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HAAREMANN, BERNARD                     OH-30-6-3
HAARLAMMERT, WILLIAM                   OH-30-1-527
HAAS, FERDINAND                        OH-30-9-158
HABIG, WENDEL                          OH-30-13-573
HAFFNER, ANTON                         OH-30-13-241
HAFNER, JOHNL.                         OH-30-6-460
HAGAMAN, ADRIAN                        OH-30-9-466
HAGEMCANAN, LAURA D.                   OH-30-1-419
HAGERTY, PATRICK                       OH-30-12-336
HAGERTY, SUSAN E.                      OH-30-14-99
HAIRE, SUSAN                           OH-30-12-9
HALENBECK, H. G.                       OH-30-6-114
HALL, EZEKIEL                          OH-30-8-212
HALL, JOHN                             OH-30-3-359
HALL, MARY                             OH-30-9-234
HALL, SAMUEL                           OH-30-15-267
HALL, SAMUEL                           OH-30-2-399
HALL, SAMUEL M.                        OH-30-4-172
HALLER, JOHN GEORGE                    OH-30-6-48
HALLMANN, THEODORE                     OH-30-15-39
HALLY, WILLIAM                         OH-30-2-389
HAMBURGER, SIMON                       OH-30-12-299
HAMILTON, ANDREW                       OH-30-8-193
HAMILTON, JAMES                        OH-30-14-63
HAMMANN, MICHAEL                       OH-30-14-208
HAMMELL, JOHN                          OH-30-10-411
HAMMOND, CHARLES                       OH-30-2-400
HAMMOND, NANCY                         OH-30-14-578
HANCOCK, JACOB                         OH-30-6-213
HANES, ROBERT                          OH-30-2-481
HANKINS, DANIEL                        OH-30-2-20
HANKINS, RICHARD                       OH-30-7-347
HANKINS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-9-255
HANNARS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-8-157
HANSELMAN, JACOB                       OH-30-11-150
HANSELMANN, MARGARET                   OH-30-10-65
HARBESON, SARAH                        OH-30-9-96
HARDIN, CATHARINE                      OH-30-11-195
HARDIN, JAMES                          OH-30-11-223
HARDING, ABIGAIL                       OH-30-11-164
HARDING, JONATHAN                      OH-30-6-337
HARDING, LIBBEUS L.                    OH-30-5-309
HARE, ANTHONY                          OH-30-3-119
HARGRAVES, MAXWELL                     OH-30-5-246
HARKER, JARVIS MOSS                    OH-30-7-140
HARKNESS, ANTHONY                      OH-30-14-240
HARKNESS, AURORA                       OH-30-9-208
HARMAN, GEORGE                         OH-30-7-29
HARNESS, MICHAEL                       OH-30-9-452
HARPER, EDWARD C.                      OH-30-11-197
HARPER, JAMES                          OH-30-9-392
HARPER, JOHN                           OH-30-8-8
HARPER, MARY                           OH-30-1-494
HARPER, SAMUEL                         OH-30-7-355
HARPER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-2-382
HARRINGTON, MARY E.                    OH-30-5-10
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         OH-30-8-203
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         OH-30-6-430
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        OH-30-4-129
HARRISON, ANNA                         OH-30-9-80
HARRISON, THOMAS P.                    OH-30-2-222
HARRISON, WILLIAM H. JR.               OH-30-10-341
HART, ABRAHAM                          OH-30-6-475
HART, ASHER                            OH-30-3-86
HART, JOSEPH                           OH-30-1-100
HARTHORN, TAMERSON                     OH-30-7-286
HARTKE, JOHANN D.                      OH-30-16-258
HARTMAN, JACOB                         OH-30-16-338
HARTMAN, TH. C.                        OH-30-1-132
HARTMANN, JOHN GOTTLEIB                OH-30-1-525
HARTMANN, PETER ANTON                  OH-30-11-2
HARTON, CHARLES                        OH-30-11-116
HARTWIG, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-30-15-365
HARTZELL, DAVID A.                     OH-30-15-26
HARVEY, ANDREW                         OH-30-1-523
HARVEY, ESTHER                         OH-30-4-204
HARVEY, ROBERT D.                      OH-30-6-80
HARVIE, ARTHRU                         OH-30-13-508
HASEBROCK, GERHARD                     OH-30-9-220
HASSINGER, JAMES                       OH-30-6-291
HASTINGS, CATHERINE                    OH-30-13-209
HASTINGS, JANE                         OH-30-10-231
HATCH, NANCY                           OH-30-2-287
HATFIELD, ADAM                         OH-30-1-516
HATHAWAY, HENRY                        OH-30-14-462
HATINGS, ABIGAIL                       OH-30-14-1
HATMAKER, FREDERICK                    OH-30-16-46
HATMAKER, MARTIN                       OH-30-6-95
HATTERSLY, GEORGE                      OH-30-11-87
HAUGHTON, BENJAMIN                     OH-30-16-455
HAUS, LAWRENCE                         OH-30-13-490
HAWEKOTTE, JOHN HENRY                  OH-30-6-112
HAWKINS, REUBEN                        OH-30-10-348
HAWKINS, SUSAN                         OH-30-12-557
HAWKINS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-7-294
HAYCOCK, ISABELLA                      OH-30-16-295
HAYDEN, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-30-10-399
HAYES, ENOCH                           OH-30-2-154
HAYES, ROSWELL P.                      OH-30-8-204
HAYNES, MANLEY B.                      OH-30-8-198
HAYS, OLIVER                           OH-30-3-27
HAZARD, THOMAS                         OH-30-2-321
HAZLETT, JOHN                          OH-30-3-96
HEADRICK, LAWRENCE                     OH-30-15-375
HEARN, JAMES H.                        OH-30-16-440
HEARN, JESSE                           OH-30-15-379
HEARNE, JAMES                          OH-30-7-357
HECKEL, GEORGE M.                      OH-30-9-218
HECKLE, FERDINAND                      OH-30-15-239
HEDGELAND, JAMES                       OH-30-2-140
HEGGER, JOHN F.                        OH-30-16-282
HEHEMANN, FRANZ WILHELM                OH-30-9-225
HEHEMANN, JOHN P. W.                   OH-30-16-503
HEHEMANN, WILLIAM                      OH-30-1-116
