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ABLES, JAMES B.                         OH-29-2-438
ACHERSON, JOHN                          OH-29-A-410
ADAIR, ROBERT                           OH-29-B-256
ADAMS, JACOB                            OH-29-A-62
ADAMS, JOHN                             OH-29-2-414
ADDUDDELS, ELIAS                        OH-29-A-17
ADDY, WILLIAM                           OH-29-1-219
ADUDDELL, CALEB                         OH-29-2-178
ADUDDELL, THOMS                         OH-29-2-96
ADUDDLE, ALEXANDER                      OH-29-B-334
AGNEW, ISAAC                            OH-29-A-505
ALBIN, JAMES                            OH-29-A-172
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      OH-29-2-12
ALFORD, JOHN                            OH-29-A-319
ALLISON, JANE                           OH-29-B-21
ALLISON, ROBERT T.                      OH-29-1-420
ALLISON, SARAH ANN                      OH-29-2-207
AMBLER, THOMAS                          OH-29-2-449
ANDERSN, GEORGE                         OH-29-1-147
ANDERSON, JAMES                         OH-29-B-58
ANDERSON, JAMES                         OH-29-2-380
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-29-2-420
ANDERSON, THOMAS                        OH-29-2-92
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       OH-29-2-180
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                        OH-29-B-320
ANGUS, RICHARD                          OH-29-2-47
ANKRUM, WILLIAM                         OH-29-B-155
ARICK, JACOB                            OH-29-B-45
ARLEY, JOHN                             OH-29-1-37
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         OH-29-1-26
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      OH-29-1-127
ARNEAL, ALEXANDER                       OH-29-A-425
ARNEAL, MARGARET                        OH-29-A-496
ARNEEL, JOHN                            OH-29-A-427
ARNEIL, HUGH                            OH-29-2-440
ARNOLD, FRANCES                         OH-29-1-68
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         OH-29-A-288
ATEN, JOHN                              OH-29-B-64
ATHERTON, JAMES                         OH-29-1-296
ATKINSON, ROBERT                        OH-29-A-30
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-29-B-217
BAIRD, JAMES                            OH-29-1-405
BAIRD, THOMAS F.                        OH-29-2-431
BAKER, GEORGE S.                        OH-29-B-95
BAKER, JOHN                             OH-29-A-522
BALIR, ALEXANDER                        OH-29-1-204
BALL, MATTHEW                           OH-29-A-340
BARBER, ABRAHAM                         OH-29-B-93
BARBER, ELIZABETH F.                    OH-29-2-523
BARKA, JACOB                            OH-29-1-47
BARKER, JOHN                            OH-29-A-421
BARNS, JOB                              OH-29-B-62
BARR, JAMES                             OH-29-1-42
BARR, JOHN R.                           OH-29-1-121
BARRETT, JOHN                           OH-29-1-234
BARRETT, JOSEPH                         OH-29-B-237
BARRETT, MARY                           OH-29-1-115
BARTLETT, JAMES                         OH-29-2-163
BARTON, JOHN                            OH-29-1-343
BARTON, JOHN                            OH-29-A-190
BAUER, ADAM                             OH-29-2-173
BAY, ANDREW                             OH-29-2-445
BAY, PRUDENCE                           OH-29-1-417
BAY, SAMUEL                             OH-29-A-185
BAY, THOMAS                             OH-29-1-294
BAY, THOMAS                             OH-29-A-161
BAY, WILLIAM                            OH-29-2-44
BEAL, ABRAHAM                           OH-29-2-141
BEAL, ELIAS                             OH-29-B-305
BEAL, ISAAC                             OH-29-B-353
BEAL, JACOB                             OH-29-B-317
BEAL, MARGARET B.                       OH-29-1-222
BEAL, WILLIAM                           OH-29-1-279
BEAN, CHRISTIAN                         OH-29-B-53
BEATTY, ELIZABETH                       OH-29-1-368
BEATTY, JOHN                            OH-29-A-72
BEATTY, NANCY                           OH-29-2-28
BEEHAM, JAMES                           OH-29-A-32
BEEN, JAMES                             OH-29-2-294
