Schenectady County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Schenectady County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABBE                                   Becca E
ABBE                                   Cornelia D
ABBE                                   Jesse R
ABBE SMITH                             Cornelia D
ABRAMS                                 Eunice
ABRAMS                                 Eunice A
ABRAMS                                 Jay Danforth
ABRAMS                                 John
ABRAMS CHENEY                          Eunice A
ACHTER                                 Theresa
ACHTER FINK                            Theresa
ACKER                                  Francis X
ACKER                                  Jemima
ADAIR                                  Jean
ADAIR KELLY                            Jean
ADAMS                                  Jane Ann
ADAMS                                  Margaret W
ADAMS                                  Martha
ADAMS (WWI)                            William J
ADAMS CLANCY                           Martha
ADAMS MCGUKIN                          Jane Ann
ADAMS VAN BUREN                        Margaret W
ADRIANCE                               Horace B
ADRIANCE                               Horace L
ADRIANCE                               Kenneth
ADRIANCE                               May
ADRIANCE (WWII)                        Horace L
ADRIANCE (WWII)                        Kenneth
AHNERI                                 Helena
AHNERI WEGE                            Helena
AHREET                                 Amos Bentley
AHREET                                 Charles A
AHREET                                 Marquis W
AHREET (CW)                            Charles A
AHREET (CW)                            Marquis W
AIGNER                                 Joseph
AIGNER                                 Katherine
AIRLIE                                 Maud D
AIRLIE                                 William
AKIN                                   Jacob H
ALBERTS                                Roberta A
ALBOHM                                 Marjorie G
ALBOHM                                 Robert C
ALBOHM                                 Robert C
ALBRIGHT                               Rachel A
ALBRIGHT RELYEA                        Rachel A
ALDI                                   Christopher
ALDI                                   Lillian Rose
ALDI (WWII)                            Christopher
ALDRICH                                Frederick A
ALDRICH (SA)                           Frederick A
ALEXANDER                              Jessie
ALEXANDER FRIDAY                       Jessie
ALHEIM                                 Jacob
ALHEIM                                 Josephine
ALLEN                                  Annie L
ALLEN                                  Barnabas
ALLEN                                  Daniel
ALLEN                                  Dolly Eliza
ALLEN                                  Elizabeth
ALLEN                                  Frances H
ALLEN                                  George B
ALLEN                                  Isabella
ALLEN                                  James
ALLEN                                  James
ALLEN                                  James L
ALLEN                                  Jane
ALLEN                                  Margaret
ALLEN                                  Maria
ALLEN                                  Mary Ann
ALLEN                                  Minerva
ALLEN                                  Minnie E
ALLEN                                  Sarah
ALLEN                                  Sarah A
ALLEN                                  William
ALLEN                                  William F
ALLEN                                  William F
ALLEN BRADSHAW                         Maria
ALLEN MARCLEY                          Mary Ann
ALSDORF                                Lawens
ALTROCK                                Aretta E
ALTROCK BAUER                          Aretta E
ALVAREZ                                James A, II
ALVAREZ                                Mary G
AMEND                                  Franz J
AMEND (CW)                             Franz J
AMES                                   Alison Stuart
AMES                                   Sarah B
AMES BALDWIN                           Sarah B
AMMIAN                                 Leo
AMMIAN (KOR)                           Leo
ANDERSON                               Albert S
ANDERSON                               Elizabeth
ANDERSON                               George
ANDERSON                               Jane
ANDERSON                               Maria
ANDERSON                               Martin A
ANDERSON                               Mary Jane
ANDERSON                               Maud B
ANDERSON                               Nora W
ANDERSON                               Warner
ANDERSON (WWI)                         Martin A
ANDERSON (WWI)                         Warner
ANDERSON (WWII)                        Nora W
ANDERSON PARKER                        Mary Jane
ANDRASSY                               Maria
ANDREWS                                Omer R
ANDREWS (WWII)                         Omer R
ANGLE                                  Kate E
ANGLE                                  William L
ANTENUCCI                              Frank A
ANTENUCCI                              Lena
ANTENUCCI (WWII)                       Frank A
ANTHONY                                Margaret
ANTHONY                                Rebecca
ANTHONY FULLER                         Rebecca
ANTHONY WICKENS                        Margaret
APPERLEY                               Mary
APPERLEY                               Susan
APPERLEY RAHM                          Mary
APPERLEY SEIFER                        Susan
APPS                                   Ann
APPS                                   Robert
ARAGOSA                                Ralph A
ARAGOSA (WWI)                          Ralph A
ARMOUR                                 John Joseph
ARMOUR (WWI)                           John Joseph
ARMSTRONG                              Abigail
ARMSTRONG                              Esther
ARMSTRONG MCDOUGALL                    Abigail
ARNOLD                                 Almira
ARNOLD PETERS                          Almira
ARTHUR                                 Cornelia
ASKEW                                  Edward G
ASKEW (WWII)                           Edward G
ATKINS                                 Mae
ATKINS BLAYZOR                         Mae
ATTENDORN                              Joseph C
ATWELL                                 Lizzie J
ATWELL HOYT                            Lizzie J
AUBE                                   Euphrasile
AUBE GRANT                             Euphrasile
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Rosie M
AUCHAMPAUGH SHELDON                    Rosie M
AUSFELD                                Genevieve
AUSFELD                                John F
AUSSIKER                               Harold E
AUSSIKER                               John H
AUSSIKER                               Minnie D
AUSSIKER                               William F
AUSTIN                                 Adalaska
AUSTIN                                 Alfred G
AUSTIN                                 Edward
AUSTIN                                 Jennie M
AUSTIN                                 Leona
AUSTIN                                 Maude L
AUSTIN                                 Rosina
AYRES                                  Winifred M
AYRES STILLWELL                        Winifred M
BABB                                   Joyce E
BABCOCK                                Anna
BABCOCK                                Esther
BABCOCK                                Fannie
BABCOCK                                Grace
BABCOCK DUNBAR                         Fannie
BABCOCK KITTLE                         Grace
BACKUS                                 Ann E
BACKUS                                 J Trumbull
BADER                                  Barbara
BADER                                  Emma
BADER BRINKERT                         Emma
BAILEY                                 Arthur H
BAILEY                                 Charlotte
BAILEY                                 Charlotte
BAILEY                                 Francis H
BAILEY                                 James
BAILEY                                 John
BAILEY                                 Josephine
BAILEY                                 Louisa K
BAILEY                                 Salley Ann
BAILEY                                 Walter B
BAILEY (WWI)                           Arthur H
BAILEY (WWII)                          Francis H
BAILEY MERRY                           Salley Ann
BAILEY MYERS                           Charlotte
BAILEY MYERS                           Charlotte
BAILEY VAN ZANDT                       Louisa K
BAIRD                                  Harold J
BAIRD                                  John
BAIRD                                  Leona R
BAIRD                                  Sarah
BAIRD                                  Willard
BAKEMAN                                Charlotte
BAKEMAN                                Elizabeth
BAKEMAN                                Elizabeth
BAKEMAN                                Jacob
BAKEMAN FISHER                         Elizabeth
BAKEMAN GORDON                         Elizabeth
BAKEMAN VAN PATTEN                     Charlotte
BAKER                                  Anna Maria
BAKER                                  David Hathaway
BAKER                                  Gussie
BAKER                                  Ira G
BAKER                                  Margaret A.