HEIDELMANN, B. H.                      OH-30-9-505
HEILE, MARIA                           OH-30-6-127
HEILMAYER, JOSEPHA                     OH-30-2-27
HEIM, FRANZ X.                         OH-30-10-307
HEIMMLER, JOHN                         OH-30-15-362
HEIMMLER, JOHN                         OH-30-15-362
HEINTZMANN, ELIZABETH                  OH-30-9-21
HEIRICH, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-30-14-27
HEIT, GEORGE                           OH-30-1-122
HEIZMANN, FIDEL                        OH-30-16-251
HELD, ALOYSIUS                         OH-30-15-16
HELDE, GERVASINS                       OH-30-2-343
HELMICK, PETER                         OH-30-10-410
HELTEMAS, JOHN B.                      OH-30-16-84
HEMINGS, THOMAS                        OH-30-4-263
HENDERSON, SOPHIA                      OH-30-13-288
HENDERSON, THOMAS                      OH-30-6-334
HENLOCK, WILLIAM                       OH-30-9-468
HENRICH, JOSEPH                        OH-30-16-164
HENRIE, SARAH C. A.                    OH-30-5-302
HENRY, EDWARD                          OH-30-8-155
HENSHAW, JOHN                          OH-30-1-311
HERMES, BERNHARD                       OH-30-3-92
HERZOG, FREDERICK                      OH-30-15-344
HESS, JACOB                            OH-30-8-241
HESSELWOOD, ANDREW                     OH-30-10-299
HETT, MATTHEW                          OH-30-14-584
HETZEL, GEORGE                         OH-30-3-69
HETZLER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-30-13-21
HEUER, JOHN                            OH-30-16-477
HEY, BARTHOLOMEW                       OH-30-11-226
HFFNER, JOHN                           OH-30-1-519
HIBBERD, SAMUEL P.                     OH-30-12-548
HICATT, WILLIAM                        OH-30-1-4
HICE, HENRY                            OH-30-2-38
HICKS, BEVIS                           OH-30-11-135
HICKS, JAMES JR.                       OH-30-12-393
HICKS, WILLIAM                         OH-30-3-67
HIGBEE, CHARLES                        OH-30-1-531
HIGFUL, SARAH A.                       OH-30-1-398
HIGGINS, THOMAS                        OH-30-9-448
HIGHLANDS, WILLIAM                     OH-30-7-275
HILDITCH, SAMUEL                       OH-30-3-71
HILDITCH, SAMUEL                       OH-30-6-451
HILGEMAN, EBERHARD F.                  OH-30-15-275
HILL, ANDREW                           OH-30-4-175
HILL, ISABELLA                         OH-30-5-39
HILL, J. A. (REV.)                     OH-30-8-244
HILL, JEDIAH                           OH-30-15-322
HILL, JOHN                             OH-30-4-235
HILTON, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-9-394
HINE, SAMUEL                           OH-30-11-225
HINREGARN, CATHARINE                   OH-30-6-8
HINTZ, GEORGE JACOB                    OH-30-12-282
HIRSCH, FREDERICK                      OH-30-5-12
HOAG, DAVID R.                         OH-30-9-70
HOARD, SUSAN                           OH-30-14-122
HOBAN, MARGARET                        OH-30-16-275
HOBBS, LOUISA                          OH-30-2-388
HOBBY, MARY L.                         OH-30-12-355
HOCHSTETTER, HUGO                      OH-30-12-91
HOCKNEY, JOHN                          OH-30-12-479
HOEFFER, JOHN                          OH-30-15-225
HOEL, RACHEL                           OH-30-16-285
HOEL, WILLIAM                          OH-30-16-524
HOELL, PHILIP                          OH-30-9-139
HOFFMAN, FREDERICK G.                  OH-30-6-426
HOFFMAN, PHILIP                        OH-30-12-444
HOFFMANN, ANN                          OH-30-16-195
HOFFMANN, GEORGE                       OH-30-16-190
HOFFMANN, HERMAN                       OH-30-6-17
HOFFSUEMMER, NICHOLAS                  OH-30-6-33
HOFMAN, JOHN                           OH-30-13-580
HOFMAN, MAGDALENA                      OH-30-13-582
HOLE, JOHN                             OH-30-4-246
HOLLAND, GERHARD H.                    OH-30-16-423
HOLLANDER, SAMUEL                      OH-30-12-546
HOLLER, JOHN                           OH-30-1-130
HOLMAN, ELIPHALET                      OH-30-8-33
HOLT, BERNARD                          OH-30-11-89
HOMANN, H. JOHN                        OH-30-9-106
HONROTH, WILLIAM                       OH-30-13-249
HOOK, FREDERICK                        OH-30-5-25
HOPKINS, M. W.                         OH-30-6-336
HOPKINS, RICHARD H.                    OH-30-14-146
HOPKINS, WILLIAM H.                    OH-30-2-150
HOPPER, JONATHAN                       OH-30-2-181
HOPPER, MORRIS S.                      OH-30-13-205
HOPPERTON, CHARLOTTE                   OH-30-16-75
HORN, FREDERICK                        OH-30-10-338
HORN, LEONARD                          OH-30-3-52
HORNBERGER, PETER                      OH-30-14-264
HORNE, DANIEL H.                       OH-30-12-130
HORNUNG, ADAM                          OH-30-14-197
HORNUNG, KATE A.                       OH-30-13-219
HOSEA, ROBERT                          OH-30-5-112
HOTCHKISS, JOHN G.                     OH-30-11-118
HOUSMAN, FRANCIS                       OH-30-14-309
HOWARD, CYRUS                          OH-30-2-218
HOWARD, HORTON                         OH-30-4-30
HOWE, JOHN                             OH-30-1-482
HOWE, OTIS                             OH-30-6-129
HOWELL, STEPHEN                        OH-30-12-120
HUBBARD, DAWSON                        OH-30-16-210
HUBBARD, JOHN                          OH-30-6-439
HUBBARD, KEASBY                        OH-30-1-447
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                        OH-30-14-572
HUBENTHAL, ELIZABETH                   OH-30-1-200
HUBER, SEBASTIAN                       OH-30-1-520
HUBERT, JOHN                           OH-30-1-162
HUBING, JOHN WILLIAM                   OH-30-9-91
HUCK, FRANCIS                          OH-30-15-315
HUDDART, JOSEPH                        OH-30-6-422
HUDDLESOTN, THOMAS                     OH-30-3-54
HUDSON, CORBLY                         OH-30-6-424
HUGHES, EZEKIEL                        OH-30-14-568
HUGHES, HUGH                           OH-30-4-249
