Schenectady County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Schenectady County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

TABER                                  Alta
TABER                                  Jesse A
TABER                                  Mary E
TABER CAMPBELL                         Mae
TAYLOR                                 Alpha Nichols
TAYLOR                                 Emma
TAYLOR                                 Forest W
TAYLOR                                 John
TAYLOR                                 John
TAYLOR                                 Mary A
TAYLOR                                 R Grace
TAYLOR (SA)                            John
TAYLOR MUNSELL                         Emma
TAYLOR RIGGS                           Mary A
TAYLOR VAN DYKE                        Sarah
TAYLOR WELLER                          Maria
TEAGLE                                 Caroline M
TEAGLE                                 Charles H
TEAGLE                                 Gertrude
TEAGLE                                 William
TEAGLE ROCKEFELLER                     Gertrude
TEAL                                   Elizabeth
TEARNO (KOR)                           Dante F
TELLER                                 Elnora Emma
TELLER                                 Harry Y
TELLER                                 Isaac Yates
TELLER                                 Sarah Ann
TELLER SCHERMERHORN                    Anna
TELLER VAN VOAST                       Maria
TELLER WILCOX                          Elnora Emma
TEN BROECK                             Celia West
TEN BROECK                             Helen C
TEN BROECK                             L.
TEN BROECK HARRISON                    Helen C
TEN BROECK ROBERTSON                   Celia West
TEN BROECK SANDERS                     Adelaide
TEN BROECK SANDERS                     Albertina
TEN BROECK SANDERS                     Jane L
TEN EYCK                               Anna
TEN EYCK                               Barent
TEN EYCK                               Elizabeth
TEN EYCK                               Elsie
TEN EYCK                               George
TEN EYCK                               Jacob Glen
TEN EYCK                               John S
TEN EYCK                               Juliaett
TEN EYCK MYNDERSE                      Catharine Douw
TEN EYCK ZEH                           Jenett
TERRELL                                Ernest Dwight
TERRELL                                Helen S
TERRY                                  Maria
TERRY                                  Wesley
TERRY                                  William H
TERRY BEST                             Sarah Van Vranken
TERRY DERICK                           Lany M
TERRY HILLS                            Sally Ann
TESSITORE (WWI)                        Anthony
TETRAULT                               Omer
TETRAULT                               Valida
TETRAULT (WWII)                        Marcel O
THAISS                                 Christian J
THAISS                                 Herbert
THAISS                                 Lena
THELEN                                 Anton
THELEN                                 Elizabeth
THOMA                                  Albin
THOMA                                  James C
THOMA                                  Lydia M
THOMA                                  William
THOMAS                                 Abram
THOMAS                                 Abram
THOMAS                                 Barbery A
THOMAS                                 Elizabeth F
THOMAS                                 James
THOMAS                                 Martha B
THOMAS                                 Mary A
THOMAS                                 Nancy Bradt
THOMAS                                 Tessie W
THOMAS                                 William H
THOMAS (WWII)                          Clayton W
THOMAS BARHYDT                         Elizabeth F
THOMPSON                               Herbert R
THOMPSON                               Kenneth M
THOMPSON                               Marie Daniels
THOMPSON                               Thomas L
THOMPSON                               William R
THOMPSON (VN)                          Kenneth M
THOMPSON (WWI)                         Herbert R
THOMPSON (WWII)                        William R
THOMSON                                Alexander J
THOMSON                                Elizabeth
THOMSON                                James
THOMSON                                Jane Y
THOMSON                                John
THOMSON                                Margaret F
THOMSON                                Nelly
THORN                                  Christian
THORN                                  Mary
THORNE                                 Angeline
THORNE                                 Charles
THORNE                                 Vernon C
THORNTON                               Adelia
THORNTON                               Catharine A
THORNTON                               Evangeline
THORNTON                               George De Witt
THORNTON                               George J
THORNTON                               Helen
THORNTON                               John
THORNTON                               John C
THORNTON                               William A
THORNTON                               William Adrian
THORNTON (RW)                          John
THORNTON CASEY                         Adelia
THORNTON MCCUE                         Sarah
THORNTON WALSH                         Nora
THUENER                                Esther C
THUENER                                Otto C
TIELBURGER                             Henrietta
TIELBURGER LAMPE                       Henrietta
TIEMANN                                C W Ludise
TIEMANN BUHRMESTER                     C W Ludise
TINNY PIERSON                          Jane U
TOBACK                                 Hannah
TODD SHANNON                           Sarah
TOLL                                   Rachel L
TOLL                                   Sarah Loisa
TOLL CHAMBERLIN                        Hester
TOLL PRYME                             Rebecca
TOLL VAN EPPS                          Rachel L
TOLL VAN PATTEN                        Hannah
TOLLES VAN WORMER                      Isabell
TOMPKINS (KOR)                         Alfred W
TOMPKINS (WWII)                        Chester E
TONELIER                               J S L
TONELIER                               Sarah
TOSCANO (WWII)                         Anthony
TOWLE                                  Blanche J
TOWLE (WWI)                            James A
TOWNSEND                               Hubert C
TOWNSEND (SA)                          Hubert C
TOWNSEND MILLER                        Anna
TRACY                                  Belle
TRACY (WWII)                           Charles H
TRASH                                  James
TRASH                                  Susan
TREIS (WWII)                           Nicholas A
TREMANTE (KOR)                         Silvio
TRIPP                                  Darius
TRIPP                                  Ella
TRIPP                                  Ezekiel D
TRIPP                                  Martha Ann
TRIPP                                  Thomas B
TRIPP                                  Ursula
TRIPP KETCHAM                          Patience
TRIPP LEAKE                            Ruth
TRIPP STEERS                           Ella
TROMPER                                Ann T
TROMPER                                Ann T
TROPPMAN                               Anna E
TROTT WINTER                           Anna
TRUAX                                  Abraham A.
