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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1808-1854 | 2 = 1854-1876 | 3 = 1876-1886 | 4 = 1886-1893 | 5 = 1893-1901 | 6 = 1901-1905 | 7 = 1905-1909 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1915 | 10 = 1915-1918 |
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AARON, HERMAN S.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-309
AARON, LOUISA                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-321
ABEL, HENRY                  ELDER                         PA-11-5-642
ABERNATHY, CHARLOTTE         LORETTO                       PA-11-3-199
ABRAMS, DAVID                CARROLL                       PA-11-2-41
ABRECKI, JOSEPH              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-10-84
ABSALOM, SARAH E.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-359
ADAMS, ALEXIUS               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-9-528
ADAMS, FRANCIS               DYSART                        PA-11-8-564
ADAMS, IGNATIUS              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-8-290
ADAMS, JAMES                 GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-365
ADAMS, JOSEPH                ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-5-498
ADAMS, MARY CATHARINE        NTL                           PA-11-5-17
ADAMS, MATTHEW M.            WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-434
ADAMS, P. A.                 *, TARRANT, TX                PA-11-9-399
ADAMS, PETER                 CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-3-306
ADAMS, THOMAS W.             NTL                           PA-11-4-481
ADAMS, THOMAS                CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-2-621
ADAMS, THOMAS SR.            CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-2-398
ADORNO, GIUSEPPE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-302
AHLES, JOHN                  CARROLL                       PA-11-3-259
AHLES, MARY                  CARROLL                       PA-11-4-257
AIGNER, GEORGE               LOWER YODER                   PA-11-9-651
ALBERTER, FRANZISKA          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-633
ALBERTER, JOSEPH             CARROLL                       PA-11-4-21
ALBUS, AUGUSTA               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-319
ALBUS, GUSAVE                DALE                          PA-11-6-519
ALEXANDER, BLAIR             EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-5-481
ALEXANDER, W. A.             CHILLICOTHE, , MO             PA-11-4-426
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM           NTL                           PA-11-2-334
ALLBAUGH, WILHELM            RICHLAND                      PA-11-4-106
ALLENDORFER, ANNIE           NTL                           PA-11-3-436
ALLISON, JOHN                SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-5-401
ALLISON, ROBERT T.           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-351
ALLSPACH, AUGUST             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-187
ALT, CATHERINE               NTL                           PA-11-7-319
ALT, HENRY                   DAISYTOWN                     PA-11-9-9
ALTER, CHARLES HENRY         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-605
ALTER, ELIZABETH M.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-589
ALTER, LAURA L.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-594
AMANN, WILLIAM               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-333
AMIGH, RACHEL E.             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-8-286
ANDERSON, ANNA C.            CAMBRIA                       PA-11-9-96
ANDERSON, THOMAS A.          CRESSON                       PA-11-8-193
ANDREWS, FRANCES             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-25
ANDREWS, STEPHEN             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-5-319
ANGUS, ABRAM                 EAST TAYLOR                   PA-11-5-509
ANKENY, IDA B.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-641
ANKENY, LAVINA A.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-50
ANNA, CHARLES                CARROLL                       PA-11-7-469
ANSMAN, APPELONIA            CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-7-159
ANSTADT, ANTHONY             CHEST                         PA-11-2-397
ANSTEAD, CONSTANTNE A.       EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-448
ANSTEAD, PHILIP              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-513
ANTRETTER, BARBARA           FRANKLIN                      PA-11-7-310
ANTRETTER, PETER             FRANKLIN                      PA-11-5-181
APEL, JUSTUS                 EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-601
APPLEMAN, MARY J.            SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-8-254
ARENT, MIKE                  BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-9-412
ARENTRUE, WILLIAM            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-442
ARTHUR, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-148
ARTHUR, SAMUEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-230
ARTHUR, THOMAS JR.           CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-603
