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LACOCK, ELIZA M.                        OH-11-C-26
LACOCK, SARAH E.                        OH-11-C-181
LAFFERTY, ISAAC                         OH-11-D-484
LAFFERTY, JOHN                          OH-11-B-13
LAFFERTY, JOHN M.                       OH-11-H-415
LAMAR, JOHN                             OH-11-E-216
LAMME, JAMES                            OH-11-A-57
LANCASTER, ELI P.                       OH-11-D-578
LANGORN, WILLIAM                        OH-11-B-306
LAPHAM, LEVI                            OH-11-F-283
LAPHAM, LORANA                          OH-11-C-168
LAPHAM, MARCY                           OH-11-C-284
LAPHAM, SENECA                          OH-11-C-114
LARK, JOHN SR.                          OH-11-C-334
LAWRENCE, ISAAC                         OH-11-C-277
LAYTON, SARAH                           OH-11-H-512
LAYTON, WILLIAM                         OH-11-A-23
LEASE, WILLIAM                          OH-11-D-201
LEATHLEY, MARY                          OH-11-G-403, 406
LEE, BENJAMIN                           OH-11-A-45
LEE, CAROLINE M.                        OH-11-H-435
LEE, HIRAM                              OH-11-E-317
LEE, MARTHA                             OH-11-E-102
LEE, WILLIAM                            OH-11-F-2
LEEDOM, THOMAS Y.                       OH-11-D-320
LEGGE, SAMUEL                           OH-11-D-133
LEMEN, RACHEL                           OH-11-D-221
LEMON, WILLIAM                          OH-11-C-20
LEONARD, B. F.                          OH-11-G-68
LEONARD, GEORGE                         OH-11-F-178
LEONARD, JOHN P.                        OH-11-D-135
LESSENGER, A. J.                        OH-11-D-197
LEWIS, GEORGE                           OH-11-B-96
LEWIS, JAMES R.                         OH-11-D-328
LIMES, HARMON                           OH-11-C-316
LINCOLN, CHARLES                        OH-11-D-380
LINE, JAMES                             OH-11-G-73
LITTLE, MARTHA A.                       OH-11-E-80
LITTLE, NATHAN B.                       OH-11-D-235
LLOYD, ROBERT                           OH-11-B-340
LONG, BENJAMIN                          OH-11-C-261
LONG, JONATHAN                          OH-11-B-73
LONG, PHILIP                            OH-11-B-317
LONG, ROBERT                            OH-11-B-321
LONG, WILLIAM                           OH-11-D-227
LONGWORTH, JOSEPH                       OH-11-E-368
LOOKER, WILLAM                          OH-11-C-598
LOUDENBACK, ALLEN                       OH-11-E-13
LOUDENBACK, DAVID                       OH-11-C-46
LOUDENBACK, DAVID                       OH-11-G-574, 578
LOUDENBACK, ELIZABETH                   OH-11-H-464
LOUDENBACK, JOSEPH                      OH-11-C-251
LOVINGSTON, JAMES SR.                   OH-11-C-462
LOWERY, JAMES                           OH-11-B-44
LUCE, DOUGLAS                           OH-11-H-243
LUNG, ELIZABETH                         OH-11-D-289
LUSE, ZEPHANIAH                         OH-11-B-443
LYNN, JEFFREY                           OH-11-B-197
LYON, CHRISTIAN                         OH-11-C-201
LYONS, EZRA                             OH-11-H-395, 398
MACHAM, JOSEPH                          OH-11-C-229
MACLAY, CHARLES                         OH-11-B-11
MADDEN, HANNAH                          OH-11-D-537
MAGINGO, JOSEPH                         OH-11-C-486
MAGREW, MARGARET                        OH-11-D-99
MAGREW, MATTHEW                         OH-11-C-184
MALEY, G. W.                            OH-11-C-479
MALIN, WILLIAM                          OH-11-A-85
MANN, LORENZO D.                        OH-11-C-513
MAPATHER, CHARLES                       OH-11-C-453
MARSH, ISAAC                            OH-11-B-445
MARSHALL, CHARLES W.                    OH-11-G-154
MARSHALL, MATILDA                       OH-11-H-431
MARTIN, ERASTUS                         OH-11-G-387, 391
MARTIN, JOB                             OH-11-B-101
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         OH-11-C-296
MARTZ, BENJAMIN H.                      OH-11-F-421
MASON, ISAAC                            OH-11-B-178
MASON, JANE                             OH-11-C-191
MASON, JOHN                             OH-11-D-67
MAST, JOHN                              OH-11-D-468
MAYELL, S. F.                           OH-11-C-67
MCADAMS, ISAAC                          OH-11-C-572
MCADAMS, JOHN                           OH-11-B-192
MCADAMS, JOHN                           OH-11-C-468
MCADAMS, MARY                           OH-11-D-474
MCADAMS, RACHEL                         OH-11-D-24
MCADAMS, SAMUEL                         OH-11-B-118
