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SALSBURY, JAMES                         WV-35-3-371
SANDER, AUGUST                          WV-35-6-450
SANGER, IRA                             WV-35-2B-352
SANTER, CHARLES                         WV-35-6-47
SARGISON, JAMES M.                      WV-35-5-485
SAUER, JOSEPH                           WV-35-8-501
SAUTER, CHARLES                         WV-35-6-47
SAUVAGEOT, STEPHEN                      WV-35-4-118
SAVAGE, RICHARD                         WV-35-5-436
SAVERY, BETSEY                          WV-35-6-401
SAVERY, DENNIS                          WV-35-5-370
SCHACH, GOTLIEB                         WV-35-8-139
SCHAFER, JOSPEH                         WV-35-8-639
SCHAFF, BALTHAZER                       WV-35-2B-212
SCHAFFER, JACOB                         WV-35-7-596
SCHAMBRA, CONRAD                        WV-35-8-15
SCHAMBRA, DANIEL                        WV-35-7-324
SCHAUB, THEODORE                        WV-35-8-569
SCHEISCH, CHRISTIAN                     WV-35-4-208
SCHELL, LEOPOLD                         WV-35-4-333
SCHENK, KATHARINA                       WV-35-7-358
SCHENK, PHILIPP                         WV-35-7-323
SCHEPP, CONRAD                          WV-35-7-522
SCHICK, JOHN                            WV-35-5-196
SCHICKENTANZ, GERTRDUE                  WV-35-5-183
SCHLAG, ADELBERT                        WV-35-8-128
SCHLECHTER, FRANZ                       WV-35-8-7
SCHLETT, ALEXANDER                      WV-35-5-204
SCHMEHARDT, G. (DR)                     WV-35-6-173
SCHMIDT, CAROLINE                       WV-35-5-479
SCHMIDT, CHARLES                        WV-35-7-201
SCHMIDT, CHARLES                        WV-35-7-201
SCHMPF, JACOB                           WV-35-7-289
SCHNEIDER, DANIEL                       WV-35-6-383
SCHNELL, JOHN SR.                       WV-35-7-69
SCHOEN, EDWARD C.                       WV-35-8-653
SCHOENERLEIN, J. GOTTLEIB               WV-35-5-388
SCHOFFER, CHRISTIAN                     WV-35-6-61
SCHRADER, NICHOLAS                      WV-35-7-240
SCHRADER, WILLIAM                       WV-35-5-161
SCHRECKEL, KATHARINE                    WV-35-5-47
SCHREIBER, MORRIS                       WV-35-8-66
SCHREIBER, SOPHIA                       WV-35-7-291
SCHREIBER, THEADOR                      WV-35-7-77
SCHRUMPF, DOROTHEA                      WV-35-8-594
SCHRUMPF, FREDERICK                     WV-35-7-59
SCHUBERT, CHARLES                       WV-35-8-320
SCHUL, GODFREY                          WV-35-8-598
SCHULER, JOSEPH                         WV-35-7-297
SCHULTZ, AUGUST                         WV-35-8-55
SCHULTZ, JOHN F. A.                     WV-35-4-587
SCHUMANN, FRED J.                       WV-35-8-272
SCHUMANN, SOPHIA                        WV-35-8-550
SCHUTZNER, ALBERT                       WV-35-6-106
SCHWEITZER, PHILIP                      WV-35-5-15
SCHWENCKBECK, LOUISA                    WV-35-5-18
SCHWERTLFERGER, CHARLES                 WV-35-4-192
SCHWOPE, JOHN HENRY                     WV-35-3-213
SCOTT, ANDREW                           WV-35-3-197
SEABRIGHT, HENRI                        WV-35-8-382
SEAMON, JONAH                           WV-35-2A-15
SEATON, WILLIAM                         WV-35-7-216
SEIBERT, HENRY C.                       WV-35-8-319
SEIBRECHT, FREDERICK                    WV-35-4-2
SENDLINGER, JACOB                       WV-35-5-318
SENSENEY, R. E.                         WV-35-6-392
SERIG, CHRISTINA                        WV-35-7-64
SEVERING, HENRY                         WV-35-2B-345
SEYBOLD, JOSEPH                         WV-35-8-479
SHAFER, WILLIAM H.                      WV-35-8-84
SHAFFER, SASLLIE DEE                    WV-35-8-326
SHALLCROSS, SALLIE B.                   WV-35-7-459