HUGHES, MARY                           OH-30-1-198
HUGHES, ROSS B.                        OH-30-10-68
HUGHES, THOMAS                         OH-30-13-207
HUGHES, THOMAS                         OH-30-10-412
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        OH-30-7-166
HUHN, HENRY                            OH-30-2-216
HUMEL, MICHAEL                         OH-30-10-297
HUNGER, THEODORE                       OH-30-12-162
HUNT, ABIJAH                           OH-30-3-555
HUNT, ANDREW                           OH-30-4-189
HUNT, BARTHOLOMEW P.                   OH-30-2-385
HUNT, BENJAMIN V.                      OH-30-6-289
HUNT, CATHARINE                        OH-30-10-343
HUNT, CORNELIA A.                      OH-30-15-370
HUNT, DAVID                            OH-30-12-432
HUNT, EDWARD                           OH-30-9-485
HUNT, ELIZABETH N.                     OH-30-9-65
HUNT, GEORGE N.                        OH-30-4-186
HUNT, J. R.                            OH-30-13-383
HUNT, JOHN C.                          OH-30-15-12
HUNT, MATTHEW                          OH-30-11-86
HUNT, PORTER D.                        OH-30-16-17
HUNT, ROBERT                           OH-30-13-447
HUNTER, GEORGE                         OH-30-7-164
HUNTER, MARY A.                        OH-30-16-489
HUNTER, MATHEW S.                      OH-30-12-330
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-11-283
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-5-285
HUNTINGTON, ELEAZER                    OH-30-9-258
HURDUS, JAMES                          OH-30-1-529
HURIN, ENOS                            OH-30-11-199
HURLANDER, F. WILLIAM                  OH-30-12-544
HUST, JOHN                             OH-30-9-156
HUSTON, JAMES S.                       OH-30-13-148
HUSTON, PAUL                           OH-30-11-161
HUTCHINSON, JOHNATHAN                  OH-30-10-444
HUTZLER, CHARLES                       OH-30-13-454
HUVET, HERMAN                          OH-30-16-162
HVALE, SAMUEL H.                       OH-30-1-102
HYATT, SQUIRE                          OH-30-10-340
HYNES, ANDREW                          OH-30-1-535
ICHLER, DAVID                          OH-30-8-10
IMLEY, PETER                           OH-30-15-324
IRVIN, MARY ANN                        OH-30-13-232
IRVIN, WILLIAM                         OH-30-8-239
IRWIN, ARCHIBALD                       OH-30-1-306
IRWIN, CATHARINE                       OH-30-5-53
IRWIN, JOHN V.                         OH-30-8-195
IRWIN, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-486
ISAACS, LAZARUS                        OH-30-6-30
ISHERWOOD, THOMAS C.                   OH-30-5-168
IVORY, THOMAS                          OH-30-12-301
JACKSON, DAVID JR.                     OH-30-6-364
JACKSON, FANNY B. C.                   OH-30-9-237
JACKSON, GEORGE A.                     OH-30-10-345
JACKSON, THOMAS M.                     OH-30-16-172
JACKSON, WILLIAM R.                    OH-30-14-386
JACOBS, ISABELLA                       OH-30-5-271
JACOBS, JOHN                           OH-30-3-74
JAMES, DAVID                           OH-30-1-485
JAMES, EMMELINE                        OH-30-1-291
JANNING, HERMAN                        OH-30-7-3
JARDINE, THOMAS                        OH-30-1-318
JELLEFF, BENJAMIN                      OH-30-15-167
JENKINS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-3-331
JEREMIAH, EFFIE                        OH-30-2-361
JESSUP, JOHN                           OH-30-3-77
JESSUP, JUDITH                         OH-30-1-483
JESSUP, STEPHEN                        OH-30-11-261
JETT, SARAH                            OH-30-11-120
JEWETT, ERI L.                         OH-30-5-55
JOHANNEMAN, JOSEPH                     OH-30-14-430
JOHN, WILGAM                           OH-30-15-272
JOHNS, LEVI                            OH-30-5-267
JOHNSON, ABNER                         OH-30-11-259
JOHNSON, CAREY                         OH-30-12-411
JOHNSON, JOHN                          OH-30-3-379
JOHNSON, LAWRENCE                      OH-30-15-292
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS                      OH-30-5-269
JOHNSON, RICHARD R.                    OH-30-10-60
JOHNSON, ROBERT                        OH-30-9-451
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        OH-30-5-116
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       OH-30-5-207
JOHNSOTN, R. M.                        OH-30-9-14
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER                    OH-30-2-368
JOHNSTON, CLARINA                      OH-30-11-137
JOHNSTON, JAMES A.                     OH-30-2-50
JOHNSTON, JANE                         OH-30-14-519
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         OH-30-15-302
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         OH-30-15-385
JOLLEY, JOHN                           OH-30-3-2
JONAS, HENRY W.                        OH-30-16-32
JONES, AMANDA                          OH-30-15-2
JONES, DAVID O.                        OH-30-14-491
JONES, GEORGE W.                       OH-30-3-31
JONES, HUGH                            OH-30-14-31
JONES, JAMES                           OH-30-4-147
JONES, JAMES                           OH-30-11-258
JONES, JOHN T.                         OH-30-1-120
JONES, JONATHAN                        OH-30-16-442
JONES, JOSEPH F.                       OH-30-9-223
JONES, MARIA                           OH-30-8-252
JONES, OLIVER                          OH-30-5-123
JONES, PHILIP                          OH-30-16-571
JONES, RUTH                            OH-30-6-358
JONES, SAMUEL L.                       OH-30-15-53
JONES, SAMUEL W.                       OH-30-6-10
JONES, WILLIAM G.                      OH-30-16-378
JONTE, PETER GEORGE                    OH-30-6-494
JORDAN, CALEBA D.                      OH-30-6-429
JOST, PETER                            OH-30-1-321
JOUTE, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-30-9-417
JOYCE, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-3-73
JUDGE, MARY ANN                        OH-30-16-350
