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SAFFORD, ELIZA V.                      OH-59-2-447
SAFFORD, HARRY                         OH-59-2-586
SAFFORD, J. PRICE                      OH-59-5-68
SAFFORD, ROBERT DR.                    OH-59-1-50
SAHURBAUGH, MICHAEL                    OH-59-4-332
SAIN, PHILLIP                          OH-59-1-435
SANDEL, ANDREW SR.                     OH-59-2-527
SANDERS, NATHANIEL                     OH-59-D-508
SAUER, GEORGE                          OH-59-7-269
SAUER, MARTIN                          OH-59-5-144
SAUNDERSON, MARTHA                     OH-59-D-591
SAXTON, DANIEL                         OH-59-B-260
SCAIFE, RUTH                           OH-59-C-188
SCARVILLE, GEARING                     OH-59-5-41
SCHALD, GOTTLIEB                       OH-59-3-273
SCHAUS, CATHARINE                      OH-59-5-25
SCHAUS, FREDERICK                      OH-59-3-321
SCHEFFLER, MARGARET B.                 OH-59-7-99
SCHMUESER, ELIZABETH (HENRY)           OH-59-5-192
SCHNEIDER, ANDREW                      OH-59-4-68
SCHNEIDER, CHARLES                     OH-59-5-375
SCHNEIDER, FREDERICK A.                OH-59-4-184
SCHNEIDER, SIMON                       OH-59-5-370
SCHOFFE, MARY                          OH-59-5-33
SCHOLFIELD, WILLIAM                    OH-59-B-367
SCHOLL, STEPHEN                        OH-59-3-578
SCHREIBER, JOSEPH                      OH-59-7-117
SCHUBACH, MICHAEL C.                   OH-59-5-429
SCHUCK, FRANCIS                        OH-59-5-115
SCHULTZ, WILLIAM                       OH-59-4-76
SCHUMACHER, PETER                      OH-59-6-472
SCHWAERTEL, CHRISTINA                  OH-59-4-449
SCHWEIZER, CHRISTIAN                   OH-59-5-48
SCOTT, DAVID                           OH-59-7-310
SCOTT, JAMES                           OH-59-7-219
SCOTT, JOHN                            OH-59-D-151
SCOTT, SAMUEL                          OH-59-2-346
SCOTT, SARAH                           OH-59-1-406
SCOTT, THOMAS J.                       OH-59-3-21
SCOTT, WILLIAM B.                      OH-59-D-65
SEARCH, ISAIAH                         OH-59-2-198
SEARCH, PHILLIP                        OH-59-3-152
SEARCH, WILLIAM                        OH-59-1-83
SEBTELS, JACKSON                       OH-59-D-24
SECHRIST, JACOB                        OH-59-7-121
SEDWICK, WILLIAM                       OH-59-3-225
SELF, JOHN                             OH-59-C-190
SELF, THOMAS                           OH-59-1-134
SELIX, DAVID                           OH-59-D-219
SELLERS, JOSEPH                        OH-59-3-76
SELSOM, GEORGE                         OH-59-2-20
SERIGHT, DAVID                         OH-59-7-236
SERIGHT, JAMES                         OH-59-2-155
SERIGHT, JOHN                          OH-59-2-580
SEVALL, JOHN                           OH-59-2-404
SHAINHOLTZ, ELIZABETH                  OH-59-1-376
SHAINHOLTZ, JOHN                       OH-59-1-19
SHAMBLIN, JOHN                         OH-59-2-162
SHARKEY, HENRY                         OH-59-3-264
SHAULEY, MICHAEL                       OH-59-4-103
SHAVER, ISABELLA                       OH-59-5-241
SHAVER, JOHN                           OH-59-2-343
SHAVER, JONAS                          OH-59-3-269
SHAW, GEORGE                           OH-59-C-374
SHAW, JOHN                             OH-59-B-380
SHAW, JOHN                             OH-59-1-277
SHAW, JOHN                             OH-59-B-241
SHAW, JOSEPH                           OH-59-D-408
SHAW, NATHAN                           OH-59-B-313
SHAW, OZBERN                           OH-59-4-49
SHAW, WILLIAM                          OH-59-2-115
SHAW, WILLIAM SR.                      OH-59-6-66
SHEILDS, MICHAEL                       OH-59-D-501
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                      OH-59-7-528
SHEPPARD, CATHARINE E.                 OH-59-5-42
SHEPPARD, ELIZABETH                    OH-59-4-418
SHEPPARD, JOSEPH                       OH-59-D-462
SHEPPARD, MATTHIAS                     OH-59-3-481
SHEPPARD, THOMAS                       OH-59-D-612
SHEPPARD, THOMAS                       OH-59-D-406
SHERLOCK, FRANCIS                      OH-59-C-251
SHERMAN, ELI                           OH-59-2-3
SHERRARD, DAVID                        OH-59-4-263
SHERRARD, ELVIRAH                      OH-59-5-21
SHICK, DAVID                           OH-59-6-357
SHIELDS, JAMES                         OH-59-1-353
SHILLING, AMOS                         OH-59-D-127
SHINNICK, MARY M.                      OH-59-7-342
