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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1808-1854 | 2 = 1854-1876 | 3 = 1876-1886 | 4 = 1886-1893 | 5 = 1893-1901 | 6 = 1901-1905 | 7 = 1905-1909 | 8 = 1909-1912 | 9 = 1912-1915 | 10 = 1915-1918 |
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OAKLEY, JAMES                MORRELLVILLE                  PA-11-4-465
OAKLEY, WILLIAM              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-288
OBERMAN, AUGUST WILHELM      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-311
OBRIAN, WILLIAM              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-178
OBRIEN, JOSEPH               MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-427
OBRIEN, MARY C.              DERRY, WESTMORELAND, PA       PA-11-7-293
OBRIEN, THOMAS               MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-273
OCONNELL, DANIEL             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-167
OCONNELL, JOHN               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-538
OCONNELL, THOMAS             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-154
OCONNELL, WILLIAM            CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-5
OCONNOR, ELLEN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-223
OCONNOR, ELLENN              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-314
OCONNOR, HENRY               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-1-98
OCONNOR, JAMES W.            NTL                           PA-11-5-351
OCONNOR, JAMES B.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-502
OCONNOR, JAMES               SOMERSET                      PA-11-9-503
OCONNOR, JOHN A.             CONNER, SOMERSET, PA          PA-11-9-505
OCONNOR, SUSAN F.            HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN, PA       PA-11-7-341
OCONNOR, WILLIAM H.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-49
ODENTHAL, JOHANNA            JACKSON                       PA-11-10-508
ODONNELL, DENNIS             MUNSTER                       PA-11-4-319
ODONNELL, ELLEN M.           CRESSON                       PA-11-8-668
ODONNELL, JOHN               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-8-541
ODONNELL, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-606
ODONNELL, JOHN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-213
ODONNELL, SARAH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-643
OESTERLE, JACOB              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-438
OFREIL, FRANCIS              LORETTO                       PA-11-4-310
OFRIEL, ELLIS M.             LORETTO                       PA-11-6-84
OHAGAN, SARAH                ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-5-185
OHARA, ELIZABETH             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-464
OHARA, FRANCIS C.            MUNSTER                       PA-11-8-673
OHARA, JOHN                  MUNSTER                       PA-11-8-33
OHARA, SAMUEL                MUNSTER                       PA-11-6-51
OHARA, WILLIAM               MUNSTER                       PA-11-7-23
OHARRA, HENRY                MUNSTER                       PA-11-4-353
OKEEFE, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-581
OLIVER, JOSEPH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-216
OLSZCWSKI, ANDREW            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-325
OMALLEY, ELIZABETH           CRESSON                       PA-11-9-529
OMALLON, WILLIAM             INGLESIDE, SOMERSET, PA       PA-11-7-257
ONEILL, EDWARD               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-678
ONEILL, FELIX                MUNSTER                       PA-11-5-245
ONEILL, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-291
ONEILL, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-283
ONEILL, PATRICK              CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-9-526
ONEILL, PETER                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-479
ONEILL, THOMAS HENRY         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-304
ONEILL, WILLIAM P.           CRESSON                       PA-11-8-597
ONIEL, WILLIAM               GALLITZIN                     PA-11-4-499
OPPERMAN, CHARLES            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-37
ORMS, MARGARET               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-92
ORRIS, GEORGE                RICHLAND                      PA-11-3-571
ORRIS, JOHN                  RICHLAND                      PA-11-7-231
ORRIS, MARY JANE             ADAMS                         PA-11-4-550
ORTZ, FLORA S.               WORTH, MERCER, PA             PA-11-10-131
OSBORN, CECELIA A.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-599
OSBORN, EDWARD S.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-672
OSBORNE, PHOEBE              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-170
OSHEA, HENRY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-644
OSKALLEY, PHILIP             SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-106
OSWALD, CHARLES              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-355
OTT, CAROLINE                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-587
OTT, FREDERICK               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-440
OTT, JOSEPH                  DALE                          PA-11-5-465
OTT, THOMAS                  ST. BONIFACIUS                PA-11-9-652
OTT, WILLIAM F.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-487
OVERDORFF, ROSE ANN          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-342
