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ADKINS, LOUISA VIRGINIA                 WV-3-D-91
ADKINS, TUNCIL                          WV-3-D-111
AKERS, ELI JR.                          WV-3-F-284
AKERS, ROBERT L.                        WV-3-F-342
AKERS, SYLVESTER                        WV-3-E-482
ALDERMAN, H. N.                         WV-3-D-346
ALDERMAN, HENRY W.                      WV-3-G-248
ALDERSON, GEORGE P.                     WV-3-E-203
ALESHIRE, ISAAC                         WV-3-C-200
ALESHIRE, S. E.                         WV-3-C-343
ALESHIRE, W. E.                         WV-3-C-279
ALLAN, HOFFMAN                          WV-3-C-411
ALLEN, BETHEL                           WV-3-E-147
ALLEN, EDWIN S.                         WV-3-D-222
ALLEN, J. H.                            WV-3-D-39
ALLEN, JULIA A.                         WV-3-D-32
ALLEN, ROBERT BRUCE                     WV-3-E-376
AMICK, ELLA L.                          WV-3-F-395
AMMAR, TOUFIC JOSEPH                    WV-3-G-205
ANTILL, C. H.                           WV-3-D-275
ARBOGAST, E. M.                         WV-3-E-285
ARBOGAST, E. M.                         WV-3-D-203
ASBURY, ROY                             WV-3-G-173
ASHLEY, L. B.                           WV-3-C-50
ATKINS, GEORGE L.                       WV-3-E-400
ATKINS, HALLIE MAE                      WV-3-F-331
ATKINS, KENNA VIRGIL                    WV-3-G-510
BAILEY, MILLARD                         WV-3-G-490
BALL, ALBERTA                           WV-3-G-134
BALL, AUGUSTUS                          WV-3-E-127
BALL, B. F.                             WV-3-D-220
BALL, EDWARD R.                         WV-3-G-134
BALL, ELVIRA                            WV-3-F-329
BALL, LAURA E.                          WV-3-F-259
BALL, M. E. DALIN                       WV-3-D-192
BALL, MARY A.                           WV-3-D-348
BALL, OLIVER C.                         WV-3-G-140
BALL, R. HARRY                          WV-3-E-339
BALL, ROBERT C.                         WV-3-E-171
BALL, RUFUS C.                          WV-3-D-375
BALL, W. C.                             WV-3-F-9
BALL, WILLIAM H.                        WV-3-B-298
BALLARD, CAROLINE                       WV-3-C-245
BALLARD, CHAPMAN                        WV-3-B-142
BALLARD, EDGAR HOMER                    WV-3-E-202
BALLARD, JULIAN E.                      WV-3-F-12
BALLARD, LILLIE F.                      WV-3-G-473
BALLARD, M. S.                          WV-3-C-277
BARKER, A. H.                           WV-3-E-454
BARKER, AMOS                            WV-3-D-178
BARKER, ANDERSON W.                     WV-3-C-274
BARKER, ELIZABETH                       WV-3-C-346
BARKER, FIRD J.                         WV-3-F-349
BARKER, ISAAC                           WV-3-C-346
BARKER, JOHN A.                         WV-3-B-233
BARKER, JOHN A.                         WV-3-D-211
BARKER, JOSEPH E.                       WV-3-E-224
BARKER, PATRICK H.                      WV-3-F-141
BARKER, RHODA L.                        WV-3-D-112
BARKER, SYLVIA                          WV-3-F-268
BARTELLA, SAM                           WV-3-E-26
BASSHAM, CHARLES ALLEN                  WV-3-G-487
BEARD, HARRY WILSON                     WV-3-G-422
BEARD, JAMES F.                         WV-3-D-180
BEARD, MARY ESTA                        WV-3-G-525
BEAVER, SAM                             WV-3-E-386
BECKWITH, FRANK J.                      WV-3-G-218
BECLCHER, JOHN                          WV-3-F-71
BEDFORD, C. REYNOLDS                    WV-3-E-244
BELL, BARBERINE                         WV-3-G-243
BELL, GEORGE                            WV-3-E-148
BELL, M. J. (MRS)                       WV-3-E-136
BELL, TINE                              WV-3-F-191
BEREZMYAK, ANDY                         WV-3-G-411
BERKLEY, EDMUND C.                      WV-3-E-225
BIAS, CALVERY                           WV-3-D-106
BIAS, FRANK B.                          WV-3-G-21
BIAS, HENRY W.                          WV-3-E-434, 439
BIAS, LEWIS E.                          WV-3-E-50, 114
BIAS, MARGARET ZELL                     WV-3-G-470
BIAS, NANCY S.                          WV-3-D-274
BIAS, SIDNEY C.                         WV-3-D-63
BIAS, VESSIE JUNE                       WV-3-G-43
BIBBY, EDWARD A.                        WV-3-C-144
BIBBY, GOUVERNEUR L.                    WV-3-C-148
BILLUPS, CECIL W.                       WV-3-F-24
BINGHAM, THOMAS LEWIS                   WV-3-F-461
BLAKE, T. W.                            WV-3-E-273
BLAKE, WILLIE                           WV-3-G-363
BOAD, PATRICK T. SR.                    WV-3-E-228
BOTTOMLEE, W. J.                        WV-3-F-8
BOWEN, EZRA                             WV-3-C-340
BOWMAN, AMY GRIFFITH                    WV-3-G-427
BOWNE, MYRTIE ELLEN                     WV-3-E-118
BOWYER, CZERNY H.                       WV-3-E-35
BRADLEY, A. J.                          WV-3-D-267
BRADLEY, CHARLES A.                     WV-3-F-64
BRADLEY, WILLIAM EARL                   WV-3-F-57
BRADSHAW, ROBERT                        WV-3-E-489
BRANHAM, DANIEL FREDERICK               WV-3-F-497
BRANHAM, GEORGE SHANNON                 WV-3-F-35
BRANHAM, HIBBERT W.                     WV-3-F-272
BRANHAM, OMA                            WV-3-E-470
BRANHAM, S. J.                          WV-3-G-89
BRINKLEY, LETTIE                        WV-3-G-496
BRINKLEY, WILLIS                        WV-3-G-332
BROCK, LULA E.                          WV-3-F-54
BROH, JULIUS                            WV-3-E-54
BROWN, AMNDAVILLE                       WV-3-E-31
BROWN, EFFIE LEE                        WV-3-G-334
BROWN, JANE                             WV-3-E-89
BROWN, MARSHALL                         WV-3-D-133
