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FAIRCHILD, ABIGAIL                      WV-35-3-273
FALCONER, MARGARET MCKEE                WV-35-5-406
FALKENSTEIN, JOSEPH A.                  WV-35-5-391
FALLON, JOHN T.                         WV-35-7-508
FALURE, EMMA                            WV-35-7-352
FARIS, ADAM                             WV-35-3-220
FARIS, ELIZABETH                        WV-35-5-126
FARIS, JOHN                             WV-35-3-167
FARIS, JOHN C.                          WV-35-7-140
FARIS, WILLIAM                          WV-35-2A-150
FARIS, WILLIAM                          WV-35-2B-59
FARIS, WILLIAM                          WV-35-5-106
FARIS, WILLIAM R.                       WV-35-5-79
FARMER, FREDERICK                       WV-35-3-223
FAULSTICKS, FERDINAND                   WV-35-5-355
FEAY, JULIET                            WV-35-5-308
FEAY, SARAH                             WV-35-8-226
FEICHER, RACHEL                         WV-35-8-418
FEINLER, JOACHIM                        WV-35-8-647
FELLOUR, MARY                           WV-35-3-256
FELTMAN, WILLIAM                        WV-35-4-424
FENDT, C.                               WV-35-7-303
FERGUSON, LETITIA                       WV-35-7-312
FERGUSON, MARIA                         WV-35-7-280
FERRELL, JOSEPH                         WV-35-4-185
FERRELL, MOSES                          WV-35-3-15
FILAN, FRANCIS                          WV-35-6-367
FILLMER, CAROLINE                       WV-35-8-161
FILLMER, LOUIS                          WV-35-7-516
FILLMER, LOUIS SR.                      WV-35-7-171
FINDLEY, JAMES                          WV-35-2A-77
FINK, ANGELINE P.                       WV-35-7-582
FINLAY, EDWARD                          WV-35-7-191
FINLEY, SAMUEL                          WV-35-3-11
FISCHER, AUGUST                         WV-35-5-163
FISCHER, AUGUST                         WV-35-7-593
FISCHER, BERNHARD                       WV-35-6-346
FISCHER, FREDERICK                      WV-35-8-155
FISCHER, JANUAR                         WV-35-7-485
FISCHER, JOHN                           WV-35-5-368
FISCHER, MARTIN                         WV-35-7-148
FISHER, BENJAMIN                        WV-35-7-379
FISHER, CHARLES NORTON                  WV-35-8-435
FISHER, HENRY                           WV-35-8-475
FISHER, JACOB                           WV-35-7-58
FISHER, JAMES                           WV-35-7-551
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                     WV-35-8-202
FLADING, GEORGE                         WV-35-8-170
FLADING, JOHN STEPHAN                   WV-35-7-169
FLANAGAN, JAMES                         WV-35-8-278
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                       WV-35-4-615
FLYNN, MICHAEL                          9-96
FOELKER, CHARLES HENRY                  WV-35-4-395
FOLMAR, ANNA MARGARET                   WV-35-7-24
FOLMAR, FREDERICK                       WV-35-6-213
FONNER, IDA B.                          WV-35-8-350
FOOT, ANDREW                            WV-35-2A-133
FOOT, ELIJAH                            WV-35-2A-65
FORBES, DONALD                          WV-35-8-583
FORBES, SARAH                           WV-35-5-153
FORDYCE, JOHN                           WV-35-4-87
FOREMAN, ARABELLA F.                    WV-35-8-116
FORMAN, ELIZABETH C.                    WV-35-3-174
FORSYTH, ELLEN                          WV-35-6-325
FOX, CHARLES JAMES                      WV-35-8-77
FOX, JOSIAH                             WV-35-3-332
FRANK, JOHN GEORGE                      WV-35-2B-111
FRANZHEIM, GEORGE W.                    WV-35-5-281
FRASIER, TOWNSEND                       WV-35-5-461
FRAZIER, ALEXANDER T.                   WV-35-8-216
FRAZIER, DAVID                          WV-35-3-133
FRAZIER, SAMUEL                         WV-35-3-64
FRAZIER, SAMUEL                         WV-35-3-466
FRAZIER, SAMUEL                         WV-35-3-388
FRAZIER, VIRGINIA LEE                   WV-35-7-275
FREDERICH, ANNA MARIA                   WV-35-7-26
FREDERICK, LUDWIG                       WV-35-5-169
