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KAIN, AGNES                             NY-60-28-280
KAISEE, NATHAN                          NY-60-84-88
KAMP, CHARLES                           NY-60-95-207
KAMPO, DIEDRICK                         NY-60-36-54
KANE, DELANCY                           NY-60-69-105
KANE, JOHN J.                           NY-60-34-47
KAUFMAN, JOHN                           NY-60-29-267
KAUFMAN, PETER                          NY-60-87-298
KAUFMANN, JOHN R.                       NY-60-83-142
KAYSER, LYDIA L. E.                     NY-60-70-69
KEALEY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-88-357
KEANE, JOHN                             NY-60-59-314
KEARSING, THOMAS                        NY-60-38-10
KEE, WILLIAM                            NY-60-55-588
KEEFE, JAMES O.                         NY-60-71-427
KEELER, CATHERINE                       NY-60-65-579
KEELER, CHARLES E.                      NY-60-75-305
KEELER, FLOYD                           NY-60-89-584
KEELER, HANCY                           NY-60-100-215
KEELER, HARRIET A.                      NY-60-67-170
KEELER, JEREMIAH                        NY-60-36-356
KEELER, JEREMIAH                        NY-60-E-287
KEELER, JONAH                           NY-60-33-400
KEELER, MARY JANE                       NY-60-72-460
KEELER, NATHAN                          NY-60-44-362
KEELER, THADDEUS H.                     NY-60-75-586
KEELER, WALTER                          NY-60-65-203
KEELER, WILLIAM L.                      NY-60-87-540
KEELY, CATHARINE                        NY-60-98-214
KEEN, MARGARET                          NY-60-32-229
KEENAN, LIZZIE                          NY-60-85-44
KELLETT, SAMUEL                         NY-60-93-72
KELLEY, AUGUSTUS W.                     NY-60-97-308
KELLEY, SAMUEL W.                       NY-60-36-462
KELLOGG, EUNICE                         NY-60-32-575
KELLOGG, HENRY P.                       NY-60-74-570
KELLOGG, LUCY ANN                       NY-60-93-368
KELLOGG, NANCY                          NY-60-68-8
KELLOGG, SYLVESTER F.                   NY-60-65-450
KELLY, ALICE                            NY-60-92-7
KELLY, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-60-94-544
KELLY, EDWARD                           NY-60-62-15
KELLY, JAMES J. ****                    NY-60-85-88
KELLY, MAGDALEN                         NY-60-E-4
KELLY, MARY                             NY-60-95-228
KELLY, MARY JANE                        NY-60-50-152
KELLY, MICHAEL                          NY-60-89-187
KELLY, MICHAEL                          NY-60-54-135
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-60-95-456
KELLY, TIMOTHY                          NY-60-44-536
KELLY, WILLIAM C.                       NY-60-33-190
KELSEY, JOHN C.                         NY-60-50-323
KEMEYS, EDWARD                          NY-60-36-434
KENE, JOHN R.                           NY-60-78-98
KENEDY, THOMAS                          NY-60-74-262
KENNEDY, ANN                            NY-60-62-97
KENNEDY, ESTHER                         NY-60-93-516
KENNEDY, JOHN                           NY-60-64-331
KENNEDY, ROBERT                         NY-60-30-245
KENNEDY, RODY                           NY-60-92-221
KENNY, JOHN                             NY-60-88-163
KENT, WARD                              NY-60-J-277
KEOGH, JOHN                             NY-60-99-531
KERR, THOMAS                            NY-60-55-276
KERVAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-94-19
KETCHAM, JOSHUA                         NY-60-B2-350
KETCHAM, TIMOTHY                        NY-60-D-260
KETCHUM, ESTHER                         NY-60-M-586
KETCHUM, HIRAM                          NY-60-62-294
KETCHUM, WILLIAM                        NY-60-32-517
KETELTAS, MARY                          NY-60-K-254
KIDD, LUCRETIA C.                       NY-60-98-173
KIDD, LUCRETIA C.                       NY-60-97-14
KIELY, ANN                              NY-60-85-74
KIERNAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-100-230
KILKENNY, JAMES                         NY-60-64-480
KILLINGER, DEWITT C.                    NY-60-68-179
KINCAID, JOHN R.                        NY-60-84-292
KINCH, JULIA E.                         NY-60-95-366
KING, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-27-282
KING, ELISHA W. *** (34)                NY-60-T-523
KING, JAMES F.                          NY-60-48-310
KING, LAURA B.                          NY-60-58-511
KING, RICHARD                           NY-60-96-396
KING, SARAH                             NY-60-43-493
KINGSBURY, EUNICE H.                    NY-60-73-401
KINGSLAND, AMBROSE C.                   NY-60-86-230
KINGSTON, THOMAS                        NY-60-31-395
KINLIN, MARGARET                        NY-60-69-1
KINSELLA, JEREMIAH A.                   NY-60-74-308
KINSLEY, HUDSON                         NY-60-55-343
KIP, ISAAC                              NY-60-100-330
KIPP, ANNA P.                           NY-60-78-541
KIPP, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-31-247
KIPP, CATHERINE P.                      NY-60-46-591
KIPP, CHARLES C.                        NY-60-59-155
KIPP, DEBORAH                           NY-60-57-189
KIPP, GILBERT                           NY-60-38-168
KIPP, WILLIAM                           NY-60-C-116
KIPP, WILLIAM                           NY-60-B2-421
KIRBY, CALEB                            NY-60-28-199
KIRBY, JOSEPH                           NY-60-95-438
KIRBY, RICHARD                          NY-60-39-391
KIRK, HANNAH C. R.                      NY-60-62-132
KISSAM, HARRIET J.                      NY-60-37-416
KISSAM, SUSANNA C.                      NY-60-60-14
KITCHEN, ELIZA                          NY-60-100-257
KITCHEN, JOHN                           NY-60-B2-390
KLEEMAN, JOHN M.                        NY-60-71-491
KLETT, FREDERICK                        NY-60-77-1
KLOPMAN, ANDREW                         NY-60-77-554
KNAPP, ABIGAL                           NY-60-J-111
KNAPP, ANNES PCT                        NY-60-B2-244
KNAPP, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-33-83
KNAPP, BRUNDAGE                         NY-60-52-556
KNAPP, DANIEL H.                        NY-60-Z-154
KNAPP, DAVID                            NY-60-F-75
KNAPP, DAVID W.                         NY-60-97-410
KNAPP, ELIJAH L.                        NY-60-84-388
KNAPP, HANNAH                           NY-60-35-483
KNAPP, JAMES                            NY-60-42-85
KNAPP, JOSHUA                           NY-60-M-552
KNAPP, LYDIA A.                         NY-60-94-532
KNAPP, MARGARET                         NY-60-37-576
KNAPP, MARY                             NY-60-100-120
KNAPP, MELISENT                         NY-60-67-1
KNAPP, MOSES                            NY-60-V-779
KNAPP, PATIENCE M.                      NY-60-98-479
KNAPP, PHEBE                            NY-60-K-117
KNAPP, SILVANUS                         NY-60-44-409
KNAPP,NANCY S.                          NY-60-66-535
KNIFFEN, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-A-131
KNIFFEN, EBENEZER                       NY-60-B2-422
KNIFFEN, GILBERT                        NY-60-L-313
KNIFFEN, JOHN                           NY-60-B2-423
KNIFFEN, JOHN SR.                       NY-60-F-133
KNIFFEN, JONATHAN                       NY-60-B2-355
KNIFFEN, SILVANUS                       NY-60-32-533
KNIFFIN, EBENEZER                       NY-60-F-199
KNIFFIN, EZRA                           NY-60-47-40
