Lewis County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Lewis County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

HALL                                   A. R.
HALL                                   Alice
HALL                                   Anna A.
HALL                                   Benjamin O.
HALL                                   Bessie
HALL                                   Bessie L.
HALL                                   Betsey
HALL                                   Blanche
HALL                                   Catherine
HALL                                   Catherine
HALL                                   Charles H.
HALL                                   Clark N.
HALL                                   Dorothy
HALL                                   Ebnie
HALL                                   Elfie E
HALL                                   Eliza
HALL                                   Elizabeth
HALL                                   Ella
HALL                                   Floyd J.
HALL                                   Geraldine
HALL                                   Gertrude
HALL                                   Gordon
HALL                                   Harlan Thurston
HALL                                   Ira
HALL                                   Irena
HALL                                   Jessie R.
HALL                                   Julia M.
HALL                                   Louisa S
HALL                                   Mary N.
HALL                                   Mayhala
HALL                                   Melinda
HALL                                   Porter
HALL                                   Porter D.
HALL                                   Reo N.
HALL                                   Rowland
HALL                                   Salmon W.
HALL                                   William
HALL (CW)                              Benjamin O
HALL (CW)                              Porter
HALL (CW)                              Porter D.
HALL BASSETT                           Eliza
HALL BRAINARD                          Elizabeth
HALL DAVIS                             Jessie R.
HALL HILLS                             Ella
HALL HULBERT                           Melinda
HALL KELLY                             Catherine
HALL KELLY                             Catherine
HALL LENAHAN                           Elfie E.
HALL RUMBLE                            Mayhala
HALL YOUNG                             Louisa S.
HAMMOND                                Fred B., Jr.
HAMMOND                                Fred B., Jr.
HAMMOND (WWII)                         Fred B., Jr.
HAMMOND (WWII)                         Fred B., Jr.
HANLEY                                 John J.
HANLEY                                 Lureen
HANLEY (WWI)                           John J.
HANLON                                 Esther C
HANLON DEKIN                           Esther C.
HANNO                                  Brian
HANNO                                  Helen
HANNO                                  Kathryn
HANNO                                  Kathryn L.
HANNO                                  Leo R.
HANNO                                  Leo R.
HANNO                                  Melissa J.
HANNO                                  Midland M.
HANNO                                  Paul F.
HANNO                                  Paul F.
HANNO                                  Peter M.
HANNO                                  Peter M.
HANNO                                  Sarah
HANNO                                  Waite C.
HANNO (VN)                             Peter M.
HANNO (WWII)                           Leo R.
HANNO (WWII)                           Paul F.
HANNO MELLNITZ                         Kathryn L.
HANY                                   John
HANY                                   Lucy
HARDING                                Edward
HARDING                                Ella M.
HARDING                                Emmett
HARRIG                                 Freda
HARRIG                                 George E.
HARRIG                                 Gerald L.
HARRINGTON                             Amelia J
HARRINGTON                             Nellie
HARRINGTON (CW)                        John
HARRINGTON COOK                        Amelia J.
HARRINGTON HARRISON                    Nellie
HARRIS                                 Eva L.
HARRIS                                 Frances
HARRIS                                 Guy F.
HARRIS                                 Guy K.
HARRIS                                 Ralph J.
HARRIS                                 Raymond W.
HARRIS AGENS                           Daisy B.
HARRIS NYE                             Frances
HARRISON                               Charles E.
HARRISON                               Ernest J.
HARRISON                               Grace A.
HARRISON                               Lillie
HARRISON                               Maude
HARRISON                               Nellie
HARRISON                               Richard
HARRISON MCDONELL                      Lillie
HART                                   Lee
HART                                   Lura
HART                                   Mary
HART                                   Medas J.
HARTLEY                                Doris
HARTLEY                                Edith M
HARTLEY                                Emma
HARTLEY                                Emma A.
HARTLEY                                Fred P.
HARTLEY                                Izelia
HARTLEY                                J. Edgar
HARTLEY                                Lawrence C.
HARTLEY                                Leon C.
HARTLEY                                Maude E.
HARTLEY                                Millie
HARTLEY                                Minnie A.
HARTLEY                                Roy A.
HARTLEY GRIFFITHS                      Edith M.
HARTLEY RAMSEY                         Minnie A.
HARTLEY SIR                            Doris
HARTSHORN                              Kimberly R.
HARVEY                                 Beatrice G
HARVEY                                 Violet Mary
HARVEY CARPENTER                       Beatrice G.
HARVEY URTZ                            Violet Mary
HARWOOD                                Edwin D.
HARWOOD                                Family Monument
HARWOOD                                Harry E.
HARWOOD                                J.  Everett
HARWOOD                                Minnie K.
HATHAWAY                               Olive
HATHAWAY BEALS                         Olive
HAWK                                   Ferne M.
HAWK                                   William E., Sr.
HAYNES                                 Arthur D., Jr.
HAYWARD                                Lena B.
HAYWARD SALSBURG                       Lena B.
HELLER                                 John M.
HELLERINGER                            Catherine
HELLERINGER                            Elizabeth
HELLERINGER                            John
HELLERINGER                            John G.
HELLERINGER                            Lena
HELLINGER                              Devon Leo
HELSBY                                 Robert Davis
HELSBY (KOR)                           Robert Davis
HEMWAY                                 Mary
HENC                                   Feliska
HENC KOZIOL                            Feliska
HENDERSON                              Ruth
HENDERSON KEENEY                       Ruth
HENNEBERGER                            Eva
HENNEBERGER                            Joseph V.
HENRY                                  Frances
HENRY                                  Jonas, Jr.
HENRY                                  Katherine
HENRY                                  Mary A.
HENRY CAVANAUGH                        Frences
HENRY SULLIVAN                         Katherine
HENTZ                                  Mary A.
HENTZ                                  Robert
HEPBURN                                Helen
HEPBURN                                Herbert W.
HEPBURN                                Mary
HEPBURN MCDONALD                       Helen
HERMANN                                Julia
HERRICK                                E. Beulah
HERRICK KELLY                          E. Beulah
HERRINGTON                             Nettie M.
HERRMANN                               Ernest J.
HERZIG                                 Arthur R.
HERZIG                                 Betty T.
HERZIG                                 Dorothy R.
HERZIG                                 Gertrude
HERZIG                                 Hazel
HERZIG                                 Isabel A
HERZIG                                 Joseph J.
HERZIG                                 Mary M.
HERZIG                                 Minnie M.
HERZIG                                 Peter
HERZIG                                 Theodore R.
HERZIG HANY                            Lucy
HERZIG VIRKLER                         Isabel A.
HESS                                   Carrie
HESS                                   Charlotte
HESS                                   Elmer E.
HESS                                   Gladys Marion
HESS                                   Marguerite
HESS                                   Mary C.
HESS                                   Vivian E
HESS PARRISH                           Marguerite
HESS SHAVER                            Gladys Marion
HESS SHUE                              Vivian E.
HESS STARRING                          Charlotte
HESS VANAERNAM                         Mary C.
HEVER                                  Nichols
HEWETT                                 William B.
HEWETT (KOR)                           William B
HICKS                                  Mary D.
HICKS JACKSON                          Hattie E.
HICKS PUFFER                           Mary D.
HIGBY                                  Abigail
HIGBY                                  Abigail
HIGBY                                  Burton Blade
HIGBY                                  Burton Family Monument
HIGBY                                  C. Alfred
HIGBY                                  Dayton E.
HIGBY                                  Dean A.
HIGBY                                  Dean A.
HIGBY                                  Dean A. Family Monument
HIGBY                                  Delight
HIGBY                                  Eunice M.
HIGBY                                  Francis E.
