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MABIS, CHRISTIAN                        WV-35-5-295
MACLACHLIN, ANN W.                      WV-35-5-113
MADDEN, ELLINOR                         WV-35-4-106
MADDIN, MARGARET                        WV-35-3-359
MADER, CAROLINE                         WV-35-2B-343
MAGEE, EBENEZER W.                      WV-35-8-420
MAGER, FIDEL                            WV-35-7-262
MAGERS, ELIAS                           WV-35-3-32
MAGILL, JOSEPH                          WV-35-7-312
MAHONEY, MARGARET                       WV-35-2B-334
MAHONY, M.                              WV-35-2B-334
MANNING, JERRY                          WV-35-8-641
MARCHAL, NANCY                          WV-35-2B-61
MARLING, ELIJAH                         WV-35-5-349
MARLING, ELIZABETH                      WV-35-2B-263
MARLING, JOHN                           WV-35-2A-172
MARLING, MARGARET JANE                  WV-35-8-8
MARLING, RACHEL                         WV-35-6-185
MARRIOTT, HENRY                         WV-35-4-484
MARSCHNER, EDOUARD                      WV-35-8-425
MARSDEN, HENRY                          WV-35-4-276
MARSH, AMY                              WV-35-8-114
MARSH, MIFFLIN                          WV-35-8-539
MARSH, NORMAN G.                        WV-35-5-141
MARSHALL, CATHERINE                     WV-35-8-231
MARSHALL, JOHN                          WV-35-6-337
MARSHALL, LUCRETIA                      WV-35-7-166
MARSHALL, ROBERT                        WV-35-6-18
MARTIN, AARON G.                        WV-35-6-298
MARTIN, ANDREW A.                       WV-35-4-304
MARTIN, CHARITY S.                      WV-35-5-19
MARTIN, JOHN                            WV-35-2A-160
MARTIN, LEAH                            WV-35-4-546
MARTIN, RACHAEL A.                      WV-35-7-553
MARTIN, RICHARD                         WV-35-4-196
MARTIN, SARAH                           WV-35-4-563
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         WV-35-4-331
MARTIN, WILLIAM D.                      WV-35-6-377
MASON, JOHN                             WV-35-5-435
MASON, SUSANNA                          WV-35-8-277
MASTERSON, HARRY                        WV-35-5-134
MATHEWS, JAMES                          WV-35-5-9
MATTHEWS, MARY R.                       WV-35-7-111
MAURER, SOPHIA                          WV-35-8-89
MAXWELL, ALICE                          WV-35-8-38
MAXWELL, ELIZABETH                      WV-35-8-635
MAXWELL, JOHN                           WV-35-2A-70
MAXWELL, JOHN                           WV-35-4-256
MAXWELL, JOHN                           WV-35-3-88
MAXWELL, SARAH                          WV-35-5-80
MAXWELL, THOMAS                         WV-35-3-496
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                        WV-35-5-198
MAYBURRY, WILLIAM R.                    WV-35-4-613
MCALISTER, JOHN                         WV-35-7-290
MCANALL, HUGH                           WV-35-5-72
MCANALL, THOMAS                         WV-35-3-309
MCCAMMON, JAMES                         WV-35-3-19
MCCAMMON, JAMES                         WV-35-3-19
MCCAMMON, JAMES                         WV-35-8-383
MCCARTY, SAMUEL                         WV-35-7-287
MCCASKEY, JANES                         WV-35-2B-37
MCCAUSLAND, WILLIAM                     WV-35-4-450
MCCLALLEN, SAMUEL                       WV-35-4-231
MCCLANE, JANE                           WV-35-5-382
MCCLELLAN, EUNICE                       WV-35-5-225
MCCLELLAN, LOISE                        WV-35-5-478
MCCLELLAN, SAMUEL                       WV-35-5-226
MCCLOSKEY, MICHAEL                      WV-35-8-210
MCCLUNEY, CAROLINE R.                   WV-35-6-4
MCCLURE, DAVID                          WV-35-4-139
MCCLURE, JAMES T.                       WV-35-8-467
MCCLURE, MARGARET                       WV-35-4-114
MCCLURE, SAMUEL                         WV-35-2B-193