ARTHUR, THOMAS               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-633
ARTHURS, JOHN SR.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-34
ASHBRIDGE, MARGARET J.       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-578
ASHCOM, WILLIAM              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-300
ASHER, ADOLPH                STONYCREEK                    PA-11-8-134
ASHTON, LAURA CECELIA        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-504
ATKINSON, HANNAH             LORETTO                       PA-11-2-485
ATKINSON, JANE M.            EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-7-51
ATKINSON, MARGARET           LORETTO                       PA-11-3-184
AUMAN, CATHARINE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-305
AUSBATT, CATHARINE           NTL                           PA-11-3-396
AUSMAN, JOHN GEORGE          LORETTO                       PA-11-3-645
AVRIL, JACOB                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-271
AVRILL JULIANNA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-499
BACKER, FREDERICK            NTL                           PA-11-2-83
BADER, CHARLES               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-308
BADHAM, ELIZA                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-447
BADHAMS, THOMAS              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-310
BAENUL, LEONHARD             TAYLOR                        PA-11-3-281
BAILEY, CHARLES H.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-118
BAILEY, EDWARD H.            NTL                           PA-11-6-637
BAILEY, M. J. (MRS.)         EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-144
BAILEY, SAMUEL H.            FRANKLIN                      PA-11-8-622
BAILEY, WILLIAM SR.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-24
BAJAK, MIKE                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-408
BAKER, ANDREW P.             CARROLL                       PA-11-2-299
BAKER, ANTHONY               SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-2-478
BAKER, ELIZABETH             CHEST                         PA-11-6-171
BAKER, FRANCIS J.            HASTINGS                      PA-11-5-333
BAKER, FREDERICK             NTL                           PA-11-2-58
BAKER, JOHN                  SEE: BEKER, JOHN              PA-11-4-437
BAKER, JOHN A.               HASTINGS                      PA-11-10-292
BAKER, JOSEPH                CHEST                         PA-11-3-462
BAKER, MAGDALINE             CHEST                         PA-11-2-111
BAKER, MARGARET              LOWER YODER                   PA-11-7-347
BAKER, PETER                 BROWSTOWN                     PA-11-5-554
BAKER, WILLIAM               ALLEGHANY                     PA-11-8-119
BAKER, WILLIAM SR.           NTL                           PA-11-3-142
BALENTINE, JAMES             TUNNELL HILL                  PA-11-7-569
BALES, EVA                   CAMBRIA                       PA-11-7-533
BALLWEAVER, MICHAEL          CHEST                         PA-11-2-82
BALTZER, CHARLES ADWOOD      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-694
BALTZLY, SAMUEL              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-153
BAND, ANNA                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-120
BANE, JAMES                  CRESSON                       PA-11-8-293
BANTLEY, CHRISTIAN J.        SCALP LEVEL                   PA-11-8-658
BANTLEY, GOTTLOB PHILIP      RICHLAND                      PA-11-3-370
BANTLY, HERMAN SR.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-656
BANYAN, CATHARINE            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-236
BANYEN, GEORGE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-520
BARANICS, ILLES              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-503
BARCLAY, JOHN M.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-156
BARCLAY, MARY                UPPER YODER                   PA-11-5-23
BARD, JOHN                   MUNSTER                       PA-11-3-491
BARHART, EMERYCARL           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-577
BARKER, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-378
BARKER, JOSEPH               HASTINGS                      PA-11-8-302
BARNA, STEPHEN               PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-185
BARNDT, LEVI                 ADAMS                         PA-11-5-650
BARNES, ELIZABETH            PORTAGE                       PA-11-4-414
BARNES, THOMAS               BARNESBORO                    PA-11-8-361
BARNETT, JAMES               NTL                           PA-11-3-344
BARNETT, WILLIAM             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-431
BARNHART, ISAAC D.           UPPER YODER                   PA-11-10-39
BARNHART, WILLIAM H.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-407
BARREN, JAMES                YODER                         PA-11-2-304
BARRIA, EMILE                PORTAGE                       PA-11-7-526
BARRINGTON, JULIA            EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-389
BARRY, DAVID                 PROSPECT                      PA-11-3-309
BARRY, MICHAEL               MILLVILLE                     PA-11-2-424
