Schenectady County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Schenectady County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

O'BRIEN                                Daniel Francis
O'BRIEN                                Elizabeth
O'BRIEN                                Ellen
O'BRIEN                                James
O'BRIEN                                James D
O'BRIEN                                John
O'BRIEN                                Katie
O'BRIEN                                Lena
O'BRIEN                                Maria
O'BRIEN                                Mary
O'BRIEN                                Terence
O'BRIEN HANRAHAN                       Margaret
O'BRIEN SCULLY                         Maria
O'DONNELL                              Elizabeth
O'LEARY                                Anna
O'LEARY                                James N
O'LEARY (WWII)                         Frank
O'MALLEY (WWII)                        Edward F
O'NEAL                                 Howard H
O'NEAL (SERV)                          Howard H
O'NEIL                                 Ann
O'NEIL                                 Bridget
O'NEIL                                 Catherine
O'NEIL                                 Hugh
O'NEIL                                 Hugh J
O'NEIL                                 Hugh M
O'NEIL                                 James
O'NEIL                                 James
O'NEIL                                 John
O'NEIL                                 John
O'NEIL                                 Kate
O'NEIL                                 Mamie E
O'NEIL                                 Mary
O'NEIL                                 Michael
O'NEIL                                 Richard
O'NEIL                                 Thomas Francis
O'NEIL                                 William J
O'NEIL MOORE                           Mary
O'NEIL O'LEARY                         Anna
O'NEILL                                Henry F
O'NEILL (WWI)                          Thomas A
O'ROURKE                               Daniel
O'ROURKE                               Delia
O'ROURKE                               Francis J
O'ROURKE                               John J
O'ROURKE GIBLIN                        Mary
OBREMSKI                               Antoni
OBREMSKI                               Chester
OBREMSKI                               Stanislawa
OBREMSKI (WWII)                        Chester
OCCHINO (WWII)                         Joseph
ODELL                                  Anslow
ODELL                                  Elizabeth
ODELL                                  Hannah
ODELL                                  Joseph H
OHLEN                                  Catharine
OHLEN                                  Catharine
OHLEN                                  Catherine Louise
OHLEN                                  Catherine Louise
OHLEN                                  Henry George
OHLEN                                  Henry George
OHLEN VAN DEBOGERT                     Catherine Louise
OHLEN VAN DEBOGERT                     Catherine Louise
OLBRYCH                                Jean M
OLDORFF                                Caroline
OLDORFF                                Mary B
OLDORFF                                William
OLDORFF                                William C
OLDORFF ULRICH                         Mary B
OLDS MILLER                            Annah
OLIVER                                 George
OLIVER                                 John
OLIVER (SA)                            George
OLIVER HOUCK                           Mary
OLMSTED                                Roy Norman
OLSEN (WWII)                           John J
ONDERDONK                              Emma
OOSTERHOUDT                            Jane
OOTHOUT                                Abraham
OOTHOUT                                Abraham
OOTHOUT                                Gerrit
OOTHOUT                                Henry A
OOTHOUT                                Lenah
OPPERHAUSER                            John
OPPERHAUSER                            Mary
ORLOP                                  Lawrence
ORLOP (WWI)                            Lawrence
OSBORN                                 Mary J
OSBORNE (KOR)                          James Barry
OSSENFORT                              Caroline L
OSSENFORT                              Charles H A
OSTERHOUT                              Jane
OSTERHOUT (CW)                         Abram H
OSTERLITZ                              Anna W
OSTERLITZ                              Henry
OSTERLITZ (WWI)                        Henry J
OSTERMAN CASE                          Mary F
OSTRANDER                              Catharine
OSTRANDER                              Daniel
OSTRANDER                              Elizabeth
OSTRANDER                              Ira
OSTRANDER                              John P
OSTRANDER                              Peter S
OSTRANDER                              Rachel
OSTRANDER (WWII)                       James P
OSTRANDER GORDON                       Mary C
OSTRANDER MCCUE                        Isabella
OSTRANDER MOTT                         Cordelia S
OSTRANDER SPERBECK                     Martha
OSTRANDER WARNER                       Mary
OSTROM                                 Anna
OSTROM                                 Josephine
OSTROM                                 Minnie L
OSTROM                                 William H
OSTROM BANKER                          Anna
OSTROM LEE                             Minnie L
OSTROWSKI (WWII)                       Matthew A
OSTROWSKI (WWII)                       Robert J
OTT                                    John
OTT                                    Lena M
OTTEN                                  Carl
OTTEN                                  Edward
OTTEN                                  Theresa
OTTMAN                                 Ernest
OTTMAN                                 Ethel B
OTTMAN MOORE                           May
OUDERKERK                              John H
OUDERKERK                              Rachel
OUDERKERK FRYER                        Susan
OUDERKIRK                              Abram V
OUDERKIRK                              Aurelia Danforth
OUDERKIRK                              Edward E
OUDERKIRK                              Harriet
OUDERKIRK                              Helena L
OUDERKIRK                              Helena L
OUDERKIRK                              I Yates
OUDERKIRK                              Jane
OUDERKIRK                              Jane
OUDERKIRK                              Jane H W
OUDERKIRK                              Wm H
OUDERKIRK DOLLAR                       Jane
OUDERKIRK ROGERS                       Jane H W
OUDERKIRK VAN VORST                    Sarah
OUDERKIRK WATKINS                      Aurelia Danforth
OWEN TURNER                            Edith
PACH FELTHOUSEN                        Alice S
PAGELS                                 Mary
PAGELS                                 Theodore
PAIGE                                  Alanzo C
PAIGE                                  Edward Winslow
PAIGE                                  Harriet
PAIGE PAYNE                            Clara Keyes
PALASIK (WWII)                         Eugene J
PALDING                                Eliza
PALDING WHITE                          Eliza
PALLANTE (WWII)                        Angelo O
PALMER                                 Alida
PALMERI                                Frank A
PALMERI (KOR)                          Frank A
PANAS (WWII)                           Leon R
PANGBURN                               Elizabeth
PANGBURN                               Elizabeth
PANGBURN                               Fannie
PANGBURN                               James
PANGBURN                               John
PANGBURN                               John
PANGBURN                               Nicholas
PANGBURN                               Van Rensselaer
PANGBURN ELDRIDGE                      Helen
PANGBURN MILLER                        Maria
PANGBURN VALK                          Helcha
PANGBURN WEMPLE                        Louesa
PANNONE                                John L
PANNONE (KOR)                          John L
PANTHEN                                Burton E
PANTHEN                                Charles H
PANTHEN                                Harriet Olive
PANTHEN                                Jessie E
PANTHEN                                Robert C
PARKER                                 Anna
PARKER                                 Benjamin
PARKER                                 George M
PARKER                                 Hiram
PARKER                                 Joseph
PARKER                                 Mary
PARKER                                 Mary
PARKER                                 Mary Jane
PARKINSON (WWII)                       Stanley G
PARKS                                  Charles W
PARKS                                  Edward G
PARKS                                  Emily F
PARKS                                  Lydia A
PARKS                                  Raymond W
PARKS (WWII)                           Raymond W
PARKS SPERBECK                         Hannah A
PARKS WAGGONER                         Charlotte
PARTELLO                               Marvin N
PARTELLO (CW)                          Marvin N
PASSAGE                                A E
PASSAGE                                George
PASSAGE                                George
PASSAGE                                Leah
PATTEN VAN VRANKEN                     M Anna
PATTERSON                              Adaline
PATTERSON                              Clara
PATTERSON                              Joseph C
PATTERSON                              Seely
PATTERSON                              William
PATTERSON HOWE                         Ann Mariah
