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MACKALL, BENJAMIN H.                    OH-7-F-147
MACKALL, JOHN T.                        OH-7-L-441
MAGEE, NARCISSA                         OH-7-17-278
MAGINNIS, ANN J.                        OH-7-L-320
MAIER, WILHELMINA                       OH-7-19-201
MAJOR, ARCHIBALD                        OH-7-O-377
MAJOR, ARCHIBALD SR.                    OH-7-I-426
MAJOR, JAMES A.                         OH-7-K-65
MAJOR, JOHN                             OH-7-H-310
MAJOR, JOHN                             OH-7-K-310
MAJOR, JOHN A.                          OH-7-O-247
MAJOR, JOHN H.                          OH-7-23-283
MAJOR, JOHN S.                          OH-7-L-494
MAJOR, MARTHA                           OH-7-20-1
MAJOR, MARTHA                           OH-7-19-1
MAJOR, MARY A.                          OH-7-24-230
MAJOR, THOMAS                           OH-7-F-505
MAJOR, THOMAS J.                        OH-7-18-473
MALIN, THOMAS                           OH-7-G-324
MALONE, JAMES                           OH-7-K-76
MALONE, THOMAS                          OH-7-M-105
MALONEY, BRIDGET                        OH-7-20-49
MAMIN, MARY                             OH-7-19-454
MAN, PETER                              OH-7-K-109
MANAHAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-7-I-503
MANLEY, MARY                            OH-7-18-101
MANLEY, PETER                           OH-7-18-117
MANN, HENRY                             OH-7-I-259
MANN, LAFAYETTE                         OH-7-18-228
MANNING, ANNA V.                        OH-7-22-271
MANSFIELD, JOHN I.                      OH-7-17-20
MARCELLUS, ELSIE MANN                   OH-7-20-329
MARINER, JOHN                           OH-7-H-377
MARING, JOHN                            OH-7-B-240
MARING, SARAH                           OH-7-I-369
MARKS, CAROLINE A.                      OH-7-24-167
MARLOW, AGNES                           OH-7-23-17
MARSH, GEORGE                           OH-7-22-54
MARSH, JOHN                             OH-7-G-230
MARSHALL, CLARISSA C.                   OH-7-N-570
MARSHALL, JAMES                         OH-7-M-279
MARSHALL, JESSE                         OH-7-M-187
MARSHALL, JOHN R.                       OH-7-17-521
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        OH-7-G-113
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       OH-7-G-297
MARTIN, ANNA                            OH-7-23-241
MARTIN, JAMES                           OH-7-B-271
MARTIN, JOHN                            OH-7-A-216
MARTIN, TAZWELL P.                      OH-7-M-332
MARTON, JOHN W.                         OH-7-16-59
MASER, JACOB                            OH-7-M-502
MASON, GEORGE                           OH-7-I-349
MASON, JOHN                             OH-7-K-116
MASON, SARAH                            OH-7-H-394
MASSIE, HARRISON                        OH-7-P-109
MASTERS, LYDIA                          OH-7-O-510
MASTERS, ROBERT                         OH-7-L-220
MATHEWS, JOHN                           OH-7-H-198
MATHEWS, SARAH A.                       OH-7-24-129
MATTHEWS, ELI B.                        OH-7-O-400
MAULE, JOSHUA                           OH-7-O-554
MAY, JACOB                              OH-7-K-57
MAYERS, STEPHEN                         OH-7-H-44
MAYHUGH, ALEXANDER                      OH-7-F-258
MAYS, JACOB                             OH-7-N-378
MAYS, RACHEL B. S.                      OH-7-18-318
MCADAMS, JAMES                          OH-7-21-457
MCALLISTER, JAMES                       OH-7-B-417
MCALLISTER, JOHN                        OH-7-M-40
MCAVOY, JAMES                           OH-7-H-231
MCBURNEY, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-H-137
MCCALL, ALEXANDER                       OH-7-F-46
MCCALL, JOHN                            OH-7-N-436
MCCALL, JOSEPH                          OH-7-O-577
MCCALL, MATTHEW                         OH-7-F-416
MCCALL, NANCY                           OH-7-K-74
MCCANDLESS, JOHN                        OH-7-K-198
MCCANDLESS, LAURA ELLA                  OH-7-M-156
MCCANN, ISAAC                           OH-7-17-488
MCCARTNEY, JOHN                         OH-7-18-335
MCCARTY, EDWARD M.                      OH-7-24-591
MCCASKEY, ANN                           OH-7-H-170
MCCASKEY, JOHN                          OH-7-L-31
MCCASKEY, WILLIAM                       OH-7-H-444
MCCAUGHEY, JACKSON WARREN               OH-7-H-132
MCCLAIN, SARAH J.                       OH-7-21-151
MCCLEAN, ARCHIBALD                      OH-7-H-237
MCCLEAN, JOSEPH                         OH-7-20-308
MCCLELLAND, GEORGE                      OH-7-P-175
MCCOLLOUGH, T. G.                       OH-7-19-16
MCCOMAS, IDA                            OH-7-M-377
MCCOMBS, HIRAM M.                       OH-7-16-480
MCCONAGHEY, ELIZA                       OH-7-M-18
MCCONAUGHY, ELIAS                       OH-7-20-577
MCCONNAUGH, JONATHAN                    OH-7-17-158
MCCONNAUGH, MARTIN L.                   OH-7-21-76
MCCONNAUGHY, BURGET                     OH-7-20-204
MCCONNAUGHY, JOSEPH                     OH-7-23-370
MCCONNAUGHY, JOSEPH                     OH-7-O-482
MCCONNEL, FRANCIS                       OH-7-E-463
MCCONNEL, JOHN                          OH-7-F-45
MCCONNELL, ELIZA JANE                   OH-7-G-576
MCCONNELL, FRANCIS                      OH-7-O-40
MCCONNELL, GEORGE                       OH-7-H-176
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        OH-7-G-78
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        OH-7-F-351
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        OH-7-B-415
MCCONNELL, MARY A.                      OH-7-22-430
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                      OH-7-L-99