BAKER                                  Marion L
BAKER                                  Milton B
BAKER                                  William K
BAKER                                  William Neil
BAKER                                  Winifred L
BAKER (WWI)                            William Neil
BAKER (WWII)                           Ira G
BAKER EBERLE                           Margaret A
BALAKIER                               Ludwika
BALAKIER KRAWCZYK                      Ludwika
BALAZOVIC                              Mary K
BALAZOVIC MACH                         Mary K
BALDUS                                 Henry
BALDUS (CW)                            Henry
BALDWIN                                Clement K
BALDWIN                                Elizabeth A
BALDWIN                                Frank
BALDWIN                                Franklin N
BALDWIN                                Fred W
BALDWIN                                Fred W
BALDWIN                                Mable
BALDWIN                                Nicholas
BALDWIN                                Sarah B
BALDWIN                                Susan J
BALDWIN                                William H
BALDWIN WIRTENBERGER                   Susan J
BALFOORT                               John M
BALL                                   Elizabeth
BALL                                   John H
BALLAD                                 Janet
BALLERT                                Amalie
BALLERT                                Florianna
BALLERT                                Minnie
BALLERT SCHMIDT                        Minnie
BALLIETT                               Robert C
BALLIETT (WWII)                        Robert C
BALLMES                                Anna Mary
BALLMES                                George
BALLMES                                George
BALLONE                                Louis V
BALLONE (WWII)                         Louis V
BANCKER                                Alida A
BANCKER                                Ann R
BANCKER                                Anna
BANCKER                                Elizabeth
BANCKER                                Gertrude
BANCKER                                Gertrude J
BANCKER                                Gertrude Jane
BANCKER                                Gertrude Jane
BANCKER                                John
BANCKER                                Kate
BANCKER                                Kate
BANCKER BATH                           Gertrude J
BANCKER HART                           Alida A
BANCKER YOUNG                          Kate
BANDEN                                 Sophia D
BANDEN BOLLACKER                       Sophia D
BANKER                                 Anna
BANKER                                 Charlotte W
BANKER                                 Cora Bell
BANKER                                 Ellen A
BANKER                                 Louis G
BANKER                                 William H
BANKER                                 William Herold
BANKER (WWI)                           William Herold
BANKER MARSH                           Charlotte W
BARBER                                 Earl A
BARBER                                 James
BARBER                                 Josephine E
BARBER                                 Verne J
BARBER (SA)                            James
BARBIERO                               Alyssa J
BARBIERO                               Sabrina I
BARHEYDT                               John
BARHEYDT                               Maria
BARHYDET                               Nancy
BARHYDT                                Alma
BARHYDT                                Caroline
BARHYDT                                Catharine
BARHYDT                                Charles W
BARHYDT                                Charlotte Ann
BARHYDT                                Coles F
BARHYDT                                Cornelius L
BARHYDT                                Elisabeth
BARHYDT                                Elizabeth F
BARHYDT                                Giles S
BARHYDT                                T Low
BARHYDT BRADT                          Nancy
BARKER                                 Almira
BARKER                                 Ann E
BARKER                                 James F
BARKER                                 Joshua
BARKER                                 Julia
BARKER                                 Mary
BARKER                                 May E
BARKER                                 Rachel
BARKER                                 Robert
BARKER                                 Rosannah
BARKER MCCUE                           Almira
BARKER O'NEIL                          Mary
BARLOW                                 Lois Ann
BARNARD                                George L
BARNARD (SA)                           George L
BARNES                                 Edith S
BARNES                                 Elizabeth E
BARNES                                 George
BARNES                                 Hazel
BARNES                                 Jessie B
BARNES                                 Joanne R
BARNES                                 Joseph C
BARNES                                 Michael D
BARNES                                 Robert L
BARNES                                 Sallie
BARNES                                 Wilson J
BARNES (KOR)                           Robert L
BARNES (WWI)                           George
BARNES (WWI)                           Joseph C
BARNES BENDT                           Hazel
BARNETT                                Amanda M
BARNUM                                 Donald P
BARNUM                                 Phebe
BARNUM PRIMMER                         Phebe
BARRINGER                              Elizabeth
BARRINGER                              Jacob
BARRINGER                              Julia L
BARRINGER                              Peter
BARRINGER                              Ronie A
BARRINGER                              Theo R
BARRINGER                              Theresa
BARRINGER MARTHERN                     Theresa
BARRY                                  David A
BARRY                                  James Seamus
BARRY                                  John H
BARRY                                  Mary A
BARRY (WWII)                           David A
BARTKOWSKI                             Anthony
BARTKOWSKI (WWII)                      Anthony
BARTLETT                               Clay Robert
BARTLETT                               Cora Bell
BARTLETT                               William V
BARTLETT (WWII)                        William V
BARTLETT BANKER                        Cora Bell
BARTLING                               Emma L
BARTLING                               Henry C
BARTLING                               Mildred S
BARTON                                 Harry A
BARTON                                 Lucy B
BARTON                                 Marion E
BARTON SHELDON                         Lucy B
BASFORD                                Mary E
BASSETT                                Frances
BASSETT                                Nehemiah B
BASSETT LOW                            Frances
BATH                                   Gertrude J
BATH                                   Vedder
BATOR                                  Stanley J
BATOR (WWII)                           Stanley J
BATTISTE                               Carmin Antonio
BATTISTE (WWI)                         Carmin Antonio
BAUCH                                  Ruth
BAUCH HOLMAN                           Ruth
BAUDER                                 Isaac
BAUDER (CW)                            Isaac
BAUER                                  Anna Dorothy
BAUER                                  Aretta E
BAUER                                  Florence D
BAUER                                  John
BAUGHMAN                               Catharine
BAUMAN                                 Louisa
BAUMANN LEE                            Louisa
BAUMLER                                Carrie
BAUMLER HUGHES                         Carrie
BEAL                                   William Henry
BEATTIE                                Edward M
BEAVER                                 John G.
