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GAGE, ALVAH W.                          PA-58-7-367
GAGE, BENONI F.                         PA-58-3-150
GAGE, EZEKIAL H.                        PA-58-4-398
GAGE, HANNAH                            PA-58-2-499
GAGE, JAMES                             PA-58-6-185
GAGE, JOSEPH                            PA-58-2-277
GAGE, JOSEPH M.                         PA-58-3-80
GAGE, JOSEPH S.                         PA-58-6-637
GAIGE, EBENEZER                         PA-58-2-225
GALVIN, PATRICK                         PA-58-6-113
GANNON, ELLEN                           PA-58-5-414
GANNON, JOHN                            PA-58-6-581
GARDNER, ADALINE S.                     PA-58-7-148
GARDNER, ADDISON                        PA-58-7-227
GARDNER, JABEZ                          PA-58-2-170
GARDNER, PETER H.                       PA-58-7-244
GARNER, SARAH                           PA-58-3-433
GARRATT, HORATIO                        PA-58-8-457
GATES, ADDISON                          PA-58-7-186
GATES, GEORGE                           PA-58-5-544
GATES, SILAS                            PA-58-3-75
GAVITT, LIBEAS                          PA-58-3-91
GAVITT, S. S.                           PA-58-6-722
GEBATT, MAME POTTER                     PA-58-7-544
GEBATT, ROBERT                          PA-58-7-529
GELATT, STEPHEN R.                      PA-58-6-125
GERE, C. M.                             PA-58-6-454
GERRITSON, A. J.                        PA-58-4-526
GIBLON, LAWRENCE                        PA-58-2-275
GIDDINGS, CYRIL                         PA-58-2-164
GIDDINGS, JAMES                         PA-58-3-26
GIFFEN, ROBERT                          PA-58-1-19
GIFFIN, ISAAC                           PA-58-5-272
GILBERT, AUGUSTUS                       PA-58-4-92
GILBERT, JOHN                           PA-58-3-313
GILCHRIST, EDWARD J.                    PA-58-8-484
GILCHRIST, FRANCIS                      PA-58-6-428
GILD, JASON E.                          PA-58-5-650
GILES, JABEZ                            PA-58-2-376
GILES, THOMAS                           PA-58-2-93
GILL, ALEXANDER H.                      PA-58-8-48
GILLESPIE, JONATHAN D.                  PA-58-1-260
GILLET, JOHN                            PA-58-2-274
GILLET, WILLARD                         PA-58-3-279
GILLETT, JOHN W.                        PA-58-7-119
GILLICK, THOMAS                         PA-58-5-610
GILLIN, EDWARD                          PA-58-5-415
GLEAOSN, MICHAEL                        PA-58-6-552
GLIDDEN, BENJAMIN                       PA-58-5-670
GLIDDEN, FRANCES E.                     PA-58-5-669
GODWIN, DAVID                           PA-58-8-507
GOGGIN, WILLIAM                         PA-58-4-641
GOLDEN, WILLIAM                         PA-58-2-399
GOODRICH, STEPHEN                       PA-58-1-208
GORDON, ELIZA E.                        PA-58-6-85
GORDON, WILLIAM                         PA-58-3-413
GORMAN, JOHN                            PA-58-6-279
GORMAN, JOHN                            PA-58-3-273
GORMAN, WILLIAM R.                      PA-58-3-343
GOURLEY, ROBERT                         PA-58-5-640
GOW, WILLIAM                            PA-58-7-317
GRAHAM, JOHN                            PA-58-2-261
GRANGER, DENNIS                         PA-58-3-526
GRANGER, J. B. W.                       PA-58-5-393
GRANGER, NORMAN                         PA-58-7-26
GRATTAN, FRANCIS E.                     PA-58-7-709
GRATTAN, PATRICK                        PA-58-8-130
GRAY, A. W.                             PA-58-4-649
GRAY, H. H.                             PA-58-4-292
GREELEY, ELIZA M.                       PA-58-4-217
GREEN, ABEL                             PA-58-3-329
GREEN, BYRON                            PA-58-5-46
GREEN, DAVID                            PA-58-3-554
GREEN, ELIAS V.                         PA-58-3-213
GREEN, GARDNER W.                       PA-58-6-329
GREEN, JAMES                            PA-58-2-262
GREEN, NATHAN                           PA-58-6-141
GREEN, W. N.                            PA-58-5-454
GREEN, WILLIAM S.                       PA-58-5-186
GREEN, WRIGHT                           PA-58-2-211
GREENMAN, ANGIE E.                      PA-58-6-116
GREENWOOD, CHARLES J.                   PA-58-6-62
GREENWOOD, ELIZABETH                    PA-58-2-259
GREENWOOD, HERBERT L.                   PA-58-7-56
GREGG, JOHN                             PA-58-2-462
GREGORY, DANIEL L.                      PA-58-8-425
GREGORY, ELIZA ANN                      PA-58-3-703
GREGORY, ERI                            PA-58-3-653
GREGORY, JOSEPH                         PA-58-1-369
GREGORY, SAMUEL                         PA-58-2-52
GREOSBECK, MARY W.                      PA-58-5-17
GRIFFIN, DANIEL                         PA-58-3-454
GRIFFIN, HANNAH                         PA-58-6-504
GRIFFIN, ISADORE                        PA-58-6-435
GRIFFIN, JAMES                          PA-58-2-291
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           PA-58-4-119
GRIFFING, HARVEY                        PA-58-3-490
GRIFFIS, AUSTIN B.                      PA-58-5-576
GRIFFIS, BETSEY C.                      PA-58-5-20
GRIFFIS, ELISHA                         PA-58-3-379
GRIFFIS, SEYMOUR J.                     PA-58-4-597
GRIFFITH, DAVID D.                      PA-58-6-693
GRIGGS, EMELINE                         PA-58-7-417
GRIGGS, EVANS                           PA-58-4-109
GRINNELL, HARVEY                        PA-58-7-359
GRISWOLD, JAMES F.                      PA-58-5-68
GRISWOLD, WHITING                       PA-58-1-4
GROW, EDWIN R.                          PA-58-5-698
GROW, ELIZABETH                         PA-58-3-12
GROW, FREDERICK P.                      PA-58-4-524
GROW, FREDRICK F.                       PA-58-5-668
