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Column One: Name of Testator
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HADENBROOK, JOHN                       OH-3-4-121
HAHN, CHARLES                          OH-3-5-555
HALDERMAN, HANNAH                      OH-3-15-117
HALL, ALFRED                           OH-3-4-421
HALL, CHARLES                          OH-3-7-375
HALL, DAVID R.                         OH-3-9-138
HAMILTON, ISABELLA                     OH-3-4-397
HAMMOND, JANE                          OH-3-3-474
HAMMOND, JOHN                          OH-3-2-607
HAMMOND, NATHANIEL                     OH-3-1-455
HANAWALT, HENRY                        OH-3-2-70
HANAWALT, MARY                         OH-3-2-436
HANKINSON, GEORGE S.                   OH-3-11-312
HANSMAN, CONRAD                        OH-3-4-558
HANSMAN, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-5-362
HARBAUGH, GEORGE                       OH-3-3-585
HARGRAVE, RICHARD                      OH-3-2-414
HARKNESS, SAMANTHA                     OH-3-4-526
HARLAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-11-228
HARLAN, RACHEL                         OH-3-9-373
HARLEY, JOHN                           OH-3-5-205
HARMAN, SIMSON                         OH-3-1-204
HARNER, MAGDALENA                      OH-3-1-450
HARPER, JOHN                           OH-3-4-51
HARPER, JOHN W.                        OH-3-11-118
HARPSTER, GEORGE                       OH-3-4-283
HARRIS, RACHEL                         OH-3-4-473
HARROW, MARY O.                        OH-3-2-478
HARRY, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-5-557
HART, ANN                              OH-3-3-486
HART, ANNA                             OH-3-12-259
HART, DAVID                            OH-3-3-146
HART, ELIJAH                           OH-3-6-25
HART, LOVINA                           OH-3-11-483
HART, MARGARETT A.                     OH-3-3-571
HART, MATTIE E.                        OH-3-3-325
HART, SAMUEL                           OH-3-7-544, 551
HARTMAN, DAVID                         OH-3-1-391
HARTMAN, ELIZA                         OH-3-9-131
HARTMAN, HENRY                         OH-3-3-119
HARTMAN, JACOB                         OH-3-4-539
HARTMAN, JOHN                          OH-3-3-201
HARTMAN, KATIE                         OH-3-5-477
HARVEY, CATHARINE                      OH-3-6-575
HARVEY, J. W.                          OH-3-14-319
HARVNOT, E. N.                         OH-3-10-02
HASKALL, NATHANIEL                     OH-3-3-113
HASKEL, HETTY A.                       OH-3-1-394
HASKELL, GEORGE C.                     OH-3-3-347
HASSINGER, ELIZABETH                   OH-3-3-210
HASTLER, MARY                          OH-3-9-386
HATFIELD, CYRUS                        OH-3-13-100
HAWKS, GEORGE                          OH-3-2-93
HAWKS, JAMES                           OH-3-7-10
HAWKS, JOHN                            OH-3-10-376
HAWKS, MATTIE                          OH-3-6-362
HAWOT, ISAAC                           OH-3-3-411
HAWOT, ISAAC                           OH-3-3-411
HAY, MICHAEL                           OH-3-2-255
HAYES, JESSE                           OH-3-3-278
HAYS, MARY                             OH-3-2-11
HAYS, NANCY                            OH-3-4-559
HAZLET, JOHN                           OH-3-2-137
HEARST, JOHN                           OH-3-2-466
HEFFELFINGER, MARY                     OH-3-5-422
HEFFELFINGER, SARAH                    OH-3-14-455
HEICHEL, JOHN                          OH-3-14-58
HEIFFNER, HENRY                        OH-3-2-497
HEIFNER, DAVID                         OH-3-5-243
HEIFNER, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-5-469
HEIFNER, JOHN S.                       OH-3-5-131
HEIFNER, SARAH                         OH-3-10-140
HEITZ, BARBARA                         OH-3-3-337
HELBERT, CATHARINE                     OH-3-5-392
HELBERT, EDMUND                        OH-3-14-184
HELBERT, HENRY                         OH-3-12-190
HELBERT, MICHAEL                       OH-3-12-37
HELBERT, ROSELLA R.                    OH-3-15-491
HELMAN, E. E.                          OH-3-3-500
HELMAN, GEORGE                         OH-3-5-364
HELMAN, HARMAN W.                      OH-3-1-252
HELTMAN, ANDREW                        OH-3-8-424
HELTMEN, WILLIAM G.                    OH-3-14-6
HENDERSON, DAVID                       OH-3-3-167
HENDERSON, JAMES E.                    OH-3-3-556
HENDERSON, MARY                        OH-3-4-144
HENDERSON, MARY A.                     OH-3-14-102
HENRY, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-11-49
HENRY, SAMUEL W.                       OH-3-7-72
HERRING, MARGARET E.                   OH-3-15-478
HERSCHLER, CHRISTENIE                  OH-3-8-419
HERSCHLER, CHRISTIAN                   OH-3-4-504
HERSCHLER, EMILY C                     OH-3-14-135
HERSCHLER, JOHN                        OH-3-14-477
HERSCHLER, MARY                        OH-3-11-101
HERSHEY, BENJAMIN                      OH-3-3-182
