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RABY, JACOB                            OH-3-6-26
RAINEY, ISAAC A.                       OH-3-8-119
RAMSEY, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-6-529
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                        OH-3-4-155
RAY, G. V.                             OH-3-12-598
REAM, GEORGE                           OH-3-3-94
REAM, MARY                             OH-3-4-298
REDD, JOHN W.                          OH-3-14-181
REED, CHARLOTTE H.                     OH-3-9-36
REED, JENNETT E.                       OH-3-5-72
REED, MARY                             OH-3-5-369
REED, SARAH ELLEN                      OH-3-11-138
REED, WILLIAM                          OH-3-3-135
REED, WILLIAM                          OH-3-2-327
REEDER, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-10-467
REEDY, MANILUS S.                      OH-3-6-22
REES, ABRAHAM                          OH-3-2-146
REINHARD, GEORGE                       OH-3-9-202
REINHART, JOHN H.                      OH-3-4-556
REINHART, LIZZIE                       OH-3-7-392
REYNOLDS, JOHN WESLEY                  OH-3-13-139
RHEINHART, JOSEPH                      OH-3-2-312
RHINESMITH, LYDIA                      OH-3-4-247
RHOADS, W. L.                          OH-3-14-494
RHOAN, MARY MAGDALENA                  OH-3-2-26
RHONE, HENRY                           OH-3-2-39
RIBLET, HENRY                          OH-3-2-545
RICE, ALEXANDER                        OH-3-4-293
RICE, JOHN F.                          OH-3-11-476
RICE, KATE A.                          OH-3-8-434
RICE, ROSOLVO                          OH-3-10-44
RICE, S. L.                            OH-3-14-188
RICE, WALKER M.                        OH-3-3-253
RICHARD, DANIEL                        OH-3-4-62
RICHARD, ISRAEL                        OH-3-14-458
RICHARDS, SAMUEL                       OH-3-3-496
RICHARDS, WESLEY                       OH-3-9-192
RICHARDS, WESLEY                       OH-3-4-159
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       OH-3-1-277
RICHERT, MARGARET                      OH-3-14-555
RICHEY, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-5-514
RICKERD, GEORGE                        OH-3-2-596
RICKET, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-3-2-483
RICKET, GEORGE                         OH-3-6-280
RICKET, SARAH                          OH-3-4-575
RIDDLE, ABIGAL                         OH-3-5-231
RIDDLE, DELLA A.                       OH-3-7-405, 411
RIDDLE, JOHN                           OH-3-4-281
RIDDLE, MARTHA                         OH-3-2-534
RIDDLE, MARY M.                        OH-3-6-313
RIDDLE, MICHAEL                        OH-3-1-487
RIDGE, WILLIAM                         OH-3-1-27
RIDGLEY, JULIA A.                      OH-3-15-9
RIFFLE, JAMES M.                       OH-3-4-501
RIGGS, MARGARET                        OH-3-3-482
RIGGS, SUSAN                           OH-3-4-488
RISSER,  DANIEL                        OH-3-2-349
RISSER, JACOB                          OH-3-1-19
RISSER, JOHN SR.                       OH-3-2-455
RITCHIE, J. M.                         OH-3-15-114
RITTER, JOHN                           OH-3-2-256
ROBB, ISAAC                            OH-3-7-287, 334
ROBB, V. D.                            OH-3-7-76
ROBERTS, LEWIS                         OH-3-1-359
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     OH-3-7-456, 467
ROBINSON, IDA E.                       OH-3-15-589
ROBISON, THOMAS                        OH-3-3-231
ROCKENFELDER, WILLIAM                  OH-3-15-449
ROGERS, NATHAN P.                      OH-3-5-61
ROGERS, THEODORE J.                    OH-3-14-144
ROGERS, WILLIAM                        OH-3-5-490
ROHLEDER, ANDREW                       OH-3-6-121
ROHLEDER, GEORGE                       OH-3-10-430
ROHN, WILLIAM                          OH-3-9-306
ROLAND, CHRISTIAN                      OH-3-3-388
ROLAND, SAMUEL                         OH-3-8-388
ROLER, BENJAMIN                        OH-3-5-547
ROOT, CHARLOTTE                        OH-3-10-385
ROOT, CHARLOTTE                        OH-3-10-385
ROSEBERRY, ISAAC                       OH-3-5-498
ROSEBOROUGH, GEORGE                    OH-3-8-341, 526
ROSS, RACHEL                           OH-3-14-289
ROTH, GEORGE                           OH-3-15-546
ROTH, MICHAEL                          OH-3-12-325
ROW, MICHAEL                           OH-3-1-229
ROWAN, STEWART                         OH-3-2-120
ROWEN, STEWART                         OH-3-4-446
ROWLAND, SAMUEL                        OH-3-6-51