BROWN, THOMAS EDWARD                    WV-3-F-483
BROWNING, CLARA HILL                    WV-3-E-160
BROWNING, ELLEN                         WV-3-F-213
BRYANT, MAUDE COGAN                     WV-3-G-217
BUCKO, CHARLES                          WV-3-E-438
BUCKO, MARY                             WV-3-E-445
BULLOCK, T. J.                          WV-3-C-465
BULLOCK, T. J.                          WV-3-E-465
BURDETTE, WALTER C.                     WV-3-D-167
BURLEW, ABRAHAM                         WV-3-D-96
BUTCHER, JAME SL. SR.                   WV-3-E-343
BUTTERFIELD, MARY R.                    WV-3-C-203
BUZZARD, MANDY                          WV-3-G-421
BUZZARD, RUFUS                          WV-3-G-422
BYRNES, JOHN                            WV-3-C-186
BYRNSIDE, M. A.                         WV-3-E-170
CABELL, ALEX                            WV-3-C-312
CABELL, ANNIE BAILEY                    WV-3-G-18
CABELL, CHARLES                         WV-3-E-94
CABELL, G. K.                           WV-3-E-293
CABELL, KELLY                           WV-3-G-424
CABELL, SAMUEL PARKS                    WV-3-D-159
CALFEE, MAUDE W.                        WV-3-E-350
CANTERBERRY, NANCY J. P.                WV-3-B-252
CANTERBURY, A. C.                       WV-3-D-145
CANTERBURY, LELIA JANE                  WV-3-E-111
CANTERBURY, OPIE                        WV-3-G-337
CANTLEY, GOLDEN E.                      WV-3-E-485
CANTLEY, J. W.                          WV-3-G-480
CAPARA, MARIA L.                        WV-3-G-177
CARR, PAULINE                           WV-3-F-346
CARSON, JOHN                            WV-3-F-152
CARSON, MYRA C.                         WV-3-F-152
CARSON, O. H.                           WV-3-G-190
CARTER, HUGH LEONIDAS                   WV-3-D-158
CARTER, MAE E.                          WV-3-E-404
CASEY, JOHN W.                          WV-3-C-141
CAUDILL, MARTHA A.                      WV-3-G-347
CETTY, JOHN A.                          WV-3-B-60
CHAMBERS, ALBERT B.                     WV-3-G-542
CHAMBERS, ELMER                         WV-3-C-465
CHAMBERS, EMMA J.                       WV-3-F-375
CHAMBERS, F. B.                         WV-3-D-113
CHAMBERS, GOLDA ETHEL                   WV-3-F-40
CHAMBERS, HUGH                          WV-3-C-362
CHAMBERS, LLOYD H.                      WV-3-G-92
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM A.                    WV-3-E-435
CHAMBES, OPAL M.                        WV-3-F-471
CHANDLER, R. A.                         WV-3-D-150
CHAPMAN, ROBERT E.                      WV-3-G-157
CHARCANDY, ANDREW ARTHUR                WV-3-G-201
CHILDRESS, WILLIAM A.                   WV-3-E-36
CHRISTY, LAWRENCE A.                    WV-3-E-96
CHURCH, ALEXANDER                       WV-3-B-66
CHURCH, VERNIE                          WV-3-E-227
CLARK, EDWARD LEWIS                     WV-3-G-110
COCHRAN, JOHN L.                        WV-3-C-67
COLE, JAMES O.                          WV-3-D-135
COLE, LUCY                              WV-3-E-112
CONLEY, CLVARY                          WV-3-E-69
CONLEY, EMOZETTA                        WV-3-D-58
CONLEY, JOHNB.                          WV-3-C-423
CONNOR, JANE                            WV-3-D-392
COOK, AVRIAL                            WV-3-E-460
COOK, CESCO A.                          WV-3-E-360
COOK, JOHN R.                           WV-3-D-200
COOK, LOTTIE                            WV-3-E-218
COOK, MARIE                             WV-3-G-377
COON, ANDREW JACKSON                    WV-3-D-198
COON, NANCY M.                          WV-3-C-478
COON, WILLIAM T.                        WV-3-D-67
COOPER, IKE W.                          WV-3-F-104
COOPER, NAOMI B.                        WV-3-E-452
COPELAND, GRACE                         WV-3-G-98
COPHER, PAUL E.                         WV-3-G-549
COPLEY, LUTHER C.                       WV-3-D-161
COPLEY, WILLIAM                         WV-3-E-132
CORMANY, WILLIAM F.                     WV-3-E-423
COTTRILL, ARTHUR V.                     WV-3-F-163
COTTRILL, VERTIE M.                     WV-3-F-163
COURTNEY, ELIZABETH                     WV-3-D-30
COURTNEY, MICHAEL D.                    WV-3-C-476
COVERT, GEORGE ROY                      WV-3-E-375
COVERT, J. A.                           WV-3-E-491
COVERT, JOHN A.                         WV-3-D-261
COWLEY, JAMES GARFIELD                  WV-3-E-246
COWLEY, WILLIAM V.                      WV-3-F-317
CRADDOCK, BASHA                         WV-3-G-68
CRANE, JOB S.                           WV-3-C-59
CROFT, C. A.                            WV-3-G-36
CROFT, W. P.                            WV-3-D-108
CURRY, CAROLINE                         WV-3-E-86
DALIN, HANNAH W.                        WV-3-F-131
DALIN, SUSAN N.                         WV-3-F-132
DANIELS, SAMUEL                         WV-3-C-430
DEEBATTISTA, JOHN                       WV-3-D-81
DEVEREUX, FREDERICK                     WV-3-C-213
DEVEREUX, JOHN                          WV-3-C-219
DICKENS, J. R.                          WV-3-E-43
DICKENS, MARY                           WV-3-E-43
DICKINSON, FREEDA                       WV-3-G-530
DIELIN, IRIS                            WV-3-F-181
DIXON, JOHN CHARLES                     WV-3-G-352
DOBBINS, W. L.                          WV-3-F-437
DOLIN, GILBERT E.                       WV-3-E-341
DOLIN, ILMA                             WV-3-G-121
DOLIN, IRA                              WV-3-E-426
DOLIN, M. E.                            WV-3-D-192
DONAHUE, PATRICK JAMES                  WV-3-D-253
DORAN, JOSEPH I.                        WV-3-D-50
DOSS, BERTHA                            WV-3-F-277
DOSS, J. R.                             WV-3-E-168