BEGGS, JAMES                            OH-29-2-153
BELL, FRANKLIN                          OH-29-2-37
BELL, JOHN G.                           OH-29-1-148
BELL, JOSEPH                            OH-29-A-474
BELL, NANCY                             OH-29-1-266
BELL, RICHARD                           OH-29-2-433
BELL, SAMUEL                            OH-29-B-315
BELL, THOMAS                            OH-29-1-351
BELL, WALTER                            OH-29-B-235
BELL, WILLIAM                           OH-29-2-213
BEMIS, JONAS                            OH-29-2-444
BENNET, WILLIAM                         OH-29-2-475
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                      OH-29-2-242
BENNETT, JANE                           OH-29-2-508
BENNETT, JOHN                           OH-29-B-318
BENSON, LEVI                            OH-29-2-45
BEVARD, SAMUEL                          OH-29-B-263
BEVARD, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-44
BEYMER, SIMON                           OH-29-B-23
BICKHAM, JOHN                           OH-29-A-305
BIGHAM, JAMES                           OH-29-A-572
BLACISTON, WILLIAM                      OH-29-2-123
BLACK, JAMES                            OH-29-A-120
BLACK, JAMES                            OH-29-A-120
BLACK, JOSEPH                           OH-29-B-328
BLACK, SAMUEL                           OH-29-B-140
BLACK, SAMUEL                           OH-29-2-150
BLACK, WILLIAM                          OH-29-1-435
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM                      OH-29-1-215
BLACKSTEN, MICHAEL                      OH-29-2-111
BLACKSTON, THOMAS                       OH-29-2-300
BLACKSTONE, JAMES                       OH-29-A-478
BLAIR, JOHN                             OH-29-B-131
BLAZER, PETER                           OH-29-2-133
BLISS, ZADOCK                           OH-29-1-251
BOALS, SAMUEL                           OH-29-1-130
BODEL, ABRAHAM                          OH-29-1-326
BOGLE, JOSEPH                           OH-29-A-563
BOGLE, WALTER                           OH-29-2-70
BOND, CHARLES                           OH-29-2-519
BONNELL, CATHARINE                      OH-29-A-448
BOON, SARAH                             OH-29-2-160
BOOTH, HENRY                            OH-29-1-199
BORTON, WILLIAM                         OH-29-2-526
BOWDEN, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-6
BOYCE, FRANCIS                          OH-29-A-500
BOYCE, FRANCIS                          OH-29-A-500
BOYD, ROBERT                            OH-29-2-387
BOYD, SAMUEL                            OH-29-A-447
BOYD, THOMAS                            OH-29-2-219
BOYD, WILLIAM                           OH-29-1-427
BOYER, WILLIAM                          OH-29-B-304
BRANAN, JESSE                           OH-29-B-49
BRASHEAR, NELSON                        OH-29-B-346
BRATTON, JAMES                          OH-29-B-76
BRILL, CATHERINE                        OH-29-1-281
BRILL, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-29-A-15
BRILL, MICHAEL                          OH-29-1-32
BRITTON, JOHN                           OH-29-2-488
BRITTON, JOSEPH                         OH-29-A-378
BRITTON, JOSEPH                         OH-29-1-284
BROOM, HUGH SR.                         OH-29-1-426
BROWER, EMANUEL                         OH-29-B-322
BROWER, JOHN                            OH-29-2-510
BROWN, AUSTIN G.                        OH-29-2-404
BROWN, BARNARD                          OH-29-2-151
BROWN, DAVID                            OH-29-1-209
BROWN, ESTHER                           OH-29-B-265
BROWN, GOVEY                            OH-29-A-440
BROWN, JAMES H.                         OH-29-1-3
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-29-B-6
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-29-A-110
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-29-B-159
BROWN, ROEBRT                           OH-29-A-242
BRUMLEY, SAMUEL                         OH-29-2-330
BRYAN, WILLIAM                          OH-29-1-226
BUMGARDNER, HENRY E.                    OH-29-1-430
BURNES, HUGH                            OH-29-2-350
BURNS, DENNY                            OH-29-A-13
BURNSIDE, WILLIAM                       OH-29-1-65