JUDKINS, JESSE P.                      OH-30-16-231
JUDKINS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-13-424
JUELL, GEORGE                          OH-30-16-41
JUJEZ, MARY                            OH-30-10-17
JUNGHARMS, CHARLES A.                  OH-30-2-43
JUPPENLATZ, ANN CATHARINE              OH-30-9-76
KAESSER, CHRIST. R.                    OH-30-15-134
KAHL, BABARA                           OH-30-11-322
KAHLER, JOHN                           OH-30-14-540
KALDENBACH, GEORGE                     OH-30-14-399
KALLENBERGER, ELIZABETH                OH-30-12-505
KALLENBERGER, JACOB                    OH-30-13-306
KAMMER, MATTHIAS                       OH-30-9-182
KAMPER, HERMANN D.                     OH-30-13-256
KANZER, CONRAD                         OH-30-1-254
KARHOFF, MARY ANN                      OH-30-15-189
KARL, ANNA                             OH-30-2-279
KARL, EBERHARD                         OH-30-13-519
KARSTENS, D. A.                        OH-30-9-125
KASTERMANN, HENRY JULIUS               OH-30-1-369
KAUFFMAN, SIMON                        OH-30-11-308
KAUFMAN, CHRISTIAN S.                  OH-30-16-283
KAVANAGH, DANIEL                       OH-30-8-27
KEATING, JOHN                          OH-30-11-148
KECK, GEORGE                           OH-30-13-54
KECK, GEORGE                           OH-30-9-67
KEELOR, PHOEBE                         OH-30-13-458
KEHR, GEORGE (OR KERR)                 OH-30-4-46
KEITH, EMMA                            OH-30-13-330
KELLER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-2-210
KELLEY, FERGUS                         OH-30-6-19
KELLOGG, ALBERT                        OH-30-14-213
KELLY, HUGH                            OH-30-13-374
KELLY, MARY                            OH-30-7-300
KELLY, OLIVER                          OH-30-9-456
KELSH, MARY                            OH-30-2-152
KEMPER, JAMES                          OH-30-14-340
KEMPER, JOHN H.                        OH-30-16-160
KEMPER, PETER H.                       OH-30-14-454
KEMPER, STEPHEN                        OH-30-8-145
KEMPF, KATHERINA                       OH-30-12-208
KENDALL, HENRY                         OH-30-13-213
KENISTON, JAMES                        OH-30-11-310
KENNEDY, DAVID                         OH-30-14-391
KENNEDY, JOHN                          OH-30-6-192
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                       OH-30-14-126
KENNEY, ANN                            OH-30-16-314
KENT, LUKE                             OH-30-11-202
KEPPNER, PETER                         OH-30-10-202
KERCHNER, JOHN                         OH-30-14-43
KERR, GEORGE (OR KEHR)                 OH-30-4-46
KERR, WILLIAM H.                       OH-30-9-33
KESSINGER, CHARLES                     OH-30-16-345
KESZLER, PETER                         OH-30-9-189
KEVENBRINK, ANTON                      OH-30-10-115
KEYS, RICHARD                          OH-30-11-313
KIDD, JOHN                             OH-30-3-33
KIEFMEYER, HEINRICK                    OH-30-6-160
KIEGER, AUGUST                         OH-30-12-398
KILGOUR, DAVID                         OH-30-11-317
KINDER, HENRY                          OH-30-10-206
KINDER, WILLIAM R.                     OH-30-3-242
KING, EDWARD                           OH-30-11-311
KING, JAMES                            OH-30-7-345
KING, JESSE                            OH-30-2-283
KING, JONATHAN W.                      OH-30-14-167
KING, SAMUEL J.                        OH-30-6-201
KINGSLEY, CALVIN                       OH-30-16-133
KINNE, JOHN                            OH-30-12-126
KINNEAR, MARIA CATHARINE               OH-30-2-259
KINSEY, EDWARD                         OH-30-1-26
KIRBY, MARY                            OH-30-13-452
KIRCHNER, LOUIS                        OH-30-1-269
KIRKER, DAVID                          OH-30-12-262
KIRKUP, JOSEPH                         OH-30-7-388
KIRKWOOD, DAVID                        OH-30-8-287
KITCHELL, ASA                          OH-30-6-476
KITCHELL, HARVEY                       OH-30-3-470
KITCHELL, LUTHER                       OH-30-4-234
KITCHELL, MOSES                        OH-30-11-305
KITCHEN, THOMAS                        OH-30-4-167
KLATTE, JOHN                           OH-30-11-69
KLAUSING, CLEMENS                      OH-30-16-433
KLEIN, JOHANN MARTIN                   OH-30-16-433
KLEINBERG, JOSEPH                      OH-30-8-47
KLEINMANN, JACOB                       OH-30-3-475
KLEPP, AUGUSTUS                        OH-30-6-355
KLINE, MICHAEL                         OH-30-13-304
KLING, JOSEPH                          OH-30-12-425
KLUMPERINK, EVERHART                   OH-30-3-313
KLUTE, JOHN                            OH-30-1-1
KNAPP, LEVI                            OH-30-8-142
KNAPP,G ERHARD                         OH-30-15-332
KNECKMEIER, HENRY C.                   OH-30-13-125
KNELLER, VALENTINE                     OH-30-9-138
KNICELY,MARY                           OH-30-3-122
KNIGHT, BENJAMIN                       OH-30-10-8
KNIGHT, HENRY                          OH-30-8-185
KNOX, CHARLES                          OH-30-14-510
KNOX, JAMES                            OH-30-16-208
KNOX, JAMES                            OH-30-10-451
KNOX, SUSANNA L.                       OH-30-12-259
KOCH, MARY                             OH-30-1-286
KOCH, PHILIP                           OH-30-1-281
KOEBLIN, GOTLIEB                       OH-30-12-520
KOEHNY, ANTHONY                        OH-30-9-16
KOERBITZ, EMIL                         OH-30-12-44
KOESTER, CHRIST. R.                    OH-30-15-134
KOLKMEIER, JOHN H.                     OH-30-9-176
KOLLER, JOHN                           OH-30-16-55
KOMGMACHER, ADAM                       OH-30-4-170
KOMMLER, JOHN                          OH-30-16-538
KOOHRS, BERNARD                        OH-30-1-285
KOOP, HERMAN                           OH-30-10-6
KOOP, JOSEPH                           OH-30-1-171
KOPP, FELIX                            OH-30-13-300
KORNBLITH, JACOB                       OH-30-9-110
