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HAAS, JOHN GEORGE                       MD-4-38-101
HAAS, VALENTINE                         MD-4-29-401
HAASE, ERNST                            MD-4-51-433
HAASE, WILLIAM                          MD-4-54-350
HABEL, HARMAN                           MD-4-37-71
HABERMAN, FREDERICK                     MD-4-53-50
HABLE, LEWIS                            MD-4-32-451
HABLISTON, DELILAH Q.                   MD-4-55-322
HACHEMEISTER, GEOGE H.                  MD-4-36-89
HACK, ANDREW                            MD-4-42-137
HACK, ANN M.                            MD-4-51-312
HACK, ANNA C.                           MD-4-27-73
HACK, FREDERICK A.                      MD-4-51-243
HACKER, JACOB                           MD-4-44-115
HACKETT, ALICE A.                       MD-4-55-503
HACKETT, GEORGE A.                      MD-4-36-192
HAFFER, HENRY                           MD-4-49-8
HAGDORN, MARTHA E.                      MD-4-43-151
HAGERTY, JAMES                          MD-4-52-518
HAGERTY, JOHN                           MD-4-39-522
HAGERTY, MARY                           MD-4-43-365
HAHN, ANNA M.                           MD-4-34-352
HAHN, DANIEL H.                         MD-4-46-539
HAHN, GEORGE HENRY                      MD-4-38-384
HAHN, HENRY                             MD-4-38-143
HAHN, HENRY                             MD-4-42-587
HAHN, JOHN                              MD-4-36-285
HAHN, LUCY A. (CON'T)                   MD-4-38-560
HAHN, LUCY A.                           MD-4-38-352
HAHN, LUDWIG                            MD-4-39-162
HAHN, PAUL                              MD-4-38-136
HAHNBAUM, ELIZABETH R.                  MD-4-33-122
HAHSCHERT, EVA                          MD-4-46-470
HAINES, LAURA V.                        MD-4-42-434
HAIRSTON, PETER W.                      MD-4-55-349
HAKESLEY, JOHN                          MD-4-26-470
HALBACK, CHARLES                        MD-4-36-265
HALE, WILLIAM H. (CON'T)                MD-4-25-184
HALE, WILLIAM H.                        MD-4-25-160
HALEY, ALEXANDER                        MD-4-55-80
HALFPENNY, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-25-246
HALL, CHARLOTTE                         MD-4-52-437
HALL, EDWARD                            MD-4-34-160
HALL, ELIZA S.                          MD-4-32-291
HALL, ELIZABETH                         MD-4-28-92
HALL, ELIZABETH A.                      MD-4-29-316
HALL, ELIZABETH T. G.                   MD-4-42-475
HALL, EUGENIA S.                        MD-4-31-392
HALL, JAMES                             MD-4-36-524
HALL, JOHN R.                           MD-4-25-174
HALL, JOSHUA M.                         MD-4-33-305
HALL, JULIANNA                          MD-4-39-564
HALL, MARGARET A.                       MD-4-39-473
HALL, MARIA                             MD-4-30-154
HALL, PETER PAULUS                      MD-4-50-363
HALL, PRISCILLA                         MD-4-28-319
HALL, REBECCA J.                        MD-4-46-328
HALL, SALLY A.                          MD-4-44-438
HALL, SASRAH A.                         MD-4-35-355
HALL, SIDNEY                            MD-4-28-447
HALL, SUSAN H.                          MD-4-57-122
HALL, THOMAS                            MD-4-37-501
HALL, WASHINGTON                        MD-4-26-85
HALL, WILLIAM H.                        MD-4-26-322
HALLAMEYER, CAROLINE                    MD-4-45-466
HALLMAYER, JOHN B.                      MD-4-27-386
HALLOCK, ZEREUBBABEL                    MD-4-43-236
HALLWORTH, HANNAH                       MD-4-34-104
HALMKIN, JOHN J.                        MD-4-53-142
HALPIN, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-58-161
HAM, CHRISTIAN                          MD-4-43-506
HAMAN, JAMES                            MD-4-41-70
HAMBLETON, THOMAS E.                    MD-4-52-493
HAMEL, ERNST F.                         MD-4-57-54
HAMEL, JOHN                             MD-4-27-268
HAMENSTAFER, ANNA C.                    MD-4-40-370
HAMER, BETHIA                           MD-4-31-8
HAMER, WILLIAM H.                       MD-4-48-14
HAMILL, PATRICK                         MD-4-36-169
HAMILL, ROBERT W.                       MD-4-51-449
HAMILTON, ELEANOR                       MD-4-27-310
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH R. A.               MD-4-28-12
HAMILTON, JAMES                         MD-4-35-528
HAMILTON, JOHN                          MD-4-44-278
HAMILTON, MATTHEW G.                    MD-4-26-435
HAMILTON, RICHARD                       MD-4-57-45
HAMILTON, ROBERT M.                     MD-4-33-152
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       MD-4-25-412
HAMMAR, ANDREW                          MD-4-42-492
HAMMEL, PHILIP                          MD-4-26-199
HAMMER, CAROLINE L.                     MD-4-54-32
HAMMER, JOHN                            MD-4-38-422
HAMMERBACHER, JOHN GEORGE               MD-4-58-418
HAMMERBACHER, MARTIN                    MD-4-48-167
HAMMERSLOUGH, LEWIS                     MD-4-36-447
HAMMETT, BARNABAS                       MD-4-43-110
HAMMOND, CAROLINE                       MD-4-25-50
HAMMOND, CATHARINE                      MD-4-25-442
HAMMOND, CECELIA                        MD-4-47-55
HAMMOND, DANIEL                         MD-4-52-305
HAMMOND, ELIZA A.                       MD-4-39-343
HAMMOND, WILLIAM B.                     MD-4-43-465
HAMMOND, WILLIAM Z.                     MD-4-31-229
HAMPE, FRANZ                            MD-4-54-352
HAMPSON, ANNA                           MD-4-37-115
HAMPSON, WILLIAM A.                     MD-4-52-83
HANAN, HETTY                            MD-4-42-101
HANAN, JOHN S.                          MD-4-38-288
HANCE, SETH S.                          MD-4-53-39
HANCOCK, ABSALOM                        MD-4-50-7
HAND, ALEANDER                          MD-4-35-98
HANDY, ANN MCKIM                        MD-4-52-211
HANDY, JESSE T.                         MD-4-54-143
HANDY, SAMUEL K. I.                     MD-4-37-222
HANDY, W. R.                            MD-4-28-85
HANDY, WILLIAM W.                       MD-4-31-402
HANEKE, AUGUST                          MD-4-42-111
HANEY, DELILAH                          MD-4-50-426
HANK, ANNA M.                           MD-4-58-16
HANKEL, CHRISTIAN                       MD-4-25-490
HANLIN, JAMES                           MD-4-34-350
HANLINE, MORRIS                         MD-4-52-8
