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CABLE, WILLIAM                          NY-60-60-26
CAHIL, MARY                             NY-60-78-260
CAHILL, DANIEL                          NY-60-100-57
CAHILL, JOHN                            NY-60-49-442
CAHILL, WILLIAM                         NY-60-66-32
CAIN, MARGARET                          NY-60-68-329
CAIN, THOMAS                            NY-60-95-277
CALDWELL, ANN                           NY-60-J-136
CALLADAY, WILLIAM R.                    NY-60-84-67
CALLAHAN, PATRICK                       NY-60-74-489
CALLARD, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-37-492
CAMERON, JANE                           NY-60-68-138
CAMMAN, OSWALD                          NY-60-68-486
CAMMANN, GEORGE P.                      NY-60-46-365
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                       NY-60-74-227
CAMPBELL, JANE C.                       NY-60-93-388
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-60-O-129
CAMPBELL, ROBERT B.                     NY-60-97-503
CAMPBELL, SARAH E.                      NY-60-75-81
CAMPBELL, STEPHEN                       NY-60-P-358
CAMPBELL, STEPHEN (CON'T)               NY-60-P-379
CANFIELD, AMOS                          NY-60-L-119
CANFIELD, ELIZABETH C.                  NY-60-73-70
CANFIELD, MARY                          NY-60-B2-51
CANFIELD, MARY                          NY-60-A-203
CANFIELD, NATHAN                        NY-60-34-27
CANFIELD, NATHAN                        NY-60-C-218
CANIFF, MARY A.                         NY-60-87-479
CANNON, DENNIS                          NY-60-43-363
CANNON, JAMES                           NY-60-37-363
CANTANT, MARY                           NY-60-M-119
CAPRON, DWIGHT                          NY-60-92-382
CARD, CLARK                             NY-60-72-275
CAREW, MICHAEL                          NY-60-55-534
CAREY, SAMUEL T.                        NY-60-38-598
CARHART, MARY                           NY-60-99-230
CARHART, THOMAS F.                      NY-60-95-418
CARHART, THOMAS F.                      NY-60-99-354
CARLE, LAVINA                           NY-60-44-224
CARLE, LEWIS                            NY-60-V-246
CARLE, LYDIA                            NY-60-67-299
CARPENTER, AARON F.                     NY-60-94-459
CARPENTER, ANN F.                       NY-60-96-367
CARPENTER, ARTEMAS M.                   NY-60-R-384
CARPENTER, BARZILAR                     NY-60-B2-40
CARPENTER, BENEDICT                     NY-60-71-585
CARPENTER, CHARLES                      NY-60-30-496
CARPENTER, CHARLOTTE H.                 NY-60-86-513
CARPENTER, COLES                        NY-60-57-144
CARPENTER, DANIEL                       NY-60-42-286
CARPENTER, DANIEL F.                    NY-60-74-479
CARPENTER, DANIELTOWN                   NY-60-J-122
CARPENTER, DAVID                        NY-60-36-120
CARPENTER, DEWITT C.                    NY-60-74-203
CARPENTER, DORCAS                       NY-60-92-113
CARPENTER, ELISHA                       NY-60-76-249
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH T.                 NY-60-73-431
CARPENTER, ESTHER                       NY-60-Z-58
CARPENTER, EZRA                         NY-60-43-357
CARPENTER, GILBERT                      NY-60-I-288
CARPENTER, GILBERT ****                 NY-60-56-1
CARPENTER, HANNAH F.                    NY-60-92-180
CARPENTER, HENRY                        NY-60-99-295
CARPENTER, ISAAC                        NY-60-55-235
CARPENTER, ISAAC                        NY-60-E-223
CARPENTER, ISAAC                        NY-60-47-56
CARPENTER, JACOB                        NY-60-37-430
CARPENTER, JACOB                        NY-60-E-126
CARPENTER, JAMES                        NY-60-46-501
CARPENTER, JAMES T.                     NY-60-33-65
CARPENTER, JANE                         NY-60-K-162
CARPENTER, JOHNJ.                       NY-60-98-199
CARPENTER, JONATHAN                     NY-60-E-267
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       NY-60-53-356
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       NY-60-E-264
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       NY-60-95-246
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                       NY-60-E-270
CARPENTER, JOSIAH                       NY-60-31-168
CARPENTER, LARISSA M.                   NY-60-99-392
CARPENTER, MARY                         NY-60-100-141
CARPENTER, MARY                         NY-60-40-420
CARPENTER, NATHAN                       NY-60-I-230
CARPENTER, PETER                        NY-60-P-83
CARPENTER, PHEBE                        NY-60-P-271
CARPENTER, PHEBE JANE                   NY-60-92-457
CARPENTER, RACHAEL                      NY-60-Y-395
CARPENTER, RICAHRDSON                   NY-60-36-423
CARPENTER, RICHARD B.                   NY-60-93-552
CARPENTER, ROBERT                       NY-60-35-340
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                       NY-60-K-34
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                       NY-60-38-205
CARPENTER, SARAH                        NY-60-99-455
CARPENTER, SARAH                        NY-60-72-204
CARPENTER, STEPHEN                      NY-60-P-198
CARPENTER, STEPHEN                      NY-60-Z-360
CARPENTER, THOMAS                       NY-60-D-392
CARPENTER, TIMOTHY                      NY-60-C-33
CARPENTER, WALTER                       NY-60-31-6
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-60-T-664
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NY-60-75-572
CARPENTER, WILLIAM S.                   NY-60-53-74
CARPENTER, WINIFRED S.                  NY-60-98-350
CARPENTER, ZIBA                         NY-60-35-418
CARPETNER, JOHN3RD                      NY-60-91-431
CARPETNER, WILLIAM                      NY-60-30-376
CARR, SELINA S.                         NY-60-83-21
CARRIGAN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-60-48-386
CARROLL, JANE                           NY-60-72-582
CARROLL, MANFRED C.                     NY-60-97-565
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        NY-60-48-373
CARSON, ISAAC                           NY-60-62-206
CARSTANG, GIDEON                        NY-60-I-70
CARTER, FRANCES                         NY-60-78-295
CARTER, GILMAN                          NY-60-52-302
CARTER, JOSEPH                          NY-60-83-299
CARTER, SARAH E.                        NY-60-53-369
CARTMELL, JOHN                          NY-60-100-422
CARY, HUGH                              NY-60-45-6
CARY, WILLIAM F. JR.                    NY-60-91-277
CASE, GEORGE                            NY-60-46-244
CASEY, JOHN                             NY-60-78-289
CASEY, OWEN                             NY-60-98-568
CASHEN, JOHN                            NY-60-84-53
CASHIN, JAMES                           NY-60-97-120
CASHMAN, BRIDGET                        NY-60-78-20
CASHMAN, PATRICK                        NY-60-48-345
CASHMAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-60-91-234
CASSILEAR, ANN ELIZA                    NY-60-71-336
CASSLES, JAMES ****                     NY-60-69-197
CASTOR, JACOB                           NY-60-M-96
CATLIN, ELIZABETH W.                    NY-60-89-550
CATTERAL, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-34-531
CATTERALL, THOMAS                       NY-60-31-337
CAUSTING, JOSEPH                        NY-60-A-123
CAVANAGH, PATRICK                       NY-60-98-188
CAVANAUGH, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-60-62-65
CENTER, ALEXANDER J.                    NY-60-89-101
CENTER, EDWARD C.                       NY-60-42-526
CHADEAYNE, DANIEL                       NY-60-E-122
CHADEAYNE, SAMUEL                       NY-60-35-386
CHAEFFER, JOHN                          NY-60-85-21
CHALKER, MARTHA B.                      NY-60-90-100
CHANFRAU, MAHETABLE                     NY-60-46-422
CHARLECK, THOMAS                        NY-60-I-114
CHARLICK, JOHN                          NY-60-B2-44
CHARLOCK, MARY                          NY-60-52-389
CHASE, BENJAMIN W.                      NY-60-89-6