BURSON, ISAAC A.                        OH-29-2-148
BURT, CYRUS                             OH-29-B-116
BURT, DAVID                             OH-29-A-401
BURT, DAVID                             OH-29-B-157
BURT, ELIZABETH                         OH-29-2-223
BURT, LUTHER SR.                        OH-29-A-415
BURT, WILLIAM SR.                       OH-29-1-381
BUTE, JOSEPH                            OH-29-1-299
BYRD, RANDOLPH                          OH-29-2-435
CALHOUN, WILLIAM                        OH-29-2-320
CALLANTINE, HENRY                       OH-29-A-468
CALVERT, JOHN                           OH-29-1-51
CAMEL, MARTHA                           OH-29-A-58
CAMP, ROBERT                            OH-29-A-327
CAMPB ELL, JAMES                        OH-29-1-229
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     OH-29-B-192
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         OH-29-A-98
CAMPBELL, MARY ANN                      OH-29-B-274
CAMPBELL, NANCY                         OH-29-B-106
CAMPBELL, ROEBRT                        OH-29-B-30
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-29-A-70
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-29-B-292
CARLILE, WILLIAM                        OH-29-1-358
CARNES, MARY                            OH-29-1-280
CARNS, JOHN                             OH-29-1-207
CARPENTER, GEOGE                        OH-29-1-133
CARPENTER, JOHN                         OH-29-A-308
CARPENTER, REUBEN                       OH-29-A-497
CARPENTER, THOMAS                       OH-29-A-297
CARR, SAMUEL                            OH-29-1-24
CARR, SUSANNAH                          OH-29-2-97
CARROLL, DAVID                          OH-29-2-102
CARROTHERS, JOHN                        OH-29-A-199
CARSON, ANDREW                          OH-29-A-349
CARSON, ANDREW                          OH-29-A-167
CARSON, JOHN                            OH-29-1-104
CARSON, JOSEPH                          OH-29-A-560
CARTER, WILLIAM A.                      OH-29-1-91
CARY, JOHN                              OH-29-B-339
CASEY, JOHN                             OH-29-2-93
CASNER, JOHN                            OH-29-A-434
CASNER, VANDAL                          OH-29-B-109
CASSELL, ROSLAINDA                      OH-29-2-346
CASTERLINE, JAMES                       OH-29-1-437
CASTERLINE, JOHN                        OH-29-2-147
CASTLE, JOHN                            OH-29-1-201
CHALFANT, ANN                           OH-29-B-271
CHALFANT, ANN                           OH-29-1-136
CHALFANT, JESSE                         OH-29-B-167
CHAMBERS, STEPHEN                       OH-29-A-293
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                       OH-29-A-522
CHANEY, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-233
CLABAUGH, JOHN                          OH-29-2-27
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        OH-29-1-138
CLARK, HARRIETTE                        OH-29-A-277
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-29-1-395
CLARK, JOHN R.                          OH-29-1-391
CLARK, SARAH                            OH-29-2-228
CLARY, BENJAMIN                         OH-29-2-33
CLAY, WILLIAM                           OH-29-1-283
CLEARY, EDWARD                          OH-29-A-514
CLINDENCH, JACOB                        OH-29-A-489
CLIPINER, JOHN                          OH-29-2-64
CLOYD, JAMS                             OH-29-A-8
COCHRAN, THOMAS                         OH-29-1-28
COLE, ISAAC                             OH-29-1-103
COLLINS, FINDLEY                        OH-29-1-23
COLLINS, JOHN                           OH-29-2-186
COLVIN, BRANSON L.                      OH-29-2-338
COLWELL, ROBERT                         OH-29-A-101
COMBS, MAHLON                           OH-29-1-119
CONGLETON, WILLIAM                      OH-29-B-27
CONNELL, PERRY                          OH-29-2-493
CONNER, JOHN SR.                        OH-29-2-429
CONNER, PATRICK                         OH-29-2-74
CONNER, ROBERT                          OH-29-2-0291
CONNER, THOMAS                          OH-29-1-182
CONNERS, JOHN                           OH-29-A-112
CONWAY, SAMUEL                          OH-29-B-219
COOK, ELIZABETH                         OH-29-1-66
