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EASTMAN, HENRY                          OH-59-3-341
EATON, LEVEN V.                         OH-59-1-196
EBERST, ANTONE                          OH-59-7-486
ECHELBERRY, JONATHAN                    OH-59-5-249
ECHELBERRY, WILLIAM                     OH-59-D-342
ECKELBURY, JACOB                        OH-59-2-108
EDGAR, MARIA                            OH-59-6-373
EDINGTON, CASSANDRA                     OH-59-4-509
EDWARDS, DAVID                          OH-59-2-577
EDWARDS, DAVID                          OH-59-2-569
EDWARDS, MORDICAL                       OH-59-2-560
EDWRDS, MICHAEL                         OH-59-3-94
EFORSYTHE, ELEANOR                      OH-59-D-318
EGBERT, GEORGE H.                       OH-59-4-44
EGBERT, SOPHIA M.                       OH-59-4-82
EICHORN, PETER                          OH-59-4-257
EISELE, JOHN G.                         OH-59-4-273
ELBERSON, JOHN                          OH-59-2-34
ELBERSON, PHOEBE S.                     OH-59-3-575
ELDER, JEREMIAH                         OH-59-2-298
ELDER, SUSAN                            OH-59-5-123
ELLIOTT, MARY A.                        OH-59-3-377
ELLIOTT, SUSAN                          OH-59-4-208
ELLIOTT, THOMAS                         OH-59-1-417
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        OH-59-5-271
ELLIS, ELIAS                            OH-59-C-49
ELLIS, SARAH C.                         OH-59-3-195
ELLIS, THOMAS                           OH-59-D-35
ELSEA, HARRIET                          OH-59-6-502
ELSON, CHRISTIAN                        OH-59-1-265
ELY, HENRY                              OH-59-2-452
EMERT, JOHN                             OH-59-2-17
EMERY, JOHN                             OH-59-6-135
EMRY, CONRAD                            OH-59-C-233
ENGLISH, EDWARD JR.                     OH-59-7-283
ENNIS, MOSES                            OH-59-D-556
ENSMINGER, ANDREW                       OH-59-2-157
ENSMINGER, RACHEL                       OH-59-1-468
EPPINK, MAGNUS                          OH-59-5-493
ERMAN, JOHN                             OH-59-5-100
ERWIN, THOMAS M.                        OH-59-7-423
ESCHMAN, HERMAN                         OH-59-5-32
ETTY, THOMAS                            OH-59-2-557
EVANS, ANNE                             OH-59-D-320
EVANS, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-D-337
EVANS, GABRIEL D.                       OH-59-2-121
EVANS, JANET                            OH-59-2-555
EVANS, JANET                            OH-59-2-536
EVANS, JOSEPH                           OH-59-1-201
EVANS, JOSEPH SR.                       OH-59-B-358
EVANS, LEANDER                          OH-59-D-58
EVANS, MARY                             OH-59-5-43
EVANS, MARY                             OH-59-5-444
EVANS, REUBEN                           OH-59-D-398
EVANS, RUTH                             OH-59-C-129
EVANS, WILLIAM                          OH-59-5-90
EVANS, WILLIAM                          OH-59-D-21
EWERS, THOMAS                           OH-59-7-360
EWING, CHARLES                          OH-59-3-357
EWING, JOSIAH                           OH-59-3-229
EWING, MARY                             OH-59-6-62
EWING, RALPH                            OH-59-4-72
EWING, THERESA                          OH-59-6-483
EWING, WILLIAM                          OH-59-B-314
FAIRALL, ELIAZBETH                      OH-59-D-8
FAIRALL, HORACE                         OH-59-5-92
FAIRALL, WILLIAM                        OH-59-B-383
FAIRALL, WILLIAM H.                     OH-59-3-388
FANLEY, PETER                           OH-59-3-571
FANVER, JACOB                           OH-59-4-64
FARQUHAR, ORLANDO C.                    OH-59-7-59
FARRELL, SAMUEL                         OH-59-2-410
FARRIER, JOHN                           OH-59-D-426
FAULEY, JOHN                            OH-59-5-199
FEASS, CHARLES                          OH-59-4-339
FEASS, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-4-463
FEATHERBEE, EDWARD                      OH-59-6-428
FELKER, GEORGE                          OH-59-6-145
FELL, JOSEPH                            OH-59-D-75
FELL, MARGERY                           OH-59-7-394
FENSTAMAKER, ANN                        OH-59-4-224
FENTON, JESSE                           OH-59-2-350
FENTON, THOMAS                          OH-59-4-498
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-59-4-5
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       OH-59-B-243
FERRELL, CATHARINE                      OH-59-5-31
FERRELL, CHARLES                        OH-59-3-109
FERRELL, FRANCIS                        OH-59-D-610
FERRELL, THOMPSON                       OH-59-2-522
FERRY, THOMAS                           OH-59-1-279
FETZ, DAVID                             OH-59-4-400
FEW, CHARLES                            OH-59-4-150
FEW, ISAAC                              OH-59-2-323
FINDLEY, DAVID                          OH-59-D-336
FINEFROCK, JOHN                         OH-59-D-270
FINEFROCK, REBECCA                      OH-59-1-216
FINK, JACOB                             OH-59-4-288
FISCHER, JOHN W.                        OH-59-3-486
FISCHER, MICHAEL SR.                    OH-59-4-46
FISHBURNE, JANE R.                      OH-59-6-262
FISHER, ELLEN                           OH-59-2-226
FISHER, GEORGE                          OH-59-5-417
FISHER, WILLIAM A.                      OH-59-2-336
FIX, BERNHARD                           OH-59-3-121