FREDERICK, MARY                         WV-35-4-298
FREDERICKS, AUGUST                      WV-35-5-499
FREESE, ISAAC                           WV-35-6-459
FREESE, ISAAC EDWIN                     WV-35-8-211
FREESE, JACOB H.                        WV-35-8-474
FREMDER, EDWARD                         WV-35-7-395
FRENCH, AMANDA                          WV-35-7-495
FRENCH, LOUISA J.                       WV-35-6-353
FRENCH, WILLIAM                         WV-35-3-234
FREW, JOHN                              WV-35-8-621
FRIEDRICH, DAVID                        WV-35-6-400
FRIEDRICHS, FERDINAND                   WV-35-7-470
FRIEND, ELIZA                           WV-35-2B-304
FRIERY, CATHERINE                       WV-35-7-324
FRIESMUTH, FLORENTZ                     WV-35-8-23
FROBE, GEORGE A.                        WV-35-7-346
FROHME, F. CHRIST WILLAM                WV-35-8-30
FROY, VELIA                             WV-35-7-134
FRY, JAMES W.                           WV-35-2B-117
FRY, JOSEPH L.                          WV-35-4-320
FUCHS, GEORGE (AKA FOX)                 WV-35-8-67
FUELLE, HANNAH                          WV-35-2B-173
FUHRMANN, GEORGE                        WV-35-5-232
FULTON, HENRY                           WV-35-5-373
FULTON, JOHN                            WV-35-8-460
GADO, WILLIAM                           WV-35-6-473
GALASPIE, ALEXANDER                     WV-35-4-86
GALLAGHER, JAMES                        WV-35-6-291
GALLAGHER, JOHN F.                      WV-35-7-205
GALLAGHER, PATRICK                      WV-35-7-308
GALLY, JOHN                             WV-35-4-6
GARDEN, DAVID                           WV-35-4-384
GARRISON, FRANCES                       WV-35-5-181
GARVIN, DAVID                           WV-35-4-609
GARVIN, JOHNS.                          WV-35-8-75
GASMEYER, JOSEH FRED                    WV-35-4-128
GASTON, JAMES                           WV-35-3-441
GASTON, JAMES                           WV-35-8-217
GASTON, NANCY A.                        WV-35-8-537
GASTON, SUSANNAH M.                     WV-35-8-303
GAUS, AUGUSUS                           WV-35-8-404
GAVIN, JOHN V.                          WV-35-8-272
GEDLER, GEORGE                          WV-35-4-391
GEHRING, AUGUSTUS                       WV-35-7-415
GEHRING, JOHNMIKE                       WV-35-4-375
GENIN, THOMAS H.                        WV-35-4-464
GERBY, THOMAS                           WV-35-2A-73
GERRARD, WILLIAM                        WV-35-6-270
GERSHEL, ERNST                          WV-35-8-586
GIBSON, GEORGE                          WV-35-2A-88
GIBSON, JAMES                           WV-35-4-325
GIBSON, JOHN                            WV-35-6-176
GIBSON, JOHN                            WV-35-7-401
GIBSON, NANCY                           WV-35-5-260
GIBSON, ROBERT                          WV-35-5-493
GIFFIN, DANIEL                          WV-35-3-444
GIFFIN, ROBERT                          WV-35-3-66
GIFFIN, ROBERT                          WV-35-2B-295
GILESON, JANE                           WV-35-7-414
GILFILLAN, EDWARD                       WV-35-2B-99
GILL, JOSEPH                            WV-35-3-286
GILLESPIE, LAWRENCE                     WV-35-5-229
GILLIGAN, MICHAEL                       WV-35-7-248
GILLISPIE, JAMES L.                     WV-35-8-94
GILMARTINE, MARY                        WV-35-4-621
GILMOR, WILLIAM                         WV-35-4-281
GLASS, JOHN P.                          WV-35-7-446
GLESSNER, ELLEN T.                      WV-35-7-346
GOAMAN, WILLIAM                         WV-35-2B-130
GOCKE, JOHN A.                          WV-35-7-84
GODFREY, JAMES                          WV-35-5-287
GODFREY, JOSEPH                         WV-35-5-304
GODFREY, MARY H.                        WV-35-8-90
GODFREY, WILLIAM                        WV-35-7-517
GOETZE, C. F. W.                        WV-35-7-97
GOETZE, CHARLES                         WV-35-7-349
GOETZE, CHARLES                         WV-35-8-448
GOETZE, HENRY                           WV-35-8-490
