Schenectady County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Schenectady County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

DAGGETT                                David
DAGGETT                                Eliza Josephine
DAGGETT                                Harriet
DAGGETT                                Jemima
DAGGETT                                Martha C
DAGGETT                                Maryhew
DAGGETT                                Nathan G
DAGGETT                                Stephen A
DAGGETT                                Stephen Alonzo
DAGGETT                                Susan J
DAGGETT CALDWELL                       Martha C
DAHLEN                                 Catharine
DAHLEN                                 Philip
DAILEY                                 Todd J
DAILEY (VN)                            Todd J
DALTON                                 Carl Porter
DALTON                                 Mary H
DANA                                   Dianah
DANE                                   Agnes MacNee
DANE                                   Armetta
DANE                                   Arnold
DANE                                   Austin
DANE                                   Irving
DANE                                   Isaac G
DANE                                   Russell
DANE (WWI)                             Russell
DANIELS                                Conrad Y
DANIELS                                Esther M
DANIELS SAMUEL                         Esther M
DARLING                                Caroline
DARLING                                Grace
DARROW                                 Andrew
DARROW                                 Andrew T
DARROW                                 Daniel
DARROW                                 Daniel
DARROW                                 Elizabeth
DARROW                                 Elizabeth
DARROW                                 Harriet
DARROW                                 Hosea B
DARROW                                 James
DARROW                                 James W
DARROW                                 Nicholas
DARROW                                 Rachel
DARROW                                 Sally
DARROW                                 Susan C
DARROW                                 Telfair R
DARROW (RW)                            Daniel
DARROW CLUTE                           Elizabeth
DARROW QUICK                           Harriet
DAVIS                                  Adelia
DAVIS                                  Alonzo
DAVIS                                  Alta
DAVIS                                  David Cook
DAVIS                                  Elizabeth F
DAVIS                                  Euphemia
DAVIS                                  George
DAVIS                                  Hannah
DAVIS                                  Jane
DAVIS                                  Janson
DAVIS                                  Joseph D
DAVIS                                  Julia
DAVIS                                  Mary O
DAVIS                                  Phebe J
DAVIS                                  Ronie A
DAVIS                                  Susan
DAVIS (WWII)                           Joseph D
DAVIS BARRINGER                        Ronie A
DAVIS GAGE                             Julia
DAVIS RECTOR                           Phebe J
DAVIS STICKLES                         Mary O
DAVIS TABER                            Alta
DAVISON                                James P
DAY                                    Allen S
DAY                                    Eliza
DAY                                    Frank H
DAY (SA)                               Frank H
DAY (WWII)                             ALlen S
DAY JOHNSON                            Eliza
DAYTON                                 Anna H
DE CERBO                               A Mary
DE CERBO                               Peter
DE FOREST                              Alida
DE FOREST                              Cornelia
DE FOREST WHITE                        Cornelia
DE GRAAF                               Daniel
DE GRAFF                               Elenor
DE LAMANO                              Catharine
DE LAMANO                              Samuel
DE LAURO                               Michele
DE LAURO (WWI)                         Michele
DE MARCO FERRUCCI                      Dina
DE MARTINO                             Samuel
DE MARTINO (WWI)                       Samuel
DE MASSEO                              James V
DE MASSEO (WWII)                       James V
DE REAMER                              E Warren
DE REAMER (WWI)                        E Warren
DE SACIA                               Jennie
DE SACIA BUTT                          Jennie
DE SPITZER                             Ernestus
DE SPITZER (FI)                        Ernestus
DE VALL                                Jane
DEAY                                   John R
DECANTILLON                            Elizabth
DECANTILLON SCHWERIN                   Elizabeth
DEFOREST                               Eliza
DEGEN                                  Anna M
DEGEN BUB                              Anna M
DEGRAFF                                Rebecca
DEINER DILL                            Bella M
DELLAMONT                              Elizabeth
DELLAMONT BRADT                        Elizabeth
DEMARCO                                Adelina
DEMARCO                                John J
DEMARCO                                Kenneth M
DEMARCO (VN)                           Kenneth M
DEMARCO (WWII)                         John J
DEMPSEY                                James E
DEMPSEY                                Kathleen V
DEMPSEY                                Walter E
DENEHER                                Joseph
DENEHER (WWI)                          Joseph
DENNICK                                Gertrude
DENNICK                                Helen
DENNICK DENNISON                       Gertrude
DENNISON                               Gertrude
DENNISON                               William H
DERICK                                 Lany M
DEVENDELL                              Josephine
DEVENDELL YATES                        Josephine
DEY                                    Alice
DEY                                    Alice
DEY CARPENTER                          Alice
DEY CARPENTER                          Alice
DEYERMAND                              S E
DEYERMAND NORTON                       S E
DI CRISTOFARO                          John S
DI CRISTOFARO (VN)                     John S
DICK                                   Elizabeth
DICK                                   Heinrich
DICK DARROW                            Elizabeth
DICKEY                                 James S
DICKEY                                 Mary J
DICKINSON                              Aaron
DICKINSON                              Elizabeth
DICKSON                                Elizabeth
DICKSON ROBERTSON                      Elizabeth
DIEBEL                                 barbara
DIEBEL SCHEUER                         Barbara
DIETERICH                              George A
DIETERICH (WWII)                       George A
DIETZ                                  Annie R
DIGGENS                                Francis L J
DIGGENS (CW)                           Francis L J
DIGGINS                                Ida M
DIGGINS                                John
DIGGINS                                Loretta
DIGGINS HICKS                          Ida M
DILL                                   Anna M
DILL                                   Bella M
DILL                                   Catherine
DILL                                   Catherine
DILL                                   George
DILL                                   John A
DILL                                   Katie
DILL                                   Peter
DILL FEIDEN                            Catherine
DILL ROCKENSTIRE                       Katie
DILLENBECK                             Adam
DILLENBECK                             Emily W
DILLENBECK                             Ford
DILLENBECK                             Grace
DILLINGHAM                             Allen J
DILLINGHAM                             Elizabeth C
DILZ                                   Reinhold J
DILZ (WWII)                            Reinhold J
DINGMAN                                Frank
DINGMAN                                Sarah J
DINKELMANN                             Marra
DINKELMANN                             Rosa
DINKELMANN                             William
DINKELMANN                             William E
DISBROW                                Elizebeth A
DIX                                    Thirza
DIX RENDALL                            Thirza
DOBERNECK                              Eleanor Emelia
DOBERNECK                              John Anthony
DOBIES                                 Eugene A
DOBIES (WWII)                          Eugene A
DODGE                                  Albert Osmon
DODGE                                  Betty Jean
DODGE                                  Cornelia
DODGE                                  Jane
DODGE                                  Lilias
DODGE                                  Lillie M
DODGE                                  Philip Tell
DOLAN                                  Edward K
DOLLAR                                 Edward Everett
DOLLAR                                 Jane
DOLLAR                                 Mary Ellen
DOLLAR                                 Robert John
DOLLARD                                William
DOLLARD (CW)                           William
DOMINIS                                Mary Elizabeth
DOMINSKI                               Anthony P
DOMINSKI (WWII)                        Anthony P
DONAHA                                 James
DONAHA                                 Sarah
DONAHUE                                Daniel J
DONAHUE                                Luke
DONAHUE                                Mabel
DONNELLY                               Ellen
DONNELLY (WWI)                         Ernest A
DONNELLY NOLAN                         Ellen
DONOHUE                                Carrie
DONOHUE                                Catherine
DONOHUE                                Marion F
DONOHUE                                Peter
DONOVAN                                Lawrence W
DONOVAN (WWI)                          Lawrence W
DORMAN                                 Frank C
DORMAN (WWI)                           Frank C
DORN                                   Abbie
DORN                                   Abram A
DORN                                   Alex T
DORN                                   Anna
DORN                                   Clara A
DORN                                   John B
DORN                                   Julia A. R.