COOKE, GEORGE                           OH-29-A-375
COOPER, ABRAHAM                         OH-29-2-285
COPELAND, JOHN                          OH-29-A-301
CORNELL, PHEBE                          OH-29-2-176
COULTER, ELIJAH                         OH-29-B-268
COX, JEMIMA                             OH-29-2-509
COZINE, JOHN                            OH-29-2-391
CRAIG, SAMUEL                           OH-29-B-129
CRAMER, HENRY                           OH-29-2-91
CRAMER, JOSHUA                          OH-29-2-17
CRANSTON, JOHN                          OH-29-A-86
CRANSTON, THOMAS                        OH-29-2-247
CRANSTON, WILLIAM                       OH-29-B-28
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH                     OH-29-B-40
CREIGHTON, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-29-B-151
CREIGHTON, FRANCIS                      OH-29-A-27
CREIGHTON, JOHN                         OH-29-1-46
CRESWELL, GEORGE                        OH-29-B-32
CULBERTSON, MARY A.                     OH-29-2-274
CULBERTSON, WILLIAM                     OH-29-B-266
CULLENS, JAMES W.                       OH-29-2-516
CULVER, ASA                             OH-29-A-68
CUMMINS, JAMES                          OH-29-2-142
CUNNINGHAM, EDWARD                      OH-29-1-210
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       OH-29-A-234
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       OH-29-1-247
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        OH-29-B-128
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        OH-29-2-388
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     OH-29-A-4
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     OH-29-1-324
CURIENS, GEORGE J.                      OH-29-1-72
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                         OH-29-2-344
DAVIDSON, SARAH                         OH-29-1-325
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                       OH-29-2-232
DAVIS, HANNAH                           OH-29-A-568
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           OH-29-1-155
DAVIS, THOMAS                           OH-29-1-350
DAWSON, LEVI                            OH-29-2-5
DECKER, JOSEPH                          OH-29-B-73
DECKER, RUHAMA                          OH-29-1-118
DEHEART, CORNELIUS                      OH-29-B-344
DELARUE, JOHN                           OH-29-B-133
DELONG, JOHN                            OH-29-A-491
DEMPSIE, PETER                          OH-29-A-358
DENNIS, JOHN                            OH-29-2-353
DENNISON, HENRY                         OH-29-A-470
DENOON, SAMUEL                          OH-29-2-499
DEPEW, JAMES                            OH-29-B-150
DEWITT, PAUL                            OH-29-A-40
DICKERSON, RICHARD                      OH-29-A-363
DICKSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-29-2-118
DICKSON, FRANCIS                        OH-29-2-505
DILLEY, EPHRIAM M.                      OH-29-A-441
DILLON, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-29-1-355
DILLON, HENRY                           OH-29-A-351
DILLON, NOAH                            OH-29-1-206
DODDS, ARCHIBALD                        OH-29-1-388
DODGE, RHODA                            OH-29-1-168
DONAHOO, MICHAEL L.                     OH-29-B-94
DONELLY, JAMES                          OH-29-2-304
DONLEY, GEORGE                          OH-29-A-494
DOUDNA, KNOWIS                          OH-29-1-268
DOUGLAS, DAVID                          OH-29-B-146
DOUGLASS, HUGH                          OH-29-2-473
DOWNARD, DANIEL                         OH-29-1-203
DOWNER, DAVID                           OH-29-2-190
DOYL, THOMAS                            OH-29-2-267
DRAKE, WILLIAM                          OH-29-1-9
DRIPP, WILLIAM                          OH-29-B-284
DUFF, ALEXNDER SR.                      OH-29-1-77
DUFF, GEORGE                            OH-29-2-42
DUFF, OLIVER E.                         OH-29-2-347
DUNAWAY, JOHN                           OH-29-A-245
DUNCAN, ADAM                            OH-29-B-366
DUNCAN, JAMES                           OH-29-A-338
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                         OH-29-2-376