HANLON, EDARD                           MD-4-36-400
HANLY, MARY A.                          MD-4-46-472
HANNA, THOMAS L.                        MD-4-33-450
HANNA,MARTHA R.                         MD-4-58-313
HANNIBAL, HENRY                         MD-4-54-480
HANSEN, HENRY                           MD-4-50-80
HANSON, EDWARD L.                       MD-4-30-238
HANSON, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-58-405
HANSON, JOHN                            MD-4-47-87
HANVEL, JOHN                            MD-4-41-306
HAPPEL, CHRISTINA                       MD-4-38-122
HARDEN, JEREMIAH                        MD-4-56-233
HARDEN, JOHN W.                         MD-4-32-100
HARDEN, MATTHEW                         MD-4-25-338
HARDEN, MATTHEW (CON'T)                 MD-4-25-497
HARDESTY, CHARLES R.                    MD-4-30-381
HARDESTY, GEORGE W. S.                  MD-4-43-475
HARDESTY, MARY C.                       MD-4-35-325
HARDESTY, RICHARD S.                    MD-4-54-485
HARDESTY, SARAH L.                      MD-4-39-527
HARDEY, PRISCILLA                       MD-4-26-55
HARDEY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-33-15
HARDING, CAROLINE F. (CON'T)            MD-4-35-144
HARDING, CAROLINE F.                    MD-4-35-74
HARDING, NOLAND R.                      MD-4-33-1
HARDING, PETER                          MD-4-45-535
HARDING, WILLIAM                        MD-4-44-471
HARDISTY, ANNA MATILDA                  MD-4-51-187
HARDISTY, ELIZA MCL.                    MD-4-33-164
HARDISTY, HENRY                         MD-4-26-515
HARDISTY, STRACEY S.                    MD-4-27-143
HARDTMANN, PHILIP                       MD-4-54-219
HARDY, EDWARD                           MD-4-46-36
HARE, ROBERT                            MD-4-32-225
HARIG, JOHAN B.                         MD-4-35-305
HARKER, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-27-389
HARKER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-43-560
HARKINS, NEAL                           MD-4-40-117
HARKNESS, GEORGE M.                     MD-4-40-279
HARKNESS, THOMAS                        MD-4-30-413
HARKNESS, THOMAS (CON'T)                MD-4-30-523
HARMAN, GEORGE S.                       MD-4-45-324
HARMAN, OJHN                            MD-4-30-286
HARMAN, SAMUEL                          MD-4-36-97
HARMON, SABINA                          MD-4-29-87
HARNISCH, JOHANNA                       MD-4-34-435
HARPER, CATHARINE                       MD-4-29-492
HARPER, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-51-67
HARPER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-43-557
HARRIES, JOHANN                         MD-4-52-467
HARRINGTON, HANNORAH                    MD-4-32-9
HARRINGTON, MARY                        MD-4-26-473
HARRINGTON, MATILDA                     MD-4-45-110
HARRIS, ABRAHAM                         MD-4-39-585
HARRIS, BARTON                          MD-4-56-420
HARRIS, CHAPIN B. M.                    MD-4-56-420
HARRIS, ELIZA                           MD-4-33-171
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-47-425
HARRIS, GEORGE                          MD-4-38-114
HARRIS, JULIET                          MD-4-49-302
HARRIS, LETHE A.                        MD-4-35-289
HARRIS, PATRICK                         MD-4-27-385
HARRIS, SALLIE A.                       MD-4-45-485, 607
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          MD-4-39-96
HARRIS, THOMAS B.                       MD-4-58-503
HARRIS, WINNIE                          MD-4-55-554
HARRISON, ARAMINTA C.                   MD-4-33-220
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-31-72
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-31-76
HARRISON, GEORGE L.                     MD-4-54-437
HARRISON, HUGH T.                       MD-4-38-326
HARRISON, MARIA                         MD-4-33-204
HARRISON, O. J.                         MD-4-53-399
HARRISON, WILIAM                        MD-4-29-119
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       MD-4-36-54
HARRISON, WILLIAM G.                    MD-4-52-118
HARROLD, MARGARET F.                    MD-4-33-115
HARRYMAN, JOSIAH                        MD-4-44-29
HARSCHERT, PETER                        MD-4-35-27
HART, JAMES H.                          MD-4-53-359
HART, ROBERT M.                         MD-4-55-278
HART, SAMUEL                            MD-4-45-98
HARTAN, JOHANN                          MD-4-38-207
HARTIGAN, MARGARET                      MD-4-29-78
HARTMAIER, RICHARD                      MD-4-44-82
HARTMAN, ADAM                           MD-4-48-323
HARTMAN, ANDREW                         MD-4-53-499
HARTMAN, FRANK                          MD-4-55-214
HARTMAN, JACOB P.                       MD-4-46-144
HARTMAN, JOHN                           MD-4-31-342
HARTMAN, MARY                           MD-4-36-527
HARTMAN, SLEON                          MD-4-43-140
HARTMAN, WILTON H.                      MD-4-53-248
HARTMANN, ERNEST                        MD-4-47-510
HARTMANN, FREDERICK                     MD-4-57-209
HARTMANN, PHILIP                        MD-4-54-219
HARTNER, JOHN                           MD-4-38-584
HARTWIG, WILHELM                        MD-4-51-487
HARTZ, AARON                            MD-4-39-106
HARTZ, FANNY                            MD-4-58-123
HARTZ, TOBIAS                           MD-4-45-392
HARVEY, CHARLES                         MD-4-34-531
HARVEY, CHARLES W.                      MD-4-46-82
HARVEY, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-26-302
HARVEY, JAMES                           MD-4-44-56
HARVEY, JOSHUA                          MD-4-43-80
HARVEY, JOSHUA                          MD-4-25-367
HARVEY, MARY O.                         MD-4-35-301
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-43-438
HARWOOD, ANNA                           MD-4-29-75
HARWOOD, ELIZA W.                       MD-4-35-455
HARWOOD, HENRY                          MD-4-27-438
HARWOOD, MARY A.                        MD-4-37-374
HARWOOD, SUSAN                          MD-4-40-79
HASBETT, GEORGE                         MD-4-43-226
HASENBALG, HERMAN                       MD-4-44-403
HASKELL, JOHN                           MD-4-27-346
HASKINS, ANTHONY                        MD-4-31-78
HASLETT, THOMAS                         MD-4-29-476
HASLUP, JOHN                            MD-4-29-410
HASLUP, PATIENCE                        MD-4-48-485
HASLUP, RUTH                            MD-4-30-146
