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CABELL, ROBERT H.                       MD-4-41-247
CACY, ROSETTA                           MD-4-34-402
CADDEN, CHARLES W.                      MD-4-45-307
CADOW, JAMES E.                         MD-4-41-448
CADWALADER, FRANCES                     MD-4-57-24
CADWALADER, GEORGE                      MD-4-45-394
CAFFERTY, THOMAS                        MD-4-43-208
CAIN, BRIDGET                           MD-4-28-417
CAIRNS, SAMUEL                          MD-4-36-395
CALDER, SAMUEL                          MD-4-34-274
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       MD-4-47-337
CALLAGHAN, MARY                         MD-4-46-524
CALLAN, OWEN                            MD-4-36-525
CALLOW, SUSIE D.                        MD-4-42-510
CALVERT, ANN                            MD-4-55-293
CALWELL, SARAH                          MD-4-56-452
CAMALIER, GEORGE M. P.                  MD-4-36-561
CAMERON, ANN                            MD-4-36-342
CAMPARIO, JOHN                          MD-4-25-204
CAMPBEL, ANDREW                         MD-4-26-150
CAMPBELL, ANN                           MD-4-31-3
CAMPBELL, ANN M.                        MD-4-31-253
CAMPBELL, BERNARD U.                    MD-4-26-409
CAMPBELL, ELIZA A.                      MD-4-40-3
CAMPBELL, FANNY                         MD-4-27-473
CAMPBELL, HENRY J.                      MD-4-34-76
CAMPBELL, JANE                          MD-4-51-469
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          MD-4-26-196
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          MD-4-42-67
CAMPBELL, JOHN W.                       MD-4-38-507
CAMPBELL, MARY                          MD-4-51-160
CAMPBELL, MARY                          MD-4-51-446
CAMPBELL, MARY J.                       MD-4-39-189
CAMPBELL, NATHANIEL P.                  MD-4-44-80
CAMPBELL, ROBERT SR.                    MD-4-38-359
CAMPBELL, SOPHIA                        MD-4-42-339
CAMPBELL, THOMAS W.                     MD-4-55-26
CAMPEN, HELIAS                          MD-4-38-405
CANAVAN, SUSAN                          MD-4-51-310
CANBY, HANNAH                           MD-4-25-133
CANBY, JULIETTA                         MD-4-56-504
CANBY, SAMUEL                           MD-4-44-542
CANBY, SAMUEL                           MD-4-42-196
CANBY, THOMAS Y.                        MD-4-55-464
CANFIELD, WILLIAM B.                    MD-4-50-538
CANNON, THOMAS                          MD-4-54-178
CAPERTON, ELIZA J.                      MD-4-52-242
CAPERTON, IMOGEN                        MD-4-47-568
CAPITO, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-29-83
CAPPEAU, SARAH A.                       MD-4-33-6
CAPPELEN, FREDERICK                     MD-4-45-167
CAPPRISE, JOSEPH                        MD-4-40-272
CARAHAN, HENRY                          MD-4-33-247
CAREY, EDWARD                           MD-4-56-444
CAREY, MARY E.                          MD-4-41-202
CAREY, MICHAEL F.                       MD-4-32-171
CAREY, PATRICK                          MD-4-41-182
CARISS, CATHARINE                       MD-4-57-244
CARLE, JOHN C.                          MD-4-31-360
CARLILE, JAMES H.                       MD-4-43-522
CARLISLE, URATH C.                      MD-4-56-188
CARLON, MARGARET                        MD-4-31-1
CARMACK, MARGARET                       MD-4-50-162
CARMAN, JACOB                           MD-4-29-112
CARMINE, GEORGE R.                      MD-4-25-479
CARMODY, PATRICK                        MD-4-55-545
CARNES, JOHN                            MD-4-51-262
CARNEY, RALPH                           MD-4-47-277
CARR, HENRY                             MD-4-55-57
CARR, JOHN                              MD-4-31-427
CARR, MARY A.                           MD-4-31-110
CARR, SUSAN                             MD-4-42-545
CARRERE, HARRIET M.                     MD-4-50-33
CARRIER, WILHELMINA                     MD-4-31-42
CARROL, CHARLES M.                      MD-4-51-35
CARROLL, ANN E.                         MD-4-57-433
CARROLL, CAROLINE                       MD-4-55-548
CARROLL, CATHERINE E.                   MD-4-40-351
CARROLL, CHARLES                        MD-4-30-493
CARROLL, CHARLES R.                     MD-4-36-388
CARROLL, CHARLES TUCKER                 MD-4-51-138
CARROLL, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-46-559
CARROLL, FLORENCE P.                    MD-4-44-589
CARROLL, GEORGE R.                      MD-4-28-280
CARROLL, HARRY D. G.                    MD-4-50-56
CARROLL, HARRY G. D.                    MD-4-33-121
CARROLL, JAMES                          MD-4-39-47
CARROLL, JAMES                          MD-4-33-49
CARROLL, JAMES                          MD-4-57-481
CARROLL, JOHN                           MD-4-30-238
CARROLL, JOHN C.                        MD-4-35-352
CARROLL, JUDITH C.                      MD-4-31-19
CARROLL, MARGARET                       MD-4-34-236
CARROLL, MARGARET B.                    MD-4-26-141
CARROLL, MARIA                          MD-4-27-165
CARROLL, MARY                           MD-4-39-446
CARROLL, MARY                           MD-4-25-172
CARROLL, S. JOHN                        MD-4-36-1
CARSON, ANN                             MD-4-43-75
CARSON, WILLIAM                         MD-4-57-365
CARTER, GEORGE                          MD-4-33-442
CARTER, GEORGE                          MD-4-39-201
CARTER, JOHN W.                         MD-4-41-317
CARTER, LEE                             MD-4-45-505
CARTER, REBECCA B.                      MD-4-33-118
CARTER, ROBERT E.                       MD-4-31-112
CARTER, WILLIAM A.                      MD-4-27-309
CARTHORNE, HENRIETTA                    MD-4-53-298
CARVER, WILLIAM V.                      MD-4-47-418
CARY, SUE B.                            MD-4-57-362
CASERES, MARY E.                        MD-4-34-448
CASHMYER, CHARLES A.                    MD-4-45-462
CASPARI, CHARLES                        MD-4-36-488
CASPARI, THEODORE                       MD-4-46-55
CASPER, JOHN M.                         MD-4-44-87
CASSADY, FRANCIS S.                     MD-4-38-529
CASSADY, VIRGINIA                       MD-4-51-89
CASSARD, GILBERT                        MD-4-28-28
CASSARD, LEWIS                          MD-4-47-521
CASSARD, SARAH                          MD-4-31-365
CASSELL, DAVID                          MD-4-37-567
CASSELL, JOSEPH                         MD-4-33-501
CASSELL, REBECCA J.                     MD-4-52-478
CASSIDY, ANDREW                         MD-4-27-402
CASSIDY, FRANCIS                        MD-4-56-155
CASSIDY, FRANCIS                        MD-4-29-149
CASSIDY, PATRICK                        MD-4-26-246
CASSIDY, SARAH                          MD-4-33-329
CASSIN, ROBERT A.                       MD-4-28-445
CASSSELMANN, CHRISTOPH                  MD-4-34-361
CASTAGNAC, A. ST. L.                    MD-4-34-184
CATE, AMMON                             MD-4-56-48
CATHCART, ELIZABETH E.                  MD-4-46-430
CATHCART, JOHN                          MD-4-26-17
CATHELL, CAROLINE C.                    MD-4-48-313
CATHELL, MARGARET A. D.                 MD-4-58-342
CATLIN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-231
CATLIN, WILLIAM (CON'T)                 MD-4-25-354
CATLIN, WILLIAM (CON'T)                 MD-4-25-271
CATOR, BENJAMIN F.                      MD-4-38-17
CAUGHY, PATRICK                         MD-4-30-261
CAUGHY, PATRICK (CON'T)                 MD-4-30-521
CAUGHY, SAMUEL                          MD-4-26-422
CAULEY, SARAH                           MD-4-41-543
CAULK, BENJAMIN                         MD-4-50-224
CAULK, EMMA                             MD-4-55-312
CAUUGHY, JOHN H.                        MD-4-30-412
CAVANAUGH, MICHAEL                      MD-4-51-209
CAVE, CHARLES                           MD-4-26-352
CAVENNY, JOHN                           MD-4-37-256
CAWLEY, PATRICK                         MD-4-41-544
CECIL, AMELIA                           MD-4-28-252
CEPHAS, RICHARD                         MD-4-47-180
CHABOT, GABRIEL H.                      MD-4-25-446