MCCORMACK, THOMAS                       OH-7-N-106
MCCORMICK, ALEXANDER H.                 OH-7-K-268
MCCORMICK, EDWARD                       OH-7-16-155
MCCORMICK, JOHN C.                      OH-7-20-388
MCCORMICK, JOHN T.                      OH-7-23-40
MCCORMICK, MARY                         OH-7-L-543
MCCORMICK, SARAH                        OH-7-19-155
MCCORT, W. M.                           OH-7-24-567
MCCOY, JACOB                            OH-7-A-365
MCCOY, MARGARET                         OH-7-19-561
MCCRACKEN, WILLIAM                      OH-7-N-555
MCCUE, MARY E. H.                       OH-7-I-488
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL I.                   OH-7-N-505
MCCUNE, WILLIAM                         OH-7-22-478
MCCURDY, DANIEL                         OH-7-G-39
MCCURDY, NANCY                          OH-7-I-288
MCDERMOTT, E. H.                        OH-7-23-1
MCDERMOTT, MARY J.                      OH-7-23-487
MCDONALD, AGNES                         OH-7-20-482
MCDONALD, ISABELLA                      OH-7-O-199
MCDONALD, J. H.                         OH-7-20-289
MCDONALD, OWEN                          OH-7-24-359
MCDONALD, SAMUEL                        OH-7-21-394
MCDONOUGH, CATHERINE                    OH-7-24-103
MCDONOUGH, PERMEILLIA                   OH-7-20-238
MCDONOUGH, WILLIAM                      OH-7-19-576
MCDOWELL, JOHN                          OH-7-K-188
MCDOWELL, PLEASEY                       OH-7-I-48
MCELHATTEN, NANCY                       OH-7-I-442
MCELROY, ANNA BELLE                     OH-7-17-576
MCELROY, ARCHIBALD                      OH-7-C-288
MCELROY, JOHN                           OH-7-I-182
MCELWAIN, ANDREW                        OH-7-P-373
MCENDREE, MARGRET                       OH-7-18-207
MCENDREE, R. H.                         OH-7-22-253
MCENTEE, BERNARD                        OH-7-16-116
MCFADDEN, JAMES                         OH-7-A-323
MCFARLAND, AMANDA                       OH-7-22-331
MCFARLAND, ELIJAH                       OH-7-19-92
MCFARLAND, ISAAC G.                     OH-7-18-32
MCFARLAND, JAMES                        OH-7-16-447
MCFARLAND, JANE                         OH-7-21-47
MCFARLAND, MARGARET                     OH-7-B-114
MCFARLAND, MARTHA C.                    OH-7-21-450
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      OH-7-A-301
MCFARLING, ANDREW                       OH-7-O-289
MCFARLING, ELIAS                        OH-7-L-589
MCGANE, ANNA G.                         OH-7-K-162
MCGARGLE, ELLEN                         OH-7-I-197
MCGARY, GEORGE                          OH-7-19-63
MCGAUGHY, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-P-552
MCGAUGHY, JOHN                          OH-7-I-329
MCGAVRAN, THOMAS                        OH-7-21-472
MCGEE, JESSE                            OH-7-K-271
MCGEORGE, JANE                          OH-7-19-251
MCGEORGE, SAMUEL                        OH-7-O-573
MCGHEE, ALLEN                           OH-7-18-506
MCGILTON, THOMAS                        OH-7-23-524
MCGINTY, MARTIN                         OH-7-23-308
MCGINTY, WILFRID R.                     OH-7-23-85
MCGIVEM, ARTHUR                         OH-7-L-195
MCGIVERN, PATRICK                       OH-7-N-534
MCGOUGAN, ALEXANDER                     OH-7-F-61
MCGRATH, JANE                           OH-7-I-190
MCGRAW, DAVID                           OH-7-22-194
MCGREGOR, JAMES                         OH-7-F-215
MCGREGOR, JAMES                         OH-7-18-548
MCGREGOR, MARGARET                      OH-7-K-260
MCGREW, FINLEY B.                       OH-7-K-148
MCGREW, MARION S.                       OH-7-22-132
MCGREW, OLIVER                          OH-7-21-197
MCGREW, SAMUEL                          OH-7-22-157
MCGROVE, AGUSTUS                        OH-7-G-284
MCGROVERLY, CHARLES                     OH-7-K-237
MCGUIRE, OWEN                           OH-7-16-36
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                         OH-7-K-338
MCHENRY, ANGELINE                       OH-7-22-111
MCHENRY, ANNA                           OH-7-M-231
MCHENRY, GEORGE                         OH-7-L-300
MCHENRY, JESSE                          OH-7-I-124
MCHENRY, SARAH C.                       OH-7-24-122
MCILVAINE, ANDREW                       OH-7-H-184
MCKAIN, FREDERICK A.                    OH-7-21-372
MCKAIN, JAMES                           OH-7-P-91
MCKAIN, JOANNA                          OH-7-23-198
MCKAIN, MARY                            OH-7-O-367
MCKEE, DAVID ADAM                       OH-7-16-132
MCKEE, HUGH L.                          OH-7-K-129
MCKEEN, JAMES                           OH-7-16-270
MCKEEN, JAMES SR.                       OH-7-I-247
MCKELICY, A. T.                         OH-7-23-344
MCKELVEY, G. B.                         OH-7-20-381
MCKELVEY, JOSEPH                        OH-7-O-527
MCKELVEY, JOSEPH                        OH-7-N-310
MCKELVEY, MARY J.                       OH-7-17-511
MCKELVEY, NANCY                         OH-7-17-72
MCKELVEY, NARCISSA                      OH-7-24-455
MCKELVEY, REBECCA                       OH-7-20-430
MCKELVEY, ROBERT                        OH-7-I-120
MCKELVEY, THOMAS                        OH-7-N-55
MCKELVEY, WEIR                          OH-7-O-507
MCKELVY, EDWARD                         OH-7-I-152
MCKEOW, JOHN H.                         OH-7-16-279
MCKEOWN, M. C.                          OH-7-20-550
MCKIM, JANE                             OH-7-20-534
MCKIM, JOSEPH                           OH-7-M-380
MCKIM, MALVINA                          OH-7-20-257
MCKIMMONS, ELIZABETH                    OH-7-I-214
MCKINLEY, ANDREW                        OH-7-I-300
MCKINLEY, ELEANOR J.                    OH-7-18-45
MCKINLEY, HENRIETTA                     OH-7-23-245