HASSAN, THOMAS V.                       MD-4-42-353
HASSELBERGER, APOLLONIA                 MD-4-38-362
HASSELBERGER, GEORGE                    MD-4-26-205
HASSENCAMP, FERDINAND                   MD-4-54-230
HASSON, JOHANNA                         MD-4-40-458
HASTINGS, CHRISTI A.                    MD-4-28-148
HASTINGS, JAMES                         MD-4-26-527
HASTINGS, SAMUEL                        MD-4-33-59
HATCH, MARY JANE                        MD-4-52-481
HATCH, SAMUEL T.                        MD-4-48-221
HATCH, SEAVER A.                        MD-4-27-102
HATCHESON, MARTHA E.                    MD-4-29-305
HATHAWAY, MARY A.                       MD-4-41-32
HATTER, FREDERICA                       MD-4-45-560
HATTER, MARTIN                          MD-4-44-113
HATTON, ABARILLA                        MD-4-38-509
HATTON, HANNAH                          MD-4-45-345
HATTY, ARCHIBALD                        MD-4-26-342
HAUR, JOHN F. W.                        MD-4-49-396
HAURAND, LOUISA                         MD-4-31-395
HAUSENVALD, JOHN H.                     MD-4-54-149
HAUSENWALD, EDWARD H.                   MD-4-58-137
HAUSLER, AMELIA C.                      MD-4-57-211
HAUSLER, JOHANNES                       MD-4-48-431
HAUSLER, MARGARETHA                     MD-4-55-280
HAVILAND, EBENEZER W.                   MD-4-58-89
HAVILAND, PETER                         MD-4-41-236
HAWICKHORST, JOHN H.                    MD-4-55-3235
HAWKINS, GRACE ANN                      MD-4-48-341
HAWKINS, MARTHA                         MD-4-32-376
HAWKINS, MARY H.                        MD-4-25-352
HAWKINS, SUSAN                          MD-4-45-112
HAWTHORNE, EMILY                        MD-4-41-431
HAX, CHRISTIAN                          MD-4-54-382
HAX, VALENTINE                          MD-4-28-453
HAY, JESSE                              MD-4-43-221
HAY, SABINA E.                          MD-4-50-487
HAYDEN, MARIA A.                        MD-4-29-198
HAYDEN, MARIA J.                        MD-4-31-511
HAYES, AMELIA                           MD-4-40-318
HAYES, PRISCILLA                        MD-4-47-304
HAYNES, ELIZABETH D. C.                 MD-4-53-100
HAYNIE, JOHN                            MD-4-29-278
HAYNIE, LEAH B.                         MD-4-38-462
HAYS, CATHARINE                         MD-4-29-187
HAYS, JAMES                             MD-4-34-123
HAYS, JOHN W.                           MD-4-32-495
HAYS, ROBERT                            MD-4-29-460
HAYWARD, ELIZABETH E.                   MD-4-32-190
HAYWARD, ELIZBAETH                      MD-4-37-225
HAYWARD, ELLEN M.                       MD-4-51-435
HAYWARD, GEORGE C.                      MD-4-36-376
HAYWARD, JONAS H.                       MD-4-33-268
HAYWARD, MARY A.                        MD-4-51-287
HAYWARD, PRUDENCE S.                    MD-4-45-10
HAZEL, HENRY                            MD-4-26-388
HAZLITT, AMANDA M.                      MD-4-57-504
HAZLITT, BOSTON                         MD-4-34-96
HEAFLEICH, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-31-176
HEAGY, JAMES                            MD-4-50-296
HEALD, WILLIAM                          MD-4-35-75
HEALY, LEONARD S.                       MD-4-45-313
HEANY, JOHN                             MD-4-28-335
HEAPHY, WILLIAM                         MD-4-28-68
HEAR, MICHAEL O.                        MD-4-53-199
HEARD, JOHN                             MD-4-33-414
HEARD, SARAH ANN                        MD-4-39-483
HEATH, ANN W.                           MD-4-44-396
HEATH, FRANCIS W.                       MD-4-58-145
HEATH, UPTON S.                         MD-4-25-17
HEBLER, GUSTAV                          MD-4-46-26
HECHT, ELIAS                            MD-4-39-169
HECHT, HENRY C.                         MD-4-54-477
HECHT, SOPHIA                           MD-4-46-56
HECK, CHARLES                           MD-4-53-529
HECK, WILLIAM F.                        MD-4-38-493
HEELY, WILLIAM                          MD-4-29-24
HEERD, CHRISTIAN                        MD-4-47-499
HEFFNER, EDWARD JR.                     MD-4-57-267
HEGELE, ANTHONY                         MD-4-51-376
HEID, JOHN                              MD-4-35-398
HEIDELBERGER, SAMUEL                    MD-4-55-152
HEIDER, CHRISTIAN H.                    MD-4-36-394
HEIGHE, ANNA M.                         MD-4-47-438
HEIGHE, BENJAMIN M.                     MD-4-30-207
HEIGHHE, JANE G.                        MD-4-37-494
HEIL, SAMUEL                            MD-4-55-162
HEILBRUN, MICHAEL                       MD-4-29-502
HEILMAN, CHARLES                        MD-4-54-201
HEILNER, LEHMAN                         MD-4-51-91
HEIM, ALBERT                            MD-4-49-318
HEIM, ALBERT                            MD-4-30-79
HEIM, ANDREW                            MD-4-37-226
HEIM, BARTHOLOMEW                       MD-4-36-160
HEIMILLER, HENRY                        MD-4-37-481
HEINBE, GEORGE                          MD-4-37-479
HEINECKE, JOHANNA                       MD-4-44-32
HEINEMANN, CHARLES                      MD-4-46-456
HEINER, ELIAS                           MD-4-31-273
HEINES, THERESIA                        MD-4-47-43
HEINZ, HENRY                            MD-4-43-547
HEISE, HENRY                            MD-4-58-24
HEISER, FREDERICK                       MD-4-50-465
HEISKELL, ESTHER F.                     MD-4-39-381
HEIZMAN, MATHIAS                        MD-4-50-482
HELBIG, EVE                             MD-4-34-447
HELDAG, DOROTHEA                        MD-4-38-342
HELDMANN, PHILIPP                       MD-4-27-474
HELFENBEIN, ANDREAS                     MD-4-51-334
HELLMANN, JOSEPH                        MD-4-40-43
HELLWEGS, AUGUST                        MD-4-53-144
HELLWIG, J. CONRAD                      MD-4-39-186
HELLWING, ADOLPH G.                     MD-4-26-409
HELMLING, JOHN                          MD-4-35-126
HELSHER, FREDERICK W.                   MD-4-28-468
HEMMELL, CATHARINE A.                   MD-4-29-98
HEMPEL, FREDERICK                       MD-4-34-206
HEMPEL, JOHN F.                         MD-4-26-359
HENDERSO, SUSAN                         MD-4-28-320
HENDERSON, ANTHONY                      MD-4-33-466
HENDERSON, BENJAMIN F.                  MD-4-29-514
HENDERSON, ELIZA C.                     MD-4-52-169
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    563-59
HENDERSON, GUSTAVUS R.                  MD-4-49-414
