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The heirs named in wills

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Column One: Name of Heir
Column Twp: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1822-1844 | 2=1822-1862 | 3=1862-1874 | 4=1874-1881 |
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BALCH, ELIZABETH                        OH-52-1-20
BALCH, MARY WADSWORTH                   OH-52-1-20
BATY, ELIZABETH                         OH-52-1-10
BEBE, MARGARET                          OH-52-1-89
BENEDICT, CLARISSA                      OH-52-1-41
BENEDICT, ELISHA HUBBELL                OH-52-1-41
BENEDICT, EURETTA                       OH-52-1-41
BENEDICT, HARRIET                       OH-52-1-41
BENEDICT, JABEZ                         OH-52-1-41
BENEDICT, SALLY                         OH-52-1-41
BENEDICT, WILLIAM S.                    OH-52-1-41
BURNS, CAROLINE                         OH-52-1-50
BURNS, CATHARINE                        OH-52-1-50
BURNS, GEORGE                           OH-52-1-50
BURNS, REGINA                           OH-52-1-50
CARLTON, ANN                            OH-52-1-34
CARLTON, ISAAC                          OH-52-1-34
CARLTON, JOHN                           OH-52-1-34
CARLTON, LEONARD                        OH-52-1-34
CARLTON, WILLIAM                        OH-52-1-34
CARPENTER, SARAH                        OH-52-1-89
CASTER, SUSANNAH                        OH-52-1-89
CHILD, JOHN T.                          OH-52-1-26
CHILD, NATHAN                           OH-52-1-26
CHILD, RASABILLA                        OH-52-1-26
CHILD, SAMUEL                           OH-52-1-26
COLEMAN, JANE                           OH-52-1-46
COLEMAN, PEGGY                          OH-52-1-46
CUTTER, DANIEL                          OH-52-1-64
DABNEY, JONATHAN PEALE                  OH-52-1-94
DABNEY, MARGARET PEELE                  OH-52-1-94
DILL, BELINDA                           OH-52-1-36
DILL, CATHARINE                         OH-52-1-36
DILL, DORCUS                            OH-52-1-36
DILL, HANNAH                            OH-52-1-36
DILL, JOSEPH                            OH-52-1-36
DILL, JOSIAH                            OH-52-1-36
DILL, LOISE                             OH-52-1-36
DILL, MARTHA                            OH-52-1-36
DILL, MARY                              OH-52-1-36
DILL, NANCY                             OH-52-1-36
DILL, SAMUEL                            OH-52-1-36
DILL, SARAH                             OH-52-1-36
DILL, SARAH JANE                        OH-52-1-36
DILL, WILLIAM                           OH-52-1-36
DORRANCE, MARY                          OH-52-1-14
DOWNING, COLUMBIA                       OH-52-1-78
DOWNING, FRANKLIN                       OH-52-1-78
DOWNING, GEORGE                         OH-52-1-78
DOWNING, HALIS                          OH-52-1-78
DOWNING, HANNAH                         OH-52-1-78
DOWNING, HARRISON                       OH-52-1-78
DOWNING, RODNER                         OH-52-1-78
ELLIOT, SERENA                          OH-52-1-91
ELLIOTT, DECATUR S.                     OH-52-1-91
ELLIOTT, EMILY                          OH-52-1-43
ELLIOTT, PHILLIP P.                     OH-52-1-91
ERWIN, JOHN                             OH-52-1-1
ERWIN, MILLA                            OH-52-1-1
FLOYD, THOMAS                           OH-52-1-7
FROST, SUSANNAH                         OH-52-1-14
FROST, WILLIAM                          OH-52-1-14
GARDNER, ROSE A.                        OH-52-1-26
GRAHAM, DAVID                           OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, GABREL                          OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, HENRY LASLEY                    OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, JAMES R.                        OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, JOHN                            OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, MARY                            OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, SAMUEL                          OH-52-1-89
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         OH-52-1-89
GROVER, HANNAH                          OH-52-1-100
GROVER, MARY                            OH-52-1-100
HALL, AARON                             OH-52-1-80
HALL, ANN                                OH-52-1-80
HALL, BENJAMIN                          OH-52-1-80
HALL, DELILA                            OH-52-1-80
HALL, ELY                               OH-52-1-80
HALL, JAMES                             OH-52-1-80
HALL, JOB                               OH-52-1-80
HALL, JOHN                              OH-52-1-80
HALL, MARY                              OH-52-1-80
HALL, MATILDA                           OH-52-1-80
HALL, RACHEL                            OH-52-1-80
HALL, SARAH                             OH-52-1-80
HALL, SARAHANN                          OH-52-1-80
HARDY, MERRILL                          OH-52-1-48
HARDY, OTIS                             OH-52-1-48
HARDY, RUSSEL                           OH-52-1-48
HULL, ELIZA                             OH-52-1-7
HULL, WILLIAM J.                        OH-52-1-7
HULL, WILLIAM J.                        OH-52-1-7
HUPP, JOHN                              OH-52-1-92
HUPP, MARGRET                           OH-52-1-92
HUPP, MARGRET                           OH-52-1-92
INGLES, CATHARINE                       OH-52-1-10
INGLES, FEATTE                          OH-52-1-10
JARRETT, ANN                            OH-52-1-70
JOHNSON, ANNA                           OH-52-1-1
JOHNSON, DAVID                          OH-52-1-1
JOHNSON, ISAAC'S HEIRS                  OH-52-1-1
JOHNSON, JAMES                          OH-52-1-1