GROW, HELEN A.                          PA-58-8-81
GRUBHAM, LYMAN                          PA-58-8-460
GRUBHAM, REBECCA                        PA-58-5-587
GRUBHAM, THOMAS                         PA-58-4-673
GUELLO, MARGARET                        PA-58-5-56
GUERNSEY, H. C.                         PA-58-2-431
GUERNSEY, MARIA                         PA-58-5-627
GUILD, ELIZA A.                         PA-58-4-593
GUILE, SAMUEL                           PA-58-1-492
GUILE, SILAS B.                         PA-58-5-514
GUNN, JACOB                             PA-58-2-392
GUNNISON, MARGERY                       PA-58-5-77
GUNNISON, PELATIAH                      PA-58-2-386
GURNEY, JOSHUA                          PA-58-4-288
GURNEY, LYDIA B.                        PA-58-3-1
GUYTON, THOMAS                          PA-58-3-15
HACKER, ZILPHA                          PA-58-5-505
HACKETT, ELIZA                          PA-58-1-290
HADIN, JOHN                             PA-58-2-508
HADLEY, ANNA                            PA-58-7-110
HADSELL, HIRAM HENRY                    PA-58-7-271
HAGER, NELSON                           PA-58-4-157
HAIGHT, O. B.                           PA-58-4-472
HALE, ISAAC                             PA-58-1-212
HALFORD, EDWARD                         PA-58-3-76
HALL, ANN E.                            PA-58-8-346
HALL, CHARITY                           PA-58-7-171
HALL, JAMES                             PA-58-3-57
HALL, LINCOLN                           PA-58-2-111
HALL, MARVIN                            PA-58-5-598
HALL, O. M.                             PA-58-6-725
HALL, SAMUEL                            PA-58-3-38
HALLERAN, MICHAEL                       PA-58-8-155
HALLORAN, ROGER                         PA-58-5-233
HALLSTEAD, EMMA R.                      PA-58-6-293
HALLSTEAD, LOVICY                       PA-58-7-196
HALLSTEAD, SAMUEL                       PA-58-6-402
HALLSTEAD, SARAH J.                     PA-58-8-37
HALLSTED, WILLIAM A.                    PA-58-8-481
HALSEY, SAMUEL P.                       PA-58-5-31
HALSEY, WILLIAM F.                      PA-58-4-713
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          PA-58-5-258
HALSTED, JOHN                           PA-58-8-208
HAMILTON, MARY E.                       PA-58-8-464
HAMLIN, A. B.                           PA-58-6-270
HAMLIN, GEORGE H.                       PA-58-6-434
HAMLIN, JOHN B. SR.                     PA-58-4-452
HAMLIN, JOSEPH P.                       PA-58-7-671
HAMMOND, ASA                            PA-58-6-127
HAMMOND, CHARLES                        PA-58-3-83
HANCE, ISAAC                            PA-58-8-179
HAND, PATRICK                           PA-58-3-669
HANDLER, HENRY                          PA-58-2-516
HANDRICK, ABIAH M.                      PA-58-7-320
HANDRICK, G. J.                         PA-58-5-601
HANDRICK, HENRY F.                      PA-58-6-330
HANDRICK, SHELDON G.                    PA-58-3-659
HANDRICK, URANIA S.                     PA-58-7-335
HANDRICK, WAKEMAN C.                    PA-58-6-73
HANNAH, ARCHIBALD                       PA-58-3-373
HANNAN, MARGARET                        PA-58-6-414
HANNAN, MICHAEL                         PA-58-6-44
HANNON, MICHAEL                         PA-58-6-282
HANVDVEY, NICHOLAS                      PA-58-2-97
HARDING, CHAPMAN                        PA-58-7-691
HARDING, ELISHA                         PA-58-2-57
HARDING, ELIZA A.                       PA-58-6-187
HARDING, HELEN E.                       PA-58-4-585
HARDING, J. M.                          PA-58-6-733
HARDING, MARY R.                        PA-58-4-401
HARDING, PATRICK                        PA-58-7-584
HARKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-58-1-40
HARNER, LUCY L.                         PA-58-4-652
HARPER, ALEXANDER D.                    PA-58-2-157
HARPER, EDGAR                           PA-58-7-238
HARRIGAN, MARGRET                       PA-58-7-131
HARRINGOTN, JEMIMA                      PA-58-5-83
HARRINGTON, JOHN                        PA-58-3-512
HARRINGTON, MARY E.                     PA-58-5-82
HARRIS, ELIAS                           PA-58-1-168
HARRIS, GEORGE                          PA-58-5-197
HARRIS, JOSHUA                          PA-58-2-39
HARRIS, LUCRETIA                        PA-58-7-130
HARRIS, MILTON                          PA-58-4-37
HARRIS, REUBEN                          PA-58-5-321
HARRISON, GEORGE                        PA-58-6-497
HARRISON, MARY                          PA-58-6-726
HARRISON, ROBERT                        PA-58-4-202
HART, ALBERT H.                         PA-58-3-104
HART, PHEBE M.                          PA-58-4-523
HARTLEY, JAMES                          PA-58-3-436
HARTNETT, THOMAS                        PA-58-5-55
HARVEY, SARAH                           PA-58-8-415
HARVEY, WILLIAM S.                      PA-58-5-600
HASBROUCK, ADELIA                       PA-58-5-367
HASTINGS, GEORGE P.                     PA-58-5-132
HATHAWAY, WALTER F.                     PA-58-3-218
HAVERLY, GEORGE                         PA-58-3-60
HAWLEY, EDWARD                          PA-58-2-475
HAWLEY, ELIAD W.                        PA-58-4-274
HAWLEY, JAMES E.                        PA-58-4-250
HAWLEY, THOMAS                          PA-58-6-340
HAWVER, AARON                           PA-58-4-598
HAYDEN, BENJAMIN                        PA-58-1-304
HAYDEN, HENRY                           PA-58-2-66
HAYDEN, SALLY C.                        PA-58-7-255
HAYES, MICHAEL                          PA-58-4-596
HAYNES, BARBARA                         PA-58-6-474
HAYNES, THOMAS F.                       PA-58-6-445
HAYS, BRIDGET                           PA-58-8-388
HAYS, PATRICK                           PA-58-5-188