FIX, FRANCIS LEWIS                      OH-59-1-341
FLANEGAN, WILLIAM                       OH-59-6-419
FLANIGAN, HENRY                         OH-59-4-370
FLANNAGAN, WILLIAM                      OH-59-4-93
FLATHERTY, MICHAEL                      OH-59-B-247
FLEMING, DANIEL                         OH-59-2-491
FLEMING, GEORGE D.                      OH-59-2-241
FLEMING, JOHN                           OH-59-6-271
FLEMING, MATTHEW                        OH-59-C-132
FLEMING, ROBERT                         OH-59-B-249
FLESHER, BALSER                         OH-59-C-39
FLESHER, HENRY                          OH-59-3-369
FLESHER, JOHN                           OH-59-2-18
FLETCHER, AZEL                          OH-59-C-137
FLETCHER, BENJAMIN                      OH-59-B-428
FLETCHER, GEORGE                        OH-59-2-222
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                       OH-59-C-87
FLETCHER, WILLIAM SR.                   OH-59-C-3
FLOOD, CECELIA                          OH-59-3-291
FLOOD, THOMAS                           OH-59-C-138
FLOWERS, RICHARD                        OH-59-B-272
FLUKE, ALEXANDER                        OH-59-5-159
FOARD, JOSEPH R.                        OH-59-C-75
FOGLE, JACOB                            OH-59-4-374
FORAN, WILLIAM                          OH-59-6-290
FORD, CHAUNCEY                          OH-59-D-63
FORD, HORACE G.                         OH-59-1-148
FORD, JAY I.                            OH-59-6-210
FORD, MARY                              OH-59-D-617
FORD, SAMUEL                            OH-59-B-369
FORD, SUSANNAH                          OH-59-3-144
FORQUAR, WILLIAM                        OH-59-3-300
FORSYTH, DAVID                          OH-59-1-354
FORSYTH, ROBERT                         OH-59-6-377
FORSYTH, VALENTINE                      OH-59-C-481
FORSYTHE, ELIZA                         OH-59-2-502
FORSYTHE, GEORG                         OH-59-1-268
FORSYTHE, GEORGE                        OH-59-1-278
FORSYTHE, JOHN                          OH-59-3-30
FORSYTHE, JOHN                          OH-59-C-217
FORSYTHE, SUSANNAH                      OH-59-3-290
FORSYTHE, WILLIAM                       OH-59-D-204
FORTUNE, FRANCIS W.                     OH-59-6-127
FOWLER, JOHN                            OH-59-D-588
FOWLER, WILSON                          OH-59-6-424
FOX, REES                               OH-59-6-446
FRACKER, JOHN T.                        OH-59-5-20
FRACKER, JOHN T.                        OH-59-D-602
FRAMPTON, JAMES H.                      OH-59-5-464
FRANCE, ELIZA                           OH-59-5-566
FRANCE, JACOB                           OH-59-4-501
FRANCIS, JAMES                          OH-59-3-303
FRASER, WILLIAM MALCOLM                 OH-59-1-66
FRAZEE, NATHAN                          OH-59-2-247
FRAZIER, JOHN                           OH-59-1-448
FRAZIER, JOSEPH D.                      OH-59-7-96
FRAZIER, SAMUEL                         OH-59-7-242
FRAZIER, SAMUEL JR.                     OH-59-7-309
FRAZIER, WILLIAM                        OH-59-7-147
FRAZIER, WILLIAM                        OH-59-1-344
FREDERICK, JOHN JACOB                   OH-59-2-104
FREEMAN, ISAAC                          OH-59-C-485
FREEMAN, MARY                           OH-59-3-397
FREIMAN, MARTIN                         OH-59-D-138
FRENCH, JACOB                           OH-59-4-24
FREY, SAMUEL                            OH-59-4-492
FREY, SAMUEL                            OH-59-D-252
FREYMAN, MARTIN                         OH-59-D-138
FREYMAN, MATTHIAS                       OH-59-5-225
FRICK, FREDERICK                        OH-59-6-564
FRIZZELL, WILLIAM                       OH-59-4-297
FRY, LEWIS                              OH-59-D-27
FUESSLE, GEORGE FREDERICK               OH-59-6-464
FULKERSON, GABRIEL C.                   OH-59-7-518
FULKERSON, JOSIAH                       OH-59-C-113
FULKERSON, MARTHA                       OH-59-7-238
FULLERTON, MARGARET                     OH-59-C-83
FULTON, ELIZABETH                       OH-59-1-149
FULTON, SAMUEL                          OH-59-A-10
GABRIEL, DELILA                         OH-59-2-280
GABRIEL, RICHARD                        OH-59-D-185
GABRILL, JONATHAN                       OH-59-D-576
GADD, IGNATIUS                          OH-59-B-381
GAFFNY, MARTIN                          OH-59-1-257
GALBRAITH, ARCHIBALD                    OH-59-3-280
GALBRAITH, ARCHIBALD SR.                OH-59-C-467
GALBRAITH, DAVID                        OH-59-5-377
GALBRAITH, JANE                         OH-59-6-248
GALBRAITH, JOHN                         OH-59-4-453
GALIGHER, JOSEPH                        OH-59-1-360
GALIHER, HANNAH                         OH-59-4-307
GALIHER, MARY                           OH-59-3-183
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM                      OH-59-3-23
GALLAND, SAMUEL                         OH-59-C-50
GALLIWAY, WILLIAM                       OH-59-1-232
GALLOGLY, WILLIAM                       OH-59-6-582
GALWOOD, WILLIAM                        OH-59-1-54
GANDER, GEORGE                          OH-59-3-261
GANO, LEWIS                             OH-59-C-400
GANTER, ANDREW                          OH-59-3-429
GARDNER, ANN MARIAH                     OH-59-6-168
GARDNER, THOMAS                         OH-59-B-377
GARNER, WILLIAM                         OH-59-1-114
GARRETT, JOHN                           OH-59-D-440
GARRETT, JOHN M.                        OH-59-7-55