HIGBY                                  Harlow
HIGBY                                  Harris S.
HIGBY                                  Harry S.
HIGBY                                  Jennette
HIGBY                                  Louise
HIGBY                                  Lysander
HIGBY                                  Margaret
HIGBY                                  Olive
HIGBY                                  S. Louise
HIGBY                                  Sarah Ann
HIGBY                                  Wallace H.
HIGBY (WWII)                           Dean A
HIGBY REES                             Sarah Ann
HIGBY SMITH                            Louise
HIGBY WAY                              Abigail
HIGBY WAY                              Abigail
HILL                                   Alfred B.
HILL                                   Alma S.
HILL                                   Bernard Alton
HILL                                   Cora E.
HILL                                   Cornelia E.
HILL                                   David J.
HILL                                   David J.
HILL                                   Dewey H.
HILL                                   Doris M.
HILL                                   Dottie V.
HILL                                   Duane W.
HILL                                   Ebenezer
HILL                                   Ebenezer
HILL                                   Edith
HILL                                   Edson
HILL                                   Elizabeth
HILL                                   Elizabeth
HILL                                   Evelyn
HILL                                   F. Jason
HILL                                   Henry A.
HILL                                   Infant
HILL                                   James E.
HILL                                   Kenneth H.
HILL                                   Lester G.
HILL                                   Mary An
HILL                                   Mary Ann
HILL                                   Mary Ann
HILL                                   Miles
HILL                                   Robert
HILL                                   Robert L.
HILL                                   Sarah J.
HILL                                   Squire
HILL                                   William H.
HILL                                   William Walker
HILL (CW)                              James
HILL MORRIS                            Cornelia E.
HILLIGASS                               C.
HILLIGASS                              Charles J.
HILLIGASS                              Jane
HILLIGASS                              Jane A.
HILLIGASS                              William E.
HILLS                                  Alburn
HILLS                                  Cornelia J.
HILLS                                  Edwin
HILLS                                  Ella
HILLS                                  Luella May
HILLS                                  Mary
HILLS                                  Nelson J.
HILLS                                  Sidney
HILLS (CW)                             Alburn
HILTS                                  Albert W.
HILTS                                  Arthur C.
HILTS                                  Francis S.
HILTS                                  John A.
HILTS                                  Madeline
HILTS                                  Martha
HILTS                                  Wilburt
HIMES                                  Clara
HIRSCHEY                               Joshua M.
HIRSCHEY                               Melissa
HIRSCHEY                               Nathan W.
HIRSCHEY                               Nathan W.
HIRSCHEY                               Nathan W.
HIRSCHEY (WWII)                        Nathan W
HIRSCHY                                Mary A.
HIRSCHY SCHANTZ                        Mary A.
HISCOCK                                Allathear
HITCHCOCK                              Alice
HITCHCOCK                              Charles T.
HITCHCOCK                              Martha (Polly)
HITCHCOCK                              Mary
HITCHCOCK                              Simon
HITCHCOCK DEWEY                        Martha (Polly)
HITCHCOCK SCRIVEN                      Alice
HOCH                                   Barbara
HOCH                                   Mary
HOCH                                   Thresa
HOCH                                   William
HOCH INGERSOLL                         Barbara
HOCH INGERSOLL                         Thresa
HODGES                                 Clara
HODGES                                 Merritt
HODGES                                 William H.
HODGES (CW)                            William H
HOFFERT                                Elizabeth
HOFFERT                                Mattis
HOFFMAN                                Clara Louise
HOFFMAN                                Clarence
HOFFMAN                                Dora
HOFFMAN                                Elizabeth M
HOFFMAN                                Frank E.
HOFFMAN                                Joseph John
HOFFMAN                                Martin L.
HOFFMAN                                Ralph Ambrose
HOFFMAN                                Ruth Ann
HOFFMAN                                Winifred C.
HOFFMAN GERNSEY                        Dora
HOFFMAN SULLIVAN                       Elizabeth M.
HOLLAND                                 E.
HOLLAND                                Ada
HOLLAND                                Florence
HOLLAND                                Fred E.
HOLLAND                                Frederick A.
HOLLAND                                Frederick A.
HOLLAND                                Harriet
HOLLAND                                James
HOLLAND                                Lulu C.
HOLLAND (WWII)                         Frederick A.
HOLLAND SWEENEY                        Harriet
HOLMES                                 Ansel G.
HOLMES                                 Arlene M.
HOLMES                                 Charles
HOLMES                                 Gertrude G.
HOLMES                                 John
HOLMES                                 Margaret
HOLMES                                 Norris E.
HOLMES                                 Olive
HOLMES                                 Rosetta M.
HOLMES CHAPMAN                         Arlene M.
HOMAN                                  Matilda (Tillie)
HOMAN                                  Robert D. (Bob)
HOMAN                                  Ruth
HONE                                   Augusta
HOPKINS                                Franklin D.
HOPKINS                                Franklin D.
HOPKINS                                H. D.
HOPKINS                                H. D.
HOPKINS                                Sarah A.
HOPPEL                                 Adam E.
HOPPEL                                 Priscilla
HORACK                                 Joseph
HOSKINS                                Clarence C.
HOSKINS                                Eva L
HOSKINS                                Florence
HOSKINS                                Frederic M.
HOSKINS                                Irene C.
HOSKINS                                Marion E.
HOSKINS HARRIS                         Eva L.
HOSKINS MURRAY                         Florence
HOTCHKISS                              Floyd N.
HOTCHKISS                              Freida
HOUCK                                  Mary S.
HOUCK                                  Robert T.
HOUGH                                  Abigail
HOUGH                                  Chloe
HOUGH                                  Eli B.
HOUGH                                  Malvina M.
HOUGH                                  Myron B. W.
HOUGH                                  Richardson T.
HOUGHTALING                            Mary
HOUGHTALING                            Olive Mae
HOUGHTALING EMERSON                    Mary
HOUGHTALING EMERSON                    Olive Mae
HOULE                                  Pearl
HOULE LINCOURT                         Pearl
HOUSE                                  Amanda
HOUSE                                  Beatrice
HOUSE                                  C. Howard
HOUSE                                  Charles C.
HOUSE                                  Clara L.
HOUSE                                  Clarence A.
HOUSE                                  Emily O.
HOUSE                                  Family Monument
HOUSE                                  Frederick J.
HOUSE                                  Frederick J.
HOUSE                                  George
HOUSE                                  Harriet
HOUSE                                  Henry A.
HOUSE                                  Herbert M.
HOUSE                                  Horace Anson
HOUSE                                  J. Lansing
HOUSE                                  James
HOUSE                                  John H.
HOUSE                                  Joseph
HOUSE                                  Leonard
HOUSE                                  Louisa M.
HOUSE                                  Louise
HOUSE                                  Marion Robert
HOUSE                                  Martha
HOUSE                                  Mary E.
HOUSE                                  Robert
HOUSE                                  S. Emeline
HOUSE                                  Wilhelmina A.
HOUSE CAREY                            Beatrice
HOUSE FISHER                           Louise
HOUSE GILES                            Harriet
HOWARD                                 Ida
HOWELL                                 Douglas L.
HOWELL                                 Ethelda M.
HOWELL                                 Ezra J.
HOWELL                                 Ezra J. & Grace Family Monument
HOWELL                                 Grace
HOWELL                                 Jesse O.
HOWELL                                 Lillian I.
HOWELL SLACK                           Ethelda M.
HOWLEY                                 Anna J.
HOWLEY                                 Anselm D.
HOWLEY                                 Bernard W.
HOWLEY                                 Daniel A.
HOWLEY                                 John
HOWLEY                                 Joseph
HOWLEY                                 Martin C.