SHIPLEY, NANIE                         OH-59-4-468
SHIPLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-59-2-510
SHIVER, PETER                          OH-59-2-55
SHOEMAKER, ADAM                        OH-59-C-462
SHOEMAKER, RACHEL                      OH-59-1-153
SHOWES, ALBE                           OH-59-7-430
SHRACK, JOHN                           OH-59-1-248
SHRIER, JACOB                          OH-59-D-12
SHROYER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-59-2-387
SHRUM, JOHN                            OH-59-D-363
SHURTZ, CATHARINE                      OH-59-2-402
SHURTZ, JACOB                          OH-59-3-112
SHURTZ, SAMUEL                         OH-59-1-392
SHUTT, JOHN                            OH-59-1-381
SICKEL, AMOS                           OH-59-C-187
SICKLE, CATHARINE                      OH-59-5-80
SIDLE, CORNELIUS                       OH-59-5-108
SIDLE, JOHN                            OH-59-D-223
SIDLE, MARY                            OH-59-D-287
SIDLE, PHILIP                          OH-59-2-492
SIEGLER, LOUISE                        OH-59-5-231
SIGEARS, PHILLIP                       OH-59-4-165
SIGLER, CATHARINE                      OH-59-6-91
SIGRIST, WENDELIN                      OH-59-7-87
SILVEY, CARRIE B.                      OH-59-6-413
SILVEY, LEWIS G.                       OH-59-3-126
SIM, DAVID                             OH-59-C-333
SIMPSON, JOSIRAS                       OH-59-D-520
SIMS, HUGH                             OH-59-2-477
SINCLAIR, SARAH                        OH-59-D-260
SINGLETON, JOHN                        OH-59-3-108
SINTCLAIR, JAMES                       OH-59-2-252
SISSEL, SARAH                          OH-59-3-296
SITES, SARAH                           OH-59-3-114
SKINNER, JOHN C.                       OH-59-6-214
SKINNER, PATRICK                       OH-59-4-75
SLACK, ABLE                            OH-59-B-411
SLACK, GEORGE                          OH-59-4-157
SLACK, ISAAC                           OH-59-D-249
SLACK, JACOB                           OH-59-4-132
SLACK, JOHN                            OH-59-C-197
SLATER, SOLOMON L.                     OH-59-4-172
SMAIL, WILLIAM                         OH-59-D-496
SMALLWOOD, SARAH                       OH-59-7-376
SMELTZER, VALENTINE                    OH-59-1-533
SMETZER, JOHN V.                       OH-59-4-368
SMILEY, MELISSA R.                     OH-59-4-420
SMITH, ADAM                            OH-59-C-201
SMITH, BEARNARD                        OH-59-3-213
SMITH, CLARINDA M.                     OH-59-5-85
SMITH, DELIA                           OH-59-3-96
SMITH, EDWARD                          OH-59-D-483
SMITH, EDWARD                          OH-59-1-368
SMITH, GEORGE M.                       OH-59-3-214
SMITH, HENRY                           OH-59-1-429
SMITH, JAMES                           OH-59-7-367
SMITH, JAMES                           OH-59-2-101
SMITH, JAMES B.                        OH-59-1-67
SMITH, JANE                            OH-59-5-120
SMITH, JESSE                           OH-59-C-432
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-59-B-350
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-59-B-10
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-59-7-31
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-59-6-147
SMITH, JOHN SR.                        OH-59-3-138
SMITH, JOHN W.                         OH-59-3-59
SMITH, JONATHAN                        OH-59-4-28
SMITH, JOSEPH                          OH-59-1-304
SMITH, MARTIN                          OH-59-5-170
SMITH, MARY                            OH-59-7-387
SMITH, MARY ELLEN                      OH-59-5-37
SMITH, NANCY                           OH-59-D-315
SMITH, RUTH                            OH-59-1-571
SMITH, SAMUEL                          OH-59-B-267
SMITH, THOMAS                          OH-59-3-325
SMITH, THOMAS                          OH-59-C-255
SMITH, WASHINGTON                      OH-59-6-513
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                      OH-59-4-344
SMITLEY, ELIZABETH                     OH-59-7-463
SMITLEY, ENOS                          OH-59-7-400
SMITLEY, JACOB                         OH-59-2-553
SMITLEY, SELENA E.                     OH-59-7-344
SMYTH, GEORGE                          OH-59-D-372
SNIDER, MATHIAS                        OH-59-7-506
SNIFF, ISABELLA                        OH-59-7-222
SNIFF, JOHN                            OH-59-B-372
SNIFF, JOHN                            OH-59-6-47