MCKINLEY, JAMES                         OH-7-K-345
MCKINLEY, SARAH A.                      OH-7-17-66
MCKINNEY, JAMES                         OH-7-C-280
MCKINNEY, THOMAS                        OH-7-I-284
MCKIRAHAN, THOMAS                       OH-7-N-51
MCKIRCHAN, JOHN                         OH-7-17-34
MCKIRK, JAMES                           OH-7-D-31
MCKISSON, ALEY                          OH-7-O-204
MCKISSON, ARTHOR                        OH-7-A-130
MCKISSON, SUSAN                         OH-7-K-359
MCKISSON, THOMAS E.                     OH-7-18-300
MCKNIGHT, ELI                           OH-7-K-426
MCKNIGHT, THOMAS                        OH-7-O-240
MCKUN, GEORGE A.                        OH-7-23-309
MCKUN, ISABELLA                         OH-7-P-300
MCLANE, MARY C. (BUCHANAN)              OH-7-I-150
MCLAUGHLIN, DALLAS                      OH-7-L-506
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                     OH-7-O-173
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                     OH-7-G-379
MCLEISH, DEBORAH                        OH-7-N-469
MCLEISH, JAMES                          OH-7-K-3
MCMAHAN, JOHN                           OH-7-I-211
MCMAHON, DORIE                          OH-7-18-240
MCMANIS, THOMAS                         OH-7-K-45
MCMASTER, LUVINA                        OH-7-18-193
MCMASTER, MARY                          OH-7-16-125
MCMASTER, ROBERT A.                     OH-7-18-369
MCMASTER, SAMUEL                        OH-7-19-525
MCMASTER, WILLIAM                       OH-7-16-443
MCMASTER, WILLIAM W.                    OH-7-20-77
MCMECHEN, ELLEN                         OH-7-L-95
MCMILLAN, AVERY                         OH-7-I-128
MCMILLAN, CLARA M.                      OH-7-20-382
MCMILLAN, ELI                           OH-7-P-337
MCMILLAN, JAMES                         OH-7-I-33
MCMILLAN, SAMUEL                        OH-7-H-286
MCMILLAN, SARAH A.                      OH-7-22-145
MCMILLEN, FRANCES                       OH-7-20-135
MCMILLEN, GEORGE                        OH-7-F-399
MCMILLEN, HANNAH                        OH-7-21-68
MCMILLEN, HUGH                          OH-7-P-234
MCMILLEN, JACOB                         OH-7-17-309
MCMILLEN, JAMES                         OH-7-I-171
MCMILLEN, JAMES H.                      OH-7-21-91
MCMILLEN, RUTH ELIZABETH                OH-7-24-505
MCMILLIN, SARAH                         OH-7-18-458
MCMURRY, CATHARINE                      OH-7-I-209
MCMURRY, WILLIAM                        OH-7-H-105
MCNABB, GEORGE                          OH-7-B-22
MCNEELY, PLATOFF                        OH-7-I-155
MCNICHOLS, ADELAIDE                     OH-7-21-232
MCNICHOLS, MARGARET J.                  OH-7-18-370
MCNICHOLS, MARTHA                       OH-7-H-103
MCNIECE, NANNIE E.                      OH-7-22-355
MCNIECE, SAMUEL                         OH-7-19-552
MCNIECE, THOMAS                         OH-7-P-24
MCNIGHT, AMY                            OH-7-O-350
MCNOLS, GEORGE T.                       OH-7-G-358
MCPEED, NANCY                           OH-7-L-627
MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER                    OH-7-I-141
MCPHERSON, CATHARINE                    OH-7-I-391
MCPHERSON, JAMES                        OH-7-E-397
MCPHERSON, JOHN                         OH-7-I-38
MCPHERSON, MARIA                        OH-7-17-313
MCPHERSON, MARY H.                      OH-7-23-123
MCPHERSON, MORDOCH                      OH-7-I-480
MCPHERSON, SAMUEL                       OH-7-I-314
MCSWORDS, INDIANA Z.                    OH-7-19-55
MCVEIGH, JOSEPH N.                      OH-7-L-443
MCVICKER, DANIEL                        OH-7-A-14
MCWILLIAMS, ABRAHAM                     OH-7-H-49
MCWILLIAMS, DAVID                       OH-7-H-4
MCWILLIAMS, SAMUEL SR.                  OH-7-C-59
MCWILLIAMS, WILLIAM W.                  OH-7-22-447
MEAD, ENFIELD S.                        OH-7-18-134
MEAD, PHINEAS W.                        OH-7-O-565
MEAD, SAMUEL                            OH-7-I-411
MEARS, THOMAS J.                        OH-7-18-6
MECHEM, LEWIS                           OH-7-O-519
MECHEM, WILLIAM                         OH-7-I-515
MEDILL, JOSEPH                          OH-7-L-251
MEDILL, JOSEPH (ADMIN)                  OH-7-L-439
MEDLEY, JOSEPH                          OH-7-H-433
MEEHAN, OWEN                            OH-7-23-80
MEEK, CATHARINE                         OH-7-20-185
MEEK, ELIZABETH J.                      OH-7-20-293
MEEK, GEOGE JR.                         OH-7-K-400
MEEK, HENRY                             OH-7-16-36
MEEK, HENRY                             OH-7-21-139
MEEK, MARTHA                            OH-7-24-584
MEEK, WILMOT C.                         OH-7-18-62
MEGAW, ELLEN                            OH-7-21-567
MEGAW, MARY ANN                         OH-7-21-586
MEGIVERAN, FANNY                        OH-7-17-228
MEHOLLIN, JOSEPH                        OH-7-N-362
MEHOLLIN, MARGARET                      OH-7-22-159
MEISNER, AUGUSTA H.                     OH-7-16-411
MEISSNER, JOHN G.                       OH-7-16-476
MELLEN, MICHAEL                         OH-7-N-415
MELLOR, ELIZABETH A.                    OH-7-24-154
MELLOR, JOSEPH T.                       OH-7-19-495
MELLOR, MARY M.                         OH-7-22-266
MELLOTT, DAVID                          OH-7-22-36
MELLOTT, ELLEN                          OH-7-20-42
MELLOTT, MARY A.                        OH-7-19-572
MERCER, BABB                            OH-7-I-322
MERCER, JOHN                            OH-7-B-40
MERCER, JOHN                            OH-7-K-119
MERCER, THOMAS C.                       OH-7-24-22
MERRETT, WILLIAM                        OH-7-F-118
MERRIT, DANIEL                          OH-7-E-187