HOWLEY                                 Mary
HOWLEY                                 Mary G.
HOWLEY                                 William J.
HOWLEY                                 William J.
HOWLEY (CW)                            John
HOWLEY (WWII)                          William J.
HUBBARD                                Anna L.
HUBBARD                                Charles C.
HUBBARD                                Curtis C.
HUBBARD                                Ela O.
HUBBARD                                Emeline
HUBBARD                                Ethel
HUBBARD                                Family Monument
HUBBARD                                H. L.
HUBBARD                                James Monroe
HUBBARD                                Jennie D.
HUBBARD                                Mary Melissa
HUBBARD                                Nellie
HUBBARD                                Olive
HUBBARD                                Orlando E.
HUBBARD                                Sarah Aurilla
HUBBARD                                Walter Dewey
HUBBARD ALLEN                          Nellie
HUGHES                                 Catherine
HUGHES                                 Charles J.
HUGHES                                 Patrick
HUGHES FISHER                          Marian
HUGHES TODD                            Marian
HULBERT                                Addie E.
HULBERT                                Angeline
HULBERT                                Annie E.
HULBERT                                Anson D.
HULBERT                                E. H.
HULBERT                                Evie C.
HULBERT                                Fay E.
HULBERT                                Harriet
HULBERT                                L. Phyllis
HULBERT                                Melinda
HULBERT                                Noadiah
HULBERT                                William
HULBERT (WWII)                         Anson D.
HULBERT BIRCHENOUGH                    L. Phyllis
HULBURT                                Henry
HULBURT (CW)                           Henry
HUMANN                                 John
HUME                                   Gordon
HUME                                   Rosalie S.
HUMES                                  Almira
HUMES PALMER                           Almira
HUNKINS                                Robert R.
HUNKINS (VN)                           Robert R
HUNT                                   Diane
HUNT                                   Elisha R.
HUNT                                   Elisha R.
HUNT                                   Henry
HUNT                                   Jerusha
HUNT                                   Stephen
HUNTLEY                                Bradley
HUNTLEY (CW)                           Bradley
HUNZIKER                               Arthur (Glenn)
HUNZIKER (WWII)                        Arthur (Glenn)
HUSHAW                                 Elizabeth
HUSHOR                                 Eliza
HUSHOR ANKIN                           Eliza
HUSSHAW                                Maria
HUSSHAW MUSHENOW                       Maria
HUTCHINS                               Blanche
HUTCHINS                               Clarissa
HUTCHINS                               Dorothy
HUTCHINS HALL                          Blanche
HUTCHINS HALL                          Dorothy
HUTCHINS MOONEY                        Clarissa
HYER                                   E. Walter
HYERS                                  Eliza A.
HYERS                                  Emmett
HYERS                                  Martin
HYNES                                  Carl Eugene
HYNES                                  Ellen J.
HYNES                                  Lila M.
HYNES                                  Mary
HYNES                                  Patrick
HYNES                                  Robert W.
HYNES LORAN                            Mary
INGALS                                 M Rachel
INGALS FISHER                          M. Rachel
INGERSOLL                              Arthur J.
INGERSOLL                              Barbara
INGERSOLL                              Charles
INGERSOLL                              Cora A.
INGERSOLL                              Eugene C.
INGERSOLL                              Florence
INGERSOLL                              George E.
INGERSOLL                              Harvey E.
INGERSOLL                              May
INGERSOLL                              Minnie E.
INGERSOLL                              Nora
INGERSOLL                              Olive L.
INGERSOLL                              Pearl
INGERSOLL                              Seldon R.
INGERSOLL                              Thresa
INGERSOLL                              William Edward
INGERSOLL MOORE                        Nora
INGERSOLL OASTER                       Bertha B.
INGERSOLL OLMSTEAD                     Pearl
ISENEKER                               Martin
ISENEKER                               Mary Anna
IVES                                   Lucretia
IVES CLAPP                             Lucretia
IZSANYI                                Joseph
IZSANYI                                Julia
JACKSON                                Clara
JACKSON                                Daniel
JACKSON                                Daniel T.
JACKSON                                George W.
JACKSON                                Hattie E.
JACKSON                                Jane
JACKSON                                Mary E.
JACKSON                                Sarah
JACKSON (CW)                           George W
JACKSON HODGES                         Clara
JACKSON STURTZ                         Jane
JAJESNICA                              Katarzyna
JAJESNICA GRZEGORZEK                   Katarzyna
JAMIESON                               Grace
JAMIESON MURPHY                        Grace
JARECKI                                Albert
JARECKI                                Barbara
JARECKI                                Ben
JARECKI                                Benjamin J.
JARECKI                                Bertha
JARECKI                                Catherine
JARECKI                                Francis
JARECKI                                Irene
JARECKI                                Jennie B.
JARECKI                                Roman
JARECKI                                Stella M.
JARECKI                                Vincent
JARECKI (WWII)                         Benjamin J.
JENKINS                                Bruce L.
JENKINS                                Clara Mae
JENKINS                                Paul Blake
JENKS                                  Anne
JENKS                                  DeWitt L.
JENKS                                  Hiram
JENKS                                  Laura
JENKS                                  Mary Ellen
JENKS                                  Orson
JENKS                                  William
JENKS THAYER                           Anne
JOHNSON                                Anna L.
JOHNSON                                Carrie F.
JOHNSON                                Charles
JOHNSON                                Charlotte
JOHNSON                                Clara
JOHNSON                                Clara
JOHNSON                                Clarence M.
JOHNSON                                Clarissa M
JOHNSON                                Cora
JOHNSON                                Cora B.
JOHNSON                                Daniel
JOHNSON                                Eliza L.
JOHNSON                                Elizabeth
JOHNSON                                Emma
JOHNSON                                Emma J.
JOHNSON                                Eva
JOHNSON                                Family Monument
JOHNSON                                Family Monument
JOHNSON                                Florence
JOHNSON                                Gladys M.
JOHNSON                                Hannibal H.
JOHNSON                                Harvey S.
JOHNSON                                Helen
JOHNSON                                Henrietta
JOHNSON                                Ida L.
JOHNSON                                James A.
JOHNSON                                James Acker
JOHNSON                                James H.
JOHNSON                                Josiah
JOHNSON                                Karl Willard
JOHNSON                                Karl Willard
JOHNSON                                Laura
JOHNSON                                Leon E.
JOHNSON                                Leslie B.
JOHNSON                                Levantia
JOHNSON                                Mable
JOHNSON                                Margaret
JOHNSON                                Marie Rose
JOHNSON                                Mary
JOHNSON                                Mary E.
JOHNSON                                Maude E.
JOHNSON                                Mily C.
JOHNSON                                Murray T.
JOHNSON                                Orrin F.
JOHNSON                                Sophia
JOHNSON                                Timothy B.
JOHNSON                                Warren
JOHNSON                                Willard N.
JOHNSON                                Willie
JOHNSON (WWII)                         James Acker
JOHNSON BUSH                           Clara
JOHNSON CASE                           Eliza L.
JOHNSON HARTLEY                        Maude E.
JOHNSON NORTON                         Emma
JOHNSON NYE                            Mable
JOHNSON PHILLIPS                       Clarissa M.
JOHNSON TIFFANY                        Ida L.
JOHNSON VANAERNAM                      Eva
JOHNSON WARD                           Emma J.
JONAS                                  Christian
JONAS                                  Christnea J.
JONES                                  Catherine
JONES                                  Celia A.
JONES                                  David T.
JONES                                  Donald D
JONES                                  Edward
JONES                                  Edward
JONES                                  Eleanor
JONES                                  Emma S.
JONES                                  Gilbert J.
JONES                                  Gilbert J.