SOBY, THOMAS                           OH-59-C-370
SOCKMAN, ELIZABETH                     OH-59-6-78
SOLLER, JOSEPH                         OH-59-5-202
SOLLER, LEWIS                          OH-59-6-10
SOMMERS, JOHN GEORGE                   OH-59-5-1
SONEDECKER, FREDERICK                  OH-59-2-187
SOUDERS, AARON                         OH-59-7-150
SPEER, WILLIAM                         OH-59-C-35
SPELMAN, SYLVESTER                     OH-59-5-420
SPENCER, AMOS M.                       OH-59-D-79
SPENCER, ASA                           OH-59-D-393
SPENCER, EDWARD                        OH-59-4-242
SPENCER, ICHABOD SR.                   OH-59-1-166
SPENCER, JOHN                          OH-59-B-304
SPENCER, JUDITH                        OH-59-D-202
SPENCER, SIMEON F.                     OH-59-7-224
SPENCER, SYLVESTER M.                  OH-59-6-554
SPICER, JONATHAN                       OH-59-1-466
SPILLMAN, JAMES                        OH-59-6-70
SPIMPSON, WILLIAM                      OH-59-B-330
SPRAGUE, JAMS B.                       OH-59-5-574
SPRATT, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-4-1
SPRATT, ROBERT                         OH-59-4-57
SPRING, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-D-95
SPRINGER, BARTHOLOMEW                  OH-59-2-469
SPRINGER, CATHARINE                    OH-59-2-80
SPRINGER, CORNELIUS                    OH-59-4-54
SPRINGER, JACOB P.                     OH-59-3-184
SPRINGER, JEREMIAH                     OH-59-4-470
SPRINGER, JOHN                         OH-59-C-176
SPRINGER, MARY ANN                     OH-59-D-262
SPRY, BENJAMIN                         OH-59-B-306
STAINBROOK, HENRY                      OH-59-3-564
STAINBROOK, HENRY                      OH-59-D-615
STAKER, LUDWICK                        OH-59-1-291
STAKER, MARY ANN                       OH-59-3-338
STALEY, MELCHOIR                       OH-59-6-46
STALLARD, LUKE                         OH-59-3-113
STANBERY, JONAS                        OH-59-C-282
STANDIFORD, SHELTON                    OH-59-2-242
STANTON, WILLIAM                       OH-59-7-178
STARKE, JOSEPH                         OH-59-6-120
STARKEY, JOHN B.                       OH-59-7-109
STARKEY, SUSANNAH                      OH-59-C-246
STARKEY, ZEBULON                       OH-59-D-395
STARRET, JOHN                          OH-59-B-386
STARRETT, GEORGE                       OH-59-1-94
STARRETT, JAMES                        OH-59-6-205
STARRETT, JAMES                        OH-59-2-355
STARRETT, JOSEPH                       OH-59-2-223
STECKMAN, ADAM                         OH-59-D-108
STEECE, MARY                           OH-59-2-374
STEELE, DREWSILLA                      OH-59-B-253
STEENSON, JAMES                        OH-59-A-232
STEERS, EDWARD                         OH-59-3-100
STEHLE, EUSEBI                         OH-59-D-153
STEIL, EPTER ADAM                      OH-59-7-247
STEINHAUER, FREDERICK                  OH-59-1-423
STEINHAUER, GEORGE W.                  OH-59-3-298
STEININGER, EMILIE                     OH-59-6-369
STEMLER, DAVID                         OH-59-5-89
STEPHENS, JOHN PARCELL                 OH-59-6-176
STEPHENSON, JANE                       OH-59-1-434
STERRETT, JAMES R.                     OH-59-6-77
STERRITT, JOHN G.                      OH-59-5-64
STEVENS, DAVID                         OH-59-2-43
STEVENS, ELIZA                         OH-59-7-425
STEVENS, JANE                          OH-59-5-516
STEVENS, JOHN                          OH-59-6-293
STEVENS, JOHN PARCELL                  OH-59-6-176
STEVENS, LUCY                          OH-59-2-147
STEVENS, MARY A.                       OH-59-7-426
STEVENSON, SOPHIA                      OH-59-C-304
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                     OH-59-2-293
STEWART, ELIZABETH                     OH-59-D-147
STEWART, GEORGE                        OH-59-1-214
STEWART, HENRY                         OH-59-2-214
STEWART, JAMES                         OH-59-3-302
STEWART, MARY S.                       OH-59-1-228
STEWART, NANCY                         OH-59-4-486
STEWART, PRISCILLA                     OH-59-B-422
STEWART, ROBERT                        OH-59-D-321
STICKNEY, WILLIAM C.                   OH-59-3-365
STIERS, JOSEPH                         OH-59-2-193
STILL, JAMES                           OH-59-2-283
STILLWELL, DANIEL                      OH-59-D-133
STILLWELL, RICHARD                     OH-59-1-561
STILLWELL, SUSAN                       OH-59-6-511
