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DAGUE, CHRISTINA                        OH-7-I-278
DAHNE, FREDERICK                        OH-7-16-559
DAILEY, ZACHARIAH                       OH-7-I-125
DAILY, JOHN                             OH-7-H-459
DALE, WILLIAM                           OH-7-I-157
DALLAS, JAMES                           OH-7-18-535
DALLAS, JAMES                           OH-7-I-409
DANFORD, AMBROSE                        OH-7-H-195
DANFORD, ELIZABETH S.                   OH-7-20-213
DANIEL, ENOCH                           OH-7-16-417
DANIEL, HENRY                           OH-7-P-413
DANIEL, SAMUEL                          OH-7-L-266
DANIELS, PHEBE ANN                      OH-7-H-475
DANKWORTH, MARGARET J.                  OH-7-23-70
DANNER, JOSEPH                          OH-7-H-312
DARBY, REZIN                            OH-7-18-529
DARRAH, DAVID H.                        OH-7-24-298
DARRAH, LOUISA J. K.                    OH-7-M-103
DAUGHERTY, ANDREW                       OH-7-B-20
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                         OH-7-D-252
DAVENPORT, ANN M.                       OH-7-P-275
DAVEY, THOMAS                           OH-7-24-424
DAVIDSON, SARAH E.                      OH-7-22-565
DAVIES, DAVID                           OH-7-20-206
DAVIES, JOSEPH R.                       OH-7-18-272
DAVIS, BASIL                            OH-7-H-141
DAVIS, BENJAMIN W.                      OH-7-17-47
DAVIS, CHARLES S.                       OH-7-22-436
DAVIS, ELI                              OH-7-L-54
DAVIS, ELIJAH                           OH-7-N-411
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-M-223
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-23-355
DAVIS, EVAN                             OH-7-A-70
DAVIS, ISAAC                            OH-7-L-405
DAVIS, JACOB                            OH-7-B-68
DAVIS, JAMES A.                         OH-7-21-306
DAVIS, JAMES B.                         OH-7-18-223
DAVIS, JOHN C.                          OH-7-I-463
DAVIS, JOHN W.                          OH-7-I-531
DAVIS, LEANDER                          OH-7-24-394
DAVIS, LEWIS                            OH-7-17-529
DAVIS, MAGGIE E.                        OH-7-M-352
DAVIS, MARMADUKE                        OH-7-H-471
DAVIS, MARY                             OH-7-24-31
DAVIS, MARY                             OH-7-L-374
DAVIS, MARY L.                          OH-7-N-190
DAVIS, MATILDA                          OH-7-20-217
DAVIS, OBADIAH M.                       OH-7-24-266
DAVIS, REBECCA                          OH-7-L-91
DAVIS, REBECCA (ADMIN)                  OH-7-L-175
DAVIS, WESLEY                           OH-7-N-524
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-P-442
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-P-151
DAVIS, WILLIAM G.                       OH-7-F-214
DAWSON, MARGARET T.                     OH-7-23-112
DAWSON, MARTHA                          OH-7-I-72
DAWSON, MARTHA FRANCES                  OH-7-22-196
DAWSON, NATHAN                          OH-7-F-231
DAWSON, ROSE A.                         OH-7-24-421
DAWSON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-I-440
DAY, ANN MARIA                          OH-7-O-20
DAY, EPHRAIM C.                         OH-7-M-531
DAY, HENRY T.                           OH-7-21-400
DAY, ISRAEL                             OH-7-L-360
DAY, JAMES                              OH-7-G-193
DAY, JOHN                               OH-7-O-117
DAY, JOHN M.                            OH-7-22-281
DAY, MARY                               OH-7-N-576
DAY, SAMUEL                             OH-7-M-199
DAY, THOMAS                             OH-7-K-512
DAY, WILLIAM                            OH-7-17-93
DAY, WILLIAM M.                         OH-7-19-94
DAY, ZEBULON                            OH-7-K-402
DEAFENBAUGH, H. H.                      OH-7-M-11
DEAN, ELIZABETH                         OH-7-I-246
DEBERTRAND, THOMAS                      OH-7-19-117
DEBOLD, MICHAEL                         OH-7-L-572
DEE, RUTH AGNESS                        OH-7-N-16
DEEGAN, MARGARET                        OH-7-17-155
DEEGAN, WILLIAM                         OH-7-P-57
DEHASS, FRANK S.                        OH-7-P-327
DELANEY, GEORGE WASHINGTON              OH-7-21-100
DELANEY, JOHN                           OH-7-K-92
DELBRUGGE, FREDERICK A.                 OH-7-17-320
DELONG, M. L.                           OH-7-23-35
DENEES, JOSHUA                          OH-7-24-514
DENHAM, MARY A.                         OH-7-P-283
DENHAM, SOPHIA J.                       OH-7-17-326
DENOON, ELIAS                           OH-7-19-491