BEAVER                                 Margaret
BECHARD                                Robert T
BECK                                   Aengelte
BECK                                   Caleb
BECK                                   John
BECKER                                 A Louisa
BECKER                                 Anna E
BECKER                                 Anna E
BECKER                                 Clara
BECKER                                 Earl S
BECKER                                 Elisabeth
BECKER                                 Elizabeth
BECKER                                 Friedericka
BECKER                                 Gerret
BECKER                                 Julia Ann
BECKER                                 Katharina
BECKER                                 Kilian
BECKER                                 Kilian
BECKER                                 Maria
BECKER                                 Mary A
BECKER                                 Sophia
BECKER                                 Will Temple
BECKER                                 William O
BECKER (WWI)                           Earl S
BECKER BENSEN                          Mary A
BECKER BRUNELLE                        Clara
BECKER KIMMEY                          Maria
BECKER MEYER                           Katharina
BECKER SAUTER                          Friedericka
BEEBE                                  Ida E
BEEBE                                  Simeon B
BEECKMAN                               Jacob
BEECKMAN                               John
BEECKMAN (RW)                          Jacob
BEEKMAN                                Alva H
BEEKMAN                                Margaret
BEEKMAN (WWI)                          Alva H
BEEKMAN ROWAN                          Margaret
BEELER                                 Mary
BEELER WAHL                            Mary
BEHUNICK                               Andrew
BEHUNICK (WWII)                        Andrew
BELL                                   Alida
BELL                                   Anna C
BELL                                   Ellen
BELL                                   Lydia
BELL                                   Margaret
BELL                                   Richard R
BELL (SERV)                            Richard R
BELL GOWAN                             Margaret
BELL HAGADORN                          Lydia
BELL LORD                              Alida
BELL MCCHESNEY                         Anna C
BELL YATES                             Ellen
BEMISS                                 Jane M
BEMISS HOWARD                          Jane M
BENDT                                  Clarence E
BENDT                                  Hazel
BENEDICT                               Alice L
BENEDICT                               Caroline
BENEDICT                               James A
BENEDICT                               Marinda
BENEDICT                               Marion M
BENEDICT                               Mary
BENEDICT                               Olive
BENEDICT                               Olive
BENEDICT                               Phebe J
BENEDICT                               Sally
BENEDICT                               Sarah A
BENEDICT                               William
BENEDICT                               William F
BENEDICT                               William M
BENEDICT                               William Wallace
BENEDICT CLOSSON                       Marion M
BENEDICT FRAME                         Phebe J
BENEDICT NOTT                          Sally
BENEDICT WARNER                        Olive
BENGTSON                               Ann Dorothy
BENJAMIN                               Nelson
BENNETT                                Amos
BENNETT                                Charlie
BENNETT                                James
BENNETT                                Jennett
BENNETT                                Jerusha
BENNETT                                John
BENNETT                                Magdelina
BENNETT                                Margaret Ann
BENNETT                                Wm Delos
BENNETT (WWII)                         Charlie
BENSEN                                 Anna
BENSEN                                 Elizabeth
BENSEN                                 Garret
BENSEN                                 Mary
BENSEN                                 Mary A
BENSEN                                 Rebecca Ann
BENSEN                                 Richard V
BENSEN                                 Sarah
BENSEN RIGGS                           Elizabeth
BENSEN SEXTON                          Rebecca Ann
BENSEN VAN VRANKEN                     Anna
BENSON                                 Jessie
BENSON                                 Richard Thomas
BENTHUYSEN                             Benjamin
BENTHUYSEN                             Elizabeth
BENTLEY                                Burr M
BENTLEY                                Ida P
BENTLEY                                Maria
BERGER                                 Alvina
BERGER                                 Minnie
BERGER LINDNER                         Alvina
BERGER LINDNER                         Minnie
BERGERON                               Eugene
BERGERON (WWI)                         Eugene
BERGGREN                               Ernest J
BERGGREN                               Olive
BERGMANN                               Minnie D
BERGMANN AUSSIKER                      Minnie D
BERNHARD                               David H
BERNHARD (SA)                          David H
BERNING                                Frederick
BERNING                                Wilhelmina
BERNING                                William J
BESGROVE                               Jane
BESGROVE MALE                          Jane
BEST                                   Carrie M
BEST                                   Fredrick A
BEST                                   Sarah Van Vranken
BEST (WWII)                            Fredrick A
BETTING                                Charles J
BETTS                                  Anna
BETTS WALRATH                          Anna
BEUTH                                  Charles A
BEUTH                                  Dorothea
BEUTH                                  Henry J
BEYER                                  Caroline
BEYER                                  Jacob W
BIBEAU                                 Daniel R
BIBEAU (PG)                            Daniel R
BIELECKI                               Dolores
BIELECKI HIGGINS                       Dolores
BIGELOW                                Emily W
BIGELOW DILLENBECK                     Emily W
BILILI                                 Leo B
BILILI (KOR)                           Leo B
BILINEUE                               Maregrita
BIMBECK                                Christina
BINK                                   Willard Henry
BIRCH                                  Howard
BIRCH                                  Mary Emily
BISAILLON                              Alfred
BISAILLON                              Julianne E
BISAILLON                              Mary Belle
BISAILLON                              Theodore C
BISBEE                                 Ira W
BISHOP                                 Catharine
BISHOP                                 Leonard Alban
BISHOP                                 Verna
BISHOP (WWI)                           Leonard Alban
BISHOP HICKSON                         Catharine
BISSONETTE                             Marjorie C
BISSONETTE                             Wallace J
BLACK                                  James R
BLACK (SA)                             James R
BLACKBURN                              Mary Ann
BLACKBURN GLEN                         Mary Ann
BLADYES (WWII)                         Charley L
BLAIR                                  Rose
BLAIR JEFFERS                          Rose
BLANCHARD                              Hattie E
BLANCHARD                              Ruth
BLANCHARD CHAPMAN                      Catharine
BLANCHARD LADD                         Hattie E
BLAYDES                                Charley L
BLAYZOR                                Edward J
BLAYZOR                                Mae
BLAYZOR (WWI)                          Edward J
BLESER                                 Andrew
BLESER                                 Clemens
BLESER                                 Elizabeth
BLESSER                                Joseph J
BLESSER                                Mary E
BLESSING                               Nancy
BLESSING                               Sophia
BLESSING MCCARG                        Sophia
BLESSING TULLOCH                       Nancy
BLEVER                                 Mary M
BLEVER ROLFE                           Mary M
BLOOMINGDALE                           Catherine
BLUMHAGEN                              Louis G
BLUMHAGEN (WWII)                       Louis G
BOBOWSKI                               Stanislawa
BOBOWSKI OBREMSKI                      Stanislawa
BODE                                   Elisabeth
BODE BECKER                            Elisabeth
BODO                                   Cora E
BOETTNER                               Patrick Joseph
BOETTNER                               Rosemarie
BOETTNER I                             Richard A
BOHAC                                  Stephen S
BOHAC (WWII)                           Stephen S
BOINK                                  Adelaide
BOINK                                  Dora
BOINK                                  Helena
BOINK                                  John
BOINK HAUSER                           Helena
BOINK ILLE                             Johanna
BOJAKOWSKI                             Antoni
BOJAKOWSKI (WWI)                       Antoni
BOLLACKER                              Christian H
BOLLACKER                              Harry C
BOLLACKER                              Jennie A
BOLLACKER                              Sophia D
BOLLES                                 Ezra
BOLLES                                 Jeremiah
BOLT                                   Eliza
BOLT                                   George N
BOLT                                   Judith Ann
BOLT                                   Rebecca
BOLT                                   Rebecca A
BOLT                                   Sarah E
BOLT                                   Thaddeus
BOLT ERNE                              Eliza
BOLT KANE                              Judith Ann
BOLT SEELY                             Rebecca A
BONACQUIST                             Rosemary A
BOND                                   Grace A
BOND                                   Lydia
BOND                                   Mary
BOND                                   Mary M
BOND                                   Richard
BOND                                   Sarah J
BOND                                   Susan
BOND                                   Thomas Wasson
BOND BREWER                            Mary
BOND MCMILLAN                          Susan
BOND ROBISON                           Grace A
BOND TULLOCH                           Sarah J
BONETT                                 Helena