JONES                                  Helen
JONES                                  John B.
JONES                                  John R.
JONES                                  Josh & Eleanor Family Monument
JONES                                  Josh I.
JONES                                  Josh I.
JONES                                  Linda L.
JONES                                  Lucy
JONES                                  Marion Ellen
JONES                                  Maryetta
JONES                                  Michell Lynn
JONES                                  Michelle Lynn
JONES                                  Minnie E
JONES                                  Richard
JONES                                  Robert
JONES                                  Rosetta
JONES                                  Roy A.
JONES                                  William
JONES (CW)                             Edward
JONES (CW)                             Robert
JONES (WWI)                            Josh I.
JONES (WWII)                           Donald D.
JONES (WWII)                           Gilbert J.
JONES BENEDICT                         Celia A.
JONES CARPENTER                        Minnie E.
JONES TIFFANY                          Emma S.
JORDAN                                 Catherine
JORDAN                                 Harry H.
JORDAN                                 Hugh
JORDAN                                 Theresa Cecilia
JORDAN REED                            Catherine
JOSLYN                                 D. Ada
JOSLYN                                 Eva
JOSLYN                                 John M. Family Monument
JOSLYN                                 John M., Jr
JOSLYN                                 John M., Jr.
JOSLYN                                 John M., Sr.
JOSLYN                                 Mark Paul
JOSLYN                                 Roie E.
JOSLYN (WWII)                          John M., Jr
JOSLYN HENNEBERGER                     Eva
KALER                                  Grace
KALER                                  Grace
KALER                                  Roy D.
KALER                                  Roy D.
KAMPNEY                                Agnes
KAMPNEY                                Christine M
KAMPNEY                                Henry M.
KAMPNEY                                Robert James
KAMPNEY                                Rodney Joseph
KAMPNEY TURCK                          Christine M.
KARLQUIST                              Edith E.
KARLQUIST                              Einer
KARLQUIST                              Erick J.
KARLQUIST                              Ernest Edwin
KARPINSKI                              Charlotte
KARPINSKI LISS                         Charlotte
KAUFLE                                 Mary Ann
KAUFLY                                 Martin
KEECH                                  Florence
KEECH                                  Florence T.
KEENEY                                 Oren
KEENEY                                 Ruth
KEENEY (WWII)                          Oren
KELLY                                  Benjamin
KELLY                                  Benjamin
KELLY                                  Bernice M.
KELLY                                  Catherine
KELLY                                  Catherine
KELLY                                  E. Beulah
KELLY                                  Francis W.
KELLY                                  Kathryn
KELLY                                  Leon J.
KELLY                                  M. Charles
KELLY                                  Mae
KELLY                                  Michael C.
KELLY                                  Rose
KELLY                                  Thomas J.
KELLY (WWI)                            M. Charles
KELLY (WWI)                            Michael C.
KELLY BROWN                            Mae
KELLY HANNO                            Kathryn
KEMP                                   Raymond C.
KEMP                                   Raymond C.
KEMP (VN)                              Raymond C.
KEMPF                                  Rose
KEMPF                                  Sarah
KEMPF LEHMAN                           Sarah
KEMPF SCHVENDY                         Rose
KEMPNEY                                Anna K.
KEMPNEY                                Michael J.
KENDALL                                David
KENFIELD                               Alphonzo
KENNEDY                                Margaret
KENNEDY                                Thomas
KENNEDY                                Thomas H.
KENTNER                                Amanda M.
KENTNER                                Charles R.
KENTNER                                Corden D.
KENTNER                                Elsie A.
KENTNER                                Emery C.
KENTNER                                Nettie L.
KEOHANE                                Ellen T
KEOHANE COLEMAN                        Ellen T.
KERCZEL NAGY                           Victoria
KERN                                   Karl
KERN                                   Magdelena
KERR                                   Elizabeth
KERR                                   Gaile E.
KERR                                   Marion
KERR                                   Randolf and Elizabeth Family Monument
KERR                                   Randolph Earle
KERR                                   Willard M.
KERR                                   Willard Thomas
KERR (WWII)                            Randolph Earle
KIEFER                                 Augustus
KIEFER                                 Joseph J.
KIEFER                                 Louise O.
KIME                                   Christina
KIME                                   Mary
KIME                                   Peter
KIRCH                                  Frederick N.
KIRCH                                  Grace
KIRCH                                  Letty M.
KIRCH HOWELL                           Grace
KIRSCHNER                              Effie W.
KIRSCHNER                              Katherine S.
KIRSCHNER                              Peter B.
KIRSCHNER BURDICK                      Katherine S.
KITTS                                  Aron P.
KITTS                                  Elizabeth
KITTS                                  Louisa
KIZZER                                 Cassie
KIZZER SALSBURG                        Cassie
KLEPACZ                                Mary
KLEPACZ HEMWAY                         Mary
KLOCK                                  D. Nellis
KLOCK                                  Viola
KLOCKSEIN                              Louise
KLOCKSEIN VANDAWALKER                  Louise
KLOSTER                                Dorothy F.
KLOSTER                                Sherman H.
KNAPP                                  Paul M.
KNAPP                                  Remor
KNIGHT                                 Daniel
KNIGHT                                 Hannah E.
KNIGHT                                 Phidelia W.
KOCHLY                                 John
KONKOL                                 Dorthy
KONKOL                                 Dorthy
KONKOL                                 Frances
KONKOL                                 John
KONKOL                                 John & Frances Family Monument
KONKOL                                 Joseph
KONKOL                                 Martin & Dorthy Family Monument
KONKOL                                 Stanley
KONKOL                                 Stanley
KONKOL                                 Stanley & Joseph Family Monument
KONKOL (WWII)                          Stanley
KOONZ                                  Estella M.
KOONZ                                  James A.
KOSA                                   Albert
KOSA                                   Esther
KOSTER                                 Florence
KOSTER                                 Gladys
KOSTER                                 Mildred
KOSTER                                 Wesley A.
KOSTER DELONG                          Mildred
KOSTER SPANN                           Gladys
KOTARY                                 Rosa
KOVACS                                 John
KOVACS                                 Katherine
KOVACS                                 Kathryn
KOVACS SZANYI                          Kathryn
KOZIOL                                 Bennie
KOZIOL                                 Bennie
KOZIOL                                 Feliska
KOZIOL                                 Frank
KOZIOL (WWII)                          Bennie
KRAEGER                                Andrew T.
KREMER                                 Katherine
KREMER KOVACS                          Katherine
KRESBACH                               Theresia
KRETIK                                 George
KRIWOX                                 Nellie
KRIWOX                                 Ruth L
KRIWOX COBB                            Ruth L.
KRIWOX GRABB                           Nellie
KROPP                                  George
KROPP                                  Seth
KRUSPER                                John C.
KRUSPER (VN)                           John C
KULPA                                  Mary
KULPA MATULA                           Mary
LA BUZ                                 Joseph
LA BUZ (WWII)                          Joseph
LA FLAIR                               Gertrude Mae
LA FLAIR SALMON                        Gertrude Mae
LABELL                                 Joseph
LABELL                                 Lucy
LABOUNTY                               Mary E
LABOUNTY LAPIERE                       Mary E.
LAFAVE                                 Lori J.
LAFAVE                                 Lori J. Family Monument
LAFAVE                                 Lori J. Family Monument
LAGO                                   Agnes L
LAKE                                   Chauncey A.
LAKE (CW)                              Chauncey A.
LALLIER                                Robert F.
LALLIER (WWII)                         Robert F
LAMB                                   Charles L.
LAMB                                   Charles L.
LAMB                                   Evelyn
LAMB                                   Herbert E.