MERRIT, ROBERT SR.                      OH-7-G-127
MERRITT, HUGH M.                        OH-7-22-408
MERRITT, ISAAC                          OH-7-F-120
MERRITT, JAMES F.                       OH-7-I-198
MERRITT, JOHN                           OH-7-G-215
MERRITT, ROBERT                         OH-7-O-93
MERTZ, GEORGE                           OH-7-L-86
METCALF, O. G.                          OH-7-K-429
MEYER, CORNAD                           OH-7-M-46
MEYER, MARY ELIZABETH                   OH-7-24-524
MIDDLETON, JOSEPH                       OH-7-D-180
MILES, MARY L.                          OH-7-23-332
MILES, THOMAS                           OH-7-F-350
MILHOAN, HENRY                          OH-7-19-232
MILHOUS, WILLIAM                        OH-7-C-176
MILHOVER, SAMUEL                        OH-7-H-58
MILITZER, JOHN C.                       OH-7-P-531
MILLER, ALVINA                          OH-7-23-295
MILLER, DAVID                           OH-7-G-148
MILLER, ERNEST                          OH-7-19-496
MILLER, FRANCIS                         OH-7-L-622
MILLER, JAMES                           OH-7-B-465
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-7-18-161
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-7-20-498
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-7-22-475
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-7-23-366
MILLER, LOUISE                          OH-7-21-481
MILLER, LYDIA                           OH-7-N-111
MILLER, MARTHA                          OH-7-18-343
MILLER, RACHEL                          OH-7-L-432
MILLER, RUTH A.                         OH-7-20-422
MILLER, SARAH                           OH-7-H-249
MILLIGAN, DAVID                         OH-7-I-28
MILLIGAN, ELIZABETH                     OH-7-L-162
MILLIGAN, GEORGE C.                     OH-7-16-369
MILLIGAN, HANNAH J.                     OH-7-24-478
MILLIGAN, JAMES                         OH-7-M-575
MILLIGAN, JAMES H.                      OH-7-21-18
MILLIGAN, JOHN W.                       OH-7-K-340
MILLIGAN, MOSES                         OH-7-G-497
MILLIGAN, OLIE                          OH-7-23-539
MILLIGAN, SARAH A.                      OH-7-M-23
MILLISON, ABNER                         OH-7-O-35
MILLISON, J. B.                         OH-7-O-547
MILLISON, JOHN                          OH-7-L-72
MILLS, CORNELIUS S.                     OH-7-K-306
MILLS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-A-324
MILNER, EDWARD                          OH-7-E-275
MILNER, WILLIAM SEAMAN                  OH-7-22-414
MILNER, WILSON                          OH-7-I-498
MITCHELL, HENRY                         OH-7-K-135
MITCHELL, ISAAC                         OH-7-M-26
MITCHELL, J. R.                         OH-7-17-295
MITCHELL, JAMES                         OH-7-H-165
MITCHELL, JAMES C.                      OH-7-I-504
MITCHELL, JAMES C.                      OH-7-K-177
MITCHELL, JOHN F.                       OH-7-22-198
MITCHELL, JOHN P.                       OH-7-L-224
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                        OH-7-L-48
MITCHELL, JOSEPH M.                     OH-7-16-336
MITCHELL, JSOEPHINE K.                  OH-7-21-122
MITCHELL, MARGARET L.                   OH-7-20-594
MITCHELL, MATTHEW C.                    OH-7-18-326
MITCHELL, RACHEL J.                     OH-7-17-133
MITCHELL, ROCKWELL B.                   OH-7-24-552
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        OH-7-H-71
MOBBERLY, JOHN                          OH-7-I-357
MOBERLY, KATHARINE                      OH-7-F-525
MOBLEY, LUCY C.                         OH-7-21-462
MONOGHAN, EDWARD                        OH-7-19-126
MONROE, NICHOLAS                        OH-7-H-313
MONTGOMERY, DAVID                       OH-7-F-385
MONTGOMERY, JOSEPH B.                   OH-7-18-262
MONURA, MARTIN                          OH-7-23-511
MOONEY, JOHN                            OH-7-K-27
MOONEY, SAMUEL L.                       OH-7-24-403
MOORE, A. T.                            OH-7-23-513
MOORE, ABNER                            OH-7-K-62
MOORE, AMSTER                           OH-7-O-2214
MOORE, ANDREW C.                        OH-7-H-463
MOORE, ARCHIMEDES S.                    OH-7-22-381
MOORE, CYRUS                            OH-7-17-262
MOORE, ELIZA ANN                        OH-7-19-39
MOORE, ELIZABETH L.                     OH-7-23-466
MOORE, ELLA DUFF                        OH-7-23-151
MOORE, ELLZEY                           OH-7-L-103
MOORE, ELMER C.                         OH-7-18-163
MOORE, EVALINE                          OH-7-19-60
MOORE, ISAAC                            OH-7-F-149
MOORE, JACOB SR.                        OH-7-I-230
MOORE, JAMES                            OH-7-F-282
MOORE, JAMES                            OH-7-19-52
MOORE, JAMES T.                         OH-7-21-192
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-7-H-356
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-7-22-418
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-7-L-323
MOORE, JONATHAN E.                      OH-7-H-353
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-7-I-215
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-7-L-261
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-7-K-392
MOORE, JOSEPH W.                        OH-7-19-177
MOORE, LEVEN                            OH-7-I-272
MOORE, MARTIN                           OH-7-K-175
MOORE, MARY                             OH-7-L-596
MOORE, MECHEN                           OH-7-19-384
MOORE, NANCY                            OH-7-G-403
MOORE, RUTHANNA                         OH-7-20-414
MOORE, SARAH J.                         OH-7-23-266
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-7-I-147