OVERTEN, WILLIAM             BLOSS                         PA-11-10-121
OWEN, MOSES                  WESTMONT                      PA-11-10-241
OWENS, CHARLES J.            EBENSBURG                     PA-11-6-148
OWENS, EDWARD                EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-626
OWENS, ESTHER                EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-483
OWENS, GRIFFITH SR.          CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-595
OWENS, MARY                  EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-37
OWNES, RICHARD               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-6-233
OXFORD, EDWARD               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-9-405
PAFF, GERTRUDE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-419
PAGE, CHARLES E.             MINERAL POINT                 PA-11-10-155
PAGE, EMILINE                EAST TAYLOR                   PA-11-7-619
PAGE, GEORGE                 JACKSON                       PA-11-6-41
PALMER, ELIZABETH            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-272
PALMER, JOSEPH H.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-474
PALMER, W. J.                WILLMORE                      PA-11-8-346
PANIAN, CATHARINE            SEE; BANYAN, CATHARINE        PA-11-10-236
PARK, DAVID E.               ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-584
PARKE, HARRY L.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-375
PARKER, ANN J.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-243
PARKER, FERGUSON G.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-56
PARKES, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-562
PARKS, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-202
PARKS, MARY A.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-386
PARRISH, ALEXANDER           MUNSTER                       PA-11-7-1
PARRISH, CATHARINE           GALLITZIN                     PA-11-2-466
PARRISH, EDWARD              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-4-6
PARRISH, ELIZABETH           NTL                           PA-11-5-396
PARRISH, JAMES               MUNSTER                       PA-11-2-224
PARRISH, JOANNA C.           NTL                           PA-11-5-386
PARRISH, JOSEPH A.           SUMMERVILLE                   PA-11-2-170
PARRISH, JOSHUA              NTL                           PA-11-1-133
PARRISH, JOSUE D.            EBENSBURG                     PA-11-8-64
PARRISH, SIMON               PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA     PA-11-10-323
PARRISH, THOMAS L.           ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-6-367
PARSONS, NAOMI               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-261
PARTSCH, FRANK               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-477
PATCHIN, AARON W.            BURNSIDE, CLEARFIELD, PA      PA-11-6-198
PATCHIN, AARON W.            BURNSIDE, CLEARFIELD, PA      PA-11-5-322
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH         BLACKLICK                     PA-11-2-368
PATTERSON, FRANK G.          DEAN                          PA-11-10-123
PATTERSON, JOHN              BAKERTON                      PA-11-8-212
PATTON, HUGH G.              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-2-246
PATTON, JAMES                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-251
PAUL, ABRAHAM                SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-40
PAUL, HARMON                 SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-2-18
PAUL, ISAAC                  CROYLE                        PA-11-5-235
PAUL, J. S.                  SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-7-574
PAUL, LEWIS                  CROIL                         PA-11-2-109
PAUL, RACHEL R.              RICHLAND                      PA-11-6-93
PAUL, WILLIAM G.             ELTON                         PA-11-7-485
PAUL, WILLIAM H.             NTL                           PA-11-7-558
PAVLIK, JOHN                 EAST CARROLL                  PA-11-9-364
PEAKE, ROEBRT                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-563
PEARCE, JAMES                PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-104
PEARCE, THOMAS J.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-543
PEARSON, AUGUST              WILMORE                       PA-11-9-568
PEDEN, EDWARD                UPPER YODER                   PA-11-7-340
PEDEN, JOHN                  SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-6-598
PEDEN, MARGARET              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-626
PEDEN, WILLIAM               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-551
PEPPER, MARGARET             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-586
PEPPLER, CHRISTIAN           MOXHAM                        PA-11-4-484
PEPPLER, JOHN                STONY CREEK                   PA-11-6-520
PEPPLER, MINNA (SCHOLTHES)   DALE                          PA-11-10-443
PEPPLER, WILLIAM             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-265
PERKINS, JAMES               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-18
PERRY, BARBARA               MILLVILLE                     PA-11-5-186
PERRY, JAMES                 CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-6-90
PERSHING, SARAH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-293
PERSHING, SUSAN L.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-413
PETERS, FRANCIS SR.          HASTINGS                      PA-11-6-260
