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FAHEY, KATE                  MALONE                        NY-17-13-268
FAIRCHILD, JENNIE A.         WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-616
FARLEY, ELIZABETH            MALONE                        NY-17-11-344
FARLEY, JOHN J.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-608
FARLINGER, JANE FRASER       FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-441
FARNIE, FRANCIS              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-5-431
FARNSWORTH, EDWARD           MOIRA                         NY-17-3-467
FARNSWORTH, HIAL S.          CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-230
FARNSWORTH, J. C.            BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-319
FARNSWORTH, JOHN             MOIRA                         NY-17-6-494
FARR, ALFRED                 BRANDON                       NY-17-11-702
FARR, CHANCEY                HARMONY, VERNON, WI           NY-17-5-132
FARR, LURA                   WAVERLY                       NY-17-13-283
FARR, NANCY E.               MALONE                        NY-17-12-447
FARR, OSCAR                  BRANDON                       NY-17-12-306
FARRAR, ISAAC B.             MALONE                        NY-17-11-386
FARRELL, JAMES               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-159
FARRINGTON, JOHN H.          HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-12-19
FASSETT, ISAIAH              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-586
FAYETTE, EUNICE              MALONE                        NY-17-13-245
FAYZETTE, ABRAM              FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-509
FEE, LUKE                    BURKE                         NY-17-13-265
FEEHAN, TIMOTHY              MOIRA                         NY-17-10-295
FEENEY, JOHN                 MALONE                        NY-17-5-573
FELL, MYRON N.               MALONE                        NY-17-12-236
FELLION, PETER               MALONE                        NY-17-9-10
FELTON, JASON                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-45
FENTON, MARY A.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-184
FERGUSON, CAROLINE K.        MALONE                        NY-17-12-399
FERGUSON, SILAS A.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-477
FERRIS, CORDELIA H.          MALONE                        NY-17-10-201
FERRIS, JACOB                BURKE                         NY-17-4-88
FIELD, REBECCA               BURKE                         NY-17-9-409
FIELD, WILLIAM               BANGOR                        NY-17-9-51
FINN, JAMES                  BOMBAY                        NY-17-8-52
FINN, WILLIAM A.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-500
FINNEGAN, JAMES              MOIRA                         NY-17-9-554
FINNEY, HATTIE C.            BURKE                         NY-17-13-267
FISH, DELINA                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-371
FISH, JULIA TARO             MALONE                        NY-17-12-7
FISH, LEONARD                BANGOR                        NY-17-8-73
FISH, ZILPHA                 BANGOR                        NY-17-12-116
FISK, ELBRIDGE G.            MOIRA                         NY-17-10-2
FITCH, WILLIAM J.            DICKINSON                     NY-17-4-574
FITZGERALD, ANN MARIA        CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-319
FITZGERALD, JOHN             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-80
FITZPATRICK, JAMES           MALONE                        NY-17-5-374
FITZPATRICK, MATTHEW         BANGOR                        NY-17-4-203
FITZPATRICK, OWEN            BELLMONT                      NY-17-6-303
FITZSIMMONS, ROSA            MALONE                        NY-17-9-379
FITZSIMONS, JAMES            MALONE                        NY-17-5-204
FLACK, WILLIAM H.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-188
FLAGG, GRACIE E.             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-368
FLANAGAN, ALICE GRAY         MALONE                        NY-17-13-426
FLANAGAN, JAMES              BANGOR                        NY-17-13-342
FLANAGAN, MARY E.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-344
FLANDERS, LYDIA ANN          FRANKLIN                      NY-17-13-264
FLANDERS, MIRANDA            ALTAMONT                      NY-17-11-672
FLANDERS, ORRIN L.           FRANKLIN                      NY-17-13-177
FLETCHER, EDITH MAY          TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-11-151
FLETCHER, ERNEST T.          MALONE                        NY-17-13-493
FLETCHER, GEORGE W.          BRANDON                       NY-17-13-102
FLETCHER, JOHN W.            FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-542
FLETCHER, PARKER             BRANDON                       NY-17-4-462
FLINT, WARREN J.             BANGOR                        NY-17-12-522
FOLSOM, ELLEN                MALONE                        NY-17-10-89
FOOTE, JAMES L.              DUANE                         NY-17-12-98
FOOTE, LOUISA                FRANKLIN                      NY-17-12-370
FOOTE, NORMAN M.             MALONE                        NY-17-10-21
FOOTE, SARAH J.              DUANE                         NY-17-12-231
FORAN, THOMAS                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-90
FORAN, WILLIAM               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-433
FORBES, ELBERT O.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-500
FORD, AMANDA P.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-551
FORD, JOHN B.                WAVERLY                       NY-17-11-246
FORD, MARGARET               WAVERLY                       NY-17-12-654
FORKA, JOSEPH                MALONE                        NY-17-9-103
FORTIN, HELEN ELEANOR        BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-442
FORTUNE, ALEXANDER           MALONE                        NY-17-13-569
FORTUNE, ANTOINE             SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-365
FOSS, LUCINDA                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-3-24
FOSTER, HENRY                WAVERLY                       NY-17-11-510
FOUNTAIN, CHARLES            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-577
FOUNTAIN, MARY               MALONE                        NY-17-11-676
FOUNTAIN, SALINA             MALONE                        NY-17-11-554
FOX, LOUSIA                  SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-347
