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ABBOTT, SARAH                           OH-11-H-492
ABBOTT, WILLIAM                         OH-11-D-262
ADAMS, ANNA                             OH-11-G-64
ADAMS, LYDIA A.                         OH-11-D-495
ADAMS, REUBEN                           OH-11-C-465
ADAMS, SAMUEL H.                        OH-11-F-426
ALEXANDER, R. W.                        OH-11-C-508
ALLEN, EDWARD                           OH-11-G-461
ALLEN, JAMES                            OH-11-A-81
ALLGYER, JOSEPH                         OH-11-E-328
ALLISON, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-11-C-320
ALLISON, JAMES                          OH-11-C-384
ALLISON, WILFRED                        OH-11-C-501
ALPAHM, AMOS                            OH-11-C-272
ANDERSON, FANNY                         OH-11-C-394
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-11-D-268
ANDERSON, NANCY                         OH-11-D-529
ANDERSON, NORVAL W.                     OH-11-C-373
ANDERSON, THOMAS R.                     OH-11-B-133
APPLE, ADAM                             OH-11-D-306
APPLE, GEORGE SR.                       OH-11-D-251
APPLEGATE, ANN                          OH-11-H-571
APPLEGATE, DAVID                        OH-11-C-454
APPLEGATE, MARTHA                       OH-11-E-350
ARBOGAST, OTHE                          OH-11-D-218
ARMSTRONG, REBECCA                      OH-11-D-148
ARNEY, JACOB                            OH-11-C-3
ARNOLDS, JUDITH                         OH-11-C-105
ARROWSMITH, EZEKIEL                     OH-11-C-10
ARROWSMITH, MASON                       OH-11-D-397
ARTIS, ANGELINE                         OH-11-D-549
ASBERRY, RACHEL                         OH-11-B-49
ATKINSON, ABAGAIL                       OH-11-D-207
ATKINSON, CEPHAS                        OH-11-C-311
AUDAS, ELIZA A.                         OH-11-G-20
AULABAUGH, JACOB                        OH-11-F-210
AULABAUGH, MARY J.                      OH-11-H-109
AYRES, JOHN                             OH-11-B-112
BACOME, WILLIAM                         OH-11-C-301
BAILEY, MARGARET H.                     OH-11-C-35
BAILLIE, JOHN                           OH-11-C-575
BAIRD, JOHN R.                          OH-11-B-399
BAKER, FREDRICK                         OH-11-C-580
BAKER, GEORGE                           OH-11-F-112
BAKER, JACOB                            OH-11-H-560, 565
BAKER, MARTHA                           OH-11-D-164
BAKER, MARTHA A.                        OH-11-H-549, 553
BAKER, WILLIAM H.                       OH-11-G-557
BALDWIN, ELIZABETH                      OH-11-D-279
BALDWIN, FRANKLIN                       OH-11-C-387
BALDWIN, JOHN E.                        OH-11-C-41
BALDWIN, LEMUEL                         OH-11-D-319
BALEY, THOMAS M.                        OH-11-B-138
BALITZ, GEORGE SR. (REV WAR)            OH-11-B-349
BALLINGER, JOSHUA                       OH-11-A-28
BALLINGER, SARAH                        OH-11-A-83
BANES, EVAN                             OH-11-D-315
BANES, MARGARET                         OH-11-G-250
BARBER, EMILY C.                        OH-11-H-299, 302
BARGER, ADAM                            OH-11-C-573
BARINGTON, ANDREW                       OH-11-B-302
BARNES, BENONI                          OH-11-F-143
BARNES, BENONI                          OH-11-H-99
BARNES, MICHEL                          OH-11-H-68, 72
BARNES, W. C.                           OH-11-E-22
BARNETT, SAMUEL                         OH-11-C-587
BARRETT, ABNER                          OH-11-B-439
BARRETT, ELIZABETH                      OH-11-B-419
BARRINGTON, MARTHA                      OH-11-B-412
BASSETT, JOEL                           OH-11-D-107
BATES, EDWARD                           OH-11-C-186
BAXTER, STEPHEN JR.                     OH-11-C-380
BAYLES, JOHN                            OH-11-A-87
BAYSE, JOSEPH                           OH-11-D-184
BEAL, REBECCA                           OH-11-B-383
BEALY, MARY                             OH-11-H-196
BEAN, IRA A.                            OH-11-C-601
BECK, MARY                              OH-11-F-62
BEERY, PERRY G.                         OH-11-F-431
BEEZLEY, JOHN                           OH-11-A-16
BELL, ELIJAH                            OH-11-C-4
BELTZ, ANDREW                           OH-11-G-168