CHEESMAN, PHEBE                         NY-60-32-529
CHRISTENSEN, MARY                       NY-60-57-539
CHRYSTIE, ALBERT                        NY-60-37-483
CHRYSTIE, FRANCIS F.                    NY-60-100-99
CHURCH, JOHN B.                         NY-60-75-489
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM D.                   NY-60-39-224
CLANCEY, ALICE                          NY-60-92-13
CLAP, THOMAS                            NY-60-L-201
CLAPP, DESIER A.                        NY-60-93-234
CLAPP, JANE F.                          NY-60-57-499
CLAPP, JOHN J.                          NY-60-51-361
CLAPP, JOHN K.                          NY-60-55-217
CLAPP, LORETTA                          NY-60-47-146
CLAPP, PHEBE                            NY-60-M-88
CLAR,, PETER                            NY-60-A-317
CLARK, ADAM                             NY-60-43-370
CLARK, ALVAH                            NY-60-78-443
CLARK, ANSON                            NY-60-55-138
CLARK, CATHARINE                        NY-60-152-493
CLARK, CHARLES                          NY-60-K-340
CLARK, CORNELIUS                        NY-60-D-340
CLARK, DANIEL                           NY-60-74-98
CLARK, EBENEZER                         NY-60-30-338
CLARK, ELISHA                           NY-60-D-373
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-K-77
CLARK, ESTHER                           NY-60-D-331
CLARK, EZRA                             NY-60-39-489
CLARK, GARRETT D.                       NY-60-O-88
CLARK, HENRY                            NY-60-30-526
CLARK, JABESH                           NY-60-51-543
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-60-47-416
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-60-69-595
CLARK, JOHN H.                          NY-60-92-467
CLARK, JOSEPH                           NY-60-73-530
CLARK, MARY                             NY-60-29-362
CLARK, MARY                             NY-60-48-333
CLARK, MOSES                            NY-60-32-553
CLARK, MOSES                            NY-60-F-271
CLARK, NATHAN                           NY-60-W-480
CLARK, NATHAN                           NY-60-G-356
CLARK, NATHAN JR.                       NY-60-U-152
CLARK, PATRICK                          NY-60-42-468
CLARK, PETER                            NY-60-43-184
CLARK, STEPHEN                          NY-60-30-440
CLARK, THEODOCIUS                       NY-60-67-565
CLARK, THOMAS                           NY-60-53-444
CLARKE, AMOS                            NY-60-B2-46
CLARKE, STEPHEN T.                      NY-60-58-382
CLARKE, WEDWORTH W.                     NY-60-87-108
CLARKSON, MATTHEW JR.                   NY-60-94-68
CLASON, ORPHA                           NY-60-32-326
CLASON, SOLOMON                         NY-60-31-292
CLASON, WILLIAM JONES                   NY-60-K-334
CLAYTON, VIRGINIA A. E.                 NY-60-57-102
CLEMENT, ALMIRA B.                      NY-60-92-504
CLEMENTS, AARON                         NY-60-T-659
CLEMENTS, WILLIAM                       NY-60-Y-538
CLINTON, JAMES B.                       NY-60-56-453
CLOCK, JOHN                             NY-60-C-215
CLOSE, AMMI K.                          NY-60-100-115
CLOSE, AMZI                             NY-60-47-561
CLOSE, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-E-233
CLOSE, EBENEZER                         NY-60-59-17
CLOSE, JESSE                            NY-60-27-469
CLOSE, JOHN                             NY-60-46-87
CLOSE, SARAH                            NY-60-37-278
CLOSE, SOLOMON                          NY-60-B2-54
CLOSE, THEODOSIA                        NY-60-M-476
COBANK, JOHN C.                         NY-60-46-163
COBB, HELEN W.                          NY-60-87-47
COBB, NATHAN                            NY-60-42-200
COBB, SANFORD ***                       NY-60-78-57
COBURN, JAMES M.                        NY-60-88-463
COCHRAN, ISABELLA                       NY-60-48-436
COCK, ADONIJAH                          NY-60-J-129
COCK, ISAAC                             NY-60-P-346
COCK, JAMES                             NY-60-D-322
COCK, JOB                               NY-60-P-435
COCK, JORDON                            NY-60-D-286
COCK, JOSHUA                            NY-60-L-243
COCK, JOSIAH                            NY-60-R-379
COCK, TOWNSEND                          NY-60-34-527
COCKS, JOHN                             NY-60-55-519
COCKS, WILLIAM                          NY-60-89-114
CODDINGTON, ANN W.                      NY-60-34-140
CODDINGTON, ROBERT D.                   NY-60-35-258
COE, FREDERICK A.                       NY-60-58-589
COE, GEORGE S.                          NY-60-48-552
COE, JONATHAN                           NY-60-G-194
COE, REUBEN                             NY-60-J-274
COEN, BRIDGET                           NY-60-96-171
COFFIN, SARAH H.                        NY-60-54-477
COGAN, MARGARET                         NY-60-68-267
COHN, NICHOLAS                          NY-60-29-52
COLE, JACOB                             NY-60-Y-582
COLE, JAMES J.                          NY-60-38-133
COLES, BETRUDA W.                       NY-60-98-526
COLES, CATHARINE S.                     NY-60-75-432
COLES, CORNELIUS                        NY-60-77-447
COLES, JAMES                            NY-60-B2-42
COLES, JOSEPH                           NY-60-67-522
COLES, JOSEPH **** (114)                NY-60-V-283
COLES, THOMAS                           NY-60-L-343
COLLET, JOHN                            NY-60-D-196
COLLETT, JEMINA ****                    NY-60-65-2
COLLIGAN, ALEXNDER                      NY-60-99-285
COLLINS, BENJAMIN S.                    NY-60-39-245
COLLINS, SOPHIA B.                      NY-60-91-297
COLLINS, VIRGINIA                       NY-60-50-260
COLLNS, JAMES                           NY-60-55-401
COLLORD, MICHAEL                        NY-60-E-105
COLLUM, THOMAS M.                       NY-60-M-348
COLLYER, JAMES T.                       NY-60-87-487
COLLYER, SAMUEL                         NY-60-L-146
COLLYER, THOMAS LANGLEY                 NY-60-E-225
COMB, GEORGE                            NY-60-L-123
COMBS, WILLIAM                          NY-60-33-57
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL                        NY-60-J-154
CONCKLIN, ANNA                          NY-60-32-249
CONHEHE, JOHN                           NY-60-O-91
CONIFF, EVE                             NY-60-L-66
CONIHANE, FRANCIS                       NY-60-B2-38
CONKLIN, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-52-105
CONKLIN, CLINTON                        NY-60-54-495
CONKLIN, DAVID K.                       NY-60-93-313
CONKLIN, DRAKE                          NY-60-V-396
CONKLIN, ESTHER                         NY-60-55-307
CONKLIN, ISAAC                          NY-60-86-247
CONKLIN, JACOB                          NY-60-28-315
CONKLIN, JACOB                          NY-60-T-861
CONKLIN, JAMES                          NY-60-E-37
CONKLIN, JAMES W.                       NY-60-74-209
CONKLIN, JOHN                           NY-60-A-175
CONKLIN, JOHN                           NY-60-D-266
CONKLIN, JOHN                           NY-60-P-182
CONKLIN, JOHN                           NY-60-53-24
CONKLIN, JOHN                           NY-60-37-268
CONKLIN, JOHN C.                        NY-60-85-441
CONKLIN, JOSEPH                         NY-60-E-187
CONKLIN, MARY                           NY-60-60-343
CONKLIN, MARY                           NY-60-35-42
CONKLIN, NATHANIEL                      NY-60-I-10
CONKLING, ISAAC                         NY-60-K-331
CONKLING, JANE                          NY-60-G-346
CONKLING, JEMIMA                        NY-60-K-74
CONLIN, BARTHOLEMEW                     NY-60-62-334
CONLON, JOHN                            NY-60-66-529
CONNELLY, JAMES                         NY-60-50-510
CONNER, JAMES                           NY-60-43-1
CONNER, TIMOTHY                         NY-60-53-49
CONNOLLY, BRIDGET                       NY-60-50-516
CONNOLLY, PATRICK                       NY-60-99-549
