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RADER, CONRAD                           OH-7-18-309
RADER, JACOB                            OH-7-20-494
RAFER, JACOB                            OH-7-P-478
RAILEY, JAMES                           OH-7-F-122
RAINEY, ELIZA J.                        OH-7-19-27
RAINEY, MARTHA                          OH-7-K-321
RAINEY, NANCY J.                        OH-7-19-31
RAINEY, THOMAS                          OH-7-G-45
RALEY, ASA                              OH-7-L-114
RALEY, ASENATH                          OH-7-P-389
RALEY, JOSEPH                           OH-7-L-286
RALEY, MARY                             OH-7-N-256
RALSTON, ANDERSON                       OH-7-16-114
RALSTON, CATHERINE                      OH-7-18-121
RALSTON, JOSEPH                         OH-7-D-89
RALSTON, MARGARET                       OH-7-18-404
RAMAGE, ARCHIBALD C.                    OH-7-P-329
RAMAGE, JOHN                            OH-7-I-297
RAMAGE, JOHN C.                         OH-7-H-290
RAMAGE, JOSEPH A.                       OH-7-H-209
RAMAGE, SAMUEL L.                       OH-7-H-319
RAMAGE, WILLIAM                         OH-7-D-172
RAMAGE, WILLIAM                         OH-7-P-120
RAMSAY, AARON F. SR.                    OH-7-P-434
RAMSAY, ABRAHAM SR.                     OH-7-O-533
RAMSAY, ELEANOR E.                      OH-7-M-274
RAMSAY, ISAAC                           OH-7-21-209
RAMSER, JOHN                            OH-7-18-526
RAMSER, NICHOLAS                        OH-7-O-584
RAMSEY, ALLEN                           OH-7-O-542
RAMSEY, JOHN SR.                        OH-7-K-252
RAMSEY, SAMUEL                          OH-7-K-261
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                         OH-7-G-249
RANEY, WILLIAM                          OH-7-K-435
RANKIN, ADAM                            OH-7-M-361
RANKIN, JOHN                            OH-7-16-217
RANKIN, JOHN                            OH-7-K-352
RANKIN, MARGARET                        OH-7-17-98
RANSOM, FRANCES                         OH-7-H-323
RATCLIFF, WILLIAM                       OH-7-I-429
RATCLIFF, WILLIAM R.                    OH-7-19-162
RATTY, MARY B.                          OH-7-23-475
RAUSCHENBERGER, GOTTLIEB                OH-7-23-87
RAY, ABEL                               OH-7-I-282
REASBECK, GEORGE                        OH-7-21-374
REDMAN, ELIZABETH A.                    OH-7-L-484
REECE, GRAZZELLA J.                     OH-7-24-370
REED, EDWARD                            OH-7-L-586
REED, GEORGE                            OH-7-23-210
REED, ISAAC                             OH-7-P-82
REED, JOHN SR.                          OH-7-H-136
REED, MARY A.                           OH-7-19-259
REED, MENANDER G.                       OH-7-24-36
REED, WILLIAM                           OH-7-O-492
REES, WILLIAM D.                        OH-7-22-136
REESE, EDARD                            OH-7-24-38
REESE, JOSEPH G.                        OH-7-24-430
REGER, JOSEPH                           OH-7-N-480
REHM, HENRY SR.                         OH-7-24-225
REICHERT, JOHN C.                       OH-7-P-29
REID, JANE                              OH-7-20-379
REILLY, KATE                            OH-7-19-106
REILLY, MICHAEL                         OH-7-16-172
RENBOTTOM, ELIZA                        OH-7-O-111
RESSEGGER, LEVI                         OH-7-20-434
RETZER, FRED                            OH-7-23-8
REYNOLDS, DAVID N.                      OH-7-20-363
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          OH-7-L-291
REYNOLDS, RICHARD B.                    OH-7-D-380
RHODES, MOSES                           OH-7-K-440
RHODES, SOPHIA J.                       OH-7-L-625
RICE, ANN                               OH-7-P-206
RICE, DAVID H.                          OH-7-17-80
RICE, GEORGE A.                         OH-7-H-248
RICE, MELINDA C.                        OH-7-I-492
RICE, T. N.                             OH-7-23-592
RICHARDS, THOMAS                        OH-7-22-320
RICHARDSON, MILDRED ANN                 OH-7-16-123
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                      OH-7-I-309
RICHMOND, MONROE                        OH-7-16-43
RIDGEWAY, BAZIL                         OH-7-H-239
RIDGEWAY, JOB                           OH-7-B-223
RIDGEWAY, REBECCA                       OH-7-L-207
RIDGWAY, RICHARD                        OH-7-20-74
RIESLER, WILLIAM H.                     OH-7-16-15
RIETZ, JACOB                            OH-7-23-527
RIGGLE, MICHAEL                         OH-7-E-481
RILEY, OWEN                             OH-7-17-289
RILEY, SAMUEL                           OH-7-18-127
RILEY, THOMAS                           OH-7-L-438
RING, AGNES                             OH-7-24-255
RING, ELIZBETH H.                       OH-7-24-510
RING, MARGARET J.                       OH-7-17-359
RINKER, ELLA JANE                       OH-7-20-285
RINKER, LOUISA C.                       OH-7-23-383
RITCHESON, JOSHUA                       OH-7-H-184
RITZ, DOERING E.                        OH-7-23-428
RIVERS, MARCELENA                       OH-7-23-398
ROBB, EMMA V.                           OH-7-N-26
ROBB, MARTHA                            OH-7-22-390
ROBBINS, MARTHA E.                      OH-7-22-404
ROBERTS, DAVID B.                       OH-7-22-438
ROBERTS, HENRY                          OH-7-20-470
ROBERTS, JESSE                          OH-7-O-336
ROBERTS, JOHN C.                        OH-7-21-384
ROBERTS, JOSEPH                         OH-7-16-137
ROBERTS, MARY J.                        OH-7-22-175
ROBINOSN, THOMAS V.                     OH-7-I-406
ROBINSON, DRUSILLA                      OH-7-L-428
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-K-469
ROBINSON, JENNETTA I. D.                OH-7-16-287
ROBINSON, JOHN                          OH-7-N-42
ROBINSON, JOSEPH S.                     OH-7-L-375
ROBINSON, LIZZIE B.                     OH-7-22-327
ROBINSON, MARY                          OH-7-K-184
ROBINSON, MELISSA J.                    OH-7-24-407
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        OH-7-I-8
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        OH-7-C-102
ROBINSON, WILLIAM H.                    OH-7-L-335
ROBSON, DAVID                           OH-7-D-169
ROBSON, REBECCA                         OH-7-16-284
ROBSON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-M-528
ROBY, JOHN                              OH-7-K-29
ROCK, JOHN H.                           OH-7-17-63
RODEFAR, JACOB                          OH-7-16-209
RODEFER, JOHN                           OH-7-I-233
RODEFER, KATE M.                        OH-7-P-192
RODEWIG, FREDRICK SR.                   OH-7-18-435
RODEWIG, MARGARET                       OH-7-22-454
RODGERS, JOHN                           OH-7-L-481
RODGERS, NICHOLAS                       OH-7-I-421
RODGERS, SOPHIA                         OH-7-L-255
ROEDER, ANDREW                          OH-7-24-70
ROEDER, CHARLES E.                      OH-7-17-232
ROGERS, ARTHUR                          OH-7-24-245