GATTRELL, THOMAS W.                     OH-59-7-124
GAY, ASA SR.                            OH-59-1-33
GAY, LEWIS                              OH-59-D-69
GAY, MARY                               OH-59-6-55
GAY, ROBERT                             OH-59-7-244
GAYER, FREDERICK                        OH-59-D-238
GEIST, MARY                             OH-59-6-57
GEORGE, ELIZA                           OH-59-7-144
GEORGE, JOHN                            OH-59-2-94
GEORGE, ROBERT                          OH-59-2-342
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-4-171
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-1-184
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-3-458
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-3-549
GEORGE, WILLIAM HENRY                   OH-59-4-326
GERMAN, SAMUEL H.                       OH-59-1-517
GEYER, ANDREW                           OH-59-2-230
GEYER, BARBARA                          OH-59-3-141
GEYER, GEORGE                           OH-59-D-283
GIBAUT, CHARLES J.                      OH-59-1-283
GIBBONS, GEORGE W.                      OH-59-1-427
GIBBONS, JAMES M.                       OH-59-4-154
GIBBONS, JOHN                           OH-59-7-193
GIBBONS, JOHN                           OH-59-C-91
GIBBONS, JOHN T.                        OH-59-5-305
GIBEAUT, PETER SR.                      OH-59-5-565
GIBSON, ALICE N.                        OH-59-4-431
GIBSON, ANDREW                          OH-59-1-404
GIBSON, ANN E.                          OH-59-4-446
GIBSON, JOHN                            OH-59-4-261
GIBSON, SARAH                           OH-59-6-437
GILBERT, CATHERINE J.                   OH-59-4-281
GILBERT, SAMUEL A.                      OH-59-2-506
GILLESPIE, MATHEW                       OH-59-2-572
GILLINGS, ASON                          OH-59-D-359
GILLOGLY, WILLIAM                       OH-59-D-23
GIST, GEORGE SR.                        OH-59-1-246
GIST, JAMES                             OH-59-C-224
GIST, RACHEL                            OH-59-3-130
GIST, RACHEL                            OH-59-D-42
GITTER, HENRY                           OH-59-7-280
GITTINGS, MARY                          OH-59-1-116
GIVEN, JAMES                            OH-59-C-207
GLADSTONE, JAMES                        OH-59-3-307
GLADSTONE, WILLIAM                      OH-59-6-536
GLAESER, GOTTLIEB                       OH-59-3-299
GLEED, NELSON                           OH-59-4-252
GODDARD, CHARLES B.                     OH-59-2-151
GODDARD, GEORGE E.                      OH-59-4-356
GODDARD, HARRIET M.                     OH-59-4-133
GOODWIN, JULIA                          OH-59-4-333
GORDON, HENRY                           OH-59-3-399
GORE, JOSEPH                            OH-59-4-306
GORLEY, JAMES                           OH-59-2-205
GORMLEY, JANE                           OH-59-5-318
GORMLEY, JOHN H.                        OH-59-7-290
GORNELL, SARAH A.                       OH-59-4-382
GORSUCH, JOSHUA                         OH-59-5-392
GORSUCH, NORMAN                         OH-59-B-347
GOSHEN, MARY                            OH-59-7-156
GRACE, THOAMS                           OH-59-4-144
GRAHAM, ALEXANDER                       OH-59-5-49
GRAHAM, JAMES                           OH-59-3-431
GRAHAM, JOHN                            OH-59-5-107
GRAHAM, MARGARET O.                     OH-59-7-454
GRAMMAR, PETER                          OH-59-2-82
GRANGER, EBENEZER                       OH-59-B-360
GRANGER, EBENEZER E.                    OH-59-1-569
GRANGER, HENRY                          OH-59-3-9
GRANGER, JOHN J.                        OH-59-7-418
GRANT, GEORGE                           OH-59-3-57
GRANT, WILLIAM                          OH-59-4-147
GRAPES, JACOB                           OH-59-C-11
GRAY, COLIN                             OH-59-B-341
GRAY, GEORGE                            OH-59-7-404
GRAY, HENRY                             OH-59-B-273
GRAY, HENRY                             OH-59-C-473
GRAY, JAMES M.                          OH-59-6-566
GRAY, LEWIS                             OH-59-1-156
GRAY, LIGGET                            OH-59-2-487
GRAY, LUCINDA                           OH-59-7-227
GRAY, SAMUEL                            OH-59-1-111
GRAY, WILLIAM H. D.                     OH-59-7-229
GREEN, CHARLES                          OH-59-7-446
GREEN, ELIAS                            OH-59-2-11
GREEN, GEORGE                           OH-59-B-295
GREEN, GEORGE H.                        OH-59-5-454
GREEN, JOANNAH                          OH-59-4-317
GREEN, JOHN                             OH-59-2-542
GREEN, JOHN                             OH-59-C-324
GREEN, JOHN SR.                         OH-59-C-62
GREENE, CHARLES W.                      OH-59-7-489
GREENFIELD, EMMOR                       OH-59-1-359
GREGORY, NOBLE                          OH-59-1-229
GREIVE, ISABELLA                        OH-59-4-448
GRESSEL, HENRY L.                       OH-59-5-142
GRETHER, BARTLIN                        OH-59-5-212
GRETHER, JOHN                           OH-59-1-38
GREULICH, LOUIS                         OH-59-4-428
GRIEVE, PETER                           OH-59-1-40
GRIFFEE, RICHARD                        OH-59-4-32
GRIFFIN, IRA                            OH-59-4-55
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        OH-59-5-521
GRIMM, JOHN L.                          OH-59-3-305
GRIMSLEY, PHILIP H.                     OH-59-1-526