STIMM, JOHN                            OH-59-7-63
STINE, MARY                            OH-59-5-538
STINE, PETER                           OH-59-3-157
STINN, JOHN                            OH-59-D-55
STIRE, FREDERICK                       OH-59-D-254
STIRES, FREDERICK L.                   OH-59-5-562
STITT, NANCY                           OH-59-3-146
STOCKDALE, GEORGE                      OH-59-C-81
STOCKDALE, JOHN                        OH-59-3-165
STOCKDALE, JONATHAN H.                 OH-59-1-301
STOCKDALE, LEWIS                       OH-59-6-173
STOKELY, DAVID                         OH-59-D-209
STONEBURNER, SOLOMON                   OH-59-D-555
STONER, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-7-531
STONER, JOHN                           OH-59-4-83
STORER, FRAZIER                        OH-59-2-103
STORER, RICHARD SR.                    OH-59-D-509
STORTZ, CHRISTIAN                      OH-59-6-331
STORY, ISAAC C.                        OH-59-6-6
STOTTS, ABRAHAM                        OH-59-D-434
STRADLEY, ALICE                        OH-59-2-317
STRADLEY, ANDREW                       OH-59-5-168
STRADLY, ELIJAH                        OH-59-B-156
STRANTHAN, SAMUEL                      OH-59-2-442
STREET, DANIEL                         OH-59-1-47
STROCKER, MICHAEL                      OH-59-5-483
STROME, WILLIAM A.                     OH-59-7-155
STRONG, RICHARD                        OH-59-C-106
STRUTHERS, ALEXANDER                   OH-59-B-254
STRUTHERS, ALEXANDER                   OH-59-3-550
STRUTHERS, MELINDA                     OH-59-7-182
STUMP, ELVIRA                          OH-59-5-379
STUMP, JAMES                           OH-59-6-431
STUMP, JOHN R.                         OH-59-2-164
STUMP, LEONARD                         OH-59-D-211
SULLIVAN, CHARLES                      OH-59-C-1
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        OH-59-2-330
SULLIVAN, MARY                         OH-59-D-512
SULLIVAN, SUSAN                        OH-59-4-84
SULLVIAN, MARY                         OH-59-D-515
SUMERS, JOHN PETER                     OH-59-2-5
SUNDERLAND, ABRAHAM                    OH-59-2-21
SUNEDECER, MICHAEL                     OH-59-1-57
SUTTLES, REBECCA                       OH-59-7-152
SUTTON, ELIJAH                         OH-59-3-286
SUTTON, JAMES                          OH-59-3-49
SUTTON, JESSE                          OH-59-D-430
SUTTON, JOHN                           OH-59-2-100
SUTTON, JOSEPH                         OH-59-B-287
SUTTON, MARY ANN                       OH-59-3-465
SUTTON, SAMUEL                         OH-59-7-315
SWANK, AARON ALLEN                     OH-59-D-0581
SWANK, LEMUEL                          OH-59-3-88
SWEENEY, PATRICK                       OH-59-D-294
SWEENY, JOSEPH                         OH-59-B-390
SWIFT, RICHARD S.                      OH-59-D-86
SWIGGER, JACOB                         OH-59-2-136
SWINGLE, GEORGE 3RD                    OH-59-5-506
SWINGLE, HENRY                         OH-59-D-281
SWOPE, JOHN                            OH-59-7-11
SWOPE, JOHN                            OH-59-2-535
TAGGART, JAMES                         OH-59-2-449
TALLEY, E. HILLIS                      OH-59-1-577
TALLEY, JOHN FOULKE                    OH-59-6-359
TALLEY, WILLIAM T.                     OH-59-6-111
TANNER, JOHN                           OH-59-B-151
TANNER, SARAH ANN                      OH-59-4-322
TANNER, THOMAS                         OH-59-5-54
TATE, WILLIAM M.                       OH-59-6-352
TATHAM, JOHN                           OH-59-1-210
TAYLOR, BARBARA C.                     OH-59-2-444
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-4-279
TAYLOR, GEORGE                         OH-59-4-276
TAYLOR, JAMES (CAPT.)                  OH-59-C-475
TAYLOR, JAMES (GEN.)                   OH-59-D-534
TAYLOR, JOHN B.                        OH-59-4-343
TAYLOR, JOHN JR.                       OH-59-4-89
TAYLOR, SARAH                          OH-59-7-72
TEDROW, JOHN                           OH-59-D-195
TEEL, MORGAN                           OH-59-6-548
TEINEY, MARGARET                       OH-59-2-453
TERRELL, BOOKER                        OH-59-3-386
TERRILL, ELISABETH                     OH-59-3-171
TERRY, THOMAS S.                       OH-59-7-176
TETRICH, NICHOLAS                      OH-59-D-479
THAPP, THEODORUS                       OH-59-C-148
THARP, ASHER                           OH-59-B-326
THEAUMONT, JOSEPH                      OH-59-7-381
