Warren County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Warren County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

SAGE                                   Frank
SAGE                                   Ida B
SAGE                                   Mary
SANDERS                                James F
SANDERS                                Mary J
SANDERS (CW)                           James F
SARGENT                                Fidelia
SARTWELL                               Sarah
SAUNDERS                               Ettie
SAUNDERS                               Lillian
SAUNDERS MILLINGTON                    Lillian
SAUNDERS RICHARDSON                    Ettie
SAVILLE                                Alice M
SAVILLE                                Charles H
SAVILLE                                Franklin P
SAVILLE                                Juliet
SAVILLE                                Levi
SAVILLE                                Lois J
SAVILLE                                Mildred
SAVILLE                                Minnie
SAVILLE                                Willard
SAVILLE MCGROUTY                       Alice M
SAVILLE WOODCOCK                       Mildred
SCALES                                 Rose E
SCALES SMITH                           Rose E
SCHERMERHORN                           Clara A.
SCHERMERHORN                           Cora A
SCHERMERHORN                           George B.
SCHERMERHORN                           Mary E.
SCHERMERHORN                           Maxine S
SCHERMERHORN BAKER                     Maxine S.
SCHERMERHORN FARRAR                    Cora A.
SCHMIDT                                Selma M
SCHOLL                                 Adolph B
SCHOLL                                 Esther
SCHUYLER                               Mary A
SCIPTER                                Nuel
SCOFIELD                               Polly
SCOFIELD                               Rhoda Elizabeth
SCOTT                                  Alice
SCOTT                                  Freelove
SCOTT                                  Isaac C
SCOTT                                  John McKay
SCOTT                                  Levinus W
SCOVIL                                 J W
SCOVIL                                 Margaret A
SCRIBNER                               Phebe Jane
SCRIPTER                               Phebe
SCRIPTER                               William
SCRIPTER (1812)                        William
SCRIPTER (CW)                          Nuel
SCRIPTURE                              Cecil A
SCRIPTURE                              Lillian D
SEAGE                                  Clarinda
SEAGE                                  Courtny
SEAGE                                  William H
SEAGE (CW)                             Courtney
SEARLS                                 Fannie
SEARLS GALUSHA                         Fannie
SEDLACEK                               Annie
SEDLACEK                               Joseph F
SEWELL                                 Esther A
SEWELL                                 John
SEXTON                                 Eleanor
SEXTON                                 Isaac W
SEXTON (CW)                            Isaac W
SEXTON CARDLE                          Eleanor
SHANAHAN                               Glenna
SHANAHAN                               Willard James
SHANAHAN (WWII)                        Willard James
SHAND                                  Richard M
SHAND (KOR)                            Richard M
SHATTUCK                               Catherine
SHAW                                   Calista
SHAW                                   Casimer J
SHAW                                   Casimer J
SHAW                                   Daniel
SHAW                                   Edward J
SHAW                                   Emma L
SHAW                                   James E
SHAW                                   James O
SHAW                                   Jessie
SHAW                                   Julia
SHAW                                   Marshall
SHAW                                   Noble C
SHAW (KOR)                             James E
SHAW (WWII)                            Noble C
SHAW KENYON                            Emma L
SHAW TAYLOR                            Cora M
SHAY                                   Cora M
SHAY                                   Synthia
SHAY HARRINGTON                        Synthia
SHED                                   David F
SHEDD                                  Esther
SHEDD                                  Esther
SHEDD                                  H. Otis
SHEDD                                  L. Rodney
SHEDD                                  Samuel
SHEDD (CW)                             H. Otis
SHEDD DAVIS                            Esther
SHEFFIELD                              Simeon
SHELDON                                Cora D
SHELDON                                Kenneth H
SHELDON (WWII)                         Kenneth H
SHELDON ROBBINS                        Cora D
SHENE                                  Flora
SHENE DUELL                            Flora
SHERMAN                                Albert H
SHERMAN                                Alfred
SHERMAN                                Carl Omer
SHERMAN                                Charles
SHERMAN                                Delilah
SHERMAN                                Elmira
SHERMAN                                Harriet P
SHERMAN                                Jabez
SHERMAN                                Josephen
SHERMAN                                Lemuel
SHERMAN                                Lovica
SHERMAN                                Mary
SHERMAN                                Mary
SHERMAN                                Polly Ann
SHERMAN                                Resolved
SHERMAN                                Silence W
SHERMAN                                Stephen
SHERMAN                                Veronica Vivian
SHERMAN                                William M
SHERMAN (WWII)                         Carl Omer
SHERMAN (WWII)                         William M
SHERMAN GRAVES                         Elmira
SHERMAN TABOR                          Silence W
SHIELDS                                Harold C
SHIELDS                                Hettie E
SHIELDS                                Merritt E
SHIELDS                                William
SHIELDS (WWI)                          Harold C
SHIELS                                 William
SHIFF DAYTON                           Chloe
SHUFELDT                               Lester
SHUFELDT                               Melinda
SKIFF                                  Betsey L
SKIFF                                  Electa
SKIFF                                  George Hovey
SKIFF                                  Irene
SKIFF                                  Olive
SKIFF                                  Sanders
SKIFF COON                             Betsey L
SKINNER                                Asenath J
SKINNER                                Jacob
SLATTERY                               John F
SLATTERY (WWII)                        John F
SLAVIN                                 Leo C
SLAVIN                                 Ruth F
SMEAD                                  Wilson
SMEAD (CW)                             Wilson
SMITH                                  Aaron
SMITH                                  Abigail A
SMITH                                  Aca D
SMITH                                  Alfred
SMITH                                  Alfred H
SMITH                                  Almira
SMITH                                  Alvira P.