FOX, MATTHEW                 FRANKLIN                      NY-17-9-340
FOX, MATTIE                  CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-513
FOY, MARY A.                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-240
FOY, PATRICK H.              MALONE                        NY-17-13-581
FRANCEY, GEORGE              MOIRA                         NY-17-7-420
FRANCEY, JAMES               BOMBAY                        NY-17-10-245
FRANK, ANGELINA              BANGOR                        NY-17-8-504
FRANKLIN, CHARLES H.         LAKE CLEAR                    NY-17-11-533
FRASER, ELIZABETH G.         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-604
FRECHETTE, ANTOINE           MALONE                        NY-17-11-39
FRECHETTE, ANTOINE           MALONE                        NY-17-11-88
FRECHETTE, LEVI              MALONE                        NY-17-13-341
FRECHETTE, LOUIS             MALONE                        NY-17-12-641
FRECHETTE, MARY              MALONE                        NY-17-11-574
FREEMAN, DAVID M.            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-4-74
FREEMAN, MARGARET C.         CORNWALL, LEBANON, PA         NY-17-12-689
FREEMAN, PEREZ               ALAMONT                       NY-17-12-533
FRENCH, JOSEPH               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-657
FRENCH, LEVI B.              BANGOR                        NY-17-12-592
FRENCH, MILTON L.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-352
FREW, THOMAS                 BOMBAY                        NY-17-3-150
FRYE, CHARLES                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-105
FULLER, ALONZA R.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-652
FULLER, ERASTUS              MOIRA                         NY-17-1-135
FULLER, ERASTUS              MOIRA                         NY-17-A-311
FULLER, FIDELIA E.           DUANE                         NY-17-11-100
FULLER, GEORGE M.            SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-612
FULLER, JOHN A.              MALONE                        NY-17-3-190
FULTON, ABAGAIL W.           BANGOR                        NY-17-12-366
FULTON, ALFRED               HOGANSBURGH                   NY-17-11-279
FULTON, DAVID                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-10-400
FURNESS, HENRY               MALONE                        NY-17-13-25
FURNESS, HENRY M.            MALONE                        NY-17-7-638
FURNESS, PAUL D.             MALONE                        NY-17-12-621
GALE, ALBERT                 BRANDON                       NY-17-13-445
GALE, ALMINA                 MOIRA                         NY-17-13-207
GALE, BENJAMIN               MOIRA                         NY-17-10-176
GALE, EDMUND A.              FRANKLIN                      NY-17-12-661
GALE, ELIPHALET              MOIRA                         NY-17-2-231
GALES, JOSEPH S.             MALONE                        NY-17-6-346
GALLAVIN, MICHAEL            MOIRA                         NY-17-6-580
GALLIGHER, MARY              FRANKLIN                      NY-17-12-716
GARDINER, JOSEPH             DICKINSON                     NY-17-10-5
GARDNER, NETTIE              MALONE                        NY-17-12-289
GAREY, BARNEY                MOIRA                         NY-17-11-169
GAREY, JULIA                 MOIRA                         NY-17-12-107
GARLAND, JOHN SR.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-58
GARNIER, LENA                MALONE                        NY-17-10-179
GARVIN, PATRICK              BANGOR                        NY-17-9-622
GAUTHIER, GIDEON             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-227
GAY, THEODORE                MALONE                        NY-17-11-309
GAYLORD, LINUS F.            BURKE                         NY-17-8-667
GEER, GEORGE                 BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-470
GENAWAY, SAMUEL C.           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-336
GEO, GODFREY                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-135
GEORGE, HIRAM                DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-466
GEORGE, JOSIAH               DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-183
GEORGE, MARY                 DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-450
GIBBS, DEFOREST B.           BOMBAY                        NY-17-13-486
GIBBS, GEORGE W.             BANGOR                        NY-17-12-624
GIBSON, ALBERT W.            BANGOR                        NY-17-12-715
GIBSON, ISAIAH               MALONE                        NY-17-13-198
GIBSON, MARGARET             BURKE                         NY-17-11-328
GIBSON, RICHARD              MALONE                        NY-17-6-168
GILLEN, GARFIELD             MOIRA                         NY-17-12-423
GILLEN, LEONORA              BRUSHTON                      NY-17-13-406
GILLETT, JULIA               BURKE                         NY-17-5-312
GILLETT, SIDNEY W.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-557
GILLIS, DANIEL               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-503
GILLIS, JOHN                 FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-370
GILLIS, MARTHA               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-327
GIRARD, JAMES                WAVERLY                       NY-17-12-636
GLEASON, CALEB G.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-529
GLEASON, CEPHAS G.           MALONE                        NY-17-5-42
GLEASON, RHODA               MALONE                        NY-17-6-599
GLEASON, SIMON               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-234
GOLDEN, GEORGE FULLER        SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-612
GOLDEN, HANNAH               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-134
GOLDSMITH, THOMAS            FRANKLIN                      NY-17-5-249
GONYA, LEWIS                 BRANDON                       NY-17-12-411
GONYA, VIRGINIA              BRANDON                       NY-17-12-487
GONYEA, LOTTIE               MALONE                        NY-17-12-649
GOODRICH, HENRY G.           MOIRA                         NY-17-10-546
GOODSPEED, A. PLATT          CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-566
GORE, MARY E.                MALONE                        NY-17-13-460
GORGEN, JACOB E.             SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-11-565