LAMB                                   Jane
LAMB                                   Melissa Ann
LAMB                                   Melissa Ann
LAMB                                   Oliver J.
LAMB (SERV)                            Charles L.
LAMB DAVIS                             Evelyn
LAMBERT                                Robert J.
LAMBERT (WWII)                         Robert J
LAMONT                                 Gerald A.
LAMPMAN                                Grace P.
LAMPMAN                                John J.
LANE                                   Ada
LANE                                   Ela V.
LANE                                   Eunice
LANE                                   Hiram
LANE                                   Hiram
LANE                                   Julia
LANE POMERVILLE                        Ada
LANPHER                                Harriett
LANPHER CLAUS                          Harriett
LAPIERE                                James A.
LAPIERE                                Mary E.
LAQUAY                                 Kenneth M.
LAQUAY                                 Violet
LAQUAY (VN)                            Kenneth M
LARABEE                                Fanny M
LARABEE                                W. L.
LARGET                                 Josephine
LARGET PACHOUD                         Josephine
LARIBEE                                Dorothy M.
LARIBEE                                Elmo Harry
LARIBEE                                Glenn C.
LARIBEE                                Glenn R.
LAROCK                                 Amos
LAROCK                                 Anna G.
LAROCK                                 Edward
LAROCK                                 Grace
LAROCK                                 Maria C.
LAROCK YOUNG                           Anna G.
LARRABEE                               William M.
LAUBER                                 Elizabeth
LAUBER KERR                            Elizabeth
LAVAC                                  Harriet
LAVAC STOLIKER                         Harriet
LAWRENCE                               Bernard
LAWRENCE                               Richard
LEANDER                                Mary C
LEANDER MORTON                         Mary C.
LEE                                    Amanda
LEE                                    Bernice E.
LEE                                    Celestia
LEE                                    Dorothy M.
LEE                                    Florence
LEE                                    Francis M.
LEE                                    Fred Charles
LEE                                    Harold J.
LEE                                    Harvey J.
LEE                                    Jane
LEE                                    Jerry A.
LEE                                    John S.
LEE                                    Kenneth J.
LEE                                    Lavinia
LEE                                    Lucy P.
LEE                                    Mabel
LEE                                    Mary
LEE                                    Richard Edward
LEE                                    Robert E.
LEE                                    Susie M.
LEE (WWI)                              Fred Charles
LEE (WWII)                             Kenneth J
LEE (WWII)                             Richard Edward
LEE CONGER                             Susie M.
LEE DOMSER                             Mabel
LEE HART                               Mary
LEE INGERSOLL                          Florence
LEE LAMB                               Jane
LEE LARIBEE                            Dorothy M.
LEE SALMON                             Amanda
LEE SALMON                             Lavinia
LEHMAN                                 Peter W.
LEHMAN                                 Sarah
LEJEUNE                                Catharine
LENAHAN                                Albert D.
LENAHAN                                Calvin
LENAHAN                                Dennis M.
LENAHAN                                Elfie E.
LENAHAN                                Evelyn  M.
LENAHAN                                Family Monument
LENAHAN                                Francis P.
LENAHAN                                Infant
LENAHAN                                Kate M.
LENAHAN                                Thomas
LENAHAN MAROLF                         Kate M.
LENART                                 Anna B.
LENART BORZON                          Anna B.
LEONARD                                Lucy
LEONARD                                William
LEVANSAILOR (WWII)                     Everett E
LEVENSAILOR                             L.
LEVENSAILOR                            Anna R.
LEVENSAILOR                            Everett E.
LEVIKER                                Clarrissa
LEVIKER EMERSON                        Clarrissa
LEWIS                                  Addie A
LEWIS                                  Albert
LEWIS                                  Arinda
LEWIS                                  Celia
LEWIS                                  Delena C.
LEWIS                                  Harmon L.
LEWIS                                  Harold J.
LEWIS                                  John N.
LEWIS                                  Minnie
LEWIS                                  Myrtle
LEWIS                                  Smith M.
LEWIS MILLER                           Myrtle
LEWIS MURRAY                           Addie A.
LIECHTY                                Rosa
LIECHTY KOTARY                         Rosa
LIENDECKER                             Mary E.
LIENDECKER                             Millie
LIENDECKER HARTLEY                     Millie
LIENDECKER JACKSON                     Mary E.
LIMEBECK                               Elizabeth
LIMEBECK                               Elizabeth
LIMEBECK                               Jennie
LIMEBECK                               Nelson
LIMEBECK (CW)                          Nelson
LINCOURT                               Dillon E.
LINCOURT                               Dillon E.
LINCOURT                               Pearl
LINCOURT                               Pearl W.
LINCOURT                               Stanley C.
LINCOURT                               Stanley C.
LINCOURT (WWII)                        Dillon E.
LINCOURT (WWII)                        Stanley C
LINCOURT SPANN                         Pearl W.
LINDQUIST                              Edith E.
LINDQUIST KARLQUIST                    Edith E.
LINDSAY                                Teressa A.
LINDSAY                                William
LINDSAY (CW)                           William
LINDSEY                                Eunice
LINDSEY                                Luke
LING                                   Edward C.
LING                                   Florence J.
LING                                   Helen E.
LING                                   Maude C.
LING                                   Shirley
LING                                   Walter A.
LING                                   William C.
LING                                   William C.
LING (WWII)                            William C.
LINGENFELSER                           Theresa Cecilia
LINGENFELSER JORDAN                    Theresa Cecilia
LINGENFELSER ROSE                      Theresa Cecilia
LISCUM                                 Edith
LISCUM                                 Leslie W.
LISCUM                                 Leslie W.
LISK                                   Stanton E.
LISK                                   Stanton E., Jr.
LISS                                   Charlotte
LISS                                   Frances
LISS                                   John J.
LISS                                   Joseph J.
LITTLEFIELD                            George H.
LITTLEFIELD                            George O.
LITTLEFIELD                            Sarah C.
LITZ                                   Konrad
LIVIKER                                Joseph John
LIVIKER                                Mary
LOFTIS                                 Mary
LOFTIS                                 Mary
LOFTIS                                 Patrick
LOFTIS (CW)                            Patrick
LOFTUS                                 Augustus
LOFTUS                                 Bernard
LOFTUS                                 Catherine
LOFTUS                                 Catherine
LOFTUS                                 John
LOFTUS                                 Mary Ann
LOFTUS MURRAY                          Catherine
LOFTUS MURRAY                          Catherine
LOKAY                                  Laura E
LOKAY WATERS                           Laura E.
LOOMIS                                 Carl E.
LOOMIS                                 Hannah
LOOMIS                                 Margaret E.
LOOMIS MOWERS                          Margaret E.
LOONEY                                 Daniel
LOONEY                                 Daniel
LOONEY                                 Johannah
LOONEY                                 Mary
LOONEY                                 Timothy
LOONEY HOWLEY                          Mary
LOOSHAW                                Amelia
LOPEZ                                  Edelmira
LOPEZ WOODS                            Edelmira
LORAN                                  Emma
LORAN                                  Florence
LORAN                                  Mary
LORAN                                  Olive
LORAN                                  Peter F.
LORAN                                  William T.
LOSHAW                                 Annie
LOSHAW                                 John H.
LOSHAW MATICE                          Amelia
LOSON                                  Henry F.
LOUCKS                                 Charlotte
LOUCKS TARASEK                         Charlotte
LUDWIKOWSKI                            Glenn A.
LUDWIKOWSKI (VN)                       Glenn A
LUKACH                                 Joseph
LUKACS                                 Elizabeth
LUKACS                                 Martin
LUKACS                                 Mary Ann
LUKACS                                 William
LUSTYIK                                Infant
LUSTYIK                                John R.