KNIFFIN, GENET H.                       NY-60-78-515
KNIFFIN, HANNAH                         NY-60-43-499
KNIFFIN, JOHN                           NY-60-36-509
KNIFFIN, LEWIS                          NY-60-F-14
KNIFFIN, MARY                           NY-60-78-521
KNIFFIN, ROBERT                         NY-60-I-215
KNIPE, JAMES I.                         NY-60-84-372
KNOWES, ANNIE E.                        NY-60-84-375
KNOWLTON, JOTHAM M.                     NY-60-51-375
KNOWLTON, MARGARET                      NY-60-93-207
KNOWLTON, SOPHIA E.                     NY-60-87-373
KNOWLTON, STEPHEN                       NY-60-45-232
KNOX, JOHN                              NY-60-I-39
KNOX, WILLIAM S.                        NY-60-98-382
KOCH, BERNARD                           NY-60-99-444
KOEHLER, GEORGE                         NY-60-60-386
KORTLANG, HENRY                         NY-60-97-95
KRACKOWIZER, ERNEST                     NY-60-76-213
KRAEMER, STEPHAN                        NY-60-71-477
KRAMER, CHARLES                         NY-60-76-447
KRATZH, FREDERICK                       NY-60-45-558
KUNZLER, ANDREW                         NY-60-98-440
KUSS, PETER                             NY-60-84-137
LACY, JOHN                              NY-60-51-212
LADD, JAMES                             NY-60-34-133
LAGRELLE, LOUIS                         NY-60-78-508
LAIDLAW, GEORGE                         NY-60-84-101
LAIDLEY, SUSAN                          NY-60-62-192
LAKEY, ABIGAIL                          NY-60-M-200
LALIN, CHARLES                          NY-60-39-330
LALLY, JAMES                            NY-60-84-541
LAMB, JACOB                             NY-60-30-490
LAMBERT, HENRY                          NY-60-D-302
LAMBERT, LAMBERDSON                     NY-60-M-491
LAMBERT, RACHEL                         NY-60-D-318
LAMBERT, THOMAS                         NY-60-35-63
LAMBERT, WILLIAM G.                     NY-60-95-478
LAMOEROUX, ELIZA                        NY-60-93-188
LAMOREUX, JAMES                         NY-60-65-173
LAMOREUX, JOHN                          NY-60-70-437
LAMOREUX, SARAH                         NY-60-35-123
LAMOUREUX, ANDREW                       NY-60-G-189
LANDER, SARAH                           NY-60-78-142
LANDRINE, JOHN                          NY-60-38-83
LANDRINE, MARY                          NY-60-90-55
LANE, ABIGAIL                           NY-60-V-272
LANE, ANN                               NY-60-H-5
LANE, CHARLOTTE C.                      NY-60-75-68
LANE, DAVID                             NY-60-B2-230
LANE, DEBORAH                           NY-60-V-619
LANE, HENRY                             NY-60-36-132
LANE, HYATT                             NY-60-C-183
LANE, MARY                              NY-60-69-589
LANE, MARY ANN                          NY-60-71-416
LANE, PARK H.                           NY-60-86-82
LANE, PETER                             NY-60-J-242
LANE, WILLIAM                           NY-60-99-502
LANE, WILLIAM                           NY-60-J-120
LANG, ALEXANDER                         NY-60-66-1
LANG, SUSAN H.                          NY-60-48-1
LANSDOWN, JANE                          NY-60-62-475
LAPHAM, DELIA                           NY-60-83-193
LAREW, ABRAHAM                          NY-60-B2-223
LARKIN, JAMES                           NY-60-86-205
LARTLING, ABRAHAM (CON'T)               NY-60-O-73
LASSITER, SARAH T.                      NY-60-93-222
LATHAM, CALVIN                          NY-60-91-443
LATHAM, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-60-94-376
LATILLA, EUGENIA H. N.                  NY-60-44-471
LATIMER, JULIA ANN                      NY-60-74-515
LAURENCE, WILLIAM                       NY-60-I-68
LAVERY, JAMES                           NY-60-38-97
LAW, JAMES                              NY-60-45-30
LAWLER, HONORA                          NY-60-65-185
LAWLER, MICHAEL                         NY-60-70-83
LAWRENCE, AARON                         NY-60-H-79
LAWRENCE, AUGSUTUS                      NY-60-36-104
LAWRENCE, AUGUSTUS                      NY-60-97-141
LAWRENCE, BISHOP                        NY-60-L-348
LAWRENCE, CYRUS                         NY-60-98-252
LAWRENCE, DANIEL                        NY-60-29-63
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-L-339
LAWRENCE, HUGH                          NY-60-93-361
LAWRENCE, ISAAC                         NY-60-B2-234
LAWRENCE, ISAAC                         NY-60-K-315
LAWRENCE, JAMES *** (26)                NY-60-T-609
LAWRENCE, JAMES ****                    NY-60-67-308
LAWRENCE, JESSE                         NY-60-38-122
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-60-36-418
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-60-A-239
LAWRENCE, JOHN C.                       NY-60-83-377
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                        NY-60-28-245
LAWRENCE, JOSHUA                        NY-60-Y-422
LAWRENCE, JUSTUS                        NY-60-69-126
LAWRENCE, MARTHA                        NY-60-78-119
LAWRENCE, MARY S.                       NY-60-37-374
LAWRENCE, MINOR                         NY-60-34-177
LAWRENCE, MOSES                         NY-60-D-128
LAWRENCE, PARMELIA                      NY-60-99-311
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                        NY-60-B2-228
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                        NY-60-31-48
LAWRENCE, SILAS                         NY-60-94-279
LAWRENCE, STEPHEN                       NY-60-H-30
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        NY-60-K-405
LAWRENCE, THOMAS P.                     NY-60-Q-109
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       NY-60-100-35
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       NY-60-31-121
LAWRENE, CHRISTINA                      NY-60-87-182
LAWRENE, WILLIAM                        NY-60-38-284
LAWSON, JAMES                           NY-60-89-362
LAWTON, MARIA R.                        NY-60-69-96
LAWTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-92-374
LAY, JOSIAH                             NY-60-60-139
LAYTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-74-104
LEACOCK, JOHN                           NY-60-M-498
LEACOCK, JOHN                           NY-60-L-126
LECOUNT, JOHN                           NY-60-I-242
LECOUNT, JOSIAH                         NY-60-B2-424
LECOUNT, JOSIAH                         NY-60-C-189
LECOUNT, WILLIAM                        NY-60-32-402
LEE, ABIJAH                             NY-60-74-59
LEE, ALEXANDER G.                       NY-60-V-702
LEE, BRIDGET                            NY-60-81-140
LEE, DAVID                              NY-60-J-167
LEE, ELIJAH                             NY-60-M-37
LEE, ELIZABETH                          NY-60-81-12
LEE, HESTER A.                          NY-60-78-572
LEE, JAMES                              NY-60-K-262
LEE, JANE                               NY-60-74-435
LEE, JANE                               NY-60-95-377
LEE, JOSEPH                             NY-60-52-520
LEE, JOSEPH                             NY-60-A-189
LEE, LEWIS                              NY-60-98-472
LEE, MICHAEL                            NY-60-90-166
LEE, PHEBE                              NY-60-G-419
LEE, RICHARD                            NY-60-39-535
LEE, ROBERT P.                          NY-60-31-155
LEE, STEPHEN                            NY-60-37-219
LEE, THOMAS                             NY-60-41-426
