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GABRIEL, JOHN                           NY-60-64-417
GABY, JOHN                              NY-60-65-576
GADSBY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-46-453
GAFNEY, JAMES                           NY-60-33-246
GAHUN, EDWARD                           NY-60-33-103
GAILHARD, MARIE LOUISE                  NY-60-94-382
GALABRAN, LOUISA G.                     NY-60-46-288
GALAGHER, CHARLES                       NY-60-87-406
GALE, GRIFFEN                           NY-60-F-277
GALE, PAGE T.                           NY-60-88-211
GALE, SAMUEL                            NY-60-39-322
GALE, WILLIAM                           NY-60-92-406
GALLAGHER, OWEN ***                     NY-60-87-190
GALLAGHER, PHILIP                       NY-60-100-179
GALLAUDET, ANN                          NY-60-L-302
GALLAUDET, NANCY                        NY-60-88-592
GALLAUDET, WILLIAM P.                   NY-60-V-594
GALLIGHER, CATHERINE                    NY-60-69-141
GALLIGHER, DANIEL                       NY-60-75-280
GALWEY, THOMAS                          NY-60-72-240
GAMBLING, HELEN                         NY-60-58-519
GANDALL, HENRY                          NY-60-78-207
GANDALL, SAMUEL E.                      NY-60-47-48
GANONG, JAMES                           NY-60-68-553
GANONG, JAMES D.                        NY-60-67-534
GANT, FIELDING S.                       NY-60-78-104
GANUNG, JOHN                            NY-60-E-73
GARDINER, ALICE H.                      NY-60-70-221
GARDINER, MARY L.                       NY-60-87-546
GARDNER, EPHRAIM                        NY-60-96-40
GARDNER, JOHN L.                        NY-60-57-334
GARNER, SARAH                           NY-60-65-410
GARNESS, PHILIP                         NY-60-M-614
GARRETT, ELIZA                          NY-60-58-414
GARRISON, CLARA                         NY-60-31-73
GARRISON, GARRET                        NY-60-34-372
GARRISON, JOHN                          NY-60-43-438
GARRISON, MARVEL SR.                    NY-60-B2-203
GARRISON, NATHANIEL                     NY-60-J-225
GARRISON, TALLMAN                       NY-60-J-163
GARRONG, PHEBE                          NY-60-70-431
GARRSION, MARVEL SR.                    NY-60-C-56
GASCOW, JOHN                            NY-60-51-126
GASKIN, MATHEW                          NY-60-97-475
GATELY, BRIDGETT                        NY-60-100-526
GATES, MARTHA                           NY-60-76-564
GAUDALL, GEORGE                         NY-60-40-570
GEAREY, THOMAS                          NY-60-57-477
GEDNEY, ABSALOM                         NY-60-H-111
GEDNEY, BARTHOLOMEW G.                  NY-60-32-395
GEDNEY, CALEB                           NY-60-E-155
GEDNEY, CALEB                           NY-60-87-379
GEDNEY, GILBERT                         NY-60-92-519
GEDNEY, HANNAH                          NY-60-M-32
GEDNEY, JOHN                            NY-60-Y-434
GEDNEY, SOLOMON                         NY-60-G-406
GEDNEY, WILLIAM T.                      NY-60-29-262
GEIS, ANDREW                            NY-60-100-77
GENTLEMAN, ANN B.                       NY-60-84-581
GENUNG, BENJAMIN M.                     NY-60-91-465
GERBER, LOUIS                           NY-60-51-412
GERHARDT, DOROTHEA                      NY-60-72-41
GERNON, KATIE                           NY-60-81-242
GEROW, ANDREW                           NY-60-39-506
GEROW, ANDREW                           NY-60-G-214
GEROW, ANDREWSON                        NY-60-42-462
GEROW, JANE B.                          NY-60-59-448
GERRETSEN, WILLIAM                      NY-60-81-373
GESCHEIDT, ADELE                        NY-60-90-13
GESCHEIDT, ANTHONY                      NY-60-78-547
GIBNEY, MARY                            NY-60-84-6
GIBSON, ANDREW                          NY-60-83-54
GIBSON, MARGARET                        NY-60-89-542
GIDNEY, JOHN                            NY-60-84-73
GIDNEY, SAMUEL                          NY-60-K-439
GIHON, ELIZABETH I.                     NY-60-47-356
GILBERT, ABIJAH                         NY-60-J-251
GILBERT, CHARLES                        NY-60-95-234
GILBERT, CHARLES                        NY-60-88-200
GILBERT, JACOB                          NY-60-N-140
GILBERT, JACOB (CON'T)                  NY-60-N-201
GILBERT, MAHALA J.                      NY-60-92-214
GILBERT, STEPHEN                        NY-60-27-451
GILES, MARY B.                          NY-60-52-68
GILL, MARTIN                            NY-60-78-426
GILLEN, AMBROSE                         NY-60-65-522
GILLISPIE, JAMES Y.                     NY-60-69-523
GILLMAN, CARL                           NY-60-97-243
GILLMER, JULIA F.                       NY-60-51-492
GILLSPIE, ANNA                          NY-60-49-563
GILMORE, FREDERICK K.                   NY-60-65-229
GILMORE, MARY S L.                      NY-60-69-119
GILMOUR, HUGH                           NY-60-50-405
GILROY, GEORGE                          NY-60-40-231
GINON, JAMES                            NY-60-43-312
GIVAN, AGNES                            NY-60-58-505
GIVAN, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-34-83
GIVAN, ROBERT`                          NY-60-M-373
GLEEN, MARTHA                           NY-60-C-186
GLOVER, CHARLES E.                      NY-60-97-318
GLOVER, MARY                            NY-60-B2-186
GODFREY, HANNAH                         NY-60-37-389
GODOSELL, BUEL                          NY-60-46-320
GOETCHIUS, JOHN                         NY-60-52-185
GOETSCHIUS, PETER                       NY-60-L-281
GOETSCHIUS, PHEBE J.                    NY-60-87-570
GOLDING, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-E-109
GOODALE, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-87-595
GOODENOUGH, HEPPY                       NY-60-75-420
GORMIER, SARAH                          NY-60-70-290
GOURD, MARIANNE                         NY-60-64-367
GRADY, PATRICK                          NY-60-72-494
GRAF, ELIZABETH                         NY-60-68-8
GRAHAM, ISAAC G. SR.                    NY-60-31-142
GRAHAM, LEWIS                           NY-60-B2-210
GRAHAM, PHEBE                           NY-60-60-380
GRAHAM, ROBERT T.                       NY-60-Q-90
GRAHAM, SARAH                           NY-60-48-188
GRAHAM, WILLIAM SR.                     NY-60-Q-41
GRANBERY, HARRIET                       NY-60-75-299
GRANINGER, JOHN B.                      NY-60-95-525
GRANT, GORDON                           NY-60-87-450
GRAVES, WILLIAM                         NY-60-92-450
GRAY, BENJAMIN B.                       NY-60-53-217
GRAY, DAVID                             NY-60-74-396
GRAY, ELIZABETH                         NY-60-66-465
GREACEN, CORNELIA B. ****               NY-60-68-446
GREELEY, HORACE                         NY-60-69-542
GREELEY, MARY G. C.                     NY-60-68-541
GREEN, ALSOPH                           NY-60-100-285
GREEN, ANN                              NY-60-51-437