DORN                                   Rachel
DORN                                   Roger J
DORN                                   Sarah Ellen
DORN                                   Thomas
DORN                                   Wendell
DORN (WWII)                            Roger J
DORN FRENCH                            Rachel
DORN TURNBULL                          Anna
DORSCH                                 Magdelen
DORSCH                                 Magdelen
DORSCH                                 Merceles
DORSCH                                 Merceles
DORSCH                                 Peter
DORSCH                                 Peter
DORSCH                                 Susan
DORSCH                                 Susan
DOSON                                  Joseph
DOUGAN                                 Catherine
DOUGAN GLEN                            Catherine
DOUTHART                               Myra
DOUTHART SWERE                         Myra
DOW                                    Anna G
DOW                                    Catharine
DOW                                    Catharine
DOW                                    Elisha B
DOW                                    Elisha B
DOW                                    Irene A
DOW                                    James M
DOW                                    Kate E
DOW                                    Kate E
DOW WITBECK                            Kate E
DOW WITBECK                            Kate E
DOYLE                                  Janet F
DOYLE                                  Leonard B
DRAKE                                  John Howard
DRANKWALTER                            Vincent J
DRANKWALTER (WWII)                     Vincent J
DRAPER                                 Lemuel
DRAPER                                 Van William
DRESS                                  Bertha A
DRESS                                  Charles H
DRESS                                  Charles H
DRESS                                  Edna C
DRESS                                  William A
DREYER                                 Emily
DREYER                                 John
DRIES                                  Catherine
DRIES NERLING                          Catherine
DRISCOLL                               Mary
DROEGE                                 Robert C
DROEGE (KOR)                           Robert C
DRUMM                                  Katherine
DRURY                                  Deborah
DRURY                                  Honora
DRURY NOLAN                            Honora
DUANE                                  Henry
DUANE                                  Mary Ann
DUBE                                   Edward L
DUBE (WWII)                            Edward L
DUCK                                   Annie
DUCK                                   Blanche Strickland
DUCK                                   David
DUCK                                   Job
DUCK                                   Mary
DUCK                                   Nellie
DUDLEY                                 Elizabeth
DUDLEY                                 Joseph H
DUDLEY (WWI)                           Joseph H
DUESLER                                Emalina
DUESLER                                Jonas L
DUESLER                                Nettie E
DUESLER CREEDE                         Emalina
DUFF                                   Catherine
DUFF                                   Matthew
DUFFY                                  James
DUFFY                                  John G
DUFFY                                  Josephine
DUGAN                                  Katherine A
DUGAN                                  Loretta M
DUGAN                                  Richard F
DUMAS                                  Alfred W
DUNBAR                                 Annie
DUNBAR                                 Barbara
DUNBAR                                 Carrie
DUNBAR                                 Emma
DUNBAR                                 Fannie
DUNBAR                                 Frank
DUNBAR                                 Friend H
DUNBAR                                 Jennie A
DUNBAR                                 John
DUNBAR                                 John
DUNBAR (CW)                            Friend H
DUNBAR HENKEL                          Carrie
DUNBAR LYKE                            Jennie A
DUNBAR PERKINS                         Annie
DUNIGAN                                Elizabeth
DUNIGAN                                Mary
DUNIGAN DUNLEAVY                       Elizabeth
DUNIGAN ELLSWORTH                      Mary
DUNLEAVY                               Anna
DUNLEAVY                               Elizabeth
DUNLEAVY                               James
DUNLEAVY                               John
DUNLEAVY                               Patrick
DUNLEAVY                               Sidney
DUNN                                   David C
DUNN                                   Frank
DUNN                                   George Nelson
DUNN                                   Harry E
DUNN                                   Henry C
DUNN                                   Marjorie A
DUNN                                   Mary E
DUNN                                   Mary H
DUNN                                   Mary J
DUNN                                   Thomas F
DUNN                                   William A
DUNN                                   William P
DUNN                                   Winifred
DUNN (SA)                              Harry E
DUNN (WWII)                            Frank C
DUNN BUTTERFIELD                       Mary J
DUNN HESLER                            Mary H
DUNNING                                Clara L
DUNNING                                Nellie A
DUNNING                                W
DUNNING                                Wilhelmina B
DUNNING PERRY                          Nellie A
DUNNING ROWELL                         Clara L
DUNPHY                                 Thomas
DURFEE                                 Cornelia
DURFEE MARTIN                          Cornelia
DURYEE                                 George E
DURYEE                                 Helen
DURYEE                                 Margaret A
DURYEE                                 May
DURYEE                                 Ruth M
DUSSAULT                               Ernest E
DUSSAULT                               Rudolph J
DUSSAULT (WWI)                         Ernest E
DUSSAULT (WWII)                        Rudolph J
DUSZYNSKI                              Andrew
DUSZYNSKI                              Anne T
DUSZYNSKI                              Edward
DUSZYNSKI                              Raymond
DUSZYNSKI (WWII)                       Walter J
DUTCHER                                Emma
DUTCHER LANGE                          Emma
DUZYNSKI                               Candida N
DUZYNSKI                               John A
DWORKOWITZ                             Eva
DWORKOWITZ GOLD                        Eva
DYER                                   Ann
DYER                                   Samuel
DYKMAN                                 Ella
DYKMAN MARSH                           Ella
DZIKOWSKI                              Joseph M
DZIKOWSKI (WWII)                       Joseph M
EAMES (WWII)                           David Monroe
EAMES CALLAHAN                         Barbara
EARL REAMER                            Harriet
EASLEY                                 Eber J
EASLEY (WWII)                          Eber J
EATON                                  Belle
EATON                                  Elizabeth
EATON                                  George
EATON TRACY                            Belle
EBERLE                                 John A
EBERLE                                 Margaret A
EBERLE (WWI)                           John F
EBERT                                  Josephine M
EBERT                                  Mary E
ECKELS                                 Edwin H
ECKELS (SA)                            Edwin H
ECKERSBERG                             Mary S
ECKERSBERG SILLERMANN                  Mary S
ECKERT                                 Eliza
ECKERT                                 John B
ECKRICH                                Augusta M
ECKRICH                                C Mary
ECKRICH                                Daniel
ECKRICH FAGEL                          Augusta M
EDMUNDS                                Lillian L
EDWARDS                                C S
EDWARDS                                Charles S
EDWARDS                                Clarissa
EDWARDS                                E Matilda
EDWARDS                                Jonathan
EDWARDS                                Lewis B
EDWARDS                                Maria
EDWARDS                                Susan J
EDWARDS                                Willliam
EDWARDS BEST                           Carrie M
EDWARDS THORNE                         Angeline
EGAN                                   Ella K
EGOLF                                  John R
EICK                                   M Crescentia
EISENBERG                              Charney Esther
EISENBERG                              Fay Ruth
ELDRIDGE                               Helen
ELDRIDGE                               Nathaniel
ELIZABETH CLUTE                        Ann
ELKA (WWII)                            Joseph John
ELKA (WWII)                            Walter
ELLENBOGEN                             Bernard
ELLENBOGEN                             Mary
ELLERS                                 Edward S
ELLERS                                 Ellen
ELLIOTT                                John O
ELLIOTT (WWI)                          John O
ELLIS                                  Margaret
ELLIS ENDRIES                          Mary
ELLSWORTH                              John
ELLSWORTH                              Mary
ELLSWORTH                              Sidney C
ENDRIES                                Joseph
ENDRIES                                Mary
ENDRIES HAMMAN                         Gertrude
ENGEL                                  Mildred
ENGELBRECHT                            Satie
ENGELBRECHT BROLAND                    Satie
ENGLEMAN                               David
ENGLEMAN                               Irene S
ENGLEMAN                               Magdalena B
ENGLEMAN                               Malinda B
ENGLEMAN                               Solomon
ENNIS BRADSHAW                         Jane
ENRIGHT                                James
ENRIGHT                                James C, Jr.