BENEDICT, HENRY                         OH-11-C-471
BENEDICT, JEEMIAH                       OH-11-C-269
BENNETT, BARNET                         OH-11-F-259
BENNETT, PORTEN R.                      OH-11-H-287
BERRY, ACHORY                           OH-11-B-121
BIRD, WILLIAM                           OH-11-D-169
BISHOP, JOHN                            OH-11-B-295
BLACK, ALEX                             OH-11-C-134
BLACK, ISAAC H.                         OH-11-D-255
BLACK, JAMES                            OH-11-E-63
BLACK, MARIAH                           OH-11-E-405
BLACK, MARY A.                          OH-11-G-464
BLACK, MORRISON M.                      OH-11-D-327
BLACK, PETER                            OH-11-C-567
BLACK, SAMUEL                           OH-11-B-413
BLACK, SAMUEL C.                        OH-11-D-109
BLACKFORD, LEMUEL                       OH-11-B-409
BLACKFORD, WILLIAM                      OH-11-H-323, 328
BLEW, SARAH                             OH-11-D-376
BLUE, CORNELIUS                         OH-11-B-216
BLUE, JOHN S.                           OH-11-D-69
BLUE, RICHARD                           OH-11-C-364
BLUE, SAMUEL                            OH-11-B-313
BLUE, WILLIAM                           OH-11-C-596
BODY, ADAM                              OH-11-F-39
BODY, LEWIS                             OH-11-B-206
BOLLINGER, SAMUEL H.                    OH-11-C-475
BOWERS, DAVID                           OH-11-E-38
BOWERS, JACOB P.                        OH-11-E-212
BRADEY, PETER                           OH-11-C-438
BRANDON, C. A.                          OH-11-C-579
BRECOUNT, SOLOMAN G.                    OH-11-C-519
BREEDLOVE, CHARLOTTE                    OH-11-E-361
BREEDLOVE, ELLEN F.                     OH-11-F-22
BREMSTRETTER, CHARLES                   OH-11-C-505
BRIGHT, PETER                           OH-11-E-114
BRINEY, MARK D.                         OH-11-D-224
BRITTEN, JOHN                           OH-11-B-393
BRITTON, NATHAN                         OH-11-C-125
BROWER, REBECCA                         OH-11-H-219
BROWN, ALEXANDER                        OH-11-B-71
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         OH-11-B-29
BROWN, CHARLES M.                       OH-11-H-383
BROWN, GEORGE B.                        OH-11-H-162
BROWN, JOEL                             OH-11-E-365
BROWN, MARY                             OH-11-B-255
BROWN, MARY J                           OH-11-D-149
BROWN, SMITH                            OH-11-C-516
BUCKRATH, H. FREDRICK                   OH-11-E-34
BUFFINGTON, BRINTON                     OH-11-E-294
BUMGARDNER, ABRAHAM                     OH-11-F-132
BUMGARDNER, ANDREW                      OH-11-H-147, 149
BURNHAM, NANCY                          OH-11-C-466
BURNHAM, RALPH                          OH-11-H-116, 122
BURNSIDE, CORILLA S.                    OH-11-H-236
BURNSIDE, JOEL                          OH-11-E-245
BURNSIDE, MALVIDA                       OH-11-F-251
BURY, SIMON                             OH-11-E-186
BUSHONG, JOHN                           OH-11-F-151
BUSSER, BENJAMIN G.                     OH-11-G-442
BUTCHER, J. M.                          OH-11-G-289
BYERS, BENJAMIN                         OH-11-B-347
CALDWELL, HARRIET                       OH-11-C-317
CALDWELL, JAMES G.                      OH-11-D-552
CALDWELL, MARTHA J.                     OH-11-C-435
CALDWELL, MARY S.                       OH-11-C-335
CALDWELL, MOSES                         OH-11-C-578
CALDWELL, ROBERT H.                     OH-11-E-418
CALLAND, SAMUEL                         OH-11-H-126, 136, 137
CALLANEL, WILLIAM                       OH-11-C-391
CAMPBELL, DAVID                         OH-11-E-234
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-11-C-82
CANNON, PATRICK                         OH-11-D-181
CARAWAY, JOHN                           OH-11-C-388
CARLETON, AARON                         OH-11-C-293
CARMAN, HUGH                            OH-11-A-53
CARMODY, MICHAEL                        OH-11-C-512
CARMONY, JOSEPH                         OH-11-C-349
CARPENTER, SARAH A.                     OH-11-H-591
CARSON, ELISHA                          OH-11-G-347, 382
CARSON, ROBERT                          OH-11-B-24
CARSON, SIMON                           OH-11-G-108
CARTER, CALEB                           OH-11-B-81
CARTER, ELIZABETH                       OH-11-C-426