SMITH                                  Anthony Bruce
SMITH                                  Armidda
SMITH                                  Arnold L
SMITH                                  Arthur E
SMITH                                  Arthur W
SMITH                                  Arthur W
SMITH                                  Austin Amos
SMITH                                  Barbara J
SMITH                                  Benjamin
SMITH                                  Bert D
SMITH                                  Bessie M
SMITH                                  Betsey E
SMITH                                  Burr H
SMITH                                  Caleb
SMITH                                  Caleb D
SMITH                                  Caleb W
SMITH                                  Carrie L
SMITH                                  Catharine E
SMITH                                  Charles
SMITH                                  Charles C
SMITH                                  Charles H
SMITH                                  Charles M
SMITH                                  Charlotte
SMITH                                  Charlton O
SMITH                                  Christopher
SMITH                                  Clarence
SMITH                                  Clarence B
SMITH                                  Clarissa
SMITH                                  Claudia C
SMITH                                  Constance E
SMITH                                  Cordelia N
SMITH                                  David
SMITH                                  Dennis A
SMITH                                  Dora
SMITH                                  Elisabeth
SMITH                                  Eliza
SMITH                                  Eliza
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Emeline
SMITH                                  Esther
SMITH                                  Eugene
SMITH                                  Evelyn G
SMITH                                  Ezra B
SMITH                                  Ezra B
SMITH                                  Flo W
SMITH                                  Flora
SMITH                                  Fones
SMITH                                  Francis E
SMITH                                  Frank H
SMITH                                  Frank P
SMITH                                  Franklin D
SMITH                                  Fred
SMITH                                  Frelove
SMITH                                  George
SMITH                                  George Arthur
SMITH                                  George W
SMITH                                  George W
SMITH                                  George W
SMITH                                  Gertrude L
SMITH                                  Harold Bert
SMITH                                  Harriet
SMITH                                  Harriet M
SMITH                                  Hattie
SMITH                                  Hazel P
SMITH                                  Helen J
SMITH                                  Henrietta S
SMITH                                  Henry H
SMITH                                  Hepsebeth
SMITH                                  Holmes
SMITH                                  Infant
SMITH                                  Isaac D
SMITH                                  James
SMITH                                  James W
SMITH                                  Jane
SMITH                                  Jane E
SMITH                                  Jane L
SMITH                                  John C
SMITH                                  John D
SMITH                                  John H
SMITH                                  John H
SMITH                                  John Holmes Jr
SMITH                                  John T
SMITH                                  Joseph
SMITH                                  Joseph A J
SMITH                                  Joseph F
SMITH                                  Joseph F
SMITH                                  Julia A
SMITH                                  Julia A
SMITH                                  Laura
SMITH                                  Lenita
SMITH                                  Lester C
SMITH                                  Lexie Helen
SMITH                                  Lottie E
SMITH                                  Lucinda A
SMITH                                  Lydia
SMITH                                  Mack
SMITH                                  Mae M
SMITH                                  Margaret
SMITH                                  Maria
SMITH                                  Maria
SMITH                                  Mariam
SMITH                                  Martha
SMITH                                  Mary F
SMITH                                  Matilda A
SMITH                                  Melissi L
SMITH                                  Mercy
SMITH                                  Minerva Mariah
SMITH                                  Miriam
SMITH                                  Mitchell D
SMITH                                  Myrtle B
SMITH                                  Nathaniel
SMITH                                  Nehemiah
SMITH                                  Nellie B
SMITH                                  Nellie G
SMITH                                  Orlin
SMITH                                  Othniel
SMITH                                  Permelia T
SMITH                                  Phebe
SMITH                                  Polly
SMITH                                  R
SMITH                                  Rev. Calleb
SMITH                                  Richard P
SMITH                                  Richard Powel
SMITH                                  Richard Powel, Jr
SMITH                                  Rose E
SMITH                                  Rosetta
SMITH                                  Roxcy A
SMITH                                  Ruth B
SMITH                                  Sally
SMITH                                  Samuel
SMITH                                  Sarah
SMITH                                  Sarah
SMITH                                  Sarah A
SMITH                                  Sarah J
SMITH                                  Sarah J
SMITH                                  Sarah J
SMITH                                  Selma F
SMITH                                  Sibyl
SMITH                                  Susan
SMITH                                  Sylvanus
SMITH                                  Theodore
SMITH                                  Theodoruss R
SMITH                                  Thomas Y
SMITH                                  Verna M
SMITH                                  Victor E
SMITH                                  Warren
SMITH                                  William J
SMITH                                  Zeruah R
SMITH (CW)                             Alfred H
SMITH (CW)                             Charles C
SMITH (CW)                             Charles M
SMITH (CW)                             Fones
SMITH (CW)                             Franklin D
SMITH (CW)                             George
SMITH (CW)                             George W
SMITH (CW)                             John H
SMITH (CW)                             John Holmes, Jr
SMITH (CW)                             Orlin
SMITH (SERV)                           Dennis A
SMITH (WWII)                           Arnold L
SMITH (WWII)                           Arthur E
SMITH (WWII)                           Francis E
SMITH (WWII)                           Harold Bert
SMITH (WWII)                           Mack
SMITH CARPENTER                        Carrie L
SMITH CRANDAL                          Maria
SMITH DUELL                            Sibyl
SMITH FOSMER                           Emeline
SMITH GOODMAN                          Clarissa
SMITH HARVEY                           Hattie
SMITH KENYON                           Jane E
SMITH LACKEY                           Lottie E
SMITH LOBDELL                          Alvira P
SMITH MOREY                            Dora
SMITH MURDOCK                          Sally
SMITH VIELE                            Eliza
SNYDER                                 Delia
SNYDER                                 Jennie A
SNYDER HAMMOND                         Jennie A
SOLOMON                                Abraham
SOLOMON                                Esther
SOLOMON                                John H
SOLOMON                                Zareef A
SOMERVILLE                             Archibald
SOMERVILLE                             Archibald N
SOMERVILLE                             Eleanor
