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ABBOTT, MARY JANE                       OH-85-9-650
ADAMS, JESEAH                           OH-85-2-361
ALDRICH, MARY                           OH-85-9-209
ALEXANDER, CLARISSA M.                  OH-85-7-348, 419
ALEXANDER, GEORGE F.                    OH-85-9-212
ALLEN, GUSTAVIUS                        OH-85-9-248
ALLISON, SARAH E.                       OH-85-7-329
ALLOMONG, JOHN                          OH-85-8-374
ALMAN, JACOB                            OH-85-5-324
ALTMAN, GEORGE                          OH-85-2-472
ALTMAN, JOHN B.                         OH-85-7-182
ALTMAN, REBECCA                         OH-85-7-376
ALTSAFFER, JOHN S.                      OH-85-5-112
AMBAUGH, SAMUEL                         OH-85-7-71
AMSBAUGH, ARCHIBLE                      OH-85-9-410
ANDERSON, LOVINA M.                     OH-85-8-258
ANDRE, JACOB                            OH-85-6-175
ANDREWS, SAMUEL H.                      OH-85-2-142
ANDREWS, SILAS                          OH-85-4-376
ANSLEY, MARIA                           OH-85-8-296
ANSLEY, THOMAS                          OH-85-8-1
ANTHONY, JACOB                          OH-85-2-267
ARMSTRONG, JOHN H.                      OH-85-7-26
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       OH-85-6-54
ARNOLD, GEORGE                          OH-85-7-378
ARTER, EDEN                             OH-85-2-210
ASCHBECK, PETER                         OH-85-4-202
ASHLEYMAN, JOHN                         OH-85-2-506
ASHTON, MARY JANE                       OH-85-8-438
ASHTON, OLIVE RC.                       OH-85-8-388
ASHURST, ELIZABETH                      OH-85-8-294
ATEN, JACOB                             OH-85-1-192
ATHY, ELIJAH                            OH-85-4-41
AUCKER, JACOB                           OH-85-8-62
AULSBROOK, ALFRED W.                    OH-85-9-268
AULSBROOK, CATHARINE                    OH-85-9-481
AUNGST, WILLIAM H.                      OH-85-9-519
AUSPAUGH, JONAS                         OH-85-2-407
AXTELL, CYRUS R.                        OH-85-5-69
AXTELL, DANIEL                          OH-85-2-375
AYERS, H. V.                            OH-85-8-423
AYERS, MARILLA                          OH-85-8-427
AYRES, ABNER                            OH-85-4-232
AYRES, SAMUEL                           OH-85-3-74
AYRES, SAMUEL                           OH-85-3-168
AYRES, WILLIAM                          OH-85-4-93
B OOTHMAN, MINA R.                      OH-85-9-104
BACKUS, CLARK                           OH-85-9-530
BADER, JOHN ADAM                        OH-85-8-425
BAERLIN, FREDRICK                       OH-85-5-229
BAHA, MICHAEL                           OH-85-8-25
BAILEY, REBECCA B.                      OH-85-7-310
BAILY, RANDEL                           OH-85-4-479
BAIR, NANCY A.                          OH-85-4-156
BAKER, CATHARINE                        OH-85-7-58
BAKER, DAVID                            OH-85-4-225
BAKER, ROBERT                           OH-85-1-190
BALE, ELIZABETH                         OH-85-8-214
BARBER, GEORGE F.                       OH-85-6-348
BARBER, JOHN G.                         OH-85-4-205
BARGAHUSIS, LEVI                        OH-85-2-536
BARKDALL, JOSEPH                        OH-85-3-592
BARNUM, EMILY                           OH-85-3-160
BARNUM, JOSEPH R.                       OH-85-8-334
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                       OH-85-2-140
BARRETT, DANIEL                         OH-85-6-114
BARRETT, ELIAS                          OH-85-2-512
BARRETT, ELIJAH                         OH-85-2-95
BARRETT, JOHN H.                        OH-85-2-93
BARRONE, GEORGE                         OH-85-1-39
BARSTOW, CAROLINE A.                    OH-85-8-219
BARTLETT, ELLEN A.                      OH-85-8-85
BASH, SABINA                            OH-85-7-222