DOSS, MILLARD FILMORE                   WV-3-E-41
DOSS, SAMANTHA                          WV-3-C-420
DOSSS, PERRY B.                         WV-3-C-432
DOUGLASS, GEORGE W.                     WV-3-B-280
DOW, JAMES A.                           WV-3-E-334
DRAKE, ALBERT S.                        WV-3-E-63
DRINKARD, WILLIAM FLEMING               WV-3-G-131
DUNAWAY, PAUL                           WV-3-G-51
EAGAN, WINDSOR                          WV-3-F-166
EARLY, DAISY M.                         WV-3-G-141
EARLY, EVERETT C.                       WV-3-F-189
EASTER, J. H.                           WV-3-D-335
ECHOLS, DEXTER M.                       WV-3-F-301
ECHOLS, GEORGE A.                       WV-3-D-28
ECHOLS, MARY ALICE                      WV-3-E-254
EDELMAN, J. C.                          WV-3-D-23
EDELMAN, J. T.                          WV-3-D-260
EDELMAN, JESS JAMES                     WV-3-G-266
EDELMAN, VIVIAN C.                      WV-3-G-540
ELEAZER, JUANITA                        WV-3-E-397
ELKIN, D. P.                            WV-3-C-296
ELKINS, A. B.                           WV-3-C-469
ELKINS, ARTIMESIA                       WV-3-D-7
ELKINS, STEPHEN B.                      WV-3-G-504
ELLIS, ALFRED                           WV-3-E-368
ELLIS, FLOYD S.                         WV-3-C-230
ELLIS, IRA                              WV-3-E-365
ELLIS, JACOB D.                         WV-3-C-3
ELLIS, ROBERT L.                        WV-3-E-258
ELSWICK, JAMES TONEY                    WV-3-G-519
EMMERT, GEORGE                          WV-3-C-265
ENGLE, HENRY                            WV-3-C-130
EPLIN, ELIJAH H.                        WV-3-G-198
EPLIN, JASPER                           WV-3-G-56
EPLIN, V. B.                            WV-3-D-131
EPLING, ARNETT E.                       WV-3-G-325
EPLING, T. J.                           WV-3-E-109
EPLING, WILLIAM                         WV-3-B-250
ESTEP, G. W.                            WV-3-E-214
ESTEP, MARTHA C.                        WV-3-G-239
ESTEP, OLIVER A.                        WV-3-E-262
EVANS, CHARLES MINTON                   WV-3-G-133
EVANS, DELIE                            WV-3-D-129
EVANS, FRED                             WV-3-G-96
EWART, E. P.                            WV-3-E-306
FARMER, ALBERT                          WV-3-E-245
FERRELL, EARLY EVERETT                  WV-3-G-416
FERRELL, GEORGE                         WV-3-F-215
FERRELL, GEORGE F.                      WV-3-E-181
FERRELL, GERTRUDE H.                    WV-3-G-85
FERRELL, IRA SR.                        WV-3-E-362
FERRELL, ROBERT FULTON                  WV-3-G-278
FERRELL, SARAH                          WV-3-E-281
FERRELL, SONOMA                         WV-3-F-215
FISHER, A. C.                           WV-3-E-279
FISHER, EUSTACE LLOYD                   WV-3-G-497
FLEGER, EMMA                            WV-3-G-408
FOSTER, CHARLES                         WV-3-E-59
FOSTER, JAMES M.                        WV-3-B-279
FOSTER, MARGARET                        WV-3-E-87
FOSTER, RAY                             WV-3-E-311
FOWLER, HARVEY RAY                      WV-3-G-532
FOWLER, JOHN P.                         WV-3-C-352
FOWLER, LETTY B.                        WV-3-C-408
FOX, LEWIS EDWARD                       WV-3-G-199
FRAME, RAY IRA                          WV-3-G-338
FRYE, GRANVILLE                         WV-3-D-246
FULKS, GERTIE                           WV-3-G-330
FULLER, ISAAC                           WV-3-C-282
GEARHART, FLORENCE                      WV-3-F-58
GIANNARAS, VASILIAS                     WV-3-E-463
GIBSON, GEORGE                          WV-3-C-369
GILBREATH, O. L.                        WV-3-D-171
GILMORE, LENI                           WV-3-F-154
GODBY, JOHN BRUCE                       WV-3-F-267
GOLDBARTH, HARVEY M.                    WV-3-F-249
GOLDBARTH, IRVIN S.                     WV-3-F-117
GOLDBARTH, M.                           WV-3-C-354
GOODWIN, C. A.                          WV-3-F-439
GRASS, MARY J.                          WV-3-E-320
GREEN, CARMEL                           WV-3-G-149
GREEN, DAVID                            WV-3-B-265
GREEN, EZRA V.                          WV-3-G-152
GREEN, JOHN BARNEY                      WV-3-F-369
GREENE, NANCY                           WV-3-D-46
GREENE, V. B.                           WV-3-E-440
GREGORY, GEORGE A.                      WV-3-F-389
GRIFFITH, ADDISON                       WV-3-D-189
GRIFFITH, AUSTIN                        WV-3-D-2
GRIFFITH, JOSEPH W.                     WV-3-E-52
GRIFFITH, LENNIE                        WV-3-G-139
GRIFFITH, W. D.                         WV-3-G-435
GRIFFITH, W. N.                         WV-3-D-377
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       WV-3-B-238
GUNNOR, DANIEL M.                       WV-3-F-145
GUST, ANDREW GUSTIS                     WV-3-F-28
GUTHRIE, LEWIS V.                       WV-3-D-243
GUY, JAMES THOMAS                       WV-3-G-155
HADDAD, NICHOLAS                        WV-3-G-449
HAGER, ANDREW S.                        WV-3-B-2
HAGER, E. A.                            WV-3-D-93
HAGER, HENLEY E.                        WV-3-E-178
HAGER, MONTGOMERY                       WV-3-D-169
HAGER, ULYSSES S.                       WV-3-G-359
HAGER, W. W.                            WV-3-F-73
HAGER, YANTES                           WV-3-B-297
HALL, ALNEY M.                          WV-3-G-537
HALL, ALVIN H.                          WV-3-E-317
HALL, CICERO M.                         WV-3-D-349
HALL, EMMA B.                           WV-3-F-77
HALL, FLORA ELLA PRYOR                  WV-3-E-2221
HALL, GEORGE W.                         WV-3-F-17