ROWLAND, SIMON M.                      OH-3-2-124
RUDD, WILLIAM B.                       OH-3-2-263
RUDY, JOHN                             OH-3-5-113
RUMBAUGH, ISABELLA                     OH-3-14-25
RUMBAUGH, JACOB                        OH-3-9-102
RUMBAUGH, JOHNB.                       OH-3-8-355
RUMFIELD, PHILIP                       OH-3-1-481
RUPERT, JOHN ADAM                      OH-3-2-537
RUPERT, RACHEL                         OH-3-15-302
RUSCH, MICHAEL                         OH-3-2-495
RUSH, JACOB                            OH-3-5-157
RUSSELL, JANE H.                       OH-3-6-496
RUSSELL, JENNIE                        OH-3-6-492
RUSSELL, JOHN                          OH-3-4-547
RUST, CATHARINE                        OH-3-6-321
RUTAN, JOHN                            OH-3-2-588
RUTAN, NICHOLAS                        OH-3-2-55
RUTH, MARGARET                         OH-3-2-290
RYALL, PHEBE J.                        OH-3-2-577
RYLAND, JOHN                           OH-3-4-408
RYLAND, WILLIAM                        OH-3-5-129
RYLAND, WILLIAM SR.                    OH-3-2-416
SACKETT, E. M.                         OH-3-12-224
SACKETT, HARVEY                        OH-3-3-333
SACKETT, IRANA C.                      OH-3-7-116
SADLER, LYDIA                          OH-3-14-236
SADLER, WILLIAM                        OH-3-5-46
SAGE, ANDREW J.                        OH-3-8-216
SAMPSEL, D. S.                         OH-3-11-1
SAMPSEL, D. S. SR.                     OH-3-5-568
SANBORN, ANNAH CLARISSA                OH-3-13-218
SANDERS, PETER                         OH-3-3-349
SANER, CATHARINE                       OH-3-8-1
SATTLER, C. P.                         OH-3-5-155
SATTLER, JACB L.                       OH-3-4-196
SATTLER, LEWIS                         OH-3-4-400
SAUER, ALBERT P.                       OH-3-15-165
SAUER, CATHARINE                       OH-3-7-481
SCHMIDT, JACOB                         OH-3-15-57
SCHNEIDER, HENRY                       OH-3-3-516
SCHNEIDER, LEWIS                       OH-3-15-306
SCHNEIDER, PHILIP                      OH-3-4-457
SCHREFFLER, CATHARINE                  OH-3-2-38
SCHUCH, GEORGE                         OH-3-6-450
SCHULTE, JOHN                          OH-3-6-414
SCHULZ, JOHN                           OH-3-6-519
SCHUMUCKER, MAGDALENA                  OH-3-2-471
SCHWAN, DAVID                          OH-3-4-52
SCHWAN, DAVID                          OH-3-3-236
SCHWEYER, MICHAEL                      OH-3-14-329
SCOBEY, ELIZABETH ANN                  OH-3-15-297
SCOBEY, JOHNSON                        OH-3-6-108
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                       OH-3-14-420
SCOTT, AMANDA                          OH-3-14-286
SCOTT, ANDREW J.                       OH-3-6-123
SCOTT, CATHARINE                       OH-3-1-429
SCOTT, CHARLES B.                      OH-3-14-123
SCOTT, CONTENT (WALKER)                OH-3-7-64
SCOTT, ELIZA J.                        OH-3-4-365
SCOTT, IDA                             OH-3-1-302
SCOTT, JAMES                           OH-3-3-390
SCOTT, JENNIE E.                       OH-3-14-491
SCOTT, MARGARET E. CHAMBERS            OH-3-14-403
SCOTT, MARY A.                         OH-3-11-499
SCOTT, MATILDA                         OH-3-3-156
SCOTT, MOSES C.                        OH-3-4-291
SCOTT, TIBBIE                          OH-3-5-371
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         OH-3-6-269
SCRIVER, GEORGE                        OH-3-2-73
SEAMANS, SUSAN R.                      OH-3-6-550
SEEBE, MARY                            OH-3-5-400
SEIBERT, SAMUEL                        OH-3-4-441
SEINMETZ, JACOB                        OH-3-5-376
SELBY, THOMAS                          OH-3-2-540
SEVERNS, SAMUEL                        OH-3-13-21
SEWARD, JAMES J.                       OH-3-4-340
SEYDEL, JOHN M.                        OH-3-15-560
SHAFER, FRANTZ                         OH-3-5-212
SHAFER, JOHN                           OH-3-4-515
SHAFER, PETER                          OH-3-3-547
SHAMBAUGH, SOPHIA                      OH-3-3-462
SHANIBARGER, NANCY                     OH-3-15-585
SHARFF, VOLENTINE                      OH-3-2-83
SHARICK, DAVID                         OH-3-3-257
SHARICK, JOHN                          OH-3-3-375
SHARICK, JOHN                          OH-3-5-82
SHAVER, MANASAS                        OH-3-6-4
SHAW, ELIZABETH                        OH-3-14-206
SHAW, HANNAH                           OH-3-6-20
SHAW, HARRIET                          OH-3-14-400
SHAW, JOHN SR.                         OH-3-9-526
