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ACKERMAN, JOHN                         OH-3-5-408
ADAMS, CHARLOTTE G.                    OH-3-10-1
ADAMS, CHARLOTTE G.                    OH-3-10-1
ADAMS, MARY                            OH-3-8-468
AILER, ELSIE E.                        OH-3-14-44
AKINS, ALEXANDER                       OH-3-4-55
AKINS, DRUSILLA                        OH-3-5-126
AKINS, EMER                            OH-3-5-52
ALBERSON, JAMES                        OH-3-5-418
ALBRIGHT, EMANUEL                      OH-3-14-95
ALEXANER, THOMAS M.                    OH-3-6-311
ALLEMAN, ELIZABETH G.                  OH-3-6-113
ALLEMAN, GEORGE                        OH-3-1-382
ALLEMAN, HERMAN                        OH-3-3-491
ALLEN, HARRIETT                        OH-3-10-437
ALLEN, HARRIETT                        OH-3-10-437
ALLEN, SARAH M.                        OH-3-5-397
ALLERDING, FRANK                       OH-3-7-290, 335
ALLERDING, NICHOLAS                    OH-3-1-354
ALLISON, ALEXANDER                     OH-3-5-49
AMBROSE, JACOB                         OH-3-8-544
AMBROSE, MARY M.                       OH-3-7-341
AMBROSE, ORLINE                        OH-3-14-172
AMES, HOLIDAY                          OH-3-5-103
AMND, JOHN K.                          OH-3-10-120
AMND, JOHN K.                          OH-3-10-120
ANDERSON, BOSTON M.                    OH-3-14-175
ANDERSON, HUGH                         OH-3-1-103
ANDERSON, JAMES                        OH-3-3-9
ANDERSON, JAMES                        OH-3-11-443
ANDERSON, JAMES                        OH-3-3-9
ANDERSON, JAMES                        OH-3-12-233
ANDERSON, JOHN P.                      OH-3-3-179
ANDREW, O. L.                          OH-3-11-113
ANDREWS, ALANSON                       OH-3-1-165
ANDREWS, HENRY                         OH-3-3-196
ANDREWS, JANE                          OH-3-4-454
APPLE, JOSEPH                          OH-3-4-219
APPLEGATE, SAMANTHA JANE               OH-3-11-236
AREHART, JOHN                          OH-3-6-273
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                       OH-3-10-15
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                       OH-3-10-15
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                       OH-3-1-275
ARMSTRONG, HARRISON                    OH-3-3-419
ARMSTRONG, J. J.                       OH-3-13-182
ARNDT, ANDREW                          OH-3-4-521
ARNHOLT, ADAM                          OH-3-4-524
ARNHOLT, GEORGE                        OH-3-3-259
ARNOLD, ELENOR                         OH-3-5-125
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                         OH-3-1-1
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                         OH-3-3-275
ARNTD, MARY                            OH-3-4-42
ARTHUR, HAMILTON                       OH-3-1-346
ASCHLEMAN, JOHN                        OH-3-6-260
ATEN, ALBERT S.                        OH-3-11-390
ATEN, ELIZABETH                        OH-3-5-179
ATEN, R. JAMES                         OH-3-7-496, 500
ATEN, WILLIAM                          OH-3-13-76
ATTERHOLT, JAMES                       OH-3-14-480
AUGHEY, JOHN                           OH-3-1-236
AYERS, SARAH E.                        OH-3-4-129
AYERS, SARAH J.                        OH-3-9-489
BACHERER, JACOB                        OH-3-1-477
BACKHOUSE, JAMES D.                    OH-3-7-475, 479
BAHN, ADAM                             OH-3-7-305, 337
BAHSULER, JACOB                        OH-3-4-431
BAILEY, JOHN R.                        OH-3-9-410
BAILEY, JOSEPH C.                      OH-3-15-110
BAKER, CHARLES T.                      OH-3-15-68
BAKER, DAVID                           OH-3-4-486
BAKER, JOHN                            OH-3-4-23
BAKER, JOHN                            OH-3-2-28
BAKER, NATHANIEL L.                    OH-3-5-526
BALDWIN, CATHERINE V.                  OH-3-14-209
BALLIETT, MARY                         OH-3-10-307
BALLIETT, MARY                         OH-3-10-307
BALLOU, HOSEA                          OH-3-7-283, 333
BAPP, FLORENCE                         OH-3-13-1
BARKLY, JOHN                           OH-3-7-78
BARLET, JACOB                          OH-3-6-433
BARNES, MARIA                          OH-3-5-413
BARNHILL, CHARLES C.                   OH-3-15-383
BARON, LYDIA                           OH-3-14-417
BARON, MARY                            OH-3-3-49
BARR, ANN                              OH-3-3-510
BARRICK, GEORGE                        OH-3-5-149
BARRICK, MARTHA                        OH-3-12-235
BARRIE, ISABELLA                       OH-3-15-216
BARRON, MINNIE                         OH-3-9-406
BARTON, C. A.                          OH-3-9-470
BARTON, CERILA C.                      OH-3-6-388
BARTON, CHRISTIAN                      OH-3-6-390
BARTON, ELISHA                         OH-3-6-181
BARTON, THOMAS                         OH-3-4-480
BASFORD, GEORGE W. SR.                 OH-3-3-81
BATTON, JOHN W.                        OH-3-2-347
BAUGHMAN, HENRY                        OH-3-2-248
BAUM, JOHNH.                           OH-3-11-567
BAUM, MARIA                            OH-3-11-203
BAUM, PETER                            OH-3-4-382
BAUM, PHILIP                           OH-3-1-285
BAUM, PHILIP W.                        OH-3-15-455
BAWDEEN, ANNA                          OH-3-6-31
BAXTER, ELLA                           OH-3-5-144
BAY, HUGH                              OH-3-1-217