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-7-A-52
MOORE, THOMAS G.                        OH-7-16-256
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-7-I-15
MOORE, WILLIAM H.                       OH-7-F-353
MOORE, WILLIAM R.                       OH-7-L-294
MORAN, MARY                             OH-7-21-522
MORAN, PATRICK                          OH-7-M-109
MORESCO, JOSEPHINE                      OH-7-23-37
MORGAN, AMOS                            OH-7-18-221
MORGAN, AMOS                            OH-7-L-3
MORGAN, CATHARINE                       OH-7-P-294
MORGAN, CATHARINE B.                    OH-7-16-171
MORGAN, E. G.                           OH-7-M-112
MORGAN, ELLA B.                         OH-7-22-338
MORGAN, HENRY                           OH-7-24-323
MORGAN, JAMES                           OH-7-K-103
MORGAN, JANETT                          OH-7-18-411
MORGAN, JOHN                            OH-7-L-398
MORGAN, LEVI                            OH-7-16-199
MORGAN, MARY A.                         OH-7-20-484
MORGAN, PHILIP                          OH-7-F-99
MORGAN, PHILIP                          OH-7-16-166
MORGAN, THOMAS                          OH-7-O-210
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         OH-7-L-178
MORRELL, EVELINE                        OH-7-24-139
MORRIS, HENRY P.                        OH-7-O-362
MORRIS, JOHN A.                         OH-7-24-457
MORRIS, MARY J.                         OH-7-23-208
MORRIS, MARY U.                         OH-7-21-206
MORRIS, MAUDE D.                        OH-7-23-451
MORRIS, SOLOMON                         OH-7-H-121
MORRISON, ARTHUR                        OH-7-G-89
MORRISON, DUNCAN                        OH-7-C-384
MORRISON, HUGH                          OH-7-H-339
MORRISON, JOSEPH                        OH-7-H-161
MORRISON, LOUISA M.                     OH-7-22-238
MORRISON, ROBERT JR.                    OH-7-F-97
MORRISON, SANFORD G. W.                 OH-7-22-393
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       OH-7-L-364
MORROW, CHALRES                         OH-7-K-290
MORROW, JOHN T.                         OH-7-19-503
MORROW, MARGARET                        OH-7-P-197
MORROW, ROBERT                          OH-7-19-147
MORTON, EDWARD COOPER                   OH-7-21-135
MORTON, MARY M.                         OH-7-K-485
MORTON, MOSES T.                        OH-7-20-224
MORTON, PHILIP C.                       OH-7-G-193
MORTON, THOMAS A.                       OH-7-20-182
MOSSBURGH, CHRISTIAN                    OH-7-K-39
MOYLAN, DELIA                           OH-7-O-409
MUEGGE, FREDERICK                       OH-7-19-452
MULLANEY, THOMAS F.                     OH-7-20-264
MUMMA, DANIEL                           OH-7-18-257
MUNCEY, LEVI                            OH-7-H-172
MURDAUGH, ISAAC                         OH-7-P-143
MURDAUGH, TELITHA                       OH-7-18-197
MURDOCK, THOMAS                         OH-7-16-84
MURPHEY, BENJAMIN                       OH-7-C-421
MURPHY, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-H-109
MURPHY, ELLA C.                         OH-7-24-29
MURPHY, JAMES J.                        OH-7-K-247
MURPHY, JAMES K.                        OH-7-21-147
MURPHY, LOUISA                          OH-7-23-548
MURPHY, SAMUEL H.                       OH-7-L-51
MURPHY, SARAH                           OH-7-19-231
MURPHY, SARAH A.                        OH-7-21-504
MURPHY, TALITHA C.                      OH-7-16-250
MURRAY, DENNIS                          OH-7-19-521
MURRAY, DOMINICK J.                     OH-7-P-455
MURRAY, JAMES                           OH-7-19-294
MURRAY, LEANDER                         OH-7-18-324
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         OH-7-19-325
MURRY, JOHN                             OH-7-F-507
MUSTER, FREDERICK                       OH-7-16-350
MUSTER, JOSEPHINE                       OH-7-22-514
MUTCHMORE, SAMUEL                       OH-7-P-292
MUTCHMORE, SAMUEL SR.                   OH-7-H-35
MYERS, DIXON                            OH-7-16-1
MYERS, GEORGE W.                        OH-7-16-146
MYERS, JAMES                            OH-7-H-236
MYERS, MARY                             OH-7-23-314
MYERS, MICHAEL                          OH-7-17-319
MYERS, NANCY                            OH-7-21-108
MYERS, PEARSON R.                       OH-7-24-447
MYERS, PHILLIP W.                       OH-7-19-171
MYERS, SARAH                            OH-7-21-10
MYERS, WILLIAM                          OH-7-I-143
MYES, LIZZIE E.                         OH-7-21-251
NABB, CAROLINE                          OH-7-23-13
NABB, CHARLES R.                        OH-7-16-541
NABB, MARY M.                           OH-7-20-511
NACE, JOHN                              OH-7-I-423
NACE, WILLIAM L.                        OH-7-P-66
NAPIER, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-20-463
NAPIER, JEANNETT                        OH-7-17-206
NAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-7-I-118
NAYLOR, LEWIS                           OH-7-20-287
NAYLOR, MARGARET                        OH-7-M-404
NEAL, ROBERT P.                         OH-7-20-368
NEAL, ROSANNA                           OH-7-16-505
NEED, ABRAHAM                           OH-7-L-357
NEEL, SAMUEL                            OH-7-I-268
NEELAN, REBECCA                         OH-7-I-240
NEFF, BENJAMIN                          OH-7-22-369
NEFF, CONRAD                            OH-7-H-46
NEFF, CONRAD                            OH-7-19-131
NEFF, GEORGE                            OH-7-19-296
NEFF, GEORGE                            OH-7-H-15
NEFF, HENRY SR.                         OH-7-F-397
NEFF, ISAIAH                            OH-7-22-484
NEFF, JACOB                             OH-7-17-515