BONK                                   Casper J
BONK                                   Daniel
BONK                                   Garret J
BONK                                   John J
BONK                                   Margaret
BOOK                                   Emma L
BOOK BARTLING                          Emma L
BOONE                                  Raymond L
BOONE (WWI)                            Raymond L
BOOTH                                  Bertha
BOOTH HARRISON                         Bertha
BOOTHE                                 Ellen
BOOTHE                                 Henry
BOPP                                   David A
BOPP (WWII)                            David A
BORDWELL                               Jason J
BORDWELL (PG)                          Jason J
BORKOWSKI                              Edmund
BORKOWSKI                              Jan
BORKOWSKI                              Sophia
BORST WHITMAN                          Matilda
BOSS                                   Julia L
BOSTWICK                               Ella Viele
BOSTWICK                               George Earl
BOSTWICK                               George M
BOSTWICK                               Tenetta
BOUCK                                  Charles S
BOUCK                                  Dean L
BOUCK                                  William L
BOUCK (VN)                             Dean L
BOUCK (WWI)                            Charles S
BOUCK (WWII)                           William L
BOVEE                                  Maria
BOVEE                                  Olive M
BOVEE                                  Walter H
BOVEE VAN PATTEN                       Maria
BOVET                                  Jessie E
BOVET                                  Werner P
BOWELL                                 William
BOWERS                                 Harriet
BOWERS DUANE                           Mary Ann
BOWERS MUMFORD                         Harriet
BOWERS PAIGE                           Harriet
BOWMAN                                 Caroline
BOWMAN                                 Charles F
BOWMAN                                 Christian
BOWMAN                                 Wilhelmina G
BOWMAN (CW)                            Charles F
BOWMAN KRUEGER                         Caroline
BOYD                                   Euphimia K
BOYD                                   Hugh M
BOYD                                   Jerry W
BOYD                                   John
BOYD                                   John C
BOYD (WWII)                            Jerry W
BOYDEN                                 Experience
BOYDEN LANCASTER                       Experience
BOYIAN                                 Jean M
BOYIAN OLBRYCH                         Jean M
BOYLE                                  John H
BOYLE (SA)                             John H
BRADLEY                                Ann
BRADLEY                                Beatrice J
BRADLEY                                Edward
BRADLEY                                Edward H
BRADLEY                                James
BRADLEY                                Jessie
BRADLEY                                Michael
BRADLEY                                Thomas
BRADLEY BENSON                         Jessie
BRADSHAW                               Agnes
BRADSHAW                               Anna E
BRADSHAW                               Benjamin
BRADSHAW                               Clarence W
BRADSHAW                               Dorothy T
BRADSHAW                               Elizabeth S
BRADSHAW                               Elizabeth T
BRADSHAW                               Ellen
BRADSHAW                               George
BRADSHAW                               George T
BRADSHAW                               James
BRADSHAW                               James Coney
BRADSHAW                               Jane
BRADSHAW                               John W
BRADSHAW                               Margaret R
BRADSHAW                               Maria
BRADSHAW                               Robert
BRADSHAW                               Robert
BRADSHAW                               Susan
BRADSHAW                               William
BRADSHAW                               William
BRADSHAW COMBS                         Susan
BRADSHAW KELLY                         Anna E
BRADSHAW VAN EPPS                      Elizabeth T
BRADT                                  Abraham Arentse
BRADT                                  Aelida
BRADT                                  Amee
BRADT                                  Angelica
BRADT                                  Anna E
BRADT                                  Anthony
BRADT                                  Antoinette
BRADT                                  Cecile
BRADT                                  Chester H
BRADT                                  Christiana
BRADT                                  Cornelius
BRADT                                  Cornelius Nicolaase
BRADT                                  Daniel D
BRADT                                  Eliza J
BRADT                                  Elizabeth
BRADT                                  Frederick S
BRADT                                  George H
BRADT                                  George Mc.
BRADT                                  Harriet Van Vranken
BRADT                                  Jacobus
BRADT                                  Jane
BRADT                                  Jane
BRADT                                  Jannetje Jane
BRADT                                  Johannes
BRADT                                  John T
BRADT                                  Louisa
BRADT                                  Lucinda A
BRADT                                  Margaret C
BRADT                                  Maria
BRADT                                  Maria
BRADT                                  Maria E
BRADT                                  Martin
BRADT                                  Mary M
BRADT                                  Nancy
BRADT                                  Nancy
BRADT                                  Samuel
BRADT                                  Thari
BRADT (CW)                             Cornelius
BRADT BECKER                           Anna E
BRADT COEWEY                           Cecile
BRADT FURBECK                          Mary M
BRADT PLAYFORD                         Margaret C
BRADT SCHERMERHORN                     Angelica
BRADT SCHERMERHORN                     Thari
BRADT SWART                            Louisa
BRADT VEEDER                           Maria
BRADT WARNER                           Antoinette
BRADT WESTINGHOUSE                     Harriet VanVranken
BRADT YATES                            Jannetje Jane
BRANDLE                                Katharine
BRANDLE                                Martin J
BRANDMAEHL                             Carl J
BRANDMAEHL                             Martha E
BRANDMAEHL STOCK                       Martha E
BRANDOW                                Edgar H
BRANDOW (WWI)                          Edgar H
BRANDT                                 Augustus
BRANDT                                 Carrie
BRANDT                                 Emma
BRANGWIN                               Marian R
BRANGWIN (WWII)                        Marian R
BRANN                                  Catherine S
BRAUGHAM                               Aaron
BRAUGHAM                               James
BRAZEE                                 Catharine
BRAZEE OSTRANDER                       Catharine
BRECKENRIDGE                           Wilfred
BRECKENRIDGE (WWI)                     Wilfred
BREEK                                  Albert G
BREEK                                  Edward F
BREEK                                  Emma G
BREEK                                  Francis E
BREEK                                  George H
BREEK HAUSHALTER                       Emma G
BREHM                                  Anna E
BREHM                                  Conrad
BREHM                                  Elizabeth
BREHM                                  Eva
BREHM                                  Katherine
BREHM TROPPMAN                         Anna E
BREHM WIEDERHOLD                       Katherine
BRENNER                                Anna Mary
BRENNER BALLMES                        Anna Mary
BREWER                                 George
BREWER                                 Leo
BREWER                                 Mary
BREYER                                 Frank
BREYER (WWI)                           Frank
BREYMAIER                              Adelaide
BREYMAIER                              Frank X
BREYMAIER                              Jacob
BREYMAIER                              Lena
BREYMAIER                              Mary Magdalena
BREZEE                                 Edison D
BREZEE                                 Milton H
BREZEE (WWII)                          Milton H
BRICKNER                               Conrad
BRICKNER (SA)                          Conrad
BRIDGEFORD                             Angelina
BRIDGEFORD                             Jas Henry
BRIGGS                                 Ann
BRIGGS                                 Eva Ann
BRIGGS                                 Laura M
BRIGGS                                 Laura M
BRIGGS                                 Mary
BRIGGS                                 Mary E
BRIGGS                                 Millie
BRIGGS                                 Oliver
BRIGGS                                 Perry T
BRIGGS                                 Philetus
BRIGGS                                 Reuben
BRIGGS                                 Sarah
BRIGGS                                 Unknown
BRIGGS                                 William D
BRIGGS                                 William D
BRIGGS GERMAN                          Mary E
BRIGGS SMEATON                         Sarah
BRINK                                  Charles E
BRINK (WWII)                           Charles E
BRINKERT                               Emma
BRINKERT                               George
BRINKERT                               Mary
BRINKERT                               William
BRINKMAN                               Andrew
BRINKMAN                               Caroline M
BRINKMAN                               Charles F
BRINKMAN                               Elizabeth
BRINKMAN                               Frederick A
BRINKMAN                               Henry J
BRINKMAN                               Margaret E
BRINKMAN                               Mary L
BRINKMAN                               Richard H
BRINKMAN BUHRMASTER                    Caroline M
BRINKMANN                              Friederich W
BRINTON                                Alice Emma
BRINTON                                Ann Eliza
BRINTON                                Clarence Duane
BRINTON                                Emma
BRINTON                                Emma
BRINTON                                Ransler
BRINTON TURNER                         Emma
BRITTIN                                Joseph
BRITTIN                                Lydia A
BROADY                                 May B.