SHAW, JOHNJR.                          OH-3-14-47
SHEARER, MARY                          OH-3-4-342
SHEARER, PHILIP                        OH-3-13-186
SHEELER, ABRAM                         OH-3-1-187
SHEELY, CHRISTIAN                      OH-3-4-99
SHEETS, JOSEPH                         OH-3-2-344
SHEETS, NANCY                          OH-3-4-143
SHELDON, MARTIN                        OH-3-1-259
SHENABERGER, CHRISTENA                 OH-3-5-501
SHENBERGER, BALTZER                    OH-3-3-23
SHENBERGER, DAVID                      OH-3-6-173
SHENBERGER, JOHN                       OH-3-2-261
SHENBERGER, JOSEPH                     OH-3-6-250
SHENBERGER, ROWANNAH                   OH-3-11-575
SHENNEMAN, ELIZABETH A.                OH-3-4-199
SHERADON, ABRAHAM                      OH-3-1-221
SHERICK, DAVID                         OH-3-14-89
SHIDLER, GEORGE H.                     OH-3-12-123
SHIRIVER, PHILIP                       OH-3-5-56
SHIRY, FREDRICK                        OH-3-14-428
SHISLER, HENRY                         OH-3-4-127
SHOCKEY, PHILIP                        OH-3-3-376
SHOEMAKER, DAVID                       OH-3-3-498
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                        OH-3-1-298
SHOEMAKER, JOHN N.                     OH-3-2-230
SHOPBELL, JACOB                        OH-3-4-279
SHOPBELL, JEREMIAH SR.                 OH-3-2-49
SHOPBELL, JOHN                         OH-3-9-98
SHOPBELL, RALPH D.                     OH-3-15-210
SHOPBELL, SAMUEL                       OH-3-10-106
SHOPBELL,D AVID                        OH-3-15-353
SHOTBELL, DANIEL                       OH-3-7-43
SHRIVER, DAVID                         OH-3-4-125
SHRIVER, GEORGE                        OH-3-14-497
SHRIVER, JOHN R.                       OH-3-13-273
SHRIVER, W. S.                         OH-3-15-20
SHUCK, PHILLIP                         OH-3-3-536
SHUEY, SARAH                           OH-3-5-359
SIEGFRIED, ISAAC B.                    OH-3-7-552, 559
SIGLER, HENRY                          OH-3-2-80
SIGLER, JOSEPH H.                      OH-3-11-80
SILL, JOHN                             OH-3-5-302
SILL, SAMUEL                           OH-3-3-27
SILLERS, SYLVESTER                     OH-3-9-155
SILLS, JACOB                           OH-3-2-531
SIMAN, JOHN                            OH-3-2-283
SIMANTON, ROBET J.                     OH-3-9-328
SIMANTON, WILLIAM                      OH-3-9-284
SIMMS, MARGARET E.                     OH-3-15-494
SIMMS, WILLIAM                         OH-3-3-184
SLACK, JAMES                           OH-3-1-348
SLATER, JAMES                          OH-3-1-283
SLATER, JOSEPH W.                      OH-3-14-311
SLAYMAN, WILLIAM                       OH-3-15-364
SLEUTZ, ELVINA                         OH-3-14-217
SLOAM, JOSEPH                          OH-3-1-311
SLOAN, JAMES                           OH-3-1-313
SLOAN, JAMES                           OH-3-5-192
SLOAN, MAGGIE D.                       OH-3-14-139
SLOAN, SAMUEL                          OH-3-3-139
SLOANE, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-2-430
SLOANE, SAMUEL                         OH-3-2-306
SLOCUM, FRANK                          OH-3-15-435
SLOCUM, MARTHA P.                      OH-3-6-254
SMALL, R. W.                           OH-3-4-26
SMALLEY, ADA. A.                       OH-3-12-483
SMALLEY, BENJAMIN                      OH-3-5-121
SMALLEY, DAVID                         OH-3-2-513
SMALLEY, HENRY                         OH-3-4-333
SMALLEY, JOHN P.                       OH-3-5-533
SMALLEY, RICHARD                       OH-3-6-103
SMALLEY, RICHARD                       OH-3-1-23
SMALLEY, SARAH                         OH-3-6-232
SMALLY, ISAAC                          OH-3-1-385
SMELTZER, JACOB                        OH-3-3-224
SMELTZER, MICHAEL                      OH-3-3-397
SMILIE, JOHN N.                        OH-3-2-476
SMITH, AVID                            OH-3-10-266
SMITH, CATHARINE                       OH-3-15-416
SMITH, CATHERINE                       OH-3-6-444
SMITH, CHARLES                         OH-3-1-144
SMITH, DANIEL                          OH-3-3-318
SMITH, DAVID                           OH-3-3-477
SMITH, DAVID F.                        OH-3-10-420
SMITH, EDMUND P.                       OH-3-5-274
SMITH, ELZA H.                         OH-3-15-429
SMITH, ETTA MAY                        OH-3-6-212
SMITH, GEORGE                          OH-3-14-233
SMITH, HENRY                           OH-3-2-394
SMITH, JACOB                           OH-3-2-335