TRUAX                                  Alida
TRUAX                                  Andrew
TRUAX                                  Andrew
TRUAX                                  Andrew (Andries)
TRUAX                                  Cornelius
TRUAX                                  Eleanor
TRUAX                                  Elizabeth
TRUAX                                  Jacoba
TRUAX                                  Maria
TRUAX                                  Maria
TRUAX                                  Peter
TRUAX                                  Peter
TRUAX (CW)                             Peter
TRUAX SCRAFFORD                        Nancy
TRUAX VEEDER                           Eleanor
TRUAX YOUNIE                           Grace
TRUNDY BURKE                           Mary
TRZECIAK (KOR)                         John A
TUCKER                                 Margaret Mark
TUCKER THELEN                          Elizabeth
TUFFY (SERV)                           Patrick J
TULLOCH                                Bertram V
TULLOCH                                Emmett
TULLOCH                                Evelina C
TULLOCH                                Nancy
TULLOCH                                S Eugenia
TULLOCH                                Sarah J
TULLOCH WEISS                          Martha E
TULLOCK (WWI)                          Roy A
TURCOTTE                               Georgette
TURCOTTE (WWII)                        Joseph A
TURGEON TETRAULT                       Valida
TURNBULL                               Agnes Maria
TURNBULL                               Agness K
TURNBULL                               Alexander
TURNBULL                               Anna
TURNBULL                               Anna M
TURNBULL                               Augusta C
TURNBULL                               Catharine S
TURNBULL                               Clarence J
TURNBULL                               David P
TURNBULL                               George
TURNBULL                               George G
TURNBULL                               George I
TURNBULL                               George Jr
TURNBULL                               George L
TURNBULL                               James
TURNBULL                               James H
TURNBULL                               James W
TURNBULL                               John I
TURNBULL                               John T
TURNBULL                               Joseph W
TURNBULL                               Katharine E
TURNBULL                               Lillian B
TURNBULL                               Margaret
TURNBULL                               Mary
TURNBULL                               Mary C
TURNBULL                               Mary E
TURNBULL                               Minona
TURNBULL                               Robert
TURNBULL                               Sarah
TURNBULL                               William J
TURNBULL REA                           Minona
TURNBULL STERLING                      Mary C
TURNER                                 Edith
TURNER                                 Emma
TURNER                                 John H
TURNER (VN)                            William Edward
TURNER (WWII)                          Harold H
TWOMEY                                 Anna N
TWOMEY                                 Clara M
TWOMEY                                 Hugh
TWOMEY                                 John
TWOMEY                                 Mary
TWOMEY                                 Mary A
TYLOR                                  Cornelius
TYMESEN                                Cornelius E
TYMESEN                                Fannie
TYMESEN                                Harman
TYMESEN                                Harry E
TYMESEN                                Tunis C
TYMESON                                Elbert
ULRICH                                 Charles E
ULRICH                                 Mary B
UNDERWOOD                              Gladys
UNDERWOOD GRAPER                       Gladys
UNDERWOOD SHELDON                      Susie
UPHOFF                                 Christian
UPHOFF                                 Ella Louise
UPHOFF                                 Mary
VALK                                   Alexander
VALK                                   Helcha
VAN ABRAHAM                            Lighaam
VAN ABRAHAM WEMPEL                     Lighaam
VAN AERNAM                             Mary Elizabeth
VAN AERNAM RHOADES                     Mary Elizabeth
VAN AERNAM VAN PATTEN                  Mary Jane
VAN ALSTINE                            Katherine
VAN ANTWERP                            Aaron
VAN ANTWERP                            Daniel
VAN ANTWERP                            Helena
VAN ANTWERP                            Maria
VAN ANTWERP JACKSON                    Cornelia
VAN ANTWERP TRUAX                      Maria
VAN ANTWORP VAN PATTEN                 Jane A D
VAN BUREN                              Charles F
VAN BUREN                              Emma L
VAN BUREN                              Margaret W
VAN BUREN                              Wanda M
VAN BUREN FAIRCHILD                    Emma L
VAN DARREN                             Catherin
VAN DE BOGART                          Angelina
VAN DE BOGART BRIDGEFORD               Angelina
VAN DE BOGERT                          Maggie C
VAN DE BOGERT                          Mary
VAN DE BOGERT                          Tecarius
VAN DE BOGERT WORTH                    Maggie C
VAN DEBOGART                           Francis
VAN DEBOGART                           Francis
VAN DEBOGERT                           Anna
VAN DEBOGERT                           Anna
VAN DEBOGERT                           Catherine Louise
VAN DEBOGERT                           Catherine Louise
VAN DEBOGERT                           George Ohlen
VAN DEBOGERT                           George Ohlen
VAN DEBOGERT                           Giles Y
VAN DEBOGERT                           Giles Y
VAN DEBOGERT                           Janette
VAN DEBOGERT                           Jannette
VAN DEBOGERT                           Joseph Y
VAN DEBOGERT                           Joseph Y
VAN DEBOGERT                           Maggie C
VAN DEBOGERT                           Mary
VAN DEBOGERT                           Mary Frances
VAN DEBOGERT                           Mary Frances
VAN DEBOGERT                           Tecarius
VAN DEBOGERT WORTH                     Maggie C
VAN DEMARK                             Fanny
VAN DENBURG                            John
VAN DENBURG (WWII)                     Robert C
VAN DER BOGERT                         Frank
VAN DER BOGERT                         Frank
VAN DER VEER                           Garret H
VAN DER VEER (WWII)                    Garret H
VAN DER VOLGEN                         Elizabeth
VAN DER VOLGEN                         Lawrance C
VAN DER VOLGEN                         Nicholas
VAN DER VOLGEN                         Rebecca
VAN DER VOLGEN                         Susanah
VAN DERBOGERT                          Anna
VAN DERBOGERT                          Anna
VAN DERBOGERT                          Florence C
VAN DERBOGERT                          Florence E
VAN DERBOGERT                          Lavinia
VAN DERBOGERT ERBEN                    Anna
VAN DERBOGERT ERBEN                    Anna
VAN DERBOGERT SHANKLIN                 Lavinia
VAN DERBOGERT SHANKLIN                 Lavinia
VAN DERMOOR                            Harriet J
VAN DERMOOR PROPER                     Harriet J
VAN DERWERKEN (VN)                     Robert B
VAN DEUSEN                             Anna M
VAN DEUSEN                             Harriet Y
VAN DEUSEN                             James E
VAN DEUSEN                             Nicholas Y
VAN DEUSEN                             Wallace E
VAN DEUSEN                             Wallace Emmett
VAN DRIESEN                            Joseph S
VAN DRIESEN                            Mary M
VAN DUSEN                              Rexford B
VAN DUSEN (WWII)                       Rexford B
VAN DYCK                               Abram
VAN DYCK                               Ardella
VAN DYCK                               Cornelia
VAN DYCK                               Cornelious
VAN DYCK                               Cornelius
VAN DYCK                               Eliza
VAN DYCK                               Elizabeth
VAN DYCK                               Hannah A
