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S----, BENJAMIN              (WILL UNREADABLE)             NY-17-3-236
SABIN, CHARLES H.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-229
SABIN, EMILY C.              MALONE                        NY-17-5-440
SABIN, JAMES                 MALONE                        NY-17-4-324
SABIN, JAMES W.              DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-607
SABIN, NOAH P.               MALONE                        NY-17-11-78
SABIN, WILLIAM               MALONE                        NY-17-4-42
SAFFORD, AMANDA M.           MALONE                        NY-17-4-328
SAFFORD, SILAS L.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-46
SAFFORD, TRUMAN F.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-362
SAINTDENNIS, PHILIAS         MALONE                        NY-17-13-184
SAINTHILAIRE, EUSEBIUS       MOIRA                         NY-17-13-208
SAINTPETER, JOSEPH           HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-11-570
SALLINGER, WILLIAM           MALONE                        NY-17-11-555
SALLS, SIMEON                BURKE                         NY-17-6-214
SAMSON, CHARLES R.           BANGOR                        NY-17-5-287
SAMSON, ESTHER S.            BURKE                         NY-17-10-366
SAMSON, MARY TREMBLE         FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-215
SANCOMB, HENRY               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-683
SANCOMB, MARGARET            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-271
SANCOMB, MARY                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-702
SANCOMB, OLIVER G.           MALONE                        NY-17-12-179
SANDERS, OBED                DICKINSON                     NY-17-A-144
SANTAMERE, JOSEPH            MALONE                        NY-17-12-322
SANTWIRE, ELIZA              MALONE                        NY-17-8-698
SANTWIRE, MITCHELL           MALONE                        NY-17-8-137
SARGEANT, GEORGE L.          BRANDON                       NY-17-11-20
SARGENT, ALEXANDER           BRANDON                       NY-17-3-364
SARGENT, EDWARD F.           BANGOR                        NY-17-9-507
SARGENT, JAMES H.            BRUSHTON                      NY-17-13-246
SARGENT, RHODA               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-506
SARGENT, S. F.               MOIRA                         NY-17-12-586
SAUNDERS, ELIPHALET T.       BOMBAY                        NY-17-6-452
SAUNDERS, JONATHAN           DICKINSON                     NY-17-5-612
SAUNDERS, JULIUS C.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-155
SAVAGE, ELLEN T.             MOIRA                         NY-17-13-168
SAVAGE, JAMES F.             MOIRA                         NY-17-12-86
SAVAGE, MARY                 MALONE                        NY-17-12-252
SAVAGE, PETER                MOIRA                         NY-17-3-391
SAWYER, ELIZABETH            BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-645
SAWYER, JAMES A.             MALONE                        NY-17-3-34
SAWYER, SALLY                DICKINSON                     NY-17-7-424
SAYLES, A. LUTHER            MOIRA                         NY-17-13-360
SAYLES, SOLOMON P.           MOIRA                         NY-17-10-340
SCHOOLCRAFT, PHILLIP         MALONE                        NY-17-4-600
SCHOOLCRAFT, PHILLIP         MALONE                        NY-17-4-482
SCHOWETTE, BAZIEL            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-242
SCOTT, RODNEY                BURKE                         NY-17-12-563
SCOVILLE, GEORGE N.          SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-10-263
SCRANTON, WILLIAM            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-3-437
SEABURY, ALDEN A.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-503
SEARS, ALEXANDER             BOMBAY                        NY-17-8-492
SEARS, DIANA                 TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-500
SEARS, GEORGE O.             TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-266
SEARS, MEDDA                 TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-282
SEAVER, JOHN K.              MALONE                        NY-17-11-150
SEELEY, ISAAC                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-524
SELKIRK, CHARLES             DUANE                         NY-17-13-267
SELKIRK, JAMES               DUANE                         NY-17-11-417
SELLECK, ALBERT              BANGOR                        NY-17-13-171
SELLECK, JOSIAH W.           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-73
SEWELL, JANE                 WESTVILLE                     NY-17-11-245
SEYMOUR, ALVINA              MALONE                        NY-17-11-129
SEYMOUR, SALINA              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-694
SHANE, MARIA A.              WESTVILLE                     NY-17-9-527
SHANNON, CATHERINE           BURKE                         NY-17-9-691
SHANNON, CATHERINE           BURKE                         NY-17-9-585
SHANNON, HUGH                BURKE                         NY-17-9-285
SHANNON, MARY                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-566