NEFF, JACOB                             OH-7-L-411
NEFF, JOHN                              OH-7-M-410
NEFF, MARY                              OH-7-22-172
NEFF, MARY                              OH-7-23-558
NEFF, PETER                             OH-7-22-116
NEFF, PETER                             OH-7-P-31
NEFF, POLLY                             OH-7-L-618
NEFF, SARAH                             OH-7-18-409
NEFF, SUSAN                             OH-7-18-114
NEFF, THOMAS                            OH-7-P-407
NEFF, WILLIAM                           OH-7-16-571
NEIL, GEORGE                            OH-7-M-70
NEIL, NICHOLAS                          OH-7-L-341
NEININGER, LUCY                         OH-7-19-537
NEINNGER, FERDINAND                     OH-7-O-338
NEISWANGER, DAVID                       OH-7-G-154
NEISWANGER, ISABELLA                    OH-7-I-379
NEISWANGER, JACOB                       OH-7-H-265
NELAN, GILBERT                          OH-7-24-263
NELSON, ANNIE E.                        OH-7-24-311
NELSON, MARY S.                         OH-7-M-483
NELSON, ROBERT                          OH-7-22-456
NELSON, ROBERT                          OH-7-I-59
NELSON, ROBERT H.                       OH-7-N-432
NELSON, SARAH V.                        OH-7-P-322
NEPTUNE, WILLIAM H.                     OH-7-16-263
NESBIT, JOHN                            OH-7-I-167
NEWBY, HENRY                            OH-7-I-454
NEWBY, JOHN                             OH-7-P-76
NEWLAND, JOHN K.                        OH-7-K-312
NEWLIN, MARY A.                         OH-7-20-344
NEWMAN, MARY F.                         OH-7-I-364
NEWPORT, AARON                          OH-7-E-320
NEWSOM, CHARLES                         OH-7-F-395
NEWSOM, STEPHEN                         OH-7-G-380
NEY, MARTIN C.                          OH-7-20-349
NIBLOCK, JAMES                          OH-7-20-563
NICHOL, ELLA                            OH-7-24-61
NICHOL, HARRIET E.                      OH-7-24-119
NICHOL, JOHN                            OH-7-D-303
NICHOL, THOMAS M.                       OH-7-17-347
NICHOL, WILLIAM                         OH-7-H-451
NICHOLS, AMOR                           OH-7-K-498
NICHOLS, BALAAM                         OH-7-M-202
NICHOLS, ELI                            OH-7-A-43
NICHOLS, HARRIET                        OH-7-K-457
NICHOLS, ISAAC                          OH-7-I-343
NICHOLS, J. W.                          OH-7-17-271
NICHOLS, NATHAN B.                      OH-7-22-424
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                        OH-7-17-234
NICHOLS, WILLIAM A.                     OH-7-20-57
NICHOLSON, GEORGE P.                    OH-7-M-242
NICHOLSON, JOSEPH                       OH-7-F-274
NICHOLSON, T. C.                        OH-7-24-141
NICKOLS, ELI                            OH-7-H-196
NICOL, MARGARET                         OH-7-17-255
NICOLA, HENRY                           OH-7-18-20
NICOLL, SUSAN                           OH-7-M-401
NILAN, ALEXANDER                        OH-7-19-255
NOLIN, JAMES                            OH-7-I-388
NOON, MARY ANN                          OH-7-M-433
NOON, MICHAEL                           OH-7-18-123
NORMAN, KATE                            OH-7-21-532
NORRIS, BALAAM                          OH-7-K-104
NORRIS, MARY                            OH-7-A-23
NORRISS, ANN                            OH-7-L-379
NORTON, CHRISTIAN                       OH-7-21-349
NORTON, MARY ANN                        OH-7-O-299
NUZUM, JAMES                            OH-7-M-292
NUZUM, JOSHUA                           OH-7-I-473
OBERBAUGH, MICHAEL G.                   OH-7-21-84
OBRIEN, THOMAS                          OH-7-23-412
OCHSENBEIN, SAMUEL                      OH-7-18-195
ODBERT, GEORGE                          OH-7-20-555
ODELL, HENRY F.                         OH-7-19-47
OGG, ALEXANDER W.                       OH-7-21-93
OGG, ELIZABETH S.                       OH-7-21-38
OGG, ROBERT W.                          OH-7-F-511
OGILBEE, JAMES                          OH-7-K-382
OGILBIE, JOHN                           OH-7-B-35
OGLE, BENJAMIN F.                       OH-7-17-40
OLDHAM, JANE                            OH-7-18-152
OLINGER, SMAUEL                         OH-7-19-523
OMALLEY, NORA                           OH-7-24-261
OMALLEY, THOMAS                         OH-7-22-102
ONEIL, PETER                            OH-7-24-579
ONG, ALBERT R.                          OH-7-20-297
ONG, ROSCOE T.                          OH-7-24-445
OPPENHEIMER, SAMUEL                     OH-7-20-432
ORISON, AMOS SR.                        OH-7-L-146
ORISON, ISRAEL                          OH-7-I-535
ORLOFF, FREDRICK                        OH-7-I-370
ORR, HETTY                              OH-7-K-519
ORR, HUGH                               OH-7-H-370
ORR, JOHN                               OH-7-O-285
ORRISON, JOHN                           OH-7-M-245
OSCOE, AMOS                             OH-7-M-206
OSLER, ANDREW L.                        OH-7-P-260
OSWALD, JOHN                            OH-7-17-490
OTOOLE, ANN                             OH-7-19-471
OTOOLE, DARBY                           OH-7-22-568
OTTO, CHARLES                           OH-7-L-535
OTTO, GEORGE                            OH-7-G-257
OUTLAND, W. F.                          OH-7-20-167
OUTLAND, WILLIAM                        OH-7-L-318
OWENS, ELIZABEH A.                      OH-7-23-263
OWENS, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-K-60
OWENS, HENRY                            OH-7-H-51A
OWENS, LEWIS                            OH-7-16-212
OXLEY, BRITTAIN                         OH-7-B-217
OXLEY, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-E-146