PETERS, FRANK                BARR                          PA-11-9-63
PETERS, JOSEPH               SPANGLER                      PA-11-8-168
PETERSON, ANN                PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA     PA-11-7-277
PFALLER, ANTHONY             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-504
PFALLER, JOSEPH              CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-236
PFALLER, MARY S.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-13
PFARR, JOHN A.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-630
PFARR, LOUIS                 NTL                           PA-11-10-363
PFARR, MARY                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-343
PFEFFERL, JOSEPH             NTL                           PA-11-6-364
PFEIL, ECKHARDT              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-180
PFEISTER, PELAGIN            ALLEGHENY                     PA-11-4-447
PFISTER, CHRISTINA           BARR                          PA-11-7-335
PFOFF, JOSEPH                LORETTO                       PA-11-2-4
PHELAN, JOHN                 CARROLL                       PA-11-1-189
PHILIPS, JANE M.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-273
PHILIPS, PATRICK, .          LILLY                         PA-11-4-288
PHILLIPS, DUNCAN CLINCH      WASHINGTON, DC                PA-11-10-622
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH          GARRETT                       PA-11-5-387
PHILLIPS, ROBERT SR.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-111
PHILLIPS, SUSANNA            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-399
PHISTER, VITUS               CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-3-386
PICHEL, FREDERICK            BARR                          PA-11-4-174
PICKWORTH, JOHN              STONEY CREEK                  PA-11-3-120
PISKURO, ANNIE               BARNESBORO                    PA-11-9-389
PITUCH, TEREZIA              PATTON                        PA-11-9-190
PLATT, JANE A.               HASTINGS                      PA-11-10-320
PLATT, MICHAEL J.            SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-6-205
PLITT, ANNA MARIA            KANSAS CITY, JACKSON, MO      PA-11-5-638
PLITT, LEWIS                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-351
PLOTNER, HENRY W.            WILMORE                       PA-11-4-500
PLOWS, MARGARET              FRANKLIN                      PA-11-8-631
PLUMER, LAURA G.             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-167
PLUMMER, ELIZA A.            PORTAGE                       PA-11-9-611
PLUMMER, JAMES D.            SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-10-297
PLUMMER, JOHN W.             NTL                           PA-11-2-201
PLUMMER, MICHAEL             OORTAGE                       PA-11-4-385
PLUMMER, SAMUEL              NTL                           PA-11-5-259
PLUMMER, SUSANNA             CROYLE                        PA-11-3-315
PLUNKETT, THOMAS             TUNNELHILL                    PA-11-4-75
PLUTKO, ANDREW               SPANGLER                      PA-11-10-52
POLING, D. S.                SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-8-125
POLLAK, MARTIN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-628
POPVICH, MOJSIJE             NTL                           PA-11-10-683
PORTER, SARAH                WASHINGTON                    PA-11-1-233
POSS, CHARLES                CARROLL                       PA-11-2-198
POTTS, ELLA W.               STONYCREEK                    PA-11-4-508
POTTS, FRANKLIN              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-644
POTTS, MARY ANN              MORRELLVILLE                  PA-11-4-400
POTTS, W. H.                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-473
POWELL, DANIEL               NTL                           PA-11-2-147
POWELL, DAVID JR.            BLACKLICK                     PA-11-2-420
POWELL, DAVID                CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-483
POWELL, ELEANOR              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-204
POWELL, THOMAS A.            WHITE                         PA-11-3-94
POWELL, WILLIAM M.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-192
POWER, DAVID                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-3-461
PRENZLOW, PAUL               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-91
PRICE, CHARLES S.            WESTMONT                      PA-11-9-597
PRICE, MARSHAL F.            NTL                           PA-11-7-651
PRIEST, JOHN                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-516
PRIEST, NICHOLAS             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-9-195
PRINGLE, A. B.               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-6-80
PRINGLE, DANIEL J.           EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-6-219
PRINGLE, ELIZABETH (BROWN)   NTL                           PA-11-2-174
PRINGLE, GEORGE              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-205
PRINGLE, HARRY B.            CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-7-492
PRINGLE, ISAAC               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-6-509
PRINGLE, JACOB               SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-5-26
PRINGLE, JACOB W.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-507
PRINGLE, MARGARET A.         PORTAGE                       PA-11-10-332
PRINGLE, MARK                CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-6-191