CONSTANT, FRANCES                       NY-60-67-540
CONSTANT, SILAS                         NY-60-K-415
CONTANT, ISAIAH                         NY-60-28-231
CONTANT, JANE                           NY-60-M-442
CONTANT, JOHN L.                        NY-60-31-53
COOK, AMELIA H.                         NY-60-93-56
COOK, FANNY                             NY-60-35-295
COOK, GEORGE                            NY-60-G-368
COOK, JOSEPH S.                         NY-60-96-379
COOKE, GEORGE                           NY-60-E-302
COOKE, JOHN                             NY-60-B2-411
COOKE, JOHN                             NY-60-E-204
COOKSON, SAMUEL                         NY-60-36-344
COOLEY, JOHN                            NY-60-89-157
COOLIDGE, SUSAN                         NY-60-57-84
COON, MARIA                             NY-60-73-63
COOPE, JACOB M.                         NY-60-76-221
COOPER, CORNELIUS A.                    NY-60-46-19
COOPER, DANIEL OUTHOUSE                 NY-60-I-213
COOPER, ISAAC                           NY-60-55-200
COOPER, JOHN                            NY-60-38-306
COOPER, MARY                            NY-60-39-553
COOPER, SUSAN E.                        NY-60-55-241
COPCUTT, JOHN B.                        NY-60-40-137
CORBETT, PATRICK                        NY-60-31-445
CORCORAN, MARGARET                      NY-60-60-20
CORNELIUS, ELIAS                        NY-60-K-127
CORNELL, ABIGAIL                        NY-60-F-167
CORNELL, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-44-236
CORNELL, ARABELLA C.                    NY-60-68-207
CORNELL, BENJAMIN *** (30)              NY-60-Y-477
CORNELL, CATHARINE D.                   NY-60-73-304
CORNELL, DEBORAH A.                     NY-60-98-392
CORNELL, FERRIS                         NY-60-H-85
CORNELL, GEORGE L.                      NY-60-73-376
CORNELL, HAVILAND                       NY-60-27-379
CORNELL, JAMES                          NY-60-V-498
CORNELL, JAMES                          NY-60-86-262
CORNELL, JOHN                           NY-60-31-289
CORNELL, PERMELIA                       NY-60-38-594
CORNELL, RICHARD                        NY-60-95-462
CORNELL, SAMUEL S.                      NY-60-54-442
CORNELL, SARAH                          NY-60-29-387
CORNELL, STEPHEN                        NY-60-C-107
CORNELL, THOMAS                         NY-60-D-379
CORNELL, THOMAS J.                      NY-60-42-248
CORNELL, WILLIAM                        NY-60-B2-381
CORNELL, WILLIAM H.                     NY-60-37-379
CORNELL, WILLIAM T.                     NY-60-68-30
CORNON, GEORGE                          NY-60-64-491
CORNWELL, ABIGAIL                       NY-60-70-519
CORNWELL, GEORGE J.                     NY-60-51-230
CORNWELL, JOHN                          NY-60-L-185
CORNWELL, RICHARD                       NY-60-70-512
CORSA, ANDREW                           NY-60-34-318
CORSA, GOVERNEUR                        NY-60-67-209
CORSA, MARY                             NY-60-40-549
COUENHOVEN, JACOB                       NY-60-D-289
COUGHLIN, ELLEN                         NY-60-64-499
COURTANT, ISAAC B.                      NY-60-K-272
COURTNEY, CHRISTIANA                    NY-60-54-457
COURTNEY, JOHN                          NY-60-77-341
COURTNEY, JOHN                          NY-60-43-54
COUSINS, JOSEPH                         NY-60-94-195
COUTANT, GEORGE                         NY-60-39-311
COUTANT, ISAAC                          NY-60-74-221
COUTANT, JACOB                          NY-60-B2-58
COVENHOVEN, ANN                         NY-60-32-193
COVERT, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-29-187
COWDREY, PETER A.                       NY-60-34-117
COX, ANNE                               NY-60-I-128
COX, ELIZABETH M.                       NY-60-85-174
COX, JESS                               NY-60-K-457
COX, JOHN                               NY-60-B1-1
COX, JOHN                               NY-60-97-455
COX, JOHN (INCOMPLETE)                  NY-60-A-322
COX, OLIVER P.                          NY-60-93-128
COX, SAMUEL H. (REV.)                   NY-60-91-304
CRAFT, ANDREW                           NY-60-97-365
CRAFT, ELIZA                            NY-60-100-352
CRAFT, JACOB                            NY-60-D-79
CRAFT, MARY                             NY-60-78-191
CRAFT, WILLIAM                          NY-60-B2-48
CRAFT, WILLIAM                          NY-60-29-32
CRAGIN, MARY B.                         NY-60-99-403
CRANE, GERARD                           NY-60-66-458
CRANE, JANE E.                          NY-60-93-501
CRANE, MARY L.                          NY-60-54-577
CRANE, OSCAR V.                         NY-60-92-347
CRANE, THADDEUS                         NY-60-C-195
CRANK, MARIA                            NY-60-92-1
CRAWFORD, ABIGAIL                       NY-60-68-104
CRAWFORD, BENJAMIN                      NY-60-78-154
CRAWFORD, JOHN W.                       NY-60-81-562
CRAWFORD, PHEBE                         NY-60-96-98
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                        NY-60-F-237
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-60-E-161
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-60-A-103
CREEDON, PETER                          NY-60-96-35
CREIGHTON, WILLIAM                      NY-60-50-308
CRESSEY, SARAH W.                       NY-60-73-26
CRISFIELD, JOHN                         NY-60-85-261
CROCKER, ELIZA C.                       NY-60-75-579
CROCKER, MOSES                          NY-60-K-143
CROMWELL, EDWARD                        NY-60-39-524
CROMWELL, JOHN                          NY-60-L-224
CROMWELL, JOHN                          NY-60-F-94
CROMWELL, JOSEPH                        NY-60-27-236
CRONCK, CORNELIA                        NY-60-L-23
CRONIN, PHILLIP                         NY-60-72-53
CRONISE, MARIANNA                       NY-60-85-56
CRONK, DEWITT CLINTON                   NY-60-59-556
CRONK, MARY ANN                         NY-60-77-396
CROOKSTON, ELIZABETH A.                 NY-60-91-502
CROOKSTON, MORRIS                       NY-60-91-460
CROPPER, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-D-126
CROSBY, DARIUS                          NY-60-I-177
CROSBY, ENOCH                           NY-60-R-357
CROSBY, HENRY S.                        NY-60-52-61
CROSBY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-31-196
CROSS, LOCKWOOD                         NY-60-K-168
CROW, SARAH                             NY-60-48-542
CROWTHER, JOHN                          NY-60-100-575
CROWTHER, WILLIAM                       NY-60-29-234
CROXALL, HARRIET                        NY-60-95-71
CRUGER, ELIZA                           NY-60-94-284
CRUGER, JOHN                            NY-60-K-86
CRUGER, JOHN                            NY-60-U-622
CRUGER, MARTHA                          NY-60-31-233
CRUGER, NICHOLAS ****                   NY-60-56-279
CUDNER, MEKIAH                          NY-60-C-161
CUDNER, REUBEN                          NY-60-D-143
CULLEN, PETER                           NY-60-88-317
CULLEN, THOMAS                          NY-60-92-431
CUMMINGS, ABIJAH P.                     NY-60-65-467
CUMMINGS, ADELINE                       NY-60-62-363
CUMMINGS, JANE                          NY-60-44-229
CUMMINGS, PETER P.                      NY-60-74-509
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM C.                    NY-60-76-219
CUNEY, RICHARD **** (95)                NY-60-R-1
CUNNINGHAM, CATHARINE                   NY-60-91-523
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       NY-60-62-78
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        NY-60-78-473
CUNNINGHAM, LEWIS                       NY-60-89-35
CUNNINGHAM, LEWIS                       NY-60-96-497
CUNNINGHAM, OLIVER                      NY-60-53-30
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     NY-60-93-306
CURRAN, OWEN                            NY-60-52-480
CURREY, RICHARD                         NY-60-F-286
CURREY, RICHARD **** (95)               NY-60-R-1
CURRY, CHARLES                          NY-60-64-411