SHARPE, OSBRONE              MALONE                        NY-17-12-191
SHAW, CHARLES F.             ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-17-11-242
SHAW, JOSEPH                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-527
SHEA, JAMES                  CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-581
SHEAD, EZBON                 MALONE                        NY-17-6-129
SHEAD, SAMUEL C.             MALONE                        NY-17-6-177
SHEARER, HARRIET AMELIA      CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-432
SHELDON, INCREASE            BURKE                         NY-17-10-697
SHELDON, THADDEUS            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-2-187
SHELDON, THADDEUS            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-A-372
SHELDON, VILLARS             BURKE                         NY-17-6-320
SHEPARD, AMANDA              MALONE                        NY-17-7-205
SHEPARD, HIRAM               MALONE                        NY-17-3-493
SHEPHERD, HIRAM D.           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-27
SHERMAN, ALLEN M.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-337
SHERMAN, BENEDICT            MOIRA                         NY-17-8-355
SHERMAN, CHARLOTTE M.        MALONE                        NY-17-13-472
SHERWIN, ALFRED              MALONE                        NY-17-12-434
SHERWIN, DANIEL              MALONE                        NY-17-3-30
SHETLAND, ADELINE            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-233
SHIELDS, FRANCIS             BOMBAY                        NY-17-11-275
SHIELDS, HELEN               MALONE                        NY-17-12-294
SHIELDS, JOSEPH              MALONE                        NY-17-10-332
SHIRT, ISABELLA              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-5-108
SHONYO, HORACE               BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-49
SHONYO, JENNIE               MALONE                        NY-17-12-659
SHORT, MARY E.               MALONE                        NY-17-12-83
SHORTSLEEVE, ADALINE LAROCK  BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-676
SHOVA, FRANK                 MALONE                        NY-17-12-240
SHOVA, PHOEBE                MALONE                        NY-17-12-540
SHUFELT, AMY                 MALONE                        NY-17-13-414
SILSBEE, SAMUEL P.           BANGOR                        NY-17-3-526
SILVER, ELISHA A.            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-639
SILVER, RALPH                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-438
SILVESTER, SENECA            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-2-492
SIMCOX, BENJAMIN             MALONE                        NY-17-11-244
SKEDA, ASA                   NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-17-12-61
SKEELS, HANNAH J.            MALONE                        NY-17-6-231
SKIFF, JOHN                  FRANKLIN                      NY-17-13-413
SKINNER, CALVIN              MALONE                        NY-17-11-668
SLASON, MASON                MALONE                        NY-17-12-6
SLATTERY, MICHAEL            MALONE                        NY-17-8-145
SMALLMAN, ALEXANDER          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-112
SMALLMAN, WILLIAM E.         MALONE                        NY-17-13-410
SMART, CHARLOTTE             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-31
SMART, ROBERT                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-337
SMITH, ABRAM G.              BURKE                         NY-17-9-258
SMITH, ALFRED                BURKE                         NY-17-11-34
SMITH, ALFRED                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-4-578
SMITH, APOLLOS A.            NTL                           NY-17-12-708
SMITH, BENJAMIN              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-7-649
SMITH, BETSEY                MALONE                        NY-17-5-604
SMITH, CATHERINE E.          BURKE                         NY-17-8-398
SMITH, CHARLES               BANGOR                        NY-17-11-558
SMITH, CHARLES L.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-168
SMITH, D. S.                 DICKINSON                     NY-17-13-361
SMITH, DAVID                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-B-41
SMITH, DAVID                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-C-28
SMITH, DAVID                 FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-181
SMITH, DAVID                 MOIRA                         NY-17-9-514
SMITH, DAVID                 FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-124
SMITH, DIANTHA L.            MOIRA                         NY-17-13-164
SMITH, ELLEN                 WESTVILLE                     NY-17-9-262
SMITH, ELVIN K.              BOMBAY                        NY-17-2-130
SMITH, ELVIN K.              BOMBAY                        NY-17-A-366
SMITH, EPHRAIM               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-514
SMITH, FRANK H.              CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-17-11-600