LEEDS, GEORGE                           NY-60-81-33
LEES, JAMES                             NY-60-71-362
LEES, JOB W.                            NY-60-91-344
LEFORGE, ADRIAN                         NY-60-A-65
LEFURGE, JAMES                          NY-60-L-36
LEFURGEE, MARTIN                        NY-60-X-45
LEFURGY, ABRAM C.                       NY-60-70-533
LEFURGY, CLARISSA C.                    NY-60-55-490
LEFURGY, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-74-555
LEFURGY, HENRY                          NY-60-29-28
LEFURGY, ISAAC                          NY-60-45-240
LEFURGY, JANE                           NY-60-78-185
LEFURGY, JOHN                           NY-60-57-416
LEFURJAH, F. JOSEPH                     NY-60-96-137
LEGGETT, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-39-230
LEGGETT, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-91-437
LEGGETT, CORNELIUS                      NY-60-F-290
LEGGETT, DEBORAH A.                     NY-60-93-182
LEGGETT, EZEKIEL                        NY-60-41-320
LEGGETT, GABRIEL                        NY-60-B2-232
LEGGETT, JOSEPH                         NY-60-71-516
LEGGETT, MARY W.                        NY-60-31-271
LEGGETT, NANCY                          NY-60-34-312
LEGGETT, RACHEL                         NY-60-96-521
LEGGETT, SAMUEL                         NY-60-70-484
LEGGETT, THOMAS                         NY-60-Z-369
LEGGETT, WILLIAM                        NY-60-37-581
LEINKAUF, DONAH                         NY-60-78-247
LELAND, ANNA E.                         NY-60-72-378
LENT, ABRAHAM                           NY-60-J-261
LENT, ABRAHAM                           NY-60-65-585
LENT, ABRAM O.                          NY-60-75-245
LENT, ALBERT                            NY-60-D-115
LENT, ALBERT                            NY-60-D-313
LENT, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-Z-171
LENT, CATHARINE                         NY-60-81-214
LENT, CATHARINE                         NY-60-96-126
LENT, DAVID                             NY-60-F-131
LENT, DAVID                             NY-60-L-266
LENT, EDWARD                            NY-60-39-484
LENT, EDWIN B.                          NY-60-70-1
LENT, FANNY                             NY-60-L-288
LENT, GARRET                            NY-60-N-174
LENT, HENDRICK                          NY-60-B2-221
LENT, HENRY                             NY-60-D-39
LENT, HENRY                             NY-60-93-300
LENT, HENRY                             NY-60-K-229
LENT, HERCULES                          NY-60-D-334
LENT, HESTER B.                         NY-60-83-462
LENT, ISAAC                             NY-60-70-19
LENT, ISAAC                             NY-60-Z-24
LENT, ISAAC                             NY-60-68-200
LENT, ISAAC (140 PAGES)                 NY-60-39-1
LENT, JACOB                             NY-60-C-101
LENT, JAMES                             NY-60-R-297
LENT, JAMES                             NY-60-62-248
LENT, JAMES                             NY-60-53-529
LENT, JAMES W.                          NY-60-71-483
LENT, JOHANNESS MANOR                   NY-60-A-19
LENT, JOHN                              NY-60-J-124
LENT, JOHN                              NY-60-Z-241
LENT, JOHN                              NY-60-Q-436
LENT, LETTY                             NY-60-32-317
LENT, MARGARET                          NY-60-60-192
LENT, P. STEWART                        NY-60-81-249
LENT, ROBERT                            NY-60-83-167
LENT, SARAH                             NY-60-89-23
LENT, WILLIAM                           NY-60-B2-372
LENT, WILLIAM J.                        NY-60-34-1
LENT, WINCHY                            NY-60-L-26
LEONARD, PATRICK                        NY-60-54-500
LESTER, CHARLES SR.                     NY-60-81-151
LESTER, JOHN W.                         NY-60-59-256
LESTER, JOSEPH W. ***                   NY-60-71-223
LESTER, MARY                            NY-60-37-470
LEVERICH, BENJAMIN                      NY-60-85-257
LEVERICH, JOHN                          NY-60-Y-389
LEVINESS, GERSHOM                       NY-60-94-579
LEVINESS, JOHN J.                       NY-60-93-327
LEVINESS, JOSEPH                        NY-60-32-341
LEVINESS, STEPHEN                       NY-60-51-72
LEWIS, DANIEL                           NY-60-G-230
LEWIS, ICHABOD                          NY-60-B2-425
LEWIS, ICHABOD                          NY-60-F-276
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-60-M-428
LEWIS, JAMES (CON'T)                    NY-60-M-534
LEWIS, JOHN                             NY-60-89-1
LEWIS, LAWRENCE                         NY-60-89-17
LEWIS, MARY                             NY-60-35-470
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           NY-60-A-109
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           NY-60-52-20
LILLIE, ELEANOR                         NY-60-D-199
LILLIE, WILLIAM                         NY-60-G-62
LIMBURGER, GUSTAVUS A.                  NY-60-54-5
LINDERMANN, WILLIAM                     NY-60-77-422
LINDSAY, MARY J.                        NY-60-37-273
LINES, STEPHEN                          NY-60-28-320
LINNEN, JAMES                           NY-60-83-283
LISPENARD, LEONARD JR.                  NY-60-A-187
LISTER, JOSEPH                          NY-60-42-230
LITLE, JOSIAH                           NY-60-53-261
LITTLE, CHARLES W.                      NY-60-73-357
LITTLE, HANNAH A. ****                  NY-60-73-95
LIVIGNSTON, PHILIP J.                   NY-60-I-193
LIVINGSTON, CATHERINE                   NY-60-F-45
LIVINGSTON, JULIA M.                    NY-60-34-256
LOBDELL, CHARLES D.                     NY-60-44-350
LOBDELL, EBENEZER                       NY-60-B2-383
LOBDELL, JACOB                          NY-60-P-250
LOBDELL, NATHAN                         NY-60-60-377
LOCKWOOD, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-J-296
LOCKWOOD, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-68-79
LOCKWOOD, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-K-218
LOCKWOOD, ALBERT ****                   NY-60-61-418
LOCKWOOD, BETSEY ANN                    NY-60-81-118
LOCKWOOD, CATHARINE W.                  NY-60-57-194
LOCKWOOD, CHARLES A. ***                NY-60-84-107
LOCKWOOD, DANIEL                        NY-60-F-283
LOCKWOOD, EBENEZER                      NY-60-J-199
LOCKWOOD, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-72-507
LOCKWOOD, GERSHON                       NY-60-47-398
LOCKWOOD, HARRIET                       NY-60-65-324
LOCKWOOD, HENRY                         NY-60-46-458
LOCKWOOD, JACOB                         NY-60-H-72
LOCKWOOD, JAMES                         NY-60-59-39
LOCKWOOD, JOHN                          NY-60-90-35
LOCKWOOD, MARY                          NY-60-33-298
LOCKWOOD, MARY                          NY-60-97-276
LOCKWOOD, NATHAN                        NY-60-W-200
LOCKWOOD, NATHAN                        NY-60-35-351
LOCKWOOD, REBECCA                       NY-60-28-266
LOCKWOOD, RICHARD H.                    NY-60-59-488
LOCKWOOD, RUFUS                         NY-60-83-237
LOCKWOOD, SALLY                         NY-60-38-187
LOCKWOOD, SAMUEL                        NY-60-J-197
LOCKWOOD, SAMUEL F.                     NY-60-75-560
LOCKWOOD, SIDNEY R.                     NY-60-67-215
LOCKWOOD, SOLOMON                       NY-60-X-540
LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM                       NY-60-91-413
LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM                       NY-60-92-203
LODER, JOSEPH                           NY-60-67-293
LODER, JOSIAH G.                        NY-60-97-233
LODER, SIMEON                           NY-60-40-319
LOGAN, EDGAR                            NY-60-95-444
LOINES, JONAS P.                        NY-60-72-196
LONG, SAMUEL                            NY-60-40-470
LONGSTAFF, HANNAH                       NY-60-92-437
LONGSTAFF, WILLIAM ***                  NY-60-82-570
LONGSTREET, BARNES S.                   NY-60-58-582
LONGSTREET, MARTHA                      NY-60-65-307
LOOMIE, ANNE J.                         NY-60-99-90
LOPES, ADOLPHUS A. P.                   NY-60-55-425
LORILLARD, PETER                        NY-60-Z-176
LORING, HELEN ***                       NY-60-75-317
LORING, JOSEPHUS B.                     NY-60-32-355
LOSEE, ABRAHAM                          NY-60-M-453
LOSEE, DANIEL                           NY-60-27-463
LOSEE, JOSEPH                           NY-60-W-326
LOSEE, MARTHA                           NY-60-67-48
LOSEE, SAMUEL                           NY-60-89-529
LOSEE, SAMUEL G.                        NY-60-38-312
LOSEE, SARAH ANN                        NY-60-89-261
LOUD, JANE                              NY-60-58-597
LOUIS, FRANCOIS D.                      NY-60-96-584
LOUNSBERRY, CHARLOTTE                   NY-60-45-14
LOUNSBERRY, DANIEL                      NY-60-43-508
LOUNSBERRY, HENRY                       NY-60-E-92
LOUNSBERRY, JAMES                       NY-60-K-49
LOUNSBERRY, STEPHEN                     NY-60-41-228
LOUNSBERRY, ZABUD                       NY-60-41-195
LOUNSBERY, EMILY A.                     NY-60-85-409
LOUNSBERY, HENRY SR.                    NY-60-B2-373
LOUNSBERY, NEAMIAH                      NY-60-A-207
LOUNSBERY, STEPHEN                      NY-60-X-66
LOUNSBURY, ALEXANDER                    NY-60-38-182
LOUNSBURY, CHARLOTTE                    NY-60-85-427
LOUNSBURY, ISAAC                        NY-60-92-133
LOUNSBURY, JAMES                        NY-60-73-419
LOUNSBURY, JOHN                         NY-60-U-474
LOUNSBURY, JOSEPH                       NY-60-Y-401
LOUNSBURY, JOSHUA                       NY-60-A-10
LOUNSBURY, MARY                         NY-60-72-143
LOUNSBURY, PHINEAS                      NY-60-87-28
LOUNSBURY, ROBERT                       NY-60-J-100
LOUNSBURY, STEPHEN A.                   NY-60-94-343
LOUNSBURY, WILLIAM                      NY-60-K-395
LOVECRAFT, HELEN                        NY-60-94-556
LOVELET, BEVERLY R. *** (22)            NY-60-R-229
LOVETT, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-85-191
LOVETT, JOHN                            NY-60-64-452
LOW, JOSEPH                             NY-60-35-250
LOWIES, MARTHA M.                       NY-60-93-521
LOWNSBURY, JEREMIAH                     NY-60-B2-426
LOWNSBURY, NEHEMIAH                     NY-60-E-196
LUCE, ELIZABETH F.                      NY-60-94-397
LUCE, JAMES C.                          NY-60-88-332
LUCEY, THOMAS                           NY-60-53-545
LUCKHARDT, ANDREW                       NY-60-93-429
LUDLOW, EDWARD G.                       NY-60-83-277
LUDLOW, LOUISA                          NY-60-78-91
LUDLOW, ROBERT H.                       NY-60-94-410
LUDLOW, THOMAS W.                       NY-60-86-111
LUDLOW, THOMAS W. JR.                   NY-60-78-125
LUKE, SARAH                             NY-60-N-366
LYE, LUZERIA                            NY-60-88-488
LYELL, JOHN                             NY-60-99-200
LYERT, PETER B.                         NY-60-36-486
LYNCH, DANIEL                           NY-60-98-101
LYNCH, DOMINICK                         NY-60-K-426
LYNCH, DOMINICK                         NY-60-M-524
LYNCH, EDWARD                           NY-60-49-549
LYNCH, GABRIEL                          NY-60-F-287
LYNCH, JANE                             NY-60-K-56
LYNCH, JOHN                             NY-60-98-553
LYNCH, PATRICK                          NY-60-98-580
LYNES, HOLLY                            NY-60-Y-316
LYNT, DENNIS                            NY-60-I-226
LYNT, HANNAH                            NY-60-94-306
LYNT, HENRY                             NY-60-27-322
LYNT, ISAAC                             NY-60-U-417
LYNT, WILLIAM D.                        NY-60-100-243
LYON, ALVAH A.                          NY-60-98-403
LYON, ANDREW                            NY-60-G-98
LYON, ANDREW                            NY-60-B1-9
LYON, ANDREW                            NY-60-W-333
LYON, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-K-96
LYON, BENJAMIN F.                       NY-60-52-598
LYON, BRIDGET                           NY-60-68-287
LYON, DAVID C.                          NY-60-97-174
LYON, DEBORAH                           NY-60-97-282
LYON, EBENEZER                          NY-60-78-437
LYON, ELIZABETH G.                      NY-60-43-514
LYON, FERRIS                            NY-60-87-9
LYON, GILBERT                           NY-60-I-282
LYON, GILBERT S.                        NY-60-87-344
LYON, HANNAH                            NY-60-96-304
LYON, ISRAEL                            NY-60-D-356
LYON, JAMES                             NY-60-32-302
LYON, JUSTUS                            NY-60-H-67
LYON, MARY A.                           NY-60-74-30
LYON, ROBERT S.                         NY-60-61-578
LYON, ROGER                             NY-60-B2-237
LYON, SAMUEL                            NY-60-42-322
LYON, SAMUEL                            NY-60-41-160
LYON, SAMUEL                            NY-60-L-220
LYON, SAMUEL L.                         NY-60-62-198
LYON, SARAH                             NY-60-35-525
LYON, SOLOMON R.                        NY-60-55-540
LYON, SUSANNAH                          NY-60-W-383
LYON, SYLVANUS                          NY-60-M-317
LYON, SYLVANUS (CON'T)                  NY-60-M-395
LYON, THOMAS                            NY-60-E-142
LYON, THOMAS JR.                        NY-60-F-9
LYON, WALTER S.                         NY-60-55-56
LYON, WILLIAM                           NY-60-Y-545
LYONS, JAMES                            NY-60-G-45
LYONS, JOHN G.                          NY-60-90-138
LYONS, SAMUEL                           NY-60-I-307
MABEE, ADAM                             NY-60-M-474
MABEE, JOSEPH                           NY-60-D-364
MABIE, JANE                             NY-60-96-401
MABIE, JEREMIAH                         NY-60-33-179
MABIE, LEVI J.                          NY-60-96-197
MACANNON, ELIZABETH                     NY-60-K-311
MACAULAY, MARY E.                       NY-60-92-310
MACFARLANE, WILLIAM                     NY-60-96-48
MACK, JAMES                             NY-60-47-534
MACKAY, HUGH                            NY-60-95-531
MACKAY, SUSANNAH                        NY-60-I-110
MACOB, ROBERT                           NY-60-N-433
MACPHILIPS, ANN R.                      NY-60-72-305
MACY, JARED                             NY-60-94-7
MACY, JOSIAH ***                        NY-60-67-118
MADDEN, JOHN                            NY-60-64-318
MADDEN, MICHAEL                         NY-60-36-514
MAGILTON, JULIA ANN ***                 NY-60-73-558
MAGRATH, MICHAEL                        NY-60-53-345
MAHER, ANN                              NY-60-70-168
MAHLER, NATALIE                         NY-60-76-207
MAISON, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-33-364
MAISON, PETER R.                        NY-60-32-1