BATES, CALVIN                           OH-85-2-24
BATES, ORSON                            OH-85-3-22
BATTERSON, ALBERT                       OH-85-4-490
BAUER, FREDERIAKA                       OH-85-7-389
BAUER, JACOB                            OH-85-3-216
BAUMAN, PETER                           OH-85-3-620
BEAMER, WALBURGA                        OH-85-3-178
BEAR, DANIEL                            OH-85-6-131
BEARD, J. L.                            OH-85-8-471
BEARD, SAMUEL                           OH-85-4-493
BEARDSLEE, CATHARINE L.                 OH-85-9-344
BEARDSLEE, CHARLES H.                   OH-85-6-256
BEATTIE, ASENETH W.                     OH-85-6-205
BEATTIE, JAMES Q.                       OH-85-6-251
BEAVERS, GEORGE                         OH-85-6-202
BEAVERS, LOVINA                         OH-85-3-290
BECK, HENRY                             OH-85-3-37
BEECHLER, GEORGE                        OH-85-3-168
BEERBOWER, SAMUEL                       OH-85-3-175
BELCHER, J. C.                          OH-85-5-328
BENARD, LEONORE                         OH-85-6-249
BENDER, HENRY                           OH-85-6-290
BENNER, GEORGE                          OH-85-7-102
BENNET, JAMES M.                        OH-85-1-134
BENNETT, JASPER                         OH-85-3-16
BENNETT, JINKS                          OH-85-7-392
BERKHOLDER, PETER                       OH-85-1-72
BESANCON, JOHN GEORGE                   OH-85-9-380
BETTS, A. L.                            OH-85-6-207
BETTS, LOUISA                           OH-85-4-345
BETZ, FREDERICK                         OH-85-4-272
BEUCLER, CATHARINE                      OH-85-8-318
BEUCLER, GEORGE F.                      OH-85-8-30
BIBLE, CHARLES SR.                      OH-85-8-159
BIBLE, SARAH E.                         OH-85-9-145
BIGG, JOHN                              OH-85-2-549
BISSELL, CARINTHEA                      OH-85-3-590
BLACK, MATTHEW                          OH-85-2-563
BLACK, MATTHEW                          OH-85-2-563
BLACKFORD, J. C.                        OH-85-8-286
BLAIR, JAMES                            OH-85-1-32
BLAIR, RAYNOLD                          OH-85-2-560
BLAIR, THOMAS                           OH-85-4-270
BLAKESLEE, SCHUYLER E.                  OH-85-6-89
BLINZLER, ADAM                          OH-85-7-164
BLOMEKA, JOHN                           OH-85-3-344
BLUE, DENNIS H.                         OH-85-4-463
BLUE, J. J.                             OH-85-9-194
BLUE, PETER G.                          OH-85-3-164
BODENBERG, HENRY F. W.                  OH-85-4-260
BOHNER, CATHARINE                       OH-85-7-184
BOHNER, JACOB                           OH-85-3-435
BOHNEY, JOHN                            OH-85-3-82
BOISE, ELIJAH                           OH-85-3-427
BOLTOSSER, WILLIAM                      OH-85-8-75
BOND, ANNIS                             OH-85-5-270
BOON, WILLIAM S.                        OH-85-2-190
BOOS, MARY                              OH-85-8-313
BOOTHMAN, MELVINM.                      OH-85-8-264
BORTON, JOHN                            OH-85-7-226
BORTON,E ZRA                            OH-85-9-87
BOURLIER, PETER                         OH-85-3-235
BOURQUIN, JOHN J.                       OH-85-3-504
BOWEN, ELI                              OH-85-8-459
BOWERS, SAMUEL                          OH-85-9-348
BOWERS, SAMUEL                          OH-85-2-210
BOWERSOX, DAVID                         OH-85-3-476
BOWERSOX, J. G.                         OH-85-3-353
BOWERSOX, JOHN W.                       OH-85-5-11
BOWLBY, JOSEPH                          OH-85-2-551
BOWMAN, NICHOLAS                        OH-85-9-239
BOYER, JOSIAH                           OH-85-9-633
BOYNTON, ALPHEUS W.                     OH-85-3-121
BOYNTON, CHARLES J. C.                  OH-85-8-273, 302
BRACE, BETSEY                           OH-85-2-326
BRADHURST, THOMAS                       OH-85-7-279