BASAL, ANDREW                ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-7-127
BASH, GERTRUDE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-552
BASH, JOHN L.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-23
BAUERLY, ELIZABETH           NTL                           PA-11-9-464
BAUERLY, GOTLIEB             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-565
BAUMER, HERMAN               WOODVALE                      PA-11-3-553
BAUMGARDNER, CHRISTIAN       WALNUT GROVE                  PA-11-8-409
BAUMGARDNER, JONATHAN        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-126
BAUMGARDNER, JULIA A.        RICHLAND                      PA-11-10-440
BAUMGARDNER, LYDIA           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-156
BAUMGARDNER, MARY ANN        SCALP LEVEL                   PA-11-6-550
BAUSCH, JOHN N.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-515
BAYARD, WILLIAM              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   PA-11-1-202
BEACHAM, WILLIAM             BARNESBORO                    PA-11-9-576
BEAM, ANN                    JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-1
BEAM, JOHN                   CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-3-223
BEARINGER, JOSEPH            CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-3-311
BEATTY, WILLIAM J.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-23
BEAUJON, EMIL                MORRELLVILLE                  PA-11-8-145
BEAVER, FRANCIS              CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-420
BEC, PETER                   SPANGLER                      PA-11-8-638
BECHER, SAMUEL               GALLITZIN                     PA-11-7-2
BECK, ALICE M.               GALLITZIN                     PA-11-6-368
BECK, CHARLES                WOODVALE                      PA-11-3-149
BECK, JOHN                   ELDER                         PA-11-5-412
BECK, KATHERINE              SANGLER                       PA-11-10-172
BECKEL, GEORGE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-449
BECKEL, WILLIAM              BARR                          PA-11-3-150
BECKER, MARI E.              ST. LAWRENCE (IN GERMAN)      PA-11-5-452
BEE, ISABELLA                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-319
BEEGHLY, MAHLON M.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-639
BEERS, FYANNA                FALLEN TIMBER                 PA-11-9-21
BEERS, JOHN                  READE                         PA-11-5-192
BEERS, JOHN M.               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-9-18
BEERS, LEVI                  NTL                           PA-11-3-540
BEERS, MARY J.               NTL                           PA-11-6-416
BEGLEY, MARY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-551
BEHE, HENRY                  LORETTO                       PA-11-6-566
BEHE, JACOB                  ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-54
BEHE, JOSEPH                 LILLY                         PA-11-5-88
BEHE, JOSEPH                 CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-71
BEHE, LUKE                   CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-6-109
BEHE, MATHIAS                ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-410
BEITEL, EDWARD               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-446
BEITEL, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-496
BEITER, JOHN                 MUNSTER                       PA-11-7-551
BEITER, MATHIAS              PORTAGE                       PA-11-3-527
BEITER, PHILIP               PORTAGE                       PA-11-6-590
BEKER, JOHN                  CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-437
BELLE, MARGARET              ADAMS                         PA-11-5-49
BELZNER, ANNA                RICHLAND                      PA-11-7-346
BENDEN, WILLIAM              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-3-111
BENDER, ALBERT               GALLITZIN                     PA-11-3-587
BENDER, EMERICUS             CARROLL                       PA-11-2-315
BENDER, FREDERICK            CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-497
BENDER, JACOB                CARROLL                       PA-11-2-312
BENDER, JOHN A.              CARROLL                       PA-11-8-460
BENDER, JOHN JACOB           SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-1-70
BENDER, JOHN                 CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-6-78
BENDER, JOSEPH               CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-6-3
BENDER, JOSEPH               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-10-231
BENDER, MARY A.              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-8-334
BENDER, PAUL                 CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-280
BENDER, PHILIP               SALIX                         PA-11-7-562
BENDER, PHILIPPINE           SUMMIT                        PA-11-7-570
BENDER, RUDOLPH              NTL                           PA-11-10-212
BENDER, WARNER               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-3-449
BENFORD, ANNA C.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-209