MALCOLM, CATHARINE B.                   NY-60-83-475
MALI, HENRY WM THEODORE *** (39)        NY-60-53-97
MALLETT, DAVID                          NY-60-85-202
MALLETT, EPHRAIM                        NY-60-50-523
MALLORY, SUSAN M.                       NY-60-87-252
MALONE, JOHN                            NY-60-66-478
MALONEY, MARY                           NY-60-43-211
MALONEY, PATRICK                        NY-60-Z-118
MALOY, ARTHUR                           NY-60-96-182
MAMMEN, CHARLES H.                      NY-60-68-317
MANGAM, SUSAN                           NY-60-66-25
MANGAM, WILLIAM                         NY-60-52-487
MANKIN, ANN FRANCIS                     NY-60-47-330
MANKIN, ISAIAH                          NY-60-48-351
MANN, FRANCES M.                        NY-60-48-588
MANN, JOHN                              NY-60-86-144
MANN, JOHN                              NY-60-95-360
MANN, MARY B.                           NY-60-65-191
MANN, MICHAEL                           NY-60-K-152
MANN, MICHAEL                           NY-60-45-273
MANN, SAMUEL                            NY-60-45-262
MANN, SUSAN P.                          NY-60-71-323
MANNING, EGBERT S.                      NY-60-76-436
MANNING, JOHN                           NY-60-75-1
MANY, LYDIA                             NY-60-73-317
MANY, MARY ELLIS                        NY-60-60-133
MAPES, BENJAMIN                         NY-60-71-14
MAPES, JANE E.                          NY-60-91-495
MAPES, LEONARD                          NY-60-91-192
MAPES, MARY E.                          NY-60-92-531
MARCHER, ALFRED                         NY-60-48-324
MARCHER, ROBERT                         NY-60-50-534
MARCKS, ANTON                           NY-60-93-546
MARCKS, JOHANNA                         NY-60-77-404
MARDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-60-81-281
MARKSVILLE, LOTTA                       NY-60-81-342
MARKSVILLE, PEAR                        NY-60-66-505
MARLER, ELEAZAR                         NY-60-67-547
MARSH, JAMES                            NY-60-99-207
MARSHALL, ALLEN                         NY-60-94-507
MARSHALL, ANNIS                         NY-60-83-325
MARSHALL, ANTHONY                       NY-60-D-36
MARSHALL, ANTHONY                       NY-60-D-82
MARSHALL, CHARLES                       NY-60-93-138
MARSHALL, DAVID                         NY-60-B2-364
MARSHALL, ELIZABETH T.                  NY-60-83-6
MARSHALL, ELLY                          NY-60-98-53
MARSHALL, EZRA                          NY-60-70-240
MARSHALL, FRANCIS                       NY-60-K-437
MARSHALL, IRA B.                        NY-60-94-337
MARSHALL, JESSE                         NY-60-31-38
MARSHALL, LEVI                          NY-60-100-301
MARSHALL, LEVIN R.                      NY-60-60-205
MARSHALL, LUCRETIA                      NY-60-50-385
MARSHALL, RALPH                         NY-60-72-254
MARSHALL, SALLY A.                      NY-60-98-574
MARSHALL, SOPHIAH                       NY-60-L-274
MARSHALL, STEPHEN                       NY-60-X-34
MARSHALL, STEPHEN                       NY-60-59-408
MARSHALL, WALTER                        NY-60-T-645
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       NY-60-B2-120
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       NY-60-72-58
MARSHALL, ZENO                          NY-60-47-23
MARTIN, GILBERT                         NY-60-36-137
MARTIN, ISAAC                           NY-60-27-396
MARTIN, JANE P.                         NY-60-85-7
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-60-31-268
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-60-Y-567
MARTIN, KATE                            NY-60-62-305
MARTIN, MARGARET                        NY-60-64-346
MARTIN, MATILDA                         NY-60-31-243
MARTIN, PETER                           NY-60-71-522
MARTINDALE, STEPHEN                     NY-60-42-488
MARTINE, ANTHONY                        NY-60-55-49
MARTINE, AULEY                          NY-60-I-126
MARTINE, ELIJAH                         NY-60-27-457
MARTINE, JOHN                           NY-60-I-16
MARTINE, JOHN                           NY-60-Z-19
MARTINE, JOHN                           NY-60-C-79
MARTINE, MATILDA                        NY-60-67-188
MARTINE, STEPHEN A.                     NY-60-77-333
MARTINE, WILLIAM                        NY-60-92-594
MARTINE, WILLIAM L.                     NY-60-55-1
MARTLING, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-Q-14
MARTLING, ABRAHAM ***                   NY-60-O-1
MARTLING, ABRAHAM D.                    NY-60-52-366
MARTLING, DAVID                         NY-60-L-173
MARTLINGS, DANIEL                       NY-60-A-69
MASH, JOHN FLEETWOOD                    NY-60-L-263
MASON, JOHN M.                          NY-60-84-560
MASON, SARAH                            NY-60-L-155
MASON, WILLIAM                          NY-60-59-535
MASSY, ANDREW                           NY-60-F-31
MASTEN, JOSEPH                          NY-60-99-100
MASTERTON, ALEXANDER                    NY-60-40-440
MASTERTON, AVIS M.                      NY-60-60-294
MASTERTON, JOSEPH T.                    NY-60-40-47
MASTERTON, MARY G.                      NY-60-62-434
MATHEWS, DANIEL                         NY-60-U-245
MATHEWS, HENRY                          NY-60-D-240
MATHEWS, JOHN R.                        NY-60-Y-222
MATHEWS, JOHN R.                        NY-60-W-534
MATHEWS, JOSEPH                         NY-60-97-323
MATHEWS, OLIVER                         NY-60-93-120
MATHEWS, ROSIE A.                       NY-60-76-591
MATHEWS, WILLIAM ***                    NY-60-85-446
MATNECKE, PHILIP                        NY-60-66-472
MATTHEWS, ANNANIAS                      NY-60-C-133
MATTHEWS, JOHN                          NY-60-93-444
MATTHEWS, JOHN H.                       NY-60-46-9
MATTHEWS, MARTHA                        NY-60-81-534
MATTHIAS, JOHN J.                       NY-60-44-398
MAUGER, PHILIP                          NY-60-88-283
MAUSER, JAMES                           NY-60-48-105
MAXWELL, ALEXANDER                      NY-60-71-40
MAXWELL, MARGARET                       NY-60-W-215
MAYNARD, ABRAHAM                        NY-60-T-803
MAYNARD, ELISHA B.                      NY-60-W-423
MAYNARD, ESTHER M.                      NY-60-36-423
MAYNARD, JEREMIAH                       NY-60-30-343
MAYNARD, JOHN                           NY-60-G-197
MAYNARD, WEALTHY V.                     NY-60-95-134
MCBEAN, JANE ****                       NY-60-85-492
MCBRAIR, JOHN                           NY-60-50-550
MCCABE, CATHARINE                       NY-60-97-590
MCCABE, HENRY                           NY-60-89-121
MCCAFFRAY, MARY                         NY-60-52-509
MCCALL, JAMES                           NY-60-C-212
MCCALL, JOHN                            NY-60-97-480
MCCANN, ANN                             NY-60-97-227
MCCANN, CHARLES                         NY-60-32-246
MCCARTER, ROBERT                        NY-60-50-356
MCCARTY, BARNABY                        NY-60-A-77
MCCHAIN, JAMES                          NY-60-C-9
MCCHAIN, NATHANIEL                      NY-60-40-433
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM                      NY-60-64-385
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM                      NY-60-64-385
MCCONKEY, JANE A.                       NY-60-96-280
MCCORD, CALEB D.                        NY-60-57-210
MCCORD, CATHERINE                       NY-60-69-529