HENDERSON, JAMES A.                     MD-4-45-179
HENDERSON, JOHN                         MD-4-29-27
HENDERSON, MARY A.                      MD-4-49-533
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      MD-4-50-303
HENDERSON, WILLIAM W.                   MD-4-57-528
HENDERSON, WILLIAM W.                   MD-4-49-72
HENDRICKS, JAMES                        MD-4-33-66
HENIS, MARY                             MD-4-39-479
HENKEL, JOSEPH                          MD-4-29-121
HENKEL, JOSEPH (CON'T)                  MD-4-29-142
HENLY, DAVID                            MD-4-39-172
HENN, JOHN                              MD-4-34-203
HENNEBERGER, WILLIAM                    MD-4-27-242
HENNICK, REBECCA                        MD-4-29-111
HENRICH, AMELIA                         MD-4-53-270
HENRICHS, ELIZA L.                      MD-4-44-209
HENRICK, PATRICK                        MD-4-32-276
HENRICKS, MILES                         MD-4-45-542
HENRIX, EDWARD G.                       MD-4-28-233
HENRY, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-49-10
HENRY, JOSEPH                           MD-4-33-386
HENRY, MARY D.                          MD-4-33-133
HENSHAW, JOHN K. P.                     MD-4-49-40
HEPBURN, THOMAS                         MD-4-39-397
HERBERT, ELIZA P.                       MD-4-51-318
HERBIG, EVA                             MD-4-52-490
HERBNER, JUSTUS                         MD-4-26-358
HERBST, JOSPEHINE                       MD-4-57-215
HERCHENHEIN, HENRY E.                   MD-4-33-434
HERFEL, HENRY                           MD-4-46-576
HERFORD, JULIUS S.                      MD-4-51-264
HERGENHEIM, CATHARINE                   MD-4-34-258
HERGENROETHER, ELIZABETH                MD-4-57-422
HERGERT, FERDINAND                      MD-4-56-320
HERGET, EDWARD C.                       MD-4-28-67
HERING, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-27-168
HERING, WILLIAM H. (CON'T)              MD-4-27-217
HERLING, FRDERICKA                      MD-4-43-52
HERLING, GEORGE                         MD-4-33-302
HERMAN, FORTUNA                         MD-4-26-25
HERMAN, LOUIS                           MD-4-48-223
HERMANN, PETER                          MD-4-29-161
HERMANN, SOLOMON                        MD-4-55-109
HERNAULT, E. L.                         MD-4-53-191
HEROLD, CHARLES F.                      MD-4-45-470
HEROLD, FREDERICK                       MD-4-38-417
HERPICH, HENRY                          MD-4-41-555
HERRING, JOHANNA                        MD-4-58-56
HERSCHBERG, LENE                        MD-4-34-251
HERSTEIN, ROBERT                        MD-4-45-27
HERTEL, CHARLES                         MD-4-41-140
HERTEL, JOHN                            MD-4-54-279
HERTER, MARY A.                         MD-4-45-136
HERZBERG, MEYER                         MD-4-36-460
HERZINGER, JOHN                         MD-4-53-406
HESS, CAROLINE                          MD-4-48-102
HESS, CHRISTINA                         MD-4-37-208
HESS, NATHAN                            MD-4-48-309
HESSE, ALBERT                           MD-4-35-97
HETT, JOHN                              MD-4-41-464
HEUSSLER, DAVID F.                      MD-4-40-556
HEWES, ANN                              MD-4-51-168
HEWITT, ELI                             MD-4-34-435
HEWITT, ELMER                           MD-4-27-12
HEWLETT, JOHN Q.                        MD-4-32-179
HEWLETT, SARAH F.                       MD-4-44-507, 594
HEXTER, JOSEPH                          MD-4-58-30
HIBBERD, MARY A.                        MD-4-26-306
HICKEY, JOHN F.                         MD-4-35-544
HICKEY, JOSEPHINE C.                    MD-4-41-235
HICKLEY, JAMES                          MD-4-34-418
HICKLEY, MARGARET                       MD-4-51-450
HICKLEY, ROBERT                         MD-4-33-326
HICKMAN, SARAH                          MD-4-40-73
HIESTAND, ABRAHAM                       MD-4-29-164
HIGBEE, FRANCES L.                      MD-4-41-75
HIGGINS, ASA                            MD-4-45-472
HILBERG, NETTIE V. C.                   MD-4-45-580
HILBERT, GEORGE A.                      MD-4-43-291
HILD, JOHN C.                           MD-4-54-241
HILD, WENDELIN                          MD-4-33-511
HILDEBRAND, GEORGE                      MD-4-40-116
HILDEBRAND, JOHN J.                     MD-4-27-44
HILDEBRAND, PETER                       MD-4-35-338
HILDEBRANDT, SAMUEL W.                  MD-4-31-61
HILL, ANTHONY                           MD-4-31-325
HILL, ELEANORA                          MD-4-31-454
HILL, WILLIAM B.                        MD-4-45-45
HILL, WILLIAM J. B.                     MD-4-48-354
HILLEMANN, CHRISTIAN C.                 MD-4-42-268
HILLEN, FRANCES A.                      MD-4-27-321
HILLEN, REBECCA A.                      MD-4-42-370
HILLER, JOHN F.                         MD-4-29-145
HILLOCK, CHRISTIANA                     MD-4-27-106
HILLS, ELIZABETH A.                     MD-4-49-261
HILLS, MARY J.                          MD-4-44-261
HILTON, SARAH                           MD-4-32-29
HILTZ, CONRAD                           MD-4-48-561
HILTZS, PHILIP                          MD-4-51-127
HIMMELREICH, BERNHART                   MD-4-42-549
HINDES, MOSES                           MD-4-25-287
HINDMAN, WILLIAM                        MD-4-26-476
HINER, SAMUEL                           MD-4-28-329
HINKEL, KONRAD                          MD-4-54-346
HINKLEMAN, JOHN                         MD-4-31-352
HINKLEY, EDWARD                         MD-4-26-189
HINKLEY, HANNAH E.                      MD-4-26-522
HINKS, AMELIA C.                        MD-4-51-230
HINKS, CHARLES D.                       MD-4-31-348
HINTERNESCH, DOROTHEA E.                MD-4-36-133
HINZE, ADOLPH WILLIAM                   MD-4-42-166
HIPPS, CHARLOTTE                        MD-4-48-437
HIPSBEY, LEVI                           MD-4-40-221
HIRSCH, CHARLES                         MD-4-39-120
HIRSCH, CHRISTOPHER                     MD-4-53-33
HIRSHBERG, HENRY                        MD-4-52-511
HIRTH, FERDINAND                        MD-4-53-23
HIRTH, FERDINAND                        MD-4-36-367
HISER, SARAH ANN                        MD-4-57-394
HISS, ELIZABETH G.                      MD-4-42-329
HISS, PHILIP                            MD-4-47-237
HISS, THOMAS D.                         MD-4-27-251
HISSEY, EMELINE                         MD-4-47-482
HITCH, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-45-248