SHALLCROSS, THOMAS P.                   WV-35-7-338
SHARP, JOHN                             WV-35-3-308
SHAW, THOMAS                            WV-35-7-410
SHEEKEY, MICHAEL                        WV-35-8-174
SHEHIE, OWEN                            WV-35-4-317
SHELMERDINE, JOHN                       WV-35-2A-161
SHEPHERD, MOSES                         WV-35-2B-4
SHIELDS, SMUEL                          WV-35-3-63
SHOENBERGER, PETER                      WV-35-4-30
SHORT, HENRY                            WV-35-2B-210
SHORT, HENRY (CON'T)                    WV-35-2B-250
SHORTEL, THOMAS                         WV-35-7-473
SHRIVER, JACOB S.                       WV-35-5-264
SHRIVER, W. W.                          WV-35-5-415
SICK, HENRY                             WV-35-5-95
SICKLER, LORENZ                         WV-35-2B-338
SIEBRECHT, FREDERICK                    WV-35-5-507
SIEBRECHT, KARL                         WV-35-7-144
SIERIG, AUGUST                          WV-35-4-261
SIHLER, DAVID                           WV-35-8-97
SIMMONS, JOHN                           WV-35-7-56
SIMMS, DORCAS                           WV-35-4-189
SIMPSON, JOHN                           WV-35-2B-181
SIMPSON, JOHN                           WV-35-2B-149
SIMPSON, THOMAS W.                      WV-35-4-420
SIMS, CHARLES                           WV-35-8-275
SINGLETON, ELIZABETH                    WV-35-7-86
SISSON, JOHN E.                         WV-35-8-513
SISSON, LEWIS                           WV-35-3-485
SIVERT, JOHN                            WV-35-2B-18
SIVERT, JOHN                            WV-35-2B-18
SKINNER, WALTER                         WV-35-2A-87
SLATER, DAVID                           WV-35-8-280
SLATER, JAMES                           WV-35-4-198
SLATER, THOMAS                          WV-35-3-495
SLIGER, FREDERICK                       WV-35-8-40
SMALLWOOD, GRIFFEN                      WV-35-3-500
SMITH, DAVID                            WV-35-4-311
SMITH, ELIZABETH M.                     WV-35-7-581
SMITH, FERGUS                           WV-35-3-420
SMITH, FERGUS SR.                       WV-35-5-402
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        WV-35-5-86
SMITH, HANNAH                           WV-35-8-71
SMITH, J. F.                            WV-35-5-374
SMITH, JAMES                            WV-35-7-592
SMITH, JANE                             WV-35-3-35
SMITH, JOHN                             WV-35-4-149
SMITH, JOHN                             WV-35-3-109
SMITH, JOHN A.                          WV-35-3-168
SMITH, JOHN K.                          WV-35-4-428
SMITH, KATE V.                          WV-35-7-212
SMITH, LOUISA                           WV-35-2B-362
SMITH, MARY                             WV-35-3-456
SMITH, S. H.                            WV-35-6-289
SMITH, THOMAS                           WV-35-2A-254
SMITH, WALTER C.                        WV-35-8-180
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                       WV-35-3-258
SMITH,NANCY L.                          WV-35-7-22
SMITT, JOHN                             WV-35-5-1
SNEDIKER, JACOB                         WV-35-4-296
SNODGRAS, JAMES                         WV-35-4-489
SNODGRASS, JOHN                         WV-35-2B-120
SNODGRASS, REBBECA                      WV-35-2B-151
SNYDER, AMANDA H.                       WV-35-7-506
SNYDER, FREDERICK D.                    WV-35-8-153
SNYDER, JACOB                           WV-35-8-193
SOCKMAN, JOHN SR.                       WV-35-2A-296
SONDERMAN, LOUISA                       WV-35-2B-349
SONDERMANN, FREDERICH                   WV-35-6-33
SONDERMANN, HENRY                       WV-35-5-262
SONNEBORN, ABRAHAM                      WV-35-7-47
SORG, CHARLES                           WV-35-7-61