SMITH, GEORGE A.             BURKE                         NY-17-11-271
SMITH, GEORGE A.             OWLS HEAD                     NY-17-12-609
SMITH, HENRY B.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-521
SMITH, IRA                   BURKE                         NY-17-2-468
SMITH, JOHN                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-551
SMITH, JOSEPH                BURKE                         NY-17-13-584
SMITH, MARGAET               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-212
SMITH, MERRITT M.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-538
SMITH, OLIVER W.             BANGOR                        NY-17-12-535
SMITH, PAUL                  MALONE                        NY-17-5-292
SMITH, PHILIP                MALONE                        NY-17-6-5
SMITH, SAMUEL                MALONE                        NY-17-1-298
SMITH, SAMUEL                MALONE                        NY-17-A-327
SMITH, SARAH M.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-216
SMITH, SIMON D.              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-314
SMITH, SOPHRONIA C.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-629
SMITH, THOMAS                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-3-570
SMITH, WADE                  MALONE                        NY-17-11-449
SMITH, WALLACE               BURKE                         NY-17-6-613
SMITH, WILLIAM               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-218
SMITH, WILLIAM C.            BURKE                         NY-17-11-21
SMITHWICK, MICHAEL J.        SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-646
SNELL, BENJAMIN              DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-137
SNOW, SAMUEL O.              BELLMONT                      NY-17-13-544
SNYDER, BARTLETT             MOIRA                         NY-17-12-149
SOLOMON, JOHN                MALONE                        NY-17-5-27
SOPER, ALONZO                BOMBAY                        NY-17-8-300
SOPER, CELINDA               MALONE                        NY-17-13-386
SOPER, DANIEL F.             MALONE                        NY-17-5-355
SOPER, ELIZABETH L.          BOMBAY                        NY-17-8-303
SOPER, JOHN                  MALONE                        NY-17-12-518
SOPER, MARTHA P.             MALONE                        NY-17-12-84
SOUTHERLAND, MARY            BOMBAY                        NY-17-11-595
SOUTHWICK, WILLIAM DANA      BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-323
SOUTHWORTH, CONSTANT         BANGOR                        NY-17-B-48
SOUTHWORTH, CONSTANT         BANGOR                        NY-17-A-241
SOUTHWORTH, CONSTANT         BANGOR                        NY-17-C-93
SPARKS, JAMES M.             TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-13-612
SPAULDING, ELI               BANGOR                        NY-17-11-23
SPAULDING, MARIAH H.         BANGOR                        NY-17-12-405
SPAULDING, SALLY             BANGOR                        NY-17-9-618
SPAULDING, THOMAS            BAANGOR                       NY-17-11-649
SPENCER, ABIGAIL             MOIRA                         NY-17-9-313
SPENCER, EDMUND W.           BANGOR                        NY-17-12-148
SPENCER, ELEAZAR             BURKE                         NY-17-11-300
SPENCER, ELI                 FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-481
SPENCER, GUSTAVUS V.         BURKE                         NY-17-7-269
SPENCER, HANNAH              MALONE                        NY-17-C-73
SPENCER, HANNAH              MALONE                        NY-17-A-233
SPENCER, IRA                 MOIRA                         NY-17-6-341
SPENCER, JAMES C.            MALONE                        NY-17-5-401
SPENCER, JOSEPH              MALONE                        NY-17-2-445
SPENCER, LOREN               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-42
SPENCER, MASON               MALONE                        NY-17-5-558
SPENCER, MERCY F.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-439
SPENCER, NEWELL W.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-628
SPENCER, THOMAS              MOIRA                         NY-17-A-299
SPENCER, THOMAS              MOIRA                         NY-17-1-181
SPERRY, DAVID                MALONE                        NY-17-2-84
SPERRY, DAVID                MALONE                        NY-17-A-353
SPILLINGS, WILLIAM M.        BOMBAY                        NY-17-11-112
SPOONER, MARY                DANBURY, FAIRFIELD, CT        NY-17-13-394
ST MARY, CHARLES             MALONE                        NY-17-6-433
STACY, LEWIS                 BANGOR                        NY-17-5-335
STAFFORD, DORCAS             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-133
STAFFORD, ROBERT             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-24
STAFFORD, WALTER             BOMBAY                        NY-17-6-540
STANCLIFF, DELLCY W.         MALONE                        NY-17-12-543
STANCLIFFE, GEORGE           MALONE                        NY-17-4-194
STANLEY, JONATHAN            MALONE                        NY-17-5-179
STANLEY, MARY J.             MALONE                        NY-17-12-620