BRADLE, GEORGE                          OH-85-2-226
BRADLEY, AMASA C.                       OH-85-4-354
BRADRICK, PAUL ALLEN                    OH-85-8-6
BRAKEMAN, PETER                         OH-85-4-13
BRANNA, JOHN J.                         OH-85-3-536
BRANNAN, AARON                          OH-85-7-38
BRANNAN, CHARITY                        OH-85-4-38
BRANNAN, MARTIN                         OH-85-8-342
BRANNAN, REBECCA                        OH-85-2-431
BRANNON, HUGH                           OH-85-2-348
BRATON, MARY J.                         OH-85-7-462
BRATTON, FLORENCE                       OH-85-9-653
BRATTON, JAMES                          OH-85-2-38
BRATTON, JAMES                          OH-85-2-38
BRATTON, JAMES                          OH-85-1-137
BRATTON, JOHN                           OH-85-5-33
BRATTON, MARY                           OH-85-1-89
BRATTON, WILLIAM                        OH-85-4-167
BRAUN, LUDWIG                           OH-85-8-446
BRENEKMAN, GEORGE                       OH-85-3-438
BRENNER, GEORGE                         OH-85-3-377
BRICKER, ANDREW                         OH-85-9-583
BRICKER, ANDREW                         OH-85-9-583
BRICKER, MELVIN G.                      OH-85-9-309
BRICKER, TOBIAS                         OH-85-6-209
BRIM, GEORGE                            OH-85-2-553
BRNOT, PETER                            OH-85-7-246
BROOKS, GERRARD                         OH-85-2-55
BROSIUS, SETH P.                        OH-85-9-501
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        OH-85-8-103
BROWN, HANNAH                           OH-85-3-239
BROWN, HESTER A.                        OH-85-6-135
BROWN, J. T.                            OH-85-8-17
BROWN, JACOB                            OH-85-5-93
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-85-8-49
BROWN, JOHN B.                          OH-85-9-68
BROWN, NICHOLAS                         OH-85-6-192
BROWN, RACHEL G.                        OH-85-7-124
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-85-2-17
BROWN,G RANVILLE G.                     OH-85-9-162
BROWNWELL, DANIEL                       OH-85-7-218
BRUBAKER, JOHN                          OH-85-2-504
BRUCE, WILLIAM                          OH-85-2-381
BRUNDYDGE, CHARLES                      OH-85-5-222
BRUNK, JACOB                            OH-85-9-219
BRYNER, JOHN K.                         OH-85-2-576
BUMPUS, JAMES J.                        OH-85-5-297
BUPTAL, ADAM                            OH-85-4-303
BURCAW, EMERY                           OH-85-9-350
BURK, THOMAS                            OH-85-2-389
BURKE, JONATHAN                         OH-85-9-656
BURKHART, DANIEL                        OH-85-8-403
BURKHART, MARY                          OH-85-4-117
BURKHART, MARY                          OH-85-4-123
BURKHART, SARAH                         OH-85-4-123
BURLEW, CHARLES                         OH-85-3-552
BURLEW, DANIEL                          OH-85-2-514
BURNS, DAVID                            OH-85-9-566
BURNS, MARTIN                           OH-85-4-178
BURNS, MARTIN (CON'T)                   OH-85-4-181
BURNS, WILLIAM S.                       OH-85-9-167
BURNS, WILLIAM S.                       OH-85-9-167
BUSHEY, ABRAHAM                         OH-85-8-378
BUSHEY, HANNAH R.                       OH-85-7-339
BUSHONG, JACOB                          OH-85-3-119
CAIN, SAMUEL                            OH-85-4-331
CALLEN, RACHEL M.                       OH-85-9-536
CANFIELD, HARRY                         OH-85-9-368
CANNAN, BENJAMIN F.                     OH-85-9-422
CANNON, JOHN S.                         OH-85-2-567
CANON, JOHN                             OH-85-2-604
CAREY, PETER G.                         OH-85-5-203
CARNAHAN, SUSAN A.                      OH-85-3-152
CARR, ROSETTA                           OH-85-7-405