CURRY, HENRY R.                         NY-60-89-564
CURRY, THOMAS                           NY-60-44-242
CURSOR, MARGARET                        NY-60-R-224
CURSOR, WILLIAM                         NY-60-28-250
CURSSER, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-O-244
CURTENIUS, ELIZABETH                    NY-60-U-89
CUTTER, ELIZA A.                        NY-60-96-232
CUTTING, ROBERT C.                      NY-60-100-290
CUTTS, OLIVER                           NY-60-100-222
CVOLLER, WILLIAM                        NY-60-57-450
CYPHER, JACOB                           NY-60-76-36
CYPHER, JACOB                           NY-60-R-95
DAGGETT, HANNAH                         NY-60-51-276
DAILY, JAMES                            NY-60-96-454
DALES, WILLIAM R.                       NY-60-99-158
DALRYMPLE, AGNES                        NY-60-96-255
DALTON, JAMES                           NY-60-68-97
DALTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-73-453
DALY, EMELINE F.                        NY-60-72-77
DAN, ENOCH                              NY-60-G-265
DAN, HEZEKIAH                           NY-60-I-51
DAN, SANFORD                            NY-60-31-404
DANBERRY, LLOYD S.                      NY-60-Z-381
DANFORTH, JAMES                         NY-60-58-421
DANIELS, CHARLES                        NY-60-48-530
DANKS, ELI                              NY-60-41-255
DARLING, DENNIS                         NY-60-M-326
DARLING, DENNIS                         NY-60-M-310
DARLING, REBECCA                        NY-60-44-374
DARR, JOHN                              NY-60-43-377
DARROW, JONATHAN                        NY-60-64-518
DARROW, ROSWELL                         NY-60-31-344
DASHWOOD, ANN C.                        NY-60-68-524
DASHWOOD, MARY                          NY-60-35-475
DATER, PHILIP                           NY-60-44-295
DAVENPORT, JOHN B.                      NY-60-84-205
DAVENPORT, LEANDER                      NY-60-44-283
DAVENPORT, NEWBERRY                     NY-60-L-345
DAVENPORT, NEWBERRY                     NY-60-46-186
DAVEY, MARY MCDONOUGHE ****             NY-60-58-1
DAVEY, PETER                            NY-60-33-129
DAVIDS, SARAH M.                        NY-60-100-563
DAVIDS, WILLIAM                         NY-60-A-7
DAVIDSON, M. OLIVER                     NY-60-68-60
DAVIES, REBECCA W.                      NY-60-98-205
DAVIS, ABEL                             NY-60-29-401
DAVIS, ABRAHAM                          NY-60-36-126
DAVIS, CHARLES H.                       NY-60-62-267
DAVIS, DAVID                            NY-60-B2-72
DAVIS, ELIJAH M.                        NY-60-81-226
DAVIS, HATFIELD                         NY-60-84-220
DAVIS, JESSE                            NY-60-52-569
DAVIS, MARY                             NY-60-Z-37
DAVIS, MARY                             NY-60-38-276
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           NY-60-35-396
DAVIS, TEMPERANCE                       NY-60-88-531
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-60-35-73
DAW, PATRICK                            NY-60-98-19
DAWBARN, MARY E.                        NY-60-72-85
DAWBORN, MARY E.                        NY-60-72-85
DAWLEY, CAROLINE                        NY-60-58-408
DAWLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-60-61
DAYTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-32-513
DAYTON, GEORGE                          NY-60-84-37
DAYTON, JERUSHA                         NY-60-41-47
DAYTON, SARAH                           NY-60-87-292
DEALL, SAMUEL                           NY-60-K-177
DEALL, WILLIAM L.                       NY-60-53-457
DEAN, CALEB                             NY-60-G-268
DEAN, CHARLES N.                        NY-60-90-30
DEAN, ELIJAH                            NY-60-G-43
DEAN, GABRIEL                           NY-60-65-330
DEAN, HANNAH                            NY-60-D-10
DEAN, ISAAC                             NY-60-78-339
DEAN, JOHN                              NY-60-I-26
DEAN, NANCY                             NY-60-70-206
DEAN, NANCY                             NY-60-31-189
DEAN, PETER                             NY-60-91-257
DEAN, TRYPHENA                          NY-60-83-481
DEAN, WILLIAM                           NY-60-L-325
DEANE, JOHN                             NY-60-72-223
DEANE, WILLIAM                          NY-60-39-529
DEARING, THOMAS                         NY-60-84-181
DEARMAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-60-36-449
DEARMAN, JUSTUS                         NY-60-37-251
DEARMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-60-97-313
DEBOUS, DAVID                           NY-60-D-376
DECHAN, CHRISTIAN                       NY-60-42-263
DECKER, BENJAMIN B.                     NY-60-99-590
DECKER, HARRIET                         NY-60-100-417
DECKER, HATTIE                          NY-60-97-222
DECKER, MARIA                           NY-60-98-371
DECKER, WILLIAM J.                      NY-60-83-211
DEDERER, CELIA ANN                      NY-60-77-435
DEDERER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-60-57-119
DEELEY, THOMAS                          NY-60-98-339
DEELY, MICHAEL                          NY-60-55-270
DEEMS, MARY A.                          NY-60-100-67
DEEN, DEBORAH                           NY-60-L-105
DEFOREST, PETER                         NY-60-81-125
DEFRATE, JOSEPH                         NY-60-100-136
DEGROODT, SARAH                         NY-60-86-585
DEGROUT, RACHEL                         NY-60-K-224
DEHERR, ISAAC                           NY-60-57-298
DEITZ, PETER                            NY-60-87-401
DEKAY, GEORGE                           NY-60-C-128
DELAMARTER, BARNT                       NY-60-E-166
DELANCEY, ELIZABETH C.                  NY-60-74-521
DELANCEY, JOHN P.                       NY-60-74-577
DELANCEY, PETER JOHN                    NY-60-L-206
DELANCEY, SUSANNAH                      NY-60-H-41
DELANCEY, THOMAS JAMES                  NY-60-44-256
DELANCEY, WILLIAM H.                    NY-60-74-525
DELANEY, JOHN PETER                     NY-60-31-80
DELANOY, DAVID                          NY-60-47-514
DELANOY, JOHN                           NY-60-Z-126
DELANOY, JOSIAH H.                      NY-60-97-419
DELAVAN, A. MARY                        NY-60-M-82
DELAVAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-41-388
DELAVAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-L-187
DELEVAN, HIRAM                          NY-60-32-253
DELTZ, CHARLES                          NY-60-55-115
DEMEZA, MATIAS                          NY-60-65-496
DEMEZA, MATIAS                          NY-60-65-496
DEMOND, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-100-62
DEMPSEY, THOMAS                         NY-60-78-585
DENBREY, DESIRE                         NY-60-59-79
DENIKE, ISAAC                           NY-60-Z-144
DENIKE, ISAAC                           NY-60-96-407
DENIKE, JOHN                            NY-60-M-113
DENIKE, ROBERT                          NY-60-29-170
DENISON, CHARLES                        NY-60-46-197
DENNERLEIN, GEORGE                      NY-60-99-555
DENNIS, JOSEPH                          NY-60-U-441
DENSLOW, OLIVER C.                      NY-60-52-374
DEPEW, ABRAHAM                          NY-60-V-207
DEPEW, CATHARINE                        NY-60-30-381
DEPEW, CHARLES A. G.                    NY-60-83-558
DEPEW, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-57-586
DEPEW, GEORGE W. JR.                    NY-60-49-584
DEPEW, HENRY W.                         NY-60-32-509
DEPEW, MARTHA M.                        NY-60-100-105
DEPEW, NANCY                            NY-60-59-59
DEREVERE, CATHARINE                     NY-60-F-28
DEREVERE, JOHN                          NY-60-73-499
DERMODY, JAMES                          NY-60-94-442
DEROZA, FRANCIS                         NY-60-48-464
DESSOIR, JULIUS                         NY-60-99-22
DEUEL, EUNICE                           NY-60-85-393
DEVEAU, ANDREW                          NY-60-W-516
DEVEAU, JANE B.                         NY-60-100-357