MCCLURE, SAMUEL                         WV-35-5-338
MCCLURE, SARAH                          WV-35-2B-118
MCCLUSKEY, LETITIA M.                   WV-35-8-608
MCCOLLOCH, ABRAHAM                      WV-35-3-176
MCCOLLOCH, ABRAM                        WV-35-6-48
MCCOLLOCH, CAROLINE A.                  WV-35-7-255
MCCOLLOCH, EBENEZER                     WV-35-4-573
MCCOLLOCH, JAMES                        WV-35-6-98
MCCOLLOCH, JANE W.                      WV-35-8-194
MCCOLLOCH, JOHN                         WV-35-3-479
MCCOLLOCH, SARAH                        WV-35-5-297
MCCOLLOCH, SMAUEL W.                    WV-35-7-94
MCCOLLOCH, WILLIAM J.                   WV-35-7-114
MCCOLLOUGH, MARIAH                      WV-35-7-507
MCCOMBS, HIRAM                          WV-35-7-545
MCCONN, THOMAS                          WV-35-3-357
MCCONN, THOMAS                          WV-35-5-20
MCCONNELL, JAMES SR.                    WV-35-4-367
MCCONNELL, SAMUEL                       WV-35-2A-78
MCCONNELL, SAMUEL                       WV-35-4-228
MCCOY, ALEXANDER                        WV-35-3-122
MCCOY, ALEXANDER                        WV-35-6-417
MCCOY, ANGUS                            WV-35-3-370
MCCOY, CATHARINE                        WV-35-6-91
MCCOY, EDWARD HALLEY (DR)               WV-35-6-102
MCCOY, ELIZABETH                        WV-35-5-383
MCCOY, HANNAH                           WV-35-4-565
MCCOY, JANE                             WV-35-4-26
MCCOY, JOHN                             WV-35-3-442
MCCOY, SMUEL                            WV-35-4-635
MCCOY, WILLIAM                          WV-35-2B-56
MCCREADY, THOMAS                        WV-35-7-298
MCCREARY, JAMES A.                      WV-35-3-182
MCCULLEY, RUTH                          WV-35-8-581
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL                      WV-35-4-209
MCCULLY, ALEXANDER                      WV-35-5-125
MCCULLY, JOHN                           WV-35-4-230
MCCUSKYE, JOHN                          WV-35-5-334
MCCUTCHEN, WILLIAM                      WV-35-4-193
MCCUTCHEON, HUGH                        WV-35-2A-288
MCDERMATT, CATHERINE                    WV-35-7-576
MCDERMOTT, PATRICK                      WV-35-5-49
MCDONALD, ADALINE                       WV-35-7-85
MCDONALD, ARCHIBALD                     WV-35-3-165
MCDONALD, F. KEY                        WV-35-8-440
MCDONALD, JAMES                         WV-35-2B-363
MCDONOUGH, D.                           WV-35-8-265
MCENTEE, THOMAS                         WV-35-7-455
MCFERRAN, JOHN                          WV-35-4-453
MCGARRELL, JOHN                         WV-35-7-578
MCGAUGHY, JOHN                          WV-35-4-210
MCGHAN, PATRICK                         WV-35-5-387
MCGHAUS, ELIZABETH                      WV-35-6-393
MCGLUMPHRY, MELISSA                     WV-35-8-13
MCGOVRAN, MATILDA C.                    WV-35-5-450
MCGRAIL, MARY                           WV-35-8-571
MCGREGOR, JOHN                          WV-35-2A-257
MCGUIRE, HUGH                           WV-35-2A-95
MCHENRY, JOHN                           WV-35-4-153
MCKAY, MARGARET                         WV-35-4-137
MCKEE, JAMES                            WV-35-4-274
MCKEWAN, PETER                          WV-35-3-110
MCKINLEY, MARIA J.                      WV-35-6-6
MCLACHLIN, ANN W.                       WV-35-5-113
MCLAIN, EMILY A.                        WV-35-5-55
MCLAIN, HENRY B.                        WV-35-7-182
MCLAIN, ROBERT B. SR.                   WV-35-7-146
MCLAUGHLIN, J. X.                       WV-35-6-414
MCLURE, JOHN                            WV-35-7-527
MCLURE, SAMUEL                          WV-35-2B-193
MCMECHEN, JAMES                         WV-35-1-24
MCMECHEN, MARGARET                      WV-35-8-610
MCMORGAN, ABRAM                         WV-35-5-78
MCMULLEN, JOHN                          WV-35-3-278
