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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1812-1845 | 2=1845-1863 | 3=1863-1875 | 4=1875-1881 | 5=1883-1888 | 6=1888-1894 | 7=1892-1895 | 8-12=?? |
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PACKER, J. G.                     BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-459
PAGE, JAMES                       NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-3-19
PAINTIN, MARY A.                  GREAT BEND                              PA-58-5-538
PAINTIN, WALTER                   GREAT BEND                              PA-58-5-432
PALMER, ESEK H.                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-115
PALMER, GILBERT A.                SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-7-519
PALMER, GURDON W.                 BROOKLYN                                PA-58-4-13
PARK, ALEXANDER E.                SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-5-351
PARK, ASA                         BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-2-166
PARK, GEORGE W.                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-3-674
PARK, SIMON                       NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-3-452
PARK, SIMON                       FRANKLIN                                PA-58-2-99
PARKER, A. H.                     AUBURN                                  PA-58-6-220
PARLIAMAN, ANTHONY C.             SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-354
PARMENTER, JACKSON W.             GIBSON                                  PA-58-2-266
PARRISH, IRA H.                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-316
PASSMORE, N. O.                   BRDIGEWATER                             PA-58-5-180
PATTERSON, MARY                   NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-5-624
PAYNE, OLIVER                     HARFORD                                 PA-58-6-618
PAYNE, REBECCA                    JACKSON                                 PA-58-5-495
PAYNE, THOMAS                     JACKSON                                 PA-58-7-163
PECK, ASAHEL H.                   CLIFFORD                                PA-58-5-467
PECK, ASHER                       CLIFFORD                                PA-58-4-177
PECK, EMELINE S.                  ST. CROIX FALLS, POLK, WI               PA-58-6-544
PECK, GID                         NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-3-639
PECK, SIREL                       CLIFFORD                                PA-58-4-668
PECK, ZADY F.                     NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-5-296
PECKHAM, JOSEPH                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-411
PEIRONNET, JAMES S.               SPRINDSVILLE                            PA-58-1-387
PELTON, WILLIAM H.                HARMONY                                 PA-58-6-698
PENNEY, ELLEN M.                  BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-7-609
PENNEY, LENORA J.                 BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-5-726
PERIGO, JOHN T.                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-6-272
PERKINS, AVERY                    HARMONY                                 PA-58-3-398
PERKINS, PEREZ                    BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-1-232
PERRINE, HENRY                    SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-447
PERRINE, ISAAC LEWIS              SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-361
PERRY, SARAH                      SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-5-322
PERRY, TRUMAN                     THOMSON                                 PA-58-7-327
PERSONS, JOHN                     SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-451
PHELPS, SHERMAN D.                BINGHAMTON, BROOME, NY                  PA-58-4-394
PHILLIPS, MARY J.                 NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-5-599
PHILLIPS, NELSON                  CLIFFORD                                PA-58-5-119
PHILLIPS, SALLY ANN               CLIFFORD                                PA-58-7-501
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM L.              NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-4-587
PHINNEY, ELIZBAETH B.             DUNDUFF                                 PA-58-7-17
PHINNEY, JOSHUA                   NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-2-364
PHINNEY, THOMAS P.                DUNDAFF                                 PA-58-6-25
PHINNY, GOULD                     DUNDOFF                                 PA-58-1-584
PICKERING, C. F.                  THOMPSON                                PA-58-4-255
PICKERING, GEORGE W.              MONTROSE                                PA-58-2-308
PICKERING, J. M.                  BRIDGWATER                              PA-58-7-426
PICKERING, PHINEAS                JACKSON                                 PA-58-2-41
PICKERING, PRESERVED              GIBSON                                  PA-58-3-172
PICKERING, S. W.                  THOMPSON                                PA-58-5-523
PICKETT, HANNAH                   AUBURN                                  PA-58-4-249
PICKETT, SAMUEL                   AUBURN                                  PA-58-4-175
PIERCE, DANIEL                    CANAAN                                  PA-58-2-7
PIERCE, HORATIO S.                SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA, PA                PA-58-6-238
PIERONNET, JAMES STEPHEN          SPRINDSVILLE                            PA-58-1-380
PIERSON, JOHN                     FRANKLIN                                PA-58-3-542
PILKINGOTN, JOHN                  THOMSON                                 PA-58-7-348
PILKINGTON, JOSEPH                THOMPSON                                PA-58-5-288
PIPER, DAVID G.                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-3-633
PIPER, SALLY                      HARFORD                                 PA-58-4-353
PITCHER, BENJAMIN                 CLIFFORD                                PA-58-5-53
POLE, CHARLES G.                  JACKSON                                 PA-58-7-31
POOLER, HIRAM                     OAKLAND                                 PA-58-6-132
POPE, HENRY A.                    JACKSON                                 PA-58-6-626
PORTER, ELIZABETH A.              MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-425
PORTER, ISAAC                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-18
POST, DAVID                       MONTROSE                                PA-58-2-348
POST, HARRIET B.                  MONTROSE                                PA-58-5-327
POST, ISAAC                       MONTROSE                                PA-58-2-192
POST, MINERVA                     MONTROSE                                PA-58-3-423
POTTER, ANNA K.                   JACKSON                                 PA-58-5-240
POTTER, ERASTUS                   CLIFFORD                                PA-58-6-650
POTTER, JAMES Y.                  JACKSON                                 PA-58-4-461
POTTER, OLIVER                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-7-617
POWERS, DANIEL                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-196
POWERS, HAZARD                    LENOX                                   PA-58-2-148
POWERS, LAWRENCE                  SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-2-246
POWERS, SAMUEL                    GIBSON (CON'T)                          PA-58-4-163
POWERS, SAMUEL                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-156
POWES, HAZARD                     GIBSON                                  PA-58-1-95
PRICE, REECE                      GIBSON                                  PA-58-3-228
PRICE, ZACHARIAH                  BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-1-15
PRICHARD, ASAHEL B.               SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-355
PRYNE, JAMES                      HARMONY                                 PA-58-3-147
QUAIN, JAMES                      FRANKLIN                                PA-58-4-278
QUALEY, HANORAH                   FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-7-658
QUALEY, MICHAEL                   FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-4-61
QUICK, ANDREW C.                  BROOKLYN                                PA-58-4-330
QUICK, JOHNSON                    BROOKLYN                                PA-58-4-670
QUICK, SAMUEL                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-706
QUIN, FRANCIS                     CHOCONUT                                PA-58-2-238
QUINN, JAMES                      CHOCONUT                                PA-58-6-535
QUINN, JOSEPH P.                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             PA-58-5-643
RAFTEN, P. H.                     SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-3-384
RAHILLY, MATHEW                   FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-474
RANKIN, ROBERT                    HERRICK                                 PA-58-2-271
RANSOM, JAMES                     LENOX                                   PA-58-3-505
RANSOM, MARY                      LENOX                                   PA-58-7-106
RANSOM, REBECCA                   CLIFFORD                                PA-58-7-641
RANSOM, SYLVESTER S.              SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-405
RARDON, WILLIAM                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-3-45