SOMERVILLE                             Mary
SOMERVILLE                             Rebecca
SOMERVILLE                             S W
SOMERVILLE                             Thomas
SOMERVILLE                             William A
SOMERVILLE ARMSTRONG                   Mary
SOUTHWICK                              Albert A
SOUTHWICK                              Flora A
SOUTHWICK                              Hannah P
SOUTHWICK                              Isaac L
SOUTHWICK                              Marshal A
SOUTHWICK                              Rosolvo W
SOUTHWICK                              Rupert
SOUTHWICK                              Scott
SOUTHWICK                              Truman A
SOUTHWICK (CW)                         Albert A
SOUTHWICK FISH                         Flora A
SOUTHWORTH                             Alvira
SPACEK                                 Joseph Jerome
SPACEK                                 Mary Ann
SPATZ                                  Frederick O
SPATZ (WWII)                           Frederick O
SPEARS                                 Ransom
SPOOR                                  Ann
SPOOR                                  James M
SPOOR                                  Margaret
SPOOR                                  Mary
SPOOR                                  Mary Eleanor
SPOOR NOBLE                            Ann
SPRAGUE                                Amy
SPRAGUE                                Ida
SPRAGUE                                Jessie A
SPRAGUE BENNETT                        Jessie A
SPRAGUE JENKS                          Amy
ST DENNIS                              Alexander
ST DENNIS                              Amelia
ST DENNIS (CW)                         Alexander
ST JOHN                                Emeline M
ST JOHN                                Ira
ST JOHN                                Judith
STAATS                                 Christain
STAATS                                 Peter
STAATS                                 Sarah E
STAATS STEWART                         Sarah E
STACE                                  Lucinda B
STAFFORD                               Lucy
STAFFORD                               William
STANLEY                                Elijah
STANLEY                                Freddie
STANLEY                                Harriet
STANLEY                                Hattie
STANLEY                                Lucy
STANNARD                               Esther H
STANNARD PURVEE                        Esther H
STANTON                                Belle
STANTON                                Fanny
STANTON                                John R
STANTON                                Prudence
STANTON                                Samuel
STANTON                                Samuel A V
STARBUCK                               Charles J
STARBUCK                               Charles J
STARBUCK                               Content
STARBUCK                               Deborah
STARBUCK                               Edward
STARBUCK                               Emma A
STARBUCK                               George S
STARBUCK                               James
STARBUCK                               James E
STARBUCK                               Katie B
STARBUCK                               Lydia
STARBUCK                               Rebecca E
STARBUCK                               Sarah D
STARBUCK WALLER                        Deborah
STETSON                                William F
STETSON (WWII)                         William F
STEVENS                                Amy Ann
STEVENS                                Bessie P
STEVENS                                Elizabeth L
STEVENS                                Ella M
STEVENS                                Fannie D
STEVENS                                Grace
STEVENS                                Joseph W
STEVENS                                Newell T
STEVENS                                Orpha C
STEVENS                                Rosell I
STEVENS                                Seymour S
STEVENS                                Willard A
STEVENS                                Zenobia L
STEVENS BURNHAM                        Ella M
STEVENS MCKEE                          Bessie P
STEVENSON                              Mary A
STEVENSON LA FLURE                     Mary A
STEVES                                 Mary I
STEVES CULVER                          Mary I
STEWART                                Alexander
STEWART                                Amy
STEWART                                Charles
STEWART                                Christiana
STEWART                                David
STEWART                                Elizabeth
STEWART                                Frances E
STEWART                                Harriet M
STEWART                                James W
STEWART                                John
STEWART                                John F
STEWART                                John G
STEWART                                Margaret
STEWART                                Margery
STEWART                                Mary L
STEWART                                Mary M
STEWART                                Neal
STEWART                                Ruth
STEWART                                Sarah
STEWART                                Sarah E
STEWART                                Thomasa
STEWART BOWEN                          Harriet M
STEWART LOCKWOOD                       Ruth
STEWART TUTTLE                         Sarah
STIBBE                                 Hazeldine
STIBBE                                 Levi E
STOLTS                                 Sarah
STOREY                                 Mary
STOREY TUTTLE                          Mary
STRAIGHT                               Harriet A
STRAIGHT                               Josie B
STRAIGHT REXFORD                       Harriett A
STREETER                               Charles
STREETER                               Eli
STREETER                               Emily
STREETER                               Gertrude
STREETER                               Mary A
STREETER                               Orlin
STREETER                               Robert B
STREETER                               Russell
STREETER                               Sarah
STREETER                               Sarah
STREETER (CW)                          Eli
STREETER (CW)                          Russell
STREETER OWENS                         Gertrude
STRINGHAM                              Irena
STRINGHAM                              Wesley
STURGE                                 Thomas M
STYLES                                 James
STYLES                                 James A
STYLES                                 Rachel F
STYLES ANDREW                          Rachel F
SULLIVAN                               Margaret
SULLIVAN                               Margaret A
SULLIVAN                               William F
SULLIVAN (WWII)                        William F
SULLIVAN SCOVIL                        Margaret A
SUMMA                                  Joseph R
SUMMA (WWII)                           Joseph R
SWAIN                                  Mary E
SWAN                                   Florance V
SWAN                                   John P
SWAN                                   Mary
SWAN                                   Mary A
SWANSON                                Peter
SWIFT                                  Debbie Charity
SWIFT DILLINGHAM                       Deborah Charity
SWINTON                                Elsie
SWINTON                                Ray
TABER                                  Abigail
TABER                                  Alexander
TABER                                  Benjamin
TABER                                  Gideon
TABER                                  Harriet
TABER                                  Henry C
TABER                                  John
TABER                                  Juliet
TABER                                  Lewis
TABER                                  Louisa A
TABER                                  Marvin
TABER                                  Mercy
TABER                                  Selinda
TABER                                  Sophia
TABER (CW)                             Henry C
TABER ORDWAY                           Sophia
TABER SAVILLE                          Juliet
TABER SMITH                            Mercy
TABER UNDERWOOD                        Harriet
TABER YOUNG                            Abigail
TABOR                                  Abram
TABOR                                  Betsey
TABOR                                  Eliza
