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MACARTNEY, GEORGE H.         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-411
MACKINNON, DONALD            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-170
MADDEN, JOHN                 BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-276
MAGILL, LEMUEL B.            SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-343
MAGRATH, ANN                 WESTVILLE                     NY-17-11-143
MAHAGIN, JAMES E.            LAWRENCE, ST LAWRENCE, NY     NY-17-11-371
MAHAR, JOHN                  BANGOR                        NY-17-12-368
MAHER, JOHN                  MOIRA                         NY-17-5-531
MAHONEY, JOHN                MOIRA                         NY-17-5-517
MAHONEY, MICHAEL             MOIRA                         NY-17-8-515
MAHONY, DENIS                BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-203
MAHONY, PATRICK              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-266
MAIN, GORDON H.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-596
MAJOR, FRANK                 MALONE                        NY-17-11-644
MAJOR, MORRIS                MALONE                        NY-17-9-496
MALLETT, JUSTIN              BOMBAY                        NY-17-10-292
MALLETTE, JOHN B.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-165
MALLON, MICHAEL              MALONE                        NY-17-11-200
MALLON, MICHAEL S.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-227
MALLON, ROSA                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-163
MALONEY, JOHN                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-9-386
MALONEY, MARGARET            MALONE                        NY-17-13-73
MALONEY, MICHAEL             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-316
MALONEY, RODNEY              MOIRA                         NY-17-11-690
MAN, BUEL H.                 WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-670
MAN, EBENEZER                MALONE                        NY-17-4-363
MAN, LUCY S.                 MALONE                        NY-17-10-458
MANCHESTER, EDSON            MOIRA                         NY-17-10-384
MANCHESTER, ORIN             MOIRA                         NY-17-12-108
MANEELEY, ALEXANDER          MALONE                        NY-17-13-121
MANEELEY, CATHERINE          MALONE                        NY-17-12-711
MANEELY, THOMAS              MALONE                        NY-17-12-583
MANGAM, FRANKLIN             SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-529
MANNING, ABSALOM             HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-6-396
MANNING, FRANK               TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-12-80
MANNING, WARREN L.           MALONE                        NY-17-7-463
MANNIX, PATRICK              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-465
MANSFIELD, ALPHEUS           MALONE                        NY-17-5-324
MANSFIELD, AMBROSE           BOMBAY                        NY-17-2-487
MANSFIELD, ANNETTE W.        MALONE                        NY-17-8-552
MANSFIELD, JULIA A.          CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-237
MANSFIELD, MARY              BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-512
MARCH, CHARLES               MALONE                        NY-17-5-554
MARCH, THOMAS                BURKE                         NY-17-11-266
MARS, MERCY                  FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-106
MARTIN, ALONSON C.           CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-396
MARTIN, CANNARISSA H.        BELLMONT                      NY-17-13-461
MARTIN, GEORGE D.            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-625
MARTIN, MARY                 CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-220
MARTIN, MELVIN M.            BANGOR                        NY-17-12-580
MARTIN, REUBEN               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-12
MARTIN, ROBERT               MALONE                        NY-17-12-97
MARTIN, SARAH                MALONE                        NY-17-3-180
MARTIN, THOMAS H.            BELLMONT                      NY-17-13-462
MARTIN, VICTORIA             WESTVILLE                     NY-17-4-497
MARTIN, WILLIAM J.           MALONE                        NY-17-7-323
MARVIN, BENJAMIN             BANGOR                        NY-17-5-390
MARVIN, DEXTER P.            BANGOR                        NY-17-13-293
MARVIN, EMALINE A.           BANGOR                        NY-17-13-111
MASTIN, ISAAC                BURKE                         NY-17-12-68
MASTIN, JAMES W.             BURKE                         NY-17-11-193
MATTHEWS, ALLEN S.           FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-234
MAW, CAROLINE                MALONE                        NY-17-6-328
MAXAM, MARSHALL              DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-519
MAXFIELD, JAMES              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-4-223
MAYBERRY, JAMES              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-630
MAYBERRY, SARAH              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-613
MAYNE, HENRY D.              MALONE                        NY-17-13-519
MAYOTT, MARY J.              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-122
MAZUZAN, JOHN                MALONE                        NY-17-3-573
MCARTHUR, CLARENCE A.        McCOLLOMS                     NY-17-13-49
MCARTHUR, MARY ANN           DUANE                         NY-17-11-638
MCBREEN, ANDREW              MALONE                        NY-17-4-269
MCCAB, BERNARD               MALONE                        NY-17-11-647
MCCABE, LAWRENCE             MALONE                        NY-17-4-474
MCCABE, PATRICK              MALONE                        NY-17-3-478
MCCAFFREY, PATRICK           BANGOR                        NY-17-9-249
MCCAFFREY, THOMAS            WESTVILE                      NY-17-5-296
MCCANN, DANIEL B.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-214
MCCANN, DANIEL J.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-52
MCCARTER, JOHN               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-518
MCCARTHY, ANN                MALONE                        NY-17-12-237