VAN DYCK                               Jane
VAN DYCK                               Mary
VAN DYCK                               Richard
VAN DYCK                               Sarah
VAN DYCK                               William
VAN DYCK MEEKER                        Sarah
VAN DYCK PANGBURN                      Elizabeth
VAN DYKE                               Effy
VAN DYKE                               John P
VAN DYKE                               Peter
VAN DYKE                               Sarah
VAN EPPS                               Alexander J
VAN EPPS                               Amelia
VAN EPPS                               Charles A
VAN EPPS                               Elizabeth T
VAN EPPS                               Frank
VAN EPPS                               Grace M
VAN EPPS                               James J
VAN EPPS                               Mary B
VAN EPPS                               Rachel E
VAN EPPS                               Rachel L
VAN EPPS                               Sarah B
VAN EPPS CLARK                         Grace M
VAN EPPS VAN PATTEN                    Rachel E
VAN EPS                                Albert
VAN EPS                                Ally
VAN EPS                                James
VAN EPS                                John D
VAN EPS                                John I
VAN EPS                                Joseph
VAN EPS                                Susan
VAN EPS BRADT                          Jane
VAN EPS TEN EYCK                       Anna
VAN EPS VEEDER                         Jane
VAN ETTAN                              Elizabeth A
VAN ETTAN                              Elizabeth A
VAN ETTAN BALDWIN                      Elizabeth A
VAN ETTEN VEDDER                       Sarah M
VAN FLUE                               Herman
VAN FLUE                               Ida
VAN GUYSLING                           Anna E
VAN GUYSLING                           Hester
VAN GUYSLING                           Mary
VAN GUYSLING                           Nelson D
VAN GUYSLING                           Peter
VAN GUYSLING                           Susan
VAN GUYSLING                           Susan
VAN GUYSLING VAN EPS                   Susan
VAN GUYSLING VAN KURAN                 Anna E
VAN HEUSEN                             Elizabeth
VAN HEUSEN MILLER                      Cora A
VAN HOUSEN                             Anna Maria
VAN HUSEN                              Alexander
VAN HUSEN                              Ellen
VAN HUSEN                              Ellie
VAN HUYSON                             Sarah
VAN INGEN                              Dirk
VAN INGEN                              John V
VAN KURAN                              Andrew Edward
VAN KURAN                              Anna E
VAN KURAN                              Anna Maria
VAN KURAN                              Charles Austen
VAN KURAN                              James
VAN KURAN                              James Edgar
VAN KURAN                              Julia Elizabeth
VAN KURAN                              Mary Walker
VAN KURAN MCCLYMAN                     Julia Elizabeth
VAN LAAK                               Helena
VAN LOON                               Cathalina
VAN LOON SWART                         Cathalina
VAN NATTA                              Lafayette
VAN NATTA                              Laura F
VAN NATTA MAY                          Mildred S
VAN NOSTRAND                           Mary E
VAN OLINDA SWART                       Mariah
VAN PATTAN VEDDER                      Deborah
VAN PATTEN                             Angelica
VAN PATTEN                             Charles H
VAN PATTEN                             Charlotte
VAN PATTEN                             Chauncey
VAN PATTEN                             Elisabeth
VAN PATTEN                             Eliza
VAN PATTEN                             Eliza
VAN PATTEN                             Elizabeth
VAN PATTEN                             Emma
VAN PATTEN                             Frances
VAN PATTEN                             Fredrick N
VAN PATTEN                             Fremont J
VAN PATTEN                             George
VAN PATTEN                             Hannah
VAN PATTEN                             Henry
VAN PATTEN                             Henry N
VAN PATTEN                             Herman
VAN PATTEN                             Howard A
VAN PATTEN                             Jacob
VAN PATTEN                             Jane
VAN PATTEN                             Jane A D
VAN PATTEN                             John
VAN PATTEN                             John E
VAN PATTEN                             John H
VAN PATTEN                             John J A S
VAN PATTEN                             Lavina
VAN PATTEN                             Lenard
VAN PATTEN                             Lydia
VAN PATTEN                             Maria
VAN PATTEN                             Martha
VAN PATTEN                             Mary
VAN PATTEN                             Mary A
VAN PATTEN                             Mary Jane
VAN PATTEN                             Mary Jane
VAN PATTEN                             Nancy
VAN PATTEN                             Nancy A
VAN PATTEN                             Nicholas
VAN PATTEN                             Nicholas N
VAN PATTEN                             Nicholas N
VAN PATTEN                             Nicholas S
VAN PATTEN                             Philip N
VAN PATTEN                             Philip S
VAN PATTEN                             Rachel E
VAN PATTEN                             Rebecca A
VAN PATTEN                             Rebecca Maria
VAN PATTEN                             Sarah
VAN PATTEN                             Sarah
VAN PATTEN                             Silas
VAN PATTEN                             Simon P
VAN PATTEN                             T Anna
VAN PATTEN                             Theresa Marie
VAN PATTEN                             William K
VAN PATTEN (CW)                        Silas
VAN PATTEN BUYS                        Margaret A Maggie
VAN PATTEN DODGE                       Jane
VAN PATTEN DONAHA                      Sarah
VAN PATTEN DRURY                       Deborah
VAN PATTEN DUNBAR                      Emma
VAN PATTEN GERVIN                      Angelica
VAN PATTEN HARVEY                      Catherine
VAN PATTEN HARVEY                      Ida
VAN PATTEN HIEL                        Minnie
VAN PATTEN MICKLE                      Martha
VAN PATTEN MILLER                      Elizabeth
VAN PATTEN NEWTON                      Helen
VAN PATTEN PEEK                        Sophia
VAN PATTEN SWART                       Sarah
VAN PATTEN VAN DYCK                    Mary
VAN PATTEN VIELE                       Rebecca
VAN PATTEN WESTCOTT                    Angelica
VAN PATTN                              Charles Harmon
VAN PEEK                               Sophia
VAN PELT                               Alexander
VAN PELT                               Edward
VAN PELT                               John
VAN PELT                               Mary A
VAN PELT                               Orcelia A
VAN PELT                               Sarah
VAN PELT                               Wesley
VAN PETTE                              Niclaes
VAN RENSSELAER                         Deborah Sanders
VAN RENSSELAER                         Killian K
VAN RENSSELAER                         Peter S
VAN RENSSELAER                         Sally
VAN SANTVOORD TRUAX                    Jacoba
VAN SCHAICK                            Eva E
VAN SCHAICK PUTMAN                     Catalina
VAN SCHAICK VAN VRANKEN                Eva E
VAN SLYCK                              Angelica
VAN SLYCK                              Charles J
VAN SLYCK                              Chester W
VAN SLYCK                              Harry C
VAN SLYCK                              Henry M
VAN SLYCK                              Jacob
VAN SLYCK                              Kate L
VAN SLYCK                              M I
VAN SLYCK                              Marg
VAN SLYCK                              Margaret A
VAN SLYCK                              Maria
VAN SLYCK WARD                         Maria
VAN VALKENBURG                         Amanda C
VAN VALKENBURG STANTON                 Amanda C
VAN VECHTEN                            Amelia Murray
VAN VECHTEN                            Catharine Mason
VAN VECHTEN                            Elsie Maria