MCCORD, DAVID                           NY-60-U-140
MCCORD, FOWLER                          NY-60-85-595
MCCORD, JAMES                           NY-60-P-150
MCCORD, JOHN R.                         NY-60-X-610
MCCORD, MORGAN                          NY-60-55-62
MCCORD, PIERRE                          NY-60-100-83
MCCORD, REBECCA                         NY-60-95-412
MCCORD, ROBERT                          NY-60-37-478
MCCORD, SAMUEL                          NY-60-45-541
MCCORMICK, CATHARINE                    NY-60-98-376
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         NY-60-59-395
MCCOY, ALEXANDER                        NY-60-38-153
MCCOY, ANNIE D. C.                      NY-60-59-358
MCCOY, JOHN                             NY-60-87-442
MCCOY, JOSEPH                           NY-60-57-109
MCCOY, SARAH                            NY-60-97-424
MCCOY, THOMAS                           NY-60-85-273
MCCROSSON, JOHN                         NY-60-93-274
MCDADE, ROBERT                          NY-60-46-488
MCDONALD, ANTHONY B. JR.                NY-60-52-437
MCDONALD, LANCELOT G.                   NY-60-43-522
MCDONALD, PHIIP L.                      NY-60-57-445
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                       NY-60-94-51
MCDONNELL, ANN                          NY-60-96-56
MCDONNELL, HANNAH                       NY-60-43-33
MCDONNELL, JOHN                         NY-60-99-254
MCDONNELL, MARTIN                       NY-60-L-38
MCDONOUGH, TIMOTHY                      NY-60-95-127
MCENALLY, THOMAS                        NY-60-44-379
MCENALLY, THOMAS                        NY-60-42-237
MCENNICLE, WILLIAM                      NY-60-59-388
MCENTEE, JAMES                          NY-60-59-576
MCEVOY, JOHN                            NY-60-96-561
MCFADDEN, DAVID                         NY-60-33-120
MCFADDEN, OPHELIA                       NY-60-45-24
MCFARLAN, HARRIET                       NY-60-93-485
MCFARLAND, JOHN                         NY-60-G-240
MCFARQUHAR, ALEXANDER                   NY-60-41-123
MCGAHAN, OWEN                           NY-60-59-130
MCGAVRY, DANIEL                         NY-60-92-197
MCGOUGH, THOMAS                         NY-60-88-457
MCGOVERN, MARY                          NY-60-90-130
MCGOVERN, SUSAN                         NY-60-83-588
MCGRATH, WILLIAM                        NY-60-85-404
MCGRAW, THOMAS                          NY-60-69-14
MCGUIRE, PETER                          NY-60-83-79
MCHENRY, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-62-419
MCHUGH, PATRICK                         NY-60-78-38
MCINTYRE, DOUGLASS                      NY-60-53-195
MCKAY, THOMAS                           NY-60-37-425
MCKEEL, JACOB                           NY-60-59-371
MCKENNA, LAWRENCE                       NY-60-76-201
MCKENZIE, ALEXANDER SLIDELL             NY-60-31-127
MCKEON, HANNAH                          NY-60-83-1
MCKIERNAN, THOMAS                       NY-60-65-283
MCKNIFF, ANTHONY                        NY-60-67-260
MCKNIFF, MARY                           NY-60-65-295
MCLACHLAN, JANE                         NY-60-X-623
MCLEAN, SOPHIA                          NY-60-59-429
MCLEOD, ALEXANDER                       NY-60-34-105
MCNAMARA, MARTIN S.                     NY-60-45-308
MCNAMARA, PATRICK                       NY-60-57-23
MCNAMEE, JAMES                          NY-60-91-356
MCNEEL, HENRY KIP                       NY-60-K-445
MCNEENEY, JOHN                          NY-60-83-531
MCNITT, HENRY                           NY-60-E-308A
MCONNELL, THOMAS S.                     NY-60-50-209
MCPHILIPS, ANN R.                       NY-60-72-305
MCSWEENEY, JOHN                         NY-60-86-150
MCWILLIAMS, ALEXANDER                   NY-60-Z-67
MEAD, AARON                             NY-60-43-534
MEAD, ABIGAIL                           NY-60-52-575
MEAD, ABIGAIL                           NY-60-42-242
MEAD, AMOS                              NY-60-50-280
MEAD, ANDREW                            NY-60-87-213
MEAD, ARON                              NY-60-I-165
MEAD, ASEL                              NY-60-K-29
MEAD, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-30-458
MEAD, BENJAMIN                          NY-60-40-83
MEAD, BETSEY H.                         NY-60-68-55
MEAD, CALEB                             NY-60-B2-110
MEAD, DAVID H.                          NY-60-57-349
MEAD, EBENEZER                          NY-60-29-377
MEAD, EDWARD                            NY-60-B2-113
MEAD, EDWARD N.                         NY-60-83-519
MEAD, ELIZA JANE                        NY-60-75-480
MEAD, ISAAC R.                          NY-60-89-343
MEAD, JACOB G.                          NY-60-99-486
MEAD, JAMES C.                          NY-60-94-189
MEAD, JARED                             NY-60-81-300
MEAD, JOHN                              NY-60-44-513
MEAD, LEBBEUS                           NY-60-D-146
MEAD, MARTIN                            NY-60-32-363
MEAD, MARTIN 2ND                        NY-60-39-306
MEAD, MOLLY                             NY-60-38-5
MEAD, NANCY                             NY-60-38-19
MEAD, RICHARD                           NY-60-76-507
MEAD, RUFUS                             NY-60-87-102
MEAD, SARAH                             NY-60-57-366
MEAD, SUSAN C.                          NY-60-72-399
MEAD, THADDEUS                          NY-60-F-16
MEAD, THOMAS                            NY-60-57-1
MEAD, WHITMAN                           NY-60-58-457
MEAD, WILLIAM                           NY-60-35-31
MEAD, ZADOCK                            NY-60-O-440
MEEKEEL, MICHEL                         NY-60-K-115
MEEKER, STEPHEN H.                      NY-60-46-278
MEGARR, JAMES                           NY-60-72-299
MEISENHELDER, SIMON                     NY-60-48-431
MEKEEL, ISAAC                           NY-60-94-140
MELLIS, SAMUEL                          NY-60-V-135
MENDERY, LOUISE                         NY-60-87-260
MENKEN, JOHANNES                        NY-60-78-313
MENSE, JACOB                            NY-60-58-484
MERITT, ABRAHAM                         NY-60-J-113
MERITT, ANN MARY                        NY-60-L-42
MERITT, EDWARD                          NY-60-F-1
MERNIN, JOHN                            NY-60-94-90
MERRIT, CALEB                           NY-60-K-285
MERRIT, GILBERT                         NY-60-K-359
MERRIT, JONATHAN                        NY-60-K-361
MERRITT, ABSALOM                        NY-60-B2-123
MERRITT, ALEXANDER Y.                   NY-60-55-26
MERRITT, AMEY                           NY-60-O-332
MERRITT, ANN                            NY-60-48-412
MERRITT, ANNE                           NY-60-D-367
MERRITT, ANTHONY M.                     NY-60-29-73
MERRITT, BENJAMIN                       NY-60-44-574
MERRITT, CALEB                          NY-60-K-410
MERRITT, CAROLINE                       NY-60-X-14
MERRITT, CHARLES D.                     NY-60-59-274
MERRITT, CLARK S.                       NY-60-46-133
MERRITT, DANIEL                         NY-60-R-457
MERRITT, DANIEL                         NY-60-B2-117
MERRITT, DANIEL                         NY-60-76-181
MERRITT, DAVID                          NY-60-V-742
MERRITT, DEBORAH                        NY-60-I-302
MERRITT, DEBORAH                        NY-60-J-104
MERRITT, EDWARD                         NY-60-A-231
MERRITT, GEORGE                         NY-60-71-343
MERRITT, GILBERT                        NY-60-K-194
MERRITT, GILBERT                        NY-60-29-181