HALL, JENNIE C. J.                      WV-3-E-58
HALL, LYDIA B.                          WV-3-G-538
HALLORAN, EDWARD O.                     WV-3-D-47
HALLOWELL, HENRY H.                     WV-3-C-332
HALSTEAD, AMERICA J.                    WV-3-E-353
HALSTEAD, IRMA JUANITA                  WV-3-G-558
HALSTEAD, JAMES                         WV-3-B-38
HALSTED, ARDOOLA                        WV-3-E-412
HALSTED, BENJAMIN                       WV-3-B-295
HALSTED, DAVIS                          WV-3-C-473
HALSTEIN, EMERT                         WV-3-F-209
HALSTEIN, HAZEL ESSIE                   WV-3-F-209
HAMMERSLA, CATHERINE W.                 WV-3-F-159
HANER, FREDRICK                         WV-3-B-92
HANKINSON, MIKE M.                      WV-3-F-135
HANSEN, CARL ALFRED                     WV-3-G-187
HARLESS, ELMER E.                       WV-3-D-344
HARLESS, LEONARD ROSOOE                 WV-3-F-196
HARLESS, LEROY                          WV-3-D-99
HARLESS, LEROY                          WV-3-C-233
HARLESS, MARY ALICE                     WV-3-E-29
HARLESS, ROBERT E.                      WV-3-E-344
HARLESS, ROSA B.                        WV-3-E-345
HARLESS, VERGIL E.                      WV-3-G-34
HARLESS, W. H.                          WV-3-C-164
HARLESS, W. W.                          WV-3-F-211
HARLESS, WILLIAM FRANK                  WV-3-F-402
HARMAN, DANIEL                          WV-3-C-300
HARPER, EUGENIA                         WV-3-E-62
HARRISON, FREDERICK A. SR.              WV-3-F-68
HARRISON, LILLIE M.                     WV-3-F-69
HATFIELD, CALVERY                       WV-3-B-93
HATFIELD, HANNAH L.                     WV-3-D-175
HATFIELD, W. R.                         WV-3-E-105
HATFIELD, WILLIAM                       WV-3-B-255
HENDRICK, EVERMONT                      WV-3-D-59
HENDRICKS, GEORGE FRENCH                WV-3-G-117
HENDRICKSON, NANCY                      WV-3-E-120
HIGGINBOTHAM, CHARLES T.                WV-3-C-416
HILL, B. V.                             WV-3-G-64
HILL, BAM                               WV-3-E-476
HILL, CANTERBERRY                       WV-3-C-461
HILL, CAROLINE                          WV-3-E-33
HILL, CHARLES SR.                       WV-3-D-390
HILL, DELL                              WV-3-F-296
HILL, EDWARD                            WV-3-E-328
HILL, IRA E.                            WV-3-E-371
HILL, JAMES                             WV-3-C-325
HILL, JOHN SR.                          WV-3-B-169
HILL, JOSEPH                            WV-3-B-130
HILL, KIRBY                             WV-3-F-137
HILL, MARTHA A.                         WV-3-E-138
HILL, RUBEN                             WV-3-E-270
HILL, SUSAN                             WV-3-D-337
HIMES, GEORGE W.                        WV-3-B-41
HOFFMAN, ARLENE                         WV-3-G-357
HOGUE, JOHN S.                          WV-3-E-487
HOLLAND, MARIAN F.                      WV-3-F-85
HOLLEY, JAMES A.                        WV-3-E-196
HOLMES, DANIEL HENRY                    WV-3-C-34
HOLMES, JOHN                            WV-3-D-353
HOLMES, JOHN THOMAS                     WV-3-E-42
HOLSTEIN, BEULAH                        WV-3-G-453
HOLSTEIN, EDWARD E.                     WV-3-E-304
HOLSTEIN, PETER L.                      WV-3-E-290
HOLT, KATIE NEWSOME                     WV-3-E-477
HOPKINS, C. C.                          WV-3-E-497
HOPKINS, DORA                           WV-3-E-122
HOPKINS, H. H.                          WV-3-B-95
HOPKINS, M. J.                          WV-3-C-426
HOPKINS, MAUDE MAY                      WV-3-E-354
HOPKINS, RUBY G.                        WV-3-F-6
HORNIKLE, GEORGE H.                     WV-3-E-133
HORNSBY, LEWIS CLIFFORD                 WV-3-G-267
HORNSBY, WALTER                         WV-3-E-410
HORNSBY, WILLIAM                        WV-3-F-275
HOYT, FRANK M.                          WV-3-E-18
HOYT, MARY M.                           WV-3-D-379
HOYT, WARREN N.                         WV-3-E-1
HUDSON, ALONZO                          WV-3-D-351
HUDSON, JOHN S.                         WV-3-F-474
HUNLEY, DEMPSIE RAY                     WV-3-G-53
HUNTER, CAORL JEAN                      WV-3-F-224
HUNTER, HENRY B.                        WV-3-F-101
HUNTER, HUBERT R.                       WV-3-G-350
HUNTER, MARY                            WV-3-G-310
HUNTER, W. T.                           WV-3-D-25
HUNTER, WILLIAM T.                      WV-3-F-463
HURLBUT, HENRY A.                       WV-3-C-107
HUTCHINSON, ORA                         WV-3-G-31
HYLBERT, ELMER JOHN                     WV-3-D-227
ISNER, ROBERT B.                        WV-3-E-315
JACK, J. L.                             WV-3-G-38
JAMES, J. C.                            WV-3-E-313
JAMES, MARGARET D.                      WV-3-E-236
JAMES, MAURICE C.                       WV-3-E-415
JAMES, MAURICE C.                       WV-3-F-45
JARRELL, C. O.                          WV-3-C-467
JARRELL, FRANCIS                        WV-3-D-144
JARRELL, IRA                            WV-3-F-177
JARRELL, J. A.                          WV-3-D-101
JARRELL, JESSE H.                       WV-3-G-229
JARRELL, JOHN JR.                       WV-3-F-150
JARRELL, JOHN L.                        WV-3-D-332
JARRELL, KENNETH LEE                    WV-3-G-485
JARRELL, LILLIAN ATHA                   WV-3-G-327
JARRELL, MARY ETTA                      WV-3-G-145
JARRELL, P. F.                          WV-3-D-215
JARRELL, RHODA                          WV-3-G-87
JARRELL, ROBERT                         WV-3-E-28
JARRELL, SULLEY                         WV-3-F-292, 323
JARRELL, THOMAS GRIFF                   WV-3-G-299
JARRELL, TIM                            WV-3-D-213
