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NAEGELE, HENRY                         OH-30-7-9
NAGELE, FREDERICK                      OH-30-3-116
NEAL, LYDIA                            OH-30-10-124
NEARE, CHARLES                         OH-30-1-185
NEBLETT, WILLIAM                       OH-30-14-21
NEFF, ELIZABETH C.                     OH-30-12-456
NEFF, JOHN RUDOLPH                     OH-30-3-391
NEFF, MARIA                            OH-30-16-70
NEFF, WILLIAM                          OH-30-14-325
NELSON, ISAAC                          OH-30-13-318
NELSON, SACKER                         OH-30-14-271
NEWELL, JOSEPH                         OH-30-9-93
NEWELL, ROBERT H.                      OH-30-15-178
NEWELL, WILLIAM S.                     OH-30-10-317
NEWTON, JOHN                           OH-30-10-107
NEWTON, JOSEPH                         OH-30-11-343
NEY, ADAM                              OH-30-9-28
NICHAUS, HERMAN                        OH-30-9-20
NICHOLLS, ROBERT                       OH-30-3-88
NICHOLSON, ROBERT                      OH-30-9-413
NICKALAUS, JOHN VALENTINE              OH-30-1-385
NIEHOFF, JOHN H.                       OH-30-9-46
NIEKERT, JACOB                         OH-30-13-112
NIELSEN, FRANCIS                       OH-30-15-285
NIEMER, FRANZ JOSEPH                   OH-30-3-238
NIETERS, JOHN                          OH-30-10-122
NIETERS, JOHN HERMAN                   OH-30-10-164
NIPPER, BERNARD H.                     OH-30-13-19
NOBBE, FREDERICK                       OH-30-13-493
NOLTE, FREDERICK H.                    OH-30-7-185
NOLTE, JOHN                            OH-30-9-26
NOLTING, CARL                          OH-30-9-501
NORRIS, BETHUEL                        OH-30-10-318
NORRIS, C. SIDNEY                      OH-30-12-448
NORTON, DOMINICK                       OH-30-16-229
NORTON, EDWARD                         OH-30-6-197
NORTON, ELIJAH                         OH-30-9-170
NORTON, TRISTRAM                       OH-30-2-465
NUBER, JOHN                            OH-30-1-70
NUELSON, FRANCIS                       OH-30-6-1
NURIHUESER, JOHN ADAM                  OH-30-1-48
NUSBAUM, HERSCH                        OH-30-14-171
NUSCHKE, WILLIAM                       OH-30-6-226
NUTT, ADAM                             OH-30-5-250
NUTT, NANCY                            OH-30-9-411
OBERMEIER, JOSEPH                      OH-30-16-38
OBRIEN, JAMES                          OH-30-14-106
OBRIEN, JOHN                           OH-30-7-27
OCALLAGAHN, DANIEL                     OH-30-7-359
OCAVANAUGH, JAMES                      OH-30-10-265
OCONNER, BRIEN                         OH-30-3-311
OCONNER, OWEN                          OH-30-5-98
OCONNER, PATRICK                       OH-30-7-206
OEHLER, SILVESTER                      OH-30-12-206
OFERRAL, JOHN                          OH-30-7-376
OGARA, MARGARET                        OH-30-15-318
OGDEN, HENRY A.                        OH-30-15-393
OGDEN, SARAH A.                        OH-30-2-15
OHARA, JANE                            OH-30-12-471
OHARRA, WILLIAM                        OH-30-10-286
OHE, HENRY LUDOLPH                     OH-30-9-247
OLIVER, ALLEN                          OH-30-8-285
OLIVER, DIONYSIUS                      OH-30-5-30
OLIVER, DIONYSIUS                      OH-30-5-57
OLIVER, JOHN                           OH-30-7-130
ONNEN, MICHAEL F.                      OH-30-14-336
ORANGE, BARBARA T.                     OH-30-13-284
ORANGE, WILLIAM                        OH-30-9-117
ORCUTT, ALVIN H.                       OH-30-11-156
OREILEY, MARTHA J.                     OH-30-6-217
OREILLY, PATRICK                       OH-30-5-220
ORMSBY, BETSY                          OH-30-7-124
ORR, WILLIAM S.                        OH-30-14-412
ORR, WINTHROP G.                       OH-30-10-332
OSBORN, DANIEL                         OH-30-5-248
OSBORN, DANIEL                         OH-30-14-557
OSTENFELD, THEODORE                    OH-30-16-125
OSTERHAUS, WILHELM                     OH-30-15-123
OTTE, WILLIAM                          OH-30-9-242
OTTING, FREDERICK HENRY                OH-30-14-108
OTTO, FREDERICK                        OH-30-12-242
OURY, JAMES                            OH-30-11-402
OVERBECK, FRANCIS                      OH-30-6-293
OVERBECK, JOHN HENRY                   OH-30-11-154
OVERBECKE, FRANK T.                    OH-30-13-93
OVEREND, JOHN                          OH-30-10-346
OWEN, RICHARD                          OH-30-16-541
OWENS, DAVID                           OH-30-6-433
OWENS, JOHN W.                         OH-30-14-118
OWENS, OWEN                            OH-30-12-484
OWENS, PETER                           OH-30-10-322
OWENS, ROSE                            OH-30-12-492
OWENS, THOMAS                          OH-30-3-315
PACE, JAMES                            OH-30-10-313
PACKER, BARNABASS                      OH-30-6-76
PADDACK, BENJAMIN                      OH-30-8-213
PAGE, BENJAMIN                         OH-30-7-328
PALMER, JOHN                           OH-30-14-361
PALMER, MARIA                          OH-30-4-56
PALMER, PHILIP N.                      OH-30-2-131
PALMER, SENECA                         OH-30-8-15
PANCOAST, ENOCH                        OH-30-13-314
PANCOAST, JONATHAN                     OH-30-11-385
PARCELL, NANCY                         OH-30-9-166
PARCELL, RICHARD                       OH-30-12-407
PARIS, DANIEL C.                       OH-30-13-33
PARK, CULBERTSON                       OH-30-7-332
PARKER, CATHERINE                      OH-30-9-391
PARKER, GEORGE                         OH-30-7-260
PARKER, GODFREY                        OH-30-6-385
PARKER, JACOB                          OH-30-15-211
PARKER, JEPTHA                         OH-30-1-446
PARKER, STEPHEN                        OH-30-4-221
PARKER, THOMAS                         OH-30-15-381
PARKER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-5-156
PARR, JOHN ADAM                        OH-30-7-186
PARRIS, PETER                          OH-30-13-151
PARRY, RICHARD                         OH-30-9-30
PARSON, CHARLES F.                     OH-30-10-471
PARSONS, SARAH                         OH-30-9-425
PASSMORE, WILLIAM                      OH-30-12-304
PATTEN, ROBERT                         OH-30-6-423
PATTERSON, HAMLET                      OH-30-1-505
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      OH-30-10-431
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      OH-30-5-164
PATTON, JOHN                           OH-30-10-206
PATTON, JOHN                           OH-30-5-93
PAUL, JOHN WILLIAM                     OH-30-11-100
PAUL, MARIA S.                         OH-30-2-177
PAULL, HENRY                           OH-30-1-466
PAULL, RICHARD                         OH-30-7-118
PAUSON, THOMAS                         OH-30-11-338
PAYLER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-16-342
PEARSON, WILLIAM N.                    OH-30-13-184
PEEBLES, W. S.                         OH-30-16-425
PEERZEN, JURGEN C.                     OH-30-16-269
PELSTER, CLEMENS                       OH-30-12-187
PENDERY, RALPH                         OH-30-7-363
PENDLETON, JANE F.                     OH-30-11-124
PENDLETON, NATHANIEL                   OH-30-1-112
PENDLETON, NATHANIEL G.                OH-30-9-127
PERIN, HANSON L.                       OH-30-3-278