GRUBB, AMY                              OH-59-1-513
GRUBB, HENRY L.                         OH-59-3-313
GUERIN, JOHN J.                         OH-59-7-115
GUEST, JACOB                            OH-59-B-425
GUILLE, ANNA M.                         OH-59-3-125
GUMMON, WILLIAM                         OH-59-6-254
GUNTHER, JACOB                          OH-59-4-191
GUTHRIE, A. A.                          OH-59-3-436
GUTHRIE, JAMES SR.                      OH-59-D-265
GUTHRIE, JULIUS C.                      OH-59-D-325
HAAS, C. F.                             OH-59-C-436
HAAS, CHARLES                           OH-59-7-257
HAAS, ELIZABETH                         OH-59-4-391
HAAS, FREDERICK                         OH-59-3-345
HAAS, GOTTLIEB                          OH-59-7-38
HAFYF, PHILLIP                          OH-59-4-298
HAGUE, JOHN                             OH-59-7-442
HAGUE, JONAH                            OH-59-C-361
HAHN, EDITH E.                          OH-59-6-220
HAHN, JOHN                              OH-59-6-158
HAHN, MARY                              OH-59-4-313
HAINES, GEORGE                          OH-59-7-134
HAINES, JOHN                            OH-59-D-7
HAINS, GEORGE                           OH-59-4-51
HALL, ABEL                              OH-59-4-316
HALL, ELLEN H.                          OH-59-4-369
HALL, GORDIUS A.                        OH-59-3-392
HALL, HENRY                             OH-59-2-437
HALL, JOHN                              OH-59-5-489
HALL, JOHN                              OH-59-2-51
HALL, JOHN R.                           OH-59-5-260
HALL, MARY                              OH-59-5-441
HALL, REUBEN                            OH-59-5-129
HALL, THOMAS                            OH-59-7-203
HALLAM, HANNAH                          OH-59-D-456
HALTERS, JOHN                           OH-59-3-218
HAMER, OLIVER D.                        OH-59-4-95
HAMIL, ANN                              OH-59-3-376
HAMILTON, ARTHUR                        OH-59-7-77
HAMILTON, JAMES                         OH-59-4-259
HAMILTON, JAMES                         OH-59-D-521
HAMILTON, JANE                          OH-59-D-564
HAMILTON, MARY A.                       OH-59-2-40
HAMILTON, NANCY ELLEN                   OH-59-7-201
HAMILTON, SAMUEL                        OH-59-D-572
HAMILTON, SUSANNAH                      OH-59-D-33
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       OH-59-A-222
HAMLINE, LEONIDAS L.                    OH-59-2-265
HAMMILL, SAMUEL                         OH-59-C-7
HAMMOND, DANIEL SR.                     OH-59-D-148
HAMMOND, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-3-274
HAMMOND, JAMES                          OH-59-2-515
HAMMOND, LIZZIE                         OH-59-7-167
HAMMOND, MICHAEL                        OH-59-C-426
HAMMOND, PETER                          OH-59-2-413
HAMMOND, RICHARD                        OH-59-4-38
HAMPSON, SARAH                          OH-59-2-79
HAND, PATRICK                           OH-59-4-471
HANDLE, JOHN                            OH-59-D-473
HANDLE, NICHOLAS                        OH-59-1-260
HANDSHY, HENRY                          OH-59-1-538
HANEY, JANE                             OH-59-4-331
HANEY, THOMAS                           OH-59-3-179
HANIN, JANE                             OH-59-C-108
HANKS, JEREMIAH                         OH-59-2-518
HANKS, JEREMIAH J.                      OH-59-2-221
HANKS, STILES                           OH-59-2-120
HANSON, ANDREW G.                       OH-59-3-433
HANSON, JACOB                           OH-59-6-405
HANSON, NANCY                           OH-59-7-432
HARDESTY, ABRAHAM                       OH-59-D-239
HARDESTY, MARY                          OH-59-D-418
HARDESTY, RALPH                         OH-59-D-228
HARDIN, THOMAS                          OH-59-4-337
HARDTLE, CHRISTIANA                     OH-59-5-456
HARDY, HENRY                            OH-59-D-309
HARDY, REBECCA                          OH-59-4-6
HARE, JOHN                              OH-59-D-575
HARKNESS, JOHN                          OH-59-B-389
HARKNESS, WILLIAM                       OH-59-B-236
HARLAN, EZEKIEL                         OH-59-B-391
HARLAN, GIBBONS                         OH-59-5-303
HARLAN, SARAH                           OH-59-3-587
HARPER, GEORGE                          OH-59-2-10
HARPER, JOSEPH                          OH-59-3-351
HARRINGTON, WINEFRED                    OH-59-6-395
HARRIS, ABIGAIL HALE                    OH-59-4-437
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-59-7-318
HARRIS, JOHN                            OH-59-5-431
HARRIS, SIMEON                          OH-59-4-450
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         OH-59-D-585
HARSCH, JACOB F.                        OH-59-6-319
HARSCH, JOHN                            OH-59-5-395
HART, JANE                              OH-59-D-319
HARTFORD, JOHN                          OH-59-C-16
HARTLEY, LEVI                           OH-59-3-127
HARTMAN, ROSA                           OH-59-5-285
HARVEY, DAVID SR.                       OH-59-B-68
HARVEY, JOHN SR.                        OH-59-1-172
HASTINGS, PRESTLEY                      OH-59-3-430
HASTINGS, THOMAS                        OH-59-1-314
HATTON, DANIEL                          OH-59-7-287
HAVER, SAMUEL C. SR.                    OH-59-5-209
HAWBEARD, THOMAS                        OH-59-B-375
HAWKINS, REBECCA                        OH-59-6-505