BROADY LAMPE                           May B.
BROCKMEYER                             Caroline W H
BROCKMEYER SCHLUETER                   Caroline W H
BROCKMYER                              Henry
BROCKMYER                              Minnie
BRODERICK                              John
BROELAND                               Charles W
BROENING                               Lena
BROENING THAISS                        Lena
BROLAND                                Anita M
BROLAND                                Charles H
BROLAND                                Satie
BROLAND                                Walter J
BROLAND                                William
BROLAND (WWII)                         Walter J
BRONK                                  Abraham
BRONK                                  Caty
BRONK                                  Hannah
BROOKS                                 Cyrus
BROOKS                                 Frances
BROOKS                                 Herbert V
BROOKS                                 Mary A
BROOKS (WWII)                          Herbert V
BROOKS VAN PATTEN                      Frances
BROOME                                 Elizabeth
BROUGHAM                               Jacob
BROUGHAM                               James
BROUGHAM                               Nancy E
BROUGHAM (CW)                          Jacob
BROWER                                 Ellen
BROWER                                 Giles
BROWER                                 Harmanus B
BROWER                                 Matilda M
BROWER                                 Nicholas
BROWER CLUTE                           Sarah
BROWER LODGE                           Matilda M
BROWN                                  Bryce B
BROWN                                  Clara
BROWN                                  Dorathy
BROWN                                  Eliza
BROWN                                  Eliza Jane
BROWN                                  Elizabeth
BROWN                                  George C
BROWN                                  Harry A
BROWN                                  Hellen
BROWN                                  Jane
BROWN                                  Jane
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  Joseph
BROWN                                  Julius H
BROWN                                  Kate L
BROWN                                  Lester
BROWN                                  Lillie
BROWN                                  Lorretta A
BROWN                                  Lottie E
BROWN                                  Maolin
BROWN                                  Margaret
BROWN                                  Mary
BROWN                                  Nancy
BROWN                                  Pardon S
BROWN                                  Samuel
BROWN                                  Sylvia
BROWN                                  Thomas
BROWN (WWII)                           Bryce B
BROWN ALLEN                            Jane
BROWN GOODENOUGH                       Mary
BROWN SPAREY                           Eliza
BROWN VAN SLYCK                        Kate L
BROWN WEMPLE                           Dorathy
BROWNLEY                               James R
BROWNLEY (KOR)                         James R
BRUMACHIM                              Peter R
BRUNELLE                               Clara
BRUNK                                  Elizabeth
BRUNK PANGBURN                         Elizabeth
BUB                                    Adam
BUB                                    Anna M
BUCHANAN                               Ann
BUCHANAN                               Jannette
BUCHANAN                               Lucy A
BUCHANAN                               Thomas E
BUCHANAN LOVE                          Jannette
BUCHANAN ROBISON                       Ann
BUCK                                   Edith
BUCK                                   Ethel
BUCK (WWII)                            Ethel
BUCKLEY                                Catherine
BUCKLEY                                James
BUCKLEY                                John
BUCKLEY                                Mary
BUCKLEY                                Mary E
BUCKLEY                                Michael D
BUCKLEY (WWI)                          Michael D
BUHRMASTER                             Caroline
BUHRMASTER                             Caroline M
BUHRMASTER                             Christian
BUHRMASTER                             Elizabeth
BUHRMASTER                             Kate
BUHRMASTER RANKINS                     Elizabeth
BUHRMEISTER                            Henry L
BUHRMESTER                             C W Ludise
BUHRMESTER                             Christian W
BUKOWSKI                               Ida Marie
BULHAM                                 Stephen
BULLOCK                                Elizabeth
BULLOCK                                Jonathan E
BULLOCK                                Martha S
BULLOCK                                Rebecca Melvina
BULLOCK SCHERMERHORN                   Elizabeth
BULLOCK STURDY                         Rebecca Melvina
BUNN                                   Lydia M
BUNN THOMA                             Lydia M
BUNSHOCK                               John Andrew
BUNSHOCK (KOR)                         John Andrew
BURDICK                                Alanson
BURDICK                                Lancy
BURDICK                                Nathan
BURDICK                                Rachel
BURGE                                  Harriet E
BURGE                                  Rebecca L
BURKE                                  Anna
BURKE                                  Bridget Delia
BURKE                                  Irene
BURKE                                  Joseph
BURKE                                  Lot F
BURKE                                  Mary
BURKE                                  Rachel
BURKE                                  Robert
BURKE HICKEY                           Anna
BURMAN                                 Helen L
BURMAN                                 Laura A
BURMESTER                              Henry C
BURMESTER                              Mary C
BURNHAM                                Charles E.
BURNHAM                                Eleanor L.
