Warren County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Warren County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

MACNEILL                               Craig A
MACNEILL                               Franklin J
MAGEE                                  Addie S
MAGEE                                  John
MAGEE                                  Sarah
MAHONEY                                John L
MAHONEY                                Joseph D
MAHONEY                                Katherine M
MAHONEY (WWII)                         John L
MAHONEY (WWII)                         Joseph D
MAJOR                                  Charles
MALLERY                                Alfred
MALLERY                                Esther A
MALLERY                                Frances M
MARANVILLE                             Ethel S
MARANVILLE                             James B
MARANVILLE                             Joyce Amy
MARANVILLE (WWII)                      James B
MARANVILLE REHM                        Ethel S
MARCH                                  Achsah
MARCH                                  Alice
MARCH                                  Benjamin Holt
MARCH                                  Daniel
MARCH                                  Daniel
MARCH                                  Susan Julia
MARSHALL                               Amy
MARSHALL                               Caleb
MARSHALL                               Caleb Howe
MARSHALL                               Euretta
MARSHALL                               Julia P
MARSHALL                               William Henry
MARSHALL FISH                          Amy
MARTIN                                 Emily S
MARTIN                                 Frederick J
MARTIN (WWII)                          Emily S
MARTIN (WWII)                          Frederick J
MARTINDALE                             Betsey
MARTINDALE                             Lydia
MARTINDALE                             W B
MASON                                  Roger O
MASON                                  Ruby O
MASON (WWII)                           Roger O
MATERN                                 Ronald Paul
MATTISON                               Andrew A.
MATTISON                               Catharine
MATTISON                               Eliza
MATTISON                               Elizabeth
MATTISON                               Stanley A
MATTISON (WWII)                        Stanley A
MATTISON HAZELTON                      Catharine
MATTISON MONROE                        Elizabeth
MATUSOW                                Anita Lynne
MAXAM                                  Fannie E
MAXAM                                  Henry
MAXAM                                  James
MAXAM                                  James
MAXAM                                  Manerva E
MAXAM                                  Mary Ella
MAXAM TRIPP                            Manerva E
MAXIM                                  Horace
MAXIM                                  Martha J
MAY                                    Horace P
MAY                                    Mary C
MAY                                    Nancy
MAY                                    Sarah A
MAY                                    Stephen
MAY                                    Stephen A
MAY (CW)                               Horace P
MAYENS                                 Sarah
MCALLEY                                Edwin K
MCALLEY                                Fanny
MCALLEY                                George H
MCALLEY                                Luella
MCALLEY                                Martin V
MCALLEY                                Olive J
MCALLEY                                Olive L
MCCARTHY                               John
MCCLURE                                Glenna
MCCLURE SHANAHAN                       Glenna
MCCLUSKEY                              Cornelius
MCCLUSKEY                              Lillian E
MCDONALD                               Edward
MCDONALD                               Edward
MCDONALD                               Livonia
MCDONALD                               Minerva
MCDONALD (CW)                          Edward
MCDONALD GLASSBROOK                    Minerva
MCGRATH                                Jennie
MCGROUTY                               Alice M
MCGROUTY                               Harold C
MCKEE                                  Bessie P
MCKEE                                  Calvin W
MCKEE                                  David F
MCKEE                                  David H
MCKEE                                  Elizabeth
MCKEE                                  Fred D
MCKEE                                  Leota L
MCKEE                                  Lydia
MCKEE                                  Mary E
MCKEE                                  Robert
MCKEE                                  William
MCKEE                                  William R
MCKEE                                  William Z
MCKEOUGH                               Eileen M
MCKEOUGH                               Joseph F
MCKINSTRY                              Alice M
MCKINSTRY                              Alonzo D
MCKINSTRY                              Cora A
MCKINSTRY                              Elsie
MCKINSTRY                              Gertrude May
MCKINSTRY                              Grace P
MCKINSTRY                              James
MCKINSTRY                              John P
MCKINSTRY                              Josh W
MCKINSTRY                              Mary
MCKINSTRY                              Mary F
MCKINSTRY                              Ortensia
MCKINSTRY                              Sophia
MCKINSTRY                              Violette
MCKINSTRY ROBERTS                      Grace P
MCKINSTRY SWINTON                      Elsie
MCLANE                                 James
MCLEAN                                 Robert J
MCLEAN (KOR)                           Robert J
MCLEAN (WWII)                          Robert J
MCMILLEN                               Edward E
MEAD                                   Alla Dilly
MEAD                                   Almerin H
MEAD                                   Alonzo
MEAD                                   Alonzo C
MEAD                                   Amasa F
MEAD                                   Andrew
MEAD                                   Archie S
MEAD                                   Arthur
MEAD                                   Ashley L
MEAD                                   Betsey
MEAD                                   Bryon
MEAD                                   Cynthia
MEAD                                   Cynthia M
MEAD                                   Daniel Jason