STARKS, THOMAS               SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-305
STARNS, SARAH M.             MALONE                        NY-17-10-118
STEARNS, GEORGE D.           MASSENA, ST LAWRENCE, NY      NY-17-11-130
STEENBERGE, SARAH            BANGOR                        NY-17-11-487
STEENBERGE, STEPHEN R.       BANGOR                        NY-17-11-171
STEENBERGER, ALLEN P.        BANGOR                        NY-17-8-323
STEENBURGE, ALMA             MALONE                        NY-17-11-76
STEPHENS, EMMA J.            MALONE                        NY-17-7-33
STERN, DAVID                 BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-511
STEVENS, ALFRED              BRANDON                       NY-17-12-4
STEVENS, ANDREW              BRANDON                       NY-17-4-374
STEVENS, ANNA                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-416
STEVENS, BAKER               MALONE                        NY-17-13-412
STEVENS, CARRIE H.           CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-112
STEVENS, CLINTON             MALONE                        NY-17-13-433
STEVENS, HENRY G.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-248
STEVENS, LEWIS               BRANDON                       NY-17-9-460
STEVENS, SAMUEL S.           MOIRA                         NY-17-12-349
STEVENS, SARAH C.            BRANDON                       NY-17-11-403
STEWART, ALEXANDER M.        FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-160
STEWART, CORDELIA M.         MALONE                        NY-17-13-65
STEWART, DONALD J.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-274
STEWART, SALLY               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-10-439
STEWART, SAMUEL              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-418
STICKLES, JOSHUA             BURKE                         NY-17-4-294
STICKNEY, ALIRIAM JOHN       MALONE                        NY-17-2-193
STICKNEY, EDWARD S.          FRANKLIN                      NY-17-8-478
STICKNEY, NORMAN             FRANKLIN                      NY-17-7-12
STIMSON, JOSEPH N.           BANGOR                        NY-17-11-491
STOCKWELL, JAMES A.          MALONE                        NY-17-8-601
STOCKWELL, WILLIAM W.        WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-626
STORY, LOUIS                 MALONE                        NY-17-7-539
STOUGHTON, GEORGE            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-706
STOUGHTON, JAMES H.          CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-172
STOUGHTON, SAMUEL            CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-127
STOWERS, ASHLEY P.           FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-A-119
STREETER, BENJAMIN B.        FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-38
STREETER, ELIZABETH          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-10-142
STREETER, GRINDAL A.         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-618
STREETER, MARY               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-13
STREETER, WILLIAM L.         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-83
STROUGH, CARRIE E.           SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-486
STUART, GEORGE C.            BURKE                         NY-17-6-123
STUART, LUKE                 MALONE                        NY-17-4-231
SULLIVAN, ANNIE              MALONE                        NY-17-9-282
SULLIVAN, CATHERINE          MALONE                        NY-17-12-14
SULLIVAN, JOHN               BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-38
SULLIVAN, PATRICK            FRANKLIN                      NY-17-11-16
SUMMERS, MARY F.             FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-14
SUMMONS, MATTHEW             BANGOR                        NY-17-4-354
SUMNER, CLARK H.             MOIRA                         NY-17-11-273
SUNDERLAND, ANABELLA         MALONE                        NY-17-11-110
SUNDERLIN, OEL               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-235
SUPERNAULT, MARGARET         MALONE                        NY-17-9-534
SUSESE, JOHN                 DICKINSON                     NY-17-6-523
SUTTON, ARDEE                SUSSEX, SUSSEX, NJ            NY-17-12-70
SWANTON, GEORGE D.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-242
SWEET, CYNTHIA P.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-38
SWEET, HOLDEN S.             BOMBAY                        NY-17-12-24
SWEET, STEPHEN T.            BURKE                         NY-17-11-37
SWINGER, HENRY               FRANKLIN                      NY-17-12-180
SWINGER, MITCHAEL            FRANKLIN                      NY-17-6-392
SYM, PETER W.                WILL UNREADABLE               NY-17-3-264
SYMONDS, WILLIAM H.          MALONE                        NY-17-10-550
TABRELL, ADELINE D.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-87
TAILLON, JOHN B.             HUNTINGDON                    NY-17-13-546
TALLMAN, HENRY H.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-269
TARBELL, PETER               HOGANSBURG                    NY-17-12-53