BURNHAM                                M Harriet
BURNHAM                                Marcy
BURNHAM                                Mary R
BURNHAM SILLICK                        Mary R
BURNS                                  Jennie
BURNS                                  Lusina
BURNS                                  Mary
BURNS                                  Mary
BURNS                                  Owen
BURNS                                  Roger
BURNS O'BRIEN                          Mary
BURNS RAPP                             Jennie
BURROUGHS                              Joseph
BURT                                   Angelica C
BURT                                   Catherine
BURT                                   David
BUSHYA                                 Isabella
BUSSING                                William
BUTLER                                 Claude L
BUTLER                                 Cornelia
BUTLER                                 Cornelia M
BUTLER                                 Flora T
BUTLER                                 Frederick W
BUTLER                                 Hazel Marie
BUTLER                                 John
BUTLER                                 Mary Elizabeth
BUTLER (WWI)                           Frederick W
BUTLER DODGE                           Cornelia
BUTLER STEVENS                         Cornelia M
BUTRYN                                 Stanley J
BUTRYN (WWII)                          Stanley J
BUTT                                   Jennie
BUTT                                   Joseph H
BUTTERFIELD                            Laura May
BUTTERFIELD                            Mary J
BUTTERFIELD                            Nelson H
BUYCE                                  Harriet
BUYCE                                  Henry
BUYS                                   Frank
BUYS                                   Margaret A Maggie
CADY                                   Ebenezer
CADY                                   Evelina C
CADY                                   Julia Matilda
CADY                                   Martin
CADY                                   Richard M
CADY                                   Susan V
CADY (CW)                              Martin
CADY TULLOCH                           Evelina C
CAIN                                   Julia Ann
CAIN BECKER                            Julia Ann
CALDER                                 Edmund P
CALDER (WWII)                          Edmund P
CALDWELL                               Martha C
CALDWELL                               Matthias
CALDWELL                               William H
CALKINS                                Fannie
CALKINS                                William S
CALKINS (WWII)                         William S
CALKINS TYMESEN                        Fannie
CALLAHAN                               Alice A
CALLAHAN                               Barbara
CALLAHAN                               George A
CALLAHAN (WWII)                        Charles J
CALLAHAN (WWII)                        George A
CAMPBELL                               Catharine
CAMPBELL                               Daniel D
CAMPBELL                               Elizabeth
CAMPBELL                               G Dudley
CAMPBELL                               Hattie E
CAMPBELL                               James
CAMPBELL                               John D
CAMPBELL                               Julia A
CAMPBELL                               Mae
CAMPBELL JAMES                         Grace W
CAMPFIELD                              George
CAMPFIELD                              Rachel
CANFIELD                               James B
CANFIELD (WWII)                        James B
CANWRIGHT                              Bernice C
CANWRIGHT STEEN                        Bernice C
CAPOBIANCO                             Edward C
CAPOBIANCO (WWII)                      Edward C
CAREY                                  Ann
CAREY                                  John A
CAREY                                  Patrick
CAREY (KOR)                            John A
CARHART                                Elma
CARHART WEAVER                         Elma
CARINGI                                Margaret M
CARINGI                                Victor C
CARINGI (WWII)                         Victor C
CARLE                                  Leo A
CARLE                                  Ruth T
CARLSON                                Frank Julius
CARLSON                                John A
CARLSON                                John Edward
CARLSON                                John Peter
CARLSON                                Mary
CARLSON                                Robert W
CARLSON (WWII)                         Robert W
CARNEY                                 Anna E
CARNEY                                 Joseph W
CARNEY                                 Leona A
CARNEY                                 Mary T
CARNEY                                 Thomas E
CARNEY (SA)                            Thomas E
CARPENTER                              Alice
CARPENTER                              Alice
CARPENTER                              Amanda
CARPENTER                              Christiana
CARPENTER                              Eloise
CARPENTER                              Frances
CARPENTER                              Frances
CARPENTER                              Frank B
CARPENTER                              Frank B
CARPENTER                              George W
CARPENTER                              John M
CARPENTER                              William
CARPENTER ERBEN                        Frances
CARPENTER ERBEN                        Frances
CARPENTER SCHERMERHORN                 Amanda
CARR                                   Anna Eliza
CARR                                   Anna S
CARR                                   Burroughs Emery
CARR                                   Catharine
CARR                                   Elizabeth
CARR                                   James W
CARR                                   Peter
CARR                                   Richard
CARR                                   Sophia
CARR (CW)                              Peter
CARR EATON                             Elizabeth
CARR GILLETTE                          Anna S
CARRIER                                Eliza
CARRIER                                Eliza
CARRIER MARSH                          Eliza
CARRIER MARSH                          Eliza
CARROLL                                John P
CARROLL (WWII)                         John P
CARTWRIGHT                             Lowell
CARTWRIGHT                             Olga
CARVER                                 James E
CASCINI                                Nicholas
CASCINI (WWI)                          Nicholas
CASCIO                                 Carmel M
CASCIO (WWII)                          Carmel M
CASE                                   Carolyn Van Patten
CASE                                   Charles P
CASE                                   Kate O'Neill
CASE                                   Mary F
CASE MAC DOUGALL                       Kate O'Neill
CASE MOTT                              Cornelia
CASE STOODLEY                          Carolyn Van Patten
CASEY                                  Adelia
CASEY                                  James Seaman
CASEY                                  James Seaman
CASEY (CW)                             James Seaman
CASEY (CW)                             James Seaman
CASLEF                                 Margaret
CASLEF                                 Margaret
CASLEF HELMER                          Margaret
CASS                                   Kate
CASS                                   Lewis
CASSELMAN                              Margaret
CASSELMAN WARD                         Margaret
CASSIDY                                Elizabeth
CASSIDY                                Harry E
CATH                                   Donald E
CATH (WWII)                            Donald E
CAVANAUGH                              Arthur J
CAVANAUGH                              Dennis F
CAW                                    David J
CAW                                    George B
CAW                                    Lucretia
CAW                                    Maggie
CAW                                    Martha R
CAW (CW)                               David J
CAWLEY                                 John S
CAWLEY                                 Sophia M
CAWOOD                                 Eliza Jane
CAWOOD                                 Mary
CAWOOD                                 Mary A
CAWOOD                                 Sarah Ann
CAWOOD BROWN                           Eliza Jane
CAWOOD LESTER                          Mary A
CAWOOD PARKER                          Mary
CAWOOD TELLER                          Sarah Ann
CERNIK                                 Christina
CERNIK                                 Joseph A
CHADSEY                                Edwin S
CHADSEY                                Marguerite
CHALMERS                               J Evarts Clancy
CHAMBERLIN                             Gertrude A
CHAMBERLIN                             Hester
CHAMBERLIN                             James G
CHAMBERLIN                             John
CHAMBERLIN                             L P Hees
CHAMBERLIN                             Mary Etta
CHAMBERLIN                             Mary W
CHAMBERS                               Amanda M
CHAMBERS                               Phebe
CHAMBERS                               Thomas
CHAMBERS                               William
CHAMBERS (WWII)                        Stanley R
CHAMBERS BARNETT                       Amanda M
CHAMPION                               Esther
CHAMPION                               Hiram
CHAPMAN                                Catharine
CHAPMAN                                Edwin G
CHAPMAN                                Eugenie E
CHAPMAN                                Joseph
CHAPMAN                                Lyman
CHAPMAN                                Rachel G
CHAPMAN (SA)                           Joseph
CHAPMAN (WWII)                         Edwin G
CHAPMAN LESTER                         Eugenie E
CHAPMAN WIGGINS                        Rachel G
CHAPPELL                               Caroline
CHAPPELL                               Caroline
CHAPPELL MYERS                         Caroline
