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TAGGARD, MARY E.                        NY-60-66-434
TAGLIABUE, GIUSEPPE                     NY-60-85-180
TALMAN, MARIA                           NY-60-57-174
TATE, SAMUEL                            NY-60-40-36
TAUCHER, JOHN                           NY-60-53-287
TAXTER, HANNAH                          NY-60-53-403
TAXTER, JOHN                            NY-60-28-166
TAYLOR, ABIGAIL                         NY-60-83-243
TAYLOR, ANTHONY                         NY-60-38-1
TAYLOR, AUGUSTUS C.                     NY-60-D-171
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-32-312
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-39-342
TAYLOR, ELNATHAN                        NY-60-B2-443
TAYLOR, GILBERT                         NY-60-F-11
TAYLOR, GILBET                          NY-60-37-497
TAYLOR, JACOB                           NY-60-52-1
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-60-K-25
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          NY-60-76-429
TAYLOR, JOSEPH ***                      NY-60-81-157
TAYLOR, JOSEPH S.                       NY-60-78-13
TAYLOR, MARY A.                         NY-60-34-399
TAYLOR, MOSES                           NY-60-41-300
TAYLOR, SHADRACK                        NY-60-E-46
TAYLOR, STEPHEN                         NY-60-70-381
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      NY-60-51-101
TAYON, SAMUEL                           NY-60-91-530
TEED, EDWARD N.                         NY-60-41-263
TEED, ELIZABETH T.                      NY-60-97-127
TEED, LEWIS                             NY-60-55-169
TEED, THORN G.                          NY-60-29-252
TEED, WILLIAM                           NY-60-31-213
TEED, WILLIAM                           NY-60-E-246
TEED, WILLIAM E.                        NY-60-74-64
TELLER, DANIEL                          NY-60-Q-451
TELLER, JAMES C.                        NY-60-35-206
TELLER, JEMIMA J.                       NY-60-81-499
TELLER, JOSHUA                          NY-60-77-384
TEMPLETON, THOMAS                       NY-60-94-501
TERBOSS, JANE                           NY-60-27-261
TERHUNE, DAVID                          NY-60-100-184
TERRY, MARY                             NY-60-72-162
TERWILLIGER, MARY L.                    NY-60-97-212
TEWKSBURY, ELIZABETH                    NY-60-75-358
THATCHER, MARIA                         NY-60-41-80
THEAL, HANNAH                           NY-60-A-186
THEALL, CHARLES                         NY-60-48-270
THEALL, EBENEZER                        NY-60-K-53
THEALL, GILBERT                         NY-60-L-310
THEALL, ISAAC                           NY-60-42-1
THEALL, JOHN                            NY-60-45-222
THEALL, THOMAS                          NY-60-N-269
THEALL, THOMAS (CON'T)                  NY-60-N-359
THEALL, THOMAS ***                      NY-60-76-261
THEALL, WILLIAM                         NY-60-T-873
THEW, RACHEL                            NY-60-K-425
THOMAS, ALFRED J.                       NY-60-96-177
THOMAS, ANNA                            NY-60-F-288
THOMAS, CATHERINE                       NY-60-93-115
THOMAS, CATHERINE                       NY-60-K-365
THOMAS, CORNELIUS W.                    NY-60-59-342
THOMAS, HANNAH H.                       NY-60-81-317
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-60-A-41
THOMAS, LOUISE WILHELMINE               NY-60-62-1
THOMAS, MARGARET                        NY-60-83-248
THOMAS, ROBERT H.                       NY-60-92-444
THOMAS, THOMAS                          NY-60-K-293
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-K-430
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-78-167
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-60-N-101
THOMPSON, MATHEW                        NY-60-52-359
THORN, ELNATHAN                         NY-60-A-89
THORN, GILBERT                          NY-60-B2-446
THORN, GUIELMA                          NY-60-92-174
THORN, ISAAC                            NY-60-96-90
THORN, JOSEPH S.                        NY-60-78-385
THORN, JUSTUS                           NY-60-U-375
THORN, MARY                             NY-60-37-447
THORN, SHERWOOD                         NY-60-33-378
THORN, THOMAS                           NY-60-J-185
THORN, XENOPHON                         NY-60-E-203
THORNE, THOMAS W.                       NY-60-94-567
THURSTON, CHARLES M.                    NY-60-85-381
THWAITES, JAMES                         NY-60-53-377
THWAITES, JOSEPH                        NY-60-86-101
TICE, ABBY                              NY-60-100-347
TICE, CATHARINE                         NY-60-M-329
TICE, HENRY                             NY-60-G-48
TIER, EUPHEMIA                          NY-60-53-63
TIFFANY, FRANCIS H.                     NY-60-55-338
TIFFANY, GEORGE F.                      NY-60-64-469
TIGHE, CATHARINE                        NY-60-86-218
TILFORD, CHARITY                        NY-60-E-309
TILFORD, CHARLES                        NY-60-G-33
TILFORD, MARY                           NY-60-H-39
TILLOTSON, BENJAMIN                     NY-60-B2-439
TILLOTSON, ELISHA                       NY-60-G-155
TIMPSON, EDWARD                         NY-60-62-255
TIMPSON, THOMAS                         NY-60-37-526
TIMPSON, THOMAS S.                      NY-60-50-70
TINCKLEY, GEORGE                        NY-60-I-215
TINSLAT, LOUIS J. JR.                   NY-60-65-405
TISCHER, GEORGE                         NY-60-50-398
TITLAR, ANN                             NY-60-70-97
TITLAR, GEORGE                          NY-60-V-455
TITUS, ELIZABETH K.                     NY-60-57-220
TITUS, JAMES H.                         NY-60-95-1
TITUS, JOHN                             NY-60-M-316
TITUS, JOHN                             NY-60-44-37
TITUS, MARY H.                          NY-60-29-391
TITUS, REBECCA                          NY-60-K-490
TITUS, REBECCA                          NY-60-L-182
TITUS, RICHARD                          NY-60-K-489
TITUS, RICHARDS TOWN                    NY-60-B2-267
TITUS, SAMUEL **** (76 PAGES)           NY-60-30-263
TITUS, WILLIAM                          NY-60-42-329
TOBIN, ELLEN                            NY-60-67-42
TOBIN, JAMES                            NY-60-100-313
TODD, ABRAHAM                           NY-60-30-452
TODD, ABRAHAM                           NY-60-Z-85
TODD, ABRAHAM                           NY-60-A-182
TODD, ANDREW                            NY-60-98-345
TODD, DAVID                             NY-60-36-350
TODD, DRAKE P.                          NY-60-100-194
TODD, ELIZABETH                         NY-60-96-431