ENRIGHT (KOR)                          James C, Jr
ENRIGHT (WWI)                          James
EPPERSON                               Virginia A
EPTING                                 Edward E
EPTING                                 Evelyn M
EPTING                                 Karen A
EPTING (WWII)                          Edward E
EPTING (WWII)                          Robert K
ERBACHER                               Winfred C
ERBACHER (WWI)                         Winfred C
ERBEN                                  Anna
ERBEN                                  Anna
ERBEN                                  Frances
ERBEN                                  Frances
ERBEN                                  Henry VanDerBogert
ERBEN                                  Henry VanderBogert
ERBEN                                  Herman N
ERBEN                                  Hermann
ERFURT                                 George A
ERICKSON                               Edith J
ERICKSON                               Harold John
ERICKSON                               Mildred
ERICKSON (WWII)                        Reynold W
ERICSON                                Nils B
ERICSON                                Selma
ERICSON                                William G
ERKSON                                 John
ERKSON COMBS                           Eve
ERNE                                   Eliza
ERNE                                   John
ERNEST                                 Charles F
ERNEST                                 Charles R
ERNEST                                 Charlotte H
ERNEST                                 Laura J
ERNST                                  Frank J
ERNST                                  Theresa L
ERNST (CW)                             Louis Philip
ERNST QUEENEY                          Dorothy
ERTEL                                  Katherine M
ERTEL                                  Leonard
ERTEL                                  Magdalene
ERTEL HOPPMAN                          Katherine M
ERWIN                                  Genevieve Alice
ERWIN                                  John S
ERWIN                                  Mildred
ERWIN (WWII)                           John Milo
ESTCOURT                               Anna
ESTCOURT                               Anna
ESTCOURT VAN DEBOGERT                  Anna
ESTCOURT VAN DEBOGERT                  Anna
EVANS                                  Ella
EVANS                                  Lulu L
EVANS                                  May E
EVANS BARKER                           May E
EVINSKE                                Jacob
EVISON                                 Estelle
EVISON HOTCHKISS                       Estelle
EWART                                  Anna
EWART                                  Anna
EWART                                  John
EWART                                  Mary H
FABER PROVDA                           Rosa
FABREY                                 Caroline
FABREY                                 Charlotte
FABREY                                 Elsie
FABREY                                 Frederick
FABREY HANBRIDGE                       Elsie
FABREY REED                            Caroline
FABREY VISSCHER                        Charlotte
FABRY                                  Mary L
FABRY BRINKMAN                         Mary L
FADDEN                                 Ellen M
FADDEN (WWII)                          Richard W
FAGEL                                  Augusta M
FAGEL                                  Augustus C
FAGEL                                  Charles H
FAGEL                                  Fred
FAHEY                                  Barbara J
FAHEY                                  Fred C
FAIRCHILD                              Emma L
FAIRCHILD                              George S
FAIRCHILD                              Mary M
FAIRMAN                                William I
FAIRMAN (SA)                           William I
FANCHER                                Eunice
FANCHER                                Jacob S
FANCHER                                Richard
FANCHER VANNATTA                       Sarah
FANE (WWI)                             James E
FARLEY                                 Mary E
FARLEY                                 Richard A
FARONE (WWII)                          Anthony
FARONE (WWII)                          Ida May
FARRY                                  Mary
FARRY (WWII)                           Robert F
FAULDS (WWI)                           Norman
FAULKNER (WWII)                        John W
FEGEL                                  Caroline
FEGEL                                  Karl
FEIDEN                                 Catherine
FEIDEN                                 William G
FEIGHT VAN FLUE                        Ida
FELDMAN                                Elizabeth Y
FELDMAN                                Louis
FELLOWS                                Katie M
FELLOWS                                Mary P
FELLOWS                                Nelson E
FELLOWS                                Samuel
FELLOWS (WWII)                         Eugene J
FELLOWS SIVER                          Emma A
FELTHOUSEN                             Alice S
FELTHOUSEN                             Barent W
FELTS                                  Edward
FELTS                                  Effa
FELZEN JOHN                            Margaretta
FENN                                   Catharine
FENN                                   Maria Ann
FENN                                   Wm L
FENN SHELDON                           Carrie E
FENNELL                                Helen Josephine
FENNELL MARSHALL                       Helen Josephine
FENWICK                                Alexander
FENWICK                                Lela
FENZL                                  Anna
FENZL                                  Christina M
FENZL                                  George
FENZL                                  George
FERBECK LIDDLE                         Rachel E
FERRARA                                John B
FERRARA                                Shirley E
FERREIRA                               Joan
FERREIRA (WWII)                        Manuel James
FERRI                                  Adelina A
FERRI (WWI)                            Nicholas
FERRIS (WWII)                          Jeanne B
FERRUCCI                               Dina
FERRUCCI                               Josephine A
FERRUCCI                               Nicholas A
FERRUCCI (WII)                         Joseph F
FERRUCCI (WWI)                         James
FERRUCCI BUKOWSKI                      Ida Marie
FETTER                                 Mary
FEULNER                                Josepha
FIERO LADD                             Susie
FIGHT                                  Anna
FIGHT KILE                             Anna
FILOZOF                                Anna
FILOZOF                                John
FINCH HOLLIDAY                         Marietta
FINK                                   Anna M
FINK                                   Anthony
FINK                                   Fred C
FINK                                   Henry
FINK                                   John H
FINK                                   Martha
FINK                                   Mary
FINK                                   Theresa
FINK HEINZEN                           Anna
FINK HUBBS                             Katie
FINK NEUHAUS                           Margueriet K
FINK WILLEY                            Bedis
FINNEGAN (WWI)                         Charles A
FISCHER                                Alwine
FISCHER                                Carrie
FISCHER                                Otto J
FISCHER                                William F
FISH                                   Jemima
FISH DAGGETT                           Jemima
FISHER                                 Bertha A
FISHER                                 Carrie
FISHER                                 Dorothea B
FISHER                                 Elizabeth
FISHER                                 Hannah
FISHER                                 James
FISHER                                 James
FISHER                                 John H
FISHER                                 Lillie
FISHER                                 Rosina
FISHER                                 Weller J
FISHER                                 jane
FISHER (WWI)                           Arthur W
FISHER AUSTIN                          Rosina
FISHER BRANDT                          Carrie
FISHER LAHMER                          Dorothea B
FISHER MAC DONALD                      Grace
FISHER MARCLEY                         Minnie
FISHER MILLER                          Sarah
FISHER SCHEIGH                         Bertha A
FISHER STRONG                          Jane
FISHER WITBECK                         Lillie
FISK                                   Francis D
FITCH                                  Debby A
FITCH                                  Harry C
FITZGERALD                             Carrie
FITZGERALD                             Emma
FITZGERALD                             Fred
FITZGERALD                             James
FITZGERALD                             Sally
FITZGERALD (CW)                        James
FITZGERALD GIDLEY                      Emma
FITZGERALD STARK                       Sally
FLANSBURGH RYNEX                       Adelia B.