PRINGLE, MARTIN P.           SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-9-275
PRINGLE, MARY A.             SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-4-491
PRINGLE, PHILIP              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-1-146
PRINGLE, SAMUEL M.           SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-4-530
PRINGLE, WILLIAM JR.         PORTAGE                       PA-11-3-471
PRINGLE, WILLIAM             CROYLE                        PA-11-5-118
PRITSCH, PHILIP              LILLY                         PA-11-8-375
PRYCE, DAVID W.              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-158
PRYCE, DAVID                 NTL                           PA-11-1-237
PRYCE, WILLIAM               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-251
PUDERBAUGH, DAVID            BROAD TOP, BEDFORD, PA        PA-11-8-442
PUGH, C. W.                  STOYSTOWN, SOMERSET, PA       PA-11-9-298
PUGH, CHARLES                NTL                           PA-11-10-553
PURSE, JAMES                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-370
PURSE, REBECCA               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-132
PURSER, CHARLOTTA ELIZABETH  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-485
PYLE, AGNES FOSTER           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-384
QUARTZ, MARY ANN             WASHINGTON                    PA-11-6-147
QUIGLEY, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-274
QUINN, ANN                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-299
QUINN, CLARA A.              GALLITZIN                     PA-11-10-677
QUINN, JOHN                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-190
QUINN, PATRICK               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-113
QUINN, ROSE                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-99
QUINN, THOMAS                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-415
QUIRK, JOHN                  PROSPECT                      PA-11-3-427
QUIRK, STEPHEN               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-386
RAAB, CONRAD                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-487
RAAB, GEORGE E.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-654
RAAB, HENRY                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-50
RAAB, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-407
RAAB, MARGRETTA              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-298
RADER, JOHN                  MORRELLVILLE                  PA-11-4-84
RAGER, JACKSON               JACKSON                       PA-11-8-566
RAGER, JONAS L.              SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-7-120
RAGER, JULIUS                BAKERTON                      PA-11-9-584
RAGER, REBECCA               WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-5-634
RAGER, THOMAS M.             JACKSON                       PA-11-4-472
RAINEY, JOSEPH               LILLY                         PA-11-9-7
RAISEL, EVE                  CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-3-347
RAMSEL, ELIZABETH            CARROLL                       PA-11-2-57
RAMSEY, ANNA                 NAPIER, BEDFORD, PA           PA-11-4-306
RATCHFORD, THOMAS            TUNNEL HILL                   PA-11-6-415
RATHBONE, A. S.              JACKSON                       PA-11-3-653
RATTIGAN, LUKE               CROYLE                        PA-11-8-176
RATZEL, KARL                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-234
RAY, MARTHA                  ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-4-417
RAYMON, JOHN D.              ADAMS                         PA-11-7-343
REA, FRANK N.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-536
READE, GEORGE M.             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-539
REAM, DANIEL                 FERNDALE                      PA-11-9-553
REAM, J. C.                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-561
REAM, MARY ELIZABETH         BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-9-692
REAM, WILLIAM                UPPER YODER                   PA-11-4-475
REAM, WILLIAM H.             DALE                          PA-11-9-130
REAREL, KATHERN              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-235
REBERG, JOHN                 CAMBRIA                       PA-11-5-116
RECKE, ALEXANDER             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-255
REDDEN, MICHAEL              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-533
REECE, ANNAH                 BLACKLICK                     PA-11-2-187
REED, JOSIAH                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-483
REED, OLIVER                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-6-498
REED, SAMUEL                 BLACK LICK                    PA-11-4-341
REED, WILLIAM                JACKSON                       PA-11-1-230
REEDER, MARY A.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-42
REES, ENNAH                  EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-37
REES, ENOCH                  BLACK LICK                    PA-11-4-325
REES, LEWIS                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-616
REES, MORGAN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-563
REES, REES                   NTL                           PA-11-1-90
REES, THOMAS J.              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-3-486
REESE, ELIZABETH             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-82