GOHMANN, GEORGE                         WV-35-6-211
GOLDENBURGH, SARAH                      WV-35-7-318
GOOD, B. S.                             WV-35-5-168
GOOD, JANNA W.                          WV-35-7-436
GOODING, JACOB                          WV-35-4-224
GOODWIN, HANNAH M.                      WV-35-5-329
GORDON, MARTHA J.                       WV-35-8-421
GOSHORN, JOHN                           WV-35-4-502
GOSHORN, WILLIAM S.                     WV-35-7-361
GOUDY, SARAH A.                         WV-35-8-310
GRAHAM, EDMUND                          WV-35-2A-286
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       WV-35-7-82
GRAHAM, JOHN                            WV-35-3-426
GRAHAM, MICHAEL                         WV-35-2A-240
GRAHAM, PATIENCE                        WV-35-3-195
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          WV-35-4-216
GRANGER, CHALES                         WV-35-3-84
GRANT, MATILDA                          WV-35-2B-280
GRAVES, JOSEPH                          WV-35-7-608
GRAY, GEORGE                            WV-35-2B-200
GRAY, HORACE                            WV-35-5-148
GRAY, JAMES                             WV-35-5-457
GRAY, ROBERT                            WV-35-4-476
GRAY, WILLIAM                           WV-35-2A-269
GREBE, HEINRICH                         WV-35-7-550
GREBE, WILHELMINE                       WV-35-7-437
GREBE, WILLIAM                          WV-35-2B-316
GREEN, JOHN H.                          WV-35-5-357
GREEN, MICHAEL                          WV-35-7-229
GREENLEE, JOSEPHINE A.                  WV-35-7-167
GREER, CATHARINE                        WV-35-7-80
GREER, JOHN MILTON                      WV-35-8-127
GREER, JOSEPH                           WV-35-6-481
GREER, MARY                             WV-35-7-463
GREGG, GEORGE                           WV-35-2A-1
GREGNER, VITUS                          WV-35-5-356
GREINER, LOUIS H. W.                    WV-35-7-296
GRIER, MARY                             WV-35-8-296
GRIFFITH, LUKE                          WV-35-2B-23
GRIMM, FREDERICK                        WV-35-7-407
GRINDSTAFF, JONATHAN                    WV-35-2A-85
GRINDSTAFF, LEWIS                       WV-35-2A-31
GROVES, WILLIAM                         WV-35-2A-109
GRUBLER, FRANK                          WV-35-8-303
GRUNY, GEORG                            WV-35-7-462
GRUSE, PETER                            WV-35-8-276
GSCHWENDTNER, BARBARA                   WV-35-7-158
GUELKER, AUGUST                         WV-35-6-345
GUENTHER, FRED                          WV-35-7-482
GUILLE, JOSEPH F. N.                    WV-35-2B-72
GUSOFF, KATHERINA                       WV-35-8-142
GUTHART, GEORGE                         WV-35-8-368
GUTMAN, MANUEL                          WV-35-7-225
HAAG, NICHOLAUS                         WV-35-5-446
HABERSTICK, JOHN                        WV-35-8-619
HABIG, AMATUS                           WV-35-4-478
HACK, GEORGE                            WV-35-8-461
HAFELLER, JANE                          WV-35-4-238
HAGEDORN, CHRISTIAN                     WV-35-7-561
HAGER, CHARLES                          WV-35-2B-309
HAHNE, HENRY                            WV-35-2B-337
HALFTERMEYER, VICTOR                    WV-35-8-562
HALL, HARVEY                            WV-35-5-417
HALL, JOHN                              WV-35-7-447
HALLOWELL, ELIZA                        WV-35-5-25
HAMILTON, AGNES                         WV-35-8-28
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH                     WV-35-8-218
HAMILTON, JOHN                          WV-35-5-66
HAMILTON, JOHN A.                       WV-35-7-589
HAMM, WILLIAM                           WV-35-7-283
HAMMOND, CILL ANN                       WV-35-6-335
HAMMOND, DAVID                          WV-35-4-427
HAND, WILLIAM                           WV-35-8-558
HANDLAN, JOHN                           WV-35-2B-351
HANDLAN, MARY A.                        WV-35-4-373
HANDLAN, MARY E.                        WV-35-8-471
HANES, CLARK                            WV-35-8-369
HANES, CORNELIA                         WV-35-8-425