HITCH, SARAH A. M.                      MD-4-35-392
HOBBS, SARAH R. A.                      MD-4-44-427
HODES, FREDERICKA                       MD-4-46-378
HODGES, BENJAMIN M.                     MD-4-47-404
HODGES, CASILDA M.                      MD-4-57-13
HODGSON, JAMES B.                       MD-4-57-31
HOEPFNER, ELIZABETH                     MD-4-52-104
HOEPNER, CASPER B.                      MD-4-58-13
HOEPNER, JANE                           MD-4-58-347
HOERNER, ERNST                          MD-4-56-369
HOEY, MARY A.                           MD-4-41-381
HOFERKAMP, JOHANN G.                    MD-4-46-98
HOFFERT, FREDERICK                      MD-4-30-358
HOFFERT, FREDERICK (CON'T)              MD-4-30-421
HOFFMAN, ADAM                           MD-4-25-375
HOFFMAN, CHARLES                        MD-4-41-549
HOFFMAN, DEBORAH                        MD-4-27-244
HOFFMAN, EDWARD                         MD-4-27-82
HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-27-335
HOFFMAN, HENRY K.                       MD-4-55-189
HOFFMAN, LEWIS                          MD-4-35-284
HOFFMAN, LOUISA A.                      MD-4-45-269
HOFFMAN, MARY                           MD-4-49-521
HOFFMAN, MARY C.                        MD-4-32-254
HOFFMAN, MICHAEL                        MD-4-38-337
HOFFMAN, PHILP R.                       MD-4-39-558
HOFFMAN, SAMUEL                         MD-4-25-121
HOFFMAN, SAMUEL O.                      MD-4-29-396
HOFFMAN, THOMAS C.                      MD-4-27-179
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM K.                     MD-4-32-377
HOFFMANN, FREDERICK                     MD-4-31-335
HOFFMANN, VEIT                          MD-4-49-215
HOFMAN, SIEGMUND                        MD-4-39-126
HOFMANN, CONRAD                         MD-4-29-279
HOFMANN, JOHN                           MD-4-25-176
HOGEWERFF, ELIZABETH                    MD-4-49-230
HOGG, HARRY R.                          MD-4-57-356
HOGG, MARY A.                           MD-4-37-103
HOHMAN, JOHANN P.                       MD-4-56-520
HOLBROOK, PATRICK M.                    MD-4-49-298
HOLDEN, CATHARINE                       MD-4-33-124
HOLDEN, IRA S.                          MD-4-46-91
HOLIDAY, CHARLES W.                     MD-4-30-240
HOLLAND, ARAMINTA                       MD-4-30-14
HOLLAND, GEORGE W.                      MD-4-44-527
HOLLAND, MARGARET                       MD-4-51-235
HOLLAND, PATRICK                        MD-4-58-461
HOLLIDAY, AGNES A.                      MD-4-32-204
HOLLIDAY, AMELIA M. B.                  MD-4-48-295
HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM                       MD-4-27-49
HOLLINGSHEAD, AMELIA R.                 MD-4-44-223
HOLLINGSHEAD, DAVID A.                  MD-4-46-289
HOLLINGSHEAD, JAMES                     MD-4-54-10
HOLLINGSWORTH, ANN D.                   MD-4-30-102
HOLLINGSWORTH, JARRETT                  MD-4-33-153
HOLLINGSWORTH, LYDIA E.                 MD-4-32-395
HOLLINGSWORTH, MARY                     MD-4-32-63
HOLLINGSWORTH, MARY                     MD-4-32-288
HOLLINGSWORTH, MARY E.                  MD-4-34-66
HOLLINS, EDWARD A.                      MD-4-39-420
HOLLINS, FRANCIS                        MD-4-41-337
HOLLINS, J. SMITH                       MD-4-42-447
HOLLINS, LYDIA H.                       MD-4-43-174
HOLLINS, REBECCA                        MD-4-35-347
HOLLINS, ROBERT S.                      MD-4-50-276
HOLLIS, FRANCES                         MD-4-27-419
HOLLOWAY, ROBERT                        MD-4-31-183
HOLLYDAY, RICHARD T.                    MD-4-41-511
HOLMES, JOSPEH W.                       MD-4-32-238
HOLMES, RICHARD                         MD-4-47-307
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          MD-4-26-334
HOLMES, SARAH                           MD-4-45-396
HOLMES, THOMAS                          MD-4-36-485
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-485
HOLSTE, PETER C.                        MD-4-25-373
HOLSWORTH, EDWARD R.                    MD-4-55-118
HOLT, GEORGE H.                         MD-4-25-351
HOLT, WILLIAM                           MD-4-30-462
HOLTHUSEN, HENRY L. C.                  MD-4-45-93
HOLTMAN, HENRY                          MD-4-58-109
HOLTZMANN, WILLIAM                      MD-4-50-82
HOLYLAND, CHARLES J.                    MD-4-33-150
HOLZERMAN, FRIEDRICH                    MD-4-29-464
HOLZERMANN, CHARLES                     MD-4-36-167
HOMBERG, NICOLAUS                       MD-4-53-525
HOMER, CHRISTOPHER                      MD-4-42-276
HOMRIGHAUSEN, JOHN                      MD-4-45-163
HONEYWELL, ALBERT W.                    MD-4-57-125
HONGEN, GEORGE                          MD-4-52-147
HONNER, STEPHEN                         MD-4-41-183
HOOD, EDWARD N.                         MD-4-39-14
HOOFNAGLE, WILLIAM C.                   MD-4-39-462
HOOK, FREDERICK                         MD-4-27-334
HOOK, MARY                              MD-4-30-25
HOOK, MARY ANN                          MD-4-37-421
HOOPER, ELIZABETH A.                    MD-4-46-238
HOOPER, JAMES                           MD-4-25-295
HOOPER, JAMES (CON'T)                   MD-4-25-439
HOOPER, JAMES JR.                       MD-4-39-247
HOOPER, JOHN P.                         MD-4-27-351
HOOPER, MARY A.                         MD-4-28-15
HOOPER, MARY E.                         MD-4-43-319
HOOPER, ROBERT                          MD-4-53-455
HOOPER, SAMUEL                          MD-4-55-100
HOOPER, SARAH E.                        MD-4-38-524
HOOPER, THOMAS                          MD-4-27-412
HOOPER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-31-283
HOOPER, WILLIAM E.                      MD-4-55-193
HOOPER, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-30-402
HOOPES, DAVIS H.                        MD-4-39-535
HOOPES, VIRGINIA R.                     MD-4-47-129
HOOVER, ANDREW P.                       MD-4-37-565
HOOVER, MARIA                           MD-4-58-83
HOOVER, PETER                           MD-4-42-461
HOOVER, REBECCA                         MD-4-26-7
HOPE, CATHARINE                         MD-4-48-1
HOPKINS, ARUNDEL                        MD-4-40-50
HOPKINS, DAVID C.                       MD-4-50-46
HOPKINS, FRANKLIN                       MD-4-53-236
HOPKINS, GEORGE                         MD-4-30-156
HOPKINS, JAMES                          MD-4-28-358
HOPKINS, LAVINIA                        MD-4-53-384