MCALEXANDER, JAMES                      OH-11-B-184
MCALLISTER, JAMES                       OH-11-D-186
MCBETH, ANN M.                          OH-11-C-526
MCBETH, ELIZABETH                       OH-11-C-55
MCBETH, RACHEL                          OH-11-B-380
MCBETH, ROBERT R.                       OH-11-H-389, 394
MCCARTHEY, PATRICK                      OH-11-C-377
MCCARTY, PATRICK                        OH-11-F-182
MCCARTY, STEPHEN                        OH-11-E-191
MCCARTY, SUSANNAH                       OH-11-D-455
MCCAUGHEY, SAMUEL                       OH-11-C-398
MCCLUNG, ISAAC SR.                      OH-11-D-499
MCCOLLUM, H. F.                         OH-11-C-211
MCCOLLUM, JAMES                         OH-11-B-182
MCCOMSEY, HENRY B.                      OH-11-C-529
MCCOMSEY, S. CARTER                     OH-11-D-111
MCCORD, SAMUEL                          OH-11-B-431
MCCORKLE, ALEXANDER                     OH-11-D-195
MCCRAY, RACHEL                          OH-11-C-500
MCCREA, WALLACE                         OH-11-H-74
MCCROSKEY, LAVINA                       OH-11-G-264
MCCROSKY, WILLIAM                       OH-11-C-169
MCCUMSEY, ALEXANDER                     OH-11-B-64
MCDERMOTT, THOMAS                       OH-11-G-312, 397
MCDONALD, DUNCAN                        OH-11-G-126
MCDONALD, GEORGE                        OH-11-F-204
MCDONALD, HUGH                          OH-11-E-99
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                       OH-11-A-5
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                       OH-11-C-430
MCFARLAND, ALBERT G.                    OH-11-C-17
MCFARLAND, JOHN M.                      OH-11-H-363
MCFARLAND, ROBERT                       OH-11-D-33
MCGREW, PATIENCE                        OH-11-C-433
MCILVAIN, THEODORE                      OH-11-G-535
MCILVAIN, WILLIAM                       OH-11-C-524
MCKEOWN, HENRY                          OH-11-F-392
MCLAIN, JOSEPH                          OH-11-B-128
MCLAUGHLIN, MARIA                       OH-11-H-85, 87
MCMANAWAY, SARAH                        OH-11-C-22
MCMONAN, S. T.                          OH-11-F-346
MCMORRAN, MAGDALENA E.                  OH-11-H-605
MCMULLIN, JAMES SR.                     OH-11-B-358
MCNALLY, ELISABETH                      OH-11-F-306
MCPHERRIN, JOHN                         OH-11-B-384
MCPHERRIN, SAMUEL                       OH-11-B-342
MCROBERTS, WILLIAM                      OH-11-C-303
MEACHAM, IRENA                          OH-11-D-83
MEAD, HANNAH E.                         OH-11-G-239
MEEKS, MARTHA J.                        OH-11-F-438
MERREDITH, JOHN                         OH-11-B-82
MERRITT, GEORGE                         OH-11-D-318
MERRITT, JOHN                           OH-11-C-282
MERRITT, JOHN                           OH-11-D-190
MERRITT, MARY                           OH-11-G-206
MESSER, JACOB                           OH-11-H-231
MICHAEL, CATHERINE                      OH-11-C-260
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM                      OH-11-G-113
MILEY, SAMUEL JOHN                      OH-11-F-13
MILHOLLAND, DANIEL                      OH-11-C-460
MILLER, ANN D.                          OH-11-C-12
MILLER, DAVID                           OH-11-H-41, 43
MILLER, EVE                             OH-11-D-338
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-11-B-36
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-11-C-417
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-11-B-310
MILLER, JULIA A.                        OH-11-G-422
MILLER, LAWRENCE                        OH-11-C-502
MILLER, REBECCA                         OH-11-G-59
MILLER, RUTH                            OH-11-E-200
MILLER, RUTH                            OH-11-D-426
MILLER, THOMAS P.                       OH-11-C-203
MILLER, VALENTINE                       OH-11-B-351
MILLER, WILLIAM                         OH-11-A-60
MINNICK, PETER SR.                      OH-11-A-33
MINTERN, ALLEN                          OH-11-C-146
MINTURN, BARTON                         OH-11-C-478
MINTURN, EDWARD                         OH-11-H-410
MINTURN, REBECCA                        OH-11-C-511
MITCHEL, SAMUEL                         OH-11-A-7
MITCHELL, CLAUDIUS                      OH-11-F-121
MITCHELL, JOHN                          OH-11-G-309
MITCHELL, JOHN                          OH-11-C-71
MITCHELL, MARY A.                       OH-11-F-338
MONROE, DAVID                           OH-11-C-563
MONROE, MARGARET                        OH-11-C-491
MOODY, MARIA                            OH-11-F-235
MOOR, THOMAS                            OH-11-B-250