HAZLETON, ALBERT                        PA-58-5-528
HAZLETON, STEPHEN                       PA-58-2-239
HAZLETON, STEPHEN                       PA-58-6-65
HELBORN, JOHN                           PA-58-1-50
HELDER, PETER                           PA-58-3-117
HEMMINGWAY, SARAH J.                    PA-58-8-343
HEMPSTEAD, MARY C.                      PA-58-4-297
HENDERSON, LUCY N. W.                   PA-58-8-123
HENDRICK, WILLIAM B.                    PA-58-5-248
HENDRICKSON, HENRY                      PA-58-2-480
HENRY, JOHN                             PA-58-4-98
HENSTOCK, WILLIAM T.                    PA-58-4-653
HERD, BARBARA                           PA-58-4-69
HERKIMER, LYMAN                         PA-58-7-433
HERKIMER, PETER                         PA-58-3-280
HESKETH, THOMAS                         PA-58-8-229
HEWETT, WILLIAM E.                      PA-58-3-220
HEWITT, JAMES                           PA-58-3-690
HEWITT, W.                              PA-58-8-392
HIBBARD, ELENOR                         PA-58-7-649
HIBBARD, J. E.                          PA-58-7-602
HICKCOX, NANCY M.                       PA-58-3-288
HICKCOX, SPENCER                        PA-58-3-178
HICKEY, MORRIS                          PA-58-8-289
HICKOK, DAVID H.                        PA-58-2-290
HICKOX, JOEL                            PA-58-1-13
HICKOX, PATRICK                         PA-58-4-397
HICKOX, THOMAS W.                       PA-58-4-94
HILBORN, WILLIAM                        PA-58-1-19
HILL, ARCHIBALD                         PA-58-6-92
HILL, BRIDGET                           PA-58-7-571
HILL, JAMES W.                          PA-58-2-155
HILL, MARY                              PA-58-5-723
HILLHOUSE, SAMUEL                       PA-58-2-504
HILLIS, DAVID                           PA-58-4-253
HILLIS, MARGARET                        PA-58-8-473
HILLIS, ROBERT                          PA-58-5-15
HIND, DAVID L.                          PA-58-7-523
HINDS, CONRAD                           PA-58-2-391
HINDS, DAVID D.                         PA-58-5-637
HINDS, PRESERVED                        PA-58-6-405
HINE, DAYTON R.                         PA-58-8-521
HINE, REUBEN                            PA-58-1-179
HINE, WILLIS                            PA-58-3-240
HINKLEY, ABIJAH                         PA-58-5-145
HINKLEY, JAMES                          PA-58-7-607
HINKLEY, MARQUIS                        PA-58-4-111
HOADLEY, PELEG                          PA-58-1-189
HOAG, JOHN                              PA-58-6-368
HODGE, HARRIET N.                       PA-58-2-75
HODGSON, JAMES F.                       PA-58-5-75
HODGSON, STEPHEN                        PA-58-1-364
HOFF, DANIEL                            PA-58-4-396
HOFF, EFFIE                             PA-58-4-524
HOFFMAN, FRANK                          PA-58-4-374
HOGAN, MARGARET                         PA-58-5-609
HOGAN, MARTIN                           PA-58-3-535
HOLLAND, ROBERT                         PA-58-4-142
HOLLISTER, CHEEZA                       PA-58-1-517
HOLLISTER, L. E.                        PA-58-5-593
HOLMAN, CHARLES                         PA-58-6-420
HOLMES, CHARLES M.                      PA-58-3-4
HOOVER, TAMER                           PA-58-5-577
HOPE, LYDIA                             PA-58-6-498
HOPPE, JOHN                             PA-58-6-502
HORDING, WILLIAM                        PA-58-5-506
HORTON, DAVID                           PA-58-6-33
HORTON, LUCY CAROLINE                   PA-58-6-34
HORTON, SAMUEL                          PA-58-5-120
HORTON, SARAH W.                        PA-58-6-630
HORTON, WILLIAM W.                      PA-58-3-112
HOULIHAN, PATRICK                       PA-58-6-37
HOURIGAN, JAMES F.                      PA-58-7-204
HOWARD, ALBERT M.                       PA-58-4-116
HOWARD, DELILA                          PA-58-6-653
HOWARD, EBENEZER                        PA-58-4-296
HOWARD, FRANK                           PA-58-6-503
HOWARD, JACOB M.                        PA-58-6-43
HOWARD, JOHN                            PA-58-2-493
HOWARD, JONATHAN                        PA-58-3-361
HOWARD, OTIS L.                         PA-58-5-710
HOWARD, SAMUEL B.                       PA-58-5-5
HOWE, HIRAM                             PA-58-3-111
HOWELL, HENRY                           PA-58-7-511
HOWELL, JOHNA.                          PA-58-8-371
HOWELL, SABRINA                         PA-58-4-371
HOWORTH, THOMAS                         PA-58-3-153
HOYT, ELIZA S.                          PA-58-4-593
HUBBARD, WILLIAM                        PA-58-3-253
HUDSON, JOHN                            PA-58-3-270
HUDSON, SUSAN C.                        PA-58-3-217
HUGHS, WILLIAM E.                       PA-58-2-129
HULL, SAMUEL                            PA-58-3-393
HULSE, M. L.                            PA-58-5-586
HUMPHRY, JANE G.                        PA-58-7-521
HUNT, WILLIAM                           PA-58-6-42
HUNTER, NATHANIEL                       PA-58-2-176
HURD, JAMES                             PA-58-3-302
HURLEY, SAMUEL                          PA-58-3-183
HURLEY, WILLIAM                         PA-58-4-160
HYDE, SAMUEL T.                         PA-58-4-57
INGALL, ROSMAN                          PA-58-4-703
INGALLS, AUGUSTA S.                     PA-58-4-644
IRELAND, ISAAC                          PA-58-5-254
IRVING, JOHN                            PA-58-3-197
IRVING, NICHOLAS                        PA-58-8-49
IRVING, P. S.                           PA-58-5-679
ISBELL, MARY L.                         PA-58-6-660
ISLEY, MARIAH                           PA-58-7-183
IVES, ANNIE EPLER                       PA-58-6-24
IVES, FREDERICK E.                      PA-58-5-225
IVES, NATHANIEL                         PA-58-3-227