CHABOT, GABRIEL H.                      MD-4-31-275
CHADWICK, JOSEPHINE                     MD-4-45-412
CHAFEE, MATILDA                         MD-4-34-422
CHAISTY, MARY                           MD-4-26-139
CHALMERS, JAMES W.                      MD-4-28-408
CHALMERS, SUSAN                         MD-4-36-181
CHAMBERLAIN, HETTIE R.                  MD-4-52-51
CHAMBERLIN, MARY                        MD-4-35-158
CHAMBERS, H. HARVEY                     MD-4-38-430
CHAMBERS, HENRY W.                      MD-4-56-382
CHAMBERS, JANE                          MD-4-39-584
CHAMBERS, MARGARET J.                   MD-4-57-408
CHAMPLAIN, FRANCES                      MD-4-50-344
CHANCE, MARY J.                         MD-4-30-391
CHANCEAULURE, MARTIN F.                 MD-4-31-276
CHANCELLOR, JOHNJ.                      MD-4-45-548
CHANDLER, DANIEL T.                     MD-4-44-111
CHANDLER, DAVID M.                      MD-4-30-453
CHANDLER, EDWIN                         MD-4-33-482
CHANEY, MARY A.                         MD-4-56-7
CHAPLIN, DANIEL                         MD-4-27-471
CHAPMAN, ANDERSON                       MD-4-46-77
CHAPMAN, JAMES B.                       MD-4-35-509
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           MD-4-35-415
CHAPMAN, JOHN LEE                       MD-4-47-81
CHAPPELL, JOHN G.                       MD-4-27-119
CHAPPELL, PHILIP S.                     MD-4-41-399
CHARATY, EDWARD J.                      MD-4-50-308
CHASE, DAVID                            MD-4-33-248
CHASE, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-40-53
CHASE, HANNIBAL H.                      MD-4-49-424
CHASE, MARY                             MD-4-30-244
CHASE, THORNDICK                        MD-4-32-121
CHENOWETH, MARY A.                      MD-4-28-150
CHESEBROUGH, ROBERT C.                  MD-4-38-14
CHESELDINE, GARRARD R.                  MD-4-45-317
CHESNUT, WILLIAM                        MD-4-37-56
CHESTER, AMELIA                         MD-4-38-286
CHESTER, WILLIAM                        MD-4-48-271
CHESTNUT, CHARLES                       MD-4-31-52
CHESTNUT, SAMUEL                        MD-4-30-54
CHEW, HENRY M.                          MD-4-25-267
CHEW, MARY V.                           MD-4-31-328
CHICHESTER, GEORGE                      MD-4-26-411
CHICHESTER, GEORGE (CON'T)              MD-4-26-583
CHILD, SAMUEL                           MD-4-33-389
CHILDS, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-44-583
CHILDS, ZACHARIAH                       MD-4-51-267
CHINN, ADDISON                          MD-4-44-425
CHIVERAL, ANNA                          MD-4-35-505
CHIVERAL, JAMES                         MD-4-29-467
CHOATE, ANN                             MD-4-52-137
CHOOK, JACOB                            MD-4-57-238
CHRIST, WILLIAM                         MD-4-42-99
CHRISTIAN, BETTIE C.                    MD-4-47-314
CHRISTIE, ELIZA O.                      MD-4-53-350
CHRISTIE, JAMES                         MD-4-42-215
CHRISTOPHER, ELIZA M.                   MD-4-47-341
CHRISTOPHER, MARY A.                    MD-4-46-274
CHRISTY, HENRY                          MD-4-34-255
CHRONISTER, JONATHAN B.                 MD-4-29-13
CHURCHMAN, MARTHA                       MD-4-26-569
CIPRIANI, MARY T.                       MD-4-29-259
CISSEL, JAMES                           MD-4-55-474
CIVILL, MARY L.                         MD-4-43-445
CJAMCE, JAMES W.                        MD-4-43-14
CLABY, MAGGIE V.                        MD-4-47-394
CLACKNER, JOSEPH                        MD-4-41-113
CLAGETT, HARRIET                        MD-4-33-451
CLAGETT, SARAH                          MD-4-33-431
CLAGETT, THOMAS                         MD-4-29-388
CLAGETT, WILLIAM                        MD-4-34-405
CLAIBORNE, FERDINAND L.                 MD-4-30-391
CLAKE, JOHN                             MD-4-54-392
CLAPHAM, ANNE C.                        MD-4-46-44
CLAPP, ANN                              MD-4-34-238
CLARE, ISAAC                            MD-4-34-150
CLARK, BRIDGET                          MD-4-46-48
CLARK, CAROLINE C.                      MD-4-51-337
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-56-46
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-26-449
CLARK, EMMA E.                          MD-4-38-138
CLARK, JOHN                             MD-4-34-172
CLARK, JOHN                             MD-4-25-258
CLARK, JOHN                             MD-4-29-515
CLARK, LETITIA                          MD-4-36-292
CLARK, LUCRETIA E.                      MD-4-38-379
CLARK, MARGARET                         MD-4-36-212
CLARK, MARY                             MD-4-29-422
CLARK, NELSON                           MD-4-25-73
CLARK, PATRICK                          MD-4-27-170
CLARK, SALLIE                           MD-4-45-449
CLARK, SARAH                            MD-4-32-122
CLARK, THOMAS                           MD-4-47-123
CLARK, WILLIAM A.                       MD-4-39-293
CLARK, WILLIAM H.                       MD-4-37-275
CLARKE, FINLEY MORSE                    MD-4-52-160
CLARKE, MARIA                           MD-4-34-348
CLARKE, PHOEBE A.                       MD-4-34-387
CLARKE, RAY S.                          MD-4-36-419
CLARKE, SUSAN G.                        MD-4-51-92
CLARKE, SYDENHAM R.                     MD-4-51-360
CLARKINGS, RHODA                        MD-4-29-301
CLARKSON, CAROLINE H.                   MD-4-46-115
CLARKSON, JOSEPH                        MD-4-45-553
CLAXTON, ALEXANDER                      MD-4-34-323
CLAXTON, RODOLPHINE                     MD-4-31-224
CLAYLAND, SAMUEL R.                     MD-4-55-529
CLAYTON, SAMUEL                         MD-4-39-72
CLEAVER, MARIA                          MD-4-41-226
CLEFFORD, JOHN                          MD-4-32-242
CLEMM, MARIA                            MD-4-32-76
CLENDENEN, WILLIAM JAMES                MD-4-52-237
CLEVELAND, JOSEPH S.                    MD-4-35-581
CLIFFE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-29-305
CLIFFE, HENRY                           MD-4-29-402
CLIFFORD, MARGARET                      MD-4-40-574
CLIFFORD, SYLVESTER SR.                 MD-4-32-372
CLIFT, MARY S. A.                       MD-4-28-44
CLIFTON, ROBERT D.                      MD-4-38-219
CLINE, ANTHONY SR.                      MD-4-42-301
CLINTON, DAVID                          MD-4-36-469
CLOPPER, WILLIAM L.                     MD-4-42-417
CLOSE, CHRISTIAN                        MD-4-32-386
CLOSE, ELIZA A.                         MD-4-42-454
CLOUD, MARY                             MD-4-38-474
CLOUD, WILLIAM P.                       MD-4-26-16
CLOUGH, JAMES E.                        MD-4-51-353
COACH, TANVER                           MD-4-37-102
COAKLEY, SARAH                          MD-4-35-297
COALE, MARTHA                           MD-4-26-468
COATES, JANE                            MD-4-43-82
COATES, JOHN                            MD-4-37-419
COATES, JOHN (CON'T)                    MD-4-37-581
COATES, LUCRETIA                        MD-4-43-57
COATES, ROBERT E.                       MD-4-37-457
COBB, JOSIAH                            MD-4-42-5
COBERER, ANNA MARIA                     MD-4-49-253
COBLENS, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-47-495
COBLENZ, DANIEL                         MD-4-57-8
COBURN, GEORGE                          MD-4-26-321
COBURN, JOHN G. B.                      MD-4-57-498
COBURN, SUSAN                           MD-4-50-178
COCHRAN, ANDREW                         MD-4-58-26
COCHRAN, CHARLES JR.                    MD-4-48-179
COCHRAN, EMMA L.                        MD-4-55-355
COCHRAN, FREDERICK A.                   MD-4-26-198
COCHRAN, THOMAS J.                      MD-4-35-285
COCK, WILLIAM A. J.                     MD-4-27-294
COCKEY, ELLEN M.                        MD-4-34-257
COCKEY, HENRIETTA O.                    MD-4-44-521
COCKEY, JOHN P.                         MD-4-29-136
COCKEY, JOSEPH CROMWEL                  MD-4-48-372
COCKEY, MARY                            MD-4-48-257