DEVEAU, JOHN A.                         NY-60-95-296
DEVEAW, MARY                            NY-60-L-20
DEVENPORT, WILILAM                      NY-60-L-81
DEVERMAN, JOHN H.                       NY-60-67-157
DEVINE, FRANCIS                         NY-60-81-92
DEVLIN, MICHAEL                         NY-60-46-140
DEVOE, DANIEL                           NY-60-99-41
DEVOE, FREDERICK                        NY-60-N-1
DEVOE, JACOB                            NY-60-K-243
DEVOE, JOHN                             NY-60-K-342
DEVOE, JOHN                             NY-60-47-503
DEVOE, JOHN                             NY-60-G-220
DEVOE, LEVY                             NY-60-F-44
DEVOE, WALTER B.                        NY-60-59-136
DEVOW, ABRAHAM                          NY-60-F-163
DEWAR, JANNET                           NY-60-51-407
DEWITT, CORNELIUS J.                    NY-60-73-383
DEWITT, EDWARD                          NY-60-68-194
DEWITT, HENRY R.                        NY-60-73-89
DEWITT, JENAT                           NY-60-95-585
DEWITT, THEODORE                        NY-60-92-67
DEWITT, WILLIAM A.                      NY-60-47-1
DEWSINBERRY, WILLIAM                    NY-60-L-68
DEXTER, ADOLPHUS                        NY-60-62-212
DEY, HARRIET C.                         NY-60-68-256
DIAPER, ANTOINETTE A.                   NY-60-55-450
DIBBLE, ELBERT A.                       NY-60-70-63
DIBBLE, GEORGE                          NY-60-D-23
DIBBLE, MARY D.                         NY-60-53-436
DIBELL, ESTHER                          NY-60-C-1
DICK, DAVID                             NY-60-Y-593
DICK, DAVID                             NY-60-P-299
DICK, JACK                              NY-60-32-550
DICK, JENNET                            NY-60-Y-599
DICKASON, ARNAL                         NY-60-A-243
DICKENS, NANCY O.                       NY-60-100-569
DICKENSON, ROBERT                       NY-60-A-193
DICKERSON, ELIZA ANN                    NY-60-51-265
DICKINSON, CHARLES                      NY-60-27-350
DICKINSON, HENRY                        NY-60-H-37
DICKINSON, HENRY                        NY-60-K-38
DICKINSON, HENRY                        NY-60-42-336
DICKINSON, JACOB *** (38 PAGES)         NY-60-48-39
DICKINSON, JESSE                        NY-60-K-119
DICKINSON, RICHARD *** (23)             NY-60-R-431
DICKSON, CHARLES N.                     NY-60-50-81
DICKSON, DORA                           NY-60-86-96
DICKSON, GEORGE                         NY-60-95-467
DICKSON, MERCY B.                       NY-60-83-544
DIEHL, JOHN                             NY-60-62-8
DIESEL, VALENTINE                       NY-60-71-117
DIETZ, CAROLINE                         NY-60-97-164
DIGGS, HENSON                           NY-60-31-456
DIKEMAN, JEMIMA                         NY-60-43-116
DIKEMAN, SUSANNAH                       NY-60-32-505
DILLINGHAM, EDWARD                      NY-60-E-190
DILLINGHAM, HENRY                       NY-60-E-200
DINGEE, ELI D. B.                       NY-60-55-302
DINGEE, SAMUEL                          NY-60-K-94
DINGEE, WILLIAM                         NY-60-27-445
DIREN, JOHN H.                          NY-60-Y-453
DIRION, JACOB                           NY-60-75-467
DISBROW, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-35-182
DISBROW, BENJAMIN (CON'T)               NY-60-35-194
DISBROW, HENRY                          NY-60-K-388
DISBROW, JOHN L.                        NY-60-M-368
DISBROW, MARGARET                       NY-60-48-366
DISBROW, PHILENA                        NY-60-50-336
DISBROW, THOMAS                         NY-60-32-201
DISCHO, DANIEL                          NY-60-N-244
DISCHO, PETER                           NY-60-B2-68
DIVEN, ELIZA                            NY-60-32-539
DIXON, ELIAS                            NY-60-88-139
DIXON, JOHN                             NY-60-B2-64
DIXON, MARY                             NY-60-G-301
DIXON, SAMUEL R.                        NY-60-N-369
DIXON, SARAH                            NY-60-34-286
DIXON, WILLIAM                          NY-60-E-76
DOBBS, WILLIAM A.                       NY-60-60-263
DOBIAS, HANNAH J.                       NY-60-100-306
DOBSON, MARGARET A.                     NY-60-93-23
DODGE, COLEMAN                          NY-60-87-525
DODGE, JEREMIAH                         NY-60-J-42
DODGE, ROBERT                           NY-60-I-93
DODGSHUN, HANNAH                        NY-60-35-381
DOLAN, PATRICK                          NY-60-86-330
DONAHER, BRIDGET                        NY-60-95-537
DONAHUE, CORNELIUS                      NY-60-83-487
DONALDSON, JESSE                        NY-60-H-135
DONNELL, THOMAS O.                      NY-60-65-215
DONNELLY, ANN                           NY-60-48-469
DONNELLY, RICHARD                       NY-60-96-285
DONNELLY, WILLIAM                       NY-60-65-509
DONOHOE, THOMAS                         NY-60-59-384
DONOHUE, PATRICK                        NY-60-88-586
DONOVAN, PHEBE                          NY-60-42-184
DOOLEY, CATHARINE                       NY-60-94-357
DOOLING, THOMAS                         NY-60-71-565
DOON, MARY ANN                          NY-60-86-553
DORAN, JAMES                            NY-60-74-356
DORAN, PATRICK                          NY-60-69-582
DORR, GEORGE B.                         NY-60-78-449
DORRAN, WILLIAM M.                      NY-60-99-35
DOTY, ELIZABETH                         NY-60-33-200
DOTY, JANE A.                           NY-60-99-419
DOTY, SARAH                             NY-60-39-444
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         NY-60-78-85
DOUGHERTY, PAMELA                       NY-60-97-390
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS                       NY-60-74-177
DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM                      NY-60-78-213
DOUGHTY, DOTY                           NY-60-E-30
DOUGHTY, JOHN                           NY-60-A-139
DOUGLAS, ANN                            NY-60-57-277
DOUGLASS, ROBERT J.                     NY-60-93-408
DOW, MARY ANN                           NY-60-98-247
DOWNES, ALEXANDER                       NY-60-77-347
DOWNEY, GEORGE M.                       NY-60-97-578
DOWNING, GEORGE L.                      NY-60-85-285
DOWNING, JOHN P.                        NY-60-55-556
DOWNING, MARGARET ANN                   NY-60-59-590
DOWNS, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-68-480
DOWNS, SETH                             NY-60-34-53
DOYLE, CUMMONS                          NY-60-62-448
DOYLE, JAMES                            NY-60-62-370
DOYLE, JOHN                             NY-60-98-314
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          NY-60-97-595
DOYNE, MICHAEL                          NY-60-71-354
DRAKE, AUGUSTIN                         NY-60-B2-409
DRAKE, AUGUSTINE                        NY-60-B2-66
DRAKE, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-E-261
DRAKE, CECELIA                          NY-60-33-14
DRAKE, GILBERT                          NY-60-E-132
DRAKE, ISAAC                            NY-60-A-201
DRAKE, JOSHUA                           NY-60-I-95
DRAKE, OGLESBEY                         NY-60-A-221
DRAKE, RUTH                             NY-60-M-18
DRAKE, SALLY                            NY-60-M-19
DRAKE, SUSAN                            NY-60-35-227
DRAKE, SUSAN                            NY-60-70-502
DRAKE, TABITHA                          NY-60-Y-376
DRAKE,SUSAN                             NY-60-43-243
DRAPER, JOHN W.                         NY-60-93-570
DREIER, GEORGE                          NY-60-65-168
DREW, ANN                               NY-60-31-29
DRIER, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-96-204
DRIGGS, SUSAN ANN                       NY-60-93-527
DROHAN, WILLIAM                         NY-60-67-32
DRUDY, JANE                             NY-60-88-545
DUBOIS, CAROLINE                        NY-60-86-127
DUBOIS, GEORGE                          NY-60-27-337
DUDLEY, GILMAN                          NY-60-98-570
DUDLEY, MARGARET C.                     NY-60-84-95