MCCARTHY, DANIEL             MOIRA                         NY-17-13-80
MCCARTHY, DAVID D.           ALTAMONT                      NY-17-12-664
MCCARTHY, DENNIS             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-6-527
MCCARTHY, DENNIS             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-166
MCCARTHY, JEREMIAH           MOIRA                         NY-17-13-81
MCCARTHY, JOHN               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-469
MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY            BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-153
MCCARTHY, WILLIAM            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-191
MCCARTY, JAMES               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-264
MCCARTY, MICHAEL             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-6-273
MCCLARY, MARTIN E.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-232
MCCLELLAND, MARY E.          SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-643
MCCOLLOM, AMMIEL C.          BRIGHTON                      NY-17-10-596
MCCOLLOUGH, PERMELIA E.      WEST CONSTABLE                NY-17-12-182
MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER         MALONE                        NY-17-12-275
MCCOY, ARCHIBALD             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-575
MCCOY, HELEN M.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-529
MCCOY, JAMES                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-455
MCCOY, JOHN                  BANGOR                        NY-17-11-50
MCCOY, JOHN                  MALONE                        NY-17-12-115
MCCOY, LENA                  TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-499
MCCOY, MARY                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-175
MCCREEDY,MARY                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-11-488
MCDERMONT, MARY              MALONE                        NY-17-11-329
MCDERMOTT, CLEMENT           MALONE                        NY-17-9-245
MCDONALD, ARCHIBALD          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-296
MCDONALD, CATHERINE          MALONE                        NY-17-9-598
MCDONALD, CATHERINE          MALONE                        NY-17-13-299
MCDONALD, ELIZABETH AGNES    NTL                           NY-17-13-550
MCDONALD, FRANKLIN           MOIRA                         NY-17-13-109
MCDONALD, JAMES              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-133
MCDONALD, PATRICK            BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-37
MCDONELL, ANGUS              MALONE                        NY-17-10-162
MCDONNELL, ALEXANDER         HOGANSBURG                    NY-17-13-513
MCELWAIN, GEORGE             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-549
MCELWAIN, JOHN               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-5-455
MCELWAIN, JOHN H.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-457
MCELWAIN, JOHN IV            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-133
MCELWAIN, JOSEPH             BANGOR                        NY-17-13-492
MCELWAIN, THOMAS             MOIRA                         NY-17-10-77
MCENRUE, FRANK H.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-44
MCFADDEN, WILLIAM            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-5-127
MCFADDIN, JOHN               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-240
MCFARLAN, PATRICK            MALONE                        NY-17-3-22
MCFARLAND, JOHN T.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-236
MCFARLAND, MARY ANN MURPHY   MALONE                        NY-17-11-580
MCGEEIN, JAMES               MALONE                        NY-17-11-197
MCGIBBON, EMILY              BURKE                         NY-17-12-21
MCGIBBON, JAMES              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-562
MCGIBBON, JAMES              BURKE                         NY-17-11-690
MCGIBBON, WILLIAM            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-11-41
MCGIVENEY, ALONZO            MALONE                        NY-17-12-260
MCGIVENEY, LUKE              BANGOR                        NY-17-10-522
MCGIVNEY, BRIDGET            MALONE                        NY-17-12-591
MCGIVNEY, CATHERINE          MALONE                        NY-17-12-131
MCGIVNEY, ELLEN              MALONE                        NY-17-13-442
MCGIVNEY, NICHOLAS           MALONE                        NY-17-12-140
MCGOWAN, CHARLES             BANGOR                        NY-17-6-479
MCGOWAN, FRANCIS             BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-628
MCGOWAN, JAMES REV.          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-456
MCGOWAN, PETER               BANGOR                        NY-17-8-643
MCGRATH, JAMES               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-630
MCGRATH, PATRICK             BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA           NY-17-13-5
MCGREGOR, JOB                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-282
MCGUIRE, ALEXANDER           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-8
MCGUIRE, PATRICK             MALONE                        NY-17-12-85
MCHARDY, MARY                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-480
MCILVAIN, JOHN F.            BELLMONT                      NY-17-4-265
MCINTOSH, SEBRA B.           BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-547
MCINTYRE, RICHARD H.         SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-79
MCKANE, JAMES WILLIAM        CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-190
MCKANE, MARGARET J.          MALONE                        NY-17-13-441
MCKAY, JOHN                  FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-204
MCKAY, SARAH A.              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-432
MCKENNA, JOHN                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-678
MCKENNA, WILLIAM             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-302
MCKENZIE, MARGARETT          BELLMONT                      NY-17-11-494
MCKILLIP, HUGH P.            FRANKLIN                      NY-17-12-605
MCKILLIP, JOHN               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-10-92