GOVE, GEORGE B. R.           MALONE                        NY-17-4-56
GOWIN, MOSES                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-182
GRAHAM, JOH                  NCHATEAUGAY                   NY-17-13-578
GRAHAM, JOHN                 MALONE                        NY-17-5-76
GRANDY, CHESTER              MOIRA                         NY-17-5-525
GRANDY, MARY C.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-406
GRANGE, BRIDGET BLACK        FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-171
GRANGE, RICHARD              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-24
GRANGE, RICHARD              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-700
GRANGE, T. HENRY             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-65
GRANT, CHARLES P.            BURKE                         NY-17-4-164
GRANT, MARGARET A.           WESTVILLE                     NY-17-10-604
GRAVES, MARIA                MALONE                        NY-17-10-301
GRAVES, THOMPSON             MALONE                        NY-17-4-182
GRAVES, THOMPSON             MALONE                        NY-17-13-113
GRAY, MARY PLANTE            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-2-336
GREEN, ALANSON               BANGOR                        NY-17-3-59
GREEN, CHARLES               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-459
GREEN, DORA                  MOIRA                         NY-17-13-451
GREEN, GEORGE                BURKE                         NY-17-13-369
GREENE, AMELIA A.            BURKE                         NY-17-12-263
GREENO, ADAM A.              MALONE                        NY-17-4-168
GREENO, AMELIA               MALONE                        NY-17-10-320
GREENO, HELEN A.             MALONE                        NY-17-10-464
GREENO, LETITIA A.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-417
GREENO, LOREN                MALONE                        NY-17-6-294
GREENO, LOREN                MALONE                        NY-17-6-319
GREENO, MARGARET A.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-119
GRIFFIN, ACHSAH              MOIRA                         NY-17-10-152
GRIFFIN, AMELIA              BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-2
GRIFFIN, BRIDGETT A.         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-480
GRIFFIN, CHARLES W.          MOIRA                         NY-17-11-276
GRIFFIN, CORNELIA M.         MOIRA                         NY-17-4-337
GRIFFIN, JOSEPH J.           MOIRA                         NY-17-3-462
GRIFFIN, LESTER              MALONE                        NY-17-5-632
GRINNELL, CORNELIA A.        MALONE                        NY-17-12-31
GRINNELL, DWIGHT D.          MALONE                        NY-17-12-670
GRISWOLD, HORACE             BANGOR                        NY-17-10-543
GROW, JOHN                   BOMBAY                        NY-17-10-481
GURLEY, GEORGE G.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-48
GURLEY, HELEN M.             MALONE                        NY-17-13-585
HAASE, WILLIAM H.            ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, MO        NY-17-12-699
HADLEY, JACOB P.             WESTVILLE                     NY-17-2-411
HADLEY, JOSEPH P.            WESTVILL                      NY-17-11-374
HALL, ELIZA                  BURKE                         NY-17-10-227
HALL, HARLAN                 BURKE                         NY-17-11-233
HALL, JEHIAL                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-234
HALL, JOHN                   FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-138
HALL, NICHOLAS               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-192
HALL, TRUMAN C.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-604
HALLIDAY, WILLIAM            BURKE                         NY-17-6-252
HALTON, ISAAC E.             ALTAMONT                      NY-17-11-590
HAMLIN, EDGAR S.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-270
HAMMOND, NATHAN              BURKE                         NY-17-11-321
HANDLIN, JOHN                BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-193
HANICA, HANNAH               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-614
HANMORE, BENNET              MALONE                        NY-17-1-6
HANMORE, BENNET              MALONE                        NY-17-A-265
HANNA, JAMES                 MALONE                        NY-17-12-557
HANNA, JOHN                  WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-410
HANNEGAN, NANCY              MOIRA                         NY-17-10-446
HAPGOOD, DELIA               MALONE                        NY-17-13-11
HAPGOOD, ELECTA M.           DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-292
HAPGOOD, WESLEY              MALONE                        NY-17-9-179
HARDY, HUGH                  BANGOR                        NY-17-7-166
HARDY, WALLACE D.            MALONE                        NY-17-11-597
HARISON, MARIE WAINRIGHT     MALONE                        NY-17-11-261
HARMON, BENJAMIN             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-381
HARMON, HIBBIRD H.           BANGOR                        NY-17-12-568
HARMON, HORACE H.            BANGOR                        NY-17-9-633
HARRAN, WILLIAM R.           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-16
HARRINGTON, RANSOM           BANGOR                        NY-17-7-95
HARRINGTON, RICE             BANGOR                        NY-17-12-161
HARRIS, BENJAMIN F.          BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-90
HARRIS, ENOCH B.             MOIRA                         NY-17-9-236
HARRIS, OLIVE A.             BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-371
HART, EMILY A.               UTICA, ONEIDA, NY             NY-17-13-463
HART, WILLIAM                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-28
HARTNELL, JOHN               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-38
HARTSHORN, ABRAM S.          MOIRA                         NY-17-4-455
HARVEY, LORENZO D.           BANGOR                        NY-17-12-267
HARVEY, MARY                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-13
HARVEY, NANCY F.             MOIRA                         NY-17-13-348
HARWOOD, HIRAM               BRANDON                       NY-17-10-34
HASKELL, IRA                 MALONE                        NY-17-3-6