THOMAS, ISRAEL W.                      OH-59-4-113
THOMAS, JESSE                          OH-59-1-58
THOMAS, JOHN SR.                       OH-59-1-233
THOMAS, MORDECIA                       OH-59-3-289
THOMAS, NATHANIEL D.                   OH-59-5-367
THOMPSON, JAMES                        OH-59-D-352
THOMPSON, JAMES                        OH-59-C-278
THOMPSON, JOHN                         OH-59-D-9
THOMPSON, JOHN                         OH-59-6-265
THOMPSON, JOHN                         OH-59-C-396
THOMPSON, JOHNSON                      OH-59-D-261
THOMPSON, NICHOLAS                     OH-59-6-342
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       OH-59-3-217
THOMPSON, ROBERT SR.                   OH-59-1-128
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       OH-59-4-518
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       OH-59-1-309
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      OH-59-1-119
THORNBAUGH, THOMAS                     OH-59-C-25
THRAP, ROBERT                          OH-59-B-38
THRASH, VALENTINE                      OH-59-1-253
THREASH, MICHAEL                       OH-59-2-520
TIDBALL, AARON                         OH-59-C-422
TIDBALL, ABRAHAM                       OH-59-D-241
TIDBALL, RACHEL M.                     OH-59-D-461
TIPTON, MARY                           OH-59-5-261
TIPTON, THOMAS                         OH-59-1-193
TIPTON, WILLIAM                        OH-59-D-166
TISSINGTON, JOHN                       OH-59-D-314
TITUS, FRANCIS SR.                     OH-59-D-295
TITUS, SAMUEL                          OH-59-4-203
TOM, GEORGE                            OH-59-2-462
TOWNSEND, GEORGE W.                    OH-59-5-364
TRACE, DANIEL                          OH-59-4-109
TRACE, MATTHIAS R.                     OH-59-5-553
TRACY, OLIVIA                          OH-59-7-482
TRACY, SHERIDAN                        OH-59-3-251
TREMBLEY, ISAAC S.                     OH-59-2-564
TREMBLEY, LUCY                         OH-59-3-570
TRIMBLE, HARRIET A.                    OH-59-6-231
TRIMBLE, JAMES                         OH-59-2-500
TRIMBLY, GEORGE                        OH-59-D-141
TRIPLETT, DANIEL .                     OH-59-6-199
TRUSLER, ELIAS                         OH-59-4-64
TRUSLER, GOODHART                      OH-59-1-256
TUDOR, WILLIAM                         OH-59-B-111
TUNIS, HENRY                           OH-59-D-432
TUPPER, BENJAMIN                       OH-59-A-238
TUPPER, BENJAMIN                       OH-59-A-239
TUPPER, PATTY                          OH-59-C-418
TURNER, EDWARD                         OH-59-B-413
TURNER, ISAAC                          OH-59-C-491
TURNER, MARY M.                        OH-59-6-15
TURNER, WILLIAM H.                     OH-59-6-371
TUTTLE, BENJAMIN                       OH-59-4-371
TUTTLE, CATHARINE L.                   OH-59-6-118
TWADDLE, WILLIAM A.                    OH-59-5-487
TYMAN, ROBERT                          OH-59-3-346
UNGERNACH, JOHN                        OH-59-4-211
VANBEUREN, ELIZABETH S.                OH-59-4-409
VANDENBARCK, SUSANNAH                  OH-59-D-121
VANDENBARK, DAVID                      OH-59-6-281
VANDENBARK, DAVID                      OH-59-3-452
VANDENBARK, ELIPHALET                  OH-59-7-189
VANDENBARK, GORSHAM                    OH-59-1-174
VANDENBARK, JOHN                       OH-59-3-227
VANDENBARK, MARY                       OH-59-5-172
VANDENBARK, WILLIAM                    OH-59-3-467
VANDEVORT, JOHN                        OH-59-5-84
VANDUZEE, GEROGE W.                    OH-59-1-377
VANHAMM, WASHINGTON                    OH-59-3-257
VANHORN, THOAMS                        OH-59-1-25
VANHORNE, AMASA                        OH-59-3-331
VANHORNE, DOROTHY                      OH-59-D-1
VANHORNE, ISAAC                        OH-59-C-51
VANHORNE, LOUIS C.                     OH-59-5-221
VANHORNE, MARY A.                      OH-59-4-338
VANHORNE, SARAH                        OH-59-1-574
VANNOSTRAN, SAMUEL                     OH-59-6-114
VANSANT, ELIZA J.                      OH-59-4-389
VANSANT, JOHN                          OH-59-D-17
VANVOORHIS, JOHN                       OH-59-3-485
VANVOORHIS, JOHN R.                    OH-59-5-178
VARNER, JOHN                           OH-59-5-125
VARNER, MARTIN                         OH-59-D-171
VEITCH, WILLIAM                        OH-59-1-30
VENSEL, JOHN A.                        OH-59-1-285
VERNON, AMOS                           OH-59-1-219
VERNON, JANE                           OH-59-6-195