BEACH, WILLIAM W.                      OH-3-4-520
BEACHLER, REUBEN                       OH-3-7-489, 495
BEACHLER, SARAH ANN                    OH-3-13-58
BEAIRD, JOHN SR.                       OH-3-1-227
BEAIRD, SARAH S.                       OH-3-15-525
BEAM, CHARLOTTE                        OH-3-5-264
BEAN, JULIA A.                         OH-3-11-403
BEARD, CATHARINE                       OH-3-6-54
BEARD, ELIZA                           OH-3-15-513
BEATTIE, JOHN                          OH-3-4-360
BECHTEL, MARTIN                        OH-3-2-448
BECK, JACOB                            OH-3-5-382
BECK, TITUS                            OH-3-3-575
BECK, WILLIAM                          OH-3-14-357
BECK, WILLIAM A.                       OH-3-7-440, 449
BEEGLEY, JOSEPH J.                     OH-3-15-197
BEER, EMILY                            OH-3-10-328
BEER, EMILY                            OH-3-10-328
BEER, F. M.                            OH-3-8-246
BEER, MARGARET                         OH-3-3-584
BEER, MARIA L.                         OH-3-3-554
BEER, RICHARD                          OH-3-4-123
BEER, RICHARD C.                       OH-3-15-252
BEER, SHERMAN W.                       OH-3-6-61
BEER, THOMAS                           OH-3-4-502
BEER, W. C.                            OH-3-3-115
BEHOUT, JOHN                           OH-3-4-415
BEIGHLEY, JOHN                         OH-3-3-455
BEIGHLY, DAVID                         OH-3-13-117
BELL, JOHN                             OH-3-10-228
BELL, JOHN                             OH-3-10-228
BELL, MARY                             OH-3-5-96
BELL, SAMUEL                           OH-3-6-80
BELL, SOPIA                            OH-3-5-486
BELL, WILLIAM                          OH-3-4-103
BELL, WILLIAM                          OH-3-2-442
BEMINGHFF, JACO                        OH-3-3-439
BENDER, GEORGE S.                      OH-3-9-144
BENDER, JOHN                           OH-3-5-318
BENDER, MARTIN                         OH-3-4-35
BENTLE, JOHN H.                        OH-3-12-30
BENTON, JENNIE                         OH-3-12-391
BENTON, SETH                           OH-3-1-101
BERG, JACOB                            OH-3-5-106
BERNHARD, JOHN                         OH-3-9-582
BERNHART, GEORGE                       OH-3-2-454
BERRAGE, JACOB                         OH-3-2-62
BEYMER, ARTHUR                         OH-3-9-10
BIGGS, ALBERT                          OH-3-2-292
BINEHOUR, SARAH                        OH-3-5-415
BINEHOWER, HANNAH                      OH-3-15-474
BINEHOWER, JOHN                        OH-3-1-287
BIRD, SPARKS                           OH-3-4-304
BIRKHIMER, CHARLES C.                  OH-3-15-203
BISHOP, CONRAD                         OH-3-6-67
BISHOP, CORNELIUS                      OH-3-6-324
BISHOP, HENRY                          OH-3-3-476
BISHOP, JOHN                           OH-3-3-527
BITTINGER, ANN                         OH-3-6-558
BITTINGER, DANIEL                      OH-3-4-330
BITTINGER, DAVID M.                    OH-3-9-446
BITTINGER, LOUISA G.                   OH-3-5-423
BITTINGER, SARAH                       OH-3-9-25
BLACK, ELIZA C.                        OH-3-6-230
BLACK, GEORGE                          OH-3-1-20
BLACK, SAMUEL M.                       OH-3-6-189
BLACK, SAMUEL W.                       OH-3-14-11
BLACKMAN, WILILAM T.                   OH-3-14-571
BLINN, HORACE                          OH-3-3-131
BLINN, JOSIAH G.                       OH-3-15-543
BLUE, JOHN                             OH-3-1-405
BODEN, DAVID                           OH-3-1-459
BOERSOX, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-14-268
BOFFENMYER, DAVID                      OH-3-5-37
BOFFENMYER, HENRY M.                   OH-3-14-239
BOFFENMYER, MATTHIAS                   OH-3-5-425
BOGAR, CHRISTINA                       OH-3-2-544
BOGAR, MARTIN                          OH-3-2-525
BOGGS, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-6-292
BOLLY, MARY                            OH-3-14-526
BOLLY, SIMON                           OH-3-4-231
BOMAN, SHADRACK                        OH-3-4-468
BONEY, JACOB                           OH-3-8-36
BOOKMAN, MARY                          OH-3-6-381
BOOTS, AMANDA                          OH-3-3-422
BOOTS, LOREN F.                        OH-3-11-6
BOREN, WILLIAM                         OH-3-15-47
BOWEN, DAVID                           OH-3-10-223
BOWEN, DAVID                           OH-3-10-223
BOWEN, JAMES                           OH-3-9-88
BOWERICE, CHRISTIAN                    OH-3-2-382
BOWERS, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-4-459
BOWERS, MICHAEL                        OH-3-4-427
BOWMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-7-297, 336
BOWMAN, HENRY                          OH-3-9-80
BOWMAN, MARY                           OH-3-12-142
BOWMAN, MASHAM                         OH-3-4-414
BOWMAN, PETER                          OH-3-1-362
BOWMAN, THOMAS                         OH-3-2-5
BOYD, JOHN                             OH-3-7-123
BOYD, JOHN                             OH-3-4-207
BOYD, REBECCA                          OH-3-4-428
BOYD, THOMAS                           OH-3-2-599
BOYER, ABRAHAM M.                      OH-3-14-227
BOYER, ADAM                            OH-3-2-278
BOYER, GEORGE                          OH-3-3-123
BOYER, VALENTINE                       OH-3-3-174
BRACHLER, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-3-1-196