HASKELL, JAMES               DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-10
HASKELL, JOHN M.             BANGOR                        NY-17-9-291
HASKELL, JONAS M.            DICKINSON                     NY-17-8-171
HASKELL, ROYAL G.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-128
HASSAN, ELIZA                MALONE                        NY-17-13-567
HASTINGS, CLARENCE A.        MALONE                        NY-17-13-512
HASTINGS, GEORGE D.          CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-71
HASTINGS, HARVEY             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-436
HASTINGS, HEBERT             MOIRA                         NY-17-12-707
HASTINGS, JAMES M.           BANGOR                        NY-17-12-308
HASTINGS, JONATHAN           DICKINSON                     NY-17-5-208
HASTINGS, JOSEPH             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-4-241
HASTINGS, LOUISA             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-372
HASTINGS, ROSWELL            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-568
HASTINGS, SARAH ELIZA        MALONE                        NY-17-13-186
HASTINGS, SHUBEL             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-45
HATCH, FRANCES A.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-53
HATCH, FRANK A.              HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-12-611
HATCH, JOHN                  HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-12-484
HATHAWAY, ASAPH C.           MOIRA                         NY-17-3-319
HATHAWAY, DANIEL M.          VERMONTVILLE                  NY-17-11-584
HAWKINS, GEORGE              MALONE                        NY-17-11-133
HAWLEY, JOHN                 MALONE                        NY-17-2-34
HAZEN, JABEZ                 CHASNE FALLS                  NY-17-11-42
HAZEN, NELLIE J.             MALONE                        NY-17-12-130
HAZEN, SUMNER L.             MALONE                        NY-17-12-561
HEADING, GEORGE W.           BELLMONT                      NY-17-7-209
HEALY, WILLIAM               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-39
HEBERT, SOPHIA               MALONE                        NY-17-11-445
HELMS, HORACE                MALONE                        NY-17-11-517
HELMS, ROUSE                 MALONE                        NY-17-10-126
HENDERSON, ROBERT            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-1
HENNESY, JEREMIAH            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-94
HENRY, CALVIN                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-262
HICKEY, JOHN                 HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-10-561
HICKOK, DEWEY W.             MALONE                        NY-17-5-627
HICKOK, ELLEN M.             MALONE                        NY-17-11-548
HICKOK, HORACE D.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-287
HICKS, SYLVESTER             MALONE                        NY-17-12-206
HIGGINS, JOSEPH R.           SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-540
HIGGINS, WILLIAM             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-177
HILDRITH, EZEKIEL            BRANDON                       NY-17-7-49
HILDRITH, WALTER             MALONE                        NY-17-11-221
HILL, ALFRED O.              BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-174
HILL, ANSON                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-368
HILL, DAVID R.               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-174
HILL, ELIZABETH J.           BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-395
HILL, HEMAN                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-318
HILL, JAMES                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-411
HILL, JOHN P.                MOIRA                         NY-17-2-367
HILL, JOHN S.                MOIRA                         NY-17-13-525
HILL, MELANCTON J.           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-509
HILL, PHEBE                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-242
HILL, WALLACE                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-500
HILLIKER, JOHN               BOMBAY                        NY-17-5-471
HINDS, THOMAS                MALONE                        NY-17-12-289
HINMAN, ALLEN                BANGOR                        NY-17-11-132
HINMAN, SARAH A.             BURKE                         NY-17-13-110
HITCHCOCK, LORENZO E.        FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-139
HITCHCOCK, MARY              MALONE                        NY-17-6-372
HOADLEY, JONATHAN            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-3-409
HOBART, BENJAMIN F.          BRIGHTON                      NY-17-10-337
HODGES, DELIA E.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-270
HODGKINS, MATILDA M.         DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-448
HOEY, JOHN S.                SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-470
HOGAN, JANE                  MOIRA                         NY-17-12-422
HOGAN, JOHN                  STOCKHOLM, ST LAWRENCE, NY    NY-17-5-365
HOGAN, THOMAS                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-412
HOGLE, ALBERT A.             MALONE                        NY-17-6-364
HOGLE, JAME SL.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-189
HOGLE, JANE                  MALONE                        NY-17-11-673
HOGLE, MELVIN                BOMBAY                        NY-17-10-139
HOIT, CARRIE E.              MALONE                        NY-17-13-286
HOIT, JONATHAN               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-20
HOLCOMB, ISAAC               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-664
HOLCOMB, NATHANIEL           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-5-38
HOLDEN, BRIDGET              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-634
HOLDEN, CLOACINA             MALONE                        NY-17-12-357
HOLDEN, MARTIN               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-167
HOLDEN, PATRICK              MALONE                        NY-17-3-482
HOLDEN, WILLIAM C.           FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-273
HOLLAND, ELIAZ A.            BRANDON                       NY-17-11-145
HOLLAND, JAMES H.            BRANDON                       NY-17-8-196
HOLLENBACK, WILLIAM A.       MALONE                        NY-17-4-538