TABOR                                  Elizabeth
TABOR                                  Esther A
TABOR                                  Harvey A
TABOR                                  John H
TABOR                                  Margaret A
TABOR                                  Matilda M
TABOR                                  Minnie
TABOR                                  Sheldon
TABOR                                  Silence W
TABOR SAVILLE                          Minnie
TACY                                   Joseph
TACY                                   Nancy
TACY MORRISON                          Nancy
TAFT                                   George J
TAFT                                   Lucinda R
TAFT                                   Moriville
TANNER                                 Dorcas W
TANNER                                 Harriet J
TANNER                                 Lydia
TANNER                                 Mary J
TAYLOR                                 Albert S
TAYLOR                                 Alice M
TAYLOR                                 Cora M
TAYLOR                                 DeGratus
TAYLOR                                 Eliza A
TAYLOR                                 Frances
TAYLOR                                 Harriet M
TAYLOR                                 Marguriete
TAYLOR                                 Mary E
TAYLOR                                 Rachel Chloe
TAYLOR                                 Robert G
TAYLOR                                 Sarah J
TAYLOR                                 Sarah R
TAYLOR                                 Thomas
TAYLOR (WWII)                          Robert G
TAYLOR ALSTON                          Alice M
TAYLOR FISH                            Frances
TAYLOR GRIFFIN                         Marguriete
TAYLOR LOCKWOOD                        Eliza A
TAYLOR MCKEE                           Mary E
TEFT                                   Elizabeth
TENNISON                               Elizabeth
TENNISON                               Mary
TENNISON                               Mary
TENNISON                               Sarah
TENNISON                               William
TENNISON NELSON                        Elizabeth
TENNISON NELSON                        Mary
TENNISON STOLTS                        Sarah
TENNYSON                               Clarence H
TERRELL                                Ann L
TERRELL                                Celia L
TERRELL                                George W
TERRELL (CW)                           George W
TERRELL MOFFIT                         Ann L
TERRELL MOFFIT                         Celia L
TERRY                                  Belva G
TERRY                                  Infant
THOMAS                                 George E
THOMAS                                 Harold A
THOMAS                                 Josephine
THOMAS                                 Joshua
THOMAS                                 Molly
THOMAS                                 Prudence P
THOMAS                                 Ruth A
THOMAS WRIGHT                          Prudence P
THOMPSON                               Edgar
THOMPSON                               Electa J
THOMPSON                               Helen
THOMPSON                               June
THOMPSON                               Richard Mike
THOMPSON                               Richard T
THOMPSON (WWII)                        Richard T
THOMPSON HARRINGTON                    Helen
THOMSON                                Alexander
THOMSON                                Ann Eliza
THOMSON                                B L
THOMSON                                Benjamin M
THOMSON                                Charles P
THOMSON                                Ellen S
THOMSON                                Julia Ann
THOMSON                                Lanie
THOMSON                                Lorinda
THOMSON                                Maria E
THOMSON                                Ralph B
THOMSON                                Sherman
THOMSON                                Susan
THOMSON WAKLEY                         Susan
THORP                                  Alexander
THORP                                  Philander
THORP                                  Roxanna
THORP                                  Susannah
THORP                                  Thaddeus
THORP KIPP                             Susan
THURMAN                                John
THURSTON                               Alanson
THURSTON                               Betsey E
THURSTON                               Eliza Margaret
THURSTON                               Harriet
THURSTON                               Jesse F
THURSTON                               Joseph
THURSTON                               Josephine
THURSTON                               Lydia
THURSTON                               Noah
THURSTON                               Sarah Maria
THURSTON                               Solomon
THURSTON                               Solomon
TIBBITS                                Sophia
TIBBITS                                Stephen P
TIBBITTS                               Jessie L
TIBBITTS BEADLESTON                    Jessie L
TIFFT                                  Martha Ann
TIFFT HOAG                             Martha Ann
TINKER                                 Sally
TINKER BRONSON                         Sally
TOMSON                                 Clara B
TOWNER                                 John
TOWNER                                 Lydia M
TOWNER                                 Lydia R
TOWSLEY                                Fannie
TOWSLEY                                Isaac
TOWSLEY                                Jessie
TOWSLEY                                Judson Isaac
TOWSLEY                                Mary
TOWSLEY                                Mary A
TOXUSE                                 Susap
TOXUSE                                 Susap
TRAVER                                 Charles
TRAYNOR                                Catherine A
TRAYNOR BURTON                         Catherine A
TRENTECOSTE                            Jack J
TRENTECOSTE (WWII)                     Jack J
TRIPP                                  Adelia
TRIPP                                  Adliza
TRIPP                                  Albro S
TRIPP                                  Andrew D
TRIPP                                  Annie
TRIPP                                  Charles H
TRIPP                                  Charles W
TRIPP                                  Cynthia J
TRIPP                                  Deborah
TRIPP                                  Dorethea
TRIPP                                  Eliza
TRIPP                                  Eliza
TRIPP                                  Eliza
TRIPP                                  Eliza Margaret
TRIPP                                  Elizabeth
TRIPP                                  Ervin
TRIPP                                  Eunice J
TRIPP                                  Foster B
TRIPP                                  Fred A
TRIPP                                  George C
TRIPP                                  Helen J
TRIPP                                  J L
TRIPP                                  J Reid
TRIPP                                  Jeanette R
TRIPP                                  Jesse
TRIPP                                  Julian W
TRIPP                                  Julius
TRIPP                                  Kate B
TRIPP                                  Leslie D
TRIPP                                  Lillian
TRIPP                                  Lorenzo D
TRIPP                                  Lousia M
TRIPP                                  Malira
TRIPP                                  Mallery
TRIPP                                  Manerva E
TRIPP                                  Maria
TRIPP                                  Maria N
TRIPP                                  Melissa
TRIPP                                  Myron
TRIPP                                  Myron
TRIPP                                  Phebe A
TRIPP                                  Reuben E
TRIPP                                  Roxanna M
TRIPP                                  Sarah
TRIPP                                  Sarah M
TRIPP                                  Silvenus H
TRIPP                                  Thomas B
TRIPP                                  Viola
TRIPP                                  William
TRIPP                                  William Garner
TRIPP (CW)                             Lorenzo D
TRIPP BAKER                            Eliza
TRIPP BAKER                            Lillian
TRIPP CRANDAL                          Louisa M
TRIPP GRAY                             Dora