DUNIGAN, JAMES                          OH-29-A-405
DUNLAR, JOHN SR.                        OH-29-1-356
DUNN, WILLIAM                           OH-29-1-224
DWIGANS, JAMES                          OH-29-A-405
DWIGANS, JOHN                           OH-29-B-194
DYSON, ALEXANDER                        OH-29-1-240
EAGLESON, ALEXANDER                     OH-29-2-184
EAGLETON, JOHN                          OH-29-2-7
EAGON, BARNARD                          OH-29-A-314
EAGON, JAMES                            OH-29-B-147
EAGON, JOHN                             OH-29-B-78
EAKEN, JOHN                             OH-29-B-78
EATON, JOSEPH                           OH-29-A-300
EDWARDS, JOSEPH                         OH-29-B-88
ENGLE, ASA                              OH-29-2-460
EVANS, HANNAH M.                        OH-29-1-431
EVANS, HENRY H.                         OH-29-1-70
EVANS, SUSAN M.                         OH-29-1-429
EVISTON, FRANCIS                        OH-29-A-203
FAIRCHILD, THOMAS                       OH-29-1-402
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-29-2-15
FERGUSON, SAMUEL                        OH-29-2-222
FERRELL, SOPHIA                         OH-29-2-80
FESLER, HENRY                           OH-29-B-153
FIKE, JACOB                             OH-29-A-526
FINDLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-29-A-386
FINLEY, SAMUEL                          OH-29-2-231
FINLEY, WILLIAM M.                      OH-29-2-3
FINTON, WILLIAM                         OH-29-2-324
FISHEL, PHILIP                          OH-29-B-12
FITZPATRICK, JAMES                      OH-29-A-273
FLOOD, ANN                              OH-29-B-33
FLOOD, RICHARD                          OH-29-2-185
FORD, ROBERT                            OH-29-1-34
FORDE, GEORGE                           OH-29-2-201
FOREAKER, ISAAC                         OH-29-2-131
FORSYTH, ELIJAH                         OH-29-2-60
FORSYTHE, JAMES                         OH-29-2-110
FORSYTHE, JOHN                          OH-29-B-90
FOSTER, ANTHONY                         OH-29-2-423
FOSTER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-29-B-39
FOULK, JUDAH                            OH-29-B-185
FOY, DANIEL                             OH-29-2-18
FOY, WILLIAM                            OH-29-1-166
FOY, WILLIAM                            OH-29-A-250
FRAME, DAVID                            OH-29-A-509
FRAME, JAMES                            OH-29-1-250
FRAME, JAMES                            OH-29-2-115
FRAME, JANE                             OH-29-B-66
FRAME, JOHN                             OH-29-1-255
FRAME, WILLIAM                          OH-29-1-43
FRAME, WILLIAM                          OH-29-A-170
FRANKS, ROBERT L.                       OH-29-2-81
FRAZIER, ASA                            OH-29-1-406
FREELAND, GEORGE                        OH-29-1-393
FREEMAN, MARY                           OH-29-2-471
FRY, WILLIAM                            OH-29-B-113
FRYE, PETER                             OH-29-A-357
FULLER, JUDITH                          OH-29-2-419
FULLER, THOMAS                          OH-29-A-103
FURNEY, ABRAHAM                         OH-29-1-178
GALBREATH, JAMES                        OH-29-B-260
GALBREATH, JOHN                         OH-29-1-131
GALLAGHER, HUGH                         OH-29-B-244
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM                      OH-29-2-210
GANT, WILLIAM                           OH-29-2-218
GARDINER, PETER                         OH-29-2-467
GARDINER, THOMAS                        OH-29-A-569
GARDNER, JOHN                           OH-29-A-307
GARRET, JAMES                           OH-29-1-8
GARRETT, JOSEPH                         OH-29-1-334
GATCHEL, JACOB                          OH-29-2-329
GATCHELL, JACOB                         OH-29-A-520
GEIST, CARL AUGUST                      OH-29-1-246
GENSLER, HESTER                         OH-29-2-465
GEORGE, WESTON                          OH-29-1-384
GIBEAUT, JOSEPH                         OH-29-2-43
GIBSON, CLELAND                         OH-29-2-413
GIBSON, GEORGE SR.                      OH-29-2-399
GIBSON, JAMES                           OH-29-1-303
GIBSON, JAMES H.                        OH-29-2-4