TODD, ELNATHAN                          NY-60-I-172
TODD, HARVEY M.                         NY-60-93-493
TODD, IRA                               NY-60-27-344
TODD, JANE                              NY-60-86-223
TODD, JONAH                             NY-60-87-564
TODD, MARIA                             NY-60-51-38
TODD, OLIVER                            NY-60-D-280
TODD, RUFUS                             NY-60-46-556
TODD, RUFUS L.                          NY-60-38-66
TODD, STEPHEN                           NY-60-74-459
TODD, UEL                               NY-60-36-33
TODD, WALKER                            NY-60-W-449
TOMPKINS, ABBEY                         NY-60-51-418
TOMPKINS, ABIGAIL                       NY-60-29-406
TOMPKINS, ABIGAIL                       NY-60-Y-586
TOMPKINS, ABSOLEM                       NY-60-D-205
TOMPKINS, ALETHEA P.                    NY-60-88-222
TOMPKINS, ANN                           NY-60-98-47
TOMPKINS, ANN                           NY-60-70-154
TOMPKINS, ANTHONY                       NY-60-37-282
TOMPKINS, BRUNDAGE                      NY-60-O-100
TOMPKINS, CAORLINE                      NY-60-100-437
TOMPKINS, DANIEL B.                     NY-60-41-147
TOMPKINS, DILAZON                       NY-60-53-92
TOMPKINS, ELIJAH                        NY-60-K-422
TOMPKINS, ELIJAH J.                     NY-60-62-31
TOMPKINS, ELIJAH M.                     NY-60-45-437
TOMPKINS, ESTHER M.                     NY-60-59-187
TOMPKINS, GEORGE W.                     NY-60-42-554
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                       NY-60-47-235
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                       NY-60-57-533
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                       NY-60-I-259
TOMPKINS, GILBERT **** (108)            NY-60-W-1
TOMPKINS, HANNAH                        NY-60-39-212
TOMPKINS, HANNAH                        NY-60-95-54
TOMPKINS, HANNAH C.                     NY-60-55-415
TOMPKINS, HARRIET N.                    NY-60-86-579
TOMPKINS, IRA G.                        NY-60-51-116
TOMPKINS, ISAAC L.                      NY-60-59-548
TOMPKINS, J. WARREN                     NY-60-73-336
TOMPKINS, JAMES                         NY-60-O-429
TOMPKINS, JAMES                         NY-60-74-195
TOMPKINS, JAMES                         NY-60-32-366
TOMPKINS, JAMES D.                      NY-60-96-147
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          NY-60-X-78
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          NY-60-29-224
TOMPKINS, JOHN S.                       NY-60-92-61
TOMPKINS, JOSEPH                        NY-60-L-107
TOMPKINS, JOSEPH                        NY-60-70-189
TOMPKINS, JOSHUA                        NY-60-E-192
TOMPKINS, LEONARD                       NY-60-81-336
TOMPKINS, MARGARET M.                   NY-60-30-469
TOMPKINS, MARY                          NY-60-K-381
TOMPKINS, MARY                          NY-60-48-162
TOMPKINS, MARY                          NY-60-G-87
TOMPKINS, MARY                          NY-60-89-390
TOMPKINS, MARY                          NY-60-D-182
TOMPKINS, MOSES                         NY-60-33-183
TOMPKINS, MOSES                         NY-60-B2-436
TOMPKINS, MOSES W.                      NY-60-100-14
TOMPKINS, NANCY                         NY-60-68-91
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL                     NY-60-K-14
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL                     NY-60-46-442
TOMPKINS, NOAH                          NY-60-I-311
TOMPKINS, PETER                         NY-60-B2-369
TOMPKINS, PHEBE                         NY-60-Y-15
TOMPKINS, PHEBE                         NY-60-72-48
TOMPKINS, PHILENAH                      NY-60-L-351
TOMPKINS, PHILIP W.                     NY-60-87-332
TOMPKINS, RACHEL                        NY-60-41-249
TOMPKINS, SAMUEL                        NY-60-38-294
TOMPKINS, SARAH                         NY-60-33-53
TOMPKINS, SARAH                         NY-60-36-399
TOMPKINS, SARAH                         NY-60-31-427
TOMPKINS, SARAH A.                      NY-60-95-342
TOMPKINS, SARAH C.                      NY-60-53-56
TOMPKINS, SARAH C.                      NY-60-43-229
TOMPKINS, TAMAR A.                      NY-60-99-74
TOMPKINS, THOMAS                        NY-60-Z-15
TOMPKINS, THOMAS                        NY-60-29-207
TOMPKINS, UNDERHILL                     NY-60-46-416
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-60-27-1
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-60-I-97
TOOLE, WILLIAM S.                       NY-60-86-137
TOOMEY, JOSEPH                          NY-60-57-160
TOPLIS, ROBERT J.                       NY-60-95-371
TORN, MARY                              NY-60-34-278
TORPY, MICHAEL                          NY-60-83-305
TORREY, JOSEPH                          NY-60-67-254
TOTTEN, ANNA                            NY-60-I-112
TOTTEN, PETER                           NY-60-A-35
TOTTON, ADA                             NY-60-33-333
TOWNLEY, JOHN                           NY-60-E-182
TOWNSEND, CYRUS                         NY-60-42-269
TOWNSEND, DANIEL                        NY-60-B2-405
TOWNSEND, JANE C.                       NY-60-76-232
TOWNSEND, JOHN                          NY-60-A-59
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH                        NY-60-29-147
TOWNSEND, RADERICK                      NY-60-I-86
TOWNSEND, SILVENUS                      NY-60-F-185
TOWNSEND, STEPHEN                       NY-60-J-249
TRACY, GEORGE                           NY-60-94-437
TRAVERS, JOSEPH                         NY-60-53-156
TRAVIS, ABIGAIL                         NY-60-41-479
TRAVIS, ADAH                            NY-60-97-215
TRAVIS, AMELIA MCCOY                    NY-60-88-550
TRAVIS, DAVID                           NY-60-B2-441
TRAVIS, ELIAS W.                        NY-60-85-81
TRAVIS, ELIZA A.                        NY-60-98-219
TRAVIS, GILBERT                         NY-60-31-138
TRAVIS, JACOB                           NY-60-G-113
TRAVIS, JACOB                           NY-60-32-562
TRAVIS, JAMES                           NY-60-47-199
TRAVIS, JESSE                           NY-60-32-434
TRAVIS, JOHN                            NY-60-N-334
TRAVIS, JOHN L.                         NY-60-46-93
TRAVIS, JONATHAN SR.                    NY-60-G-304
TRAVIS, JOSHUA                          NY-60-F-81
TRAVIS, SALLY                           NY-60-73-389
TRAVIS, SILAS D.                        NY-60-W-282
TRAVIS, SIMEON                          NY-60-W-342
TRAVIS, SIMEON S.                       NY-60-62-441