CARTER, REBECCA                         OH-11-C-53
CARWIN, MARGRET                         OH-11-C-428
CARY, CALVIN                            OH-11-C-58
CARY, CALVIN SR.                        OH-11-B-26
CASEY, WILLIAM                          OH-11-E-158
CAVANAUGH, JAMES                        OH-11-C-60
CAVILEER, EDMUND B.                     OH-11-C-18, 38
CAVILEER, JULIET A.                     OH-11-D-170
CHAMAN, ENOCH S.                        OH-11-B-277
CHAPEL, DEARING                         OH-11-C-560
CHEETHAM, R. H.                         OH-11-E-67
CHENEY, EDWARD                          OH-11-B-35
CHENEY, IMO H.                          OH-11-G-345
CHENEY, JAMES                           OH-11-C-389
CHENEY, JONATHAN                        OH-11-C-399
CHENEY, RACHEL                          OH-11-E-326
CHENEY, SAMUEL                          OH-11-H-45, 48
CHESTER, AMOS                           OH-11-E-338
CHILDS, DANIEL                          OH-11-C-583
CLARK, ANGUS                            OH-11-C-271
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        OH-11-C-374
CLARK, HULDAH M.                        OH-11-D-370
CLARK, JAMES                            OH-11-C-343
CLARK, ROBERT                           OH-11-C-142
CLARKE, JOSEPH                          OH-11-C-340
CLAY, JACOB F.                          OH-11-D-213
CLAYTON, JOHN, LOGAN, OH                OH-11-B-136
CLEVINGER, JOSEPH                       OH-11-B-130
CLINTON, WILLIAM                        OH-11-E-57
CMDONALD, HESTER C.                     OH-11-F-198
COCHRAN, HUGH                           OH-11-B-87
COE, JOSEPH                             OH-11-D-57
COFFENBERGER, ELIZABETH                 OH-11-C-561
COFFEY, TATOM                           OH-11-D-253
COLBERT, JOSHUA                         OH-11-B-10
COLE, JAMES                             OH-11-C-528
COLLINS, NANCY                          OH-11-E-161
COLWELL, A. R.                          OH-11-C-183
COLWELL, ROBERT R.                      OH-11-F-220
COMEGYS, SARAH                          OH-11-C-111
COMEGYS, WILLIAM                        OH-11-B-323
COMER, PETER                            OH-11-B-10
COMER, PHILIP                           OH-11-B-63
COMER, PHILIP                           OH-11-G-508, 539
COMPTON, CATHARINE                      OH-11-H-329
CONKLIN, MARY                           OH-11-B-417
CONKLYN, EMILY D.                       OH-11-H-375
CONNELL, LINEY                          OH-11-G-412
CONNER, JOHN                            OH-11-C-514
CONREY, JONATHAN F.                     OH-11-G-430
CONREY, STEPHEN F.                      OH-11-F-376
COOK, ELIZA L.                          OH-11-D-180
COOK, LEWIS                             OH-11-C-111
COOLEY, JAMES                           OH-11-B-79
CORCORAN, PATRICK                       OH-11-F-164
CORWIN, ICHABOD                         OH-11-D-106
CORWIN, MARY L.                         OH-11-D-335
CORWIN, MOSES B.                        OH-11-D-84
COSTENBIRDER, MATHIAS                   OH-11-C-145
COULSON, CARRIE L.                      OH-11-G-471
COULSON, JOSEPH C.                      OH-11-G-354
COWAN, ALEXANDER M.                     OH-11-D-191
COWAN, JOHN                             OH-11-B-18
COWAN, RACHEL                           OH-11-B-42
COWGILL, ANN                            OH-11-D-134
COWGILL, HENRY                          OH-11-C-566
COWGILL, THOMAS                         OH-11-H-567
COWLES, SOLAMAN                         OH-11-C-443
COX, JAMES                              OH-11-B-253
CRAIG, W. B.                            OH-11-F-160
CRAIN, LEWIS F.                         OH-11-B-142
CRAMER, MARY                            OH-11-G-478
CRANE, ZENAS                            OH-11-E-201
CRANSTON, EDWARDS                       OH-11-H-141, 144
CRANSTON, JOHN B.                       OH-11-F-352
CRAWDER, WILLIAM                        OH-11-C-353
CRAWFORD, JOHN S.                       OH-11-G-10
CRAWFORD, SARAH A.                      OH-11-G-255
CREW, MARY H.                           OH-11-D-533
CRICHFIELD, ARTHUR                      OH-11-B-116
CRIFFIELD, MARGARATE                    OH-11-F-272
CRONKLETON, JOSEPH                      OH-11-B-67
CROOK, EVE                              OH-11-H-445