MEAD                                   Deborah
MEAD                                   Denham
MEAD                                   Diantha
MEAD                                   Eli
MEAD                                   Elizabeth H
MEAD                                   Ella
MEAD                                   Enos
MEAD                                   Esther
MEAD                                   Esther
MEAD                                   Ezbun H
MEAD                                   Frances H
MEAD                                   Gertrude E
MEAD                                   Hannah
MEAD                                   Harlin H
MEAD                                   Harriet
MEAD                                   Harriet
MEAD                                   Helen A
MEAD                                   James
MEAD                                   James S
MEAD                                   Jonathan
MEAD                                   Josephine A
MEAD                                   Juda
MEAD                                   Julia Ann
MEAD                                   Laura
MEAD                                   Laura A
MEAD                                   Laura A
MEAD                                   Laura E
MEAD                                   Leander
MEAD                                   Levi
MEAD                                   Levi
MEAD                                   Lewis
MEAD                                   Lillian E
MEAD                                   Luie Anna
MEAD                                   Luther F
MEAD                                   Lydia W
MEAD                                   Marlin
MEAD                                   Martha
MEAD                                   Martha J
MEAD                                   Mary A
MEAD                                   Mary A
MEAD                                   Mary C
MEAD                                   Mary E
MEAD                                   Matthew
MEAD                                   Melliscent
MEAD                                   Mina
MEAD                                   Nash
MEAD                                   Obadiah
MEAD                                   Olive
MEAD                                   Orilla
MEAD                                   Orrison
MEAD                                   Priscilla
MEAD                                   Rachel
MEAD                                   Sallie A
MEAD                                   Sally Ann
MEAD                                   Sarah
MEAD                                   Sarah D
MEAD                                   Sarah E
MEAD                                   Sarah J
MEAD                                   Shadrach
MEAD                                   Shadrack F
MEAD                                   Sheridan
MEAD                                   Solomon
MEAD                                   Solomon S
MEAD                                   Spicy S
MEAD                                   William W H
MEAD                                   Wm D
MEAD ARNOLD                            Hannah
MEAD BROWN                             Josephine A
MEAD DUNN                              Laura
MEAD DUNN                              Sally Ann
MEAD GREEN                             Frances H
MEAD HIGLEY                            Gertrude E
MEAD KNAPP                             Rachel
MEAD LAKE                              Harriet
MEAD LEE                               Sarah
MEAD LEE                               Sarah D
MEAD LEGGETT                           Elizabeth H
MEAD MCCLUSKEY                         Lillian E
MEAD MEAD                              Alla Dilly
MEAD MEAD                              Esther
MEAD MOFFITT                           Mina
MEAD WALLACE                           Sallie A
MEAD WHIPPLE                           Helen A
MEADE                                  Edgar
MEADE                                  Frederick W
MEADE                                  Laura
MEADE                                  Mattie
MEADE                                  Vernon O
MEADE (WWII)                           Frederick W
MEHURIN                                Ashley
MELTON                                 Catherine
MELTON PIERSON                         Catherine
MENZIES                                Lillian
MERRILL                                Cora
MERRITT                                Elizabeth
MERRY                                  Margaret
MERRY KENYON                           Margaret
MEYER                                  Lillian J
MEYER OUSTECKY                         Lillian J
MEYERS                                 Minnie
MEYERS MONROE                          Minnie
MIDDLETON                              Almira
MIDDLETON                              B D
MIDDLETON                              Benjamin P
MIDDLETON                              Betsey A
MIDDLETON                              Elisha B
MIDDLETON                              Frank F
MIDDLETON                              Lucinda
MIDDLETON                              Marinda
MIDDLETON                              Martha
MIDDLETON                              Mary A
MIDDLETON                              Nancy Anne
MIDDLETON                              S C
MIDDLETON                              Sally
MIDDLETON                              Sally
MIDDLETON                              Samuel
MIDDLETON                              William
MIDDLETON                              William J
MIDDLETON BARTON                       Almira
MIDDLETON SMITH                        Martha
MILLARD                                Elizabeth
MILLARD HAYS                           Elizabeth
MILLER                                 Abigail
MILLER                                 Anna M
MILLER                                 Elam B
MILLER                                 Elizabeth
MILLER                                 Fanny E
MILLER                                 Fidelia M B
MILLER                                 Frederick
MILLER                                 George
MILLER                                 George Urban
MILLER                                 Lois W
MILLER                                 Sumner
MILLER (CW)                            George
MILLER PATCHIN                         Lois W.
MILLINGTON                             Anna
MILLINGTON                             Ernest D
MILLINGTON                             Lillian
MILLINGTON                             Mary J
MILLINGTON                             William
MILLIS                                 Charles L
MILLIS WAGNER                          Charlotte
MILLS                                  Andrew C.