TRAVIS, STEPHEN                         NY-60-40-286
TRAVIS, WILLET                          NY-60-59-527
TRAVIS, WILLIAM T.                      NY-60-55-88
TREADWELL, DAVOE                        NY-60-76-453
TREANOR, JAMES                          NY-60-83-508
TREDWELL, ANNA                          NY-60-J-80
TREDWELL, ROBERT K.                     NY-60-M-461
TREDWELL, SAMUEL                        NY-60-F-21
TRENCHARD, HENRY                        NY-60-74-249
TRETOW, MARY                            NY-60-55-21
TREVETT, RUSSELL                        NY-60-50-190
TREVOR, LOUISA S.                       NY-60-54-448
TREYNIER, ANN                           NY-60-46-574
TRIP, DANIEL                            NY-60-L-295
TRIP, TONY                              NY-60-I-314
TRIPLER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-60-35-83
TRIPP, LEENON B.                        NY-60-66-37
TRIPP, STEPHEN G.                       NY-60-98-123
TROWBRIDGE, JAMES H.                    NY-60-41-563
TROWBRIDGE, MARY JANE                   NY-60-81-269
TROWBRIDGE, SAMUEL                      NY-60-P-383
TRUSLOW, JULIETTA                       NY-60-51-223
TRUSLOW, THOMAS                         NY-60-46-104
TUCKER, ANNA                            NY-60-84-285
TUCKER, HENRY                           NY-60-65-592
TUCKER, JAMES M.                        NY-60-89-214
TUCKER, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-B2-445
TUCKER, SARAH                           NY-60-40-582
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-I-107
TURNBULL, LEWIS G.                      NY-60-78-485
TURNBULL, ROBERT J.                     NY-60-35-433
TURNER, HENRY                           NY-60-41-189
TURNER, JONATHAN T.                     NY-60-100-205
TURNER, JOSHUA                          NY-60-A-21
TURNER, REBECCA                         NY-60-76-7
TURNER, STEPHEN                         NY-60-41-210
TURNER, THOMAS J.                       NY-60-92-353
TURPIN, JOSEPH T.                       NY-60-Q-482
TUTTLE, ELIJAH                          NY-60-94-363
TUTTLE, JOHN                            NY-60-R-218
TUTTLE, PHEBE                           NY-60-34-250
TWIT, ANNA                              NY-60-73-505
TWITCHINGS, ISAAC M.                    NY-60-100-94
TWITCHINGS, NANCY M.                    NY-60-53-409
TYLER, ABBY JANE                        NY-60-95-383
TYLER, ALTIE                            NY-60-34-147
TYLER, CHARLES H.                       NY-60-99-68
TYLER, ELI                              NY-60-L-308
TYLER, HENRY D.                         NY-60-36-470
TYLER, JOSEPH M.                        NY-60-93-87
TYLER, SIMEON                           NY-60-27-256
ULM, ABRAHAM                            NY-60-90-82
UNDERHILL, AARON                        NY-60-F-150
UNDERHILL, AARON                        NY-60-29-78
UNDERHILL, ABRAHAM                      NY-60-A-294
UNDERHILL, ABRAHAM                      NY-60-C-16
UNDERHILL, ANN                          NY-60-C-155
UNDERHILL, ANN                          NY-60-95-153
UNDERHILL, BENJAMIN                     NY-60-I-163
UNDERHILL, C. SARAH                     NY-60-L-229
UNDERHILL, CALEB                        NY-60-G-64
UNDERHILL, CHARLES R.                   NY-60-46-28
UNDERHILL, DANIEL                       NY-60-O-224
UNDERHILL, DANIEL                       NY-60-K-313
UNDERHILL, DANIEL C.                    NY-60-68-133
UNDERHILL, EDWARD                       NY-60-58-576
UNDERHILL, EFFAMA                       NY-60-48-90
UNDERHILL, ELIAS                        NY-60-40-109
UNDERHILL, ELIZABETH R.                 NY-60-40-522
UNDERHILL, ENOCH                        NY-60-43-250
UNDERHILL, FREDERICK                    NY-60-K-197
UNDERHILL, FREDERICK B.                 NY-60-100-212
UNDERHILL, GILBERT                      NY-60-53-563
UNDERHILL, GILBERT **** (186)           NY-60-27-21
UNDERHILL, HANNAH L.                    NY-60-93-29
UNDERHILL, ISAAC                        NY-60-44-44
UNDERHILL, ISAIAH                       NY-60-M-98
UNDERHILL, ISRAEL                       NY-60-F-214
UNDERHILL, JACOB                        NY-60-M-11
UNDERHILL, JACOB                        NY-60-E-26
UNDERHILL, JAMES                        NY-60-B2-285
UNDERHILL, JAMES                        NY-60-44-507
UNDERHILL, JAMES                        NY-60-I-72
UNDERHILL, JESSE                        NY-60-Y-463
UNDERHILL, JESSE L.                     NY-60-71-304
UNDERHILL, JOSHUA                       NY-60-34-339
UNDERHILL, JOSIAH                       NY-60-K-4
UNDERHILL, LANCASTER                    NY-60-68-68
UNDERHILL, LAWRENCE                     NY-60-40-410
UNDERHILL, MOSES                        NY-60-D-7
UNDERHILL, NANCY                        NY-60-36-519
UNDERHILL, NATHANIEL                    NY-60-34-536
UNDERHILL, NICHOLAS                     NY-60-94-153
UNDERHILL, NICHOLAS *** (28)            NY-60-U-104
UNDERHILL, NOAH                         NY-60-X-491
UNDERHILL, NOAH T.                      NY-60-33-18
UNDERHILL, PETER                        NY-60-37-339
UNDERHILL, PHEBE                        NY-60-P-194
UNDERHILL, PHEBE                        NY-60-68-225
UNDERHILL, RICHARD                      NY-60-W-503
UNDERHILL, ROBERT                       NY-60-L-353
UNDERHILL, SAMUEL                       NY-60-I-202
UNDERHILL, SAMUEL                       NY-60-E-98
UNDERHILL, SARAH                        NY-60-K-418
UNDERHILL, SARAH                        NY-60-76-136
UNDERHILL, SOLOMON                      NY-60-31-303
UNDERHILL, THOMAS B.                    NY-60-72-452
UNDERHILL, WILLIAM                      NY-60-41-281
UNDERHILL, WILLIAM                      NY-60-I-34
UNDERHILL, WILLIAM A.                   NY-60-71-447
UNDERHILL,D ANIEL                       NY-60-29-347
UNDERWOOD, CORDELIA                     NY-60-71-83
UNDERWOOD, JOHN A.                      NY-60-59-166
UPTON, HANNAH                           NY-60-32-588
URMY, JOHN W.                           NY-60-W-236
VAIL, HARVEY                            NY-60-M-30
VAIL, ISAAC                             NY-60-U-167
VAIL, ISAAC JR.                         NY-60-M-191
VAIL, JAMES                             NY-60-M-90
VAIL, JAMES                             NY-60-F-85
VAIL, JOHN                              NY-60-D-133
VAIL, MARY S.                           NY-60-39-385
VAIL, SARAH                             NY-60-D-112
VAIL, SARAH A.                          NY-60-66-490
VAIL, THOMAS                            NY-60-A-302
VAIL, WILLIAM                           NY-60-94-44