LUSTYIK                                Julia
LYDECKER                               Cyril V.
LYDECKER                               Cyril Vincent
LYDECKER                               Zaida
LYDECKER (WWI)                         Cyril V.
LYDECKER (WWI)                         Cyril Vincent
LYDECKER (WWII)                        Cyril V.
LYDECKER (WWII)                        Cyril Vincent
LYMAN                                  Ellen
LYMAN                                  George
LYMAN                                  Herman R.
LYMAN                                  Louisa M.
LYNCH                                  Thomas J.
LYNCH (WWI)                            Thomas J
LYON                                   Caleb
LYON                                   Family Monument
LYON                                   Florence
LYON                                   Marietta
LYON MERRIAM                           Florence
MACDONALD                              John A., Jr.
MACDONALD (KOR)                        John A, Jr
MAHAN                                  Zaida
MAHAN LYDECKER                         Zaida
MAINE                                  Oscar P.
MALCOLM                                Andrew J.
MALCOLM                                Emily
MALCOLM                                Emily H.
MANEY                                  Mary
MANEY                                  Michael
MANNING                                Caroline B.
MANNING                                Harry J.
MANNING                                Harry M.
MANNING                                Robert P.
MANNING (SERV)                         Robert P
MANZER                                 Addline
MANZER TUTTLE                          Addline
MARILLEY                               Mary
MARILLEY HOCH                          Mary
MARION                                 Edmund M.
MARION                                 Marie Pate
MARION (WWII)                          Edmund M
MARKHAM                                Alonson
MARKHAM                                Harriet E.
MARKHAM                                Jerusha
MARKHAM                                John
MARKHAM                                Luman
MARKHAM                                Pedee A.
MARKS                                  Herbert R. Jr
MARKS                                  Herbert R., Jr., Family Monument
MAROLF                                 Kate M.
MAROLF                                 Mitch & Kate Family Monument
MARONEY                                Doris M.
MARONEY                                James M.
MARONEY                                James M.
MARONEY                                William A.
MARONEY (KOR)                          James M.
MARSHALL                               Bernice
MARSHALL                               Frederick W.
MARSHALL                               Frederick W.
MARSHALL                               Jeanne
MARSHALL                               Otto E.
MARSHALL                               Otto E., Jr.
MARSHALL (WWII)                        Otto E. Jr
MARTIEAN                               Mary
MARTIEAN                               Sebastian
MARTIN                                 Augustus
MARTIN                                 Catharine
MARTIN                                 Johanna
MARTIN                                 Mary
MARTIN                                 Wilbur J.
MARTIN                                 William
MARTIN FAHSEL                          Johanna
MARTIN PILCHEN                         Mary
MARTUS                                 Helen
MARTUS                                 Mary A.
MASHAW                                 Kevin J.
MASON                                  Clara
MASON                                  George S.
MASON                                  Hannah M.
MASON                                  Helen G
MASON                                  William F.
MASON (CW)                             George S
MASON REED                             Helen G.
MATHILL                                Ruth E
MATHILL MILLICK                        Ruth E.
MATHIS                                 Edward A.
MATHIS                                 James D.
MATHIS (KOR)                           James D
MATHIS (WWII)                          Edward A
MATHYS                                 Anna
MATHYS                                 Jeffrey L.
MATHYS                                 Mary
MATICE                                 Amelia
MATICE                                 George H.
MATTIMORE                              Francis R.
MATTIMORE                              Francis R.
MATTIMORE                              Iva
MATTIMORE                              Raymond A.
MATTIMORE                              Raymond A.
MATTIMORE (WWI)                        Francis R
MATTIMORE (WWII)                       Raymond A
MATTISON                               Myrtle Maryette
MATULA                                 Edward
MATULA                                 Helen F.
MATULA                                 Joseph
MATULA                                 Joseph M.
MATULA                                 Julia
MATULA                                 Mary
MAZUR                                  Chester C.
MAZUR                                  Chester C. Family Monument
MCARDELL                               Florence
MCCARTHY                               Genevieve F.
MCCARTHY GORCZYCA                      Genevieve F.
MCCLOAT                                Mary
MCCORMICK                              Alice
MCCORMICK                              Carrie E.
MCCORMICK                              Celia
MCCORMICK                              Florence
MCCORMICK                              Margaret
MCCORMICK                              William
MCCORMICK (CW)                         William
MCCORMICK BALDWIN                      Margaret
MCCORMICK CAVANAUGH                    Alice
MCCRAITH                               Mattie V.
MCCRAITH                               Michael F.
MCCROSSON                              Jane
MCDONALD                               David S. D.
MCDONALD                               Eunice M
MCDONALD                               Helen
MCDONALD                               William
MCDONALD HIGBY                         Eunice M.
MCDONELL                               Lillie
MCINTOSH                               Iva
MCINTOSH MATTIMORE                     Iva
MCINTYRE                               Susie
MCKEE                                  Jane
MCKEE FOOT                             Jane
MCLANE                                 Helen
MCLANE                                 Helen
MCLANE TOLOPKA                         Helen
MCPHILMY                               Elizabeth
MCPHILMY                               John E.
MCPHILMY                               Laura Mae
MCVICKAR                               Anna
MCVICKAR                               Archibald
MCVICKAR                               Edward
MCVICKAR                               Eweretta Constable
MCVICKAR                               John Augustus
MCVICKAR MCVICKAR                      Eweretta Constable
MEALUS                                 Dorothy
MEALUS                                 Howard J.
MEALUS                                 Howard J. and Rose Family Monument
MEALUS                                 Jay H.
MEALUS                                 Mamie K.
MEALUS                                 Rose
MEDER                                  John
MEDER (CW)                             John
MEEKS                                  Charles W., Sr.
MEEKS                                  Charles W., Sr.
MEEKS                                  Ethel
MEEKS                                  William
MEEKS                                  William and Ethel Family Monument
MEISS                                  Alice
MEISS                                  Mabel
MEISS DUNCAN                           Alice
MEISS REED                             Mabel
MEISTER                                Marie H.
MEISTER                                Mary L.
MEISTER                                Wesley R.
MEKKER NAGY                            Mary
MELLICK                                Washington
MELLICK (WWII)                         Washington
MELLNITZ                               Bertha
MELLNITZ                               Carrie
MELLNITZ                               Fred
MELLNITZ                               Harry E.
MELLNITZ                               Kathryn L.
MELLNITZ GARDNER                       Bertha
MERRIAM                                Augusta
MERRIAM                                Charles Collins
MERRIAM                                Clinton Nathaniel
MERRIAM                                Florence
MERRIAM                                Helen
MERRIAM                                Lyman Lyon
MERRIAM                                Robert McBurney
MERRIAM GOLDEN                         Helen
MERRIAM HONE                           Augusta
MESICK                                 Richard
MEYER                                  Adolph
MEYER                                  Sarah
MEZEY                                  Helen
MEZEY                                  Joseph
MICHALIS                               Wanda
MICHALIS CONSTABLE                     Wanda
MIHALYI                                Charles Z.
MIHALYI                                Christine
MIHALYI                                Dalma G.
MIHALYI                                Emery
MIHALYI                                Louis L.
MIHALYI                                Louis Leonard
MIHALYI                                Mark David
MIHALYI                                Mildred
MIHALYI                                Stephen
MIHALYI (MILLER)                       Helen J.
MILLARD                                Evelyn
MILLARD                                Ladette C.
MILLARD                                M. Julia
MILLARD HILL                           Evelyn
MILLARD ROSE                           M. Julia
MILLER                                 Amelia
MILLER                                 Bertha H.
MILLER                                 Caroline
MILLER                                 Christina
MILLER                                 Daniel
MILLER                                 Eliza
MILLER                                 Emily
MILLER                                 Frank A
MILLER                                 James H.