MILLS                                  Charles D
MILLS                                  Charlotte
MILLS                                  Dalinda B
MILLS                                  Dora A
MILLS                                  Frances P
MILLS                                  James T
MILLS                                  John H
MILLS                                  Joseph B
MILLS                                  Julia S
MILLS                                  Malinda
MILLS                                  Margaret
MILLS                                  Martha
MILLS                                  Martha
MILLS                                  Polly
MILLS                                  Stephen
MILLS (WWII)                           Charles D
MILLS COSGROVE                         Margaret
MILLS HAYS                             Martha
MILLS KELSO                            Martha
MILLS PACKARD                          Dora A
MITCHELL                               Delia E
MITCHELL                               Marcus U
MITCHELL                               Maria E
MITCHELL                               Thomas M
MOFFIT                                 Albert H
MOFFIT                                 Alfred J
MOFFIT                                 Ann
MOFFIT                                 Ann L
MOFFIT                                 Belle
MOFFIT                                 Celia L
MOFFIT                                 Clista
MOFFIT                                 Dasia B
MOFFIT                                 Delbert
MOFFIT                                 George
MOFFIT                                 George Jr
MOFFIT                                 Jessie
MOFFIT                                 Mary
MOFFIT                                 Robert
MOFFIT (CW)                            George
MOFFIT FRASIER                         Belle
MOFFIT HASTINGS                        Dasia B
MOFFIT TYRRELL                         Clista
MOFFITT                                Alberta E
MOFFITT                                Effie
MOFFITT                                Fred
MOFFITT                                Mina
MOFFITT                                Robert L
MOFFITT DALABA                         Alberta E
MONROE                                 Agnes
MONROE                                 Albert B
MONROE                                 Albert P
MONROE                                 Alfred
MONROE                                 Alfred B
MONROE                                 Almira
MONROE                                 Althea E
MONROE                                 Angeline
MONROE                                 Anna M
MONROE                                 Anna R
MONROE                                 Antoinell C
MONROE                                 Beatrice
MONROE                                 Bernise
MONROE                                 Bessie
MONROE                                 Betty
MONROE                                 Billings
MONROE                                 Burton R
MONROE                                 Byron
MONROE                                 Byron B
MONROE                                 Calvin P
MONROE                                 Cecil E
MONROE                                 Charles
MONROE                                 Charles Jr
MONROE                                 Clarence
MONROE                                 Diantha
MONROE                                 Dorothy
MONROE                                 Dorothy
MONROE                                 Dorothy
MONROE                                 Dorothy R
MONROE                                 Dudley
MONROE                                 Earl Williams
MONROE                                 Edith M
MONROE                                 Eli
MONROE                                 Elizabeth
MONROE                                 Elizabeth
MONROE                                 Elwin L
MONROE                                 Eva M
MONROE                                 Eva M
MONROE                                 Evelyn G
MONROE                                 Florence
MONROE                                 Foster L
MONROE                                 Frank
MONROE                                 Frank S
MONROE                                 Frederick E
MONROE                                 George
MONROE                                 George
MONROE                                 Gladys B
MONROE                                 Gladys G
MONROE                                 Gladys I
MONROE                                 Gladys L
MONROE                                 Hannah
MONROE                                 Harvey L
MONROE                                 Helen
MONROE                                 Henry
MONROE                                 Hiram D
MONROE                                 Ida May
MONROE                                 James
MONROE                                 Jane
MONROE                                 Jennie M
MONROE                                 Jennie M
MONROE                                 Jeremiah J
MONROE                                 Kenneth R
MONROE                                 Laura
MONROE                                 Lawrence
MONROE                                 Leland B
MONROE                                 Leonard
MONROE                                 Leonard
MONROE                                 Lester John
MONROE                                 Lester N
MONROE                                 Lester R
MONROE                                 Lizzie
MONROE                                 Lora
MONROE                                 Lucretia
MONROE                                 Madeline M
MONROE                                 Maggie
MONROE                                 Margaret C
MONROE                                 Margaret P
MONROE                                 Martha A
MONROE                                 Martin A
MONROE                                 Mary A
MONROE                                 Minnie
MONROE                                 Myrtle J
MONROE                                 Myrtle J
MONROE                                 Nora P
MONROE                                 Orlie
MONROE                                 Orlie
MONROE                                 Pauline
MONROE                                 Permelia
MONROE                                 Permelia J
MONROE                                 Peter A
MONROE                                 Philip
MONROE                                 R. Curtis
MONROE                                 Ray
MONROE                                 Richard
MONROE                                 Richard James Jr
MONROE                                 Robert D
MONROE                                 Ruth Lala
MONROE                                 Sally Ann
MONROE                                 Stephen J
MONROE                                 Susan J
MONROE                                 Viola M
MONROE                                 Walter L
MONROE                                 Wanda H
MONROE                                 Wilbur
MONROE                                 Wilbur L
MONROE (AFG)                           Jeremiah J
MONROE (CW)                            Billings
MONROE (CW)                            Henry
MONROE (CW)                            Martin A
MONROE (SERV)                          Richard James Jr
MONROE (WWI)                           Charles Jr
MONROE (WWII)                          Foster L
MONROE (WWII)                          Lester John
MONROE (WWII)                          Lester R
MONROE (WWII)                          Richard
MONROE ARMSTRONG                       Susan J
MONROE BENNETT                         Jane
MONROE CULVER                          Eva M
MONROE DAVIS                           Edith M
MONROE DUELL                           Helen
MONROE HAFF                            Jane
MONROE HILL                            Sally Ann
MONROE MEADE                           Laura
MONROE MOREHOUSE                       Jennie M
MONROE NICHOLS                         Elizabeth
MONROE PRATT                           Permelia J