JACKSON, CYNTHIA                        PA-58-3-527
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         PA-58-3-70
JACKSON, JOSHUA                         PA-58-1-340
JAGGER, CATHERINE                       PA-58-8-375
JAGGER, ELIAS                           PA-58-6-264
JAMISON, PETER                          PA-58-1-554
JEFFERS, NATHANIEL                      PA-58-1-109
JENKINS, AMANDA                         PA-58-7-526
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-58-5-195
JENNINGS, LANCASTER                     PA-58-7-112
JERAULD, RAY G.                         PA-58-4-629
JESSUP, AMANDA                          PA-58-5-36
JESSUP, HUNTTING                        PA-58-7-534
JESSUP, NINA M.                         PA-58-7-689
JESSUP, WILLIAM                         PA-58-6-606
JESSUP, WILLIAM                         PA-58-3-304
JEWETT, ELECTA                          PA-58-3-181
JEWETT, NATHAN                          PA-58-2-359
JEWETT, RODNEY                          PA-58-4-136
JEWTT, SARAH B.                         PA-58-5-671
JOHNOSN, JAMES W.                       PA-58-8-352
JOHNSON, ELISA                          PA-58-8-35
JOHNSON, EMILY                          PA-58-5-125
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-58-6-299
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         PA-58-3-498
JOHNSTON, GARRETT                       PA-58-5-63
JOHNSTON, NANCY A.                      PA-58-6-271
JONES, ABIGAIL H.                       PA-58-3-519
JONES, AMY                              PA-58-6-426
JONES, JENKIN                           PA-58-5-28
JONES, JOHN                             PA-58-3-177
JONES, JULIUS                           PA-58-1-80
JONES, RICHARD L.                       PA-58-8-455
JONES, RICHARD W.                       PA-58-7-253
JONES, SOLOMON                          PA-58-2-232
JONES, WILLIAM E.                       PA-58-8-462
JORDAN, JOHN                            PA-58-5-346
JORDEN, JAMES                           PA-58-5-306
KAIN, FRANK                             PA-58-6-372
KALLAM, LUTHER                          PA-58-1-434
KANALIA, JEREMIAH                       PA-58-6-130
KANE, DANIEL                            PA-58-6-144
KANE, JOHN                              PA-58-2-527
KANE, JOHN C.                           PA-58-8-221
KANE, MARTIN                            PA-58-5-185
KANE, MICHAEL                           PA-58-2-461
KASSAN, MYRON                           PA-58-2-343
KAVANAUGH, WILLIAM C. RICE              PA-58-8-490, 638
KEATOR, ANNA B.                         PA-58-6-545
KEATOR, ISAIAH                          PA-58-5-381
KEEFE, JEREMIAH O.                      PA-58-4-6
KEEFE, THOMAS                           PA-58-4-628
KEEGAN, BRIDGET                         PA-58-6-579
KEEGAN, JAMES                           PA-58-6-212
KEELER, GEORGE                          PA-58-3-191
KEENA, JOHN                             PA-58-6-508
KEENAN, BERNARD                         PA-58-2-490
KELLEY, JAMES                           PA-58-2-182
KELLUM, SALLY A.                        PA-58-6-347
KELLY, MICHAEL                          PA-58-6-700
KELLY, THOMAS                           PA-58-7-269
KENDAL, OLIVE                           PA-58-1-417
KENNARD, WARREN P.                      PA-58-3-168
KENNEDY, JOHN P.                        PA-58-6-614
KENNEDY, OLIVE                          PA-58-7-143
KENNELLY, MARY                          PA-58-6-78
KENT, DAVID                             PA-58-5-491
KENT, H. W.                             PA-58-4-546
KENT, HARRIET                           PA-58-7-470
KENYON, JANE  A.                        PA-58-3-700
KEOUGH, THOMAS                          PA-58-3-392
KERIGAN, MICHAEL                        PA-58-7-95
KERNAN, PATRICK                         PA-58-7-415
KERR, HENRY L.                          PA-58-8-168
KEVINS, JAMES                           PA-58-8-171
KILEY, HENRY                            PA-58-3-394
KILEY, JOHN                             PA-58-5-421
KILEY, THOMAS                           PA-58-7-201
KIMBALL, GEORGE E.                      PA-58-7-318
KIMBALL, HOWARD                         PA-58-6-485
KINCH, JANET LUDINGTON                  PA-58-5-510
KING, HARRIET                           PA-58-6-645
KING, NELSON                            PA-58-8-127
KING, SYLVESTER                         PA-58-7-23
KINGSBURY, EBENEZER                     PA-58-1-391
KINGSBURY, HANNAH                       PA-58-2-328
KINGSLEY, JOHN                          PA-58-3-321
KINNEY, ISAAC S.                        PA-58-7-197
KINNEY, PATRICK                         PA-58-6-153
KIRK, JULIA E.                          PA-58-6-406
KISHBAUGH, RACHAEL                      PA-58-6-188
KISTLER, STEPHEN                        PA-58-5-290
KITTLE, H. R.                           PA-58-5-518
KNAPP, ISAAC R.                         PA-58-2-306
KNAPP, JONAH                            PA-58-1-482
KNAPP, JULIUS B.                        PA-58-7-371
KNAPP, JUSTUS                           PA-58-3-408
KNIGHT, GEORGE                          PA-58-7-96
KNOELLER, WILLIAM F.                    PA-58-6-564
KNOLL, L. P. JR.                        PA-58-7-343
KNOWLTON, H. M.                         PA-58-5-595
KNOWLTON, SARAH                         PA-58-3-366
KUNKLE, SARAH                           PA-58-5-687
LACEY, LOUISA L.                        PA-58-6-735
LACY, J. C.                             PA-58-4-451
LADD, CAROLINE                          PA-58-2-128
LAFFY, THOMAS                           PA-58-5-412
LAFRANCE, PETER H.                      PA-58-8-178
LAFRANCE, ZIBA                          PA-58-4-169
LAGIER, MARY ANN                        PA-58-5-455
LAKE, ABRAHAM                           PA-58-3-644