CARR, WILLIAM H.                        OH-85-9-97
CARROLL, IWLLIAM THOM                   OH-85-3-282
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        OH-85-5-7
CARTER, EDEN                            OH-85-1-210
CARTER, FRANCIS .                       OH-85-4-182
CARTER, ISABELLA                        OH-85-2-534
CARTRIGHT, STEPHEN D.                   OH-85-4-85
CARUTHERS, WILLIAMSON                   OH-85-2-344
CASS, J. B.                             OH-85-8-320
CASSEL, GEORGE W. SR.                   OH-85-6-306
CATTERMAN, JOSIAH                       OH-85-3-563
CATTERMAN, MICHAEL                      OH-85-3-186
CHAMBERLIN, SAMUEL                      OH-85-3-417
CHAMPION, HORACE G.                     OH-85-2-49
CHANEY, JOHN M.                         OH-85-5-3
CHAPPIUS, JOHN C.                       OH-85-9-123
CHARLES, PETER                          OH-85-7-167
CHARPIOT, PETER                         OH-85-9-407
CHARPIOT, PIERRE ABRAHAM                OH-85-3-214
CHASE, REBECCA                          OH-85-5-205
CHASE, REBECCA                          OH-85-5-205
CHEPMAN, C.                             OH-85-2-8
CHESTER, ORSON D.                       OH-85-8-391
CHINLOT, PETER                          OH-85-2-379
CHRIST, MILTON B.                       OH-85-7-266
CHURCHILL, PHILO W.                     OH-85-2-53
CIGLER, ELIZABETH J.                    OH-85-6-428
CLARK, OLIVER                           OH-85-2-109
CLARK, WILLIAM                          OH-85-9-390
CLAY, ANNA .                            OH-85-9-295
CLEVELAND, PHILO                        OH-85-7-423
CLINE, JOHN                             OH-85-2-41
CLINE, MATILDA                          OH-85-6-334
CLINE, VERNANDO                         OH-85-6-93
CLUM, DAVID                             OH-85-3-66
COBB, SIMEON S.                         OH-85-2-169
COBLENTZ, GEORGE                        OH-85-3-288
COBLENTZ, GEORGE (CON'T)                OH-85-3-421
COCHRAN, SAMUEL G.                      OH-85-6-66
COGSWELL, CURTIS                        OH-85-4-256
COLGAN, WILLIAM                         OH-85-1-15
COLLINS, ABRAM                          OH-85-7-212
COLON, MOSES                            OH-85-8-417
COMBS, BENJAMIN F.                      OH-85-3-111
CONKEY, EZEKIEL                         OH-85-3-30
CONNELY, DAVID                          OH-85-2-359
COOK, DANIEL                            OH-85-2-547
COOK, GURDON E.                         OH-85-9-95
COOK, HENRY                             OH-85-8-290
COOK, SALAMAN                           OH-85-4-265
COOK, SAMUEL                            OH-85-7-9
COON, JAMES                             OH-85-1-36
COONROD, WILLIAM                        OH-85-2-417
CORBETT, A. H.                          OH-85-7-83
COVELL, HIRAM                           OH-85-2-332
COX, JOHN                               OH-85-7-350, 388
COX, NANCY                              OH-85-7-427
COY, ADAM                               OH-85-1-16
COY, CATHARINE                          OH-85-8-101
COY, JOHN                               OH-85-5-201
COY, MARGARET                           OH-85-7-69
CRALL, ANNA M.                          OH-85-7-92
CRAMER, JACOB                           OH-85-9-1
CRATSENBERG, ABRAM                      OH-85-3-336
CRAVER, DAVID                           OH-85-5-115
CRAWFORD, ELEANOR                       OH-85-9-185
CRAWFORD, SYLVESTER                     OH-85-6-49
CRAWFORD, THOMAS                        OH-85-9-574
CREEK, JOHN                             OH-85-9-143
CRIST, JOHN                             OH-85-8-344
CRITCHFIELD, ABSALOM                    OH-85-6-23
CROCKER, POLLY                          OH-85-2-288
CROCKER, SAMUEL                         OH-85-2-120
CROCKER, VOLNEY                         OH-85-4-438
CRONK, ELISABETH                        OH-85-2-70