CHAPPELL MYERS                         Caroline
CHASE                                  Sylvia
CHASE BROWN                            Sylvia
CHAUNCY                                Elenora
CHAUNCY                                Josiah
CHAVALIER                              Elnora
CHAVALIER                              Herbert S
CHENEY                                 Anna A
CHENEY                                 Anna L
CHENEY                                 Danforth
CHENEY                                 Eunice A
CHENEY                                 Mary E
CHENEY                                 Saxton M
CHENEY YOUNGS                          Anna L
CHEQUER                                John Fullagan
CHERA                                  Joseph B
CHESEBRO                               Gertrude A
CHISHOLM                               Isabella
CHISHOLM POTTER                        Isabella
CHISM                                  Anna E
CHISM                                  Emma
CHISM                                  Grace M
CHISM                                  Hannah
CHISM                                  Harriette A
CHISM                                  John H
CHISM                                  Mary
CHISM (WWI)                            Harriette A
CHISM PIERSON                          Emma
CHITTENDON                             Alanson
CHUBB                                  Mary
CHUBB COX                              Mary
CHURCH                                 Essie Strong
CHURCH                                 Jesse Fremont
CHYLA                                  Michael
CHYLA (VN)                             Michael
CHYLINSKI                              Rose Marie
CHYLINSKI                              Vitold A
CHYLINSKI (WWII)                       Vitold A
CLAIN                                  Jane
CLAIN WINNE                            Jane
CLANCY                                 Harriet
CLANCY                                 Isabella Graham
CLANCY                                 John
CLANCY                                 John Adams
CLANCY                                 John Evarts
CLANCY                                 Martha
CLANCY                                 Mary Louise
CLANCY                                 William Allen
CLANCY SANDERS                         Harriet
CLARE                                  George S
CLARE                                  Maria
CLARK                                  Adeline E
CLARK                                  Amy
CLARK                                  Catherine
CLARK                                  Edward
CLARK                                  Emma
CLARK                                  Esther A
CLARK                                  Francis R
CLARK                                  Genevieve E
CLARK                                  Grace M
CLARK                                  Hannah
CLARK                                  Isaac
CLARK                                  Jane
CLARK                                  John
CLARK                                  Kezia
CLARK                                  Laura
CLARK                                  Louisa F
CLARK                                  Louise
CLARK                                  Maria
CLARK                                  Mathew
CLARK                                  Rachel
CLARK                                  William C
CLARK HOYT                             Adeline E
CLARK MACOFFIN                         Emma
CLARK MUNSELL                          Laura
CLARK ROCKEFELLER                      Esther A
CLEARY                                 Mary
CLEARY                                 Patrick
CLEMENT                                Albert W
CLEMENT                                Jeannette L
CLEMENT                                Joseph B
CLEMENT                                Juanita
CLEMENT (WWI)                          Albert W
CLENCH                                 Nelly
CLENCH                                 Thomas B
CLINE (VN)                             Ronald B
CLOGSTON                               John W
CLOGSTON                               Nancy
CLOGSTON                               Rebecca
CLOSSON                                Catherine C
CLOSSON                                Charles
CLOSSON                                Hanford H
CLOSSON                                Hannah
CLOSSON                                John M
CLOSSON                                Mariah
CLOSSON                                Marion M
CLOSSON (SA)                           John M
CLOSSON WEAVER                         Hannah
CLOW                                   Ephriam
CLOW                                   Hester
CLOW                                   Louisa
CLUTE                                  Ann
CLUTE                                  Barbary
CLUTE                                  Caroline
CLUTE                                  Carrie
CLUTE                                  Catharine
CLUTE                                  Catharine
CLUTE                                  Eleazor
CLUTE                                  Elizabeth
CLUTE                                  Elizabeth
CLUTE                                  Elizabeth
CLUTE                                  Elizabeth
CLUTE                                  Fred I
CLUTE                                  Frederick Van Patten
CLUTE                                  George
CLUTE                                  Gertrude
CLUTE                                  Halaua
CLUTE                                  Harriet A
CLUTE                                  Henry C
CLUTE                                  James Teller
CLUTE                                  Jane
CLUTE                                  Jane E
CLUTE                                  John
CLUTE                                  John N
CLUTE                                  Luella
CLUTE                                  Mary Helen
CLUTE                                  Nancy
CLUTE                                  Nicholas
CLUTE                                  Nicholas J
CLUTE                                  Nicholas P
CLUTE                                  Peter F
CLUTE                                  Pieter
CLUTE                                  Rebecca
CLUTE                                  Richard S H
CLUTE                                  Sarah
CLUTE                                  Sarah
CLUTE                                  Susan C
CLUTE                                  Zelia
CLUTE (RW)                             Pieter
CLUTE BARHYDT                          Catharine
CLUTE CAMPBELL                         Elizabeth
CLUTE DARROW                           Susan C
CLUTE LUCKEY                           Zelia
CLUTE PEPPER                           Jane E
CLUTE ROGERS                           Caroline
CLUTE TRUAX                            Elizabeth
CLYDE                                  Ann
CLYDE THORNTON                         Ann
COATES                                 Charles
COATES                                 Harriet L
COATES                                 Harry
COATES                                 Josephine D
COATES                                 Roxanna
COBB                                   George H
COBB                                   Henrietta
COBB                                   Louise M
COBB YATES                             Henrietta
COEWEY                                 Cecile
COHEN                                  Eli
COHEN                                  Molly
COKELY                                 Joseph
COKELY                                 Libbie
COLARS                                 John
COLAVITA                               Francis A
COLAVITA (WWII)                        Francis A
COLE                                   Almira
COLE                                   Charles
COLE                                   Earl L
COLE                                   Florella B
COLE                                   Mary
COLE (SA)                              Charles
COLE (WWII)                            Earl L
COLE HARRISON                          Florella B
COLE WADDELL                           Mary
COLEMAN                                Allen B
COLEMAN                                Edward D
COLEMAN (SA)                           Allen B
COLEMAN (WWI)                          Edward D
COLLAMER                               Maria S
COLLINS                                Elizabeth
COLLINS                                James
COLLINS (WWI)                          James
COLLINS PFAU                           Elizabeth
COLLITON                               Irving P
COLLITON (WWII)                        Irving P
COLMAN                                 Joseph W
COLMAN (WWI)                           Joseph W
COLUMBE                                Maynard F
COLUMBE (WWII)                         Maynard F
COMBAULT                               Margeret
COMBS                                  Alexander
COMBS                                  Eve
COMBS                                  Susan
COMER ILLE                             Hannah
COMPTON                                William
COMSTOCK                               Harriet
COMSTOCK                               Lucy
COMSTOCK                               William James
COMSTOCK OUDERKIRK                     Harriet
CONANT                                 Deborah G
CONANT WEEKES                          Deborah G
CONDE                                  Adam P
CONDE                                  Robert Edwin
CONDE                                  Sarah A
CONDON                                 Margret
CONEY                                  J Boice
CONKLIN                                Julia Ann
CONKLING                               Kate
CONKLING LOW                           Kate
CONLIN                                 Mary
CONLON                                 Alice L
CONLON BENEDICT                        Alice L
CONNELL                                Ida A
CONNELL                                Joseph A
CONNELLY                               Mary W
CONNELLY MILLER                        Mary W
CONNING                                Adelaide
CONNING                                Agnes
CONNING                                Alexander
CONNING                                Anna
CONNOLLY                               William F
CONNOLLY (WWII)                        William F.