COCKEY, THOMAS B.                       MD-4-34-438
COCKRILL, JAMES J.                      MD-4-44-470
COCKS, HARRIET                          MD-4-28-209
COFFIELD, AMELIA                        MD-4-28-252
COFFIELD, GEORGE C. H.                  MD-4-54-415
COGGINS, JOHN                           MD-4-47-272
COGSWELL, MARY ANN                      MD-4-47-421
COHAN, LOUIS M.                         MD-4-42-505
COHEE, MITCHELL H.                      MD-4-39-361
COHEN, EMANUEL                          MD-4-49-17
COHEN, HERMAN                           MD-4-52-144
COHEN, ISRAEL                           MD-4-41-429
COHEN, JACOB J. JR.                     MD-4-35-266
COHEN, JOSHUA J.                        MD-4-36-513
COHEN, MENDES J.                        MD-4-45-333
COHEN, MOSES                            MD-4-50-506
COHEN, SMAUEL                           MD-4-45-576
COHN, LEVI                              MD-4-41-418
COIATH, FRANCES H.                      MD-4-29-86
COLAN, JAMES                            MD-4-36-26
COLBURN, JULIA M.                       MD-4-42-581
COLE, ANNE                              MD-4-39-57
COLE, FREDERICK                         MD-4-29-486
COLE, ISABELLA                          MD-4-25-3
COLE, JARRETT                           MD-4-40-404
COLE, ROBERT C.                         MD-4-58-181
COLE, STEPHEN                           MD-4-34-240
COLE, SUSAN D.                          MD-4-38-365
COLE, WILLIAM H.                        MD-4-35-103
COLE, WILLIAM H. SR.                    MD-4-34-142
COLE, WILLIAM P.                        MD-4-47-488
COLEGATE, CATHARINE                     MD-4-27-281
COLEGATE, MARY                          MD-4-34-337
COLEMAN, CHARLES R.                     MD-4-53-436
COLEMAN, MICHAEL                        MD-4-56-53
COLEMAN, RICHARD                        MD-4-45-591
COLEMAN, RICHARD                        MD-4-26-351
COLEMAN, SARAH                          MD-4-42-15
COLEMAN, THOMAS                         MD-4-37-125
COLES, WILLIAM                          MD-4-46-518
COLHOON, BENJAMIN C.                    MD-4-29-329
COLHOUN, MARGARETTA A.                  MD-4-32-218
COLLEY, WILLIAM W.                      MD-4-49-91
COLLIER, CHARLES E.                     MD-4-37-406
COLLINS, CHARLES H.                     MD-4-53-268
COLLINS, EVELINE                        MD-4-41-565
COLLINS, GEORGE C.                      MD-4-26-472
COLLINS, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-32-350
COLLINS, HANNAH                         MD-4-40-452
COLLINS, HENRY                          MD-4-42-291
COLLINS, ISAAC                          MD-4-36-219
COLLINS, JOHN W.                        MD-4-51-164
COLLINS, MARY                           MD-4-40-159
COLLINS, PETER                          MD-4-49-149
COLLINS, ROSE                           MD-4-57-383
COLLINS, SARAH A.                       MD-4-47-346
COLLINS, STEPHEN                        MD-4-37-576
COLLINS, THOMAS                         MD-4-30-469
COLLINS, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-48-69
COLLISON, EDWARD                        MD-4-35-7
COLMAN, PATRICK                         MD-4-36-131
COLT, JOHN O.                           MD-4-28-109
COLT, MARGARET                          MD-4-28-51
COLTON, EDWARD C.                       MD-4-47-436
COLTON, EMMA M.                         MD-4-58-324
COLTON, LAVINIA D.                      MD-4-51-388
COLTON, LIEBMAN                         MD-4-47-194
COLTON, WILLIAM                         MD-4-41-5
COLVIN, RACHEL                          MD-4-26-477
COMEGYS, HENRY F.                       MD-4-34-304
COMEGYS, MARY                           MD-4-58-524
COMSTOCK, GEORGE D.                     MD-4-27-489
COMTE, ANN                              MD-4-32-510
CONAIN, LEWIS                           MD-4-32-279
CONINE, WILLIAM C.                      MD-4-37-279
CONKLING, WILLIAM H.                    MD-4-34-296
CONNELLEE, THORNTON                     MD-4-39-88
CONNELLY, BERNARD                       MD-4-45-301
CONNELLY, JOHN                          MD-4-32-155
CONNELLY, SARAH                         MD-4-52-130
CONNER, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-4-36-74
CONNOLLY, ALICE ANN                     MD-4-58-127
CONNOLLY, ANN                           MD-4-57-146
CONNOLLY, CATHARINE                     MD-4-47-324
CONNOLLY, JOHN                          MD-4-42-577
CONNOR, JOHN                            MD-4-57-522
CONOLY, JAMES                           MD-4-53-469
CONRAD, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-32-224
CONRAD, LOUIS LAWRENCE                  MD-4-51-544
CONRAD, SARAH E.                        MD-4-34-51
CONROY, THOMAS                          MD-4-34-527
CONSIDINE, CATHARINE                    MD-4-36-472
CONSTABLE, GUNILDA S.                   MD-4-49-167
CONTEE, BENJAMIN                        MD-4-36-112
CONWAY, CATHARINE                       MD-4-29-475
CONWAY, COLUMBUS L.                     MD-4-30-115
CONWAY, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-39-226
CONWAY, JOHN R.                         MD-4-35-523
CONWAY, ROBERT                          MD-4-29-390
COOK, ALEXANDER C.                      MD-4-27-258
COOK, GEORE A.                          MD-4-25-136
COOK, GEORGE                            MD-4-38-271
COOK, HENRY W.                          MD-4-42-262
COOK, ISAAC P.                          MD-4-52-389
COOK, JOHN                              MD-4-45-182
COOK, JOHN                              MD-4-38-327
COOK, JOHN F.                           MD-4-33-226
COOK, SARAH                             MD-4-39-477
COOK, SARAH                             MD-4-42-314
COOK, WILLIAM                           MD-4-27-350
COOK, WILLIAM                           MD-4-27-107
COOKE, ANGELINE                         MD-4-27-150
COOKE, DANIEL                           MD-4-27-485
COOKE, EDGAR S.                         MD-4-40-276
COOKE, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-25-213
COOKE, GEORGE                           MD-4-34-293
COOKE, JAMES                            MD-4-33-475
COOKE, JOHN                             MD-4-32-31
COOKE, MARGARET MCK.                    MD-4-28-492
COOKE, MARY                             MD-4-31-279
COOKE, MARY                             MD-4-52-521
COOKE, MARY H.                          MD-4-44-301
COOKE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-34-309
COOLE, GEORGE B.                        MD-4-57-443
COONEY, LAWRENCE                        MD-4-46-272
COOPER, CATHARINE                       MD-4-25-426
COOPER, DORA                            MD-4-43-231
COOPER, EDWARD O.                       MD-4-31-251
COOPER, ELIZA                           MD-4-36-291
COOPER, HUGH A.                         MD-4-36-533
COOPER, JAMES                           MD-4-25-456
COOPER, JAMES                           MD-4-38-443
COOPER, JULIA A.                        MD-4-35-66
COOPER, MARY A. (CON'T)                 MD-4-26-481
COOPER, MARY A.                         MD-4-26-384
COOPER, PHEBE                           MD-4-30-128
COOPER, RUTH                            MD-4-52-433
COOPER,ANN C.                           MD-4-35-561
CORBETT, MARY                           MD-4-41-315
CORBIN, MARTIN                          MD-4-28-348
CORDERY, MARY V.                        MD-4-29-123
CORE, JOHN                              MD-4-58-228
CORNELIUS, SAMUEL                       MD-4-34-139
CORNER, SARAH                           MD-4-33-147
CORNER, SARAH A. A.                     MD-4-58-254
CORNER, SOLOMON                         MD-4-56-499
CORNICE, WILLIAM P.                     MD-4-41-553
CORNISH, ELIZA                          MD-4-57-469
CORNISH, GEORGE A.                      MD-4-43-35
CORNISH, SUSAN                          MD-4-45-380
CORNOR, JOHN                            MD-4-31-330
CORRIGAN, PATRICK                       MD-4-57-538
COSDEN, ELEANOR                         MD-4-25-97
COSKERY, HENRY B.                       MD-4-38-174
COST, GEORGE W.                         MD-4-29-177