GIBSON, MARGARET L.                     OH-29-2-177
GIBSON, MARY S.                         OH-29-1-369
GIBSON, ROBERT C.                       OH-29-2-164
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         OH-29-A-256
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         OH-29-B-228
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         OH-29-A-60
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-342
GILDAY, DANIEL                          OH-29-2-117
GILL, MORDICA                           OH-29-B-336
GILLIHAND, JOHN                         OH-29-A-444
GILMORE, MARGARET                       OH-29-1-258
GLALOWAY, ELIJAH                        OH-29-1-232
GLASS, DAVID                            OH-29-2-481
GOODIE, JOSEPH                          OH-29-2-490
GORDON, JAMES                           OH-29-2-226
GORDON, WILLIAM                         OH-29-2-220
GRAHAM, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-29-2-375
GRAHAM, MARY ANN                        OH-29-1-263
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         OH-29-B-100
GRAY, ANDREW                            OH-29-1-4
GRAY, JAMES                             OH-29-A-516
GRDINER, PETER                          OH-29-2-297
GREEN, SARAH                            OH-29-2-227
GRIER, HENRY Y.                         OH-29-2-321
GRIER, JOHN                             OH-29-A-345
GRIMES, GEORE                           OH-29-B-19
GRIMES, JAMES J.                        OH-29-1-353
GUTHRIE, JOSEPH                         OH-29-1-158
HAFT, JAMES                             OH-29-A-261
HAGAN, JOHN                             OH-29-B-78
HAGAN, MARY                             OH-29-B-168
HAGAN, WILLIAM                          OH-29-A-342
HALE, JOHN                              OH-29-1-74
HALE, PHEBE                             OH-29-1-144
HALL, CALEB                             OH-29-A-483
HALL, ISAAC                             OH-29-A-324
HALL, SAMUEL                            OH-29-2-40
HALLEY, EDWARD                          OH-29-B-269
HAMILTON, JOHN                          OH-29-1-112
HAMMOND, ELIZABETH                      OH-29-B-213
HAMMOND, GEORGE                         OH-29-A-281
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        OH-29-A-247
HAMRICK, DANIEL                         OH-29-1-415
HANCOCK, JOHN                           OH-29-2-224
HANES, CHRISTIAN                        OH-29-A-6
HANNA, ANDREW                           OH-29-2-269
HANNA, SAMUEL                           OH-29-A-323
HANSON, JOSEPH S.                       OH-29-1-403
HANSON, THOMAS                          OH-29-B-80
HARDEN, THOMAS                          OH-29-A-105
HARGRAVE, EDWARD                        OH-29-2-462
HART, JACOB                             OH-29-B-96
HART, JOSEPH                            OH-29-A-407
HARTMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-29-2-203
HASTINGS, JOHN                          OH-29-B-169
HAWKINS, WILLIAM                        OH-29-1-139
HAWLEY, EDWARD                          OH-29-B-269
HAWTHORN, JAMES                         OH-29-1-372
HAWTHORNE, JANE                         OH-29-2-179
HAYES, BAILEY                           OH-29-B-92
HAY,MICHAEL                             OH-29-2-288
HAYS, THOMAS                            OH-29-1-93
HAYS, WILLIAM                           OH-29-B-127
HAYWARD, HENRY                          OH-29-2-282
HEAD, REBECCA J.                        OH-29-2-357
HEARD,LYMAN                             OH-29-B-341
HEART, JACOB                            OH-29-B-96
HEAUME, ANN                             OH-29-2-98
HEAUME, PETER                           OH-29-2-72
HEDGES, JOSEPH                          OH-29-A-130
HENDERSON, ANDREW                       OH-29-2-483
HENDERSON, JOHN                         OH-29-A-230
HENRY, HARMON                           OH-29-1-352
HENRY, JACOB                            OH-29-B-130
HENRY, PETER                            OH-29-1-113
HERBERT, CONRAD                         OH-29-1-389
HERRICK, JACOB                          OH-29-B-45
HESKETT, JAMES                          OH-29-B-188
HIBBS, BENJAMIN                         OH-29-B-84
HIBBS, STEPHEN                          OH-29-B-152