HOLLENBACK, WILLIAM A.       MALONE                        NY-17-5-49
HOLLENBECK, ALEXANDER B.     FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-136
HOLLENBECK, JOHN             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-248
HOLLENBECK, JOHN             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-266
HOLLISTER, OSCAR F.          CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-244
HOLLISTER, SARAH R.          WESTVILLE                     NY-17-6-519
HOLMES, GEORGE S.            MALONE                        NY-17-11-208
HOLMES, HEMAN                DICKINSON                     NY-17-5-405
HOOKER, LUKE                 MOIRA                         NY-17-8-88
HORRIGAN, BAKER S.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-416
HORTON, ADALINE W.           MALONE                        NY-17-7-131
HORTON, HIRAM                MALONE                        NY-17-5-185
HORTON, HIRAM SR.            MALONE                        NY-17-A-106
HOSFORD, MATILDA C.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-36
HOSFORD, OBADIAH T.          MALONE                        NY-17-5-158
HOSLEY, IRA B.               TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-12-185
HOUGHTON, LOREN              MALONE                        NY-17-8-155
HOUGHTON, SUSAN R.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-306
HOUSE, ELIZA                 MALONE                        NY-17-6-429
HOUSTON, MARGARET            MALONE                        NY-17-13-389
HOWARD, ELBRIDGE G.          BURKE                         NY-17-5-562
HOWARD, GEORG ELESLIE        MALONE                        NY-17-13-601
HOWARD, MARTHA C.            BURKE                         NY-17-11-326
HOWARD, MARY W.              MALONE                        NY-17-11-685
HOWARD, ORINDA M.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-261
HOWARD, SAMUEL A.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-430
HOWARD, WILLIAM J.           FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-137
HOWE, CHAUNCEY               WAVERLY                       NY-17-13-582
HOWE, EMMA                   BOMBAY                        NY-17-11-399
HOWE, FRANCES E.             BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-666
HOWE, GEORGE                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-698
HOWELL, WILLIAM P.           SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-11-202
HOWES, JAMES THOMAS          SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-11-356
HOY, JOHN                    BELLMONT                      NY-17-9-74
HOYT, EBEN                   WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-600
HOYT, HENRY E.               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-13-615
HOYT, THADEOUS               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-6-632
HOYT, ZIMRI                  DICKINSON                     NY-17-1-73
HOYT, ZIMRI                  DICKINSON                     NY-17-A-275
HUBBARD, CHARLES L.          MALONE                        NY-17-12-549
HUFF, PATRICK                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-261
HUGHES, ALICE                MALONE                        NY-17-6-413
HUGHES, NINA                 SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-280
HUMPHREY, AMARILLA           MALONE                        NY-17-5-319
HUMPHREY, JAMES              BANGOR                        NY-17-11-710
HUMPHREY, ROBERT             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-458
HUMPHREYS, SIMON             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-2
HUMPHRY, THOMAS              BOMBAY                        NY-17-6-1
HUNKINS, SARAH               BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-51
HUNT, AMELIA O.              TACOMA, PIERCE, WA            NY-17-11-618
HUNT, ISAAC E.               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-510
HUNTER, ROBERT               BURKE                         NY-17-7-515
HUNTER, SAMUEL A.            BURKE                         NY-17-13-595
HUNTLEY, LESTINA M.          BELLMONT                      NY-17-13-243
HUNTLEY, VALORUS S.          BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-47
HURLEY, THOMAS               BELLMONT                      NY-17-9-77
HUSHION, THOMAS F.           SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-658
HUTCHINS, ALLEN              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-114
HUTCHINS, ANN                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-349
HUTCHINS, CLAUDIUS           MALONE                        NY-17-6-282
HUTCHINS, CYRELL             MALONE                        NY-17-7-99
HUTCHINS, DANIEL C.          BANGOR                        NY-17-11-225
HUTCHINS, DEWETT A.          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-640
HUTCHINS, ERASTUS            MOIRA                         NY-17-10-56
HUTCHINS, HENRY              BRANDON                       NY-17-11-447
HUTCHINS, LYNDON K.          BRANDON                       NY-17-4-38
HUTCHINS, PUTNAM WYATT       CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-514
HUTCHINS, SARAH              MALONE                        NY-17-13-69
HUTCHINS, WALLACE W.         BRANDON                       NY-17-12-716
HUTCHINS, WILLIAM            MALONE                        NY-17-12-146
HYDE, ASA E.                 WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-207
HYDE, WILLARD E.             MOIRA                         NY-17-12-425
HYDE, WILLARD F.             BANGOR                        NY-17-11-354
IRISH, ABEL J.               BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-473
IRISH, JESSE                 DICKINSON                     NY-17-3-144
IRWIN, WILLIAM               MALONE                        NY-17-11-117
JACK, WILLIAM H.             SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-216
JACKSON, CAROLINE F.         CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-1
JACKSON, JAMES OGDEN         BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-119
JACKSON, JOSEPH              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-A-159
JACKSON, JOSEPH H.           MALONE                        NY-17-3-47
JACKSON, ROSSELAS A.         CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-111
JAMISON, WILLIAM             BRANDON                       NY-17-6-619
JAQUIS, IRVING               SANTA CLARA                   NY-17-13-358