SMITH, JACOB                           OH-3-14-574
SMITH, JAMES B.                        OH-3-5-159
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-3-5-183
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-3-3-77
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-3-2-24
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-3-6-50
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-3-6-343
SMITH, JOHN G.                         OH-3-14-353
SMITH, JONATHAN                        OH-3-6-403
SMITH, JOSEPH                          OH-3-7-57
SMITH, MARTIN L.                       OH-3-6-221
SMITH, MELISSA                         OH-3-15-396
SMITH, PETER                           OH-3-1-223
SMITH, ROBERT M.                       OH-3-14-441
SMITH, ROBERT W.                       OH-3-2-168
SMITH, SARAH A.                        OH-3-15-173
SMITH, THOMAS                          OH-3-4-181
SMITH, THOMAS                          OH-3-2-134
SMITH, WILLIAM                         OH-3-6-426
SMOPEY, A. J.                          OH-3-6-264
SMYSER, ADAM                           OH-3-5-221
SNDER, MARTIN                          OH-3-15-400
SNOWBERGER, ELIZABETH                  OH-3-5-108
SNYDER, ANN MARGARET                   OH-3-3-489
SNYDER, BENJAMIN SR.                   OH-3-1-44
SNYDER, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-7-323
SNYDER, HENRY K.                       OH-3-5-293
SNYDER, JOSEPH                         OH-3-1-212
SNYDER, MARGARET                       OH-3-14-92
SNYDER, MARTIN                         OH-3-3-286
SNYDER, MARTIN                         OH-3-3-286
SNYDER, MARY                           OH-3-2-501
SNYDER, PHILIP                         OH-3-12-491
SNYDER, SAMUEL                         OH-3-4-286
SNYDER, SARH ANN                       OH-3-6-59
SOAK, MARGARET                         OH-3-6-363
SOCTT, JULIA A.                        OH-3-12-199
SOEHNER, FERDINAND C.                  OH-3-14-150
SOUDER, JOHN                           OH-3-3-251
SPADE, HENRY                           OH-3-11-11
SPARR, CHRISTENA                       OH-3-5-485
SPEAR, HANNAH                          OH-3-4-534
SPEECE, SUSANNAH                       OH-3-11-594
SPEECE, SUSANNAH                       OH-3-12-1
SPENBERGER, MICHAEL                    OH-3-6-326
SPENCER, ANNA                          OH-3-6-282
SPENCER, WILLIAM                       OH-3-4-177
SPIDEL, SAAH                           OH-3-5-576
SPIDLE, WILLIAM                        OH-3-2-243
SPITLER, SIMON                         OH-3-6-508
SPITLER, WILLIAM                       OH-3-3-392
SPITLER, WILLIAM P.                    OH-3-6-290
SPOHN, JACOB                           OH-3-2-114
SPOTTS, MICHAEL                        OH-3-3-8
SPRANG, FREDERICK                      OH-3-4-518
SPRANG, MARY G.                        OH-3-10-278
SPRENGLE, L. J.                        OH-3-4-554
SPRING, JACOB                          OH-3-6-265
SPRINGER, HENRY                        OH-3-2-43
SPRINGER, JAMES                        OH-3-14-581
SPRINGER, JOHN                         OH-3-3-507
SPRINGER, JOHN                         OH-3-3-371
SPRINGER, JOHN                         OH-3-14-360
SPRINGER, WILLIAM                      OH-3-7-18
STACHER, MELKIHA                       OH-3-4-112
STACHER, SAMUEL                        OH-3-14-200
STACKER, DANIEL                        OH-3-5-66
STACKER, DAVID C.                      OH-3-10-202
STACKER, DAVID C.                      OH-3-10-202
STACKER, J. W.                         OH-3-5-531
STAFFER, MARGARET                      OH-3-10-294
STAFFORD, J. A.                        OH-3-14-558
STAFFORD, NATHAN                       OH-3-1-41
STAFFORD, PHEBE S.                     OH-3-6-83
STAHL, CATHARINE                       OH-3-2-615
STAHL, ELIZABETH B.                    OH-3-10-214
STAHL, SUSANNAH                        OH-3-4-249
STAHLHEBER, TOBIAS                     OH-3-8-168
STAMAN, BENJAMIN                       OH-3-4-406
STAMAN, CHRISTIAN C.                   OH-3-15-406
STAMAN, JACOB                          OH-3-2-357
STANEFER, MARY J.                      OH-3-6-461
STARKEY, EMILY                         OH-3-5-269
STARKEY, MATILDA                       OH-3-5-9
STARRETT, JAMES                        OH-3-3-488
STARRITT, CHARLES                      OH-3-15-331
STATES, WOODWARD                       OH-3-2-58
STAUFFER, HENRY                        OH-3-12-399
STAUFFER, JOHN                         OH-3-6-63
STEARNS, MARY J.                       OH-3-14-147
STEEL, ROSANNAH                        OH-3-1-263