RAYNSFORD, JOSEPH                 MONTROSE                                PA-58-1-89
RAYNSFORD, JOSHUA W.              MONTROSE                                PA-58-2-135
READ, ABEL                        HARFORD                                 PA-58-4-103
READ, ALMON H. ESQ.               MONTROSE                                PA-58-1-402
READ, CHARLES F.                  MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-23
READ, GUILFORD M.                 HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-504
REARDON, DANIEL                   FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-542
REARDON, MARY                     APOLACON                                PA-58-7-243
REARDON, MICHAEL                  FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-7-612
REDDINGTON, JOHN                  THOMSON                                 PA-58-5-251
REECE, JOHN                       LENOX                                   PA-58-2-333
REES, G. W.                       HOPBOTTOM                               PA-58-4-661
REES, WILLIAM                     LENOX                                   PA-58-4-246
REESE, JOSEPH                     BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-2-77
REESE, THOMAS                     GIBSON                                  PA-58-3-532
REESE, THOMAS D.                  CLIFFORD                                PA-58-6-192
REIDY, ELIZA                      SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-5-423
REIDY, JAMES                      SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-2-474
REILLY, JOHN V. P.                SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-3-586
REILLY, MARTIN                    SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-159
RELYEA, SEBAH P.                  JACKSON                                 PA-58-7-476
RESSEGUE, CHARLES W.              SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-58-7-622
RESSEGUIE, JEREMIAH               GIBSON                                  PA-58-3-66
RESSEQUIE, BETSEY A.              GIBSON                                  PA-58-5-133
RESSEQUIE, GEORGE E.              SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-296
REYNOLDS, C. W.                   MONTROSE                                PA-58-5-727
REYNOLDS, ELLEN                   AUBURN                                  PA-58-5-509
REYNOLDS, FELIX                   AUBURN                                  PA-58-5-16
REYNOLDS, J. H.                   NEW MIFLROD                             PA-58-7-423
REYNOLDS, JAMES                   AUBURN                                  PA-58-3-136
REYNOLDS, JAMES                   FRIENDSVILLE                            PA-58-3-132
REYNOLDS, JENKIN                  GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-405
REYNOLDS, JOHN                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-80
REYNOLDS, NATHANIEL               BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-544
REYNOLDS, PATRICK                 AUBURN                                  PA-58-5-124
REYNOLDS, REUBEN                  BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-7-411
REYNOLDS, ROBERT                  RUSH                                    PA-58-6-343
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL                  BROOKLYN                                PA-58-5-359
REYNOLDS, SILANCE E.              BROOKLYN                                PA-58-4-283
RHINEVAULT, JOHN                  SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-2-230
RHOADS, ELIZABETH                 NTL                                     PA-58-4-702
RHOADS, ELIZABETH                 PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA (CON'T)        PA-58-4-715
RICE, AMOS J.                     HARFORD                                 PA-58-3-628
RICE, JAMES M.                    FRIENDSVILLE                            PA-58-6-190
RICE, REBECCA                     HARFORD                                 PA-58-4-284
RICHARDS, ANNA M.                 NTL                                     PA-58-5-709
RICHARDS, DAVID L.                CLIFFORD                                PA-58-7-314
RICHARDS, DAVID M.                CLIFFORD                                PA-58-3-219
RICHARDSON, ALMEDA M. (LEWIS)     HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-674
RICHARDSON, CALEB                 HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-196
RICHARDSON, LYMAN                 HARFORD                                 PA-58-3-254
RICHARDSON, MARY A.               HARFORD                                 PA-58-7-120
RICHARDSON, NANCY M.              HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-236
RICHARDSON, PRESTON               HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-154
RICHMAN, MARGARET                 SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-1-295
RIDGWAY, BARBARA HERD             LENOX                                   PA-58-3-438
RILEY, EDWARD                     MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-6-215
RILEY, HENRY A.                   MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-251
RILEY, JOHN                       SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-580
RING, RICHARD                     LITTLE MEADOWS                          PA-58-4-276
RISLEY, ELBRIDGE G. D.            SPRINGEVILLE                            PA-58-5-1
RISLEY, JANE M.                   FORST CITY                              PA-58-7-289
RITTER, ROBERT R.                 KIRKWOOD, BROOME, NY                    PA-58-5-142
RIVENBURY, OREN                   CLIFFORD                                PA-58-4-620
ROBBINS, ISAAC                    CARONDALE, LACKAWANNA, PA               PA-58-5-267
ROBBINS, RUFUS                    MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-1-122
ROBERTS, CALISTA                  DIMOCK                                  PA-58-4-67
ROBERTS, CHLOE E.                 JESSUP                                  PA-58-7-322
ROBERTS, DEWITT C.                NTL, LACKAWANNA, PA                     PA-58-7-286
ROBERTS, JACOB                    BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-1-410
ROBERTS, JONATHAN P.              OTSEGO, OTSEGO, NY                      PA-58-6-524
ROBERTS, LORINDA E.               AUBURN                                  PA-58-6-664
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                  PIKE, BRADFORD, PA                      PA-58-7-420
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-7-97
ROBINSON, LUCIUS                  BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-655
ROCHE, JAMES                      LIBERTY                                 PA-58-3-97
ROCHE, MAURICE                    SUSQUEHANNA DEPOT                       PA-58-7-282
RODGERS, JENNIE L.                SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-7-543
RODGERS, L. S.                    THOMPSON                                PA-58-2-519
RODGERS, THOMAS                   SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-6-422
RODGERS, THOMAS                   SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-3-282
ROE, DAVID                        JESSUP                                  PA-58-5-305
ROE, HENRY A.                     LIBERTY                                 PA-58-7-605
ROE, SOPHIA                       JESSUP                                  PA-58-6-285
ROGERS, ANSON                     CLIFFORD                                PA-58-1-191
ROGERS, BETSEY                    HARMONY                                 PA-58-3-658
ROGERS, CALVIN                    SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-389
ROGERS, JAMES H.                  HARMONY                                 PA-58-3-458
ROGERS, JAMES W.                  DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-648
ROGERS, JOHN                      HARMONY                                 PA-58-3-526
ROGERS, JOHN B.                   SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-4-301
ROGERS, LEBBEUS                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-467
ROGERS, SAMUEL                    BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-5-528
ROLLS, JAMES                      CLIFFORD                                PA-58-4-65
ROOSA, ISAAC H. B.                GREAT BEND                              PA-58-2-522
ROOSA, LUKE D.                    GREAT BEND                              PA-58-3-580
ROOT, ALBERT A.                   SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-7-21
ROPER, J. J.                      BROOKLYN                                PA-58-7-241
ROPER, JULIA A.                   GIBSON                                  PA-58-6-69
ROSE, ANDREW HENRY                SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-2-201
ROSE, EMILY                       MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-372
ROSE, ROBERT H.                   SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-1-322
ROSENCRANTS, JOHN                 DIMOCK                                  PA-58-3-326
ROSENCRANTZ, JEREMIAH             SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-2-236
ROSENGRANT, SOPHIA                SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-265
ROSS, JONATHAN                    LIBERTY                                 PA-58-6-415
ROSS, JOSEPH                      MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-2-205
ROSS, STEPHEN D.                  HALLSTEAD                               PA-58-6-121