DUFF, ELLEN                             NY-60-37-310
DUFF, JOHN                              NY-60-91-244
DUFFY, ANN                              NY-60-83-148
DUFFY, BRIDGET                          NY-60-44-261
DUFFY, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-70-122
DUFFY, PHILIP                           NY-60-53-210
DUFFY, WILLIAM                          NY-60-64-564
DUGAN, ELLEN                            NY-60-65-141
DULAN, ELIZA                            NY-60-57-227
DUN, SUSAN                              NY-60-35-68
DUNCAN, JANE                            NY-60-58-427
DUNCAN, JANE                            NY-60-70-475
DUNCAN, JOHN                            NY-60-57-482
DUNHAM, CARROLL                         NY-60-81-478
DUNHAM, EDWARD W.                       NY-60-64-544
DUNHAM, HARRIET E. K.                   NY-60-84-267
DUNHAM, JOHN B.                         NY-60-70-26
DUNKEL, JOSEPH                          NY-60-69-576
DUNN, CALEB G.                          NY-60-40-428
DUNN, DANIEL                            NY-60-92-291
DUNN, DANIEL                            NY-60-96-119
DUNN, HUGH S.                           NY-60-91-397
DUNN, JAMES                             NY-60-72-589
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-60-68-530
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-60-43-383
DUNN, MARY                              NY-60-36-578
DUNN, SARAH C.                          NY-60-89-60
DUNNEWALD, HENRY                        NY-60-46-335
DUNNING, ANNA MARIA                     NY-60-46-538
DURYEE, ANNIE                           NY-60-70-57
DUSENBERRY, DANIEL                      NY-60-90-61
DUSENBERRY, HENRY                       NY-60-N-63
DUSENBERRY, JOHN                        NY-60-48-113
DUSENBERRY, NEHEMIAH                    NY-60-33-241
DUSENBERRY, SARAH                       NY-60-M-41
DUSENBERRY, SUSANNAH                    NY-60-H-11
DUSENBERY, DENTON                       NY-60-C-138
DUSENBURY, BARZILLAI                    NY-60-Z-71
DUSENBURY, CHALES                       NY-60-U-92
DUSENBURY, ELIAS                        NY-60-72-91
DUSENBURY, HANNAH B.                    NY-60-72-446
DUSENBURY, HENRY                        NY-60-E-304
DUSENBURY, WILMOT                       NY-60-36-64
DUTCHER, JOHN                           NY-60-M-284
DUTCHER, MARIA B.                       NY-60-83-344
DUTCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-60-B2-61
DUTCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-60-Z-213
DWIGHT, MARY A.                         NY-60-41-133
DWIRE, JAMES                            NY-60-60-365
DWOLF, JAMES                            NY-60-28-222
DWYER, MARGARET                         NY-60-86-268
DYCKMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-O-412
DYCKMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-50-572
DYCKMAN, HEZEKIAH                       NY-60-D-299
DYCKMAN, JONATHAN O.                    NY-60-85-50
DYCKMAN, PETER CORNE ESQ.               NY-60-K-250
DYCKMAN, PETER G.                       NY-60-72-282
DYCKMAN, REBECCA                        NY-60-41-269
DYCKMAN, SAMPSON                        NY-60-B2-70
DYCKMAN, SAMPSON                        NY-60-83-455
DYCKMAN, SARAH A.                       NY-60-87-81
DYCKMAN, STAATS M.                      NY-60-71-8
DYCKMAN, WILLIAM N.                     NY-60-P-232
DYCKMAN, WILLIAM W.                     NY-60-97-435
DYOTT, JOHN                             NY-60-81-255
EAGAN, JOHN                             NY-60-60-56
EAMES, GEORGE                           NY-60-28-195
EAMES, HENRY                            NY-60-W-408
EARL, ANDREW                            NY-60-34-240
EARL, CHARLES H.                        NY-60-52-515
EARLE, ROBERT                           NY-60-54-544
EASTON, DEBORAH                         NY-60-88-150
ECKER, ABRAHAM                          NY-60-D-1
ECKER, STEPHEN                          NY-60-B2-74
ECKERT, MARY                            NY-60-70-77
EDARDS, HENRY                           NY-60-B2-76
EDEN, MEDREF                            NY-60-I-264
EDGAR, THOMAS                           NY-60-W-308
EDMONDS, FRANCIS W.                     NY-60-46-58
EDWARDS, DANIEL                         NY-60-32-233
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        NY-60-65-456
EGAN, MALACHI                           NY-60-78-234
EGAN, MICHAEL                           NY-60-88-168
EGGLESTON, ALBERT E.                    NY-60-59-442
EGGLESTON, CAROLINE A.                  NY-60-95-449
EICHLER, DANIEL                         NY-60-59-181
ELDRIDGE, ISAAC                         NY-60-84-231
ELIASE, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-60-H-54
ELLIOTT, GEORGE                         NY-60-Z-418
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           NY-60-53-321
ELTON, LYMAN                            NY-60-72-156
ELTON, ROBERT H.                        NY-60-46-313
ELY, EUPHEMIA                           NY-60-48-359
ELY, FREDERICK                          NY-60-93-343
EMBREE, JAMES                           NY-60-51-61
EMERSON, JOHN M.                        NY-60-58-403
ENGEL, CHRISTIAN G. F.                  NY-60-52-421
ENTZ, JOHN F.                           NY-60-68-511
ENTZ, MARIA MARTINA                     NY-60-59-320
ERNEST, JOHN F.                         NY-60-64-441
ERNST, PHILIP                           NY-60-57-382
ERRIS, CATHARINE                        NY-60-89-128
EVANS, WILLIAM M.                       NY-60-U-182
EVERETT, WILLIAM E.                     NY-60-93-383
EVERSDEN, JOHN                          NY-60-89-267
EVERSON, GEORGE W.                      NY-60-72-330
EYRE, GEORGIANA                         NY-60-69-134
FAGAN, THOMAS                           NY-60-43-400
FAHEY, MARTIN P.                        NY-60-59-142
FAILE, EDWARD                           NY-60-62-124
FAILE, GEORGE                           NY-60-29-175
FAILS, EDWARD G.                        NY-60-47-475
FAIRBOTTOM, REBECCA                     NY-60-53-525
FALCONER, JOHN                          NY-60-N-42
FANCHER, NEMIAH                         NY-60-64-512
FANCHER, SEELY                          NY-60-59-235
FANCHER, THADDEUS S.                    NY-60-57-257
FANCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-60-J-85
FANNIN, MICHAEL                         NY-60-74-136
FANSHAW, MARY                           NY-60-68-85
FANTHABER, MICHAEL                      NY-60-59-148
FARINGTON, MOSES                        NY-60-J-35
FARLIE, PATRICK                         NY-60-31-251
FARRELL, JEREMIAH                       NY-60-70-140
FARRELL, JULIA A.                       NY-60-81-555
FARRELL, WILLIAM                        NY-60-51-287
FARRINGTON, DAVID                       NY-60-78-557
FARRINGTON, HIRAM A. B.                 NY-60-74-149
FARRINGTON, JOHN R.                     NY-60-92-544
FARRINGTON, JONAS                       NY-60-K-64
FARRINGTON, MARGARET                    NY-60-G-162
FARRINGTON, MATHEW TOWN                 NY-60-I-82
FARRINGTON, MERCEY                      NY-60-29-6
FARRINGTON, SUSANNA                     NY-60-A-107
FARRINGTON, THOMAS                      NY-60-Y-409
FARRINGTON, THOMAS                      NY-60-B2-175
FARRINGTON, THOMAS                      NY-60-G-167
FARRINGTON, THOMAS C.                   NY-60-35-401
FAY, JOHN F.                            NY-60-39-207
FAYERWEATHER, SAMUEL                    NY-60-B2-212
FEALEY, BRIDGET                         NY-60-74-53
FEEKS, JOSEPH                           NY-60-36-209
FEGAN, SARAH                            NY-60-93-254
FELTEZ, COONRAD                         NY-60-C-37
FENKER, HENRY                           NY-60-65-260
FENNER, DEAN E.                         NY-60-59-582
FERGUSON, MARY                          NY-60-93-110
FERGUSON, PHEBE                         NY-60-95-353
FERGUSON, THOMAS                        NY-60-98-151
FERIRS, JONATHAN                        NY-60-B2-216
FERRIS, ABIGAIL                         NY-60-35-18
FERRIS, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-M-52