JOHNSON, POLLY                          OH-52-1-1
JONES, ESTHER                           OH-52-1-8
JOY, CHARLES                            OH-52-1-52
JOY, HANNAH                             OH-52-1-52
JOY, JOSEPH B.                          OH-52-1-52
KARR, CHARLES                           OH-52-1-13
KARR, HAMILTON                          OH-52-1-13
KARR, JOHN                              OH-52-1-13
KARR, SUSANNAH                          OH-52-1-13
KING, JOHN GLEN                         OH-52-1-94
LASLEY, JONATHAN                        OH-52-1-89
LAUCK, EZRA G.                          OH-52-1-100
LAUCK, ISAAC A.                         OH-52-1-100
LAUCK, SIMON M.                         OH-52-1-100
LAUK, ELIZABETH                         OH-52-1-100
LAUK, HANNAH                            OH-52-1-100
LAUK, MARY A.                           OH-52-1-100
LAUK, PHILIP                            OH-52-1-100
LAUK, RUTH                              OH-52-1-100
LEARNED, ASA                            OH-52-1-14
LEWIS, ABIGAIL M.                       OH-52-1-26
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        OH-52-1-34
MCCORMICK, ROSEY                        OH-52-1-34
MCHENRY, AARON                          OH-52-1-1
MCHENRY, CATA                           OH-52-1-1
MURPHY, ELIZABETH                       OH-52-1-6
OGLE, HENRY                             OH-52-1-92
OGLE, JANE                              OH-52-1-92
PATCH, MARTHA                           OH-52-1-18
PICKENS, HANNAH                         OH-52-1-91
PITMAN, SAMUEL                          OH-52-1-14
POPE, SARAH TAINE                       OH-52-1-71
RICHARDSON, NANCY                       OH-52-1-43
ROBERTS, FRANCES                        OH-52-1-30
ROBERTS, JOSEPH                         OH-52-1-30
ROBERTS, SAMUEL STONE                   OH-52-1-30
ROGERS, DANIEL R.                       OH-52-1-64
ROLAR, POLLY                            OH-52-1-10
RUGGLES, BETSY                          OH-52-1-20
RUGGLES, BETSY                          OH-52-1-20
RUGGLES, JOHN                           OH-52-1-20
RUGGLES, JOHN (HON.)                    OH-52-1-20
SAFFORD, JOHN                           OH-52-1-18
SAFFORD, MARTHA                         OH-52-1-18
SAFFORD, NATHANIEL                      OH-52-1-18
SAYRE, BENJAMIN                         OH-52-1-67
SAYRE, DANIEL                           OH-52-1-67
SAYRE, GEORGE                           OH-52-1-67
SAYRE, HANNAH                           OH-52-1-67
SAYRE, HANNAH                           OH-52-1-67
SAYRE, JACOB                            OH-52-1-67
SAYRE, MARTHA                           OH-52-1-32
SAYRE, MARY                             OH-52-1-67
STEDMAN, AMANDA                         OH-52-1-2
STEDMAN, DOROTHY                        OH-52-1-2
STEDMAN, LEVI                           OH-52-1-37
STEDMAN, LUCY G.                        OH-52-1-37
STEDMAN, LYMAN                          OH-52-1-37
STEDMAN, PENELOPE                       OH-52-1-2
STEDMAN, SAMARIA                        OH-52-1-37
STRONG, NANCY                           OH-52-1-82
STRONG, SILAS                           OH-52-1-82
STURGIS, ANN CUSHING                    OH-52-1-71
STURGIS, ELIZABETH                      OH-52-1-71
STURGIS, ELIZABETH                      OH-52-1-71
STURGIS, ELIZABETH                      OH-52-1-71
STURGIS, GEORGE WASHINGTON              OH-52-1-71
STURGIS, JAMES PERKINS                  OH-52-1-71
STURGIS, NATHANIEL RUSSELL              OH-52-1-71
STURGIS, THOMAS (CAPT.)                 OH-52-1-71
TIFFANY, ANN                            OH-52-1-14
TIFFANY, JONATHAN                       OH-52-1-14
TUDOR, ABIGAIL MASON DABNEY             OH-52-1-94
TUDOR, EDWARD                           OH-52-1-94
TUDOR, ELIZABETH GARDNER                OH-52-1-94
WADSWORTH, MARY                         OH-52-1-20
WELDON, POLLY                           OH-52-1-91
WINN, CAROLINE                          OH-52-1-43
WINN, JOHN                              OH-52-1-43
WINN, JOHN JR.                          OH-52-1-43
WINN, JOSEPH                            OH-52-1-43
WINN, SAMUEL                            OH-52-1-43
WINN, SARAH                             OH-52-1-43
WINN, THALES                            OH-52-1-43
WOLFE, HENRY                            OH-52-1-10
WOLFE, JACOB                            OH-52-1-10
WOLFE, JOHN                             OH-52-1-10
WOLFE, JOSEPH                           OH-52-1-10
WOLFE, MICHAEL                          OH-52-1-10
WOLFE, PETER                            OH-52-1-10
WOLFE, SEPHRONA                         OH-52-1-10
YOUNG, ANDREW JACKSON                   OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, CATHARINE ANELA                  OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, DANIEL S.                        OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, GEORGE WASHINGTON                OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, HUGH                             OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, JAMES B.                         OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, JOHN THOMAS                      OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, JOHN WESLEY                      OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, MARGARET                         OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, MARY                             OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, MILLA                            OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, ROBERT ALEXANDER                 OH-52-1-70
YOUNG, SARY ANN                         OH-52-1-70

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