MONROE SMITH                           Evelyn G
MONROE WILSON                          Almira
MONTGOMERY                             M J
MONTGOMERY DAVISON                     M J
MONTY                                  Amelia
MONTY ST DENNIS                        Amelia
MOON                                   Alice A
MOON                                   Eliza A
MOON                                   Lillie M
MOON BESWICK                           Eliza A
MOON ROBERTS                           Lillie M
MOORE                                  Agnes E
MOORE                                  John F
MOORE                                  Lousia M
MOORE                                  Mariah L
MOORE                                  Minerva
MORE                                   Daniel L
MOREHOUSE                              Arthur
MOREHOUSE                              Beatrice
MOREHOUSE                              Betsey M
MOREHOUSE                              Carl J
MOREHOUSE                              Edna M
MOREHOUSE                              Edward
MOREHOUSE                              Evalena
MOREHOUSE                              Florence Belle
MOREHOUSE                              Frank D
MOREHOUSE                              George
MOREHOUSE                              George Elmer
MOREHOUSE                              Harry L
MOREHOUSE                              Hellen
MOREHOUSE                              Isaac
MOREHOUSE                              James
MOREHOUSE                              James L
MOREHOUSE                              Jennie M
MOREHOUSE                              Lewis
MOREHOUSE                              Libbie
MOREHOUSE                              Lucinda
MOREHOUSE                              Mabel B
MOREHOUSE                              Mary
MOREHOUSE                              Mary Julia
MOREHOUSE                              Max L
MOREHOUSE                              Nellie
MOREHOUSE                              Nellie
MOREHOUSE                              Rachel
MOREHOUSE                              Rebecca
MOREHOUSE                              Thomas
MOREHOUSE                              Thomas
MOREHOUSE (CW)                         James L
MOREHOUSE (KOR)                        Max L
MOREHOUSE (WWII)                       Carl J
MOREHOUSE ANDRUS                       Rebecca
MOREHOUSE BRUCE                        Evalena
MOREHOUSE DEWEY                        Libbie
MOREHOUSE RIST                         Beatrice
MOREHOUSE YOUNES                       Edna M
MOREY                                  Caroline M
MOREY                                  Charlotte
MOREY                                  Dora
MOREY                                  Frank
MOREY                                  George S
MOREY                                  Sidney B
MOREY                                  William
MORGAN                                 Eunice T
MORGAN                                 Mary L
MORGAN                                 Samuel
MORILL                                 Robert
MORRELL                                Mary Ann
MORRELL WAKELEY                        Mary Ann
MORRISON                               Nancy
MOSEMAN                                Catharine
MOSEMAN                                Spicy S
MOSEMAN                                Susan
MOSEMAN MEAD                           Spicy S.
MOSES                                  Charlotte
MOSHER                                 George
MOSHER                                 Hazel
MOSHER                                 Leota L
MOSHER                                 Nathan
MOSHER                                 Nathan
MOSHER MCKEE                           Leota L
MULLEN                                 Margaret
MULLEN                                 Mary
MULLEN                                 Michael
MULLEN                                 Thomas
MURCH                                  Hiram
MURCH                                  Lucy
MURDOCK                                Lorenzo D.
MURDOCK                                Sally
MURPHY                                 John
MURRAY                                 George
NEEDHAM                                Elizabeth
NEEDHAM                                Harrison
NEEDHAM                                Jennie B
NEEDHAM                                Thomas
NELSON                                 Elizabeth
NELSON                                 Lucy Ann
NELSON                                 Mary
NELSON                                 Polly
NELSON GRIFFIN                         Lucy Ann
NEWBERRY                               Willie A
NEWBERRY                               Willie J
NEWTON                                 Allie L
NEWTON                                 Eliza S
NEWTON                                 Eva M
NEWTON                                 Horace
NEWTON                                 J Frederick
NEWTON MONROE                          Eva M
NICHOLS                                Alonzo S
NICHOLS                                Elizabeth
NICHOLS                                Irene
NICHOLS                                James N
NICHOLS                                Maria
NICHOLS                                Martha
NICHOLS                                Park V
NICHOLS                                Sarah J
NICHOLS                                Thankful
NICHOLS (VN)                           James N
NICHOLS UNDERWOOD                      Maria
NICHOLS UNDERWOOD                      Martha
NICKOLS                                Alva
NOBLE                                  Ann
NOBLE                                  Archibald
NOBLE                                  Caroline
NOBLE                                  David E
NOBLE                                  Edward
NOBLE                                  Ella J
NOBLE                                  John
NOBLE                                  John
NOBLE                                  Margaret
NOBLE                                  Margaret
NOBLE                                  Mary
NOBLE                                  Mary
NOBLE                                  Thomas
NOBLE                                  Thomas L
NOBLE                                  William
NOBLE SPOOR                            Mary
NORTHUP                                Abbey J
NORTHUP GREEN                          Abbey J
NORTON                                 Charlotte
NORTON                                 George
NORTON                                 Jemima
NORTON                                 Joseph
NORTON                                 Luman C
NORTON                                 Lurinda
NORTON                                 Maryett
NORTON CARPENTER                       Charlotte
NORTON ROSS                            Jemima
NOXON                                  Cilinda
NOXON                                  Connlin J
NOXON                                  George W
NOXON                                  Levina
NOXON                                  Robert
NOXON                                  Sarah E
NUTTING                                John D
NUTTING                                Submit
NUTTING (CW)                           John D
O'MALLEY                               Margaret
O'MALLEY SULLIVAN                      Margaret
O'NEILL                                John T
O'NEILL (VN)                           John T
OCONNOR JOYCE                          Catherine
ODELL                                  Deborah
ODELL                                  J W
OLDEN                                  Clarissa
OLDEN                                  James
OLDEN                                  Levi
OLDEN                                  Nora P
OLDEN (CW)                             Levi
OLDEN MONROE                           Nora P
OLDER                                  Ann Rebekah
OLDER                                  David
OLIVER                                 Jane A
OLIVER GWINUP                          Jane A
ORDWAY                                 Frank L
ORDWAY                                 Sophia
ORDWAY HARVEY                          Josephine
ORMSBY                                 Sarah J.