FLETCHER                               Elizabeth V
FLETCHER                               Joseph
FLETCHER                               Walter J
FLETCHER (VN)                          Keith S
FLOWER (VN)                            Frederick J
FOGERTY                                James
FOGERTY                                Maria
FOGG                                   Merle Nahum
FOLAND (WWII)                          Stanley M
FOLLMAN                                Mary
FOLLMAN NICKLAS                        Mary
FONDA                                  Elizabeth
FONDA                                  Jelles A
FONDA                                  Rachel Ann
FONTAINE                               Harvey P
FOOTE                                  Charles H
FOOTE                                  Hattie N
FOOTE                                  John
FORD                                   Frances
FORD                                   Matthew J
FORD                                   Phebe Ann
FORD                                   Stephen V R
FORD                                   Theresa C
FORD WOOD                              Frances
FORSLUND                               Eric I
FORSLUND                               Eva W
FORT                                   Clara
FORT                                   Daniel S
FORT                                   Eleanor
FORT                                   Gertrude
FORT                                   Helen
FORT                                   Helen
FORT                                   Lewis H
FORT                                   Lydia E
FORT                                   Margaret
FORT                                   Maria
FORT                                   Martin W
FORT                                   Matthew
FORT                                   Michael
FORT                                   Nicholas
FORT                                   Vischer W
FORT PALMER                            Alida
FORT VAN DER VOLGEN                    Rebecca
FORT YOUNG                             Anna E
FOSTER                                 Agness M
FOSTER                                 Thomas B
FOSTER (SA)                            Thomas B
FOUNTAIN (WWI)                         Wilford J
FOWLER                                 Aurilla L
FOWLER                                 Chrystean
FOWLER                                 Lorenzo M
FOWLER                                 Walter B
FOWLER HOUCK                           Mary
FRAGOMENI (WWII)                       John J
FRAKING                                Catherine
FRAKING                                George
FRAME                                  Harry T
FRAME                                  Jessie B
FRAME                                  John J
FRAME                                  Phebe J
FRANCE FRISBEE                         Adelia
FRANK                                  Joseph
FRANK                                  Margaret
FRANK (WWII)                           William
FRANK MCKINNEY                         Mary
FRANKLIN                               M J
FRANKLIN (WWI)                         Levy
FREDERICK                              Mary A
FREDERICK                              William C
FREDERICK (WWI)                        Philip J
FREDERICK BRADT                        Eliza J
FREDERICKS                             Jane
FREDERICKS BRADT                       Jane
FREDETTE                               Etta C
FREDETTE                               M J
FREDETTE                               Thomas G
FREEMAN                                Andrew Yates
FREEMAN                                Edward S
FREEMAN                                Elizabeth C
FREEMAN                                Ethan B
FREEMAN                                Henry C
FREEMAN                                J R
FREEMAN                                Leonora
FREEMAN                                Lillias S
FREEMAN                                Marie C
FREEMAN                                Sarah D
FREEMAN                                Susan
FREEMAN DILLINGHAM                     Elizabeth C
FREESE                                 Minna
FREESE SIEGEL                          Minna
FRENCH                                 Hazel M
FRENCH                                 Le Roy W
FRENCH                                 Mildred C
FRENCH                                 Rachel
FRICK                                  Caroline
FRICK                                  Frederick
FRICK                                  George
FRICK                                  Lena
FRICK                                  Nettie
FRICK                                  William F
FRICK (WWI)                            George
FRICK MATTHEWS                         Nettie
FRIDAY                                 Jay E
FRIDAY                                 Jessie
FRIEDMAN                               David
FRIEDMAN                               Ella
FRIEDMAN                               Esther
FRIEDMAN                               Frances
FRIEDMAN                               Hermina
FRIEDMAN                               Lottie
FRIEDMAN                               William H
FRIEDRICH                              Henry
FRISBEE                                Adelia
FRISBEE                                Bessie
FRISBEE                                Edward
FRISBEE                                Ephraim A
FRISBEE                                Henry
FRISBEE YOUNG                          Nancy M
FRISCH                                 Sadye M
FRISCH                                 Samuel S
FROST                                  James
FROST                                  Mary
FROST VAN PELT                         Orcelia A
FRYER                                  Anna R
FRYER                                  Carrie O
FRYER                                  Clara
FRYER                                  Cora B
FRYER                                  Magey
FRYER                                  Maude G
FRYER                                  Nicholas
FRYER                                  Philip C
FRYER                                  Philip C
FRYER                                  Sarah M.