GREEN, ANNA                             NY-60-65-426
GREEN, ANNA                             NY-60-D-180
GREEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-W-357
GREEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-E-222
GREEN, CALEB                            NY-60-N-457
GREEN, CALEB                            NY-60-T-827
GREEN, CHARLES                          NY-60-E-168
GREEN, CHARLES                          NY-60-28-341
GREEN, DANIEL                           NY-60-T-816
GREEN, DEBORAH                          NY-60-48-564
GREEN, EMELINE                          NY-60-96-347
GREEN, HENRY                            NY-60-71-394
GREEN, HETTY                            NY-60-84-244
GREEN, HORACE                           NY-60-52-499
GREEN, ISRAEL                           NY-60-74-579
GREEN, JACOB                            NY-60-33-337
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-60-35-23
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-60-Y-677
GREEN, JAMES B.                         NY-60-96-107
GREEN, JANE C.                          NY-60-84-13
GREEN, JARED                            NY-60-W-193
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-60-A-297
GREEN, JOSIAH                           NY-60-43-444
GREEN, LYDIA                            NY-60-34-361
GREEN, MARTHA                           NY-60-Y-28
GREEN, MARTHA A.                        NY-60-99-18
GREEN, NICHOLAS J.                      NY-60-53-596
GREEN, OLIVER                           NY-60-R-369
GREEN, SALLY                            NY-60-I-174
GREEN, SAMUEL                           NY-60-L-121
GREEN, SARAH                            NY-60-48-570
GREEN, SARAH                            NY-60-50-112
GREEN, STEPHEN                          NY-60-92-475
GREEN, THADDEUS K.                      NY-60-45-402
GREEN, THOMAS                           NY-60-P-419
GREEN, THOMAS F.                        NY-60-100-407
GREEN, WILLIAM                          NY-60-K-147
GREEN,CALEB                             NY-60-51-217
GREENWOOD, MARY A.                      NY-60-85-1
GREGORY, AARON                          NY-60-93-286
GREGORY, JAMES I.                       NY-60-64-379
GREGORY, JOSEPH S.                      NY-60-92-123
GREGORY, SPENCER                        NY-60-94-132
GREGORY, STEPHEN                        NY-60-29-371
GREIG, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-65-301
GREIN, THOMAS                           NY-60-I-49
GRENNAN, JOHN                           NY-60-66-19
GRIFFEN, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-M-55
GRIFFEN, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-B2-204
GRIFFEN, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-B2-199
GRIFFEN, BENJAMIN (CON'T)               NY-60-M-69
GRIFFEN, CLARRISSA                      NY-60-46-545
GRIFFEN, DEBORAH                        NY-60-V-192
GRIFFEN, ELIHU                          NY-60-29-40
GRIFFEN, ELNER                          NY-60-T-848
GRIFFEN, JAMES                          NY-60-V-158
GRIFFEN, JESSE                          NY-60-32-566
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           NY-60-U-642
GRIFFEN JOHN                            NY-60-46-384
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           NY-60-L-90
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           NY-60-F-262
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           NY-60-B2-341
GRIFFEN, JOSEPH                         NY-60-56-459
GRIFFEN, JOSEPH                         NY-60-F-50
GRIFFEN, JOSEPH                         NY-60-F-267
GRIFFEN, SARAH                          NY-60-B2-192
GRIFFEN, STEPHEN                        NY-60-30-416
GRIFFEN, WILLIAM                        NY-60-A-233
GRIFFIN, ADAM                           NY-60-G-130
GRIFFIN, ANN MARIA                      NY-60-72-410
GRIFFIN, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-43-432
GRIFFIN, CATHARINE                      NY-60-34-489
GRIFFIN, DANIEL                         NY-60-88-157
GRIFFIN, DANIEL                         NY-60-78-396
GRIFFIN, EDMUND D.                      NY-60-47-568
GRIFFIN, GILBERT                        NY-60-H-21
GRIFFIN, HENRY ****                     NY-60-71-143
GRIFFIN, JAMES                          NY-60-W-402
GRIFFIN, JANE                           NY-60-K-266
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           NY-60-D-222
GRIFFIN, JOHN C.                        NY-60-72-184
GRIFFIN, SIBBE                          NY-60-27-287
GRIFFIN, SQUIRE                         NY-60-81-288
GRIFFIN, WILLET                         NY-60-78-419
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                        NY-60-55-410
GRIFFIN, ZOPHER                         NY-60-K-32
GRIMES, SAMUEL                          NY-60-96-579
GROMIER, JOSEPH M.                      NY-60-48-558
GROSHON, MARY H. F.                     NY-60-67-164
GROSS, FRANK                            NY-60-69-191
GRUMMON, EBENEZER                       NY-60-B2-197
GRUMMON, EPHRAIM                        NY-60-D-213
GRUMMON, EPHRAIN                        NY-60-33-229
GRUMMON, SAMUEL                         NY-60-Q-239
GUENTENSBERGER, MARGATHA                NY-60-97-583
GUERNSEY, MARY ANN                      NY-60-59-33
GUION, ALPHEUS                          NY-60-75-541
GUION, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-B2-188
GUION, CHARLES                          NY-60-N-216
GUION, ELIAS                            NY-60-G-410
GUION, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-B2-190
GUION, ISAIE                            NY-60-I-220
GUION, JAMIMA                           NY-60-Z-98
GUION, JOHN                             NY-60-L-332
GUION, JOHN                             NY-60-B2-194
GUION, JOHN                             NY-60-K-173
GUION, MARY                             NY-60-29-256
GUION, PETER                            NY-60-28-271
GUION, PHEBE *** (36)                   NY-60-T-57
GULICK, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-84-19
GUNTHER, CARL F.                        NY-60-88-267
GUTCH, THOMAS G.                        NY-60-59-6
GUY, VICTOR H.                          NY-60-98-585
HAAS, PHILIP                            NY-60-72-97
HACKETT, JOHN                           NY-60-46-328
HACKMAN, FREDERICK                      NY-60-41-382
HADDEN, BARTHOLOMEW                     NY-60-K-156
HADDEN, MARY                            NY-60-31-146
HADDEN, PETER K.                        NY-60-66-59
HADDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-60-38-49
HADDOCK, ROGER                          NY-60-65-157
HADLEY, JAMES                           NY-60-45-268
HADLEY, ROBERT                          NY-60-53-68
HADLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-B1-62
HADLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-C-71
HAFF, JOHN                              NY-60-43-464