BRADEN, DANIEL                         OH-3-15-80
BRANCH, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-15-504
BRANDT, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-3-5-14
BRANDT, DAVID                          OH-3-8-87
BRANDT, JANE                           OH-3-5-434
BRANT, NANCY                           OH-3-4-189
BRECKEISEN, JACOB SR.                  OH-3-5-200
BREITENBUCHER, MARGARET                OH-3-13-225
BREITENBUCHER, MICHAEL                 OH-3-9-422
BRIAN, WILSON                          OH-3-4-584
BRIGGS, EDWARD S.                      OH-3-9-181
BRIGLE, JOHN                           OH-3-4-270
BRINTON, JOSEPH B.                     OH-3-15-372
BRITTON, ARIE                          OH-3-5-516
BROCK, NANCY                           OH-3-7-69
BROCK, PAULINA C.                      OH-3-10-113
BROCK, PAULINA C.                      OH-3-10-113
BROWN, ELIJAH                          OH-3-15-335
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-5-195
BROWN, JEREMIAH                        OH-3-2-452
BROWN, JOHN                            OH-3-4-28
BROWN, LOUISA                          OH-3-5-209
BROWN, WILLIAM                         OH-3-3-50
BROWN,R OBERT                          OH-3-3-158
BRUBAKER, ANDREW                       OH-3-15-446
BRUBAKER, ANNA                         OH-3-4-6
BRUBAKER, GEORGE                       OH-3-2-132
BRUBAKER, GEORGE                       OH-3-15-236
BRUBAKER, GEORGE W. SR.                OH-3-14-203
BRUBAKER, JACOB                        OH-3-3-272
BRUBAKER, JOHN W.                      OH-3-8-150
BRUBAKER, MARTHA                       OH-3-2-502
BRUCE, ELIJAH                          OH-3-2-386
BRUCE, JOEL                            OH-3-6-257
BRUCE, ROSANNAH                        OH-3-3-458
BRYAN, FLORENCE                        OH-3-8-532
BRYAN, SARAH E.                        OH-3-15-159
BRYAN, SARAH W.                        OH-3-8-527
BRYAN, WESLEY                          OH-3-2-277
BRYANS, ARMSTRONG C.                   OH-3-4-198
BRYTE, ELIJA F.                        OH-3-7-301, 337
BRYTE, JOHN                            OH-3-3-428
BRYTE, THOMAS                          OH-3-7-399, 404
BUCHAN, JAMES                          OH-3-1-160
BUCHAN, PARMELIA                       OH-3-5-574
BUCHAN, WILLIAM                        OH-3-3-237
BUCHANAN, DAVID SR.                    OH-3-1-374
BUCHANAN, ISAAC                        OH-3-14-363
BUCHANAN, ROBERT P.                    OH-3-14-529
BUCHANAN, SARAH A.                     OH-3-6-544
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                      OH-3-9-274
BUCHANNAN, WILLIAM                     OH-3-5-446
BUCKHOUSE, JAMES B.                    OH-3-2-125
BUCKINGHAM, CHRISTOPHER                OH-3-8-404
BUCKLEY, BENJAMIN B.                   OH-3-1-14
BUCKLEY, JOHN                          OH-3-3-587
BUDD, SAMUEL                           OH-3-4-227
BUDD, THOMAS                           OH-3-6-47
BUFFENMYER, HENRY                      OH-3-1-109
BUFFENMYER, WILLIAM                    OH-3-1-67
BULKLEY, ALBERT R.                     OH-3-1-96
BULL, JOHN W.                          OH-3-4-485
BULL, MARIA C.                         OH-3-2-221
BURGAN, JAMES                          OH-3-3-245
BURGETT, ADDIE M.                      OH-3-15-338
BURGETT, JOSEPH R.                     OH-3-5-416
BURK, CAROLINE                         OH-3-10-497
BURKHART, MARGARET                     OH-3-5-435
BURNETT, GEORGE F.                     14-142
BURNETT, SOPHIA                        OH-3-14-568
BURNS, BARNABUS                        OH-3-15-286
BURNS, DAVID                           OH-3-2-195
BURNS, HUGH                            OH-3-5-342
BURNS, JAMES                           OH-3-2-184
BURNS, SAMUEL                          OH-3-2-303
BURTON, JACOB                          OH-3-3-329
BURWELL, JOHN L.                       OH-3-6-464
BUTLER, MARY M.                        OH-3-8-557
BUTTORF, GEORGE                        OH-3-2-380
BUZZARD, GEORGE                        OH-3-2-110
BUZZARD, MARY                          OH-3-5-352
BUZZARD, PETER                         OH-3-1-341
BYERLY, JOSEPH                         OH-3-10-55
BYERS, CRAWFORD                        OH-3-15-272
BYERS, JOHN                            OH-3-3-60
BYERS, MARY A.                         OH-3-15-130
BYERS, ROBERT E.                       OH-3-15-389
BYRD, MARY A.                          OH-3-14-486
CADMUS, ABRAHAM                        OH-3-1-185
CAHN, JACOB                            OH-3-13-284
CAKE, SUSAN                            OH-3-5-561
CALAHAN, JESSE                         OH-3-2-104
CALHOUN, ALEXANDER                     OH-3-3-36
CALHOUN, THOMAS                        OH-3-7-210
CALHOUN, THOMAS W.                     OH-3-2-99
CALHOUN, WILLIAM                       OH-3-5-385
CALLIHAN, JESSE                        OH-3-2-104
CAMP, HORACE B.                        OH-3-14-523
CAMPBELL, ARTHUR SR.                   OH-3-5-480
CAMPBELL, EDWIN L.                     OH-3-12-304
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                    OH-3-1-412
CAMPBELL, HENRY                        OH-3-3-385
CAMPBELL, HUGH                         OH-3-15-219
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        OH-3-2-559
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        OH-3-2-65
CAMPBELL, JSOHUA                       OH-3-8-232, 280