COSTELLO, JOHN                          MD-4-28-453
COSTIGAN, MARY                          MD-4-25-48
COSTOLAY, PATRICK J.                    MD-4-39-274
COTT, JAMES C.                          MD-4-33-41
COTTINGHAM, THOMAS                      MD-4-42-148
COTTMAN, ELIZABETH M.                   MD-4-52-262
COTTRELL, HENRY W.                      MD-4-29-322
COUGHLAN, WILLIAM                       MD-4-41-186
COULBURN, AUGUSTUS W.                   MD-4-58-73
COULTER, JOHN C.                        MD-4-37-171
COULTER, SUSAN                          MD-4-44-346
COUPER, WILHELMINA                      MD-4-54-114
COURSEY, BENJAMIN F.                    MD-4-55-395
COURTHWAIT, DEBORAH                     MD-4-31-113
COURTNEY, RICAHRD                       MD-4-56-216
COURTWAIT, MARY                         MD-4-31-391
COWARD, ANN                             MD-4-29-507
COWARD, MARGARET                        MD-4-46-283
COWPLAND, WILLIAM S.                    MD-4-37-559
COX, AMOS A.                            MD-4-44-423
COX, ANN E.                             MD-4-31-383
COX, RACHEL                             MD-4-54-277
COX, SUSANNA                            MD-4-30-426
COX, WILLIAM H.                         MD-4-55-543
COYLE, ANNE                             MD-4-43-36
COYLE, CHARLES                          MD-4-25-341
CRABTREE, THOMAS                        MD-4-31-149
CRAFT, JACOB                            MD-4-30-478
CRAFT, SUSAN H.                         MD-4-43-566
CRAFTS, JOHN E.                         MD-4-32-490
CRAGGS, ROBERT                          MD-4-28-307
CRAIG, HORATIO E.                       MD-4-32-363
CRAMER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-28-467
CRANDALL, SARAH A.                      MD-4-56-17
CRANE, ANDREW F.                        MD-4-54-157
CRANE, ANN R.                           MD-4-41-483
CRANE, BENJAMIN                         MD-4-32-156
CRANE, ELLIN H.                         MD-4-57-173
CRANE, JEAN N.                          MD-4-49-109
CRANE, JOHN D.                          MD-4-37-233
CRANE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-33-402
CRAPIN, MARY                            MD-4-34-443
CRAWFORD, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-30-170
CRAWLEY, JANE                           MD-4-38-270
CREAGER, MARGARET A.                    MD-4-45-463
CREAGH, JOHN                            MD-4-45-530
CREAMER, JOSEPH F.                      MD-4-38-280
CREDIT, BUSHROD                         MD-4-40-326
CRENSHAW, ELIZA H.                      MD-4-42-41
CRENY, MARGARET S.                      MD-4-58-192
CREY, FREDERICK                         MD-4-26-119
CREY, MARY E.                           MD-4-52-54
CRICHTON, WILLIAM                       MD-4-42-356
CRIST, WILLIAM                          MD-4-28-187
CROCKETT, ANN                           MD-4-55-111
CROFT, MARY A.                          MD-4-33-377
CROMER, THOMAS W.                       MD-4-52-532
CROMWELL, ANN E.                        MD-4-39-525
CROMWELL, ELIZABETH A.                  MD-4-49-73
CROMWELL, LYDIA                         MD-4-54-252
CROMWELL, MATILDA                       MD-4-27-333
CROMWELL, RICHARDV                      MD-4-28-326
CROMWELL, THOMAS                        MD-4-26-571
CRONE, EDWARD                           MD-4-45-31
CRONMILLER, CATHARINE                   MD-4-45-525
CRONMILLER, JACOB                       MD-4-27-443
CROOK, DANIELV                          MD-4-32-50
CROOK, EMMA                             MD-4-31-338
CROSS, MARY                             MD-4-28-132
CROSS, TEMPERANCE                       MD-4-25-205
CROSS, TRUEMAN                          MD-4-42-448
CROSWELL, EDWARD                        MD-4-30-243
CROTHERS, JAMES W.                      MD-4-52-140
CROUCH, DAVID                           MD-4-30-466
CROUCH, MARGARET                        MD-4-34-362
CROW, ANN C.                            MD-4-26-25
CROW, JOHN T.                           MD-4-47-456
CROW, NATHANIEL I.                      MD-4-31-11
CROW, SUSAN W.                          MD-4-50-347
CROWE, JOHN                             MD-4-52-519
CROWLEY, JOHN W.                        MD-4-40-426
CROWLY, HONORA                          MD-4-57-224
CRUETT, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-123
CRUM, JOHN                              MD-4-42-579
CRUMMELL, OLIVER G.                     MD-4-28-395
CRUMMER, EDWARD A.                      MD-4-25-308
CRUSSE, MARY E.                         MD-4-48-558
CRUTCHLEY, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-32-339
CULLEN, WILLIAM M.                      MD-4-26-317
CULLEY, ROBERT H.                       MD-4-29-474
CULLIMORE, JOHN T.                      MD-4-42-240
CULLISON, NOAH                          MD-4-43-139
CULLUM, ANNIE H.                        MD-4-44-224
CULLUM, ESTHER                          MD-4-56-246
CULLUM, JEREMIAH W.                     MD-4-56-97
CUMMINS, JOHN W.                        MD-4-39-316
CUMMISKEY, EUGENE                       MD-4-37-5
CUNNINGHAM, ABIGAIL                     MD-4-28-138
CUNNINGHAM, ANNA                        MD-4-53-250
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-45-102
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        MD-4-45-51
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        MD-4-35-360
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM H.                  MD-4-49-197
CURLEY, JAMES                           MD-4-34-215
CURRAN, BRIDGET                         MD-4-53-290
CURRAN, PATRICK                         MD-4-53-288
CURREY, JAMES H.                        MD-4-57-479
CURRY, JANE                             MD-4-57-506
CURTAIN, MARGARET A.                    MD-4-27-190
CURTIN, ROBERT R.                       MD-4-36-85
CURTIN, THOMAS                          MD-4-26-91
CURTIS, JANE                            MD-4-49-370
CURTLETT, JOHN                          MD-4-26-193
CUSHING, DAVID                          MD-4-42-223
CUSHING, JOSEPH                         MD-4-25-137
CUSHING, JOSEPH JR.                     MD-4-45-424
CUTTLE, CLARA E.                        MD-4-48-566
CZARNOWSKY, FRANCIS                     MD-4-38-133
DAEUBLER, BARBARA                       MD-4-34-38
DAGNAR, SAMUEL                          MD-4-29-274
DAHLVEINER, HANNAH                      MD-4-41-591
DAILEY, FRANCIS P.                      MD-4-49-394
DAILEY, JAMES                           MD-4-46-174
DAILY, WILLIAM F.                       MD-4-40-4
DALE, MARY                              MD-4-49-264
DALEY, CAROLINE B.                      MD-4-44-330
DALEY, JACOB                            MD-4-26-52
DALEY, JOHN                             MD-4-26-580
DALEY, MARY A.                          MD-4-45-459
DALEY, MARY E.                          MD-4-28-135
DALLAM, FRANCIS J.                      MD-4-27-338
DALLAM, FRANCIS W.                      MD-4-40-130
DALRYMPLE, MARY                         MD-4-54-458
DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM H.                   MD-4-50-470
DALTON, WILLIAM                         MD-4-38-500
DALY, DANIEL                            MD-4-26-436
DAMBMANN, CHRISTIAN F. A.               MD-4-57-74
DAMBMANN, PHILIPPINE                    MD-4-58-34
DAMME, ADOLPH                           MD-4-27-374
DAMMER, SEBASTIAN                       MD-4-43-290
DAMPHOUX, EDWARD                        MD-4-29-359
DAMPORELLI, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-55-344
DANEBERG, JOSEPH                        MD-4-26-202
DANELS, JOHN D.                         MD-4-26-531
DANELS, JOSEPH D.                       MD-4-32-328
DANGERFIELD, ANN E.                     MD-4-49-213
DANIEL, CORNELIA                        MD-4-37-577
DANIEL, ROBERT                          MD-4-39-357
DANIELS, ANDREW                         MD-4-58-532
DANNEMANN, ELVIRA W.                    MD-4-31-63
DANSKIN, WASHINGTON A.                  MD-4-34-145
DANZ, AUGUSTA                           MD-4-40-470