HERSHEY, BYRON                         OH-3-14-591
HERSHEY, JACOB                         OH-3-6-98
HERVEY, JOHN                           OH-3-3-568
HESS, CHRISTIAN SR.                    OH-3-7-91
HETZLER, FREDERICK                     OH-3-4-466
HEYD, PHILIP H.                        OH-3-3-98
HIBBARD, ANNA                          OH-3-1-90
HILDEBRAND, BARBARA                    OH-3-14-565
HILELERGERD, ELIZABETH                 OH-3-6-423
HILEMAN, JAMES D.                      OH-3-4-379
HILKEY, GEORGE                         OH-3-1-189
HILL, ELIZABETH                        OH-3-3-434
HILL, EMILY                            OH-3-4-109
HILL, GEORGE W.                        OH-3-4-338
HILL, JOSEPH                           OH-3-4-355
HILL, RACHEL                           OH-3-6-297
HILL, REUBEN                           OH-3-3-188
HILLER, JACOB                          OH-3-5-87
HILLER, JACOB                          OH-3-3-149
HILTEBRAND, EPHRAIM                    OH-3-6-215
HINER, MARTIN                          OH-3-5-281
HINES, DOROTHY (DOLLY0                 OH-3-10-343
HINKLE, HENRY                          OH-3-2-13
HINKLE, HENRY                          OH-3-4-568
HIPP, GEORGE F.                        OH-3-12-503
HIRSCHLER, HENRY                       OH-3-4-114
HISSEM, JESSE R.                       OH-3-10-272
HISSEM, MARY L.                        OH-3-8-255
HISSEM, WILLIAM                        OH-3-6-224
HITTERBRANT, PETER                     OH-3-2-338
HOLBEN, HATTIE                         OH-3-6-352
HOLBROOK, ADALINE V.                   OH-3-13-91
HOLBROOK, BERNARD                      OH-3-4-422
HOLBROOK, H. F.                        OH-3-8-66
HOLLER, JACOB                          OH-3-3-533
HOLTSBERG, GEORGE                      OH-3-1-472
HOMAN, ANDREW                          OH-3-14-5
HONEBERGER, GEORGE                     OH-3-10-29
HONEBERGER, GEORGE                     OH-3-10-29
HOOVER, DANIEL                         OH-3-4-72
HOOVER, HENRY                          OH-3-4-277
HOOVER, PHILIP                         OH-3-3-463
HORN, JACOB                            OH-3-5-109
HORN, JOHN                             OH-3-2-118
HORN, MARY                             OH-3-4-172
HORN, SAMUEL                           OH-3-6-392
HORNBERGER, AGNES A.                   OH-3-15-156
HORNING, ROBERT K.                     OH-3-10-50
HORSTMANN, IGNATIUS F.                 OH-3-10-192
HOSLER, MARGARET                       OH-3-11-149
HOSSLER, MARGARET                      OH-3-9-573
HOSSLER, WILIAM B.                     OH-3-10-219
HOSTLER, MARIAH                        OH-3-4-34
HOUCK, SOLOME                          OH-3-3-549
HOUGH, JOHN                            OH-3-2-135
HOUSEHOLDER, ANDREW                    OH-3-2-198
HOUSEHOLDER, LEVI                      OH-3-6-197
HOUSEMAN, FREDERICK                    OH-3-4-146
HOUSER, GEORGE                         OH-3-3-45
HOUSER, GEORGE                         OH-3-3-45
HOWARD, SARAH                          OH-3-1-322
HOWE, GILBERT J.                       OH-3-8-5
HOWMAN, MARY J.                        OH-3-14-383
HOWSER, DAVID                          OH-3-3-198
HOY, CHARLES                           OH-3-2-468
HOY, DAWSON                            OH-3-3-169
HOY, MARY                              OH-3-3-109
HUBBARD, E. B.                         OH-3-5-585
HUBLER, JOHN                           OH-3-6-278
HUFF, PETER                            OH-3-4-102
HUFFMAN, ABRAHAM                       OH-3-2-78
HUFFMAN, BENJAMIN                      OH-3-4-132
HUFFMAN, BENJAMIN C.                   OH-3-3-91
HUFFMAN, DANIEL                        OH-3-3-421
HUFFMAN, SUSANNAH C.                   OH-3-4-19
HUFFNER, JOSEPH                        OH-3-8-270
HUGHES, MARTHA A.                      OH-3-6-548
HUGHS, WILLIAM                         OH-3-4-14
HULL, AMANDA B.                        OH-3-15-168
HUMM, GEORGE                           OH-3-4-353
HUMPHREY, SENA                         OH-3-1-352
HUNTER, GEORGE                         OH-3-5-541
HUSTON, SAMUEL                         OH-3-2-393
HUSTON, UCINDA                         OH-3-11-547
HUTCHINSON, JAMES D.                   OH-3-5-553
HUTCHISON, ALEXANDER                   OH-3-1-153
HUTCHISON, ANNA R.                     OH-3-9-441
ILGER, WILLIAM                         OH-3-5-450
IMHOFF, HENRY T.                       OH-3-15-92
IMHOFF, PETER                          OH-3-5-543
INGMAND, WILLIAM                       OH-3-13-255
INGRAHAM, MARTHA                       OH-3-6-209
IRVIN, MELZAR                          OH-3-14-386
IRVIN, WILLIAM                         OH-3-3-543
IRVIN, WILLIAM                         OH-3-11-530
ISAMAN, JACOB                          OH-3-3-459
JACKMAN, HENRY                         -311
JACKMAN, MARY                          OH-3-3-570
JACKMAN, MARY A.                       OH-3-15-563
JACKMAN, RICHARD                       OH-3-2-329
JACKSON, ANDREW                        OH-3-4-214