CROW, SARAH                             OH-11-B-11
CROWDER, HARBERT                        OH-11-B-100
CUMINS, THOMAS                          OH-11-D-50
CUMMINS, SIMON                          OH-11-D-324
CUNDIFF, OLIVER T.                      OH-11-D-94
CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE H.                   OH-11-F-117
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     OH-11-C-212
CURL, ISAAC                             OH-11-C-45
CURL, JOHN                              OH-11-C-451
CURL, WILLIAM H.                        OH-11-G-570
CURREN, WILLIAM                         OH-11-B-287
CURRIER, ELIAB                          OH-11-E-30
CURRY, ISAAC                            OH-11-D-10
CUSHMAN, FRANKLIN                       OH-11-B-441
CUSTER, ARNOLD                          OH-11-C-291
DAGGER, JOHN                            OH-11-D-51
DAHILL, PATRICK                         OH-11-H-291, 294
DALLAS, JAMES                           OH-11-D-65
DANIEL, THOMAS                          OH-11-B-311
DANIELS, JOHN                           OH-11-C-126
DANIELS, PERRY                          OH-11-F-278
DARGAN, DENNIS                          OH-11-H-1
DARNALL, JAMES                          OH-11-D-265
DARNALL, ROSWELL                        OH-11-C-225
DARNALL, WILLIAM                        OH-11-A-36
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         OH-11-A-59
DAVIS, ANDREW                           OH-11-B-85
DAVIS, BRITANIA                         OH-11-C-442
DAVIS, JAMES                            OH-11-C-73
DAVIS, JAMES                            OH-11-B-421
DAVIS, JAMES                            OH-11-C-179
DAVIS, SAMUEL C.                        OH-11-E-71
DAVIS, THOMAS                           OH-11-C-376
DAVIS, THOMS                            OH-11-H-153, 156
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-11-H-419, 423
DAWKINS, SARAH                          OH-11-C-247
DAWSON, JOHN                            OH-11-B-403
DAY, SAMUEL                             OH-11-C-118
DEATH, DANIEL A.                        OH-11-E-299
DEMORY, JOHN                            OH-11-C-103
DERRECKSON, ISABELLA                    OH-11-C-456
DEUEL, JEREMIAH                         OH-11-E-141
DEWEILER, ELIZABETH                     OH-11-H-429
DEWITT, JULIANA                         OH-11-H-279
DICK, PHILIP                            OH-11-D-250
DICKSON, ROBERT                         OH-11-A-55
DILTS, JOSEPH                           OH-11-B-39
DILTZ, JOHN                             OH-11-C-497
DINGLEDINE, PHILIP                      OH-11-D-129
DINGLEDUN, MARY                         OH-11-H-400
DITWILER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-11-C-121
DOAK, JOHN                              OH-11-B-377
DOBBINS, NANCY                          OH-11-H-319
DONALDSON, CAROLINE                     OH-11-F-173
DONALDSON, ROLAND                       OH-11-D-317
DONAVAN, ROBERT                         OH-11-B-51
DONLEY, WILLIAM W.                      OH-11-E-169
DONNALLAN, THOMAS                       OH-11-B-93
DOTY, JONATHAN                          OH-11-C-292
DOUGLAS, ANDREW                         OH-11-C-431
DOUGLASS, BATHOUS M.                    OH-11-F-291
DOUGLASS, ELIHU                         OH-11-B-77
DOUGLASS, JAMES                         OH-11-D-308
DOUGLASS, PRECILLA                      OH-11-C-370
DOWN, BENJAMIN                          OH-11-B-194
DOWNS, SARAH                            OH-11-C-599
DUCKWORTH, JOHN                         OH-11-D-104
DUGAN, JOHN                             OH-11-H-555, 558
DUN, ROBERT GEORGE                      OH-11-G-548
DUN, WALTER                             OH-11-C-127
DURNELL, HIRAM                          OH-11-G-584, 588
DUST, VALENTINE                         OH-11-C-139
DUVAL, JAMES S.                         OH-11-B-328
DYE, IRANA                              OH-11-D-348
DYSART, WILLIAM                         OH-11-F-412
EAGAN, WILLIAM                          OH-11-D-355
EARSOM, SIMON                           OH-11-C-202
EATON, MARTHA                           OH-11-G-326
EBBERT, JOHN                            OH-11-D-266
EBERTS, JOHN                            OH-11-B-124
EDMISTON, CALVIN L.                     OH-11-H-259, 262
EDMONSTON, WASHINGTON O.                OH-11-C-157