LAMAREUX, MARY A.                       PA-58-7-153
LAMB, CHAUNCY                           PA-58-4-470
LAMB, JOEL                              PA-58-1-98
LAMB, JONATHAN                          PA-58-3-299
LAMB, MARY E.                           PA-58-5-227
LAMB, ROSWELL G.                        PA-58-7-336
LAMP, ISAAC L.                          PA-58-4-510
LANE, ARZELIA                           PA-58-4-557
LANE, JOHN N.                           PA-58-8-298
LANE, MARTIN                            PA-58-1-42
LANGDON, CYNTHIA N.                     PA-58-5-540
LANGDON, SOLOMON                        PA-58-5-205
LANGFORD, EDWARD                        PA-58-6-191
LANGFORD, FRANCIS                       PA-58-8-531
LANNAN, JAMES                           PA-58-3-315
LANNAN, JOHN                            PA-58-4-659
LANNON, JOHN                            PA-58-6-404
LARKINS, JOHN                           PA-58-3-193
LARRABEE, ALF W.                        PA-58-8-461
LARRABEE, AMANDA M.                     PA-58-6-29
LARRABEE, L. D.                         PA-58-6-290
LARUE, MARTHA                           PA-58-8-206
LATHAM, CHARLES W.                      PA-58-6-706
LATHROP, AUSTIN B.                      PA-58-3-620
LATHROP, AZUR                           PA-58-7-338
LATHROP, BENJAMIN                       PA-58-2-418
LATHROP, CHARLES D.                     PA-58-3-590
LATHROP, DANIEL A.                      PA-58-5-244
LATHROP, DAVID                          PA-58-2-460
LATHROP, EDWIN                          PA-58-7-391
LATHROP, EDWIN                          PA-58-7-442
LATHROP, ELLA H.                        PA-58-6-17
LATHROP, GEORGE R.                      PA-58-7-477
LATHROP, JOANNA S.                      PA-58-7-531
LATHROP, OPHELIA T.                     PA-58-5-622
LATHROP, SPENCER                        PA-58-1-39
LAUGHRAN, JAMES M.                      PA-58-5-43
LAW, GARRY                              PA-58-4-291
LAW, MARY E.                            PA-58-8-485
LEA, SARAH                              PA-58-1-252
LEA, WILLIAM                            PA-58-4-184
LEACH, ALMIRA E.                        PA-58-6-496
LEACH, CHARLES                          PA-58-7-19
LEACH, GEORGE                           PA-58-3-313
LEACH, HEZEKIAH                         PA-58-1-237
LEAN, JOHN                              PA-58-6-184
LEE, DAVID                              PA-58-5-34
LEEB ODY, JOHN                          PA-58-4-712
LEEK, WILLIAM                           PA-58-3-495
LEITCH, MARTHA                          PA-58-3-492
LEONARD, EDWARD                         PA-58-3-415
LESLIE, EUGENE L.                       PA-58-8-86
LESLIE, JOHN                            PA-58-3-681
LEWIS, CATHERINE                        PA-58-6-619
LEWIS, GEORGE B.                        PA-58-3-369
LEWIS, GEORGE W.                        PA-58-3-105
LEWIS, HENRY J.                         PA-58-7-332
LEWIS, J. W.                            PA-58-7-232
LEWIS, J. W.                            PA-58-5-712
LEWIS, JAMES                            PA-58-5-265
LEWIS, JOSEPH R.                        PA-58-6-424
LEWIS, MARY ANN                         PA-58-7-53
LEWIS, ROBINSON                         PA-58-2-296
LEWIS, S. A.                            PA-58-6-699
LEWIS, THURSTON SR.                     PA-58-3-576
LILLEY, S. BELLE                        PA-58-7-91
LINDSEY, BENJAMIN                       PA-58-8-267
LINDSEY, ZINA A.                        PA-58-6-566
LINDSLEY, AMHERST                       PA-58-6-75
LINES, JOSEPH                           PA-58-4-711
LINES, LYDIA C.                         PA-58-5-237
LITTLE, B. B.                           PA-58-3-14
LITTLE, MARY                            PA-58-4-193
LOCK, REUBEN B.                         PA-58-1-317
LOCKWOOD, ELKANAH                       PA-58-6-106
LOFTUS, JOHN                            PA-58-5-612
LOGAN, CATHERINE                        PA-58-8-200
LOGAN, PHILIP                           PA-58-6-213
LONEGAN, THOMAS                         PA-58-1-354
LONERGAN, JOHN                          PA-58-3-195
LOOMIS, ALZINA                          PA-58-4-258
LOOMIS, CHARLES H.                      PA-58-7-203
LOOMIS, ELISHA N.                       PA-58-3-638
LOOMIS, GRISWOLD O.                     PA-58-7-489
LOOMIS, JASPER                          PA-58-1-565
LOOMIS, LUTHER                          PA-58-2-273
LOOMIS, SAMUEL                          PA-58-6-339
LORD, ELISHA                            PA-58-3-267
LORD, ELLEN                             PA-58-8-487
LOTT, HANNAH                            PA-58-6-594
LOTT, JAMES                             PA-58-4-592
LOTT, LOVINA                            PA-58-5-639
LOUGHRAN, W.                            PA-58-6-410
LOW, CORNELIUS E.                       PA-58-2-165
LOW, DANN K.                            PA-58-5-78
LOW, ELIZA A.                           PA-58-3-543
LOW, GERANA                             PA-58-6-200
LOW, HANNAH                             PA-58-3-346
LOW, MALINDA P.                         PA-58-4-558
LOW, NICHOLAS                           PA-58-4-332
LOW, POLLY                              PA-58-2-524
LOWE, LOU M.                            PA-58-7-302
LOWE, WILLIAM C.                        PA-58-7-145
LOWNSBURG, CHARLES                      PA-58-3-450
LOWRY, HOLLOWAY                         PA-58-3-686
LUCE, ELSEY                             PA-58-6-108
LUTTON, BETSEY                          PA-58-5-269
LYMAN, LANDES                           PA-58-4-192
LYNCH, MARTIN                           PA-58-5-371
LYNCH, MARY                             PA-58-5-585
LYNCH, MICHAEL                          PA-58-5-665
LYNCH, PATRICK                          PA-58-5-364