VAN VECHTEN                            Joseph Hardcastle
VAN VLECK SPRINGER                     Margaret H
VAN VOARST                             Adam
VAN VOAST                              Eliza
VAN VOAST                              Maria
VAN VORST                              Abraham A
VAN VORST                              Amanda M
VAN VORST                              Cornelia
VAN VORST                              Elias L
VAN VORST                              Frances
VAN VORST                              Frances
VAN VORST                              Gardiner B
VAN VORST                              Henrietta
VAN VORST                              Noah Vibbard
VAN VORST                              Sarah
VAN VORST MARSH                        Frances
VAN VORST MARSH                        Frances
VAN VORST NOBLE                        Cornelia
VAN VOST PULVER                        Sarah
VAN VRANKEN                            Albert Bensen
VAN VRANKEN                            Anna
VAN VRANKEN                            Bertha G
VAN VRANKEN                            Betsy
VAN VRANKEN                            Claus I
VAN VRANKEN                            Edith A
VAN VRANKEN                            Edward Wheeler
VAN VRANKEN                            Eva E
VAN VRANKEN                            Garret
VAN VRANKEN                            H Clayton
VAN VRANKEN                            Henry N
VAN VRANKEN                            Isaac C
VAN VRANKEN                            Jacob
VAN VRANKEN                            M Anna
VAN VRANKEN                            Mary
VAN VRANKEN                            Mary K
VAN VRANKEN                            Obadiah
VAN VRANKEN                            Peter
VAN VRANKEN                            Peter D
VAN VRANKEN                            Rachel
VAN VRANKEN                            Rachel
VAN VRANKEN                            Rebecca
VAN VRANKEN (CW)                       S W
VAN VRANKEN BENSEN                     Mary
VAN VRANKEN OSTRANDER                  Rachel
VAN VRANKEN PEEK                       Barbary
VAN VRANKEN VAN HUYSON                 Sarah
VAN WIE                                Augustus A
VAN WIE                                Augustus A
VAN WIE                                Etta
VAN WIE                                Sarah E
VAN WORMER                             Aaron
VAN WORMER                             Catharine
VAN WORMER                             Edward
VAN WORMER                             Isabell
VAN WORMER SHULTES                     Hazel D
VAN ZANDT                              Louisa K
VAN ZANDT                              Sally
VAN ZANDT FORT                         Helen
VANGUISLING CLUTE                      Barbary
VANNATTA                               John D
VANNATTA                               Sarah
VANSLYCK MCCOURTIE                     Sarah
VANVRANKEN MCCLEARY                    Gertrude
VAQN DERBOGERT                         Lavinia
VAUCHEN                                Charles H
VAUCHEN                                Mary L
VECK                                   Kathryn
VECK HANBRIDGE                         Kathryn
VEDDER                                 Aaron B
VEDDER                                 Abiah
VEDDER                                 Albert I
VEDDER                                 Alida
VEDDER                                 Almira
VEDDER                                 Amanda
VEDDER                                 Annatye
VEDDER                                 C Allen
VEDDER                                 Carrie
VEDDER                                 Catharine
VEDDER                                 Charles A
VEDDER                                 Clyde J
VEDDER                                 Daniel D
VEDDER                                 Deborah
VEDDER                                 Emma
VEDDER                                 Henrietta
VEDDER                                 Hester
VEDDER                                 Hiram
VEDDER                                 Jacobus
VEDDER                                 Jane Ann
VEDDER                                 John C
VEDDER                                 John D
VEDDER                                 John D
VEDDER                                 John D
VEDDER                                 John F
VEDDER                                 Levi
VEDDER                                 Levi
VEDDER                                 Levi
VEDDER                                 Levi
VEDDER                                 Lydia
VEDDER                                 Margaret
VEDDER                                 Margaret
VEDDER                                 Margaret G
VEDDER                                 Margeret
VEDDER                                 Maria
VEDDER                                 Mary
VEDDER                                 Mary
VEDDER                                 Matthew
VEDDER                                 Myron W
VEDDER                                 Norton
VEDDER                                 Philena
VEDDER                                 Rebecca
VEDDER                                 Sarah J
VEDDER                                 Sarah M
VEDDER                                 Simon
VEDDER                                 Sophia
VEDDER                                 William
VEDDER                                 William N
VEDDER (SA)                            Clyde J
VEDDER (WWI)                           Hiram C
VEDDER BRIGGS                          Eva Ann
VEDDER COLE                            Almira
VEDDER COOKINGHAM                      Philena
VEDDER CUYLER                          Susanna
VEDDER GROOT                           Rebecca
VEDDER MOYSTON                         Nancy
VEDDER PHRANER                         Margaret
VEDDER PRATT                           Clara
VEDDER RECTOR                          Emma
VEEDER                                 Christiane
VEEDER                                 Eleanor
VEEDER                                 Harmen
VEEDER                                 Helen
VEEDER                                 Helen B
VEEDER                                 Henry G
VEEDER                                 Jane
VEEDER                                 John P
VEEDER                                 Josephine D
VEEDER                                 Leonard
VEEDER                                 Margarete
VEEDER                                 Maria
VEEDER                                 Mary Jane
VEEDER                                 Myndert
VEEDER                                 Myndert Janse
VEEDER                                 Nicholas
VEEDER                                 Verna
VEEDER (RW)                            Nicholas G
VEEDER (SA)                            Leonard
VEEDER BUYCE                           Harriet
VEEDER CRAWFORD                        Elizabeth
VEEDER DE GRAFF                        Elenor
VEEDER DURYEE                          Helen
VEEDER GILMOUR                         Mary Jane
VEEDER STALEY                          Nancy
VEEDER VROOMAN                         Cathalina
VEGEL                                  Carrie
VEGEL FISCHER                          Carrie
VELIE                                  Jane
VELIE SCHERMERHORN                     Jesinah
VERKLAS                                Mary S
VERNO ANTENUCCI                        Lena
VETTER                                 Mary E
VETTER                                 Sarah M
VETTER                                 Stephen
VIBBARD                                Abbie Maria
VIBBARD                                Burdette L
VIBBARD                                Eliza Ann
VIBBARD                                Juliet
VIBBARD                                Noah
VIBBARD (WWI)                          Burdette L
VICKERY                                Stanley W
VICKERY (WWI)                          Stanley W
VICTOR                                 Persus
VICTORY                                Mary
VIELE                                  Catharine S
VIELE                                  Clara
VIELE                                  Jacob C
VIELE                                  Rebecca
VIELE                                  Sarah Fonda
VIELE BOSTWICK                         Tenetta
VIELE CAMPFIELD                        Rachel
VIELE DEGRAFF                          Rebecca
VIELE FRYER                            Sarah M.