EDWARDS, MARY                           OH-11-F-301
EDWINSTON, JAMES                        OH-11-B-196
EICHHOLTZ, MARY A.                      OH-11-G-425
ELEYER, ELIZA J.                        OH-11-H-34
ELLIOTT, ROBERT                         OH-11-C-381
ELLIS, ABRAHAM                          OH-11-D-77
ELLSWORTH, JACOB B.                     OH-11-C-492
ENGLE, SAMUEL                           OH-11-F-397
ENRIGHT, JAMES                          OH-11-H-359, 362
ENSCH, JOHN                             OH-11-G-47
EVANS, GRIFFETH                         OH-11-B-214
EVANS, ISAAC                            OH-11-A-12
EVANS, JESSE                            OH-11-C-297
EVANS, JOHN                             OH-11-D-491
EVANS, JOHN                             OH-11-B-259
EVANS, MARY EVANS                       OH-11-A-44
EVANS, THOMAS D.                        OH-11-C-238
EVERETT, EPENITUS                       OH-11-F-26
EVERETT, SAMUEL                         OH-11-H-425, 427
EVERNHAM, HENRY                         OH-11-F-201
EVILSIGER, WILLIAM                      OH-11-H-385
EVILSIGER, WILLIAM                      OH-11-G-490
FAIRCHILD, JACOB                        OH-11-B-217
FAIRCHILD, SARAH F.                     OH-11-H-216
FEBIGER, ANNIE C.                       OH-11-G-439
FELL, JOSEPH                            OH-11-D-27
FIELD, ELIJAH H.                        OH-11-D-309
FIELD, THOMAS J.                        OH-11-E-178
FIELDER, JAMES M.                       OH-11-H-575, 578
FINLEY, FRANCIS A.                      OH-11-C-325
FINN, MARY                              OH-11-D-275
FISHER, SARAH                           OH-11-C-240
FITZGIBBON, MICHAEL                     OH-11-F-16
FITZPATRICK, DANIEL                     OH-11-D-313
FITZPATRICK, JOHN                       OH-11-E-273
FITZPATRICK, PATRICK                    OH-11-C-333
FLAYO, CHARLES                          OH-11-C-224
FLEMING, ALEXANDER                      OH-11-C-421
FLOWERS, AARON                          OH-11-B-158
FOLTZ, DAVID                            OH-11-G-526
FORRY, VIRGINIA E.                      OH-11-G-482
FOSTER, ANALINE F.                      OH-11-H-586, 589
FOSTER, ELISABETH                       OH-11-D-340
FOX, ABSOLOM                            OH-11-C-568
FOX, MARY                               OH-11-D-350
FRANK, CATHERINE                        OH-11-C-423
FRANK, MARTIN                           OH-11-C-432
FRANK, NANCY                            OH-11-E-307
FRANK, WILLIAM                          OH-11-C-102
FRANKEBERGER, JOHN                      OH-11-C-603
FRANKEBERGER, JOHN R.                   OH-11-D-20
FREEMAN, SARAH E.                       OH-11-G-96
FREEZE, DAVID                           OH-11-E-155
FREEZE, NOAH                            OH-11-D-372
FREEZE, REBECCA                         OH-11-G-298
FRENCH, ELIZABETH                       OH-11-G-502
FRENCH, ENOS                            OH-11-C-189
FREYHOF, FREDERICK                      OH-11-F-167
FREYHOF, JOHN                           OH-11-G-542
FRY, JULIAN                             OH-11-D-87
FULINDER, DAVID                         OH-11-F-76
FULLER, GEORGE W.                       OH-11-H-529, 534
FULLER, J. R.                           OH-11-H-49, 52
FULTON, JAMES W.                        OH-11-G-582
FULTON, JANE                            OH-11-G-5
FUNK, DANIEL                            OH-11-D-336
FUNK, ELIZABTEH                         OH-11-D-254
FUNK, FRASER                            OH-11-C-410
FUNK, JOEL                              OH-11-C-358
FUNK, REBECCA                           OH-11-C-346
FURROW, EZRA                            OH-11-E-165
FURROW, JACOB G.                        OH-11-D-400
FURROW, JOSEPH                          OH-11-C-382
FURROW, THIRZA W.                       OH-11-G-454
FUSON, ISIAH                            OH-11-C-310
FUSON, JOEL                             OH-11-C-356
FUSON, W. E.                            OH-11-G-350
FYFFE, E. P.                            OH-11-C-496
FYFFE, WILLIAM H.                       OH-11-C-306
GABRIEL, SAMUEL                         OH-11-G-436
GARBER, JOHN                            OH-11-A-31
GARDNER, SUSAN                          OH-11-F-54
GARROW, MICHAEL                         OH-11-C-476
GARVER, ABRAHAM                         OH-11-C-415