MCKILLOP, HUGH               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-5-435
MCKIMM, ALBERT H.            BANGOR                        NY-17-13-50
MCKINNON, ELIZBAETH          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-504
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN F.          BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-578
MCMACHAN, MARY               MALONE                        NY-17-12-418
MCMAHON, JOHN                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-383
MCMAHON, MARY                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-182
MCMANUS, CHARLES             MALONE                        NY-17-11-33
MCMASTER, DUNCAN             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-5-57
MCMASTER, WILLIAM            HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-10-477
MCMASTUS, ISAAC              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-6-32
MCMILLAN, DAVID              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-2-204
MCMILLEN, MARGARET E.        FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-353
MCMURPHY, SAMUEL             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-19
MCNALL, MARTIN J.            MOIRA                         NY-17-9-406
MCNAMARA, THOMAS             MALONE                        NY-17-4-516
MCPHEE, LORAIN               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-55
MCQUEEN, JAMES               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-198
MCQUEEN, JOHN                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-462
MCQUEEN, JOHN E.             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-485
MCQUEEN, MARGARET A.         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-285
MCQUEEN, THOMAS              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-5-339
MCROBERT, WILLIAM            BOMBAY                        NY-17-7-229
MCSORLEY, JOHN               MALONE                        NY-17-13-341
MCVICAR, JAMES S.            MALONE                        NY-17-7-61
MCVICKAR, ELIZA A.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-8
MCWEENEY, JAMES              MALONE                        NY-17-8-225
MCWHISTER, JOHN              BURKE                         NY-17-3-184
MEAGAN, ANN                  MALONE                        NY-17-12-194
MEAGHER, JAMES               HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-10-600
MEARS, DAVID H.              BANGOR                        NY-17-6-307
MEARS, ELIZA                 WAVERLY                       NY-17-11-407
MEARS, HAMLET B.             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-5
MEEHAN, JOHANNAH             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-570
MEEHAN, MARY                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-244
MEEHAN, WILLIAM V.           BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-17-13-278
MEEKER, MARIA H.             MOIRA                         NY-17-8-500
MEEKER, MARTHA M.            MALONE                        NY-17-11-466
MEEKER, MARTIN VAN BUREN     MOIRA                         NY-17-12-254
MEEKER, SARAH J.             MOIRA                         NY-17-11-301
MEGAN, JAMES                 BRANDON                       NY-17-3-81
MEIGHAN, PATRICK             MALONE                        NY-17-8-311
MEIGHER, THOMAS              BURKE                         NY-17-4-427
MEIGS, EDWIN L.              MALONE                        NY-17-4-69
MEIGS, GUY                   MALONE                        NY-17-3-1
MEIGS, MARIA LOUISE          BRANDON, RUTLAND, VT          NY-17-11-283
MERRIAM, JOHN                MALONE                        NY-17-11-168
MERRIAM, JULIA B.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-197
MERRIAM, WILLIAM             MALONE                        NY-17-8-91
MERRICK, ALMERIN W.          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-113
MERRICK, LORINDA D.          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-140
MERRICK, PRINCE              BANGOR                        NY-17-4-121
MERRICK, PRINCE              BANGOR                        NY-17-4-172
MERRILL, CYRUS               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-497
MERRILL, ENOCH               BELLMONT                      NY-17-3-11
MERRITT, GEORGE W.           BRANDON                       NY-17-12-656
MERRITT, JULIAETTE           BRANDON                       NY-17-12-188
MERRITT, WING                MALONE                        NY-17-11-451
METERIA, JOHN                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-702
METERIA, JOHN                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-699
MILES, ANGELINE L.           BURKE                         NY-17-11-481
MILES, ANN                   BURKE                         NY-17-9-47
MILES, WILLIAM B.            BELLMONT                      NY-17-8-385
MILLER, BENJAMIN             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-323
MILLER, JOSEPH               MALONE                        NY-17-11-10
MILLER, JOSEPH C.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-636
MILLER, JOSEPH C.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-631
MILLER, JULIA A.             SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-712
MILLER, LORAINE              MALONE                        NY-17-6-132
MILLER, MARGARE TE.          HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-11-681
MILLER, MARY L.              MALONE                        NY-17-7-331
MILLER, MILO B.              SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-466
MILLER, SAMUEL               BURKE                         NY-17-8-221
MILLER, SARAH A.             MALONE                        NY-17-13-445
MILLIKEN, CECILE ISABEL      SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-158
MILLIKEN, EDWARD F.          MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NY       NY-17-12-173
MILLS, ALFRED EUGENE         SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-9-571
MILLS, JAMES P.              HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-10-239
MINKLEY, JACOB               BANGOR                        NY-17-2-10