JAQUIS, JOHN                 SANTA CLARA                   NY-17-13-563
JARVIS, JOHN                 MALONE                        NY-17-12-46
JARVIS, NELSON               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-13-600
JASON, ELIZA E.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-343
JEFFWAY, JEFFERSON           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-434
JELLIVETH, MADOR             MALONE                        NY-17-9-608
JEWETT, HORACE B.            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-11-422
JOCK, ANDREW                 FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-191
JOCK, JANE                   MALONE                        NY-17-12-122
JOCK, MARY                   BANGOR                        NY-17-10-369
JOHNSON, ALBERT B.           MALONE                        NY-17-12-218
JOHNSON, CALVIN              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-530
JOHNSON, J. WILLIAM          MALONE                        NY-17-10-45
JOHNSON, JOHN ASHBEL         CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-572
JOHNSON, LUCY M.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-485
JOHNSON, MARVIN              MALONE                        NY-17-4-209
JOHNSON, PATRICK             MALONE                        NY-17-11-516
JOHNSON, SARAH R.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-594
JOHNSON, SILAS               MALONE                        NY-17-A-325
JOHNSON, SILAS               MALONE                        NY-17-1-282
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-588
JOHNSON, WILLIAM W.          ALTAMONT                      NY-17-10-347
JOHNSTON, JOHN               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-553
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-332
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-199
JOHNSTONE, ROBERT            TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-12-87
JOLLIVETTE, PETER            MALONE                        NY-17-12-313
JONES, ALBERT                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-444
JONES, ALMA L.               MALONE                        NY-17-13-51
JONES,M ARY JANE             MALONE                        NY-17-12-531
JONES, HENRY H.              BURKE                         NY-17-11-520
JONES, JAMES                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-107
JONES, JAMES J.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-79
JONES, JOHN                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-500
JONES, JULIA                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-501
JONES, LINCOLN H.            SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-634
JONES, LUCY A.               BURKE                         NY-17-11-149
JONES, MARY                  MALONE                        NY-17-13-564
JONES, ORIN                  MALONE                        NY-17-12-210
JONES, PATRICK H.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-328
JONES, RUSSELL               MALONE                        NY-17-7-27
JONES, SARAH                 CONSTABLE                     NY-17-7-446
JONES, THIAS                 MALONE                        NY-17-10-9
JONES, WILLIAM               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-5-541
JONES, WILLIAM R.            MALONE                        NY-17-11-82
JOY, ISAAC                   BEANDON                       NY-17-2-379
JOY, ISAAC                   BRANDON                       NY-17-11-535
KAISER, LIZZIE M.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-578
KANE, THOMAS R.              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-160
KASAI, BUNKISCHI             SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-301
KAVANAGH, ANN E.             BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-178
KAVENAGH, MORGAN             BOMBAY                        NY-17-3-157
KAVENAUGH, MARY              BRANDON                       NY-17-6-448
KEACH, ORRIN H.              MOIRA                         NY-17-10-308
KEATING, EDWARD              MALONE                        NY-17-6-536
KEATING, MARGARET            MALONE                        NY-17-8-314
KEEFE, JEREMIAH              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-232
KEEFE, JOHN G.               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-378
KEEFE, MEDA M.               MALONE                        NY-17-12-116
KEEFE, PATRICK               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-635
KEEFE, WILLIAM               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-45
KEEGAN, THOMAS               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-350
KEELER, ANDREW S.            MALONE                        NY-17-7-73
KEELER, DAVID                MOIRA                         NY-17-8-418
KEELER, ELISHA               BANGOR                        NY-17-2-392
KEELER, MARY M.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-45
KEELER, WILLARD H.           BANGOR                        NY-17-11-12
KELLEY, JAMES H.             HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-11-17
KELLEY, JAMES H.             HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-12-200
KELLY, HELEN W.              MALONE                        NY-17-13-400
KELLY, JOHN                  BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-431
KELLY, KATE                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-420
KELLY, PETER                 MALONE                        NY-17-5-68
KELSEY, ALPHEUS D.           WESTVILLE                     NY-17-6-247
KELSEY, SALLY                BURKE                         NY-17-7-64
KEMPTON, ELIZABETH F.        MALONE                        NY-17-7-406
KENNEDY, EDWARD T.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-228
KENNEDY, MARY TERESA         CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-117
KENNY, NANCY                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-180
KERRY, HENRY                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-476
KERRY, JOHN                  MALONE                        NY-17-12-342
KERRY, ROBERT                BRANDON                       NY-17-12-438
KERRY, WILLIAM               BANGOR                        NY-17-5-398
KETCHAM, EMMALINE            MALONE                        NY-17-12-52
KETCHAM, GEORGE W.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-474
KIBBEE, EUPHEMIA             BOMBAY                        NY-17-13-508