FERRIS, CHARITY                         NY-60-H-138
FERRIS, CORNELL                         NY-60-44-343
FERRIS, CORNELL                         NY-60-48-302
FERRIS, EDWARD                          NY-60-J-1
FERRIS, ELIJAH                          NY-60-Y-625
FERRIS, ELISHA P.                       NY-60-94-38
FERRIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-27-312
FERRIS, GEORGE                          NY-60-V-517
FERRIS, GIDEON                          NY-60-35-406
FERRIS, JACOB                           NY-60-93-437
FERRIS, JAMES                           NY-60-B2-219
FERRIS, JAMES                           NY-60-58-450
FERRIS, JAMES                           NY-60-L-62
FERRIS, JANE U.                         NY-60-83-572
FERRIS, JANE W.                         NY-60-98-73
FERRIS, JOHN                            NY-60-D-107
FERRIS, JOHN                            NY-60-34-163
FERRIS, JOHN                            NY-60-L-47
FERRIS, JOHN                            NY-60-G-50
FERRIS, JOHN H.                         NY-60-44-314
FERRIS, JONATHAN *** (25)               NY-60-V-104
FERRIS, JOSEPH                          NY-60-Y-443
FERRIS, MARIA                           NY-60-92-159
FERRIS, OLIVER                          NY-60-K-473
FERRIS, PETER                           NY-60-B2-226
FERRIS, PHEBE                           NY-60-38-191
FERRIS, PHEBE                           NY-60-68-110
FERRIS, PUNDERSON                       NY-60-35-299
FERRIS, SAMUEL B.                       NY-60-95-561
FERRIS, SARAH                           NY-60-F-291
FERRIS, SARAH                           NY-60-34-367
FERRIS, SYLVANUS                        NY-60-K-227
FERRIS, THOMAS                          NY-60-N-11
FERRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-60-34-455
FERROL, PATRICK                         NY-60-K-329
FESSER, EDWARD                          NY-60-85-13
FETIGEN, JOHN                           NY-60-98-271
FIELD, ABIGAIL                          NY-60-74-171
FIELD, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-I-153
FIELD, CHARLES W.                       NY-60-76-19
FIELD, CHARLOTTO                        NY-60-69-66
FIELD, COMFORT                          NY-60-R-205
FIELD, DAVID                            NY-60-F-165
FIELD, DAVID R.                         NY-60-39-271
FIELD, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-43-481
FIELD, ELIZABETH G.                     NY-60-88-145
FIELD, EMILE W.                         NY-60-43-426
FIELD, GILBERT                          NY-60-Q-78
FIELD, JAMES                            NY-60-49-529
FIELD, JERUSHA                          NY-60-84-298
FIELD, JERUSHA M.                       NY-60-32-559
FIELD, JOSEPH                           NY-60-53-18
FIELD, MARY                             NY-60-O-249
FIELD, MARY A. M.                       NY-60-64-593
FIELD, MOSES                            NY-60-L-227
FIELD, NEHEMIAH                         NY-60-H-3
FIELD, ROBERT                           NY-60-U-314
FIELD, SAMUEL                           NY-60-D-401
FIELD, SARAH                            NY-60-28-335
FIELD, SARAH H.                         NY-60-77-532
FIELD, STEPHENS TOWN                    NY-60-B2-214
FIELD, THEODORE H.                      NY-60-57-91
FIELD, THOMAS                           NY-60-58-463
FIELD, WILLIAM                          NY-60-P-284
FIELDS, ANDREW C.                       NY-60-66-575
FIELDS, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-43-389
FIELDS, JOSHUA                          NY-60-46-306
FINCH, CATHERINE                        NY-60-65-135
FINCH, EZRA                             NY-60-51-504
FINCH, MARTIN                           NY-60-L-279
FINCH, NANCY                            NY-60-95-543
FINCH, NATHAN                           NY-60-F-218
FINCH, NATHAN L.                        NY-60-60-43
FINCH, REUBEN R.                        NY-60-50-541
FINCH, SILAS                            NY-60-47-405
FINCH, STEPHEN                          NY-60-72-127
FINCH, WILLIAM                          NY-60-I-88
FINEGAN, JOHN                           NY-60-47-554
FISCHER, CHARLES C.                     NY-60-92-570
FISCHER, DAVID                          NY-60-Z-220
FISH, CATHARINE B.                      NY-60-98-408
FISH, JAMES                             NY-60-28-331
FISH, MOSES W.                          NY-60-100-442
FISH, NATHAN                            NY-60-34-349
FISH, NATHAN                            NY-60-B2-419
FISH, NATHANIEL                         NY-60-51-107
FISH, SARAH                             NY-60-98-295
FISHER, ANNA H.                         NY-60-95-493
FISHER, BENJAMIN S.                     NY-60-96-298
FISHER, CATHARINE A.                    NY-60-72-317
FISHER, DANIEL                          NY-60-Y-10
FISHER, DANIEL H.                       NY-60-94-424
FISHER, EDWARD S.                       NY-60-94-124
FISHER, ELIJAH                          NY-60-H-75
FISHER, ELIJAH                          NY-60-29-165
FISHER, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-60-97-430
FISHER, EMILY                           NY-60-35-346
FISHER, EMILY L. B.                     NY-60-75-63
FISHER, FREDERICK                       NY-60-E-172
FISHER, GEORGE                          NY-60-75-403
FISHER, GILBERT                         NY-60-J-299
FISHER, HESTER                          NY-60-81-74
FISHER, JAMES S.                        NY-60-31-173
FISHER, JANE                            NY-60-Z-135
FISHER, JESSE                           NY-60-31-348
FISHER, JESSE                           NY-60-71-551
FISHER, JOB **** (211 PAGES)            NY-60-30-1
FISHER, JOHN                            NY-60-E-34
FISHER, JOHN                            NY-60-F-144
FISHER, JOHN                            NY-60-39-278
FISHER, JOHN T.                         NY-60-41-505
FISHER, JULIA ANN                       NY-60-77-389
FISHER, LEANDER                         NY-60-98-89
FISHER, MARY                            NY-60-G-8
FISHER, MARY                            NY-60-86-7
FISHER, MARY ANN                        NY-60-K-291
FISHER, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-32-293
FISHER, NICHOLAS                        NY-60-D-59
FISHER, NICHOLAS                        NY-60-P-459
FISHER, NICHOLAS (CON'T                 NY-60-P-473
FISHER, RICHARD                         NY-60-B2-420
FISHER, SAMUEL                          NY-60-M-538
FISHER, SAMUEL U.                       NY-60-32-375
FISHER, SUSAN                           NY-60-43-393
FISHER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-93-396
FISHER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-J-149
FITCH, BRIDGET                          NY-60-78-149
FITE, JOSEPH                            NY-60-96-471
FITZGERALD, JOHN                        NY-60-65-462
FITZGIBBINS, THOMAS                     NY-60-71-318
FITZPATRICK, JOHN                       NY-60-57-29
FITZSIMMONS, CATHARINE                  NY-60-86-547
FLAGG, ESTHER                           NY-60-99-188
FLAGG, ESTHER D.                        NY-60-64-475
FLAGG, LEVI W.                          NY-60-98-450
FLAGG, LYDIA W.                         NY-60-83-318
FLANAGAN, BENJAMIN                      NY-60-98-44
FLANDRAU, BENJAMIN                      NY-60-B2-403
FLANDREAU, BENJAMIN                     NY-60-28-146
FLANDREAU, ELIZABETH                    NY-60-K-40
FLANDREAU, JAMES                        NY-60-76-460
FLANDREAU, JOHN N.                      NY-60-88-246
FLANDREAU, OLY                          NY-60-96-260
FLANDREAU, PAMELIA D.                   NY-60-43-47
FLANDREAU, SARAH J.                     NY-60-78-219
FLANDREAU, SUSAN                        NY-60-57-204
FLANEGAN, MICHAEL                       NY-60-93-50
FLAUDEREAU, ELIZABETH B.                NY-60-35-244
FLECK, ANNA ELIZABETH                   NY-60-92-55
FLEISCHER, JOHN                         NY-60-100-383
FLEMING, FRANCIS C.                     NY-60-94-77
FLEWELLIN, COLES                        NY-60-51-50
FLEWELLIN, ISAIAH                       NY-60-39-266