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-4-317
JACKSON, MARIA                         OH-3-14-471
JACOBS, DAVID                          OH-3-13-166
JACOBY, JOHN                           OH-3-5-438
JAMESON, A. F.                         OH-3-10-262
JAMISON, ABBY                          OH-3-6-315
JARVIS, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-6-386
JARVIS, JAMES                          OH-3-9-519
JARVIS, JAMES C.                       OH-3-6-35
JARVIS, WILLIAM                        OH-3-3-322
JEFFERIES, JOSEPHINE                   OH-3-15-458
JEFFRIES, JOHN                         OH-3-3-418
JENKINS, LUKIN                         OH-3-7-24
JENKINS, SARAH                         OH-3-2-515
JENNINGS, ELIZABETH                    OH-3-2-14
JENNINGS, J. O.                        OH-3-11-420
JESSON, WILLIAM                        OH-3-3-80
JOHNSON, A. B.                         OH-3-4-105
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                       OH-3-2-360
JOHNSON, ARMINDA                       OH-3-9-531
JOHNSON, H. A.                         OH-3-12-469
JOHNSON, JAMES                         OH-3-6-176
JOHNSON, JAMES                         OH-3-2-597
JOHNSON, JOHN                          OH-3-5-430
JOHNSON, MILTON                        OH-3-10-416
JOHNSON, NANCY                         OH-3-8-496
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        OH-3-1-251
JOHNSON, URIAH                         OH-3-1-107
JOLLIFF, ISAIAH                        OH-3-8-20
JONES, BARBARA                         OH-3-13-8
JONES, CATHARINE                       OH-3-5-503
JONES, FREDERICK                       OH-3-5-117
JONES, J. D.                           OH-3-6-332
JONES, JOHN P.                         OH-3-15-145
JONES, JOHN W.                         OH-3-14-283
JONES, JOSEPH                          OH-3-4-221
JONES, MALINDA                         OH-3-7-311, 338
JONES, MARTHA C.                       OH-3-11-347
JONES, SAMUEL R.                       OH-3-11-170
JORDAN, CATHARINE                      OH-3-2-334
JORDAN, MARGARET                       OH-3-11-18
KAGEY, ANN L.                          OH-3-9-279
KAGEY, ISAAC                           OH-3-15-471
KAHL, CATHARINE                        OH-3-5-509
KAHL, JOHN                             OH-3-2-194
KAHL, JONATHAN                         OH-3-8-583
KAHL, SOLOMON                          OH-3-5-420
KAHL, WILLIAM                          OH-3-5-294
KANE, PETER                            OH-3-2-388
KARNAHAN, CATHARINE                    OH-3-5-248
KART, JACOB                            OH-3-4-273
KAUFFMAN, DANIEL                       OH-3-5-233
KAUFFMAN, JACOB J.                     OH-3-8-549
KAUFFMAN, JOHN                         OH-3-1-281
KAUFMAN, EVE                           OH-3-3-354
KEARNS, JOSEPH                         OH-3-2-310
KEARNS, SARAH                          OH-3-5-349
KEENER, JAMES                          OH-3-5-441
KEENER, JOHN                           OH-3-4-435
KEENER, SARAH                          OH-3-6-554
KEEVER, AARON T.                       OH-3-7-38
KEFER, JOHN                            OH-3-3-379
KEISTER, GEORGE E.                     OH-3-15-519
KEISTER, SAMUEL                        OH-3-2-565
KELLER, JOHN                           OH-3-4-16
KELLEY, FELIX                          OH-3-1-254
KELLOGG, BURR                          OH-3-2-206
KELLOGG, SARAH A.                      OH-3-3-180
KELSEY, OLNEY                          OH-3-12-342
KENDIG, MARIA                          OH-3-4-253
KENDIG, MARY                           OH-3-6-336
KENDIG, WILLIAM W.                     OH-3-14-551
KENNEDY, SARAH A.                      OH-3-3-266
KENNER, JOSIAH                         OH-3-15-595
KENT, ALBERT                           OH-3-1-333
KERNAHAN, MARTHA M.                    OH-3-2-316
KERR, GEORGE                           OH-3-9-124
KERR, JAMES                            OH-3-5-132
KERR, MARGARET                         OH-3-8-377
KIBLER, GEORGE                         OH-3-2-523
KIBLER, HANNAH                         OH-3-4-371
KICK, JOHN                             OH-3-9-148
KILAVER, JOHN F.                       OH-3-11-150
KILGORE, MYREM                         OH-3-14-303
KILHEFNER, HENRY                       OH-3-7-544, 581
KIMSEY, JOHN                           OH-3-1-265
KINNEY, MATILDA                        OH-3-9-1
KINNEY, PETER                          OH-3-12-95
KIPLINGER, EMANUEL                     OH-3-9-475
KIPLINGER, MARY L.                     OH-3-9-141
KIPLINGER, MICHAEL                     OH-3-3-186
KIPLINGER, R. D.                       OH-3-12-360
KIRK, JOHN                             OH-3-2-220
KIRK, MARY                             OH-3-6-302
KIRKENDALL, ELIZABETH                  OH-3-15-313
KIRKPATRICK, GEORGE                    OH-3-8-491, 512
KIRKWOOD, JABEZ                        OH-3-1-447
KIRSCH, JACOB                          OH-3-4-506
KISSEL, JACOB                          OH-3-12-45