HAWN, MARTHA A.                         OH-59-7-197
HAWORTH, LEWIS E.                       OH-59-1-56
HAWTHORNE, DAVID                        OH-59-3-45
HAYDEN, JACOB                           OH-59-C-133
HAYES, BRIDGET                          OH-59-7-142
HAYMAKER, HENRY                         OH-59-C-70
HAYNES, SIMEON SR.                      OH-59-1-42
HAYWORTH, WARNER                        OH-59-1-49
HAZLETT, ELLEN                          OH-59-6-324
HAZLETT, ISAAC                          OH-59-2-276
HAZLETT, LUCY W.                        OH-59-3-7
HAZLETT, MATILDA                        OH-59-2-419
HAZLETT, SARAH                          OH-59-D-421
HEAD, JACKSON                           OH-59-4-37
HEADE, REBECCA J.                       OH-59-3-293
HEARN, PATRICK                          OH-59-4-373
HECK, JOHN SR.                          OH-59-7-448
HEENAN, JAMES                           OH-59-6-151
HEIBEL, CASPER                          OH-59-7-127
HEILMAN, ADAM                           OH-59-5-366
HEINER, MARY                            OH-59-2-264
HEINZE, JOHN                            OH-59-5-12
HELBIG, FREDERICK                       OH-59-4-367
HELLRIGEL, PETER                        OH-59-2-585
HELMICK, JAMES                          OH-59-2-394
HELRIGLE, CHARLES                       OH-59-6-216
HENDERSON, FREDERICK                    OH-59-1-140
HENDERSON, MARY S.                      OH-59-6-61
HENDERSON, ROBERT                       OH-59-D-497
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-59-4-270
HENDERSON, WILLIAM R.                   OH-59-6-143
HENKE, HENRY                            OH-59-6-275
HENLEY, GEORGE                          OH-59-6-468
HENNON, JAMES                           OH-59-1-515
HENRICKS, JOHN                          OH-59-B-145
HENRY, JACOB                            OH-59-C-33
HENRY, JAMES                            OH-59-4-445
HERDMAN, FRANK A.                       OH-59-4-158
HERORN, WILLIAM                         OH-59-2-95
HERRICK, SAMUEL                         OH-59-D-445
HERRON, ALEXANDER                       OH-59-D-29
HERRON, ELIZABETH                       OH-59-2-128
HERRON, JAMES                           OH-59-B-324
HERRON, WILLIAM                         OH-59-1-3
HESKET, MARTHA M.                       OH-59-5-98
HETZELL, MICHAEL                        OH-59-D-606
HEUSTON, JOHN                           OH-59-1-366
HEWITT, JOHN                            OH-59-4-291
HIBBS, WILLIAM                          OH-59-2-434
HICKMAN, HENRY J.                       OH-59-6-30
HIGHFIELD, DAVIS                        OH-59-2-363
HILDRETH, CHARLES C.                    OH-59-7-293
HILDRETH, SARAH A.                      OH-59-7-356
HILL, CHARLES                           OH-59-1-72
HILL, GEORGE                            OH-59-2-332
HILTON, JOHN                            OH-59-D-67
HIMES, WILLIAM H.                       OH-59-3-122
HINA, JOHN                              OH-59-3-248
HINDLE, ELIZABETH                       OH-59-4-196
HINES, RACHEL A.                        OH-59-3-409
HINGER, MARTIN                          OH-59-3-142
HIRROL, JAMES                           OH-59-B-363
HITE, JACOB                             OH-59-1-316
HITE, REBECCA                           OH-59-2-284
HOADLEY, JOHN                           OH-59-3-62
HOCK, DANIEL                            OH-59-3-566
HOFF, JACOB                             OH-59-3-342
HOFF, JOHN                              OH-59-2-588
HOFF, MARY                              OH-59-6-2
HOFFMAN, PAUL                           OH-59-3-19
HOGG, SOPHIA P. R.                      OH-59-4-425
HOGSEED, ELISABETH                      OH-59-2-407
HOGSEED, JANE                           OH-59-D-339
HOGSEED, JOHN                           OH-59-2-420
HOGSEED, MARY                           OH-59-3-4
HOGUE, JONAH                            OH-59-D-246
HOHMAN, ELIZABETH                       OH-59-3-417
HOLBORN, FREDERICK                      OH-59-5-11
HOLCOMB, JAMES                          OH-59-4-163
HOLDRIETH, CHRISTIAN                    OH-59-6-547
HOLETON, NICHOLAS L.                    OH-59-C-20
HOLLAND, NIMROD                         OH-59-D-237
HOLLISTER, LUCRETIA                     OH-59-1-157
HOLLOWAY, GEORGE                        OH-59-2-65
HOLMAN, MARY J.                         OH-59-7-485
HOLMES, GEORGE                          OH-59-3-64
HOLMES, PETER                           OH-59-2-13
HOLT, HENRY                             OH-59-1-143
HOMAN, LUDWIG                           OH-59-D-389
HONNOLD, JAMES                          OH-59-D-374
HOOK, JOSUA O.                          OH-59-1-350
HOOK, MARGARET                          OH-59-4-234
HOOK, N.                                OH-59-B-128
HOOPES, CALEB                           OH-59-1-296
HOOSAN, MARTIN                          OH-59-7-365
HOOSAN, MARTIN SR.                      OH-59-1-565
HOOVER, HENRY                           OH-59-B-337
HOOVER, RACHEL                          OH-59-2-299
HOPKINS, JAMES                          OH-59-C-37
HOPKINS, JANE                           OH-59-6-73
HOPPER, BENJAMIN                        OH-59-1-23
HORN, ADOLPH                            OH-59-7-118
HORN, DANIEL                            OH-59-5-59
HORN, DANIEL                            OH-59-B-343
HORN, FREDERICK                         OH-59-6-236
HORN, JACOB                             OH-59-1-105