GARVER, JOHN                            OH-11-B-152
GARVER, SARAH                           OH-11-C-322
GATTEN, REBECCA                         OH-11-G-486
GEARHART, ANN                           OH-11-G-150
GEARHART, JOHN M.                       OH-11-D-119
GEHMAN, B. W.                           OH-11-E-8
GEST, W. B.                             OH-11-F-387
GILL, DAVID                             OH-11-C-416
GILL, JAMES                             OH-11-C-570
GLENDENING, JAMES                       OH-11-D-215
GLENDENING, THOMAS J.                   OH-11-H-53, 56
GLENN, EDMUND R.                        OH-11-D-12
GLENN, EVANS                            OH-11-C-342
GLENN, ISAAC D.                         OH-11-H-222, 225
GLENN, JOSEPH C.                        OH-11-F-255
GLENN, ROSANA C.                        OH-11-H-240
GLENN, WILLIAM C.                       OH-11-E-393
GLOVER, SAMUEL                          OH-11-A-46
GODARD, JESSE                           OH-11-C-223
GODDARD, ISAIAH W.                      OH-11-H-475, 480
GOOD, MARY G.                           OH-11-D-504
GOODE, JOHN                             OH-11-A-21
GORDON, JOHN                            OH-11-D-516
GOSLEE, GEORGE                          OH-11-F-107
GOUL, ADAM                              OH-11-B-405
GOUL, CHRISTIAN                         OH-11-D-352
GRAFTON THOMAS                          OH-11-C-44
GRAFTON, THOMAS J.                      OH-11-C-439
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       OH-11-H-58, 61
GRAHAM, JOSEPH                          OH-11-D-103
GRAY, HANNAH                            OH-11-D-173
GRAY, JOHN R.                           OH-11-D-139
GRAY, SARAH E.                          OH-11-D-156
GREEN, WILLIAM                          OH-11-B-153
GREENOUGH, FREDRICK W.                  OH-11-H-369, 374
GRIFFIN, NANCY J.                       OH-11-H-176
GROGAN, AUSTIN F.                       OH-11-C-263
GROVE, PARRY                            OH-11-D-507
GROVES, GEORGE                          OH-11-D-311
GROVES, JOHN                            OH-11-D-167
GUMP, JOHN                              OH-11-D-423
GURNEA, CYNTHIA                         OH-11-E-145
GUSS, PETER                             OH-11-F-248
GUTHERIDGE, JANE                        OH-11-C-151
GUTHRIDGE, JESSE                        OH-11-C-427
GUTHRIE, JOHN B.                        OH-11-D-72
GUTHRIE, MARTHA                         OH-11-D-73
GUTREDGE, JOHN SR.                      OH-11-B-37
GUTRIDGE, AARON                         OH-11-D-163
GUY, ELIZA                              OH-11-D-141
GUY, LYMAN                              OH-11-C-363
GUY, WILLIAM                            OH-11-H-543
GUYNNE, ROBERT M.                       OH-11-D-405
GWYNNE, THOMAS                          OH-11-B-57
HAGEMAN, ANNA L.                        OH-11-F-95
HAGGARD, RICE                           OH-11-A-89
HAINES, ALLEN                           OH-11-C-307
HAINES, HUDSON                          OH-11-G-375, 455
HALL, AURILLA                           OH-11-D-101
HALL, DAVID H.                          OH-11-D-204
HALL, GERMAN                            OH-11-G-215
HALL, JOHN                              OH-11-A-74
HALL, MARYLAND                          OH-11-B-107
HALLER, WILLIAM                         OH-11-D-545
HAMILTON, CORA NORTH                    OH-11-H-535
HAMILTON, JOHN                          OH-11-A-18
HAMILTON, JOSEPH C.                     OH-11-D-92
HANAGAN, MARY                           OH-11-D-11
HANDBACK, BARBARA                       OH-11-B-114
HANGER, DAVID G.                        OH-11-C-150
HANGER, PETER                           OH-11-C-11
HANNON, J. P.                           OH-11-G-36
HANNON, JONATHAN                        OH-11-G-335
HANT, ISAAC W.                          OH-11-G-565, 568
HARBACH, WILLIAM H.                     OH-11-C-253
HARBOUR, WILLIAM                        OH-11-C-178
HARLAN, JOHN                            OH-11-D-179
HARLAN, JOSHUA                          OH-11-G-512, 516
HARPER, JOHN                            OH-11-F-238
HARPER, SAMUEL                          OH-11-D-209
HARRINGTON, CAROLINE                    OH-11-F-33
HARRIS, GEORGE                          OH-11-C-69
HARRISON, ROBERT                        OH-11-E-382