MOORE, HANNAH                           OH-11-F-83
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-11-C-56
MOOSE, CHRISTENA                        OH-11-D-243
MORE, JAMES                             OH-11-C-315
MORECRAFT, ESTHER                       OH-11-B-350
MORECRAFT, JAMES S.                     OH-11-D-333
MORECRAFT, SIMEON                       OH-11-D-211
MORGAN, CLARA A.                        OH-11-C-522
MORGAN, EDWARD                          OH-11-C-576
MORRIS, EDWARD C.                       OH-11-C-571
MORRIS, ELIJAH                          OH-11-D-214
MORRIS, HENRY                           OH-11-C-279
MORRISON, EPHRAIM                       OH-11-A-4
MORROW, IAAC L.                         OH-11-D-118
MORSE, CHARLES                          OH-11-E-75
MOSES, EUNICE                           OH-11-C-17
MOSES, TRUMAN                           OH-11-G-418
MOSGROVE, ADAM                          OH-11-D-192
MOSGROVE, FRANCES A.                    OH-11-D-388
MOSS, L. B.                             OH-11-F-218
MOUSER, WILLIAM                         OH-11-C-407
MURDOCK, JAMES R.                       OH-11-G-476
MURDOCK, JOHN                           OH-11-C-216
MURDOCK, MARY E.                        OH-11-C-337
MURDOCK, WILLIAM M.                     OH-11-G-316
MURREY, SARAH                           OH-11-C-209
MYERS, AARON                            OH-11-G-518, 520
MYERS, JOSEH                            OH-11-H-8, 13
NAGLE, MICHAEL                          OH-11-H-113
NAPIER, ANN REBECCA                     OH-11-H-284
NATION, PHILIP                          OH-11-C-162
NEAL, ANN                               OH-11-G-561
NEAL, DANIEL                            OH-11-B-222
NEAL, DANIEL D.                         OH-11-F-65
NEAL, ST. LEGER                         OH-11-A-63
NEAR, MARTH                             OH-11-D-16
NEER, ELIZA J.                          OH-11-F-408
NEER, JONT                              OH-11-C-176
NEER, MARTHA                            OH-11-B-366
NEER, NATHAN L.                         OH-11-F-19
NEER, PENINAH                           OH-11-D-439
NEET, MARTHA M.                         OH-11-G-159
NEFF, AMANDA                            OH-11-H-547
NEILL, RACHEL                           OH-11-D-285
NELSON, JAMES A.                        OH-11-D-344
NELSON, MARY B.                         OH-11-E-198
NELSON, MARY J.                         OH-11-D-123
NEWSOM, DOLLY                           OH-11-D-56
NICHLES, NOAH                           OH-11-F-317
NICHOLAS, DANIEL                        OH-11-B-110
NICKELS, ELIAS                          OH-11-E-206
NIGHSWANDER, ELIZABETH                  OH-11-H-303
NITCHMAN, MARTIN                        OH-11-E-223
NOE, ELIZABETH                          OH-11-D-488
NOE, LEWIS                              OH-11-C-132
NOE, ROBERT                             OH-11-C-378
NOONEN, BRIDGET                         OH-11-G-321
NORTH, ABEL                             OH-11-H-63, 67
NORTH, LUCY                             OH-11-D-238
NORTH, LYMAN                            OH-11-C-314
NORTHCUTT, SHADRICK                     OH-11-C-78
OBRIEN, HANNORAH                        OH-11-H-165
OCONNOR, DANIEL                         OH-11-D-435
ODELL, LYDIA                            OH-11-D-443
OFFENBACHER, AARON                      OH-11-C-264
OGAWAS, JAMES                           OH-11-D-79
OLEARY, JOHN                            OH-11-F-287
ORAM, LYDIA                             OH-11-G-277
ORGAN, SAMUEL                           OH-11-F-245
OSBORN, DAVID                           OH-11-B-180
OSBORN, EUDORA                          OH-11-G-342
OSBORN, JAMES                           OH-11-C-236
OSBORN, LEVI                            OH-11-B-31
OSBORN, REBECCA                         OH-11-H-38
OTT, NANCY                              OH-11-E-129
OUTRAM, ROBERT                          OH-11-E-89
OVERFIELD, JOAB                         OH-11-G-180
OVERFIELD, MARY                         OH-11-D-246
OVERFIELD, WILLIAM                      OH-11-B-285
OVERHULS, BARBARA                       OH-11-D-332
OWEN, JOHN                              OH-11-G-102
OWEN, WILLIAM H.                        OH-11-F-44
OWENS, JANE                             OH-11-C-30
OWENS, WILLIAM                          OH-11-B-7
PADEN, JOHN B.                          OH-11-E-209
PARK, HANNAH                            OH-11-C-361
PARK, MARGARET                          OH-11-G-392
PARKE, JONATHAN                         OH-11-F-87
PARTEN, ELIZA                           OH-11-F-81