HOPKINS, MAHLON                         MD-4-45-484
HOPKINS, RICHARD                        MD-4-38-395
HOPKINS, SAMUEL                         MD-4-28-162
HOPKINS, SARAH S.                       MD-4-40-154
HOPKINS, THOMAS                         MD-4-55-416
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        MD-4-36-210
HOPP, RUTH                              MD-4-32-33
HOPPE, ANNE E.                          MD-4-29-343
HOPPER, SAMUEL W. T.                    MD-4-57-543
HORA, ANNA                              MD-4-47-472
HORAN, RODGER                           MD-4-25-394
HORN, CLARA V.                          MD-4-35-542
HORN, HANNAH                            MD-4-37-449
HORN, HENRY                             MD-4-27-475
HORNE, THOMAS                           MD-4-26-390
HORNER, ALEXANDER H.                    MD-4-51-345
HORNER, JOHN A.                         MD-4-54-273
HORNEY, SAMUEL                          MD-4-37-514
HORNING, ANNA MARIA                     MD-4-48-120
HORNUNG, JOHN G.                        MD-4-46-480
HORST, GEORGE                           MD-4-53-149
HORSTMEIER, CONRAD                      MD-4-42-70
HORSTSCHNEIDER, HEINRICH                MD-4-41-110
HORTON, MARY A.                         MD-4-42-296
HOUCK, MARY A. A.                       MD-4-37-27
HOUGHTON, MARY H.                       MD-4-47-214
HOULTON, JANE A.                        MD-4-44-370
HOUSTON, JAMES                          MD-4-37-512
HOUSTON, THOMAS                         MD-4-28-211
HOWARD, ALICE K.                        MD-4-45-170
HOWARD, BENJAMIN C.                     MD-4-38-144
HOWARD, CHARLES                         MD-4-34-440
HOWARD, CHARLES                         MD-4-35-376
HOWARD, CORNELIA A.                     MD-4-31-132
HOWARD, CORNELIUS                       MD-4-53-37
HOWARD, GEORGE                          MD-4-43-190
HOWARD, JOHN E.                         MD-4-30-404
HOWARD, JOSHUA                          MD-4-36-67
HOWARD, JULIANA E.                      MD-4-25-354
HOWARD, MARGARETTA                      MD-4-45-252
HOWE, WILLIAM                           MD-4-29-282
HOWELL, JOHN B.                         MD-4-26-532
HOWELL, MARGARET H.                     MD-4-30-6
HOWELL, SARAH C.                        MD-4-27-227
HOWELL, SUSAN E.                        MD-4-34-235
HOWELL, WILLIAM P.                      MD-4-45-268
HOWLAND, RUSSELL                        MD-4-35-172
HOWSER, JACOB R.                        MD-4-46-574
HOWSER, LEWIS A.                        MD-4-44-284
HOYE, THOMAS                            MD-4-35-473
HOYT, EDWIN                             MD-4-46-51
HUBBARD, ANNE H.                        MD-4-25-325
HUBBARD, DANIEL                         MD-4-38-444
HUBBARD, MARY                           MD-4-28-241
HUBBARD, SARAH A.                       MD-4-45-43, 78
HUBER, GEORGE M.                        MD-4-38-243
HUBER, MAGDELENA                        MD-4-57-500
HUBER, SOPHIA                           MD-4-51-313
HUBNER, JOHN G.                         MD-4-46-117
HUBSCHMANN, ELIZABETH                   MD-4-56-404
HUCHT, CASPER                           MD-4-41-1
HUCK, CATHARINE                         MD-4-33-129
HUCK, GEORGE                            MD-4-28-26
HUDSON, LEVI                            MD-4-40-457
HUDSON, REBECCA                         MD-4-43-141
HUDSON, SARAH W.                        MD-4-39-3
HUET, AUGUSTIN                          MD-4-36-261
HUG, JOSEPH                             MD-4-38-483
HUGG, JACOB W.                          MD-4-36-104
HUGG, JOHN H.                           MD-4-38-163
HUGG, RICHARD                           MD-4-49-180
HUGHES, ALFRED                          MD-4-46-171
HUGHES, AMMASTATIA                      MD-4-28-275
HUGHES, ANNIE P.                        MD-4-40-7
HUGHES, CHARLES A.                      MD-4-45-7
HUGHES, HUGH                            MD-4-34-15
HUGHES, JOHN                            MD-4-57-404
HUGHES, JOHN                            MD-4-42-261
HUGHES, LYDIA                           MD-4-30-475
HUGHES, ROBERT                          MD-4-54-185
HUGHES, THOMAS L.                       MD-4-30-317
HUGHES,ANN                              MD-4-39-44
HUISLER, CLEMENT J.                     MD-4-25-455
HUISLER, CLEMENT J. (CON'T)             MD-4-25-496
HUISS, JOHANN G.                        MD-4-38-276
HULL, JULIET                            MD-4-28-447
HULLETT, JAMES                          MD-4-54-483
HULLS, JOHN                             MD-4-51-62
HULSBERG, FREDERICK                     MD-4-39-236
HULSE, ELIZABETH A.                     MD-4-35-25
HULSE, JOHN                             MD-4-32-234
HULTS, ROBERT                           MD-4-55-342
HUMES, MARY                             MD-4-38-30
HUMES, SUSANNA                          MD-4-34-209
HUMES, THOMAS                           MD-4-28-311
HUMES, THOMAS J.                        MD-4-38-290
HUMMEL, ELISABETHA                      MD-4-30-357
HUNGERFORD, SOPHIA W.                   MD-4-33-279
HUNICHENN, JOHN A.                      MD-4-25-158
HUNT, ANDREW                            MD-4-29-358
HUNT, JESSE                             MD-4-38-536
HUNT, PRUDENCE                          MD-4-34-211
HUNT, SAMUEL C.                         MD-4-30-107
HUNTER, ANNIE M.                        MD-4-39-306
HUNTER, JEANNETTE H.                    MD-4-26-64
HUNTER, MARGARET                        MD-4-58-332
HUNTER, RICHARD                         MD-4-30-518
HUNTER, RICHARD                         MD-4-55-148
HUNTER, SAMUEL                          MD-4-58-328
HUNTER, SAMUEL                          MD-4-35-299
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         MD-4-41-160
HUNTERNESCH, CHRISTIAN                  MD-4-50-503
HUPPMAN, NICHOLAS                       MD-4-31-78
HUPPMAN, NICHOLAS A.                    MD-4-52-436
HUPPMANN, GEORGE                        MD-4-44-334
HUPPMANN, VALENTINE                     MD-4-29-427
HUPPMANN, VALENTINE (CON'T)             MD-4-29-522
HURLEY, ELLEN                           MD-4-52-228
HURTT, REBECCA B.                       MD-4-58-498
HURTT, THOMAS D.                        MD-4-31-27
HUSBAND, MARY B.                        MD-4-42-574
HUSGEN, JAMES                           MD-4-35-96
HUSGENS, FREDERIKA                      MD-4-53-278
HUSSELL, CASPER J.                      MD-4-57-149