BENFORD, DAVID F.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-559
BENGELE, FLORIAN             LORETTO                       PA-11-4-384
BENGELE, JOSEPH              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-7-510
BENNER, JAMES M.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-327
BENNETT, ELISHA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-380
BENNETT, EVAN J.             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-8-79
BENNETT, JACOB S.            PINE, INDIANA, PA             PA-11-7-430
BENNETT, JOHN                CARROLL                       PA-11-2-457
BENNETT, RICHARD             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-389
BENSHOFF, JOHN               TAYLOR                        PA-11-2-610
BENSHOOF, LEWIS              TAYLOR                        PA-11-2-73
BENSON, FLEETWOOD            SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-201
BENSON, MICHAEL              JEFFESON                      PA-11-1-172
BENSON, WILLIAM              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-632
BENTON, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-287
BENTON, MARY ANN             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-306
BERG, JOHN                   CAMBRIA                       PA-11-4-51
BERG, MARGARET               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-372
BERG, PETER H.               *, SALINE, KS                 PA-11-5-506
BERGER, AUGUST               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   PA-11-6-338
BERGER, PHILIPP              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-528
BERGHANE, ALBERT C.          SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-6-154
BERKEBILE, ELEANORA          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-156
BERKEBILE, GEORGE            EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-9-492
BERKEBILE, JENNIE            CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-10-653
BERKEBILE, JESSE             WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-8-669
BERKENBUSCH, GEORGE W.       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-90
BERKEY, DAVID                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-542
BERKEY, JACOB P.             UPPER YODER                   PA-11-7-437
BERKLEY, ISRAEL              UPPER YODER                   PA-11-4-234
BERKLEY, JACOB               YODER                         PA-11-3-510
BERNET, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-467
BERRY, ALFRED C.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-241
BERRY, ROSANNA (PLUMMER)     WILMORE                       PA-11-8-630
BERRY, WILLIAM C.            WILMORE                       PA-11-6-105
BERRYHILL, ANDREW            EBENSBURG                     PA-11-1-31
BERSCHNEIDER, CONRAD         SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-7-327
BERSCHNEIDER, ULRICH C.      SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-9-660
BERTRAM, JOHN                CARROLL                       PA-11-3-53
BERTRAM, JOSEPH A.           TUNNELHILL                    PA-11-7-27
BERTRAM, MARY M.             CARROLL                       PA-11-2-497
BERTRAM, PETER               CARROLL                       PA-11-3-71
BERTRAM, SIMON P.            CARROL                        PA-11-9-546
BETZ, JOSEPH                 CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-523
BETZLER, JOSEPH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-296
BEULER, DOROTHY              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-491
BEYER, ADAM                  CROYLE                        PA-11-7-645
BHEAM, GEORGE W.             LOWER YODER                   PA-11-3-615
BHEAM, GEORGE                YODER                         PA-11-3-171
BHEAM, NANCY                 LOWER YODER                   PA-11-3-606
BIA, JULIUS                  DUNLO                         PA-11-7-36
BIFFINGER, BARBARA           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-194
BIGGAN, PATRICK              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-440
BIGLEN, ANN                  WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-317
BIGLER, WILLIAM D.           CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-10-167
BIGLIN, JOHN                 WOODVALE                      PA-11-4-150
BILESTINE, CHARLES           NTL                           PA-11-2-199
BILLER, JOHN                 CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-225
BIMEL, GEORGE                CROYLE                        PA-11-7-10
BINDER, EDWARD L.            CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-68
BINGHAM, URIAH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-438
BIRD, A. J.                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-695
BIRD, EDWARD                 MILLVILLE                     PA-11-4-123
BIRK, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-558
BISEL, ISAAC A.              RICHLAND                      PA-11-2-363
BISHOP, EDMOND               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-632
BISHOP, EDWIN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-115
BISHOP, VALENTINE            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-5-614