MINKLEY, JACOB               BANGOR                        NY-17-A-345
MITCHELL, ALANSON C.         BURKE                         NY-17-11-210
MITCHELL, JOSEPH             TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-12-573
MITCHELL, SARAH              BURKE                         NY-17-11-687
MITCHELL, SIDNEY             BURKE                         NY-17-11-259
MOE, ALMENA                  BURKE                         NY-17-11-355
MOLLER, DAVID                BANGOR                        NY-17-12-330
MONAGAN, ARTIMUS             MALONE                        NY-17-6-456
MONAGHAN, ANDREW             BANGOR                        NY-17-9-671
MONAGHAN, ARTHUR             MALONE                        NY-17-12-346
MONAGHAN, OWEN               BANGOR                        NY-17-5-537
MONAHAN, JOHN                BOMBAY                        NY-17-10-155
MONAHAN, THOMAS              BOMBAY                        NY-17-5-123
MONROE, PATRICK              MOIRA                         NY-17-10-693
MONTREIL, OLIVE              MALONE                        NY-17-9-697
MONTRIEL, OLIVE              MALONE                        NY-17-9-578
MOODY,W EALTHIA H.           SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-375
MOODY, FRED J.               TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-134
MOODY, HARRY                 BANGOR                        NY-17-4-133
MOODY, LAURENCE              BANGOR                        NY-17-8-591
MOODY, SARAH E.              ALTAMONT                      NY-17-13-221
MOODY, SIMEON J.             ALTAMONT                      NY-17-12-668
MOORE, GEORGE                BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-326
MOORE, JOHN                  MOIRA                         NY-17-3-395
MOORE, MARY E.               MALONE                        NY-17-9-446
MOORE, ORVILLE               MALONE                        NY-17-12-195
MOORE, WILLIAM               BANGOR                        NY-17-7-259
MOREHEAD, WILLIAM            FRANKLIN                      NY-17-5-443
MOREY, MARY ANN SOPHIA       WAVERLY                       NY-17-12-229
MORGAN, LENA                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-85
MORGAN, ROBERT L.            ALTAMONT                      NY-17-12-473
MORHOUS, HORACE              HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-11-401
MORHOUS, MARY B.             HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-11-470
MORIS, JACQUES MICHAEL       MALONE                        NY-17-10-468
MORRIS, CHARLES              MALONE                        NY-17-13-408
MORRISSEY, MICHAEL           BANGOR                        NY-17-4-519
MORSE, NORTHROP              MALONE                        NY-17-9-310
MOSES, MYRON                 MALONE                        NY-17-6-576
MOSIER, CHARLOTTE            MOIRA                         NY-17-8-364
MOSIER, JOHN                 DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-502
MOTT, ASENATH                BURKE                         NY-17-8-532
MOTT, JANE E.                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-174
MOTT, JOHN C.                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-605
MULHOLLAND, JAMES            BRANDON                       NY-17-6-425
MULHOLLAND, JERUSIA          DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-439
MULLER, EDWARD               MALONE                        NY-17-13-62
MULLER, GILBERT              BANGOR                        NY-17-13-194
MULLER, MARIA                MALONE                        NY-17-13-399
MULLIN, JOHN                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-562
MULLIN, PETER                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-568
MULLIN, THOMAS               BANGOR                        NY-17-10-65
MUNGER, APPOLLOS             MALONE                        NY-17-11-207
MUNGER, MARY J.              MALONE                        NY-17-13-75
MUNSILL, NEWCOMB H.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-402
MURNANE, MARGARET            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-364
MURNANE, MARY                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-546
MURPHY, ANN                  MALONE                        NY-17-11-625
MURPHY, DANIEL               BOMBAY                        NY-17-11-684
MURPHY, DENNIS               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-47
MURPHY, DENNIS               MALONE                        NY-17-10-372
MURPHY, EDMUND               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-454
MURPHY, EMMA                 MALONE                        NY-17-12-601
MURPHY, JANE                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-364
MURPHY, JOHN                 MALONE                        NY-17-9-651
MURPHY, JOHN B.              BOMBAY                        NY-17-5-35
MURPHY, PETER                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-3-560
MURPHY, RICHARD              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-7-344
MURPHY, WILLIAM L.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-123
MURRAY,HENRIETTA BLOOD       SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-600
MURRAY, FRANK                BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-678
MURRAY, GEORGE               BANGOR                        NY-17-11-631
MURRAY, JOHN A.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-582
MURRAY, LILLIAN TITUS        SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-548
MURTAGH, MATTHEW             MALONE                        NY-17-12-465
MUSSEN, JULIA A.             SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-275
MUZZEY, JENNIE E.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-98
MUZZY, JOHN C.               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-300
MYERS, HENRY                 MALONE                        NY-17-12-101
NAILON, JAMES                MALONE                        NY-17-5-608
NASH,ANN                     MALONE                        NY-17-10-493
NASON, JOSIAH                MALONE                        NY-17-13-640
NAYLON, CATHERINE            MALONE                        NY-17-8-130
NEVIN, ALBERT                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-689