CONNORS                                Ann
CONNORS CAREY                          Ann
CONSAUL                                Harmond
CONSAUL                                Helen A
CONSAUL                                John
CONSAUL                                Maria
CONSAUL WINNE                          Helen A
CONWAY                                 Mary
CONWAY                                 Thomas F
CONWAY (SA)                            Thomas F
CONWAY FETTER                          Mary
COOK                                   Norman
COOK                                   Sarah
COOK (CW)                              Norman
COOK ALLEN                             Sarah
COOKE                                  Cordelia
COOKE                                  Isabella
COOKE                                  Joseph M
COOKE                                  Richard
COOKE                                  Sam S
COOKINGHAM                             John D
COOKINGHAM                             Mary
COOKINGHAM                             Philena
COOKINGHAM OSBORN                      Mary J
COON                                   Hiram
COOPER                                 Andrew S
COOPER                                 Early Jr
COOPER                                 Edward A
COOPER                                 Frederick
COOPER                                 George
COOPER                                 Margeret
COOPER                                 Mary
COOPER                                 Norman B
COOPER                                 Sadie V
COOPER                                 Sarah
COOPER                                 Willis
COOPER (VN)                            Early Jr
COOPER (WWI)                           Andrew S
COOPER (WWII)                          Edward A
COOPER COMBAULT                        Margeret
COPPOLA                                Anthony D
COPPOLA (WWII)                         Anthony D
CORL                                   Elizabeth
CORL                                   James E
CORL                                   John
CORL                                   Keziah
CORL                                   Lottie M
CORL                                   Mary A
CORL                                   Melinda
CORL                                   Richard S
CORL                                   Robert D
CORL                                   Sarah A
CORL (RW)                              John
CORL HALLENBECK                        Elizabeth
CORL HARVEY                            Keziah
CORNELL                                Nancy
CORNELL                                Nancy
CORNELL                                Sophia
CORNELL                                Uriah
CORNELL BECKER                         Sophia
CORNELL BROWN                          Nancy
CORNWELL                               Mary W
CORNWELL CHAMBERLIN                    Mary W
CORRIGAN                               Arthur Thomas
CORRIGAN (WWII)                        Arthur Thomas
COSGRO                                 Maria
COSTELLO                               John
COSTELLO                               John M
COSTELLO                               Maria
COSTELLO                               Michael
COSTELLO                               Stephen
COSTELLO SWEENY                        Maria
COUNTERMIKE                            John D
COUNTERMIKE                            Josefa
COUNTERMINE                            Charles T
COUNTERMINE                            Jane Ann
COUNTERMINE (CW)                       Charles T
COWAN                                  Euphemia
COWAN                                  Mary
COX                                    Anna M
COX                                    Catharine M
COX                                    George Maxwell
COX                                    Jane A
COX                                    Josephine
COX                                    Kathleen
COX                                    Kathleen
COX                                    Margaret
COX                                    Mary
COX                                    Mary
COX                                    Mary Elizabeth
COX                                    Sarah
COX                                    Thomas
COX                                    Willie H
COX BUTLER                             Mary Elizabeth
COX DUFFY                              Josephine
COX SANDERS                            Catharine M
COX SHANKLIN                           Kathleen
COX SHANKLIN                           Kathleen
COX WEMPLE                             Sarah
CRAIG                                  Agnes
CRAIG                                  Anna Maria
CRAIG                                  Archibald
CRAIG                                  James Francis
CRAIG                                  James R
CRAIG                                  John
CRAIG                                  Larue
CRAIG                                  Margaret
CRAIG                                  Margaret
CRAIG (WWII)                           James Francis
CRAIG GORDON                           Agnes
CRAIG RHOADES                          Margaret
CRAMER                                 Catherine C
CRAMER                                 Charlotte Ann
CRAMER                                 Phebe Ann
CRAMER CLOSSON                         Catherine C
CRAMER FORD                            Phebe Ann
CRAMER SWART                           Charlotte Ann
CRANE                                  Elizabeth S
CRANKER                                Mary A
CRANKER RYNEX                          Mary A
CRAPSER                                Mary Elizabeth
CRAPSER MEEKER                         Mary Elizabeth
CRAWFFORD                              John M
CRAWFORD                               Alida
CRAWFORD                               Catharine
CRAWFORD                               Catharine J
CRAWFORD                               Elizabeth
CRAWFORD                               Grace Ann
CRAWFORD                               Jacob V
CRAWFORD                               James
CRAWFORD                               Jennie M
CRAWFORD                               John W
CRAWFORD                               Margaret
CRAWFORD                               Margaret J
CRAWFORD                               Martha
CRAWFORD                               Martha C
CRAWFORD                               Robert C
CRAWFORD                               Samuel
CRAWFORD                               Sarah
CRAWFORD                               Susannah
CRAWFORD JOHNSON                       Martha C
CRAWFORD JOHNSON                       Martha C
CRAWFORD LYON                          Margaret J
CRAWFORD LYON                          Margaret J
CRAWFORD TURNBULL                      Margaret
CRAWFORD WAGNER                        Catherine A.
CREEDE                                 Charles A
CREEDE                                 Emalina
CREEDE                                 Hattie May
CREGIER                                Sarah
CREGIER                                Sarah
CRISAFULLI                             Vincent F
CRISAFULLI (WWII)                      Vincent F
CROCKER                                Thomas
CROCKER (WWII)                         Thomas
CROMER                                 James
CRONIN YATES                           Gertrude E.
CROSS                                  Benjamin
CROSS                                  James
CROSS (WWI)                            Benjamin
CROSS (WWII)                           James
CROUCH                                 Ann
CROUCH                                 David H
CROUCH                                 Edward
CROUCH                                 Lottie F
CROUCH                                 Mary Ann
CROUCH (WWII)                          David H
CROUCH APPS                            Ann
CROUNSE                                Nancy J
CROUNSE                                Sarah A
CROUNSE CORL                           Sarah A
CROUNSE LEVEY                          Nancy J
CROWE                                  David H
CROWE                                  Gerald David
CROWE                                  Geraldine
CROWE                                  Grace
CROWE                                  John Isaac
CROWE                                  Laurence Gaige
CROWE                                  Leroy H
CROWE                                  Leslie F
CROWE                                  Lucy A
CROWE                                  Mary Letha
CROWE ((WWII)                          Laurence Gaige
CROWE (WWII)                           Gerald David
CROWLEY                                James A
CROWLEY (SA)                           James A
CRUKEMEIER                             Caroline L
CRUKEMEIER OSSENFORT                   Caroline L
CULLINGS                               Chrystean
CULLINGS                               Clyde J
CULLINGS                               Margie E
CULLINGS                               Robert E
CULLINGS BRADSHAW                      Agnes
CULLINGS FOWLER                        Chrystean
CULVER                                 Hazel C
CUMMINGS                               Amanda
CUMMINGS                               Jesse G
CUNNINGHAM                             Anna E
CUNNINGHAM                             Bernard
CUNNINGHAM                             Elizabeth
CUNNINGHAM                             Elizabeth
CUNNINGHAM                             Francis W
CUNNINGHAM                             John
CUNNINGHAM                             John W
CUNNINGHAM                             Margery
CUNNINGHAM                             Mary
CUNNINGHAM                             Robert
CUNNINGHAM                             Robert K
CUNNINGHAM                             Thomas M
CUNNINGHAM (WWII)                      John W
CUOMO                                  Ciro Edward
CUOMO (WWII)                           Ciro Edward
CUOZZO                                 Michael D
CUOZZO (SERV)                          Michael D
CURRAN                                 Peter
CURRAN (WWII)                          Peter
CURTIS                                 Anna Belle
CURTIS                                 Martha Clancy
CUYLER                                 Susanna
CZARNECKI                              Theodore
CZARNECKI                              Wicenty
CZARNECKI (WWI)                        Wicenty
CZARNECKI (WWII)                       Theodore
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