JARRELL, WILLIE K.                      WV-3-D-188
JAVINS, DANIEL                          WV-3-B-262
JAVINS, ELVIE ELLIOTT                   WV-3-G-195
JEFFREY, BERTIE ESTHER                  WV-3-G-164
JEFFREY, I. Q.                          WV-3-C-401
JEFFREY, J. W.                          WV-3-E-495
JEFFREY, LONZO W.                       WV-3-F-55
JEFFREY, WALTER R.                      WV-3-G-166
JOHNSON, C. A.                          WV-3-E-207
JOHNSON, EARLEY M.                      WV-3-G-379
JOHNSON, H. H.                          WV-3-D-98
JOHNSON, J. D.                          WV-3-E-98
JOHNSON, PETE HARVEY                    WV-3-G-512
JOHNSON, THEODORE A.                    WV-3-G-114
JONES, MARTIN LUTHER                    WV-3-E-351
JONES, SAM                              WV-3-E-348
JOSEPH, RACHEL                          WV-3-E-53
JOYCE, JOHN                             WV-3-C-436
KAPETANOS, SPIROS                       WV-3-E-242
KARANTONIS, ZACHARI                     WV-3-G-235
KAY, CARRIE B.                          WV-3-G-493
KAY, WALTER A.                          WV-3-G-498
KAZUPSKI, FRANK                         WV-3-F-495
KEADLE, HENRY                           WV-3-E-45
KEENEY, EDWARD CAL                      WV-3-F-231
KEENEY, GRACE                           WV-3-G-560
KEENEY, JOHN P.                         WV-3-D-61
KEERNAN, E. B.                          WV-3-E-479
KERN, ROBERT LEE                        WV-3-E-256
KESINGER, LEANSEY                       WV-3-B-232
KESSINER, JOHN W.                       WV-3-D-198
KESSINGER, MARTHA E.                    WV-3-G-288
KIERCE, PATRICK                         WV-3-B-240
KINDER, BENJAMIN H.                     WV-3-F-245
KINDER, HENRY                           WV-3-B-190
KINDER, LIEUMMA                         WV-3-E-289
KIRBY, SEIBERT                          WV-3-D-194
KIRK, LILLIE MAE                        WV-3-G-40
KONRAD, PHILIP                          WV-3-E-230
KOSTAS, AGAPIAS                         WV-3-E-427
KREPPS, J. I.                           WV-3-E-441
KUHN, BURK                              WV-3-F-282
KUHN, NANCY M.                          WV-3-C-478
LACAPARA, MARIA                         WV-3-G-177
LAFOLLETTE, JAMES A.                    WV-3-F-81
LANHAM, ILMA D.                         WV-3-G-121
LARZO, DOMINICK                         WV-3-F-269
LAWS, LOUIS K.                          WV-3-F-169
LAWSON, W. W.                           WV-3-E-268
LEE, CLYDE FLOYD                        WV-3-G-302
LEE, MARTHA                             WV-3-E-432
LEFTWICH, ANNA BUTTS                    WV-3-F-2
LEFTWICH, CHARLES W.                    WV-3-E-66
LEFTWICH, F. C.                         WV-3-E-153
LEGG, JOHN L.                           WV-3-G-183, 223
LEGG, MARY                              WV-3-G-185
LEGG, MARY C.                           WV-3-G-224
LEMASTERS, CARL                         WV-3-G-545
LEVASSOR, EUGENE                        WV-3-B-223
LEWIS, HESTER ANN                       WV-3-G-11
LEWIS, J. E.                            WV-3-E-347
LEWIS, PRESTON                          WV-3-F-106
LEWIS, THOMAS P.                        WV-3-E-82
LILLY, EZRA H.                          WV-3-G-247
LINN, JOHN H.                           WV-3-G-77
LINN, MARY                              WV-3-G-78
LINN, ROBERT                            WV-3-G-81
LINN, ROBERT G.                         WV-3-G-73
LINVILLE, ELLA                          WV-3-F-195
LINVILLE, HOWARD                        WV-3-F-111
LINVILLE, ROXIE                         WV-3-E-70
LINVILLE, W. L.                         WV-3-D-119
LONG, M. R.                             WV-3-F-233
LOVAS, PETER                            WV-3-E-295
LUCAS, AULDEN                           WV-3-G-251
LUCAS, FRY                              WV-3-C-90
MACE, MARVIL                            WV-3-G-527
MANDRICK, NICHOLAS                      WV-3-F-143
MANNIX, KATHERINE J.                    WV-3-F-305
MASON, ASALOM                           WV-3-D-330
MASSEY, NELLIE HINTON                   WV-3-E-75
MASSIE, FRANK AUBREY                    WV-3-D-395
MAY, J. C.                              WV-3-C-376
MCCANN, LELIA ANN                       WV-3-G-1
MCCARTY, JOE H.                         WV-3-E-447
MCCLUNG, C. H.                          WV-3-F-7
MCCOMAS, E. E.                          WV-3-G-147
MCCORMICK, SAMUEL WATSON                WV-3-F-433
MCDONALD, C. W.                         WV-3-D-212
MCGUIRE, DANIEL H.                      WV-3-G-516
MCKINNEY, ELIZABETH                     WV-3-D-15
MCKINNEY, J. WALTER                     WV-3-E-455
MCNEELEY, MAGGIE                        WV-3-F-125
MCNEELEY, ROSE L.                       WV-3-F-102
MCNEELY, CHARLES F.                     WV-3-G-429
MCNEELY, CLYDE C. SR.                   WV-3-G-45
MCNEELY, E. E.                          WV-3-E-388
MCNEELY, G. G. "SONNY"                  WV-3-E-395
MCNEELY, JAMES DELL                     WV-3-E-156
MCNEELY, MAUDE                          WV-3-F-142
MCNEELY, MYRTIE                         WV-3-G-508
MCVEY, FRED                             WV-3-E-271
MEADOWS, EMLVA                          WV-3-G-412
MEADOWS, JACOB T.                       WV-3-F-19
MEADOWS, JOHN HARRY                     WV-3-G-505
MEADOWS, JOHNB.                         WV-3-E-38
MEADOWS, MILTON                         WV-3-E-467
MEADOWS, OCIE P.                        WV-3-E-25
MEADOWS, T. B.                          WV-3-D-41
MEDKIFF, JAMES                          WV-3-C-84
MICHAEL, ELIAS                          WV-3-G-276
MIDKIFF, DORIS                          WV-3-G-562
MIDKIFF, J. G.                          WV-3-E-321