PERRY, ROBERT                          OH-30-3-386
PERRY, SAMUEL H.                       OH-30-13-49
PETER, GEORGE A.                       OH-30-9-389
PFAFFIN, GOTLIEB F.                    OH-30-13-224
PFAU, PHILIP                           OH-30-16-457
PFEIL, FREDERICK                       OH-30-13-577
PHELAN, WILLIAM                        OH-30-14-73
PHELPS, ANN                            OH-30-6-383
PHELPS, CHARLES                        OH-30-13-562
PHELPS, SAMB W.                        OH-30-6-396
PHILLIPS, HORATIO G.                   OH-30-3-242
PHILLIPS, JOHN H.                      OH-30-1-480
PHILLIPS, MARK                         OH-30-5-289
PHILLIPS, RICHARD                      OH-30-5-251
PHILLIPS, RICHARD                      OH-30-10-284
PHINNEY, HANNAH                        OH-30-6-398
PIATT, BENJAMINM.                      OH-30-4-268
PIATT, JACOB W.                        OH-30-15-305
PIATT, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-464
PICKEL, JOHN MICHAEL                   OH-30-15-373
PICKENS, JOHN                          OH-30-1-444
PIERCE, THOMAS                         OH-30-15-407
PIERSON, LINEUS                        OH-30-4-245
PIERSON, SAMUEL                        OH-30-9-388
PIERSON, WYLLYS                        OH-30-5-292
PINDERY, MARY A.                       OH-30-1-89
PISTNER, JOHN                          OH-30-9-88
PITCHER, BARYEW                        OH-30-14-132
PITMAN, JONITHAN                       OH-30-7-330
PITNEY, MAHLON                         OH-30-2-7
PLUMMER, LYDIA                         OH-30-8-62
PODESTA, JOSEPH                        OH-30-2-374
POHLMANN, BERNARD H.                   OH-30-16-340
POLLOCK, JAMES                         OH-30-12-494
POLLOCK, JOHN                          OH-30-4-105
POOL, THOMAS                           OH-30-15-388
POOL, WILLIAM                          OH-30-10-314
PORTER, BENJAMIN                       OH-30-6-151
POST, JOHN GEORGE                      OH-30-11-395
POTTENGER, SMAUEL                      OH-30-11-340
POTTER, JOSEPH H.                      OH-30-13-132
POTTERS, MARY                          OH-30-16-68
POTTS, JOHN                            OH-30-11-99
POTTS, JOSEPH H.                       OH-30-1-211
POWERS, STEPHEN                        OH-30-14-330
POWNER, JOHN                           OH-30-7-362
PRATT, PHOEBE ANN                      OH-30-6-229
PREIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-10-100
PRESTLEY, JANE MARY                    OH-30-2-201
PRESTON, WILLIAM                       OH-30-2-486
PRICE, MARGARET                        OH-30-14-587
PRICE, SARAH                           OH-30-1-507
PRICE, SARAH                           OH-30-5-152
PRICE, SIDNEY N.                       OH-30-16-420
PRICE, THOMAS                          OH-30-8-66
PRIGELEUS, VALENTINE                   OH-30-14-71
PROSSER, SARAH                         OH-30-13-312
PROVOST, WILLIAM                       OH-30-6-458
PRYER, ANDREW                          OH-30-11-349
PULS, JOHN HERMAN                      OH-30-13-498
PURINTON, PELATIAH                     OH-30-2-376
PURLEE, BENJAMIN                       OH-30-10-282
PURSEL, JOHN                           OH-30-4-112
PUTTNAM, JOHN HENRY                    OH-30-3-344
QUESTA, JOHN                           OH-30-15-390
QUIN, JOHN                             OH-30-15-326
RABE, CLEMENS                          OH-30-14-351
RABENSTINE, JOHN N.                    OH-30-9-6
RADABAUGH, JAMES                       OH-30-6-34
RADEMACHER, CASPER                     OH-30-7-25
RALSTON, ROBERT                        OH-30-8-158
RAMLOCH, JOSEPH                        OH-30-15-265
RAMMELSBERG, FREDERICK                 OH-30-12-525
RAMMELSBERG, SARAH M.                  OH-30-12-477
RAMSEY, JOHN                           OH-30-1-450
RANDS, ROBERT                          OH-30-1-156
RANSON, RICHARD H.                     OH-30-13-461
RAPHAEL, DANIEL                        OH-30-1-386
RATH, GEORGE                           OH-30-16-544
RAUSCH, CHARLES                        OH-30-5-149
RAWDON, FREEMAN                        OH-30-3-511
RAY, JOSEPH                            OH-30-6-169
RAYMOND, SAMUEL                        OH-30-12-554
READ, WILLIAM                          OH-30-5-69
REAGIN, MARGARET                       OH-30-6-299
REBOLD, CASPAR                         OH-30-11-43
REDDISH, THOMAS                        OH-30-3-225
REDHEAD, JOHN                          OH-30-5-20
REDINBAUGH, SAMUEL                     OH-30-4-229
REECE, ROBERT                          OH-30-6-406
REED, ANNE                             OH-30-6-286
REED, ELIZABETH                        OH-30-10-381
REED, HANNAH                           OH-30-2-265
REED, HENRY                            OH-30-4-132
REED, WILLIAM                          OH-30-3-399
REEDER, H. L.                          OH-30-12-274
REEDER, RALPH                          OH-30-2-17
REEDER, STEPHEN W.                     OH-30-14-144
REES, ELIAS                            OH-30-10-378
REES, MARY                             OH-30-1-314
REEVES, THOMAS                         OH-30-10-293
REHE, JOHNJOSEPH                       OH-30-1-259
REHFUSS, LEWIS                         OH-30-14-355
REID, ROBERT                           OH-30-4-67
REILLEY, LITTLETON T.                  OH-30-4-62
REILLY, JOANNA                         OH-30-14-160
REILLY, JOHN                           OH-30-4-50
REILLY, ROBERT                         OH-30-16-397
REILLY, THOMAS                         OH-30-2-424
REIMER, LEONHARD                       OH-30-16-277
REINEBERG, J. A.                       OH-30-13-387
REINHARD, JACOB                        OH-30-10-93
REINIER, HEZEKIAH                      OH-30-10-336
REINLEIN, ANDREW                       OH-30-6-52
REINLEIN, ANTON                        OH-30-1-272
REINLEIN, MARIA A.                     OH-30-16-130
REIS, VALENTINE                        OH-30-16-144
REISENBOCK, JOHANN H.                  OH-30-6-133
REKERS, JOHN GERHERD                   OH-30-2-255
RENNEKAMP, A. H.                       OH-30-12-257
RENNELS, CHARLES A.                    OH-30-12-76
RENNER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-30-7-92
RENNER, MARIA                          OH-30-13-247
RENTEPOHLER, JOHN HENRY                OH-30-2-212
RENZINBRINK, FREDERICK                 OH-30-12-194
REULMANN, HERMANN B.                   OH-30-15-67
REYNOLDS, ISAAC                        OH-30-2-260
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      OH-30-13-73
REYOLDS, JOHN P.                       OH-30-6-109
RICE, CLARISSA D.                      OH-30-6-387
RICE, JOHN G.                          OH-30-11-346
RICE, SOLOMON                          OH-30-5-154
RICE, THOMAS                           OH-30-10-184
RICHARDS, ELIZABETH                    OH-30-11-41
RICHARDSON, JAMES                      OH-30-12-50
RICHARDSON, NANCY                      OH-30-1-247
RICHARDSON, ROBERT                     OH-30-7-108
RICHDSON, JAMES                        OH-30-6-301
RICHESON, HOLT                         OH-30-4-136
RICHEY, MARY                           OH-30-10-379
RICHMAN, ELIZABETH                     OH-30-6-137
RICHTER, BERNARD                       OH-30-1-78
RICHTER, JOHN B.                       OH-30-16-509
RICKEY, RANDALL H.                     OH-30-2-192