MCMURRAY, GEORGE                        WV-35-2B-57
MCMURRAY, JAMES R.                      WV-35-7-244
MCMURRAY, JOHN                          WV-35-4-560
MCNABB, WILLIAM                         WV-35-5-400
MCNAGHTEN, N. FINLEY                    WV-35-5-438
MCNAGHTEN, NEIL                         WV-35-4-213
MCNAMARA, JOHN                          WV-35-6-333
MCNAMARA, MATHEW T.                     WV-35-8-134
MCNAMARA, PATRICK                       WV-35-6-71
MCNELL, JOHN                            WV-35-6-435
MCNELL, JOHN W.                         WV-35-5-221
MCSHERRY, CATHARINE                     WV-35-8-643
MCVAY, ALICE B.                         WV-35-7-48
MEDER, GEORGE                           WV-35-4-381
MEISNER, AUGUSTA HENRIETTA              WV-35-7-526
MEISZNER, JOHANN GOTTHOLD               WV-35-7-515
MELANEY, D. THOMAS                      WV-35-7-591
MELLOR, HANNAH                          WV-35-4-460
MELLOR, JAMES                           WV-35-4-129
MELLOR, JOHN H.                         WV-35-4-416
MENDEL, ANN                             WV-35-5-149
MENDLE, JOHN                            WV-35-4-535
MENGE, HERMAN HENRY                     WV-35-8-427
MERCHANT, MARY                          WV-35-4-108
MERGE, MARY JANE                        WV-35-5-271
MERGE, REGINA E.                        WV-35-7-228
MERRITT, MARY Y.                        WV-35-8-282
MERRYMAN, CALEB                         WV-35-2B-123
MERTZ, ADELBERT                         WV-35-6-373
METSCH, ANTON                           WV-35-5-199
METZLER, JOHN                           WV-35-8-355
MEYER, A. F.                            WV-35-7-236
MEYER, CARL                             WV-35-7-554
MEYER, FRED                             WV-35-2B-335
MEYER, FREDERICK                        WV-35-2B-335
MEYER, WILLIAM                          WV-35-7-213
MEYERS, JOHN                            WV-35-6-471
MEYERS, MOASENE                         WV-35-7-416
MEYN, WILLIAM                           WV-35-7-504
MICHEL, HENRY J.                        WV-35-8-5555
MILLER, A. C.                           WV-35-7-506
MILLER, ADAM                            WV-35-8-188
MILLER, AUGUST F.                       WV-35-7-115
MILLER, CASPER                          WV-35-4-278
MILLER, COSSMAN                         WV-35-8-185
MILLER, FREDERICK                       WV-35-5-189
MILLER, FREDERICK                       WV-35-5-448
MILLER, GEORGE                          WV-35-8-610
MILLER, GERTRUDE                        WV-35-8-638
MILLER, HENRY B.                        WV-35-7-612
MILLER, JOHN                            WV-35-3-291
MILLER, JOHN C.                         WV-35-8-441
MILLER, MARGARET                        WV-35-3-490
MILLER, OJHN GEORGE                     WV-35-6-240
MILLER, SUSASN                          WV-35-7-207
MILLER, THEODORE                        WV-35-7-239
MILLIGAN, GEORGE C.                     WV-35-7-497
MILLIGAN, HUGH                          WV-35-5-57
MILLIGAN, JOHN                          WV-35-3-164
MILLIGAN, MARGARET                      WV-35-7-484
MILLIGAN, WILLIAM                       WV-35-4-133
MILLS, ELIZABETH                        WV-35-2A-6
MILLS, JOHN                             WV-35-3-114
MILLS, LEVI                             WV-35-5-380
MILLS, LYDIA                            WV-35-3-478
MILLS, SAMUEL B.                        WV-35-3-377
MILLS, SARAH A.                         WV-35-8-93
MILLS, THOMAS                           WV-35-2A-105
MINKEMEYER, HENRY                       WV-35-5-504
MINNIE, AUGUSTA                         WV-35-5-425
MIRAHEN, ADRIAN A.                      WV-35-6-409
MITCHELL, ALEX H.                       WV-35-3-204
MITCHELL, ANDREW                        WV-35-2A-207
MITCHELL, ANDREW                        WV-35-5-291