DENT, EMILY J.                          OH-7-21-78
DENT, JOHN                              OH-7-D-36
DENT, JOHN                              OH-7-L-366
DENT, MARGARET ANN                      OH-7-I-371
DENT, ROBERT                            OH-7-H-347
DENT, ROBERT B.                         OH-7-P-166
DENT, SARAH                             OH-7-16-340
DEREOLF, CAROLINE                       OH-7-18-330
DERMOTT, EVANS                          OH-7-20-477
DEVAULT, ROBERT T.                      OH-7-23-160
DEVITT, JOHN                            OH-7-16-78
DEVORE, JOHN                            OH-7-K-216
DEW, THOMAS H.                          OH-7-17-523
DEWAR, WILLIAM                          OH-7-20-526
DICKSON, RACHEL                         OH-7-A-309
DIEHL, ANDREW                           OH-7-17-230
DIEHL, HENRY                            OH-7-19-308
DIFRANCO, LUIGI                         OH-7-23-564
DILLOE, REBECCA                         OH-7-H-267
DILLON, DORATHY                         OH-7-H-178
DILLON, ELISABETH                       OH-7-I-270
DILLON, ELIZA JANE                      OH-7-23-96
DILLON, EZER                            OH-7-H-56
DILLON, ISAAC                           OH-7-F-104
DILLON, JOHN E.                         OH-7-22-362
DILLON, JOSIAH C.                       OH-7-E-258
DILLON, LEVI                            OH-7-H-234
DILLON, MARTHA ANN                      OH-7-M-144
DILLON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-O-291
DIXON, ELIZABETH B.                     OH-7-24-4
DIXON, JAMES                            OH-7-M-455
DIXON, LETITIA                          OH-7-24-596
DIXON, REBECCA                          OH-7-G-292
DKAN, JOHN                              OH-7-K-107
DLLLON, JOSIAH                          OH-7-H-62
DOADELL, WILLIAM A.                     OH-7-O-225
DOBBINS, ANNA                           OH-7-O-348
DOBBINS, DANIEL                         OH-7-24-467
DOBBINS, JAMES                          OH-7-G-511
DODDS, ANNA E.                          OH-7-20-405
DONLEY, HUGH                            OH-7-20-467
DONLEY, LYNN                            OH-7-24-527
DONLEY, SIMON                           OH-7-N-382
DONLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-7-24-235
DONOVAN, MARGARET                       OH-7-23-24
DOPLER, JOHN                            OH-7-20-420
DORSCH, KATHRINA                        OH-7-P-512
DORSEY, MARY                            OH-7-19-457
DORSEY, MICHAEL                         OH-7-18-13
DORSEY, NANCY                           OH-7-18-297
DORSEY, RICHARD                         OH-7-L-315
DOTY, ELIZBAETH M.                      OH-7-20-377
DOTY, MARY E.                           OH-7-O-283
DOUDNA, ELISHA                          OH-7-22-516
DOUDNA, JOHN                            OH-7-A-82
DOUDNA, JOHN                            OH-7-H-92
DOUDNA, JOHN                            OH-7-K-19
DOUGHERTY, J. T.                        OH-7-24-574
DOUGHERTY, MARY                         OH-7-N-286
DOUGHERTY, PATRICK                      OH-7-24-589
DOUGHERTY, SARAH                        OH-7-20-367
DOUGLAS, TEMPERANCE                     OH-7-19-71
DOUGLASS, GEORGE                        OH-7-22-472
DOUGLASS, GEORGE SR.                    OH-7-M-42
DOUGLASS, JANE                          OH-7-G-286
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          OH-7-G-299
DOUGLASS, O. W.                         OH-7-19-313
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM R.                    OH-7-K-137
DOWLER, NICHOLAS                        OH-7-18-394
DOWNING, ALEXANDER                      OH-7-L-33
DRAKE, ANNA                             OH-7-24-490
DRENNEN, WILLIAM                        OH-7-D-166
DREW, MARY                              OH-7-16-540
DRIGGS, JOHN B.                         OH-7-22-49
DRUMMOND, JANE                          OH-7-K-273
DRUMMOND, MARY A.                       OH-7-24-56
DUBOIS, ALEXANDER                       OH-7-L-333
DUBOIS, FLORA H.                        OH-7-20-44
DUBOIS, JOHN                            OH-7-N-66
DUBOIS, JOHN                            OH-7-M-442
DUBOIS, JOSEPH                          OH-7-L-497
DUBOIS, MARGARET J.                     OH-7-P-315
DUBOIS, SARAH A.                        OH-7-24-253
DUFF, DEBORAH                           OH-7-16-346
DUFF, JAMES                             OH-7-C-270
DUFF, MARGARET                          OH-7-P-469
DUFF, THOMAS                            OH-7-L-584
DUFF, WILLIAM L.                        OH-7-H-464
DUFFY, HANNAH                           OH-7-19-487
DUFFY, SARAH E.                         OH-7-22-349