MIDKIFF, JAKE                           WV-3-E-330
MIDKIFF, JAMES E.                       WV-3-F-339
MIDKIFF, OKEY                           WV-3-E-232
MILELR, AUBREY L.                       WV-3-G-477
MILLER, ALBERT S.                       WV-3-F-241
MILLER, ALFRED                          WV-3-E-114
MILLER, ANDREW J.                       WV-3-E-81
MILLER, ARMINTIE                        WV-3-E-34
MILLER, AUBREY                          WV-3-E-384
MILLER, BEULAH A.                       WV-3-D-91
MILLER, CATHERINE                       WV-3-E-129
MILLER, CHAPMAN H.                      WV-3-B-293
MILLER, CHARLEY                         WV-3-E-468
MILLER, DANIEL                          WV-3-B-214
MILLER, DELBERT WYETT                   WV-3-G-462
MILLER, DEWEY W.                        WV-3-G-208
MILLER, ELLIOTT PRESTON                 WV-3-F-392
MILLER, ESTA ECHOLS                     WV-3-F-360
MILLER, ETLER                           WV-3-F-481
MILLER, FLORA                           WV-3-E-450
MILLER, FLOYD SR.                       WV-3-D-250
MILLER, FLOYD T.                        WV-3-E-474
MILLER, GEORGE K.                       WV-3-G-304
MILLER, ICY                             WV-3-F-345
MILLER, J. T.                           WV-3-E-65
MILLER, JAMES W.                        WV-3-D-248
MILLER, JOHN                            WV-3-B-6
MILLER, L. D.                           WV-3-D-65
MILLER, L. W.                           WV-3-F-92
MILLER, LIZZIE                          WV-3-E-389
MILLER, MAGGIE                          WV-3-F-25
MILLER, MARY ALICE                      WV-3-D-219
MILLER, OPIE D.                         WV-3-G-486
MILLER, P. K.                           WV-3-E-302
MILLER, PERRY                           WV-3-D-127
MILLER, PERRY F.                        WV-3-D-187
MILLER, PRESTON                         WV-3-F-315
MILLER, RATHBURN                        WV-3-G-213
MILLER, ROMA                            WV-3-F-187
MILLER, ST. CLAIR SR.                   WV-3-D-191
MILLER, ST. CLAIR                       WV-3-G-432
MILLER, STACY                           WV-3-G-295
MILLER, SYLVANUS                        WV-3-C-311
MILLER, VENSON                          WV-3-G-124
MILLER, W. B. "BOBBY"                   WV-3-F-236
MILLER, WATTY E.                        WV-3-E-364
MILLER, WILLIAM OTTO JR.                WV-3-G-8
MITCHELL, CHARLES R.                    WV-3-F-239
MITCHELL, HERBERT C.                    WV-3-F-365
MITCHELL, LUNA                          WV-3-D-116
MITCHELL, W. H. (DR.)                   WV-3-F-1
MOERNEN, LEATA                          WV-3-E-177
MOONEY, CARL E.                         WV-3-F-441
MORGAN, CASSIE F.                       WV-3-F-264
MORGAN, LAVINA                          WV-3-E-324
MORRIS, BESSIE E.                       WV-3-E-377
MORRIS, JOHN                            WV-3-E-155
MORRIS, LEONARD                         WV-3-E-385
MORRIS, ROBERT                          WV-3-C-281
MORTON, CHARLEY                         WV-3-G-308
MORTON, VALERIA JANE                    WV-3-E-401
MOSES, O. P.                            WV-3-E-323
MOSLEY, WILLIAM H.                      WV-3-E-481
MOUNTS, CURTIS                          WV-3-E-276
MULLINS, BURLEY                         WV-3-G-465
MULLINS, FAIRY B.                       WV-3-F-411
MULLINS, SARAH B.                       WV-3-G-546
MUNDY, WILLIAM S.                       WV-3-E-140
MURPHY, FRANK P.                        WV-3-D-262
MYERS, ALBERT B.                        WV-3-G-24
MYERS, JOHN M. "HICK"                   WV-3-F-87
MYERS, MARTHA                           WV-3-E-189
NELSON, ALBERT W.                       WV-3-G-175
NELSON, C. P.                           WV-3-F-199
NELSON, MARY R.                         WV-3-F-203
NELSON, MYRTLE                          WV-3-G-2
NESBITT, ABRAM                          WV-3-D-83
NESBITT, ABRAM G.                       WV-3-D-362
NEVES, CARMON LEE                       WV-3-G-375
NEVES, FRAN M.                          WV-3-E-231
NIDA, VERNON                            WV-3-F-383
OHALLORAN, EDWARD                       WV-3-D-47
OSBORNE, ALBERTA                        WV-3-G-285
OWENS, ROSCOE H.                        WV-3-G-315
PASPEANOVICH, PHILIP                    WV-3-E-282
PATCHELL, D. CALVERT                    WV-3-G-270
PAULEY, BERT                            WV-3-E-137
PAULEY, ELIZABETH                       WV-3-C-344
PAULEY, ELWOOD E.                       WV-3-F-30
PAULEY, HENRY                           WV-3-B-120
PAULEY, JOHN A.                         WV-3-C-159
PAULEY, JOHN ALLEN                      WV-3-B-193
PAULEY, NANCY                           WV-3-B-52
PAULEY, NANCY A.                        WV-3-D-124
PAULEY, PRESTON                         WV-3-C-366
PELPHREY, DAN A.                        WV-3-G-161
PERDEW, FLORENCE                        WV-3-E-115
PERDEW, ISOM                            WV-3-E-117
PERDEW, JOHN T.                         WV-3-C-380
PERDUE, MARY IDA                        WV-3-G-293
PERDUE, WALTER JACKSON                  WV-3-G-159
PERDUE, WILLIE T.                       WV-3-G-16
PERRY, CHARLES F.                       WV-3-E-451
PERRY, ELIZA J.                         WV-3-D-217
PERRY, FANNIE                           WV-3-F-109
PERRY, MAUDE S.                         WV-3-G-253
PERRY, TEMPA JANE                       WV-3-E-11
PETERKIN, GEORGE W.                     WV-3-D-20
PETERS, EMMETT K. SR.                   WV-3-G-54
PETRY, JOSEPHINE                        WV-3-E-165
PEYTON, SALLIE A. E.                    WV-3-B-236
PEYTON, WILLIAMM.                       WV-3-B-234
PHELPS, CECIL                           WV-3-G-121A