ROUGHT, ELIAS                     LATHROP                                 PA-58-7-491
ROUGHT, JAMES                     LENOX                                   PA-58-6-256
ROURKE, BRIDGET                   MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-7-565
ROWLEY, A. W.                     SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-287
ROWLEY, FRED                      FOREST CITY                             PA-58-6-605
RUBAND, SAMUEL                    LENOX                                   PA-58-7-150
RUNDEL, JASPER W.                 JESSUP                                  PA-58-6-79
RUSSEL, JOHN                      CLIFTON                                 PA-58-1-286
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN                 FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-139
RUSSELL, CALEB                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-65
RUSSELL, ELEAZER                  AUBURN                                  PA-58-2-258
RYAN, FRANCIS P.                  FRIENDSVILLE                            PA-58-3-363
RYAN, NANCY                       BINGHAMTON, BROOME, NY                  PA-58-3-549
RYAN, PATRICK                     APOLACON                                PA-58-6-711
RYAN, PHILIP                      FRIENDSVILLE                            PA-58-5-580
RYDER, IRA W.                     UNIONDALE                               PA-58-7-394
RYMOND, ABRAHAM                   SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-6-91
RYNE, PATRICK                     SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-506
RYNEARSON, CORNELIUS              LENOX                                   PA-58-2-11
RYNEARSON, ISAAC                  LENOX                                   PA-58-1-263
SADDLEMIRE, FREDERICK             NEWARK VALLEY, TIOGA, NY                PA-58-5-312
SALISBURY, BETSEY L.              THOMSON                                 PA-58-2-441
SALISBURY, SMITH                  HARMONY                                 PA-58-2-312
SALMON, WILLIAM                   LIBERTY                                 PA-58-1-414
SAMPSON, GEORGE                   THOMSON                                 PA-58-4-423
SAMPSON, PHEBY S.                 BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-326
SANDERS, AMOS                     GREAT BEND                              PA-58-5-424
SANDERS, JAMES E.                 LATHROP                                 PA-58-7-164
SANDERS, SOPHINA                  ARARAT                                  PA-58-7-189
SANDERS, SYLVIA W.                ARARAT                                  PA-58-7-187
SANDS, JAMES                      JACKSON                                 PA-58-3-625
SAUNDERS, DOROTHY                 BROOKLYN                                PA-58-5-273
SAUNDERS, JAMES                   HARMONY                                 PA-58-4-538
SAUNDERS, JAMES J.                SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-72
SAUTER, JOHN                      BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-7-128
SAYRE, DANIEL                     MONTROSE                                PA-58-2-298
SAYRE, PRISCILLA C.               MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-35
SCARBOROUGH, CHESTER              ARARAT                                  PA-58-2-321
SCHLAGER, CHARLES                 BINGHAMTON, BROOME, NY                  PA-58-6-253
SCHLAGER, JACOB                   BINGHAMTON, BROOME, NY                  PA-58-5-496
SCHOFIELD, CELINDA                WALTON, DELWARE, NY                     PA-58-5-219
SCOTT, ALMIRA C.                  GIBSON                                  PA-58-3-496
SCOTT, ANDREW J.                  GIBSON                                  PA-58-2-502
SCOTT, ELIJAH                     LENOX                                   PA-58-2-285
SCOTT, HIRAM                      BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-2-482
SCOTT, HIRAM                      BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-2-488
SCOTT, JESSE                      SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-585
SCOTT, JOHN D.                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-440
SCOTT, POWLONA                    LATHROP                                 PA-58-3-156
SCOTT, TITUS                      SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-582
SCOTTON, JOHN                     GREAT BEND                              PA-58-2-168
SCOVILLE, JOHN B.                 SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-285
SCOVILLE, SAMUEL                  GREAT BEND                              PA-58-6-38
SEAMANS, A. B.                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-4-647
SEAMANS, ROBERT                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-4-704
SEARLE, ANNA C.                   MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-454
SEARLE, HENRY S.                  NTL, MI                                 PA-58-7-37
SEARLE, LEONARD                   MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-522
SEARLE, LEONARD JR.               MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-249
SEARLE, RASSELAS                  MONTROSE                                PA-58-5-633
SEDMAN, HATTIE J.                 RUSH                                    PA-58-5-144
SELLICK, WILLIAM H.               SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-724
SENIOR, JOHN H.                   GIBSON                                  PA-58-6-204
SERVICE, ROBERT                   DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-251
SEVERANCE, OTIS C. SR.            LENOX                                   PA-58-5-522
SEVERY, AMOS                      MILLBURY, WOOSTER, MA                   PA-58-2-346
SEVERY, JUDAH W.                  JACKSON                                 PA-58-3-693
SEYMOUR, A. J.                    SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-3-124
SEYMOUR, ANN ELIZA                MONTROSE                                PA-58-7-173
SEYMOUR, HARRIET F.               SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-58-6-122
SHADDUCK, JOANNA                  RUSH                                    PA-58-3-662
SHADDUCK, T. E.                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-6-655
SHADDUCK, THOMAS                  RUSH                                    PA-58-2-222
SHAEEFF, CARRIE B. L.             SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-87
SHAEFF, ABIGAIL                   SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-58-7-55
SHAFER, HENRY                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-6-210
SHANER, DANIEL                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-7-548
SHANNON, ANN                      AUBURN                                  PA-58-2-55
SHANNON, ELIZABETH                AUBURN                                  PA-58-5-575
SHANNON, JEREMIAH                 AUBURN                                  PA-58-5-392
SHAW, JUSTUS                      HALLSTEAD                               PA-58-6-248
SHAY, BENJAMIN                    JESSUP                                  PA-58-4-356
SHEEP, CHRISTIAN                  JESSUP                                  PA-58-4-554
SHEETS, CYRUS                     JESSUP                                  PA-58-7-123
SHELDEN, ROBERT                   MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-1-163
SHELP, HENRY C.                   DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-191
SHELP, WILLIAM                    JESSUP                                  PA-58-4-654
SHEMAN, ABEL                      GREAT BEND                              PA-58-2-451
SHEPARDSON, BARNEY                GIBSON                                  PA-58-7-546
SHERIDAN, FRANCIS                 LENOX                                   PA-58-4-166
SHERIDAN, HUGH                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-363
SHERMAN, HENRIETTA                SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-99
SHERMAN, JONATHAN C.              JESSUP                                  PA-58-2-219
SHERMAN, NATHANIEL                SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-2-253
SHERMAN, NATHANIEL E.             SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-436
SHERWOOD, H. H.                   SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-134
SHERWOOD, ISAAC                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-5-370
SHERWOOD, NATHAN J.               RUSH                                    PA-58-3-402
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL                  AUBURN                                  PA-58-1-567
SHEVER, SAMUEL                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-459
SHIELDS, PATRICK                  ELMIRA, CHEMUNG, NY                     PA-58-5-717
SHIELLS, DAVID                    HICKORY GROVE                           PA-58-5-722
SHIPLEY, LUCY E.                  MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-4-520
SHIPMAN, NATHAN                   MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-2-289
SHOEMAKER, NICHOLAS               NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-3-649
SHOEMAKER, SAMUEL                 FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-7-441
SHORE, LEVI                       RUSH                                    PA-58-3-320
SHOVE, SETH                       US ARMY                                 PA-58-3-7
SHRIMPTON, SARAH                  SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-22