ROHAN, MICHAEL                          OH-7-20-33
ROHREY, AUGUST C.                       OH-7-24-126
ROMAN, HANNAH SR.                       OH-7-G-252
ROMANS, JOSEPH                          OH-7-I-82
ROMICK, MATILDA                         OH-7-17-131
ROSCOE, AMOS                            OH-7-M-219
ROSCOE, ELIZA J.                        OH-7-22-61
ROSE, ALVIN D. C.                       32-311
ROSE, PETER                             OH-7-E-439
ROSEBOROUGH, DAVID                      OH-7-L-337
ROSECRANS, SYLVESTER H.                 OH-7-M-266
ROSECRANS, SYLVESTER H.                 OH-7-O-428
ROSSER, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-P-123
ROSSER, SARAH                           OH-7-21-491
ROTHERMUND, AUGUST                      OH-7-P-281
ROTHWELL, JANE                          OH-7-N-370
ROUSE, WILLIAM                          OH-7-16-544
ROWLEY, GEORGE                          OH-7-K-241
ROWLEY, MARIA                           OH-7-22-402
ROWLEY, STEWART                         OH-7-19-119
ROY, FLORENCE                           OH-7-24-572
RREVERE, MARTHA A.                      OH-7-P-450
RRUSSELL, SAMUEL                        OH-7-L-574
RUBLE, DANIEL                           OH-7-18-414
RUBLE, DAVID                            OH-7-A-133
RUGGLES, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-F-15
RUNGE, WILHELMINA M.                    OH-7-16-414
RUSH, JAMES HARVEY                      OH-7-P-290
RUSH, MELISSA                           OH-7-23-566
RUSSELL, HATTIE D.                      OH-7-L-612
RUSSELL, ISAAC                          OH-7-P-459
RUSSELL, JOHN W.                        OH-7-23-11
RUSSELL, JOSEPH                         OH-7-P-210
RUSSELL, JOSHUA                         OH-7-G-597
RUSSELL, LEVI K.                        OH-7-22-147
RUSSELL, SAMUEL                         OH-7-M-73
RYAN, ELIZA                             OH-7-16-82
RYAN, ICHAEL                            OH-7-16-502
RYAN, LEMON                             OH-7-H-215
SAFFELL, TILMAN                         OH-7-L-88
SALTZGAVER, MINERVA                     OH-7-24-184
SAMUEL, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-24-452
SANBORN, C. R.                          OH-7-18-469
SANDERS, JOHN W.                        OH-7-N-519
SANDRETH, JOHN B.                       OH-7-P-468
SATTERFIELD, ZANAH                      OH-7-23-358
SATTERTHWAIT, WILLIAM W.                OH-7-G-225
SATTERTHWAITE, NANCY                    OH-7-16-551
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM                       OH-7-18-447
SAVILLE, ROBERT D.                      OH-7-24-488
SCALES, JOHN SR.                        OH-7-H-82
SCALES, NANCY M.                        OH-7-P-158
SCAMMELL, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-21-71
SCATTERDAY, REBECCA L.                  OH-7-L-350
SCHACHTABECK, HENRY                     OH-7-I-264
SCHAEFFER, JOSEPH                       OH-7-P-355
SCHAFER, ALOYS                          OH-7-N-341
SCHAILL, PATRICK                        OH-7-23-200
SCHATZ, CHARLES                         OH-7-24-522
SCHEEHLE, LOUIS L.                      2-4408
SCHELL, FREDEREKA                       OH-7-M-177
SCHICK, AUGUST                          OH-7-23-492
SCHICK, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-O-169
SCHILLINGER, LUCY ANN                   OH-7-24-41
SCHLERNITZAUE, WILLIAM C.               OH-7-24-401
SCHMIDT, ALOIS                          OH-7-18-98
SCHMIDT, FRED K.                        OH-7-20-569
SCHNEIDER, FREDRICH                     OH-7-P-43
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                         OH-7-16-42
SCHNEIDER, SOPHIA                       OH-7-22-441
SCHOFIELD, ISAACHAR                     OH-7-F-51
SCHOLFIELD, EDITH                       OH-7-H-156
SCHOOLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-7-I-326
SCHOSKEY, FRITZ                         OH-7-20-21
SCHRAMM, EMMA                           OH-7-23-285
SCHRAMM, LOUIS                          OH-7-16-191
SCHRAMM, MARY                           OH-7-22-491
SCHREVE, CHARLES R.                     OH-7-P-431
SCHRINER, ADELAIDE                      OH-7-M-349
SCHUCKMEHL, MARY                        OH-7-16-391
SCHUMAKER, CHARLES W.                   OH-7-M-458
SCHUPBACH, JOHN                         OH-7-K-78
SCHUPBACH, JOHN                         OH-7-21-332
SCHWAB, ADOLPH                          OH-7-21-552
SCHWALTZER, JOHANN                      OH-7-P-248
SCHWENKEL, CHRISTIANE                   OH-7-21-170
SCHWOB, JULIUS                          OH-7-24-43
SCOFIELD, ABIGAIL                       OH-7-17-342
SCOFIELD, JONATHAN T.                   OH-7-19-310
SCOTT, ANDREW                           OH-7-F-234
SCOTT, JOHN                             OH-7-17-536
SCOTT, JOHN E.                          OH-7-18-345
SCOTT, MARY M.                          OH-7-I-378
SCOTT, MATTHEW                          OH-7-G-83
SCRAGGS, JANE A.                        OH-7-H-382
SCRIVNER, JOHN F.                       OH-7-16-557
SEABERT, ADAM                           OH-7-H-330
SEABRIGHT, FREDERICK                    OH-7-24-389
SEABRIGHT, HENRY                        OH-7-L-416
SEAL, JOSEPH                            OH-7-G-355
SEAMAN, SARAH F.                        OH-7-23-437
SEARS, BENJAMIN                         OH-7-I-98
SEARS, JOHN                             OH-7-G-563
SEARS, SARAH D.                         OH-7-20-62
SECREST, JONATHAN                       OH-7-20-138
SEDGEWICK, WILLIAM A.                   OH-7-17-513
SEIDWITZ, JOHN                          OH-7-24-482
SEILELR, JOHN                           OH-7-I-509
SELBY, RUTH A.                          OH-7-18-454
SELBY, SARAH                            OH-7-I-482
SELLARS, PETER P.                       OH-7-O-406
SENIERAL, SAMUEL                        OH-7-O-313
SERVAIS, JOSEPH                         OH-7-22-209
SHAFER, JAMES M.                        OH-7-23-430
SHANLEY, ELLEN                          OH-7-P-187
SHANNAFELT, FRANCES                     OH-7-20-067
SHANNAFELT, JOHN B.                     OH-7-P-472
SHANNON, HANNAH                         OH-7-I-334
SHANNON, MARY                           OH-7-18-233
SHARP, CAROLINE                         OH-7-O-426
SHARP, GEORGE                           OH-7-G-115
SHARP, JOHN                             OH-7-18-306
SHARP, THOMAS                           OH-7-A-142
SHARPLESS, GEORGE                       OH-7-D-53
SHARPLESS, PRESTON                      OH-7-H-401
SHARPLESS, WILLIAM                      OH-7-F-275
SHATZER, DAVID                          OH-7-18-264
SHAUGNESSY, JOHN                        OH-7-L-271
SHAVER, AMANDA B.                       OH-7-20-557
SHEETZ, JAMES B.                        OH-7-19-533
SHEETZ, LANEIRA                         OH-7-16-140
SHEETZ, OTHO                            OH-7-E-460
SHEFER, PHILLIP                         OH-7-19-435
SHELDEN,D AVID                          OH-7-16-407
SHELDON, BENJAMEN                       OH-7-18-401
SHELDON, JAMES                          OH-7-F-291