PATTERSON JOHNSON                      Jannett E
PATTERSON WEAVER                       Grace M
PAYNE                                  Clara Keyes
PAYTON (KOR)                           Benjamin J
PEARSE                                 Abraham
PEARSE                                 Jacob
PEARSE                                 James
PEARSE                                 Margaret
PEARSE                                 Maria
PEARSE                                 Mary
PEARSE                                 Sebastian
PEARSE                                 Williampe
PEARSE (CW)                            Sebastian
PEARSE WATKINS                         Elizabeth
PEARSON                                Ivan Carl
PEARSON (WWII)                         Ivan Carl
PECK                                   Alsa Susanna
PECK                                   Elihu
PECK                                   James
PECK                                   Melvin
PECK                                   Permelia
PECK                                   Prudence A
PECK BENEDICT                          Olive
PECK WILBER                            Laura
PEEBLES                                Gertrude
PEEBLES NOTT                           Gertrude
PEEK                                   Anna
PEEK                                   Anna
PEEK                                   Arent J
PEEK                                   Barbary
PEEK                                   Cathaline
PEEK                                   Cornelius
PEEK                                   Eleanor Ann
PEEK                                   Francis A
PEEK                                   George H
PEEK                                   George H
PEEK                                   Gertruyd
PEEK                                   Harmanus
PEEK                                   Howard
PEEK                                   James J
PEEK                                   John I
PEEK                                   Joseph
PEEK                                   Joseph L
PEEK                                   Joseph L
PEEK                                   Peter V
PEEK                                   Sophia
PEEK                                   Susana
PEEK                                   Suster
PEEK                                   Thomas Banker
PEEK                                   Tunice
PEEK                                   William G
PEEK GLENN                             Margaret Ann
PEEK MCCUE                             Mary
PEEK SWITS                             Sarah
PEEK WALDRON                           Catlina
PEEK WILLEY                            Nora
PEEKE                                  Christopher Yates
PEEKE                                  Hester
PEEKE VAN SLYCK                        Angelica
PELTON                                 Leah M
PELTON (WWI)                           Ralph Sereno
PEPPER                                 Caroline L
PEPPER                                 Carrie
PEPPER                                 Henry C
PEPPER                                 Jane E
PEPPER                                 Jessie E
PEPPER                                 Karl H
PEPPER                                 Louisa
PEPPER                                 Marion E
PEPPER BOVET                           Jessie E
PEPPER GARLING                         Louisa
PERKINS                                Annie
PERKINS                                Maurice
PERKINS                                Rose
PERKINS HALE                           Rose
PERROTTE EPTING                        Karen A
PERRY                                  Dorothy
PERRY                                  George C
PERRY                                  Nellie A
PERRY SILLS                            Dorothy
PETERS                                 Almira
PETERS                                 Harold F
PETERS                                 Helena
PETERS                                 Ida A
PETERS                                 Isaac L
PETERS                                 Mary A
PETERS (WWII)                          Harold F
PETERS BROOKS                          Mary A
PETERS SMITH                           Ida A
PETERSON                               Fred M
PETERSON                               Louise M
PETERSON                               Walter C
PETRONIS (WWII)                        Albert J
PETTIT                                 Mary E
PETTIT                                 Silas
PETTIT                                 William K
PETTIT SLAWSON                         Sally
PFAFFENBACH                            Catharine
PFAFFENBACH                            David I
PFAFFENBACH                            Herman
PFAFFENBACH                            Paul
PFAU                                   Elizabeth
PFAU                                   Francis
PFAU                                   John S
PHELPS                                 Isabel
PHILIP                                 Mary
PHILIPS                                Amy
PHILLIPI                               Mathas
PHILLIPS                               Catharine M
PHILLIPS                               John
PHILLIPS                               Mary Ann
PHILLIPS                               Satie P
PHILLIPS (CW)                          Alexander
PHILLIPS (KOR)                         Richard
PHILLIPS LAWRENCE                      Eve
PHILLIPS VAN VRANKEN                   Betsy
PHIMISTER                              Peter P
PHIMISTER (WWII)                       Peter P
PHRANER                                Margaret
PHRANER                                William H
PICKETT (WWII)                         Raymond W
PIER                                   Joseph
PIER                                   Marilla
PIER (WWII)                            Joseph
PIER RADLEY                            Phebe Ann
PIERONE (KOR)                          Richard C
PIERSON                                Ann Eliza
PIERSON                                Edward
PIERSON                                Emma
PIERSON                                Frederick T
PIERSON                                James B
PIERSON                                Jane U
PIERSON                                Mena
PIERSON                                Theodore
PIERSON                                William
PIERSON WEMPLE                         Ann Eliza
PILLING                                Abra Ella
PILLING                                Howard
PILLING                                Sarah M
PILLING                                William
PILLING                                William, Jr.
PILTMAN                                Michael F
PIOTROWSKI                             Clement E
PITCHER HILLS                          Lois
PIVACEK                                Frederick M
PIVACEK                                Mary S
PIVACEK (WWII)                         Frederick Mathews
PLANK                                  Adam
PLANK                                  Alpha Nichols
PLANK                                  Catharine
PLANK                                  David Horace
PLANK                                  Sarah C
PLANK                                  William
PLANK TAYLOR                           Alpha Nichols
PLATT TURNBULL                         Agnes Maria
PLATTO VAN HEUSEN                      Elizabeth
PLAYFORD                               James L
PLAYFORD                               Margaret C
PLEMENIK                               Gertrude
PLEMENIK                               Richard E
PLUE                                   Walter B
PLUE (WWI)                             Walter
PLUMMER                                Eleanor E
PLUMMER (WWII)                         Philip
PLUNKETT                               Mich
POERSCH                                Jacob A
POERSCH REUSS                          Barbara
POHL                                   Anna
POHL                                   Bernard J
POHL                                   Ella J.
POHL                                   Family Monument
POHL                                   Jacob
POHL                                   Jennie C
POHL                                   John
POHL                                   John
POHL                                   Margaret
POHL                                   Margaret
POHL                                   William J.
POHL BEAVER                            Margaret
POLLARD                                Anna Glen
POLLARD                                Charles B
POLLARD                                Hester Ann
POLLARD                                Jane
POLLARD                                John H
POLLARD CLUTE                          Jane
POLLOCK                                Mary R
POLSKIE (WWII)                         Anthony
POLTORAK                               Constance D
POLTORAK (KOR)                         Richard W
PORTER                                 William
PORTER (SA)                            William
PORTER LA GRANGE                       Catherine M
POTRIE                                 Nelson
POTRIE (SA)                            Nelson
POTTER                                 Annie
POTTER                                 Isabella
POTTER                                 Mary
POTTER                                 Thomas
POTTER                                 William G
POTTER PHILIP                          Mary
PRAMER                                 William
PRATT                                  Clara
PRATT                                  David
PRATT                                  David H
PRATT                                  Frances H
PRATT                                  John Franklin
PRATT                                  Seymore F
PRATT (SA)                             Seymore F
PREMORE                                George B.
PREMORE                                Mary C.