BISWENGER, RICHARD           ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-8-447
BITER, CASPER                MUNSTER                       PA-11-3-155
BITER, IGNATIUS              NTL                           PA-11-7-446
BITTMANN, FERDINAND          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-533
BLACK, ELIZABETH             WILMORE                       PA-11-8-454
BLACKBURN, MARY V.           UPPER YODER                   PA-11-4-322
BLAIR, CELESTINE J.          EBENSBURG                     PA-11-5-444
BLAIR, JANE ANN              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-6-485
BLAIR, JOHN A.               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-564
BLAUCH, EMMA                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-129
BLEWITT, GEORGE              VINTONDALE                    PA-11-10-90
BLISS, GEORGE T.             NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   PA-11-6-235
BLOCH, CATHERINE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-620
BLOCH, HENRY                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-3-404
BLOCK, HENRY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-109
BLOOM, ELLEN                 EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-174
BLOOM, NICHOLAS              RICHLAND                      PA-11-4-557
BLORNER, MARGARET            BARR                          PA-11-3-165
BLOUCH, HENRY                SEE: BLOCK, HENRY             PA-11-9-109
BLOUGH, ARAMINTA RODGERS     JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-311
BLOUGH, CATHARINE            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-324
BLOUGH, DAVID D.             UPPER YODER                   PA-11-10-439
BLOUGH, EMANIAH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-665
BLOUGH, EMANUEL              STONY CREEK                   PA-11-7-181
BLOUGH, HENRY                RICHLAND                      PA-11-8-263
BLOUGH, JANE                 NTL                           PA-11-9-596
BLOUGH, JOHN W.              RICHLAND                      PA-11-5-647
BLOUGH, JOSEPH S.            RICHLAND                      PA-11-8-244
BLOUGH, MARY A.              RICHLAND                      PA-11-8-289
BLOUGH, MILTON J.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-705
BLOUGH, RACHEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-307
BLOUGH, RACHEL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-607
BLOUGH, SAMUEL W.            STONY CREEK                   PA-11-5-202
BLOUGH, SAMUEL               RICHLAND                      PA-11-3-442
BLOUGH, SUSAN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-551
BLUDA, ALEX                  CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-9-630
BLUM, BARBARA ANN            CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-10-8
BLUM, CATHARINE HACK         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-262
BLUM, HENRY                  CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-3-648
BLUM, JOHN                   CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-5-466
BOAST, JOHN                  WASHINGTON                    PA-11-9-115
BOAST, PETER                 CASSANDRA                     PA-11-7-536
BOES, JOHN                   ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-8-642
BOGER, SALLIE MINERVA        WESTMONT                      PA-11-8-265
BOHACIK, MARIA DEMCISAK      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-439
BOK, JOHN P.                 MT. DALE                      PA-11-8-285
BOLAND, MICHAEL              WASHINGTON                    PA-11-3-112
BOLEY, PETER                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-5-398
BOLLER, MARTHA               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-11
BOLLERHEY, HENRY             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-702
BOLSINGER, NANCY             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-525
BOLSINGER, PERRY C.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-650
BOMBARIERE, SALVATORE        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-56
BOMGARDNER, ISAAC            SCALP LEVEL                   PA-11-6-353
BOMGARDNER, JOHN             RICHLAND                      PA-11-9-165
BOMGARDNER, JOSEPH           ADAMS                         PA-11-5-56
BONE, ELIZABETH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-227
BONE, ROBERT                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-432
BONEGARDNER, JOHN            RICHLAND                      PA-11-1-235
BONN, SAMUEL GEORGE          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-370
BONSHOFF, SOLOMON            WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-5-43
BOPP, JOHN                   CROYLE                        PA-11-6-266
BOPP, JOSEPH                 JACKSON                       PA-11-8-342
BOPP, LORENZ                 MORRELLVIL                    PA-11-6-201
BORDMAN, PETER               NTL                           PA-11-4-205
BORKEY, JOSEPH S.            CAMBRIA                       PA-11-4-266
BORKOWSKI, IGNACY            SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-408
BORMANN, HENRY               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-146
BORN, PETER                  ELDER                         PA-11-4-78