VERNON, JOSEPH                         OH-59-3-573
VERNON, JOSEPH                         OH-59-2-174
VERNON, JOSEPH SR.                     OH-59-C-88
VERNON, NANCY                          OH-59-6-268
VERNON, RUTH                           OH-59-6-500
VERNON, SAMUEL                         OH-59-1-490
VESTAL, GEORGE                         OH-59-2-488
VICKERS, HENRY H.                      OH-59-4-506
VICTOR, JACOB                          OH-59-1-313
VICTOR, MARY ANN                       OH-59-2-539
VICTOR, PHILLIP                        OH-59-4-100
VINSEL, ADAM                           OH-59-D-561
VINSEL, GEORGE                         OH-59-D-169
VOGEL, ALICE (REYNOLDS)                OH-59-5-427
VOLL, ADAM SR.                         OH-59-4-232
VOLL, EVA                              OH-59-6-234
VOORHES, CYNTHIA                       OH-59-5-76
VROOM, GEORGE H.                       OH-59-4-151
WAGERS, SILAS                          OH-59-1-504
WAGONER, GEORGE                        OH-59-3-139
WALKER, HANNAH                         OH-59-5-437
WALKER, JAMES                          OH-59-1-97
WALKER, JOSEPH                         OH-59-6-58
WALKER, ROBERT                         OH-59-D-180
WALLACE, BENJAMIN                      OH-59-2-498
WALLACE, CATHARINE                     OH-59-5-509
WALLACE, CATHARINE                     OH-59-2-183
WALLACE, DANIEL                        OH-59-4-286
WALLACE, DAVID                         OH-59-7-132
WALLACE, JAMES                         OH-59-2-272
WALLACE, JOSEPH                        OH-59-D-30
WALLACE, MARGARET JANE                 OH-59-4-241
WALLACE, MARY A.                       OH-59-7-340
WALLAS, JAMES                          OH-59-2-272
WALLWORK, JAMES                        OH-59-5-560
WALLWORK, MARY M.                      OH-59-3-574
WALLWORK, THOMAS                       OH-59-2-88
WALSH, DENNIS M.                       OH-59-2-582
WALSH, ELIZABETH                       OH-59-1-573
WALTEMIRE, MICHAEL                     OH-59-D-514
WALTERS, BENJAMIN L.                   OH-59-4-213
WALTERS, JACOB                         OH-59-D-511
WALTERS, JOHN                          OH-59-B-339
WALTZ, JOSEPH                          OH-59-7-166
WARD, ISAAC BLOWERS (DR.)              OH-59-D-5
WARNE, CATHARINE                       OH-59-7-504
WARNE, STEPHEN                         OH-59-7-499
WARNER, DANIEL                         OH-59-B-284
WARNER, LYMAN                          OH-59-2-143
WARTENBE, WILLIAM                      OH-59-B-256
WATERS, JOHN                           OH-59-3-163
WATSON, ALEXANDER                      OH-59-3-403
WATSON, JAMES                          OH-59-B-220
WATSON, JOHN C.                        OH-59-5-53
WATSON, JOSEPH                         OH-59-4-300
WATSON, JOSEPH                         OH-59-C-385
WATSON, SAMUEL                         OH-59-2-98
WATSON, THOMAS                         OH-59-4-402
WATSON, WILLIAM                        OH-59-2-482
WAXLER, MARSEY                         OH-59-2-178
WAXLER, MICHAEL                        OH-59-2-509
WEAVER, BENJAMIN                       OH-59-6-187
WEAVER, BENJAMIN                       OH-59-2-70
WEAVER, JOHN                           OH-59-D-175
WEAVER, PHILIP                         OH-59-7-140
WEBB, ROBERT                           OH-59-B-357
WEBER, FERDINAND                       OH-59-4-408
WEBER, HENRY WILLIAM                   OH-59-6-277
WEBER, MICHAEL                         OH-59-7-378
WEBSTER, RICHARD SR.                   OH-59-5-349
WEEKLY, JOHN                           OH-59-D-84
WEEKLY, MARGARET                       OH-59-4-166
WEEKLY, NATHAN                         OH-59-3-222
WEEVER, WILLIAM                        OH-59-D-441
WEISBECK, MICHAEL                      OH-59-3-226
WELCH, ROBERT                          OH-59-2-362
WELLER, JACOB                          OH-59-3-295
WELLS, JOHN                            OH-59-C-15
WELLS, KENNEDY                         OH-59-4-8
WELLS, TROY                            OH-59-C-169
WELLS, WILLIAM                         OH-59-A-235
WELSH, ALBERT                          OH-59-7-277
WELSH, GEORGE                          OH-59-7-474
WELSH, MARY                            OH-59-3-265
WELSH, MOSES                           OH-59-2-135
WELSH, WILLIAM                         OH-59-2-571
WENNER, SOLOMON                        OH-59-D-454
WERNER, ANNA M.                        OH-59-4-515
WERNER, CHARLES J.                     OH-59-3-423