MITCHELL, HUGH                          WV-35-3-137
MITCHELL, MARGARET                      WV-35-3-244
MODAR, FRIEDRICH                        WV-35-8-579
MODICK, JOHN                            WV-35-6-342
MOFFET, MARY ANN                        83-52
MOFFET, THOMAS R.                       WV-35-7-285
MOLTER, THEO                            WV-35-6-308
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     WV-35-2A-38
MOORE, DANIEL                           WV-35-3-432
MOORE, ELIZA A.                         WV-35-7-52
MOORE, JAMES G.                         WV-35-5-257
MOORE, JOHN                             WV-35-3-467
MOORE, JOSEPH                           WV-35-4-3
MOORE, THOMAS                           WV-35-4-164
MOORE, WILLIAM                          WV-35-8-453
MOORE, WILLIAM R.                       WV-35-4-327
MORAN, BRIDGET                          WV-35-8-599
MORAN, MARY                             WV-35-8-615
MORGAN, ABRAM MCC.                      WV-35-5-78
MORGAN, CORNELIUS                       WV-35-7-322
MORGAN, EDWARD                          WV-35-5-70
MORGAN, JAMES H.                        WV-35-3-202
MORGAN, JANE                            WV-35-8-529
MORGAN, JOHN                            WV-35-2B-284
MORGAN, JOSEPH                          WV-35-4-290
MORISON, ARCHIBALD                      WV-35-4-340
MORRIS, CATHARINE                       WV-35-4-471
MORRISON, ALEXANDER                     WV-35-8-101
MORRISON, JOSEPH                        WV-35-2B-47
MORRISON, MARY                          WV-35-2B-364
MORRISON, ROEBRT                        WV-35-4-480
MORRISON, SARAH                         WV-35-3-331
MORRISON, WILLIAM S.                    WV-35-4-303
MORROW, SARAH                           WV-35-8-203
MOZIER, SARAH                           WV-35-4-155
MUELLER, ELIZABETH                      WV-35-6-492
MULDOON, ARAMINTA                       WV-35-7-598
MULDOON, MARY                           WV-35-8-342
MULDREW, ALICE S.                       WV-35-8-458
MULDREW, ANDREW                         WV-35-4-175
MULDREW, JOHN                           WV-35-4-119
MULL, GEORGE                            WV-35-8-312
MULLER, CARL                            WV-35-7-219
MULLER, H. L.                           WV-35-5-234
MULLER, JOHN                            WV-35-7-373
MULLER, MINNA                           WV-35-5-255
MUNDAY, AMOS                            WV-35-4-388
MUNNELL, THOMAS                         WV-35-4-611
MURPHY, ANDREW                          WV-35-7-436
MURPHY, JAMES                           WV-35-7-288
MURPHY, LAWRENCE                        WV-35-8-596
MUTH, KASPAR                            WV-35-8-641
MYERS, ABDEL S.                         WV-35-5-41
MYERS, BERTHA                           WV-35-7-391
MYERS, CATHARINE                        WV-35-7-475
MYERS, JOHN A.                           WV-35-8-580
NAGEL, FRIEDRICH                        WV-35-6-425
NEEL, SAMUEL                            WV-35-4-181
NEELY, FLORENNA                         WV-35-2A-136
NEELY, RACHEL                           WV-35-3-49
NEFF, WILLIAM D.                        WV-35-4-310
NEHAUSE, THEODORE                       WV-35-4-449
NEIDERT, MATHIAS                        WV-35-5-17
NEIDERT, WILLIAM                        WV-35-7-208
NELSON, JOHN                            WV-35-2A-204
NELSON, JOHN                            WV-35-2A-59
NELSON, MORGAN                          WV-35-4-162
NENSWANGER, CHRISTIAN                   WV-35-3-76
NEST, CARL                              WV-35-7-617
NEUHARD, FREDERICH                      WV-35-6-474
NEUHARD, HENRY                          WV-35-8-178
NEUMANN, BENEDICT                       WV-35-7-220
NEUMANN, CATHERINE                      WV-35-7-424
NEWTON, RUTH                            WV-35-4-120
NICHOLS, CHARLES                        WV-35-7-497