LYON, DANIEL                            PA-58-2-59
LYON, FLOYD                             PA-58-3-435
LYON, FLOYD                             PA-58-3-295
LYON, G. W.                             PA-58-6-538
LYON, GEORE H.                          PA-58-8-416
LYON, HORATIO                           PA-58-6-443
LYON, MARY                              PA-58-6-430
LYON, WALTER                            PA-58-1-172
LYONS, ANN E.                           PA-58-8-234
LYONS, DAVID                            PA-58-7-58
LYONS, DAVID A.                         PA-58-4-538
LYONS, SETH A.                          PA-58-4-443
MACK, AMANDA                            PA-58-2-420
MACK, ELIJAH B.                         PA-58-2-437
MACK, ELISHA                            PA-58-1-241
MACK, ELISHA                            PA-58-3-501
MACK, ENOCH                             PA-58-5-525
MACK, MARVIN L.                         PA-58-5-241
MACK, MARY L.                           PA-58-6-269
MACPHERSON, ELIZABETH                   PA-58-1-157
MADDEN, DANIEL J.                       PA-58-8-529
MADDEN, MICHAEL D.                      PA-58-6-448
MADDOCK, PATRICK                        PA-58-3-98
MAGAVREN, ANDREW                        PA-58-3-28
MAHONEY, CAIN                           PA-58-4-506
MAHONEY, DANIEL                         PA-58-5-52
MAHONEY, JEREMIAH                       PA-58-6-173
MAHONEY, JOHN                           PA-58-6-243
MAHONEY, MARY                           PA-58-7-553
MAHONEY, THOMAS L.                      PA-58-6-438
MAIN, ALANSON W.                        PA-58-7-610
MAIN, EZEKIAL                           PA-58-3-485
MAIN, ISAIAH                            PA-58-2-294
MAIN, ISAIAH A.                         PA-58-6-19
MAINWARING, MERCY                       PA-58-8-240
MAINWARING, RICHARD                     PA-58-7-104
MAJOR, SOPHIA                           PA-58-6-450
MALONEY, CATHARINE                      PA-58-5-182
MALONEY, JOHN                           PA-58-5-365
MALPASS, ELIZA A.                       PA-58-7-40
MANNING, CORNELIUS                      PA-58-7-352
MANNING, LOIS ELLEN                     PA-58-7-429
MANNING, MARY                           PA-58-6-90
MANNING, ROBERT                         PA-58-3-663
MANZER, SIMEON                          PA-58-4-658
MARCY, SIMON                            PA-58-1-219
MARONEY, JAMES                          PA-58-8-399
MARONEY, MORIS                          PA-58-7-202
MARRA, BARTHOLOMEW                      PA-58-3-540
MARSH, DAVID                            PA-58-4-627
MARSH, J. L.                            PA-58-4-369
MARSH, KIRBY                            PA-58-6-433
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        PA-58-4-22
MARTIN, DAVID H.                        PA-58-7-462
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-58-4-535
MARTIN, LYDIA                           PA-58-3-627
MARTIN, LYDIA                           PA-58-8-385
MARYOTT, BENJAMIN S.                    PA-58-4-578
MASON, ANGELINE                         PA-58-6-628
MATTESON, POLLY                         PA-58-4-393
MATTHEUS, THOMAS                        PA-58-6-452
MAUZER, KATHERINE L.                    PA-58-8-429
MAWHINNEY, THOMAS                       PA-58-4-101
MAYNAHAN, WILLIAM                       PA-58-3-386
MAYO, ELIZABETH                         PA-58-3-370
MAYO, EZEKIEL                           PA-58-2-515
MAYO, LAROY                             PA-58-6-274
MCALOAN, ANN                            PA-58-5-206
MCCAHILL, PATRICK                       PA-58-5-616
MCCAIN, SARAH L.                        PA-58-7-146
MCCANN, MICHAEL                         PA-58-6-180
MCCARTHY, CHARLES                       PA-58-3-323
MCCARTHY, EUGENE                        PA-58-8-365
MCCARTIN, ARTHUR                        PA-58-1-200
MCCARTIN, MARY                          PA-58-3-229
MCCARTY, CORNELIUS                      PA-58-3-328
MCCARTY, ELLEN                          PA-58-8-320
MCCARTY, THOMAS                         PA-58-8-190
MCCAWLY, PATRICK                        PA-58-2-278
MCCOLLUM, HUGH                          PA-58-6-335
MCCOLLUM, JOHN                          PA-58-4-499
MCCOLLUM, MARGARET                      PA-58-3-176
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        PA-58-2-472
MCCORMICK, JAMES J.                     PA-58-7-561
MCCORMICK, PATRICK                      PA-58-1-519
MCCORMICK, ROBERT                       PA-58-3-687
MCCORMICK, SARAH C.                     PA-58-7-41
MCCOY, JOHN                             PA-58-5-73
MCCRACKEN, MARGARET                     PA-58-7-621
MCCRACKEN, WILLIAM                      PA-58-7-530
MCCREARY, JAMES B.                      PA-58-6-11
MCDEVITT, JOHN                          PA-58-3-374
MCDEVITT, JOHN                          PA-58-8-389
MCDONALD, JAMES D.                      PA-58-6-265
MCDONALD, PATRICK                       PA-58-4-651
MCDONNELL, JOHN                         PA-58-2-108
MCDONOUGH, PATRICK                      PA-58-4-421
MCFAUL, DANIEL                          PA-58-1-127, 167
MCGEE, EBIN                             PA-58-4-60
MCGOVERN, JAMES                         PA-58-7-557
MCGRATH, FRANCIS                        PA-58-3-9
MCGRATH, PATRICK                        PA-58-3-106
MCGRAW, JOHN                            PA-58-6-570
MCINERNEY, JOHN                         PA-58-7-398
MCINERNEY, MATHEW                       PA-58-5-603
MCINERNEY, THOMAS                       PA-58-5-678
MCINTOSH, WILLIAM E.                    PA-58-4-259
MCINTYRE, MARY A.                       PA-58-6-357
MCKEEBY, ADALINE                        PA-58-6-81
MCKEEBY, CLARISSA                       PA-58-6-621
MCKEEBY, JASPER                         PA-58-5-360