RIDDLE, ANDREW J.                      OH-30-12-367
RIDDLE, JANE                           OH-30-16-491
RIDDLE, JOHN                           OH-30-15-170
RIDDLE, JOHN                           OH-30-3-151
RIDENOUR, WILLIAM H.                   OH-30-7-48
RIDGELY, ABSOLAM                       OH-30-5-150
RIESOR, JACOB                          OH-30-10-280
RIESS, FRANCIS                         OH-30-13-543
RIFFNER, PETER                         OH-30-15-247
RIGGS, DAVID                           OH-30-1-468
RIKER, JAMES                           OH-30-16-261
RIKER, SAMUEL                          OH-30-11-39
RILEY, LITTLETON T.                    OH-30-4-62
RIMPLER, GEORGE C.                     OH-30-5-37
RIPLEY, NATHANIEL                      OH-30-6-457
RISK, CHARLOTTE C.                     OH-30-4-225
RISK, THOMAS                           OH-30-5-71
ROA, F. WILLIAM                        OH-30-14-61
ROARK, JAMES                           OH-30-8-200
ROBBINS, WILLIAM M.                    OH-30-12-141
ROBERTS, JOHN                          OH-30-1-449
ROBERTS, JOHN SR.                      OH-30-5-27
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        OH-30-5-141
ROBERTSON, JOSHUA G.                   OH-30-11-290
ROBERTSON, THOMAS                      OH-30-4-26
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER                    OH-30-11-355
ROBINSON, CATHERINE                    OH-30-11-122
ROBINSON, EZEKIEL                      OH-30-14-150
ROCAP, JAMES                           OH-30-12-316
RODGERS, ANDREW                        OH-30-5-16
RODGERS, WILLIAM                       OH-30-5-147
ROELKER, CATHARINE G.                  OH-30-7-396
ROGERS, ELIAS                          OH-30-14-320
ROGERS, EVRETT                         OH-30-3-494
ROGERS, JOHN C.                        OH-30-10-53
ROLF, FRANCIS                          OH-30-12-475
ROLL, ABRAHAM                          OH-30-11-357
ROLL, EDWARD                           OH-30-8-270
ROLL, JOHN                             OH-30-6-488
ROLLINS, JAMES                         OH-30-14-425
ROMBOUTS, D. FRANCIS                   OH-30-13-239
ROMINGER, JEAN BABTIST                 OH-30-6-57
ROONEY, TERRANCE                       OH-30-6-83
ROSE, LUTHER                           OH-30-9-192
ROSENBERGER, CASPER                    OH-30-12-249
ROSENTHAL, HENRY                       OH-30-1-170
ROSS, BRITTON                          OH-30-6-395
ROSS, CHRISTINA                        OH-30-16-497
ROSS, IGNATIUS                         OH-30-11-353
ROSS, JAMES                            OH-30-11-344
ROSS, JOSEPH                           OH-30-9-211
ROSS, MATTHIAS                         OH-30-11-289
ROSS, WILLIAM H.                       OH-30-6-284
ROTH, SYBILLA                          OH-30-14-163
ROTHAN, MICHAEL                        OH-30-10-91
ROWEKAMP, FREDERICK H.                 OH-30-3-102
ROWSE, MARGARET M.                     OH-30-6-287
RUDE, SQUIRE                           OH-30-12-220
RUDICELL, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-30-10-241
RUFF, SAMUEL F.                        OH-30-16-414
RUFFNER, MARGARET                      OH-30-12-503
RUFFNER, MARTHA J.                     OH-30-15-367
RULE, CHARLES                          OH-30-16-90
RUMP, CATHARINE                        OH-30-2-172
RUMP, HENRY                            OH-30-14-349
RUMPLER, JOHN HEINRICH                 OH-30-6-181
RUNK, JACOB                            OH-30-13-177
RUNK, JACOB SR.                        OH-30-15-146
RUOFF, GODFRED                         OH-30-13-62
RUPP, PHILLIPP                         OH-30-13-103
RUSCHE, FRANK                          OH-30-12-124
RUSSELL, JAMES                         OH-30-11-228
RUST, JOSEPH G.                        OH-30-11-46
RUTEPOHLER, G. H.                      OH-30-5-146
RUTZ, J. PHILIP                        OH-30-12-578
RYAN, DENNIS                           OH-30-9-141
RYLAND, JOSEPH P.                      OH-30-1-468
RYND, LUKE                             OH-30-6-59
RYNERSON, ISAAC                        OH-30-2-433
SACKETT, MARGARET                      OH-30-10-151
SALMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-30-2-445
SAMMONS, JAMES                         OH-30-9-204
SAMPSON, JOSEPH                        OH-30-7-233
SAMUEL, HENRIETTA                      OH-30-13-427
SANDMAN, JOHN HENRY                    OH-30-13-56
SARGENT, HELEN                         OH-30-2-364
SARGENT, THOMAS                        OH-30-6-413
SARTOR, THOMAS                         OH-30-2-440
SASS, JOHN CHRISTOPHER                 OH-30-6-187
SATER, JOSEPH                          OH-30-2-444
SAUNDERS, LAURA L.                     OH-30-13-267
SAXTON, SARAH B.                       OH-30-16-3
SAYRE, LEONARD                         OH-30-14-66
SAYRE, LEVI                            OH-30-6-461
SCHAB, GEORGE                          OH-30-14-448
SCHAD, JOHN PETER                      OH-30-14-68
SCHAEVEN, JOHN JOSEPH                  OH-30-12-410
SCHAIBLE, RCHEL                        OH-30-15-129
SCHAML, GOTTFRIED                      OH-30-14-92
SCHAUB, JOHN                           OH-30-16-293
SCHAUFELE, FREDERICK                   OH-30-12-529
SCHAUFELE, JOHN                        OH-30-16-328
SCHAW, JOHNJ.                          OH-30-4-33
SCHEERMANN, MICHAEL                    OH-30-12-55
SCHENCK, DANIEL                        OH-30-5-222
SCHEUER, JACOB                         OH-30-8-49
SCHICK, JOSEPH                         OH-30-16-119
SCHIED, EMILY                          OH-30-14-29
SCHIERECK, FREDERICK                   OH-30-13-276
SCHIESSLER, JOHN                       OH-30-16-366
SCHIFFMANN, PETER                      OH-30-13-413
SCHILLERING, GESINA                    OH-30-13-173
SCHILLINGER, WILLIAM                   OH-30-12-69
SCHLETT, JOHANNES                      OH-30-14-78
SCHLOSSER, JOHN B.                     OH-30-12-170
SCHLUCKER, JOHN JACOB                  OH-30-14-489
SCHLUTE, JOHNH. D.                     OH-30-6-271
SCHMEISSER, ANNA                       OH-30-9-147
SCHMIDT, FREDERICK                     OH-30-16-123
SCHMIDT, HENRY R.                      OH-30-13-179
SCHMIDT, JOSEPH                        OH-30-8-113
SCHMIDT, VALENTINE                     OH-30-16-354
SCHMIDT, WILLIAM                       OH-30-16-44
SCHMIT, HEINRICH                       OH-30-13-117
SCHMITT, ANDREW                        OH-30-10-145
SCHMITT, CHRISTINA                     OH-30-14-260
SCHMITT, JOHN MICHAEL                  OH-30-7-236
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                        OH-30-12-39
SCHNEIDER, JOHN M.                     OH-30-16-35
SCHNEIDER, LOUIS                       OH-30-16-381
SCHNIPPEL, HEINRICH                    OH-30-13-95
SCHNORBUS, FREDERICK                   OH-30-2-89
SCHOENBEIN, JOHN                       OH-30-9-103
SCHOENLAUB, JACOB                      OH-30-16-459
SCHOEPPNER, JOSEPH                     OH-30-7-63
SCHOETTINGER, PETER                    OH-30-14-383
SCHOFIELD, ELIZABETH                   OH-30-1-298
SCHOFIELD, W. S. (DR)                  OH-30-3-374
SCHONIGMEYER, HENRY                    OH-30-1-20
SCHOOLEY, NATHANIEL S.                 OH-30-10-256
SCHOPPNER, MARIA C.                    OH-30-5-317
SCHROBLY, JOHN                         OH-30-6-409