PHIPPS, ETHEL                           WV-3-G-14
PHIPPS, JOHN WILBURN                    WV-3-F-160
PHIPPS, MORGAN T.                       WV-3-F-11
PHIPPS, NANCY                           WV-3-C-372
PICKENS, ROMAN                          WV-3-D-102
PISCH, W. F.                            WV-3-F-357
POLLOCK, ALEXANDER WELLS                WV-3-E-332
POLLOCK, SARAH                          WV-3-F-444
POWELL, J. D.                           WV-3-D-121
PRICE, B. F.                            WV-3-E-126
PRICE, BALLARD M.                       WV-3-C-348
PRICE, EWELL T.                         WV-3-G-102
PRICE, GEORGE H.                        WV-3-F-472
PRICE, GLADYS                           WV-3-E-393
PRICE, JAMES B.                         WV-3-D-105
PRICE, JAMES BRADFORD                   WV-3-E-421
PRICE, ROBERT L.                        WV-3-E-151
PRICE, ROBERT L. JR.                    WV-3-E-278
PRICE, T. J.                            WV-3-D-176
PRICE, TILLIE                           WV-3-G-367
PRICE, VALLIE M.                        WV-3-F-372
PRICE, VERNON                           WV-3-B-31
PRICE, W. V.                            WV-3-E-367
PRICHARD, LEWIS                         WV-3-E-191
PRIDEMORE, SARAH J. B.                  WV-3-F-227
PRITCHARD, GEORGE H.                    WV-3-E-48
PROFITT, WILLIAM E.                     WV-3-G-456
PRYOR, WILLIAM R. (M.D.)                WV-3-C-316
RAGLAND, NANCY THOMAS                   WV-3-G-437
RAHOWSKI, PETE                          WV-3-F-287
RAMSEY, EMMA R.                         WV-3-D-183
RAMSEY, LLOYD B.                        WV-3-E-299
RAMSEY, MAE METCHELL                    WV-3-E-78
RICHARDS, STEPHEN FLOYD                 WV-3-E-358
RICHARDSON, SARAH ANN                   WV-3-F-148
RICHMAN, HENRY                          WV-3-D-9
RICHMOND, HARVEY                        WV-3-F-291
ROACH, E. F.                            WV-3-F-261
ROACH, GOERGIA M.                       WV-3-E-144
ROACH, JENNINGS B.                      WV-3-D-162
ROBERTS, J. H.                          WV-3-E-47
ROBERTS, JOHN G.                        WV-3-D-327
ROBETS, JOHN G.                         WV-3-D-329
ROBINSON, ANDY                          WV-3-F-178
ROBINSON, BERTHA                        WV-3-F-178
ROSE, LUCRETIA                          WV-3-F-43
ROSS, WILLARD COLLIN                    WV-3-F-415
ROWLAND, JOHN A.                        WV-3-G-451
ROYSDEN, JOHN CLIFFORD                  WV-3-E-174
SANDERS, CLEOPHAS                       WV-3-E-259
SATTES, F. H.                           WV-3-E-297
SAVINE, GUY E.                          WV-3-E-484
SCHOLL, LESTER EARL SR.                 WV-3-E-406
SCHOLL, SUSAN                           WV-3-E-408
SCHRADER, CLARA D.                      WV-3-G-457
SHAFFER, H. G.                          WV-3-E-114
SHAMBLEN, D. L.                         WV-3-D-269
SHAW, JOHN H.                           WV-3-D-125
SHAW, NANCY                             WV-3-F-469
SHBERRY, RISPA E.                       WV-3-C-314
SHEETS, OSCAR F.                        WV-3-F-293
SHEPPARD, C. W.                         WV-3-F-435
SHIBLEY, EDWARD                         WV-3-G-105
SHIELDS, FREDERICKA                     WV-3-C-302
SHIELDS, FREDERICKA                     WV-3-D-79
SHUMATE, PARKESON                       WV-3-B-166
SIGMON, J. F.                           WV-3-G-237
SKINNER, J. V. R.                       WV-3-F-449
SKINNER, ROBERT PEET                    WV-3-F-419
SMITH, ADOPHUS                          WV-3-G-514
SMITH, ANDREW                           WV-3-E-213
SMITH, CHARLES H.                       WV-3-D-356
SMITH, EMMA L.                          WV-3-F-229
SMITH, FRANK F.                         WV-3-D-247
SMITH, GERALD                           WV-3-F-107
SMITH, JAMES M.                         WV-3-D-389
SMITH, LOTTIE                           WV-3-G-115
SMITH, S. P.                            WV-3-E-68
SMOOT, D. A.                            WV-3-F-31
SMOOT, D. C.                            WV-3-F-38
SMOOT, D. J.                            WV-3-D-18
SMOOT, ELIZABETH                        WV-3-D-151
SMOOT, JOE D.                           WV-3-F-319
SMOOT, MAUD M.                          WV-3-E-267
SMOOT, ORA VICKERS                      WV-3-G-211
SMOOT, VIRGIL L.                        WV-3-E-234
SMOOT, WILLIAM                          WV-3-B-4
SMOOT, WILLIAM T.                       WV-3-B-267
SMYTH, ALICE DEWOLF                     WV-3-D-229
SMYTH, DELAS DE WOLF                    WV-3-E-373
SNEED, JAMES FREDRICK                   WV-3-E-443
SNEED, WOODSON, HARVEY                  WV-3-F-60
SNODGRAS, IRA                           WV-3-G-297
SNODGRASS, CLIFTON                      WV-3-E-90
SNODGRASS, JESSE J.                     WV-3-E-336
SNODGRASS, LANDEN                       WV-3-C-317
SNODGRASS, MARTHA A.                    WV-3-D-110
SNOW, ROBERT H.                         WV-3-C-247
SOWDERS, G. H.                          WV-3-B-276
SPENCER, ORA B.                         WV-3-D-283
SPRATT, CECIL E. SR.                    WV-3-G-128
SPURLOCK, ALBERT W.                     WV-3-G-355
SPURLOCK, CHESTER E.                    WV-3-G-535
STALLINGS, AUBREY D.                    WV-3-E-80
STALLINGS, DAISY FLORENCE               WV-3-G-501
STALLINGS, J. T.                        WV-3-G-4
STANLEY, WILLIAM EDGAR                  WV-3-F-113
STAVRAKIS, MINAS M.                     WV-3-E-162
STEPHEN, HORATIO S.                     WV-3-E-72
STEPHENS, HORATIO S.                    WV-3-C-335
STEPHENS, LOUIS H.                      WV-3-C-330
STEWART, ALMA FRANCES                   WV-3-G-47
STEWART, GEORGE                         WV-3-F-90