KISSEL, NOAH                           OH-3-2-176
KITCHEN, MOSES                         OH-3-1-79
KITHCART, DEBORAH                      OH-3-8-572
KITHCART, SARAH                        OH-3-2-289
KLANBERG, ISAAC                        OH-3-2-190
KLINE, JOHN                            OH-3-3-525
KNAPP,MICHAEL                          OH-3-7-86
KNAUB, JOHN                            OH-3-3-309
KNOTH, CHARLES                         OH-3-3-202
KOCH, EVA BARBARY                      OH-3-3-364
KOCH, GOTLIEB                          OH-3-6-435
KOLBROOK, A. CLINTON                   OH-3-2-365
KOONS, ANNA                            OH-3-7-204
KOONS, ELVENA F.                       OH-3-4-327
KOONS, MONROE                          OH-3-2-211
KOONS,ANNA                             OH-3-8-347
KOPP, JOHN J.                          OH-3-5-47
KOSHT, LYDIA                           OH-3-4-536
KOSHT, PHILIP                          OH-3-4-296
KOUP, FREDRICK                         OH-3-1-326
KRABIL, SAMUEL                         OH-3-2-536
KRABILL, FREDERICK                     OH-3-1-113
KRAMER, JOHN                           OH-3-5-58
KRAUS, CONRAD                          OH-3-6-154
KREBS, JOHN                            OH-3-3-393
KREHBIEL, JOHANNES                     OH-3-1-173
KREHBIL, JOSEPH                        OH-3-1-16
KREIGER, MICHAEL                       OH-3-8-394
KRICHBAUM, JACOB                       OH-3-7-127
KRICK, PHILLIP                         OH-3-1-120
KUHN, JOHN                             OH-3-2-569
KUNCKEL, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-2-446
KUTZ, JESSE                            OH-3-2-396
KYLE, SAMUEL                           OH-3-1-364
LAIRD, MATTHEW                         OH-3-2-506
LAKE, LAURA J.                         OH-3-3-290
LAND, MARY MATILDA                     OH-3-10-316
LANDIS, HARVEY J.                      OH-3-14-484
LANDON, REBECCA                        OH-3-2-172
LANG, JOHN                             OH-3-8-461
LARWELL, ARTHUR                        OH-3-4-288
LASH, MARGARET                         OH-3-14-165
LASH, WILLIAM                          OH-3-5-587
LATSCHAR, JOHN                         OH-3-3-176
LATSCHER, JACOB                        OH-3-1-304
LATTA, MOSES                           OH-3-3-407
LATTER, SARAH                          OH-3-10-35
LATTER, SARAH                          OH-3-10-35
LAUCKS, G. J.                          OH-3-6-456
LAWBAUGH, LEWIS                        OH-3-12-152
LAWSON, JAMES                          OH-3-2-89
LAWSON, JAMES                          OH-3-8-174
LEACH, GILBERT                         OH-3-1-119
LEE, ELLA J.                           OH-3-10-567
LEE, JAMES                             OH-3-5-64
LEE, JOSIAH                            OH-3-5-17
LEEDY, CATHARINE                       OH-3-2-215
LEHMAN, DANIEL                         OH-3-4-268
LEHMAN, J. A.                          OH-3-12-409
LEHMAN, JACOB B.                       OH-3-4-287
LEIDEGH, SAMUEL                        OH-3-4-59
LEIDIGH, ISAAC                         OH-3-4-108
LEIDIGH, LEVI                          OH-3-9-510
LEISTENSNIDER, HENRY C.                OH-3-14-448
LEMEL, VALENTINE                       OH-3-4-13
LEMMER, JOHN                           OH-3-13-129
LEOPOLD, GERARD G.                     OH-3-5-99
LEVERING, C. A.                        OH-3-14-293
LIKES, JACOB                           OH-3-2-182
LIKES, MARION                          OH-3-12-207
LIMBECK, GEORGE                        OH-3-2-511
LINDSAY, MARY                          OH-3-9-357
LINN, JACOB                            OH-3-7-517, 523
LIPSETT, EDWARD                        OH-3-2-229
LOCKHART, ELIZABETH F.                 OH-3-12-270
LOCKHART, REASON                       OH-3-3-32
LONG, ADAM B.                          OH-3-4-419
LONG, CATHARINE                        OH-3-1-99
LONG, FRANK G.                         OH-3-13-158
LONG, JOHN B.                          OH-3-12-559
LONG, JOHN L.                          OH-3-11-222
LONG, PETER                            OH-3-5-492
LONG, PETER B.                         OH-3-6-442
LONG, SIMEON                           OH-3-3-563
LOWERY, MARGERY                        OH-3-4-549
LUCAS, JACOB                           OH-3-5-259
LUCAS, MARTHA JANE                     OH-3-8-113
LUSK, SAMUEL                           OH-3-4-439
LUTHER, HULBERT                        OH-3-3-528
LUTTS, HANNAH JANE                     OH-3-8-95
LUTZ, JOHN                             OH-3-3-226
LUTZ, JOHN                             OH-3-13-50
LYBARGER, ANDREW J.                    OH-3-5-545
LYBARGER, JACOB                        OH-3-1-117
LYONS, HANNAH                          OH-3-5-213
MACY, ABIGAIL                          OH-3-1-433
MAISER, EVA MARIA                      OH-3-3-373
MAIZE, HENRY                           OH-3-2-275
MAIZE, MARY M.                         OH-3-4-384
MAIZE, NELSON                          OH-3-2-527
MAJOR, ROBERT S.                       OH-3-9-380