HANKE, FRIDRICH                         WV-35-8-587
HANKE, MARY A.                          WV-35-7-272
HANNA, ABBIE R.                         WV-35-7-273
HAPIG, ANDREW                           WV-35-4-176
HAPPY, F.                               WV-35-8-481
HARDCASTLE, ROBERT                      WV-35-2B-1
HARDING, MATILDA                        WV-35-7-434
HARKIN, DANIEL                          WV-35-5-359
HARNE, EDWIN R.                         WV-35-8-429
HARPER, HENRY M.                        WV-35-7-604
HARPER, MARGARET M.                     WV-35-8-390
HARPER, SAMUEL D.                       WV-35-4-156
HARPER, SARAH K.                        WV-35-6-446
HARRIS, BENJAMIN                        WV-35-2A-146
HARRIS, JOHN                            WV-35-5-414
HARRISON, WILLIAM M.                    WV-35-8-124
HARRY, ANDREW J.                        WV-35-2B-294
HARTENSTEIN, WILLIAM                    WV-35-6-267
HARTH, GEORGE                           WV-35-8-652
HARTLIEB, JEREMIAH                      WV-35-7-579
HARVEY, BENJAMIN                        WV-35-3-38
HARVEY, THEODORE L.                     WV-35-5-51
HASENAUER, JOHN                         WV-35-6-339
HASENAUER, MARY BARBARA                 WV-35-8-552
HASENAUER, WILLIAM                      WV-35-7-590
HASTINGS, GEORGE JR.                    WV-35-8-470
HASWELL, JOHN J.                        WV-35-3-296
HATHAWAY, CATHARINE H.                  WV-35-7-377
HATHAWAY, SILAS M.                      WV-35-8-295
HAUSSNER, ADAM                          WV-35-2B-304
HAVELY, ANTHONY D.                      WV-35-6-37
HAY, MARGARET                           WV-35-6-370
HAY, MARGARET E.                        WV-35-8-485
HAYBURN, JAMES H.                       WV-35-5-267
HAYBURN, WILLIAM W.                     WV-35-2B-299
HAZLETT, ROBERT W.                      WV-35-8-446
HEALY, MICHAEL                          WV-35-7-83
HEARN, WILLIAM L.                       WV-35-8-10
HEBDEN, SYLVESTER                       WV-35-3-385
HEBRUK, ANTON                           WV-35-7-390
HECKEL, JOHN                            WV-35-8-359
HEDGES, DIANNA                          WV-35-5-410
HEDGES, HIRAM                           WV-35-2B-3
HEDGES, JOSEPH C.                       WV-35-7-520
HEIER, FRED                             WV-35-5-299
HEIL, AMAND                             WV-35-5-252
HEIL, CLEMENTINE                        WV-35-7-518
HEIL, FERDINAND                         WV-35-6-197
HEIL, KATHERINA                         WV-35-8-50
HEIM, LOUISA                            WV-35-8-140
HEIMBERGER, VALENTINE                   WV-35-5-144
HEIN, WILLIAM AUGUST                    WV-35-5-327
HEINLEIN, JOHN                          WV-35-7-74
HEINRICH, RICHARD                       WV-35-7-447
HELLER, JOHN M.                         WV-35-6-351
HELMBRECHT, AUGUST                      WV-35-8-3
HELMBRECHT, FRED                        WV-35-7-43
HELMBRECHT, H. F. E.                    WV-35-5-242
HELMS, MARY                             WV-35-6-477
HELWIG, CONSTANT                        WV-35-6-319
HEMPHILL, THOMAS                        WV-35-3-452
HENDERSON, ANNA                         WV-35-6-28
HENDERSON, J. P.                        WV-35-2B-281
HENDERSON, JAMES                        WV-35-4-168
HENDERSON, JSOEPH                       WV-35-3-228
HENDERSON, MARY                         WV-35-3-243
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       WV-35-4-525
HERSEY, JOSEPH                          WV-35-4-239
HERVEY, JANE                            WV-35-5-272
HERVEY, MARY J.                         WV-35-7-457
HERVEY, SARAH                           WV-35-7-255
HERVEY, THOMAS YATES                    WV-35-8-396
HERVEY, WILLIAM                         WV-35-3-284
HERWIG, HENRY                           WV-35-7-536
HESS, CLEMENT                           WV-35-8-403
HESS, HARMEN                            WV-35-4-280
HESS, WILHELMINA                        WV-35-7-230
HEUSLERS, MATHIAS                       WV-35-8-516