HARTZLER, JACOB                         OH-11-H-407, 409
HARVEY, JAMES                           OH-11-G-23
HATCHER, ISAAC                          OH-11-B-372
HAWKINS, MOSES                          OH-11-C-324
HAWRIGAN, TIMOTHY                       OH-11-C-390
HAYNES, JONATHAN                        OH-11-B-122
HAYS, SAMUEL                            OH-11-C-360
HAZEL, JACOB                            OH-11-C-319
HECK, MATILDA                           OH-11-F-294
HEDGES, JONAS                           OH-11-C-402
HEDGES, REBECCA                         OH-11-D-115
HEFFERNAN, THOMAS                       OH-11-E-378
HEFFEY, MAURICE                         OH-11-C-503
HEFLEBOWER, ABRAHAM                     OH-11-D-293
HEFLEBOWER, HANNAH                      OH-11-G-32
HEFLEBOWER, MARTIN                      OH-11-C-445
HELMICK, JOHN M.                        OH-11-G-414
HELMICK, SARAH W.                       OH-11-H-25
HELPS, JOHN                             OH-11-E-230
HELVIE, SAMUEL                          OH-11-C-368
HENDRIX, ELIZABETH T.                   OH-11-D-3
HENDRIX, GEORGE                         OH-11-B-316
HENNES, SAMUEL                          OH-11-D-511
HENRY, JAMES                            OH-11-B-332
HENRY, NIMROD                           OH-11-C-234
HESS, ABRAHAM                           OH-11-C-218
HESS, JACOB                             OH-11-D-226
HESS, JOHN                              OH-11-C-448
HESS, MARY ANN                          OH-11-G-495
HEWITT, SYLVINA                         OH-11-E-254
HEWLINGS, JOSEPH                        OH-11-B-150
HEWLINGS, JOSEPH                        OH-11-H-4, 7
HEYLIN, MARCUS                          OH-11-B-56
HIGBEE, WILLIAM                         OH-11-D-271
HILL, JOSEPH SR.                        OH-11-C-331
HILL, MARY                              OH-11-C-592
HILL, NATHAN                            OH-11-B-109
HILL, NATHANIEL                         OH-11-B-340
HINTON, JOHN                            OH-11-E-48
HITE, GEORGE                            OH-11-C-150
HITT, JOHN W.                           OH-11-D-276
HITT, SAMUEL W.                         OH-11-G-444, 540
HOAK, JACOB                             OH-11-E-149
HOAKE, JACOB SR.                        OH-11-B-401
HODGES, GEORGE H.                       OH-11-H-457, 462
HOLT, DANFORD                           OH-11-G-76
HOLT, WILLIAM                           OH-11-G-1
HOLYCROSS, C. BEAMER                    OH-11-H-507, 511
HOLYCROSS, DANIEL                       OH-11-D-395
HOLYCROSS, HOWELL                       OH-11-B-242
HOLYCROSS, WILLIAM                      OH-11-D-154
HOOVER, JOHN                            OH-11-E-325
HOPKINS, ELIHU H.                       OH-11-D-428
HOR, OBED                               OH-11-C-254
HORNBACK, JOHN                          OH-11-B-32
HOSINGTON, ABISHAI                      OH-11-C-267
HOWARD, ANSON                           OH-11-C-7
HOWARD, JHN M.                          OH-11-H-497, 500
HOWARD, OLIVE                           OH-11-C-299
HOWELL, MANOAH                          OH-11-D-304
HUBBELL, SAUNDER                        OH-11-D-264
HUDDLESTON, ANDREW                      OH-11-H-521
HUDDLESTUN, WILLIAM                     OH-11-B-54
HUFFMAN, DAVID                          OH-11-B-436
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           OH-11-D-145
HUFFMAN, LEWIS                          OH-11-A-65
HUGHS, ABRAHAM                          OH-11-A-24
HULL, ALFRED A.                         OH-11-F-50
HULLINGER, ABRAHAM                      OH-11-D-126
HULLINGER, VALENTINE                    OH-11-C-160
HULSE, DAVID                            OH-11-D-71
HUME, PETER                             OH-11-C-237
HUMES, NANCY M.                         OH-11-H-193
HUMPHREY, JOHN                          OH-11-D-272
HUNTER, ANN                             OH-11-C-164
HUNTER, HESTER ANN                      OH-11-B-308
HUNTER, JAMES                           OH-11-C-371
HUNTER, JOHN                            OH-11-E-335
HUNTER, JOHN                            OH-11-D-283
HUNTER, JOHN WESLEY                     OH-11-D-464
HUNTER, MARY                            OH-11-C-8
HUNTER, MARY A.                         OH-11-F-379
HUNTER, MARY R.                         OH-11-D-330
HUNTER, NATHANIEL                       OH-11-B-244