VAIL, WILLIAM                           NY-60-Y-692
VALENTINE, ABRAHAM                      NY-60-40-1
VALENTINE, ABRAHAM                      NY-60-B2-299
VALENTINE, ANNE                         NY-60-67-594
VALENTINE, BENJAMIN                     NY-60-32-422
VALENTINE, CAROLINE M.                  NY-60-88-397
VALENTINE, CHRISTINA V.                 NY-60-94-61
VALENTINE, ELIJAH                       NY-60-27-229
VALENTINE, ELIZABETH                    NY-60-37-346
VALENTINE, ETHELENDA                    NY-60-K-449
VALENTINE, FREDERICK                    NY-60-38-521
VALENTINE, GEORGE B.                    NY-60-91-334
VALENTINE, GILBERT                      NY-60-I-223
VALENTINE, HARRIET                      NY-60-67-500
VALENTINE, JACOB                        NY-60-31-370
VALENTINE, JAMES                        NY-60-33-69
VALENTINE, JAMES                        NY-60-E-299
VALENTINE, JOHN                         NY-60-52-8
VALENTINE, JOHN                         NY-60-K-199
VALENTINE, JOHN                         NY-60-N-386
VALENTINE, MARY                         NY-60-29-281
VALENTINE, PETER                        NY-60-40-64
VALENTINE, PETER F.                     NY-60-39-301
VALENTINE, REBECCA                      NY-60-44-49
VALENTINE, SARAH A.                     NY-60-67-107
VALENTINE, STEPHEN                      NY-60-94-97
VALENTINE, SUSAN                        NY-60-33-1
VALENTINE, SUSANNAH                     NY-60-88-379
VALENTINE, THOMAS                       NY-60-C-44
VALENTINE, THOMAS **** (57)             NY-60-W-110
VALENTINE, THOMAS B.                    NY-60-92-337
VANBRAMER, ABIGAIL                      NY-60-29-20
VANBUSKIRK, RACHEL                      NY-60-71-528
VANCORT, CHARLES J.                     NY-60-51-455
VANCORTLANDT, ANN M.                    NY-60-46-507
VANCORTLANDT, AUGUSTUS                  NY-60-K-180
VANCORTLANDT, AUGUSTUS                  NY-60-V-559
VANCORTLANDT, FREDERICK                 NY-60-F-52
VANCORTLANDT, HENRY **** (357)          NY-60-X-133
VANCORTLANDT, PHILIP                    NY-60-N-153
VANCORTLANDT, PHILIP (CON'T)            NY-60-N-166
VANCORTLANDT, PIERRE                    NY-60-D-164
VANCORTLANDT, PIERRE                    NY-60-31-43
VANCOTT, JOHN                           NY-60-81-569
VANCOURT, WALLACE                       NY-60-55-253
VANDERHOFF, ELIZABETH ****              NY-60-81-379
VANHART, DANIEL                         NY-60-Y-506
VANHOESEN, JANE M.                      NY-60-87-42
VANHORN, JOHN                           NY-60-83-273
VANHOUTEN, JAMES                        NY-60-99-223
VANN, WILLIAM                           NY-60-68-36
VANNORDEN, MARGARET H.                  NY-60-78-239
VANNORDEN, MARIA                        NY-60-36-405
VANNORDEN, MARIA A.                     NY-60-83-46
VANNORSTRAND, ALBERT                    NY-60-B2-283
VANORDEN, MARGARET R.                   NY-60-86-324
VANPELT, HENRY                          NY-60-37-171
VANSCHAICK, PETER C.                    NY-60-89-397
VANSCHAIK, DOMINICUS L.                 NY-60-65-289
VANSCOY, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-31-69
VANSCOY, CORNELIUS                      NY-60-74-441
VANTASSEL, ABRAHAM                      NY-60-B2-287
VANTASSEL, ALONZO                       NY-60-34-499
VANTASSEL, FRANCES C.                   NY-60-95-161
VANTASSEL, JOHN                         NY-60-A-282
VANTASSEL, JOHN                         NY-60-A-247
VANTASSELL, CORNELIUS                   NY-60-J-64
VANTASSELL, JOHN                        NY-60-57-563
VANTASSELL, JOHN S.                     NY-60-100-25
VANTASSELL, MARGARET                    NY-60-83-110
VANTINE, NATHANIEL                      NY-60-U-205
VANTINE, SOLISS                         NY-60-89-202
VANVORHIS, JOHN                         NY-60-32-571
VANWART, HANNAH                         NY-60-85-280
VANWART, JAMES                          NY-60-B2-289
VANWART, JOHN                           NY-60-K-482
VANWART, JOHN                           NY-60-G-360
VANWART, MARIA P.                       NY-60-40-313
VANWART, RACHEL                         NY-60-P-247
VANWART, RACHEL                         NY-60-32-418
VANWART, RACHEL                         NY-60-K-393
VANWART, RACHEL                         NY-60-K-379
VANWART, RACHEL                         NY-60-J-270
VANWART, TAMAR **** (121 PAGES)         NY-60-28-1
VANWART, WILLIAM                        NY-60-K-110
VANWORT, ISAAC                          NY-60-L-240
VANWYCK, CATHERINE                      NY-60-M-76
VANWYCK, CATHERINE (CON'T)              NY-60-M-194
VANWYCK, CATHERINE *** (72)             NY-60-P-1
VANWYCK, PHILIP G. ****                 NY-60-61-585
VARIAN, ANN E.                          NY-60-96-537
VARIAN, GILBERT C.                      NY-60-34-156
VARIAN, ISAAC L.                        NY-60-48-218
VARIAN, JONATHAN                        NY-60-K-231
VARIAN, MARY ANN                        NY-60-45-546
VARIAN, MARY P.                         NY-60-43-9
VBALENTINE, BENJAMIN SR.                NY-60-L-54
VERIAN, JAMES                           NY-60-C-5
VERMILYA, ABRAHAM F.                    NY-60-87-339
VERMILYA, GERADUS                       NY-60-K-208
VERMILYA, JOHN                          NY-60-K-212
VERMILYA, JULIA A.                      NY-60-84-1
VERMILYA, WILLIAM                       NY-60-K-210
VERMILYE, ISAAC D.                      NY-60-48-211
VERMILYEA, BENJAMIN                     NY-60-36-69
VERMILYEA, DOROTHY                      NY-60-44-430
VERMILYEA, ISAAC                        NY-60-L-189
VERMILYEA, PETER B.                     NY-60-47-323
VERNOL, JAMES                           NY-60-72-35
VERNOL, LEWIS                           NY-60-44-355
VERPLANCK, PHILIP                       NY-60-97-35
VERPLANCK, WILLIAM B.                   NY-60-V-715
VICKERS, NANCY                          NY-60-N-443
VICKERY, WILLIAM                        NY-60-65-528
VILLOT, HENRY D.                        NY-60-65-415
VINCENT, HELEN M.                       NY-60-97-370
VINCENT, JOHN                           NY-60-92-554
VINING, GEORGE J.                       NY-60-95-114
VOELLAND,JANE MARY                      NY-60-75-239
VOESSING, IGNATIUS                      NY-60-68-341
VOLLMER, THEODORE                       NY-60-94-317
VORES, DAVID                            NY-60-98-333
VORIS, RICHARD R.                       NY-60-34-205
VOUGHT, JOSEPH C.                       NY-60-29-131
VOUGHT, PELL S. C.                      NY-60-94-329
VREDENBURGH, ELIAS                      NY-60-73-413
VREDENBURGH, FRANCES                    NY-60-57-64
VREDENBURGH, ISAAC                      NY-60-69-551