DUGA, SIMON                             OH-7-21-87
DUN, SAMUEL                             OH-7-I-79
DUNAWAY, MARY A.                        OH-7-23-4
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                         OH-7-16-61
DUNCAN, JAMES                           OH-7-K-527
DUNCAN, JOHN                            OH-7-K-33
DUNCAN, ROBERT                          OH-7-C-153
DUNCAN, ROBERT G.                       OH-7-O-444
DUNFEE, JACOB K.                        OH-7-23-287
DUNFEE, JAMES                           OH-7-K-5
DUNFEE, MARY                            OH-7-16-232
DUNGAN, B. ELLIS                        OH-7-N-261
DUNLAOP, PATTISON                       OH-7-23-363
DUNLAP, THOMAS J.                       OH-7-P-420
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         OH-7-K-98
DUNN, CALDWELL                          OH-7-M-486
DUNN, CATHARINE                         OH-7-L-77
DUNN, JAMES                             OH-7-F-98
DUNN, MARY                              OH-7-K-342
DUNN, SAMUEL                            OH-7-H-397
DUNN, THOMAS                            OH-7-M-375
DUNN, WILLIAM                           OH-7-K-496
DUNN, WILLIAM                           OH-7-I-121
DUTTON, FRANCIS                         OH-7-F-474
DUVALL, BRICE H.                        OH-7-L-549
DUVALL, EDWARD N.                       OH-7-24-161
DUVALL, LYDIA                           OH-7-K-181
DUVALL, PRISCILLA A.                    OH-7-M-116
DUVALL, RACHEL H.                       OH-7-M-513
DVORACEK, ANTONIA                       OH-7-23-534
DWORACEK, JOHN SR.                      OH-7-20-125
DYER, PHILIP G.                         OH-7-I-365
DYER, R. G.                             OH-7-24-189
DYSART, BOYD                            OH-7-H-63
DYSART, JOHN                            OH-7-P-474
DYSART, S. C.                           OH-7-22-540
DYSART, WILLIAM                         OH-7-C-273
DYSART, WILLIAM E.                      OH-7-17-226
EAGERTON, JESSE                         OH-7-G-538
EARLY, ANDREW                           OH-7-K-537
EASTHAM, JAMES                          OH-7-24-271
EATON, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-L-180
EATON, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-19-281
EATON, EMMA                             OH-7-22-300
EATON, JAMES                            OH-7-I-505
EATON, JANE                             OH-7-I-495
EATON, JOHN                             OH-7-G-473
EATON, JOSEPH R.                        OH-7-22-17
EATON, WILLIAM                          OH-7-P-522
EBBIGHAUSEN, HENRY                      OH-7-N-550
EBELING, AMELIA                         OH-7-22-71
EBERLE, FREDERICK                       OH-7-16-310
EBERLE, JOHN A.                         OH-7-16-189
EBERLE, WILLIAM                         OH-7-20-396
ECKELS, CHARLES                         OH-7-I-3
EDGE, JOHN                              OH-7-E-200
EDGERTON, ANN                           OH-7-23-152
EDGERTON, JAMES                         OH-7-C-23
EDGERTON, JANE                          OH-7-23-155
EDGERTON, THOMAS                        OH-7-H-64
EDLER, WILLIAM                          OH-7-23-109
EDWARDS, ANNA                           OH-7-K-317
EDWARDS, EDWARD F.                      OH-7-21-46
EDWARDS, GEORGE                         OH-7-24-206
EDWARDS, HANNAH M.                      OH-7-23-420
EDWARDS, JAMES                          OH-7-B-30
EDWARDS, JOHN                           OH-7-B-413
EDWARDS, JONATHAN                       OH-7-I-140
EDWARDS, PRUDENCE                       OH-7-I-232
EGERTON, JAMES                          OH-7-D-46
EGERTON, WILLIAM                        OH-7-D-39
EHNI, AUGUSTA                           OH-7-17-173
EICK, FERDINAND H.                      OH-7-23-258
EIS, JACOB                              OH-7-17-364
ELDRIDGE, THOMAS                        OH-7-C-173
ELLET, CHARLES JR.                      OH-7-18-147
ELLIOTT, JOEL                           OH-7-P-17
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           OH-7-H-87
ELLIOTT, MARY A.                        OH-7-P-353
ELLIOTT, MARY E.                        OH-7-L-436
ELLIOTT, SALLY                          OH-7-O-325
ELLIS, ELISHA M.                        OH-7-P-533
ELLIS, THEODORE                         OH-7-C-93
ELLIS, WILLIAM S.                       OH-7-23-339
ELY, ELIZABETH                          OH-7-O-146
ELY, JAMES SYKES                        OH-7-22-575
EMERSON, JOHN                           OH-7-17-248
EMERSON, WILLIAM                        OH-7-18-179
EMMET, ANNA                             OH-7-P-247