PATRICK, ANTHONY                        OH-11-C-75
PATRICK, G. W.                          OH-11-C-151
PATRICK, JACOB H.                       OH-11-G-172
PATRICK, MARTHA W.                      OH-11-H-263
PATRICK, VIRGINIA C.                    OH-11-C-199
PATRICK, WILLIAM                        OH-11-G-281
PATTEN, JOHN                            OH-11-D-234
PAUGH, ABRAHAM                          OH-11-B-209
PAXTON, JAMES                           OH-11-B-89
PEACE, ABSOLEM                          OH-11-D-63
PEARSE, WNN                             OH-11-H-306
PEARSON, CRAVEN                         OH-11-H-338, 343
PENCE, AARON                            OH-11-C-510
PENCE, ABAHAM                           OH-11-B-175
PENCE, ABRAHAM                          OH-11-C-597
PENCE, ADAM                             OH-11-E-42
PENCE, BARBARA                          OH-11-C-385
PENCE, DANIEL                           OH-11-C-77
PENCE, DAVID                            OH-11-E-303
PENCE, DAVID                            OH-11-C-386
PENCE, ELI                              OH-11-C-268
PENCE, EVE                              OH-11-C-329
PENCE, FREDERICK                        OH-11-B-146
PENCE, GEORGE W.                        OH-11-D-171
PENCE, HENRY                            OH-11-B-47
PENCE, HENRY (MAP)                      OH-11-B-336
PENCE, ISAAC                            OH-11-C-581
PENCE, JACOB                            OH-11-C-136
PENCE, JOHN                             OH-11-B-367
PENCE, JOSEPH                           OH-11-C-154
PENCE, MAGDALENA                        OH-11-D-75
PENCE, SAMUEL                           OH-11-B-344
PENCE, SAMUEL                           OH-11-A?51
PENCE, SARAH                            OH-11-F-372
PENNINGTON, SMAUEL E.                   OH-11-G-165
PENSIL, GEORGE                          OH-11-C-275
PEPPER, ANN                             OH-11-C-277
PEPPER, JOHN                            OH-11-C-72
PERSINGER, HENRY B.                     OH-11-H-367
PETTY, GEORGE                           OH-11-B-224
PHILIPS, JOHN                           OH-11-B-449
PHILLIPS, J. C.                         OH-11-F-6
PIATT, ALEXANDER                        OH-11-D-174
PICKARD, ALEXANDER                      OH-11-C-507
PIERCE, EMMA F.                         OH-11-G-458
PIERCE, HULDA                           OH-11-G-19
PINE, WILLIAM                           OH-11-H-82
PITTMAN, HANNAH                         OH-11-F-140
PLANE, JANE                             OH-11-E-430
POOL, SILAS                             OH-11-B-324
POTTER, NATHANIEL                       OH-11-B-428
POWELL, ABAHAM                          OH-11-A-69
POWELL, ABRAHAM                         OH-11-E-1
POWELL, ELIJAH                          OH-11-C-473
POWELL, ELIZABETH                       OH-11-H-95, 98
POWELL, HENRY                           OH-11-C-515
POWELL, IRA J.                          OH-11-H-295, 297
POWELL, JOHN                            OH-11-H-266, 269
POWELL, SAMUEL                          OH-11-B-25
POWELL, SAMUEL S.                       OH-11-F-136
PRICE, HENRY W.                         OH-11-F-129
PRICE, JOEL                             OH-11-C-419
PRILL, HENRY                            OH-11-B-174
PRINCE, MARTIN                          OH-11-E-331
PROCTER, WILLIAM                        OH-11-D-299
PURCELL, JOHN B.                        OH-11-E-355
PURTLEBAUGH, WILLIAM A.                 OH-11-F-224
PUTNAM, ZACARIAH                        OH-11-C-258
QUINN, HUGH                             OH-11-C-286
QUINN, P. A.                            OH-11-G-194
RANNELLS, WILLIAM                       OH-11-D-165
RAWLINS, AARON                          OH-11-E-52
RAWLINS, JONATHAN                       OH-11-B-279
RAWLINS, SUSAN L.                       OH-11-G-305
READ, JOEL                              OH-11-C-117
READ, SARAH                             OH-11-D-76
READER, WILLIAM                         OH-11-D-229
REAM, ELIZABETH                         OH-11-B-161
RECTOR, ANNA                            OH-11-E-374
RECTOR, CONAWAY                         OH-11-D-359
REED, HUGH                              OH-11-A-37
REED, ROBERT                            OH-11-B-98
REESE, JACOB                            OH-11-A-66
REYNOLDS, ISAAC                         OH-11-C-13
REYNOLDS, JANE                          OH-11-C-488
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          OH-11-C-330
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          OH-11-C-147
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH                        OH-11-A-1