HEYMAN, ALEXANDER                       WV-35-4-437
HEYMAN, MAYER                           WV-35-8-198
HIGGS, PARMENIUS                        WV-35-4-170
HILDRETH, S. P.                         WV-35-7-227
HILDRETH, SIDNEY J.                     WV-35-5-167
HILDRETH, SUSAN L.                      WV-35-8-343
HILL, GEORGE                            WV-35-7-280
HILLEBRECHT, AUGUST                     WV-35-6-14
HILLEBRECHT, FREDERICK                  WV-35-2B-311
HILLENBRAND, KILIAN                     WV-35-7-440
HIRTH, PHILIP                           WV-35-8-31
HITHAM, JOHN M.                         WV-35-7-13
HOBBS, J. L.                            WV-35-6-10
HOCK, MARY                              WV-35-6-123
HOEH, ADOLPH                            WV-35-7-445
HOELSCHE, GREGOR                        WV-35-8-71
HOFFMAN, EMMA M.                        WV-35-5-117
HOFFMANN, ELIZABETH                     WV-35-7-173
HOFFMANN, EVE ELIZABETH                 WV-35-6-491
HOFFMEISTER, FRED                       WV-35-5-314
HOFFMEISTER, SOPHIA                     WV-35-8-399
HOGE, FRANCIS L.                        WV-35-8-559
HOGE, ISAAC                             WV-35-4-398
HOGE, R. M.                             WV-35-7-37
HOGG, WILLIAM                           WV-35-2B-41
HOHMAN, ANTON                           WV-35-8-574
HOLLIDAY, JAMES                         WV-35-3-406
HOLLINGER, HENRY                        WV-35-4-472
HOLLINGSHEAD, PETER                     WV-35-3-283
HONECKER, CHRISTIAN                     WV-35-5-474
HOOD, THOMAS                            WV-35-2B-347
HOPKINS, FRANKLIN MCM.                  WV-35-8-652
HOPKINS, JOHN ***                       WV-35-2B-213
HOPKINS, LYDIA A.                       WV-35-7-190
HOPKINS, MARY                           WV-35-2B-14
HORBELD, THERESIA                       WV-35-8-179
HORKHEIMER, SIMON                       WV-35-7-167
HORNBROOK, ANNIE M.                     WV-35-6-438
HORNBROOK, F. B.                        WV-35-3-470
HORNBROOK, JACOB                        WV-35-3-212
HORNBROOK, JACOB                        WV-35-7-134
HORNBROOK, RACHAEL                      WV-35-8-176
HORNBROOK, TRIPHENA P.                  WV-35-7-421
HORNBROOK, WILLIAM                      WV-35-3-2210
HORNER, ELISABETH DORATHA               WV-35-6-127
HORSTMANN, CARL                         WV-35-7-63
HOSACK, DAVID                           WV-35-2A-83
HOSACK, JAMES                           WV-35-3-322
HOSACK, JOHN                            WV-35-2A-27
HOSACK, MARY                            WV-35-4-236
HOUSE, SARAH A.                         WV-35-5-427
HOUSTON, M. H.                          WV-35-5-328
HOUSTON, SARAH P.                       WV-35-4-13
HOUSTON, W. H.                          WV-35-3-460
HOWARD, JOHN                            WV-35-5-67
HOWARD, JOHN                            WV-35-8-613
HOWARD, MARY                            WV-35-7-260
HOWELL, A. ALLEN                        WV-35-8-136
HOWELL, JOHN                            WV-35-7-206
HOWELL, SARAH W.                        WV-35-8-363
HOWLEL, ELZIA                           WV-35-7-44
HOWLEY, PATRICK                         WV-35-6-405
HOWSER, BARBARA                         WV-35-4-133
HOWSER, WILLIAM                         WV-35-2B-102
HUBBARD, ANNA A.                        WV-35-5-195
HUBBARD, CHESTER D.                     WV-35-7-341
HUBBARD, HENRY P.                       WV-35-7-120
HUBBARD, JOHN R.                        WV-35-5-392
HUBBARD, SARAH P.                       WV-35-8-455
HUBBARD, WILLIAM                        WV-35-5-331
HUBER, STEPHEN                          WV-35-7-354
HUGHES, BRIDGET                         WV-35-8-199
HUGHES, EVAN                            WV-35-2B-329
HUGHES, JANE                            WV-35-7-292
HUGHES, L. G.                           WV-35-7-164
HUGHES, MARY A.                         WV-35-8-32
HUGHES, MARY ELLEN                      WV-35-7-453
HUGHES, SAMUEL                          WV-35-6-247
HUGHES, THOMAS                          WV-35-6-420