NICHOLS, H. R.                          WV-35-2B-293
NICHOLS, HUGH                           WV-35-4-262
NICHOLS, JOSEPH W.                      WV-35-8-311
NICHOLS, MARY                           WV-35-8-449
NICHOLS, REBECAH                        WV-35-2A-142
NICHOLS, WILLIAM A.                     WV-35-7-184
NICHOLS, WILLIAM T.                     WV-35-6-129
NIEDERMEYER, CAROLINE                   WV-35-8-515
NIEDERMEYER, WILLIAM F.                 WV-35-7-586
NIEDERMIER, ADOPH                       WV-35-5-298
NIEDERMYER, WILLIAM                     WV-35-5-181
NIEHAUS, JOHN                           WV-35-6-482
NIERMAN, HENRY                          WV-35-4-421
NIGHTINGALE, DANIEL                     WV-35-7-284
NINNESS, JOHN                           WV-35-8-358
NOBLE, JOHN                             WV-35-5-212
NOLTE, ALBERT H.                        WV-35-7-508
NOLTE, AUGUST                           WV-35-6-259
NOLTE, CHRISTINA                        WV-35-7-611
NOLTE, LOUIS SR.                        WV-35-8-63
NORMILE, JOHN                           WV-35-8-113
NORTH, WILLIAM                          WV-35-8-379
NORTON, E. M.                           WV-35-6-277
NUNGE, JACOB                            WV-35-7-300
OBRIEN, FRANK                           WV-35-7-265
OBRIEN, KATE M.                         WV-35-8-550
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         WV-35-5-458
OCHSENKUHN, JOHN                        WV-35-4-628
OCKSENKUHN, HELENA                      WV-35-6-69
ODBERT, THOMAS                          WV-35-4-474
ODBERT, WILLIAM                         WV-35-5-426
OESTERLING, JOHN                        WV-35-6-233
OLDHAM, ISAAC                           WV-35-2A-192
OLDHAM, JANE                            WV-35-8-335
OLDHAM, SAMUEL                          WV-35-5-248
OLEARY, MICHAEL                         WV-35-7-198
OLIVER, CATHARINE                       WV-35-7-441
OMAN, THOMAS                            WV-35-2B-124
OPPERMANN, FREDERICK                    WV-35-8-464
ORR, CREIGHTON                          WV-35-6-57
ORR, THOMAS                             WV-35-2B-21
ORTH, LEWIS                             WV-35-7-598
OSENBERG, JOHANNA                       WV-35-7-67
OTT, SAMUEL                             WV-35-4-457
OTT, SYDNEY J.                          WV-35-6-80
OTTO, GEORGE                            WV-35-5-406
OVER, PETER                             WV-35-5-300
OWENS, THOMAS F.                        WV-35-8-90
PADDEN, PATRICK                         WV-35-8-220
PAGE, MARY                              WV-35-2B-108
PAGENDORN, AUGUST                       WV-35-7-594
PAIGE, ELIZABETH J.                     WV-35-7-202
PAIRSON, JOHN                           WV-35-2B-332
PAIRSON, JOHN                           WV-35-2B-332
PAKE, CONRAD                            WV-35-7-215
PANNELL, ELIZABETH J.                   WV-35-7-403
PANNELL, H. G.                          WV-35-2B-320
PANNLL, ALEXANDER                       WV-35-6-388
PAPE, ADOLPH                            WV-35-8-301
PAPE, JOHANNA                           WV-35-4-576
PARK, DAVID JR.                         WV-35-5-491
PARKE, HENRY F.                         WV-35-8-44
PARSHALL, JOHN C.                       WV-35-8-206
PASONS, JOHN                            WV-35-6-274
PATTERSON, ANDREW                       WV-35-4-97
PATTERSON, JAMES G.                     WV-35-2B-97
PATTERSON, JANE                         WV-35-7-124
PATTERSON, JOEL                         WV-35-2A-110
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       WV-35-2A-202
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       WV-35-3-350
PAUL, ROBERT                            WV-35-2A-195
PAULL, ARCHIBALD                        WV-35-2B-86
PAULL, JAMES                            WV-35-8-167