SORG, FREDERICK                         WV-35-7-331
SORG, FREDERICK SR.                     WV-35-6-457
SORGE, LOUIS                            WV-35-8-195
SORGLER, T. T.                          WV-35-2B-331
SPAHR, ANN                              WV-35-3-154
SPEER, AGNES S.                         WV-35-7-11
SPEIDEL, CATHARINE                      WV-35-8-372
SPELLMAN, ANN                           WV-35-8-112
SPEYER, LOUIS                           WV-35-8-575
SPIEKER, FREDERICK                      WV-35-8-450
SPRIGG, AMELIA                          WV-35-5-45
SPRIGG, ELIZABETH                       WV-35-1-31
SPRIGG, ZACHARIAH                       WV-35-3-22
SPRINGER, BENJAMIN F.                   WV-35-8-16
SPRINGER, WILHELM                       WV-35-7-246
STAHL, ADAM                             WV-35-7-57
STAMM, GEORGE WILLIAM                   WV-35-4-549
STAMM, HENRY                            WV-35-7-337
STANDIFORD, SARAH                       WV-35-6-93
STANTO, FLORENCE E.                     WV-35-8-518
STANTON, BENJAMIN                       WV-35-5-62
STECK, JOSEPH                           WV-35-4-479
STEELE, SARAH B.                        WV-35-7-118
STEENROD, DANIEL                        WV-35-2B-156
STEENROD, GEORGE W.                     WV-35-7-353
STEENROD, LEWIS                         WV-35-4-252
STEGER, B.                              WV-35-2B-276
STEGER, JOSEPH                          WV-35-2B-348
STEGER, NICKOLAUS                       WV-35-5-394
STEINBISS, HENRY                        WV-35-7-112
STEINMANN, CARL                         WV-35-6-475
STEINMANN, GEORGE CHARLES               WV-35-5-210
STENDER, FRANK                          WV-35-5-459
STENERNAGEL, CONRAD                     WV-35-2B-326
STENGEL, WILLIAM                        WV-35-5-119
STEPHAN, ERNST                          WV-35-8-232
STEPHENS, HESTER                        WV-35-4-605
STEURNAGEL, MARGARET                    WV-35-7-479
STEWART, ASRAH J.                       WV-35-8-554
STEWART, DAVID                          WV-35-3-447
STEWART, JOSEPH                         WV-35-8-388
STEWART, MARY                           WV-35-3-277
STEWART, NELLY                          WV-35-6-67
STEWART, ROBERT                         WV-35-4-343
STEWART, ROBERT                         WV-35-3-108
STEWART, ROBET SR.                      WV-35-3-170
STEWART, WILLIAM                        WV-35-3-187
STEWART, WILLIAM                        WV-35-8-502
STEWART, WILLIAM                        WV-35-8-495
STHEELER, LOUIS                         WV-35-8-478
STIFEL, ALBERT F.                       WV-35-7-494
STIFEL, C. E.                           WV-35-8-324
STIFEL, J. L.                           WV-35-6-30
STIFEL, LOUIS C.                        WV-35-8-270
STMEYERS, BRIDGET                       WV-35-7-54
STOCKER, GOTTLIEB ADAM                  WV-35-7-35
STOEHR, AMBROSE                         WV-35-8-103
STOEHR, CHRISTIAN                       WV-35-7-270
STONE, E. J.                            WV-35-7-27
STONEMAN, WILLIAM                       WV-35-4-452
STORER, JOHN H.                         WV-35-8-255
STOUT, ELIZABTEH S.                     WV-35-6-356
STOUT, JAMES H.                         WV-35-4-243
STRADINGER, JOHN                        WV-35-5-506
STREBLE, RICARD                         WV-35-4-8
STRICKER, GEORGE                        WV-35-2A-9
STRICKER, SIDNEY                        WV-35-2A-11
STROMBERG, F. A.                        WV-35-5-371
STUART, WILLIAM                         WV-35-6-460
STUCK, ANDREAS                          WV-35-7-158
STUMP, JOHN                             WV-35-3-30
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS                     WV-35-4-1