SCHROEDER, ADELHEIDE                   OH-30-13-141
SCHROEDER, J. F. BERNARD               OH-30-14-269
SCHROER, HERMAN P.                     OH-30-1-341
SCHULTE, GERRIT                        OH-30-2-76
SCHULTE, JOHANN JOSEPH                 OH-30-10-147
SCHULTZ, CASPAR                        OH-30-8-56
SCHULTZ, CONRAD                        OH-30-5-60
SCHULTZ, HENRY                         OH-30-2-28
SCHUMANN, CHARLES A.                   OH-30-16-494
SCHURBROCK, J. HEINRICH                OH-30-12-419
SCHWAB, JUSTUS                         OH-30-15-254
SCHWAB, MATTHIAS                       OH-30-9-95
SCHWARTZ, DAVID                        OH-30-15-136
SCHWEGMANN, B. H.                      OH-30-11-53
SCHWEIGER, FREDERICK                   OH-30-14-190
SCHWEITZER, CARL                       OH-30-12-277
SCHWEIZERHOFF, JACOB                   OH-30-5-34
SCHWETTINGER, PETER                    OH-30-13-531
SCOFIELD, HUGH                         OH-30-4-120
SCOFIELD, JAMES                        OH-30-8-268
SCOGGIN, SOLOMON                       OH-30-10-446
SCOTT, ANDREW                          OH-30-5-235
SCOTT, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-5-241
SCOTT, JAMES                           OH-30-4-201
SCOTT, JOHN P.                         OH-30-9-443
SCOTT, MARGARET                        OH-30-10-449
SCOTT, MICHAEL (MIACHEL)               OH-30-8-234
SCRADER, CHARLES L.                    OH-30-7-391
SCUDDER, STEPHEN                       OH-30-5-242
SCUDDER, WILLIAM                       OH-30-14-316
SCULL, ENOCH H.                        OH-30-16-480
SEARIGHT, JOHN                         OH-30-3-45
SEARS, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-9-473
SECRIST, MARGARET                      OH-30-15-195
SEDLER, ANTHONY                        OH-30-16-6
SEFTON, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-6-418
SEHLHORST, JOSEPH                      OH-30-13-311
SEIBERT, JOS BOWMAN                    OH-30-4-241
SEIDE, XAFER                           OH-30-16-291
SEIFERT, MICHAEL                       OH-30-15-237
SEIFFERT, JOSEPH                       OH-30-11-1
SEITER, GEORGE                         OH-30-14-56
SEITZ, LOUIS                           OH-30-16-287
SELDEN, CHARLES                        OH-30-16-50
SELINGER, JOHN                         OH-30-6-231
SELLMAN, JOHN                          OH-30-11-352
SELVES, GEORGE                         OH-30-16-409
SELZER, SALOME                         OH-30-1-296
SEWARD, DANIEL                         OH-30-11-377
SEXTON, LETITIA L.                     OH-30-9-133
SHAFER, MARY E.                        OH-30-14-201
SHAFFER, DANIEL                        OH-30-7-307
SHALLCROSS, WILLIAM D.                 OH-30-3-542
SHANE, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-11-364
SHANE, MARY                            OH-30-12-12
SHANNON, JOHN                          OH-30-14-179
SHARP, JAMES                           OH-30-8-221
SHARP, JOHNM.                          OH-30-6-118
SHARP, MORRIS                          OH-30-1-499
SHARP, MORRIS                          OH-30-10-289
SHAW, DANIEL                           OH-30-8-6
SHAW, HENRY                            OH-30-10-335
SHAW, HENRY                            OH-30-10-335
SHAW, PLINNEY                          OH-30-15-98
SHAW, SARAH                            OH-30-9-487
SHAW, WILLIAM                          OH-30-7-303
SHEEPSHANKS, WILLIAM                   OH-30-4-81
SHELDEN, HENRY                         OH-30-6-72
SHELDON, MARY                          OH-30-15-31
SHEPARD, EDWIN                         OH-30-6-270
SHEPHERD, ELISHA                       OH-30-5-232
SHEPHERD, GEORGE                       OH-30-1-425
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                       OH-30-2-453
SHERA, THOMAS                          OH-30-16-579
SHERER, BARBARA                        OH-30-7-33
SHERLEN, PETER                         OH-30-16-247
SHERLOCK, PETER                        OH-30-14-128
SHINDLER, FRED L.                      OH-30-16-373
SHINN, CHARLES A.                      OH-30-6-419
SHIPLEY, SARAH                         OH-30-10-95
SHIPLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-30-10-355
SHMIDLAPP, MARY ANN                    OH-30-2-448
SHOEMAKER, JOHN A.                     OH-30-16-337
SHORT, JOHN CLEVES                     OH-30-16-363
SHORT, MARY ANN                        OH-30-16-96
SHOTWELL, JOHN T.                      OH-30-1-339
SHUFF, JOHN                            OH-30-13-559
SHULL, PETER                           OH-30-4-199
SHULTZ, JOHN                           OH-30-5-237
SHUMARD, CAROLINE J.                   OH-30-16-474
SIECKERMANN, HERMAN H.                 OH-30-16-422
SIEFERT, WILLIAM                       OH-30-10-154
SIEMER, A.                             OH-30-13-386
SIEMER, JOHANN H. J.                   OH-30-16-253
SILSBEE, JOHN W.                       OH-30-2-405
SILVERS, BENJAMIN F.                   OH-30-4-63
SIMMONS, JONE                          OH-30-1-427
SIMON, GERHARD                         OH-30-12-561
SIMONS, SIMON                          OH-30-7-227
SISSON, ISAAC                          OH-30-7-311
SISSON, JAMES                          OH-30-7-361
SKAALS, GARRETT                        OH-30-1-261
SKILLMAN, BENJAMIN                     OH-30-1-503
SKILLMAN, JACOB                        OH-30-4-60
SKILLMAN, JACOB                        OH-30-3-43
SKILLMAN, THOMAS Q.                    OH-30-9-276
SLABACK, DAVID                         OH-30-9-142
SLABACK, SAMUEL                        OH-30-13-528
SLACK, SOPHIA L.                       OH-30-12-72
SLAUGHTER, ISHAM                       OH-30-9-321
SMALL, RICHARD                         OH-30-1-417
SMILEY, ALEXANDER                      OH-30-14-284
SMITH, ABRAHAM                         OH-30-4-243
SMITH, BALLARD                         OH-30-11-372
SMITH, BENJAMIN R.                     OH-30-1-76
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-30-7-157
SMITH, DANIEL                          OH-30-11-367
SMITH, DAVID                           OH-30-16-131
SMITH, DAVID S.                        OH-30-9-90
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-5-110
SMITH, EPHRAIM                         OH-30-11-51
SMITH, HENRY P.                        OH-30-15-96
SMITH, HOLLAND                         OH-30-3-202
SMITH, JACOB                           OH-30-1-337
SMITH, JAMES B.                        OH-30-10-182
SMITH, JAMES B.                        OH-30-2-298
SMITH, JESSE SR.                       OH-30-8-235
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-30-9-144
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-30-16-584
SMITH, JOHN W.                         OH-30-15-332
SMITH, MARIA LOISA                     OH-30-1-540
SMITH, MARTHA A.                       OH-30-13-233
SMITH, PETER                           OH-30-14-101
SMITH, REBECCA M.                      OH-30-16-371
SMITH, SALLY                           OH-30-14-87
SMITH, SAMUEL                          OH-30-10-324
SMITH, SAMUEL                          OH-30-2-317
SMITH, SARAH                           OH-30-9-9
SMITH, SARAH                           OH-30-1-426
SMITH, STEPHEN                         OH-30-3-430
SMITH, THOMAS                          OH-30-9-85