HUHILL, WILLIAM                         WV-35-5-315
HUKLE, JAMES                            WV-35-2A-57
HULL, JACOB                             WV-35-8-52
HULL, JANE                              WV-35-8-318
HULLIHEN, SIMON P.                      WV-35-4-125
HULLS, CHARLES T.                       WV-35-2B-141
HUMBERGER, PETER                        WV-35-6-350
HUMPHREY, ROBERT                        WV-35-3-129
HUSTED, ALICE V.                        WV-35-6-338
HUTCHINSON, DANIEL                      WV-35-3-249
HUTCHISON, JAMES                        WV-35-2A-246
HUTCHISON,W. H.                         WV-35-8-603
HYDINGER, ELIZBETH                      WV-35-7-619
HYLAND, JOHN G.                         WV-35-4-462

INKANN, HENRY                           WV-35-7-402
ISHAM, LOUISA S.                        WV-35-8-347
ITZ, CHRISTIAN                          WV-35-4-226
JACKSON, JOHN BROOKE                    WV-35-6-412
JACKSON, MARY                           WV-35-5-96
JACOB, JOHN J.                          WV-35-3-362
JACOB, JOHN J.                          WV-35-7-535
JACOB, ZACHARIAH                        WV-35-4-435
JACOBS, BERTHA                          WV-35-7-456
JAGER, CHARLES                          WV-35-5-170
JAGER, JOHN F. W.                       WV-35-5-201
JAGER, NICKOLAUS                        WV-35-5-27
JAMES, JAMES L.                         WV-35-8-424
JAMES, JANE                             WV-35-3-347
JAMISON, HENRY M.                       WV-35-4-115
JAMISON, SAMUEL                         WV-35-2A-11
JEFFERS, MATHIAS                        WV-35-8-488
JEFFERSON, JOHN                         WV-35-3-67
JEFFERY, JOHN                           WV-35-2A-267
JEFFERY, JOHN (CON'T)                   WV-35-2A-272
JELLY, MARY L.                          WV-35-6-261
JENESKEY, JOHN                          WV-35-8-2
JENNINGS, DAVID L.                      WV-35-4-493
JEPSON, JOHN                            WV-35-6-357
JERICHO, J. K. L.                       WV-35-5-269
JEROME, JOHN                            WV-35-3-150
JOHNSON, ANNE L.                        WV-35-7-471
JOHNSON, MARY                           WV-35-2B-202
JOHNSON, ROBERT W.                      WV-35-7-230
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        WV-35-7-281
JOHNSTON, ANIS                          WV-35-8-548
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         WV-35-3-240
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         WV-35-3-314
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         WV-35-3-156
JOHNSTON, JAMES C.                      WV-35-8-214
JOHNSTON, MARY H.                       WV-35-7-326
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        WV-35-5-498
JONES, DAVID                            WV-35-2A-184
JONES, DAVID                            WV-35-7-250
JONES, EDWARD                           WV-35-8-560
JONES, ELLA C.                          WV-35-5-244
JONES, JOHN                             WV-35-5-39
JONES, LEWIS                            WV-35-8-1
JONES, SARAH                            WV-35-4-409
JOYCE, CATHARINE                        WV-35-7-76
JUNGBLUTH, MARGARETHE                   WV-35-7-575
JUNGMANN, JOHN                          WV-35-8-70
JUNKE, CARL                             WV-35-8-215
JUNKE, WILHELM                          WV-35-5-33
KAMMERRER, MARY                         WV-35-4-178
KARBER, ADAM                            WV-35-3-323
KASLEY, T. E.                           WV-35-8-72
KEEVER, ANN                             WV-35-3-476
KEEVER, WILLIAM                         WV-35-3-85
KEHOE, MARY                             WV-35-5-28
KELLER, MARTIN                          WV-35-2A-116
KELLEY, ELIZA                           WV-35-4-323
KELLEY, INDIA H.                        WV-35-8-611
KELLY, A. WILSON                        WV-35-8-43
KELLY, AARON                            WV-35-6-464
KELLY, CHARLOTTE                        WV-35-5-337
KELLY, ISAAC                            WV-35-3-6
KELLY, JOHN                             WV-35-3-115