RHOADS, JOHN                            OH-11-C-446
RHODES, NOAH                            OH-11-H-525, 528
RHYNARD, CATHERINE                      OH-11-H-151
RIBINSON, J. J.                         OH-11-G-260
RICE, EZEKIEL                           OH-11-A-47
RICE, JOSEPH                            OH-11-C-595
RICE, SOPHIA                            OH-11-A-48
RICE, WILLIAM E.                        OH-11-H-20, 23
RICHARDS, MARY                          OH-11-C-408
RICHARDS, THOMAS                        OH-11-C-327
RICHARDS, WILLIAM                       OH-11-E-118
RICHARDSON, ALICE                       OH-11-E-85
RICHARDSON, BOYD                        OH-11-C-309
RICHARDSON, RACHEL                      OH-11-H-203, 206
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM V.                  OH-11-B-423
RICHWINE, JANE                          OH-11-D-161
RIDDLE, JANE                            OH-11-G-319
RIDDLE, JOHN                            OH-11-C-450
RINKER, GEORGE                          OH-11-B-416
RITTER, HENRY                           OH-11-C-281
ROADS, GEORGE                           OH-11-B-426
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         OH-11-C-86
ROBERTS, HUGH C.                        OH-11-E-181
ROBERTS, KERSEY                         OH-11-E-379
ROBERTS, NATHAN                         OH-11-B-290
ROBINSON, ELIJAH                        OH-11-F-322
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-11-G-271
ROBINSON, HANNAH                        OH-11-D-25
ROBINSON, JANE A.                       OH-11-D-447
ROBINSON, JOHN                          OH-11-H-186
ROBINSON, JOHN                          OH-11-C-246
ROBINSON, JOHN                          OH-11-B-17
ROBINSON, SARAH                         OH-11-C-459
ROCK, S. M.                             OH-11-G-227
RODGERS, SARAH                          OH-11-C-9
ROEBUCK, JAMES                          OH-11-C-187
ROGERS, JOHN                            OH-11-A-27
ROHRER, FRANCES A.                      OH-11-E-347
ROMINE, ELI                             OH-11-H-247, 251
ROPP, SIMON                             OH-11-C-414
ROSS, LEVI                              OH-11-C-392
ROSS, MARINE R.                         OH-11-F-156
ROUZE, LEVI                             OH-11-B-155
ROWIN, PETER                            OH-11-B-9
RREMLEY, MARY K.                        OH-11-D-458
RUBERT, ISAAC                           OH-11-B-282
RULE, ROBERT                            OH-11-C-464
RUNKLE, RALPH E.                        OH-11-D-151
RUNYAN, ISAAC                           OH-11-C-265
RUNYAN, J. W.                           OH-11-D-21
RUNYAN, JOHN SR.                        OH-11-C-51
RUSSEL, CALEB                           OH-11-A-3
RUSSELL, EMILY J.                       OH-11-D-131
RUSSELL, JAMES SR.                      OH-11-C-354
RUSSELL, MARY A.                        OH-11-D-206
RUTAN, DANIEL                           OH-11-C-50
RUTAN, HARVEY                           OH-11-C-424
RYAN, LAWRENCE                          OH-11-D-223
RYAN, OWEN                              OH-11-D-282
RYAN, SARAH                             OH-11-D-189
SAFLEY, HENRY                           OH-11-B-190
SALKELD, EVILIN                         OH-11-D-269
SAMPLES, BETHUEL                        OH-11-C-483
SANDERS, ELSIE                          OH-11-G-224
SANDY, AMANDA J.                        OH-11-G-331
SAVAGE, JAMES                           OH-11-D-58
SAVER, JACOB                            OH-11-B-325
SAXTON, JOSHUA                          OH-11-G-140
SCERA, MARY                             OH-11-H-349
SCEVA, NATHANIEL                        OH-11-D-5
SCORAH, AMELIA H.                       OH-11-H-352
SCORAH, WILLIAM                         OH-11-D-432
SCOTT, JOHN                             OH-11-C-197
SCULL, JOSEPH D.                        OH-11-C-36
SEEGAR, ELIZABETH                       OH-11-C-37
SEIBERT, SARAH A.                       OH-11-H-517
SELLS, ROSANNAH                         OH-11-C-104
SESSIONS, JOHN W.                       OH-11-E-258
SEWARD, CANFIELD                        OH-11-B-147
SHAFER, GEORGE                          OH-11-C-362
SHANE, SARAH                            OH-11-C-397
SHAUL, JEREMIAH                         OH-11-F-47
SHIRIGH, DAVID                          OH-11-C-210
SHOOK, NEWTON                           OH-11-G-498, 501
SHOWERS, ELIZABETH                      OH-11-D-291
SHULTZ, ELI                             OH-11-C-441
SIBLEY, BENJAMIN D.                     OH-11-C-461
SILL, ROSANNAH                          OH-11-C-104