KRAEMER, JOHN PETER                    OH-30-1-283
KRAMER, AMBROSE                        OH-30-10-237
KRAMER, CHRISTINA                      OH-30-8-116
KRAMER, DANIEL                         OH-30-12-312
KRAMER, LOUISA                         OH-30-7-195
KRANZBUEHLER, DANIEL                   OH-30-6-193
KREBS, FREDERICK                       OH-30-15-345
KREYENBROCK, JOHN C.                   OH-30-13-372
KRIENBORG, CLEMENS                     OH-30-9-25
KROGMANN, ENRY                         OH-30-6-304
KRONING, FRED                          OH-30-7-268
KRUMBERG, ELIZABETH                    OH-30-14-365
KRUMPELBECK,F . H.                     OH-30-15-56
KRUSE, BERNARD                         OH-30-7-67
KRUSE, JOHANN H.                       OH-30-16-478
KRUSE, JOSEPH                          OH-30-9-168
KRUSE, LEWIS                           OH-30-16-322
KUHLMANN, HENRY H.                     OH-30-16-482
KUHLMANN, HERMANN                      OH-30-16-519
KUHN, DAVID                            OH-30-13-86
KUHN, LEWIS                            OH-30-7-352
KUHN, PETER                            OH-30-9-184
KUHN, PHILIP                           OH-30-16-88
KUMMLER, JOHN                          OH-30-13-533
KUNKLE, CHRISTIAN                      OH-30-8-120
KURRE, BERNARD                         OH-30-1-160
KURRE, JOHN                            OH-30-1-177
KUSGOERD, HENRY                        OH-30-13-203
KUSGOEVE, ANTON                        OH-30-2-190
LABOILEAUX, MARY M.                    OH-30-9-178
LABOYTEAUX, ALMIRA A. L.               OH-30-5-73
LABOYTEAUX, PETER                      OH-30-6-481
LAENBLY, HENRY                         OH-30-15-214
LAENBLY, JOHN                          OH-30-12-318
LAIRD, JOSHUA                          OH-30-2-340
LAKE, GERARD HERMAN                    OH-30-7-15
LAKEMAN, SARAH                         OH-30-10-311
LAKEY, JAMES                           OH-30-15-355
LAMB, JOSEPH Q.                        OH-30-12-284
LAMBER, HUBERT                         OH-30-1-107
LAMBERT, DANIEL                        OH-30-3-37
LAMBERT, MARY                          OH-30-8-242
LAMBUR, ANTHONY                        OH-30-15-279
LAMMOTH, JOSEPH                        OH-30-12-473
LAMPERT, GEORGE ADAM                   OH-30-7-215
LANE, AARON                            OH-30-4-22
LANE, JAMES                            OH-30-14-511
LANE, JOHN I.                          OH-30-13-199
LANFRIED, ADAM                         OH-30-8-14
LANGDON, CYRUS S.                      OH-30-5-322
LANGDON, E. BASSETT                    OH-30-15-144
LANGDON, ELAM P.                       OH-30-12-466
LANGFERMANN, JOSEPH                    OH-30-10-105
LANGHORST, HENRY WILLIAM               OH-30-16-526
LANIUS, SOPHIA                         OH-30-16-189
LANSING, DIRCK C.                      OH-30-1-226
LAPE, BENJAMIN                         OH-30-9-465
LASS, MARY                             OH-30-15-333
LATTA, EDMISTON                        OH-30-9-100
LATTIEUX, DENNIS MARTIN                OH-30-14-267
LAUBOURN, SAMUEL                       OH-30-6-478
LAUK, JULIANA                          OH-30-12-415
LAUMANN, JOHANN B                      OH-30-15-63
LAWLER, ANN                            OH-30-1-457
LAWLER, CHARLES                        OH-30-9-334
LAWLER, DAVIS B.                       OH-30-11-5
LAWLER, JOHN                           OH-30-5-92
LAWLER, MATTHEW                        OH-30-9-432
LAWLESS, PETER                         OH-30-15-300
LAWRENCE, MARY D.                      OH-30-16-266
LAWSON, L. M.                          OH-30-16-369
LAWSON, THOMAS                         OH-30-14-442
LAWSON, WILLIAM                        OH-30-14-513
LAY, CATHARINE                         OH-30-16-99
LEACH, LUTHER D.                       OH-30-10-222
LEAF, HENRY                            OH-30-12-41
LEBEUF, JOSEPH                         OH-30-2-303
LEE, MARGARET                          OH-30-5-286
LEE, MARTHA B.                         OH-30-9-73
LEFFERSON, SARAH                       OH-30-3-537
LEHMANN, MARIANNA                      OH-30-16-147
LEIBERT, JOS BOWMAN                    OH-30-4-241
LEIBY, GEORGE                          OH-30-4-137
LEINHART, HENRY                        OH-30-14-445
LEIST, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-30-10-189
LEIST, JOHN                            OH-30-15-217
LEMAIRE, LOUIS                         OH-30-6-185
LEMMON, WILLIAM                        OH-30-16-528
LENNARD, PHILIP                        OH-30-12-580
LEONARD, JESSE                         OH-30-7-402
LESER, ANDREW                          OH-30-16-529
LEUTHSTROM, ELIZA C.                   OH-30-16-139
LEVY, ALEXANDER                        OH-30-3-186
LEWIS, ARETHUSA                        OH-30-12-103
LEWIS, JAMES                           OH-30-9-222
LEWIS, JOHN                            OH-30-5-213
LEWIS, RACHEL                          OH-30-7-5
LEWIS, SAMUEL                          OH-30-10-109
LEWIS, WILLIAM M.                      OH-30-5-45
LHOMMEDIEU, RICHARD F.                 OH-30-9-330
LIBEAU, V. G. W.                       OH-30-1-229
LIEBRECHT, AUGUST                      OH-30-13-293
LIENFERT, JOHN                         OH-30-5-326
LIGGINGER, MARIA ELIZABETH             OH-30-9-108
LIMBER, THOMAS J.                      OH-30-7-289
LIMMING, SAMUEL                        OH-30-9-415
LINCKMEIER, FREDERICK                  OH-30-12-188
LINCOLN, HENRY                         OH-30-5-103
LINGO, JOSIAH                          OH-30-8-50
LINGO, OBADIAH                         OH-30-10-234
LINNERT, JOHN                          OH-30-13-457
LINNERT,LEONHARD                       OH-30-1-46
LINTHECOM, COBUS                       OH-30-11-378
LINVILL, JAMES                         OH-30-7-291
LITTECKEN, JOHN                        OH-30-8-23
LITTLE, DAVID                          OH-30-6-468
LITTLE, HARRIET                        OH-30-7-288
LITTLE, JAMES                          OH-30-5-209