PAULL, JOSEPH R.                        WV-35-8-442
PAULL, THOMAS                           WV-35-2B-112
PAXTON, ALEXANDER                       WV-35-5-44
PAXTON, ELIZA                           WV-35-6-26
PAXTON, JAMES W.                        WV-35-8-146
PAXTON, WILLIAM                         WV-35-5-469
PEARSON, ANNIE CHESTEON                 WV-35-8-349
PEBLER, HENRY                           WV-35-6-390
PECK, DANIEL                            WV-35-6-426
PEIRSON, JOHN                           WV-35-3-50
PEMBERTON, HANNAH                       WV-35-5-50
PEMBERTON, JAMES                        WV-35-3-190
PEMBERTON, THOMAS M.                    WV-35-2B-318
PENDLETON, JOSEPH H.                    WV-35-5-466
PERRINE, WILLIAM                        WV-35-2A-214
PESCHAN, HENRY                          WV-35-8-181
PETERS, CATHERINE                       WV-35-6-300
PETERSON, WILLIAM F.                    WV-35-4-362
PETTIT, JAMES                           WV-35-2A-221
PFARR, JOHN                             WV-35-8-122
PFEIFFER, J. H.                         WV-35-6-134
PHILLIPS, ANN ELIZABETH                 WV-35-8-210
PHILLIPS, BRIDGET                       WV-35-7-568
PHILLIPS, JANE S.                       WV-35-8-73
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          WV-35-5-237
PHILPOTT, O. S.                         WV-35-7-450
PHIPPEN, DAMARIS                        WV-35-3-413
PHIPPEN, MARY                           WV-35-3-454
PHIPPEN, RICHARD                        WV-35-3-360
PHIPPS, SAMUEL                          WV-35-8-417
PICKERING, ELIJAH                       WV-35-8-237
PIEPER, SOPHIA                          WV-35-5-179
PIERSON, JAMES                          WV-35-3-481
PIERSON, PERRY                          WV-35-5-3
PIPER, HOLLY                            WV-35-8-326
PIPES, JOHN H.                          WV-35-8-402
PLUES, EDWARD                           WV-35-8-385
PLUES, JOHN                             WV-35-5-502
PLUMMER, FRANCIS W.                     WV-35-7-558
POETCHER, SAMUEL                        WV-35-2B-129
POGUE, ROBERT                           WV-35-3-230
POLLOCK, EMILY                          WV-35-7-168
POLLOCK, HAMILTON                       WV-35-2A-243
POLLOCK, THOMAS                         WV-35-5-137
POLOCK, STEPHEN                         WV-35-2A-19
PORTER, JACKSON D.                      WV-35-8-107
PORTER, JOHN                            WV-35-4-180
PORTER, THOMAS                          WV-35-5-396
PORTER, THOMAS F.                       WV-35-8-208
POTTER, FREEDOM                         WV-35-3-5
POTTER, PAUL                            WV-35-2A-260
POTTS, JAMES                            WV-35-7-311
POWELL, MALINDA                         WV-35-8-424
PRACHT, JOHN                            WV-35-7-95
PRAGER, CHARLES                         WV-35-5-489
PRAGER, ELIZABETH                       WV-35-8-562
PRATT, EDWARD L.                        WV-35-4-243
PRATT, EDWARD L.                        WV-35-7-534
PRATT, PHEBE                            WV-35-5-302
PRATT, ROBERT                           WV-35-5-192
PRINCE, THOMAS                          WV-35-8-227
PRYOR, OLIVER                           WV-35-4-404
PUMPHREY, BEAL                          WV-35-4-510
PUMPHREY, ZACH                          WV-35-2B-258
PURCELL, JAMES                          WV-35-3-270
PURCELL, WILLIAM                        WV-35-8-645
PURSELLE, GEORGE                        WV-35-4-89
QUARRIER, WILLIAM B.                    WV-35-4-255
QUELL, ANTON                            WV-35-8-651
QUIGG, E. L.                            WV-35-6-112
QUIGG, JAMES                            WV-35-5-319
QUINLAN, MICHAEL A.                     WV-35-2B-142
QUINLAN, ROBERT                         WV-35-2B-136
RABIG, NICHOLAS                         WV-35-5-393