SILLS, JOHN                             OH-11-C-106
SIMPSON, ESTHER R.                      OH-11-F-282
SIMPSON, JAMES                          OH-11-E-138
SINGLETON, ROBERT                       OH-11-C-564
SKEEN, DAVID                            OH-11-C-412
SLACK, CORNELIUS                        OH-11-C-167
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          OH-11-B-19
SMITH, ABRAM                            OH-11-D-278
SMITH, ANNA                             OH-11-D-177
SMITH, BRICE                            OH-11-C-217
SMITH, CALVIN                           OH-11-D-415
SMITH, DEXTER                           OH-11-D-142
SMITH, ELIHU                            OH-11-F-311
SMITH, HENRY                            OH-11-D-143
SMITH, JAMES                            OH-11-D-112
SMITH, JAMES                            OH-11-B-298
SMITH, JAMES C.                         OH-11-F-368
SMITH, JOHN B.                          OH-11-D-378
SMITH, JOHN S.                          OH-11-H-502, 504
SMITH, JOSEPH                           OH-11-C-249
SMITH, JOSEPH W.                        OH-11-G-231
SMITH, LESTER                           OH-11-C-457
SMITH, NOAH                             OH-11-C-113
SMITH, P. A.                            OH-11-D-561
SMITH, PETER                            OH-11-B-360
SMITH, PETER                            OH-11-A-72
SMITH, PHILIP                           OH-11-C-474
SMITH, ROBERT                           OH-11-C-521
SMITH, ROBERT                           OH-11-F-195
SMITH, SARAH                            OH-11-E-341
SMITH, SARAH                            OH-11-C-1
SMITH, SYLVANUS                         OH-11-D-95
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-11-C-323
SMUCKER, GIDEON G.                      OH-11-H-199, 202
SNAPP, DANIEL                           OH-11-G-199
SNAPP, RINER                            OH-11-C-463
SNUFFIN, AMOS                           OH-11-D-417
SNYDER, DANIEL                          OH-11-C-5
SNYDER, JACOB                           OH-11-E-385
SPAFFORD, AMOS                          OH-11-B-1
SPAFFORD, AMOS                          OH-11-A-78
SPAIN, AARON W.                         OH-11-D-28
SPAIN, DAVID F.                         OH-11-H-88, 92
SPAIN, ELISABETH                        OH-11-F-101
SPAIN, ELIZA A.                         OH-11-F-229
SPAIN, HEZEKIAH                         OH-11-B-75
SPAIN, JOHN P.                          OH-11-C-27
SPAIN, LEMUEL                           OH-11-G-408
SPAIN, NANCY                            OH-11-C-63
SPAIN, ROBERT M.                        OH-11-D-102
SPAIN, RUSSELL B.                       OH-11-C-139
SPAIN, THOMAS                           OH-11-B-126
SPAIN, WILLIAM                          OH-11-A-90
SPEECE, JOHN                            OH-11-C-586
SPEECE, WILLIAM                         OH-11-C-582
SPENCER, THOMAS                         OH-11-B-339
SPRING, GEORGE W.                       OH-11-E-123
SPRINGER, DENNIS                        OH-11-B-198
STANSBERRY, VANLINDA                    OH-11-H-313
STANSBURY, JAMES B.                     OH-11-C-285
STAYMAN, H. B.                          OH-11-D-385
STEINBARGER, ALFRED                     OH-11-E-18
STEINBERGER, DAVID                      OH-11-E-173
STEVENS, RILEY                          OH-11-D-124
STEVENSON, DAVID                        OH-11-A-38
STEVENSON, NANCY P.                     OH-11-D-259
STEVENSON, NOAH Z.                      OH-11-C-409
STEVENSON, W. C.                        OH-11-D-365
STEWART, CHARLES                        OH-11-B-33
STEWART, JANE                           OH-11-G-295
STEWART, MATHEW                         OH-11-C-21
STEWART, THOMAS                         OH-11-C-149
STEWART, WILLIAM                        OH-11-D-155
STOCKTON, JOSEPH                        OH-11-D-17
STOCKTON, RACHEL                        OH-11-E-276
STOKES, SAMUEL                          OH-11-D-368
STONE, JOHN                             OH-11-D-128
STOWE, JOEL                             OH-11-B-319
STRAIN, ABRAHAM                         OH-11-D-525
STRAUTHER, GEORGE W.                    OH-11-H-76, 80
STRETCH, WILLIAM                        OH-11-B-3
STRETCH, WILLIAM                        OH-11-A-79
STUART, GEORGE                          OH-11-E-435
STUBBLEFIELD, GEORGE                    OH-11-B-104
STUDEBAKER, WILLIAM L.                  OH-11-E-219
STUMP, MALINDA                          OH-11-D-182
SULLIVAN, ELIAS                         OH-11-D-88
SULLIVAN, PARKER                        OH-11-C-62
SUNDERLAND, SAMUEL                      OH-11-C-305