CRONK, WILLIAM                          OH-85-2-32
CROW, JASON                             OH-85-6-285
CROWL, FRANCIS                          OH-85-4-30
CRUM, HENRY W.                          OH-85-5-207
CULBERTSON, HENRY                       OH-85-5-172
CUMMINS, JAMES                          OH-85-9-151
CUMMINS, JOSEPH                         OH-85-5-309
DAILEY, EDWARD                          OH-85-4-69
DALEY, JEREMIAH E.                      OH-85-7-447
DALLY, NOAH                             OH-85-7-50
DARGITZ, FRANKLIN                       OH-85-9-206
DARR, DAVID                             OH-85-8-450
DARST, JACOB                            OH-85-1-80
DASO, CHRISTIAN                         OH-85-2-474
DASO, NICHOLAS                          OH-85-3-93
DAVIS, ANNA                             OH-85-4-194
DAVIS, JAMES OLIVER                     OH-85-9-373
DAVIS, JEMIMA                           OH-85-8-309
DAVIS, NANCY E.                         OH-85-5-246
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           OH-85-3-554
DAVIS, SUSANNAH F.                      OH-85-8-241
DAVIS, THOMAS                           OH-85-8-53
DAWSE, THOMAS                           OH-85-4-44
DAY, THOMAS S.                          OH-85-7-381
DEAN, LAURA M.                          OH-85-6-26
DECAMP, DAVID                           OH-85-3-496
DECK, JOHN                              OH-85-8-23
DECK, JOHN F.                           OH-85-8-311
DECK, SARAH B.                          OH-85-9-331
DEGROFF, DAVID A.                       OH-85-9-306
DEGROFF, WILLIAM                        OH-85-6-211
DEHART, CLARISSA                        OH-85-6-56
DEHART, MARY                            OH-85-3-95
DEITELBACH, JOHN D.                     OH-85-2-316
DELENBOUGH, GEORGE                      OH-85-4-144
DELLINGER, HENRY                        OH-85-5-273
DELONG, DAVID                           OH-85-1-5
DEMMING, REBECCA                        OH-85-2-397
DENIS, TIMOTHY                          OH-85-2-115
DENMAN, ALMIRA                          OH-85-6-345
DENMAN, JESSAMINE                       OH-85-8-64
DENNEY, JOHN                            OH-85-3-498
DEUCHAR, EDGER                          OH-85-2-261
DICK, ABRAHAM                           OH-85-8-283
DICK, GEORGE                            OH-85-2-34
DIETRICK, HENRY                         OH-85-6-280
DIETSCH, FRANK A.                       OH-85-6-91
DILL, JOHN                              OH-85-7-304
DILLMAN, JACOB                          OH-85-2-528
DISBROW, MARY                           OH-85-6-109
DOHM, HENRY                             OH-85-3-321
DOHM, HENRY (CON'T)                     OH-85-3-421
DOHM, JACOB                             OH-85-3-165
DOHNER, MINNIE G.                       OH-85-9-412
DOLPH, OSMAN                            OH-85-3-270
DONNER, JOSEPH                          OH-85-9-689
DONOT, GEORGE                           OH-85-1-130
DONOT, MARGARET                         OH-85-1-166
DOOLITTLE, HARMON                       OH-85-1-69
DORMOIS, F.                             OH-85-2-25
DORSHIMER, GEORGE                       OH-85-5-293
DOTY, M. H.                             OH-85-7-269
DOUGHTON, MARMADUKE                     OH-85-1-65
DOUGLAS, URIAH                          OH-85-2-426
DOUGLASS, JAMES                         OH-85-5-154
DOUGLASS, MARY D.                       OH-85-3-548
DOWNING, DAVID G.                       OH-85-6-340
DRUM, ADAM                              OH-85-7-366
DRUM, PETER                             OH-85-3-387
DUBOIS, MARY                            OH-85-6-111
DUNLAP, ELVEGNE, M.                     OH-85-9-435
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         OH-85-1-111
DUNN, DORA                              OH-85-7-285
DUNSCOMB, NANCY                         OH-85-4-278
DURBIN, ELVIRA                          OH-85-7-314