SHELLY, THOMAS E.                       OH-7-23-381
SHEPHERD, HENRY T.                      OH-7-20-572
SHEPHERD, JAMES                         OH-7-M-480
SHEPHERD, JOHN F.                       OH-7-N-86
SHEPHERD, JOHN SR.                      OH-7-18-337
SHEPHERD, MARY                          OH-7-I-528
SHEPHERD, MARY                          OH-7-17-338
SHEPHERD, NATHAN THE ELDER              OH-7-H-253
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                        OH-7-H-293
SHEPPARD, JAMES                         OH-7-G-410
SHEPPARD, JAMES A.                      OH-7-21-61
SHERRY, ARTHUR                          OH-7-K-51
SHERRY, MARY A.                         OH-7-N-230
SHIELD, EMMA                            OH-7-N-388
SHIELDS, ANN                            OH-7-O-468
SHIELDS, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-20-131
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                        OH-7-16-258
SHINDEWOLF, ANNA                        OH-7-19-511
SHINDEWOOLF, WILLIAM                    OH-7-22-30
SHIPMAN, AMSTERD M.                     OH-7-P-237
SHIPMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-22-8
SHIPMAN, GEORGE                         OH-7-M-329
SHIPMAN, HANNAH                         OH-7-P-387
SHIPMAN, MATHIAS                        OH-7-L-325
SHIPMAN, MATTHIAS                       OH-7-F-121
SHOEMAKER, ELIAS                        OH-7-H-460
SHORT, THOMAS                           OH-7-F-522
SHOTWELL, J. K.                         2OH-7-21-416
SHOTWELL, NATHAN                        OH-7-17-171
SHOTWELL, TITUS                         OH-7-D-96
SHRIVER, JACOB S.                       OH-7-M-8
SHULTZ, PHILIP                          OH-7-E-36
SHUTTLEWORTH, ABRAHAM                   OH-7-24-88
SIDELS, HENRY                           OH-7-O-274
SIDWELL, ELI                            OH-7-H-307
SIDWELL, ELISHA                         OH-7-L-61
SIDWELL, ELMA                           OH-7-18-390
SIDWELL, ISRAEL                         OH-7-18-540
SIDWELL, PLUMMER                        OH-7-17-217
SIEDWITZ, WILLIAM                       OH-7-17-293
SILL, JONATHAN                          OH-7-H-341
SIMERAL, ALEXANDER                      OH-7-18-333
SIMERAL, ALICE                          OH-7-M-92
SIMMONS, JAMES T.                       OH-7-I-202
SIMMONS, ROGER                          OH-7-A-345
SIMMONS, SAMUEL                         OH-7-21-58
SIMMONS, THOMAS                         OH-7-L-591
SIMPSON, JAMES BURTON                   OH-7-20-340
SIMPSON, JOHN ANDREW                    OH-7-23-424
SIMPSON, MARTHA J.                      OH-7-L-537
SIMPSON, SIDNEY                         OH-7-F-307
SIMPSON, WALTER B.                      OH-7-24-513
SINCLAIR, JAMES                         OH-7-A-85
SINCLAIR, WILLIAM                       OH-7-H-268
SINCLAIR, WILLIAM                       OH-7-H-134
SINRAM, WILLIAM                         OH-7-24-81
SKEETON, HARRY                          OH-7-P-33
SKEHAN, MARY                            OH-7-19-467
SKINNER, KENSEY                         OH-7-P-271
SLACK, WILLIAM HENRY                    OH-7-23-121
SLEVIN, PATRICK                         OH-7-17-441
SLEVIN, RACHEL                          OH-7-18-347
SLOAN, MARGARET                         OH-7-M-446
SLOAN, WILLIAM                          OH-7-20-589
SLOAN,ELLIOTT W.                        OH-7-16-152
SMALLWOOD, GRIFFIN                      OH-7-L-11
SMALLWOOD, GRIFFIN                      OH-7-H-414
SMART, ELIZA                            OH-7-21-536
SMITH, ANDEW                            OH-7-F-52
SMITH, ANDREW                           OH-7-D-158
SMITH, DAVID                            OH-7-O-340
SMITH, DAVID                            OH-7-K-396
SMITH, E. R.                            OH-7-24-1
SMITH, EDITH                            OH-7-24-85
SMITH, ELIZA                            OH-7-L-154
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-19-499
SMITH, ELLEN                            OH-7-19-459
SMITH, EMELINE                          OH-7-K-488
SMITH, EPHRAIM                          OH-7-21-429
SMITH, EZEKIEL                          OH-7-F-388
SMITH, GEORGE                           OH-7-M-210
SMITH, H. W.                            OH-7-20-250
SMITH, JESSE S.                         OH-7-18-445
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-7-I-135
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-7-E-177
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-7-K-305
SMITH, JOHN P.                          OH-7-N-177
SMITH, JOSEPH                           OH-7-C-512
SMITH, JOSEPH D.                        OH-7-M-159
SMITH, L. B.                            OH-7-23-237
SMITH, LUCINDA                          OH-7-20-314
SMITH, MAHLON                           OH-7-F-152
SMITH, MARGARET                         OH-7-N-455
SMITH, MARTHA E.                        OH-7-24-384
SMITH, MIRANDA B.                       OH-7-20-129
SMITH, NANCY B.                         OH-7-16-371
SMITH, NANCY B.                         OH-7-M-86
SMITH, SAMUEL                           OH-7-L-489
SMITH, SAMUEL                           OH-7-19-42
SMITH, SAMUEL                           OH-7-F-213
SMITH, SILAS H.                         OH-7-20-127
SMITH, SPENCER                          OH-7-L-112
SMITH, STEEL                            OH-7-H-435
SMITH, THERESA M.                       OH-7-23-432
SMITH, THOMAS                           OH-7-F-207
SMITH, THOMAS                           OH-7-G-406
SMITH, THOMAS G.                        OH-7-K-412
SMITH, THOMAS J.                        OH-7-20-64
SMITH, THOMAS W.                        OH-7-K-72
SMITH, WILHLEMINA                       OH-7-19-211
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-7-A-2
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-7-O-431
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-7-24-133
SMITH, WILLIAM SR.                      OH-7-A-31
SMITH, ZENAS                            OH-7-E-389
SMYLER, MARTIN R.                       OH-7-P-466
SNEDEKER, JOSIAH                        OH-7-18-572
SNEDEKER, NICHOLAS                      OH-7-G-535
SNEDIKER, PETER                         OH-7-H-470
SNIVELEY, WILBUR F.                     OH-7-16-236
SNODE, JOHN H.                          OH-7-P-239
SNODGRASS, BRINKLYM                     OH-7-O-311
SNYDER, NANCY                           OH-7-I-154
SOMMER, HARRY F.                        OH-7-23-189
SOMMER, WILLIAM E.                      OH-7-24-581
SORG, WILLIAM                           OH-7-17-426
SOUDERS, DAVID H.                       OH-7-19-108
SOULANDER, LOUISA                       16513
SOWDER, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-F-512
SPEAR, JOSEPH J.                        OH-7-21-89
SPEIDEL, JOSEPH                         OH-7-24-538
SPENCE, LAVOSIER                        OH-7-20-505
SPENCER, JOHN                           OH-7-A-315
SPENCER, JOHN                           OH-7-B-269
SPENCER, JOSEPH                         OH-7-B-193