HUSSEY, CECILIA                         MD-4-49-147
HUSSEY, SUSANNAH                        MD-4-42-163
HUSSMAN, JOHN H.                        MD-4-38-111
HUSTER, ANN F.                          MD-4-46-555
HUTCHINS, ALEXANDER                     MD-4-40-469
HUTCHISON, ELEANOR A.                   MD-4-46-571
HUTTON, JANE                            MD-4-44-173
HUXLEY, JOHN                            MD-4-57-263
HYDE, FRANCIS                           MD-4-26-321
HYDE, HENRY W.                          MD-4-41-29
HYDE, JAMES                             MD-4-47-376
HYDE, JOHN SR. (CON'T)                  MD-4-31-218
HYDE, JOHN SR.                          MD-4-31-69
HYLAND, JOHN G.                         MD-4-35-100
HYNSON, BENJAMIN T.                     MD-4-44-71
HYNSON, CHARLES E.                      MD-4-51-515
HYNSON, STANLEY                         MD-4-54-39
HYNSON, WILLIAM G.                      MD-4-49-419
HYSON, WILLIAM F.                       MD-4-45-126
IGLEHART, EMILY J.                      MD-4-40-216
IGO, MICHAEL                            MD-4-58-184
IMHOF, CATHARINE                        MD-4-48-122
INGLES, JOHN A.                         MD-4-44-520
INGLESBY, MARY                          MD-4-37-9
INLOES, CAROLINE                        MD-4-46-178
INLOES, CHARLES E.                      MD-4-39-144
INLOES, HENRY A.                        MD-4-40-286, 595
INLOES, JOSHUA S.                       MD-4-42-516
INLOES, MARY                            MD-4-34-114
INLOES, MARY A. (CON'T)                 MD-4-39-589
INLOES, MARY A.                         MD-4-39-550
INLOES, MARY C.                         MD-4-41-63
INNES, WILLIAM M.                       MD-4-37-92
IOA, JOHANN                             MD-4-34-267
IRELAND, DEBORAH                        MD-4-51-547
IRELAND, EDWARD                         MD-4-37-465
IRELAND, MARGARET                       MD-4-39-58
IRONS, EMANUEL                          MD-4-42-178
IRONS, THOMAS                           MD-4-49-447
IRVINE, HENRY C. (CON'T)                MD-4-25-236
IRVINE, HENRY C.                        MD-4-25-219
IRVING, WILLIAM H.                      MD-4-37-353
IRWIN, ELLEN                            MD-4-40-542
IRWIN, THOMAS JR.                       MD-4-40-332
ISAAC, ISAAC                            MD-4-41-103
ISRAEL, JACOB                           MD-4-30-333
IVES, JAMES H.                          MD-4-46-452
IVES, JOHN A.                           MD-4-54-493
IZARD, ROSA E.                          MD-4-38-124
JACKSCH, CHRISTIANE M.                  MD-4-40-129
JACKSON, ANNIE M.                       MD-4-36-445
JACKSON, CAROLINE                       MD-4-50-384
JACKSON, CHARLES                        MD-4-26-112
JACKSON, CHARLES R.                     MD-4-34-14
JACKSON, HENRY                          MD-4-38-79
JACKSON, HUGH                           MD-4-51-382
JACKSON, JAMES                          MD-4-57-440
JACKSON, JAMES R.                       MD-4-32-129
JACKSON, JANE                           MD-4-27-243
JACKSON, JOHN G.                        MD-4-42-44
JACKSON, MARY A.                        MD-4-40-367
JACKSON, MARY A.                        MD-4-38-86
JACKSON, MOLLY E.                       MD-4-30-295
JACKSON, NANCY                          MD-4-54-402
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         MD-4-40-504
JACKSON, SARAH J.                       MD-4-40-553
JACKSON, SUSAN                          MD-4-44-576
JACKSON,IGNATIUS                        MD-4-31-228
JACOB, JOHN                             MD-4-33-20
JACOB, MARGARETHA                       MD-4-41-372
JACOBI, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-57-241
JACOBI, LENA                            MD-4-56-39
JACOBS, ANN                             MD-4-28-399
JACOBS, ANNA S.                         MD-4-28-24
JACOBSON, SUSANNAH                      MD-4-51-296
JAKES, CHARLOTTE                        MD-4-37-15
JAKES, FREDERICK                        MD-4-25-303
JAKES, HENRY                            MD-4-48-104
JAMES, ANN MARIA                        MD-4-53-347
JAMES, CHARLES E.                       MD-4-54-3
JAMES, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-26-250
JAMES, JOHN S.                          MD-4-45-397
JAMES, ROSALINDA MARY LEE               MD-4-45-536
JAMES, WILLIAM S.                       MD-4-35-409
JAMESON, MARY A.                        MD-4-56-422
JANNEY, ELLEN                           MD-4-57-509
JANNEY, HANNAH H.                       MD-4-28-146
JANNEY, SARAH H.                        MD-4-45-296
JARRETT, JOHN                           MD-4-25-144
JARVIS, AMOS                            MD-4-51-214
JARVIS, FRANCES F.                      MD-4-52-239
JARVIS, LEONARD                         MD-4-26-533
JARVIS, MARY C.                         MD-4-28-269
JARVIS, NATHAN S.                       MD-4-30-334
JAUCH, CHRISTIAN                        MD-4-44-54
JAY, THOMAS N.                          MD-4-52-62
JEFFERS, MADISON                        MD-4-49-69
JEFFERS, MARGARET F.                    MD-4-25-112
JEFFREY, ANN                            MD-4-29-146
JEFFRIES, JOSEPH                        MD-4-52-61
JENKINS, ALFRED                         MD-4-41-569
JENKINS, ANN                            MD-4-39-323
JENKINS, ELIZABETH G.                   MD-4-33-252
JENKINS, EMILY M.                       MD-4-28-18
JENKINS, FANNY H.                       MD-4-58-41
JENKINS, GEORGE                         MD-4-44-398
JENKINS, HENRY W.                       MD-4-44-377
JENKINS, HUGH                           MD-4-31-352
JENKINS, HUGH JR.                       MD-4-31-161
JENKINS, J. STRICKER                    MD-4-44-361
JENKINS, LOUISA C.                      MD-4-43-211
JENKINS, LUISA                          MD-4-49-508
JENKINS, M. COURTNEY                    MD-4-43-297
JENKINS, MAIA M.                        MD-4-40-108
JENKINS, SAMUEL                         MD-4-29-192
JENKINS, THOMAS C.                      MD-4-42-154
JENKINS, WILLIAM M.                     MD-4-39-409
JENKINS,CLEMENT                         MD-4-40-394, 594
JENKS, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-28-172
JENNINGS, CATHARINE                     MD-4-26-370
JENNINGS, CATHARINE (CON'T)             MD-4-26-522
JENNINGS, CATHARINE (CON'T)             MD-4-26-554
JENNINGS, DORCAS                        MD-4-25-430