EMMONS, ISAAC                           OH-7-I-228
ENGELKE, FRED                           16-16
ENGLE, ABRAHAM                          OH-7-A-148
ENGLISH, RICHARD                        OH-7-I-262
ENGLISH, THOMAS                         OH-7-P-333
ENLOW, ISAAC                            OH-7-M-195
ENLOW, ISABELLE                         OH-7-K-275
ENLOW, JOHN                             OH-7-M-554
ENLOW, SUSAN                            OH-7-17-383
ENOCH, ALFRED                           OH-7-21-302
ENOCH, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-M-423
ENOCH, HIRAM                            OH-7-L-258
ENSMINGER, JOHN                         OH-7-N-205
ERNST, CONRAD                           OH-7-O-281
ERREN, HARRIET                          OH-7-16-397
ESALY, JOHN                             OH-7-22-219
ESTEOP, HANNAH H.                       OH-7-19-215
ESTEP, WILLIAM                          OH-7-17-368
ESTEP, WILLIAM H.                       OH-7-18-544
ETZEL, EMALINE                          OH-7-20-592
ETZLER, CALVIN                          OH-7-21-466
EVANS, ANN                              OH-7-O-544
EVANS, ELEAZER                          OH-7-H-98
EVANS, JOHN NICKOLS                     OH-7-I-431
EVANS, JOSEPH S.                        OH-7-24-397
EVANS, LEVINIA S.                       OH-7-22-501
EVANS, MARY A.                          OH-7-21-517
EVANS, RICHARD                          OH-7-18-302
EVANS, THOMAS S.                        OH-7-L-260
EVANS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-I-412
EVNS, LEE                               OH-7-20-253
EWAN, J. B.                             OH-7-20-454
EWERS, GLADNEY                          OH-7-G-290
EWERS, JOHN                             OH-7-H-283
EWERS, NANCY                            OH-7-18-94
EWERS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-H-111
EYRE, ELIZABETH ANN                     OH-7-G-296
EYRE, LEWIS H.                          OH-7-H-440
EYRE, LYDIA ANN                         OH-7-L-588
FABRY, LEONARD                          OH-7-19-153
FAHERTY, MARTIN                         OH-7-18-96
FAIRBANKS, MARGARET                     OH-7-G-361
FALCONER, REUBEN                        OH-7-H-242
FAMILTON, WILLIAM                       OH-7-K-362
FARIS, JOHN                             OH-7-A-10
FARIS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-D-307
FARMER, JOSEPH                          OH-7-20-187
FARMER, SOPHIA L.                       OH-7-24-196
FARNESWORTH, SAMUEL                     OH-7-G-416
FARRA, ESTHER                           OH-7-G-502
FARRALL, MARGARET M.                    OH-7-23-501
FARRELL, DAVID J.                       OH-7-23-139
FAUPEL, CHARLES                         OH-7-O-53
FAWCETT, AMOS                           OH-7-16-298
FAWCETT, DAVID                          OH-7-F-272
FAWCETT, JOHN                           OH-7-A-208
FAWCETT, JOSEPH                         OH-7-G-475
FAWCETT, L. M.                          OH-7-16-353
FAWCETT, MARTHA                         OH-7-C-393
FAWCETT, MARY                           OH-7-B-424
FAWCETT, RICHARD                        OH-7-G-194
FAWCETT, THOMAS                         OH-7-K-126
FAWCETT, THOMAS                         OH-7-B-287
FAWCETT, WILLIAM THOMAS                 OH-7-20-548
FEELEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-22-107
FEELEY, MARY                            OH-7-K-451
FEELEY, SULEY                           OH-7-20-393
FEELY, JOHN                             OH-7-L-356
FEETER, BELLVADERIE                     OH-7-23-134
FENIMORE, JOHN                          OH-7-O-1
FENNEY, ANN W.                          OH-7-L-473
FERGUSON, ADAH A.                       OH-7-24-157
FERGUSON, HUGH                          OH-7-O-327
FERGUSON, HUGH W.                       OH-7-L-600
FERGUSON, MALCOM                        OH-7-17-357
FERGUSON, NANCY J.                      OH-7-16-266
FERREL, FRANCIS B.                      OH-7-16-55
FERREN, SARAH A.                        OH-7-20-247
FIELDING, ANN                           OH-7-O-153
FIELDING, SAMUEL                        OH-7-19-556
FIELDS, JOHN                            OH-7-M-506
FIELDS, YANCY                           OH-7-P-357
FILTON, JOEL                            OH-7-L-97
FINCH, JESSE                            OH-7-D-377
FINLEY, MARY                            OH-7-L-631
FINNEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-P-536
FINNEY, JAMES                           OH-7-20-351
FINNEY, JAMES C.                        OH-7-18-497
FINNEY, JANE                            OH-7-H-118
FINNEY, JOHN                            OH-7-G-476