CAMPBELL, JULIA A.                     OH-3-3-519
CAMPBELL, MARY P.                      OH-3-6-206
CAMPBELL, R. B. (MRS.)                 OH-3-5-119
CAMPBELL,ELIZABETH LEE                 OH-3-14-224
CAREY, GEORGE W.                       OH-3-2-406
CARMONEY, ESTHER                       OH-3-10-352
CARMONEY, FANNIE A.                    OH-3-13-191
CARNAGEY, JAMES                        OH-3-4-397
CARNAGEY, WILLIAM                      OH-3-12-19
CARNAGG, ALEXANDER                     OH-3-2-144
CARNELL, GEORGE W.                     OH-3-7-32
CARNS, SAMUEL                          OH-3-1-292
CARROLL, DANIEL                        OH-3-3-4
CARROLL, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-3-141
CARROLL, NANCY                         OH-3-14-512
CARTER, DANIEL                         OH-3-1-316
CARTER, DANIEL                         OH-3-4-517
CASE, H. B.                            OH-3-6-356
CASTON, LOUISA C.                      OH-3-14-500
CASTOR, BENJAMIN                       OH-3-4-97
CASTOR, CONRAD                         OH-3-3-97
CASTOR, WILL W.                        OH-3-14-519
CHAMBERLAIN, JESSE                     OH-3-3-467
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY ELLEN                OH-3-14-99
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM                   OH-3-5-357
CHAMBERLAIN,E DSELL W.                 OH-3-13-198
CHAMBERLIN, JAMES                      OH-3-3-395
CHAMBERLIN, WHITNEY                    OH-3-2-97
CHAMBERS, JOHN                         OH-3-3-513
CHAMBERS, JOHN                         OH-3-3-84
CHAMBERS, MARGARET E.                  OH-3-14-403
CHANDLER, CHARLES                      OH-3-4-136
CHANDLER, ELIZABETH                    OH-3-3-400
CHANDLER, JOSEPH                       OH-3-3-582
CHANDLER, JOSHUA                       OH-3-7-18
CHANDLER, LUCINDA                      OH-3-5-288
CHANEY, JOSIAH                         OH-3-6-466
CHAPE, J. A.                           OH-3-15-120
CHAPPELL, HARRIET B.                   OH-3-1-81
CHARLES, JOSEPH                        OH-3-4-204
CHESNUN, LEWIS SR.                     OH-3-5-320
CHESNUT, THOMAS M.                     OH-3-3-155
CHILCOAT, ELIZABETH                    OH-3-1-328
CHORPENING, OLIVER A.                  OH-3-12-461
CHRISTOFEL, NANCY                      OH-3-10-401
CHRISTY, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-6-454
CHUBB, JAMES                           OH-3-13-233
CHURCH, IRA                            OH-3-15-98
CIPHUS, DAVID                          OH-3-3-515
CLARK, BELA B.                         OH-3-2-31
CLARK, HALENA                          OH-3-14-40
CLARK, JOHN C.                         OH-3-14-40
CLARK, JOHN F.                         OH-3-15-5
CLARK, JOHN H.                         OH-3-15-43
CLARK, NATHANIEL                       OH-3-3-457
CLARK, WILLIAM G.                      OH-3-15-574
CLAUSE, SIMON                          OH-3-6-511
CLOSE, BENJAMIN                        OH-3-1-256
CLOSE, DANIEL                          OH-3-1-245
CLOSE, MARY                            OH-3-1-249
CLOSE, RHESA                           OH-3-1-51
CLOSSON, JOSIAH M.                     OH-3-4-110
CLOSSON, SOPHIA A.                     OH-3-5-42
CLUGH, WILLIAM W.                      OH-3-5-114
CLUGSTON, CHARLES E.                   OH-3-8-31
CLUGSTON, HOWARD                       OH-3-6-368
CLUGSTON, MARGARETTA                   OH-3-15-162
COBBAN, HELEN                          OH-3-2-233
COBBAN, ROBERT                         OH-3-3-301
COBLE, HENRY                           OH-3-6-92
COBLE, JESSE                           OH-3-5-444
COE, WILLIAM S.                        OH-3-1-397
COFFIN, JAMES B.                       OH-3-2-489
COFFMAN, NORRIS                        OH-3-2-485
COLE, ANDREW                           OH-3-6-114
COLE, ANDREW J.                        OH-3-4-450
COLE, THOMAS                           OH-3-4-1
COLLAR, HENRY                          OH-3-1-273
COLLINS, CATHARINE A.                  OH-3-5-80
COLMERY, WILLIAM                       OH-3-1-68
CONN, GEORGE                           OH-3-9-17
COOK, BARTRAM                          OH-3-1-157
COOK, PELHAM                           OH-3-1-54
COOK, ROXANA                           OH-3-2-266
COOPER, JOHN                           OH-3-2-434
COOPER, SAMUEL                         OH-3-9-295
COPLEY, JOHN                           OH-3-4-345
COPUS, JAMES                           OH-3-3-65
COPUS, MARGARY                         OH-3-4-54
COPUS, WESLEY                          OH-3-3-355
CORSTON, MARY                          OH-3-9-302
COSNER, CHARLES                        OH-3-5-521
COUCH, CHARLES B.                      OH-3-12-445
COULTER, C. C.                         OH-3-5-578
COULTER, ELMINA                        OH-3-5-454
COULTER, JOHN                          OH-3-3-233
COULTER, NANCY A.                      OH-3-10-117
COUTTS, CATHERINE                      OH-3-12-552
COUTTS, JANE                           OH-3-15-528
COUTTS, MARY                           OH-3-11-451
COVERT, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-3-550
COVERT, ITHAMAR                        OH-3-10-560
COVERT, SAMUEL J.                      OH-3-14-451
COVERT, SARAH A.                       OH-3-7-328, 340
COWAN, WILLIAM                         OH-3-5-336
COWEN, MARY                            OH-3-10-167
CRAFT, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-15-268