ORMSBY SMITH                           Sarah J
OSBORN                                 Ann Eliza
OSBORN GRAY                            Ann Eliza
OUSTECKY                               Frank C
OUSTECKY                               James F
OUSTECKY                               Lillian J
OWENS                                  Francis
OWENS                                  Gertrude
OWENS BERO                             Corinne T
PACKARD                                Dora A
PAGE                                   Abigail M
PAGE                                   Lydia
PAGE                                   Maryette
PAGE                                   Sarah M
PAGE BARRETT                           Lydia
PAGE RUSSELL                           Abigail M
PAIGE                                  Ortensia
PAIGE MCKINSTRY                        Ortensia
PALMATIER                              A B
PALMATIER                              Gertie
PALMATIER                              Wayland
PALMER                                 Alvah
PALMER                                 Benjamin G
PALMER                                 Charles G
PALMER                                 Debrah
PALMER                                 James W
PALMER                                 Jane E
PALMER                                 Louisa A
PALMER                                 Lucy A
PALMER                                 Mary Ann
PALMER                                 Mary E
PALMER                                 Nancy S
PALMER                                 Rachel
PALMER                                 Richard
PALMER                                 Samuel
PALMER                                 Sarah A
PALMER                                 Warren
PALMER RICHARDSON                      Mary E
PALMER TABER                           Louisa A
PALMER WATERS                          Lucy A
PALMER ZUFELT                          Rachel
PARCELLS                               Emily
PARCELLS                               George W
PARCELLS                               John H
PARCELLS (CW)                          George W
PARKER                                 Catharine
PARKER                                 Catherine
PARKER                                 Elisha
PARKER                                 Henry F
PARKER                                 James
PARKER                                 James
PARKER                                 James
PARKER                                 Job
PARKER                                 John
PARKER                                 John H
PARKER                                 Kathryn
PARKER                                 Lilian M
PARKER                                 Loyal Nathan
PARKER                                 Margaret D
PARKER                                 Mary A
PARKER                                 Morris Sam
PARKER                                 Pearl
PARKER                                 Philis
PARKER                                 Ray H
PARKER                                 Sarah
PARKER                                 Sarah Anna
PARKER                                 Susan
PARKER                                 Susan
PARKER (CW)                            Elisha
PARKER (WWI)                           Loyal Nathan
PARKER KENYON                          Susan
PARKER TOWSLEY                         Mary A
PARKS                                  Hannah
PARRISH                                Almira
PASCO                                  Abram
PASCO                                  Addie E
PASCO                                  Charles H
PASCO                                  Charlotte E
PASCO                                  Elmer M
PASCO                                  Freerick
PASCO                                  Hugh Algie
PASCO                                  Iva Grace
PASCO                                  Joseph
PASCO                                  Lorenzo
PASCO                                  Morgan D
PASCO                                  Polly
PASCO                                  Salley
PASCO                                  Sally
PASCO                                  Seymour C
PASCO (CW)                             Seymour C
PASKO                                  Elihu
PASKO                                  Harvey F
PASKO                                  John
PASKO                                  John
PASKO                                  John H
PASKO                                  Lenoard
PASKO                                  Lydia
PASKO                                  Maria
PASKO                                  Nancy
PASKO                                  Noah H
PASKO                                  Truman H
PASKO (CW)                             John H
PASKO (CW)                             Truman
PATCHEN                                Fanny E
PATCHIN                                Lois W.
PEARCE                                 Clarence
PEASE                                  Abram
PEASE                                  Anna
PEASE                                  Hannah C
PEASE                                  Lavina
PEASE                                  Orin F
PEASE ROBERTS                          Anna
PEER                                   Harriet A
PEER                                   John H
PEER                                   Martin V
PEER (CW)                              John H
PEER (CW)                              Martin V
PELAK                                  John Michael
PELAK (VN)                             John Michael
PENDELL                                Azuba
PENDELL                                Elisha
PENDELL                                Elisha
PENDELL                                Lorenzo
PENDELL                                Lovicy
PENDELL                                Lumon
PENDELL                                Lyman H
PENDELL                                Malinda
PENDELL                                Sarah
PENDELL                                Susanah
PENDELL                                Susannah
PENDELL MAGEE                          Sarah
PENDELL MILLS                          Malinda
PERKINS                                Eliza M
PERKINS                                Helen E
PERKINS                                Mary C.