FINNEY, JOSEPH                          OH-7-16-203
FINNEY, ROBERT J.                       OH-7-19-244
FINNEY, SAMUEL                          OH-7-I-328
FINNEY, SAMUEL R.                       OH-7-21-316
FINNEY, SUSANNA                         OH-7-16-405
FISH, WILLIAM                           OH-7-24-20
FISHER, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-16-183
FISHER, JOHN H.                         OH-7-O-474
FISHER, LEWIS                           OH-7-17-273
FISHER, RACHEL                          OH-7-21-201
FISHER, SAMUEL                          OH-7-O-328
FISHER, WILLIAM S.                      OH-7-17-208
FISKER, DARIUS                          OH-7-E-440
FITCH, JACOB                            OH-7-H-438
FITCH, NANCY                            OH-7-N-244
FITZPATRICK, EDWARD                     OH-7-N-250
FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM                    OH-7-L-424
FLACCUS, EDWARD C.                      OH-7-23-64
FLANAGAN, JOHN H.                       OH-7-O-398
FLANNER, WILLIAM                        OH-7-F-396
FLEEHARTY, SEM                          OH-7-A-118
FLEISNER, DORCIS                        OH-7-18-531
FLETCHER, NELSON                        OH-7-17-311
FLETCHER, WILLIAM F.                    OH-7-23-385
FLOTO, HENRY                            OH-7-22-450
FLOTO, HENRY JR.                        OH-7-22-577
FLOTO, MARGARET                         OH-7-20-165
FOGLE, CASSIE H.                        OH-7-20-578
FOLMAR, FREDERICK                       OH-7-O-256
FORBER, JOHN                            OH-7-18-516
FORBES, JOHN H.                         OH-7-23-172
FOREMAN, MARTIN                         OH-7-K-255
FOREMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-7-19-469
FORGER, FRED                            OH-7-23-77
FORREST, MARTHA                         OH-7-L-7
FOSSET, SAMUEL                          OH-7-A-251
FOSTER, JOHN J.                         OH-7-L-401
FOULK, PHEBE S.                         193-15
FOULKE, BARTON                          OH-7-N-266
FOULKE, JOSEPH                          OH-7-H-257
FOWLER, BARTHOLOMEW T.                  OH-7-L-70
FOWLER, ELIZABETH B.                    OH-7-21-355
FOWLER, HULDAH                          OH-7-24-345
FOWLER, JESSE                           OH-7-N-399
FOWLER, JULIA E.                        OH-7-20-373
FOWLER, LUCRETIA A.                     OH-7-24-319
FOWLER, MARY E.                         OH-7-20-447
FOWLER, W. T.                           OH-7-18-561
FOX, ANTON M.                           OH-7-P-547
FOX, CHARLES                            OH-7-K-420
FOX, FRANCIS D.                         OH-7-I-250
FOX, JACOB                              OH-7-16-431
FOX, JOSIAH                             OH-7-H-77
FRAIZER, JAMES A.                       OH-7-L-138
FRALEY, FREDERIC                        OH-7-24-565
FRALEY, JACOB                           OH-7-17-429
FRALEY, RACHEL                          OH-7-22-235
FRANK, ANN                              OH-7-I-166
FRANKE, CHARLES SR.                     OH-7-22-399
FRANKLIN, JACOB                         OH-7-L-404
FRASHER, FULDREW                        OH-7-O-201
FRASIER, JAMES W.                       OH-7-L-101
FRASIER, TOWNSEND                       OH-7-L-387
FRAZIER, ALVA                           OH-7-16-399
FRAZIER, DANIEL                         OH-7-G-546
FRAZIER, GEORGE F.                      OH-7-24-212
FRAZIER, HIRAM                          OH-7-17-135
FRAZIER, JAMES                          OH-7-H-26
FRAZIER, JAMES                          OH-7-P-136
FRAZIER, NANCY                          OH-7-M-567
FRAZIER, WILLIAM                        OH-7-I-437
FRED, JOHN                              OH-7-K-240
FREDERICK, CARL                         OH-7-P-85
FREDERICK, HANNAH                       OH-7-19-261
FREDRICK, CARRIE                        OH-7-21-112
FRENCH, DAVID                           OH-7-19-204
FRENCH, WILLIAM                         OH-7-H-7
FRESCTH, JACOB                          OH-7-L-35
FREY, HENRY (IN GERMAN)                 OH-7-K-404
FRICK, ERNESTINE                        OH-7-24-143
FRIMAN, GEORGE SR.                      OH-7-G-87
FRITLER, HANNAH                         OH-7-18-140
FRITLER, HUMPHREY                       OH-7-K-226
FRITTER, LYDIA                          OH-7-17-485
FRITZ, DANIEL                           OH-7-19-157
FRITZ, ROSINA                           OH-7-20-408
FRIZELL, LLIAM                          OH-7-G-354
FRIZZELL, AMELIA A.                     OH-7-L-155
FRIZZELL, ROBERT                        OH-7-N-348
FROST, ELI                              OH-7-I-403