KILBURN, FREDERICK D.        MALONE                        NY-17-13-523
KILEY, ELLEN                 BURKE                         NY-17-4-52
KILEY, PATRICK               BURKE                         NY-17-10-571
KILEY, PATRICK M.            BURKE                         NY-17-10-317
KILEY, SARAH                 BANGOR                        NY-17-13-11
KIMBALL, ENOCH B.            MOIRA                         NY-17-8-159
KIMBALL, JANETTE             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-663
KIMBALL, JENNETTE L.         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-572
KIMBALL, TIMOTHY T.          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-67
KIMPTON, JOHN                MOIRA                         NY-17-5-580
KIMPTON,RODNEY N.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-569
KING, ALZINA                 MALONE                        NY-17-11-75
KING, CYRUS WARES            BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-151
KING, JENNY L.               MALONE                        NY-17-12-483
KING, JOHN S.                BANGOR                        NY-17-7-654
KING, JOHN SR.               MALONE                        NY-17-12-546
KING, LUCY                   CHASNE FALLS                  NY-17-11-179
KING, PHILEMON               BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-285
KING, WILLIAM                MALONE                        NY-17-4-61
KING, WILLIAM G.             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-272
KING, WILLIAM K.             MALONE                        NY-17-7-363
KINNEY, OWEN                 MALONE                        NY-17-12-602
KIRBY, ANNA M.               BELLMONT                      NY-17-10-650
KIRBY, DANIEL R.             BELLMONT                      NY-17-11-453
KIRBY, JOHN W.               BELLMONT                      NY-17-11-428
KIRBY, WAITY J.              BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-40
KISSANE, RICHARD B.          RUTLAND, RUTLAND, VT          NY-17-11-585
KLOCK, SUSANNA               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-29
KNAPP, AZUBAH A.             MALONE                        NY-17-10-146
KNAPP, HATTIE R.             MALONE                        NY-17-11-70
KNAPP, HELEN E.              MALONE                        NY-17-10-642
KNAPP, HORACE                BANGOR                        NY-17-11-562
KNAPP, HORACE W.             SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-354
KNAPP, JOHN                  BANGOR                        NY-17-5-349
KNAPP, JOHN W.               BEAVER, BEAVER, PA            NY-17-13-271
KNAPP, THRESA C.             BANGOR                        NY-17-11-115
KNIGHT, IDA M.               HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-13-300
LABARGE, DELIA               MALONE                        NY-17-11-642
LABELLE, CATHERINE           FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-383
LaBOMBARD, MARGARET          BURKE                         NY-17-10-525
LaBOUNTY, ALEXIS             HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-10-387
LaBOUNTY, MARY               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-12-5
LABOUNTY, HARRIETT           WAVERLY                       NY-17-11-589
LACOMBE, CAROLINE D.         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-596
LACOMBE, PETER               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-335
LaCOUNT, NELSON              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-61
LADD, EUGENE H.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-274
LADD, TIMOTHY B.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-685
LaDUKE, EMMA                 TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-12-657
LaFAVE, JOHN                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-258
LAFAVE, JOSEPH SR.           MALONE                        NY-17-12-639
LAFAVE, SELINA               MALONE                        NY-17-13-402
LaFAYETTE, FRANK             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-661
LAFLEUR, JOSEPH              BURKE                         NY-17-12-42
LAFLEUR, JOSEPH              BURKE                         NY-17-11-515
LAFLEUR, SAMATHA             BURKE                         NY-17-12-250
LAFLISH, NASAW               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-188
LAHEY, JOHN                  FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-200
LAHEY, PATRICK H.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-561
LAMAY, CHARLES               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-656
LAMICA, ANDREW               MALONE                        NY-17-13-514
LAMICA, LOUIS                MALONE                        NY-17-12-576
LAMONTAGNE, AMELIA           MALONE                        NY-17-6-188
LaMOORE, MARY                BANGOR                        NY-17-13-633
LANCTO, ANNIE ELIZABETH      CHETEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-106
LANCTO, JOSEPH WILLIAM       CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-598
LANCTO, MARY A.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-329
LANCTOT, EUSEBE              MALONE                        NY-17-11-377
LANCTOT, EUSEBE              MALONE                        NY-17-11-345
LANCTOT, GILSON              MALONE                        NY-17-9-559
LANE, HENRY                  FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-165
LANE, SYLVESTER L.           BRANDON                       NY-17-12-91
LANGAN, MICHAEL J.           SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-457
LANGDON, CLARK               BANGOR                        NY-17-11-282
LANGDON, FAYETTE             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-187
LANGDON, SILVESTER           CONSTANT                      NY-17-2-459
LANGDON, SOPHIA              MALONE                        NY-17-5-245
LANGLOIS, ELLEN              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-369
LANGLOIS, JOSEPH             MALONE                        NY-17-12-538
LANGLOIS, SARAH              MALONE                        NY-17-11-227
LANTRY, BARNABY B.           TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-295
LANTRY, CHARLES              HOGANSBURG                    NY-17-11-455
LANTRY, ELIZABETH            BOMBAY                        NY-17-13-475
LaPIERRE, HENRY              MALONE                        NY-17-12-412