VIELE PILLING                          Abra Ella
VIELE SCHERMERHORN                     Maria A
VIETA                                  Louis A
VIETA (WWII)                           Louis A
VINE                                   George
VINE                                   Helen R
VINE                                   Henry
VINE                                   J E
VINE                                   John P
VINE                                   Mary
VINE                                   Mary Helen
VINE                                   Matilda
VINE                                   Philip
VINE IVES                              Mary Helen
VINE VAN DYCK                          Elizabeth
VISCHER                                Rachel Ann
VISCHER STRYKER                        Rachel Ann
VISHER                                 Elizabeth
VISHER                                 John T
VISSCHER                               Charlotte
VISSCHER                               Elizabeth C
VISSCHER                               Stephen H
VISSCHER                               Walter N
VOGEL                                  Andrew R
VOGEL                                  Anna
VOGEL                                  Barbara
VOGEL                                  Charlotte
VOGEL                                  Kate L
VOGEL                                  Yost
VOGEL (WWI)                            Walter R
VOGEL REINHARDT                        Anna
VOLKARD                                Jacob
VOLKARD (CW)                           Jacob
VOLKART                                Barbara
VON BEHREN                             Bertha
VON BEHREN                             Carrie
VON BEHREN                             Frederick
VON BEHREN                             Frederick
VON BEHREN                             Luise
VON BEHREN                             Mary
VON BEHREN                             Mary
VON BEHREN KASTENSMITH                 Carrie
VON BEHREN WEGE                        Luise
VON STETTINA                           Josephine
VON STETTINA                           Paul
VON STETTINA                           Peter
VOORHIES                               Mary
VOORHIES MILLER                        Mary
VOSBURG VEDDER                         Sophia
VOSBURGH                               Mary
VOSBURGH                               Mary
VOSBURGH SHANKLIN                      Mary
VOSBURGH SHANKLIN                      Mary
VROMAN                                 Alida M
VROMAN                                 Harry E
VROMAN (WWII)                          Harry E
VROMAN DINGMAN                         Sarah J
VROOMAN                                Abram
VROOMAN                                Cathalina
VROOMAN                                Cornelius
VROOMAN                                Ellen
VROOMAN                                Fanny
VROOMAN                                Harman M
VROOMAN                                Magdalene
VROOMAN                                Mary
VROOMAN                                Matilda J
VROOMAN                                Peter
VROOMAN                                R Grace
VROOMAN                                Sarah
VROOMAN                                Simon
VROOMAN                                Simon V
VROOMAN                                Tunis
VROOMAN                                William
VROOMAN (WWI)                          Harman M
VROOMAN (WWII)                         George I
VROOMAN (WWII)                         V Willard
VROOMAN BARKER                         Ann E
VROOMAN BROWER                         Ellen
VROOMAN TAYLOR                         R Grace
WACHEL (WWII)                          John W
WADDELL                                David
WADDELL                                Mary
WADDELL                                Sarah M
WADDELL PUTMAN                         Margaret
WAGGONER                               Charlotte
WAGGONER                               Jacob
WAGNER                                 Catherine
WAGNER                                 Catherine A.
WAGNER                                 Earl J.
WAGNER                                 James L
WAGNER                                 John Jacob
WAGNER                                 Julia A
WAGNER                                 Nellie A
WAGNER                                 Raymond H.
WAGNER                                 Susanne S
WAGNER (WWI)                           Alvin E
WAGNER (WWII)                          Raymond H
WAGNER SCRAFFORD                       Alvira
WAGNER SCRAFFORD                       Catherine
WAGONER                                Ella
WAGONER                                Ira B
WAGONER HAMMOND                        Susan E
WAGONER MCCORMICK                      Eva V
WAHL                                   Charles
WAHL                                   Mary
WALDBILLIG                             Elizabeth D
WALDBILLIG LIDDLE                      Elizabeth D
WALDRON                                Catlina
WALKER                                 Edward
WALKER ALLEN                           Margaret
WALLACE                                Jane Helen
WALLACE                                Mary R
WALLACE                                William S
WALRATH                                Anna
WALSH                                  John H
WALSH                                  Nora
WALTER                                 Emily
WALTER DREYER                          Emily
WALTON                                 Rebecca
WALTON                                 Richard
WALTON BOLLACKER                       Jennie A
WALTON CRAIG                           Margaret
WALTON WATKINS                         Grace Thatcher
WANAMAKER                              Harold R
WANAMAKER (WWII)                       Harold R
WANMER CUNNINGHAM                      Mary
WARD                                   Ahasuerus
WARD                                   Ann
WARD                                   Christopher
WARD                                   Edward S
WARD                                   Elizabeth
WARD                                   James H
WARD                                   Jeannette L
WARD                                   John
WARD                                   Luella
WARD                                   Margaret
WARD                                   Maria
WARD                                   Rebecca
WARD (SA)                              Edward S
WARD (WWII)                            Clarence
WARD CLARK                             Maria
WARD CLEMENT                           Jeannette L
WARD CLUTE                             Luella
WARD VEDDER                            Carrie
WARD WOLF                              Ann
WARE                                   Jane Helen
WARE WALLACE                           Jane Helen
WARFORD                                Elizabeth
WARFORD MOORE                          Elizabeth
WARING                                 Carrie
WARING                                 Hannah
WARING GIBSON                          Carrie
WARNER                                 Addison
WARNER                                 Antoinette
WARNER                                 Catherine
WARNER                                 Jacob O
WARNER                                 Louis
WARNER                                 Mary
WARNER                                 Mary
WARNER                                 Mary
WARNER                                 Olive
WARNER                                 Robert
WARNER                                 William M
WARNER (WWII)                          Douglas B
WARREN                                 Lizzie M
WARREN (CW)                            George W
WARREN (WWI)                           Earl C
WARWICK                                Kenneth P
WARWICK (SERV)                         Kenneth P
WASSON                                 James Thomas
WASSON                                 James Thomas
WASSON (WWI)                           James Thomas
WASSON (WWII)                          James Thomas
WASSON BOND                            Lydia
WASSON BRADSHAW                        Ellen
WATERBURY                              Amelia
WATERBURY                              Claribel
WATERBURY                              Nathaniel G
WATERBURY                              Warren C
WATERS                                 C Matilda
WATERS                                 Elisha
WATERS                                 George H
WATERS                                 Jennie
WATERS                                 John A
WATERS                                 Sarah L