TRIPP HILL                             Kate B
TRIPP LOY                              Adliza
TRIPP MOORE                            Lousia M
TRIPP PROUTY                           Adelia
TRIPP THURSTON                         Eliza Margaret
TRIPP VANDERWERKER                     Sarah M
TRUAX                                  Arthur
TRUESDELL                              Alphonso
TRUESDELL                              Andrew
TRUESDELL                              Clementine
TRUESDELL                              Helen E
TRUESDELL                              John
TRUESDELL                              Lydia J
TRUESDELL                              Oscar
TRUESDELL                              Roxania Annie
TRUESDELL                              Simon
TRUESDELL TWISS                        Helen E
TRUMBLE                                Nathaniel
TRUMBULL                               Clara B
TRUMBULL                               Elizabeth
TRUMBULL                               Eva M
TRUMBULL TOMSON                        Clara B
TUBBS                                  Arthur Lewis
TUBBS                                  George W
TUBBS                                  John L
TUBBS                                  Mary
TUBBS                                  Mary A
TUBBS                                  Thompson E
TUCKER                                 Clarence R
TUCKER                                 Ephraim
TUCKER                                 Ida P
TUCKER                                 John
TUCKER                                 Julia M
TUCKER                                 Mary
TUCKER                                 Myra J
TUCKER                                 Rose E
TUCKER                                 Silas P
TUCKER                                 Silas S
TUCKER (CW)                            John
TUCKER (WWII)                          Silas P
TUCKER ALLEN                           Myra J
TUCKER CRANDAL                         Mary
TURNER                                 Edward
TURNER                                 Myrtle
TURNER                                 Richard H
TURNER (CW)                            Richard H
TURNER HARRINGTON                      Myrtle
TUTTLE                                 Helen
TUTTLE                                 Jay
TUTTLE                                 Lilian
TUTTLE                                 Lovice A
TUTTLE                                 Mary
TUTTLE                                 Roxa
TUTTLE                                 Roxie
TUTTLE                                 Sarah
TUTTLE                                 Sarah
TUTTLE                                 Sidney W
TUTTLE                                 Stephen
TUTTLE                                 Stephen
TUTTLE GOODMAN                         Lovice A.
TWISS                                  Dexter W
TWISS                                  Elizabeth
TWISS                                  Helen E
TWISS DONOR                            Elizabeth
TYREL                                  Elmer Mortimer
TYREL                                  Elmer Mortimer
TYREL                                  Emmaline A
TYREL                                  Lucy May
TYREL                                  Lucy May
TYREL                                  Merton E
TYREL                                  Mortimer S
TYREL                                  Ruth Lala
TYREL (WWII)                           Merton E
TYREL MONROE                           Ruth Lala
TYRRELL                                Alonzo
TYRRELL                                Beatrice B
TYRRELL                                Carrie
TYRRELL                                Charles M
TYRRELL                                Clarence M
TYRRELL                                Clista
TYRRELL                                Elizabeth
TYRRELL                                Fanny S
TYRRELL                                Forrest Grant
TYRRELL                                Harry H
TYRRELL                                Lafayette W
TYRRELL                                Paul K
TYRRELL                                Philip H
TYRRELL                                Sophronia E
TYRRELL (CW)                           Alonzo
TYRRELL (CW)                           Charles M
UNDERWOOD                              Erastus
UNDERWOOD                              Grace L
UNDERWOOD                              Harriet
UNDERWOOD                              Jane L
UNDERWOOD                              Lucy A
UNDERWOOD                              Magdalene
UNDERWOOD                              Maria
UNDERWOOD                              Martha
UNDERWOOD                              Oliver
UNDERWOOD                              Robert W
UNDERWOOD                              Sidney M
UNDERWOOD                              Theodore C
UNDERWOOD (WWII)                       Robert W
UNDERWOOD CARPENTER                    Jane L
VAN BENTHUYSEN                         Andrew
VAN BENTHUYSEN                         Annie
VAN BENTHUYSEN                         Barrent
VAN BENTHUYSEN                         Carrie M
VAN BENTHUYSEN                         Jacob
VAN BENTHUYSEN                         James
VAN BENTHUYSEN                         William E
VAN DENBURGH                           Gertrude
VAN DENBURGH WILCOX                    Gertrude
VAN DERWARKER                          Florence
VAN DERWARKER                          Frank J
VAN DERWARKER                          Keith A
VAN DERWARKER                          Laura E
VAN DERWARKER                          Mary Lou
VAN DUSEN                              Jane E
VAN DUSEN                              John
VAN DUSEN                              Julia A
VAN DUSEN                              Lottie
VAN DUSEN                              Maria
VAN DUSEN                              Zimri
VAN DUSEN                              Zina H
VAN DUSEN (CW)                         Zina H
VAN DUSEN SMITH                        Julia A
VAN ZANDT                              Katherine
VANDENBERGH                            Caty
VANDENBURGH                            Cornelius
VANDENBURGH                            Orlie
VANDERWARKER                           Burton F
VANDERWARKER                           Burton W
VANDERWARKER                           Daisy M
VANDERWARKER                           Franklin
VANDERWARKER                           G. Cleon
VANDERWARKER                           George M
VANDERWARKER                           Laura E
VANDERWARKER                           Lena A
VANDERWARKER                           Ninah
VANDERWARKER                           Ralph
VANDERWARKER                           Scott
VANDERWARKER (CW)                      Franklin
VANDERWARKER (WWII)                    Burton W
VANDERWARKER LAVERY                    Ninah
VANDERWERKER                           Flora
VANDERWERKER                           Sarah M
VANDERWERKER                           William Henry
VANDERWERKER CULVER                    Flora
VARNUM                                 Aideon J
VARNUM                                 Anna Lambert
VARNUM                                 Elizabeth
VARNUM                                 Elmer Ransular
VARNUM                                 Lucinda E
VARNUM                                 Mildred Louise
VASCHERAULT                            Arthur F
VASCHERAULT (WWII)                     Arthur F
VASEY                                  George R
VAUGHAN                                Daniel
VAUGHAN                                Sarah
VAUGHN                                 Flora E
VAUGHN (CW)                            Daniel
VAUGHN DUELL                           Flora E
VERNAM                                 Byron
VERNAM                                 Clarrisa
VERNAM                                 Miles
VERNAM                                 Sally Ann
VERNAM (CW)                            Byron
VIELE                                  Eliza
VIELE                                  Floramond
VINSON                                 Sarah
VINSON PRATT                           Sarah
VOORHES                                Dominigus
VOSBURGH                               Eunice
VOSBURGH                               Martin
VOSBURGH                               William
VOSBURGH HOYT                          Eunice
VOWERS                                 Marietta
WADDELL                                Eveline
WADDELL                                Hugh
WADDELL                                J M
WADDELL                                Jane E
WADDELL                                Julia A
WADDELL                                Robert
WADDELL COLLAR                         Jane E
WADDELL SMITH                          Julia A.