STEWART, JAMES W.                       WV-3-G-365
STGEORGE, ELMER C.                      WV-3-G-220
STITH, LEOTA JANE                       WV-3-F-280
STITH, VAN B.                           WV-3-G-323
STOLLING, J. E.                         WV-3-B-306
STOLLINGS, THOMAS BENTON                WV-3-C-321
STONE, JOHN                             WV-3-B-164
STONE, LLOYD E.                         WV-3-E-472
STONE, LOUIS                            WV-3-B-175
STONE, MALINDA J.                       WV-3-C-395
STONE, OMER MORRIS                      WV-3-G-225
STOVE, MYRTLE IRENE                     WV-3-F-273
SULLIVAN, JAMES F.                      WV-3-E-459
SUTPHIN, LEFF                           WV-3-E-172
SUTPHIN, LULA MAE                       WV-3-G-368
SUTPHIN, WESLEY                         WV-3-D-338
SWARTZ, FRANK                           WV-3-F-66
TAVENNER, LEWIS N.                      WV-3-E-403
TAWNEY, JAMES M.                        WV-3-E-142
TAYLOR, D. W.                           WV-3-F-489
THOMAS, ADRIAN LUTHER                   WV-3-F-155
THOMAS, HOOD                            WV-3-G-518
THOMAS, NORMA                           WV-3-F-221
THOMAS, ROBERT RUSSELL                  WV-3-F-333, 367
THOMAS, VICTORIA E.                     WV-3-D-173
THOMPSON, ALBERT SIDNEY                 WV-3-F-4
THOMPSON, ARABELLA                      WV-3-F-139
THOMPSON, DELL                          WV-3-E-329
THOMPSON, LORA F.                       WV-3-D-387
THOMPSON, R. HOLLY                      WV-3-G-181
THOMPSON, ROSCOE                        WV-3-F-400
THOMPSON, VELLA P.                      WV-3-G-273
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       WV-3-C-382
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       WV-3-E-166
THOMPSON, WILLIAM C.                    WV-3-E-462
THOMPSON, WILLIAM M.                    WV-3-E-936
TOLER, WILLIAM                          WV-3-B-196
TURLEY, WINFIELD H.                     WV-3-E-248
TWEEL, SIMON                            WV-3-D-142
VANCE, ISAAC                            WV-3-B-3
VANDELINDE, BEN M.                      WV-3-F-327
VANDELINDE, G. O.                       WV-3-C-244
VANDOREN, THEO J. F.                    WV-3-B-283
VAUGHT, MARY ELIZABETH                  WV-3-F-368
VAUGHT, O. C.                           WV-3-E-493
VEALEY, LAWRENCE DAIL                   WV-3-G-418
VIARS, CHARLES WALTER                   WV-3-G-260
VIARS, MINNIE JANE                      WV-3-G-257
VICKERS, ARTHUR                         WV-3-D-172
VICKERS, BRADY B.                       WV-3-G-209
VICKERS, DELLA                          WV-3-F-21
VINYARD, WALTER CLAY                    WV-3-G-169
WADE, JOHN W.                           WV-3-E-124
WADE, SARAH ELIZABETH                   WV-3-E-392
WAKEMAN, BURR                           WV-3-B-153
WALKER, ALONZO WELTON                   WV-3-G-214
WALKER, CRAIG                           WV-3-D-5
WALKER, JOHN H.                         WV-3-D-186
WALKER, LUMMY CLEVELAND                 WV-3-F-75
WALKER, MONNIE CALVIN                   WV-3-E-326
WALKER, W. D.                           WV-3-D-265
WALLACE, HUGHIE M.                      WV-3-G-370
WALLER, BURLEY A.                       WV-3-G-415
WARD, MAGGIE MILLER                     WV-3-F-25
WARREN, ETTUS COURTNEY                  WV-3-E-355
WARREN, W. B.                           WV-3-G-69
WEAVER, INA                             WV-3-F-315
WEBB, CLARENDA J.                       WV-3-D-374
WEBB, LENA J.                           WV-3-E-309
WELLSMAN, JAMES THOMAS                  WV-3-B-183
WEST, IRA JENKINS                       WV-3-G-460
WEST, RUBY                              WV-3-E-241
WHARTON, JOSEPH                         WV-3-D-70
WHEATLEY, WILLIAM A.                    WV-3-F-398
WHISENHUNT, JAMES R.                    WV-3-F-128
WHITE, AMANDA                           WV-3-D-264
WHITE, BURTON                           WV-3-E-338
WHITE, D. S.                            WV-3-G-291
WHITE, DELLA                            WV-3-G-481
WHITE, E. E.                            WV-3-F-83
WHITE, ESSIE                            WV-3-G-59
WHITE, EZRA                             WV-3-G-554
WHITE, FANNIE                           WV-3-F-36
WHITE, L. D.                            WV-3-C-55
WHITE, LULA P.                          WV-3-F-217
WHITE, MABEL A.                         WV-3-G-470
WHITTEN, ROBERT RAY SR.                 WV-3-F-96
WILBURN, ISAAC E.                       WV-3-G-137
WILBURN, LOLA                           WV-3-G-94
WILEY, WILLIAM M.                       WV-3-E-183
WILHOIT, MARY L.                        WV-3-E-292
WILKERSON, C.                           WV-3-E-108
WILLIAMS, A. H.                         WV-3-D-355
WILLIAMS, BERNARD V.                    WV-3-F-88
WILLIAMS, ELMER P.                      WV-3-F-355
WILLIAMS, JAMES BURTON                  WV-3-E-301
WILLS, DORA                             WV-3-E-40
WILLS, JOSEPH ELSWORTH                  WV-3-F-407
WOOD, LAURA F.                          WV-3-E-149
WOODRUM, GREEN                          WV-3-C-356
WOODRUM, MAMIE HESTER                   WV-3-F-386
WOODRUM, ROSE E.                        WV-3-D-120
WOODRUM, SIM                            WV-3-F-62
WOODS, JOSEPH ADRIAN                    WV-3-G-263
WORKMAN, ANNIE                          WV-3-E-284
WORKMAN, FRANK W.                       WV-3-F-79
WORKMAN, JAMES                          WV-3-B-300
WORKMAN, LUCY A.                        WV-3-C-404
YOUNG, RAMON H.                         WV-3-F-108
ZELL, MAUDE MCVEY                       WV-3-G-193
ZERKLE, C. A.                           WV-3-D-201

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