RADCLIFF, WILLIAM H.                    WV-35-7-333
RAHBEIN, ADAM                           WV-35-5-185
RAIDER, CHARLES                         WV-35-6-396
RAKEBRANDT, HENRY                       WV-35-4-204
RALSTON, JAMES                          WV-35-2A-92
RALSTON, MARY F.                        WV-35-7-606
RAMP, HENRY                             WV-35-8-646
RANEY, WILLIAM                          WV-35-6-450
RASSELL, CAROLINE                       WV-35-8-286
RATCLIFF, THOMAS                        WV-35-7-564
RAUCH, JACOB                            WV-35-8-349
RAUCHMAUL, DORETHA                      WV-35-8-100
RAY, EDWARD                             WV-35-7-261
RAY, GEORGE                             WV-35-4-194
RAY, NANCY                              WV-35-3-306
RAY, ROBERT                             WV-35-3-117
RAY, THOMAS                             WV-35-3-184
RAY, WILLIAM                            WV-35-4-348
REASS, MATHEW                           WV-35-7-26
REDEKER, FRANK                          WV-35-7-400
REDMAN, MARY JANE                       WV-35-7-587
REDMOND, ELIZABETH A.                   WV-35-5-311
REED, JAMES                             WV-35-3-146
REED, JAMES                             WV-35-2A-174
REED, JAMES                             WV-35-8-500
REED, MARY ANN                          WV-35-8-377
REED, THOMAS H.                         WV-35-7-11, 350
REED, WILLIAM                           WV-35-5-330
REED, WILLIAM O.                        WV-35-4-542
REESE, ELIZABETH M.                     WV-35-7-489
REESSING, MARGARETTA C.                 WV-35-8-566
REEVES, CALEB                           WV-35-3-214
REID, EDWARD                            WV-35-8-281
REID, JOHN                              WV-35-7-103
REIDEL, DORETHEA                        WV-35-6-368
REILLY, MICHAEL                         WV-35-7-385
REILLY, PHILLIP                         WV-35-4-351
REINACKER, CHRISTIANA                   WV-35-8-197
REINHARDT, FREDERICK                    WV-35-4-544
REINHART, JOHN HENRY                    WV-35-5-375
REINHOF, FRIEDRICH                      WV-35-7-468
REINKE, CHARLES WILLIAM                 WV-35-7-126
REINNEKE, CHRISTIAN                     WV-35-5-69
REISBECK, MARK                          WV-35-7-15
REISTER, JOHN G.                        WV-35-5-275
REITER, AUGUST                          WV-35-8-268
REMHOF, WILLIAM                         WV-35-4-567
RENNER, CAROLINA                        WV-35-8-175
RENNER, HERMAN                          WV-35-7-51
RESTZ, GEORGE                           WV-35-5-305
RETZER, DORITHY                         WV-35-8-635
RETZER, FREDERICK SR.                   WV-35-5-268
RETZER, FREDRICK                        WV-35-7-490
REUTER, LUDEWIG                         WV-35-6-366
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       WV-35-3-179
RHEES, CHARLOTTE L.                     WV-35-8-292
RHEES, MORGAN J.                        WV-35-8-406
RHINE, HENRY                            WV-35-8-418
RICE, LOUIS                             WV-35-8-199
RICE, WILLIAM                           WV-35-7-178
RICHARDS, DAVID                         WV-35-4-17
RICHARDS, JAMES                         WV-35-4-131
RICHARDS, MARY                          WV-35-3-226
RICHARDS, MARY C.                       WV-35-5-464
RICHARDSON, CECILIA G.                  WV-35-7-306
RICHARDSON, HENRIETTA                   WV-35-7-481
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                      WV-35-3-175
RICHMOND, GEORGE W. (REV.)              WV-35-5-147
RICHTER, ELIZABETH                      WV-35-7-412
RICKETTS, CATHERINE                     WV-35-7-456
RIDDLE, SANDY A.                        WV-35-7-272
RIDGELEY, ABSALOM                       WV-35-2B-63
RIDGELEY, PEREGRINE                     WV-35-3-449