FROST, MARY J.                          OH-7-19-209
FROST, WILLIAM                          OH-7-H-421
FRY, ISAAC                              OH-7-P-365
FULLERER, CONSTANTINE                   OH-7-P-105
FULTON, ANDREW                          OH-7-C-419
FULTON, CHARLES                         OH-7-19-25
FULTON, DAVID                           OH-7-K-96
FULTON, GEORGE                          OH-7-I-61
FULTON, JAMES                           OH-7-I-500
FULTON, JAMES A.                        OH-7-20-517
FULTON, JANE F.                         OH-7-20-522
FULTON, JANET                           OH-7-22-90
FULTON, MARGARET B.                     OH-7-20-521
FUNK, JOHN                              OH-7-P-162
FUTHEY, HENRY                           OH-7-K-46
FUTHEY, MARY J.                         OH-7-21-337
GABEL, PETER                            OH-7-17-578
GABLE, PETER                            OH-7-K-449
GAILEY, MARY                            OH-7-K-502
GAITS, HENRY                            OH-7-M-162
GALEY, ROBERT                           OH-7-K-422
GALL, ANNA M.                           OH-7-O-72
GALLAGHER, BRIDGET A.                   OH-7-22-259
GALLAGHER, JAMES                        OH-7-24-112
GALLAGHER, MOSE                         OH-7-24-16
GALLAHER, DANIEL B.                     OH-7-L-486
GALLAHER, JOHN                          OH-7-H-388
GALLAWAY, JAMES                         OH-7-B-12
GALLIAGIAN, CATY                        OH-7-P-448
GALLOWAY, ALEXANDER                     OH-7-M-90
GALLOWAY, FRANK                         OH-7-22-227
GALLOWAY, JOHN SR.                      OH-7-L-558
GALLOWAY, MOSES                         OH-7-L-202
GAMENTHALER, RUDOLPH                    OH-7-22-581
GANDY, ABRAHAM                          OH-7-I-36
GARBER, LILLIE B.                       OH-7-24-6
GARDEN, DAVID                           OH-7-17-555
GARDINER, ROBERT                        OH-7-L-407
GARDNER, JAMES                          OH-7-H-466
GARDNER, MARIAN                         OH-7-24-593
GARLOUGH, JOHN                          OH-7-F-528
GARRETSON, ASA                          OH-7-16-68
GARRETSON, JOHN                         OH-7-I-65
GARRETT, JENNIE                         OH-7-23-508
GARRETT, MARY A.                        OH-7-19-193
GARRETT, SAMUEL                         OH-7-I-137
GARVEN, ARCHIBALD                       OH-7-19-240
GASTON, AGNES V.                        OH-7-L-264
GATZ, GEORGE                            OH-7-G-402
GAUDING, ANNA                           OH-7-O-234
GAUS, HANNAH                            OH-7-24-326
GAY, JOHN                               OH-7-I-90
GAY, RACHEL                             OH-7-L-158
GAY, THOMAS                             OH-7-K-214
GAYHART, ELLEN J.                       OH-7-O-490
GEARY, JAMES                            OH-7-22-489
GEBHART, CATHARINE                      OH-7-O-506
GEDLER, GEORGE                          OH-7-K-215
GEHRI, ANNA                             OH-7-19-580
GELATA, MARY                            OH-7-23-542
GELLASPIE, DAVID                        OH-7-I-169
GENIN, JOHN N.                          OH-7-L-569
GENIN, MARY JANE                        OH-7-17-494
GENIN, THOMAS W.                        OH-7-K-330
GEORGE, HARRIET                         OH-7-O-319
GEORGE, TRAVERS                         OH-7-I-257
GEORGE, WILLIAM S.                      OH-7-18-452
GERRARD, WILLIAM                        OH-7-O-13
GERRARD, WILLIAM F.                     OH-7-24-53
GERRITSON, JOSEPH                       OH-7-H-439
GETROST, ADAM                           OH-7-23-485
GETROST, SOPHIA                         OH-7-19-7
GEULOUGH, MARGARET                      OH-7-H-344
GIBBON, ELIZABETH J.                    OH-7-22-533
GIBBONS, JOHN                           OH-7-F-530
GIBBONS, JOSEPH                         OH-7-20-304
GIBBONS, WILLIAM                        OH-7-22-469
GIBNEY, DAVID                           OH-7-I-200
GIBNY, MARTHA S.                        OH-7-H-351
GIBSON, ALLEN                           OH-7-16-119
GIBSON, ANNA C.                         OH-7-20-465
GIBSON, HENRY                           OH-7-21-298
GIBSON, JOHN R.                         OH-7-I-224
GIBSON, JOHN R.                         OH-7-19-558
GIBSON, LEROY                           OH-7-18-81
GIFFEN, ALEXANDER A.                    OH-7-18-112
GIFFEN, CORNELIUS A.                    OH-7-20-276
GIFFEN, MARGARET                        OH-7-18-47
GIFFEN, MATTHEW                         OH-7-L-606
GIFFEN, WILLIAM                         OH-7-E-436
GIFFEN, WILLIAM H.                      OH-7-20-302
GIFFIN, GEORGE                          OH-7-G-82