FRYER                                  Susan
FRYER STREEVER                         Cora B
FRYER STREEVER                         Maude G
FULGONI (WWII)                         Silvio J
FULKER                                 Edward H
FULKER (WWI)                           Edward H
FULLER                                 Alfred T
FULLER                                 Amelia A
FULLER                                 Anthony
FULLER                                 Charles
FULLER                                 Elizabeth
FULLER                                 Gertrude A
FULLER                                 Henry
FULLER                                 James
FULLER                                 Jeremiah
FULLER                                 Katie V
FULLER                                 Maria Yates
FULLER                                 Mary
FULLER                                 Mary L
FULLER                                 Peter
FULLER                                 Phebe
FULLER                                 Polly
FULLER                                 Rebecca
FULLER                                 Robert M
FULLER                                 Sarah A
FULLER                                 William Kendall
FULLER CHESEBRO                        Gertrude A
FULLER FISHER                          Hannah
FUNK HILLMAN                           Mary M
FUNSTON (WWII)                         Ethel
FUNSTON BUCK                           Ethel
FURBECK                                James A
FURBECK                                Mary M
FURBECK                                Peter
FURBECK                                Peter Winne
FURBECK                                Rachel
FURMAN                                 Emily
FURMAN                                 Olive
FURMAN BERGGREN                        Olive
FURMAN SARGENT                         Emily
FYVIE (CW)                             James H
GABSO                                  Victor F
GABSO (VN)                             Victor F
GAGE                                   Julia
GAGE                                   Lottie M
GAGE                                   Philip
GAGE                                   William
GAGE CHAMBERLIN                        Mary Etta
GAGE CORL                              Lottie M
GAIGE CROWE                            Geraldine
GAJDYS                                 Anthony
GAJDYS                                 Mary
GAJDYS ZAZYCKI                         Helen
GALANTE (KOR)                          Robert F
GALLANT                                Peter Eugene
GAMEROTH                               Louise
GAMEROTH                               Ludwig
GANSLE                                 A Christina
GANSLE                                 Rosina
GANSLE SPATH                           Rosina
GAPP                                   Walter L
GAPP (WWII)                            Walter L
GARDENIER                              Ella N
GARDENIER                              William J
GARDENIER MILLER                       Ruth
GARDNER                                Spencer H
GARLING                                Frederick
GARLING                                Louisa
GARLING                                Rachel
GARLING SCHNEIDERWIND                  Rachel
GATES                                  Sarah C
GATES PLANK                            Sarah C
GATEWOOD                               Robert D
GATEWOOD (WWII)                        Robert D
GAVIN                                  Mathew
GAVIN CRAWFORD                         Sarah
GAWORECKI (WWII)                       Aloizy F
GAYNER                                 Ethel M
GAYNER                                 Gerald N
GEBHARDT                               Gegorne
GEBHARDT                               John
GEBHARDT                               John C
GEBHARDT                               Sarah
GEE DAVIS                              Susan
GEIER                                  Catherine
GEIER                                  William
GEIGER (WWII)                          William F
GEISENHONER                            Emma Louise
GEISENHONER                            Henry
GENOA                                  Edward F
GENOA DONAHUE                          Mabel
GEORGELAS (VN)                         George
GERDING                                Caroline L S
GERDING                                Frederick W
GERDING                                John
GERDING                                Louise
GERDING                                Maggie May
GERDING                                Minnie
GERDING                                William Frederick
GERDING HOPPMANN                       Caroline L S
GERMAN                                 Dwight A
GERMAN                                 Jennie
GERMAN                                 Mary E
GERVIN                                 Angelica
GERVIN                                 Eliza
GERVIN                                 Jerome
GERVIN VAN PATTEN                      Eliza
GERVIN VAN PATTEN                      Eliza
GIBLIN                                 Ida M
GIBLIN                                 James
GIBLIN                                 Kate M
GIBLIN                                 Mary
GIBSON                                 Carrie
GIBSON                                 George W
GIBSON                                 Harry Potter
GIDLEY                                 Emma
GIDLEY                                 James Dunbar
GIDLEY                                 Marcus Nelson
GIFFORD                                Adelaide
GIFFORD                                Agnes
GIFFORD                                Alexander
GIFFORD                                Angelic
GIFFORD                                Edna
GIFFORD                                Frank B
GIFFORD                                George
GIFFORD                                George B
GIFFORD                                John T
GIFFORD                                Louisa
GIFFORD                                William
GIFFORD MCDOUGALL                      Abigail
GIFFORD PASSAGE                        A E
GIFFORD TURNBULL                       Agness K
GILBERT DAVIS                          Hannah
GILBERT DICKINSON                      Elizabeth
GILL                                   Catharine
GILL                                   Cornelius
GILL SMITH                             Catharine
GILLESPIE                              George C
GILLESPIE                              Helen I
GILLESPIE                              Margaret
GILLESPIE (WWII)                       Edward W
GILLETTE                               Anna S
GILMOUR                                James
GILMOUR                                Mary Jane
GINEVRA                                Michele
GIRARD (WWII)                          Kenneth W
GIVENS                                 William C
GLASS                                  Elizabeth
GLASS                                  Michael
GLEN                                   Alexander Lindsay
GLEN                                   Catharine
GLEN                                   Catherine
GLEN                                   Elizabeth
GLEN                                   Jacob Sanders
GLEN                                   Mary Ann
GLEN                                   Sanders
GLEN                                   Sarah
GLEN                                   Sarah L
GLEN HARBISON                          Sarah L
GLEN WEEKES                            Elizabeth
GLENN                                  George B
GLENN                                  George W
GLENN                                  Gertrude
GLENN                                  Margaret Ann
GLENNON                                Robert J
GLENNON                                Teresa G
GLINDMYER                              Clyde C
GLINDMYER                              Erma Lois
GLINDMYER (WWII)                       Clyde C
GLINDMYER (WWII)                       Erma Lois
GLOCK                                  Henry
GLOCK                                  Jennie S
GLOCK                                  Katharine
GLOCK WOODWARD                         Jennie S
GODBOLT (WWII)                         Joseph B
GODFREY                                Coleman C
GODLEWSKI                              Helen
GOEPEL                                 Charles Fred
GOETZ                                  Conrad
GOETZ                                  Emily L
GOETZ                                  Lillian M
GOETZ                                  St Elmo N.
GOETZ (SA)                             St Elmo N
GOLD                                   Abraham
GOLD                                   Arthur
GOLD                                   Belle
GOLD                                   Dora
GOLD                                   Eva
GOLD                                   Mandel
GOLD                                   Morris A
GOLD                                   Naomi
GOLD                                   Solomon
GOLD COHEN                             Molly
GOLD KREGER                            Ruth
GOLDEN (WWII)                          Edward
GOLDEN (WWII)                          Richard H
GOLDTHWAIT                             Hattie
GOLUCK                                 Caroline
GOLUCK                                 Charles
GOLUCK                                 Magdelina
GOLUCK BENNETT                         Magdelina
GOODE (WWII)                           Joseph R
GOODENOUGH                             Mary
GOODRICH                               Horace
GOODRICH                               Matilda Louisa
GOODRICH                               Sarah E
GOODRICH                               Walter A
GOODROW                                Mary H
GOODROW (WWI)                          George W
GOODSPEED                              Abner
GOODSPEED                              Martha
GOODWIN                                Barbara
GOODWIN (WWI)                          Albert F
GORDEN                                 Christiane
GORDEN VEEDER                          Christiane
GORDON                                 Agnes
GORDON                                 Catharine
GORDON                                 Charles
GORDON                                 David
GORDON                                 Elizabeth
GORDON                                 Harold E
GORDON                                 Howard
GORDON                                 John
GORDON                                 John
GORDON                                 Joseph
GORDON                                 Joseph
GORDON                                 Kate E
GORDON                                 Margaret
GORDON                                 Margaret B
GORDON                                 Mary Agnes
GORDON                                 Mary C
GORDON                                 Mary C
GORDON                                 Samuel
GORDON                                 Samuel
GORDON                                 Samuel
GORDON                                 Shirley J
GORDON                                 William
GORDON                                 William
GORDON (WWII)                          Walter E
GORDON HIGGINS                         Agness
GORDON MARTIN                          Grace M
GORDON MILLER                          Jane
GORE BROWN                             Elizabeth
GOULDEN (WWII)                         Clark N
GOWAN                                  Margaret
GOWAN                                  Percy Ferrin
GOWAN (WWI)                            Percy Ferrin
GOWER                                  John
GRAHAM                                 Charles Blaine
GRAHAM                                 Cornelia L
GRAHAM                                 Cornelia L
GRAHAM                                 Frances M
GRAHAM                                 John W S
GRAHAM                                 Joseph B
GRAHAM                                 Sarah E
GRAHAM (SA)                            John W S
GRAHAM (WWI)                           Charles Blaine
GRANGER                                William H
GRANGER (SA)                           William H
GRANT                                  Clarinda L.