DURBIN, GEORGE W.                       OH-85-5-54
DURBIN, SCOTT                           OH-85-2-180
DURLER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-85-4-436
DUROY, CATHARINE                        OH-85-3-199
DUROY, GEORGE LOUIS                     OH-85-3-86
DURR, ADAM                              OH-85-7-240
DURR, JACOB                             OH-85-7-374
DURR, JOHN HENRY                        OH-85-6-275
DUSTIN, SAMUEL                          OH-85-5-362
EAGLE, JACOB                            OH-85-5-124
EASLER, PHILIP                          OH-85-9-504
EATON, AARON CLARKSON                   OH-85-9-522
EBAUGH, MARTIN                          OH-85-5-257
EBERLY, CATHARINE                       OH-85-8-279
ECHLER, HENRY                           OH-85-4-473
EDICK, POLLY                            OH-85-3-180
EGER, HULDA                             OH-85-2-282
EGGLESTON, ERASTUS                      OH-85-2-128
ELKINS, SARAH E.                        OH-85-2-159
ELLIOTT, T. G.                          OH-85-7-6
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        OH-85-6-375
ELY, ELIZABETH                          OH-85-7-46
ELY, GEORGE                             OH-85-4-506
ELY, ROBERT                             OH-85-2-277
ENGLE, MATILDA A.                       OH-85-7-471
ENNIS, JACOB                            OH-85-6-116
ERSKIN, WILLIAM                         OH-85-2-421
ERVIN, ARMSTRONG                        OH-85-5-243
ERVIN, JOHN A.                          OH-85-9-475
ERVIN, MARY A.                          OH-85-7-397
ERWIN, JOHN                             OH-85-2-124
ESTERLINE, ANDREW                       OH-85-3-258
ESTERLINE, HENRY                        OH-85-6-337
ESTERLINE, JACOB                        OH-85-4-324
ESTERLINE, REUBEN                       OH-85-8-266
EVA, HENRY                              OH-85-2-456
EVANS, AMOS S.                          OH-85-6-389
EVANS, EDWIN J.                         OH-85-3-163
EVANS, JOHN F.                          OH-85-8-399
EVANS, MARTHA J.                        OH-85-8-275
EYER, ABRAHAM                           OH-85-5-287
EYSTER, WILLIAM H.                      OH-85-1-169
FAHER, JACOB                            OH-85-3-530
FAITH, GEORGE                           OH-85-5-368
FALK, HARRIET                           OH-85-3-405
FALK, JACOB SR.                         OH-85-3-470
FALKNER, ALEXANDER                      OH-85-5-213
FALKNER, PETER                          OH-85-8-292
FARNHAM, CAROLINE S.                    OH-85-7-144
FARR, S.A.                              OH-85-3-50
FAVOUNTE, J.                            OH-85-2-5
FEE, SAMUEL                             OH-85-9-289
FEIGHNER, DANIEL F.                     OH-85-5-184
FELGER, HENRY                           OH-85-8-209
FENICLE, WILLIAM                        OH-85-7-18
FERGUSON, HENRY                         OH-85-2-133
FERGUSON, PETER                         OH-85-2-103
FESLER, WILLIAM                         OH-85-2-217
FETTERHOOF, THOMAS J.                   OH-85-9-456
FETTERS, DANIEL                         OH-85-4-312
FETTERS, DANIEL E.                      OH-85-7-208
FIGGINS, SAMUEL                         OH-85-3-318
FILHOUR, GEORGE                         OH-85-9-416
FINCH, NATHANIEL                        OH-85-2-584
FINCH, RACHEL                           OH-85-5-391
FISHER, LYDIA M.                        OH-85-8-277
FISHER, MARY                            OH-85-8-382
FISHER, MICHAEL                         OH-85-8-354
FISHER, NANCY E.                        OH-85-8-362
FIX, HENRY                              OH-85-4-208
FLEGEL, JACOB                           OH-85-2-368
FLOYD, ELIZABETH                        OH-85-4-172
FLOYD, LEWIS                            OH-85-8-421
FOAS, JOSEPH                            OH-85-3-433
FOLK, DANIEL                            OH-85-8-461