NEVIN, FRANCIS               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-178
NEWCOMB, MARY                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-4-152
NEWELL, LOVEL P.             BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-650
NICHOLSON, NIEL              BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-525
NILES, JOHN B.               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-367
NILES, LAURA S.              DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-88
NILES, PALMER                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-443
NILES, RUHAMAH P.            MOIRA                         NY-17-12-33
NILES, SAMUEL                DICKINSON                     NY-17-7-494
NILES, STEPHEN               BOMBAY                        NY-17-11-109
NOBLE, BETSY A.              MALONE                        NY-17-8-434
NOEL, ALEXANDER              MALONE                        NY-17-13-86
NOKES, GIDEON                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-309
NOLAN, CATHARINE M.          CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-72
NOLAN, CATHERINE             MALONE                        NY-17-12-126
NOLAN, EDWARD W.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-369
NOLAN, MICHAEL               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-273
NOONAN, MARY                 BELLMONT                      NY-17-6-270
NORMAN, JOHN                 FRANKLIN                      NY-17-12-178
NORMAN, THOMAS               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-327
NORMANDEAU, WILLIAM J.       BRUSHTON                      NY-17-10-359
NORRIS, DAVID                MOIRA                         NY-17-8-374
NORTH, ASA                   BANGOR                        NY-17-A-153
NORTON, FRANKLIN B.          MALONE                        NY-17-12-443
OAKES, EMILY A.              BANGOR                        NY-17-11-142
OAKES, ISAAC                 MOIRA                         NY-17-5-302
OBRIEN, JAMES                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-610
OBRIEN, THOMAS               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-583
OBRINE, DANIEL               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-294
OCONNELL, CATHERINE HEALY    CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-566
OCONNELL, JOHN               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-592
OCONNELL, PATRICK            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-5-587
OCONNELL, TIMOTHY            MOIRA                         NY-17-13-1
OCONNOLL, JOHN               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-4-508
OCONNOR, CATHERINE           BOMBAY                        NY-17-3-407
OCONNOR, JEREMIAH            MALONE                        NY-17-10-26
ODELL, WILLIAM H.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-371
ODONNELL, ANNIE              GABRIELS                      NY-17-12-87
OKEEFE, DAVID                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-9-239
OKEEFE, JAMES                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-361
OKEEFE, LEONARD              ST REGIS FALLS                NY-17-12-418
OLIVER, LYMAN                BANGOR                        NY-17-10-173
OLMSTED, SARAH A.            DUANE                         NY-17-11-539
OLNEY, MARY PARMELEE         MALONE                        NY-17-13-427
OLNEY, WILIAM D.             MALONE                        NY-17-13-589
OMARA, JAMES                 INMAN                         NY-17-13-553
ONEIL, FRED                  MALONE                        NY-17-13-230
ONEIL, THOMAS                MOIRA                         NY-17-12-12
ONEILL, KATHERINE            SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-93
ONEILL, MAURICE              BOMBAY                        NY-17-6-204
ONEILL, MICHAEL              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-354
ORDWAY, ALONZO               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-555
ORDWAY, ORRILLA              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-12
OREILLY, ANN E.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-451
OREILLY, JOHN                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-3-385
ORILEY, PATRICK              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-16
ORTON, JOEL                  MOIRA                         NY-17-13-281
ORTON, LEVI                  BANGOR                        NY-17-11-106
ORTON, OLIVER G.             BRUSHTON                      NY-17-13-224
OTIS, AUGUSTA                BOMBAY                        NY-17-10-419
OTIS, WILLIAM H.             BELLONT                       NY-17-12-197
OUTWATER, STEWART W.         SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-448
OWEN, CATHERINE              MOIRA                         NY-17-11-560
OWEN, ELANSON                BOMBAY                        NY-17-7-380
OWENS, JAMES                 MALONE                        NY-17-11-554
PACKARD, DAVID               BANGOR                        NY-17-6-10
PADDOCK, HENRY A.            MALONE                        NY-17-8-210
PADDOCK, MARY E. G.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-125
PADDOCK, ORA F.              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-251
PADDOCK, PASCAL P.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-659
PADDOCK, SARAH L.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-34
PADDOCK, STEPHEN             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-2-422
PAGE, CARRIER                MOIRA                         NY-17-1-123
PAGE, GEORGE                 LAWRENCE, ST LAWRENCE, NY     NY-17-11-247
PAGE, HOMER                  MOIRA                         NY-17-12-287
PAGE, THEODORE V.            DUANE                         NY-17-11-537
PAINE, CHARLES H.            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-494
PAINE, EMILY L. ROYCE        DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-190
PALMER, ERVIN J.             WAVERLY                       NY-17-12-621
PALMER, JONES J.             DICKINSON                     NY-17-9-595
PALMER, MAGGIE               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-619
PALRIN, MINERVA C.           MALONE                        NY-17-7-601