WATKINS                                Anna Elizabeth
WATKINS                                Aurelia Danforth
WATKINS                                Edmond L
WATKINS                                Elizabeth
WATKINS                                Frances W
WATKINS                                Grace Thatcher
WATKINS                                Grace W
WATKINS                                Grace Walton
WATKINS                                Jacob G
WATKINS                                James D
WATKINS                                John Austin
WATKINS                                John De Lancey
WATKINS                                John De Lancey
WATKINS                                John DeLancey
WATKINS                                Mary Austin
WATKINS                                Susan Teresa
WATKINS LEAVITT                        Grace W
WATSON                                 Esther
WATSON CHAMPION                        Esther
WATTS BENTLEY                          Maria
WAYAND                                 Helena
WAYAND                                 Mary
WAYAND                                 Peter
WEAST                                  Ann
WEAST                                  Peter
WEAST                                  Sarah
WEAST MABEE                            Catharine Ann
WEAST VEDDER                           Sarah J
WEATHERWAX                             Abijah
WEATHERWAX                             Andrew
WEATHERWAX                             Harold L
WEATHERWAX                             Olive
WEATHERWAX (KOR)                       Harold L
WEATHERWAX (WWII)                      Harold L
WEAVER                                 Alice M
WEAVER                                 Anna B
WEAVER                                 Arvillia M
WEAVER                                 Benjamin
WEAVER                                 Caius E
WEAVER                                 Elma
WEAVER                                 George E
WEAVER                                 Grace M
WEAVER                                 Grace M
WEAVER                                 Hannah
WEAVER                                 Jacob E
WEAVER                                 Julia
WEAVER                                 Martha S
WEAVER                                 Mary J
WEAVER                                 Paul
WEAVER                                 Walter G
WEAVER                                 William
WEAVER                                 William L
WEAVER                                 Zachariah R
WEAVER (SA)                            Caius E
WEAVER BULLOCK                         Martha S
WEAVER SHANNON                         Anna B
WEBER                                  Angelica
WEBER                                  Friedrich
WEBER                                  Heinrich
WEBER                                  Sophia
WEBSTER                                Harrison E
WEBSTER                                Isabella B
WEBSTER                                Jessie R
WEEKES                                 Deborah G
WEEKES                                 Dorothy May
WEEKES                                 Elizabeth
WEEKES                                 George W
WEEKES                                 John
WEEKES                                 Sophie
WEEKES                                 William R
WEGE                                   Clara
WEGE                                   Frederick H
WEGE                                   Helena
WEGE                                   Luise
WEGE                                   Wilhelm
WEGE MCGUIRE                           Clara
WEIDINGER ILLE                         Anna Maria
WEIDMAN                                Amelia D
WEIDMAN                                Anna L
WEIDMAN                                John H
WEIDMAN                                Magdalen
WEIDMAN                                Menzo
WEISE VAN EPPS                         Amelia
WEISNER                                Herman
WEISNER                                Laura
WEISNER                                Louisa
WEISS                                  Frank H
WEISS                                  Helma
WEISS                                  James H
WEISS                                  Martha E
WEISS GOODWIN                          Barbara
WEISS SWITS                            Helma
WELCH                                  Francis G
WELCH (WWII)                           Francis G
WELLAR                                 William G
WELLER                                 Althedar
WELLER                                 Ardin E
WELLER                                 George
WELLER                                 Harriet A
WELLER                                 Hattie E
WELLER                                 Isabella W
WELLER                                 Jacob
WELLER                                 James
WELLER                                 Margaret A
WELLER                                 Maria
WELLER                                 William
WELLER                                 William J
WELLER CAMPBELL                        Hattie E
WELLS                                  Henry G
WELLS (WWI)                            Henry G
WELLS VAN PATTEN                       Mary Jane
WEMPEL                                 Lighaam
WEMPLE                                 Aaron S
WEMPLE                                 Alonzo
WEMPLE                                 Ann Eliza
WEMPLE                                 Charley
WEMPLE                                 Cora B
WEMPLE                                 Dorathy
WEMPLE                                 Frederick T
WEMPLE                                 Harmon
WEMPLE                                 Isaac
WEMPLE                                 Louesa
WEMPLE                                 Mindert
WEMPLE                                 Rebecca
WEMPLE                                 Sarah
WEMPLE                                 Sarah M
WEMPLE                                 Walter V
WEMPLE                                 William H
WEMPLE                                 son
WEMPLE ROBISON                         Mary A
WENDELL                                Jacantyncie
WENDELL                                Margaret Olivia
WENDELL                                Marra
WENDELL SANDERS                        Maria
WENISCH (WWII)                         William F
WERNER                                 Bertha
WERRES                                 Adolf
WERRES                                 Kathryn
WERRES (WWI)                           C Otto
WERTHEIM (WWI)                         Milton
WERTS                                  William A
WERTS (WWI)                            William A
WERTZ FRANK                            Margaret
WESSEL                                 Caroline M
WESSEL TEAGLE                          Caroline M
WESSELS                                Wessel
WEST WICKENS                           Sarah
WESTCOATT                              Major
WESTCOTT                               Angelica
WESTINGHOUSE                           Clarence Harmon
WESTINGHOUSE                           Harriet VanVranken
WESTINGHOUSE                           John
WESTINGHOUSE                           Marguerite Erskine
WESTINGHOUSE STONE                     Harriet Anna
WESTON (WWII)                          Ike
WETZEL (KOR)                           Frederick W
WHAMER                                 Lizetta A
WHAMER GRAPER                          Lizetta A
WHEELER                                Albina
WHEELER                                Albina Yale
WHEELER                                Alonzo
WHEELER                                Cora L
WHEELER                                Edward H
WHEELER                                Edward Jonathan
WHEELER                                Ethel I
WHEELER                                Gladys M
WHEELER                                Jonathan
WHEELER                                Julia
WHEELER                                Mary Ann
WHEELER                                Nancy
WHEELER                                Raymond F
WHEELER                                Raymond F
WHEELER (CW)                           George R
WHITE                                  Andrew
WHITE                                  Cornelia
WHITE                                  Dorothy S
WHITE                                  E Matilda
WHITE                                  Eliza
WHITE                                  Isabella A
WHITE                                  John
WHITE                                  Joseph
WHITE                                  Joseph L