GRANT                                  Euphrasile
GRANT                                  Herbert Edmund
GRANT                                  Phyllis C
GRANT                                  Rosa
GRANT                                  Thomas
GRANT (WWI)                            John
GRANT (WWII)                           Herbert Edmund
GRANTIER GIFFORD                       Edna
GRAPER                                 August H
GRAPER                                 Clarence E
GRAPER                                 Gladys
GRAPER                                 Lizetta A
GREEN                                  Erastus G
GREEN                                  Joyce E
GREEN                                  Martin T
GREEN                                  Martin V
GREEN                                  Robert
GREEN                                  Rodney L
GREEN (WWII)                           Robert
GREEN JONES                            Ella V D
GREEN ROLLINS                          Joyce
GREEN SANDERS                          Pearl
GREENE                                 Margaret
GREENE                                 Mathias
GREENEWALD                             Thomas G
GREENEWALD (VN)                        Thomas G
GREENWALD                              Warren A
GREENWALD (WWII)                       Warren A
GREENWOOD                              Ellen
GREENWOOD                              George
GREER MCCARTNEY                        Elizabeth
GREGG                                  Eleanor
GREGG                                  Eliza
GREGG                                  John L
GREGG                                  Lela
GREGG                                  Triphena
GREGG COOKE                            Cordelia
GREGG DEFOREST                         Eliza
GREGG FENWICK                          Lela
GREGG LIDDLE                           Triphena
GREGORY                                Orvill
GREGORY                                Sarah R
GREGORY (CW)                           Orvill
GREULICH                               Frank
GREULICH                               Frank M
GREULICH                               George
GREULICH                               Mary M
GRIDLEY                                Anna E
GRIESEMER                              Cecelia
GRIESEMER                              Cecelia
GRIESEMER                              Charles A
GRIESEMER                              Theresa
GRIESEMER (WWI)                        Charles A
GRIFFES                                Esther
GRIFFES                                Joel
GRIFFES                                Maria
GRIFFIN                                Deborah
GRIFFIS VEDDER                         Abiah
GRIFFITH                               Edward M
GRIFFITH (SA)                          Edward M
GROAT                                  Abraham
GROAT                                  Abram
GROAT                                  Elizabeth
GROOT                                  Derick
GROOT                                  Elsha
GROOT                                  Eve
GROOT                                  Jemima
GROOT                                  Maria
GROOT                                  Nicholas
GROOT                                  Priscilla
GROOT                                  Rebecca
GROOT                                  Simon
GROOT                                  Simon, Jr.
GROOT                                  Susannah
GROOT ANDERSON                         Maria
GROOT MORRIS                           Mary A
GROOT RYNECK                           Jamima
GROSBY WILLMAN                         Mellie C
GROSS                                  Arthur W
GROSS                                  John
GROSS                                  Katherine
GROUT                                  Anna M
GROUT                                  Hammond V
GRUBY                                  Ida
GRUBY (WWII)                           Robert C
GRZYWNA (KOR)                          Walter J
GUARNERI (WWII)                        Patsy
GUERNSEY                               Sally
GUNDERSON                              John
GUNDERSON (WWI)                        John
GUYDER (WWII)                          Charles E
GUYETTE                                Joseph W
GUYETTE (WWI)                          Joseph W
GUYON LEACH                            Helen M
GWIAZDOWSKI (WWII)                     Casimar F
HAAKE                                  Elizabeth M
HAAKE SLATER                           Elizabeth M
HAAS                                   Anna E
HAAS                                   Peter H
HAGADORN                               Elizabeth
HAGADORN                               Emma
HAGADORN                               George
HAGADORN                               J Stewart
HAGADORN                               Jerone B
HAGADORN                               John
HAGADORN                               Jonathan S
HAGADORN                               Lydia
HAGADORN                               Manly J
HAGADORN                               Merwin
HAGADORN                               Sarah E
HAGADORN                               William N
HAGADORN SHARP                         Mary
HAGAMAN                                Sarah E
HAGAMAN GRAHAM                         Sarah E
HAGAMAN PUTMAN                         Nancy
HAGAMAN PUTMAN                         Nancy
HAGGARTY                               Francis J
HAGGARTY (WWII)                        Francis J
HAGGERTY                               Michael J
HAGGERTY (VN)                          Robert C
HAGGERTY MCNAMARA                      Catherine
HAKE                                   Frederick
HAKE                                   Hannah
HALE                                   Edward Everett
HALE                                   Rose
HALEY                                  Cathrine
HALL                                   James R
HALL                                   Rebecca
HALL                                   William B
HALL (CW)                              John
HALL (KOR)                             Don C
HALL SMITH                             Eliza Jane
HALLENBECK                             Charles W
HALLENBECK                             Elizabeth
HALLENBECK                             Nicholas
HALLIDAY                               Joseph John
HALLIDAY (WWII)                        Joseph John
HALSEY                                 Sarah
HAM                                    Christina B
HAM                                    John W
HAM SPRINGER                           Emma J
HAMIL                                  Hugh V
HAMILTON                               James K
HAMILTON                               Josephine
HAMILTON (SA)                          James K
HAMILTON OSTROM                        Josephine
HAMM                                   Theodore C
HAMM (CW)                              Theodore C
HAMMAN                                 Gertrude
HAMMAN                                 John J
HAMMOND                                Albert J
HAMMOND                                Hannah A
HAMMOND                                Susan E
HAMMOND                                William
HANBRIDGE                              Elsie
HANBRIDGE                              Kathryn
HANBRIDGE                              May
HANBRIDGE                              Spencer Dawes
HANBRIDGE                              William D
HANBRIDGE MOON                         May
HANDLEY                                Arthur M
HANDLEY (WWI)                          Arthur M
HANEY                                  Elizabeth
HANEY                                  Ira N
HANEY                                  Micheal
HANEY (SERV)                           Ira N
HANIFEY                                John
HANLY                                  Michael E
HANRAHAN                               Margaret
HANRAHAN                               Peter
HANSETT                                George H
HANSETT                                Marian E
HARBISON                               Peter B
HARBISON                               Sarah L
HARDEN                                 Alfred N
HARDEN                                 Benjamin
HARDEN                                 Deliah
HARDEN                                 James
HARDEN                                 Phebe Ann
HARDEN                                 Susanna
HARDEN HAGADORN                        Elizabeth
HARDER ROWE                            Eva
HARDSTOCK                              Emma L
HARDSTOCK STITTS                       Emma L
HARMAN                                 Irvin T
HARMAN (WWII)                          Irvin T
HARRINGTON                             Margaret
HARRINGTON                             William
HARRINGTON (CW)                        Philip V R
HARRINGTON (SERV)                      William K