LITTLEFORD, CHARLOTTE                  OH-30-7-98
LOCH, JACOB                            OH-30-14-479
LOER, ZACHARIAH                        OH-30-6-319
LOGAN, JOHN W.                         OH-30-11-204
LOGAN, WILLIAM                         OH-30-11-213
LOHDE, ADOLPHUS                        OH-30-15-243
LOHMANN, GERHARD                       OH-30-16-447
LONG, THOMAS                           OH-30-9-163
LONGWORTH, NICHOLAS                    OH-30-12-507
LONGWORTH, SUSAN                       OH-30-1-29
LOON, SAMUEL                           OH-30-12-385
LORE, DAVID                            OH-30-6-64
LORING, MARIA                          OH-30-12-306
LOTH, MICHAEL                          OH-30-10-3
LOTZ, LUDWICH                          OH-30-16-487
LOUDERBACK, M. J.                      OH-30-15-363
LOVELACE, SENECA                       OH-30-4-173
LOW, CORNELIUS                         OH-30-4-176
LOWENHAUPT, ISAAC                      OH-30-16-289
LOWENSTEIN, HEINRICH JACOB             OH-30-9-213
LOWRY, DAVID                           OH-30-3-38
LOXTERKAMP, JOHN                       OH-30-11-216
LUCK, JEMIMA                           OH-30-12-423
LUDLOW, JAMES C.                       OH-30-5-179
LUDLOW, JOHN (CAPT.)                   OH-30-7-353
LUDLOW, JOSEPH                         OH-30-5-307
LUDLOW, MARY                           OH-30-12-344
LUDLOW, WILLIAM D.                     OH-30-14-193
LUDLUM, AARON                          OH-30-16-520
LUDLUM, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-6-138
LUDWIG, ANN E.                         OH-30-14-191
LUERS, JOHN B.                         OH-30-1-133
LUKEN, JOHN WILLIAM                    OH-30-10-224
LUKEN, JOSEPH                          OH-30-14-521
LUTHER, MARY                           OH-30-2-408
LUTZ, FRANCIS HENRY                    OH-30-8-72
LWRY, JOHN                             OH-30-3-39
LYLE, JAMES R.                         OH-30-14-256
LYND, CHARLES A.                       OH-30-13-97
LYNES, WILLIAM                         OH-30-4-80
LYON, JAMES                            OH-30-14-23
LYONS, JAMES                           OH-30-6-97
LYST, JOHN                             OH-30-6-474
LYTLE, JOHN S.                         OH-30-7-297
LYTLE, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-476
MAAS, JOHN                             OH-30-1-236
MACKE, DOROHEA                         OH-30-2-270
MACKE, FREDERICK                       OH-30-13-389
MACRACKEN, MARK                        OH-30-9-475
MAESSINGER, JASON                      OH-30-8-2
MAGGINE, JOSEPH                        OH-30-3-93
MAHAN, THOMAS                          OH-30-15-410
MAHARD, ANN                            OH-30-6-257
MAHEW, NATHANIEL                       OH-30-2-442
MALEY, GEORGE W.                       OH-30-12-362
MALONE, PETER W.                       OH-30-3-499
MALSBARY, JOEL                         OH-30-12-332
MALSBURY, WILLIAM                      OH-30-13-400
MANG, AUGUST                           OH-30-16-400
MANLEY, BENJAMIN S.                    OH-30-13-119
MANN, ANDREW                           OH-30-6-167
MANN, ANSON                            OH-30-12-88
MANN, GERHARD                          OH-30-1-327
MANN, WILLIAM                          OH-30-15-161
MANN, WILLIAM C.                       OH-30-1-91
MANNING, DANIEL                        OH-30-7-211
MANNING, DRAKE                         OH-30-4-251
MANNTEL, FRANK                         OH-30-13-154
MANSFIELD, ELIZABETH                   OH-30-10-209
MANSFIELD, ROSWELL                     OH-30-6-329
MANUEL, THOMAS                         OH-30-11-71
MANUEL, THOMAS                         OH-30-1-231
MAOSN, SARAH                           OH-30-5-183
MAPHET, JOHN                           OH-30-10-434
MARKBREIT, LEOPOLD                     OH-30-10-215
MARKLAND, BENJAMIN                     OH-30-1-153
MARKLAND, JESSE                        OH-30-1-433
MARKLAND, SARAH                        OH-30-5-205
MARKLAND, THOMAS                       OH-30-4-184
MARSH, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-12-228
MARSH, MARY                            OH-30-5-238
MARSHALL, GRANVILLE B.                 OH-30-13-476
MARSHALL, HEATHY                       OH-30-2-106
MARSHALL, OLIVER JACKSON               OH-30-8-131
MARSH,D ANIEL                          OH-30-13-265
MARSHUETZ, SOPHIA                      OH-30-13-463
MARTIN, ARCHIBALD                      OH-30-10-187
MARTIN, JOHN                           OH-30-3-133
MARTIN, JOSEPH                         OH-30-6-417
MARTIN, MARY C.                        OH-30-13-357
MARTIN, SAMUEL W.                      OH-30-1-475
MASON, EUNICE                          OH-30-8-105
MASON, EUNICE                          OH-30-8-105
MASON, PHILIP                          OH-30-2-492
MASON, TIMOTHY B.                      OH-30-2-57
MASTERS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-10-455
MASTERS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-7-161
MATHER, JOSEPH                         OH-30-9-297
MATHERS, GEORGE                        OH-30-7-17
MATHERS, JOHN                          OH-30-10-453
MATHEWS, FREDERICH                     OH-30-6-199
MATHEWS, NEHEMIAH                      OH-30-6-448
MATILE, DAVID F.                       OH-30-10-454
MATSON, JAMES                          OH-30-1-472
MATSON, JOHN                           OH-30-2-483
MATSON, JOHN                           OH-30-8-143
MATTHEWS, PETER                        OH-30-9-160
MATTHEWS, THOMAS                       OH-30-10-391
MAUGENS, MATTHIS                       OH-30-10-442
MAULSBURY, SAMUEL                      OH-30-7-308
MAUNTEL, FREDERICK W.                  OH-30-14-19
MAW, JACOB                             OH-30-5-226
MAXZUM, GODFREY                        OH-30-13-549
MAY, ANDREW                            OH-30-9-399
MAY, PETER                             OH-30-13-128
MAYHEE, JOHN H.                        OH-30-3-451
MAYHEW, EBER                           OH-30-3-1