OXLEY, EVERETT                          OH-7-K-278
PACK, WILLIAM                           OH-7-O-45
PACKER, ABRAHAM                         OH-7-I-77
PACKER, SARAH                           OH-7-K-264
PAIN, JONATHAN                          OH-7-K-379
PAINTER, EUNICE                         OH-7-B-62
PAINTER, LIZZIE                         OH-7-24-301
PALMER, ALEXANDER                       OH-7-21-292
PALMER, BENJAMIN                        OH-7-H-452
PALMER, FRENCH                          OH-7-P-45
PALMER, KISI AND LYDIA                  OH-7-17-324
PALMER, LYDIA AND KISI                  OH-7-17-324
PANCOST, JOSEPH                         OH-7-H-222
PARK, DAVID                             OH-7-M-426
PARKER, ANN                             OH-7-H-54
PARKER, CHARITY                         OH-7-16-499
PARKER, GEORGE W.                       OH-7-M-226
PARKER, JOHN                            OH-7-B-291
PARKER, JOSEPH                          OH-7-H-448
PARKER, JOSEPH                          OH-7-L-594
PARKER, THOMAS C.                       OH-7-P-426
PARKES, HUGH                            OH-7-K-48
PARKES, ISAIAH                          OH-7-L-512
PARKINS, MARTHA                         OH-7-16-76
PARKINS, STEPHEN                        OH-7-L-623
PARKS, JAMES                            OH-7-I-374
PARKS, JOHN                             OH-7-22-547
PARKS, MARGARET B.                      OH-7-P-37
PARR, JAMES                             OH-7-H-336
PARRIOTT, ANNIE E.                      OH-7-21-98
PARRISH, JOSEPH                         OH-7-F-48
PARSON, EATON W.                        OH-7-16-436
PASCO, GEORGE B.                        OH-7-24-509
PASCO, MICHAEL                          OH-7-I-276
PATRICK, JOHN H.                        OH-7-M-493
PATTEN, ISAAC                           OH-7-I-80
PATTERSON, ASA T.                       OH-7-K-293
PATTERSON, EXUM                         OH-7-D-270
PATTERSON, ISAAC                        OH-7-F-148
PATTERSON, ISAAC H.                     OH-7-O-549
PATTERSON, J. H. E.                     OH-7-18-396
PATTERSON, JAMES A.                     OH-7-22-496
PATTERSON, JAMES Y.                     OH-7-H-412
PATTERSON, JANE                         OH-7-O-141
PATTERSON, JESSE W.                     OH-7-L-602
PATTERSON, JOHN                         OH-7-23-305
PATTERSON, JOHN                         OH-7-I-105
PATTERSON, JOHN                         OH-7-21-591
PATTERSON, JOSEPH                       OH-7-B-302
PATTERSON, JOSEPH                       OH-7-A-317
PATTERSON, JOSEPH J.                    OH-7-O-279
PATTERSON, MARTHA                       OH-7-P-22
PATTERSON, MATHEW                       OH-7-K-418
PATTERSON, MATTHEW                      OH-7-F-153
PATTERSON, POLLY                        OH-7-L-402
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       OH-7-L-21
PATTERSON, TABITHA                      OH-7-20-31
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-7-F-44
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-7-N-117
PATTERSON, WILLIAM J.                   OH-7-21-179
PATTON, ANNA                            OH-7-O-249
PATTON, ELIZABETH                       OH-7-H-226
PATTON, JAMES                           OH-7-H-281
PATTON, JOSEPH                          OH-7-B-299
PATTON, MARY                            OH-7-L-575
PATTON, MATTHEW                         OH-7-B-284
PATTON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-L-92
PATTON, WILLIAM                         OH-7-G-229
PAULL, GEORGE                           OH-7-D-467
PAULL, MARY R.                          OH-7-17-434
PAXTON, MARY                            OH-7-D-156
PAYNE, DANIEL A.                        OH-7-K-112
PEARSON, ABRAHAM                        OH-7-G-253
PECK, DANIEL                            OH-7-O-296
PEKARI, LEO                             OH-7-23-327
PELKEY, LOUIS                           OH-7-20-338
PELLEGRINI, RICCARDO                    OH-7-23-270
PENNINGTON, HIRAM                       OH-7-K-465
PENNINGTON, MILLER                      OH-7-I-85
PENROSE, JESSE                          OH-7-F-235
PEREGOY, JAMES R.                       OH-7-17-552
PEREGOY, LUCINDA                        OH-7-20-503
PERKINS, ABIGAIL                        OH-7-17-111
PERKINS, ADAM                           OH-7-K-472
PERKINS, AVERHART                       OH-7-L-444, 519
PERKINS, ELIAS                          OH-7-18-363
PERKINS, ISAAC                          OH-7-16-160
PERKINS, MOSES                          OH-7-24-577
PERKINS, SAMUEL                         OH-7-I-353
PERKINS, SEAMON                         OH-7-17-107
PERRY, CHARLOTTE                        OH-7-F-469
PERRY, DAVID G.                         OH-7-P-464
PERRY, ISAAC                            OH-7-18-211
PERRY, JOHN                             OH-7-C-126
PERRY, JOHN SR.                         OH-7-I-432
PERRY, JOSEPH H.                        OH-7-20-76
PERRY, ROSANNA                          OH-7-20-221
PERSONS, JAMES L.                       OH-7-18-43
PERTL, WENZL                            OH-7-21-249
PETRAN, MARY                            OH-7-22-487
PEW, JOHN                               OH-7-M-393
PFEIFFER, CATHARINE                     OH-7-P-48
PHILIPS, JAMES                          OH-7-G-81
PHILIPS, JANE                           OH-7-C-62
PHILLIPS, CORNELIOUS                    OH-7-I-332
PHILLIPS, EDWARD C.                     OH-7-21-539
PHILLIPS, EDWIN E.                      OH-7-23-165
PHILLIPS, ELIJAH                        OH-7-21-168
PHILLIPS, ELIZABTH                      OH-7-16-419
PHILLIPS, ELWOOD                        OH-7-20-529
PHILLIPS, EVAN                          OH-7-H-133
PHILLIPS, FANNIE                        OH-7-24-331