HARRINGTON (WWII)                      William
HARRINGTON MILLER                      Alice
HARRIS                                 Dianah
HARRIS (WWI)                           Alonzo V
HARRIS DANA                            Dianah
HARRIS TURNBULL                        Mary
HARRISON                               Bertha
HARRISON                               Florella B
HARRISON                               George H
HARRISON                               Helen C
HARRISON                               Noah
HARRISON                               Rebecca
HART                                   Alida A
HART                                   Anna P M
HART                                   Clarence S
HART                                   Donald H
HART                                   Helen E
HART                                   John J
HART                                   Leonard C
HART                                   Marion R
HART                                   Mary
HART                                   Thelma
HART (WWI)                             Harold W
HART (WWII)                            John J
HART (WWII)                            Melvin A
HART (WWII)                            Philip J
HARTFORD FERREIRA                      Joan
HARVEY                                 Catherine
HARVEY                                 Ida
HARVEY                                 Keziah
HARVEY                                 William A
HARVEY (SA)                            William A
HASBROUCK                              Abigail L
HASTINGS                               Irena L
HASTINGS                               Margaretta E
HASTINGS                               Myron
HASTINGS                               Thomas
HASTINGS (WWI)                         Harold C
HAUG                                   Agnes
HAUG                                   Rose
HAUG                                   William F
HAUG LOHNER                            Agnes
HAUPT RIEDELL                          Minnie A
HAUSER                                 Charles F
HAUSER                                 Helena
HAUSHALTER                             Carl
HAUSHALTER                             Emma G
HAUSWIRTH                              Charles B
HAUSWIRTH (WWI)                        Charles B
HAVERLEY (CW)                          John
HAWKINS                                John
HAWKINS (SA)                           John
HAWTHORN                               Jane
HAYES                                  Bridget
HAYES                                  John
HAYES (SERV)                           Raymond F
HAYES (WWII)                           Thomas J
HAYNES                                 Lawrence D
HAYNES (WWII)                          Lawrence D
HEACOX                                 Fred A
HEACOX                                 Grace M
HEAD                                   Clark W
HEAD                                   Deborah
HEDDEN                                 Job
HEEBNER                                Elizabeth
HEEBNER                                Frederecke
HEEBNER                                Frederica C
HEEBNER                                Frederica G
HEEBNER                                Frederick J
HEEBNER                                Henry G
HEEBNER REAGLES                        Frederica C
HEEBNER REAGLES                        Frederica G
HEIDENREICH                            Anna C
HEIDENREICH                            Arthur H
HEIDENREICH                            Augusta P
HEIDENREICH                            Augusta R
HEIDENREICH                            Elmer T
HEIDENREICH                            Harry E
HEIDENREICH                            Henry P
HEIDENREICH                            Laura L
HEIDSIEK                               Alwine
HEIDSIEK FISCHER                       Alwine
HEIDT                                  Maria Louisa
HEIDT KING                             Maria Louisa
HEIGEL                                 Anna F
HEIGEL                                 Charles G
HEIGEL                                 Jennie L
HEIGEL (WWII)                          Charles J
HEIL BONK                              Margaret
HEILMANN                               Barbara S
HEILMANN                               John
HEINZEN                                Andrew
HEINZEN                                Anna
HEINZEN                                Herman J
HEINZEN                                Joseph
HEINZEN                                Maria
HEINZEN                                Nicholas C
HEINZEN                                Nicholas G
HEINZEN SCOTT                          Sophia
HEISE                                  Alexander C
HEISLER (WWII)                         Clarence B
HEITKAMP                               Henry
HEITKAMP                               Louise
HELLICAS MEAD                          Nettie
HELMER                                 Julia S
HELMER                                 Margaret
HELMER                                 William H
HELMES                                 Leona R
HELMES BAIRD                           Leona R
HEMSING (KOR)                          Frank
HEMSTREET                              Catharine
HEMSTREET MOSIER                       Catharine
HENKEL                                 Carrie
HENKEL                                 Michael F
HENRY                                  Agness
HENRY                                  Annie R
HENRY                                  Audrey M
HENRY                                  Bruce A
HENRY                                  Donald A
HENRY                                  Ella
HENRY                                  Sarah I
HENRY                                  William
HENRY (VN)                             Donald A
HENRY CLOSSON                          Mariah
HERATH                                 William
HERBERT COMSTOCK                       Lucy
HERDEL                                 Elizabeth
HERDEL SMITH                           Elizabeth
HERGENROTHER                           Gertrude
HERGENROTHER MORAN                     Gertrude
HERON                                  Margaret
HERON                                  William
HERRICK                                Alonzo P
HERRICK                                Anna
HERRICK                                Elijah
HERRICK                                Hannah
HERRICK                                Infant
HERRICK                                John
HERRICK                                John
HERRICK                                Leonard
HERRICK                                Mary
HERRICK                                Nathaniel J
HERRICK                                William
HERRICK (CW)                           John S
HERRICK FENN                           Catharine
HERRMANN                               Margaret Benz
HERRON BISHOP                          Verna
HERSH                                  Stuart J
HERSHKOWITZ                            Betty
HERSHKOWITZ                            Mamie
HERSHKOWITZ                            Samuel
HERSHKOWITZ                            William
HERSHKOWITZ (WWII)                     Max H
HERSHKOWITZ GOLD                       Belle
HESLER                                 Frederick C
HESLER                                 Janet May
HESLER                                 Mary H
HESLER (WWII)                          James E
HESNOR (WWI)                           Frank F
HESS                                   Elinor
HESS MARSH                             Elinor
HEWES MAC CHESNEY                      Myra P
HEWSON                                 Robert D
HICKEY                                 Anna
HICKEY                                 Michael
HICKS                                  Catharine
HICKS                                  Catharine
HICKS                                  Earl J
HICKS                                  Ida M
HICKS DOW                              Catharine
HICKS DOW                              Catharine
HICKSON                                Catharine
HICKSON                                Joseph
HICOCK                                 Charles J
HIDDE                                  Martha
HIDDE FINK                             Martha
HIDLEY                                 George L
HIDLEY (CW)                            George L
HIEL                                   John
HIEL                                   Minnie
HIGGINS                                Agness
HIGGINS                                Dolores
HIGGINS                                Lydia A
HIGGINS                                Marian
HIGGINS (KOR)                          James J
HIGGINS (WWII)                         Edward
HIGGINS PARKS                          Lydia A
HILE ZELEZNIAK                         Marion
HILL                                   Adrian
HILL DOYLE                             Janet F
HILLIARD                               Edward W