CRAIG, CYNTHIA S.                      OH-3-15-537
CRAIG, JAMES S.                        OH-3-8-561
CRAIG, ROBERT                          OH-3-4-531
CRAIG, SAMUEL                          OH-3-5-270
CRAIG, SAMUEL A.                       OH-3-8-146
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         OH-3-3-38
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         OH-3-5-35
CRALL, JACOB                           OH-3-4-187
CRALL, O. U.                           OH-3-10-131
CRALL, O. U.                           OH-3-10-131
CRAMER, MARTIN                         OH-3-7-107
CRAMER, WILILAM T.                     OH-3-15-281
CRAWELL, THORNTON P.                   OH-3-15-61
CRAWFORD, DEBORAH                      OH-3-7-253
CRAWFORD, MARGARET                     OH-3-6-357
CRAWFORD, RELLIE                       OH-3-14-431
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM T.                   OH-3-11-246
CRESSINGER, EMMA L.                    OH-3-11-62
CRESSINGER, H. J.                      OH-3-10-555
CRESWELL, JOHN                         OH-3-4-482
CRIST, ABNER                           OH-3-1-198
CRISWELL, SAMUEL S.                    OH-3-15-95
CRISWELL, WILLIAM A.                   OH-3-14-579
CRISWELL, WILSON A.                    OH-3-14-467
CRONE, BENJAMIN                        OH-3-9-484
CRONE, MARTHA J.                       OH-3-15-549
CRONE, THOMAS                          OH-3-4-325
CRONE, TOBIAS                          OH-3-6-308
CRONENWETT, LOTTA                      OH-3-13-112
CROSBY, JASPER N.                      OH-3-8-207
CROSS, JESSE                           OH-3-4-448
CROUSE, JONAS H.                       OH-3-1-231
CROW, WILLIAM                          OH-3-9-185
CROWNER, CATHARINE                     OH-3-3-207
CRUMLICK, JOHN                         OH-3-4-46
CRUNGLETON, HANNAH                     OH-3-3-524
CULBERTSON, A.                         OH-3-4-392
CULBERTSON, ANNA                       OH-3-5-338
CULBERTSON, ELIAS                      OH-3-3-138
CULBERTSON, JOHN                       OH-3-2-573
CULBERTSON, ROBERT                     OH-3-3-577
CULLER, JOHN PH.                       OH-3-7-236
CULLER, MICHAEL                        OH-3-3-280
CULLER, PHILIP                         OH-3-1-370
CULVER, LEANDER                        OH-3-4-229
CUMARINE, JOHN                         OH-3-6-304
CUMMINGS, ELANOR J.                    OH-3-6-56
CUMMINGS, JOHN                         OH-3-2-521
CUMMINGS, WALLACE JOHN                 OH-3-10-135
CURRIER, A. M.                         OH-3-11-470
CURRY, GEORGE W. SR.                   OH-3-5-522
CURRY, JOSEPH                          OH-3-2-418
CURTH, GEORGE                          OH-3-10-208
CURTIS, ALBERT L.                      OH-3-6-131
DAGM, CATHRINE                         OH-3-13-173
DALE, RUTH V.                          OH-3-6-217
DALTON, H. F.                          OH-3-14-548
DANIELS, ELIZABETH A.                  OH-3-10-157
DANNER, JOHN                           OH-3-13-177
DANNER, SYLVESTER                      OH-3-8-318, 323
DARLING, FRANCIS MARION                OH-3-14-192
DARLING, WILLIAM                       OH-3-1-418
DAUB, MARGARET                         OH-3-5-344
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                        OH-3-3-503
DAVAULT, WILLIAM                       OH-3-6-219
DAVAULT, WILLIAM JR.                   OH-3-5-258
DAVIDSON, ARTHUR                       OH-3-4-375
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                      OH-3-14-445
DAVIS, BARBARY                         OH-3-4-497
DAVIS, CATHARINE                       OH-3-10-575
DAVIS, EPHRAIM                         OH-3-2-282
DAVIS, FANNIE                          OH-3-14-545
DAVIS, ISAAC                           OH-3-3-557
DAVIS, JONATHAN                        OH-3-3-111
DAVIS, MARY                            OH-3-4-396
DAVIS, NANCY                           OH-3-1-466
DAVIS, NANCY                           OH-3-14-474
DAVIS, REUBEN H.                       OH-3-1-199
DAVIS, S. Z.                           OH-3-9-228
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         OH-3-14-242
DEAGGOO, MARTHA                        OH-3-1-31
DECKER, SARAH                          OH-3-3-223
DECKERT, JACOB                         OH-3-2-63
DEENE, JOHN J.                         OH-3-7-532, 542
DEHAVEN, ABRAM                         OH-3-2-166
DEHAVEN,  NATHAN                       OH-3-1-92
DELANCY, SAMUEL B.                     OH-3-14-253
DELENO, ORIN                           OH-3-1-94
DEMOSS, HENRIETTA                      OH-3-14-105
DEMOSS, MARCUS                         OH-3-8-54, 58
DERENBERGER, MICHAEL                   OH-3-5-7
DERR, PHILIP                           OH-3-6-408
DERR, VALENTINE                        OH-3-9-123
DERR, VALENTINE                        OH-3-8-520, 525
DERRENBERGER, MICHAEL                  OH-3-15-356
DERROW, MALINDA                        OH-3-15-139
DESENBERG, MARY                        OH-3-2-232
DESENBERG, PETER                       OH-3-1-105
DESENBERY, PETER                       OH-3-3-406
DESHANG, ANNA D.                       OH-3-6-489
DETE, JOHN B.                          OH-3-10-476
DEVAULT, THOMAS                        OH-3-4-185
DEVOR, MARY A.                         OH-3-7-428, 432
DEWALT, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-4-363
DEYARMON, CAROLINE ELIZA               OH-3-9-176