HAGAR, FREDERIKA                        NY-60-88-119
HAGES, HENRY                            NY-60-99-142
HAGGERTY, BRIDGET                       NY-60-86-92
HAGGERTY, JAMES                         NY-60-77-455
HAGGERTY, JOHN                          NY-60-57-521
HAGGERTY, PATRICK                       NY-60-83-200
HAHN, BARBARA                           NY-60-68-231
HAIGHT, AARON                           NY-60-91-264
HAIGHT, ABIJAH                          NY-60-I-217
HAIGHT, ALEXANDER S.                    NY-60-50-528
HAIGHT, AMY                             NY-60-B2-132
HAIGHT, CALEB                           NY-60-J-30
HAIGHT, CALEB                           NY-60-65-345
HAIGHT, CALEB W.                        NY-60-72-260
HAIGHT, CHARLES                         NY-60-B2-377
HAIGHT, DANIEL                          NY-60-L-269
HAIGHT, DAVID *** (24)                  NY-60-T-494
HAIGHT, ELNATHAN                        NY-60-C-176
HAIGHT, ELNATHAN **** (41)              NY-60-T-458
HAIGHT, EZRA                            NY-60-48-149
HAIGHT, HENRY                           NY-60-37-355
HAIGHT, HORCAE                          NY-60-73-447
HAIGHT, JAMES                           NY-60-Z-62
HAIGHT, JAMES                           NY-60-L-141
HAIGHT, JAMES                           NY-60-50-86
HAIGHT, JAMES H.                        NY-60-52-25
HAIGHT, JAMY                            NY-60-98-64
HAIGHT, JANE                            NY-60-30-446
HAIGHT, JOHN                            NY-60-G-133
HAIGHT, JOHN                            NY-60-87-577
HAIGHT, JOHN                            NY-60-I-208
HAIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-60-J-264
HAIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-60-75-146
HAIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-60-C-210
HAIGHT, LUDLOW                          NY-60-D-217
HAIGHT, MOSES                           NY-60-41-313
HAIGHT, NEHEMIAH L.                     NY-60-93-564
HAIGHT, NICHOLAS                        NY-60-I-104
HAIGHT, PHEBE                           NY-60-M-617
HAIGHT, PHEBE                           NY-60-93-147
HAIGHT, PHEBE S.                        NY-60-78-320
HAIGHT, REBECCA                         NY-60-42-308
HAIGHT, REUBEN                          NY-60-44-465
HAIGHT, REUBEN J.                       NY-60-34-170
HAIGHT, ROBERT                          NY-60-J-207
HAIGHT, SAMUEL                          NY-60-41-535
HAIGHT, SAMUEL                          NY-60-G-53
HAIGHT, SAMUEL                          NY-60-U-193
HAIGHT, SOPHIA                          NY-60-76-31
HAIGHT, SOPHIA                          NY-60-83-416
HAIGHT, STEPHEN                         NY-60-97-179
HAIGHT, THOMAS                          NY-60-G-211
HAIMBURGER, JOHANNES                    NY-60-71-110
HAINES, WILLIAM A.                      NY-60-89-294
HAINS, AMY                              NY-60-97-255
HAINS, CLAUSE                           NY-60-57-12
HAINS, DANIEL                           NY-60-28-356
HAINS, DAVID                            NY-60-N-195
HAINS, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-55-530
HAINS, ESTHER                           NY-60-36-562
HAINS, EUNICE                           NY-60-B2-379
HAINS, JOHN                             NY-60-P-274
HAINS, JOHN D.                          NY-60-97-266
HAINS, MARGARET                         NY-60-51-569
HAINS, MARGARET                         NY-60-E-256
HAINS, MARY                             NY-60-K-469
HAINS, MATHEW                           NY-60-J-210
HAINS, MATHEW                           NY-60-C-48
HAINS, PETER                            NY-60-J-231
HAINT, JONAS                            NY-60-I-80
HAIT, DANIEL                            NY-60-B2-78
HAIT, DANIEL                            NY-60-C-59
HAIT, ISAAC                             NY-60-64-391
HAIT, ISAAC                             NY-60-35-502
HAIT, JACOB                             NY-60-K-303
HAIT, JEREMIAH                          NY-60-A-211
HAIT, JOHN                              NY-60-X-25
HAIT, JOHN                              NY-60-B2-397
HAIT, MARY A.                           NY-60-75-286
HAIT, SAMUEL                            NY-60-46-370
HALBE, HENRY G.                         NY-60-62-311
HALEY, MARY                             NY-60-96-485
HALL, CATHERINE E.                      NY-60-59-462
HALL, CHARLES                           NY-60-76-116
HALL, GEORGE JR.                        NY-60-50-57
HALL, HANNAH                            NY-60-100-342
HALL, ISAAC                             NY-60-38-127
HALL, ISAAC                             NY-60-X-602
HALL, JAMES                             NY-60-62-397
HALL, JAMES                             NY-60-L-64
HALL, JAMES                             NY-60-O-17
HALL, JAMES M.                          NY-60-89-307
HALL, JOHN                              NY-60-39-478
HALL, JOHN                              NY-60-K-376
HALL, JOHN ****                         NY-60-88-1
HALL, JOHN B.                           NY-60-62-110
HALL, JOSEPH H.                         NY-60-52-87
HALL, MARY *** (39)                     NY-60-X-502
HALL, MOSES                             NY-60-52-412
HALL, SARAH                             NY-60-91-250
HALL, TAMAR                             NY-60-39-297
HALL, THOMAS                            NY-60-92-154
HALL, WILLIAM A.                        NY-60-91-362
HALLESEY, ELLEN                         NY-60-98-535
HALLOCK, DANIEL H.                      NY-60-98-540
HALLOCK, DAVID                          NY-60-87-412
HALLOCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-85-267
HALLOCK, JAMES                          NY-60-67-83
HALLOCK, JESSE                          NY-60-A-171
HALLOCK, JESSE                          NY-60-35-78
HALLOCK, JOHN                           NY-60-33-284
HALLOCK, JOHN                           NY-60-F-250
HALLOCK, PHEBE                          NY-60-41-34
HALLOCK, RICHARD                        NY-60-J-178
HALLOCK, RICHARD                        NY-60-35-46
HALLOCK, ROBERT                         NY-60-35-11
HALLOCK, ROBERT R.                      NY-60-70-364
HALLOCK, SAMUEL                         NY-60-J-94
HALLOCK, WILLIAM                        NY-60-96-479
HALLSTEAD, WILLIAM                      NY-60-28-171
HALSEY, ANTHONY                         NY-60-88-363
HALSEY, MARIA                           NY-60-38-93
HALSTEAD, CHARITY                       NY-60-95-20
HALSTEAD, DAVID P.                      NY-60-97-396
HALSTEAD, ESTHER P.                     NY-60-92-229
HALSTEAD, MARY                          NY-60-92-235
HALSTEAD, NEWBERRY D.                   NY-60-45-214
HALSTEAD, PHILEMON                      NY-60-38-289
HALSTEAD, THOMAS                        NY-60-28-226
HALSTED, ABBEY JANE                     NY-60-92-240
HALSTED, ABIGAIL                        NY-60-L-291
HALSTED, DANIEL                         NY-60-33-292