MCKENZIE, BENAJAH                       PA-58-4-140
MCKENZIE, WILLIAM                       PA-58-1-58
MCKERNAN, MARIAH                        PA-58-8-23
MCKERNAN, PATRICK                       PA-58-4-471
MCKINNEY, HENRY                         PA-58-7-283
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          PA-58-2-242
MCKIVETT, ALEXANDER                     PA-58-5-35
MCKUBY, M. T.                           PA-58-7-340
MCKUNE, JOSEPH                          PA-58-2-64
MCKUNE, ROBERT                          PA-58-2-405
MCKUNE, WILLIAM P.                      PA-58-2-101
MCLEAD, JACOB                           PA-58-7-235
MCLEOD, ALEXANDER                       PA-58-4-512
MCLEOD, ANN                             PA-58-7-400
MCMAHON, ANN                            PA-58-6-705
MCMAHON, BRYEN                          PA-58-6-71
MCMAHON, MATTHIAS                       PA-58-7-422
MCMAHON, THOMAS                         PA-58-6-704
MCMAHON, THOMAS                         PA-58-6-716
MCMAHON, THOMAS H.                      PA-58-7-618
MCMICKEN, CALDWELL                      PA-58-5-429
MCNAMARA, GEORGE                        PA-58-7-395
MCNERNEY, MICHAEL                       PA-58-6-207
MCNERNY, PATRICK                        PA-58-7-708
MCNULTY, CATHARINE                      PA-58-3-262
MCPHERSON, MATTHEW                      PA-58-6-174
MCQUENEY, JOHN                          PA-58-7-47
MCREEBY, MATHEW                         PA-58-3-470
MCSHEVER, MARY E.                       PA-58-7-437
MEACHAM, ASA                            PA-58-1-239
MEACHAM, ASA FERNANDO                   PA-58-5-685
MEACHAM, HOPE M.                        PA-58-3-481
MEACHAM, JEREMIAH                       PA-58-3-419
MEACHAM, JOHN                           PA-58-3-621
MEACHAM, SHELDON                        PA-58-3-469
MEAD, HIBBARD                           PA-58-3-72
MEAD, KATURAH A.                        PA-58-5-18
MEAKER, ANSON T.                        PA-58-4-452
MEANY, JAMES                            PA-58-8-139
MEEHAN, ELLEN                           PA-58-7-635
MEEHAN, THOMAS                          PA-58-4-50
MEEKER, ELECTA                          PA-58-8-174
MEEKER, HARRIET                         PA-58-5-234
MEEKER, SARAH P.                        PA-58-4-671
MEEKER, WILLIAM                         PA-58-4-444
MEGHER, PATRICK                         PA-58-3-651
MEGINNIS, JOHN S.                       PA-58-5-73
MEGLERT, SECKA                          PA-58-2-30
MENHENNETT, EMMA                        PA-58-7-154
MEREDITH, RICHARD                       PA-58-2-151
MEREDITH, THOMAS                        PA-58-7-272
MERRIFIELD, JOHN                        PA-58-5-179
MERRIMAN, ALFRED                        PA-58-5-122
MERRIMAN, JOSEPH L.                     PA-58-5-728
MERRIMAN, RUFUS S.                      PA-58-5-270
MERRIMAN, SARAH S.                      PA-58-7-345
MERSEREAU, DAVID                        PA-58-3-233
MESICK, P. W.                           PA-58-6-712
MESSENGER, EBENEZER                     PA-58-5-700
MICHAEL, MARGARET                       PA-58-5-54
MILBANE, JOHN                           PA-58-8-348
MILBOURNE, BLOOMFIELD                   PA-58-1-236
MILES, JOSIAH                           PA-58-1-116
MILES, PARKER                           PA-58-3-293
MILES, SAMUEL H.                        PA-58-2-443
MILES, WILLIAM C.                       PA-58-8-25
MILLAM, JOHN A.                         PA-58-7-323
MILLARD, H. J.                          PA-58-8-530
MILLER, ADAM                            PA-58-4-623
MILLER, CHARLES H.                      PA-58-7-247
MILLER, CYRUS B.                        PA-58-5-277
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        PA-58-1-137
MILLER, S. E.                           PA-58-7-292
MILLS, HENRY                            PA-58-3-617
MILLSPAUGH, ISAAC                       PA-58-5-591
MINHENNETT, SYLVANUS                    PA-58-6-31
MINKLER, JOHN                           PA-58-2-513
MISICK, RALPH A.                        PA-58-5-57
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                     PA-58-7-313
MITCHELL, HENRY A.                      PA-58-4-178
MITCHELL, LEMUEL B.                     PA-58-5-620
MITCHELL, SETH                          PA-58-4-275
MOFFATT, MORTIMORE                      PA-58-5-557
MONELL, CHARLES L.                      PA-58-2-384
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        PA-58-3-479
MOODY, SOPHIA                           PA-58-5-245
MOONEY, PATRICK                         PA-58-7-651
MOOR, SYLVIA                            PA-58-3-442
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-58-5-666
MOORE, LIBBIE S.                        PA-58-3-692
MOORE, MARY                             PA-58-7-149
MOORE, ROBERT                           PA-58-3-250
MORAN, EDWARD                           PA-58-7-659
MORAN, JAMES                            PA-58-6-88
MORAN, PATRICK                          PA-58-5-259
MORAN, PATRICK                          PA-58-4-549
MORAN, PATRICK T.                       PA-58-4-594
MORAN, THOMAS                           PA-58-6-561
MORGAN, CHARLES W.                      PA-58-4-448
MORGAN, DAVID                           PA-58-3-208
MORGAN, ESTHER B.                       PA-58-3-569
MORGAN, ISAAC                           PA-58-5-48
MORGAN, JAMES                           PA-58-6-178
MORGAN, LYDIA                           PA-58-7-551
MORGAN, MARTHA                          PA-58-5-257
MORGAN, OWEN                            PA-58-6-27
MORLEY, JANE                            PA-58-4-330
MORLEY, WILLIAM                         PA-58-2-247
MORRIS, DAVID                           PA-58-4-545
MORRIS, LUCRETIA                        PA-58-6-86