GIFFIN, JOHN                            OH-7-22-44
GIFFIN, JOSEPH                          OH-7-M-100
GIFFIN, KEZIA W.                        OH-7-21-502
GIFFIN, MARY                            OH-7-H-200
GIFFIN, MORRISON                        OH-7-P-376
GIFFIN, SAMUEL H.                       OH-7-20-499
GIFIN, GEORGE                           OH-7-21-346
GILBERT, SUSANNAH                       OH-7-18-574
GILBREATH, MARGARET LYDIA               OH-7-19-225
GILDOW, MARTIN                          OH-7-21-73
GILHAM, LEWIS                           OH-7-O-417
GILHAM, RUTH                            OH-7-O-123
GILKISON, ROBERT                        OH-7-E-441
GILL, JAMES S.                          OH-7-P-212
GILL, JAMES W.                          OH-7-22-347
GILL, JOHN                              OH-7-21-264
GILL, JOHN S.                           OH-7-18-54
GILL, WILLIAM                           OH-7-H-112
GILL, Z. W.                             OH-7-M-119
GILLASPIE, MARGARET                     OH-7-I-519
GILLELAND, HUGH                         OH-7-E-57
GILLELAND, MORGAN                       OH-7-D-502
GILLEN, ELIZA                           OH-7-N-391
GILLESPIE, JOHN                         OH-7-M-473
GILLESPIE, THOMAS                       OH-7-H-154
GILLINGER, SAMUEL                       OH-7-O-438
GIRT, MARY                              OH-7-22-284
GISLER, BERTHA                          OH-7-19-428
GITTINGER, HENRY                        OH-7-H-149
GIVEN, GEORGE                           OH-7-B-281
GIVEN, MOSES                            OH-7-K-157
GIVENS, SARAH                           OH-7-G-146
GLADDEN, JAMES                          OH-7-P-528
GLADDEN, JOHN                           OH-7-I-207
GLASER, NICHOLAS                        OH-7-L-247
GLASGOW, DANIEL E.                      OH-7-N-423
GLASGOW, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-M-114
GLASGOW, JOHN                           OH-7-G-88
GLASGOW, JOHN SR.                       OH-7-24-294
GLASNER, ISAAC                          OH-7-P-382
GLASS, AARRON                           OH-7-K-153
GLASS, HENRY                            OH-7-23-182
GLASS, HENRY                            OH-7-23-222
GLASS, THOMPSON                         OH-7-16-276
GLAZINER, NICHOLAS                      OH-7-I-346
GLEAVES, JOHN M.                        OH-7-22-377
GLEAVES, SARAH M.                       OH-7-24-380
GLENN, ANN                              OH-7-L-243
GLENN, JOHN                             OH-7-P-114
GLOVER, MARGARET                        OH-7-I-218
GLOVER, MARGARET S.                     OH-7-20-318
GLOVER, THOMAS                          OH-7-E-253
GOFF, ROBERT                            OH-7-21-70
GOLD, HANNAH                            OH-7-H-129
GOLDSMITH, MARY J.                      OH-7-20-99
GOLDSMITH, THOMAS                       OH-7-19-235
GOODEN, SAMUEL                          OH-7-G-224
GOODMAN, L. J.                          OH-7-23-49
GORDEN, JAMES SR.                       OH-7-D-257
GORDON, DAVID                           OH-7-K-167
GORDON, JAMES                           OH-7-L-285
GORDON, JAMES                           OH-7-D-410
GORDON, JAMES SR.                       OH-7-M-286
GORDON, PRISCILLA                       OH-7-O-227
GORDON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-N-37
GORDON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-F-466
GORRELL, JAMES B.                       OH-7-N-275
GOSNEY, GEORGE W.                       OH-7-K-106
GOSSER, JACOB                           OH-7-B-368
GOSSETT, JACOB                          OH-7-23-300
GOSSETT, JOHN                           OH-7-M-357
GOUDY, ANDREW                           OH-7-16-106
GOW, ELIZABETH                          OH-7-M-323
GOW, WILLIAM                            OH-7-K-257
GOWIN, MANNIS B.                        OH-7-P-182
GRAFFON, CASALINE                       OH-7-P-411
GRAHAM, ELIZA                           OH-7-K-522
GRAHAM, HARRY M.                        OH-7-19-440
GRAHAM, JAMES C.                        OH-7-23-45
GRAHAM, MARGARET                        OH-7-O-575
GRAHAM, MARY                            OH-7-L-349
GRANFELL, WILLIAM                       OH-7-F-312
GRATIGNEY, LEWIS SR.                    OH-7-L-41
GRAVES, JOSEPHINE AMANDA                OH-7-21-96
GRAY, ALEXANDER                         OH-7-C-425
GRAY, ELEANOR                           OH-7-H-229
GRAY, ELIZABETH B.                      OH-7-L-237
GRAY, ELLEN H.                          OH-7-21-542
GRAY, GEORGE                            OH-7-L-322
GRAY, JAMES A.                          OH-7-19-174