TARBELL, WALTER W.           BRANDON                       NY-17-8-388
TASSIE, JOHN                 CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-532
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER            BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-100
TAYLOR, ANDREW               MALONE                        NY-17-11-314
TAYLOR, CHARLES              DICKINSON                     NY-17-5-164
TAYLOR, DEMMIS               MALONE                        NY-17-11-573
TAYLOR, ELISHA               WESTVILLE                     NY-17-2-483
TAYLOR, ELISHA D.            MOIRA                         NY-17-11-385
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH L. J.      MALONE                        NY-17-13-83
TAYLOR, FREDERICK B.         SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-11-596
TAYLOR, HERBERT M.           MALONE                        NY-17-12-505
TAYLOR, HIRAM                BANGOR                        NY-17-3-341
TAYLOR, HORACE A.            MALONE                        NY-17-5-196
TAYLOR, HORACE A.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-496
TAYLOR, MARTHA R.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-120
TAYLOR, MINNIE               MALONE                        NY-17-13-608
TAYLOR, ROBERT C.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-525
TAYLOR, ROBERT D.            WESTVILLE                     NY-17-8-124
TAYLOR, ROBERT J.            BELLMONT                      NY-17-13-291
TEMPLE, FANNIE J.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-205
TEMPLETON, ISABELLA          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-62
THOMAS, AARON                MALONE                        NY-17-4-357
THOMAS, BETSEY               MALONE                        NY-17-6-139
THOMAS, CHANDLER N.          PORT HENRY, ESSEX, NY         NY-17-12-387
THOMAS, CYNTHIA A.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-476
THOMAS, JOHN                 FRANKLIN                      NY-17-12-15
THOMAS, JOHN W.              BANGOR                        NY-17-7-8
THOMAS, JONATHAN             MALONE                        NY-17-2-453
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN F.        MALONE                        NY-17-13-37
THOMPSON, HIRAM DEFOREST     MALONE                        NY-17-13-496
THOMPSON, HIRAM H.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-423
THOMPSON, JONATHAN           MALONE (CON'T)                NY-17-2-150
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            DICKINSON                     NY-17-9-352
THORNDIKE, SAMUEL C. F.      MALONE                        NY-17-7-504
THURBER, SUSAN               BELLMONT                      NY-17-5-636
TIDDER, HENRY A.             BANGOR                        NY-17-4-424
TIERNEY, ELLEN HOWARD        FRANKLIN                      NY-17-5-411
TIMMONS, JAMES               TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-12-638
TITUS, AMY R.                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-64
TITUS, BENJAMIN              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-4-212
TOBEY, GEORGE M.             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-7-171
TOBEY, SILVANUS              BURKE                         NY-17-7-36
TOBIN, JAMES                 SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-647
TOBIN, PETER                 SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-708
TODD, REUBEN H.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-698
TOFF, DEBORAH M.             MALONE                        NY-17-13-197
TOLAN, WILLIAM JAMES         BURKE                         NY-17-12-635
TOLAND, MARY J.              BURKE                         NY-17-11-69
TORRANCE, HENRY F.           HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-11-706
TORRANCE, SIMEON D.          SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-211
TOURVILLE, CARLES D.         CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-244
TOWER, LEMETTIE              BANGOR                        NY-17-10-553
TOWER, NAOMI                 BANGOR                        NY-17-9-531
TOWER, WARREN                BANGOR                        NY-17-6-223
TOWNSEND, MARIA M.           MALONE                        NY-17-7-186
TRACY, CORNELIUS L.          BUFFALO, ERIE, NY             NY-17-11-293
TRACY, DELLA                 TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-11-683
TRACY, ERASTUS               MALONE                        NY-17-6-488
TRACY, IRA                   BOMBAY                        NY-17-2-355
TRAINOR, BARTHOLOMEW         MALONE                        NY-17-7-553
TRAYNOR, JOHN                MALONE                        NY-17-10-632
TRAYNOR, MARY JANE           MALONE                        NY-17-11-501
TRAYNOR, PATRICK             MALONE                        NY-17-11-230
TREADWAY, MINERVA B.         MALONE                        NY-17-5-83
TREADWAY, MINERVA B.         MALONE                        NY-17-5-640
TRIM, ALVIN                  BRANDON                       NY-17-12-77
TROMBLEE, ABE                MALONE                        NY-17-13-475
TRUCHON, OLIVER              MALONE                        NY-17-13-431