PAQUIN, JOSEPH               BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-162
PARKER, CARLIE G.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-472
PARKER, CHERRILL S.          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-566
PARKER, HARRIET              MALONE                        NY-17-10-508
PARKER, ISAAC                MALONE                        NY-17-4-588
PARKER, JOHN S.              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-335
PARKER, NEWELL W.            MALONE                        NY-17-9-26
PARKER, THOMAS               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-5-590
PARKHURST, JABEZ             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-102
PARKS, CHARLOTTE E.          DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-525
PARKS, GEORGE L.             DICKINSON                     NY-17-8-261
PARLIN, LEMUEL               MALONE                        NY-17-6-551
PARLIN, LEMUEL K.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-589
PARMELEE, ASHBEL             MALONE                        NY-17-3-450
PARMELEE, ASHBEL B.          MALONE                        NY-17-8-605
PARMELEE, CLARA E.           MALONE                        NY-17-12-662
PARMELEE, MORTON S.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-206
PARMETER, HORACE M.          MALONE                        NY-17-2-428
PARTLOW, HATTIE              WA                            NY-17-12-96
PATRICK, WILLIAM             MALONE                        NY-17-13-68
PATTERSON, DANFORTH          MALONE                        NY-17-4-244
PATTERSON, HARRIET A.        SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-647
PATTERSON, JANE              BURKE                         NY-17-11-156
PAYDEN, JOSEPH               MOIRA                         NY-17-11-83
PAYE, LEWIS                  FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-198
PAYE, MARTHA J.              BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-435
PAYE, SARAH ANN              FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-199
PAYNE, JOHN S.               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-544
PAYNE, SAMUEL H.             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-5
PEABODY, JOHN                DICKINSON                     NY-17-2-360
PEACH, AMAB                  BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-54
PEACH, LOUISA                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-569
PEARL, GEORGE                BURKE                         NY-17-9-661
PECK, AMBROSE                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-361
PECK, GUY                    CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-5
PECK, SAMUEL                 MALONE                        NY-17-C-36
PECK, SAMUEL                 MALONE                        NY-17-C-60
PECK, SAMUEL                 MALONE (UPSIDE DOWN AT END)   NY-17-B-199
PECK, SAMUEL                 MALONE                        NY-17-C-33
PECK, SAMUEL                 MALONE                        NY-17-C-39
PECK, SAMUEL                 MALONE                        NY-17-A-217
PECK, SAMUEL                 MALONE                        NY-17-B-31
PEETS, PETER N.              MOIRA                         NY-17-11-704
PENO, JOHN                   CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-212
PENO, ZEPHERIN J.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-92
PEPIN, JHN                   SANTA CLARA                   NY-17-13-370
PEPIN, MARY                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-454
PERCY, CHARLES               BURKE                         NY-17-9-383
PERCY, EPHRAIM               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-A-79
PERCY, SAMUEL                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-75
PERKINS, ABIAH               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-186
PERKINS, EMMA B.             MALONE                        NY-17-6-559
PERKINS, JOEL                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-190
PERKINS, MARY                BRANDON                       NY-17-9-81
PERRIGO, CHARLES H.          BURKE                         NY-17-12-494
PERRIN, STEPHEN              MALONE                        NY-17-5-618
PERRY, SARAH (MARY)          MOIRA                         NY-17-11-123
PERSONS, DENNIS              MOIRA                         NY-17-9-221
PETERS, EBENEZER             BURKE                         NY-17-3-227
PETERS, EBENEZER             BURKE (CON'T)                 NY-17-3-201
PETERSON, MARY REBECCA       MALONE                        NY-17-12-62
PETTEE, SALLY                MOIRA                         NY-17-5-550
PETTY, BETSEY ELVIRA         MOIRA                         NY-17-12-471
PETTY, LOWELL G.             MOIRA                         NY-17-12-671
PHELPS, EDSON A.             MALONE                        NY-17-5-583
PHELPS, ELLEN F.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-663
PHELPS, HENRY                MOIRA                         NY-17-13-39
PHILLIPS, HARRIET            MOIRA                         NY-17-13-248
PHILLIPS, JAMES S.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-540
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM            BURKE                         NY-17-11-420
PICKERING, JAMES             MOIRA                         NY-17-4-486
PICKERING, JAMES             BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-521
PIDGEON, ALEXANDRE           MALONE                        NY-17-11-186
PIERCE, EILZABETH S.         BURKE                         NY-17-12-299
PIERCE, HIRAM                MOIRA                         NY-17-11-116
PIERCE, MIAL R.              BURKE                         NY-17-9-217
PILLING, ABRAM P.            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-482
PIXLEY, CHARLES W.           MALONE                        NY-17-10-450
PIXLEY, SALLY                BANGOR                        NY-17-8-659
PLATTO, WILIAM W.            HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-9-115
PLUMADORE, BRIDGET           MALONE                        NY-17-4-317
PLUMB, CAROLINE              BANGOR                        NY-17-11-66
PLUMB, JOSEPH                MOIRA                         NY-17-A-251