MERRITT, JAMES D.                       NY-60-40-98
MERRITT, JOHN                           NY-60-U-290
MERRITT, JOHN                           NY-60-I-148
MERRITT, JOSEPH                         NY-60-G-206
MERRITT, JOSHUA                         NY-60-J-40
MERRITT, JOTHAM                         NY-60-72-32
MERRITT, LAVINIA                        NY-60-65-515
MERRITT, LOT                            NY-60-36-115
MERRITT, LYDIA                          NY-60-87-419
MERRITT, NATHAN                         NY-60-M-484
MERRITT, NATHAN                         NY-60-I-235
MERRITT, NATHANIEL                      NY-60-K-170
MERRITT, NATHANIEL                      NY-60-35-315
MERRITT, NEHEMIAH                       NY-60-M-221
MERRITT, NEHEMIAH                       NY-60-I-6
MERRITT, PENELOPE                       NY-60-M-9
MERRITT, PHEBE                          NY-60-B2-115
MERRITT, REBECCA                        NY-60-33-49
MERRITT, RICHARD                        NY-60-60-107
MERRITT, ROBERT                         NY-60-D-381
MERRITT, ROBERT                         NY-60-37-1
MERRITT, RUTH                           NY-60-J-294
MERRITT, SAAH                           NY-60-96-104
MERRITT, STEPHEN                        NY-60-U-28
METCALF, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-98-31
METZ, MARTIN                            NY-60-86-311
METZ, PHILIP                            NY-60-67-26
METZGER, FREDERICK                      NY-60-55-213
MEYER, ADOLPH                           NY-60-84-157
MEYER, HENRY J.                         NY-60-83-526
MEYER, JOBST                            NY-60-59-45
MEYER, JOSEPH                           NY-60-75-74
MICHAELSE, HENDRICK                     NY-60-A-155
MICHEL, HENRY                           NY-60-53-161
MICHELS, ANNA C.                        NY-60-47-575
MICKENS, GEORGE T.                      NY-60-91-161
MICKINS, JOHN                           NY-60-52-219
MIDDLETON, ALEXANDER                    NY-60-71-38
MIGY, ANNETTE                           NY-60-74-337
MIGY, BERNARD                           NY-60-37-451
MILDEBERGER, GEORGE W.                  NY-60-50-590
MILDEBERGER, JOHN                       NY-60-65-221
MILDEBURGER, MARY E.                    NY-60-84-316
MILDERBERGER, MARY C.                   NY-60-29-159
MILLER, ABIJAH                          NY-60-70-468
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         NY-60-29-36
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         NY-60-29-271
MILLER, AMANDA                          NY-60-91-448
MILLER, ANN                             NY-60-89-523
MILLER, ANNA                            NY-60-I-233
MILLER, ANNA                            NY-60-O-316
MILLER, ANSON M.                        NY-60-89-163
MILLER, ANTHONY                         NY-60-92-19
MILLER, AUGUSTUS                        NY-60-83-85
MILLER, B. JOHN                         NY-60-L-35
MILLER, BENAJAH                         NY-60-X-587
MILLER, BETSEY                          NY-60-28-360
MILLER, CHARLES G.                      NY-60-100-198
MILLER, CHARLES JR.                     NY-60-57-133
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-60-98-456
MILLER, COUNROOD                        NY-60-K-203
MILLER, CYRUS                           NY-60-35-514
MILLER, DANIEL                          NY-60-Y-360
MILLER, DANIEL                          NY-60-N-453
MILLER, DANIEL (CON'T)                  NY-60-N-506
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-60-40-515
MILLER, EBENEZER                        NY-60-D-232
MILLER, EBENEZER A. **** (69)           NY-60-Y-290
MILLER, EDWARD                          NY-60-L-30
MILLER, EDWAWRD                         NY-60-99-515
MILLER, ELIJAH                          NY-60-47-497
MILLER, ELIJAH                          NY-60-42-278
MILLER, ENOS                            NY-60-F-69
MILLER, GEORGE                          NY-60-Y-562
MILLER, GEORGE M.                       NY-60-62-287
MILLER, GILBERT                         NY-60-D-110
MILLER, HACKALIAH                       NY-60-E-13
MILLER, HANNAH                          NY-60-31-400
MILLER, HEZEKIAH                        NY-60-J-253
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-60-46-567
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-60-F-279
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-60-V-683
MILLER, JANE                            NY-60-91-328
MILLER, JEMIMA                          NY-60-34-111
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-60-74-86
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-60-G-330
MILLER, JOHN HENRY                      NY-60-66-511
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NY-60-D-177
MILLER, JONATHAN MANOR                  NY-60-B2-125
MILLER, JOSEPH                          NY-60-32-578
MILLER, JOSEPH H.                       NY-60-31-331
MILLER, LEONARD P.                      NY-60-81-27
MILLER, LEWIS                           NY-60-M-546
MILLER, LUCY M.                         NY-60-51-557
MILLER, LYON                            NY-60-D-228
MILLER, MARTIN                          NY-60-84-344
MILLER, MARY B.                         NY-60-86-506
MILLER, MONMOUTH                        NY-60-T-685
MILLER, NANCY                           NY-60-46-341
MILLER, NATHANIEL H.                    NY-60-36-337
MILLER, REBECCA                         NY-60-47-541
MILLER, RICHARD                         NY-60-O-41
MILLER, ROBERT                          NY-60-30-479
MILLER, S. RACHEL                       NY-60-L-235
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-60-Z-233
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-60-95-400
MILLER, SAMUEL H.                       NY-60-42-442
MILLER, SARAH ANN                       NY-60-90-18
MILLER, SARAH E.                        NY-60-73-7
MILLER, SARAH J.                        NY-60-50-20
MILLER, SELINA                          NY-60-87-508
MILLER, SETH                            NY-60-35-56
MILLER, SOLOMON                         NY-60-L-161
MILLER, SUSAN                           NY-60-93-214
MILLER, TAMAR                           NY-60-74-385
MILLER, WILLET                          NY-60-70-526
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-53-1
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-62-38
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-60-73-345
MILLINEX, HORSMAN                       NY-60-B2-130
MILLS, ABNER                            NY-60-83-357
MILLS, HANNAH                           NY-60-32-525
MILLS, JAMES                            NY-60-W-487
MILLS, JOHN B.                          NY-60-64-539
MILLS, JONATHAN                         NY-60-31-130
MILLS, MARY                             NY-60-57-155
MILLS, THENEY                           NY-60-33-288
MILNE, JOHN                             NY-60-86-316
MILROSE, WILLIAM                        NY-60-34-41
MINER, RUSSELL D.                       NY-60-81-493
MINGAY, ELLEN                           NY-60-62-246
MINNERLEY, CLARK                        NY-60-34-199
MINNERLY, ALBERT                        NY-60-31-354
MINOR, TRUMAN                           NY-60-45-431
MINTURN, JOHN W.                        NY-60-93-153
MITCHELL, JOHN S.                       NY-60-74-416
MITCHELL, MUINAT                        NY-60-48-340
MITCHELL, SAMUEL E. L.                  NY-60-52-320
MITCHELL, SAMUEL L.                     NY-60-70-371
MIXSILL, CYNTHIA J.                     NY-60-69-71