VREELAND, JOHN                          NY-60-N-462
VREELAND, MARY SCHULTZ                  NY-60-Y-1
WAGGONER, GEORGE H.                     NY-60-41-1
WAGNER, PAUL                            NY-60-91-576
WAID, CORNELIUS B.                      NY-60-55-33
WAIT, JOSEPH                            NY-60-64-559
WAITE, CELIA A.                         NY-60-84-418
WAKEMAN, GIDEON                         NY-60-B2-310
WAKEMANN, JOHN                          NY-60-99-29
WALBRIDGE, SARAH A.                     NY-60-74-345
WALDROM, JOHN                           NY-60-Q-203
WALDRON, MARTHA                         NY-60-96-19
WALDRON, SAMUEL W.                      NY-60-55-293
WALKER, EDWARD ***                      NY-60-87-140
WALKER, JOHN J.                         NY-60-46-174
WALKER, THOMAS                          NY-60-Y-551
WALKER, WILLIAM A.                      NY-60-44-424
WALLACE, AMY                            NY-60-33-195
WALLACE, DANIEL                         NY-60-92-46
WALLACE, EDWARD R.                      NY-60-68-586
WALLACE, JAMES                          NY-60-A-16
WALLACE, PHEBE                          NY-60-55-509
WALLACE, ROSWANNA                       NY-60-Z-224
WALLACE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-60-84-200
WALLER, ALFRED                          NY-60-74-539
WALLER, HENRY                           NY-60-O-370
WALSH, WILLIAM                          NY-60-89-175
WALTERS, HENRY                          NY-60-K-1
WALTERS, SALLY                          NY-60-75-509
WALTERS, SARAH                          NY-60-K-226
WALTHER, ANNA KURZ                      NY-60-85-387
WALTON, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-60-48-475
WAMPAW, CONRAD                          NY-60-G-243
WANZER, ANNA H.                         NY-60-62-186
WARD, AARON                             NY-60-53-389
WARD, ANN                               NY-60-28-120
WARD, CALEB                             NY-60-G-371
WARD, CALEB                             NY-60-C-113
WARD, CAROLINE S.                       NY-60-48-156
WARD, ELIZABETH                         NY-60-M-111
WARD, ELIZABETH                         NY-60-29-433
WARD, HETTY M.                          NY-60-47-547
WARD, HEZEKIAH                          NY-60-G-202
WARD, ISAAC                             NY-60-K-354
WARD, ISAAC                             NY-60-34-98
WARD, ISAAC                             NY-60-K-471
WARD, JANE G.                           NY-60-34-511
WARD, JONATHAN                          NY-60-Z-28
WARD, MOSES                             NY-60-J-221
WARD, PATRICK                           NY-60-68-173
WARD, PHILIP                            NY-60-Y-323
WARD, RICHARD                           NY-60-H-143
WARD, RUTH                              NY-60-G-170
WARD, SAMUEL                            NY-60-33-78
WARD, SARAH                             NY-60-41-528
WARD, STEPHEN                           NY-60-46-434
WARD, STEPHEN                           NY-60-A-313
WARD, SYLVESTER L. H. SR.               NY-60-88-443
WARD, THOMAS SR.                        NY-60-G-37
WARDELL, HANNAH                         NY-60-37-213
WARE, ENOCH R.                          NY-60-73-141
WARING, BETSEY                          NY-60-38-163
WARING, JARED                           NY-60-J-234
WARING, JARVIS A.                       NY-60-69-516
WARING, JONATHAN                        NY-60-R-374
WARMAN, LAVINIA                         NY-60-95-389
WARNER, ELENOR                          NY-60-V-606
WARNER, HANNAH L.                       NY-60-U-539
WARNER, JOHN                            NY-60-M-60
WARNER, JOHN (CON'T)                    NY-60-M-262
WARNER, MARY FRANCES                    NY-60-53-383
WARREN, ANN                             NY-60-72-595
WARREN, DANIEL                          NY-60-52-338
WARREN, JEREMIAH                        NY-60-C-167
WARREN, JEREMIAH                        NY-60-29-296
WARREN, MARGARET A.                     NY-60-91-168
WARSHBOURN, AMEY                        NY-60-E-296
WART, WILLIAM                           NY-60-U-601
WASHBURN, AMY                           NY-60-74-374
WASHBURN, ANN E.                        NY-60-100-147
WASHBURN, ANNA                          NY-60-62-179
WASHBURN, ANNE                          NY-60-K-246
WASHBURN, BENJAMIN                      NY-60-58-375
WASHBURN, DANIEL *** (38)               NY-60-X-577
WASHBURN, EDWARD                        NY-60-95-27
WASHBURN, ELIAS H.                      NY-60-83-255
WASHBURN, ELIJAH                        NY-60-30-514
WASHBURN, JACOB C.                      NY-60-99-119
WASHBURN, JARVIS                        NY-60-59-542
WASHBURN, JESSE                         NY-60-G-217
WASHBURN, JOHN                          NY-60-59-268
WASHBURN, OLIVER                        NY-60-67-76
WASHBURN, OLIVER J.                     NY-60-86-199
WASHBURN, SAMUEL                        NY-60-36-533
WASHBURN, SARAH E.                      NY-60-74-42
WASHBURN, STEPHEN                       NY-60-42-568
WASHBURN, SUSAN                         NY-60-44-67
WASHBURN, WILLIAM C.                    NY-60-86-13
WASHBURNE, ABRAHAM                      NY-60-46-495
WATERBERRY, JOHN                        NY-60-A-284
WATERBURY, ABRAHAM                      NY-60-100-377
WATERBURY, DAVID                        NY-60-K-413
WATERBURY, EBENEZER                     NY-60-V-547
WATERBURY, JOHN                         NY-60-84-567
WATERBURY, JOHN                         NY-60-I-280
WATERBURY, LAWRENCE                     NY-60-88-295
WATERBURY, MARTHA                       NY-60-65-267
WATERBURY, SOPHA                        NY-60-Y-512
WATERBURY, THOMAS                       NY-60-Y-347
WATERBURY, WILLIAM                      NY-60-M-124
WATERHOUSE, ETHAN                       NY-60-50-268
WATERHOUSE, ORRIN F.                    NY-60-87-304
WATERS, ELLEN                           NY-60-99-342
WATERS, JOSEPH                          NY-60-E-70
WATERS, SARAH                           NY-60-J-268
WATKINSON, REDFORD A.                   NY-60-78-413
WATSON, ANN                             NY-60-60-198
WATSON, ISRAEL H.                       NY-60-59-306
WATSON, JOHN H.                         NY-60-34-410
WATSON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-83-389
WATTS, ROBERT                           NY-60-D-155
WEATHERBY, PETER                        NY-60-60-71
WEATHERBY, THOMAS                       NY-60-90-123
WEAVER, JACOB                           NY-60-31-204
WEAVER, JAMES H.                        NY-60-100-399
WEAVER, LAVINIA                         NY-60-46-267