PLUMB, JOSEPH                BANGOR                        NY-17-B-109
PLUMB, LUCIUS                BANGOR                        NY-17-6-500
POND, ANSEL H.               BURKE                         NY-17-11-324
POND, HERBERT W.             COEYMANS, ALBANY, NY          NY-17-13-636
POND, JANE                   BURKE                         NY-17-12-156
POND, SAMUEL                 BURKE                         NY-17-3-223
POOR, GEORGE P.              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-186
PORTER, HIRAM H.             MALONE                        NY-17-8-402
PORTER, NELSON W.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-603
POTTER, LEVI                 BANGOR                        NY-17-3-567
POTTER, SARAH                MALONE                        NY-17-13-185
POWELL, GERTRUDE             HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-10-656
POWERS, ROBERT               BURKE                         NY-17-12-255
PRAIRIE, ELLEN E.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-15
PREMO, PAUL                  MALONE                        NY-17-4-547
PRENTICE, ELLEN              BRANDON                       NY-17-5-283
PURCELL, ROBERT              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-428
QUAIN, MARY                  BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-437
QUAIN, THOMAS                MOIRA                         NY-17-8-118
QUEOR, ANTOINE               MALONE                        NY-17-13-450
QUINN, JOHN                  MOIRA                         NY-17-10-557
QUINN, JOHN OWEN             MALONE                        NY-17-13-506
QUINN, JOSEPH S.             BRUSHTON                      NY-17-13-56
QUINN, MARY                  MOIRA                         NY-17-13-638
QUINN, MILES                 BANGOR                        NY-17-7-459
QUINN, MURTY                 BANGOR                        NY-17-9-35
QUINN, THOMAS W.             BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-3
RAFFERTY, MARY J.            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-630
RAFFERTY, PATRICK            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-6-277
RAMSDELL, NELSON             WAVERLY                       NY-17-13-575
RANNEY, MARY H.              ST JOHNSBURG, CALEDONIA, VT   NY-17-12-426
RAYMOND, BENJAMIN            MALONE                        NY-17-5-21
REARDON, MICHAEL             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-196
REED, JOHN SR.               BELLMONT                      NY-17-9-267
REED, SIMEON                 BURKE                         NY-17-3-64
REED, SOPHY                  MALONE                        NY-17-7-57
REED, THANKFUL               HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-13-82
REID, JOHN                   BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-559
REILLY, JOHN J.              MALONE                        NY-17-13-125
REILLY, LAURENCE             BURKE                         NY-17-5-270
REILLY, MARY                 BURKE                         NY-17-7-250
REILLY, PATRICK              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-9-664
REILLY, THOMAS B.            SANTA CLARA                   NY-17-13-126
REILLY, THOMAS J.            BURKE                         NY-17-7-274
REMINGTON, LAMARTINE Z.      BANGOR                        NY-17-8-288
RENNICKS, HUGH               UTICA, LA SALLE, IL           NY-17-6-114
RENNIE, ABBIE LOUISE         MALONE                        NY-17-12-270
REYNOLDS, ABRAHAM            BELMONT                       NY-17-2-434
REYNOLDS, ADELINE            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-5-275
REYNOLDS, ANN                BRUSHTON                      NY-17-13-115
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN G.        FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-338
REYNOLDS, CLEMENT B.         MOIRA                         NY-17-5-490
REYNOLDS, ELISHA             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-69
REYNOLDS, HENRY H.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-593
REYNOLDS, ISABELLA A.        BELLMONT                      NY-17-13-51
REYNOLDS, JACOB G.           BOMBAY                        NY-17-7-449
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH             BURKE                         NY-17-7-500
REYNOLDS, SARAH JANE         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-302
REYNOLDS, THOMAS             MALONE                        NY-17-7-125
REYOME, CATHERINE            BANGOR                        NY-17-9-590
RICE, ABIGAIL                BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-498
RICE, EDWARD J.              DICKINSON                     NY-17-7-81
RICE, MARY E.                TROUT RIVER                   NY-17-13-155
RICE, THOMAS                 MALONE                        NY-17-11-310
RICE, THOMAS                 MALONE                        NY-17-11-214
RICE, WILLIAM A.             BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-14
RICH, BETSEY                 FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-560
RICH, BYRON C.               BANGOR                        NY-17-12-69
RICH, JOEL T.                BANGOR                        NY-17-12-19
RICH, LAURA W.               BANGOR                        NY-17-11-532
RICHARDS, BETSEY             DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-661
RICHARDS, LEONARD            DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-218
RICHARDS, LEWIS SR.          MOIRA                         NY-17-12-655
RICHARDS, MARY               LAWRENCE, ST LAWRENCE, NY     NY-17-11-15
RICHEY, JAMES                BURKE                         NY-17-2-416
RICHEY, JAMES                BURKE                         NY-17-5-116
RICKETSON, WILLIAM           BLOOMINGDALE                  NY-17-10-129
RIDER, GILEAD                MALONE                        NY-17-5-369
RIDER, HENRY K.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-526
RIDER, HOLLAND K.            MALONE                        NY-17-7-373
RIDER, JOSHUA L.             MALONE                        NY-17-1-326
RIDER, JOSHUA L.             MALONE                        NY-17-A-333
RILEY, JAMES                 BANGOR                        NY-17-13-288