HORN, JANE M.                           OH-59-5-338
HORN, JOHN                              OH-59-7-130
HOSMER, STEPHEN R.                      OH-59-5-435
HOUCK, GEORGE                           OH-59-A-132
HOUCK, JOHN                             OH-59-C-440
HOUSEMAN, JOHNSON                       OH-59-7-261
HOWARD, ABRAHAM C.                      OH-59-4-189
HOWARD, ELIZABETH                       OH-59-6-346
HOWARD, ROBERT                          OH-59-2-403
HOWARD, SAMUEL                          OH-59-4-123
HOWARD, UPHEMA                          OH-59-3-173
HOWDEN, ANDREW                          OH-59-C-17
HOWELL, JAMES                           OH-59-5-184
HOWELL, LEWELLEN                        OH-59-2-262
HOWELL, MARY J.                         OH-59-2-423
HOWELL, PHILIP                          OH-59-1-373
HOWLAND, JOB                            OH-59-D-367
HOWSON, PRUDENCE                        OH-59-5-134
HUESTON, WILLIAM                        OH-59-C-249
HUFF, CATHARINE A.                      OH-59-7-510
HUFF, GEORGE                            OH-59-C-242
HUFF, JOSHUA                            OH-59-3-363
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           OH-59-5-16
HUGHES, CALEB                           OH-59-3-359
HUMM, JOHN                              OH-59-1-472
HUMPHREY, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-59-D-92
HUMPHREY, HENRY                         OH-59-4-41
HUMPHREY, LEE                           OH-59-4-61
HUMPHREY, MARCUS                        OH-59-5-82
HUMPHREY, MARY ANN                      OH-59-6-288
HUMPHREY, THOMAS                        OH-59-6-81
HUMPHRIES, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-59-5-45
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                       OH-59-B-91
HUNTER, EMILY                           OH-59-7-303
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         OH-59-B-398
HUNTINGTON, SARAH                       OH-59-6-139
HURTZ, JACOB                            OH-59-C-84
HUSSEY, NATHAN                          OH-59-C-78
HUSTON, PATEINCE                        OH-59-3-572
HUTCHINSON, GEORGE W.                   OH-59-3-238
HUTTON, JOHN                            OH-59-C-212
HYATT, JOSEPH                           OH-59-1-241
HYDE, MARY                              OH-59-C-303
IJAMS, THOMAS                           OH-59-D-213
IMLAY, DANIEL                           OH-59-D-596
INGALLS, JOHN N.                        OH-59-2-133
IRVIN, FRANCIS M.                       OH-59-2-361
IRVIN, JOHN                             OH-59-3-192
IRVIN, ROBERT                           OH-59-4-521
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-5-569
JACKSON, GEORGE                         OH-59-B-416
JACKSON, THOMAS                         OH-59-2-497
JAMES, ABNER                            OH-59-1-332
JAMES, ALVAH                            OH-59-7-185
JAMES, DAVID                            OH-59-C-2
JAMES, GEORGE                           OH-59-3-276
JAMES, HANNAH                           OH-59-6-43
JAMES, ISAAC                            OH-59-3-460
JAMES, JOHN J.                          OH-59-7-273
JAMES, JOHN M.                          OH-59-5-386
JAMES, JOHN R.                          OH-59-6-498
JAMES, MARY                             OH-59-C-398
JAMES, MOSES                            OH-59-C-266
JAMES, SUSANNAH                         OH-59-5-477
JAMES, WILLIAM                          OH-59-4-116
JAMISON, JANE                           OH-59-3-268
JAMISON, JOHN                           OH-59-3-294
JAMISON, JOHN                           OH-59-B-387
JAMISON, MARY                           OH-59-5-530
JAMISON, SAMUEL                         OH-59-7-148
JANES, JOHN A.                          OH-59-1-395
JARVIS, MATILDA                         OH-59-3-491
JASPER, EMILY A.                        OH-59-2-171
JASPER, SAMUEL                          OH-59-3-18
JAY, SAMUEL W.                          OH-59-6-240
JEFFRIES, JAMES                         OH-59-2-67
JENKINS, DAVID                          OH-59-4-192
JOCKERS, CLAUS                          OH-59-3-231
JOHN, JESSE                             OH-59-2-129
JOHN, JONAH J.                          OH-59-6-203
JOHNS, ELIZABETH J.                     OH-59-5-381
JOHNS, SARAH A.                         OH-59-4-303
JOHNSON, CALEB                          OH-59-4-429
JOHNSON, CATHARINE M.                   OH-59-5-116
JOHNSON, ELISHA                         OH-59-4-20
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-7-476
JOHNSON, FANNIE                         OH-59-4-504
JOHNSON, HENRY                          OH-59-D-190
JOHNSON, HOWARD O.                      OH-59-5-51
JOHNSON, JAMES                          OH-59-3-288
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-59-3-287
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-59-B-366
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-59-D-76
JOHNSON, JOHN B.                        OH-59-5-78
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         OH-59-D-72
JOHNSON, MARGARET                       OH-59-4-502
JOHNSON, MARGARET                       OH-59-B-364
JOHNSON, MILLER                         OH-59-2-161
JOHNSON, NANCY                          OH-59-2-290
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        OH-59-3-135
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         OH-59-1-145
JOHNSON, ROBERT C.                      OH-59-1-239