HALSTED, EZEKIEL                        NY-60-F-112
HALSTED, GEORGE P.                      NY-60-32-388
HALSTED, JACOB                          NY-60-31-265
HALSTED, JANE                           NY-60-L-55
HALSTED, JOHN                           NY-60-P-314
HALSTED, JOHN                           NY-60-L-259
HALSTED, JOSEPH                         NY-60-K-325
HALSTED, LEWIS                          NY-60-M-342
HALSTED, MARY L.                        NY-60-96-218
HALSTED, MICAH                          NY-60-C-62
HALSTED, PHILEMON                       NY-60-I-151
HALSTED, SAMUEL                         NY-60-33-349
HALSTED, SAMUEL                         NY-60-28-132
HALSTED, SCHUREMAN                      NY-60-57-137
HALSTED, THOMAS                         NY-60-C-104
HALSTED, THOMASS PCT                    NY-60-A-27
HALSTED, TIMOTHY                        NY-60-B2-153
HALSTED, UNDERHILL                      NY-60-100-1
HALSTED, WILLIAM P.                     NY-60-78-136
HAMILL, JOHN                            NY-60-70-50
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH S.                  NY-60-71-71
HAMILTON, JAMES A.                      NY-60-86-535
HAMILTON, JOHN                          NY-60-53-269
HAMILTON, MARTHA                        NY-60-54-35
HAMMELL, JOHN                           NY-60-70-103
HAMMER, FREDERICK                       NY-60-44-458
HAMMON, JAMES                           NY-60-E-135
HAMMOND, CORNELIA A.                    NY-60-51-486
HAMMOND, DAVID                          NY-60-36-6
HAMMOND, DAVID **** (190)               NY-60-Y-33
HAMMOND, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-35-51
HAMMOND, ESTHER                         NY-60-P-395
HAMMOND, JOHN A.                        NY-60-60-257
HAMMOND, LAVINA                         NY-60-K-163
HAMMOND, MARY JANE                      NY-60-57-344
HAMMOND, STATES                         NY-60-J-70
HAMMOND, THOMAS C.                      NY-60-95-108
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-60-N-221
HAMMOND, WILLIAM (CON'T)                NY-60-N-351
HAMPSON, CHARLES                        NY-60-73-32
HAMPSON, THOMAS                         NY-60-57-322
HAMS, ANN                               NY-60-Y-301
HANDRAHAN, PATRICK                      NY-60-65-502
HANFORD, ALBERT                         NY-60-97-110
HANFORD, CHARLES E.                     NY-60-77-307
HANFORD, GERHAM                         NY-60-J-96
HANFORD, HANNAH                         NY-60-28-147
HANFORD, MARTIN                         NY-60-Z-203
HANKE, FREDERIKE                        NY-60-95-573
HANKEY, CHARLES                         NY-60-95-566
HANNAH, ROBERT S.                       NY-60-59-280
HANRATTY, FRANCIS                       NY-60-70-574
HARDCASTLE, THOMAS H.                   NY-60-60-187
HARDY, EUNICE                           NY-60-57-377
HARFORD, SALLY M.                       NY-60-62-483
HARLAND, EDWARD                         NY-60-I-186
HARNEY, CATHARINE                       NY-60-73-441
HARNEY, JOHN                            NY-60-75-256
HARPER, ELIZA                           NY-60-90-94
HARRIGAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-47-470
HARRIOTT, JOHN A. ****                  NY-60-66-66
HARRIOTT, THERZA                        NY-60-71-104
HARRIS, ABIJAH                          NY-60-Z-150
HARRIS, EZEKIL                          NY-60-U-219
HARRIS, JOHN                            NY-60-87-321
HARRISON, MARY ELIZABETH                NY-60-46-153
HARSELL, SARAH                          NY-60-85-292
HART, A. WILLIAM                        NY-60-L-7
HART, DAVID                             NY-60-53-141
HART, ELEAZER                           NY-60-49-501
HART, ELISHA                            NY-60-J-60
HART, ELIZABETH A.                      NY-60-55-160
HART, ELIZABETH L.                      NY-60-99-236
HART, ELSHA                             NY-60-E-176
HART, GILBERT                           NY-60-55-178
HART, HENRY                             NY-60-30-521
HART, HICKSON F.                        NY-60-Z-47
HART, JACKSON                           NY-60-75-445
HART, JAMES *** (29)                    NY-60-T-570
HART, JOHN                              NY-60-W-523
HART, JOHN                              NY-60-45-331
HART, JOHN C.                           NY-60-67-266
HART, JONATHAN                          NY-60-52-460
HART, JOSEPH                            NY-60-F-228
HART, MARIA                             NY-60-90-24
HART, MARY                              NY-60-J-74
HART, MONMOUTH                          NY-60-N-316
HART, NATHAN                            NY-60-96-312
HART, NATHANIEL C.                      NY-60-Z-105
HART, PATTERSON R. ****                 NY-60-91-110
HART, PHEBE                             NY-60-75-377
HART, SAMUEL                            NY-60-K-481
HARTE, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-K-371
HARTFORD, EPHRAIM                       NY-60-K-385
HARTFORD, THOMAS                        NY-60-B2-150
HARTMANN, ERNST H.                      NY-60-55-247
HARTY, JOHN                             NY-60-96-337
HASBROUCK, EMMA A.                      NY-60-92-95
HASBROUCK, FENELON                      NY-60-45-1
HASKILL, SAMUEL                         NY-60-28-365
HASSE, ERNEST E.                        NY-60-68-506
HASTACE, LYDIA A.                       NY-60-87-583
HASTED, JOHN W.                         NY-60-78-534
HASTINGS, GEORGE G.                     NY-60-71-433
HASTINGS, MARY L.                       NY-60-96-142
HATCH, GEORGE W.                        NY-60-51-356
HATCH, HARRIET                          NY-60-43-67
HATCH, WARNER D.                        NY-60-99-125
HATFIELD, DANIEL                        NY-60-H-13
HATFIELD, DANIEL                        NY-60-M-305
HATFIELD, DANIEL (CON'T)                NY-60-M-420
HATFIELD, GILBERT                       NY-60-M-242
HATFIELD, GILBERT                       NY-60-M-73
HATFIELD, ISAAC                         NY-60-99-62
HATFIELD, JOHN                          NY-60-27-246
HATFIELD, JONATHAN                      NY-60-57-214
HATFIELD, JOSEPH                        NY-60-Z-75
HATFIELD, JOSHUA                        NY-60-J-109
HATFIELD, JOSHUA                        NY-60-C-122
HATFIELD, LOUISA                        NY-60-31-255
HATFIELD, MARTHA                        NY-60-L-356
HATFIELD, MARY                          NY-60-V-669
HATFIELD, RICHARD                       NY-60-D-246
HATFIELD, SARAH                         NY-60-74-119
HATFIELD, SUSAN                         NY-60-93-403
HATHAWAY, WILLIAM                       NY-60-72-488
HAURATTY, JOHN                          NY-60-74-7
HAUSSNER, BERNARD                       NY-60-57-199
HAVELAND, BARTHOLOMEW                   NY-60-33-345
HAVELL, AMELIA JANE                     NY-60-86-56
HAVELL, ROBERT                          NY-60-86-564