SHRIMPTON, WILLIAM G.             SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-3-372
SHUFELT, WILLIAM                  BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-3-592
SHULTS, HARRY (DR)                HARMONY                                 PA-58-3-641
SHULTS, MORGAN                    OAKLAND                                 PA-58-7-33
SILVIUS, JESSE                    LATHROP                                 PA-58-5-463
SIMMONS, C. M.                    HALLSTEAD                               PA-58-5-711
SIMMONS, MARY B.                  MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-548
SIMPSON, AGNES                    MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-501
SKELLY, LAWRENCE                  SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-58-5-19
SKILLMAN, MAHALA                  UNION, BROOME, NY                       PA-58-4-359
SKINNER, AMOS G.                  GREAT BEND                              PA-58-3-362
SKINNER, ELIJAH                   GREAT BEND                              PA-58-2-131
SKINNER, JACOB J.                 OAKLAND                                 PA-58-7-504
SLATTER, JAMES                    FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-3-206
SLOCUM, ALFRED                    JACKSON                                 PA-58-3-342
SLOCUM, GEORGE                    RUSH                                    PA-58-2-304
SLOCUM, JAMES                     SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-58-5-14
SLOCUM, REBECCA P.                ARARAT                                  PA-58-4-709
SLYTER, POLLY                     FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-3-422
SMITH, A. B.                      NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-7-366
SMITH, AMOS                       BROOKLYN                                PA-58-1-477
SMITH, AUTHRIE                    GREAT BEND                              PA-58-7-116
SMITH, BELINDA                    FRANKLIN FORKS                          PA-58-7-347
SMITH, BERT E.                    SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-292
SMITH, BETSEY                     CLIFFORD                                PA-58-4-402
SMITH, BILLOSTY                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-4-536
SMITH, CORNELIA M.                GREAT BEND                              PA-58-2-319
SMITH, E. H.                      SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-5-394
SMITH, ELIZABETH A.               LENOX                                   PA-58-3-256
SMITH, EPHRAIM                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-3-557
SMITH, HILA A.                    SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-5-60
SMITH, HUBARD N.                  LENOX                                   PA-58-6-542
SMITH, ISAAC                      BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-431
SMITH, ISAAC                      DIMOCK                                  PA-58-6-418
SMITH, J. H.                      SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-5-10
SMITH, JAMES                      BROOKLYN                                PA-58-1-125
SMITH, JAMES                      AUBURN                                  PA-58-7-25
SMITH, JONAS                      GREAT BEND                              PA-58-2-178
SMITH, JONATHAN                   GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-380
SMITH, JOSHUA                     DIMOCK                                  PA-58-1-279
SMITH, JULIA                      BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-7-139
SMITH, JUSTUS                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-5-256
SMITH, L. A.                      NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-6-157
SMITH, LAVINA                     FRANKLIN                                PA-58-4-441
SMITH, LEONARD                    SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-1-437
SMITH, LUCY J.                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-7-279
SMITH, NELSON T.                  MONTROSE                                PA-58-7-699
SMITH, PATRICK                    MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-4-64
SMITH, PHINEAS                    BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-4-245
SMITH, RICHARD                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-3-204
SMITH, RICHARD T.                 SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-5-613
SMITH, SARAH                      LATHROP                                 PA-58-5-571
SMITH, SARAH                      MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-422
SMITH, SILVESER                   LIBERTY                                 PA-58-3-211
SMITH, STEPHEN                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-3-665
SMITH, THOMAS B.                  GREAT BEND                              PA-58-3-597
SMITH, THOMAS G.                  MONTROSE                                PA-58-2-311
SMITH, TITUS                      FRANKLIN                                PA-58-2-448
SMITH, URBANE                     DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-715
SMITH, WILLIAM W.                 MONTROSE                                PA-58-7-207
SNOW, L. L.                       ARARAT                                  PA-58-7-141
SNYDER, HORACE                    LENOX                                   PA-58-6-483
SNYDER, NICHOLAS D.               RUSH                                    PA-58-4-181
SNYDER, PETER M.                  RUSH                                    PA-58-7-231
SOUTHWORTH, GIDEON                LIBERTY                                 PA-58-2-283
SPAFFORD, SAMUEL                  MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-2-332
SPAFFORD, SAMUEL H.               MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-2-421
SPARKS, LEE                       GIBSON                                  PA-58-6-194
SPARKS, POLIENE C.                NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-6-145
SPENCE, RACHEL                    MONTROSE                                PA-58-5-202
SPENCER, BETHIAR F.               NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-4-355
SPENCER, DANIEL                   SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-1-144
SPENCER, MARY                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-282
SPICER, ADALINE                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-3-150
SPROUT, CHARLES                   BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-6-351
SQUIER, PORTER                    SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-307
SQUIER, SARAH E.                  LATHROP                                 PA-58-7-237
SQUIRE, WILLIAM                   LATHROP                                 PA-58-3-113
STAGE, R. H.                      DIMOCK                                  PA-58-3-58
STALTER, MARY                     MONTROSE                                PA-58-7-685
STAMP, WILLIAM                    SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-408
STANFORD, WILLISTON               LIBERTY                                 PA-58-4-349
STANLEY, WELLS                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-177
STANLY, ALFRED                    SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-5-542
STAPLES, PETER THOMAS             WALWORTH, SURREY, ENGLAND               PA-58-4-502
STARK, N. R.                      SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-62
STARK, S. B.                      SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-531
STARKWEATHER, C. L.               CARBONDALE, LUZERNE, PA                 PA-58-6-523
STARN, SOLOMON                    HARMONY                                 PA-58-2-383
STARNS, OTIS                      GIBSON                                  PA-58-2-287
STATES, HANNA                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-7-228
STATES, JACOB                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-6-494
STEELE, BALSER                    LATHROP                                 PA-58-4-521
STEEMBERG, WILLIAM H.             APPOLACON                               PA-58-2-396
STEENBACK, CYRUS                  GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-552
STEENBACK, ESTHER                 JACKSON                                 PA-58-4-553
STEENBACK, LAURA B.               GIBSON                                  PA-58-5-311
STEENBECK, ESTHER                 GIBSON                                  PA-58-6-482
STEENBECK, PHILLIP                JACKSON                                 PA-58-7-115
STEENS, ALEXANDER                 AUBURN                                  PA-58-6-696
STEINBACK, ANTHONY                JACKSON                                 PA-58-3-683
STEPHENS, ALFRED                  BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-5-67
STEPHENS, ANN J.                  CLIFFORD                                PA-58-6-268
STEPHENS, JAMES                   BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-2-248
STEPHENS, JERAH                   NTL                                     PA-58-1-25
STEPHENS, MINER                   SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-7-683
STEPHENS, SAMUEL                  OAKLAND                                 PA-58-3-169
STEPHENS, SARAH A.                LENOX                                   PA-58-6-39
STERLING, A. G.                   AUBURN                                  PA-58-6-378