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         OH-59-6-322
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         OH-59-6-532
JOHNSON, SILAS                          OH-59-B-427
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         OH-59-B-235
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        OH-59-B-248
JOHNSTON, ANDRWE                        OH-59-D-118
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                        OH-59-2-217
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          OH-59-2-181
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       OH-59-C-68
JONES, AARON                            OH-59-D-504
JONES, DAVID                            OH-59-1-243
JONES, DAVID E.                         OH-59-3-74
JONES, EVAN                             OH-59-1-441
JONES, GABRIEL                          OH-59-2-49
JONES, GEORGE                           OH-59-2-348
JONES, GEORGE A.                        OH-59-4-182
JONES, HENRY                            OH-59-6-447
JONES, JOHN                             OH-59-3-556
JONES, JOHN                             OH-59-2-249
JONES, MARY                             OH-59-4-179
JONES, PHEBE                            OH-59-1-367
JONES, SAMUEL T.                        OH-59-3-333
JONES, SARAH                            OH-59-7-57
JONES, SARAH                            OH-59-5-135
JORDAN, CALEB                           OH-59-D-94
JORDAN, JULIA                           OH-59-4-197
JORDNA, JOHN                            OH-59-D-176
JOSEPH, ISAAC                           OH-59-C-301
JOSEPH, JEREMIAH                        OH-59-1-199
JOSEPH, LEMUEL                          OH-59-B-396
JOSEPH, NATHAN                          OH-59-6-64
JOSEPH, SALLY                           OH-59-C-399
JOSEPH, WILLIAM                         OH-59-1-197
JOSSLYN, AMBROSE                        OH-59-2-475
JOY, JOHN SR.                           OH-59-1-173
KAEMMERER, CATHERINE                    OH-59-3-32
KAEMMERER, SAMUEL                       OH-59-2-257
KAPPES, JOHN J.                         OH-59-6-542
KARNES, STEPHEN D.                      OH-59-4-323
KARNS, LEWIS                            OH-59-C-22
KEISTER, LOUIS                          OH-59-5-282
KELLEY, SIMEON                          OH-59-5-57
KELLY, HAMILTON                         OH-59-1-482
KELLY, IMRI R.                          OH-59-4-9
KELLY, JAMES A.                         OH-59-3-187
KELLY, NOBLE                            OH-59-3-483
KELLY, THOMAS                           OH-59-D-489
KELLY, THOMAS E.                        OH-59-C-273
KELLY, WALTER                           OH-59-B-355
KELSO, JOHN                             OH-59-3-565
KENKAID, PARMELIA                       OH-59-2-316
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        OH-59-7-464
KENT, WILLIAM L.                        OH-59-3-202
KEPLAR, JACOB                           OH-59-C-443
KEYSER, REBECCA                         OH-59-1-165
KIDD, WILLIAM                           OH-59-D-386
KIESTER, HENRY                          OH-59-5-328
KILDON, D. P.                           OH-59-2-568
KILPATRICK, WILLIAM                     OH-59-5-352
KING, CHARLES SR.                       OH-59-C-238
KING, GEORGE                            OH-59-5-449
KING, JAMES J.                          OH-59-6-51
KING, SAMUEL                            OH-59-4-271
KINGSTON, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-59-5-207
KINGSTON, ROBERT                        OH-59-D-590
KINICELY, ISAAC                         OH-59-4-494
KINNEY, THOMAS J.                       OH-59-2-294
KINNEY, WESLEY H.                       OH-59-7-470
KINNEY, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-59-4-318
KINSEY, MARY                            OH-59-3-68
KIRBY, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-6-317
KIRKPATRICK, MARY                       OH-59-4-304
KIRKPATRICK, SARAH                      OH-59-2-23
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM                    OH-59-3-263
KLEIN, JACOB                            OH-59-3-301
KLEMM, CHARLES                          OH-59-4-308
KLINE, MICHAEL                          OH-59-D-397
KNIPE, JOHN                             OH-59-D-54
KOOS, ANNA                              OH-59-5-439
KOPPERT, PHILLIP                        OH-59-3-129
KORN, THEODORE                          OH-59-5-88
KORTE, FRANCIS A.                       OH-59-5-570
KREAGER, JACOB                          OH-59-D-32
KREBS, JOSEPH                           OH-59-2-312
KREWSON, NELLIE                         OH-59-5-146
KRIGBAUM, HENRY                         OH-59-6-101
KRISE, MICHAEL                          OH-59-1-252
KROFT, WILLIAM                          OH-59-4-353
KROFTS, JOHN                            OH-59-4-35
KROTZER, MARTIN                         OH-59-2-446
LAEGLER, GEROGE C.                      OH-59-3-181
LAMB, JACOB                             OH-59-D-343
LANE, ABRAHAM                           OH-59-D-174
LANE, DUTTON                            OH-59-B-334
LANE, GEORGE                            OH-59-4-177
LANE, GEORGE W.                         OH-59-3-488
LANE, JACOB                             OH-59-3-437
LANE, JACOB                             OH-59-B-371
LANE, JESSE                             OH-59-3-17
LANE, JOHN W. P.                        OH-59-6-544
LANE, JOSHUA                            OH-59-2-45