MILLER                                 Maria
MILLER                                 Mary
MILLER                                 Myrtle
MILLER                                 Peter
MILLER                                 Priscilla
MILLER                                 Sally
MILLER                                 Therasa
MILLER (CW)                            Daniel
MILLER ALLEN                           Sally
MILLER HOPPEL                          Priscilla
MILLER MALCOLM                         Emily
MILLICK                                Ruth E.
MILLICK                                Theodore
MILLICK                                Washington
MILLICK (WWII)                         Theodore
MILLS                                  Dora A
MOE                                    Bessie L.
MOE SLOCUM                             Bessie L.
MOFFATT                                Erdine
MOFFATT                                Isabelle
MOFFATT                                Izora
MOFFATT                                Jeanne
MOFFATT                                John H.
MOFFATT                                William
MOFFATT ABBEY                          Isabelle
MOFFATT MARSHALL                       Jeanne
MOFFETT                                Ruby
MOFFETT YOUNG                          Ruby
MOLNAR                                 Rudolf
MONG                                   Augustus R.
MONNAT                                 Anna C.
MONNAT                                 Donald
MONNAT                                 Norbert W.
MONNAT                                 Ora J.
MONNAT                                 Rose M.
MONNAT                                 William H.
MOODY                                  Richard J.
MOONEY                                 Albert
MOONEY                                 Clarissa
MOONEY                                 Emily
MOONEY                                 Laverne Y.
MOONEY                                 William A.
MOOR                                   Annie
MOOR LOSHAW                            Annie
MOORE                                  Anna E
MOORE                                  Crystal J.
MOORE                                  Edward G.
MOORE                                  Frederick J.
MOORE                                  Ida
MOORE                                  James W.
MOORE                                  John C.
MOORE                                  Joseph W.
MOORE                                  Nora
MOORE SLITER                           Anna E.
MORDEN                                 ---
MORDEN                                 Arnzi
MORGAN                                 Carrie J.
MORGAN                                 Clara
MORGAN                                 Helen C.
MORGAN                                 Luther
MORGAN                                 William L.
MORGAN HIMES                           Clara
MORRIS                                 Cornelia E.
MORRISON                               Clarence P.
MORRISON (WWI)                         Clarence P
MORTON                                 Charles H.
MORTON                                 Charles H.
MORTON                                 Charles S
MORTON                                 Frank L.
MORTON                                 Infant Son
MORTON                                 Leander H.
MORTON                                 Mary C.
MORTON (CW)                            Charles S.
MOSHER                                 Dora
MOSHER                                 Family Monument
MOSHER                                 Lulu
MOSHER                                 Wayne
MOSHIER                                Floyd V.
MOSHIER                                Mildred
MOSHIER                                Sophronia E.
MOSHIER GRANGER                        Sophronia E.
MOTT                                   Sarah
MOWERS                                 Bernice
MOWERS                                 Dorothea
MOWERS                                 Kenneth
MOWERS                                 Lansing J.
MOWERS                                 Leigh Marie
MOWERS                                 Margaret E.
MOWERS                                 Margaret E. Family Monument
MOWERS                                 Nathan J.
MOWERS                                 Nellie
MOWERS MARSHALL                        Bernice
MOYER                                  Bettey
MOYER                                  Byron
MOYER                                  Catherine
MOYER                                  Charles
MOYER                                  Edith
MOYER                                  Jacob G.
MOYER                                  Lela
MOYER                                  Mary M.
MOYER                                  Sarah A.
MOYER HILL                             Edith
MULLER                                 Jacob
MUMFORD                                Abigail B.
MUMFORD                                Abram W.
MUMFORD                                Achsah
MUMFORD                                Amy S
MUMFORD                                Anice R
MUMFORD                                Aurelia E.
MUMFORD                                Aurelia E.
MUMFORD                                Bernice
MUMFORD                                Brian D.
MUMFORD                                C. M.
MUMFORD                                Charles H.
MUMFORD                                Clara
MUMFORD                                Cora E.
MUMFORD                                Deborah Z
MUMFORD                                Edna
MUMFORD                                Frank A.
MUMFORD                                George J
MUMFORD                                Grace E.
MUMFORD                                Hannah M.
MUMFORD                                J. Edward
MUMFORD                                Jason W.
MUMFORD                                John M.
MUMFORD                                John S.
MUMFORD                                Joseph A.
MUMFORD                                Mabel
MUMFORD                                Martha S.
MUMFORD                                Mattie E.
MUMFORD                                Merritt E.
MUMFORD                                Newcomb P
MUMFORD                                Robert D.
MUMFORD                                Robert N.
MUMFORD                                Rose
MUMFORD                                Ruth
MUMFORD                                Sarah A.
MUMFORD                                Susie A.
MUMFORD                                Willard W.
MUMFORD (CW)                           C. M.
MUMFORD (CW)                           Newcomb P.
MUMFORD BEALUK                         Mattie E.
MUMFORD EGAN                           Anice R.
MUMFORD GOODALE                        Amy S.
MUMFORD GOODRICH                       Grace E.
MUMFORD HILL                           Cora E.
MUMFORD OSSONT                         Edna
MUMFORD PETRIE                         Deborah Z.
MUMFORD SALMON                         Ruth
MUMFORD WILLIAMS                       Aurelia E.
MUMFORD YOUNG                          Hannah M.
MUNCY                                  Elizabeth
MUNCY                                  George
MUNCY                                  Infant
MUNCY                                  Roxanny
MUNCY                                  Washington H.
MURDOCK                                Anne
MURPHY                                 Alexander
MURPHY                                 Effie Mae
MURPHY                                 Eugene A.
MURPHY                                 Frank
MURPHY                                 Grace
MURPHY                                 Jessie
MURPHY                                 John
MURPHY                                 John
MURPHY                                 Niles P.
MURPHY (WWII)                          Eugene A.
MURPHY SNYDER                          Effie Mae
MURRAY                                 Addie A.
MURRAY                                 Catherine
MURRAY                                 Catherine
MURRAY                                 Edward L.
MURRAY                                 Edwin P
MURRAY                                 Edwin P.
MURRAY                                 Ellen
MURRAY                                 Florence
MURRAY                                 Florence A.
MURRAY                                 James P.
MURRAY                                 John
MURRAY                                 John
MURRAY                                 John
MURRAY                                 Joseph
MURRAY                                 Luke
MURRAY                                 Luke
MURRAY                                 Lulu E.
MURRAY                                 Rita Anne
MURRAY                                 Thomas P.
MURTAUGH                               Cora M.
MURTAUGH                               Hannah
MURTAUGH                               Hannah
MURTAUGH                               James H.
MURTAUGH                               Katherine
MURTAUGH                               Katherine
MURTAUGH                               Leslie R.
MURTAUGH                               Martha
MURTAUGH                               Michael
MURTAUGH                               Michael Family Monument
MURTAUGH                               Owen
MURTAUGH                               Rachel
MURTAUGH                               Robert
MURTAUGH (CW)                          Owen
MURTAUGH (WWI)                         Leslie R.
MUSCH                                  Frances
MUSCH WRIGHT                           Frances
MUSHENOW                               Maria
MYERS                                  Elizabeth
MYERS                                  John L.
NAGY                                   , Jr.
NAGY                                   Anthony T.
NAGY                                   Anthony T., Jr.
NAGY                                   Christine
NAGY                                   Eugene
NAGY                                   Eunita
NAGY                                   Infant Daughter
NAGY                                   Joseph J.
NAGY                                   Mary
NAGY                                   Michael J.
NAGY                                   Michael P.
NAGY                                   Minnie M.