DARBY, BENJAMIN                         MD-4-38-301
DARBY, HENRIETTA                        MD-4-42-443
DARCY, AMELIA M.                        MD-4-27-368
DARCY, AMELIA M. (CON'T)                MD-4-27-483
DARCY, AMELIA M. (CON'T)                MD-4-27-506
DARE, ELIZABETH                         MD-4-35-136
DARE, ELIZABETH D.                      MD-4-26-489
DARE, MARGARET                          MD-4-35-135
DARLING, JAMES                          MD-4-32-433
DARLING, LEWIS                          MD-4-45-116
DARRAGH, ANN                            MD-4-25-245
DARRAUGH, MARY                          MD-4-33-97
DARREIGH, MARY ANN                      MD-4-49-404
DARRELL, LYDIA H.                       MD-4-30-172
DASCH, JOHN P.                          MD-4-35-63
DASCH, JOHNP. (CON'T)                   MD-4-35-596
DASHIELDS, FREDERICK                    MD-4-41-209
DASHIELL, MARY                          MD-4-35-331
DAUGHADAY, JOSEPH                       MD-4-30-313
DAUGHERTY, JOHN W.                      MD-4-30-364
DAUGHERTY, SARAH H.                     MD-4-47-202
DAURY, WILLIAM                          MD-4-33-459
DAUTERICH, ANNA C.                      MD-4-57-260
DAVENPORT, JANE H.                      MD-4-45-172
DAVIDSON, ELEANOR                       MD-4-27-72
DAVIDSON, EMPSON B.                     MD-4-35-510
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         MD-4-30-259
DAVIDSON, JOHN SR.                      MD-4-25-264
DAVIDSON, MARY B.                       MD-4-40-44
DAVIES, DAVID W.                        MD-4-26-425
DAVIES, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-4-28-80
DAVIES, SOLOMON B.                      MD-4-29-299
DAVIS, CHARLES                          MD-4-27-397
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-45-26
DAVIS, ELIZABETH A.                     MD-4-52-1
DAVIS, FANNY                            MD-4-37-188
DAVIS, GEORGE A.                        MD-4-46-302
DAVIS, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-56-295
DAVIS, HENRIETTA                        MD-4-44-26
DAVIS, HOWARD                           MD-4-36-295
DAVIS, ISABELLA                         MD-4-52-445
DAVIS, JOHN                             MD-4-30-288
DAVIS, MARY L.                          MD-4-25- 337
DAVIS, PHEBE                            MD-4-41-384
DAVIS, RICHARD                          MD-4-52-380
DAVIS, ROBERT                           MD-4-40-138
DAVIS, SUSAN A.                         MD-4-53-168
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          MD-4-54-267
DAVIS, WILLIAM H.                       MD-4-47-251
DAVY, WILLIAM                           MD-4-25-184
DAWELS, BOLIVAR D.                      MD-4-40-99
DAWES, FRANCIS                          MD-4-44-99
DAWES, RICHARD                          MD-4-57-436
DAWSON, CATHERINE                       MD-4-35-267
DAWSON, EDGAR G.                        MD-4-51-300
DAWSON, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-6
DAWSON, WILLIAM JR.                     MD-4-36-77
DAY, AARON R.                           MD-4-33-299
DAY, ANN                                MD-4-39-383
DAY, ANN E.                             MD-4-35-128
DAY, ISHMAEL                            MD-4-40-11
DAY, JACOB                              MD-4-30-95
DAY, SARAH                              MD-4-37-48
DEAGAN, WILLIAM J.                      MD-4-55-448
DEAL, HENRY                             MD-4-34-225
DEAL, JACOB P.                          MD-4-25-286
DEALE, JOHN S. SR.                      MD-4-54-237
DEALMAINE, MARY R.                      MD-4-52-32
DEAN, CATHARINE                         MD-4-40-396
DEAN, CORNELIA A.                       MD-4-40-495
DEAN, ELIZABETH H.                      MD-4-51-24
DEAN, MARY J.                           MD-4-25-451
DEAN, MICHAEL                           MD-4-58-522
DEAN, THOMAS                            MD-4-44-413
DEBACH, ADAM                            MD-4-25-220
DEBACH, ADAM (CON'T)                    MD-4-25-494
DEBOW, BARBARA A.                       MD-4-33-427
DEBOW, MAHLON                           MD-4-25-361
DEBRING, ANTON                          MD-4-49-518
DEBRING, JOHN G.                        MD-4-29-90
DEBRULER, BENJAMIN                      MD-4-27-299
DECATUR, SUSAN                          MD-4-29-328
DECKELMAN, JOHN                         MD-4-43-169
DECKER, AGNES                           MD-4-40-124
DECKER, HENRY SR.                       MD-4-47-353
DECKER, SUSAN                           MD-4-26-62
DECORMIS, MARTHA                        MD-4-44-500
DEDIAS, EUSEBIUS                        MD-4-25-332
DEECKE, GEORGE C. (CON'T)               MD-4-27-332
DEECKE, GEORGE C.                       MD-4-27-93
DEEMS, GEORGE WASHINGTON                MD-4-36-272
DEFORD, BENJAMIN                        MD-4-36-150
DEFORD, GEORGE T.                       MD-4-51-536
DEFORD, ISAAC                           MD-4-34-375
DEFORD, PHILIPPA E.                     MD-4-38-117
DEGOEY, CHARLES C.                      MD-4-50-314
DEGOEY, MARY A.                         MD-4-29-66
DEGRUCHY, JOHN                          MD-4-26-309
DEHN, ANDREW T.                         MD-4-39-310
DEHN, CHRISTIANA                        MD-4-46-498
DEIBEL, HENRY                           MD-4-53-467
DEIBEL, PETER                           MD-4-49-537
DEICHELBOHRER, MICHAEL                  MD-4-33-233
DEIKELMAN, CATHARINE                    MD-4-53-450
DEIL, BARBARA                           MD-4-39-495
DEIRBACK, JOHN                          MD-4-29-140
DEITERING, GERHART D.                   MD-4-26-338
DEJOY, KATE                             MD-4-52-318
DEKKER, FRANCIS D.                      MD-4-41-153
DELACOUR, WILLIAM L.                    MD-4-56-210
DELANY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-27-118
DELAWARWE, ANN F.                       MD-4-38-195
DELLA, GERHART                          MD-4-26-252
DELLERMAN, CONRAD                       MD-4-39-147
DELOUGHERY, EDWARD                      MD-4-55-144
DELPHEY, GEORGE                         MD-4-42-64
DEMANGIN, FRANZE A.                     MD-4-54-36
DEMME, GEORGE CHRISTOPHER               MD-4-51-241
DEMPSEY, MARGARET                       MD-4-34-310
DEMPSEY, MARGARET (CON'T)               MD-4-34-345
DEMPSTER, JAMES                         MD-4-31-116
DEMURGAIONDO, JULIA A.                  MD-4-53-295
DEMUS, ISABELLA                         MD-4-55-472
DENHARDT, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-54-176
DENHARDT, FREDERICK                     MD-4-41-254
DENISON, MARCUS                         MD-4-41-176
DENISON, SOPHIA I.                      MD-4-40-213
DENMEAD, ADAM                           MD-4-32-78
DENMEAD, TALBOTT                        MD-4-42-347
DENNIE, THOMAS                          MD-4-37-88
DENNIES, MARGARET                       MD-4-28-473
DENNY, THEODORE                         MD-4-27-29
DENNY, THOMAS                           MD-4-30-120
DENOE, THOMAS                           MD-4-53-541
DENSON, ISAAC M.                        MD-4-54-42
DENT, JOHN K.                           MD-4-28-103
DEPAEPE, JOHN                           MD-4-42-327
DEPEW, ELMIRA C.                        MD-4-42-233
DEPPER, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-56-73
DERLIN, CHARLES                         MD-4-42-334
DERRY, WILLIAM                          MD-4-33-459
DESFORGES, JOHN P.                      MD-4-46-125
DESHOW, CHRISTOPHER M.                  MD-4-47-477
DESPARD, BURTON                         MD-4-42-60
DESVARREUX, JAMES                       MD-4-53-409
DEURING, DAVID F.                       MD-4-26-389
DEVERGY, FREDERICK                      MD-4-29-160
DEVERGY, FREDERICK                      MD-4-29-160
DEVILLAR, ELIZA ANN                     MD-4-50-387
DEVILLE, FRANCIS S.                     MD-4-45-400
DEVINE, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-48-404
DEVINE, MICHAEL                         MD-4-28-158
DEVOUGES, FRANCIS A. P.                 MD-4-26-100
