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LAKE, JOHN                              OH-29-1-390
LANGLEY, PETER                          OH-29-2-513
LANNING, ISAAC M.                       OH-29-2-188
LANNING, ROBERT                         OH-29-A-518
LARIMORE, JOSEPH                        OH-29-B-225
LARUE, PERMELIA                         OH-29-2-200
LARUE, WILLIAM                          OH-29-2-217
LAW, ANN                                OH-29-2-65
LAW, JAMES SR.                          OH-29-A-408
LAW, JOHN                               OH-29-A-42
LAW, JOHN                               OH-29-A-510
LAW, MATTHEW                            OH-29-A-372
LAWN, EDWARD                            OH-29-B-349
LAWRENCE, JACOB                         OH-29-2-144
LEAMON, JAMES                           OH-29-A-175
LEECH, MARGARET                         OH-29-2-262
LEECH, MATHEW                           OH-29-2-137
LEEPER, JAMES                           OH-29-B-288
LEEPER, ROBERT                          OH-29-2-106
LEMON, JOHN                             OH-29-1-409
LENFESTY, DANIEL                        OH-29-1-85
LENFESTY, JOHN                          OH-29-A-388
LENT, LUDLOW                            OH-29-2-323
LENT, TOBIAS                            OH-29-A-200
LINDSEY, SAMUEL                         OH-29-1-170
LINDSEY, SAMUEL                         OH-29-2-514
LINDSEY, THOMAS                         OH-29-A-292
LINDSEY, WILLIAM JR.                    OH-29-2-99
LINN, ADAM                              OH-29-A-333
LINN, JOHN                              OH-29-2-280
LISETER, GEORGE                         OH-29-2-68
LITTLE, JOSEPH                          OH-29-2-236
LITTLE, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-434
LLEWELLYN, WILLIAM                      OH-29-2-149
LOFLAND, GORDON                         OH-29-2-250
LOFLAND, SARAH P.                       OH-29-2-296
LOGAN, JOHN                             OH-29-2-272
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          OH-29-A-384
LOGEE, DANIEL                           OH-29-1-60
LOMCWRY, JAMES                          OH-29-2-251
LONG, DANIEL SR.                        OH-29-A-51
LONG, JOHN                              OH-29-1-338
LONG, JOHN                              OH-29-B-198
LONGGLEY, THOMAS M.                     OH-29-1-15
LONGSWORTH, BAZIL                       OH-29-1-101
LOWE, HENRY                             OH-29-B-86
LOWE, STEPHEN A.                        OH-29-B-162
LOWREY, SAMUEL                          OH-29-B-111
LOWRY, ELIJAH                           OH-29-A-428
LOWRY, JOHN                             OH-29-1-156
LOWRY, WILLIAM                          OH-29-2-370
LUCCOCK, REBECCA                        OH-29-2-441
LUZADDER, ISAAC                         OH-29-2-83
LUZADER, ABRAHAM                        OH-29-A-136
LYLE, ELIZABETH                         OH-29-1-87
LYONS, GEORGE                           OH-29-2-370
MACK, JOHN                              OH-29-2-432
MACKEY, ALEXANDER                       OH-29-1-21
MACKEY, RICHARD                         OH-29-1-354
MACKEY, RICHARD SR.                     OH-29-1-193
MACKEY, ROBERT                          OH-29-1-272
MADDEN, ELIZABETH ANN                   OH-29-2-84
MADDEN, JAMES                           OH-29-2-24
MARLING, JOHN                           OH-29-1-316
MARLOW, SAMUEL                          OH-29-2-48
MARSH, MOSES                            OH-29-2-170
MARSHALL, BENJAMIN                      OH-29-1-396
MARSHALL, JOSEPH W.                     OH-29-1-122
MARSHALL, MARY                          OH-29-A-38
MARSHALL, ROBERT                        OH-29-2-401
MARSHALL, SAMUEL                        OH-29-2-94
MARTIN, CHARLOTTA                       OH-29-B-314
MARTIN, JOHN                            OH-29-A-178
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          OH-29-B-184
MASON, WILLIAM                          OH-29-2-90
MASTERS, RICHARD                        OH-29-B-51
MATHERS, JOHN                           OH-29-2-415
MATHERS, SAMUEL                         OH-29-A-76