WEBB, ISABELLA                          NY-60-74-164
WEBB, JOHN W.                           NY-60-43-109
WEBB, WHITE                             NY-60-28-152
WEBBER, HANNAH M.                       NY-60-39-260
WEBBER, JASPER **** (244 PAGES)         NY-60-S-1
WEBBER, JOHN                            NY-60-74-503
WEBBERS, DAVID D.                       NY-60-O-347
WEBBERS, ISAAC                          NY-60-J-23
WEBER, CAROLINE                         NY-60-98-13
WEBER, DANIEL                           NY-60-75-452
WEBSTER, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-Y-636
WEBSTER, JOSEPH                         NY-60-U-354
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                        NY-60-53-240
WEED, DANIEL                            NY-60-E-62
WEED, FREDERICK                         NY-60-39-571
WEED, JOSEPH S.                         NY-60-G-103
WEED, PRISCILLA                         NY-60-97-460
WEEKS, ABEL                             NY-60-K-145
WEEKS, ABRAHAM H.                       NY-60-100-480
WEEKS, ABRAM                            NY-60-86-87
WEEKS, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-41-453
WEEKS, BENJAMIN H.                      NY-60-42-141
WEEKS, BENJAMIN K.                      NY-60-37-190
WEEKS, BENJAMIN T.                      NY-60-87-132
WEEKS, DAVID                            NY-60-50-302
WEEKS, GEORGE                           NY-60-40-224
WEEKS, JAMES                            NY-60-70-89
WEEKS, JAMES                            NY-60-L-5
WEEKS, JAMES                            NY-60-96-30
WEEKS, JANE                             NY-60-81-472
WEEKS, JANE O.                          NY-60-85-249
WEEKS, JEEMIAH                          NY-60-90-7
WEEKS, JOHN                             NY-60-29-423
WEEKS, JOHN                             NY-60-K-471
WEEKS, JOHN                             NY-60-G-309
WEEKS, JOHN                             NY-60-E-55
WEEKS, JOSEPH                           NY-60-78-33
WEEKS, JOSEPH                           NY-60-F-91
WEEKS, MARY S.                          NY-60-48-76
WEEKS, RICHARD                          NY-60-D-225
WEEKS, STEPHEN                          NY-60-32-321
WEEKS, SUSANNAH                         NY-60-H-19
WEGMAN, JOHN                            NY-60-99-29
WEIGEL, MATHEW                          NY-60-72-178
WEIS, HENRY                             NY-60-57-18
WEISSING, HENRY                         NY-60-44-854
WELDON, MARY                            NY-60-F-284
WELLS, ALEXANDER H.                     NY-60-39-406
WELLS, JAMES                            NY-60-46-465
WELLS, JOHN B.                          NY-60-67-242
WELLS, MARGARET                         NY-60-86-40
WELLS, MINOT M.                         NY-60-71-466
WELLS, NOAH H.                          NY-60-67-248
WELLS, REBECCA                          NY-60-56-471
WELLS, THOMAS                           NY-60-55-594
WELLS, W. LEMUEL                        NY-60-44-60
WELSH, MARTIN                           NY-60-100-125
WENDLER, CHRISTOPH                      NY-60-71-504
WEPPLER, CATHARINE                      NY-60-95-513
WERT, ELIZA                             NY-60-41-181
WESCOTT, ELANOR                         NY-60-D-370
WESCOTT, EZRA                           NY-60-81-145
WESCOTT, SMITH                          NY-60-68-311
WESSEL, DOROTHEA                        NY-60-95-201
WESSEL, LUDWIG                          NY-60-87-60
WESSELL, ELLEN                          NY-60-48-379
WESSELL, FREDERICK                      NY-60-48-393
WESSELLS, MARY                          NY-60-94-26
WESSELLS, PAUL A.                       NY-60-94-31
WESSELS, HERCULES                       NY-60-P-111
WESSELS, JAMES                          NY-60-46-33
WESSELS, WILLIAM                        NY-60-67-6
WEST, SARAH J.                          NY-60-98-513
WESTCOTT, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-B2-304
WESTCOTT, ALEXANDER F.                  NY-60-70-582
WESTCOTT, ELIZA JANE                    NY-60-84-26
WESTERFIELD, JOHN                       NY-60-V-728
WESTERFIELD, NICHOLAS                   NY-60-34-294
WETHERSPOON, ISABELLA G.                NY-60-98-59
WETZEL, JOHN                            NY-60-52-263
WEYGANT, DAVID M.                       NY-60-60-406
WEYMAN, SUSANNAH                        NY-60-K-140
WHANEY, THOMAS                          NY-60-P-243
WHARTON, JOHN                           NY-60-K-264
WHATEN, ISAAC                           NY-60-B2-293
WHEELER, AMY                            NY-60-44-452
WHEELER, MARTHA                         NY-60-28-157
WHEELER, ORVILLE P.                     NY-60-50-376
WHEELER, SAMUEL                         NY-60-Y-367
WHEELER, SARAH                          NY-60-65-534
WHEETON, SARAH                          NY-60-31-367
WHELPLEY, DANIEL                        NY-60-D-174
WHELPLEY, EBENEZER                      NY-60-68-162
WHELPLEY, EBENEZER                      NY-60-Z-191
WHITE, DANIEL                           NY-60-96-442
WHITE, EBENEZER                         NY-60-L-108
WHITE, EBENEZER                         NY-60-50-185
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-X-631
WHITE, HANFORD                          NY-60-100-52
WHITE, HENRY                            NY-60-39-373
WHITE, HENRY                            NY-60-K-20
WHITE, JAMES                            NY-60-83-370
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-60-H-33
WHITE, LEWIS                            NY-60-T-556
WHITE, MARY                             NY-60-72-338
WHITE, MARY                             NY-60-94-112
WHITE, SUSAN S.                         NY-60-58-444
WHITE, TAMAR                            NY-60-49-569
WHITED, REBECCA J.                      NY-60-96-390
WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM                      NY-60-52-395
WHITEMORE, GEORGE W.                    NY-60-57-166
WHITERELL, GEORGE                       NY-60-65-421
WHITING, HANNAH                         NY-60-65-338
WHITLOCK, BENJAMIN M.                   NY-60-47-274
WHITLOCK, JOHN B. SR.                   NY-60-46-66
WHITLOCK, MARY                          NY-60-45-301
WHITLOCK, RACHEL                        NY-60-56-478
WHITLOCK, THADEUS                       NY-60-K-113
WHITLOW, GEORGE                         NY-60-Y-21
WHITNEY, NAOMI JANE                     NY-60-64-582
WHITNEY, SETH                           NY-60-F-292
WHITNEY, SETH                           NY-60-Q-160
WHITNEY, THOMAS A.                      NY-60-83-290
WICKS, ISAAC                            NY-60-37-165