RIDGELY, MARGARET                       WV-35-5-316
RIDGELY, MARY E.                        WV-35-8-79
RIDGLEY, RICHARD                        WV-35-4-486
RIES, HENRY                             WV-35-8-183
RIETZ, JACOB                            WV-35-8-141
RIGSBY, WILLIAM                         WV-35-4-448
RIKUS, JOHN F.                          WV-35-7-478
RILEY, CATHARINE                        WV-35-6-252
RINEHART, JOHN H.                       WV-35-8-130
RINKE, JOHN                             WV-35-4-184
RIPLEY, GEORGE D.                       WV-35-7-154
RIPPEL, HEINRICH                        WV-35-7-461
RISTON, AUGUST                          WV-35-6-227
RITCHIE, GEORGE                         WV-35-8-118
RITTER, CARL AUG                        WV-35-6-24
ROASSELL, HENRY                         WV-35-7-399
ROBB, ANNIE L.                          WV-35-7-571
ROBB, JAMES W.                          WV-35-4-121
ROBERTS, CHRISTIAN                      WV-35-3-106
ROBERTS, DAVID                          WV-35-5-431
ROBERTS, GEORGE                         WV-35-2A-114
ROBERTS, JOHN                           WV-35-2A-252
ROBERTS, MARGARET                       WV-35-4-329
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        WV-35-3-421
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER G.                  WV-35-7-17
ROBINSON, ANDREW                        WV-35-2A-37
ROBINSON, CHARLES                       WV-35-2A-67
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                     WV-35-4-590
ROBINSON, JAMES                         WV-35-6-428
ROBINSON, JAMES                         WV-35-8-525
ROBINSON, JOHN                          WV-35-3-80
ROBINSON, REBECCA                       WV-35-3-318
ROBINSON, ROBERT                        WV-35-6-108
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        WV-35-3-206
ROBINSON, WESLEY                        WV-35-8-522
ROBISON, WILLIAM                        WV-35-7-192
RODGERS, EZEKIEL                        WV-35-3-414
RODGERS, NANCY                          WV-35-8-368
RODGERS, NICHOLAS                       WV-35-2A-3
ROEMER, DIETRICH                        WV-35-8-492
ROEMER, SARAH A.                        WV-35-7-601
ROETTGER, AUGUST                        WV-35-5-218
ROGAN, HUGH                             WV-35-2B-115
ROGERS, ALEX                            WV-35-7-2
ROGERS, DAVID                           WV-35-1-23
ROGERS, ELIZABETH J.                    WV-35-8-187
ROGERS, THOMAS                          WV-35-5-430
ROGERS, WILLIAM SR.                     WV-35-8-640
ROGES, ELISABETH ANN                    WV-35-7-117
ROHAN, ELIZABETH                        WV-35-7-102
ROHAN, ELLEN                            WV-35-8-501
ROHAN, JOHHN                            WV-35-8-458
ROLF, CHARLES                           WV-35-5-191
ROLF, CONRAD                            WV-35-7-10
ROLLS, IDA                              WV-35-8-117
ROSE, ULYSSES                           WV-35-3-402
ROSENBURG, VICTOR                       WV-35-8-47
ROTH, JOHN                              WV-35-2B-285
ROTH, LOUIS                             WV-35-6-115
ROTH, MICHAEL                           WV-35-8-227
ROW, WILLIA                             WV-35-8-361
ROY, SARAH JANE                         WV-35-7-264
RUBMANN, ANNA                           WV-35-8-170
RUCKMAN, SAMUEL                         WV-35-3-68
RUEHL, CONRAD                           WV-35-6-372
RUFF, ZACHARIAH                         WV-35-8-186
RUSSELL, EFFIE M.                       WV-35-7-524
RUST, HANNAH                            WV-35-6-200
RUTTER, EDWARD J.                       WV-35-7-384
RUTZ, GEORGE                            WV-35-5-305
RYAN, JOHN                              WV-35-5-114
RYLAND, MARY A.                         WV-35-6-207

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