MAJOR, SUSAN                           OH-3-14-588
MALCOLM, ALEXANDER                     OH-3-2-160
MALCOLM, WILLIAM                       OH-3-4-4
MANN, ELIOTT                           OH-3-5-519
MANN, GEORGE                           OH-3-2-178
MANN, JOHN P.                          OH-3-2-366
MANSFIELD, MARTIN H.                   OH-3-3-583
MAPES, STEPHEN                         OH-3-9-51
MARIETTA, ELIJAH                       OH-3-3-523
MARIETTA, J. S.                        OH-3-4-265
MARIETTA, JACOB S.                     OH-3-4-563
MARKEL, AARON S.                       OH-3-14-503
MARKEL, E. F.                          OH-3-11-325
MARKEL, ISAIAH F.                      OH-3-5-333
MARKEL, JACOB J.                       OH-3-10-487
MARKEL, MARIA                          OH-3-6-580
MARKEL, SOLOMON                        OH-3-4-255
MARKLEY, AARON                         OH-3-4-161
MARKS, GEORGE                          OH-3-2-116
MARKS, ROBERT                          OH-3-9-165
MARRIETTA, NANCY                       OH-3-5-427
MARSH, ALVA                            OH-3-4-131
MARSHALL, GEORGE                       OH-3-1-241
MARTEEN, GILBERT                       OH-3-3-495
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-1-214
MARTIN, GEORGE SR.                     OH-3-1-468
MARTIN, JACOB                          OH-3-2-458
MARTIN, JOHN                           OH-3-10-101
MARTIN, JOHNSON S.                     OH-3-3-426
MARTIN, JULIA A.                       OH-3-4-263
MARTIN, MARY A.                        OH-3-6-85
MARTIN, PHILIP                         OH-3-4-319
MARTIN, SARAH                          OH-3-8-476, 490
MARTIN, SUSAN                          OH-3-6-384
MARVIN, HIRAM                          OH-3-5-463
MASKS, SARAH                           OH-3-5-235
MASON, ANDREW                          OH-3-4-410
MASON, JOHN                            OH-3-5-277
MASON, JOHN                            OH-3-1-474
MASON, LEWIS H.                        OH-3-10-508
MASON, MARTIN R.                       OH-3-5-272
MASON, MARY J.                         OH-3-10-358
MASTERS, EVA ANN                       OH-3-8-59
MASTERS, ISAAC                         OH-3-6-235
MASTERS, MARY                          OH-3-8-164, 167
MASTERS, NICKOLAS                      OH-3-5-285
MATHEWS, JOSEPH E.                     OH-3-14-390
MATTHEWS, CHESTER                      OH-3-6-69
MAURER, HANNAH E.                      OH-3-9-259
MAURER, MARY A.                        OH-3-14-14
MAURER, PHOEBE A.                      OH-3-9-264
MAURER, SAMUEL                         OH-3-9-332
MAY, MICHAEL                           OH-3-6-14
MCADOO, RALPH                          OH-3-11-491
MCBRIDE, ARTELISSA                     OH-3-9-418
MCBRIDE, FRANK                         OH-3-5-210
MCBRIDE, RACHEL                        OH-3-7-365
MCCARTY, MATILDA                       OH-3-7-149
MCCLAIN, JACOB                         OH-3-3-416
MCCLAIN, JOHN                          OH-3-4-242
MCCLAIN, SAMUEL                        OH-3-4-349
MCCLAIN, WILLIAM                       OH-3-10-258
MCCLAY, MARGARET                       OH-3-11-258
MCCLELLAN, LYDIA                       OH-3-9-269
MCCLELLEN, JANE                        OH-3-1-279
MCCLINTOCK, SUSAN                      OH-3-5-409
MCCLURE, ROBERT                        OH-3-3-263
MCCONNELL, DAVID                       OH-3-6-179
MCCRARY, DAVID                         OH-3-1-128
MCCRAY, JOHN T.                        OH-3-5-525
MCCRAY, REBECCA                        OH-3-6-129
MCCREADY, CHARLES                      OH-3-3-164
MCCUEN, MARY JANE                      OH-3-3-294
MCCUEN, WILLIAM                        OH-3-2-139
MCCULLOUGH, MARY                       OH-3-1-243
MCCUTCHEN, WILLIAM                     OH-3-2-1
MCCUTCHEON, MARY ANN                   OH-3-5-482
MCDANIEL, SOPHRONIA                    OH-3-8-105
MCDONALD, D. J.                        OH-3-9-365
MCDONALD, DANIEL                       OH-3-3-328
MCDONALD, MARY                         OH-3-9-561
MCDONALD, URIAH                        OH-3-9-553
MCDOWELL, JOHN W.                      OH-3-3-239
MCELVAINE, CRISTIANN                   OH-3-3-409
MCFADDEN, ALFRED                       OH-3-10-454
MCFADDEN, EDWARD                       OH-3-4-2
MCFADDEN, JAMES                        OH-3-3-501
MCFADDEN, JOHN                         OH-3-3-471
MCFADDEN, JOHN                         OH-3-2-76
MCFADDEN, MARGARET                     OH-3-6-105
MCFADDEN, SARAH                        OH-3-4-163
MCGEE, MARY                            OH-3-7-383
MCGRATH, WILLIAM                       OH-3-3-234
MCGUIRE, HUGH                          OH-3-2-462
MCGUIRE, JANE                          OH-3-2-6
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                        OH-3-1-162
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                        OH-3-5-528
MCGUIRE, WILLIS                        OH-3-14-128
MCGUIRE,MARY                           OH-3-11-66