WICKS, JOHN                             NY-60-44-79
WICKS, NATHANIEL                        NY-60-B2-325
WIGHT, AMHERST                          NY-60-89-66
WIGHT, AMHERST JR.                      NY-60-83-267
WILD, ALDEN                             NY-60-67-197
WILDE, JAMES JR.                        NY-60-88-436
WILDEY, CALEB                           NY-60-Z-396
WILDEY, CALEB                           NY-60-69-147
WILDEY, EDWARD                          NY-60-H-87
WILDEY, GEORGE                          NY-60-39-354
WILDEY, JACOB                           NY-60-33-277
WILDEY, PIERRE                          NY-60-35-359
WILDEY, RICHARD                         NY-60-39-567
WILDEY, THOMAS                          NY-60-31-229
WILDEY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-69-46
WILEY, JAMES                            NY-60-M-24
WILEY, JOHN                             NY-60-93-227
WILEY, SUSANNA                          NY-60-M-218
WILKDEY, JOHN                           NY-60-38-158
WILKEN, JOCHIM F. H.                    NY-60-81-293
WILKIE, MARY                            NY-60-76-513
WILKINS, STEPHEN                        NY-60-68-42
WILKINSON, JOHN                         NY-60-75-474
WILKINSON,MARY A.                       NY-60-96-573
WILLARD, MARY A.                        NY-60-92-327
WILLET, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-A-285
WILLETS, ELIZA S.                       NY-60-94-147
WILLETS, GEORGE                         NY-60-W-550
WILLETS, JACOB                          NY-60-B2-312
WILLETS, JACOB                          NY-60-66-440
WILLETS, MARIA                          NY-60-100-130
WILLETS, SAMUEL                         NY-60-40-306
WILLETS, SARAH                          NY-60-87-16
WILLETS, STEPHEN                        NY-60-44-484
WILLETS, WAIT                           NY-60-I-145
WILLETT, MARINUS                        NY-60-92-252
WILLETTS, DEBORAH                       NY-60-Q-382
WILLI, BARBARA                          NY-60-96-272
WILLI, JOSEPH                           NY-60-96-132
WILLIAMS, ANNA                          NY-60-75-293
WILLIAMS, ELLEN                         NY-60-78-1
WILLIAMS, ELLEN E.                      NY-60-81-579
WILLIAMS, HARRISON                      NY-60-58-544
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         NY-60-A-5
WILLIAMS, JESSE                         NY-60-62-45
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-60-F-210
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-60-A-39
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-60-59-26
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-60-W-301
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-60-67-90
WILLIAMS, JOHN E.                       NY-60-83-442
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                      NY-60-T-454
WILLIAMS, MARY                          NY-60-40-216
WILLIAMS, MARY                          NY-60-55-288
WILLIAMS, MARY **** (102)               NY-60-T-702
WILLIAMS, NANCY                         NY-60-92-107
WILLIAMS, NATHANIEL                     NY-60-100-88
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       NY-60-P-221
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        NY-60-W-391
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        NY-60-F-147
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         NY-60-85-374
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         NY-60-B2-281
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-60-45-416
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                      NY-60-60-398
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        NY-60-A-288
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        NY-60-100-429
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     NY-60-40-129
WILLIS, ANSON                           NY-60-74-215
WILLIS, CALEB *** (27)                  NY-60-R-109
WILLIS, CLEMENTINA                      NY-60-68-150
WILLIS, JAMES                           NY-60-F-72
WILLIS, RICHARD                         NY-60-L-49
WILLSE, DANIEL S.                       NY-60-O-169
WILLSEA, DANIEL JR.                     NY-60-O-180
WILLSES, ISAAC B.                       NY-60-55-395
WILLSON, MARIA P.                       NY-60-100-20
WILLSON, NEHEMIAH                       NY-60-D-55
WILLSON, SAMUEL                         NY-60-F-231
WILSEA, WARNER                          NY-60-45-318
WILSON, ANN                             NY-60-39-239
WILSON, ENOCH                           NY-60-89-12
WILSON, EZRA                            NY-60-A-3
WILSON, FREDERICK                       NY-60-95-263
WILSON, GEORGE                          NY-60-73-523
WILSON, HENRY                           NY-60-B2-307
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-60-45-293
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-60-46-14
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-60-86-519
WILSON, JOSEPH                          NY-60-G-288
WILSON, JOSEPH                          NY-60-33-35
WILSON, JUSTUS                          NY-60-29-247
WILSON, MARTIN                          NY-60-33-215
WILSON, MARY ANN                        NY-60-N-53
WILSON, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-K-90
WILSON, NICHOLAS                        NY-60-31-418
WILSON, RUTH                            NY-60-K-45
WILSON, STEPHEN B.                      NY-60-68-500
WILSON, SUSAN F.                        NY-60-93-278
WILSON, THOMAS                          NY-60-E-240
WILSON, THOMAS P.                       NY-60-57-69
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-90-153
WILSON, WILLIAM M.                      NY-60-67-182
WINDELL, THOMAS                         NY-60-99-6
WINSHIP, DANIEL                         NY-60-33-207
WINSTON, JOSEPH S.                      NY-60-98-499
WINTHROP, CATHARINE                     NY-60-98-387
WISHART, GEORGE                         NY-60-71-559
WITE, JAMES                             NY-60-32-336
WITHERSPOON, ANN                        NY-60-44-72
WITHINGTON, ELIJAH                      NY-60-38-256
WITHROP, EMILY R.                       NY-60-50-65
WIXEN, MARY J.                          NY-60-52-493
WOERZ, MATTHEW HENRY                    NY-60-65-241
WOHRLE, LOUIS                           NY-60-59-669
WOLF, ANTHONY                           NY-60-M-79
WOLF, JOHN G. J.                        NY-60-62-51
WOLF, MARIA                             NY-60-65-272
WOLFE, PHEBE                            NY-60-W-494
WOOD, ABIGAIL                           NY-60-N-99
WOOD, CHARLES R.                        NY-60-87-552