FLEWELLIN, JOHN E.                      NY-60-51-304
FLEWWELIN, JOHN                         NY-60-50-129
FLEWWELLIN, PHEBE J.                    NY-60-75-157
FLEWWELLIN, ROBERT                      NY-60-L-246
FLEWWELLIN, STEPHEN                     NY-60-43-407
FLINT, THOMPSON JR.                     NY-60-92-582
FLORECE, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-51-133
FLORENCE, PETER                         NY-60-G-81
FLORENCE, PETER                         NY-60-36-49
FLORENCE, PETER JR.                     NY-60-G-16
FLORENCE, WILLIAM                       NY-60-98-445
FLORENCE, WILLIAM H.                    NY-60-92-139
FLYNN, JOHN                             NY-60-94-85
FOGAL, NATHAN B. *** (23 PAGES)         NY-60-51-139
FOGEL, HENRY L.                         NY-60-71-268
FOLEY, ANN                              NY-60-83-501
FOLEY, JOHN                             NY-60-71-441
FOOS, GEORGE                            NY-60-98-224
FORBES, WILLIAM                         NY-60-43-286
FORBES,ANNA                             NY-60-44-328
FORD, MICHAEL                           NY-60-83-117
FORD, SMITH                             NY-60-83-155
FORDHAM, ORRIN                          NY-60-28-346
FORGEE, JAMES                           NY-60-34-121
FORMAN, AARON                           NY-60-B2-183
FORMAN, BARNEY                          NY-60-42-293
FORMAN, GILBERT                         NY-60-K-11
FORMAN, JACOB                           NY-60-O-233
FORMAN, SARAH                           NY-60-44-309
FORMAN, THOMAS                          NY-60-I-29
FORREST, EDWIN                          NY-60-70-267
FORTUNE, MARIA                          NY-60-47-335
FOSHAY, ANN MARIA                       NY-60-93-533
FOSHAY, JACOB                           NY-60-51-242
FOSHAY, JAMES                           NY-60-93-104
FOSHAY, JOHN                            NY-60-G-158
FOSHAY, MARY                            NY-60-55-103
FOSHAY, THOMAS                          NY-60-47-120
FOSHAY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-M-590
FOSHAY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-E-112
FOSHEE, DANIEL                          NY-60-31-378
FOSTER, CAROLINE C.                     NY-60-68-473
FOSTER, HENRY                           NY-60-50-361
FOSTER, JOHN                            NY-60-31-200
FOSTER, JOHN *** (32 PAGES)             NY-60-51-1
FOSTER, JOHN H.                         NY-60-69-52
FOSTER, JOHN SR.                        NY-60-Y-338
FOSTER, JOSEPH P.                       NY-60-66-570
FOSTER, JOSEPH V.                       NY-60-29-108
FOSTER, JUSTUS N.                       NY-60-60-32
FOSTER, MARTHA                          NY-60-44-289
FOSTER, PETER H.                        NY-60-62-58
FOSTER, SMITH                           NY-60-76-25
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-58-525
FOTHERGILL, JOHN                        NY-60-67-101
FOULHIOUX, RAYMOND                      NY-60-52-526
FOUNTAIN, EZRA                          NY-60-W-431
FOUNTAIN, JAMES                         NY-60-31-276
FOUNTAIN, LUCY                          NY-60-67-506
FOUNTAIN, MARY E.                       NY-60-95-222
FOUNTAIN, TYLER                         NY-60-37-332
FOWKES, MARY                            NY-60-72-528
FOWLER, ALEXANDER                       NY-60-31-96
FOWLER, ALICE ****                      NY-60-82-302
FOWLER, AMY                             NY-60-81-6
FOWLER, ARRON                           NY-60-G-146
FOWLER, BARNABAS                        NY-60-29-352
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-70-494
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-41-366
FOWLER, CALEB                           NY-60-55-95
FOWLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-57-528
FOWLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-31-262
FOWLER, ELIZBETH                        NY-60-72-216
FOWLER, GILBERT                         NY-60-29-218
FOWLER, HANNAH                          NY-60-M-116
FOWLER, HENRY                           NY-60-C-199
FOWLER, HENRY                           NY-60-73-546
FOWLER, ISAAC V.                        NY-60-74-285
FOWLER, JEREMIAH                        NY-60-C-147
FOWLER, JOHN                            NY-60-J-239
FOWLER, JOHN                            NY-60-29-1
FOWLER, JOHN                            NY-60-62-104
FOWLER, JOSEPH                          NY-60-B2-178
FOWLER, JOSEPH G.                       NY-60-71-371
FOWLER, JOSEPH S.                       NY-60-84-535
FOWLER, JOSHUA                          NY-60-H-45
FOWLER, MARY                            NY-60-74-130
FOWLER, MOSES                           NY-60-H-60
FOWLER, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-P-518
FOWLER, PHEBE                           NY-60-K-431
FOWLER, PHEBE                           NY-60-52-145
FOWLER, PHILOMA H.                      NY-60-43-272
FOWLER, REBECCA                         NY-60-34-450
FOWLER, REUBEN                          NY-60-N-346
FOWLER, RICHARD                         NY-60-84-279
FOWLER, SAMUEL                          NY-60-44-441
FOWLER, SOLOMON                         NY-60-K-71
FOWLER, STEPHEN                         NY-60-37-314
FOWLER, STEPHEN                         NY-60-H-16
FOWLER, SUSANNAH                        NY-60-I-277
FOWLER, VINCENT                         NY-60-D-74
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-65-247
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-B2-181
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-Y-607
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-76-580
FOWLER, WOOLSEY D.                      NY-60-68-116
FOX, ELLEN                              NY-60-62-357
FOX, GEORGE                             NY-60-50-368
FOX, JEREMIAH                           NY-60-30-364
FOX, WILLIAM W.                         NY-60-43-257
FRANCIS, BREWSTER                       NY-60-40-264
FRANCIS, GEORGE                         NY-60-42-255
FRANCIS, JOHANNAH                       NY-60-91-200
FRANKLIN, GLORIANA                      NY-60-K-345
FRANKLIN, JAMES                         NY-60-F-298
FRANKLIN, JAN                           NY-60-72-423
FRANZ, FREDERICK                        NY-60-88-278
FRASER, JOHN R.                         NY-60-57-263
FRASER, MARIA ****                      NY-60-89-430
FREELAND, ELIZABETH L.                  NY-60-99-291
FRENCH, EMELINE                         NY-60-43-73
FREUND, JOHN FREDERICK                  NY-60-75-592
FREUNDEL, CHRISTIAN                     NY-60-51-588
FRIEND, FREDERICK                       NY-60-66-517
FRISBIE, WILLIAM C.                     NY-60-38-280
FRITZ, MARGARET                         NY-60-35-97
FROST, CHARLES H.                       NY-60-54-488
FROST, ISAAC *** (30)                   NY-60-R-135
FROST, JEDEDIAH SR.                     NY-60-I-14
FROST, JOHN S. JR.                      NY-60-38-35
FROST, JOHN S.                          NY-60-51-460
FROST, MARY                             NY-60-89-208
FROST, MARY L.                          NY-60-88-289
FROST, MEHETABLE                        NY-60-37-567
FROST, NILES                            NY-60-29-341
FROST, ORIN P.                          NY-60-46-82
FROST, PRIER                            NY-60-D-394
FROST, THOMAS                           NY-60-32-257
FROST, WRIGHT                           NY-60-D-398
FUECHSEL, MARY A.                       NY-60-74-549
FULLER, AMOS                            NY-60-70-8
FULLER, JAMES M.                        NY-60-100-370
FULLER, SALLY                           NY-60-36-567
FULLER, TYLER                           NY-60-46-211
FURMAN, JOHN M.                         NY-60-99-468
FURMAN, RACHEL                          NY-60-47-298
FURMAN, THOMAS                          NY-60-40-164
FURSHIE, MATTHEW                        NY-60-D-348
FURSMAN, CHARLES B.                     NY-60-32-225
FURSMAN, HENRY                          NY-60-V-794
FURTH, EZEKIEL                          NY-60-36-528

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