JENNINGS, GEORGE                        MD-4-36-304
JENSEN, CHARLES G. A. W.                MD-4-43-578
JERRENTRUPP, JOHN H.                    MD-4-54-147
JESSOP, PRISCILLA                       MD-4-28-13
JEYES, ELIZABETH                        MD-4-29-212
JOA, CATHARINE                          MD-4-44-550
JOHNS, ANN                              MD-4-41-121
JOHNS, HENRY V. D. ***                  MD-4-28-503
JOHNS, LAVINIA                          MD-4-52-151
JOHNS, POLLY                            MD-4-29-134
JOHNS, WILLIAM H.                       MD-4-39-286
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                        MD-4-45-377
JOHNSON, ADAM                           MD-4-32-389
JOHNSON, ADELINE                        MD-4-43-399
JOHNSON, ANN W.                         MD-4-51-319
JOHNSON, CHARLES                        MD-4-32-125
JOHNSON, DAVID                          MD-4-43-4
JOHNSON, EDWARD                         MD-4-27-330
JOHNSON, EDWARD P.                      MD-4-43-327
JOHNSON, ELIJAH S. L.                   MD-4-45-549
JOHNSON, ELIZA                          MD-4-39-447
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      MD-4-26-362
JOHNSON, EZEKIEL C.                     MD-4-45-59
JOHNSON, FANNY T.                       MD-4-50-520
JOHNSON, GRAFTON                        MD-4-37-149
JOHNSON, HANNAH                         MD-4-39-198
JOHNSON, HENRY                          MD-4-26-567
JOHNSON, HENRY                          MD-4-41-31
JOHNSON, HENRY                          MD-4-36-406
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          MD-4-31-412
JOHNSON, JACKSON L.                     MD-4-42-144
JOHNSON, JAMES                          MD-4-27-226
JOHNSON, JAMES (CON'T)                  MD-4-27-374
JOHNSON, JANE                           MD-4-54-543
JOHNSON, JOHN                           MD-4-54-501
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         MD-4-31-440
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         MD-4-31-370
JOHNSON, LAWRENCE                       MD-4-29-235
JOHNSON, MARIA H.                       MD-4-52-469
JOHNSON, MARY                           MD-4-28-293
JOHNSON, MARY A.                        MD-4-46-245
JOHNSON, MARY E                         MD-4-43-118
JOHNSON, REBECCA A.                     MD-4-51-455
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         MD-4-37-93
JOHNSON, SAMUEL M.                      MD-4-45-89
JOHNSON, SARAH                          MD-4-27-407
JOHNSON, SIBBY A.                       MD-4-48-144
JOHNSON, TAMAR                          MD-4-43-95
JOHNSON, THOMAS F.                      MD-4-48-406
JOHNSON, WILHELMINA                     MD-4-37-23
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.                     MD-4-46-357
JOHNSTON, AMY E.                        MD-4-54-227
JOHNSTON, HENRY E.                      MD-4-53-17
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         MD-4-26-475
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         MD-4-29-162
JOHNSTON, JAMES C.                      MD-4-32-478
JOHNSTON, JOHN M.                       MD-4-43-10
JOHNSTON, MARIA S.                      MD-4-36-268
JOINES, JOHN                            MD-4-44-78
JOLLEY, ELIZABETH                       MD-4-32-188
JONES, AMELIA                           MD-4-30-93
JONES, ANN                              MD-4-36-174
JONES, BENJAMIN                         MD-4-26-564
JONES, CATHARINE                        MD-4-49-338
JONES, DAVID A.                         MD-4-48-27
JONES, ELIJAH                           MD-4-28-39
JONES, ELIZA                            MD-4-34-133
JONES, ELIZABETH C.                     MD-4-51-270
JONES, ELIZABETH J.                     MD-4-32-33
JONES, EVELIN                           MD-4-49-445
JONES, GRISHINGTON S. SR.               MD-4-50-317
JONES, GRISHINGTON, S.                  MD-4-48-577
JONES, HARRIET                          MD-4-35-572
JONES, ISAAC H.                         MD-4-31-499
JONES, JAMES                            MD-4-47-147
JONES, JAMES                            MD-4-51-69
JONES, JAMES C.                         MD-4-26-266
JONES, JAMES W.                         MD-4-31-459, 462
JONES, JOHN A.                          MD-4-39-213
JONES, JOHN W.                          MD-4-27-42
JONES, JOSEPH                           MD-4-49-513
JONES, JOSHUA                           MD-4-32-341
JONES, KITURY                           MD-4-27-238
JONES, LEMUEL                           MD-4-51-179
JONES, LEWIS                            MD-4-26-538
JONES, MAHALA A.                        MD-4-34-535
JONES, MARGARET                         MD-4-26-333
JONES, MARGARET                         MD-4-46-494
JONES, MARGARET                         MD-4-39-466
JONES, MARTHA A.                        MD-4-27-362
JONES, MARY                             MD-4-41-597
JONES, MARY                             MD-4-52-361
JONES, NICHOLAS S.                      MD-4-28-337
JONES, RACHEL                           MD-4-28-318
JONES, ROBERT                           MD-4-37-539
JONES, ROBERT R.                        MD-4-52-113
JONES, RUTHY                            MD-4-35-372
JONES, SARAH                            MD-4-46-473
JONES, THERESA D.                       MD-4-27-470
JONES, TURBET                           MD-4-36-248
JONES, WALTER                           MD-4-36-267
JONES, WILLIAM                          MD-4-48-304
JONES, WILLIAM B.                       MD-4-43-466
JONSON, GEORGE W.                       MD-4-41-391
JORDAN, SOLOMON                         MD-4-51-107
JORDON, JOHN                            MD-4-31-415
JORDON, JOSHUA GILBERT                  MD-4-37-253
JOSEPH, WILLIAM                         MD-4-25-66
JOSIFEK, VACLAV                         MD-4-58-448
JOST, HENRY                             MD-4-52-197
JOYCE, CHARLES                          MD-4-27-372
JOYCE, ELEANORA                         MD-4-49-62
JOYNES, MARY JULIA                      MD-4-50-399
JUDAH, DAVID                            MD-4-33-266
JUDD, MATTHIAS                          MD-4-33-422
JUDIK, JOSEPH                           MD-4-47-134
JUNG, CHARLES F.                        MD-4-42-303
JUNG, JOHN                              MD-4-45-188
JUST, HEINRICH A. C.                    MD-4-53-58
JUSTI, LOUIS                            MD-4-32-154

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