SUPLER, EDWARD                          WV-35-7-450
SUPPLER, MARGARET                       WV-35-8-360
SURMINSKI, ALICE                        WV-35-7-560
SUTTON, GEORGE SR.                      WV-35-3-386
SUTTON, PHILIP                          WV-35-4-618
SUTTON, W. F.                           WV-35-2B-344
SWALLEY, JACOB                          WV-35-4-127
SWEARENGEN, ANDREW                      WV-35-1-26
SWEENEY, A. J.                          WV-35-7-486
SWEENEY, MICHAEL                        WV-35-8-274
SWEENEY, MORGAN                         WV-35-2B-79
SWEENEY, R. H.                          WV-35-6-273
SWEENEY, THOMAS                         WV-35-7-286
TALOR, LAVINAH                          WV-35-6-2
TANNER, JAMES                           WV-35-4-161
TAPPE, HENRY                            WV-35-5-444
TAPPE, LOUISE                           WV-35-8-60
TATT, HENRY                             WV-35-6-29
TAYLOR, JOHN SR.                        WV-35-2A-80
TEECE, JOHN                             WV-35-5-175
TERRELL, DANIEL                         WV-35-3-315
TERRELL, JERUD                          WV-35-3-A
TEUFEL, MEDERED                         WV-35-6-355
THALMAN, JOSEPH                         WV-35-8-278
THERY, S. J.                            WV-35-6-293
THOMAS, FRANK                           WV-35-6-437
THOMAS, JACOB C.                        WV-35-8-365
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH S.                  WV-35-8-256
THOMPSON, FRANCES R.                    WV-35-5-83
THOMPSON, MARY                          WV-35-8-233
THOMPSON, SUSAN E.                      WV-35-7-388
THOMPSON, WILLIAM E.                    WV-35-3-178
THONER, FRANCIS E.                      WV-35-7-563
THORNBURG, THOMAS                       WV-35-4-622
TIEMANN, J. HENRY                       WV-35-6-117
TIERNAN, MICHAEL                        WV-35-5-341
TODD, A. S.                             WV-35-6-187
TODD, GENEVIEVE                         WV-35-5-437
TODD, JAMES                             WV-35-7-547
TODD, MARY E.                           WV-35-8-165
TODD, THOMAS                            WV-35-5-53
TODD, WILLIAM                           WV-35-3-8
TOFANTE, ANTON                          WV-35-8-224
TOMLINSON, JOSEPH                       WV-35-2A-262
TOPP, HENRY J.                          WV-35-8-209
TRAUTWEIN, JOHANN JACOB                 WV-35-8-644
TRIMBLE, JOHN S.                        WV-35-7-556
TRUSHELL, JOHN P.                       WV-35-7-5
TUFFORD, JUDETH                         WV-35-3-78
TUNNY, ELLEN                            WV-35-8-463
TURNER, ALEXANDER                       WV-35-2B-358
TURNER, MARY                            WV-35-3-143
TURNER, WILLIAM                         WV-35-5-155
TURPIN, MARY                            WV-35-7-309
TYSON, OTTO                             WV-35-8-472
UNRUH, FRANK                            WV-35-8-543
UPDEGRAFF, ISRAEL                       WV-35-5-258
UPDEGRAFF, JOSIAH                       WV-35-2A-97
UPDEGRAFF, JOSIAH F.                    WV-35-5-250
URLAND, GEORGE                          WV-35-5-154
VALENTINE, MARY E.                      WV-35-5-85
VALLENTINE, BENJAMIN                    WV-35-4-514
VANCE, JAMES                            WV-35-5-135
VANDWINDER, NICHOLAS                    WV-35-3-83
VANMETRE, JOSEPH                        WV-35-2A-200
VANSCYCO, ABEL                          WV-35-2A-85
VARDY, WILLIAM                          WV-35-8-553
VIRGULINE, MARY JANE                    WV-35-8-466
VOCKE, CHARLES                          WV-35-6-138
VOCKLER, JOHN                           WV-35-8-422
VOELKER, CHARLES HENRY                  WV-35-4-395
VOGLER, JOHN                            WV-35-7-382