MCGWIRE, BENJAMIN                      OH-3-6-447
MCHOSE, MARTIN A.                      OH-3-3-362
MCILVAIN, CHRISTAIN                    OH-3-3-368
MCILVAIN, J. M.                        OH-3-6-318
MCILVAINE, WILLIAM                     OH-3-5-222
MCKEE, MARY A.                         OH-3-15-54
MCKIBBEN, ANGER B.                     OH-3-11-160
MCKIBBEN, MARTHA BELL                  OH-3-3-17
MCKIBBEN, ROBERT                       OH-3-4-300
MCKINLEY, JAMES                        OH-3-14-434
MCKINLEY, MARIAH                       OH-3-11-186
MCKINLEY, MATILDA                      OH-3-13-259
MCKINLEY, NANCY                        OH-3-11-178
MCKINLEY, SAMUEL                       OH-3-2-481
MCKINLEY, THOMAS                       OH-3-3-304
MCKINSEY, JAMES                        OH-3-1-215
MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT                     OH-3-3-438
MCLEAN, JOHN                           OH-3-1-83
MCLUILLIN, EFFIE                       OH-3-14-594
MCMELLIN, MARGARET                     OH-3-6-360
MCMURRY, ROBERT                        OH-3-4-479
MCNABB, CHARITY                        OH-3-8-538
MCNAUL, WILLIAM                        OH-3-6-316
MCNBABB, JOHN                          OH-3-2-67
MCNEAL, LLIAM                          OH-3-3-380
MCNULTY, WILLIAM                       OH-3-5-267
MCQUILLEN, WESLEY                      OH-3-9-338, 351
MCQUILLIN, JOHN                        OH-3-7-246
MCQULLEN, JOHN                         OH-3-4-29
MEANS, S. LUTHER                       OH-3-9-322
MEANS, SAMUEL                          OH-3-4-528
MEDCALF, JOHN                          OH-3-3-479
MEDOWL, WILLIAM                        OH-3-2-213
MELCHING, T. C. AUGUST                 OH-3-3-102
MELHEIM, JOHN                          OH-3-6-222
MENG, PETER                            OH-3-3-66
MENTZER, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-5-147
MERCER, ABNER E.                       OH-3-3-430
MERCER, JACKSON                        OH-3-1-207
MERCER, LEVI                           OH-3-1-148
MERCER, LEVI M.                        OH-3-14-259
MERRIFIELD, LEMUEL                     OH-3-4-63
MERRIFIELD, MILLS                      OH-3-1-171
METCALF, EDWARD                        OH-3-1-338
METCALF, EDWARD JR.                    OH-3-1-366
METCALF, ELIZA                         OH-3-7-13
METCALF, JOHN L.                       OH-3-9-503
METCALF, MARY A.                       OH-3-14-438
METCALF, RACHEL                        OH-3-2-88
METCALF, THOMAS                        OH-3-3-350
METCALF, THOMAS                        OH-3-4-465
METCALF, VACHEL                        OH-3-5-436
MICKIE, GEORG                          OH-3-5-139
MIKHEL, LOUIS                          OH-3-6-334
MILLER, BENJAMIN H.                    OH-3-7-53
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-3-3-134
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-7-347
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-10-161
MILLER, FREDERICK                      OH-3-1-290
MILLER, GILBERT                        OH-3-5-219
MILLER, HENRY                          OH-3-4-445
MILLER, HENRY                          OH-3-1-462
MILLER, HENRY T.                       OH-3-5-458
MILLER, JACOB                          OH-3-9-589
MILLER, JOHN                           OH-3-3-72
MILLER, PARVIN MCCOYD                  OH-3-1-355
MILLER, SARAH                          OH-3-5-4
MILLER, WILLIAM                        OH-3-2-34
MILLIGAN, ALBERT                       OH-3-14-250
MILLIGAN, MARGARET                     OH-3-5-278
MITCHELL, DANIEL                       OH-3-1-151
MIZNER, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-4-564
MNCNAULL, JOHN                         OH-3-2-390
MOATS, JACOB                           OH-3-4-66
MOHERMAN, AUSTIN                       OH-3-6-6
MOHN, SAMUEL F.                        OH-3-13-108
MOLER, LEVI                            OH-3-3-553
MOLTER, PETER W.                       OH-3-13-15
MOODY, MARGARET ANN                    OH-3-4-367
MOODY, SAMUEL                          OH-3-1-427
MOORE, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-7-1
MOORE, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-6-561
MOORE, LOUISE                          OH-3-14-256
MOORE, MARY A.                         OH-3-4-533
MOORES, ANN E.                         OH-3-6-33
MOORES, BELLE                          OH-3-6-556
MOREHART, ESTHER                       OH-3-3-143
MOREHART, JOHN                         OH-3-2-3
MORGAN, CHARLES                        OH-3-5-374
MORR, ANNA                             OH-3-5-86
MORR, DANIEL                           OH-3-2-440
MORR, EMANUEL                          OH-3-3-424
MORR, GEORGE J.                        OH-3-14-372
MORR, JACOB                            OH-3-9-31
MORR, MAY                              OH-3-5-207
MORR, MICHAEL                          OH-3-3-441
MORR, SAMUEL D.                        OH-3-13-204
MORRIS, ALBERT                         OH-3-14-245