PERKINS                                Palmer
PERKINS                                Raymond J
PEROTTI                                Edward P
PERRY                                  Celinda
PERRY                                  Infant
PERRY                                  Lois V
PERRY                                  Mead L
PERRY                                  Norman F
PERRY                                  Priscilla
PERRY                                  Solomon E
PERRY                                  Swain S
PERRY                                  Thurston D
PERRY                                  Willet S
PERRY (CW)                             Norman F
PERRY (CW)                             Solomon E
PERRY MEAD                             Priscilla
PERSONS                                Brenda L
PERSONS                                David B
PERSONS                                Donald A
PERSONS                                Edith V
PERSONS                                J Bertrand
PERSONS                                Lucy S
PERSONS                                Mabel M
PERSONS                                Martha J
PERSONS                                Milford R
PERSONS                                Sarah M
PERSONS (WWII)                         Donald A
PERSONS WATERS                         Edith V
PETTEYS                                Mary
PETTEYS SHERMAN                        Mary
PETTYS                                 Europe
PFEIFFER                               John Paul
PFEIFFER (SERV)                        John Paul
PHELAN                                 Patrick
PHELPS                                 Minerva M
PHILIPS                                Ephraim
PHILIPS                                Rebecca J
PHILLIPS                               Dean
PHILLIPS                               Harriet
PHILLIPS                               Mary
PHILLIPS                               Mary Ann
PHILLIPS HAMMOND                       Harriet
PHILLIPS JENKS                         Mary
PICKEL                                 Mildred
PICKEL                                 Walter
PIERCE                                 Elizabeth J
PIERCE                                 John
PIERCE                                 Jonathan
PIERCE                                 Miriam
PIERCE                                 Pliny
PIERCE                                 Pliny
PIERCE                                 Polly
PIERCE                                 Rebecca
PIERSON                                Catherine
PIERSON                                Joseph W
PIERSON                                Joseph W
PIERSON                                Margaret
PIERSON (KOR)                          Joseph W
PIKE                                   Aaron
PIKE                                   Beulah
PIKE                                   Laura A
PIKE                                   Salome
PIKE                                   Samuel
PIKE                                   Sarah
PIKE MEAD                              Laura A
PIKE RANDALL                           Salome
PILON                                  Johnie
PINSONAULT                             Delia
PINSONAULT FOURNIER                    Delia
PITKIN                                 Edmund Harvey
PITTS                                  Alexander E
PIXLEY                                 Asa
PLACE                                  Sally
PLUE                                   Frances J
PLUE WEBSTER                           Frances J
POLLARD                                Polly
POLLARD SCOFIELD                       Polly
POMEROY                                Chloe J
PORTEOUS                               Andrew
PORTEOUS                               Jane B
POTTER                                 Anna S
POTTER                                 Ansel B
POTTER                                 Betsey
POTTER                                 Hannah
POTTER                                 John P
POTTER                                 Keziah
POTTER                                 LeRoy
POTTER                                 Mary
POTTER                                 Thomas
POTTER                                 Wilbur
POTTER  (CW)                           LeRoy
POTTER FINKLE                          Hannah
POTTER KELLY                           Mary
POTTER REYNOLDS                        Anna S
PRATT                                  Abram
PRATT                                  Arthur
PRATT                                  Arthur
PRATT                                  Catherine
PRATT                                  Charles
PRATT                                  Dorothy
PRATT                                  Ellen
PRATT                                  Esther
PRATT                                  George L
PRATT                                  Irihda
PRATT                                  Isabel
PRATT                                  Jane P
PRATT                                  Jedediah
PRATT                                  John H
PRATT                                  Lawrence E
PRATT                                  Lena Mae
PRATT                                  Lydia Ann
PRATT                                  Marion
PRATT                                  Olive
PRATT                                  Permelia J
PRATT                                  Rheuma
PRATT                                  Rose
PRATT                                  Ruth
PRATT                                  Sarah
PRATT                                  Sewell B
PRATT                                  Susan L
PRATT                                  Thomas Gilmore
PRATT                                  Truman
PRATT (WWII)                           George L
PRATT (WWII)                           Thomas Gilmore
PRATT BRANNACK                         Isabel
PRATT DAVIS                            Ellen
PRATT DORSETT                          Esther
PRATT RISING                           Jane P
PRAY                                   Orrin B.
PRESCOTT                               Mary
PRESCOTT SAGE                          Mary
PRICHARD                               Jonathan F
PRICHARD                               Mary
PRICHARD                               Richard
PRICHARD                               Samuel
PRICHARD                               Weltha S
PRITCHARD                              Carroll S
PRITCHARD                              Lydia
PRITCHARD                              Morgan W
PRITCHARD (WWI)                        Carroll S
PROCTOR                                Julia A
PROCTOR                                Wesley J
PROCTOR (KOR)                          Wesley J
PROCTOR KELSO                          Julia A
PROSSER                                Juliett
PROUTY                                 Abel
PROUTY                                 Adelia
PROUTY                                 Ann Jane
PROUTY                                 Charles
PROUTY                                 Charles H
PROUTY                                 Eunice
PROUTY                                 Eunice J
PROUTY                                 Frank S
PROUTY                                 Infant
PROUTY                                 J. Jones
PROUTY                                 Lydia
PROUTY                                 Malira
PROUTY                                 Martha Ann
PROUTY                                 Mary J
PROUTY                                 Matilda A
PROUTY HOWE                            Mary J
PROUTY PROUTY                          Lydia
PROUTY SMITH                           Matilda A
PULVER                                 Estella
PULVER                                 Henry
PULVER                                 Nathan
PURDY                                  Benjamin Scott
PURDY                                  Richard F
PURVEE                                 Alfred
PURVEE                                 Esther H
PURVEE (CW)                            Alfred
PUTNAM                                 Charlotte
PUTNAM                                 Laura A
PUTNAM                                 Leon S
PUTNAM                                 Lewis L
PUTNAM                                 Parks
PUTNAM                                 Ruth L
PUTNAM                                 Sarah
PUTNAM PUTNEY                          Ruth L
PUTNAM WATERS                          Laura A
PUTNEY                                 Amelia
PUTNEY                                 Lena B
PUTNEY                                 Mary
PUTNEY                                 Ruth L
PUTNEY DICKINSON                       Amelia
PUTNEY ROUNDS                          Mary
QUAILE                                 Edith
RAMSAY                                 Frances Elaine
RAMSEY                                 Catharine
RAMSEY                                 Catherine
RAMSEY CRANNELL                        Catherine
RAMSEY HILL                            Catharine
RANDALL                                Abel
RANDALL                                Joshua
RANDALL                                Julia Ann
RANDALL                                Malvina
RANDALL                                Malvinia
RANDALL                                Michael J
RANDALL                                Paulina
RANDALL                                Rufus
RANDALL                                Salome
RANDALL PLACE                          Sally
RANDALL RANDALL                        Paulina
RANKIN                                 Eliabeth W
RANKIN LEGGETT                         Elizabeth W.