WOOD, CHARLOTTE                         NY-60-67-494
WOOD, DANIEL B.                         NY-60-100-410
WOOD, EBENEZER                          NY-60-45-582
WOOD, ELBERT                            NY-60-84-250
WOOD, ESTHER                            NY-60-68-276
WOOD, HENRY                             NY-60-L-171
WOOD, JAMES                             NY-60-42-193
WOOD, JEREMIAH                          NY-60-88-423
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-60-27-474
WOOD, JOHN J.                           NY-60-98-183
WOOD, JONAS                             NY-60-H-123
WOOD, JOSEPH S.                         NY-60-75-548
WOOD, MARY                              NY-60-L-335
WOOD, MARY A.                           NY-60-68-567
WOOD, MARY JANE                         NY-60-65-255
WOOD, MARY T.                           NY-60-71-254
WOOD, RACHEL                            NY-60-52-230
WOOD, SQUIRE                            NY-60-40-56
WOOD, STEPHEN                           NY-60-77-496
WOOD, THEOPHILUS                        NY-60-C-20
WOOD, WAKEMAN B.                        NY-60-86-24
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-60-L-19
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-60-83-14
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-60-R-327
WOOD,LEONARD                            NY-60-44-435
WOODMAN, JACOB                          NY-60-84-548
WOODRUFF, EMILY B.                      NY-60-48-523
WOODS, AMUEL                            NY-60-37-229
WOODS, JANET                            NY-60-51-580
WOODS, MARY                             NY-60-73-477
WOODWARD, GEORGE                        NY-60-75-391
WOOLSEY, ELIJAH                         NY-60-32-308
WOOLSEY, HANNAH                         NY-60-58-570
WOOLSEY, HENRY                          NY-60-K-383
WOOLSEY, HIRAM                          NY-60-54-24
WOOLSEY, ISAAC                          NY-60-37-555
WOOLSEY, JAMES                          NY-60-81-87
WOOLSEY, JOSEPH                         NY-60-B2-315
WOOLSEY, PHEBE                          NY-60-81-528
WOOLSEY, TAMAR                          NY-60-38-209
WOOLSEY, THOMAS                         NY-60-W-183
WOOLSEY, WILLIAM                        NY-60-T-110
WORDEN, CHALLY                          NY-60-92-265
WORDEN, GEORGE                          NY-60-D-46
WORDEN, ISAAC                           NY-60-W-467
WORDEN, JAMES                           NY-60-32-413
WORDEN, JOHN                            NY-60-32-521
WORDEN, WILLET                          NY-60-33-373
WORSHBORN, RICHARD                      NY-60-X-595
WORSHBURN, BETHUEL                      NY-60-Q-128
WORSHBURN, JOHN                         NY-60-Q-54
WORSHBURN, JOSEPH                       NY-60-B2-323
WORTHINGTON, HENRY R.                   NY-60-91-400
WOTHERSPOON, ELIZABETH                  NY-60-74-584
WRIGHT, ABRAHAM                         NY-60-B2-295
WRIGHT, AMEY                            NY-60-F-141
WRIGHT, ARCHIBALD J.                    NY-60-50-143
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-K-205
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-40-104
WRIGHT, CHARLES                         NY-60-54- 30
WRIGHT, EBENEZER                        NY-60-45-508
WRIGHT, EDWARD                          NY-60-42-7
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-68-13
WRIGHT, ESTHER                          NY-60-70-451
WRIGHT, GLORIANA                        NY-60-A-152
WRIGHT, HANNAH                          NY-60-57-150
WRIGHT, HENRY                           NY-60-J-292
WRIGHT, J. BUTLER                       NY-60-83-549
WRIGHT, JAMES                           NY-60-34-262
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-60-J-66
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-60-35-325
WRIGHT, JOSEPH M.                       NY-60-62-412
WRIGHT, LETTICE C.                      NY-60-35-320
WRIGHT, LEWIS T. ***                    NY-60-75-16
WRIGHT, MARY                            NY-60-K-407
WRIGHT, MICAJAH                         NY-60-G-374
WRIGHT, NATHAN                          NY-60-K-458
WRIGHT, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-F-263
WRIGHT, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-Q-252
WRIGHT, PAMELIA                         NY-60-37-403
WRIGHT, RACHEL                          NY-60-89-337
WRIGHT, REUBEN                          NY-60-F-78
WRIGHT, REUBEN                          NY-60-Z-228
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          NY-60-96-265
WRIGHT, SIMON                           NY-60-44-55
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NY-60-97-384
WRIGHT, THOMAS L.                       NY-60-60-316
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-60-53-584
WYANT, MARY P.                          NY-60-70-540
WYANT, MARY P.                          NY-60-71-540
WYGANT, MARIA C.                        NY-60-95-258
WYNN, DEGLAN                            NY-60-64-447
WYSS, CHRISTIANA                        NY-60-53-500
YALE, STEPHEN                           NY-60-65-313
YATES, MARY                             NY-60-37-224
YEALE, MARK                             NY-60-35-354
YELLOTT, GEORGETTA                      NY-60-100-8
YERKS, AMOS C.                          NY-60-34-478
YERKS, ELIJAH                           NY-60-48-245
YERKS, HENRY                            NY-60-97-89
YERKS, JAMES                            NY-60-91-582
YERKS, JOHN F.                          NY-60-46-145
YERKS, JULIA ANN                        NY-60-75-219
YERKS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-60-36-572
YERRICK, PETER                          NY-60-29-138
YOE, CHARLES                            NY-60-34-438
YOE, J. CLEMENT                         NY-60-39-285
YOULE, SARAH E.                         NY-60-87-474
YOUNG, HARRISON                         NY-60-40-541
YOUNG, JOHN                             NY-60-U-340
YOUNG, JOHN                             NY-60-34-356
YOUNGS, JAMES                           NY-60-B2-291
YOURKS, JAMES                           NY-60-F-285
YOURKS, JOHN                            NY-60-B2-302
ZABRISKIE, ANNA                         NY-60-47-492
ZABRISKIE, HENRY J.                     NY-60-46-181
ZABRISKIE, MARGARET                     NY-60-83-338
ZAR, CATHARINE M.                       NY-60-64-588
ZAR, ELIAS                              NY-60-96-356
ZAR, JOHN                               NY-60-52-31
ZAR, PARKER                             NY-60-K-278
ZINCK, GEORGE H.                        NY-60-41-9

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