STERLING, DANIEL                  AUBURN                                  PA-58-3-637
STERLING, J. W.                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-73
STEVENS, D. B.                    CLIFFORD                                PA-58-4-400
STEVENS, D. FRANK                 DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-527
STEVENS, ELIAS                    CLIFFORD                                PA-58-3-604
STEVENS, JOEL                     CLIFFORD                                PA-58-3-251
STEVENS, JOHN B.                  HARMONY                                 PA-58-7-170
STEVENS, MARY (SHINDAN)           LENOX                                   PA-58-7-512
STEWART, JAMES T.                 HERRICK                                 PA-58-2-76
STILES, CAROLINE GREENWOOD        HARFORD                                 PA-58-2-139
STILLSON, EUGNEE A.               ELMIRA, CHEMUNG, NY                     PA-58-6-135
STILLWILL, ELIZABETH L.           FRANKLIN                                PA-58-5-551
STOCKHOLM, WILLIAM                FRANKLIN                                PA-58-4-300
STOCKMAN, FRANCIS                 SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-1-73
STODDARD, CHESTER                 THOMSON                                 PA-58-5-246
STODDARD, HARRIETT                THOMPSON                                PA-58-6-441
STONE, CATHARINE                  DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-694
STONE, DAYTON R.                  THOMSON                                 PA-58-3-341
STONE, FREEMAN                    THOMSON                                 PA-58-6-578
STONE, GARRAD                     MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-2-212
STONE, GEORGE A.                  JESSUP                                  PA-58-7-428
STONE, GEORGE L.                  NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-7-278
STONE, HENRIETTA G.               GREAT BEND                              PA-58-3-546
STONE, JUDSON                     FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-520
STONE, JUDSON                     FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-3-445
STONE, LORENZO                    SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-6-720
STONE, ORLANDO W.                 JESSUP                                  PA-58-7-535
STONE, TRUMAN                     BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-5-332
STOPPARD, MOSES                   FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-2-310
STORER, JACOB                     HARMONY                                 PA-58-6-651
STOUT, ANDREW V.                  JESSUP                                  PA-58-2-254
STRAIN, SUSAN                     LATHROP                                 PA-58-6-531
STRANGE, GEORGE B.                FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-7-200
STRANGE, ISAAC                    FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-410
STREETER, F. B.                   MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-200
STRICKLAND, BENONI T.             LATHROP                                 PA-58-6-396
STRICKLAND, GEORGE                SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-47
STRUPPLER, HENRY                  DIMOCK                                  PA-58-7-412
STRUPPLER, PETER                  DIMOCK                                  PA-58-6-427
STUART, RUTH                      RUSH                                    PA-58-4-507
STUART, RUTH M.                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-5-422
SULLIVAN, DENIS                   SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-5-450
SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH                LIBERTY                                 PA-58-6-197
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    OAKLAND                                 PA-58-3-559
SULLIVAN, MARGARET                FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-146
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL J.              LIBERTY                                 PA-58-2-125
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                 APOLACON                                PA-58-3-358
SUMMERS, EDWIN                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-7-344
SUMMERS, IRA                      NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-4-57
SUMMERS, JAMES                    NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-3-581
SUMNE, HENRY                      AUBURN                                  PA-58-6-577
SUMNE, MARY                       AUBURN                                  PA-58-6-599
SUTHELRAND, CHARLES R.            LIBERTY                                 PA-58-2-398
SUTPHIN, MARY N.                  NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-6-142
SUTTENBERG, MARX                  NEW YORK CITY, NY                       PA-58-7-349
SUTTON, HENRIETTA                 NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-7-325
SUTTON, SAMUEL                    SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-52
SWEENEY, EDWARD                   FRIENDSVILLE                            PA-58-7-169
SWEET, M. W.                      HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-135
SWEET, RAYMOND                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-533
SWISHER, GIDEON L.                AUBURN                                  PA-58-6-303
SWISHER, MATILDA H.               AUBURN                                  PA-58-4-379
TAFT, ABRAM                       HARFORD                                 PA-58-2-299
TAGGART, FREDERICK                MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-7-24
TAGGART, SAMUEL                   MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-3-148
TALOR, LUCINDA                    FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-323
TANNER, RUSSELL                   NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-5-472
TARBOX, WHIPPLE                   JESSUP                                  PA-58-2-270
TAYLOR, AARON                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-514
TAYLOR, AGNES E.                  LANESBORO                               PA-58-6-328
TAYLOR, DAVID                     HARMONY                                 PA-58-3-555
TAYLOR, DAVID                     GREAT BEND                              PA-58-1-23
TAYLOR, GEORGE W.                 LATHROP                                 PA-58-7-465
TAYLOR, GEORGE W.                 FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-7-206
TAYLOR, GIDEON L.                 SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-5-427
TAYLOR, JONATHAN                  HARMONY                                 PA-58-2-368
TAYLOR, LYDIA                     MONTROSE                                PA-58-3-244
TAYLOR, RACHEL                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-1-210
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                   SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-2-385
TENNANT, ALLEN                    NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-2-281
TERBOSS, ZEALUS                   GREAT BEND                              PA-58-5-553
TERRY, DAN                        RUSH                                    PA-58-7-577
TERRY, URIAH                      RUSH                                    PA-58-4-527
TEWKSBURY, AMOS                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-78
TEWKSBURY, FANNY                  BROOKLYN                                PA-58-1-540
TEWKSBURY, JACOB                  BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-5-615
TEWKSBURY, JOHN                   AUBURN                                  PA-58-7-184
TEWKSBURY, REUBEN                 LATHROP                                 PA-58-2-410
TEWSBURY, DANIEL                  BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-133
THACHER, SAMUEL                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-139
THATCHER, D. B.                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-7-122
THATCHER, PETER                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-2-467
THAYER, AMELIA                    SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-115
THAYNE, ANN                       AUBURN                                  PA-58-4-70
THOMAS, ANN                       CLIFFORD                                PA-58-6-616
THOMAS, AUSTIN                    LATHROP                                 PA-58-3-507
THOMAS, DAVID J.                  CLIFFORD                                PA-58-3-634
THOMAS, JACOB                     SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-370
THOMAS, JOHN                      CLIFFORD                                PA-58-6-221
THOMAS, JOHN                      HERRICK                                 PA-58-4-581
THOMAS, LYDIA J.                  DIMOCK                                  PA-58-3-190
THOMAS, PERMELIA J.               HARMONY                                 PA-58-7-30
THOMPSON, CHARLES H.              OAKLAND                                 PA-58-7-503
THOMPSON, GEORGE                  SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-4-508
THOMPSON, GEORGE W.               SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-4-53
THOMPSON, JOHN B.                 MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-642
THOMSON, LYDIA                    CONKLIN, BROOME, NY                     PA-58-2-105