SWISHER, ELIZABETH                      OH-11-B-293
SWISHER, JO                             OH-11-G-42
SWISHER, JOHN                           OH-11-D-4
SWISHER, JOHN H.                        OH-11-B-183
SWISHER, JOSEPH                         OH-11-B-257
SWISHER, PETER                          OH-11-H-158, 161
TABER, BENNET                           OH-11-B-162
TALBOT, DUNOVIL                         OH-11-G-54
TALBOTT, HENRY                          OH-11-D-392
TALBOTT, MARY J.                        OH-11-G-358
TALEY, ANDREW                           OH-11-D-199
TALLY, ISAAC                            OH-11-C-243
TANNAHILL, NINIAN                       OH-11-C-227
TAYLOR, ARCHIBALD                       OH-11-F-359
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        OH-11-G-27
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN S.                     OH-11-C-133
TAYLOR, CHARLES                         OH-11-D-557
TAYLOR, CYRUS                           OH-11-C-109
TAYLOR, JAMES                           OH-11-E-427
TAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-11-B-59
TAYLOR, OLIVER                          OH-11-E-402
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          OH-11-C-497
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         OH-11-D-419
TAYLOR, WILLIAM S.                      OH-11-C-232
TAYMAN, POLLY                           OH-11-C-273
TERREL, WILLIAM                         OH-11-D-54
TERRELL, ELIZA                          OH-11-H-404
TERRELL, TIMOTHY                        OH-11-D-566
TERRY, ISAAC                            OH-11-B-156
THACKERY, JOHN M.                       OH-11-G-220
THACKREY, ROBERT                        OH-11-C-590
THARP, JACOB                            OH-11-D-9
THOMAS, EDWARD                          OH-11-B-115
THOMAS, FRANCIS M.                      OH-11-G-268
THOMAS, JOHN                            OH-11-B-375
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         OH-11-C-245
THOMPSON, ISAAC                         OH-11-B-204
THOMPSON, WILLIAM D.                    OH-11-H-595
TICE, MATHIAS                           OH-11-C-339
TIERNEY, MARGARET                       OH-11-H-182, 185
TIPTON, THOMAS                          OH-11-B-280
TODD, SARAH                             OH-11-E-279
TODD, WILLIAM WILSON                    OH-11-C-504
TOOMIRE, WILLIAM                        OH-11-E-441
TRINEBACH, ADAM                         OH-11-E-242
TROUT, ROBERT                           OH-11-B-166
TUCKER, ISAAC                           OH-11-B-149
TULLIS, DAVID L                         OH-11-D-233
TULLY, MICHAEL                          OH-11-D-30
TURNER, ALEXANDER                       OH-11-D-147
TURNER, RAWLEIGH M.                     OH-11-B-304
ULERY, ELISABETH                        OH-11-E-285
UNKEFER, LEVI                           OH-11-E-95
VALENTINE, LEVI                         OH-11-C-487
VANCE, DAVID                            OH-11-D-241
VANCE, DUNCAN M.                        OH-11-D-303
VANCE, NANCY                            OH-11-H-356
VANE, JOSEPH                            OH-11-C-65
VANE, WILLIAM                           OH-11-C-470
VANHORN, WILLIAM                        OH-11-C-574
VANMETER, SARAH C.                      OH-11-H-315
VINYARD, STEPHEN                        OH-11-B-41
VOKE, DAVID                             OH-11-C-506
VOLUNTINE, WILLIAM                      OH-11-B-208
VOORHIES, CORNELIUS                     OH-11-C-591
WADSWORTH, SARAH                        OH-11-F-242
WADSWORTH, WALTER M.                    OH-11-D-194
WAGNER, ABRAHAM                         OH-11-C-517
WAGNER, MICHAEL                         OH-11-G-448, 475
WAGY, ISAAC                             OH-11-G-398, 401
WALBORN, SARAH                          OH-11-G-247
WALKER, JOHN                            OH-11-C-366
WALKER, WILLIAM                         OH-11-F-147
WALLACE, THOMAS                         OH-11-A-21
WANES, JOHN                             OH-11-D-297
WANES, MATHEW                           OH-11-B-430
WARD, ABIJAH                            OH-11-A-68
WARD, C. H.                             OH-11-G-189
WARD, ELEANOR                           OH-11-C-455
WARD, ELIZABETH H.                      OH-11-D-288
WARD, EMILY                             OH-11-C-584
WARD, GEORGE                            OH-11-C-449
WARD, JOHN A.                           OH-11-C-142
WARD, JOSEPH                            OH-11-A-40
WARD, MARGARET                          OH-11-C-494
WARD, WILLIAM                           OH-11-B-20
WARD, WILLIAM                           OH-11-H-28, 30