TRUDEAU, EDWARD L. DR.       SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-302
TRUDO, LEWIS                 BANGOR                        NY-17-13-280
TRUMBLE, ADALINE A.          MALONE                        NY-17-4-137
TRYON, JOHN W.               MOIRA                         NY-17-12-147
TRYON, JULIUS                MOIRA                         NY-17-13-101
TRYON, RICHARD               BRUSHTON                      NY-17-8-331
TULLEY, JAMES                MALONE                        NY-17-12-132
TULLEY, JAMES H.             MALONE                        NY-17-13-226
TULLEY, JOHN                 MALONE                        NY-17-12-191
TURGEON, CHARLES FELIX       CONSTABLE                     NY-17-9-325
TURNER, ALBERT W.            MALONE                        NY-17-13-298
TURNER, CAROLINE             MALONE                        NY-17-11-235
TURNER, HENRY                BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-570
TURNER, JOHN                 MALONE                        NY-17-6-102
TURNER, STEPHEN              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-4-435
TUTHILL, MYRON S.            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-544
TUTTLE, EDGAR N.             DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-1
TUTTLE, EUNICE DELILA        DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-643
TWADDLE, ANN                 BURKE                         NY-17-11-154
TWADDLE, FRANK               BURKE                         NY-17-12-492
TWADDLE, IRWIN               BURKE                         NY-17-11-665
TWADDLE, JAMES               BURKE                         NY-17-7-68
UMPHREY, IRA                 MALONE                        NY-17-4-387
VANORNUM, SOPHRONIA          MALONE                        NY-17-4-582
VANYEA, ALMIRA               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-522
VAUGH, JOHN W.               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-503
VAUGHN, MARTHA A.            BURKE                         NY-17-13-243
VEDDO, OLIVER                BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-17
VIDGER, SAMUEL               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-18
WADE, WILLIAM S.             TUPPER LAKE                   NY-17-12-463
WAGGONER, FRANCIS            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-6-147
WALBRIDGE, WILLIAM           BELLMONT                      NY-17-1-377
WALBRIDGE, WILLIAM           BELLMONT                      NY-17-A-343
WALKER, CLARK E.             BANGOR                        NY-17-11-550
WALLACE, JOHN M.             FRANKLIN                      NY-17-6-360
WALLACE, JONATHAN            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-214
WALLACE, JONATHAN            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-3-206
WALLACE, MARION              MOIRA                         NY-17-12-488
WALLACE, MARY                FRANKLIN                      NY-17-10-394
WALSH, MARTIN                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-10-95
WALTON, HERBERT              SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-11-709
WARD, HENRY                  BOMBAY                        NY-17-3-229
WARD, LUMAN F.               FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-147
WARD, MARGARET               MALONE                        NY-17-11-269
WARD, MARY                   MALONE                        NY-17-11-267
WARD, MICHAEL                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-466
WARD, THOMAS                 BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-8
WARD, THOMAS                 BOMBAY                        NY-17-5-345
WARD, WILLIAM                BOMBAY                        NY-17-4-111
WARDNER, ADDIE S.            BRIGHTON                      NY-17-12-219
WARE, LEMUEL                 BOMBAY                        NY-17-2-399
WARREN, HERRICK E.           CONSTABLE                     NY-17-9-687
WARREN, JANE E.              TROUT RIVER                   NY-17-12-568
WARREN, JESSE                SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-11-194
WARREN, MICHAEL J.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-346
WASHBURN, JUSTUS C.          HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-10-374
WASHBURN, SELENUS            BANGOR                        NY-17-11-224
WATKINS, ALICE J.            MALONE                        NY-17-12-239
WATKINS, DIANTHA P.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-118
WATKINS, MARTIN V. B.        MALONE                        NY-17-12-225
WATS, ELLEN                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-11-250
WEAD, MARY KASSON            MALONE                        NY-17-11-52
WEAVER, MARY                 BURKE                         NY-17-13-624
WEBB, BENJAMIN M.            BELLMONT                      NY-17-12-537
WEBB, HULDAH                 BOMBAY                        NY-17-11-35
WEBB, MARY                   BANGOR                        NY-17-11-311
WEBB, THOMAS J.              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-276
WEBSTER, MARGARET A.         MALONE                        NY-17-8-140
WEBSTER, WALLACE H.          MALONE                        NY-17-10-257