HIBBS, VALENTINE                        OH-29-B-102
HIBBS, WILLIAM                          OH-29-B-77
HICKLE, STEPHEN                         OH-29-1-151
HIDE, THOMAS                            OH-29-A-163
HILL, JOHN                              OH-29-2-349
HILL, MARGARET                          OH-29-1-99
HILL, MATHEW H.                         OH-29-B-291
HILL, SUZANAH                           OH-29-B-196
HILL, WILLIAM                           OH-29-A-84
HILLIS, MATHEW H.                       OH-29-B-291
HIND, JOSEPH C.                         OH-29-1-214
HINDS, MOSES                            OH-29-B-175
HINES, RACHEL A.                        OH-29-2-424
HINTON, MOSES                           OH-29-B-223
HIXSON, PETER                           OH-29-A-329
HODGES, CHARLES C.                      OH-29-2-30
HOLLAR, JOSEPH                          OH-29-A-34
HOLLIS, DAVID                           OH-29-2-19
HOLLOAWAY, ROBERT                       OH-29-1-197
HOLMES, MARGARET                        OH-29-2-466
HOLMES, MARTHA J.                       OH-29-2-463
HOOVER, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-29-1-374
HOPPRE, REUBEN                          OH-29-1-359
HOY, MARTHA                             OH-29-2-113
HUFF, JOHN                              OH-29-2-339
HUFFMAN, ABRAM                          OH-29-2-318
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           OH-29-A-566
HUGGINS, ANDREW                         OH-29-B-3
HUGHES, LEVI                            OH-29-B-204
HUGHS, AARON                            OH-29-2-283
HUNTER, DUNCAN                          OH-29-A-159
HURD, LYMAN                             OH-29-B-341
HURRELL, ANDREW                         OH-29-2-278
HURST, WILLIAM                          OH-29-2-211
HUSTON, JAMES                           OH-29-A-304
HUTCHISON, S. M.                        OH-29-2-455
INGRAM, JOHN                            OH-29-2-284
INLISH, RACHEL                          OH-29-2-146
IRWIN, JAMES S.                         OH-29-1-265
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          OH-29-2-315
ISRAEL, BASIL                           OH-29-A-285
JACKSON, HENRY                          OH-29-A-108
JACKSON, HENRY                          OH-29-A-417
JAMISON, ALEXANDER                      OH-29-1-239
JAMISON, THOMAS                         OH-29-B-332
JOHNSON, ARCHIBALD                      OH-29-A-403
JOHNSON, JESSE                          OH-29-B-363
JOHNSTON, ANDREW                        OH-29-A-216
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        OH-29-A-143
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        OH-29-1-439
JONES, ANN                              OH-29-B-97
JONES, EVAN                             OH-29-1-177
JORDAN, JOSHUA                          OH-29-1-198
JORDAN, THOMAS                          OH-29-B-74
KACKLEY, ISAAC                          OH-29-B-231
KACLEY, JOHN                            OH-29-A-86
KARR, JAMES                             OH-29-A-561
KEEPER, JOSEPH                          OH-29-B-22
KEERAN, JOHN                            OH-29-A-398
KELL, ANDREW                            OH-29-1-230
KELL, JOHN                              OH-29-A-485
KENNEDY, JOHN                           OH-29-B-299
KENNEDY, MOSES W.                       OH-29-1-167
KENNON, JOHN                            OH-29-A-284
KENNON, THOMAS                          OH-29-2-79
KERR, ELIZABETH                         OH-29-2-87
KERSHAW, MITCHELL                       OH-29-A-431
KIMBALL, DAVIS                          OH-29-1-407
KIMBLE, GEORGE                          OH-29-2-51
KIMBLE, WILLIAM                         OH-29-A-423
KING, PHILIP A.                         OH-29-2-411
KINKEAD, DAVID                          OH-29-1-149
KINKEAD, DAVID                          OH-29-A-64
KIRK, SAMUEL                            OH-29-A-148
KIRK, WILLIAM                           OH-29-1-107
KIRKPATRICK, ANDREW                     OH-29-A-10
KIRKPATRICK, THOMAS B.                  OH-29-B-319
KLINE, CHRISTNEA                        OH-29-1-143
KNOWLTON, WARREN                        OH-29-1-163
KNOX, THOMAS                            OH-29-2-275

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