NAGY                                   Stephen M.
NAGY                                   Ted
NAGY                                   Victoria
NAGY (KOR)                             Joseph J., Jr.
NAGY (WWII)                            , Jr
NAGY MIHALYI                           Christine
NASH                                   Chrystopher Jay
NASH                                   Elizabeth M.
NASH                                   John L
NASH                                   John L.
NASH                                   Mary Eliza
NASH                                   Matilda
NASH                                   Patrick J.
NASH WRIGHT                            Matilda
NELLENBACH                             Celia
NELLENBACH                             Martin
NELLENBACK                             Linda Lou
NELLIS                                 Elsie Maud
NELSON                                 Ann E.
NELSON                                 Giles
NELSON                                 Remor
NELSON KNAPP                           Remor
NEUBAUER                               Mary Ann
NEUBAUER LUKACS                        Mary Ann
NEVIN                                  Gerald F.
NEVIN                                  Helen
NEWTON                                 Cassius W.
NEWTON                                 Louise
NEWTON (CW)                            Cassius W
NICIU                                  Beth
NIXON                                  Martha
NIXON                                  Michael
NIXON                                  Phoebe
NIXON GARRETT                          Martha
NOBLE                                  Daisey
NOBLE                                  Ezra
NOBLE                                  James
NOBLE                                  Mary
NOBLE                                  Matilda
NOBLE                                  Wealthy L.
NOBLE (WWI)                            Chauncey H.
NOBLE STOWELL                          Daisey
NOFTSIER                               Christopher
NOFTSIER                               John
NOFTSIER                               Joseph
NOFTSIER                               Kate
NORTH                                  Edd S.
NORTH                                  Floyd S.
NORTH                                  Minnie J.
NORTH                                  Silas
NORTHRUP                                L.
NORTHRUP                               Beatrice
NORTHRUP                               Ida A.
NORTHRUP CORRIGAN                      Beatrice
NORTON                                 Adelbert G.
NORTON                                 Bertha B.
NORTON                                 Catherine
NORTON                                 Edythe
NORTON                                 Edythe
NORTON                                 Elizabeth
NORTON                                 Emma
NORTON                                 Family Monument
NORTON                                 George
NORTON                                 Hazel
NORTON                                 James
NORTON                                 Jennie E.
NORTON                                 Thomas
NORTON                                 Thomas
NORTON                                 Thomas
NORTON (CW)                            Thomas
NORTON (WWI)                           Thomas
NORTON BURDICK                         Edythe
NORTON HUGHES                          Catherine
NORTON OASTER                          Bertha B.
NORTON SALMON                          Hazel
NORTON SWEENEY                         Elizabeth
NORTZ                                  Nicholas
NORTZ                                  Nicholas
NOYER                                  Florence Elizabeth
NOYER VANDUYN                          Florence Elizabeth
NUFFER                                 Florence
NUFFER JOHNSON                         Florence
NUTT                                   Billy
NUTT                                   Wilhelmina
NYE                                    Abigail
NYE                                    Abigail B.
NYE                                    Arthur R.
NYE                                    B. Frank
NYE                                    B. Frank Nye Family Monument
NYE                                    Baby
NYE                                    Benjamin
NYE                                    Benjamin
NYE                                    Electa
NYE                                    Family Monument
NYE                                    Frances
NYE                                    Hannah
NYE                                    Irena M
NYE                                    Joseph A.
NYE                                    Mable
NYE                                    Mary L.
NYE                                    Perry M.
NYE                                    Prices L.
NYE                                    Ruma B.
NYE MUMFORD                            Abigail B.
NYE WARDWELL                           Irena M.
O'BRIEN                                Bernice
O'BRIEN                                Cara M.
O'BRIEN                                Nancy
O'BRIEN                                Winifred
O'BRIEN CHRISTIANSEN                   Winifred
O'BRIEN COBB                           Cara M.
O'BRIEN MUMFORD                        Bernice
O'CONNOR                               Margaret
O'CONNOR CARRERA                       Margaret
O'HARA                                 Alton C.
O'HARA                                 Bernard B.
O'HARA                                 Carrie E.
O'HARA                                 Charles A.
O'HARA                                 Family Monument
O'HARA                                 Isabel A.
O'HARA                                 Lilah A.
OASTER                                 Bertha B.
OASTER                                 Edward H.
OASTER                                 Family Monument
ODETT                                  Oliver
ODETT (CW)                             Oliver
OKUSZKI                                Henry
OKUSZKI                                Henry
OKUSZKI (KOR)                          Henry
OKUSZKI (WWII)                         Henry
OLIVER                                 Ada
OLIVER                                 James M.
OLIVER                                 Jessie A
OLIVER                                 Mary E.
OLIVER                                 Maturin S.
OLIVER                                 Sarah C.
OLIVER                                 Squire H.
OLIVER                                 William
OLIVER BURDICK                         Mary E.
OLIVER LITTLEFIELD                     Sarah C.
OLIVER VANALLEN                        Jessie A.
OLMSTEAD                               Alice W.
OLMSTEAD                               Alice W.
OLMSTEAD                               Claude M.
OLMSTEAD                               Clinton E.
OLMSTEAD                               Clinton E.
OLMSTEAD                               D. E.
OLMSTEAD                               David
OLMSTEAD                               Donna
OLMSTEAD                               Donna
OLMSTEAD                               Elizabeth
OLMSTEAD                               Ella M.
OLMSTEAD                               Emma G.
OLMSTEAD                               Ephraim
OLMSTEAD                               Ernest E.
OLMSTEAD                               Florence A.
OLMSTEAD                               Jack M.
OLMSTEAD                               John M.
OLMSTEAD                               Linda
OLMSTEAD                               Lyman R.
OLMSTEAD                               M. C.
OLMSTEAD                               Margaret T.
OLMSTEAD                               Margery A.
OLMSTEAD                               Mary
OLMSTEAD                               Maynard B.
OLMSTEAD                               Maynard B.
OLMSTEAD                               Merwin E.
OLMSTEAD                               Minnie P.
OLMSTEAD                               Pearl
OLMSTEAD                               Phineas Jr
OLMSTEAD                               Phinehas
OLMSTEAD                               Shirley M.
OLMSTEAD                               Thomas
OLMSTEAD                               Thomas M.
OLMSTEAD                               Timothy A.
OLMSTEAD (CW)                          David
OLMSTEAD (CW)                          Ephraim
OLMSTEAD (CW)                          Lyman R.
OLMSTEAD (CW)                          Phineas, Jr.
OLMSTEAD (WWII)                        Jack M
OLMSTEAD (WWII)                        Maynard B.
OLMSTEAD BLADE                         Linda
OLMSTEAD CLEMONS                       Mary
OLMSTEAD FOOTE                         Donna
OLMSTEAD FOOTE                         Donna
OLMSTEAD SEAVER                        Shirley M.
ORMSBY                                 James M.
OSBORNE                                Evelyn B.
OSBORNE                                S Elizabeth
OSBORNE BRUCE                          S. Elizabeth
OSSONT                                 Charles R.
OSSONT                                 Edna
OSSONT                                 Mabel
OSSONT                                 Sarah K.
OSSONT (WWI)                           Charles R.
OSSONT GIBBS                           Sarah K.
OSSONT SCATES                          Mabel
OSTRANDER                              Emma G
OSTRANDER OLMSTEAD                     Emma G.
OWEN                                   Ephraim
OWENS                                  Dorothy
OWENS                                  John W.
OWENS                                  Margaret
OWENS                                  Mary T.
OWENS                                  Owen Thomas
OWENS PFAFF                            Dorothy
O'HARA                                 Emily W.
O'HARA                                 Lloyd
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