FOLK, SARAH                             OH-85-9-259
FORESYTHE, DOUGLAS                      OH-85-2-238
FORSYTH, SARAH                          OH-85-2-232
FOSTER, ROBERT                          OH-85-1-27
FOUST, PRISCILLA                        OH-85-7-89
FOX, THOMAS                             OH-85-2-346
FRASER, SIMON                           OH-85-4-186
FRIED, JOSEPH                           OH-85-2-279
FRIEDEL, ANNA M.                        OH-85-8-57
FRISBIE, ALFRED                         OH-85-3-136
FULLER, EVERT W.                        OH-85-2-192
FULMER, CAROLINE M.                     OH-85-4-106
FULTON, PETER D.                        OH-85-9-38
FURR, NANCY                             OH-85-2-156
GABRIEL, CATHERINE                      OH-85-9-66
GABRIEL, JOHN                           OH-85-5-277
GALLATIN, JOHN                          OH-85-6-190
GAMBER, GEORGE W.                       OH-85-6-1290
GAMBLE, RICHARD                         OH-85-7-429
GARDNER, MARY ANN                       OH-85-1-215
GARIS, JOHN                             OH-85-5-133
GARLOW, PETER S.                        OH-85-6-124
GARWOOD, JOHN                           OH-85-2-199
GASKIL, JOSEPH                          OH-85-2-364
GASTON, HARRIS                          OH-85-2-20
GATES, CALVIN L.                        OH-85-9-461
GATES, MICHAEL                          OH-85-7-43
GEARHART, HENRY                         OH-85-6-260
GEIGER, JACOB                           OH-85-4-450
GEISELMAN, DAVID                        OH-85-9-592
GENTIT, JAQUES PERRIT                   OH-85-2-100
GENTIT, SUSAN                           OH-85-2-510
GIESY, IDA D.                           OH-85-7-273
GIFFARD, HIRAM L.                       OH-85-4-249
GIFFORD, ABRAHAM                        OH-85-2-388
GILBERT, ISAAC T.                       OH-85-2-523
GILBERT, JEHIAL P.                      OH-85-8-440
GILBERT, MARGARET J.                    OH-85-9-253
GILBERT, ORLANDO                        OH-85-4-76
GILCHER, JACOB                          OH-85-8-34
GILCHER, PETER                          OH-85-4-80
GILL, MARTHA L.                         OH-85-7-386
GILMOUR, RICHARD                        OH-85-5-218
GIROD, DAVID W.                         OH-85-2-7
GIRTON, GEORGE                          OH-85-1-70
GISELMAN, GEORGE                        OH-85-4-98
GIULLINGER, MARIE                       OH-85-8-329
GLEASON, SIDNEY M.                      OH-85-9-312
GLIME, JACOB                            OH-85-5-144
GOOD, MARGARET                          OH-85-7-395
GORE, SILAS                             OH-85-1-187
GOSHORN, JACOB                          OH-85-8-397
GRANQUE, MARY R.                        OH-85-4-133
GRANT, BELINDA                          OH-85-6-236
GRASSER, CAROLINE                       OH-85-9-4
GRAVES, ELIZA                           OH-85-8-14
GRAVES, JOSIAH                          OH-85-2-107
GREEN, ELMIRA                           OH-85-7-216
GREEN, GEORGE W.                        OH-85-4-51
GREESHABER, JOHN                        OH-85-3-41
GRIFFIN, HANNAH                         OH-85-4-140
GRIFFITH, PRESCILLA                     OH-85-5-98 (100)
GRIM, ELI                               OH-85-7-232
GRIM, JOSEPH                            OH-85-2-271
GRISIER, FREDERICK                      OH-85-9-430
GRISWOLD, J. R.                         OH-85-2-51
GROM, SAMUEL                            OH-85-8-322
GRSER, Q. H.                            OH-85-4-188
GRUB, PETER                             OH-85-5-103
GRUBB, JACOB                            OH-85-8-200
GRUESBECK, VIOLA                        OH-85-8-131, 174
GUINTHER, CHRISTENA                     OH-85-8-384
GUITTARD, JOSEPH                        OH-85-3-39
GURWELL, JOHN B.                        OH-85-8-466

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