PHILLIPS, FRANCES                       OH-7-P-134
PHILLIPS, JAMES                         OH-7-O-515
PHILLIPS, JOHN W.                       OH-7-23-204
PHILLIPS, LABEN                         OH-7-K-144
PHILLIPS, LURESTON W.                   OH-7-21-278
PHILLIPS, MAHALA                        OH-7-17-463
PHILLIPS, MARY E.                       OH-7-N-70
PHILLIPS, MATTHEW H.                    OH-7-K-70
PHILLIPS, SARAH J.                      OH-7-20-455
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       OH-7-L-128
PHOEBUS, AMY                            OH-7-20-270
PICKEIRNG, LEVI                         OH-7-I-298
PICKENS, HUGH M.                        OH-7-20-588
PICKENS, MARGARET M.                    OH-7-22-527
PICKENS, WILLIAM                        OH-7-G-466
PICKERING, AMANDA                       OH-7-G-149
PICKERING, ANN F.                       OH-7-18-493
PICKERING, ANNA M.                      OH-7-21-513
PICKERING, ELIJAH                       OH-7-17-114
PICKERING, JACOB                        OH-7-E-314
PICKERING, JACOB                        OH-7-M-496
PICKERING, JOHN                         OH-7-F-12
PICKERING, JOSIAH F.                    OH-7-16-135
PICKERING, LEWIS                        OH-7-F-518
PICKET, WILLIAM                         OH-7-21-239
PICKHAM, JOHN                           OH-7-L-302
PIDGEON, ANN                            OH-7-I-25
PIDGEON, CHARLES                        OH-7-H-51
PIDGEON, WILLIAM                        OH-7-A-268
PIETERING, JOHN                         OH-7-O-335
PIGGOT, NATHAN                          OH-7-A-321
PIGGOTT, ELI                            OH-7-17-324
PIGGOTT, JOHN                           OH-7-H-456
PIGGOTT, JOSHUA                         OH-7-K-455
PIGGOTT, SARAH A.                       OH-7-17-481
PIGGOTT, SARAH G.                       OH-7-16-464
PILES, JOHN                             OH-7-H-59
PIPER, SAMUEL B.                        OH-7-21-300
PIPER, WILLIAM                          OH-7-19-549
PIPER, ZENAS                            OH-7-20-398
PITTMAN, RUTH                           OH-7-N-580
PLEGARTH, JANE                          OH-7-P-118
PLUMLY, WILLIAM                         OH-7-I-458
PLUMMER, ABRAHAM                        OH-7-A-1
PLUMMER, JOSEPH W.                      OH-7-24-366
PLUMMER, PHEBE                          OH-7-A-106
PLUMMER, ROBERT                         OH-7-16-574
POAL, ELIZABETH                         OH-7-P-324
POCH, AUGUST F.                         OH-7-21-588
POGUE, ANNE G.                          OH-7-24-320
POGUE, NANCY                            OH-7-O-294
POGUE, ROBERT                           OH-7-O-498
POLLOCK, BENJAMN                        OH-7-O-420
POLLOCK, JOHN                           OH-7-H-321
POLLOCK, JOHN                           OH-7-I-337
POND, JEANNETTE M.                      OH-7-21-377
POND, LAMBERT                           OH-7-G-84
POORMAN, MARTHA A.                      OH-7-21-549
PORTERFIELD, ALEXANDER                  OH-7-H-104
PORTERFIELD, G. W.                      OH-7-23-322
PORTERFIELD, JAMES                      OH-7-H-230
PORTERFIELD, JOHN                       OH-7-K-490
PORTERFIELD, MONICA                     OH-7-H-269
PORTERFIELD, WILLIAM                    OH-7-20-198
PORTERFIELD, WILLIAM D.                 OH-7-I-189
POTTER, A. G. W.                        OH-7-O-366
POTTER, SARAH E.                        OH-7-23-403
POTTS, MARY J.                          OH-7-24-11
POULSON, FRANKLIN                       OH-7-O-416
POW, MORGAN SR.                         OH-7-N-196
POWELL, AMANDA J.                       OH-7-16-403
POWELL, BARNABAS                        OH-7-F-519
POWELL, BENJAMIN T.                     OH-7-23-272
POWELL, CHARLES E.                      OH-7-22-531
POWELL, GEORGE                          OH-7-G-360
POWELL, ISABELLA E.                     OH-7-17-453
POWELL, JEROME                          OH-7-18-432
POWELL, LEVEN                           OH-7-I-174
POWELL, THOMAS                          OH-7-L-226
POWELL, WILLIAM H.                      OH-7-22-134
POWERS, ISAAC S.                        OH-7-17-527
PRATT, DANIEL L.                        OH-7-16-10
PRICE, ELIZABETH W.                     OH-7-21-324
PRICE, FANNY                            OH-7-16-562
PRICE, GEORGE J.                        OH-7-I-518
PRICE, JAMES                            OH-7-17-100
PRICE, JOHN                             OH-7-G-542
PRICE, JOHN D.                          OH-7-H-207
PRICE, JOHN H.                          OH-7-M-1
PRICE, LAURA M.                         OH-7-24-110
PRICE, REASON V.                        OH-7-21-454
PRICE, ROBERT                           OH-7-K-479
PRICE, WILLIAM R.                       OH-7-24-238
PRINITAKIS, GUST                        OH-7-22-304
PROKES, MARY                            OH-7-24-349
PRYOR, JOSHUA                           OH-7-P-393
PRYOR, MARY A.                          OH-7-N-407
PRYOR, ROBERT                           OH-7-B-294
PRYOR, TALITHA C.                       OH-7-18-294
PUGH, SAMUEL                            OH-7-I-451
PUM, MARY J.                            OH-7-L-203
PUMPHREY, BEALL                         OH-7-G-482
PUMPHREY, NIMROD B.                     OH-7-22-579
PURSGLOVE, LYDIA                        OH-7-21-30
PURSGLOVE, SAMUEL SR.                   OH-7-22-250
PURVIANCE, DAVID                        OH-7-H-349
PURVIANCE, RETURA H.                    OH-7-20-489
PYLE, JESSE                             OH-7-H-335
PYLE, JESSE G.                          OH-7-O-433
PYLE, THOMAS                            OH-7-P-130
QUIMBY, SARAH                           OH-7-20-202
QUINLAN, DENNIS                         OH-7-P-273

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