THOMSON, WILLIAM                  CONKLIN, BROOME, NY                     PA-58-1-328
THORP, DAVID                      AUBURN                                  PA-58-5-398
THYER, SOPHIA                     GIBSON                                  PA-58-7-304
THYER, WILLIAM                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-7-303
TIBBITTS, RACHEL AMANDA           FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-3-551
TICEHURST, JAMES                  SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-728
TICEHURST, MARY J.                SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-257
TIERNEY, JOHN                     SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-2-416
TIERNEY, JOSEPH                   MIDDLETOWN                              PA-58-5-255
TIFFANY, ALFRED                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-362
TIFFANY, ANNA                     LENOX                                   PA-58-6-411
TIFFANY, ARUNAH                   GIBSON                                  PA-58-3-22
TIFFANY, CHARLES G.               SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-562
TIFFANY, D. P.                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-7-393
TIFFANY, DALTON                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-3-242
TIFFANY, EDWARD                   ARARAT                                  PA-58-7-625
TIFFANY, ELISHA T.                DIMOCK                                  PA-58-7-401
TIFFANY, F. H.                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-279
TIFFANY, GEORGE W.                BROOKLYN                                PA-58-7-191
TIFFANY, GEORGE W.                HOPBOTTOM                               PA-58-7-585
TIFFANY, HOSEA                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-152
TIFFANY, HOSEA                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-107
TIFFANY, LEWIS                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-2-500
TIFFANY, MARVIN L.                HOPBOTTOM                               PA-58-6-536
TIFFANY, ORVILLE N.               DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-642
TIFFANY, PELATIAH                 BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-471
TIFFANY, PRESTON                  DIMOCK                                  PA-58-4-96
TIFFANY, SARAH B.                 BROOKLYN                                PA-58-5-127
TIFFANY, THOMAS                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-135
TILDEN, HENRY                     FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-3-31
TINGLEY, ALMON                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-6-723
TINGLEY, CHARLES Q.               JACKSON                                 PA-58-6-30
TINGLEY, DANIEL                   JACKSON                                 PA-58-2-162
TINGLEY, DARIUS                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-2-313
TINGLEY, EDE L.                   JACKSON                                 PA-58-4-667
TINGLEY, ELKANA                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-214
TINGLEY, FREEMAN                  HARFORD                                 PA-58-7-403
TINGLEY, G. I.                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-714
TINGLEY, HOMER                    NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-5-691
TINGLEY, JOEL S.                  SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-247
TINGLEY, MASON                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-4-219
TINGLEY, NELLIE M.                NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-7-57
TINGLEY, WILLIAM E.               HARFORD                                 PA-58-4-176
TINKER, JAMES                     CLIFFORD                                PA-58-5-200
TINKER, JOHN                      CLIFFORD                                PA-58-6-344
TINKER, MAY                       CLIFFORD                                PA-58-5-548
TINKER, WILLIAM SR.               CLIFFORD                                PA-58-1-149
TITUS, EZEKIEL                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-459
TITUS, LEONARD                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-3-397
TITUS, PRESTON                    HARFORD                                 PA-58-2-423
TODD, THOMAS                      SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-5-320
TOMPKINS, FERNANDO                LIBERTY                                 PA-58-6-370
TOMPKINS, FLORENCE                HARFORD                                 PA-58-4-426
TOMPKINS, S. D.                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-338
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM H.              LIBERTY                                 PA-58-3-289
TORRY, BETSEY C.                  BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-483
TORRY, DANIEL                     BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-264
TOURGE, JOHN A.                   LENOX                                   PA-58-2-267
TOURGIE, BENJAMIN C.              LENOX                                   PA-58-3-118
TOWBRIDGE, LYMAN                  GREAT BEND                              PA-58-1-569
TOWER, RIAL                       LENOX                                   PA-58-4-528
TOWER, WILLIAM N.                 NORTH HECTOR, SCHUYLER, NY              PA-58-5-8
TOWNSEND, ASA E.                  FRANKLIN                                PA-58-6-612
TRAVIS, H. H.                     FRANKLIN                                PA-58-6-610
TRAVIS, JAMES                     LIBERTY                                 PA-58-2-241
TRAWLEY, SIMON                    HARMONY                                 PA-58-5-631
TREIBLE, PETER                    AUBURN                                  PA-58-4-434
TRODDEN, JAMES                    FRIENDSVILLE                            PA-58-5-524
TROWBRIDGE, LAFAYETTE             NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             PA-58-6-477
TROWBRIDGE, NOBLE                 GREAT BEND                              PA-58-1-75
TRUESDELL, SAMUEL                 LIBERTY                                 PA-58-1-571
TRUSDELL, SAMUEL W.               LIBERTY                                 PA-58-3-517
TUBBS, MINOR C.                   AUBURN                                  PA-58-4-455
TUCKER, S. B.                     ARARAT                                  PA-58-6-622
TURNER, POLLY M.                  FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-6-709
TURRELL, ABEL                     MONTROSE                                PA-58-6-260
TURRELL, DAVID O.                 FRANKLIN                                PA-58-5-357
TURRELL, L. M.                    FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-21
TURRELL, LEMAN                    FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-1-580
TURRELL, MARY E.                  FRANKLIN                                PA-58-2-394
TURRELL, STANLEY                  FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-4-375
TURRELL, WILLIAM J.               MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-579
TUTHILL, B. B.                    GREAT BEND                              PA-58-6-399
TUTTLE, PERRY H.                  CLIFFORD                                PA-58-6-66
TYLER, GEORGE W.                  JACKSON                                 PA-58-7-440
TYLER, HENRY C.                   MONTROSE                                PA-58-6-295
TYLER, HENRY T.                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-4-305
TYLER, ISABELLA                   BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-7-136
TYLER, MOSES S.                   BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-5-249
TYLER, ROYAL                      OAKLAND                                 PA-58-5-619
TYLER, WILLISTON K.               ARARAT                                  PA-58-3-84
VAIL, DANIEL W.                   TORREY, YATES, NY                       PA-58-6-326
VAIL, SAMUEL                      MONTOUR, SCHUYLER, NY                   PA-58-7-674
VAIL, SARAH JANE                  NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-5-349
VANAUKEN, AMOS                    RUSH                                    PA-58-4-630
VANAUKEN, B. W.                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-5-122
VANBUSKIRK, THOMAS                JACKSON                                 PA-58-5-596
VANCE, JAMES                      FRANKLIN                                PA-58-2-234
VANCOLT, JAMES                    NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-5-352
VANCOTT, H. H.                    NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-6-449
VANDUSEN, CHRISTOPHER             SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-647
VANETTEN, PETER W.                LENOX                                   PA-58-7-578
VANFLET, SIMEON                   NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-3-684
VANHORN, PHILA A.                 THOMSON                                 PA-58-5-361
VANHORN, SAMUEL                   THOMSON                                 PA-58-6-603
VANHOUSEN, WILLIAM L.             BROOKLYN                                PA-58-7-198
VANORNAM, CHARLES                 LITTLE MEADOWS                          PA-58-4-63
VANSCOTEN, MATILDA                AUBURN                                  PA-58-4-662
VANWINKLE, ELIAS                  GIBSON                                  PA-58-1-530