MAYHEW, GEORGE A.                      OH-30-13-226
MAYHEW, JOSEPH                         OH-30-3-136
MAYHEW, JOSEPH                         OH-30-2-183
MAYNARD, GEROGE C.                     OH-30-16-311
MAYNOR, JANE ANDOVER                   OH-30-9-10
MCADAMS, JOHN                          OH-30-6-469
MCALISTER, PATRICK                     OH-30-3-125
MCANULTY, JOHN                         OH-30-7-11
MCAULEY, WILLIAM                       OH-30-16-500
MCCABE, JOHN W.                        OH-30-14-34
MCCARTEE, WALTER                       OH-30-14-216
MCCASH, DAVID                          OH-30-6-486
MCCASH, ISABELLA                       OH-30-1-168
MCCLELLAN, JAMES                       OH-30-1-471
MCCLELLIN, THOMAS                      OH-30-2-490
MCCLOSKEY, PATRICK                     OH-30-12-467
MCCLOUD, MARY ANN                      OH-30-7-59
MCCOLLOUGH, JOHN                       OH-30-7-374
MCCOMBS, JAMES                         OH-30-3-366
MCCOMBS, ROBERT                        OH-30-1-380
MCCORMICK, ELEANOR                     OH-30-9-124
MCCORMICK, JOHN                        OH-30-10-437
MCCORMICK, JOHN                        OH-30-9-120
MCCORMICK, PHILEY                      OH-30-1-432
MCCRACKEN, AMANDA M.                   OH-30-11-388
MCCRACKEN, RICHARD                     OH-30-15-22
MCCRISTAL, WILLIAM H.                  OH-30-16-511
MCCULLOCH, JAMES                       OH-30-5-191
MCCULLOUGH MARY                        OH-30-2-268
MCCULLOUGH, ROBERT                     OH-30-12-117
MCDANIEL, JAMES                        OH-30-7-213
MCDOWELL, GEORGE                       OH-30-11-374
MCFARLAND, DAVID                       OH-30-9-235
MCFEELY, RICHARD G.                    OH-30-6-394
MCGAUGHEY, SAMUEL                      OH-30-8-148
MCGILL, WILLIAM                        OH-30-15-150
MCGRATH, PETER                         OH-30-1-240
MCGRAW, MARY                           OH-30-2-173
MCGREGOR, FARGUHER                     OH-30-7-13
MCGREW, ALEXANDER                      OH-30-2-381
MCHENRY, JOSEPH                        OH-30-6-489
MCHENRY, JOSEPH H.                     OH-30-3-111
MCHENRY, VAN                           OH-30-9-395
MCINTIRE, WILLIAM                      OH-30-1-402
MCKEE, REBECCA                         OH-30-1-456
MCKEE, SAMUEL                          OH-30-7-349
MCKENZIE, JOHN                         OH-30-9-41
MCKINNEY, DAVID                        OH-30-16-586
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                    OH-30-3-140
MCLAULING, JOHN                        OH-30-2-474
MCLEAN, JAMES                          OH-30-16-36
MCLEAN, WILLIAM                        OH-30-1-429
MCMAINS, JOHN                          OH-30-15-222
MCMAKIN, JAMES                         OH-30-14-396
MCMICKEN, CHARLES                      OH-30-10-166
MCMILLAN, JONATHAN                     OH-30-14-476
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                      OH-30-7-383
MCMURPHY, THEODORE W.                  OH-30-8-133
MCNALLY, JOHN                          OH-30-9-190
MCNICOLL, PETER                        OH-30-14-435
MCPHUNN, REBECCA                       OH-30-1-139
MEAD, JOEL K.                          OH-30-4-84
MEADER, JOHN N.                        OH-30-7-209
MEARA, JOHN                            OH-30-5-210
MEARS, JOHN                            OH-30-10-74
MEDARIS, PRIOR                         OH-30-16-539
MEEDS, REBECCA                         OH-30-13-254
MEEK, HUGH                             OH-30-10-440
MEEKER, DANIEL S.                      OH-30-13-348
MEEKER, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-6-501
MEEKER, JOHN                           OH-30-5-233
MEGERLE, JOSEPH                        OH-30-1-135
MEGUIRE, WILLIAM                       OH-30-1-372
MEIER, GEORGE                          OH-30-13-479
MEIER, GEORGE JACOB                    OH-30-15-291
MEIER, HERMANN H.                      OH-30-10-219
MEIER, JOHN GERHARD                    OH-30-3-65
MEIERMANN, HERMAN H.                   OH-30-10-221
MEIES, STEPHEN                         OH-30-13-539
MENZ, CONRAD                           OH-30-15-118
MEREDITH, EDWARD                       OH-30-13-441
MERIWEATHER, JAMES H.                  OH-30-1-390
MERKEL, CASPER                         OH-30-7-54
MERRIE, ROBERT                         OH-30-9-397
MERRITT, JESSE                         OH-30-6-484
MERRY, JOHN                            OH-30-2-447
MERSER, AARON                          OH-30-2-488
MERSSE, HENRY                          OH-30-14-205
MERZIGER, JOHN                         OH-30-12-488
MESS, HENRY                            OH-30-15-382
METCALFE, MARTHA A.                    OH-30-9-39
METZKER, JACOB                         OH-30-7-65
MEYER, HENRY                           OH-30-13-175
MEYER, HENRY                           OH-30-16-168
MEYER, HENRY                           OH-30-13-105
MEYER, JOHN H.                         OH-30-15-192
MEYER, LOUIS                           OH-30-13-539
MEYERS, JOHN                           OH-30-16-273
MEYERS, JOSEPH                         OH-30-6-331
MICHELOT, JOHN CYPRAN M.               OH-30-6-173
MIDDLETON, JOHN                        OH-30-5-240
MILES, ANN                             OH-30-1-323
MILES, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-1-454
MILES, EBIEZER                         OH-30-11-264
MILES, JAMES (COLORED)                 OH-30-15-369
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        OH-30-7-50
MILLER, AGNES F.                       OH-30-15-241
MILLER, CHARLES                        OH-30-3-100
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER F.                 OH-30-10-213
MILLER, DAVID                          OH-30-16-309
MILLER, DAVID M.                       OH-30-7-75
MILLER, EVAN                           OH-30-5-1
MILLER, GEORGE                         OH-30-9-111
MILLER, HENRY                          OH-30-12-7
MILLER, HENRY                          OH-30-5-215