MORRIS, ELMYRA                         OH-3-6-208
MORRIS, EMELINE                        OH-3-11-265
MORRIS, HEZEKIAH                       OH-3-4-210
MORRIS, WILSON                         OH-3-11-505
MORRISON, THOMAS                       OH-3-1-146
MOTTER, JONAS                          OH-3-5-1
MOTTER, JONAS                          OH-3-4-577
MOTZ, JOHN F.                          OH-3-3-335
MOUNTAIN, MANASSES                     OH-3-1-368
MOURER, JOHN                           OH-3-3-47
MOWERY, MARY A.                        OH-3-6-501
MOWRER, HENRY                          OH-3-3-399
MOWRY, JACOB                           OH-3-4-361
MOWRY, JACOB                           OH-3-7-433-439
MOYER, JOHN B.                         OH-3-2-352
MUCHLER, JACOB                         OH-3-1-142
MUEHLHEIM, JOHN                        OH-3-7-134
MUHLHEIM, JACOB                        OH-3-14-333
MUMAW, DAVID                           OH-3-14-348
MUNHOLLEN, HENRY                       OH-3-2-250
MUNYER, JOSEPH D.                      OH-3-10-282
MURPHY, ELIZABETH SARAH                OH-3-10-150
MURPHY, MANLIF JR.                     OH-3-4-580
MURPHY, MANLIF SR.                     OH-3-5-256
MURRAY, EDWARD                         OH-3-2-173
MURRAY, ELIZA JANE                     OH-3-7-48
MURRY, WILLIAM                         OH-3-1-261
MUTCHLER, CHARLEY                      OH-3-14-80
MUTCHLER, GEORGE                       OH-3-5-217
MYERS, ABRAHAM                         OH-3-5-404
MYERS, ABRAHAM                         OH-3-14-112
MYERS, BARBARA                         OH-3-5-22
MYERS, DANIEL                          OH-3-9-498
MYERS, EMILY                           OH-3-14-584
MYERS, EMMA J.                         OH-3-13-44
MYERS, JACOB                           OH-3-1-484
MYERS, JOHN                            OH-3-2-549
MYERS, JOSHUA                          OH-3-5-215
MYERS, MARY                            OH-3-2-611
MYERS, REBECCA                         OH-3-5-518
MYERS, W. B.                           OH-3-14-161
MYKRANTZ, C. W.                        OH-3-14-262
MYKRANTZ, JOHN                         OH-3-3-16
MYKRAUTZ, JACOB                        OH-3-4-460
MYRES, JONATHAN                        OH-3-4-272
NAYLOR, CATHARINE                      OH-3-6-306
NAYLOR, JOHN                           OH-3-3-191
NAYLOR, SAMUEL                         OH-3-3-465
NAYLOR, SAMUEL                         OH-3-3-465
NEAS, PETER                            OH-3-1-115
NEFF, MARGARET                         OH-3-4-490
NEFF, MARY E.                          OH-3-5-290
NEIER, CHARLES F.                      OH-3-12-374
NELL, LUCINDA                          OH-3-5-315
NELSON, ALEXANDER                      OH-3-3-310
NELSON, MARGARET                       OH-3-4-25
NELSON, ROBERT                         OH-3-2-605
NEPTUNE, JAMES                         OH-3-14-274
NEWBROUGH, WILLIAM                     OH-3-3-511
NEWBROUGH, WILLIAM                     OH-3-3-511
NEWCOMER, DANIEL                       OH-3-12-170
NEWCOMER, ROLLEN                       OH-3-8-502
NEWKIRK, O. S.                         OH-3-5-579
NEWMAN, ANDREW                         OH-3-2-84
NEWSBAUM, PETER                        OH-3-1-308
NIPPS, HENRY                           OH-3-4-37
NOBLE, ROBERT                          OH-3-3-520
NOEL, CATHARINE                        OH-3-5-394
NOEL, EARL H.                          OH-3-8-82
NORRIS, AMOS                           OH-3-1-75
NORRIS, JOHN                           OH-3-1-10
NORRIS, JOHN                           OH-3-4-165
NORRIS, JOSEPH                         OH-3-5-34
NORRIS, WILLIAM                        OH-3-2-209
NORTH, GEORGE                          OH-3-1-210
O'BRIAN, ALDA                          OH-3-5-250
OAKES, NATHANIEL                       OH-3-12-78
OBERLIN, HENRY                         OH-3-6-323
OBESON, JACOB T.                       OH-3-14-116
OBETZ, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-5-378
OBETZ, EMANUEL                         OH-3-5-11
OBRECHT, GEORGE                        OH-3-7-143
OBRECHT, GEORGE W.                     OH-3-6-27
OFFINCER, JAMES                        OH-3-2-499
OGDEN, REBECCA                         OH-3-2-579
OGDEN, THOMAS                          OH-3-5-366
OHL, JACOB                             OH-3-4-351
OHL, MICHEL                            OH-3-3-529
OHL, RAY F.                            OH-3-15-127
OHL, STEPHEN                           OH-3-4-87
OLIVER, DANIEL                         OH-3-4-57
OLIVER, MARY                           OH-3-9-432
OLIVER, SAMUEL                         OH-3-9-218
OSBORN, CORNELIA F.                    OH-3-9-94
OSBORN, THOMAS                         OH-3-2-285
OSBORN, WILLIAM                        OH-3-3-567
OSGOOD, SARAH                          OH-3-1-300
OTTER, WILLIAM                         OH-3-3-248
OTTO, MICHAEL                          OH-3-4-357
OVERHOLTZER, JACOB                     OH-3-1-48
OWEN, RHODA ANN                        OH-3-3-74