DEW, JAMES                              MD-4-45-405
DEW, WILLIAM                            MD-4-46-356
DEWINT, PETER C.                        MD-4-25-65
DEWITT, JULIANA                         MD-4-33-283
DEWOLF, JAMES                           MD-4-25-458
DEWOLF, JAMES                           MD-4-25-477
DEWOLF, MARK A.                         MD-4-25-470
DICKER, MARIA A.                        MD-4-44-564
DICKERSON, ELISHA                       MD-4-27-185
DICKEY, GEORGE S.                       MD-4-35-341
DICKINSON, GIDEON                       MD-4-47-153
DICKINSON, MARY MATILDA                 MD-4-48-553
DICKSON, CYRUS                          MD-4-48-425
DICKSON, JAMES                          MD-4-34-482
DICKSON, MALVINA M.                     MD-4-41-523
DIDIER, EDMOND                          MD-4-26-307
DIDIER, HENRY A.                        MD-4-51-414
DIEL, CHARLES                           MD-4-51-463
DIEL, JACOB                             MD-4-25-380
DIENER, CAROLINE                        MD-4-52-374
DIERING, HENRY LOUIS                    MD-4-51-120
DIETER, VALENTINE                       MD-4-30-174
DIETRICH, PHILIP                        MD-4-58-295
DIETZ, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-41-180
DIETZ, JOHN                             MD-4-35-567
DIFFENDERFER, MICHAEL                   MD-4-36-426
DIFFENDERFFER, CHARLES                  MD-4-27-408
DIFFENDERFFER, ELIZA                    MD-4-33-456
DIFFENDERFFER, SARAH G. A.              MD-4-46-432
DIGGS, CHARLOTTE                        MD-4-31-107
DIGGS, RICHARD H.                       MD-4-55-220
DIGNAN, LAURENCE                        MD-4-47-170
DILLEHUNT, WILLIAM                      MD-4-39-519
DILLFELDER, FRANCES                     MD-4-52-412
DILLON, MARTHA                          MD-4-32-35
DINKELMAN, HENRY R.                     MD-4-58-290
DISNEY, JOHN                            MD-4-27-192
DISNEY, MARY                            MD-4-30-248
DISNEY, SOLOMON                         MD-4-31-137
DISNEY, WESLEY                          MD-4-34-459
DISTLER, CONRAD                         MD-4-42-225
DISTLER, JOHN C.                        MD-4-57-378
DIXON, ISAAC F.                         MD-4-39-28
DOBBIE, MARY W.                         MD-4-51-505
DOBBIN, CATHARINE                       MD-4-41-265
DOBERER, JOHN                           MD-4-33-207
DOBLER, JOHN                            MD-4-39-32
DOBLER, MARY ANN                        MD-4-36-284
DOBSON, JOHN A.                         MD-4-50-325
DOCHTERMANN, CONRAD                     MD-4-50-461
DOCWRA, EDWIN H.                        MD-4-27-165
DOCWRA, FRANCES                         MD-4-42-270
DOCWRA, MARIAN F.                       MD-4-30-241
DODD, JOSEPH L.                         MD-4-42-406
DODE, ANN                               MD-4-35-324
DODE, LOUIS                             MD-4-49-409
DODE, PETER                             MD-4-33-308
DODGE, AUGUSTUS W.                      MD-4-57-387
DODGE, GEORGE R.                        MD-4-33-358
DODGE, MARY E.                          MD-4-55-59
DODSON, SAMUEL                          MD-4-40-254
DOENGER, ANDREW                         MD-4-50-368
DOERR, WILLIAM                          MD-4-48-456
DOGED, MARTIN                           MD-4-29-260
DOGGE, CHARLES                          MD-4-35-133
DOLAN, JAMES (CON'T)                    MD-4-36-564
DONALDSON, AMANDA M.                    MD-4-55-276
DONALDSON, CATHARINE                    MD-4-33-209
DONALDSON, JAMES L.                     MD-4-55-122
DONALDSON, JOHN                         MD-4-57-5
DONALDSON, JOHN J.                      MD-4-33-513
DONALDSON, SAMUEL I.                    MD-4-40-259
DONALDSON, SAMUEL J.                    MD-4-33-87
DONE, JULIET H.                         MD-4-45-36
DONE, MARY                              MD-4-37-304
DONEGES, ERNST                          MD-4-39-504
DONELY, JAMES                           MD-4-26-447
DONHAUSER, GEORGE                       MD-4-39-429
DONLON, MARY                            MD-4-48-165
DONNELL, ANN                            MD-4-30-463
DONNELL, JAMES S. J.                    MD-4-49-323
DONNELL, JOHN S.                        MD-4-38-25
DONOHUE, CATGHARINE                     MD-4-53-376
DONOHUE, RICHARD                        MD-4-38-112
DONOVAN, CLARISSA                       MD-4-53-501
DONOVAN, JOSEPH S.                      MD-4-30-19
DONOVAN, RICHARD                        MD-4-25-116
DONSEE, LEOPOLD                         MD-4-26-347
DOONER, HUGH                            MD-4-34-299
DOOREY, ANNIE                           MD-4-53-438
DORBACKER, ADAM                         MD-4-37-54
DORBACKER, HENRIETTA                    MD-4-32-124
DORENBERG, JOHANN D.                    MD-4-36-517
DORENBERG, MARGARETHA                   MD-4-46-527
DORITY, SAMUEL                          MD-4-37-257
DORMAN, JANE G.                         MD-4-41-378
DORMAN, THOMAS                          MD-4-26-492
DORN, JOHN A.                           MD-4-42-394
DORNER, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-43-361
DORNEY, BARTHOLOMEW                     MD-4-27-117
DORNEY, ELIZABETH J.                    MD-4-38-200
DORR, CASPER                            MD-4-53-238
DORR, DANIEL                            MD-4-31-47
DORR, JOHN                              MD-4-58-453
DORR, JOHN P.                           MD-4-54-529
DORR, SARAH                             MD-4-26-44
DORSCH, LOUISA                          MD-4-49-528
DORSCHEL, EMMA                          MD-4-57-350
DORSEY, ANDREW                          MD-4-44-290
DORSEY, ANN                             MD-4-28-459
DORSEY, CHARLES                         MD-4-53-410
DORSEY, COMFORT W.                      MD-4-38-43
DORSEY, DAN                             MD-4-55-1
DORSEY, DATHAN                          MD-4-27-347
DORSEY, ELIZA P.                        MD-4-58-340
DORSEY, FRANCES                         MD-4-40-368
DORSEY, FRANCIS                         MD-4-55-218
DORSEY, HANNAH                          MD-4-46-537
DORSEY, HANNAH R.                       MD-4-52-143
DORSEY, HARRIET                         MD-4-45-218
DORSEY, JAMES E.                        MD-4-38-225
DORSEY, JOHN                            MD-4-58-301
DORSEY, JOSEPH S.                       MD-4-37-22
DORSEY, JULIA E.                        MD-4-29-385
DORSEY, MARY                            MD-4-37-195
DORSEY, MARY J.                         MD-4-49-401
DORSEY, MILLY                           MD-4-25-453
DORSEY, NANCY                           MD-4-47-392
DORSEY, ROBERT E.                       MD-4-42-259
DORSEY, SALLIE M.                       MD-4-40-155
DORSEY, SARAH ANN                       MD-4-49-162
DORSEY, SUSAN                           MD-4-37-458
DORSEY, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-26-208
DOUD, BRIDGET                           MD-4-54-451
DOUGHERTY, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-57-299
DOUGHERTY, HANNAH                       MD-4-35-64
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                        MD-4-49-441
DOUGHERTY, MICHAEL                      MD-4-51-407
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS                       MD-4-48-504
DOUGLAS, ANNA B.                        MD-4-41-475
DOUGLAS, JOHN                           MD-4-34-5
DOUGLAS, LETITIA G.                     MD-4-40-598
DOUGLASS, ANNIE                         MD-4-47-38
DOWLING, JOHN                           MD-4-28-34
DOWLING, MICHAEL J.                     MD-4-39-352
DOWNER, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-54-337
DOWNES, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-29-506
DOWNES, RICHARD C. E.                   MD-4-26-11
DOWNING, GEORGE F.                      MD-4-28-396
DOWNING, MARIETTA                       MD-4-27-499
DOWNING, SMAUEL JR.                     MD-4-54-109
DOYLE, JAMES                            MD-4-49-224
DOYLE, JAMES A.                         MD-4-32-478
DOYLE, JAMES M.                         MD-4-54-11