REESE, JENNIE                HASTINGS                      PA-11-10-76
REESE, JOHN R.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-394
REESE, JOHN D.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-655
REESE, THOMAS D.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-180
REESE, WINFIELD              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-6
REHM, JACOB L.               GRUBTOWN                      PA-11-3-621
REHR, JOSEPH                 BARR                          PA-11-5-571
REIBLEY, MARY CATHERINE      JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-208
REICH, MARY                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-171
REICH, MAX                   SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-8-243
REID, JENNIE A. T.           DALE                          PA-11-6-258
REIFSNYDER, MARY E.          SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-10-280
REIGHARD, EDWARD             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-6-169
REIGHARD, PETER              CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-143
REIGHART, ISAAC              RICHLAND                      PA-11-2-429
REIGHART, MARY A.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-472
REIGHART, WILLIAM            RICHLAND                      PA-11-2-124
REIK, ANNA                   BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-7-631
REILLY, JOHN                 ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA            PA-11-9-517
REILLY, THOMAS               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-464
REINEY, CHARLES              CARROLL                       PA-11-7-381
REININGER, JACOB             TUNNELHILL                    PA-11-4-401
REIS, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-36
REISE, HENRY JOHN            STONY CREEK                   PA-11-6-564
REISER, FRANCES              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-529
REISER, JOSEPH               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-431
REITZ, HENRY CONRAD          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-2-289
RELEA, ELIZABETH             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-70
RENEAUX, FLORENTE            HASTINGS                      PA-11-9-455
REPLOGLE, RINEHART ZOK       WESTMONT                      PA-11-10-630
REPP, ELIZABETH              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-51
REPP, S. W.                  DALE                          PA-11-7-530
RESCH, ANNIE                 GALLITZIN                     PA-11-7-119
RETALLICK, JOHN              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-175
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-468
REYNOLDS, EMMA               BELSANO                       PA-11-5-310
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM J.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-696
RHEY, JAMES                  NTL                           PA-11-1-30
RHEY, SUSAN                  EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-482
RHINE, JAMES ALEXANDER       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-116
RHOADES, HANNAH E.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-97
RHOADES, SARAH EMILY         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-647
RIBLETT, EMMA S.             NTL                           PA-11-6-8
RIBLETT, EMMA                CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-10-692
RIBLETT, HIRAM               EAST TAYLOR                   PA-11-10-101
RICE, ANNIE R.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-80
RICH, ELIZABETH              FERNDALE                      PA-11-10-438
RICHARDS, CHARLES W.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-680
RICHARDS, EDWIN S.           PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      PA-11-6-377
RICHARDS, JOHN SR.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-549
RICHARDS, THOMAS             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-177
RICHARDS, WILLIAM            JACKSON                       PA-11-4-141
RICHARDS, WILLIAM            LOWER YODER                   PA-11-3-555
RICHARDSON, EDWIN P.         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-600
RICHMIER, SUSAN              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-479
RIDDEL, CONRAD               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-117
RIDDEL, JOHN HENRY           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-506
RIDEOUT, LEWIS R.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-398
RIDER, JOHN                  NTL                           PA-11-2-473
RIEBEL, ALEXANDER SR.        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-660
RIEG, VINCENT                CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-9-462
RIEGEL, ELIZA                LILLY                         PA-11-7-45
RIEGER, JULI ANN             CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-9-256
RIELY, NANCY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-1-211
RIFFEL, JOHN                 SUMMIT                        PA-11-6-502
RIFFLE, ISABELLA             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-4-101
RIFFLE, JOHN                 SEE: RIFFEL, JOHN             PA-11-6-502
RIGGEL, URBANUS              LORETTO                       PA-11-6-649
RIGGLE, CHRISTIAN            NTL                           PA-11-3-475
RIGGLE, CHRISTIAN            NTL                           PA-11-2-53
RILEY, JAMES H.              CHEST SPRINGS                 PA-11-9-235
RILEY, JOSEPH W.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-59