LANE, RICHARD                           OH-59-A-230
LANE, SAMUEL                            OH-59-B-225
LANE, SAMUEL M.                         OH-59-3-92
LANGAN, GEORGE E.                       OH-59-7-211
LANGHEAD, WILLIAM                       OH-59-6-250
LANGSTAFF, ASA                          OH-59-2-192
LAPP, HENRY                             OH-59-5-127
LARGE, CORNELIUS B.                     OH-59-D-81
LARGE, SAMUEL                           OH-59-4-253
LARUE, JAMES                            OH-59-3-317
LARZELERE, JOSEPH                       OH-59-4-238
LASURE, GEORGE                          OH-59-2-325
LASURE, JEROME                          OH-59-D-149
LASURE, JOHN                            OH-59-2-315
LAUNDER, CHARLES                        OH-59-D-464
LAUNDER, CHARLOTTE                      OH-59-2-467
LAUNDER, EDWARD                         OH-59-7-271
LAUNDER, MARTHA                         OH-59-1-286
LAUNDER, THOMAS                         OH-59-D-567
LAUNDER, WILLIAM                        OH-59-D-244
LAWRENCE, GEORGE                        OH-59-4-136
LAYCOCK, JACOB                          OH-59-3-546
LAYCOCK, REBECCA                        OH-59-7-428
LEACH, JOHN E.                          OH-59-6-530
LEACH, MARY                             OH-59-3-480
LEARD, JOHN                             OH-59-2-490
LEASURE, HENRY                          OH-59-7-405
LEASURE, JOSEPH                         OH-59-6-153
LEATHERWOOD, JANE                       OH-59-5-501
LEAVENS, JEHU                           OH-59-B-121
LEDMAN, JAMES                           OH-59-7-25
LEE, WILLIAM                            OH-59-3-242
LEEDOM, HANNAH                          OH-59-D-179
LEEDOM, THOMAS                          OH-59-1-485
LEFLER, JONAS                           OH-59-2-514
LEHEU, JOHN                             OH-59-B-177
LEHEW, GEORGE W.                        OH-59-1-224
LEHEW, MARGARET                         OH-59-7-175
LEHEW, SPENCER                          OH-59-2-87
LEHMAN, PHILIP J.                       OH-59-3-310
LEIS, DANIEL SR.                        OH-59-5-161
LEMERT, LABAN                           OH-59-C-458
LENHART, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-59-D-255
LENHART, JOHN                           OH-59-B-270
LENHART, WILLIAM M.                     OH-59-D-139
LENTZ, DANIEL                           OH-59-D-230
LETT, AQUILLA                           OH-59-D-234
LETT, BENJAMIN                          OH-59-D-218
LETT, JAMES                             OH-59-2-85
LETT, MARGARET                          OH-59-3-315
LEWIS, JOHN                             OH-59-1-17
LEWIS, THOMAS                           OH-59-4-194
LEZURE, ABRAHAM                         OH-59-B-290
LIMERICK, PATRICK                       OH-59-B-270
LINN, JAMES                             OH-59-1-152
LINN, ROBERT                            OH-59-6-458
LINN, ROBERT                            OH-59-D-470
LINNARD, JAMES M.                       OH-59-2-253
LISK, JANE                              OH-59-C-116
LITLE, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-5-60
LITTLE, ALEXANDER                       OH-59-4-248
LITTLE, DAVID                           OH-59-1-154
LITTLE, JAMES                           OH-59-7-450
LITTLE, JAMES                           OH-59-1-398
LIVENGOOD, PETER                        OH-59-1-402
LOGAN, ELIZABETH                        OH-59-5-539
LOGAN, JOHN                             OH-59-3-254
LONG, CHARLES                           OH-59-3-95
LONGSHORE, DAVID                        OH-59-3-361
LONGSTRETH, SARAH E.                    OH-59-7-407
LONGWELL, JAMES SR.                     OH-59-B-24
LORIMER, ANDREW                         OH-59-5-14
LORIMER, ANDREW                         OH-59-C-293
LORIMER, JOHN M.                        OH-59-7-478
LOTT, CYRUS                             OH-59-B-188
LOVE, LETTUCE                           OH-59-C-44
LOVET, DANIEL                           OH-59-B-261
LOW, SAMUEL B.                          OH-59-1-541
LOWDEN, SAMUEL                          OH-59-6-393
LOWERY, JEREMIAH                        OH-59-5-279
LOWRY, ANDERSON THOMPSON                OH-59-2-106
LOYD, ELI                               OH-59-1-237
LUCAS, HIRAM                            OH-59-7-92
LULL, LEONARD                           OH-59-3-336
LUMAN, MOSES                            OH-59-3-60
LUMB, ABRAHAM                           OH-59-D-347
LUNSFORD, LEWIS                         OH-59-B-279
LUSK, HUGH                              OH-59-6-190
LYBRANDT, MATTHEW                       OH-59-1-523
LYNCH, EDWARD                           OH-59-D-420
LYNCH, JANE                             OH-59-7-533
LYNCH, JOHN                             OH-59-D-289
LYNCH, PATRICK                          OH-59-D-236
LYNN, EZEKIEL                           OH-59-4-42
LYNN, MARY E.                           OH-59-3-75
LYNN, THOMAS M.                         OH-59-5-446
LYONS, JOHN                             OH-59-7-457
LYONS, JOHN                             OH-59-1-204
LYONS, JOHN                             OH-59-2-551
LYONS, JULIA A.                         OH-59-6-192
LYONS, MARY                             OH-59-3-221
LYONS, MARY ANN                         OH-59-6-96
LYONS, PHEBE                            OH-59-4-329
LYONS, ROBERT                           OH-59-2-543

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