RILEY, JOHN                  BANGOR                        NY-17-7-482
RILEY, WILLIAM H.            BANGOR                        NY-17-12-81
RIVERS, ROSA                 WAVERLY                       NY-17-11-298
RIVERS, SALLY                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-629
ROACH, JOHN                  FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-564
ROAH, SUSAN                  BANGOR                        NY-17-9-399
ROBARE, ZEBULON JR.          BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-524
ROBARGE, JULIA               MALONE                        NY-17-13-215
ROBB, MARY                   MALONE                        NY-17-11-526
ROBBINS, PLINY A.            ALTAMONT                      NY-17-11-178
ROBERTS, DEMING M.           FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-431
ROBERTS, ELIZA               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-541
ROBERTS, EDNA E.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-99
ROBERTS, HARRIET             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-327
ROBERTS, HARRIET LUCINDA     CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-476
ROBERTS, HORATIO G.          CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-378
ROBERTS, JOHN                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-195
ROBERTS, WILLIAM G.          CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-373
ROBIDEAU, LUCY               MALONE                        NY-17-13-562
ROBILLARD, BRIDGET           MALONE                        NY-17-12-258
ROBINSON, PETER              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-55
ROBY, CHARLES                BURKE                         NY-17-11-424
ROBY, CHARLES N.             MALONE                        NY-17-13-154
ROBY, MARTHA                 MALONE                        NY-17-11-575
ROCK, JOSEPH                 BURKE                         NY-17-10-442
ROCK, MARY ANN               BURKE                         NY-17-9-175
ROGERS, FRANCIS              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-462
ROGERS, FRINDA               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-12-610
ROGERS, PHILIP               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-5-496
ROLFE, PERSONS               BOMBAY                        NY-17-5-149
ROOD, MARGARET               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-633
ROOT, WILLIAM                TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-151
RORK, EDWARD                 BRIGHTON                      NY-17-11-298
ROSS, JOHN                   ELGIN, QUEBEC                 NY-17-11-91
ROSS, ROBERT                 WESTVILLE                     NY-17-6-156
ROSS, SARAH                  MALONE                        NY-17-13-453
ROSS, WILLIAM                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-2-501
ROSSITER, WILLIAM            MALONE                        NY-17-12-279
ROSSLEY, ANNA                MALONE                        NY-17-13-200
ROWAN, JOHN                  CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-667
ROWELL, NATHANIEL            BANGOR                        NY-17-10-461
ROWELL, WALLACE M.           MOIRA                         NY-17-13-572
ROYCE, ANSON                 DICKINSON                     NY-17-8-475
ROYS, NORMAN T.              BANGOR                        NY-17-4-543
ROYS, RINALDO                BANGOR                        NY-17-12-536
RUMRILL, FREDERICK J.        MALONE                        NY-17-13-580
RUSH, ELISHA J.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-476
RUSH, OBED                   CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-472
RUSSEL, JENNIE               BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-653
RUSSELL, ALVIN               BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-606
RUSSELL, CHARLES             MOIRA                         NY-17-8-65
RUSSELL, CHESTER             MALONE                        NY-17-8-689
RUSSELL, DANIEL              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-27
RUSSELL, DAVID               BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-504
RUSSELL, EDWIN H.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-527
RUSSELL, HENRY               MOIRA                         NY-17-12-53
RUSSELL, JANE                MOIRA                         NY-17-6-514
RUSSELL, JERRY B.            MALONE                        NY-17-11-348
RUSSELL, LUCRETIA            MALONE                        NY-17-10-660
RUSSELL, MARY ANN            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-213
RUSSELL, MORTIMER            BOMBAY                        NY-17-13-166
RUSSELL, SUSAN P.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-143
RUSSELL, WILLIAM             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-2-372
RUSSELL, WILLIAM             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-523
RUST, HARRIET                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-443
RUST, ROBERT                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-121
RUST, WILLIAM                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-657
RYAN, BRIDGET                FRANKLIN                      NY-17-7-645
RYAN, EDWARD                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-357
RYAN, JAMES C.               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-399
RYAN, JEREMIAH               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-7-576
RYAN, JONNAH                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-390
RYAN, JUDSON E.              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-449
RYAN, MARTHA JANE            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-130
RYAN, THOMAS                 FRANKLIN                      NY-17-6-192
RYAN, WALTER                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-585
RYAN, WILLIAM                FRANKLIN                      NY-17-8-639
RYAN, WILLIAM B.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-226
RYAN, WILLIAM H.             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-213
RYON, JOHN SR.               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-7-162