SMITH, WILLIAM                         OH-30-14-515
SMITH, WILLIAM FREDERICK               OH-30-15-386
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                      OH-30-11-368
SMITH,MARCUS                           OH-30-6-135
SMUCKER, PETER                         OH-30-6-55
SMYTH, WILLIAM                         OH-30-10-196
SNIDER, CORNELIUS                      OH-30-2-478
SNIDER, JOHN                           OH-30-9-104
SNIDER, JOHN                           OH-30-11-393
SNIVELY,S AMUEL                        OH-30-12-439
SNODGRASS, WILLIAM                     OH-30-6-404
SNYDER, AGNES                          OH-30-13-340
SORTER, HEZEKIAH                       OH-30-2-403
SORTOR, JOHN                           OH-30-1-262
SOUDERS, DANIEL                        OH-30-10-1
SOUDERS, PHEBE                         OH-30-10-357
SOUTHGATE, RICHARD                     OH-30-14-369
SOWERS, ANDREW                         OH-30-14-159
SOWERS, MARY                           OH-30-15-203
SPAETH, ADOLPH                         OH-30-14-59
SPAETH, ALOYSIUS                       OH-30-9-115
SPARKS, ISAAC                          OH-30-6-408
SPEAKER, JOHN                          OH-30-7-247
SPECKER, JOHN F.                       OH-30-5-75
SPECKER, MARIA ANNA                    OH-30-16-390
SPEER, JAMES G.                        OH-30-16-407
SPEER, NELSON                          OH-30-3-145
SPEIDEL, EDUARD                        OH-30-12-358
SPEIS, ANDREAS                         OH-30-14-3
SPELMIER, JOHN H.                      OH-30-2-33
SPOONER, REID                          OH-30-5-229
SPRENGER, FREDERICK                    OH-30-12-454
SPRING, ELIZABETH ANN                  OH-30-7-305
SPRINGER, CHARLES G.                   OH-30-10-102
SPRINGER, JACOB                        OH-30-10-447
SPRINGER, SAMUEL                       OH-30-7-61
SPRINGMEYER, DAVID                     OH-30-10-149
SPRONG, WARD F.                        OH-30-1-213
SQUIRE, WILLIAM B.                     OH-30-2-186
STAGGE, JOHN W.                        OH-30-16-453
STAHL, FRED W. G.                      OH-30-16-582
STAHL, PHILLIPPINE                     OH-30-16-411
STAHLE, MARIA                          OH-30-12-4
STAHR, JOHN                            OH-30-14-385
STALL, HERMAN J.                       OH-30-1-289
STALL, JOHN                            OH-30-7-372
STALL, PHILLIP                         OH-30-2-366
STALLO, J. H.                          OH-30-16-113
STAMM, JOHANN DANIEL                   OH-30-10-33
STANLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-30-1-500
STCAY, THOMAS                          OH-30-5-218
STCLAIR, HANNAH                        OH-30-4-220
STEAD, THOMAS                          OH-30-9-489
STEEN, JOHN H. H.                      OH-30-12-128
STEENSON, CHARLES SR.                  OH-30-14-533
STEHRIN, JOHN JACOB                    OH-30-2-74
STEIDEL, ELILZABETH                    OH-30-16-404
STEIMKE, GERHARD L.                    OH-30-12-145
STEIN, PETER                           OH-30-6-68
STEINECKER, HERMAN E.                  OH-30-12-296
STEINKAMP, H. L. T.                    OH-30-15-86
STEINMETZ, MICHAEL                     OH-30-16-499
STEINSULTZ, GEORGE                     OH-30-9-197
STENGER, ANDREAS                       OH-30-9-47
STENGER, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-30-16-248
STEPHENSON, STEPHEN                    OH-30-11-350
STEPPIG, JOHN                          OH-30-7-31
STERRETT, BENJAMIN                     OH-30-4-75
STEWARD, ISAAC                         OH-30-12-562
STEWART, ANDREW                        OH-30-1-183
STEWART, BENJAMIN                      OH-30-6-13
STEWART, CHARLES                       OH-30-5-231
STEWART, JOHN                          OH-30-6-465
STEWART, MYRON A.                      OH-30-10-258
STEWART, NATHAN                        OH-30-6-268
STEWART, WILLIAM A.                    OH-30-16-127
STEWART, WILLIAM C.                    OH-30-11-55
STICKSEL, PETER                        OH-30-13-236
STIENS, JOHN                           OH-30-13-291
STILES, HENRY S.                       OH-30-12-168
STILES, MARY T.                        OH-30-6-50
STITES, HEZEKIAH                       OH-30-4-71
STITES, JOHN                           OH-30-1-175
STITT, SAMUEL                          OH-30-10-260
STITTINIUS, JOHN                       OH-30-8-223
STIXEL, MARIANNA                       OH-30-14-199
STOCKBRINK, HENRY                      OH-30-14-286
STOCKDALE, GEORGE                      OH-30-11-266
STOCKLIN, CASPER                       OH-30-7-73
STOCKWELL, EPHRAIM H.                  OH-30-7-22
STODDARD, DAVID                        OH-30-7-249
STOEVER, JOHN C.                       OH-30-13-25
STOKES, SAMUEL                         OH-30-13-380
STONE, ELIAS                           OH-30-1-413
STONE, ELISHA                          OH-30-1-406
STONE, ETHAN                           OH-30-6-233
STORM, RACHEL H.                       OH-30-14-527
STORMAN, HENRY                         OH-30-7-35
STORMS, DANIEL                         OH-30-2-480
STOUGHTON, EDARD                       OH-30-1-97
STOUGHTON, JOHN                        OH-30-7-385
STOUT, BENAJAH                         OH-30-1-497
STOUT, CHARLES                         OH-30-14-14
STOUT, JONATHAN                        OH-30-5-288
STOUT, REUBEN                          OH-30-6-405
STRADER, DANIEL P.                     OH-30-2-252
STRADER, JACOB                         OH-30-12-565
STRATMANN, MARGARETHA                  OH-30-16-280
STRATTMANN, CASPER                     OH-30-9-503
STRATTON, NOAH                         OH-30-10-333
STRAUB, GEORGE                         OH-30-7-20
STRAUSS, HUGO V.                       OH-30-16-552
STREET, WILLIAM                        OH-30-11-365
STREHLE, JOSEPH                        OH-30-12-500
STREIBICH, MICHAEL                     OH-30-16-212
STRICKLAND, CARRIE BELLE               OH-30-12-135
STROHMEIER, JOSEPH                     OH-30-2-87
STROHMEYER, ANNA E.                    OH-30-16-66
STRONG, JOHN                           OH-30-15-133
STRONG, MARY                           OH-30-1-238
STRUBBE, G. H.                         OH-30-15-316
STRUBBE, HERMAN                        OH-30-11-48
STUMP, WILLIAM                         OH-30-9-418
STURGIS, ISAAC                         OH-30-7-153
STUWE, JOHN H.                         OH-30-6-140
SUCIETTE, JOHN A.                      OH-30-14-134
SUDMEIER, J. W.                        OH-30-8-118
SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH                     OH-30-2-138
SULLIVAN, JOHANNAH                     OH-30-9-72
SUMMONS, JOHN BLAIR                    OH-30-9-226
SUTTON, JOHN                           OH-30-9-405
SUTTON, STEPHEN                        OH-30-10-291
SWAIN, JOSEPH                          OH-30-7-313
SWAN, CALEB                            OH-30-10-457
SWEET, CHARLOTTE                       OH-30-16-1
SWIFT, CALVIN                          OH-30-6-464
SWING, SAMUEL                          OH-30-9-471
SWORNESTEDT, LEROY                     OH-30-13-375
SYMMONDS, PHILLIP                      OH-30-10-295
SYMONDS, JOSEPH                        OH-30-7-42
SYMONDS, MORRIS                        OH-30-13-525
SYMONDS, REBECCA                       OH-30-6-190
TACORN, DANIEL F.                      OH-30-1-478