MCALLISON, THOMAS                       OH-29-B-307
MCBRIDE, FREDERICK W.                   OH-29-2-303
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           OH-29-2-59
MCBURNEY, JAMES                         OH-29-1-221
MCBURNEY, JOHN                          OH-29-B-173
MCBURNEY, WILLIAM                       OH-29-B-373
MCBURNEY, WILLIAM                       OH-29-1-1
MCCALL, ROBET                           OH-29-1-274
MCCALL, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-348
MCCARROLL, JOHN                         OH-29-B-177
MCCARTNEY, WILLIAM                      OH-29-A-316
MCCASKEY, REBECCA                       OH-29-2-25
MCCLARY, ROBERT J.                      OH-29-B-218
MCCLEARY, THOMAS                        OH-29-2-121
MCCLELLAND, JAMES                       OH-29-2-205
MCCLELLAND, JOHN                        OH-29-2-340
MCCLENAHAN, JOHN                        OH-29-1-370
MCCLUSKEY, HENRY                        OH-29-B-165
MCCOLLUM, ALEXANDER                     OH-29-A-157
MCCOLLUM, PAUL                          OH-29-A-240
MCCONAUGHY, ANDREW DUNCAN               OH-29-1-35
MCCONKEY, SAMUEL                        OH-29-2-439
MCCONN, THOMA                           OH-29-1-361
MCCOY, CORNIGHT                         OH-29-B-44
MCCOY, JAMES                            OH-29-A-196
MCCOY, MARGARET                         OH-29-1-357
MCCREA, DAVID                           OH-29-1-412
MCCREA, EDWARD                          OH-29-B-193
MCCREARY, JOHN                          OH-29-1-180
MCCULLEY, JAMES                         OH-29-2-259
MCCULLOUGH, DAVID                       OH-29-1-275
MCCULLOUGH, HUGH                        OH-29-1-58
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN                        OH-29-1-337
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN M.                     OH-29-1-89
MCCUNE, JAMES                           OH-29-1-377
MCDONALD, ARCHIBALD                     OH-29-B-197
MCDONALD, DANIEL                        OH-29-B-79
MCDONALD, JOSEPH                        OH-29-1-16
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                       OH-29-A-535
MCDOWELL, MARK                          OH-29-2-8
MCELHERRON, JOSEPH L.                   OH-29-2-494
MCFARREN, JOHN                          OH-29-2-318
MCGIFFIN, JAMES                         OH-29-1-365
MCGILL, STEWART                         OH-29-2-305
MCGINNIS, WILLIAM                       OH-29-A-360
MCGINNIS, WILLIAM                       OH-29-A-528
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           OH-29-1-410
MCILVAINE, ANDREW                       OH-29-B-308
MCKAA, DAVID                            OH-29-A-23
MCKEE, JANE                             OH-29-B-286
MCKEE, JOHN                             OH-29-A-436
MCKINDLEY, WILLIAM                      OH-29-1-399
MCKINNEY, CHARLES E.                    OH-29-2-244
MCKITRICK, ALEXANDER                    OH-29-B-215
MCKNIGHT, JACOB A.                      OH-29-1-97
MCMCURY, JOHN SR.                       OH-29-1-321
MCMULLEN, JOHN                          OH-29-1-263
MCMUREY, WILLIAM                        OH-29-1-19
MCMURRY, ROBERT                         OH-29-B-153
MCNUTT, JOSEPH                          OH-29-2-276
MCPEAK, RICHARD SR.                     OH-29-A-259
MCPEEK, DANIEL                          OH-29-1-191
MCPEEK, DNAIEL                          OH-29-2-311
MCPEEK, EZEKIEL                         OH-29-1-128
MCPEEK, EZEKIEL                         OH-29-1-184
MCPEEK, JAMES                           OH-29-2-66
MCPEEKS, DANIEL                         OH-29-A-336
MCVICKERS, ARCHIBALD                    OH-29-A-66
MCWILLIAMS, ROBERT                      OH-29-2-159
MEARS, DANIEL B.                        OH-29-B-89
MEEKS, JOSHUA                           OH-29-B-170
MEHAFFEY, SAMUEL                        OH-29-B-47
MEHAFFEY, SAMUEL                        OH-29-1-256
MELTON, STAFFORD                        OH-29-B-182
MERCER, JOBE                            OH-29-1-96
MERCER, MOSES                           OH-29-B-37
MEREDITH, GEORGE                        OH-29-2-169