BOSLET, MELCHIORE            CARROLL                       PA-11-5-335
BOSTARD, JUSTUS              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-404
BOSTERT, GUSTAV              JOHSNTOWN                     PA-11-7-137
BOUCHER, CATHERINE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-224
BOUCHER, JANE                MILLVILLE                     PA-11-4-434
BOUGHER, SUSANNAH            BARNESBORO                    PA-11-8-581
BOWDEN, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-327
BOWER, HENRY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-117
BOWERS, WILLIAM H.           PLATT                         PA-11-7-308
BOWMAN, ALICE J.             WILMERDING                    PA-11-10-506
BOWMAN, JOSEPH               CHEST                         PA-11-2-245
BOWMAN, URIAH J.             JEFFERSON, SOMERSET, PA       PA-11-10-98
BOWSER, MARGARET             SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-8-325
BOXLER, ANTON                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-71
BOXLER, FRANK X.             BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-10-120
BOXLER, JOSEPH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-462
BOYD, JOSHUA C.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-531
BOYLAN, PETER                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-334
BOYLE, ALLEN L.              NTL                           PA-11-5-629
BOYLE, DANIEL                NTL                           PA-11-3-544
BOYLE, DANIEL                CROYLE                        PA-11-3-73
BOYLE, HARRY L.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-176
BOYLE, MARY                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-32
BOYLE, PATRICK               NTL                           PA-11-8-503
BOYLE, PATRICK               PROSPECT                      PA-11-4-281
BOYLE, SARAH                 MILVILLE                      PA-11-3-578
BOYLE, SARAH                 CROYLE                        PA-11-9-507
BRACKEN, ANN E.              BUFFINGTON                    PA-11-3-650
BRACKEN, ANNE ELIZABETH      BLACKLICK                     PA-11-3-640
BRACKEN, FLETCHER            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-467
BRACKEN, GEORGE W.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-139
BRACKEN, MICHAEL             GALLITZIN                     PA-11-8-250
BRACKEN, WILLIAM             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-143
BRADDOCK, ELEANOR            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-108
BRADEMYER, WILLIAM           CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-3-563
BRADLEY, ALICE               NTL                           PA-11-1-174
BRADLEY, BENJAMIN            GALLITZIN                     PA-11-10-183
BRADLEY, CATHARINE           GALLITZIN                     PA-11-7-151
BRADLEY, CHARLES SR.         ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-58
BRADLEY, CHARLES             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-3-420
BRADLEY, DANIEL              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-3-419
BRADLEY, JAMES               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-4-515
BRADLEY, JOHN C.             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-630
BRADLEY, JOHN                ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-609
BRADLEY, JOHN                LORETTO                       PA-11-3-130
BRADLEY, MARGARET            CRESSON                       PA-11-8-677
BRADLEY, MARGARET            GALLITZIN                     PA-11-9-633
BRADLEY, MICHAEL C.          LILLY                         PA-11-3-608
BRADLEY, MICHAEL             CRESSON                       PA-11-5-522
BRADLEY, ROGER               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-234
BRADLEY, SARAH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-518
BRADLEY, THOMAS              MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-36
BRADLEY, WILLIAM             WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-216
BRADLEY, WILLIAM             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-250
BRADLY, CATHERINE            CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-111
BRADOCK, NICHOLAS            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-18
BRADY, MARY M.               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-5-348
BRADY, MARY F.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-694
BRADY, PATRICK               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-558
BRADY, WILLIAM A.            CRESSON                       PA-11-10-518
BRALEY, JAMES                WASHINGTON                    PA-11-6-354
BRALLEY, JAMES               SEE: BRALEY, JAMES            PA-11-6-354
BRALLIER, E. (DR.)           CHAMBERSBURG, FRANKLIN, PA    PA-11-4-247
BRALLIER, EMANUEL            BLACKLICK                     PA-11-3-416
BRALLIER, EMMA HILLOCK       EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-10-464
BRALLIER, LEVI R.            DALE                          PA-11-7-363
BRANAGAN, JOHN               TAYLOR                        PA-11-2-156
BRANNAN, PATRICK L.          NTL                           PA-11-8-74
BRANNIGAN, MARY              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-336