TAFEL, ALBERT                          OH-30-16-192
TAGUE, J. B.                           OH-30-13-517
TALIAFERRO, WILLIAM T.                 OH-30-16-91
TANEY, LEWIS                           OH-30-6-386
TANLEY, THOMAS M.                      OH-30-9-320
TARRANT, LARKIN MAXWELL                OH-30-9-437
TASKER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-11-286
TATEM, CHARLES                         OH-30-16-561
TATEM, MARY T.                         OH-30-15-93
TATEM, WILLIS                          OH-30-14-165
TAULMAN, HERMANUS                      OH-30-4-65
TAYLOR, ARCHIBALD R.                   OH-30-4-69
TAYLOR, CHARLES W.                     OH-30-16-146
TAYLOR, GRIFFIN                        OH-30-15-182
TAYLOR, JAMES                          OH-30-8-78
TAYLOR, JAMES                          OH-30-8-78
TAYLOR, JOHN                           OH-30-1-374
TAYLOR, PHILIP                         OH-30-1-461
TAYLOR, SARAH                          OH-30-4-123
TEBOW, URIAH                           OH-30-2-427
TELLER, ANDREW                         OH-30-9-173
TEPPE, MARIA A.                        OH-30-16-461
TERRELL, JOHN                          OH-30-7-317
TERRY, JOHN                            OH-30-11-379
TERRY, JOHN                            OH-30-4-196
TERRY, WILLIAM                         OH-30-14-381
TERRY, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-30-9-282, 295
THEIS, PHILP JACOB                     OH-30-2-277
THIELE, MARIA B. E.                    OH-30-2-11
THILE, BERNARDINA                      OH-30-6-302
THOLKING, JOHN A.                      OH-30-16-547
THOMAS, JAMES                          OH-30-9-480
THOMAS, RACHAEL A.                     OH-30-12-551
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN F.                  OH-30-8-114
THOMPSON, JOHN                         OH-30-4-222
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                       OH-30-14-17
THOMPSON, PRICE                        OH-30-16-576
THOMPSON, RALPH                        OH-30-1-412
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       OH-30-6-164
THOMS, WILLIAM                         OH-30-10-238
THOMSA, RICHARD                        OH-30-1-293
THOMSON, JAMES                         OH-30-6-266
THOMSON, JOHN                          OH-30-4-58
THOMSON, JOHN C.                       OH-30-3-446
THOMSON, PATRICK                       OH-30-2-429
THOMSON, WILLIAM                       OH-30-8-12
THOR, MARGARETTA                       OH-30-12-351
THORNTON, JOHN H. F.                   OH-30-16-12
THORP, ABNER                           OH-30-6-274
THUMATHE, HENRY                        OH-30-6-208
THURBER, SAMUEL N.                     OH-30-8-40
THURING, ANDREW                        OH-30-6-45
TIBBEUS, ELIZABETH                     OH-30-6-466
TIBBIUS, DAVID                         OH-30-6-472
TIBBS, SAMUEL                          OH-30-1-460
TICHENOR, GABRIEL                      OH-30-13-568
TIES, HEINRICH                         OH-30-14-82
TILTON, WILLIAM                        OH-30-7-365
TIMANUS, JESSE                         OH-30-14-282
TIPTON, JOHN                           OH-30-2-51
TITCOMB, SUSAN F.                      OH-30-12-202
TITUS, CHARITY                         OH-30-14-84
TOBBEN, JOHN BERNARD                   OH-30-13-64
TOMSETT, THOMAS                        OH-30-13-444
TONER, MICHAEL                         OH-30-1-295
TONER, SARAH                           OH-30-14-207
TOWNSEND, JOHN                         OH-30-4-195
TOY, CATHERINE JANE                    OH-30-14-80
TRAEGER, BARTHOLOMEUS                  OH-30-1-191
TRANOR, THOMAS                         OH-30-1-382
TRIMPE, JOHN H.                        OH-30-6-283
TRINTMANN, FREDERICK                   OH-30-1-344
TRON, PETER                            OH-30-10-71
TROTTER, AGNES                         OH-30-11-91
TROUSDALE, JOSEPH                      OH-30-7-83
TRUESDELL, ARNOLD                      OH-30-2-426
TRUNP, JOHN                            OH-30-6-470
TUCHFARBER, ANTHONY                    OH-30-6-78
TUCKER, EPHRAIM                        OH-30-6-471
TUCKER, JACOB                          OH-30-2-431
TUCKER, MARY                           OH-30-6-281
TULLIS, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-16-568
TULLIS, JEREMIAH C.                    OH-30-3-196
TULLIS, THOMAS B.                      OH-30-6-276
TUMLER, HENRY                          OH-30-14-86
TUNIS, NEHEMIAH                        OH-30-5-253
TUNISON, HENRY                         OH-30-5-8
TURNER, MARY                           OH-30-15-81
TURRILL, HANNAH                        OH-30-2-179
TURRILL, JARED                         OH-30-1-470
TUTTLE, CHARLES                        OH-30-16-348
TUTTLE, JOHN                           OH-30-8-211
UEBELHART, NICOLAUS                    OH-30-7-85
ULMER, FREDERICK                       OH-30-16-221
ULREY, REBECCA                         OH-30-12-84
UNDERWOOD, JOHN                        OH-30-2-62
UNDERWOOD, MISHAL                      OH-30-7-323
UNDERWOOD, WINNY                       OH-30-1-346
UNDEWOOD, JAMES                        OH-30-3-5
UNNEWEHR, HEINRICH                     OH-30-12-328
UPJOHN, CHARLOTTE                      OH-30-15-220
VAIL, GEORGE                           OH-30-11-130
VAIL, THOMAS C.                        OH-30-2-354
VALENTINE, ANN                         OH-30-1-207
VALENTINE, CHARLES                     OH-30-9-198
VALENTINE, LEVI                        OH-30-5-273
VANALSTINE, NANCY                      OH-30-12-172
VANDOLAH, JAMES                        OH-30-7-370
VANHAMM, WASHINGTON                    OH-30-13-82
VANHORN, JAMES                         OH-30-12-400
VANHORN, WILLIAM J.                    OH-30-8-136
VANLEAR, JOSEPH T.                     OH-30-3-417
VANMATRE, DANIEL                       OH-30-13-429
VANNAUENDORF, FREDERICK                OH-30-9-214
VANNICE, JOHN                          OH-30-4-212
VANSANDT, JOSHUA                       OH-30-10-350
VANTREES, CONRAD                       OH-30-9-482
VANTUYL, ABRAHAM                       OH-30-16-158
VANTUYL, CHARITY                       OH-30-9-337
VANZANT, ISAAC                         OH-30-5-275
VAYHINGER, G. J.                       OH-30-8-209
VEAUCHER, ABRAHAM H.                   OH-30-11-287
VENNEMANN, HENRY                       OH-30-14-172
VERHOLT, ANTHONY                       OH-30-13-139
VESER, ADOLPH                          OH-30-3-533
VESEY, LUKE                            OH-30-8-55
VICKERS, MARY                          OH-30-11-133
VIDAL, FRANCIS                         OH-30-2-103
VINCENT, THOMAS B.                     OH-30-12-270
VOELKER, PETER                         OH-30-10-58
VOIGT, CHRISTIAN                       OH-30-15-174
VOIGT, GEORGE H.                       OH-30-15-104
VOLL, MICHAEL                          OH-30-16-368
VOLLMER, ELIZABETH                     OH-30-12-497
VONHOMBERG, F. J.                      OH-30-12-200
VOORHIES, TUNIS                        OH-30-3-42
VOSHER, MARY                           OH-30-16-581
WADE, DAVID E.                         OH-30-8-186
WAGENHEUSER, MICHAEL                   OH-30-1-343
WAGGONER, JOHN                         OH-30-7-262
WAGNER, ANNA M.                        OH-30-13-408
WAGNER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-30-11-95