MERRYMAN, JAMES                         OH-29-2-166
MIGIFFIN, ARCHIBALD                     OH-29-A-20
MILLER, DAVID                           OH-29-B-172
MILLER, JAMES                           OH-29-1-392
MILLER, JONATHAN                        OH-29-B-178
MILLER, JOSEPH                          OH-29-2-461
MILLER, MARY A.                         OH-29-2-521
MILLS, THOMAS J.                        OH-29-A-439
MILNER, EDWARD                          OH-29-2-327
MILNER, GRAMMAR                         OH-29-B-282
MITCHELL, ALEXANDER                     OH-29-2-134
MITCHELL, SUSANA                        OH-29-1-200
MOFFIT, SARAH                           OH-29-1-217
MOLAND, JACOB                           OH-29-B-70
MOORE, JAMES                            OH-29-2-325
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-29-2-101
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-29-2-245
MORELAND, HEZEKIAH                      OH-29-2-240
MORELAND, MARGARET                      OH-29-2-264
MORELAND, RICHARD                       OH-29-2-496
MORRISON, GEORGE                        OH-29-2-233
MORRISON, HENRIETTA                     OH-29-2-416
MORRISON, JOSEPH                        OH-29-2-108
MORRISON, SAMUEL SR.                    OH-29-1-117
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       OH-29-B-107
MORROW, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-319
MORTON, JOHN                            OH-29-1-106
MORTON, MOSES                           OH-29-1-362
MOSIER, ABRAHAM                         OH-29-B-251
MURPHY, NICHOLAS                        OH-29-A-2
NEEL, JOHN                              OH-29-A-280
NEEL, WILLIAM                           OH-29-A-537
NEELAND, JOSEPH                         OH-29-1-379
NEILSON, THOMAS                         OH-29-2-426
NELSON, BENJAMIN                        OH-29-B-126
NELSON, ROBERT                          OH-29-2-378
NEWELL, SAMUEL                          OH-29-B-24
NEWNOM, JOHN                            OH-29-1-218
NOBLE, WILLIAM                          OH-29-B-161
OGIER, WILLIAM                          OH-29-B-253
OLDHAM, ISAAC                           OH-29-B-330
OLDHAM, SARAH                           OH-29-2-255
OLIVER, HENRY                           OH-29-B-289
ORR, JOHN                               OH-29-1-13
ORR, MATHEW                             OH-29-A-508
ORR, MATTHEW                            OH-29-2-312
ORR, ROBET                              OH-29-1-53
ORR, WATSON                             OH-29-B-310
OUTLAND, ANN P.                         OH-29-2-454
OVERLY, CASPER                          OH-29-A-254
OWEN, MARY                              OH-29-2-157
PAISLEY, JAMES                          OH-29-2-308
PALMER, GEORGE                          OH-29-1-95
PARKE, HUGH SR.                         OH-29-1-327
PARKER, PARISH                          OH-29-1-38
PARKHILL, JAMES                         OH-29-A-437
PARKINS, ISAAC                          OH-29-A-204
PARLOT, ISAIAH                          OH-29-1-190
PARRY, JOHN                             OH-29-B-279
PATTERSON, DANIEL                       OH-29-A-128
PATTERSON, JOHN                         OH-29-1-194
PATTERSON, MARK                         OH-29-B-1
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                       OH-29-B-368
PATTERSON, STOUT                        OH-29-B-337
PATTON, HUGH                            OH-29-1-333
PATTON, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-340
PAXTON, ELIZABETH                       OH-29-A-512
PAXTON, JOHN                            OH-29-A-274
PAXTON, NANCY                           OH-29-2-331
PAXTON, SAMUEL                          OH-29-B-324
PENROSE, MAHLON                         OH-29-2-479
PERDUE, JOHATHAN                        OH-29-1-292
PEREGO, ISAAC                           OH-29-2-333
PEREGO, JAMES                           OH-29-1-11
PERRY, JONATHAN                         OH-29-B-250
PETERS, ANN                             OH-29-2-486
PETERS, REUBEN                          OH-29-2-248
PETTY, TRAVIS                           OH-29-B-208