WERNER, HARTMAN                        OH-59-4-139
WERNER, JOHN CONRAD                    OH-59-4-243
WERTS, PETER                           OH-59-1-79
WERTS, WILLIAM W.                      OH-59-1-225
WEST, WILLIAM                          OH-59-D-523
WEST, WILLIAM                          OH-59-C-364
WESTBAY, HENRY                         OH-59-1-454
WETMORE, JOHN                          OH-59-D-383
WHEELEN, MARTIN                        OH-59-C-309
WHEELER, BENJAMIN                      OH-59-3-547
WHEELER, ELLEN                         OH-59-6-106
WHEELER, GEORGE W.                     OH-59-2-562
WHEELER, JOHN D.                       OH-59-D-99
WHEELER, MARGARET                      OH-59-D-437
WHEELER, MOSES D.                      OH-59-6-310
WHEELER, WILLIAM                       OH-59-B-274
WHEELLER, HENRY                        OH-59-4-126
WHIPPLE, LEVI                          OH-59-D-113
WHITAKER, ISRAEL                       OH-59-4-434
WHITAKER, LEMUEL                       OH-59-D-379
WHITCRAFT, ISAAC                       OH-59-1-76
WHITE, CLEMSON                         OH-59-3-66
WHITE, ELLNOR                          OH-59-2-517
WHITE, HIRAM                           OH-59-1-393
WHITE, JAMES                           OH-59-6-34
WHITE, JAMES D.                        OH-59-1-159
WHITE, JOHN C.                         OH-59-4-272
WHITE, JOHN E.                         OH-59-4-283
WHITE, JON                             OH-59-3-478
WHITE, JOSEPH P.                       OH-59-6-444
WHITE, LYDIA B.                        OH-59-6-518
WHITE, MAHLON                          OH-59-6-327
WHITE, MARY V.                         OH-59-5-180
WHITE, OLCOTT                          OH-59-3-27
WHITE, REBECCA                         OH-59-7-51
WHITE, RUTH                            OH-59-3-55
WHITE, SAMUEL STEWARD                  OH-59-4-148
WHITE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-C-367
WHITE, WILLIAM A.                      OH-59-D-559
WILES, ELIZA                           OH-59-4-523
WILES, JAMES                           OH-59-B-309
WILES, LAWSON                          OH-59-7-386
WILKINSON, ELIZABETH                   OH-59-1-298
WILKINSON, MARY                        OH-59-4-442
WILL, SAMUEL                           OH-59-3-155
WILLCOX, JAMES                         OH-59-2-376
WILLEY, JOHN                           OH-59-B-6
WILLEY, JOHN SR.                       OH-59-1-126
WILLIAMS, ELINOR                       OH-59-2-378
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        OH-59-3-373
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        OH-59-2-494
WILLIAMS, JESSE                        OH-59-2-26
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         OH-59-B-423
WILLIAMS, LEWIS                        OH-59-D-467
WILLIAMS, MARY T.                      OH-59-4-106
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                      OH-59-2-451
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       OH-59-5-10
WILLIAMS, THOMAS L.                    OH-59-5-236
WILLIAMS, WILILAM B.                   OH-59-D-472
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                    OH-59-A-134
WILLIS, REECE                          OH-59-C-220
WILLSON, JAMES                         OH-59-2-525
WILLSON, JOHN                          OH-59-C-69
WILLSON, SAMUEL                        OH-59-3-71
WILSON, ALEXANDER                      OH-59-D-384
WILSON, EDWARD                         OH-59-B-1
WILSON, EDWARD                         OH-59-C-480
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-1-115
WILSON, GEORGE                         OH-59-5-101
WILSON, HUGH                           OH-59-4-507
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-59-1-215
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-59-1-585
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-59-2-537
WILSON, JAMES C.                       OH-59-6-218
WILSON, JAMES G.                       OH-59-7-265
WILSON, JANE H.                        OH-59-6-400
WILSON, JOHN C. SR.                    OH-59-7-351
WILSON, NATHANIEL                      OH-59-1-320
WILSON, ROBERT                         OH-59-3-164
WILSON, ROBERT                         OH-59-B-352
WILSON, SAMUEL                         OH-59-1-389
WILSON, THOMAS                         OH-59-B-268
WILSON, WILLAM                         OH-59-1-81
WILSON, WILLIAM                        OH-59-5-447
WILSON, WILLIAM H.                     OH-59-3-204