WHITE                                  Mary
WHITE                                  Mary T
WHITE                                  Samuel
WHITE                                  Sarah
WHITE                                  Susan E
WHITE EDWARDS                          E Matilda
WHITE GRAHAM                           Cornelia L
WHITE SWART                            Mary T
WHITE VROOMAN                          Sarah
WHITE YOUNG                            Isabella A
WHITING                                Carrie M
WHITING SCHNEUCKER                     Carrie M
WHITMAN                                Charles L
WHITMAN                                Matilda
WHITMYER                               Caroline
WHITMYER                               Charles Lewis
WHITMYER SWANKER                       Caroline
WHITMYRE                               Cort H
WHITMYRE                               Edward L
WHITMYRE                               Katherine S
WHITMYRE                               Mary L
WHITMYRE                               Mary L
WHITMYRE RANKIN                        Katherine S
WHITMYRE VAUCHEN                       Mary L
WHITNEY                                John
WHITNEY                                Margaret J
WIBBE                                  Johann Hermaan
WICKENS                                Joseph
WICKENS                                Margaret
WICKENS                                Sarah
WICKENS                                William
WICKENS                                William
WICKWARE                               Frank E
WICKWARE (WWI)                         Frank E
WICKWIRE                               Isaac
WIDEMAN                                Frances A
WIDEMAN                                Frank
WIDEMAN (WWII)                         Frank V
WIEDERHOLD                             George
WIEDERHOLD                             Katherine
WIERS HAGADORN                         Sarah E
WIGGINS                                Catharine
WIGGINS                                Daniel
WIGGINS                                Daniel
WIGGINS                                James Anderson
WIGGINS                                John
WIGGINS                                Nathaniel
WIGGINS                                Rachel G
WIGGINS                                Richard
WIGGINS                                Ruth
WIGGINS                                Sally
WILBER                                 Arabella
WILBER                                 Arthur J
WILBER                                 B H
WILBER                                 Earl
WILBER                                 Edwin
WILBER                                 H I
WILBER                                 Hattie
WILBER                                 Laura
WILBER                                 Loretta
WILBER                                 Mable J
WILBER                                 Mary Ann
WILBER                                 Mary E
WILBER                                 R P U
WILBER BALL                            Elizabeth
WILBER RECTOR                          Eva
WILCOX                                 Elnora Emma
WILCOX                                 Floyd Teller
WILCOX                                 Harriet E
WILCOX                                 Miriam Clements
WILCOX                                 Thomas Henry
WILDS                                  David Fitch
WILEY                                  Alexander E
WILEY                                  Clara M
WILEY                                  Mary
WILEY PETTIT                           Mary E
WILKERSON                              John Richard
WILKERSON (WWI)                        John Richard
WILKERSON (WWII)                       John Richard
WILKIE                                 Ellen
WILKIE                                 James H
WILKIE BUTLER                          Flora T
WILKIN                                 James H
WILKINS  (VN)                          Lawrence R
WILKINS SPERBECK                       Martha
WILLARD                                Ralph G
WILLARD (WWI)                          Ralph G
WILLARD (WWII)                         Richard
WILLETT                                Alletta
WILLETT                                Eliza
WILLETT                                Howard
WILLETT (WWII)                         Howard
WILLETTE (WWII)                        Arthur R
WILLEY                                 Bedis
WILLEY                                 Daniel
WILLEY                                 Donald A
WILLEY                                 Elizabeth
WILLEY                                 Eva Jane
WILLEY                                 Frank
WILLEY                                 George L
WILLEY                                 Gladys M
WILLEY                                 Helen J
WILLEY                                 Hubert C
WILLEY                                 James J
WILLEY                                 Josephine
WILLEY                                 L Fred
WILLEY                                 Maggie
WILLEY                                 Merton E
WILLEY                                 Nora
WILLEY (KOR)                           Henry D
WILLEY (WWII)                          Daniel
WILLEY (WWII)                          James J
WILLIAMS                               Chauncey B
WILLIAMS                               Elizabeth
WILLIAMS                               Ellen
WILLIAMS                               Marion
WILLIAMS (WWI)                         Chauncey B
WILLIAMS (WWI)                         Marion
WILLIAMS (WWII)                        Anderson
WILLIAMS ARMSTRONG                     Esther
WILLIAMS FOGERTY                       Maria
WILLIAMS NEUHAUS                       Elizabeth
WILLIAMS VAN DYCK                      Hannah A
WILLIAMS WILKIE                        Ellen
WILLIS                                 Rodney R
WILLIS (WWI)                           Rodney R
WILLMAN                                Mellie C
WILLMAN                                Menzo
WILLMAN (WWII)                         B C
WILLSEE CONKLIN                        Julia Ann
WILLSEY                                Bradley
WILLSEY                                Magdalena
WILLSEY LAMB                           Magdalena
WILMOT                                 Gladys M
WILMOT WHEELER                         Gladys M
WILSEY                                 David T
WILSON                                 John H
WILSON                                 Sarah
WILSON (WWII)                          Clayton D
WILSON (WWII)                          Herbert J
WILSON GEBHARDT                        Sarah
WILTSE                                 James
WILTSIE                                Benjamin F
WILTSIE                                Emmett H
WILTSIE                                Frederick M
WILTSIE                                Jane S
WILTSIE                                Nellie E
WIMPEL                                 Abraham
WIMPEL                                 Margrieta
WINDERS                                Jefferson A
WINDERS                                Lucy N
WING                                   Mary E
WINGATE                                James
WINGATE                                William
WINKLER                                Anna M
WINKLER                                Hubert
WINKLER                                Mary B
WINKLER                                Robert E
WINKLER (WWI)                          John A
WINKLER NETTLETON                      Julia
WINNE                                  Elizabeth
WINNE                                  Elizabeth
WINNE                                  Garrett
WINNE                                  Garrett
WINNE                                  George W
WINNE                                  George W
WINNE                                  Helen A
WINNE                                  Henry
WINNE                                  Jane
WINNE                                  John Edgar
WINNE                                  Rachel A
WINNE FURBECK                          Rachel
WINNE HORNING                          Rachel A
WINNE VEDDER                           Alida
WINTER                                 Anna
WINTER                                 William
WINTER SANDERS                         Emma
WINTERS                                Margaret F
WIRTENBERGER                           Susan J
WISEMAN (WWI)                          Milford T B
WITBECK                                Charles H
WITBECK                                Ella
WITBECK                                F P