SPENCER, WILLIAM                        OH-7-F-151
SPRIGGS, BENJAMIN                       OH-7-K-66
SPRINGER, W. W.                         OH-7-20-475
SPROUL, ROBERT                          OH-7-L-244
STAGGS, HENRY B.                        OH-7-17-393
STAGGS, JULIA ANN                       OH-7-19-409
STAGGS, MARY                            OH-7-23-401
STAHL, SHERMAN T.                       OH-7-23-522
STANDIFORD, JOHN                        OH-7-B-298
STANKYWICZ, STANI                       OH-7-22-336
STANTON, HENRY                          OH-7-I-524
STANTON, SAAH B.                        OH-7-K-187
STANTON, THOMAS H.                      OH-7-19-11
STANTON, WILLIAM                        OH-7-18-51
STARKEY, ELIZABETH K.                   OH-7-O-461
STARKEY, ISAAC                          OH-7-16-289
STCLAIR, ORA MELVINA                    OH-7-21-1
STEADMAN, ANN R.                        OH-7-20-394
STEART, L. J.                           OH-7-24-519
STEEL, BENAJAH                          OH-7-H-410
STEEL, JOHN H.                          OH-7-I-32
STEEL, JOSHUA                           OH-7-16-381
STEELE, ELLIS B.                        OH-7-21-199
STEELE, JOHN                            OH-7-I-1
STEER, JAMES                            OH-7-B-97
STEER, JAMES                            OH-7-24-149
STEER, JOSEPH                           OH-7-B-362
STEER, NATHAN                           OH-7-24-469
STEER, RUTH                             OH-7-B-423
STEGNER, GOTTFRIED JR.                  OH-7-K-366
STEHALL, DANIEL L.                      OH-7-G-544
STEPHENS, ALBERT F.                     OH-7-20-117
STEPHENS, GEORGE L.                     OH-7-16-509
STEPHENS, JOHN W. SR.                   OH-7-17-370
STEPHENS, KATHARINE                     OH-7-21-407
STEPHENS, SARAH A.                      OH-7-18-219
STERLA, CATHARINE                       OH-7-P-380
STERLING, LOUISA                        OH-7-17-385
STEVENS, CATHARINE S.                   OH-7-P-148
STEWART, ALLEN                          OH-7-H-138
STEWART, ELIABETH M.                    OH-7-24-59
STEWART, JAMES                          OH-7-F-178
STEWART, JAMES O.                       OH-7-17-51
STEWART, JAMES S.                       OH-7-G-359
STEWART, JOHN                           OH-7-18-481
STEWART, LUCIUS                         OH-7-21-163
STEWART, MARY JANE                      OH-7-22-98
STEWART, MATTHEW                        OH-7-19-302
STEWART, THOMAS                         OH-7-21-581
STIDD, CALEB W.                         OH-7-L-67
STIERLEY, LUDWIG                        OH-7-N-573
STILES, MARK                            OH-7-22-526
STILLWELL, ABNER                        OH-7-P-203
STILWELL, A. T.                         OH-7-21-254
STILWELL, ELIAS                         OH-7-D-386
STILWELL, JAMES V.                      OH-7-20-98
STINE, MAMIE B.                         OH-7-19-389
STITT, JOHN                             OH-7-I-501
STMYERS, BRIDGET                        OH-7-P-53
STOCKDALE, MARY B.                      OH-7-21-269
STONE, CHARLES W.                       OH-7-G-228
STONEBRAKER, FREDERIC R.                OH-7-23-137
STONEBRAKER, JOHN T.                    OH-7-M-354
STONEBRAKER, SAMUEL M.                  OH-7-19-586
STOTLER, HENRY                          OH-7-I-239
STOUT, GEORGE W.                        OH-7-M-406
STOUT, SAMUEL W.                        OH-7-O-511
STRAHL, N. P.                           OH-7-20-120
STRAHL, PENELOPE J.                     OH-7-20-536
STRAIN, MARY A.                         OH-7-K-409
STRAIN, SAMUEL M.                       OH-7-23-495
STRASSER, FREDRICK                      OH-7-I-448
STRINGER, GEORG EM. W.                  OH-7-19-113
STRINGER, GEORGE W.                     OH-7-I-507
STRINGER, NARCISSUS JANE                OH-7-M-199
STRINGER, TABITHA                       OH-7-K-539
STRINGER, WILLIAM H.                    OH-7-K-343
STRINGER, WILLIAM JR.                   OH-7-C-278
STROBEL, ANTON                          OH-7-17-220
STRODER, ELIZABETH A.                   OH-7-M-396
STRONG, JAMES H.                        OH-7-21-404
STUART, ARTHUR                          OH-7-M-560
STUBBS, JOSEPH                          OH-7-A-276
STUBBS, JOSEPH                          OH-7-M-130
STURGEON, MARY                          OH-7-G-423
SULLIVAN, SALLIE                        OH-7-M-236
SULLIVAN, W. W.                         OH-7-19-23
SUMMERS, WILLIAM                        OH-7-H-441
SUNDERLAND, J. W.                       OH-7-O-391
SURGISON, JAMES M.                      OH-7-M-429
SUTTON, JOHN                            OH-7-D-91
SUTTON, JOHN K.                         OH-7-24-492
SUTTON, JONATHON                        OH-7-D-484
SUTTON, LEWIS                           OH-7-N-75
SUTTON, RICHARD                         OH-7-19-507
SUTTON, W. V. D.                        OH-7-L-560
SWALLEE, GEORGE                         OH-7-L-471
SWEENEY, WILLIAM                        OH-7-H-326
SWEGARD, JOHN                           OH-7-24-415
SWIFT, SOLOMON                          OH-7-I-405
TAGGART, HENRY                          OH-7-M-499
TAGGART, ISAAC                          OH-7-N-147
TAGGART, JAMES                          OH-7-21-565
TAGGART, JOHN                           OH-7-H-233
TAGGART, JOHN                           OH-7-E-34
TAGGART, JOSEPH                         OH-7-G-575
TAGGART, SARAH                          OH-7-K-270
TAGGART, SARAH                          OH-7-E-317
TAGGART, WILLIAM                        OH-7-K-130
TAILOR, JAMES D.                        OH-7-K-229
TALBOT, UPTON L.                        OH-7-L-538
TALBOTT, WILLIAM                        OH-7-O-484
TALLMAN, CHARLES H.                     OH-7-P-75
TALLMAN, JOHN A.                        1-251
TALLMAN, JULIA A.                       OH-7-17-406
TALLMAN, PETER                          OH-7-E-477
TAMPLIN, DAVID                          OH-7-22-391
TANEYHILL, REBECCA                      OH-7-21-483
TANNEHILL, MARGARET                     OH-7-L-278
TANNEY, WILLIAM L.                      OH-7-21-32
TANNEYHILL, ARIA                        OH-7-16-493
TARBET, ELLEN                           OH-7-24-317
TARBET, ISABELLA                        OH-7-L-275
TARBET, OLIVER C.                       OH-7-22-279
TARBET, ROBERT                          OH-7-L-23
TARBET, SOPHIA                          OH-7-O-385
TARRELL, THOMAS                         OH-7-16-120
TATE, JOHN JR.                          OH-7-I-181
TATE, JOHN SR.                          OH-7-I-179
TATE, MARGARET                          OH-7-16-546
TAYLOR, ALMA ARRENA                     OH-7-18-358
TAYLOR, ALZIRA D.                       OH-7-I-6
TAYLOR, ASARIAH S.                      OH-7-18-315
TAYLOR, ELI                             OH-7-H-294
TAYLOR, ELIZA                           OH-7-17-444
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH J.                    OH-7-19-563
TAYLOR, FRAZIER JR.                     OH-7-G-248
TAYLOR, HARRIET FRANCES                 OH-7-22-19
TAYLOR, ISRAEL                          OH-7-I-455