RAWLINS                                Ann
RAWLINS                                Charles
RAWLINS                                Hannah
RAWLINS                                Richard
RAWLINS                                Richard E
RAWLINS (WWII)                         Richard E
RAY                                    Elijah
RAY (WWII)                             Elijah
REDFIELD                               Elizabeth
REDFIELD                               Harry Starr
REECE                                  Bertha V
REECE ANDRUS                           Bertha V
REED                                   Clarence W
REED (WWI)                             Clarence W
REGELMANN                              William
REGNEY                                 James
REGNEY (CW)                            James
REHM                                   Annie
REHM                                   Emily
REHM                                   Ethel S
REHM                                   Walter O
REHM SEDLACEK                          Annie
REMINGTON                              Almira B
REMINGTON                              Anne M
REMINGTON                              Cora E
REMINGTON                              Grange
REMINGTON                              John
REMINGTON                              Julius D
REMINGTON                              Lulu J
REMINGTON                              Maria
REMINGTON                              Sarah J
REMINGTON HAYES                        Lulu J
REMINGTON LEWIS                        Anne M
REXFORD                                Ambrose B
REXFORD                                Eunice
REXFORD                                Harriett A
REXFORD                                Roswell
REXFORD                                Samuel A
REXFORD                                Susan B
REXFORD                                Susan J
REXFORD HODGSON                        Susan B
REYNOLDS                               Anna S
REYNOLDS                               Didama
REYNOLDS                               Elijah
REYNOLDS                               James D
REYNOLDS                               Jennie
REYNOLDS                               John C
REYNOLDS                               Martha R
REYNOLDS                               Phebe A
REYNOLDS                               Seymour
REYNOLDS                               William
REYNOLDS                               William Henry
REYNOLDS (CW)                          John C
REYNOLDS KENYON                        Jennie
RHATIGAN                               William John
RHATIGAN (VN)                          William John
RHODES                                 Bert
RICE                                   Gerald D
RICE                                   Letha
RICE                                   Lurana
RICE                                   Polly Emilie
RICE BEATTIE                           Polly Emilie
RICE KENYON                            Lurana
RICHARDS                               Edward
RICHARDS                               Electa
RICHARDS                               Hester Ann
RICHARDS                               Hugh
RICHARDS                               Jane A
RICHARDS                               John
RICHARDS                               Pelatiah
RICHARDS                               Phebe
RICHARDS                               Robert
RICHARDS                               Roxana
RICHARDS                               Sally
RICHARDS                               Sarah
RICHARDS                               Sarah Ann
RICHARDSON                             Abnor
RICHARDSON                             Chas E
RICHARDSON                             Clarissa
RICHARDSON                             Claude L
RICHARDSON                             Elizabeth
RICHARDSON                             Ettie
RICHARDSON                             Harold J
RICHARDSON                             Mary E
RICHARDSON                             Millie
RICHARDSON                             Robert A
RICHARDSON                             Rodney
RICHARDSON                             Susan M
RICHARDSON (CW)                        Robert A
RICHARDSON (CW)                        Rodney
RICHARDSON (RW)                        Abnor
RICHARDSON ALSTON                      Elizabeth
RISING                                 Jane P
RISING                                 Stephen
RIST                                   Beatrice
RIST                                   Evalena M.