MOCHEL, HENRY                           NY-60-67-235
MOELLER, JOHN                           NY-60-62-280
MOGEE, ELMA A.                          NY-60-86-304
MOGER, DAVID                            NY-60-77-354
MOGER, JANE                             NY-60-95-325
MOKE, JOHN                              NY-60-68-1
MONDA, FRANCIS                          NY-60-46-98
MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH                   NY-60-39-471
MONTGOMERY, ROMANZOLL *** (29 PAGES)    NY-60-54-549
MONTROSS, ABRAHAM                       NY-60-Y-657
MONTROSS, ANNA                          NY-60-K-309
MONTROSS, BARNARDUS                     NY-60-97-77
MONTROSS, DAVID                         NY-60-F-270
MONTROSS, JACOB                         NY-60-99-106
MONTROSS, JOHN                          NY-60-A-407
MONTROSS, SARAH                         NY-60-Y-428
MOON, CORNELIUS                         NY-60-J-152
MOON, ELIZABETH S.                      NY-60-57-574
MOONEY, JAMES                           NY-60-69-14
MOONEY, WILLIAM                         NY-60-J-161
MOOORE, RICHARD                         NY-60-89-313
MOORE, ANDREW                           NY-60-64-373
MOORE, EDWARD                           NY-60-71-472
MOORE, GEORGE                           NY-60-78-478
MOORE, MARGARET                         NY-60-52-242
MOORE, SAMUEL                           NY-60-74-362
MOORE, THOMAS M.                        NY-60-76-176
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-60-47-97
MOORE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-60-83-594
MOORHOUSE, MARY                         NY-60-88-367
MORAN, PATRICK                          NY-60-47-433
MORELL, CATHARINE S.                    NY-60-92-79
MORELL, GEORGE W.                       NY-60-96-6
MORGAN, ABIJAH                          NY-60-60-151
MORGAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-60-27-303
MORGAN, CALEB                           NY-60-47-411
MORGAN, CALEB                           NY-60-78-266
MORGAN, CALEB                           NY-60-C-151
MORGAN, CALEB *** (28)                  NY-60-U-574
MORGAN, CHARLES                         NY-60-O-326
MORGAN, CHRISTIAN D.                    NY-60-49-507
MORGAN, DAVID                           NY-60-M-49
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-60-31-364
MORGAN, EMMA F.                         NY-60-96-153
MORGAN, HENRY L.                        NY-60-53-463
MORGAN, HENRY R.                        NY-60-81-18
MORGAN, HETTY V.                        NY-60-88-411
MORGAN, JAMES                           NY-60-D-100
MORGAN, JAMES                           NY-60-D-307
MORGAN, JAMES                           NY-60-100-521
MORGAN, JOSEPH                          NY-60-M-257
MORGAN, MARY                            NY-60-33-355
MORGAN, MOSES                           NY-60-I-118
MORGAN, MOSES                           NY-60-I-121
MORRELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-60-34-426
MORRELL, ELLA F.                        NY-60-95-102
MORRELL, HARRIET                        NY-60-91-212
MORRELL, JOHN                           NY-60-75-501
MORRELL, RIVERS                         NY-60-Z-162
MORRELL, SAMUEL                         NY-60-E-317
MORRELL, WILLIAM F.                     NY-60-88-417
MORRI, WILLIAM P.                       NY-60-46-347
MORRIS, ANN                             NY-60-31-13
MORRIS, ANNA                            NY-60-99-569
MORRIS, ANNA M. ***                     NY-60-60-244
MORRIS, CATHARINE A.                    NY-60-89-419
MORRIS, CATHARINE W.                    NY-60-73-169
MORRIS, EMILY                           NY-60-33-8
MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR                      NY-60-D-386
MORRIS, HELEN                           NY-60-73-82
MORRIS, JAMES                           NY-60-L-134
MORRIS, JOHN                            NY-60-52-37
MORRIS, LAWRENCE                        NY-60-59-193
MORRIS, LEWIS                           NY-60-47-137
MORRIS, LEWIS                           NY-60-A-298
MORRIS, MARY E.                         NY-60-33-235
MORRIS, PATSEY J.                       NY-60-72-168
MORRIS, RICHARD                         NY-60-E-88
MORRIS, ROBERT R.                       NY-60-93-174
MORRISEY, THOMAS ****                   NY-60-76-520
MORRISON, EVAN                          NY-60-48-536
MORRISON, MARIA                         NY-60-98-237
MORRISSEY, JAMES ***                    NY-60-77-474
MORROW, WILLIAM K.                      NY-60-84-358
MORTON, ELIZA                           NY-60-49-486
MORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-97-292
MORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-60-30-411
MOSEMAN, ELISHA                         NY-60-29-323
MOSEMAN, JAMES                          NY-60-86-290
MOSEMAN, LAVINIA                        NY-60-87-278
MOSEMAN, MARIE E.                       NY-60-99-242
MOSEMAN, PETER                          NY-60-I-250
MOSEMAN, THOMAS C.                      NY-60-99-270
MOSEMAN, WILLET                         NY-60-46-294
MOSHER, DANIEL                          NY-60-36-43
MOSHER, ISAAC                           NY-60-84-211
MOSHER, RICHARD                         NY-60-69-26
MOSHER, SANFORD                         NY-60-46-477
MOSIER, JOHN                            NY-60-36-475
MOTT, EDWARD K.                         NY-60-86-47
MOTT, ISRAEL                            NY-60-40-493
MOTT, JACOB L.                          NY-60-37-512
MOTT, LAWRENCE S.                       NY-60-52-590
MOTT, NATHANIEL L.                      NY-60-94-525
MOTT, PHEBE F.                          NY-60-89-279
MOTT, WILLIAM P.                        NY-60-52-134
MOTTRAM, GEORGE                         NY-60-98-493
MOULIN, FRANCIS                         NY-60-43-88
MOULTON, HANNAH R.                      NY-60-57-371
MUIRHEAD, ALEXANDER                     NY-60-48-181
MULAVEEL, MARTIN                        NY-60-91-180
MULCAHY, PATRICK                        NY-60-89-578
MULFORD, JONATHAN                       NY-60-31-325
MULHOLLAND, CHARLES                     NY-60-48-32
MULLEN, ELLEN                           NY-60-75-414
MULLEN, PETER                           NY-60-93-61
MULLER, JOHN                            NY-60-44-530
MULLINEUX, JACOB                        NY-60-29-382
MULLINEX, JESSE                         NY-60-34-443
MULLINS, JAMES                          NY-60-72-501
MULVY, JOHN                             NY-60-52-224
MUNRO, PETER S.                         NY-60-O-450
MUNSON, GEORGE                          NY-60-96-13
MUNSON, MARY A.                         NY-60-57-464
MURPHY, EDWARD                          NY-60-65-555
MURPHY, JAMES                           NY-60-75-343
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-60-73-589
MURPHY, THOMAS                          NY-60-76-471
MURRAY, JOHN *** (29)                   NY-60-27-440
MURRAY, LORETTA ****                    NY-60-61-505
MURRAY, MARY                            NY-60-91-594
MURRY, JOHN                             NY-60-66-546
MYER, WILLIAM A.                        NY-60-64-360
MYERHAFER, JOSEPH                       NY-60-100-274
MYERS, ANN                              NY-60-43-540
MYERS, ANN                              NY-60-94-368
MYERS, CHARLOTTE                        NY-60-68-323
MYERS, JOHN W.                          NY-60-59-199
MYERS, JOHN K.                          NY-60-83-468

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