KELLY, S. ROBERT JR.                    WV-35-8-208
KELLY, SARAH                            WV-35-4-306
KENNEDY, DAVID                          WV-35-5-460
KENNON, ELIZABETH                       WV-35-8-601
KERR, ANN                               WV-35-2B-152
KERR, JAMES                             WV-35-8-436
KETTLER, HENRY                          WV-35-5-122
KEYS, JOHN A.                           WV-35-7-493
KIDD, WILLIAM                           WV-35-4-135
KIGER, JACOB                            WV-35-4-212
KIMMINS, ANDREW H.                      WV-35-7-151
KIMMINS, JANE L.                        WV-35-7-426
KIMMINS, WILLIAM                        WV-35-7-374
KINTZ, GEORGE H.                        WV-35-2B-272
KINTZ, HENRY                            WV-35-2B-208
KIRBACH, CONRAD                         WV-35-7-573
KIRCHER, CAROLINE                       WV-35-4-571
KIRCHGESSNER, JOSEPH                    WV-35-8-118
KIRMSE, ROSINA                          WV-35-8-4
KLAPROTH, ERNST                         WV-35-7-1
KLEEH, MAGDALENA                        WV-35-8-98
KLEEH, OTTO                             WV-35-4-607
KLEINER, MARIE                          WV-35-8-17
KLEMM, GEORGE J.                        WV-35-5-103
KLEMM, LOUISA                           WV-35-5-293
KLETT, JOHN F.                          WV-35-8-302
KLETTT, FREDRICK                        NOT IN BOOK
KLEVIS, JOHN F.                         WV-35-7-473
KLIEVES, E. W.                          WV-35-5-116
KLOEPPNER, ERNST                        WV-35-8-213
KLUG, JOSEPH                            WV-35-8-121
KNABE, CHRIST. FREDERICK                WV-35-7-279
KNAPP, HENRY A.                         WV-35-5-213
KNAPP, MELISINA                         WV-35-8-468
KNOP, CHARLOTTE                         WV-35-7-574
KNOP, FREDERICK                         WV-35-6-136
KNOTE, JOHN                             WV-35-6-484
KNOWLES, CATHARINE                      WV-35-7-138
KNOX, CHESTER D.                        WV-35-5-129
KNOX, JAMES                             WV-35-6-44
KNOX, MARTHA                            WV-35-5-11
KNUTH, FREDRICH SR.                     WV-35-8-412
KOCH, AUGUST F.                         WV-35-5-301
KOCH, GEORGE                            WV-35-2B-154
KOCH, LOUISA A.                         WV-35-8-426
KRAEUTER, ANNA M.                       WV-35-8-465
KRAFT, GEORGE                           WV-35-6-431
KRAFT, HENRY                            WV-35-6-238
KRAFT, HENRY                            WV-35-8-442
KRAFT, LOUIS                            WV-35-4-490
KRAFT, WILHELM                          WV-35-8-346
KRATZ, ADAM                             WV-35-7-25
KRATZ, EDWARD A.                        WV-35-8-102
KRAUS, JOHANNES                         WV-35-4-308
KRAUS, SAMUEL                           WV-35-7-610
KRAUTTER, JOHN                          WV-35-4-217
KREBBS, LOUIS                           WV-35-4-631
KREITER, DANIEL                         WV-35-2B-260
KREPS, OTTO                             WV-35-2B-319
KRESS, ANDREAS                          WV-35-7-512
KRESS, HENRY                            WV-35-8-527
KRESS, KILIAN                           WV-35-7-51
KRESZ, LEBORIOUS                        WV-35-6-423
KROFT, MARY E.                          WV-35-7-612
KROGGEL, FRANZ                          WV-35-8-597
KRUMM, WILLIAM                          WV-35-5-180
KRUSER, HENRY                           WV-35-6-82
KRUZER, JACOB                           WV-35-8-469
KRYTER, WILLIAM                         WV-35-4-370
KUERNER, A. CHRISTINA                   WV-35-7-427
KUHLEN, LOUISA                          WV-35-4-283
KULL, DAVID S.                          WV-35-8-637
KULL, KATHARINA                         WV-35-7-330
KURNER, J. D.                           WV-35-7-139
KURTZ, HENRY                            WV-35-5-128
KYLE, MARY ANN                          WV-35-5-455
KYLE, ROBERT                            WV-35-6-386
LAFFERTY, JOHN                          WV-35-2B-188
LAKE, MARY E.                           WV-35-4-446