HUNTER, SAMUEL                          OH-11-C-569
HURD, JOHN                              OH-11-F-334
HYNES, MARGARET                         OH-11-G-339, 396
IDLE, WILLIAM                           OH-11-G-467
INSTINE, MICHAEL O.                     OH-11-C-158
IRWIN, ABNER                            OH-11-C-40
JACKSON, BENJAMIN F.                    OH-11-C-242
JAMES, JOHN H.                          OH-11-D-575
JAMESON, WILLIAM S.                     OH-11-C-136
JENKINS, RUSSELL                        OH-11-D-231
JENKINS, SARAH                          OH-11-E-438
JENKINS, SARAH M.                       OH-11-C-594
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        OH-11-C-367
JENKINS, WILLIAM SR.                    OH-11-B-378
JOHNSON, ARCHIBALD C.                   OH-11-C-193
JOHNSON, FREDRICK                       OH-11-C-39
JOHNSON, JACOB                          OH-11-B-369
JOHNSON, PHEBE A.                       OH-11-D-23
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         OH-11-C-24
JOHNSON, TIMOLLEY                       OH-11-D-356
JOHNSTON, DELILAH                       OH-11-C-467
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         OH-11-B-61
JOHNSTON, MARY                          OH-11-B-30
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       OH-11-B-5
JONES, WILLIAM                          OH-11-C-165
JONES, WILLIAM H.                       OH-11-D-581
JOURNELL, CHARLES                       OH-11-C-347
JOYCE, NANCY                            OH-11-D-413
JUDD, REBECCA                           OH-11-D-572
JUDY, JACOB                             OH-11-B-84
KAIN, MAURICE                           OH-11-A-9
KANAGA, JOHN                            OH-11-F-442
KAUFFMAN, CHRISTIAN                     OH-11-H-171, 174
KAUFFMAN, DAVID                         OH-11-E-291
KAUFFMAN, JACOB                         OH-11-D-158
KAVANAGH, SAMUEL                        OH-11-G-85
KAVANAUGH, MATTHEW                      OH-11-B-212
KEARNEY, JAMES F.                       OH-11-E-25
KEENER, SAMUEL                          OH-11-C-122
KELBY, REBECCA                          OH-11-C-161
KELLEY, JOSEPH                          OH-11-F-329
KELLEY, RACHEL                          OH-11-D-74
KELLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-11-G-89
KELLY, ROBERT                           OH-11-E-270
KENFIELD, DAVID                         OH-11-D-322
KENNEDY, CHRISTENA                      OH-11-D-19
KENTON, ELIZABETH                       OH-11-C-600
KENTON, JAMES                           OH-11-H-212
KENTON, JOHN                            OH-11-C-23
KENTON, KEZIA                           OH-11-C-203
KENTON, MARK                            OH-11-C-34
KENTON, THOMAS                          OH-11-C-48
KENTZEL, SOPHIA                         OH-11-E-249
KERNS, JOHN                             OH-11-C-429
KESTER, ELIZABETH                       OH-11-G-504
KETCHUM, FANNY                          OH-11-G-185
KIBLINGER, MARIA                        OH-11-D-541
KIDDER, NATHANIEL H.                    OH-11-C-31
KIMBALL, HIRAM D.                       OH-11-H-601
KIMBALL, TRUMAN M.                      OH-11-H-270
KIMBER, ENNOR                           OH-11-F-11
KING, MARY A.                           OH-11-H-101
KINGSLEY, ELEANOR M.                    OH-11-C-194
KINNAN, JOSEPH                          OH-11-B-433
KIRBY, JOHN M.                          OH-11-C-518
KIRBY, JOSEPH                           OH-11-D-247
KIRKPATRICK, A.                         OH-11-C-64
KIRKPATRICK, S. D.                      OH-11-C-344
KIRKWOOD, JOHN                          OH-11-D-8
KISER, JOHN W.                          OH-11-G-243
KISER, RHUHAMA                          OH-11-F-364
KIST, JOHN                              OH-11-C-294
KITE, ADAM                              OH-11-B-248
KITE, BENJAMIN                          OH-11-C-159
KITE, WILLIAM                           OH-11-D-127
KIZER, CHARLES                          OH-11-H-14, 18
KIZER, GEORGE MC.                       OH-11-H-104, 107
KOFFROTH, C. B.                         OH-11-C-411
KUHLENCAMP, KATHERINE                   OH-11-H-378, 381
KULMER, HENRY                           OH-11-H-332
KURTZ, JOSEPH                           OH-11-E-389

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