WEEKS, HARRIET P.            MALEON                        NY-17-12-478
WEEKS, LYMAN                 MALONE                        NY-17-7-585
WELCH, AMOS JR.              FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-A-48
WELCH, ELLEN                 CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-12-257
WELCH, JOHN                  CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-9-44
WELCH, JOHN N.               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-313
WELCH, MARY                  CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-93
WELCH, RHUAMA                CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-437
WELLER, THOMAS O.            MALONE                        NY-17-11-189
WELLINGTON, ALANSON          MALONE                        NY-17-4-420
WELLS, BENJAMIN L.           MALONE                        NY-17-12-261
WELLS, CALVIN H.             BRANDON                       NY-17-4-107
WELLS, CASSIUS HENRY         FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-13-277
WELLS, THOMAS                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-451
WELLS, THOMAS                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-4-299
WELSH, LUKE                  BOMBAY                        NY-17-7-85
WENTWORTH, HELEN MATILDA     MALONE                        NY-17-12-60
WENTWORTH, HENRY J.          MALONE                        NY-17-4-303
WENTWORTH, SABRINA           BURKE                         NY-17-9-1
WENTWORTH, WARREN            CONSTABLE                     NY-17-4-570
WENTWORTH, WOODBURY          CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-61
WESCOTT, STEPHEN             MALONE                        NY-17-11-182
WESCOTT, TRUMAN              BANGOR                        NY-17-12-587
WETHERELL, ASA B.            MOIRA                         NY-17-13-76
WHALAND, DAVID               BOMBAY                        NY-17-8-97
WHALON, ANDREW               CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-442
WHEELER, ASA                 MALONE                        NY-17-A-291
WHEELER, ASA                 MALONE                        NY-17-1-107
WHEELER, ELIZABETH           GABRIELS                      NY-17-13-407
WHEELER, JULIANNA            MALONE                        NY-17-8-232
WHEELER, WILLIAM A.          MALONE                        NY-17-9-252
WHEELER, WILLIAM W.          MALONE                        NY-17-13-568
WHELPLEY, WILLIAM            BOMBAY                        NY-17-6-405
WHIPPLE, BENJAMIN F.         MOIRA                         NY-17-7-278
WHIPPLE, DANIEL              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-8-446
WHIPPLE, DAVID               MALONE                        NY-17-A-131
WHIPPLE, HARVEY              MALONE                        NY-17-5-102
WHIPPLE, MARTHA M.           BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-654
WHIPPLE, MARY L.             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-11-241
WHIPPLE, SILAS S.            MALONE                        NY-17-11-265
WHITCOMB, JUSTIN J.          MALONE                        NY-17-12-705
WHITE, ABIJAH                MALONE                        NY-17-5-72
WHITE, DANIEL                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-6-409
WHITE, ESTHER                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-8-566
WHITE, JOHN                  CONSTABLE                     NY-17-13-263
WHITE, JOHN A.               CONSTABLE                     NY-17-7-30
WHITE, PHILENA WARD          MALONE                        NY-17-12-89
WHITEHEAD, ELIZABETH         BANGOR                        NY-17-12-262
WHITEHEAD, FRED D.           MALONE                        NY-17-13-220
WHITEHEAD, GEORGE            BANGOR                        NY-17-12-139
WHITMAN, ORIN M.             DICKINSON                     NY-17-12-76
WHITMAN, SAREPTA             BRUSHTON                      NY-17-12-155
WHITNEY, ADALINE M.          MALONE                        NY-17-11-714
WHITNEY, JOSEPH              DICKINSON                     NY-17-7-468
WHITNEY, MARIA               DICKINSON                     NY-17-11-680
WHITNEY, SAMUEL A.           CAMDEN, GLOUCESTER, NJ        NY-17-11-362
WHITNEY, SARAH               MOIRA                         NY-17-3-496
WHITNEY, SEALAND             MALONE                        NY-17-5-448
WHITNEY, WILLIAM A.          MOIRA                         NY-17-9-439
WHITTEN, CLARA B.            KEESEVILLE, CLINTON, NY       NY-17-12-709
WHITTEN, LORINDA D.          WESTVILLE                     NY-17-9-472
WHITTEN, WOODBURY L.         MALONE                        NY-17-7-102
WHITTON, SAMUEL              MALONE                        NY-17-2-505
WHYTE, ROBERT                MALONE                        NY-17-11-98
WILCOX, ELIZA                MALONE                        NY-17-8-651
WILCOX, JOSIAH M.            BANGOR                        NY-17-8-342
WILCOX, MASON                MALONE                        NY-17-6-199
WILCOX, NORMAN               MALONE                        NY-17-8-520
WILCOX, NORMAN               MALONE                        NY-17-8-520
WILCOX, ROSWELL              MALONE                        NY-17-3-314