WAGNER                                 Charlotte
WAIT                                   Maria
WAIT GRAVES                            Maria
WAKELEY                                Mary Ann
WAKELEY                                Ona
WAKELEY                                Thomas
WAKELY                                 George D
WAKELY                                 Jopy J
WAKELY                                 William
WAKLEY                                 John
WAKLEY                                 Joseph
WAKLEY                                 Nancy
WAKLEY                                 Susan
WALDRON                                Calvin
WALDRON                                Daniel
WALDRON                                Ella C
WALDRON                                Etta
WALDRON                                Jane M
WALDRON                                Jesse J
WALDRON                                Laura Ann
WALDRON                                Maria
WALDRON                                Sally A
WALDRON                                Walter L
WALDRON                                William R
WALDRON                                Wynant V
WALDRON (WWII)                         William R
WALDRON CROSS                          Maria
WALDRON ROBLEE                         Sally A
WALDRON ROGERS                         Jane M
WALKER                                 Agnes
WALKER                                 Amanda N
WALKER                                 C Ray
WALKER                                 Cornelius
WALKER                                 Eliza M
WALKER                                 Ethel
WALKER                                 Etta
WALKER                                 Florence
WALKER                                 George K
WALKER                                 John H
WALKER                                 Kenneth J
WALKER                                 Luella M
WALKER                                 Vincent Carl
WALKER (KOR)                           Vincent Carl
WALKER (WWII)                          C Ray
WALKER HARRINGTON                      Florence
WALKER MONROE                          Agnes
WALLACE                                Abram
WALLACE                                Aurinda T
WALLACE                                Daniel J
WALLACE                                Elizabeth
WALLACE                                Florence A
WALLACE                                George
WALLACE                                George
WALLACE                                George D
WALLACE                                Gertrude
WALLACE                                Hamilton
WALLACE                                Infant
WALLACE                                Isabel
WALLACE                                Jabez
WALLACE                                Jennie A
WALLACE                                Julia E
WALLACE                                Lucretia
WALLACE                                Margaret
WALLACE                                Mary A
WALLACE                                Mary A
WALLACE                                Mary E
WALLACE                                Maud
WALLACE                                Morton
WALLACE                                Norman
WALLACE                                Phebe Landon
WALLACE                                Rebecca
WALLACE                                Robert
WALLACE                                Rozellah P
WALLACE                                Rufus M
WALLACE                                Sallie A
WALLACE                                William
WALLACE                                William
WALLACE                                William A
WALLACE (CW)                           Abram
WALLACE (CW)                           Daniel J
WALLACE (CW)                           Norman
WALLACE BIBBY                          Mary A
WALLACE BISSELL                        Rozellah P
WALLACE CARPENTER                      Mary J
WALLACE FISH                           Florence A
WALLACE HOLLEY                         Mary A
WALLER                                 Deborah
WALLICE                                Henry M
WALSH                                  Ada
WALSH                                  Joie
WALSH                                  Joseph
WALSH                                  Lovisa
WALSH (CW)                             Joseph
WARD                                   Aruilla M
WARD                                   Bethia S.
WARD                                   Betsey E
WARD                                   Cyntha L
WARD                                   Joel E
WARD                                   John
WARD                                   John
WARD                                   John G
WARD                                   Louisa C
WARD                                   Lucinda E
WARD                                   Rachel
WARD                                   Samuel
WARD                                   Sarah L
WARD                                   Thomas C
WARD                                   Truman
WARD                                   William C
WARD                                   Zecrariah
WARD (CW)                              Truman
WARD (RW)                              John
WARE BOYD                              Eunice
WARNER                                 Daniel
WARNER                                 Elizabeth
WARNER                                 Kenneth C.