PRESTON                                Allan Heyer Jackson
PRESTON                                Henry Wray
PRESTON                                Julia
PRESTON                                Lois
PRESTON MILTON                         Lois
PRICE                                  Jonathan
PRIMMER                                Phebe
PRITCHARD                              Cyril E
PRITCHARD                              Frank G
PRITCHARD (WWII)                       Cyril E
PRITCHARD (WWII)                       Frank G
PROKOP (WWII)                          Jerry
PROKSON                                Julius
PROKSON                                Pauline
PROPER                                 A Richard
PROPER                                 Harriet J
PROPER                                 Nicholas D
PROVDA                                 Rosa
PRUEFER                                Otto A
PRUSECKI (WWII)                        Joseph G
PRYME                                  David
PRYME                                  Rebecca
PULVER                                 Alice C
PULVER                                 Charles
PULVER                                 Cornelius H
PULVER                                 Della
PULVER                                 George M
PULVER                                 James S
PULVER                                 Mary Jane
PULVER                                 Sarah
PULVER                                 Sarah
PULVER (WWII)                          Arthur L
PULVER WIGGINS                         Catharine
PUTMAN                                 Aaron
PUTMAN                                 Aaron I
PUTMAN                                 Andrew Y
PUTMAN                                 Catalina
PUTMAN                                 Elizabeth
PUTMAN                                 Francis D
PUTMAN                                 Margaret
PUTMAN                                 Nancy
PUTMAN                                 Nancy
PUTMAN                                 Sebastian
PUTNAM                                 Aaron
QUACKENBOSS                            Magdalene
QUACKENBUSH (WWI)                      Russell H
QUACKENBUSH CROWE                      Grace
QUACKINBUSH                            Frederick
QUACKINBUSH                            Nancy
QUANT                                  Elizabeth
QUANT                                  George D
QUANT (WWI)                            George D
QUANT OSTRANDER                        Elizabeth
QUAY                                   Louisa M
QUAY MAC DOUGALL                       Mary Winifred
QUEENEY                                Dorothy
QUEENEY (WWII)                         William J
QUICK                                  Harriet
QUICK                                  Samuel W
QUILLIGAN                              Leona A
QUILLIGAN CARNEY                       Leona A
QUIMBY                                 Janet
QUIMBY                                 Judson R
QUIMBY BALLAD                          Janet
QUINBY                                 Catherine
QUINBY                                 Edith
QUINBY                                 Richard G
QUNEY HALEY                            Cathrine
RACK                                   Emil
RACK                                   Marie
RADENMACHER                            Josepha
RADLEY                                 Charles
RADLEY                                 Phebe Ann
RADLIFF OUDERKERK                      Rachel
RAHM                                   Mary
RAINBOW VAN VOAST                      Eliza
RAMSAUER                               Maurus
RAMSEY                                 George Ellis
RAMSEY (SA)                            George Ellis
RAMSEY (WWI)                           George Ellis
RANDALL                                Robert
RANDALL (WWII)                         Robert
RANDOLPH                               Henry
RANKIN                                 James H
RANKIN                                 Katherine S
RANKINS                                Elizabeth
RANKINS                                Henry C
RANUCCI (WWII)                         Joseph A
RAPP                                   Jennie
RAPP HUNT                              Eloise B.
RASSO                                  Edward C
RASSO                                  Sophia
RASSO (WWII)                           Arnold C
RATCLIFFE                              Ann
RATCLIFFE                              George J
RAUSH JOHANN                           Margaret
RAYMOND                                Charles
RAYMOND (WWII)                         Charles
REA                                    Minona
REABER                                 Albert
REABER                                 Alfred J
REABER                                 Frederick
REABER                                 George F
REABER                                 Louise
REABER                                 Verena
REAGLES                                Frederica C
REAGLES                                Frederica G
REAGLES                                George H
REAGLES                                Isaac V
REAGLES                                Isaac V
REAGLES                                Maggie Clute
REAGLES                                Maggie Clute
REAGLES (SA)                           George H
REAMER                                 David B
REAMER                                 Harriet
REAMER WAGNER                          Nellie A
REARDON                                Eddie
REARDON                                Edward
REARDON                                Hannah
REARDON                                Lizzie
RECTOR                                 Albert
RECTOR                                 Anna M
RECTOR                                 Charlotte Jane
RECTOR                                 Christian
RECTOR                                 Emma
RECTOR                                 Eva
RECTOR                                 Margaret V
RECTOR                                 Mathew H
RECTOR                                 Phebe J
RECTOR                                 R Vedder
RECTOR                                 Susie
RECTOR                                 Susie R
RECTOR (WWII)                          VanDeusen
RECTOR KOONZ                           Susie R
RECTOR LLOYD                           Phebe
RECTOR ROSA                            Susie
RECTOR WYATT                           Anna M
REED                                   Caroline
REED                                   David F
REED                                   Evangeline
REED                                   Francis O
REED                                   Richard M
REED                                   Stephen J H
REED (CW)                              David F
REED (WWI)                             Francis O
REED (WWI)                             Stephen J H
REED THORNTON                          Evangeline
REES                                   Jonas
REESE                                  Emma
REESE                                  Melinda
REESE CORL                             Melinda
REESE ONDERDONK                        Emma
REEVES                                 Edward H
REEVES                                 Ella
REEVES HENRY                           Ella
REFELD                                 Mary
REGELES (WWII)                         Albert E
REICHERTER                             August
REICHERTER (WWI)                       August
REICHERTER (WWII)                      August
REID                                   Robert A
REID (WWI)                             Robert A
REID GORDON                            Margaret
REILLY                                 George F
REILLY                                 James G
REILLY                                 Mary M
REILLY (WWI)                           George F
REILLY (WWI)                           James G
REINHARDT                              Anna
REINHARDT                              Christian J
REISINGER                              Anastasia
REISINGER                              George
RELYEA                                 Alden J
RELYEA                                 Rachel A
RENDALL                                Dan
RENDALL                                Thirza
RENKAWITZ                              Anthony J
RENKAWITZ                              Joseph
RENKAWITZ                              Mary
RENKAWITZ                              Mary Anna
RESTIFO (WWII)                         Dominic N
RESTIFO MAIORANO                       Laura
RESUE HALL                             Rebecca
RETALLICK                              Ella B
RETALLICK                              Henry F
REUSS                                  Barbara
REUSS                                  Barbara
REUSS                                  Celia
REUSS                                  Elizabeth M
REUSS                                  Florence M
REUSS                                  Henry J
REUSS                                  John G
REUSS                                  Leonard
REUSS                                  Nicholas
REUSS                                  Sabina
REUSS (CW)                             Christopher
REYNOLDS                               David M
REYNOLDS                               Donald E
REYNOLDS                               Elizabeth
REYNOLDS                               Mary Louisa
REYNOLDS (CW)                          Frank
REYNOLDS (WWII)                        Donald E
REYNOLDS COATES                        Roxanna