GRAY, MARGARET A.                       OH-7-I-74
GRAY, SAMUEL                            OH-7-F-472
GREEN, ALEXANDER                        OH-7-B-364
GREEN, ALEXANDER                        OH-7-P-525
GREEN, CHARLES F.                       OH-7-17-24
GREEN, ELIAS                            OH-7-19-69
GREEN, GEORGE W.                        OH-7-I-109
GREEN, IDA B.                           OH-7-21-388
GREEN, JEMIMA                           OH-7-G-469
GREEN, JOSEPH                           OH-7-M-342
GREEN, MARY A.                          OH-7-17-244
GREEN, REUBEN                           OH-7-20-440
GREEN, ROBERT B.                        OH-7-L-176
GREEN, SPOTWOOD                         2-372
GREEN, WILLIAM                          OH-7-I-414
GREEN, WILLIAM E.                       OH-7-16-129
GREENFELL, JAMES THOMAS                 OH-7-H-455
GREENFIELD, ANN                         OH-7-18-441
GREENFIELD,G EORGIA A.                  OH-7-16-554
GREENLEE, ALEXANDER                     OH-7-O-496
GREENLEE, CATHARINE                     OH-7-L-563
GREENLEE, JAMES                         OH-7-H-442
GREENLEE, JAMES A.                      OH-7-17-569
GREENLEE, JOSEPHINE A.                  OH-7-P-241
GREENLEE, MARY A.                       OH-7-18-299
GREENLEE, MATTHEW                       OH-7-18-165
GREENLEE, MATTHEW H.                    OH-7-24-417
GREENLEE, ROBERT                        OH-7-A-136
GREENLEE, WILLIAM                       OH-7-M-216
GREENLEE, WILLIAM D.                    OH-7-P-424
GREENWOOD, SARAH                        OH-7-22-481
GREER, HENRY                            OH-7-A-76
GREGG, ABNER                            OH-7-G-411
GREGG, ALFRED                           OH-7-I-490
GREGG, ALFRED E.                        OH-7-23-234
GREGG, ARTHUR                           OH-7-20-94
GREGG, CALEB                            OH-7-A-54
GREGG, HENDLY H.                        OH-7-H-232
GREGG, JACOB                            OH-7-H-57
GREGG, JOSHUA                           OH-7-H-395
GREGG, LABAN                            OH-7-K-356
GREGG, LOT                              OH-7-K-329
GREGG, MARY                             OH-7-I-44
GREGG, MARY M.                          OH-7-24-131
GREGG, RACHEL A.                        OH-7-M-252
GREGG, SAMUEL                           OH-7-F-124
GREGG, STEPHEN                          OH-7-G-582
GREGG, STEPHEN C.                       OH-7-O-252
GREGG, W. W.                            OH-7-21-283
GREGORY, NANNIE J.                      OH-7-23-158
GREINER, RICHARD                        OH-7-24-356
GRELLA, LOUIS                           OH-7-18-538
GRELLA, MINNIE                          OH-7-23-368
GRELLA, WILLIAM F.                      OH-7-22-105
GREMLEE, WILLIAM                        OH-7-O-245
GREST, JOHN                             OH-7-H-29
GREY, ROBERT T.                         OH-7-21-328
GRIER, ELEANOR                          OH-7-L-241
GRIER, HENRY                            OH-7-H-345
GRIER, THOMAS                           OH-7-K-405
GRIFFEN, HUGH                           OH-7-I-372
GRIFFIN, ARCHIBALD                      OH-7-20-459
GRIFFIN, ROBERT                         OH-7-B-78
GRIFFITH, GOERGE S.                     OH-7-O-561
GRIFFITH, HANNAH                        OH-7-16-196
GRIFFITH, MARY                          OH-7-O-571
GRIFFITH, MARY                          OH-7-I-29
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       OH-7-22-189
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       OH-7-I-449
GRIMES, ARTHUR                          OH-7-G-570
GRIMES, JANE D.                         OH-7-22-562
GRIMES, MARIA                           OH-7-H-187
GRIMSLEY, EUGENE                        OH-7-24-554
GRIMSLEY, OLIVER                        OH-7-L-296
GRISSELL, NATHAN P.                     OH-7-K-389
GROVE, CAROLINE                         OH-7-20-103
GROVE, JOHN A.                          OH-7-P-320
GROVE, NETTIE M.                        OH-7-19-539
GROVE, WILLIAM H.                       OH-7-I-477
GROVES, CHARLOTTE                       OH-7-20-527
GROVES, ELIZBETH                        OH-7-20-208
GROVES, ELVIRA                          OH-7-L-205
GROVES, JAMES                           OH-7-23-94
GROVES, JAMES                           OH-7-21-319
GROVES, MARGARET I.                     OH-7-16-578
GROVES, MORDECAI B.                     OH-7-18-320
GROVES, NATHANIEL                       OH-7-I-472
GRUBB, MARY A.                          OH-7-17-538
GRUBS, ENOCH                            OH-7-G-223
GUTH, DANIEL                            OH-7-22-410

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