WARNER                                 Marguerite
WARREN                                 James
WARREN                                 Melinda
WASHBURN                               Archibald
WASHBURN                               Archibald
WASHBURN                               Calvin
WASHBURN                               Dana
WASHBURN                               Elizabeth
WASHBURN                               Joel P
WASHBURN                               Orason
WATERS                                 Edith V
WATERS                                 Effie J
WATERS                                 Eliza
WATERS                                 Esther
WATERS                                 George C
WATERS                                 Georgianna F
WATERS                                 Grace
WATERS                                 Harriet
WATERS                                 Laura
WATERS                                 Laura A
WATERS                                 Lucy A
WATERS                                 Lydia O
WATERS                                 Maria
WATERS                                 Miles
WATERS                                 Minerva Mariah
WATERS                                 Rebekah
WATERS                                 Samantha
WATERS                                 Victor L
WATERS (WWI)                           Victor L
WATERS BOLTON                          Laura
WATERS DAVIS                           Eliza
WATERS HUMES                           Samantha
WATERS KNOWLES                         Grace
WATERS SCHOLL                          Esther
WATERS SMITH                           Maria
WATERS SMITH                           Minerva Mariah
WATSAW                                 Harold
WATSAW (WWII)                          Harold
WATSON                                 Amanda
WATSON                                 Mariah
WEBSTER                                Frances J
WELCH                                  Cornelius J
WELCH                                  Elizabeth
WELCH                                  Jessie M
WELCH                                  Mary A
WELCH FISH                             Elizabeth
WELCH MEAD                             Mary A
WELLER                                 Betsey
WELLER                                 C P
WELLER                                 Catharine
WELLER                                 Clayton
WELLER                                 Densey
WELLER                                 Eathen D
WELLER                                 Harry
WELLER                                 Henry F
WELLER                                 Hepsey B
WELLER                                 John
WELLER                                 John B
WELLER                                 John T
WELLER                                 Marcha A
WELLER                                 Matilda
WELLER                                 Matilda
WELLER                                 Ophelia
WELLER                                 Rexcy M
WELLER                                 Samuel
WELLER (CW)                            C P
WELLES                                 Bertha
WELLS                                  Althea L
WELLS                                  Betsey
WELLS                                  Caleb
WELLS                                  Charles
WELLS                                  Eunice P
WELLS                                  Eunice S
WELLS                                  Frank E
WELLS                                  Glory Ann
WELLS                                  Howard J
WELLS                                  Jesse
WELLS                                  John R
WELLS                                  Lucina
WELLS                                  Marie D
WELLS                                  Mary A
WELLS                                  Nathan Arial
WELLS                                  Rosie B
WELLS                                  Sarah
WELLS                                  Simon R
WELLS                                  Vinton R
WELLS (CW)                             Charles
WELLS (WWI)                            Vinton R.
WELLS ROCKWELL                         Eunice S
WENDELL                                Martin
WENDELL                                Sabrina
WENDELL                                Susan A
WESCOTT                                Albert
WESCOTT                                Alfred
WESCOTT                                Edith E
WESCOTT                                Ella
WESCOTT                                Gardner
WESCOTT                                Hilon
WESCOTT                                Mariah
WESCOTT                                Pauline L
WESCOTT                                Sarah
WESCOTT                                William A
WESCOTT (CW)                           Alfred
WESCOTT (CW)                           William A
WESCOTT ANDRUS                         Sarah
WESCOTT DALABA                         Edith E.
WESCOTT GIFFORD                        Mariah
WESCOTT HOOSE                          Pauline L
WESCOTT LAMB                           Sarah
WESCOTT LAWRENCE                       Sarah
WEST                                   Ellen
WEST                                   George W
WEST                                   Hattie J
WEST                                   Mabel E
WEST                                   Mila
WEST                                   Philander E
WEST                                   Sylvia
WEST                                   Sylvia
WEST                                   Thomas
WETHERBEE                              Hattie F
WHEELER                                Martha
WHEELER                                Mary
WHEELER                                Phinehas
WHEELER                                Sally
WHEELER MEAD                           Martha
WHEELER RICHARDS                       Sally
WHIPPLE                                George
WHIPPLE                                Helen A
WHIPPLE                                Wallace R
WHIPPLE (CW)                           George
WHITAKER                               Abigail R
WHITAKER                               Albert C
WHITAKER                               Alida
WHITAKER                               Annie Belle
WHITAKER                               Charles B
WHITAKER                               Christian
WHITAKER                               Edith May
WHITAKER                               Hattie A
WHITAKER                               James
WHITAKER                               Mary E
WHITAKER                               Nancy
WHITAKER                               Parthenia
WHITAKER                               Robert
WHITAKER GROGAN                        Hattie A
WHITAKER HOAG                          Nancy
WHITE                                  Abigail
WHITE                                  Abigail
WHITE                                  Lois
WHITE                                  Rebecca
WHITE BROOKS                           Lois
WHITE GOODMAN                          Rebecca
WHITE MILLER                           Abigail
WHITEHEAD                              Arthur W
WHITEHEAD                              Earl C
WHITMORE                               Satie
WHITMORE DAVIS                         Satie
WHITNEY                                Dora
WHITNEY                                Dorothy
WHITNEY LOCKE                          Dora
WHITNEY PRATT                          Dorothy
WHITTEMORE                             Harriet A
WIGHTMAN                               Martin
WIGHTMAN                               Mary Polly
WIGHTMAN                               Noel
WILBER                                 Beriah
WILBER                                 Beriah
WILBER                                 Prudence B
WILBER (CW)                            Beriah
WILBER (CW)                            Beriah
WILBER GOULD                           Prudence B
WILCOX                                 Abiah
WILCOX                                 Abram
WILCOX                                 Ada
WILCOX                                 Addie S
WILCOX                                 Alfred
WILCOX                                 Alpha W
WILCOX                                 Barber
WILCOX                                 Bertha M
WILCOX                                 Betsey
WILCOX                                 Betsey E
WILCOX                                 Carrie A
WILCOX                                 Charles H
WILCOX                                 Cleveland J
WILCOX                                 Cora
WILCOX                                 Cora A
WILCOX                                 Daniel
WILCOX                                 David
WILCOX                                 Edgar
WILCOX                                 Edith
WILCOX                                 Edward
WILCOX                                 Effie M
WILCOX                                 Elizabeth
WILCOX                                 Elizabeth
WILCOX                                 Elizabeth
WILCOX                                 Estella
WILCOX                                 Francis E
WILCOX                                 Fred
WILCOX                                 Frederick A
WILCOX                                 George A
WILCOX                                 George H