RILEY, MICHAEL               PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      PA-11-9-434
RILEY, PATRICK               EBENSBURG                     PA-11-4-192
RINEBOLT, CATHERINE          WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-5-479
RINEBOLT, GEORGE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-456
RIPPLE, LEVI J.              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-199
RISBAN, JOHN                 TUNNELHILL                    PA-11-5-209
RISCHER, FRANK               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-88
RISHER, FRANK                SEE: RISCHER, FRANK           PA-11-7-88
RIST, MARGARET (WENTZ)       CARROLLTOWN                   PA-11-4-221
RITTER, CATHARINE            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-309
RITTER, JOHN                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-335
RITTWEGER, FREDERICK         CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-5-424
RIVELY, FELIX                RICHLAND                      PA-11-10-207
ROB, MICHAL                  CHEST                         PA-11-2-101
ROBAK, JOHN                  EAST CONEMAUGH                PA-11-10-333
ROBAUGH, GEORGE G.           WILMORE                       PA-11-6-28
ROBB, JAMES                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-401
ROBENA, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-2-591
ROBERTS, CATHARINE           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-7-591
ROBERTS, EDWARD              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-338
ROBERTS, ELEANOR             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-678
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH           CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-277
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH           NTL                           PA-11-1-190
ROBERTS, GEORGE H.           JACKSON                       PA-11-6-150
ROBERTS, HENRY               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-168
ROBERTS, HOWARD J.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-241
ROBERTS, HUGH                CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-154
ROBERTS, ILTON               NTL                           PA-11-2-29
ROBERTS, ISAAC EDWARD        JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-451
ROBERTS, JAMES               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-395
ROBERTS, JANE                EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-238
ROBERTS, JOHN J.             NTL                           PA-11-3-255
ROBERTS, JOHN (PENBYN)       CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-214
ROBERTS, JOHN  E.            EBENSBURG                     PA-11-3-84
ROBERTS, LUCINDA H.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-274
ROBERTS, MARGARET J.         CAMBRIA                       PA-11-6-145
ROBERTS, OWEN W.             SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-5-97
ROBERTS, RICHARD J.          WILMORE                       PA-11-8-44
ROBERTS, RICHARD H.          CAMBRIA                       PA-11-8-127
ROBERTS, THOMAS J.           EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-277
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             NTL                           PA-11-1-42
ROBERTS, WILLIAM             CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-12
ROBERTS, WILLIAM D.          SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-2-261
ROBERTSN, W. H. H.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-131
ROBERTSON, MARY F.           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-438
ROBINE, CHRISTOPHER          LILLY                         PA-11-4-109
ROBINE, JAMES                LILLY                         PA-11-9-475
ROBINE, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                    PA-11-5-434
ROBINE, PETER JR.            WASHINGTON                    PA-11-8-177
ROBINSON, MARGARET J.        HASTINGS                      PA-11-5-212
ROBINSON, MARY               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-704
RODGERS, ABNER               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-1-45
RODGERS, AONZO               STONY CREEK                   PA-11-5-188
RODGERS, BRIDGET             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-480
RODGERS, CATHARINE           LORETTO                       PA-11-4-367
RODGERS, ELI                 WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-4-64
RODGERS, GEORGE              EBENSBURG                     PA-11-1-109
RODGERS, JAMES SR.           WASHINGTON                    PA-11-10-190
RODGERS, JOHN                EBENSBURG                     PA-11-2-287
RODGERS, LUKE                MUNSTER                       PA-11-5-95
RODRIQUE, ANDRE              EBENSBURG (IN FRENCH)         PA-11-1-180
ROEHM, CATHARINE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-165
ROESCH, EUGENE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-223
ROGERS, THOMAS               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-254
ROGG, ANGELINE               SEE: ROGGIERA, ANGIOLINO      PA-11-7-33
ROGGIERA, ANGIOLINO          SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-7-33
ROHDE, ADAM                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-588
ROHDE, CATHERINE             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-39
ROHDE, FREDERICK             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-689
ROHE, AUGUSTINE              CHEST                         PA-11-2-123