RHOADES                                Anna Doonan
RHOADES                                Archibald Craig
RHOADES                                John VanAernam
RHOADES                                Margaret
RHOADES                                Margaret Craig
RHOADES                                Mary Elizabeth
RICCI (WWII)                           Lewis A
RICCIARDI (WWII)                       Pat L
RICE                                   Frank
RICE                                   Sophia
RICE                                   Tekla
RICE CARR                              Sophia
RICHARDSON                             Adelaide
RICHARDSON                             Elizabeth
RICHARDSON GIFFORD                     Adelaide
RICHMOND                               Jane
RICHMOND (WWII)                        James A
RICHMOND VAN VORST                     Henrietta
RICHMOND WITBECK                       Jane
RICHTMYER                              Bessie
RICHTMYER                              Peter
RICKARD                                Catharine
RICKARD PLANK                          Catharine
RICKEY                                 Alison Stuart
RICKEY                                 Elizabeth L
RICKEY                                 Grace
RICKEY                                 Jane
RICKEY                                 Walter Josiah
RICKEY AMES                            Alison Stuart
RICKEY DE VALL                         Jane
RICKMAN                                Louise
RIDDLE                                 Hugh
RIDER (CW)                             John H
RIEDELL                                Minnie A
RIEDELL                                William I
RIEDINGER                              Howard Ellsworth
RIESCH                                 John G
RIESCH                                 Pauline
RIFENBARK                              George E
RIFENBARK (WWI)                        George E
RIGGS                                  Charles H
RIGGS                                  Elizabeth
RIGGS                                  Mary A
RIGHTER                                Michael
RILEY                                  Julia L
RILEY BARRINGER                        Julia L
RINGGER REABER                         Verena
RITTER                                 Paul J
RITZER STROBEL                         Elizabeth
RIVETT LANGE                           Jennie
ROBBINS                                Frederick S
ROBBINS (WWI)                          Frederick S
ROBERT (WWII)                          Clifford L
ROBERTS                                Noble J
ROBERTS (WWII)                         Noble J
ROBERTS BUCHANAN                       Lucy A
ROBERTSON                              Alexander S
ROBERTSON                              Celia West
ROBERTSON                              Duncan M
ROBERTSON                              Elizabeth
ROBERTSON                              Elizabeth
ROBINSON                               Joseph
ROBINSON                               William
ROBINSON (CW)                          Joseph
ROBINSON JENNINGS                      Grace
ROBISON                                Angus
ROBISON                                Ann
ROBISON                                Gena
ROBISON                                Grace A
ROBISON                                Jane
ROBISON                                John
ROBISON                                John
ROBISON                                John
ROBISON                                Mary A
ROBISON                                Nancy
ROBISON (CW)                           John J
ROBISON CRAIG                          Anna Maria
ROCKEFELLER                            Catharine Ann
ROCKEFELLER                            Elizabeth Ten Broeck
ROCKEFELLER                            Esther A
ROCKEFELLER                            Frank Calkins
ROCKEFELLER                            Gertrude
ROCKEFELLER                            Olive Elizabeth
ROCKEFELLER                            Russell Calkins
ROCKEFELLER VAN DYCK                   Ardella
ROCKENSTIRE                            George W
ROCKENSTIRE                            Katie
ROCKWELL                               Elijah
ROCKWELL                               Sarah
ROCKWELL BARLOW                        Lois Ann
RODENMACHER                            John
RODENMACHER BIMBECK                    Christina
RODGER                                 Margaret R
RODGER BRADSHAW                        Margaret R
RODGERS                                Richard A
RODGERS                                Winifred S
RODRIGUES                              Manuel L
RODRIGUES (WWI)                        Manuel L
ROEDELL                                Anna Dorothy
ROEDELL BAUER                          Anna Dorothy
ROGERS                                 Anna
ROGERS                                 Caroline
ROGERS                                 Caroline
ROGERS                                 Edward William
ROGERS                                 Francis F
ROGERS                                 Jane H W
ROGERS                                 Samuel
ROGERS                                 Vernon E
ROGERS                                 William Elmer
ROGERS BEYER                           Caroline
ROGERS JOHNSON                         Mildred
ROLFE                                  Mary M
ROLLINS                                Joyce E
ROLLINS                                William
ROLLINS                                William
ROMANO                                 Angelina
ROMANO (WWI)                           Michael
RORIE                                  Stanford W
RORIE (VN)                             Stanford W
ROSA                                   Catharine K
ROSA                                   James E
ROSA                                   Susie
ROSA MOON                              Catharine K
ROSA WARREN                            Lizzie M
ROSE                                   James E
ROSE (WWII)                            James E
ROSENAST ALBOHM                        Marjorie G
ROST                                   Christian
ROST                                   Ethel M
ROST                                   Kathryn
ROST                                   Lillian
ROST GAYNER                            Ethel M
ROST WERRES                            Kathryn
ROTH                                   Charles J
ROTH                                   Elsie M
ROTHEN                                 Lena
ROTHEN                                 Rose
ROTHEN LOHNER                          Lena
ROTHEN LOHNER                          Rose
ROTHMYER                               August H
ROTHMYER                               Caroline Elizabeth
ROTHMYER                               Chester R
ROTHMYER                               Christian
ROTHMYER                               Elizabeth
ROTHMYER                               Ella K
ROTHMYER                               Ella L
ROTHMYER                               Frederick
ROTHMYER                               Gladys I
ROTHMYER                               Mary
ROTHMYER                               Nellie
ROTHMYER EGAN                          Ella K
ROTHMYER LYON                          Elizabeth
ROTHMYER SLAGHT                        Nellie
ROTUNDA                                Millie G
ROTUNDA (WWII)                         James
ROTUNDO (WWII)                         Vincent R
ROWAN                                  Margaret
ROWE                                   David
ROWE                                   Ella M
ROWE                                   Eva
ROWE (WWI)                             Ernest A
ROWELL                                 Clara L
ROWLAND SCHERMERHORN                   Kathrine
RUBINSKI (WWII)                        Joseph F
RUFF                                   B F
RUFF                                   Mary B
RUFF                                   Mary J
RUFF                                   Wm A
RUFF DUESLER                           Nettie E
RUMINSKI (WWII)                        Walter C
RUSHIA                                 Frank F
RUSHIA (WWII)                          Frank F
RUSS                                   Annie L
RUSS                                   William
RUSS MATTOCK                           Annie L
RUSSELL                                Mary
RUSSELL                                Michael W
RUSSELL                                Wayne G
RUSSELL (WWI)                          Shafter
RUSSELL MARTIN                         Mary
RYAN                                   Nellie
RYAN (CW)                              John
RYLEY                                  James V S
RYNECK                                 Jamima
RYNEX                                  Adelia B
RYNEX                                  Angelica P
RYNEX                                  Ann
RYNEX                                  Catherine
RYNEX                                  Eleanor
RYNEX                                  Eliza A
RYNEX                                  Henry
RYNEX                                  John A
RYNEX                                  John B
RYNEX                                  Jonathan A
RYNEX                                  Louisa
RYNEX                                  Mary A
RYNEX                                  Robert
RYNEX                                  Telfair C
RYNEX                                  Theodore
RYNEX                                  William
RYNEX                                  William W