DICK, CHRISTIAN                        OH-3-2-300
DICKASON, BENJAMIN F.                  OH-3-11-94
DICKEY, ELIAS                          OH-3-2-259
DICKSON, HENRY                         OH-3-1-425
DIETRICH, JOHN                         OH-3-3-11
DIETRICK, SOPHIA                       OH-3-4-373
DIFFENDORFER, FRANK                    OH-3-10-126
DILGARD, JACOB                         OH-3-5-84
DILGARD, NATHAN                        OH-3-2-299
DILLIER, DAVID                         OH-3-4-344
DILLIER, HENRY                         OH-3-6-536
DINSMORE, GRIZZELL                     OH-3-5-76
DIRLAM, MARTIN                         OH-3-5-141
DIRLAM, MELVINA                        OH-3-9-480
DISHONG, SENETH                        OH-3-5-31
DIXON, MARY                            OH-3-5-351
DOBBS, THOMAS S.                       OH-3-5-334
DONAHEY, JANE R.                       OH-3-2-187
DONAHEY, WILLIAM                       OH-3-2-111
DONLEY, SARAH A.                       OH-3-4-496
DONLEY, THOMAS                         OH-3-3-76
DONNELLY, JOHN                         OH-3-4-8
DORCAS, WILLIAM                        OH-3-12-435
DORLAND, ELIZABETH E.                  OH-3-15-579
DOTY, ALEXANDER                        OH-3-14-35
DOTY, DANIEL                           OH-3-4-404
DOTY, JOSEPH                           OH-3-5-261
DOVE, RICHARD SR.                      OH-3-12-541
DOW, PHILETUS                          OH-3-15-24
DOWLEY, MARTHA                         OH-3-14-539
DOWNS, GEORGE                          OH-3-6-285
DRAKE, CHESTER                         OH-3-3-330
DRAKE, SUSAN                           OH-3-4-65
DRESSLER, NATHANIEL B.                 OH-3-10-11
DRESSLER, NATHANIEL B.                 OH-3-10-173
DRESSLER, NATHANIEL B.                 OH-3-10-11
DROWN, LEWIS L.                        OH-3-11-73
DRUMB, ANDREW                          OH-3-2-106
DRUMB, URIAH                           OH-3-1-395
DUNCAN, ANNA S.                        OH-3-8-324, 328
DUNLAP, JAMES                          OH-3-9-71
DUNLAP, THOMAS                         OH-3-1-178
EATON, EMILY A.                        OH-3-12-65
EATON, PHILETUS                        OH-3-5-354
EBERT, JOSEPH                          OH-3-5-69
EBY, FANNY                             OH-3-6-139
EBY, JOHN                              OH-3-6-345
EBY, SAMUEL P.                         OH-3-14-156
ECKER, ABRAHAM                         OH-3-2-47
ECKERT, LUCY                           OH-3-15-342
ECKIS, JOSEPH                          OH-3-2-164
EDDY, LYDIA JANE                       OH-3-4-561
EDGER, JAMES                           OH-3-4-553
EDGER, JAMES                           OH-3-5-406
EHINIGER, JOHN N.                      OH-3-14-296
EICHELBARGER, ADAM                     OH-3-5-367
EICHELBERGER, JACOB                    OH-3-15-265
EICHELBERGER, SIMON                    OH-3-14-65
EICHER, SAMUEL                         OH-3-15-461
EIGHINGER, BENJAMIN                    OH-3-3-306
EIGHINGER, ELIZABETH                   OH-3-8-26
EIGHINGER, FREDERICK                   OH-3-2-342
EIGHINGER, MARGARET                    OH-3-5-15
EIGHINGER, PHILLIP                     OH-3-2-509
EKEY, ANDREW                           OH-3-5-252
EKEY, JAMES T.                         OH-3-15-516
EKEY, ZEPHANIAH                        OH-3-12-5
ELLIOTT, SARAH                         OH-3-2-431
ELY, CAROLINE                          OH-3-2-609
EMERICK, GEORGE W.                     OH-3-11-284
EMERICK, GEORGE W.                     OH-3-12-29
EMERICK, JACOB                         OH-3-2-293
EMERSON, WINIFRED                      OH-3-6-248
EMERY, GEORGE                          OH-3-9-170
EMERY, MARY A.                         OH-3-15-375
EMICK, ADAM                            OH-3-9-118
EMMENS, HUGH                           OH-3-1-350
EMMINGER, G. W.                        OH-3-7-35
EMMONS, BENJAMIN                       OH-3-1-247
EMMONS, EVA                            OH-3-11-559
EMMONS, ISAAC                          OH-3-5-456
EMRICK, MARY                           OH-3-1-293
ENDINGER, BARBARY                      OH-3-4-567
ENGLE, CHARLES F.                      OH-3-8-513, 537
ENSIGN, CAROLINE                       OH-3-6-145
ENSMINGER, GEORGE                      OH-3-4-275
EPPLER, CHARLES F.                     OH-3-3-423
EPPLER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-3-15-293
ERWIN, JAMES                           OH-3-3-79
ESBENSHADE, A. L.                      OH-3-12-524
EVANS, ELLEN JANE                      OH-3-5-54
EVANS, SAMUEL H.                       OH-3-8-42, 279
EWALT, JOHN                            OH-3-1-64
EWALT, MARGARET                        OH-3-4-174
EWALT, WILLIAM                         OH-3-4-508
EWING, EMMA                            OH-3-12-564
EWING, GEORGE                          OH-3-2-479
EWING, JAMES                           OH-3-8-224
EWING, JOHN                            OH-3-2-158
EWING, SAMUEL                          OH-3-6-135
EWING, WILLIAM                         OH-3-3-270
EWING, WILLIAM                         OH-3-3-274
FACKLER, JOSEPH                        OH-3-4-394
FARNSWORTH, LEVI                       OH-3-3-212
FAST, ANNA BARBARA                     OH-3-1-399
FAST, ELI R.                           OH-3-2-95
FAST, JACKSON                          OH-3-11-216
FAST, JACOB                            OH-3-3-320
FAST, JACOB SR.                        OH-3-10-537
FAST, JACOB SR.                        OH-3-10-537