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          OH-29-A-227
PHILLIS, CHARLES                        OH-29-1-186
PHILLIS, JOSEPH                         OH-29-2-365
PIERCE, LYDIA G.                        OH-29-2-396
PILES, JAMES                            OH-29-1-134
POLLACK, THOMAS                         OH-29-B-82
POLLOCK, STEPHEN                        OH-29-B-246
POLLOCK, THOMAS                         OH-29-2-136
POLLY, JOHN                             OH-29-B-361
PORTER, HUGH                            OH-29-A-530
POULSON, MARTHA JANE                    OH-29-B-371
PRESLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-29-B-56
PRICE, NATHANIEL                        OH-29-A-266
PROBASCO, JACOB                         OH-29-2-252
PROUDFIT, ANDREW                        OH-29-B-351
PUGH, CATHERINE                         OH-29-1-252
PULLEY, JOHN                            OH-29-B-361
RADCLIFF, JOHN                          OH-29-B-7
RAINEY, WILLIAM                         OH-29-B-247
RANDALS, JOHN                           OH-29-2-21
RANKIN, JOHN                            OH-29-B-134
READ, GEORGE                            OH-29-A-380
REASONER, BENJAMIN                      OH-29-2-366
REASONER, ELIZABETH                     OH-29-1-270
REASONER, JOHN                          OH-29-B-261
REASONER, SOLOMON                       OH-29-1-83
REDD, CLARK                             OH-29-2-58
REDD, PETER                             OH-29-B-240
REDMAN, WILLIAM                         OH-29-1-223
REED, JOHN                              OH-29-A-424
REEVE, MARGARET                         OH-29-2-229
REUBENCAM, DAVID                        OH-29-B-125
RICHARDSON, JAMES                       OH-29-A-326
RIDDLE, MAXWELL                         OH-29-2-273
RIPLEY, JOHN                            OH-29-2-382
ROACH, WILLIAM                          OH-29-1-318
ROBE, JOSIAH                            OH-29-B-115
ROBERTSON, SILVANEA                     OH-29-A-224
ROBINS, JOHN                            OH-29-A-499
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER                     OH-29-A-382
ROBINSON, JOHN                          OH-29-1-308
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        OH-29-1-418
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        OH-29-2-221
ROBISON, ELIZABETH                      OH-29-1-336
ROLLINGSEN, JOHN                        OH-29-1-17
ROLLSTIN, JOSEPH                        OH-29-B-20
ROLLSTIN, JOSEPH                        OH-29-1-414
ROLLSTINE, JOHN                         OH-29-1-367
ROMANS, EVAN                            OH-29-2-397
ROSE, BENJAMIN                          OH-29-A-133
ROSE, THOMPSON                          OH-29-1-347
ROSE, WASHINGTON                        OH-29-1-315
ROSEMAN, EDARD                          OH-29-A-310
ROSEMAN, EDWARD                         OH-29-B-285
ROSEMAN, MARY                           OH-29-B-230
ROSEMAN, PHILIP SR.                     OH-29-A-263
ROSEMOND, JOHN                          OH-29-1-424
ROSS, JAMES                             OH-29-1-157
ROSS, JAMES                             OH-29-2-78
ROSS, JOHN                              OH-29-2-31
ROSS, NANCY                             OH-29-2-332
ROSS, ROBERT A.                         OH-29-B-333
ROSS, THOMAS                            OH-29-B-36
ROSSETER, THOMAS                        OH-29-1-125
RUBICAM, DAVID                          OH-29-2-16
RUBINCAM, DAVID                         OH-29-B-125
RUSSELL, JOSEPH                         OH-29-B-121
RUTLEDGE, JAMES                         OH-29-A-165
SALLADAY, ELIAS                         OH-29-B-55
SALTSGAVER, PETER                       OH-29-1-75
SANKEY, JANNET                          OH-29-1-380
SARCHET, PETER SR.                      OH-29-A-91
SARCHET, THOMAS                         OH-29-A-392
SATTERTHWAITE, ENOCH                    OH-29-B-119
SAVAGE, HENRY                           OH-29-A-54
SCARBOROUGH, JOSEPH                     OH-29-A-123
SCHOFF, JOHN                            OH-29-B-16