BRANON, PATRICK              PROSPECT                      PA-11-2-196
BRANT, AUGUSTIN              CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-6-30
BRAUNING, HENRY WILLIAM      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-650
BRAWLEY, DENNIS              EBENESBURG                    PA-11-3-637
BRAWLEY, DENNIS              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-28
BRAWLEY, JOHN W.             SUMMIT                        PA-11-8-173
BRAWLEY, MICHAEL             PORTAGE                       PA-11-3-215
BREAM, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-214
BREDEMYRE, CHARLOTTE         CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-145
BREESE, MARY                 CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-241
BREHME, CAROLINE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-548
BREHME, FREDERICK            WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-5-19
BREMSER, CHARLES L.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-382
BRENDEL, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-373
BRENEMAN, ABE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-448
BRENISER, CHRISTIAN M.       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-528
BREWER, SAMUEL               SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-6-606
BREZNAK, JOHN                DUNLO                         PA-11-10-517
BRIBER, EDWARD               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-590
BRICKNER, JOSEPH             CROYLE                        PA-11-4-69
BRICKVERS, JOSEPH            CROYLE                        PA-11-2-622
BRIDGES, JANE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-283
BRIDGES, MARY R.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-31
BRINDLE, REGINA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-125
BRINKER, JOSEPHINE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-547
BRINKMAN, HENRY              NTL                           PA-11-2-214
BRIZELA, PAUL                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-300
BROADERICK, WILLIAM SR.      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-520
BRODERICK, PATRICK           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-129
BRODRICK, JOHN               FRANKLIN                      PA-11-9-668
BROOKBANK, WILLIAM           SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-219
BROOKE, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-94
BROPHY, PATRICK              CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-127
BROSIG, JOSEPH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-251
BROTZ, JOSEPH                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-253
BROUTSETTER, FRANK           CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-582
BROWN, APALONIA              WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-325
BROWN, CHARLES               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-610
BROWN, DAVID                 DEAN                          PA-11-4-81
BROWN, ELMER C.              PATTON                        PA-11-10-659
BROWN, FRANK                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-511
BROWN, GEORGE H.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-538
BROWN, HENRY J.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-415
BROWN, HENRY                 SUMMERHIL                     PA-11-3-638
BROWN, ISABELLA              CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-294
BROWN, JAMES                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-560
BROWN, JOHN                  CRESSON                       PA-11-8-318
BROWN, JOHN S.               JACKSON                       PA-11-2-503
BROWN, JOSEPH G.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-153
BROWN, LAVINIA               WASHINGTON                    PA-11-8-100
BROWN, MILES R.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-489
BROWN, MORGANZA A.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-558
BROWN, MOSES                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-229
BROWN, SAMUEL                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-605
BROWN, SARAH HANNAH          JACKSON                       PA-11-3-609
BROWN, THOMAS                BARNESBORO                    PA-11-7-493
BRUBAKER, W. L.              FERNDALE                      PA-11-9-506
BRUCKNER, CHARLES            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-447
BRUDNEY, CHARLES             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-504
BRUENING, THEODORA           PORTAGE                       PA-11-9-337
BRUNTON, MARY E. BRENISER    JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-415
BRYAN, DAVID R.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-58
BUBLAND, CHARLES             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-565
BUCCHEO, MICHAEL             WILMORE                       PA-11-8-639
BUCHANAN, ELIZABETH C.       SCALP LEVEL                   PA-11-6-450
BUCK, CHRISTIAN              CARROLL                       PA-11-2-285
BUCK, DANIEL                 PATTON                        PA-11-8-531
BUCK, HARRY M.               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-7-169