LAPLANT, JOSEPH              BELMONT                       NY-17-11-131
LAPLANT, OLIVER              MALONE                        NY-17-12-416
LAPLANT, SUSAN               BOMBAY                        NY-17-9-233
LAPORTE, ELTON J.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-471
LARAMEE, SAMUEL J.           FAUST                         NY-17-13-607
LARAMY, MOSES                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-231
LARKIN, CORNELIUS            MOIRA                         NY-17-13-443
LARMENT, JOHN                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-6-266
LAROCK, BARNEY               MOIRA                         NY-17-11-170
LAROQUE, LOUSAINT            MALONE                        NY-17-6-53
LATE, HARRIET NORMAN         TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-193
LATHROP, IRENA D.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-246
LATOUR, ELISHA               SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-209
LAUGHLIN, LUCY               MALONE                        NY-17-12-498
LAVARNWAY, ANNA              MALONE                        NY-17-11-496
LAVERY, JOHN                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-152
LAVERY, WILLIAM              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-592
LAVOIE, MARGARET             MALONE                        NY-17-13-535
LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN F.        BANGOR                        NY-17-4-332
LAWRENCE, CATHARINE          BANGOR                        NY-17-8-254
LAWRENCE, CLARK J.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-477
LAWRENCE, DARIUS W.          MALONE                        NY-17-13-60
LAWRENCE, FAYETTE W.         MALONE                        NY-17-12-408
LAWRENCE, FRED G.            BANGOR                        NY-17-13-59
LAWRENCE, JAMES              BANGOR                        NY-17-4-287
LAWRENCE, NEHEMIAH           BANGOR                        NY-17-4-478
LAWRENCE, ROSINA S.          MOIRA                         NY-17-13-539
LAWRENCE, SIDNEY             MOIRA                         NY-17-10-249
LAWRENCE, SIDNEY D.          MALONE                        NY-17-13-223
LAWRENCE, STOUGHTON D.       BANGOR                        NY-17-4-531
LEAHY, MARY A.               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-105
LEAHY, PATRICK               BURKE                         NY-17-6-314
LEARMONT, SARAH              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-559
LEARNED, HELEN M.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-632
LEARNED, LEWIS E.            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-695
LeBOEUF, JOSEPH              MALONE                        NY-17-11-709
LEBOEUF, EVEREST             TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-426
LEE, CLARINDA                MALONE                        NY-17-11-38
LEE, ELIZABETH M.            BANGOR                        NY-17-13-570
LEE, GEORG EW.               BANGOR                        NY-17-12-215
LEE, GILBERT                 BANGOR                        NY-17-10-582
LEEHY, CATHARINE HIGGINS     MOIRA                         NY-17-11-325
LEIGHTON, EDWIN T.           MALONE                        NY-17-7-144
LEIGHTON, JOHN W.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-408
LEIGHTON, MARY A.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-300
LENDERVILLE, ELIZABETH       MALONE                        NY-17-12-650
LENNON, MICHAEL              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-297
LEO, NANCY                   ALTAMONT                      NY-17-11-703
LEVY, MORRIS                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-231
LEWIS, ALEXANDER             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-43
LEWIS, GEORGE F.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-339
LEWIS, LYMAN H.              MALONE                        NY-17-4-320
LEWIS, ORPHA                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-242
LIGHTBODY, JAMES             WESTVILLE                     NY-17-6-106
LIGHTBODY, JOHN A.           WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-151
LINCOLN, ALLEN               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-391
LINCOLN, ALLEN M.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-93
LINCOLN, MABEL L.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-617
LINDERMAN, CLARA             BUFFALO, ERIE, NY             NY-17-11-518
LINDSAY, ALEXANDER           MALONE                        NY-17-5-485
LINDSAY, RICHARD L.          DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-490
LITTLEJOHN, HELEN            FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-530
LONG, HENRY                  WESTVILLE                     NY-17-5-546
LONGLEY, HENRY               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-2-476
LONGWAY, MATILDA             MALONE                        NY-17-12-544
LOOKER, BURTON F.            BURKE                         NY-17-12-516
LOOKER, JOHN W.              BURKE                         NY-17-9-106
LOOKER, LEVI J.              BURKE                         NY-17-11-128
LOVERIN, MARY                FRANKLIN                      NY-17-3-401
LOW, EMMA A.                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-576
LOW, EUGENE E.               MALONE                        NY-17-13-558
LOW, EURETTA                 MALONE                        NY-17-11-138
LOW, WILLIAM                 MALONE                        NY-17-10-518
LOWARE, OCTAV                DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-325
LOWELL, MARGARET             MALONE                        NY-17-13-535
LUCEY, MARY                  BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-144
LUTHER, DANIEL               BANGOR                        NY-17-13-505
LYMAN, JOEL                  FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-5-137
LYMAN, PHILYER L.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-564
LYNCH, EDMOND                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-7-634
LYNCH, MARGARET              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-57
LYON, FREEMAN LEWIS          FRANKLIN                      NY-17-7-245
LYON, JOHN                   DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-60
LYONS, JEREMIAH              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-9-149
LYTLE, JAMES S.              BANGOR                        NY-17-10-622