HAVEMEYER, CATHARINE                    NY-60-81-200
HAVEN, EMILY B.                         NY-60-46-427
HAVEN, SAMUEL L.                        NY-60-50-578
HAVENS, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-34-268
HAVEY, PHILIP                           NY-60-43-41
HAVILAND, ABIJAH                        NY-60-32-502
HAVILAND, ABRAM                         NY-60-48-318
HAVILAND, ANN                           NY-60-Y-468
HAVILAND, ANNA                          NY-60-33-261
HAVILAND, BENJAMIN                      NY-60-I-274
HAVILAND, CHARLOTTE                     NY-60-73-136
HAVILAND, DAVID A.                      NY-60-87-1
HAVILAND, EBENEZER                      NY-60-F-264
HAVILAND, JAMES                         NY-60-84-310
HAVILAND, JANE                          NY-60-H-132
HAVILAND, JOHN                          NY-60-F-34
HAVILAND, JOHN                          NY-60-L-84
HAVILAND, JOHN G.                       NY-60-95-168
HAVILAND, JOSEPH                        NY-60-T-598
HAVILAND, JOSEPH                        NY-60-46-300
HAVILAND, RACHEL M.                     NY-60-59-96
HAVILAND, ROBERT                        NY-60-37-179
HAVILAND, SAMUEL                        NY-60-90-172
HAVILAND, SARAH                         NY-60-28-206
HAVILAND, SOLOMON                       NY-60-62-425
HAVILAND, THOMAS                        NY-60-68-461
HAVILAND, THOMAS G. **** (168 PAGES)    NY-60-45-40
HAVILAND, TIMOTHY                       NY-60-F-108
HAVILAND, WILLIAM                       NY-60-42-166
HAWES, JAMES                            NY-60-93-97
HAWES, SAMUEL                           NY-60-J-118
HAWES, SOLOMON                          NY-60-J-33
HAWKINS, ANNA M.                        NY-60-91-472
HAWKINS, ELIZA M.                       NY-60-53-332
HAWKINS, ELNATHAN                       NY-60-40-244
HAWKINS, JOHN                           NY-60-28-260
HAWLEY, ALFRED S.                       NY-60-96-567
HAWLEY, ARMINA                          NY-60-97-359
HAWLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-47-310
HAWLEY, EZEKIEL                         NY-60-A-37A
HAWLEY, JOEL                            NY-60-Y-372
HAWS, PELATIAH                          NY-60-B2-138
HAWS, SETH                              NY-60-K-103
HAWXHURST, DANIEL                       NY-60-D-84
HAYDEN, WEALTHY                         NY-60-42-560
HAYES, ABRAHAM                          NY-60-33-359
HAYES, DAVID                            NY-60-89-558
HAYES, FREEGIFT                         NY-60-E-120
HAYES, HANNAH                           NY-60-47-130
HAYES, ISAAC                            NY-60-F-177
HAYES, ISAAC                            NY-60-75-190
HAYES, JAMES                            NY-60-X-105
HAYES, JOHN                             NY-60-95-499
HAYES, MARY C.                          NY-60-74-48
HAYNES, JAMES                           NY-60-89-244
HAYS, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-H-151
HAYS, BENJAMIN E.                       NY-60-40-42
HAYS, DAVID                             NY-60-E-289
HAYS, DAVID L.                          NY-60-67-59
HAYS, MICHAEL                           NY-60-B2-168
HAYT, MAJOR                             NY-60-D-330
HAYT, MAJOR                             NY-60-H-99
HEAGNEY, PATRICK                        NY-60-60-270
HEALY, JULIA                            NY-60-99-348
HEDDEN, ELIJAH                          NY-60-32-359
HEDL, PAULLUS                           NY-60-33-250
HEDWELL, JOHN                           NY-60-J-244
HEES, PAUL                              NY-60-53-430
HEIGHT, DAVID                           NY-60-46-38
HEISSNER, VALENTINE                     NY-60-52-123
HELM, JAMES J.                          NY-60-91-478
HEMINWAY, ALBERT G.                     NY-60-100-248
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-60-B1-29
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-60-F-97
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-60-G-389
HENDY,M WILLIAM                         NY-60-65-351
HENRY, JOHN ****                        NY-60-56-321
HENSHAW, CHARLES J.                     NY-60-57-515
HENSHAW, CORNELIA                       NY-60-65-476
HENTHAN, CHARLOTTE                      NY-60-41-354
HERNON, PATRICK                         NY-60-95-330
HEROY, PETER B.                         NY-60-86-494
HERRICK, JACOB B.                       NY-60-47-212
HERRIMAN, MARY A.                       NY-60-70-183
HERRING, CATHARINE L.                   NY-60-74-24
HERRING, JAMES                          NY-60-M-58
HERRINGSHAW, HUGH                       NY-60-94-519
HERRIOT, GEORGE                         NY-60-94-213
HERRIOT, WARREN                         NY-60-94-201
HERTON, JOHN                            NY-60-36-211
HEUSTED, DAVID D.                       NY-60-29-142
HEUSTIS, JAMES S.                       NY-60-99-509
HEUSTIS, NOAH                           NY-60-29-154
HEWLETT, ISAAC                          NY-60-30-211
HEWLETT, WILLIAM                        NY-60-38-39
HEYD, ANTONE                            NY-60-99-480
HEYD, CHARLES                           NY-60-99-480
HEYER, FERDINAND                        NY-60-71-510
HIBBARD, JANE ANN                       NY-60-67-12
HICKEY, MICHAEL                         NY-60-75-397
HICKEY, PATYRICK                        NY-60-72-289
HICKS, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-87-431
HICKS, GEORGE                           NY-60-B2-165
HICKS, MARY W.                          NY-60-46-376
HICKS, THOMAS                           NY-60-78-32
HIGGINS, CHAUNCEY                       NY-60-54-483
HIGGINS, GABRIEL                        NY-60-E-228
HILKE, CONRAD                           NY-60-71-131
HILL, ELIZA S.                          NY-60-100-189
HILL, JOHN S.                           NY-60-60-79
HILL, MARGARET G.                       NY-60-94-323
HILL, WILLIAM                           NY-60-M-251
HILLIKER, GRIFFIN B.                    NY-60-53-7
HILLYER, SHALER J.                      NY-60-51-121
HILTON, ELLEN B.                        NY-60-100-298
HIND, SAMUEL W.                         NY-60-38-201
HINEY, PATRICK                          NY-60-89-143
HINKELBEIN, MICHAEL                     NY-60-78-26
HINMAN, JAMES                           NY-60-49-473
HINMAN, JOHN                            NY-60-86-525
HINS, PHEBE                             NY-60-48-27
HITCHCOCK, ABRAHAM                      NY-60-29-316
HITCHCOCK, ARSENA                       NY-60-91-385
HITCHCOCK, CATHARINE                    NY-60-47-260
HITCHCOCK, CHARLES                      NY-60-41-439
HITCHCOCK, JEREMIAH                     NY-60-E-169
HITCHCOCK, THOMAS                       NY-60-72-563
HOAG, BENJAMIN F.                       NY-60-83-179
HOAG, DAVID                             NY-60-35-496
HOAG, ELIAB                             NY-60-L-93
HOAG, ISRAEL G.                         NY-60-74-404
HOAG, JOHN                              NY-60-48-424