STEINMETZ, GEORGE                      OH-3-10-87
STELTZER, GEORGE                       OH-3-9-450
STEM, DAVID W.                         OH-3-15-420
STEM, JACOB                            OH-3-12-334
STENTZ, ANTHONY                        OH-3-4-324
STENTZ, ANTHONY                        OH-3-4-314, 324
STENTZ, HANNAH                         OH-3-5-566
STENTZ, MICHAEL                        OH-3-10-584
STENTZ, PETER                          OH-3-3-579
STENTZ, PETER                          OH-3-3-579
STENTZ, SAMUEL C.                      OH-3-7-257
STERLINE, GEOGE B.                     OH-3-9-239
STEUART, ELIZABETH                     OH-3-5-180
STEVENS, NELLIE L.                     OH-3-14-322
STEWART, CHARLOTTE ANNE                OH-3-15-571
STICHLER, HENRY                        OH-3-4-202
STICKLER, JACOB                        OH-3-1-72
STINE, JACOB                           OH-3-3-151
STINEBRING, MARY J.                    OH-3-12-584
STITZEL, JACOB A.                      OH-3-7-219
STOBER, JOHN                           OH-3-1-194
STOBO, JOHN D.                         OH-3-4-456
STOCKMAN, ABIATHA                      OH-3-2-518
STOCKMAN, H. S.                        OH-3-8-508
STOCKMON, HARVEY T.                    OH-3-13-66
STOCKSMAN, JOHN                        OH-3-6-546
STOLER, MAGDALENA                      OH-3-2-30
STOLER, MARY                           OH-3-3-382
STONE, ABBIE                           OH-3-7-370
STONE, GEORGE M.                       OH-3-12-275
STONE, WILLIAM                         OH-3-5-471
STONE, WILLIAM                         OH-3-14-278
STONEBRAKER, JOHN                      OH-3-2-398
STONER, DAVID                          OH-3-2-53
STONER, ISAIAH                         OH-3-13-28
STONER, JACOB                          OH-3-1-440
STONER, JOHN                           OH-3-4-417
STONER, SIMON                          OH-3-5-449
STONER, WILILAM A.                     OH-3-12-56
STONFFER, SAMUEL                       OH-3-6-522
STONIE, MICHAEL                        OH-3-7-203
STOUFFER, LIZZIE                       OH-3-5-461
STOUT, CHARLES                         OH-3-4-527
STOUT, WILLIAM                         OH-3-14-131
STOVER, SARAH                          OH-3-5-536
STRATTON, ALEXANDER                    OH-3-3-461
STREETER, THOMAS                       OH-3-3-544
STRICKLAND, JOSEPH                     OH-3-3-403
STRICKLAND, MARGARET                   OH-3-2-33
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM H.                 OH-3-6-193
STRICKLEN, MELISSA F.                  OH-3-10-20
STRICKLER, ELLEN                       OH-3-11-301
STRICKLER, GEORGE                      OH-3-15-567
STRINE, MICHAEL                        OH-3-6-564
STRONACK, JANETT                       OH-3-1-271
STRONG, SELAH                          OH-3-15-319
STUCKEY, SIMON                         OH-3-2-308
STULL, DELLA                           OH-3-9-44
STULL, DELLA                           OH-3-8-454, 9-44
STURTEVANT, BRADFORD                   OH-3-3-100
STURTEVANT, HULDAH A.                  OH-3-4-148
STURTEVANT, LYDIA P.                   OH-3-4-505
SULLIVAN, W. C.                        OH-3-14-21
SUNDAY, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-3-161
SUNDAY, HENRY                          OH-3-2-491
SUNDAY, JOHN                           OH-3-4-245
SUNDAY, JOSEPH                         OH-3-5-538
SUNIEFORD, EMANUEL                     OH-3-7-223
SURNFORD, LEWIS                        OH-3-5-396
SUTHERLAND, PHEBE                      OH-3-1-357
SWAIN, JAMES                           OH-3-8-369
SWAINHART, JOSEPH                      OH-3-5-26
SWAISGOOD, JOHN                        OH-3-4-167
SWAISGOOD, WILLIAM                     OH-3-14-265
SWARTS, DAVID                          OH-3-2-320
SWARTS, LEWIS                          OH-3-2-594
SWASICK, JAMES                         OH-3-3-19
SWEARINGEN, NICHOLAS D.                OH-3-1-380
SWINEFORD, ABRAHAM S.                  OH-3-2-208
SWINEFORD, ELLEN                       OH-3-8-412
SWINEFORD, FRANK                       OH-3-9-289
SWINEFORD, GEORGE W.                   OH-3-2-409
SWINEFORD, HANNAH                      OH-3-10-253
SWINEFORD, HARRIET                     OH-3-9-209
SWINEFORD, JOHN                        OH-3-4-150
SWINEFORD, MINOR W.                    OH-3-10-24
SWINEFORD, ROSA                        OH-3-3-484
SWINEHART, CATHARINE                   OH-3-14-120
SWITZER, DILLMAN                       OH-3-6-262
SWITZER, NANCY                         OH-3-6-347
SWITZER, WILLIAM                       OH-3-6-341