DOYLE, JANE                             MD-4-25-182
DOYLE, JOHN                             MD-4-26-299
DOYLE, JOHN A.                          MD-4-37-341
DOYLE, MARY                             MD-4-26-467
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          MD-4-40-101
DOYLE, PATRICK                          MD-4-34-312
DOZIER, WILLIAM R.                      MD-4-45-425
DRAPER, GARRISON                        MD-4-32-274
DREBERT, ADALINE A.                     MD-4-53-65
DREBERT, FRANCIS                        MD-4-29-420
DRECHSEL, LOUIS A.                      MD-4-53-311
DRECHSLER, THOMAS                       MD-4-37-127
DREGE, GESINE M.                        MD-4-44-123
DREGE, JACOB R.                         MD-4-33-315
DREIN, HUGH                             MD-4-31-247
DRESEL, WERNER                          MD-4-57-389
DRESSEL, JOHN J.                        MD-4-45-381
DREXLER, MARGARETTA                     MD-4-43-551
DREY, ABRAHAM                           MD-4-40-447
DRINKER, SUSANNAH B. (CON'T)            MD-4-29-473
DRINKER, SUSANNAH B.                    MD-4-29-195
DRISCOLL, ANN ELIZA                     MD-4-52-156
DRISCOLL, MARY                          MD-4-29-64
DRISCOLL, TIMOTHY                       MD-4-43-549
DROHAN, THOMAS                          MD-4-31-340
DROSTE, JOHN H.                         MD-4-34-275
DRUMMOND, JANE                          MD-4-56-132
DRUSCHLER, PETER                        MD-4-47-466
DRYDEN, CATHERINE                       MD-4-36-431
DRYDEN, JOSHUA                          MD-4-45-198
DRYDEN, ROBERT W.                       MD-4-50-327
DUBARRY, WILLIAM D.                     MD-4-54-88
DUBOIS, ANNE MCK.                       MD-4-27-50
DUBOIS, LEO                             MD-4-38-104
DUBREE, JOHN                            MD-4-29-342
DUBREUIL, ARMANDE                       MD-4-58-376
DUBREUL, JOSEPH F. P.                   MD-4-44-447
DUCAMEL, W. J. C.                       MD-4-55-501
DUCKETT, ELIZABETH A.                   MD-4-47-460
DUCKETT, JUDSON M.                      MD-4-37-555
DUER, EDWARD N.                         MD-4-41-198
DUER, JOHN                              MD-4-29-462
DUER, MATILDA                           MD-4-51-155
DUER, SAMUEL                            MD-4-38-260
DUERING, JOHN S.                        MD-4-33-259
DUFF, ELIZABETH                         MD-4-35-507
DUFFY, CATHARINE                        MD-4-49-428
DUFFY, HUGH                             MD-4-32-286
DUFFY, JAMES                            MD-4-38-29
DUFFY, JOHN                             MD-4-33-426
DUFFY, PETER                            MD-4-28-502
DUFFY, THOMAS                           MD-4-33-174
DUGAN, EMILY                            MD-4-44-213
DUGAN, HAMMOND                          MD-4-53-256
DUGAN, JOSEPH O.                        MD-4-41-273
DUHAMEL, JAMES                          MD-4-35-512
DUHURST, MARY                           MD-4-35-569
DUKE, CECILIA                           MD-4-28-21
DUKE, JAMES                             MD-4-25-115
DUKEHART, VALERIUS                      MD-4-33-385
DULANY, GRAFTON L.                      MD-4-31-138
DULANY, JANE S.                         MD-4-54-439
DULANY, MARY ERMA                       MD-4-45-598
DULANY, OLIVIA W.                       MD-4-39-387
DULANY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-33-423
DULANY, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-26-271
DUNAN, WINFIELD S.                      MD-4-53-480
DUNBAR, FRANCES                         MD-4-32-49
DUNBAR, M. LOUISA                       MD-4-42-566
DUNCAN, GEORGE                          MD-4-39-533
DUNCAN, HELEN M.                        MD-4-41-242
DUNCAN, JOHN                            MD-4-28-314
DUNCAN, MARGARET M. K.                  MD-4-32-102
DUNCAN, MARGARET S.                     MD-4-35-366
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-53-1
DUNDELET, LUCILE C. E.                  MD-4-34-41
DUNIGAN, EMMA V.                        MD-4-54-261
DUNLAP, CHARLES                         MD-4-47-407
DUNN, BRIDGET                           MD-4-37-487
DUNN, CATHARINE                         MD-4-55-506
DUNN, DANIEL                            MD-4-43-423
DUNN, EDWARD                            MD-4-40-134
DUNN, EDWARD T.                         MD-4-58-390
DUNN, JOSEPH L.                         MD-4-36-305
DUNN, RICHARD                           MD-4-44-84
DUNN, THOMAS                            MD-4-35-284
DUNNING, HALSEY                         MD-4-35-183
DUPONT, ALFRED                          MD-4-27-479
DUPONT, ALFRED                          MD-4-27-479
DURBOROW, SARAH                         MD-4-33-352
DURCHHAUSEN, F. C.                      MD-4-27-254
DURDING, ANN D.                         MD-4-52-331
DURHAM, COLUMBUS P.                     MD-4-40-178, 596
DURHAM, E. H.                           MD-4-46-87
DURHAM, JOHN                            MD-4-31-147
DURHAM, SUSANNA                         MD-4-28-429
DURLIN, ANN M                           MD-4-29-393
DUROCHER, MARIA L.                      MD-4-36-35
DURSCHER, AUGUSUS H.                    MD-4-40-180, 601
DUSHAN, JOHN                            MD-4-34-464
DUSHANE, JOHN                           MD-4-30-71
DUSHANE, MARY A.                        MD-4-44-146
DUSHANE, MARY E.                        MD-4-55-455
DUSHANE, NATHAN T.                      MD-4-32-87
DUSLIANE, HARRIET A.                    MD-4-42-49
DUTEE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-36-370
DUTTON, LOUISA                          MD-4-34-500
DUTTON, ROBERT                          MD-4-27-59
DUVAL, GABRIELLA A.                     MD-4-45-592
DUVAL, JAMES T.                         MD-4-37-392
DUVALL, CHRISTIANNA F.                  MD-4-40-97
DUVALL, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-43-357
DUVALL, JULIET                          MD-4-50-518
DUVALL, MARY E.                         MD-4-43-282
DUVALL, NATHAN T.                       MD-4-33-277
DUVE, ANNA                              MD-4-39-311
DYSART, MOSES A.                        MD-4-37-68
DYSART, REBECCA                         MD-4-25-122
DYSON, ROBERT                           MD-4-30-10
EAGAN, QUEEN                            MD-4-33-321
EAGLESTON, JOHN H.                      MD-4-55-167
EALEY, MARY                             MD-4-52-327
EALEY, WILLIAM H.                       MD-4-45-541
EAMES, WILLIAM                          MD-4-56-283
EAMES, WILLIAM A.                       MD-4-46-194
EARLING, FRANCES                        MD-4-51-134
EARLY, ANN C.                           MD-4-48-359
EARLY, RACHEL                           MD-4-54-13
EARLY, THOMAS                           MD-4-47-171
EARNEST, ANN                            MD-4-51-77
EARNEST, GEORGE                         MD-4-25-196
EARP, GEORGE                            MD-4-55-410
EARS, ARIANNA A.                        MD-4-44-249
EASTER, BARBARA                         MD-4-58-403
EASTER, HENRY H.                        MD-4-49-437
EASTMAN, JONATHAN S.                    MD-4-27-230
EATON, EMMA D.                          MD-4-53-539
EATON, GEORGE N.                        MD-4-40-463
EAVER, MARY A.                          MD-4-45-17
EAVERSON, GEORGE W.                     MD-4-32-148
EBB, AUGUSTUS P.                        MD-4-41-301
EBBERTS, LEMUEL                         MD-4-46-186
EBERHARDT, SOPHIA                       MD-4-55-85
EBERHART, JOSEPH A.                     MD-4-31-429
EBERHART, MARTIN                        MD-4-35-428
ECKARDT, JOHN                           MD-4-48-246
ECKEL, MARY                             MD-4-26-258
ECKEL, MARY                             MD-4-51-32
ECKER, JOSEPH                           MD-4-40-273
ECKHARDT, LEWIS                         MD-4-44-34
ECKSTEIN, GEORGE                        MD-4-41-326
EDEL, PHILIP                            MD-4-42-388
EDELMANN, JACOB                         MD-4-53-341
EDEN, RICHARD                           MD-4-39-70