WILSON, WILLIAM HARRISON               OH-59-1-220
WIMMER, JOHN                           OH-59-D-89
WINE, JOHN                             OH-59-D-505
WINE, WASHINGTON                       OH-59-3-412
WINEGARDNER, HENRY                     OH-59-D-334
WINN, ANN JENNETT                      OH-59-4-492
WINN, ELIZA                            OH-59-7-530
WINN, JAMES                            OH-59-7-466
WINN, JOHN                             OH-59-6-337
WINN, THOMAS                           OH-59-D-477
WINN, WILLIAM                          OH-59-3-398
WINN, WILLIAN                          OH-59-D-340
WINTER, ROBERT                         OH-59-2-297
WINTERMUTE, GEORGE                     OH-59-1-546
WINTERS, BENJAMIN                      OH-59-C-299
WION, PETER                            OH-59-7-402
WIRES, FRANCIS                         OH-59-2-340
WIRTS, MATTHIAS                        OH-59-B-351
WISE, ANDREW                           OH-59-5-485
WISECARVER, ABRAHAM                    OH-59-C-356
WISECARVER, ELIZABETH                  OH-59-7-49
WISECARVER, JACOB                      OH-59-B-193
WISECARVER, JACOB                      OH-59-4-345
WISECARVER, JOSEPH                     OH-59-2-296
WISECARVER, LAWRENCE                   OH-59-B-262
WISECARVER, MARY                       OH-59-C-90
WITHERS, JOHN                          OH-59-D-486
WIULSON, JANE                          OH-59-5-452
WOLF, GEORGE                           OH-59-D-157
WOLPERT, JOHN F.                       OH-59-4-130
WOOD, JEREMIAH                         OH-59-C-328
WOODROW, DOROTHY                       OH-59-D-207
WOODROW, JAMES T.                      OH-59-5-558
WOODRUFF, CORNELIUS                    OH-59-2-224
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM                      OH-59-6-284
WOODWARD, DAVID                        OH-59-5-253
WOODWARD, SAMUEL                       OH-59-1-75
WOOLFORD, JOHN                         OH-59-1-507
WORTHINGTON, AMY                       OH-59-C-286
WORTMAN, BENJAMIN                      OH-59-C-114
WORTMAN, ELIJAH L. (DR.)               OH-59-2-231
WORTMAN, ELIZABETH                     OH-59-4-29
WORTMAN, JACOB                         OH-59-D-601
WORTMAN, JESSE                         OH-59-2-97
WORTMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-59-6-123
WORTMAN, LOT                           OH-59-C-228
WRIGHT, ASENATH                        OH-59-6-386
WRIGHT, ELIZA                          OH-59-3-329
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                      OH-59-C-469
WRIGHT, PLUMMER T.                     OH-59-6-482
WRIGHT, WILILAM                        OH-59-D-50
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                        OH-59-4-56
WYCOFF, JOHN                           OH-59-1-270
WYCOFF, SUSANNAH                       OH-59-6-409
WYLIE, JOHN                            OH-59-3-245
WYLIE, JOSEPH                          OH-59-D-419
WYLIE, JOSEPH                          OH-59-C-393
WYLIE, MOSES                           OH-59-5-281
WYLIE, MOSES                           OH-59-D-557
WYLIE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-4-110
WYLIE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-4-10
WYLIE, WILLIAM                         OH-59-D-607
WYNKOOP, GERARDUS                      OH-59-1-408
WYNKOOP, JAMES M.                      OH-59-2-521
YAEGER, BARBARA                        OH-59-4-27
YARNELL, JASPER                        OH-59-C-369
YAW, JOHN                              OH-59-5-556
YINGER, JOHN                           OH-59-6-390
YOUNG, DAVID                           OH-59-1-327
YOUNG, ELIZABETH A.                    OH-59-7-40
YOUNG, EPHRAIM                         OH-59-1-141
YOUNG, FRANK                           OH-59-3-119
YOUNG, LEWIS                           OH-59-1-379
YOUNG, MARTHA C.                       OH-59-5-308
YOUNG, ROBERT                          OH-59-6-381
YOUNG, SARAH                           OH-59-1-11
YOUNG, WILLIAM A.                      OH-59-2-140
ZANE, JOHN                             OH-59-D-37
ZANE, NOAH                             OH-59-C-348
ZEIGLER, BALSER                        OH-59-C-308
ZEIGLER, MARGARET                      OH-59-3-406
ZEIMER, PHILIP                         OH-59-6-491
ZEUG, JACOB                            OH-59-2-286
ZIGLER, ANDREW                         OH-59-C-257
ZIMMER, MARTIN                         OH-59-2-92

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