RYNEX                                  Wm E
RYNEX GIFFORD                          Louisa
RYNEX GREGG                            Eleanor
SABATH                                 Walter
SABATH (WWII)                          Walter
SAGE                                   Clara Amorette
SAGE SWANKER                           Clara Amorette
SAGENDORF DIGGINS                      Loretta
SALING                                 Margaretha
SALING SCHMIDT                         Margaretha
SALLING (WWI)                          Paul C
SALOW                                  Sophia
SAMUEL                                 Esther M
SAMUEL                                 Mark
SANBORN                                Arthur P
SANBORN (WWI)                          Arthur P
SANDBERG                               Olga
SANDBERG CARTWRIGHT                    Olga
SANDER SCHULZE                         Sophia
SANDERS                                Adelaide
SANDERS                                Albertina
SANDERS                                Anna
SANDERS                                Barent
SANDERS                                Barent
SANDERS                                Barent
SANDERS                                Catharine
SANDERS                                Catharine M
SANDERS                                Charles
SANDERS                                Charles P
SANDERS                                Charles P
SANDERS                                Debora
SANDERS                                Deborah
SANDERS                                Eliza M
SANDERS                                Elizabeth
SANDERS                                Elizabeth (1760)
SANDERS                                Elizabeth (1761)
SANDERS                                Elizabeth A
SANDERS                                Emma
SANDERS                                Eugene Livingston
SANDERS                                Harriet
SANDERS                                J Glen
SANDERS                                Jacob C
SANDERS                                James
SANDERS                                Jane
SANDERS                                Jane L
SANDERS                                John
SANDERS                                Livingston
SANDERS                                Maria
SANDERS                                Maria
SANDERS                                Maria
SANDERS                                Noble
SANDERS                                Pearl
SANDERS                                Peter
SANDERS                                Peter
SANDERS                                Peter E
SANDERS                                Robert
SANDERS                                Robert
SANDERS                                Robert
SANDERS                                Walter T L
SANDERS ANDERSON                       Elizabeth
SANDERS EDWARDS                        Clarissa
SANDERS MILLER                         Rebecca L
SANDERS SANDERS                        Debora
SANDERS TEN EYCK                       Elsie
SANDERS VAN RENSSELAER                 Sally
SANDERS VROOMAN                        Matilda J
SANDS                                  Kate M
SANFORD                                Charles Lyman
SANSON                                 Frances G
SANSON                                 Matilda L
SANSON                                 Robert
SANSON                                 Thomas J
SANTORELLI (WWII)                      Anthony A
SARGENT                                Emily
SARGENT                                Howard Rankin
SARNACKI                               Leonard J
SARNACKI (WWII)                        Leonard J
SARTORIS                               Anna M
SARTORIS                               Nicholas
SAUERBORN                              John
SAUTER                                 Casper
SAUTER                                 Elizabeth
SAUTER                                 Elizabeth
SAUTER                                 Friedericka
SAUTER                                 George J
SAUTER                                 John C
SAUTER                                 Mary A
SAUTER KLEIN                           Elizabeth
SAVOLA (WWII)                          Arthur E
SAWYER                                 Emma C
SAWYER                                 Leonard C
SAWYER (KOR)                           Leonard C
SAYRE                                  Sarah E
SAYRE GOODRICH                         Sarah E
SCARFF MILLER                          Mary E
SCHAAFF                                Barbara W
SCHAAFF                                Henry G
SCHAAFF                                Jacob W
SCHAAFF                                Joseph B
SCHAAFF (WWII)                         August W
SCHADE                                 Gertrude E
SCHADE HORN                            Gertrude E
SCHAFER                                Catharine
SCHAFER                                Margretha
SCHAFER PFAFFENBACH                    Catharine
SCHEIGH                                Andrew
SCHEIGH                                Bertha A
SCHEIGH (CW)                           Andrew
SCHERMERHORN                           Aaron A
SCHERMERHORN                           Adelbert
SCHERMERHORN                           Almira A
SCHERMERHORN                           Amanda
SCHERMERHORN                           Angelica
SCHERMERHORN                           Angelica
SCHERMERHORN                           Anna
SCHERMERHORN                           Anna Aaria
SCHERMERHORN                           Bartholomew
SCHERMERHORN                           Catharine
SCHERMERHORN                           Catharine Ann
SCHERMERHORN                           Charles M
SCHERMERHORN                           Cornelia
SCHERMERHORN                           E Wallace
SCHERMERHORN                           Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN                           Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN                           Evert
SCHERMERHORN                           Evert Lansing
SCHERMERHORN                           Harman F
SCHERMERHORN                           Henry
SCHERMERHORN                           Ida
SCHERMERHORN                           Jacob Bradt
SCHERMERHORN                           Jacob I
SCHERMERHORN                           Jacob S
SCHERMERHORN                           James B
SCHERMERHORN                           James B
SCHERMERHORN                           James B
SCHERMERHORN                           Jemima
SCHERMERHORN                           Jesinah
SCHERMERHORN                           John
SCHERMERHORN                           John B
SCHERMERHORN                           John B
SCHERMERHORN                           John I
SCHERMERHORN                           John J
SCHERMERHORN                           Kathrine
SCHERMERHORN                           Lawrence
SCHERMERHORN                           Margaret J
SCHERMERHORN                           Maria
SCHERMERHORN                           Maria A
SCHERMERHORN                           Mary
SCHERMERHORN                           Nicholas
SCHERMERHORN                           Phebe
SCHERMERHORN                           Rachel Vrooman
SCHERMERHORN                           Richard
SCHERMERHORN                           Robert
SCHERMERHORN                           Ruth
SCHERMERHORN                           Sarah
SCHERMERHORN                           Sarah Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN                           Sarah Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN                           Sarah Maria
SCHERMERHORN                           Simon
SCHERMERHORN                           Simon
SCHERMERHORN                           Simon I
SCHERMERHORN                           Thari
SCHERMERHORN                           William B
SCHERMERHORN                           William J
SCHERMERHORN                           William K
SCHERMERHORN (CW)                      Bracey T
SCHERMERHORN BAKER                     Anna Maria
SCHERMERHORN CLUTE                     Halaua
SCHERMERHORN GORDON                    Catharine
SCHERMERHORN MATTICE                   Mary A
SCHERMERHORN ROBERTSON                 Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN TULLOCH                   S Eugenia
SCHERMERHORN TURNBULL                  Sarah
SCHERMERHORN WEAVER                    Arvillia M
SCHEUER                                Barbara
SCHEUER                                Joseph
SCHEUER                                William J
SCHEUER QUAY                           Louisa M
SCHIEDINGER                            Angelica
SCHIEDINGER WEBER                      Angelica
SCHIELE                                Anna T
SCHIELE                                Gertrude
SCHIELE                                Maurice
SCHIELE                                Sebastian G
SCHIELE YUSTEN                         Theresa
SCHILLING                              Frank
SCHILLING                              Frederick F
SCHILLING                              John J
SCHILLING                              Lena T
SCHLEIER                               Elizabeth
SCHLEIER                               Georgina
SCHLEIER                               Karl
SCHLEIER                               Robert
SCHLENSCKER                            Caroline
SCHLENSCKER FEGEL                      Caroline
SCHLUETER                              Caroline W H
SCHLUETER                              William
SCHMIDT                                Catherine