MORRISSEY, BRIDGET                      PA-58-5-130
MORRISSEY, THOMAS                       PA-58-3-5
MORRISSY, PATRICK                       PA-58-4-351
MORSE, CALVIN A.                        PA-58-5-403
MORSE, HENRY E.                         PA-58-4-436
MORSE, RICHARD                          PA-58-3-146
MORSE, ROSWELL                          PA-58-2-501
MOSES, THOMAS                           PA-58-5-262
MOSS, PHILDELIA                         PA-58-5-411
MOTT, ITHAMER                           PA-58-2-268
MOTT, JANE M.                           PA-58-8-78
MOTT, MERRITT                           PA-58-4-41
MOTT, MYRON M.                          PA-58-3-704
MOWER, CHRISTIANNA                      PA-58-4-216
MOXLEY, FRANCIS                         PA-58-5-44
MUCKEY, SALLY ANN                       PA-58-6-196
MULFORD, ELISHA                         PA-58-5-457
MULFORD, FANNY J.                       PA-58-3-593
MULFORD, SILVANUS S.                    PA-58-3-62
MULHAXE, JOHN                           PA-58-4-459
MULLANE, DAVID D.                       PA-58-2-401
MULLOCK, WILLIAM                        PA-58-3-352
MULROY, JOHN                            PA-58-5-518
MUMFORD, DEBORAH                        PA-58-3-138
MUNSON, ALMON                           PA-58-1-99
MUNSON, ASHBEL                          PA-58-3-69
MUNSON, THOMAS T.                       PA-58-5-625
MUPRHY, ANNIE E.                        PA-58-6-500
MURPHY, CATHERINE                       PA-58-8-362
MURPHY, EDWARD                          PA-58-7-409
MURPHY, JEREMIAH                        PA-58-3-90
MURPHY, JOHN                            PA-58-1-470
MURPHY, MICHAEL                         PA-58-7-109
MURPHY, MICHAEL                         PA-58-7-249
MURRAY, DENNIS                          PA-58-5-626
MURRAY, JOHN                            PA-58-5-521
MUSAR, ANTON                            PA-58-7-627
MYERS, JOHN                             PA-58-3-356
NASON, SAMUEL B.                        PA-58-1-341
NELSON, ALEDIA                          PA-58-4-393
NEWMAN, ANNA                            PA-58-2-91
NEWMAN, GLEN                            PA-58-5-228
NEWMAN, MARTIN                          PA-58-3-615
NEWMAN, NANCY                           PA-58-2-231
NEWTON, ASA                             PA-58-1-537
NEWTON, H. F.                           PA-58-7-358
NEWTON, MARY                            PA-58-4-55
NEWTON, SAMUEL A.                       PA-58-2-495
NICHOLS, AMOS                           PA-58-7-138
NICHOLS, ZENAS                          PA-58-3-203
NICHOLSON, E. D.                        PA-58-5-638
NICHOLSON, JANE A.                      PA-58-6-12
NICHOLSON, MARIA                        PA-58-6-31
NICHOLSON, THOMAS                       PA-58-4-597
NORMILE, BRIDGET                        PA-58-5-143
NORRIS, AMASA C.                        PA-58-8-513
NORRIS, NATHANIEL                       PA-58-3-608
NORTH, ANTHONY                          PA-58-3-144
NORTH, DAVID M.                         PA-58-5-46
NORTH, HANNAH                           PA-58-3-429
NORTHROP, HARRY                         PA-58-5-597
NORTON, C. W.                           PA-58-5-198
NUGENT, ELLEN                           PA-58-4-403
NYE, NORMAN P.                          PA-58-6-218
OAKLEY, CYRUS                           PA-58-3-350
OAKLEY, D. CHANCEY                      PA-58-7-601
OAKLEY, DANIEL                          PA-58-3-667
OAKLEY, JOTHAM                          PA-58-1-274
OAKLEY, MILBOURN                        PA-58-5-69
OBREN, TIMOTHY                          PA-58-3-476
OBRIEN, CATHERINE R.                    PA-58-8-482
OBRIEN, ELLEN                           PA-58-5-330
OBRIEN, JAMES                           PA-58-3-648
OBRIEN, MAURICE                         PA-58-7-369
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         PA-58-6-175
OBRIEN, THOMAS                          PA-58-7-151
OCONNELL, JOHN                          PA-58-8-218
OCONNELL, MATHEW                        PA-58-5-401
OCONNELL, MICHAEL                       PA-58-4-429
OCONNELL, SYLVESTER                     PA-58-7-290
ODAY, PATRICK                           PA-58-3-550
ODEA, JANE                              PA-58-7-707
ODONNELL, JOHN                          PA-58-6-13
ODONNELL, MARY                          PA-58-4-61
ODONNELL, MICHAEL                       PA-58-6-436
ODONNELL, RICHARD                       PA-58-6-119
OGDEN, ELISHA                           PA-58-5-702
OHARA, GEORGE                           PA-58-5-390
OHARA, WILLIAM                          PA-58-8-53
OLIN, JOHN                              PA-58-4-599
OLMSTEAD, ASA                           PA-58-3-277
OLOUGHLIN, PATRICK                      PA-58-6-254
OLYPHANT, GEORGE T.                     PA-58-5-686
ONAIN, JAMES                            PA-58-5-289
ONEIL, THOMAS                           PA-58-3-175
ONEILL, EUGENE                          PA-58-6-701
ONEILL, OWEN                            PA-58-8-406
ORDNUNG, WILLIAM H.                     PA-58-7-474
ORMAN, ANDREW                           PA-58-5-690
OSBORN, JAMES                           PA-58-4-555
OSHAUGHNESSEY, EDMUND                   PA-58-3-658
OSHAUGHNESSY, MICHAEL                   PA-58-5-406
OSHAUGHNESSY, PATRICK D.                PA-58-7-45
OTIS, GEORGE                            PA-58-7-615
OTIS, RICHARD                           PA-58-5-519
OVERFIELD, PAUL J.                      PA-58-4-708
OVERTON, J. B.                          PA-58-8-452
OWEN, ENOS                              PA-58-3-375
OWENS, JOHN                             PA-58-3-43
OWENS, SAMUEL                           PA-58-7-250
OWENS, SAMUEL                           PA-58-3-531

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