OWENS, ROBERT M.                       OH-3-2-253
OXENRIDER, PETER                       OH-3-2-123
PAGE, CHARLES                          OH-3-4-235
PALMER, BENJAMIN H.                    OH-3-9-540
PALMER, J. A.                          OH-3-10-186
PALMER, JAMES                          OH-3-3-302
PALMER, JAMES                          OH-3-2-268
PALMER, JOHN                           OH-3-2-547
PALMER, MATTHEW                        OH-3-2-18
PARK, JAMES                            OH-3-6-349
PARKER, SUSAN A.                       OH-3-7-501, 505
PARMLEY, ASHLEY                        OH-3-6-228
PARQUETTE, JOSEPH                      OH-3-11-363
PARR, A. H.                            OH-3-3-413
PARR, CORDELIA                         OH-3-4-566
PARR, HENRY C.                         OH-3-2-325
PARR, ROBERT D.                        OH-3-3-189
PARRISH, JAMES P.                      OH-3-3-448
PARROT, JACOB                          OH-3-2-57
PATTERSON, AMANDA M.                   OH-3-5-5
PATTERSON, CHRISTIAN                   OH-3-10-462
PATTERSON, CLARK                       OH-3-9-397
PATTERSON, JANE H.                     OH-3-14-396
PATTERSON, JOHN                        OH-3-5-380
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     OH-3-2-421
PATTERSON, WILSON M.                   OH-3-5-122
PATTON, H. E.                          OH-3-14-300
PAUL, MICHAEL                          OH-3-3-535
PAXTON, HUGH                           OH-3-3-521
PAXTON, JAMES                          OH-3-3-295
PAXTON, JAMES                          OH-3-3-295
PEARCE, RICHARD A.                     OH-3-12-243
PECK, ELIZA A.                         OH-3-6-204
PECK, HOMER                            OH-3-6-57
PECK, JOHN T.                          OH-3-1-400
PELL, LOVINA                           OH-3-3-542
PELL, SARAH O.                         OH-3-6-37
PERCIVAL, MOSES O.                     OH-3-4-44
PERSONS, ANSON                         OH-3-3-299
PETERS, JOHN                           OH-3-3-105
PETERS, JOHN                           OH-3-3-105
PETERS, JOHN                           OH-3-4-581
PETOT, CLAUDE                          OH-3-6-241
PHELPS, ELISHA                         OH-3-2-473
PHILLIPS, ALEX M.                      OH-3-10-247
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         OH-3-7-450, 455, 480, 543
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         OH-3-2-21
PHILPOTT, GEORGE                       OH-3-3-125
PIERCE, LEANDER M.                     OH-3-14-17
PIFER, AMRTHA                          OH-3-15-309
PIFER, ANNIE                           OH-3-12-181
PIFER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-3-4-78
PIFER, JOSEPH                          OH-3-6-75
PINKLEY, ANNIE                         OH-3-11-434
PIPPITT, SARAH A.                      OH-3-5-530
PIXLEY, WILLARD                        OH-3-2-504
PLANK, ANNA                            OH-3-2-355
PLANK, MARY ANN                        OH-3-14-338
PLANK, MARY J.                         OH-3-13-82
PLICE, JACOB                           OH-3-8-329
POCOCK, DANIEL F.                      OH-3-9-402
POE, ADAM                              OH-3-2-601
POFF, GEORGE                           OH-3-1-140
POFF, NANCY                            OH-3-8-100
POLLOCK, DAVID                         OH-3-1-408
POLLOCK, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-7-512, 516
POLLOCK, JAMES                         OH-3-1-239
POLLOCK, JOHN                          OH-3-1-343
POLLOCK, NANCY                         OH-3-5-177
POLOCK, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-3-307
POORMAN, JOHN                          OH-3-10-61
PORE, ELIZABETH                        OH-3-1-181
PORE, MICHAEL                          OH-3-3-493
PORTER, WILLIAM                        OH-3-3-192
PORTER, WILLIAM O.                     OH-3-6-420
PORTZ, ANDREW                          OH-3-4-510
PORTZ, ELMA J.                         OH-3-15-50
PORTZ, JOHN                            OH-3-6-87
POTTER, FRANCES E.                     OH-3-13-212
POTTER, G. B.                          OH-3-12-593
POTTER, MARY E.                        OH-3-12-514
POWELL, THOMAS                         OH-3-5-443
POWERS, ELEANOR                        OH-3-4-390
PRIEST, DANIEL C.                      OH-3-4-40
PRIEST, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-6-525
PRIEST, HANKEY                         OH-3-2-170
PRIEST, JOHN                           OH-3-4-233
PRIEST, M. A.                          OH-3-6-237
PRIEST, WILLIAM                        OH-3-8-289
PROUDFIT, CATHARINE                    OH-3-3-256
PROUDFIT, DAVID                        OH-3-1-29
PROUDFIT, JOHN                         OH-3-3-227
PROUDFIT, REBECCA                      OH-3-12-289
PRUTZMAN, DANIEL                       OH-3-5-507
PURDY, JANNETT                         OH-3-1-5
PURDY, PETER M.                        OH-3-3-122
PURDY, PETER M.                        OH-3-3-122

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