MILLER, JOHN                           OH-30-8-246
MILLER, NANCY W.                       OH-30-9-83
MILLER, SUSAN                          OH-30-13-23
MILLER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-11-158
MILLS, DAVID                           OH-30-6-85
MILLS, JOHN (MAJ.)                     OH-30-6-497
MILLS, JOHN (MAJOR)                    OH-30-1-517
MILLS, JOHN R.                         OH-30-2-469
MILLS, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-452
MILOT, PATRICK                         OH-30-5-228
MINDERMANN, ALBERT                     OH-30-16-206
MINNINGER, JOHN HENRY                  OH-30-9-302
MITCHEL, SIMEON                        OH-30-1-451
MITCHELL, EMMA                         OH-30-12-86
MITCHELL, HENRY                        OH-30-11-274
MITCHELL, JOHN                         OH-30-2-280
MITCHELL, JOHN T.                      OH-30-16-389
MITCHELL, MERCY                        OH-30-2-108
MOERSCHEL, GEORGE A.                   OH-30-12-320
MOHN, JOHN                             OH-30-16-402
MOLLOY, DANIEL                         OH-30-7-122
MONDAY, ISAAC                          OH-30-10-436
MONNIG, JOHN                           OH-30-12-223
MONROE, REBECCA                        OH-30-3-47
MOON, ROBERT                           OH-30-1-404
MOORE, ADELIA                          OH-30-9-243
MOORE, ELIZA A.                        OH-30-6-332
MOORE, FRANCIS A.                      OH-30-16-156
MOORE, GEORGE                          OH-30-5-187
MOORE, HUGH                            OH-30-2-204
MOORE, JAMES R.                        OH-30-6-255
MOORE, JANE                            OH-30-14-196
MOORE, JOHN                            OH-30-2-235
MOORE, JOHN                            OH-30-16-587
MOORE, JOHN                            OH-30-8-130
MOORE, JOHN R.                         OH-30-9-494
MOORE, JOHN W.                         OH-30-9-301
MOORE, JOHN W.                         OH-30-9-301
MOORE, JULIA A.                        OH-30-16-324
MOORE, SAMUEL                          OH-30-8-107
MOORE, THOMAS                          OH-30-2-487
MOORMAN, MARIA C.                      OH-30-13-409
MOORMANN, GERARD                       OH-30-13-411
MORELAND, AUGUSTUS                     OH-30-12-257
MORGAN, ELISHA A.                      OH-30-5-212
MORGAN, GEORGE                         OH-30-2-196
MORGAN, HUGH                           OH-30-12-288
MORGAN, MICAJAH                        OH-30-13-144
MORGAN, THOMAS                         OH-30-6-254
MORRAN, HUGH                           OH-30-13-391
MORRELL, ABRAHAM JR.                   OH-30-9-239
MORRIS, ANNA L.                        OH-30-1-50
MORRIS, CAVALIER                       OH-30-10-441
MORRIS, JONATHAN                       OH-30-11-271
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        OH-30-2-242
MORRISON, ROBERT                       OH-30-3-486
MORSE, LEWIS                           OH-30-5-50
MORSE, MARGARET J.                     OH-30-16-316
MORSE, SUPPLY O.                       OH-30-11-267
MORSS, NEHEMIAH                        OH-30-6-222
MORTEL, CHARLES                        OH-30-11-140
MORTEN, HENRY                          OH-30-6-415
MORTEN, MARY                           OH-30-8-111
MORTON, AMADNA                         OH-30-2-407
MORTON, LORING                         OH-30-9-449
MORTON, WILLIAM R.                     OH-30-15-358
MOSBY, LITTLEBURY                      OH-30-5-181
MOSES, SOLOMON                         OH-30-13-181
MOSS, ABRAHAM                          OH-30-15-125
MOSS, ELIZA                            OH-30-6-5
MOSS, JOHN                             OH-30-5-320
MOSS, JOHN H.                          OH-30-16-360
MOSS, MARY                             OH-30-12-286
MOURINGER, GEORGE                      OH-30-6-183
MOUSIAER, FRANZ                        OH-30-6-70
MOYER, GEROGE                          OH-30-15-20
MOYER, MARGARET                        OH-30-15-36
MUCHMORE, DAVID                        OH-30-15-251
MUCHMORE, GERARD                       OH-30-6-43
MUCHMORE, ISRAEL                       OH-30-13-230
MUCHMORE, JOHN                         OH-30-12-486
MUCHMORE, SAMUEL                       OH-30-2-475
MUELLER, AGNES                         OH-30-12-405
MUELLER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-30-10-98
MUELLER, HENRY                         OH-30-16-204
MUHLE, B. H.                           OH-30-12-518
MUHRMANN, JOHN P.                      OH-30-16-320
MULL, BENJAMIN                         OH-30-8-248
MULLANOPHY, ANN                        OH-30-4-6
MULLEN, ELIZA                          OH-30-2-112
MULLER, ANTON                          OH-30-13-3
MULLER, FREDERICK                      OH-30-1-81
MULLER, JOHN CASPAR                    OH-30-12-490
MULLER, JOHN MICHAEL                   OH-30-7-56
MULLER, LOUIS P. JR.                   OH-30-16-197
MULLER, SIMON                          OH-30-6-145
MULLER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-12-428
MUNDELL, JONATHAN                      OH-30-1-455
MUNDORF, JOHANN                        OH-30-15-94
MURPHY, JAMES                          OH-30-5-185
MURPHY, MICHAEL                        OH-30-16-484
MURPHY, PATRICK                        OH-30-10-217
MURREL, DAVID                          OH-30-5-80
MURRELL, ROBERT                        OH-30-1-370
MURRIN, JAMES                          OH-30-3-368
MURRY, MARY                            OH-30-2-99
MUSSEY, REUBEN D.                      OH-30-12-376
MYERS, ADAM                            OH-30-11-220
MYERS, ANDREW                          OH-30-5-189
MYERS, DANIEL                          OH-30-1-400
MYERS, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-2-290
MYERS, JOHN                            OH-30-2-239
MYERS, JOHN                            OH-30-9-446
MYERS, JOHN R.                         OH-30-6-143
MYERS, JONATHAN                        OH-30-11-219
MYRES, JANE                            OH-30-16-326

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