SCHMIDT                                Henry J
SCHMIDT                                Jacob
SCHMIDT                                Margaretha
SCHMIDT                                Martha
SCHMIDT                                Max
SCHMIDT                                Minnie
SCHMIDT SONNTAG                        Martha
SCHMIEDER                              Albert K
SCHMOHL                                Carl Hugo
SCHMOHL (WWI)                          Carl Hugo
SCHNEIDERWIND                          Charles F
SCHNEIDERWIND                          Rachel
SCHNEUCKER                             Carrie M
SCHNEUCKER                             John
SCHNEUCKER                             John F
SCHNEUCKER                             Sophia
SCHNIEDEWIND                           Anna
SCHNIEDEWIND                           Caroline
SCHNIEDEWIND                           Edward
SCHNIEDEWIND                           Ella
SCHNIEDEWIND                           Evelyn E
SCHNIEDEWIND                           George
SCHNIEDEWIND                           Henry
SCHNIEDEWIND                           William
SCHOLTES                               Maria
SCHOMBURG BUCK                         Edith
SCHOOLCRAFT                            John J
SCHOPPE                                Amalia
SCHOTTENHAM                            Stephen J
SCHOTTENHAM (SERV)                     Stephen J
SCHRADE                                Catharine
SCHRADE                                George
SCHRADE                                George
SCHREIER BOINK                         Dora
SCHROEDER MARTIN                       Christiana
SCHUCH                                 Eva
SCHUCH BREHM                           Eva
SCHULTZ                                Louisa
SCHULTZ SCHWILK                        Louisa
SCHULTZE                               Theodore
SCHULTZE (SA)                          Theodore
SCHULTZE (WWI)                         Theodore
SCHULZE                                E C L
SCHULZE                                Maria L
SCHULZE                                Sophia
SCHUMACHER                             Edward
SCHUMACHER                             John G
SCHUMACHER                             Mary K
SCHUPPE                                Arthur E
SCHUPPE (WWII)                         Arthur E
SCHUTTE                                Caroline
SCHUTTE BUHRMASTER                     Caroline
SCHUYLER                               Andrew J
SCHUYLER                               Arthur W
SCHUYLER                               Jerry H
SCHUYLER                               Sarah S
SCHUYLER (WWI)                         Roy A
SCHUYLER DORN                          Julia
SCHWARCZ                               Laura
SCHWARZ (VN)                           Theodore G
SCHWENGER (WWI)                        George H
SCHWENKER                              Caroline
SCHWENKER                              Louisa C
SCHWENKER                              William A
SCHWENKER SCHNIEDEWIND                 Caroline
SCHWENTKER                             C Mary
SCHWENTKER                             Louise
SCHWENTKER ECKRICH                     C Mary
SCHWENTKER HEITKAMP                    Louise
SCHWERIN                               Abbie Hathaway
SCHWERIN                               Elizabeth
SCHWERIN                               Henry Remsen
SCHWERIN                               Max
SCHWERIN                               Max
SCHWERIN (CW)                          Henry Remsen
SCHWILK                                Anna M
SCHWILK                                Carl W
SCHWILK                                Ernest I
SCHWILK                                Lena
SCHWILK                                Louisa
SCHWILK                                William F
SCHWILK FINK                           Anna M
SCOTT                                  Anna
SCOTT                                  Sophia
SCOTT DANE                             Armetta
SCRAFFORD                              Adaline
SCRAFFORD                              Alvira
SCRAFFORD                              Andrew
SCRAFFORD                              Anna Eliza
SCRAFFORD                              Caroline
SCRAFFORD                              Catharine
SCRAFFORD                              Catherine
SCRAFFORD                              Charles
SCRAFFORD                              Egness
SCRAFFORD                              Fred P
SCRAFFORD                              Lany
SCRAFFORD                              Michael
SCRAFFORD                              Nancy
SCRAFFORD                              Robert
SCRAFFORD                              Sue I
SCRAFFORD                              William
SCRAFFORD CLUTE                        Catharine
SCRAFFORD MILLER                       Agnes
SCRANTON                               Ella S
SCRANTON                               Willard
SCULLY                                 Maria
SCUYLER SANDERS                        Elizabeth
SEAHORN                                Elizabeth
SEAHORN                                Joseph
SEAHORN                                Joseph A
SEAHORN SAWYER                         Emma C
SEAHORN SMITH                          Catherine
SEAL BUSHYA                            Isabella
SEARY                                  James
SEBAST WILLEY                          Elizabeth
SEBAST WILLEY                          Maggie
SECORD                                 Bertha
SECORD                                 William R
SEELEY                                 Carrie M
SEELEY                                 Earl John
SEELEY                                 George O
SEELEY (KOR)                           Earl John
SEELY                                  Rebecca A
SEIFER                                 Euphemia
SEIFER                                 George
SEIFER                                 John
SEIFER                                 Susan
SEIFER LAWLESS                         Rose
SEISENHONER                            Caroline L
SELLS                                  Wilhelmina
SELLS SIEGEL                           Wilhelmina
SENGHAUS                               August
SENGHAUS                               Paulina
SEPH                                   Fidel
SEPH                                   Rose E
SEPH                                   Sarah L
SEPH SOUTHARD                          Rose E
SERAFINO KENNEDY                       Amelia E
SEVERINO                               Filomena
SEVERINO                               Giocondo
SEVERINO                               Vincent
SEXTON                                 James
SEXTON                                 Rebecca Ann
SEYMOUR                                Sally
SHAFER                                 Dorothy May
SHAFER WEEKES                          Dorothy May
SHANKLIN                               G Bryan
SHANKLIN                               G Bryan
SHANKLIN                               Kathleen
SHANKLIN                               Kathleen
SHANKLIN                               Lavinia
SHANKLIN                               Lavinia
SHANKLIN                               Mary
SHANKLIN                               Mary
SHANKLIN                               Susan
SHANKLIN                               Susan
SHANKLIN MLODZIANOWSKI                 Susan
SHANKLIN MLODZIANOWSKI                 Susan
SHANNON                                Anna B
SHANNON                                Fred
SHANNON                                Ida May
SHANNON                                Michael
SHANNON                                Nicholas
SHANNON                                Sarah
SHANNON                                Spencer
SHANNON (CW)                           James
SHAPTER                                George Philip
SHAPTER                                John Hoadley
SHARP                                  Abram
SHARP                                  Maria
SHARP                                  Mary
SHARP (CW)                             Abram
SHARP MCKINNEY                         Margaret
SHAW                                   Rexford
SHAW                                   Richard E
SHAW (SERV()                           Richard E
SHAW (WWI)                             Rexford
SHAYNE (WWII)                          Daniel J
SHAYNE MATT                            Emily R
SHELDON                                Anita M
SHELDON                                Carrie E
SHELDON                                Hicks W
SHELDON                                James Clark
SHELDON                                James Clark
SHELDON                                Jeremiah
SHELDON                                Lucy B
SHELDON                                Rosie M
SHELDON                                Susie
SHELDON                                Urania E
SHELDON (SA)                           Jeremiah
SHELDON BROLAND                        Anita M
SHELDON NOTT                           Urania E
SHEPARD MILLER                         Helen
SHEPHERD (CW)                          William H
SHERBURNE                              Nancy
SHERLING DUNN                          Mary E
SHERMAN HYDE                           A Lillian
SHEWARD                                Edwin A
SHEWARD                                Esther J
SHIPLE                                 Lydia
SHONE                                  Gertrude
SHONE                                  Joseph
SHONE                                  Joseph Austin
SHONE HUNT                             Harriett L.