HOAG, JOHN                              NY-60-C-124
HOAG, JOHN                              NY-60-32-593
HOAG, PHEBE F.                          NY-60-99-324
HOAG, SANFORD                           NY-60-Z-139
HOAG, WINTHROP                          NY-60-48-580
HOAG, WINTRIP                           NY-60-K-248
HOAGLAND, JOHN M.                       NY-60-52-128
HOBART, JOHN SLOSS                      NY-60-F-123
HOBBY, ASA                              NY-60-51-258
HOBBY, DAVI                             NY-60-M-107
HOBBY, DAVID                            NY-60-E-163
HOBBY, ELLIOT                           NY-60-56-465
HOBBY, GUY B.                           NY-60-44-561
HOBBY, HARRIET                          NY-60-39-462
HOBBY, HENRY                            NY-60-56-484
HOBBY, JOHN S.                          NY-60-81-360
HOBBY, JONATHAN                         NY-60-B2-376
HOBBY, JOSHUA                           NY-60-40-171
HOBBY, RACHEL R.                        NY-60-98-547
HOBBY, WRIGHT                           NY-60-93-67
HOBLEY, HARRIOT P.                      NY-60-83-231
HOBSON, ANN                             NY-60-I-297
HODGE, EMMA A.                          NY-60-74-70
HODGKINS, MARGARET B.                   NY-60-87-327
HODGMAN, DANIEL                         NY-60-72-539
HOEHN, MARY                             NY-60-92-588
HOFFMAN, ADRIAN R.                      NY-60-64-326
HOFFMAN, FREDERICK                      NY-60-48-289
HOFFMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-60-78-431
HOFFMAN, MARIA P.                       NY-60-87-386
HOFFMAN, MARTIN                         NY-60-38-299
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-60-O-278
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-60-D-389
HOGAN, ANNE                             NY-60-95-195
HOGAN, ELIZA H.                         NY-60-72-13
HOGE, WILLIAM                           NY-60-75-152
HOLDEN, EMMA F.                         NY-60-95-174
HOLDEN, HENRY                           NY-60-55-363
HOLDEN, JAMES H.                        NY-60-88-519
HOLLADAY, NOLTEY A.                     NY-60-71-572
HOLLY, JOHN B.                          NY-60-83-137
HOLMES, ABIJAH                          NY-60-Y-533
HOLMES, ABSALOM                         NY-60-K-221
HOLMES, DAVID                           NY-60-29-397
HOLMES, DAVID                           NY-60-42-110
HOLMES, DAVID                           NY-60-27-265
HOLMES, DAVID B.                        NY-60-52-353
HOLMES, ELIZABETH ANN                   NY-60-83-351
HOLMES, ISAAC                           NY-60-C-68
HOLMES, JOHN                            NY-60-50-136
HOLMES, LEWIS                           NY-60-91-373
HOLMES, LEWIS                           NY-60-50-274
HOLMES, NATHAN                          NY-60-27-242
HOLMES, NATHANIEL B.                    NY-60-93-450
HOLMES, NEHEMIAH                        NY-60-58-531
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          NY-60-51-85
HOLMES, STEPHEN                         NY-60-45-279
HOLMES, STEPHEN                         NY-60-W-208
HOLTO, JHN C.                           NY-60-57-502
HOLZAPFEL, CHARLES C.                   NY-60-59-65
HOMES, WILLIAM C. B.                    NY-60-65-444
HONEYWELL, ENOCH                        NY-60-D-209
HONEYWELL, ISREAL                       NY-60-A-213
HONEYWELL, JOHN                         NY-60-B2-156
HONEYWELL, PHILIP                       NY-60-D-52
HOOD, ANDREW                            NY-60-47-447
HOOD, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-58-555
HOOD, SARAH ELIZABETH                   NY-60-65-490
HOPKE, EIDE F.                          NY-60-92-303
HOPKINS, DANIEL                         NY-60-E-158
HOPKINS, EZRA                           NY-60-31-300
HOPKINS, JOHN                           NY-60-40-456
HOPKINS, JONATHAN                       NY-60-T-698
HOPKINS, JONATHAN (CON'T)               NY-60-T-840
HOPKINS, PHEBE                          NY-60-51-350
HOPKINS, SAMUEL                         NY-60-29-287
HOPKINS, STEPHEN                        NY-60-J-247
HOPKINS, THATCHER                       NY-60-M-355
HOPKINS, THOMAS                         NY-60-E-253
HOPKINS, THOMAS (OF DANIEL)             NY-60-F-37
HOPKINS, WILLIAM G.                     NY-60-60-277
HOPPER, NATHANIEL                       NY-60-75-426
HOPPOCK, MOSES A.                       NY-60-68-299
HOROTN, FROST                           NY-60-91-488
HOROTN, JONATHAN PAULDING               NY-60-A-277
HORTON, ABRAHAM B.                      NY-60-43-60
HORTON, AZARIAH                         NY-60-33-90
HORTON, CALEB                           NY-60-54-39
HORTON, CALEB                           NY-60-N-27
HORTON, DANIEL                          NY-60-F-261
HORTON, DANIEL                          NY-60-27-291
HORTON, DANIEL                          NY-60-E-180
HORTON, ELISHA                          NY-60-76-477
HORTON, ELIZA                           NY-60-93-1
HORTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-43-453
HORTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-30-406
HORTON, EUNICE                          NY-60-92-499
HORTON, GEORGE W.                       NY-60-42-449
HORTON, HARRIET                         NY-60-100-388
HORTON, HENRY                           NY-60-73-511
HORTON, JACOB                           NY-60-52-448
HORTON, JAMES                           NY-60-V-410
HORTON, JAMES W.                        NY-60-74-484
HORTON, JANE                            NY-60-94-57
HORTON, JOEL                            NY-60-81-67
HORTON, JOHN                            NY-60-29-336
HORTON, JOHN                            NY-60-M-190
HORTON, JOHN (CON'T)                    NY-60-M-127
HORTON, JOHN P.                         NY-60-53-578
HORTON, JONATHAN                        NY-60-L-166
HORTON, JOSEPH                          NY-60-D-44
HORTON, JOSHUA                          NY-60-75-250
HORTON, JOSHUA                          NY-60-35-194
HORTON, MARY                            NY-60-50-11
HORTON, MARY J.                         NY-60-98-397
HORTON, NANCY J.                        NY-60-72-545
HORTON, PARK                            NY-60-P-444
HORTON, PENINA H.                       NY-60-86-69
HORTON, PRIOR                           NY-60-74-590
HORTON, SARAH                           NY-60-27-332
HORTON, STEPHEN                         NY-60-I-265
HORTON, STEPHEN                         NY-60-D-254
HORTON, STEPHEN                         NY-60-L-151
HORTON, STEPHEN K.                      NY-60-42-482
HORTON, SUSAN                           NY-60-88-178
HORTON, SUSAN H. ****                   NY-60-73-181
HORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-K-6
HORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-G-79
HORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-C-52
HORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-F-225
HORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-J-190
HORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-35-309
HORTON, WILLIAM J.                      NY-60-29-418
HORTON, WRIGHT                          NY-60-43-470
HORTON,C ORNELIUS                       NY-60-73-12
HOUGHTON, THOMAS                        NY-60-H-82
HOWARD, JOHN G.                         NY-60-93-458
HOWARD, WARD B.                         NY-60-37-367
HOWE, ALVAH                             NY-60-74-453
HOWE, EBENEZER                          NY-60-29-357
HOWE, JEREMIAH                          NY-60-65-567
HOWE, WILLIAM                           NY-60-95-213
HOWE, WILLIAM F.                        NY-60-98-78
HOWELS, WILLIAM                         NY-60-52-454
HOWLAND, JOSEPH                         NY-60-T-1
HOYT, AARON H.                          NY-60-27-385
HOYT, BEDING                            NY-60-73-40
HOYT, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-77-441
HOYT, BETSEY ANN                        NY-60-97-1
HOYT, CALEB                             NY-60-F-127
HOYT, DAVID                             NY-60-E-280
HOYT, HENRY                             NY-60-96-384
HOYT, JAMES                             NY-60-37-197
HOYT, JAMES H.                          NY-60-73-1
HOYT, JESSE                             NY-60-68-305
HOYT, LINUS                             NY-60-84-256
HOYT, MINA                              NY-60-37-556
HOYT, NOAH                              NY-60-47-111
HOYT, PETER                             NY-60-46-222
HOYT, RUFUS K.                          NY-60-60-169
HOYT, SALLY L.                          NY-60-V-146
HOYT, STEPHEN                           NY-60-E-243
HOYT, WILLIAM R.                        NY-60-81-521
HUBBLE, GEORGE                          NY-60-71-402
HUBBS, JANE                             NY-60-59-376
HUBENER, ANTHONY                        NY-60-72-65
HUDSON, JOHN                            NY-60-47-344
HUESTACE, ABIGAIL                       NY-60-L-337
HUESTICE, DAVID                         NY-60-F-105
HUESTIS, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-35-116
HUESTIS, EMORY J.                       NY-60-98-325
HUESTIS, FERRIS                         NY-60-35-105
HUESTIS, OPHELIA A.                     NY-60-57-251
HUGGEFORD, PETER                        NY-60-B2-160
HUGHES, LAWRENCE                        NY-60-71-65
HUGHES, THOMAS                          NY-60-59-503
HUGHES, THOMAS                          NY-60-53-515
HULL, ANTHONY                           NY-60-G-199
HULL, EUNICE                            NY-60-O-204
HULL, ISAAC                             NY-60-E-272
HULL, JOSEPH W.                         NY-60-99-433
HULSZ, PAUL                             NY-60-86-272
HUMPHREYS, THOMAS                       NY-60-72-521
HUNT, ABIGAIL                           NY-60-28-298
HUNT, ABRAM                             NY-60-100-262
HUNT, ARNOLD                            NY-60-B2-136
HUNT, AUGUSTUS                          NY-60-38-148
HUNT, BETSEY                            NY-60-30-502
HUNT, BISHOP ****                       NY-60-76-42
HUNT, DAVID                             NY-60-M-47
HUNT, ELIZA                             NY-60-60-287
HUNT, ESTHER                            NY-60-I-268
HUNT, HANNAH                            NY-60-45-533
HUNT, HANNAH                            NY-60-E-293
HUNT, ICHABOD                           NY-60-31-186
HUNT, ISAAC                             NY-60-Q-421
HUNT, JACOB                             NY-60-65-235
HUNT, JESSE                             NY-60-31-150
HUNT, JOHN                              NY-60-96-459
HUNT, JOHN                              NY-60-B2-170
HUNT, JOSEPH                            NY-60-50-486
HUNT, JOSHUA                            NY-60-B2-148
HUNT, JOSIAH                            NY-60-L-320
HUNT, LEWIS                             NY-60-93-260
HUNT, LEWIS                             NY-60-77-572
HUNT, LEWIS P.                          NY-60-45-571
HUNT, MARGARET                          NY-60-M-84
HUNT, MARGARET                          NY-60-35-6
HUNT, MARY                              NY-60-33-255
HUNT, PHEBEV                            NY-60-53-276
HUNT, PHINEAS SR.                       NY-60-C-141
HUNT, RACHEL                            NY-60-O-336
HUNT, RICHARD L.                        NY-60-W-288
HUNT, RICHARD W.                        NY-60-V-233
HUNT, ROBERT                            NY-60-B2-144
HUNT, SARAH                             NY-60-W-363
HUNT, STEPHANAS                         NY-60-53-229
HUNT, STEPHANS                          NY-60-A-160
HUNT, STEPHEN                           NY-60-K-466
HUNT, TAMER                             NY-60-O-339
HUNT, THEOPHILUS                        NY-60-A-304
HUNT, THOMAS                            NY-60-G-26
HUNT, THOMAS                            NY-60-95-269
HUNT, TIMOTHY                           NY-60-31-176
HUNT, WILLIAM                           NY-60-C-23
HUNT, WILLIAM                           NY-60-34-183
HUNTER, AMELIA                          NY-60-96-465
HUNTER, DEBORAH A.                      NY-60-83-161
HUNTER, ELIAS D.                        NY-60-49-448
HUNTER, EZRA                            NY-60-F-296
HUNTER, GILBERT                         NY-60-G-234
HUNTER, GILBERT                         NY-60-51-576
HUNTER, HENRY                           NY-60-D-294
HUNTER, HENRY W.                        NY-60-53-205
HUNTER, JAMES                           NY-60-G-312
HUNTER, JOHN                            NY-60-99-315
HUNTER, JOHN                            NY-60-34-219
HUNTER, MARY                            NY-60-40-404
HUNTER, MOSES                           NY-60-75-458
HUNTER, OLIVER                          NY-60-L-125
HUNTER, ROSANNA                         NY-60-43-190
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-N-273
HUNTER, WILLIAM (CON'T)                 NY-60-N-302
HUNTER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-60-94-495
HUNTINGTON, THOMAS                      NY-60-A-329
HURLEY, MARGARET                        NY-60-50-92
HUSLIN, JAMES                           NY-60-60-128
HUSSEY, GEORGE F.                       NY-60-41-373
HUSSEY, MARGARET C.                     NY-60-86-188
HUSTACE, AUGSUTUS                       NY-60-42-173
HUSTIS, CALEB                           NY-60-A-13
HUSTIS, DEBORAH                         NY-60-E-80
HUTCHINGS, SUSANNAH                     NY-60-F-40
HUTTON, CHARLES S.                      NY-60-49-497
HYATT, ABRAHAM                          NY-60-J-45
HYATT, ABRAHAM ***                      NY-60-82-543
HYATT, ANN                              NY-60-N-95
HYATT, CALEB                            NY-60-48-98
HYATT, CHARLOTTE                        NY-60-42-72
HYATT, D. JAMES                         NY-60-L-143
HYATT, DAVID M.                         NY-60-27-391
HYATT, ELIJAH                           NY-60-41-411