HILLIER                                Mary
HILLIS                                 Emma W
HILLMAN                                Anna
HILLMAN                                Helene C
HILLMAN                                John
HILLMAN                                Mary M
HILLMAN (CW)                           John A
HILLMAN HIGGINS                        Marian
HILLMAN JEWELL                         Mary J
HILLMAN ROWE                           Ella M
HILLS                                  Eliza
HILLS                                  Lois
HILLS                                  Loisa F
HILLS                                  Mary
HILLS                                  Matthew
HILLS                                  Sally Ann
HILLS                                  Samuel
HILLS NOXON                            Catharine
HINDS                                  Caroline L
HINDS                                  Charlotte
HINDS                                  John W
HINDS                                  Katherine L
HINDS LANGE                            Katherine L
HINDS SEISENHONER                      Caroline L
HIX VISHER                             Elizabeth
HOAG                                   Elizabeth
HOAG RICHARDSON                        Elizabeth
HOBBS                                  Rosa Lily
HOBBS                                  William Hedley
HOCKIN                                 William H
HOCKIN (WWI)                           William H
HOERNLEIN                              Elizabeth
HOERNLEIN GLASS                        Elizabeth
HOES                                   Henrietta
HOFER                                  Fredericka
HOFER                                  Sophia
HOFER NICKLAS                          Fredericka
HOFER SCHNEUCKER                       Sophia
HOGAN                                  Chloe
HOGAN                                  Patrick Francis
HOGAN (VN)                             Patrick Francis
HOGAN (WWII)                           Charles E
HOGHEBONE WEAST                        Sarah
HOLLIDAY                               Marietta
HOLLIDAY                               Richard M
HOLMAN                                 Ruth
HOLMES                                 Henry
HOLMES                                 Winfield W
HOLMES (KOR)                           Winfield W
HOLMES (WWII)                          Adelbert C
HOLMES (WWII)                          Winfield W
HOOD                                   John
HOOD                                   Margaret
HOPKINS                                Seliah A
HOPPMAN                                Christian
HOPPMAN                                Frederick W
HOPPMAN                                Katherine M
HOPPMANN                               Caroline L S
HOPPMANN                               Henry C
HOPPMANN                               Lillian
HORAK                                  Ignac
HORAK                                  Marie
HORAK                                  Mary Ann
HORN                                   Gertrude E
HORN                                   Henry
HORNBY                                 Preston Clute
HORNE                                  Valentine
HORNING                                Rachel A
HORSTMAN                               Caroline
HORSTMAN                               Charles
HORSTMAN                               Elizabeth
HORSTMAN                               Mary L
HORSTMAN                               Wilhelmina G
HORSTMAN BOWMAN                        Wilhelmina G
HORSTMAN FRICK                         Caroline
HORSTMANN                              Ella M
HORSTMANN MCGEE                        Ella M
HORVATH                                Annie
HORVATH                                John G
HOSFORD                                Mahlon T
HOTALING                               Frank R
HOTALING                               Isabella W
HOTALING                               Mary M
HOTALING (WWII)                        Frank R
HOTALING BOND                          Mary M
HOTALING WELLER                        Isabella W
HOTCHKISS                              Estelle
HOTCHKISS                              Frank Austin
HOTCHKISS                              James Mason
HOTCHKISS                              Jennie R
HOUCK                                  Adrian
HOUCK                                  Mary
HOUCK                                  Mary
HOUGHTON COUNTERMINE                   Jane Ann
HOW                                    Matilda
HOWARD                                 Albert L
HOWARD                                 Alice J
HOWARD                                 Allerd S
HOWARD                                 Jane M
HOWARD                                 John J
HOWARD                                 John S
HOWARD                                 Marilla
HOWARD                                 Samuel
HOWARD                                 Susan A
HOWARD (CW)                            William B
HOWARD (WWII)                          John J
HOWE                                   Ann Mariah
HOWE                                   Harriet Olive
HOWE PANTHEN                           Harriet Olive
HOWELL                                 Clara W S
HOWENSTEIN LIGHTHART                   Ellen E
HOWLAND                                Abbie Hathaway
HOWLAND SCHWERIN                       Abbie Hathaway
HOYT                                   Adeline C
HOYT                                   Adeline E
HOYT                                   Amanda A
HOYT                                   Edward C
HOYT                                   Lena B
HOYT                                   Lizzie J
HOYT                                   Lockwood
HOYT NEAR                              Elizabeth C
HUBBS                                  Katie
HUBER                                  Clara
HUBER                                  Judith M
HUBER                                  Louise
HUBER (KOR)                            Ronald W
HUBER (KOR)                            Rudolph
HUBNER                                 George H
HUBNER                                 George H
HUBNER                                 Henry
HUBNER                                 Henry
HUBNER (CW)                            Henry
HUDSON                                 John Topping
HUDSON                                 Minerva
HUDSON ALLEN                           Minerva
HUDSON EVANS                           Lulu L
HUFFMIRE                               John J
HUFFMIRE                               Margaret
HUFFMIRE                               William H
HUGHES                                 Abram
HUGHES                                 Carrie
HUGHES                                 Grace L
HUGHES                                 James
HUGHES                                 John
HUGHES                                 John
HUGHES                                 Richard V
HUGHES (WWII)                          John
HUGO                                   Louis
HULBERT VAN VORST                      Amanda M
HULIN ANDERSON                         Jane
HUMBERT                                Lena
HUMBERT SCHWILK                        Lena
HUMPHREY                               Adam
HUMPHREY                               John B
HUMPHREY                               Louisa
HUMPHREY                               Mary E
HUMPHREY                               William
HUMPHREY MCINTOSH                      Martha
HUNT                                   Amanda
HUNT                                   Elizabeth
HUNT                                   Eloise B.
HUNT                                   Etta
HUNT                                   George W.
HUNT                                   Harriett L.
HUNT                                   James V.
HUNT                                   Marian M
HUNT                                   Melvil H.
HUNT (WWII)                            John H
HUNT ELLERS                            Ellen
HUNT VEDDER                            Amanda
HUNTER (WWI)                           Henry W
HUNTINGTON                             Amy L
HUNTINGTON                             Harry H
HUNTON (WWII)                          William S
HUSTED ROCKWELL                        Sarah
HUSTON (WWI)                           Wallace
HYDE                                   A Lillian
HYDE                                   Guy C
HYDE                                   Lizzie A
HYDE                                   S Frederick
HYNDMAN                                Helen W
HYNDMAN                                Jennie M
HYNDMAN                                Rachel Knorr
HYNDMAN                                Samuel
HYSER BRIGGS                           Ann
HYSON                                  Raymond L
HYSON (VN)                             Raymond L
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