WITBECK                                Harriet
WITBECK                                Jane
WITBECK                                Jane E
WITBECK                                John
WITBECK                                Kate E
WITBECK                                Kate E
WITBECK                                Lillie
WITBECK                                Lucas G
WITBECK                                Lucas G
WITBECK                                Maria
WITBECK                                Peter I
WITBECK DAGGETT                        Harriet
WITBECK EVANS                          Ella
WITBECK GLENN                          Gertrude
WOHNLICH (CW)                          Christian
WOJCUIK (WWII)                         William J
WOLF                                   Andrew
WOLF                                   Ann
WOLF                                   Elizabeth Y
WOLF                                   Emma Jane
WOLF                                   Henry
WOLF                                   Henry
WOLF                                   Martin
WOLF FELDMAN                           Elizabeth Y
WOLFE                                  John I
WOLFE                                  Mary
WOLFE (WWI)                            John I
WOLFE DRISCOLL                         Mary
WOLFF                                  Robert M
WOLLENSACK                             Magdalene
WOLLENSACK ERTEL                       Magdalene
WOOD                                   Annie
WOOD                                   Frances
WOOD                                   Lois
WOOD                                   Lucius P
WOOD                                   Margus C
WOOD                                   Peleg
WOOD LIGON                             Lois
WOODHEAD                               Mary
WOODHEAD PARKER                        Mary
WOODHOUSE                              Walter
WOODINGTON                             Esther T
WOODIS                                 Raymond F
WOODIS (WWII)                          Raymond F
WOODLAND                               Richard
WOODWARD                               D Lester
WOODWARD                               Jennie S
WOODWORTH                              Leon H
WOODWORTH (SA)                         Leon H
WORDEN (CW)                            Charles L
WORMER                                 William J
WORTH                                  Maggie C
WORTH                                  Maggie C
WORTH                                  William M
WORTH                                  William M
WREN                                   Henry
WRIGHT                                 Anna L
WRIGHT                                 Louisa
WRIGHT                                 Sylvester F
WRIGHT MCDOUGALL                       Jane E
WRIGHT WEAVER                          Mary J
WRIGHT WEIDMAN                         Anna L
WURZ SECORD                            Bertha
WYATT                                  Anna M
WYATT                                  James T
WYATT                                  Walter
WYMAN BENTLEY                          Ida P
WYSO (WWII)                            William V
WYSS                                   Theresa Marie
WYSS VAN PATTEN                        Theresa Marie
XAVIER                                 Anne Maria
XAVIER                                 Francis
XAVIER                                 John W
XAVIER                                 Josefa
XAVIER                                 Sarah
XAVIER                                 Sarah Frances
XAVIER COUNTERMIKE                     Josefa
YALE WHEELER                           Albina
YATES                                  Annie
YATES                                  Austin Andrew
YATES                                  Christopher
YATES                                  Christopher
YATES                                  Ellen
YATES                                  Francetta
YATES                                  Gertrude E.
YATES                                  Helena
YATES                                  Helena
YATES                                  Henrietta
YATES                                  I. Austin
YATES                                  Jane
YATES                                  Jannetje Jane
YATES                                  John Austin
YATES                                  John B.
YATES                                  John Brodnax
YATES                                  Joseph
YATES                                  Josephine
YATES                                  Mary
YATES                                  Mary
YATES                                  Mary
YATES                                  Mary
YATES                                  Robert
YATES                                  Sandy
YATES (CW)                             John B
YATES (RW)                             Christopher
YATES BONETT                           Helena
YATES FONDA                            Elizabeth
YATES LOTTRIDGE                        Francetta
YATES SHONE                            Gertrude
YATES THOMSON                          Elizabeth
YATES THOMSON                          Margaret F
YATES VAN DE BOGERT                    Mary
YATES VAN DEBOGERT                     Mary
YATES VAN DEUSEN                       Anna M
YATES VAN VRANKEN                      Rachel
YATES WATKINS                          Mary Austin
YAUCHLER                               Emogene
YAUCHLER                               Louise V
YAUCHLER (CW)                          Alfred
YEARSLEY HASTINGS                      Irena L
YOUNG                                  Addison M
YOUNG                                  Anna E
YOUNG                                  Daniel D
YOUNG                                  Isabella A
YOUNG                                  Jay A
YOUNG                                  Kate
YOUNG                                  Kate M
YOUNG                                  Levi A
YOUNG                                  Margaret
YOUNG                                  Nancy M
YOUNG                                  Sarah H
YOUNG                                  William G
YOUNG (CW)                             Addison M
YOUNG (CW)                             William G
YOUNG FOOTE                            Hattie N
YOUNG HERON                            Margaret
YOUNG LORD                             Nancy
YOUNG SANDS                            Kate M
YOUNG SCHERMERHORN                     Rachel Vrooman
YOUNGS                                 Anna L
YOUNIE                                 Charles E
YOUNIE                                 Grace
YOUNIE                                 John
YOUNIE                                 Mary
YURKINS                                Joseph W
YURKINS                                Joseph Walter
YURKINS (WWI)                          Joseph W
YURKINS (WWII)                         Joseph Walter
YUSTEN                                 Philip A
YUSTEN                                 Theresa
ZAPP                                   William
ZAPP (WWI)                             William
ZAPPIERI (WWI)                         Benjamin
ZARZYCKI                               Casimer
ZARZYCKI                               Elizabeth
ZARZYCKI                               Maryjan  (Marion)
ZARZYCKI                               Walerja  (Viola)
ZAZYCKI                                Chester
ZAZYCKI                                Helen
ZAZYCKI                                John
ZAZYCKI                                Mary
ZAZYCKI                                Zigmunt
ZAZYCKI                                Zigmunt T.
ZAZYCKI (WWII)                         Zigmund T.
ZEH                                    Hiram
ZEH                                    Jenett
ZEISER                                 Charles P
ZEISER                                 Francis X
ZEISER                                 Rebecca
ZEISER REILLY                          Mary M
ZELEZNIAK                              Marion
ZELLMER                                Margaret
ZELOZNICKI (KOR)                       Adam
ZENNER                                 John
ZENNER                                 Mary
ZERLOUT RADENMACHER                    Josepha
ZIEGLER                                Joseph S
ZIEGLER (WWI)                          Joseph S
ZIEGLER (WWII)                         Joseph S
ZIELINSKI                              Christina
ZIELINSKI CERNIK                       Christina
ZIMMER NOLTE                           Margaret
ZWICKER                                Rosa
ZWICKER DINKELMANN                     Rosa
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