WILCOX                                 Gertrude
WILCOX                                 Gordon
WILCOX                                 Hannah
WILCOX                                 Harriet
WILCOX                                 Henry
WILCOX                                 Herbert W
WILCOX                                 Ida
WILCOX                                 Jacob
WILCOX                                 Jane
WILCOX                                 Jane
WILCOX                                 Jessie
WILCOX                                 Job A
WILCOX                                 Jobe
WILCOX                                 John B
WILCOX                                 John B
WILCOX                                 Johnnie
WILCOX                                 Kathleen G
WILCOX                                 Lamira A
WILCOX                                 Lillian
WILCOX                                 Lucretia
WILCOX                                 Lydia
WILCOX                                 Mary E
WILCOX                                 Melvin
WILCOX                                 Meredith
WILCOX                                 Merton C
WILCOX                                 Minnie L
WILCOX                                 Nathan
WILCOX                                 Paul
WILCOX                                 Permelia
WILCOX                                 Polly M
WILCOX                                 Raymond
WILCOX                                 Raymond G
WILCOX                                 Sanford
WILCOX                                 Sanford D
WILCOX                                 Sarah M
WILCOX                                 Simeon
WILCOX                                 Susan
WILCOX                                 Susan
WILCOX                                 Susan J
WILCOX                                 Susana
WILCOX                                 Tacy
WILCOX                                 Walter
WILCOX                                 Walter Scot
WILCOX (CW)                            Alfred
WILCOX (CW)                            Job A
WILCOX (CW)                            Sanford
WILCOX (WWI)                           Walter SCot
WILCOX HAMMOND                         Harriet
WILCOX HAVENS                          Effie M
WILCOX JONES                           Jane
WILCOX MAGEE                           Addie S
WILCOX MENZIES                         Lillian
WILCOX MERRILL                         Cora
WILCOX MONROE                          Permelia
WILCOX REXFORD                         Susan J
WILCOX SMITH                           Betsey E
WILCOX TABOR                           Elizabeth
WILCOX TRUMBULL                        Elizabeth
WILCOX WELLER                          Betsey
WILLARD                                Julia E
WILLARD                                Marcus
WILLARD (CW)                           Marcus
WILLCOX                                Abram
WILLCOX (RW)                           Abram
WILLIAMS                               Anna
WILLIAMS                               Annie J
WILLIAMS                               Caroline S
WILLIAMS                               Charles E
WILLIAMS                               Emily
WILLIAMS                               Etna B
WILLIAMS                               Hannah
WILLIAMS                               Hiram P
WILLIAMS                               James Lee
WILLIAMS                               James R
WILLIAMS                               Mark A
WILLIAMS                               Paul R
WILLIAMS                               Thomas L
WILLIAMS (VN)                          James Lee
WILLIAMS (VN)                          Paul R
WILLIAMS FROST                         Emily
WILLIAMS HAWLEY                        Hannah
WILLS                                  Minnie
WILLS BILLINGS                         Minnie
WILLSON                                Benjamin
WILLSON                                Phebe
WILLSON                                Sally
WILLSON                                Sanford P
WILLSON LEGGETT                        Phebe
WILSON                                 Almira
WILSON                                 Asa
WILSON                                 Beulah
WILSON                                 Cornell
WILSON                                 Elizabeth
WILSON                                 Hannah
WILSON                                 Harlen
WILSON                                 Harriet
WILSON                                 James
WILSON                                 Jane
WILSON                                 John W
WILSON                                 Leah
WILSON                                 Persilla
WILSON                                 Ruth Adell
WILSON                                 Susanna
WILSON                                 Thomas
WILSON                                 Thomas H
WILSON                                 Ursula
WILSON                                 Walter
WILSON DUELL                           Persilla
WILSON KETCHUM                         Beulah
WILSON MCKEE                           Elizabeth
WINSLOW                                Gilbert L
WINSLOW (KOR)                          Gilbert L
WINTER                                 Abigail
WINTER                                 Ansel
WINTER                                 Emeline
WINTER                                 Jesse
WINTER                                 Martha J
WINTER                                 Moses
WINTER                                 Nancy
WINTER                                 Rachel D
WINTERS                                Lucy
WINTERS DICKINSON                      Lucy
WOHLERS                                Joseph L
WOHLERS                                Virginia
WOLF                                   Robert Raymond
WOLF (WWII)                            Robert Raymond
WOLFE                                  Florence Anna
WOLFE                                  H D Burtnett
WOLFE                                  Raymond D
WOLFE (KOR)                            Raymond D
WOOD                                   Ann
WOOD                                   Ann Elizabeth
WOOD                                   Calvin G
WOOD                                   Elmer
WOOD                                   Flora
WOOD                                   Harold J
WOOD                                   Helen B
WOOD                                   Herbert Percy
WOOD                                   John
WOOD                                   John R
WOOD                                   John R
WOOD                                   Joseph H
WOOD                                   Margaret E
WOOD                                   Mary
WOOD                                   Robert
WOOD                                   Robert Eugene
WOOD                                   Silas
WOOD                                   Virginia L
WOOD                                   Wallace H
WOOD (KOR)                             Wallace H
WOOD (WWI)                             Harold J
WOOD (WWII)                            Calvin G.
WOODCOCK                               Mildred
WRIGHT                                 Annie J
WRIGHT                                 Benjamin R
WRIGHT                                 Caleb
WRIGHT                                 Dexter C
WRIGHT                                 Ida
WRIGHT                                 James
WRIGHT                                 Mary
WRIGHT                                 Mary Jane
WRIGHT                                 Norman
WRIGHT                                 Prudence P
WRIGHT                                 Ruth M
WRIGHT                                 Sally
WRIGHT                                 Thomas C
WRIGHT                                 Zenas
WRIGHT SPRAGUE                         Ida
WRIGHT WILLIAMS                        Annie J
WYKES                                  Ann
WYKES                                  Charles J
WYKES                                  Emma B
WYKES                                  Katy H
WYKS                                   Millicent
WYMAN                                  Carrie M
WYMAN VAN BENTHUYSEN                   Carrie M
YOUNES                                 Bessie
YOUNES                                 Daisy E
YOUNES                                 Edna M
YOUNES                                 Elwin H
YOUNES                                 Emmer P
YOUNES                                 Esther
YOUNES                                 Gertrude A
YOUNES                                 James O
YOUNES                                 Lyman
YOUNES                                 Mary Ann
YOUNES                                 Samuel L
YOUNES FRASIER                         Emmer P
YOUNES HAVRON                          Bessie
YOUNES SMITH                           Esther
YOUNG                                  Abigail
YOUNG                                  Annie E
YOUNG                                  Hiram
YOUNG                                  Isaac
YOUNG                                  Laura M
YOUNG                                  Mary C
ZUFELT                                 Marshall
ZUFELT                                 Rachel
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