FAST, MARTIN M.                        OH-3-4-73
FAST, MARTIN V.                        OH-3-7-46
FAST, WILLIAM                          OH-3-4-119
FEAKINS, HENRY                         OH-3-2-15
FEANSUE, JOSEPH                        OH-3-1-233
FELS, JOHN J.                          OH-3-8-362
FERRELL, JOHN P.                       OH-3-2-362
FERRELL, SUSAN N.                      OH-3-8-334
FERRELL, WILLIAM                       OH-3-5-239
FERRIS, PHILETUS                       OH-3-5-21
FERRIS, SAMUEL                         OH-3-5-92
FIGLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-3-2-60
FIKE, ANN                              OH-3-5-387
FIKE, DAVID                            OH-3-2-273
FIKE, ELIZABETH                        OH-3-5-505
FINGER, EMANUEL                        OH-3-6-78
FINGER, MARY J.                        OH-3-6-171
FINKLE, ANN                            OH-3-14-342
FINLEY, DORA                           OH-3-14-561
FINLEY, J. A.                          OH-3-14-220
FINLEY, JOHN                           OH-3-2-319
FISHER, DAVID                          OH-3-4-423
FISHER, MARY                           OH-3-9-11
FISHER, PAUL                           OH-3-4-433
FISHER, SYLVESTER                      OH-3-4-68
FLACK, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-6-211
FLACK, JANE                            OH-3-5-475
FLAHARTY, TIMOTHY                      OH-3-5-146
FLAKE, JACOB                           OH-3-4-306
FLICK, OLIVER J.                       OH-3-10-323
FLUKE, JOHN                            OH-3-14-72
FORBES, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-4-573
FORBIS, WILLIAM                        OH-3-2-51
FORD, ELIAS                            OH-3-3-288
FORD, ELIAS                            OH-3-13-39
FORD, JOHN M.                          OH-3-11-85
FORD, JOSHUA                           OH-3-4-224
FORD, RACHEL A.                        OH-3-11-89
FORD, RUTH                             OH-3-8-588
FOSTER, JOHN                           OH-3-2-438
FOX, CONRAD                            OH-3-14-411
FOX, DAVID                             OH-3-4-94
FOX, DAVID                             OH-3-4-90
FOX, ELLEN MARY                        OH-3-10-146
FOX, FREDERICK                         OH-3-6-118
FRANGKISER, MICHAEL                    OH-3-11-374
FRANK, FREDERICK                       OH-3-7-524, 531
FRANKS, FRANCIS ANN                    OH-3-5-90
FRANKS, ORRIN G.                       OH-3-5-105
FRANKS, WILLIAM                        OH-3-3-473
FRANTZ, GEORGE                         OH-3-3-12
FRAZEE, JOHN                           OH-3-5-300
FRAZEE, MARY                           OH-3-14-109
FRAZEE, NANCY S.                       OH-3-14-345
FREDO, HENRY                           OH-3-12-281
FREEBORN, JOHN SR.                     OH-3-2-487
FREER, FRANCIS JONAS                   OH-3-13-266
FREER, MARY F.                         OH-3-8-459
FREER, MARY F.                         OH-3-7-261
FREER, R. D.                           OH-3-4-307
FREESE, JACOB                          OH-3-4-284
FRESHWATER, CHLOE                      OH-3-5-572
FRESHWATER, NANCY                      OH-3-9-159
FREY, MARIA K.                         OH-3-6-328
FREYMAN, EZRA                          OH-3-9-390
FRIDLINE, CONRAD                       OH-3-3-55
FRISKNY, JOHN                          OH-3-5-314
FRITZ, PETER                           OH-3-3-68
FRIZZEL, ADAM S.                       OH-3-7-318, 339
FRIZZLE, ELMORE                        OH-3-5-564
FRY, CATHARINE                         OH-3-2-295
FRY, G. V. SR.                         OH-3-3-541
FRY, MARY A.                           OH-3-11-537
FRY,C ATHERINE                         OH-3-4-294
FUCKS, KONRAD                          OH-3-3-166
FULKERSON, J. F.                       OH-3-5-331
FULLER, SARAH                          OH-3-4-217
FULMER, GEORGE ANDREW                  OH-3-12-570
FULMER, JACOB                          OH-3-12-350
FULTON, MARGARET                       OH-3-5-429
FULTON, ROBERT                         OH-3-5-570
FULTON, SAMUEL                         OH-3-2-450
FUNK, CATHARINE                        OH-3-7-101
FUNK, JOSEPH A.                        OH-3-10-68
FUNK, ZENAS                            OH-3-14-212
GABLE, WILLIAM                         OH-3-1-319
GALE, SARAH M.                         OH-3-2-331
GALE, SIMEON G.                        OH-3-3-268
GALLOWAY, JANE                         OH-3-6-256
GALLOWAY, JOHN                         OH-3-1-403
GALLOWAY, JOSEPH W.                    OH-3-9-421
GALLOWAY, THOMAS                       OH-3-3-531
GALLOWAY, WILLIAM                      OH-3-4-17
GAMBLE, HENRY                          OH-3-2-130
GARDNER, ISAAC                         OH-3-3-63
GARDNER, JACOB SR.                     OH-3-3-40
GARN, ADAM                             OH-3-2-552
GARN, JACOB                            OH-3-1-61
GARN, JOHN                             OH-3-5-245
GARRET, SAMUEL                         OH-3-2-475
GARRETT, ELIZA A.                      OH-3-5-411
GARRETT, EZEKIEL                       OH-3-3-203
GARRETT, EZRA T.                       OH-3-14-55
GARRETT, WILLIAM                       OH-3-4-512
GARST, JOHN                            OH-3-8-576
GARVER, DAVID WESLEY                   OH-3-14-515
GATES, G. W.                           OH-3-8-155
GATES, SUSAN                           OH-3-8-447
GAULT, ALEXANDER                       OH-3-6-579