BUCK, HENRY                  CARROLL                       PA-11-2-499
BUCK, ISIDORE F.             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-10-95
BUCK, JACOB L.               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-5-176
BUCK, JEROME A.              CARROLL                       PA-11-2-268
BUCK, JOHN                   CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-8-155
BUCK, JOSEPH                 ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-2-394
BUCK, LEWIS W.               NTL                           PA-11-8-316
BUCK, SASDIE FRANCES         ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-6-337
BUCK, WILLIAM J.             ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-8-461
BUCKLEY, ANN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-586
BUCKLEY, DANIEL              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-320
BUCKLEY, ELLEN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-615
BUCKLEY, ROSINA              NTL                           PA-11-5-182
BUMFORD, JANE                SOUTH EBENSBURG               PA-11-4-20
BUPP, CHRISTINE              SUMMIT                        PA-11-4-573
BURGE, JOSEPH                PORTAGE                       PA-11-3-304
BURGER, MARGARET             SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-247
BURGESS, WILLIAM A.          LOWER YODER                   PA-11-6-553
BURGGRAFF, CASPER            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-312
BURGOON, LOUIS               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-304
BURGOON, ROBERT              WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-194
BURGRAFFE, AUGUST            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-235
BURK, EDWARD A.              WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-292
BURK, JOHN                   ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-48
BURK, JULIA                  WASHINGTON                    PA-11-5-393
BURK, MARGARET               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-10-44
BURK, MARY A.                CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-8-587
BURK, SILAS                  CROYLE                        PA-11-7-206
BURK, SUSAN                  WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-95
BURKE, REBECCA ANN           JACKSON                       PA-11-2-593
BURKEY, JOHN SR.             CARROLL                       PA-11-3-210
BURKEY, RUTH A.              WILMORE                       PA-11-7-331
BURKHARD, ELIZABETH          CAMBRIA                       PA-11-5-499
BURKHARDT, PETER             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-4-471
BURKHART, JOSEPH             MINERAL POINT                 PA-11-3-633
BURKHART, LEWIS              ELDER                         PA-11-9-602
BURLEY, AARON                CARROLL                       PA-11-5-60
BURNHIMER, REBECCA           WILMORE                       PA-11-4-541
BURNS, IDA B.                RICHLAND                      PA-11-10-649
BURNS, JAMES                 YODER                         PA-11-3-103
BURNS, MARIE L.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-322
BURNS, ROSAN                 MILLVILLE                     PA-11-3-289
BURTNETT, DANIEL             CROYLE                        PA-11-3-324
BUSAK, PAUL                  NTL                           PA-11-10-381
BUSH, AGNES                  NTL                           PA-11-2-405
BUSH, FREDERICK              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-8-565
BUSH, JOSEPH                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-92
BUTLAND, MARY                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-279
BUTLER, CALEB                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-58
BUTLER, DAVID                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-395
BUTLER, LOVICY               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-284
BUTLER, SARAH                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-191
BUTRONI, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-633
BYERS, ABRAHAM               SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-5-390
BYERS, BENJAMIN              ANTIS                         PA-11-3-26
BYERS, JEREMIAH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-465
BYERS, WILLIAM               JACKSON                       PA-11-7-383
BYRNE, AMALIA                SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-4-623
BYRNE, GREGORY L.            PATTON                        PA-11-9-634
BYRNE, JAMES                 CARROLL                       PA-11-3-25
BYRNE, MICHAEL               BARR                          PA-11-6-101
BYRNE, SYLVESTER W.          BARR                          PA-11-10-9
BYRNE, T. T.                 DYSART                        PA-11-10-690
BYRNE, THOMAS J.             SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-4-42
BYRNES, HERMAN J.            BARNESBORO                    PA-11-10-73
BYRNES, ISABELLA             CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-6-5
BYRNES, ROBERT               SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-9-422

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