RIST                                   Ida M
ROBBINS                                Benajah
ROBBINS                                Bert
ROBBINS                                Bert I
ROBBINS                                Carlton
ROBBINS                                Celia
ROBBINS                                Clement
ROBBINS                                Cora D
ROBBINS                                Delia
ROBBINS                                Elsie
ROBBINS                                Evangeline
ROBBINS                                Freeman D
ROBBINS                                Gertrude
ROBBINS                                Gordon
ROBBINS                                Harvey
ROBBINS                                Susan M
ROBBINS (CW)                           Benajah
ROBBINS (CW)                           Harvey
ROBBINS HAYES                          Susan M
ROBBINS KINGSLEY                       Evangeline
ROBERSON                               George
ROBERSON                               Phebe
ROBERTS                                Althea L
ROBERTS                                Anna
ROBERTS                                Anna M
ROBERTS                                Arthur J
ROBERTS                                Axey
ROBERTS                                Carrie
ROBERTS                                Ella M
ROBERTS                                Ellen
ROBERTS                                Fred J
ROBERTS                                Grace P
ROBERTS                                Hannah
ROBERTS                                Isaac
ROBERTS                                J Henry
ROBERTS                                John H
ROBERTS                                Lillie M
ROBERTS                                Sally
ROBERTS                                Willard C
ROBERTS                                William C
ROBERTS                                William H
ROBERTS DUEL                           Hannah
ROBERTS MIDDLETON                      Sally
ROBERTS TYRRELL                        Carrie
ROBERTS WELLS                          Althea L
ROBERTSON                              Abigail
ROBERTSON                              Mary E
ROBINSON                               Editha A
ROBINSON                               Edmon
ROBINSON (CW)                          Edmon
ROBINSON DAVIS                         Editha A
ROBLEE                                 Betsey L
ROBLEE                                 Carl H
ROBLEE                                 Etta
ROBLEE                                 Harriet H
ROBLEE                                 Helen Estelle
ROBLEE                                 Hilton B
ROBLEE                                 Isaac H
ROBLEE                                 Luie H
ROBLEE                                 Lyman M
ROBLEE                                 Margaret C
ROBLEE                                 Nellie
ROBLEE                                 Robert J
ROBLEE                                 Sally A
ROBLEE                                 Theron
ROBLEE                                 William
ROBLEE                                 William Harrison
ROBLEE (CW)                            Isaac H
ROBLEE (WWII)                          Carl H
ROBLEE (WWII)                          Hilton B
ROBLEE (WWII)                          Robert J
ROBLEE CONVERSE                        Betsey L
ROBLEE MOREHOUSE                       Nellie
ROBLEE WALDRON                         Etta
ROCKWELL                               Betsey
ROCKWELL                               Caroline
ROCKWELL                               Celestia
ROCKWELL                               Charles Lewis
ROCKWELL                               Charlotte
ROCKWELL                               Cornelia M
ROCKWELL                               Elihu Lewis
ROCKWELL                               Emeline
ROCKWELL                               Eunice S
ROCKWELL                               George T
ROCKWELL                               Jeremy
ROCKWELL                               Katherine
ROCKWELL                               William Harmon
ROCKWELL CARPENTER                     Caroline
ROCKWELL GARDINER                      Cornelia M
ROCKWELL RUSSELL                       Emeline
ROCKWELL VAN ZANDT                     Katherine
ROGERS                                 Eliza
ROGERS                                 George B
ROGERS                                 Jane M
ROGERS                                 Liefa A
ROGERS                                 Mary A
ROGERS (CW)                            George B
ROGERS COLE                            Liefa A
ROGERS LEGGETT                         Eliza
ROLLER                                 George
ROLLIN                                 Ebenezer
ROLLIN                                 James
ROLLINS                                Robert
ROOSEVELT                              Catharine
ROOSEVELT DUNN                         Catharine
ROOT                                   Amanda D
ROOT                                   Lincoln M
ROSS                                   Abigail S
ROSS                                   Alvira
ROSS                                   Amanda M
ROSS                                   Amos
ROSS                                   Amos
ROSS                                   Anna
ROSS                                   Betsey R
ROSS                                   Caroline C
ROSS                                   Charlotte
ROSS                                   Chauncey S
ROSS                                   Darwin
ROSS                                   Delia A
ROSS                                   Electa A
ROSS                                   Eliza M
ROSS                                   Elizabeth
ROSS                                   Ellen A
ROSS                                   Fanny
ROSS                                   Henry
ROSS                                   Isaac H
ROSS                                   James M
ROSS                                   Jemima
ROSS                                   John M
ROSS                                   Judith L
ROSS                                   Lenora
ROSS                                   Lurane
ROSS                                   Myron
ROSS                                   Robert D
ROSS                                   Sarah M
ROSS                                   Valoros
ROSS (CW)                              James M.
ROSS BAKER                             Ellen A
ROSS BAKER                             Sarah M
ROSS GRIFFIN                           Eliza M
ROSS SOUTHWORTH                        Alvira
ROUND                                  Martha E
ROUND                                  Royal J
ROUNDS                                 Glendale E
ROUNDS                                 Jariah R
ROUNDS                                 Mary
ROUNDS (WWII)                          Glendale E
ROWE                                   Arilda A
ROZELL                                 Harold B
ROZELL (WWII)                          Harold B
RUMRELL                                Lucy
RUMRELL GOODMAN                        Lucy
RUMRILL                                Lucy
RUMRILL GOODMAN                        Lucy
RUSSELL                                Abigail M
RUSSELL                                Ada
RUSSELL                                Albert
RUSSELL                                Angeline B
RUSSELL                                Betsey
RUSSELL                                Cordie Pearl
RUSSELL                                Daniel E
RUSSELL                                Dwight
RUSSELL                                Elmira
RUSSELL                                Emeline
RUSSELL                                Emily
RUSSELL                                Evalena M
RUSSELL                                George P
RUSSELL                                James E
RUSSELL                                John B
RUSSELL                                Keziah
RUSSELL                                Louisa A
RUSSELL                                M Perlina K
RUSSELL                                Marcus
RUSSELL                                Norman E
RUSSELL                                Ruby M
RUSSELL                                Simon B
RUSSELL                                Submit
RUSSELL                                Viola
RUSSELL                                William J
RUSSELL                                William J
RUSSELL (CW)                           John B
RUSSELL (CW)                           Marcus
RUSSELL ANDRUS                         Evalena M
RUSSELL DALABA                         Cordie Pearl
RUSSELL NUTTING                        Submit
RUSSELL RIST                           Evalena M.
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