GAULT, JOHN                            OH-3-7-113
GAULT, LEVI                            OH-3-9-45
GEBHART, ELIZA                         OH-3-14-325
GEIER, JOHN                            OH-3-5-402
GEORGE, JAMES                          OH-3-1-202
GETZ, JOHN                             OH-3-9-197
GIBB, MARY                             OH-3-8-12
GIBSON, MARGARET                       OH-3-6-533
GIBSON, REBECCA                        OH-3-3-402
GIER, BARBARA                          OH-3-15-86
GIERHART, OLIVER M.                    OH-3-14-62
GIFFIN, J. W.                          OH-3-14-86
GIFFIN, MARGARET                       OH-3-14-376
GILBERT, HENRY                         OH-3-6-394
GILMOUR, RICHARD (BISHOP)              OH-3-5-325
GIRKEY, GEORGE                         OH-3-2-91
GLADDEN, JAMES                         OH-3-2-199
GLADDEN, RASELLAS Y.                   OH-3-5-432
GLASGO, JOSEPHUS S.                    OH-3-5-197
GLASS, CATHARINE                       OH-3-15-136
GLASS, CURTIS S.                       OH-3-10-237
GLASS, REASON B.                       OH-3-5-163
GLASS, REASON B.                       OH-3-5-309
GLASS, SAMUEL                          OH-3-7-161
GLEEM, JOHN                            OH-3-1-191
GLENN, ELIZABTH                        OH-3-13-153
GLENN, SARAH                           OH-3-2-336
GLENN, THOMAS                          OH-3-7-155
GLESSNER, PHILIP                       OH-3-5-19
GLOYD, ELEANOR                         OH-3-4-302
GOARD, CLARA F.                        OH-3-8-48
GOARD, WILLIAM                         OH-3-4-10
GOLL, GEORGE                           OH-3-15-322
GONGWER, JOHN                          OH-3-6-184
GONGWER, PETER                         OH-3-3-229
GONGWER, PHILLIP                       OH-3-3-505
GOOD, D. B.                            OH-3-11-458
GOOD, GEORGE S.                        OH-3-2-186
GOODFELLOW, WILLIAM                    OH-3-2-264
GOODWIN, DAVID                         OH-3-1-138
GOODYEAR, WILLIAM                      OH-3-12-427
GOON,C HRISTIAN                        OH-3-4-251
GORDEN, JOHN                           OH-3-4-70
GORDON, ALEXANDER                      OH-3-4-85
GORDON, D. O.                          OH-3-15-83
GORDON, ISABELL                        OH-3-5-98
GORDON, WILLIAM                        OH-3-3-70
GORGAS, SARAH E.                       OH-3-5-488
GORHA, HEZEKIAH                        OH-3-3-326
GORHAM, CHARITY                        OH-3-5-33
GORHAM, JANE L.                        OH-3-12-453
GORHAM, RALPH H.                       OH-3-3-284
GORRALL, ELIZABETH ANN                 OH-3-3-218
GORZ, FREDERICKA                       OH-3-8-72
GOUDY, WILLIAM                         OH-3-1-7
GOULD, AMOS                            OH-3-2-465
GOULD, LUTHER                          OH-3-5-237
GOULD, MARY                            OH-3-4-570
GOULD, POLLY                           OH-3-4-413
GRABELL, JOHN S.                       OH-3-4-499
GRABER, NANCY                          OH-3-4-583
GRABILL, JOHN                          OH-3-1-173
GRAEFF, WILLIAM                        OH-3-3-315
GRAFTON, CASSANDER                     OH-3-1-225
GRAHAM, AMELIA                         OH-3-3-58
GRAHAM, SAMUEL                         OH-3-2-445
GRAY, D. B.                            OH-3-5-465
GRAY, WILLIAM                          OH-3-4-11
GREELEY, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-11-464
GREEN, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-14-577
GREEN, JOHN                            OH-3-5-330
GREEN, NANCY A.                        OH-3-4-93
GREENLEE, JOHN                         OH-3-3-444
GREGG, GEORGE                          OH-3-15-369
GREGG, JAMES                           OH-3-4-541
GREGG, JAMES                           OH-3-1-266
GREGG, SAMUEL                          OH-3-2-413
GREGG, SAMUEL                          OH-3-5-255
GREGG, WILLIAM                         OH-3-1-132
GREINER, ELISABETH                     OH-3-2-561
GREITZINGER, JOHN                      OH-3-6-570
GREITZINGER, LOUISA                    OH-3-6-570
GRESHNER, CAROLINE                     OH-3-15-361
GRIBBEN, JAMES                         OH-3-2-332
GRIBEN, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-2-108
GRIFFITH, SOPHIA JANE                  OH-3-4-491
GRINDLE, GEORGE                        OH-3-3-1
GRINNOLD, JAMES                        OH-3-5-25
GRINNOLD, SARAH                        OH-3-6-514
GROFF, JOHN                            OH-3-4-140
GROSH, MARTHA                          OH-3-14-462
GROSSCUP, PAUL                         OH-3-2-529
GRUBB, JACOB H.                        OH-3-3-517
GRUNEWALD, HENRY                       OH-3-11-94
GRUVER, SAMUEL                         OH-3-2-287
GUENTHER, MICHAEL                      OH-3-3-412
GUIER, JOHN                            OH-3-2-19
GUINNER, JOHN                          OH-3-4-523
GUNTHER, GEORGE                        OH-3-2-192
GURKEY, MARGARET J.                    OH-3-11-332
GUTH, AUGUSTA                          OH-3-14-423
GUTH, DIEBOLD                          OH-3-10-78
GUTHRIE, ELLEN                         OH-3-7-468, 474
GUTHRIE, GEORGE                        OH-3-4-239
GUTHRIE, LEWIS                         OH-3-7-566, 573
GUTHRIE, ORLANDO E.                    OH-3-14-368
GWINNER, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-11-319

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