TAYLOR, JAMES                           OH-7-A-212
TAYLOR, JAMES                           OH-7-22-420
TAYLOR, JAMES                           OH-7-H-187
TAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-7-I-30
TAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-7-P-363
TAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-7-I-382
TAYLOR, JOHN ALEXANDER                  OH-7-21-575
TAYLOR, JONATHAN                        OH-7-E-426
TAYLOR, MAHETTABLE                      OH-7-17-151
TAYLOR, MALINDA E.                      OH-7-19-219
TAYLOR, MARTHA A.                       OH-7-18-156
TAYLOR, MARY                            OH-7-16-316
TAYLOR, MARY ANN                        OH-7-18-203
TAYLOR, MARY E.                         OH-7-P-446
TAYLOR, MASSA A.                        OH-7-L-191
TAYLOR, NANCY                           OH-7-19-138
TAYLOR, NANCY E.                        OH-7-20-316
TAYLOR, NATHANIEL W.                    OH-7-P-99
TAYLOR, NOBLE                           OH-7-H-108
TAYLOR, REUBEN                          OH-7-19-493
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          OH-7-21-243
TAYLOR, SARAH                           OH-7-K-364
TAYLOR, SARAH J.                        OH-7-18-269
TAYLOR, WILLIAM E. A.                   OH-7-O-436
TEMPLETON, SRAH E.                      OH-7-I-494
TENLEY, JOSEPH                          OH-7-17-407
TEUFEL, CELESTINE                       OH-7-21-490
THATCHER, RUTH A.                       OH-7-17-381
THEILACKER, ADOLPH                      OH-7-17-1
THOMAS, CAM                             OH-7-F-233
THOMAS, CAMM                            OH-7-K-50
THOMAS, EPHRAIM                         OH-7-M-464
THOMAS, HENRY A.                        OH-7-N-5
THOMAS, JACOB C.                        OH-7-18-182
THOMAS, MARGARET                        OH-7-21-63
THOMAS, MARY M.                         OH-7-21-165
THOMAS, RACHEL                          OH-7-19-151
THOMAS, RACHEL B.                       OH-7-21-410
THOMAS, REBECCA                         OH-7-K-285
THOMAS, ROBERT                          OH-7-F-401
THOMAS, ROBERT P.                       OH-7-19-128
THOMAS, THOMAS                          OH-7-L-63
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         OH-7-A-363
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         OH-7-19-584
THOMASSON, JOHN                         OH-7-O-25
THOMASSON, THOMAS                       OH-7-G-251
THOMPSON, ANDREW                        OH-7-L-463
THOMPSON, ANN                           OH-7-16-181
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       OH-7-21-290
THOMPSON, CHARLOTTE D.                  OH-7-16-86
THOMPSON, ELEANOR                       OH-7-I-132
THOMPSON, JAMES                         OH-7-A-338
THOMPSON, JAMES T.                      OH-7-L-414
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-7-H-274
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-7-D-482
THOMPSON, JOHN A.                       OH-7-21-572
THOMPSON, LAURA C.                      OH-7-19-196
THOMPSON, MARCELLUS J.                  OH-7-P-520
THOMPSON, MARGARET                      OH-7-19-402
THOMPSON, MARTHA                        OH-7-L-166
THOMPSON, MARTHA P.                     OH-7-N-280
THOMPSON, MARY I.                       OH-7-K-168
THOMPSON, NANCY E.                      OH-7-21-570
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        OH-7-H-113
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        OH-7-16-193
THOMPSON, ROBERT D.                     OH-7-M-19
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        OH-7-I-376
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        OH-7-H-192
THOMPSON, SARAH A.                      OH-7-O-451
THOMPSON, SARAH J.                      OH-7-20-346
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        OH-7-O-454
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        OH-7-K-296
THOMPSON, THOMAS B.                     OH-7-K-8
THOMPSON, THOMAS SR.                    OH-7-F-311
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-7-24-215
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-7-E-32
THORBURN, ABRAHAM                       OH-7-K-460
THORBURN, ALEXANDER                     OH-7-17-541
THORBURN, DAVID                         OH-7-23-379
THORNBERRY, JOSEPH                      OH-7-M-372
THORNBERRY, MADISON                     OH-7-18-490
THORNBERRY, THOMAS                      OH-7-L-309
THORNBERRY, WARREN                      OH-7-K-186
THORNBOROUGH, MATILDSA                  OH-7-L-545
THORNBURG, JOHN WAY                     OH-7-20-564
THORNBURGH, CARTER                      OH-7-P-160
THORNBURGH, JOHN H.                     OH-7-L-490
THRAKER, MARY W.                        OH-7-P-503
THURN, GEORGE                           OH-7-24-136
TIDBALL, WILLIAM                        OH-7-P-11
TILMARTIN, ELIZABETH                    OH-7-19-124
TIMBERLAKE, CHARLES M.                  OH-7-16-325
TIPPEN, JOHN                            OH-7-F-532
TIPTON, JOSHUA                          OH-7-K-211
TIPTON, THOMAS                          OH-7-A-202
TISCHER, IGNATZ                         OH-7-19-45
TODD, ADDISON M.                        OH-7-23-220
TODD, ARCHIBALD                         OH-7-H-246
TODD, JOHN H.                           OH-7-O-216
TODD, SOLVENUS H.                       OH-7-16-282
TOFBERT, JOHN                           OH-7-16-71
TOLBERT, THEODORE                       OH-7-L-219
TOLBERT, WILLIAM JR.                    OH-7-N-584
TOLLETT, JUDY                           OH-7-22-161
TOLLETT, WILLIAM                        OH-7-20-96
TOLMIE, MATILDA                         OH-7-22-557
TOMLINSON, MARGARET                     OH-7-O-164
TOMLINSON, THOMAS                       OH-7-I-307
TOOTHMAN, GOLDEN                        OH-7-20-259
TORBERT, THOMAS                         OH-7-H-144
TRACEY, WILLIAM                         OH-7-F-59
TRICK, JOHN T.                          OH-7-24-374
TRIGG, JOHN                             OH-7-G-357
TRIGG, SAMUEL                           OH-7-I-513
TRIGG, WILLIAM                          OH-7-18-67
TRIMBLE, CATHARINE                      OH-7-19-338
TRIMBLE, CHALMER                        OH-7-20-573
TRIMBLE, JOHN                           OH-7-G-480
TRIMBLE, JOHN                           OH-7-L-384
TRIMBLE, MATHEW S.                      OH-7-16-33
TRIMBLE, THOMAS                         OH-7-L-386
TROLL, CHARLES                          OH-7-N-566
TROLL, CHARLES W.                       OH-7-21-467
TROLL, CHRISTIAN                        OH-7-L-58
TROLL, CONRAD                           OH-7-O-67
TROLL, EMMA G.                          OH-7-22-1
TROLL, FREDERICK                        OH-7-O-322
TROLL, JOHN T.                          OH-7-21-562
TROLL, WALTER M.                        OH-7-16-457
TROUTEN, JOHN                           OH-7-17-558
TRUEMAN, MARY J.                        OH-7-16-429
TUCKER, PATRICK                         OH-7-21-141
TUHOY, JOSEPH                           34-342
TURK, JOHN                              OH-7-L-457