WILDER, ABEL                 MALONE                        NY-17-2-348
WILDING, ROBERT J.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-693
WILDING, ROBERT J.           MALONE                        NY-17-11-693
WILEY, JOSEPH F.             MALONE                        NY-17-5-53
WILEY, NELSON                WESTVILLE                     NY-17-11-121
WILKINS, GILBERT             HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-13-238
WILLEY, HIRAM                BRANDON                       NY-17-5-427
WILLIAMS, ANN MARIA          MALONE                        NY-17-12-468
WILLIAMS, ASHER              FRANKLIN                      NY-17-13-417
WILLIAMS, JOHN C.            BURKE                         NY-17-9-668
WILLIAMS, JOHN H.            SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-12-230
WILLIAMS, LUCINDA C.         MALONE                        NY-17-11-548
WILLIAMS, MARY               MALONE                        NY-17-4-160
WILLIAMSON, CLARK            MALONE                        NY-17-6-627
WILLIAMSON, GRACE L.         BURKE                         NY-17-12-576
WILLIAMSON, GURTHA A.        BURKE                         NY-17-12-118
WILLiAMSON, WILLIAM          BELLONT                       NY-17-12-134
WILLIS, EDWARD K.            MALONE                        NY-17-9-227
WILLIS, ELIZA H.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-13-397
WILLIS, JAMES T.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-6-172
WILLMARTH, ALLEN             BURKE                         NY-17-7-393
WILSON, HANNAH R.            MALONE                        NY-17-10-356
WILSON, HULDAH O.            FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-9-698
WILSON, JAMES A.             HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-11-295
WILSON, KATE A.              MALONE                        NY-17-11-497
WILSON, MARY A.              MOIRA                         NY-17-12-213
WILSON, PERLIA A.            HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-12-675
WILSON, SETH W. B.           FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-12-318
WINCKLER, ROSINA             MALONE                        NY-17-7-112
WINE, MARY                   MALONE                        NY-17-10-411
WINKLER, CHARLES B.          FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-11-485
WINKLEY, FRANCIS M.          MOIRA                         NY-17-5-80
WINKLEY, GEORGE              BELLMONT                      NY-17-8-585
WINKLEY, TAMSON D.           BRUSHTON                      NY-17-11-656
WITHERELL, LEANDER S.        MOIRA                         NY-17-10-391
WOOD, DANIEL D.              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-5-61
WOOD, GEORGE W.              MALONE                        NY-17-12-169
WOOD, HERBERT H.             MALONE                        NY-17-13-545
WOOD, JUNIA B.               MALONE                        NY-17-7-414
WOOD, MARTHA BRIGGS LORD     BRUSHTON                      NY-17-13-3
WOODRUFF, HARMON             DICKINSON                     NY-17-5-623
WOODS, FRANCIS               DICKINSON                     NY-17-4-273
WOODS, HATTIE L.             MOIRA                         NY-17-9-125
WOODWARD, AMARANSA           MALONE                        NY-17-11-229
WOODWARD, GEORGE C.          MALONE                        NY-17-9-601
WOODWARD, JAMES E.           MALONE                        NY-17-8-647
WOODWARD, SARAH              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-4-564
WOODWARD, SARAH              CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-5-252
WORKS, LIZZIE A.             CONSTABLE                     NY-17-7-266
WORKS, MARION                HARRIETSTOWN                  NY-17-12-157
WRIGHT, ALBON                FORT COVINGTON                NY-17-7-558
WRIGHT, DANIEL D.            MOIRA                         NY-17-7-487
WRIGHT, GILBERT              CONSTABLE                     NY-17-A-54
WRIGHT, JOHN                 MOIRA                         NY-17-A-285
WRIGHT, JOHN                 MOIRA                         NY-17-1-162
WRIGHT, RADFORD S.           BURKE                         NY-17-13-373
WYLIE, CARLYLE J.            BANGOR                        NY-17-7-548
WYLLYS, MOSES C.             CHATEAUGAY                    NY-17-2-497
WYMAN, JOHN                  WESTVILLE                     NY-17-4-1
WYMAN, LUCIUS                CONSTABLE                     NY-17-8-240
WYMAN, MARY E.               MALONE                        NY-17-9-517
WYMAN, SHERIDAN L.           CONSTABLE                     NY-17-12-508
YANDO, JOSEPH                MALONE                        NY-17-11-209
YELL, LOUIS SR.              ALTAMONT                      NY-17-13-377
YOUNG, BENJAMIN R.           BURKE                         NY-17-11-591
YOUNG, EDWARD RUSSELL        SARANAC LAKE                  NY-17-13-178
YOUNG, JOHN D.               BURKE                         NY-17-10-102
YOUNG, MARGARET              MALONE                        NY-17-12-529
YOUNG, SUSAN                 BANGOR                        NY-17-12-162
YOUNG, THOMAS                MALONE                        NY-17-11-716

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