VOGT, ANNA MARIA                        WV-35-7-328
VOGT, HENRY                             WV-35-7-231
VOLZ, NICHOLAS                          WV-35-2B-71
WADDLE, JOHN                            WV-35-2A-152
WADDLE, JOSEPH                          WV-35-5-361
WADDLE, MITCHELL                        WV-35-8-223
WADDLE, WILLIAM                         WV-35-3-28
WADDLE, WILLIAM H.                      WV-35-7-107
WAGNER, CHRISTOPHER F.                  WV-35-8-309
WAGNER, HIRONEMUS                       WV-35-7-29
WAGNER, LOUIS                           WV-35-5-411
WAGNER, MARTIN                          WV-35-7-465
WALFORD, JOHN                           WV-35-8-172
WALKER, JAMES A.                        WV-35-8-412
WALLACE, ELIZA J.                       WV-35-8-474
WALLACE, FRANK                          WV-35-2B-357
WALLACE, HANNAH                         WV-35-8-192
WALLACE, HENRY                          WV-35-2B-303
WALLACE, JANE                           WV-35-7-189
WALLACE, NANCY                          WV-35-8-532
WALLACE, NORA M.                        WV-35-8-375
WALTER, AMALIE                          WV-35-8-462
WALTERS, JOHN H.                        WV-35-5-449
WALTON, JOHN                            WV-35-8-339
WARBURTON, THOMAS                       WV-35-8-561
WARD, JOSEPH                            WV-35-2A-275
WARDEN, CATHERINE                       WV-35-7-451
WARDEN, SAMUEL                          WV-35-5-100
WARNACK, REBECA                         WV-35-2A-18
WARNAFELDT, LORETTA W.                  WV-35-7-431
WARNEKE, LOUIS A.                       WV-35-7-619
WARNER, EVELINA                         WV-35-8-273
WARNOCK, JOHN                           WV-35-3-252
WARREN, ISAIAH                          WV-35-8-493
WASHINGTON, L. A.                       WV-35-2A-227
WASSEMANN, CONRAD                       WV-35-5-105
WASSERMEIER, WILHELM                    WV-35-4-531
WATSON, JOHN                            WV-35-3-173
WATT, ELIZABETH                         WV-35-8-48
WATTS, JOHNS.                           WV-35-3-498
WAYMAN, SAMUEL                          WV-35-4-117
WAYMAN, THOMAS                          WV-35-2A-293
WAYT, JOHN                              WV-35-2A-156
WAYT, NATHANIEL                         WV-35-3-382
WEBB, MARY                              WV-35-7-295
WEED, HENRY R. (REV.)                   WV-35-4-593
WEHNER, FREDERICK                       WV-35-7-370
WEIGELT, CATHERINE                      WV-35-8-405
WEIGETT, FREDRICK                       WV-35-7-171
WEIGMAN, WILLIAM                        WV-35-4-300
WEINBERG, SELIG                         WV-35-7-433
WEISER, MARY                            WV-35-7-519
WEISKE, ANNA M.                         WV-35-6-110
WEISKE, HERMAN                          WV-35-5-166
WEISNER, JOHN                           WV-35-7-251
WEITZELL, WILLIAM                       WV-35-5-372
WELLS, JESSE                            WV-35-5-74
WELLS, MARY A.                          WV-35-7-106
WELTY, PETER                            WV-35-7-615
WERNER, GEORGE                          WV-35-8-41
WHEAT, JESSE S.                         WV-35-5-404
WHEAT, NATHANIEL                        WV-35-4-294
WHEELER, CHRISTIAN                      WV-35-5-142
WHEELER, THOMAS                         WV-35-4-455
WHELAN, RICHARD V. (BISHOP)             WV-35-5-160
WHETMYER, EMANUEL                       WV-35-6-66
WHITE, ANDREW                           WV-35-2B-192
WHITE, ANDREW                           WV-35-3-373
WHITE, ANDREW                           WV-35-3-89
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        WV-35-4-579
WHITE, JAMES                            WV-35-6-178
WHITE, JOHN                             WV-35-3-17
WHITE, JOHN                             WV-35-3-36