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                        OH-29-A-486
SCOTT, CHARLES                          OH-29-A-413
SCOTT, CHARLES                          OH-29-1-212
SCOTT, CHARLES H.                       OH-29-A-479
SCOTT, JOHN                             OH-29-A-271
SCOTT, JOHN S.                          OH-29-2-258
SCOTT, MARY                             OH-29-2-293
SCOTT, SUSANNAH                         OH-29-1-271
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          OH-29-2-26
SCROGINS, JOHN B.                       OH-29-2-355
SECREST, ISAAC                          OH-29-2-237
SECREST, JACOB                          OH-29-B-190
SECREST, PETER                          OH-29-2-20
SENFESTY, JOHN                          OH-29-A-388
SHAFFER, CONRAD                         OH-29-2-485
SHAFFNER, PHILP                         OH-29-B-138
SHARROCK, GENTY                         OH-29-1-56
SHARROCK, JAMES                         OH-29-A-152
SHEARROW, SYLVANOUS W.                  OH-29-2-316
SHEPPERD, GEORGE H.                     OH-29-2-95
SHERRARD, WILLIAM SR.                   OH-29-1-385
SHIPLEY, EZEKIEL                        OH-29-A-461
SHIVELY, JACOB                          OH-29-B-112
SHIVELY, JOHN                           OH-29-2-197
SHOEMAN, MOSES                          OH-29-A-78
SHOFF, JOHN                             OH-29-B-16
SHOFF, PHILIP                           OH-29-1-174
SHRIVER, ADAM SR.                       OH-29-1-366
SHRIVER, ELIJAH                         OH-29-A-183
SHRIVER, JACOB                          OH-29-B-59
SHRIVER, JACOB                          OH-29-2-343
SHUMAN, MARY                            OH-29-B-29
SICKMAN, GEORGE                         OH-29-A-368
SIGHTS, FRAZIER F.                      OH-29-2-491
SIGMAN, JOHN                            OH-29-B-67
SIGMAN, LUKE                            OH-29-1-175
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                         OH-29-2-409
SLEETH, DANIEL                          OH-29-B-2221
SLEETH, JAMES                           OH-29-2-351
SLEETH, JAMES A.                        OH-29-2-171
SLEITH, JAMES                           OH-29-B-72
SMITH, AMOS                             OH-29-1-373
SMITH, ANDREW                           OH-29-2-511
SMITH, DAVID                            OH-29-B-104
SMITH, EDWARD                           OH-29-B-200
SMITH, GEORGE                           OH-29-A-74
SMITH, GEORGE                           OH-29-2-518
SMITH, HENRY                            OH-29-1-349
SMITH, JAMES                            OH-29-2-235
SMITH, JAMES M.                         OH-29-2-368
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         OH-29-1-291
SMITH, JESSE                            OH-29-2-383
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-29-B-345
SMITH, JOHN H.                          OH-29-2-187
SMITH, JONAH                            OH-29-2-447
SMITH, MARY                             OH-29-A-56
SMITH, PETER                            OH-29-1-164
SMITH, ROBET                            OH-29-2-385
SMITH, THOMAS                           OH-29-A-276
SMITH, THOMAS                           OH-29-A-377
SNYDER, SAMUEL                          OH-29-2-103
SOUDERS, JACOB                          OH-29-B-277
SOWDERS, JOHN                           OH-29-2-506
SPAID, GEORGE                           OH-29-A-312
SPARKS, JOHN G.                         OH-29-A-188
SPEAR, ROBINOSN                         OH-29-B-248
SPEAR, STUART                           OH-29-B-258
SPECK, AUGUSTUS                         OH-29-2-379
SPEER, WILLIAM                          OH-29-A-366
SPENCER, JOHN W.                        OH-29-A-290
SPENCER, RICHARD                        OH-29-B-118
SPROAT, ALEXANDER H.                    OH-29-2-295
SPROAT, HARRIET A.                      OH-29-2-212
SQUIER, ALBERT G.                       OH-29-2-477
STCLAIR, WILLIAM                        OH-29-1-400
STEEL, JAMES                            OH-29-2-182
STEEL, JOHN                             OH-29-1-160
STEFFE, ADAM                            OH-29-2-371