VAUGHN, C. B.                     BRIDGWATER                              PA-58-5-707
VERY, ASA                         HARFORD                                 PA-58-1-71
VERY, CHLOE                       MOUNT PLEASANT, WAYNE, PA               PA-58-1-499
VERY, RUSSELL                     JESSUP                                  PA-58-3-456
VERY, ZERAH                       HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-487
VIRGIL, ABBIE                     AUBURN                                  PA-58-7-48
VOLZ, CHRISTIAN F. A.             NTL                                     PA-58-1-230
VOUGH, JACOB N.                   SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-440
WADIN, MICHAEL                    HARMONY                                 PA-58-6-193
WAGGONER, PETER                   LENOX                                   PA-58-5-324
WAGNER, MARY                      PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                PA-58-5-281
WAKEMAN, B.                       GREAT BEND                              PA-58-4-706
WALDRON, NATHAN W.                HARFORD                                 PA-58-2-378
WALDRON, S. P.                    GREAT BEND                              PA-58-5-724
WALKER, GEORGE                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-6-381
WALKER, HANNAH                    ARARAT                                  PA-58-4-532
WALKER, LEE S.                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-7-478
WALKER, NEWTON E.                 NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-2-292
WALKER, RUTH                      JESSUP                                  PA-58-3-619
WALKER, WANHAM B.                 ARARAT                                  PA-58-4-11
WALKER, WARREN B.                 LENOX                                   PA-58-3-391
WALKER, WILLIAM R.                JESSUP                                  PA-58-6-203
WALL, FRANK J.                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             PA-58-6-547
WALLACE, JACOB B.                 DIMOCK                                  PA-58-3-553
WALLING, LYDIA H.                 BINGHAMTON, BROOME, NY                  PA-58-7-581
WALSH, PATRICK                    APOLACON                                PA-58-4-404
WANDS, THOMAS                     SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-2-445
WARD, CHRISTOPHER                 BINGHAMTON, BROOME, NY                  PA-58-3-42
WARD, DAVID                       JESSUP                                  PA-58-3-225
WARD, ICHABOD                     NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-1-33
WARD, MARIETTA PRATT              CARBONDALE                              PA-58-3-92
WARD, WILLIAM                     NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-2-25
WARNER, ALZINA                    MONTROSE                                PA-58-5-201
WARNER, AMOS                      AUBURN                                  PA-58-6-246
WARNER, ANSEL L.                  NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-6-569
WARNER, AZOR M.                   FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-3-291
WARNER, BERTHA                    FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-6-325
WARNER, CLARENCE T.               FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-7-281
WARNER, HENRY                     MONTROSE                                PA-58-6-588
WARNER, HENRY                     LIBERTY                                 PA-58-2-476
WARNER, JEHIEL                    FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-1-511
WARNER, NELSON C.                 MONTROSE                                PA-58-5-314
WARNER, SAMUEL                    BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-1-561
WARNER, TIMOTHY                   BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-2-305
WASHBURN, OSCAR                   SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-80
WASHBURN, REBECCA L.              ARARAT                                  PA-58-5-541
WASHINGTON, HUBBARD               MONTROSE                                PA-58-2-315
WATERMAN, D. N.                   LATHROP                                 PA-58-6-63
WATERMAN, FINETTA                 LATHROP                                 PA-58-5-581
WATERMAN, IRA V.                  LATHROP                                 PA-58-6-77
WATKINS, THOMAS                   CLIFFORD                                PA-58-3-382
WATROUS, JOSEPH                   BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-3-697
WATROUS, SALOME                   MONTROSE                                PA-58-6-554
WATROUS, SPENCER                  BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-6-371
WATSON, DAVID JR.                 FRANKLIN                                PA-58-2-380
WATSON, JAMES                     FRANKLIN                                PA-58-2-4
WATSON, JEREMIAH                  FRANKLIN                                PA-58-6-528
WATSON, LAURA A.                  NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-6-129
WATSON, SARAH                     FRANKLIN                                PA-58-2-328
WATSON, WALTER                    NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-7-50
WEATHERBEE, OLIVER                LENOX                                   PA-58-2-65
WEBB, HENRY T.                    MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-261
WEBB, J. EDWIN                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-4-639
WEBB, RICHARD A.                  HGARMONY                                PA-58-3-463
WEBSTER, CHARLOTTE                MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-366
WEBSTER, HENRY                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-3-226
WEBSTER, JOHN                     MONTROSE                                PA-58-2-478
WEBSTER, JOSEPH                   LIBERTY                                 PA-58-4-240
WEBSTER, JOSEPH SR.               FRANKLIN                                PA-58-1-506
WEBSTER, MARY                     FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-2-301
WEEKS, CALEB                      MONTROSE                                PA-58-3-396
WEIGMAN, JOHN H.                  OAKLAND                                 PA-58-6-324
WEISMAN, FRANK                    OAKLAND                                 PA-58-6-580
WELCH, DAVID                      NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-1-527
WELCH, JOHN A.                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-4-179
WELCH, MALINDA                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-5-373
WELCH, WILLIAM B.                 SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-87
WELLES SARAH G.                   DUNDOFF                                 PA-58-5-503
WELLMAN, BERRY                    NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-3-20
WELLMAN, LAURA M.                 NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-6-40
WELLS, ABIJAH                     GIBSON                                  PA-58-2-408
WELLS, ALPHA M.                   HARFORD                                 PA-58-5-243
WELLS, ANNA M.                    CLIFFORD                                PA-58-4-509
WELLS, HUBEL                      JACKSON                                 PA-58-2-144
WELLS, JAMES                      CLIFFORD                                PA-58-2-434
WELLS, LEVI                       NTL                                     PA-58-1-101
WELLS, MARTHA                     GIBSON                                  PA-58-3-677
WELLS, P. D.                      AUBURN                                  PA-58-5-229
WELLS, REUBEN                     BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-3-678
WELLS, WILLIAM                    CLIFFORD                                PA-58-2-272
WESCOTT, LOUISA                   LENOX                                   PA-58-7-192
WEST, ABBY                        CLIFFORD                                PA-58-2-9
WEST, ELIZA E.                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-167
WEST, NATHANIEL                   ARARAT                                  PA-58-4-442
WEST, SUSANNIA                    SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-475
WESTBROOK, ELIZABETH              LATHROP                                 PA-58-4-263
WESTBROOK, SAMUEL                 BROOKLYN                                PA-58-4-586
WESTFALL, ELIJAH                  OAKLAND                                 PA-58-3-248
WESTFALL, LEVI                    OAKLAND                                 PA-58-3-500
WESTFALL, MARTHA                  OAKLAND                                 PA-58-3-412
WESTGATE, ANNA E.                 FOREST CITY                             PA-58-7-701
WESTON, WILLIAM                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-153
WESTOVER, CLARISSA A.             HARMONY                                 PA-58-5-629
WETTON, JAMES                     FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-7-460
WHALEN, MICHAEL                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-6-575
WHALEN, PATRICK                   SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-3-67
WHALEN, PATRICK                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-4-270
WHALLEY, JAMES                    SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-2-244
WHALLEY, JOHN                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             PA-58-1-117