WHITE, MICHAEL                          WV-35-5-412
WHITE, ROBERT                           WV-35-4-626
WHITEHEAD, ELISHA                       WV-35-4-234
WHITEHEAD, HANNAH                       WV-35-7-348
WHITESIDE, SAMUEL M.                    WV-35-5-497
WHITHAM, GEORGE D.                      WV-35-4-219
WHITMYER, W. W.                         WV-35-8-139
WHITTAM, JOSEPH                         WV-35-3-304
WICKHAM, WILLIAM S.                     WV-35-4-202
WIDDEL, FRIEDRICH                       WV-35-8-289
WIDMAN, JOHN L.                         WV-35-8-84
WIEDEBUSCH, HENRY                       WV-35-7-334
WIEDEBUSCH, WILLAM                      WV-35-7-476
WIEDELBUSCH, AUGUST                     WV-35-8-486
WIEDEMAN, BERNARD                       WV-35-2B-149
WIEDMAN, W. C.                          WV-35-8-572
WIGANT, REGINA                          WV-35-8-1
WILDE, JANE A.                          WV-35-7-499
WILLEKE, JOHN                           WV-35-5-172
WILLEKE, JOHN E.                        WV-35-8-498
WILLETTS, JOSEPH                        WV-35-6-268
WILLHITE, MARY F.                       WV-35-5-484
WILLIAMS, CAROLINE L.                   WV-35-8-477
WILLIAMS, J. H.                         WV-35-6-121
WILLIAMS, JANE                          WV-35-8-37
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                      WV-35-8-480
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                      WV-35-8-480
WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH                   WV-35-5-442
WILLIAMSON, MARGARET                    WV-35-3-431
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     WV-35-3-378
WILLSON, JOSEPH                         WV-35-3-3
WILLSON, LEWIS                          WV-35-3-1
WILSON, ANDREW                          WV-35-6-146
WILSON, CAROLINE M.                     WV-35-8-333
WILSON, CATHARIN                        WV-35-3-368
WILSON, CHARLOTTE                       WV-35-8-483
WILSON, DAVID E.                        WV-35-3-246
WILSON, EDGAR C.                        WV-35-8-437
WILSON, ELIZABETH C.                    WV-35-8-135
WILSON, EUGENIUS M.                     WV-35-3-52
WILSON, F. A.                           WV-35-3-120
WILSON, FRANCES                         WV-35-4-629
WILSON, GEORGE W.                       WV-35-3-118
WILSON, HENRY                           WV-35-3-144
WILSON, JOHN                            WV-35-4-116
WILSON, JOHN                            WV-35-2A-164
WILSON, JOHNB.                          WV-35-5-158
WILSON, JOSEPH                          WV-35-2B-16
WILSON, JOSEPH SR.                      WV-35-2A-249
WILSON, MARGARET                        WV-35-5-489
WILSON, MARY                            WV-35-2B-131
WILSON, SARAH                           WV-35-4-23
WILSON, SARAH                           WV-35-8-300
WILSON, THOMAS C.                       WV-35-6-318
WILSON, WILLIAM                         WV-35-3-157
WILSON, WILLIAM P.                      WV-35-5-120
WINCHER, CHRISTIAN F.                   WV-35-5-193
WINCHESTER, JOHN BIRKET                 WV-35-2B-325
WINGERTER, CHARLES A.                   WV-35-6-463
WINGERTER, FERDINAND                    WV-35-4-413
WINTER, JOHN F.                         WV-35-7-544
WINTERHOLTER, JOHN                      WV-35-5-443
WIRUS, THOMAS H.                        WV-35-6-139
WISE, JACOB                             WV-35-7-501
WISE, JANE                              WV-35-5-220
WITTEN, JESSE B.                        WV-35-8-327
WODOS, MARGARET A.                      WV-35-2B-197
WOEBER, FRANK A. SR.                    WV-35-8-174
WOEBER, ROSE E.                         WV-35-8-443
WOHLERT, FREDERICK                      WV-35-5-413