TALBOTT, ELISHA                        OH-3-4-32
TALLENTIRE, AMOS J.                    OH-3-3-88
TANNEHILL, NANCY E.                    OH-3-11-40
TANNEHILL, REBECCA Z.                  OH-3-4-31
TATE, WILLIAM                          OH-3-3-42
TAWNEY, JOHN                           OH-3-2-426
TAWNEY, MICHAEL                        OH-3-4-135
TAYLOR, AUGSUTUS A.                    OH-3-4-475
TAYLOR, JOHN                           OH-3-4-194
TAYLOR, LUCRETIA                       OH-3-10-73
TAYLOR, MARGARET                       OH-3-6-439
TAYLOR, THOMAS                         OH-3-5-559
TEDROW, BRICE                          OH-3-15-452
TEETRES, CLEMENTINE                    OH-3-8-442
TENNENT, GEORGE                        OH-3-3-242
THOM, ALEXANDER                        OH-3-5-201
THOMA, PHILLIP                         OH-3-3-34
THOMAS, JOHN L.                        OH-3-4-574
THOMAS, JOSIAH                         OH-3-4-483
THOMAS, MICHAEL                        OH-3-8-264
THOMAS, PETER                          OH-3-3-352
THOMAS, PETER                          OH-3-14-315
THOMAS, REBECCA                        OH-3-8-313
THOMPSON, BENEDICT JOSEPH              OH-3-1-414
THOMPSON, JOHN                         OH-3-3-561
THOMPSON, JONES                        OH-3-6-233
THORNBURG, SMAUEL                      OH-3-13-123
THUDINN, JOHN A.                       OH-3-13-243
THURDIUM, ADAM                         OH-3-6-195
TIGLEY, ZACHARIAH                      OH-3-1-389
TILTON, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-6-110
TILTON, JAMES A.                       OH-3-6-1
TILTON, JOHN                           OH-3-1-125
TILTON, SAMUEL                         OH-3-2-403
TOMS, MELANCTHON                       OH-3-11-587
TOPPING, ISABEL F.                     OH-3-7-387
TOWSLEE, MARGARET                      OH-3-6-476
TRAUGER, GEORGE                        OH-3-5-305
TRAUGER, PAUL                          OH-3-13-34
TREASE, THOMAS                         OH-3-7-358
TROXEL, JOHN                           OH-3-5-583
TROXEL, LEVI                           OH-3-4-139
TRUMBELSON, JAMES                      OH-3-3-87
TRYON, SARAH                           OH-3-15-262
TUGAN, GEORGE                          OH-3-3-432
TWERRELL, ANN E.                       OH-3-3-216
TYLER, MAJOR                           OH-3-2-428
ULLMAN, ADAM                           OH-3-14-50
ULLMAN, MICHAEL                        OH-3-10-370
ULLMAN,MARY                            OH-3-9-344
UMBAUGH, JACOB N.                      OH-3-9-317
UNDERHILL, DANIEL                      OH-3-3-339
UNDERHILL, JACOB                       OH-3-2-17
URBAN, BENJAMIN J.                     OH-3-14-533
URIE, GEORGE W.                        OH-3-6-459
URIE, SAMUEL                           OH-3-1-136
VAIL, LOUISA                           OH-3-8-77
VANASDALL, SIMON                       OH-3-3-404
VANCE, JOHN                            OH-3-4-240
VANGILDER, ELIZA                       OH-3-7-14
VANGILDER, JEREMIAH                    OH-3-5-151
VANGILDER, JOHN                        OH-3-2-567
VANGILDER, JOHN                        OH-3-7-229
VANHORN, ANNA                          OH-3-1-324
VANHORN, CATHARINE                     OH-3-1-457
VANHORN, ELIZA                         OH-3-7-59
VANNEST, JOHN                          OH-3-8-190
VANNIMAN, ENOCH J.                     OH-3-6-44
VANNORDSTRAND, PETER                   OH-3-4-80
VANTILBURG, EMMONS                     OH-3-1-46
VANTILBURG, FRANCIS A.                 OH-3-11-382
VANTILBURG, HENRY                      OH-3-2-239
VANTILBURG, WILLIAM                    OH-3-11-395
VANTILBURGH, DANIEL                    OH-3-2-385
VANZILE, JESSE                         OH-3-5-111
VERMILYA, MARY E.                      OH-3-12-130
VERMILYE, WILLIAM J.                   OH-3-3-538
VERNON, FELIX N.                       OH-3-7-412, 417
VERNON, IRAAM                          OH-3-5-510
VERNON, JANE                           OH-3-5-512
VESPER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-3-6-164
VESPER, CHRISTIAN B.                   OH-3-14-407
VESPER, MARY J.                        OH-3-6-410
VESPER, MICHAEL                        OH-3-4-425
VETTON, EVE                            OH-3-5-128
WAGGONER, CULBERTSON L.                OH-3-10-530
WAGGONER, JOSEPH                       OH-3-1-491
WALKER, ALEXANDER L.                   OH-3-11-56
WALKER, CONTENT SCOTT                  OH-3-7-64
WALKER, DAVID R.                       OH-3-8-292, 312
WALKER, JAMES                          OH-3-13-146