HYATT, ELIJAH L.                        NY-60-100-540
HYATT, ELISHA                           NY-60-Q-215
HYATT, JOHN                             NY-60-55-467
HYATT, JOHN                             NY-60-Y-650
HYATT, JOSEPH                           NY-60-K-434
HYATT, LETITIA                          NY-60-44-417
HYATT, MARIETT                          NY-60-91-564
HYATT, MARY                             NY-60-31-57
HYATT, MARY                             NY-60-I-99
HYATT, NATHANIEL                        NY-60-B2-141
HYATT, NATHANIEL                        NY-60-71-241
HYATT, PHEBE                            NY-60-53-188
HYATT, SAMUEL                           NY-60-Z-187
HYATT, SAMUEL S.                        NY-60-36-365
HYATT, THOMAS J.                        NY-60-84-395
HYDE, JAMES                             NY-60-75-336
HYNARD, HENRY                           NY-60-68-535
HYNARD, MICHAEL                         NY-60-Y-458
HYNES, JULIA                            NY-60-97-132
ICARD, ROBERT M.                        NY-60-36-393
IGGLESDEN, MARY                         NY-60-67-528
IMHOFF, FRANCIS                         NY-60-84-144
INGERSOLL, CHARLES C.                   NY-60-59-296
INGERSOLL, JOHN                         NY-60-E-324
INGERSOLL, JOHN                         NY-60-L-160
INGLIS, ANDREW D.                       NY-60-65-146
INSELEE, JOSEPH                         NY-60-75-535
IRELAND, FRANCES                        NY-60-84-261
IRVING, HENRY OGDEN                     NY-60-57-282
IRVING, JULIA                           NY-60-43-486
IRVING, LEWIS G.                        NY-60-88-130
IRVING, OSCAR                           NY-60-50-197
ISAACS, ALMIRA                          NY-60-88-216
ISAACS, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-P-494
ISAACS, ESTHER                          NY-60-K-280
ISAACS, SAMUEL B.                       NY-60-29-68
ISSEL, HENRY                            NY-60-97-532
IVES, ARREN                             NY-60-32-407
JACK, ANTHONY                           NY-60-45-256
JACKSON, FREDERICK H. ****              NY-60-85-297
JACKSON, GEORGE W.                      NY-60-46-250
JACKSON, HARRIET                        NY-60-59-250
JACKSON, HIRAM                          NY-60-L-59
JACKSON, JAMES                          NY-60-59-328
JACKSON, MARY                           NY-60-L-88
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-60-69-166
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-60-74-466
JACOBS, AARON C.                        NY-60-37-502
JACOBS, SAMUEL                          NY-60-J-258
JACOBS, SEAMAN                          NY-60-67-65
JACOBSON,MARY                           NY-60-96-509
JAMES, ADRIAN                           NY-60-59-85
JAMES, JOHN                             NY-60-70-195
JAMES, JOSIAH L.                        NY-60-87-530
JANE, SUSAN J.                          NY-60-71-330
JANSEN, CHRISTINA                       NY-60-83-331
JANSEN, JOHN                            NY-60-50-297
JARROLD, THOMAS                         NY-60-89-285
JARVIS, JOHN F.                         NY-60-100-318
JARVIS, KATHARINE                       NY-60-G-253
JARVIS, SARAH M.                        NY-60-87-557
JAY, ANNA MARISHA                       NY-60-A-252
JAY, JOHN                               NY-60-M-1
JAY, JOHN (CON'T)                       NY-60-M-8
JAY, MARY                               NY-60-K-268
JAY, PETER                              NY-60-D-27
JAY, WILLIAM                            NY-60-40-195
JENKINS, JOHN F.                        NY-60-95-315
JENKINS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-60-99-595
JERMAN, ALVA                            NY-60-81-354
JESSUP, EDWIN                           NY-60-29-202
JEWEL, ELIZABETH                        NY-60-A-217
JEWEL, JOHN                             NY-60-V-173
JEWEL, JOHN                             NY-60-33-265
JEWEL, OLIVER F.                        NY-60-76-194
JEWELL, RACHEL                          NY-60-48-226
JEWELL, THOMAS L.                       NY-60-88-469
JHONSTON, WILLIAM                       NY-60-41-168
JOHMAN, HENRY                           NY-60-76-187
JOHN, FOSTER JENKINS                    NY-60-95-315
JOHNSON, CATHARINE                      NY-60-83-126
JOHNSON, FRANES A. S.                   NY-60-87-286
JOHNSON, JANE                           NY-60-86-241
JOHNSON, JOHN D.                        NY-60-67-553
JOHNSON, JOHN G.                        NY-60-33-28
JOHNSON, REBECCA                        NY-60-51-449
JOHNSON, SINSHE                         NY-60-83-184
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-60-75-162
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-60-97-23
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NY-60-81-1
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       NY-60-41-168
JOLINE, CHARLES O.                      NY-60-100-300
JONES, ALONZO V.                        NY-60-70-247
JONES, ANNIE E.                         NY-60-90-41
JONES, CAROLINE                         NY-60-55-109
JONES, CORNELIUS                        NY-60-K-165
JONES, CORNELIUS                        NY-60-B2-172
JONES, DAVID                            NY-60-91-311
JONES, EBENEZER                         NY-60-59-475
JONES, ELSEY                            NY-60-33-115
JONES, JAMES                            NY-60-40-562
JONES, JAMES                            NY-60-V-440
JONES, JOHN                             NY-60-57-339
JONES, JOHN                             NY-60-E-66
JONES, JOSEPH                           NY-60-49-537
JONES, JULIA                            NY-60-Z-196
JONES, MARGARET                         NY-60-A-113
JONES, MARY                             NY-60-47-596
JONES, PETER                            NY-60-87-469
JONES, SAMUEL                           NY-60-K-125
JONES, SARAH                            NY-60-68-468
JONES, SARAH MARY                       NY-60-97-154
JONES, SMITH W.                         NY-60-D-235
JONES, WATSON                           NY-60-72-117
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-60-M-67
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-60-Z-130
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-60-55-546
JONES, WILLIAM J.                       NY-60-65-163
JONES, ZOPHER                           NY-60-32-333
JORDAN, DAVID                           NY-60-99-414
JORDAN, JOHN                            NY-60-88-505
JORDAN, JOHN                            NY-60-95-291
JORDAN, SARAH                           NY-60-94-225
JOYCE, MARY A.                          NY-60-100-279
JUGGINS, HENRY J.                       NY-60-46-239
JUGGINS, MARIA                          NY-60-53-172
JUNE, JOHN J.                           NY-60-98-357
JUNE, LYDIA R.                          NY-60-30-484
JUSTUS, CONRAD                          NY-60-75-439

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