WAGNER, DIANA                          OH-30-14-253
WAGNER, FREDERICK                      OH-30-16-299
WAGNER, JOHN                           OH-30-16-237
WAHLER, GEORGE                         OH-30-13-575
WAHOFF, J. LINUS                       OH-30-15-398
WAINWRIGHT, JOHN                       OH-30-2-275
WAKEFIELD, ANDREW                      OH-30-11-325
WAKEFIELD, DANIEL                      OH-30-6-261
WAKEFIELD, WILLIAM                     OH-30-9-245
WALACKER, MATHIAS                      OH-30-2-78
WALDO, ARABELLA H.                     OH-30-2-373
WALKER, ARCHIBALD                      OH-30-13-274
WALKER, DANIEL                         OH-30-8-259
WALKER, DAVID                          OH-30-10-270
WALKER, DIANA                          OH-30-6-307
WALKER, JANE                           OH-30-13-337
WALKER, JEMIMAH                        OH-30-11-330
WALKER, JESSE                          OH-30-11-324
WALKER, JOHN                           OH-30-10-136
WALKER, JOHN                           OH-30-10-268
WALKER, JOHN                           OH-30-9-252
WALKER, JOSEPH                         OH-30-10-352
WALKER, SAMUEL S.                      OH-30-11-102
WALKER, TIMOTHY                        OH-30-13-536
WALLACE, DAVID C.                      OH-30-12-541
WALLACE, REBECCA                       OH-30-1-458
WALLACE, ROBERT                        OH-30-8-260
WALLS, JOHN                            OH-30-1-421
WALTENRATH, JACOB                      OH-30-10-301
WALTER, JOHN                           OH-30-1-242
WARD, CHARLES                          OH-30-1-225
WARD, EBENEZER                         OH-30-11-375
WARD, EBENEZER                         OH-30-14-312
WARDALL, THOAMS                        OH-30-9-231
WARNER, HEINRICH                       OH-30-15-209
WARWICK, TRUMAN B.                     OH-30-14-55
WASHBURN, CALVIN                       OH-30-2-432
WATERS, LUCINDA                        OH-30-1-34
WATSON, CATHARINE                      OH-30-13-502
WATSON, GEORGE                         OH-30-11-166
WATSON, JOHN                           OH-30-16-504
WATSON, ROBERT                         OH-30-10-140
WATSON, THOMAS                         OH-30-6-178
WEARE, HAZEL                           OH-30-16-331
WEATHERBY, ANN S.                      OH-30-12-269
WEAVER, THOMAS                         OH-30-15-148
WEBB, ABBY                             OH-30-14-210
WEBB, ALEXANDER                        OH-30-9-55
WEBB, CLAYTON                          OH-30-1-335
WEBB, JOHN                             OH-30-1-233
WEBB, JOHN SR.                         OH-30-1-38
WEBB, WILLIAM                          OH-30-9-484
WEBER, BARTHOLOMEW                     OH-30-9-98
WEBER, GEORGE                          OH-30-12-29
WEBER, KASPER                          OH-30-16-318
WEBER, MARTIN                          OH-30-12-265
WEEKS, STEPHEN                         OH-30-6-402
WEEKS, WELLINGTON                      OH-30-10-274
WEHMER, NANCY ANN                      OH-30-9-194
WEHMEYER, LEWIS                        OH-30-5-18
WEHRLE, XAVIER                         OH-30-13-530
WEIHE, JOHN                            OH-30-14-177
WEIK, GEORGE                           OH-30-9-13
WEINKAM, PETER                         OH-30-15-89
WEISBECKER, ELIZABETH                  OH-30-13-342
WEISHOUPT, HEINRICK                    OH-30-6-89
WEITKAMP, HENRY                        OH-30-1-408
WEITZEL, PETER                         OH-30-13-222
WELLER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-30-10-13
WELLS, HORACE                          OH-30-11-49
WELLS, REBECCA                         OH-30-3-40
WENDEL, WILHELM JOHANN                 OH-30-9-136
WERNER, GEORGE ADAM                    OH-30-14-314
WERNERT, JOHN B.                       OH-30-14-2
WERNSING, FERDINAND                    OH-30-1-36
WERNSING, H.                           OH-30-15-106
WESCOT, NEHEMIAH                       OH-30-8-263
WESLER, REBECCA                        OH-30-5-125
WESSEL, JOHN DEITRICH                  OH-30-1-353
WESSELER, BERNARD                      OH-30-13-555
WESSLING, FRED WILLIAM D.              OH-30-15-33
WEST, MARY                             OH-30-2-395
WEST, MARY F.                          OH-30-15-231
WEST, PAMELIA A.                       OH-30-16-233
WESTCOAT, EBENEZER                     OH-30-11-104
WESTCOAT, JAMES                        OH-30-8-266
WESTCOTT, JOHN                         OH-30-14-37
WESTCOTT, JOHN                         OH-30-9-62
WESTFALL, JAMES                        OH-30-9-492
WESTFIELD, CHRISTOPHER                 OH-30-8-58
WESTFIELD, CHRISTOPHER                 OH-30-9-279
WESTMEYER, FREDERICK W.                OH-30-12-334
WESTWOOD, HENRY                        OH-30-16-53
WETSELL, SUSAN                         OH-30-16-15
WETTERER, FERDINAND                    OH-30-16-224
WETTINGEL, MARIA M.                    OH-30-1-189
WETTSCHURECK, PETER                    OH-30-16-262
WHEATCROFT, JOHN                       OH-30-6-305
WHEATON, P. M.                         OH-30-1-355
WHEELER, ANTHONY                       OH-30-1-60
WHEELER, STEPHEN                       OH-30-4-239
WHEELER, STEPHEN M.                    2-459
WHETSTONE, RICHARD A.                  OH-30-13-471
WHIPPLE, JOHN                          OH-30-9-478
WHIPPLE, PARMELIA                      OH-30-14-416
WHITE, AMOS                            OH-30-9-470
WHITE, JOSEPH                          OH-30-8-218
WHITE, SERENA A.                       OH-30-9-101
WHITE, WILLIAM                         OH-30-16-306
WHITE, WILLIAM                         OH-30-12-17
WHITE, WILLIAM E.                      OH-30-13-87
WHITE, WILLIAM MCLIN                   OH-30-12-149
WHITEHEAD, FREDERICK                   OH-30-4-208
WHITEHEAD, MICHAEL                     OH-30-14-184
WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM                     OH-30-11-210
WHITEMAN, LOUIS                        OH-30-16-428
WHITEMAN, WILLIAM J.                   OH-30-14-156
WHITESIDE, ANNA ISABELLA               OH-30-15-405
WHITESIDE, JAMES                       OH-30-8-139
WHITESIDE, SMAUEL H.                   OH-30-10-198
WHITTAKER, JAMES                       OH-30-3-306
WHITTAKER, JAMES                       OH-30-3-294
WHITWELL, JOHN S.                      OH-30-8-60
WICHER, ALBERT                         OH-30-16-30
WIER, WILLIAM J.                       OH-30-3-62
WIERES, THEODORE H.                    OH-30-14-258
WIGGERINLOH, THEODORE                  OH-30-16-82
WIGHAUS, BERNARD                       OH-30-13-579
WIGMAN, GERHARD H.                     OH-30-5-51
WIKOFF, SALLIE A.                      OH-30-16-10
WILDENHAUS, JOHN BERNARD               OH-30-10-127
WILDER, ZACKARIAH                      OH-30-7-221
WILDMANN, JOHNHENRY                    OH-30-13-523
WILDY, JOHN                            OH-30-16-560
WILGAM, JOHN                           OH-30-15-272
WILIAMS, LUCY A.                       OH-30-12-323
WILKE, FERDINAND                       OH-30-7-226
WILKINS, PETER                         OH-30-4-36
WILKYMACKY, J. H.                      OH-30-10-55
WILLARD, SUSAN                         OH-30-9-323
WILLEY, ISRAEL                         OH-30-8-257
WILLEY, RICHARD                        OH-30-7-77
WILLIAMS, ABIGAIL                      OH-30-2-53