SHORTLE O'NEIL                         Catherine
SHOUDY                                 Catharine M
SHOUDY BROUGHAM                        Nancy E
SHUFELT                                Gertrude S
SHUFELT                                Henry G
SHUFELT (WWII)                         Henry G
SHUFELT BRADT                          Maria E
SHULER                                 L T
SHULER                                 Laurens
SHULTES                                Claude
SHULTES                                Hazel D
SHULTS                                 Jerome
SHULTS                                 Mary H
SHURTLEFF                              Hezekiah
SHUTE                                  Fredrick
SHUTER                                 Robert
SIEBEKING                              Louise
SIEBEKING GERDING                      Louise
SIEGEL                                 D Elizabeth
SIEGEL                                 George
SIEGEL                                 Matthew
SIEGEL                                 Minna
SIEGEL                                 Sarah
SIEGEL                                 Wilhelmina
SIEGEL BAIRD                           Sarah
SIEGEL JOOS                            D Elizabeth
SIELICKI                               Franciszka
SIELICKI KIERU                         Franciszka
SILLERMAN                              Mary C
SILLERMAN BURMESTER                    Mary C
SILLERMANN                             Mary S
SILLERMANN                             William
SILLICK                                James
SILLICK                                Mary R
SILLICK HOYT                           Amanda A
SILLS                                  Dorothy
SILLS                                  Earl Houghton
SILLS                                  Mary Margaret
SIMON                                  Adam A
SIMON (WWII)                           Adam A
SIMP                                   Catherine
SIMP                                   Emma
SIMP SNYDER                            Emma
SIMPSON                                Anna
SIMPSON STAVER                         Anna
SINCLAIR                               Helen
SINCLAIR STEWART                       Helen
SINGO (WWII)                           Clark E
SINNENBERG KRUG                        Theresa
SISSON                                 Cyntha A
SISSTRONK                              Frances
SISSTRONK (WWI)                        Michael J
SITTERLEY                              Bernice E
SITTERLEY                              Eugene
SITTERLEY                              Lena M
SITTERLEY                              Mary H
SITTERLEY                              S Chester
SITTERLEY ACKER                        Jemima
SITTERLY (CW)                          Ira
SITTERLY (WWI)                         Everett
SITTERLY BRADT                         Christiana
SIVER                                  Emma A
SKIRZYNSKI (WWII)                      William
SKOWRONSKI (WWI)                       Martin M
SLAGEL                                 Mary
SLAGEL THORN                           Mary
SLAGHT                                 George W
SLAGHT                                 Nellie
SLATER                                 Charles H
SLATER                                 Edward H
SLATER                                 Elizabeth
SLATER                                 Elizabeth M
SLATER                                 Emma Louise
SLATER                                 Hattie S
SLATER                                 Henry A
SLATER                                 John F W
SLATER                                 Lizetta M
SLATER                                 Robert
SLATER GEISENHONER                     Emma Louise
SLATER MORRISON                        Rebecca A
SLATT                                  Philip J
SLATT (SA)                             Philip J
SLAUSON                                Hannah
SLAWSON                                John
SLAWSON                                M E
SLAWSON                                Sally
SLAWSON                                Samuel
SLEETER                                Christian D
SLINGERLAND                            Beatrice J
SLINGERLAND                            Eleanor
SLINGERLAND                            Ella M
SLINGERLAND                            Luman P
SLINGERLAND                            Mildred G
SLINGERLAND                            Tunis
SLOVER SEIFER                          Euphemia
SMEATON                                John
SMEATON                                Sarah
SMEATON WILBER                         Loretta
SMITH                                  Ann R
SMITH                                  Anna Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Carrie Chadsey
SMITH                                  Catharine
SMITH                                  Catherine
SMITH                                  Charles F
SMITH                                  Charlotte Ann
SMITH                                  Cornelia D
SMITH                                  Elias G
SMITH                                  Eliza Jane
SMITH                                  Eliza Jane
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Erasmus Darwin
SMITH                                  Fred E
SMITH                                  George
SMITH                                  George Franklin
SMITH                                  George H
SMITH                                  Harriet A
SMITH                                  Harriett L
SMITH                                  Helen W
SMITH                                  Hiram
SMITH                                  Ida A
SMITH                                  Jacob
SMITH                                  Jacob
SMITH                                  Jacob G
SMITH                                  John S
SMITH                                  John VanBlack
SMITH                                  Joseph P
SMITH                                  Louisa
SMITH                                  Margaret
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Matilda Louisa
SMITH                                  Maus V V
SMITH                                  Melicent
SMITH                                  Nathaniel
SMITH                                  Patricia M
SMITH                                  William
SMITH                                  William
SMITH                                  Zachariah
SMITH (KOR)                            John H
SMITH (SA)                             George H
SMITH (WWII)                           Charles F
SMITH (WWII)                           Earl G
SMITH (WWII)                           George
SMITH (WWII)                           Harold A
SMITH (WWII)                           Jacob
SMITH (WWII)                           John S
SMITH ALLEN                            Elizabeth
SMITH BANCKER                          Ann R
SMITH BARHYDT                          Charlotte Ann
SMITH BLESER                           Elizabeth
SMITH CHISM                            Hannah
SMITH GOODRICH                         Matilda Louisa
SMITH HART                             Thelma
SMITH LEHMAN                           Anna Elizabeth
SMITH MCKAIN                           Melicent
SMITH VEEDER                           Verna
SMITH WEAVER                           Alice M
SMITH WEISNER                          Louisa
SMITH WELLER                           Harriet A
SMYLIE                                 Catherine W
SNELL                                  George A
SNELL                                  John
SNELL                                  John C
SNOW                                   John W
SNOW (WWI)                             John W
SNOWDON (CW)                           William
SNOWSTEIN                              Richard L
SNOWSTEIN (WWI)                        William R
SNOWSTEIN ILLE                         Anna M
SNYDER                                 Elizebeth A.
SNYDER                                 Emma
SNYDER                                 Emma
SNYDER                                 James
SNYDER                                 Jane
SNYDER                                 William H
SNYDER (WWII)                          Chester
SNYDER DISBROW                         Elizebeth A
SOLARSKI                               Wanda M
SOLARSKI VAN BUREN                     Wanda M
SOLOMON (WWI)                          David
SOMMER STREEVER                        Myrtle
SOMMERS                                John
SOMMERS                                Kenneth
SOMMERS (SA)                           John
SOMMERS (WWII)                         Kenneth
SONNTAG                                Johannas
SONNTAG                                Martha
SOUTHARD                               Rose E
SOUTHARD                               Thomas P
SPANNBAUER                             Barbara Anne
SPANNBAUER                             Joseph Theodore
SPARBECK                               Anna
SPARBECK                               George M
SPARBECK                               Harriet
SPARBECK KNAPP                         Anna
SPAREY                                 Eliza
SPATH                                  Peter
SPATH                                  Rosina
SPEACE RENKAWITZ                       Mary
SPECHT SENGHAUS                        Paulina
SPERBECK                               Hannah A
SPERBECK                               James
SPERBECK                               John
SPERBECK                               Martha
SPERBECK                               Martha
SPERBECK                               Sidney R
SPERBECK                               William W
SPERBECK RYAN                          Nellie
SPIEWAK (WWII)                         Joseph F
SPILLANE                               Francis E
SPILLANE (WWII)                        Francis E
SPITZER PUTMAN                         Elizabeth
SPITZER ZEISER                         Rebecca
SPOOR (WWII)                           Abram M
SPRINGER                               Aaron P
SPRINGER                               Abraham D
SPRINGER                               Carl
SPRINGER                               Emma J
SPRINGER                               John
SPRINGER                               Margaret H
SPRINGER                               Olga
SPRINGER                               Oliver
SPRINGSTED                             Cora B
SPRINGSTED WEMPLE                      Cora B
SPRUNG                                 Catherine
SPRUNG (WWII)                          Edward C
SPRUNG SIMP                            Catherine
SPRUNG VEDDER                          Jane Ann
SQUIRE                                 George
SQUIRE                                 Mary Watts
SQUIRE                                 Norman L
SQUIRE                                 Norman L
SQUIRE                                 Orsamus S
SQUIRES                                Emma A
SQUIRES                                Thomas F
STACKPOLE                              Isadore
STAFFORD                               Abram
STAFFORD                               Beverly A
STAFFORD (CW)                          Harrison
STAFFORD (SA)                          Abram