STEPHENS, JOHN                          OH-29-2-389
STEPHENS, WILLIAM                       OH-29-A-194
STEPHENSON, MOSES                       OH-29-A-355
STEVENS, ELIZABETH                      OH-29-2-436
STEVENS, JAMES                          OH-29-B-154
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      OH-29-1-137
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      OH-29-1-30
STEWART, JAMES                          OH-29-1-301
STEWART, JAMES                          OH-29-2-265
STEWART, JANE                           OH-29-2-76
STEWART, JOHN                           OH-29-B-85
STEWART, JOHN SR.                       OH-29-2-120
STEWART, THOMAS                         OH-29-2-363
STEWART, WILLIAM                        OH-29-2-502
STICKLES, HENRY                         OH-29-A-115
STINER, MARY                            OH-29-B-294
STIRES, SAMUEL                          OH-29-1-310
STIVER, MARY                            OH-29-B-294
STOCKDALE, JOHN                         OH-29-A-465
STOCKDALE, MOSES                        OH-29-2-10
STODARD, JAMES                          OH-29-2-317
STONER, MARY                            OH-29-B-294
STONER, NICHOLAS                        OH-29-B-120
STOUT, JAMES                            OH-29-B-202
STRANATHAN, WILLIAM                     OH-29-B-9
STRANTHAN, SAMUEL                       OH-29-2-155
SUITT, ZEPHENIAH C.                     OH-29-2-158
SUNAFRANK, JOHN                         OH-29-B-301
SWANEY, JOHN                            OH-29-2-154
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          OH-29-A-482
TAYLOR, RICHARD                         OH-29-B-295
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          OH-29-A-443
TEDRICK, DANIEL                         OH-29-A-419
TEDRICK, DANIEL                         OH-29-1-425
TERRELL, CALVIN                         OH-29-B-171
TETERICK, ISAAC                         OH-29-1-331
TETIRICK, WILLIAM                       OH-29-2-437
THOMAS, ENOCH                           OH-29-1-207
THOMAS, JACOB JR.                       OH-29-A-47
THOMPSON, ANDREW                        OH-29-1-383
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                      OH-29-2-161
THOMPSON, DAVID                         OH-29-A-493
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-29-1-260
THOMPSON, JAMES                         OH-29-A-506
THOMPSON, JAMES AND MARY                OH-29-B-370
THOMPSON, JANE                          OH-29-1-289
THOMPSON, MARY AND JAMES                OH-29-B-370
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        OH-29-A-463
THOMPSON, THOMA                         OH-29-1-277
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-29-1-286
TIDRICK, JOHN                           OH-29-B-187
TIDRICK, JOHN                           OH-29-2-198
TINGLE, JOHN                            OH-29-A-154
TINGLE, SARAH D.                        OH-29-1-227
TITUS, JOHN                             OH-29-1-54
TOBIN, NATHANIEL                        OH-29-B-149
TOBIN, WILLIAM                          OH-29-B-233
TORODE, JAMES                           OH-29-A-28
TORRANCE, SAMUEL                        OH-29-2-39
TORRANS, JOHN B.                        OH-29-1-196
TRACY, WILLIAM W.                       OH-29-B-211
TRENNER, HENRY                          OH-29-A-236
TURKLE, JOSEPH                          OH-29-1-153
TUTTLE, JOHN A.                         OH-29-1-88
UMSTOT, ABRAHAM                         OH-29-1-344
VALENTINE, BENJAMIN                     OH-29-A-472
VALENTINE, JEREMIAH                     OH-29-2-373
VALENTINE, JOHN                         OH-29-B-352
VALENTINE, SAMUEL                       OH-29-2-202
VANCE, JAMES                            OH-29-B-15
VANCES, JOHN                            OH-29-2-263
VANDYKE, ARTHUR                         OH-29-B-103
VERMILLION, JOSEPH                      OH-29-1-323
VERNON, JOHN                            OH-29-A-252
VERNON, PHEBE                           OH-29-B-132
VICKERS, WILLIAM                        OH-29-2-335
VINCENT, JOHN                           OH-29-2-243