ROHM, FREDERICK              STONY CREEK                   PA-11-4-634
ROIDLE, ADAM                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-246
ROLAND, ADAM                 CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-4-468
ROLAND, ANNA M.              READE                         PA-11-10-122
ROLAND, ELIESA               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-234
ROONEY, MICHAEL              CAMBRIA                       PA-11-4-24
ROPP, JOSEPH                 CHEST                         PA-11-5-439
RORABAUGH, HENRY             CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-8-129
RORABAUGH, JOHN              SALIX                         PA-11-8-654
ROSE, A. L.                  EBENSBURG                     PA-11-6-228
ROSE, HARRY                  MINERAL POINT                 PA-11-10-472
ROSE, JOSEPH                 RICHLAND                      PA-11-2-331
ROSE, MARY E.                JACKSON                       PA-11-9-570
ROSE, W. HORACE              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-353
ROSENBERGER, MARTIN          JOHNSTONW                     PA-11-6-441
ROSENTEEL, WILLIAM H. SR.    JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-484
ROSENTHAL, PAULINE           JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-127
ROSER, FRY                   SPANGLER                      PA-11-10-544
ROSHER, LOUIS                WILMORE                       PA-11-4-366
ROSS, CAROLINE               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-499
ROSSLEIN, GEORGE             LORETTO                       PA-11-5-256
ROTH, ALBERT                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-598
ROTH, CHRISTOPHER            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-573
ROTH, EMIL C.                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-294
ROTH, FRANK                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-527
ROTH, SOPHIA (KUEHL)         JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-615
ROWE, WILLIAM                SOUTH FORK                    PA-11-9-154
ROWLAND, ABRAM               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-8
ROWLAND, AMOS W.             EBENSBURG                     PA-11-9-102
ROWLAND, DAVID E.            BLACKLICK                     PA-11-5-479
ROWLAND, ELLIS               CAMBRIA                       PA-11-2-62
ROWLAND, ELLIS               NTL                           PA-11-4-200
ROWLAND, GRIFFITH            CAMBRIA                       PA-11-1-222
ROWLAND, JANE                BLACKLICK                     PA-11-4-226
ROWLAND, MARY                EBENSBURG                     PA-11-10-450
ROWLAND, RICHARD             PATTON                        PA-11-7-89
ROWLAND, WILLIAM KELLY       JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-427
ROYER, REBECCA A.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-3-379
RSE, WESLEY J.               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-538
RUBRITZ, JACOB               CONEMAUGH                     PA-11-2-258
RUCKSER, JOHN                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-323
RUDDON, TERRANCE             BROWNSTOWN                    PA-11-6-475
RUDE, SAMUEL                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-61
RUDOLPH, ADAM                LORETTO                       PA-11-7-225
RUDOLPH, HENRY               LORETTO                       PA-11-5-549
RUDOLPH, MATILDA J.          LORETTO                       PA-11-8-319
RUGH, JOHN C.                SUMMERHILL                    PA-11-6-114
RUMMELL, HARMON              SUSQUEHANNA                   PA-11-3-443
RUPP, ANNIE E.               MORRELLVILLE                  PA-11-3-450
RUSCHKE, EDWARD              JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-413
RUSH, CHARLES H.             UNIONTOWN, FAYETTE, PA        PA-11-7-642
RUSH, JAMES                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-6-314
RUSS, FRANZ                  JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-504
RUSSEL, MARY                 JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-239
RUSSELL, MARY J.             JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-73
RUSSELL, WILLIAM H.          NTL                           PA-11-6-489
RUSSELL, WILLIAM R.          JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-10-54
RUTH, MARY                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-8-411
RUTLEDGE, JOHN C.            JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-7-348
RUZANAK, STEPHEN             NTL                           PA-11-9-494
RYAN, CATHARINE              WEST TAYLOR                   PA-11-4-203
RYAN, DAVID                  CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-5-275
RYAN, JAMES A.               CLEARFIELD                    PA-11-4-212
RYAN, JAMES A.               PATTON                        PA-11-7-103
RYAN, JOHN                   JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-4-243
RYAN, JOHN                   NTL                           PA-11-4-83
RYAN, MARGARET               JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-5-347
RYAN, MICHAEL                PATTON                        PA-11-8-220
RYAN, MICHAEL                JOHNSTOWN                     PA-11-9-170
RYAN, SIMON                  LILLY                         PA-11-4-644
RYAN, THOMAS                 WILMORE                       PA-11-8-412
RYAN, WILLIAM                LORETTO                       PA-11-2-338

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