TURKLE, MARY EMMA                       OH-7-22-52
TURMAN, ANDREW                          OH-7-21-515
TURNBULL, STEPHANIE                     OH-7-22-11
TURNBULL, THOMAS D.                     OH-7-18-495
TURNER, GEORGE                          OH-7-A-347
TURNER, GEORGE                          OH-7-H-60
TURNER, JAMES                           OH-7-K-308
TURNER, PATTERSON                       OH-7-17-398
TURNER, R. V.                           OH-7-20-400
TURNER, WILLIAM                         OH-7-G-44
TURNER, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-7-P-306
TUTTLE, AMANDA                          OH-7-18-258
TUTTLE, CLARENCE H.                     OH-7-23-550
TUTTLE, JOHN W.                         OH-7-18-91
TWEEDY, GEORGE W.                       OH-7-22-81
TWINAM, LEONAD                          OH-7-F-424
TWINEM, MILES                           OH-7-20-468
TYALOR, GEORGE                          OH-7-K-16
TYLER, JOHN T.                          OH-7-19-489
ULRICH, H. C.                           OH-7-23-99
UPDEGRAFF, ELIZABETH                    OH-7-B-156
UPDEGRAFF, JONATHAN T.                  OH-7-P-183
VAIL, AMMON                             OH-7-20-56
VAIL, BENJAMIN                          OH-7-H-61
VAIL, HANNAH                            OH-7-I-317
VAIL, RACHEL J.                         OH-7-22-224
VAIL, ROBERT                            OH-7-H-273
VANCE, JOHN A.                          OH-7-23-31
VANCE, WILLIAM                          OH-7-L-467
VANCUREN, GEORGE W.                     OH-7-M-470
VANDINE, HENRY C.                       OH-7-22-154
VANDUYNE, ISAAC                         OH-7-21-195
VANFOSON, BENJAMIN                      OH-7-M-86
VANFOSSEN, BENJAMIN H.                  OH-7-17-212
VANHORN, JOHN                           OH-7-G-122
VANLAW, JOSEPH                          OH-7-A-176
VANMETER, MORDECAI                      OH-7-F-418
VANPE, ROSA V. B.                       OH-7-21-417
VANPELT, OLIVER                         OH-7-19-206
VANSCYOC, WILLIAM                       OH-7-17-176
VANSCYOE, MARY A.                       OH-7-24-67
VAUGHN, ROBERT                          OH-7-21-570
VERNON, AMOS                            OH-7-B-14
VICKERS, ISAAC                          OH-7-22-242
VINCENDIERE, VICTOINE                   OH-7-H-389
VITTORIA, FABRO                         OH-7-22-28
VOGEL, JOHN E.                          OH-7-16-568
WADDELL, ABSALOM                        OH-7-16-5
WADDELL, JAMES                          OH-7-I-88
WADE, DANIEL W.                         OH-7-L-592
WADSWORTH, JOSEPH G.                    OH-7-F-310
WAGENER, ADA S.                         OH-7-18-174
WAGERS, MARTHA                          OH-7-M-271
WAGGLE, ABRAM                           OH-7-P-402
WAGNER, ADAM N.                         OH-7-16-275
WAGNER, ANNE J.                         OH-7-24-24
WAGNER, DAN                             OH-7-23-82
WAGNER, DAVID                           OH-7-23-176
WAGNER, JOHN                            OH-7-20-402
WAGONER, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-16-379
WAGONER, ISAH                           OH-7-P-405
WAGONER, JOHN                           OH-7-N-403
WALKER, ABIGAIL                         OH-7-M-107
WALKER, ANDEW                           OH-7-G-407
WALKER, ANDREW                          OH-7-16-322
WALKER, ANN                             OH-7-N-356
WALKER, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-H-379
WALKER, JOEL                            OH-7-M-79
WALKER, JOEL A.                         OH-7-21-215
WALKER, MARGARET B.                     OH-7-20-239
WALKER, MARIA                           OH-7-18-79
WALKER, MARY                            OH-7-18-27
WALKER, ROBERT                          OH-7-G-462
WALKER, SARAH                           OH-7-N-11
WALKER, SARAH A.                        OH-7-22-166
WALKER, WILLIAM                         OH-7-24-563
WALL, JANE                              OH-7-P-317
WALLACE, ANNIE E.                       OH-7-K-101
WALLACE, DAVID                          OH-7-19-134
WALLACE, EDWARD E.                      OH-7-N-520
WALLACE, NANCY                          OH-7-18-577
WALLACE, RICHARD                        OH-7-L-298
WALLACE, URIAS V.                       OH-7-19-268
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        OH-7-24-163
WALLING, GENEVA M.                      OH-7-17-30
WALLIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-19-509
WALTERS, GEORGE                         OH-7-22-452
WALTERS, WILLIAM                        OH-7-H-55
WALTES, JENNIE                          OH-7-23-224
WALTON, ELIZABETH A.                    OH-7-23-576
WALTON, JOHN D.                         32-129
WALTON, SAMUEL                          OH-7-18-216
WARD, ANN                               OH-7-19-358
WARD, DAVID                             OH-7-17-18
WARD, GEORGE W.                         OH-7-23-186
WARD, JOANNA (FOX)                      OH-7-22-128
WARFIELD, CECELIA D.                    OH-7-23-212
WARFIELD, NATHAN                        OH-7-K-151
WARFORD, MARY                           OH-7-17-391
WARLEY, NANCY                           OH-7-H-342
WARNER, LEWIS M.                        OH-7-K-18
WARNOCK, JOHN                           OH-7-G-126
WARREN, HADDOCK                         OH-7-D-499
WARREN, JOHN                            OH-7-L-420
WARRICK, ELIZABETH A.                   OH-7-24-391
WARRICK, JAMES                          OH-7-18-226
WARRICK, JOHN                           OH-7-20-442
WARTMAN, ISAAC                          OH-7-I-164
WASER, ANNA E.                          OH-7-24-342
WASER, JACOB                            OH-7-20-570
WASSMAN, FREDERICK                      OH-7-18-367
WASSMANN, CAROLINE                      OH-7-21-276
WATERMAN, DAVID P.                      OH-7-H-72
WATERMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-7-19-341
WATKINS, HENRY                          OH-7-G-580
WATKINS, MARTHA A.                      OH-7-22-535
WATSON, JAMES                           OH-7-K-2
WATSON, JOHN                            OH-7-22-88
WATSON, JOSHUA P.                       OH-7-N-337
WATSON, JOSIAH                          OH-7-P-487
WATSON, LOUISA M.                       OH-7-19-360
WATSON, WILLIAM H.                      OH-7-P-252
WATT, MARTHA A.                         OH-7-22-142
WATT, R. R.                             OH-7-20-370
WATT, ROSE                              OH-7-19-284
WATT, STEWART                           OH-7-21-447
WATT, WILLIAM E.                        OH-7-23-78
WATT, WILLIAM WHITEFIELD                OH-7-22-379
WATTERS, JANE M.                        OH-7-20-112
WATTERSON, JOHN A.                      OH-7-18-426
WAUGH, JAMES                            OH-7-18-510
WAY, RACHEL                             OH-7-I-217
WEATHERSTON, JOHN                       OH-7-21-143
WEBB, MARY                              OH-7-16-20
WEED, JONATHAN B.                       OH-7-K-334
WEEKLY, JOHN                            OH-7-17-31
WEEKS, ARAMINTA                         OH-7-22-406