WOHLERT, HENRY SR.                      WV-35-5-239
WOLF, FREDERICKE                        WV-35-8-157
WOLF, JOHN                              WV-35-8-164
WOLVINGTON, J. WILLIAM                  WV-35-8-528
WOOD, JOHN C.                           WV-35-4-244
WOOD, JOSEPH                            WV-35-4-235
WOODMANSEE, JOSEPH                      WV-35-2B-340
WOODS, ALEXANDER Q.                     WV-35-4-241
WOODS, ANDREW                           WV-35-3-45
WOODS, ANDREW                           WV-35-3-45
WOODS, ANN                              WV-35-4-177
WOODS, ARCHIBALD                        WV-35-2B-51
WOODS, CATHERINE                        WV-35-8-411
WOODS, G. W.                            WV-35-2B-290
WOODS, HAMILTON                         WV-35-7-428
WOODS, HAMILTON                         WV-35-4-95
WOODS, JANE J.                          WV-35-6-242
WOODS, MARY                             WV-35-7-417
WOODS, R. C.                            WV-35-2B-69
WOODS, ROBERT                           WV-35-3-53
WOODS, THEODORE                         WV-35-3-418
WOODWARD, MARGARET A.                   WV-35-8-544
WOODWARD, S. H.                         WV-35-5-480
WOOLF, JOHN R.                          WV-35-7-34
WORK, ALFRED D.                         WV-35-8-165
WRIGHT, ANN M.                          WV-35-3-293
WRIGHT, ROMANUS                         WV-35-6-1
WURSTER, CHRIST                         WV-35-8-395
WYLIE, WILLIAM                          WV-35-4-218
WYNKOOP, HANNAH                         WV-35-3-16
YAGER, CHARLES                          WV-35-5-170
YAGER, JOHN F. W.                       WV-35-5-201
YAGER, NICKOLAUS                        WV-35-5-27
YATES, BYES                             WV-35-7-422
YATES, THOMAS SR.                       WV-35-4-92
YATES, WILLIAM                          WV-35-4-158
YEAGER, MARY ANN                        WV-35-6-209
YEAGER, THEODORE                        WV-35-5-351
YEGER, AUGUST C.                        WV-35-6-487
YESTED, ELISABETH                       WV-35-7-535
YOUNG, HENRY                            WV-35-2A-14
YOUNG, JOHN                             WV-35-4-393
YOUNG, POLLY                            WV-35-8-357
YUENGLING, LUKAS                        WV-35-4-540
YUNKE, WILLIAM                          WV-35-5-33
ZANE, DANIEL                            WV-35-4-205
ZANE, EBENEZER                          WV-35-2A-21
ZANE, ELIZA JANE                        WV-35-7-383
ZANE, ELIZABETH                         WV-35-1-17
ZANE, NOAH                              WV-35-3-91
ZARNITZ, AUGUST                         WV-35-7-328
ZARNITZ, MARGARETTHA                    WV-35-7-438
ZIEGENDFELDER, JOHN M.                  WV-35-5-99
ZIEGLER, F. E.                          WV-35-6-449
ZIEGLER, FRANZ                          WV-35-8-56
ZIFFEL, JOSEPH                          WV-35-8-526
ZILLES, AMELIA W.                       WV-35-8-642
ZILLES, BARBARA                         WV-35-8-261
ZIMMER, AUGUST                          WV-35-6-328
ZIMMER, THEOBALD                        WV-35-7-152
ZIMMERMAN, PHILLIP L.                   WV-35-7-235
ZINN, ANN R.                            WV-35-5-377
ZINN, MARY J.                           WV-35-7-147
ZINN, PETER E.                          WV-35-7-65
ZOECKLER, AUGUST                        WV-35-7-159
ZOECKLER, GEORGE                        WV-35-7-367
ZOECKLER, JOHN                          WV-35-6-384
ZOECKLER, PETER                         WV-35-8-634
ZOELLER, PETER ANTON                    WV-35-6-415
ZOOK, HARRIET                           WV-35-7-42
ZULAUF, EVA                             WV-35-7-293
ZULAUF, WILLIAM                         WV-35-7-254

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