WILLIAMS, CHARLES CURRY                OH-30-15-270
WILLIAMS, CHARLS E.                    OH-30-1-349
WILLIAMS, COLUMBUS                     OH-30-12-78
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                       OH-30-6-389
WILLIAMS, DRUSILLA H.                  OH-30-16-116
WILLIAMS, ETHAN S.                     OH-30-7-251
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        OH-30-4-43
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         OH-30-8-135
WILLIAMS, JOHN S.                      OH-30-14-483
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                       OH-30-2-37
WILLIAMS, JUOSHUA                      OH-30-11-180
WILLIAMS, MATHIAS                      OH-30-6-223
WILLIAMS, MICAJAH T.                   OH-30-1-409
WILLIAMS, NANCY                        OH-30-10-120
WILLIAMS, PETER                        OH-30-6-390
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                       OH-30-11-333
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                       OH-30-10-20
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       OH-30-8-228
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       OH-30-6-353
WILLIAMSON, AMOS                       OH-30-11-209
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE B.                  OH-30-9-151
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE F.                  OH-30-8-30
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                      OH-30-15-400
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH                     OH-30-5-203
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH                     OH-30-10-320
WILLIAMSON, JULIANA                    OH-30-6-228
WILLIAMSON, MARY                       OH-30-14-530
WILLIAMSON, MARY                       OH-30-14-530
WILLSEY, HENRY                         OH-30-6-401
WILLSON, LEWIS J.                      OH-30-13-521
WILMURTH, ALEXANDER J.                 OH-30-14-538
WILSON, ANDREW                         OH-30-7-369
WILSON, DAVID                          OH-30-2-81
WILSON, EDWARD J.                      OH-30-13-47
WILSON, EZEKIEL H.                     OH-30-14-104
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-30-11-169
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-30-1-359
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-30-11-400
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-30-7-318
WILSON, JANE                           OH-30-10-359
WILSON, JOSEPH T.                      OH-30-16-149
WILSON, JOSHUA L.                      OH-30-5-127
WILSON, MARTHA                         OH-30-14-8
WILSON, SAMUEL                         OH-30-14-529
WILSON, THOMAS                         OH-30-5-198
WILSON, WILLIAM                        OH-30-10-354
WILSON, WILLIAM                        OH-30-7-273
WILSON, WILLIAM S.                     OH-30-7-52
WILTSE, CORNELIUS                      OH-30-5-276
WILTSEE, THOMAS                        OH-30-9-327
WINANS, MATHIAS                        OH-30-1-356
WINANS, SAMUEL J.                      OH-30-3-436
WINDHORST, JOHN D.                     OH-30-15-328
WINES, SIMON                           OH-30-7-87
WINN, MARY ANN                         OH-30-11-254
WINSLOW, RICHARD                       OH-30-15-43
WINTER, JOHN                           OH-30-11-332
WINTER, ROBERT SR.                     OH-30-9-267
WINTER, WILLIAM                        OH-30-12-373
WINTON, MATTHEW                        OH-30-8-230
WIPPER, LOUISE                         OH-30-16-154
WIRMEL, MARTIN                         OH-30-1-347
WIRTH, HERMAN                          OH-30-15-277
WIRTHWEIN, CHARLES                     OH-30-15-141
WISE, SOLOMON                          OH-30-1-424
WISEMAN, JOHN A.                       OH-30-2-147
WISKER, HERMAN HENRY                   OH-30-7-217
WISMANN, THEODORE                      OH-30-15-330
WITSCH, JOSEPH                         OH-30-16-383
WITT, HENRY                            OH-30-16-385
WOCHER, LOUIS                          OH-30-15-91
WODDERMANN, ROSINA                     OH-30-3-56
WOELLNER, CHARLES                      OH-30-16-226
WOFRAM, PAULINA                        OH-30-13-546
WOHLFAHRT, MARGARETHA                  OH-30-13-44
WOLF, JOHN                             OH-30-4-209
WOLF, NICHOLAS                         OH-30-6-259
WOLFINGTON, CATHARINE                  OH-30-5-278
WOLPERT, ROCHUS                        OH-30-12-164
WOLVERCOTTE, ERNST                     OH-30-12-267
WOOD, ANNIE                            OH-30-12-244
WOOD, CATHARINE                        OH-30-7-219
WOOD, JAMES                            OH-30-8-255
WOOD, JOHN                             OH-30-3-23
WOOD, JOHN                             OH-30-1-145
WOOD, JOHN C.                          OH-30-1-303
WOOD, STEPHEN                          OH-30-16-565
WOOD, WILLIAM                          OH-30-5-201
WOODRUFF, DAVID                        OH-30-10-134
WOODRUFF, LEAH                         OH-30-16-28
WOODRUFF, LEWIS                        OH-30-11-178
WOODRUFF, STEPHEN                      OH-30-11-329
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM P.                   OH-30-8-73
WOODWARD, JAMES                        OH-30-7-151
WOODWARD, LEMUEL                       OH-30-6-262
WOODWARD, WILIAM                       OH-30-3-79
WOODWORTH, JEHIEL                      OH-30-6-420
WOOLLEY, GEORGE                        OH-30-8-264
WOOLLEY, JOHN                          OH-30-11-327
WOOLLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-30-3-58
WOOLLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-30-1-264
WORCESTER, NOAH                        OH-30-8-140
WORLEY, BRICE                          OH-30-6-308
WORTHINGTON, WILLIAM                   OH-30-10-272
WRIGHT, ELIZA                          OH-30-13-323
WRIGHT, FRANCIS                        OH-30-14-450
WRIGHT, RUTH                           OH-30-15-313
WRIGHT, THOMAS B.                      OH-30-11-174
WRIGHTSON, RACHAEL                     OH-30-6-23
WUBBEN, GERHARD H.                     OH-30-10-11
WUEST, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-30-9-148
WULKOTTEN, BERNARD HENRY               OH-30-2-272
WULLER, ANDREAS                        OH-30-13-269
WULSIN, DRAUSIN                        OH-30-1-96
YAGER, GEORGE                          OH-30-16-374
YANNY, SAMUEL SR.                      OH-30-7-271
YATES, CORRIDON                        OH-30-15-1
YEAMAN, SALLIE                         OH-30-4-202
YEATMAN, GRIFFIN                       OH-30-1-361
YEOKUN, CHRISTIANA                     OH-30-4-211
YOST, CONRAD                           OH-30-10-204
YOUNG, JANE                            OH-30-12-47
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-319
YOUST, MICHAEL                         OH-30-1-114
ZANE, LOIS                             OH-30-5-196
ZANONE, JOSEPH                         OH-30-13-500
ZEIGLER, DAVID                         OH-30-2-467
ZEIGLER, VALENTINE                     OH-30-15-65
ZESKI, ERNST                           OH-30-12-185
ZIEGELR, PHILLIPP                      OH-30-12-226
ZIEGLER, LOUIS                         OH-30-16-19
ZIMMERMAN, SOLOMAN                     OH-30-1-193
ZUNZER, ANTHONY                        OH-30-14-154

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