WHEATCROFT, SAMUEL G.             FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-4-446
WHEATCROFT, THOMAS                FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-2-207
WHEATON, CALVIN                   LIBERTY                                 PA-58-1-361
WHEATON, N. P.                    FRANKLIN                                PA-58-5-632
WHEATON, WILLIAM W.               JACKSON                                 PA-58-6-152
WHELAN, MICHAEL                   FRIENDSVILLE                            PA-58-4-537
WHELAN, WILLIAM                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-3-122
WHITBROOK, CHARLES                SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-499
WHITE, JAMES                      SUSQUEHANNA DEPOT                       PA-58-7-133
WHITE, WILLIAM                    AUBURN                                  PA-58-7-679
WHITE, WILLIAM JR.                AUBURN                                  PA-58-5-286
WHITFORD, MINERVA                 HOP BOTTOM                              PA-58-5-13
WHITING, JOSIAH S.                LENOX                                   PA-58-7-652
WHITING, ROBERT                   SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-3-493
WHITMARSH, W. H.                  JACKSON                                 PA-58-6-707
WHITNEY, BILLIOUS                 HARFORD                                 PA-58-2-49
WHITNEY, DAVID                    LENOX                                   PA-58-5-123
WHITNEY, EBENEZER                 HOPBOTTOM                               PA-58-1-36
WHITNEY, FRANCIS M.               JACKSON                                 PA-58-6-117
WHITNEY, GEORGE S.                HARFORD                                 PA-58-6-624
WHITNEY, HARRIET C.               GIBSON                                  PA-58-2-252
WHITNEY, HENRY A.                 SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-2-218
WHITNEY, MERRICK T.               THOMSON                                 PA-58-7-506
WICKS, NATHANIEL                  NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-1-68
WILBUR, ARMINDA                   DUNDUFF                                 PA-58-7-167
WILBUR, ELIJAH                    SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-5-684
WILBUR, HARVEY                    LIBERTY                                 PA-58-4-87
WILBUR, JEREMIAH D.               LIBERTY                                 PA-58-3-698
WILBUR, WILLIAM                   DUNDOFF                                 PA-58-5-608
WILBUR, WILLIAM K.                SILVER LAKE                             PA-58-6-429
WILCOX, SIMON G.                  GREAT BEND                              PA-58-5-9
WILKINSON, ROBERT                 JACKSON                                 PA-58-5-667
WILLARD, ANDREW                   DIMOCK                                  PA-58-2-336
WILLCOX, MARY                     GREAT BEND                              PA-58-4-271
WILLIAMS, AMIS                    SPRINGVILLE                             PA-58-3-110
WILLIAMS, CLARK D.                NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-7-117
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                  MONTROSE                                PA-58-4-428
WILLIAMS, ELEANOR                 DUNDAFF                                 PA-58-4-449
WILLIAMS, ELISHA                  GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-161
WILLIAMS, EMELINE                 SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-6-649
WILLIAMS, GILBERT                 NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-3-650
WILLIAMS, GORDON G.               JACKSON                                 PA-58-3-155
WILLIAMS, HENRY                   MAMAKATING                              PA-58-6-350
WILLIAMS, HENRY A.                CLIFFORD                                PA-58-3-444
WILLIAMS, HENRY J.                APOLACON                                PA-58-7-355
WILLIAMS, HIRAM                   NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-6-289
WILLIAMS, HORACE                  DIMOCK                                  PA-58-1-456
WILLIAMS, HULDAH C.               GIBSON                                  PA-58-5-72
WILLIAMS, MARY                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-5-33
WILLIAMS, MARY                    MONTROSE                                PA-58-6-363
WILLIAMS, MARYETTA                SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-3-152
WILLIAMS, MORTIMER                HERRICK                                 PA-58-6-713
WILLIAMS, MYRA ANN                GIBSON                                  PA-58-4-195
WILLIAMS, OWEN                    GIBSON                                  PA-58-7-342
WILLIAMS, SARAH H.                JACKSON                                 PA-58-7-52
WILLIAMS, SHERMAN                 ARARAT                                  PA-58-4-463
WILLIAMS, SOPHIA                  CLIFFORD                                PA-58-4-14
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                 BROOKLYN                                PA-58-1-475
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN H.              BROOKLYN                                PA-58-4-559
WILLIAMS, T. G.                   FRANKLIN                                PA-58-7-655
WILMARTH, DAVID                   HOP BOTTOM                              PA-58-5-404
WILMARTH, WASHINGTON W.           GIBSON                                  PA-58-5-718
WILMARTH, WILLARD W.              HARFORD                                 PA-58-7-645
WILMOT, E. F.                     GREAT BEND                              PA-58-7-415
WILSON, JASON                     GREAT BEND                              PA-58-1-281
WILSON, M. S.                     MONTROSE                                PA-58-6-22
WISEMAN, JOHN M.                  NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-5-140
WITTER, WILLIAM                   THOMSON                                 PA-58-7-436
WOOD, ARTHUR BURR                 WASHINGTON, DC                          PA-58-7-127
WOOD, DANIEL                      LATHROP                                 PA-58-3-462
WOOD, JOHN                        SUSQ. DEPOT                             PA-58-5-199
WOOD, JOHN                        RUSH                                    PA-58-4-62
WOOD, LUCRETIA E.                 NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-4-333
WOOD, NANCY                       GIBSON                                  PA-58-3-81
WOOD, WILLIAM C.                  OAKLAND                                 PA-58-3-318
WOODCOCK, ALBERT                  JESSUP                                  PA-58-4-280
WOODCOCK, POLLY                   JESSUP                                  PA-58-4-718
WOODRUFF, LEWIS H.                DIMOCK                                  PA-58-4-3
WOODRUFF, SAMUEL                  CLIFFORD                                PA-58-1-26
WORDEN, JESSE B.                  JACKSON                                 PA-58-2-209
WORDEN, O. N.                     NEW MILFORD                             PA-58-4-584
WORTHING, LYDIA E.                BROOKLYN                                PA-58-6-182
WRIGHT, AMY M.                    HOPBOTTOM                               PA-58-7-195
WRIGHT, ANTHONY                   LATHROP                                 PA-58-2-187
WRIGHT, CHAUNCEY                  FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-5-128
WRIGHT, EMERY                     AUBURN                                  PA-58-3-441
WRIGHT, JANE                      GREAT BEND                              PA-58-5-572
WRIGHT, JERUSHA                   FOREST LAKE                             PA-58-6-478
WRIGHT, MARTHA ANN                MONTROSE                                PA-58-6-155
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                    LATHROP                                 PA-58-4-244
WRIGHT, WISE                      BROOKLYN                                PA-58-2-179
WYLIE, SIMEON                     GREAT BEND                              PA-58-1-147
YEOMANS, JOSEPH                   BROOKLYN                                PA-58-3-400
YEOMANS, SALLY B.                 BROOKLYN                                PA-58-4-360
YOUNG, AARON                      DAMASCUS, WAYNE, PA                     PA-58-6-509
YOUNG, ABAGAIL                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-4-672
YOUNG, AGNES                      MONTROSE                                PA-58-3-354
YOUNG, ANDREW                     DIMOCK                                  PA-58-4-104
YOUNG, DAVID                      DIMOCK                                  PA-58-3-348
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                  BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-3-144
YOUNG, JAMES                      JESSUP                                  PA-58-4-504
YOUNG, JOHN                       DIMOCK                                  PA-58-5-230
YOUNG, JOHN N.                    DIMOCK                                  PA-58-6-18
YOUNG, MARGARET                   JESSUP                                  PA-58-2-446
YOUNG, MARGARET                   MONTROSE                                PA-58-3-410
YOUNG, MARION                     DIMOCK                                  PA-58-6-419
YOUNGS, ISRAEL                    BRIDGEWATER                             PA-58-4-59
YOUNKERS, JONATHAN                AUBURN                                  PA-58-3-568
ZELLER, FRED A.                   OAKLAND                                 PA-58-6-15

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