VIRTUE, DAVID                           OH-29-2-75
VOORHES, CATHARINE                      OH-29-2-271
VOORHES, ROBERT                         OH-29-2-477
WADDLE, LEVI H.                         OH-29-2-452
WAGSTAFF, JAMES                         OH-29-B-124
WALKER, JAMES                           OH-29-2-208
WALLACE, ALEXANDER                      OH-29-1-79
WALLACE, JAMES H.                       OH-29-2-427
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        OH-29-B-19
WALLAR, WILLIAM                         OH-29-2-36
WALLER, WILLIAM                         OH-29-A-298
WALTER, JOHN                            OH-29-A-221
WALTERS, GEORGE W.                      OH-29-1-403
WARD, JAMES                             OH-29-A-533
WARDEN, ISAAC J.                        OH-29-2-114
WARNE, GEORGE                           OH-29-B-156
WARNE, JOHNATHAN                        OH-29-1-242
WARNOCK, JOHN                           OH-29-1-213
WATERHOUSE, WILLIAM                     OH-29-A-344
WEAVER, HANS                            OH-29-2-85
WEBB, JAMES                             OH-29-B-57
WEBSTER, ELI                            OH-29-2-394
WEBSTER, NATHAN                         OH-29-A-97
WEBSTER, PETER                          OH-29-1-63
WEBSTER, THOMAS                         OH-29-1-235
WEBSTER, WARNER                         OH-29-B-189
WEIR, THOMAS                            OH-29-1-189
WELCH, JAMES                            OH-29-A-90
WELCH, JAMES                            OH-29-1-40
WELLER, NANCY                           OH-29-B-26
WELLER, PETER                           OH-29-A-353
WELLS, ABRAHAM                          OH-29-2-457
WHEELER, REZIN                          OH-29-2-326
WHERRY, DAVID                           OH-29-A-321
WHETSTONE, HENRY                        OH-29-B-114
WHISTLE, WILLIAM                        OH-29-A-135
WHITAKER, OBED SR.                      OH-29-B-206
WHITE, ANNE                             OH-29-2-34
WHITE, ELIHU                            OH-29-1-364
WHITE, JAMES                            OH-29-B-272
WHITE, JMAES                            OH-29-2-63
WHITE, JOSEPH W.                        OH-29-B-145
WHITE, JOSPEH                           OH-29-1-332
WHITE, THOMAS                           OH-29-2-104
WHITEHILL, THOMAS                       OH-29-A-269
WIER, JOHN                              OH-29-B-98
WIERS, BENJAMIM                         OH-29-1-346
WILKINS, ROBERT                         OH-29-A-331
WILKINSON, SAMUEL                       OH-29-A-181
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       OH-29-B-163
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        OH-29-2-1
WILLIAMS, JOEL                          OH-29-B-354
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-29-A-1
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        OH-29-A-450
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         OH-29-B-164
WILLIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-29-2-450
WILLIS, ISAAC                           OH-29-1-129
WILSON, DAVID                           OH-29-1-306
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-29-B-69
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-29-1-422
WILSON, JOSEPH                          OH-29-2-372
WILSON, JOSIAH                          OH-29-B-38
WILSON, WILLIAM D.                      OH-29-2-175
WINE, CHRISTIAN                         OH-29-A-347
WINTER, MARGARET                        OH-29-1-181
WIRES, JOSIAH                           OH-29-1-421
WIRICK, PETER                           OH-29-A-117
WOODBURN, ALEXANDER                     OH-29-2-239
WOODBURN, ALEXANDER                     OH-29-1-146
WOODBURN, ALEXANDER D.                  OH-29-1-298
WOODS, WILLIAM                          OH-29-A-371
WOPE, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-29-A-36
WYAND, GEORGE                           OH-29-A-52
YATES, ROBERT                           OH-29-1-305
YOST, JOHN                              OH-29-B-186
YOUNG, ISAAC                            OH-29-1-81

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