgiette S.
YOUNG                                  Gilmore B.
YOUNG                                  Hannah M.
YOUNG                                  Helen
YOUNG                                  Ida E.
YOUNG                                  Lester Angelo
YOUNG                                  Louisa S.
YOUNG                                  Louise
YOUNG                                  Louise
YOUNG                                  Marion
YOUNG                                  Mary S.
YOUNG                                  Monroe W.
YOUNG                                  Raymond V.
YOUNG                                  Ruby
YOUNG (WWII)                           Carles G, Sr
YOUNG BURKE                            Marion
YOUNG PAGLIA                           Louise
YOUNG PAGLIA                           Louise
YOUNG TIFFANY                          Edith
YOUNGS                                 Sandy K.
YOUNGS DOLAN                           Sandy K.
YOUSEY                                 Mary
ZAFFINO                                Bruno
ZAHN                                   Augusta
ZAHN                                   Augustus
ZECHER                                 Lucy M.
ZEHR                                   Andrew
ZEHR                                   Doris M.
ZEHR                                   LeRoy W.
ZEHR                                   Mary
ZEHR HILL                              Doris M.
ZENIS                                  Julia
ZENIS SAHR                             Julia
ZIMMER                                 Constance Elaine
ZIMMER                                 Edward J.
ZIMMER                                 Joan
ZIMMER (WWII)                          Edward J
ZIMMER GALLUP                          Joan
ZIMMER GYDESEN                         Constance Elaine
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