WEEKS, HESTER                           OH-7-M-490
WEEKS, WILLIAM WILEY                    OH-7-17-474
WEIR, JAMES                             OH-7-M-475
WEIR, JANE                              OH-7-F-517
WEISKE, ANNA M.                         OH-7-O-525
WEISKE, HERMAN G.                       OH-7-O-523
WELBY, PATRICK                          OH-7-O-305
WELDAY, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-22-186
WELDAY, HENRY C.                        OH-7-16-328
WELLS, ABNER                            OH-7-F-4
WELLS, CHRISTINA (DAGUE)                OH-7-I-278
WELLS, ELI                              OH-7-H-189
WELLS, ISAAC                            OH-7-L-133
WELLS, LEVI                             OH-7-I-274
WELLS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-17-153
WELLUS, HENRIETTA                       OH-7-O-538
WELSH, CRAWFORD                         OH-7-K-84
WELSH, DAVID                            OH-7-K-208
WELSH, JULIA                            OH-7-22-554
WELTY, JOHN                             OH-7-21-288
WENZEL, FREDERICK                       OH-7-21-434
WEST, AVERY                             OH-7-H-130
WEST, ENOS                              OH-7-H-122
WEST, HENRY                             OH-7-O-536
WEST, J. P.                             OH-7-21-6
WEST, SIMON BROWN                       OH-7-O-231
WESTLAKE, ELIZABETH J.                  OH-7-20-327
WESTLAKE, LEMUEL                        OH-7-O-98
WETHERALD, THOMAS W.                    OH-7-P-258
WEYRICK, DANIEL SR.                     OH-7-20-386
WHEATON, ELIZABETH ANN                  OH-7-20-331
WHEELER, AMY L.                         OH-7-20-210
WHEELER, RICHARD                        OH-7-H-437
WHITACRE, ALICE G.                      OH-7-O-449
WHITACRE, AMANDA                        OH-7-21-511
WHITACRE, CECILIA                       OH-7-21-452
WHITACRE, HANNAH                        OH-7-H-317
WHITACRE, HIRAM                         OH-7-18-281
WHITACRE, THOMAS                        OH-7-K-58
WHITACRE, THOMAS                        OH-7-M-149
WHITE, AARON                            OH-7-K-427
WHITE, ANN                              OH-7-L-487
WHITE, BENJAMIN                         OH-7-C-8
WHITE, CHARLES                          OH-7-O-237
WHITE, CHRIEDILTHA                      OH-7-N-130
WHITE, EDWARD                           OH-7-G-503
WHITE, HARRIET                          OH-7-P-208
WHITE, HARRIET                          OH-7-23-43
WHITE, ISAAC                            OH-7-H-300
WHITE, JESSE                            OH-7-H-408
WHITE, JOHN                             OH-7-H-333
WHITE, MAHLON S.                        OH-7-M-64
WHITE, PATRICK                          OH-7-B-100
WHITE, SARAH                            OH-7-20-558
WHITE, THOMAS                           OH-7-16-221
WHITE, WILLIAM                          OH-7-19-417
WHITE, WILLIAM                          OH-7-H-219
WHITE, WILLIAM                          OH-7-M-306
WHITE, WILLIAM J.                       OH-7-22-229
WHITEHEAD, MARTHA ELLEN                 OH-7-M-387
WHITHAM, WILLIAM SR.                    OH-7-G-319
WHITNEY, MARGARET                       OH-7-22-290
WHITNEY, WILLIAM L.                     OH-7-22-306
WHITSON, ELI                            OH-7-M-16
WHITTLE, WILLIAM                        OH-7-L-422
WICKS, JOHN M.                          OH-7-L-27
WICKS, ZEBULON                          OH-7-H-337
WIDMAN, JOHN L.                         OH-7-17-146
WIGGINTON, LUCINDA                      OH-7-20-509
WILCOX, FRANKLIN                        OH-7-20-291
WILCOX, JOHN W.                         OH-7-P-483
WILCOX, LEVI                            OH-7-20-551
WILCOX, TABITHA                         OH-7-I-168
WILDMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-I-355
WILDMAN, JOSEPH                         OH-7-H-373
WILE, GEORGE                            OH-7-L-38
WILEY, ALEXANDER                        OH-7-17-467
WILEY, ANDREW P.                        OH-7-16-148
WILEY, JAMES                            OH-7-L-45
WILEY, JAMES G.                         OH-7-16-451
WILEY, JOHN                             OH-7-H-75
WILEY, JOHN                             OH-7-K-54
WILEY, JOHNM.                           OH-7-22-92
WILEY, MARGARET                         OH-7-L-363
WILEY, RACHEL                           OH-7-H-454
WILEY, SAMUEL                           OH-7-19-582
WILEY, SUSANNA                          OH-7-21-14
WILEY, SUSANNAH                         OH-7-G-34
WILEY, WILLIAM                          OH-7-G-378
WILEY, WILLIAM G.                       OH-7-18-242
WILEY, WILLIAM J.                       OH-7-22-467
WILHELM, MARY                           OH-7-17-394
WILKINS, ROBERT M.                      OH-7-18-246
WILKINSON, ELEANOR A.                   OH-7-22-358
WILKINSON, J. C. F.                     OH-7-24-543
WILKISON, JOHN                          OH-7-H-243
WILKISON, SAMUEL                        OH-7-21-187
WILLIAMS, AARON                         OH-7-H-139
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       OH-7-19-419
WILLIAMS, CIDNEY E.                     OH-7-L-1
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        OH-7-17-276
WILLIAMS, EDITH                         OH-7-N-474
WILLIAMS, ELIAS                         OH-7-F-6
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-17-377
WILLIAMS, EPHRAIM                       OH-7-O-521
WILLIAMS, EPHRAIM                       OH-7-P-491
WILLIAMS, EVELINE                       OH-7-L-377
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        OH-7-H-169
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         OH-7-F-103
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         OH-7-H-204
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-7-H-183
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        OH-7-23-520
WILLIAMS, MARY                          OH-7-L-430
WILLIAMS, MOSES                         OH-7-I-497
WILLIAMS, NAOMI                         OH-7-K-150
WILLIAMS, PHOEBE                        OH-7-P-1
WILLIAMS, RHYS T.                       OH-7-22-587
WILLIAMS, SABINAH                       OH-7-L-479
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        OH-7-O-270
WILLIAMS, SARAH ANN                     OH-7-20-336
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        OH-7-K-541
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        OH-7-H-288
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       OH-7-H-360
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM ELY                   OH-7-19-405
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM P.                    OH-7-23-505
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM W.                    OH-7-18-499
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        OH-7-H-53
WILLIS, ROBERT SR.                      OH-7-D-490
WILLISON, IVY E.                        OH-7-20-524
WILLISON, JAMES                         OH-7-23-29
WILSON, ANDREW                          OH-7-N-328