WALKEY, GEORGE                         OH-3-2-571
WALLACE, REBECCA JANE                  OH-3-15-180
WALLACE, SAMUEL                        OH-3-3-344
WALLACE, WILLIAM                       OH-3-1-173
WALLACK, E. W.                         OH-3-5-29
WALLAE, JOHN                           OH-3-6-161
WALTERS, GEORGE                        OH-3-2-563
WALTZ, SAMUEL                          OH-3-2-280
WANDER, GEORGE                         OH-3-12-103
WARD, HANNAH                           OH-3-1-269
WARNER, MAGDALENA                      OH-3-2-181
WARNER, MARY                           OH-3-1-34
WARNES, JACOB                          OH-3-1-168
WASHBURN, OLIVER H.                    OH-3-11-339
WASSON, ADELIA                         OH-3-12-580
WATERS, NANCY                          OH-3-1-219
WATMAN, JACOB                          OH-3-2-236
WATSON, MARY E.                        OH-3-12-89
WEATHERBEE, J. S.                      OH-3-3-298
WEAVER, CONRAD                         OH-3-3-26
WEAVER, ELLA V.                        OH-3-12-297
WEAVER, MARGARETT                      OH-3-3-532
WEAVER, PETER                          OH-3-4-157
WEAVER, THOMAS                         OH-3-3-480
WEBER, CATHARINE                       OH-3-12-217
WEBSTER, ASAHEL                        OH-3-1-37
WEDDELL, MARGARET                      OH-3-8-228
WEIDLER, GEORGE M.                     OH-3-6-168
WEIGHT, WILLIAM                        OH-3-1-480
WEIKLE, JOSEPH                         OH-3-9-230
WEILER, DAVID                          OH-3-8-181
WEILER, JACOB                          OH-3-4-260
WEIRICK, JOSEPH                        OH-3-6-12
WEIRMAN, SARAH                         OH-3-6-498
WEISENSTEIN, JACOB L.                  OH-3-3-341
WELCH, EPHRAIM                         OH-3-3-313
WELCH, JOSEPH                          OH-3-9-112
WELCH, RANKIN F.                       OH-3-13-247
WELLS, HENRY                           OH-3-12-532
WELLS, JOSEPH                          OH-3-6-226
WELTMER, JOHN                          OH-3-14-597
WELTY, J. F.                           OH-3-15-325
WENDLING, HENRY                        OH-3-7-88
WENRICK, HARRIETT                      OH-3-9-493
WENTZ, JUSTUS (IN GERMAN)              OH-3-2-244
WENTZ, LOUIS                           OH-3-9-459
WENTZ, MARY                            OH-3-14-196
WENTZ, PHILIP                          OH-3-5-372
WERKAL, ULERY A.                       OH-3-6-397
WERTMAN, LEO                           OH-3-11-306
WERTMAN, MARY                          OH-3-2-324
WERTMAN, MARY                          OH-3-2-8
WERTZ, HENRY                           OH-3-4-76
WESTAFER, MARY                         OH-3-5-16
WESTAVER, MARY M.                      OH-3-8-429
WESTHAFER, CHARLES                     OH-3-5-44
WESTHEFFER, GEORGE                     OH-3-5-589
WESTHOEFER, HENRY                      OH-3-5-355
WESTON, ROSWELL                        OH-3-3-332
WETMER, DAVID M.                       OH-3-3-359
WEYGANDT, JACOB                        OH-3-3-220
WEYGANDT, NOAH                         OH-3-12-13
WHISLER, ANTHONY                       OH-3-1-88
WHISLER, ANTHONY                       OH-3-6-38
WHISLER, DAVID                         OH-3-3-451
WHISLER, DAVID                         OH-3-3-451
WHISLER, THEODORE                      OH-3-5-452
WHISLER, WILLIAM                       OH-3-5-328
WHISTLER, JOHN C.                      OH-3-4-329
WHITAMIRE, ELIAS                       OH-3-6-252
WHITCOMB, HORACE N.                    OH-3-4-463
WHITE, ANNIE                           OH-3-2-75
WHITE, C. W.                           OH-3-14-153
WHITE, JOHN                            OH-3-3-107
WHITE, SARAH J.                        OH-3-7-41
WHITEMAN, HENRY                        OH-3-1-296
WHITEMAN, MARTHA                       OH-3-6-239
WHITING, REBECCA                       OH-3-6-246
WHITMARSH, BENJAMIN                    OH-3-2-339
WHITMARSH, URIAH                       OH-3-2-69
WHITMORE, DANIEL W.                    OH-3-4-82
WHITNEY, THOMAS J.                     OH-3-4-437
WHITTEMIRE, SUSAN                      OH-3-7-21
WHITTENMIRE, SIMON                     OH-3-15-226
WICKHAM, JEREMIAH                      OH-3-5-552
WICOFF, WILLIAM                        OH-3-5-265
WICOL, SABRINA                         OH-3-6-354
WIDDIFIELD, ROBERT                     OH-3-11-274
WIEST, BELLE                           OH-3-12-160
WIEST, MARTIN L.                       OH-3-11-132
WILE, ROSINA                           OH-3-3-44
WILEY, DAVID D.                        OH-3-6-503