WARREN, JAMES                           OH-11-D-485
WARWICK, JOHN                           OH-11-A-39
WASHINGTON, GEORGE                      OH-11-B-398
WATKINS, ASBERY                         OH-11-E-151
WATSON, BERNICE                         OH-11-B-111
WATT, THOMAS                            OH-11-B-167
WEABER, PHILIP                          OH-11-E-358
WEAVER, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-11-B-144
WEAVER, HENRY                           OH-11-D-81
WEAVER, LOUISA N.                       OH-11-D-97
WEAVER, NELSON                          OH-11-E-262
WEAVER, NEWTON                          OH-11-C-404
WEAVER, REBECCA                         OH-11-B-148
WEAVER, SILENCE                         OH-11-D-203
WEAVER, SIMON                           OH-11-C-350
WEAVER, WILLIAM                         OH-11-E-133
WEIGHT, ISAAC                           OH-11-C-70
WEIRMAN, THOMAS                         OH-11-F-71
WENNING, MALINDA                        OH-11-D-32
WEST, MARY                              OH-11-C-182
WEST, STOCKET                           OH-11-C-61
WEST, WILLIAM                           OH-11-B-202
WHARTON, WILLIAM                        OH-11-D-261
WHITE, ADDISON                          OH-11-E-422
WHITE, MOSES                            OH-11-D-120
WHITEHEAD, E. R.                        OH-11-D-451
WHITMORE, JOHN                          OH-11-C-30
WIANT, ISAIAH                           OH-11-H-308
WILEY, JOSEPH                           OH-11-F-57
WILEY, MARGARET                         OH-11-E-45
WILEY, SARAH                            OH-11-E-344
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                       OH-11-H-482, 488
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     OH-11-D-281
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         OH-11-C-274
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-11-B-188
WILLIAMS, JOHN E.                       OH-11-B-172
WILLIAMS, MILO G.                       OH-11-D-402
WILLIAMS, REMEBRANCE JR.                OH-11-D-90
WILLIAMS, RICHARD D.                    OH-11-H-580, 585
WILLSON, FRANCIS                        OH-11-B-27
WILSON, ALLICE                          OH-11-D-307
WILSON, ANDREW                          OH-11-C-355
WILSON, DAVID                           OH-11-D-252
WILSON, DENNIS                          OH-11-C-221
WILSON, ISAAC                           OH-11-H-448
WILSON, J. S.                           OH-11-F-91
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-11-B-420
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-11-C-469
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-11-B-169
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-11-F-342
WILSON, JOHN H.                         OH-11-D-346
WILSON, JOSEPH W.                       OH-11-G-231
WILSON, MATHEW                          OH-11-C-401
WILSON, MILES                           OH-11-E-288
WILSON, ROBIUS R.                       OH-11-C-499
WILSON, SAMUEL                          OH-11-C-207
WILSON, THOMAS                          OH-11-D-137
WILSON, THOMAS M.                       OH-11-G-301
WILY, JOHN                              OH-11-B-135
WINDER, ABNER                           OH-11-B-395
WINDER, MARTHA S.                       OH-11-H-227, 230
WINDER, REBECCA C.                      OH-11-C-173
WINTERS, SARAH                          OH-11-H-32
WITTER, MARY D.                         OH-11-F-269
WITTY, JAMES                            OH-11-B-297
WOLFE, GEORGE                           OH-11-D-460
WOOD, WILLIAM                           OH-11-B-131
WOODBURN, NANCY J.                      OH-11-H-471
WOODS, JOSEPH                           OH-11-H-438
WOODS, WILLIAM V.                       OH-11-H-253, 255
WOODWARD, JOSEPH                        OH-11-H-467
WOODWARD, WASHINGTON                    OH-11-F-29
WOOLEY, TYLER                           OH-11-D-1
WYATT, NATHANIEL                        OH-11-F-174
YARNALL, AMOS J.                        OH-11-A-77
YEAZEL, DAVID                           OH-11-G-132
YODER, RUFUS A.                         OH-11-H-452, 455
YOUNG, JOHN H.                          OH-11-H-442
ZERKEL, SUSANNAH                        OH-11-D-361
ZERKLE, GEORGE                          OH-11-B-447
ZERKLE, JOHN                            OH-11-C-99
ZERKLE, LEWIS                           OH-11-C-172
ZIEGLER, JOHN W.                        OH-11-D-244
ZIMMERMAN, GEORGE                       OH-11-B-220
ZWISLER, SOPHIA E.                      OH-11-H-207

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