EDEN, WILLIAM                           MD-4-56-290
EDES, SAMUEL C.                         MD-4-32-240
EDGAR, HERMAN LEROY                     MD-4-28-227
EDGAR, HERMAN LEROY (CON'T)             MD-4-28-301
EDGAR, JOHN                             MD-4-28-341
EDGAR, JOHN M.                          MD-4-55-520
EDGAR, WILLIAM                          MD-4-31-177
EDLING, JOHN                            MD-4-48-254
EDMOND, SARAH ANN                       MD-4-57-136
EDMONDSON, THOMAS                       MD-4-27-219
EDMONDSON, THOMAS (CON'T)               MD-4-27-509
EDMONSTON, ELIZABETH W.                 MD-4-43-257
EDMUNDSON, THOMAS G. (CON'T)            MD-4-39-85
EDMUNDSON, THOMAS G.                    MD-4-39-83
EDWARDS, DAVID                          MD-4-42-533
EDWARDS, LEROY                          MD-4-46-548
EDWARDS, MARGARET G.                    MD-4-34-271
EDWARDS, ROBERT                         MD-4-28-330
EFFING, JOHN                            MD-4-41-253
EGNER, FREDERICK                        MD-4-53-453
EGNER, LOUIS                            MD-4-41-541
EHLEN, ELLEN                            MD-4-34-163
EHLEN, JOHN H.                          MD-4-31-385
EHREN, ANDREW H.                        MD-4-44-219
EHRHARD, ALBERT                         MD-4-54-30
EHRHARD, CLARA                          MD-4-46-292
EHRHARDT, GEORGE                        MD-4-30-94
EHRMAN, JOHN                            MD-4-41-80
EHRMAN, WILLIAM                         MD-4-41-188
EICHELBERGER, ELEANORA S.               MD-4-47-186
EICHELBERGER, HENRIETTA M.              MD-4-42-531
EICHELBERGER, JULIANA                   MD-4-26-388
EICHELBERGER, LEWIS S.                  MD-4-35-36
EICHELBERGER, OTHO W.                   MD-4-45-150
EICHHORN, DITTRICH                      MD-4-41-396
EICHNER, ANDREW                         MD-4-58-451
EICKHOFF, MARGARETHE                    MD-4-29-360
EIDIG, FREDERICK                        MD-4-56-80
EIDMAN, DANIEL                          MD-4-44-530
EINSTEIN,MEYER                          MD-4-31-133
EIRING, JOHN                            MD-4-54-97
EISEMAN, MOSES                          MD-4-57-318
EISENBRANDT, CHRISTIAN H.               MD-4-29-190
EISENBRANDT, HENRY R.                   MD-4-56-338
EISENBRANDT, MARY C.                    MD-4-30-110
EISENHAUER, FRANZ                       MD-4-36-66
EISENHUT, CHARLES                       MD-4-48-248
EISLER, JOHN                            MD-4-33-193
EISLER, JOHN (CON'T)                    MD-4-33-537
EISLER, MARGARET                        MD-4-31-171
EISMAN, ANNA C.                         MD-4-52-319
EISMAN, JACOB                           MD-4-39-177
EITEL, JACOB                            MD-4-53-424
EITEL, PHILIPP                          MD-4-30-132
EITZ, MARTHA                            MD-4-47-446
EKHARD, ERNST                           MD-4-32-168
ELBRING, HERMAN R.                      MD-4-52-55
ELDER, ALEXIUS J.                       MD-4-37-112
ELDER, SAMUEL                           MD-4-33-199
ELDERDICE, LOUISA                       MD-4-41-369
ELDERKIN, MARGARET                      MD-4-26-23
ELIAS, JOSEPH                           MD-4-57-49
ELIEL, SALOMON                          MD-4-55-531
ELLENDER, CHARITY                       MD-4-30-212
ELLERMEYER, CHARLES A.                  MD-4-42-B392
ELLICOTT, ANDREW                        MD-4-33-313
ELLICOTT, BENJAMIN H.                   MD-4-36-408
ELLICOTT, EDWARD T.                     MD-4-27-91
ELLICOTT, EVAN T.                       MD-4-33-504
ELLICOTT, EVAN T. JR.                   MD-4-34-117
ELLICOTT, GEORGE                        MD-4-35-577
ELLICOTT, GEORGE (CON'T)                MD-4-35-596
ELLICOTT, HARVEY M.                     MD-4-48-330
ELLICOTT, JOHN                          MD-4-29-440
ELLICOTT, PHILIP T.                     MD-4-29-155
ELLINGER, JACOB                         MD-4-49-327
ELLIOTT, DANIEL S.                      MD-4-54-446
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        MD-4-41-285
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-37-517
ELMORE, JAMES                           MD-4-40-337
ELPHRING, WILLIAM H.                    MD-4-27-500
ELSEY, MILLEY                           MD-4-45-90
ELTERMAN, FREDERICK                     MD-4-53-361
ELTING, RICHEA G.                       MD-4-48-95
ELY, CATHARINE                          MD-4-50-146
ELY, CHARLES W.                         MD-4-47-320
ELY, EUNICE N.                          MD-4-36-315
ELY, JOHN C.                            MD-4-32-196
EMERSON, SARAH F.                       MD-4-53-247
EMGE, ANDREWS                           MD-4-49-160
EMGE, CATHARINE                         MD-4-53-209
EMGE, PETER                             MD-4-29-135
EMICH, MARGARET L.                      MD-4-48-307
EMIG, JOHN                              MD-4-51-55
EMMART, JOHN                            MD-4-53-29
EMMONS, GEORGE D.                       MD-4-55-518
EMORY, JOHN B. K.                       MD-4-39-33
EMORY, SAMUEL W.                        MD-4-30-519
EMORY, WILLIAM H.                       MD-4-41-58
EMRICH, CONRAD                          MD-4-51-260
ENDRES, ANTON                           MD-4-27-360
ENGEL, AGNES                            MD-4-28-42
ENGEL, DAVID                            MD-4-41-408
ENGEL, HANNAH                           MD-4-48-445
ENGEL, JOHN O.                          MD-4-35-247
ENGEL, LAZARUS                          MD-4-42-358
ENGEL, PHILIP JACOB                     MD-4-37-106
ENGEL, WILLIAM                          MD-4-43-569
ENGLAND, JOSEPH T.                      MD-4-42-474
ENGLART, DAMIAN A.                      MD-4-33-130
ENGLEHART, MARY                         MD-4-33-249
ENGLERT, JOHN A.                        MD-4-32-57
ENO, PRISCILLA                          MD-4-54-57
ENSEY, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-58-11
ENTLER, CATHARINE                       MD-4-37-413
EPPLER, JACOB                           MD-4-39-505
ERMER, CATHARINE                        MD-4-39-488
ERSKINE, JAMES P.                       MD-4-54-166
ERVING, LANGDON                         MD-4-30-342
ESCHBACH, JOHN                          MD-4-48-299
ESCHBACH, JOSEPH A.                     MD-4-49-37
ESCHRICH, KATHARINA                     MD-4-55-319
ESENDER, JAMES                          MD-4-52-203
ESMER, GUSTAV P. A.                     MD-4-53-492
ESSELMANN, HENRY                        MD-4-32-201
ETHERINGTON, ANN E.                     MD-4-56-524
ETTING, BARNARD G.                      MD-4-30-389
ETTING, ELLEN                           MD-4-43-243
ETTING, FRANCES G.                      MD-4-26-225
ETTING, SALLY                           MD-4-31-150
ETTING, SAMUEL                          MD-4-30-343
ETTING, SHINAH                          MD-4-44-374
EULER, CHARLS A.                        MD-4-56-66
EULON, PHILIP                           MD-4-29-109
EVANS, CATHARINE                        MD-4-26-344
EVANS, CHARLOTTE                        MD-4-32-195
EVANS, CHARLOTTE H.                     MD-4-33-293
EVANS, GEORGE                           MD-4-51-223
EVANS, GEORGE W.                        MD-4-38-168
EVANS, HUGH D.                          MD-4-35-8
EVANS, HUGH W.                          MD-4-31-341
EVANS, LOUISA                           MD-4-29-115
EVANS, MARY                             MD-4-25-13
EVANS, THOMAS G.                        MD-4-46-358
EVANS, WILLIAM                          MD-4-36-269
EVATT, EDWARD                           MD-4-35-401
EVERSMANN, FREDERICK                    MD-4-54-259
EVERSOLE, ABRAHAM S.                    MD-4-44-116
EVNS, FREDERICK                         MD-4-35-261
EWALD, AUGUST                           MD-4-51-289
EWALT, SAMUEL A.                        MD-4-50-391
EWERTOWSKY, LOUISE                      MD-4-58-345
EYHT, EDWARD                            MD-4-48-412
EYTINGE, SAMUEL                         MD-4-25-330
EYTINGE, SIMON                          MD-4-35-460

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