WILSON, BASHABA                         OH-7-P-153
WILSON, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-21-358
WILSON, EPHRAIM                         OH-7-P-60
WILSON, ESTHER                          OH-7-O-372
WILSON, G. W.                           OH-7-P-42
WILSON, GEORGE S.                       OH-7-18-449
WILSON, HENRY                           OH-7-20-81
WILSON, HENRY                           OH-7-K-442
WILSON, ISAAC                           OH-7-F-276
WILSON, ISRAEL                          OH-7-K-146
WILSON, ISRAEL                          OH-7-H-296
WILSON, JACOB L.                        OH-7-L-328
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-7-H-299
WILSON, JESSE                           OH-7-I-223
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-7-G-130
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-7-A-114
WILSON, JOHN THOMAS                     OH-7-23-289
WILSON, JOSEPH                          OH-7-K-295
WILSON, JOSEPH V.                       OH-7-O-77
WILSON, MARTHA ANN                      OH-7-O-441
WILSON, MARY                            OH-7-16-133
WILSON, RHODA                           OH-7-16-424
WILSON, ROBERT K.                       OH-7-20-457
WILSON, SAMUEL                          OH-7-P-243
WILSON, SAMUEL                          OH-7-C-324
WILSON, SARAH                           OH-7-H-406
WILSON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-F-283
WILSON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-A-138
WILSON, WILLIAM C.                      OH-7-K-164
WIMMAN, ELIZABETH A.                    OH-7-23-263
WIMMER, SEBASTIAN                       OH-7-23-292
WIMS, MARY L.                           OH-7-18-456
WINDER, DAVID                           OH-7-G-472
WINEMAN, CHRISTIAN                      OH-7-H-50
WINROD, GEORGE                          OH-7-H-291
WINROD, GEORGE W.                       OH-7-16-91
WINROD, SAMUEL                          OH-7-17-297
WINTE,R JOHN                            OH-7-F-392
WIRTZ, WYNKOOP                          OH-7-I-129
WISE, GEORGE                            OH-7-K-142
WISE, ISAAC C.                          OH-7-23-27
WISE, JOHN                              OH-7-I-26
WISE, PHILIP                            OH-7-19-62
WISE, WILLIAM A.                        OH-7-O-374
WISENER, MARY                           OH-7-18-198
WISNER, ISAAC                           OH-7-I-397
WITTEN, AMANDA                          OH-7-22-344
WITTEN, EBENEZER B.                     OH-7-22-341
WOLF, CHRISTIAN SR.                     OH-7-L-469
WOLF, MARGARET A.                       OH-7-23-456
WOLFE, GEORGE F.                        OH-7-23-598
WOOD, ARCHIBALD                         OH-7-H-41
WOOD, EDMUND E.                         OH-7-K-115
WOOD, JOEL                              OH-7-16-245
WOOD, JOHN                              OH-7-F-43
WOOD, JOSHUA                            OH-7-H-93
WOOD, LEWIS                             OH-7-P-232
WOOD, MATTHIAS                          OH-7-P-304
WOOD, PUSEY                             OH-7-L-317
WOODBURN, JOHN                          OH-7-O-411
WOODCOCK, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-23-213
WOODCOCK, HARRY D.                      OH-7-23-376
WOODCOCK, HERBERT                       OH-7-19-421
WOODCOCK, SAMUEL                        OH-7-17-304
WOODLAND, ANN                           OH-7-19-381
WOODLAND, JAMES T.                      OH-7-22-212
WOODMANSEE, HANNAH                      OH-7-16-103
WOODMANSEE, JOSEPH                      OH-7-M-12
WOODS, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-E-392
WOODS, GEORGE W.                        OH-7-L-382
WOODS, HAMILTON                         OH-7-I-159
WOODS, HAMILTON                         OH-7-16-223
WOODS, HETTY                            OH-7-I-56
WOODS, HETTY                            OH-7-H-416
WOODS, JAMES                            OH-7-21-127
WOODS, JAMES                            OH-7-G-579
WOODS, THEODORE                         OH-7-H-284
WOOTEN, MARY J.                         OH-7-18-438
WORDBRIDGE, DUDLEY                      OH-7-N-126
WORKMAN, ABRAHAM                        OH-7-I-196
WORKMAN, AMOS                           OH-7-19-329
WORKMAN, AMOS P.                        OH-7-M-239
WORKMAN, DAVID                          OH-7-M-420
WORKMAN, HANNAH L.                      OH-7-22-201
WORKMAN, JEANNETTE                      OH-7-23-590
WORKMAN, JOHN                           OH-7-21-126
WORKMAN, JOHN SR.                       OH-7-20-22
WORKMAN, JOSHUA                         OH-7-M-510
WORKMAN, LOUISA ALICE                   OH-7-20-403
WORKMAN, MARTHA                         OH-7-L-482
WORKMAN, SOLOMON                        OH-7-22-215
WORKMAN, STEPHEN                        OH-7-F-515
WORKMAN, STEPHEN                        OH-7-D-383
WORKMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-7-18-119
WORKMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-7-K-111
WORKMAN, WILLIAM SR.                    OH-7-16-347
WORLEY, MARTHA J.                       OH-7-16-110
WORLEY, SAMUEL                          OH-7-F-400
WORLEY,AMOS                             OH-7-16-302
WRIGHT, EDWARD                          OH-7-L-65
WRIGHT, JENKINSON                       OH-7-16-28
WRIGHT, JOHN                            OH-7-I-516
WRIGHT, MARGARET JANE                   OH-7-21-478
WRIGHT, MARTHA                          OH-7-M-76
WRIGHT, MARTHA J.                       OH-7-21-544
WRIGHT, NEHEMIAH                        OH-7-L-141
WRIGHT, REBECCA                         OH-7-L-74
WRIGHT, SANTIAGO T. (DON)               OH-7-H-37
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         OH-7-K-369
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         OH-7-H-423
WYLIE, SARAH                            OH-7-H-375
YARNEL, THOMAS                          OH-7-H-181
YARNELL, JOHN                           OH-7-N-270
YATES, ANGELINE                         OH-7-24-436
YATES, BENJAMIN                         OH-7-E-250
YOCUM, ELI                              OH-7-M-59
YOCUM, JACOB                            OH-7-N-352
YOHO, SAMUEL                            OH-7-24-434
YONALLY, ABSALOM                        OH-7-N-167
YOST, CAORLINE E.                       OH-7-19-348
YOST, PETER SR.                         OH-7-F-415
YOST, SARAH R.                          OH-7-20-539
YOUNG, CAROLINE                         OH-7-21-104
YOUNG, JOHN                             OH-7-22-292
YOUNG, MARY A. H.                       OH-7-16-576
YOUNG, PETER                            OH-7-K-243
YOUNG, PHILIP                           OH-7-19-37
ZANE, DANIEL                            OH-7-O-403
ZANE, EBENEZER                          OH-7-C-293
ZANE, ELIZA JANE                        OH-7-16-332
ZANE, NANCY                             OH-7-17-169
ZANE, NOAH                              OH-7-F-431
ZILCH, BARBARA                          OH-7-21-530
ZILCH, JACOB                            OH-7-I-286
ZIMMERMAN, ELIZA                        OH-7-16-65

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