STAIR                                  Walter D
STALEY                                 Nancy
STALEY                                 William P
STALEY SWART                           Susan
STALEY WEAST                           Ann
STANEK (WWII)                          Benny S
STANGL REISINGER                       Anastasia
STANTON                                Amanda C
STANTON                                John H
STARK                                  John
STARK                                  Sally
STARK DANE                             Agnes MacNee
STAVER                                 Anna
STAVER                                 Christian L
STEACY                                 Edward A
STEACY (KOR)                           Edward A
STEACY (WWII)                          Edward A
STEARN                                 Harman
STEARNS                                Barbara
STEARNS                                Nicholas
STEC (KOR)                             Peter R
STEEN                                  Bernice C
STEERS                                 Catharine L
STEERS                                 Ella
STEERS                                 Elmer E
STEERS                                 John
STEFFES                                Annie
STEFFES                                Ida
STEFFES                                John
STEFFES                                Johnny
STEFFES                                Mary
STEINHAUER                             Henry
STEINHAUER                             Louise
STEINKRAUS                             John Laurence
STEINMETZ                              Charles Proteus
STEINMETZ                              Clara W
STELL SHIPLE                           Lydia
STELLAR DILL                           Catherine
STERLING                               Mary C
STERLING                               Reuben A
STEUER KAISER                          Magretha
STEUER ROGERS                          Anna
STEVENS                                Aaron
STEVENS                                Benjamin
STEVENS                                Cornelia M
STEVENS                                Cornelius
STEVENS                                Eliza Jane
STEVENS                                Elizabeth
STEVENS                                Ellen Jane
STEVENS                                Emma Jane
STEVENS                                George H
STEVENS                                Ida E
STEVENS                                John
STEVENS                                Mary
STEVENS                                Nicholas
STEVENS BEEBE                          Ida E
STEVENS VAN NATTA                      Laura F
STEVENS WHITE                          Mary
STEVENS WOLF                           Emma Jane
STEVER CHAVALIER                       Elnora
STEWART                                Helen
STEWART                                Katharine M
STEWART                                Thomas
STEWART (VN)                           Alan R
STEWART (WWI)                          Frank N
STEWART (WWII)                         Jesse R
STEWART JESTER                         Margaret W
STICKLE CAW                            Lucretia
STICKLES                               Benjamin
STICKLES                               Ella
STICKLES                               Laura
STICKLES                               Mary O
STICKLES                               Peter
STICKLES                               Susan
STICKLES FITCH                         Debby A
STICKLES LOCKHEAD                      Mary
STIEGELER (WWII)                       John W
STIEHL DILL                            Anna M
STILLWELL                              Nancy
STILLWELL                              Winifred M
STILSON                                Mary
STILSON VEDDER                         Mary
STITTS                                 Emma L
STITTS                                 Henry
STOCK                                  Lina
STOCK                                  Martha E
STOCK                                  Walter
STOCK LODGE                            Lina
STOCK VOGEL                            Kate L
STOCKLI                                Walter John
STOCKLI (WWII)                         Walter John
STOCKMAN                               Clarence Butch
STOCKMAN                               Evelyn M
STOCKMAN                               Raymond M
STOCKMAN (WWII)                        Raymond M
STODDARD                               Lyle B
STODDARD (WWII)                        Lyle B
STOEKLI                                Elise
STOEKLI                                Gottlieb
STOKES                                 Violet
STOKES (WWII)                          Henry H
STONE                                  Charles Waterman
STONE                                  Harriet Anna
STOODLEY                               Carolyn Van Patten
STOODLEY                               Charles Edward
STOOPS                                 Anna Elizabeth
STOOPS                                 William
STOPPER ZENNER                         Mary
STOTARD HAMMOND                        Hannah A
STOTT (WWII)                           Thomas G
STOUT                                  John A
STOUT                                  Katherine B
STRANG                                 Hulcy
STRANG                                 Lauren E
STRANG (WWI)                           Hulcy
STRANG (WWII)                          Lauren E
STRATMANN                              Mary L
STRATMANN WHITMYRE                     Mary L
STRAW (KOR)                            Richard E
STREEVER                               Cora B
STREEVER                               Francis Leslie
STREEVER                               G Edward
STREEVER                               Maude G
STREEVER                               Myrtle
STREEVER (WWI)                         Ralph L
STREIFERT                              Emma S
STREIFERT                              Louise
STREIFERT                              Wm J
STRICKLAND                             Annie
STRICKLAND DUCK                        Annie
STRIJEK (WWII)                         Lelon
STROBEL                                Blasius
STROBEL                                Elizabeth
STROBEL                                Eugene
STROBEL                                John
STROBEL                                Louise
STROHAUER SMITH                        Margaret
STROHAUSER                             Margaret
STRONG                                 Hezekiah
STRONG                                 Jane
STRONG                                 Jean
STRONG                                 John
STRUYS                                 Marinus L
STRUYS                                 Patricia
STRUYS                                 Pauline E E
STRYKER                                Rachel Ann
STUART                                 Wm Porter
STURDY                                 Rebecca Melvina
STURGES                                Elizabeth
STURGES DAVIS                          Adelia
SULLIVAN                               Andrew
SULLIVAN                               Ellen O
SULLIVAN                               F Rosanna
SULLIVAN (WWII)                        John L
SULLIVAN CULLINGS                      Margie E
SULLIVAN DUGAN                         Katherine A
SULLIVAN YOUNIE                        Mary
SUTHERLAND                             Lilias
SUTHERLAND DODGE                       Lilias
SUTTON (WWI)                           Dale B
SWAKER                                 Louise
SWAN BENEDICT                          Sarah A
SWAN SEELEY                            Carrie M
SWANKER                                Caroline
SWANKER                                Clara Amorette
SWANKER                                John Edward
SWANKER                                W Henry
SWANKER CLARK                          Louise
SWART                                  Aaron
SWART                                  Anna
SWART                                  Bertha E
SWART                                  Cathalina
SWART                                  Charlotte Ann
SWART                                  Cornelius B
SWART                                  Ellen A
SWART                                  Frank H
SWART                                  Henrietta
SWART                                  Ida B
SWART                                  Jacob T
SWART                                  James J
SWART                                  Jennett
SWART                                  John H
SWART                                  Lottie F
SWART                                  Louisa
SWART                                  Maria
SWART                                  Mariah
SWART                                  Martin
SWART                                  Mary T
SWART                                  Rebecca
SWART                                  Sarah
SWART                                  Simon
SWART                                  Susan
SWART                                  Susan
SWART                                  William
SWART BANKER                           Ellen A
SWART CROUCH                           Lottie F
SWART FREEMAN                          Susan
SWART TRUAX                            Maria
SWART WARD                             Rebecca
SWATLING POLLOCK                       Mary R
SWEENY                                 Bryan
SWEENY                                 Maria
SWEET (SERV)                           Walter L
SWERE                                  Anna E
SWERE                                  Cora E
SWERE                                  Edith
SWERE                                  Fred
SWERE                                  Hattie M
SWERE                                  Henry
SWERE                                  Myra
SWERE                                  Walter
SWERE BODO                             Cora E
SWERE GRIDLEY                          Anna E
SWITS                                  Catharine
SWITS                                  Edith
SWITS                                  Harman D, III
SWITS                                  Harmanus
SWITS                                  Helma
SWITS                                  Isaac
SWITS                                  Nancy
SWITS                                  Sarah
SWITS                                  Sebastian
SWITS                                  Walter
SWITS                                  William Jay
SWITS (KOR)                            Harman D, III
SWITS (VN)                             Harman D, III
SWITS (WWII)                           Harman D, III
SWITS CLARK                            Jane
SWORTFIGUER                            George J
SYKOWSKI (SERV)                        John W
SZABO                                  James
SZABO                                  Julia
SZABO (WWII)                           F. John
SZABO (WWII)                           James
SZABO HART                             Helen E
SZASZ PROKSON                          Pauline
SZUBA (WWII)                           Joseph P
SZYMALAK (WWII)                        Edward
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