LAMB, DANIEL                            WV-35-7-572
LAMB, GIBSON                            WV-35-8-445
LAMB, MARY B.                           WV-35-8-600
LANCASTER, JAMES                        WV-35-6-488
LANDMEYER, CHRIST. W.                   WV-35-7-156
LANE, CHARLES                           WV-35-7-161
LANE, JAMES                             WV-35-8-436
LANG, MAX                               WV-35-8-395
LANGFITT, OBADIAH                       WV-35-2B-166
LANTZ, JESSE                            WV-35-5-59
LARKIN, EDWARD                          WV-35-8-479
LARKIN, JOSEPH A.                       WV-35-8-117
LASCH,SIMON                             WV-35-8-57
LASHLEY, PETER                          WV-35-7-511
LAUER, PETER                            WV-35-6-376
LAUGHLIN, SAMUEL                        WV-35-6-478
LAZIER, HENRY                           WV-35-2B-84
LAZIER, NANCY                           WV-35-4-28
LEASURE, HENRY J.                       WV-35-8-588
LEASURE, JAMES A.                       WV-35-8-163
LEASURE, WILLIAM                        WV-35-7-41
LEBEYHER, JOHN                          WV-35-8-231
LEE, ANA LISE                           WV-35-6-113
LEE, JAMES M.                           WV-35-8-221
LEE, JANE C.                            WV-35-2A-132
LEECH, JOHN                             WV-35-3-276
LEECH, MARY C.                          WV-35-4-430
LEGHARDT, CHRISTOPHER                   WV-35-4-151
LEHNERT, HENRY O.                       WV-35-8-58
LEITNER, JOSEPH                         WV-35-7-83
LENON, ALICE                            WV-35-5-29
LEWIS, DANIEL                           WV-35-2B-107
LEWIS, EZEKIEL                          WV-35-2A-274
LEWIS, REZIN                            WV-35-4-221
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           WV-35-5-363
LEWIS, THOMAS H.                        WV-35-8-523
LIMERICK, ELIZA                         WV-35-5-294
LINDEMANN, CHARLES F.                   WV-35-6-199
LINDEMANN, F. W.                        WV-35-7-316
LINDEMANN, MARY L.                      WV-35-7-491
LINGEMAN, LOUIS                         WV-35-6-41
LINSLY, NOAH                            WV-35-1-18
LIST, HENRY K.                          WV-35-8-493
LIST, HENRY W.                          WV-35-7-482
LIST, JOHN                              WV-35-3-13
LIST, JOHN                              WV-35-3-352
LIST, SIDNEY                            WV-35-7-8
LIST, THOMAS H.                         WV-35-5-360
LITTLE, ARTHUR                          WV-35-7-129
LITTLE, JAMES                           WV-35-4-264
LITTLE, JOSEPH O.                       WV-35-4-301
LLOYD, MARTH ANN                        WV-35-4-123
LOEBER, HENRY Y.                        WV-35-8-34
LOECHER, PETER                          WV-35-8-482
LOEFFLER, JOHN SR.                      WV-35-7-588
LOGES, CAROLINE                         WV-35-8-556
LOHMANN, WILLIAM                        WV-35-8-88
LOHSE, JULIUS                           WV-35-8-567
LONG, GEORGE                            WV-35-7-369
LONG, GEORGE W.                         WV-35-7-464
LONG, JOSEPH                            WV-35-5-261
LOOMIS, JOSEPHINE C.                    WV-35-3-492
LORING, ALONZO                          WV-35-8-367
LOTZ, ALBERTA                           WV-35-8-564
LOTZ, CHRISTIAN                         WV-35-8-206
LUCAS, JAMES                            WV-35-5-188
LUCKEL, LUDWIG KARL                     WV-35-7-389
LUKE, JAMES                             WV-35-3-473
LUKER, MARY E.                          WV-35-6-397
LUMPP, JOHN                             WV-35-4-561
LUNSFORD, LEWIS                         WV-35-6-255
LUNSFORD, MARGARET M.                   WV-35-8-376
LUNSFORD, NICHOLAS                      WV-35-2B-68
LUNSFORD, WILLIAM M.                    WV-35-2B-355
LUTZ, SEBASTIAN                         WV-35-2B-171
LYLE, ELIZABETH                         WV-35-2B-186
LYNCH, JAMES P.                         WV-35-6-400

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