WILLARD, LUMAN                         OH-3-1-130
WILLIAMS, EBENEZER E.                  OH-3-1-435
WILLIAMS, HARRIET                      OH-3-2-102
WILLIAMS, JANE                         OH-3-3-160
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         OH-3-1-123
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                       OH-3-2-41
WILLOUT, JOHN A.                       OH-3-13-277
WILLY, WILLARD S.                      OH-3-15-423
WILSON, CHARLES                        OH-3-4-49
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-3-7-418, 426
WILSON, JOHN                           OH-3-2-156
WILSON, JOHN                           OH-3-14-83
WILSON, MARK                           OH-3-3-442
WILSON, ROBERT                         OH-3-3-129
WILSON, SAMUEL                         OH-3-4-537
WILSON, WILLIAM S.                     OH-3-6-64
WILTROUT, JACOB                        OH-3-4-451
WINBIGLER, JAMES P.                    OH-3-1-39
WINBIGLER, JOHN                        OH-3-1-77
WINBIGLER, JOHN J.                     OH-3-15-184
WINBIGLER, RACHEL A.                   OH-3-7-139
WINBIGLER, RICHARD                     OH-3-1-452
WINTER, JOHN JR.                       OH-3-2-23
WINTERS, VIOLET                        OH-3-3-435
WINTON, J. L.                          OH-3-3-261
WIREMAN, ANDREW                        OH-3-5-134
WIRICK, MAHLON                         OH-3-15-1
WIRICK, WILLIAM F.                     OH-3-15-194
WIRT, DANIEL                           OH-3-4-22
WISE, MICHAEL                          OH-3-7-120
WOLCOTT, REUBEN J.                     OH-3-2-202
WOLF, ANNA L.                          OH-3-7-560, 565, 582
WOLF, CATHARINE                        OH-3-15-106
WOLF, GEORGE                           OH-3-5-188
WOLF, HENRY                            OH-3-14-506
WOLF, JACOB                            OH-3-1-445
WOLF, JOHN                             OH-3-2-127
WOLF, JOHN J.                          OH-3-12-312
WOLF, MARY A.                          OH-3-14-393
WOLF, MICHAEL J.                       OH-3-15-229
WOLF, NANCY                            OH-3-5-94
WOLF, WARRING                          OH-3-7-507, 511
WONDER, ANDEW                          OH-3-1-3
WONDER, MATTHIAS                       OH-3-2-271
WOOD, MARGARET F.                      OH-3-12-385
WOOD, WILLIAM                          OH-3-11-513
WOODBURN, JOHN                         OH-3-2-589
WOODHOUSE, RICHARD P.                  OH-3-10-336
WOODS, DAVID                           OH-3-5-550
WOODS, MARY ANN                        OH-3-3-148
WORKMAN, HANNAH B.                     OH-3-11-411
WORST, GEORGE                          OH-3-6-401
WORST, SAMUEL                          OH-3-6-17
WRIGHT, ALVIRA                         OH-3-4-369
YARNELL, MARGARET                      OH-3-10-96
YOCUM, L. E.                           OH-3-11-353
YODER, HENRY                           OH-3-8-202
YORK, STEPHEN                          OH-3-5-39
YOUNG, ADAM                            OH-3-5-190
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                       OH-3-15-488
YOUNG, GEORGE                          OH-3-3-170
YOUNG, GEORGE                          OH-3-15-534
YOUNG, JACOB                           OH-3-2-148
YOUNG, JACOB SR.                       OH-3-11-521
YOUNG, JOHN                            OH-3-1-377
YOUNG, MARY                            OH-3-7-51
YOUNG, MARY A.                         OH-3-10-523
YOUNG, MICHAEL                         OH-3-2-617
YOUNG, REBECCA                         OH-3-4-179
YOUNG, SAMUEL                          OH-3-14-1
YOUNKER, JACOB                         OH-3-1-12
YUNCKER, JOHN                          OH-3-6-338
ZAHNLEY, HARIETTE R.                   OH-3-9-64
ZAHNLEY, XAVER                         OH-3-4-118
ZEHNER, GEORGE J.                      OH-3-4-552
ZEIGLER, SAMUEL                        OH-3-5-360
ZIEGLER, JOHN K.                       OH-3-2-235
ZIMMERMAN, ELIZABETH                   OH-3-5-297
ZIMMERMAN, HENRY                       OH-3-3-292
ZIMMERMAN, LEONARD                     OH-3-11-29
ZIMMERMAN, NOAH                        OH-3-5-549
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                       OH-3-4-492
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                       OH-3-3-453
ZIMMERMAN, SAMUEL                      OH-3-6-541
ZIMMERMAN, SARAH                       OH-3-3-470
ZIMMERMAN, SARAH JANE                  OH-3-9-255
ZIMMERMAN, SUSAN                       OH-3-12-476

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