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QUICK, THOMAS P.                        OH-85-1-22
RADABAUGH, WILSON                       OH-85-3-224
RAMSEY, COMFORT R.                      OH-85-6-183
RAMSEY, FRANK D.                        OH-85-9-106
RAMSEY, ROBERT D.                       OH-85-2-423
RANDOLPH, WILLIAM                       OH-85-2-414
RATHBUN, JANE M.                        OH-85-8-346
RAUBER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-85-5-263
RAYMOND, GEORGE                         OH-85-4-176
READER, THOMAS                          OH-85-8-28
READER, WILLIAM                         OH-85-2-419
REED, EPHRAIM                           OH-85-5-40
REED, JAMES S.                          OH-85-3-526
REED, NANCY                             OH-85-9-13
REEDER, ABRAHAM                         OH-85-4-244
REESE, HERMANAS J.                      OH-85-6-151
REEVES, HENRY                           OH-85-6-75
REICHART, JOHN                          OH-85-9-148
REID, VICTOR                            OH-85-5-282
REIN, JOHN                              OH-85-9-141
REMPP, MICHAEL                          OH-85-6-32
RENAUD, JOHN                            OH-85-9-484
RENAUD, JOHN P.                         OH-85-2-148
RESINE, GERTRUDE                        OH-85-8-307
RETLER, MARY A.                         OH-85-7-399
REUCKERT, MICHAEL                       OH-85-8-468
REUGE, CATHARINE                        OH-85-3-88
REX, JOHN JACOB                         OH-85-8-303
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN                      OH-85-5-157
REYNOLDS, GEORGE C.                     OH-85-9-370
REYNOLDS, JANE                          OH-85-1-96
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL B.                     OH-85-4-351
REZEAU, REBECCA R.                      OH-85-2-171
RICHARD, CATHERINE                      OH-85-6-223
RICHARDS, MORDECAI                      OH-85-7-118
RICHARDSON, A. G.                       OH-85-2-428
RICHARDSON, ANNA                        OH-85-4-210
RICHARDSON, RICHARD G.                  OH-85-3-371
RICHMON, JOHN                           OH-85-6-277
RICKEMANN, HENRY                        OH-85-8-281
RICKEY, EDWARD                          OH-85-6-313
RICKS, GEORGE                           OH-85-7-98
RIDENOUR, MARY A.                       OH-85-6-219
RIDENOUR, SAMUEL                        OH-85-4-1
RIDER, JAMES                            OH-85-1-18
RIDER, NATHANIEL                        OH-85-2-59
RIES, JOSEPH                            OH-85-9-696
RIGGS, JOHN U.                          OH-85-9-570
RILEY, ALFRED                           OH-85-7-60
RINKEL, FREDERICK                       OH-85-2-146
RITCHEY, EDWARD                         OH-85-7-319
RITCHEY, GRACE                          OH-85-5-303
RITCHEY, ISAAC L.                       OH-85-2-98
RITCHEY, ISAAC L.                       OH-85-2-98
RITCHEY, JOHN R.                        OH-85-3-396
ROADS, DANIEL                           OH-85-2-76
ROBENSON, GEORGE                        OH-85-8-234
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        OH-85-9-214
ROBISON, ELLIOTT                        OH-85-2-342
ROCKWELL, ISAAC                         OH-85-1-100
ROCKY, DIETOR                           OH-85-3-158
ROGERS, ELI                             OH-85-9-30
ROGERS, JASPER                          OH-85-9-527
ROGERS, JOHN                            OH-85-1-63
ROGERS, SALAMAN                         OH-85-4-372
ROGES, MERRILLIA                        OH-85-9-334
ROLLAND, PETER G.                       OH-85-4-56
ROSENDAUL, BENNETT                      OH-85-8-96
ROSKEY, JACOB                           OH-85-6-43
ROSKOPF, AMELIA                         OH-85-3-155
ROSSMAN, CHARLES                        OH-85-4-126
ROTH, MARY                              OH-85-3-448
ROTSEL, OLIVER J.                       OH-85-7-431
ROTSELL, REBECCA                        OH-85-8-87
ROUX, CATHARINE                         OH-85-4-88
ROUX, GEORGE                            OH-85-2-484
RUBEL, ELIZABETH                        OH-85-9-578
RUDISILL, GEORGE M.                     OH-85-4-73
RUDISILL, MARY                          OH-85-5-317
RUFF, GEORGE                            OH-85-7-465
RUFF, JOHN                              OH-85-6-420
RUNNION, JAMES N.                       OH-85-5-300
RUNNSON, JOSEPH                         OH-85-3-97
RUPLEY, MARY                            OH-85-3-365
RUPP, JONAS                             OH-85-9-472
RUSSEL, JAMES                           OH-85-2-434
RUSSELL, AMINDA                         OH-85-3-255
RUTH, ADAM                              OH-85-5-130
RUTLEDGE, THOMAS                        OH-85-1-160
RYAN, WILLIAM A.                        OH-85-3-169
SABATOSKI, MARIE                        OH-85-7-74
SACHER, CONROD                          OH-85-5-30
SALTZGABER, WILLIAM                     OH-85-3-602
SANFORD, JAMES C.                       OH-85-7-15
SAUL, JOHN                              OH-85-2-111
SCAMMON, ADALINE                        OH-85-9-317
SCANNEL, MARY                           OH-85-4-410
SCHAEFFER, MICHAEL W.                   OH-85-9-197
SCHAEFFER, NANCY E.                     OH-85-9-620
SCHAETTLY, JOHN M.                      OH-85-4-247
SCHAFFTER, FREDERICK                    OH-85-2-91
SCHARTZER, MARY S.                      OH-85-9-323
SCHILLING, MARY B.                      OH-85-9-587
SCHLAYBAUGH, FRANKLIN G.                OH-85-4-284
SCHLAYBAUGH, JACOB                      OH-85-4-340
SCHLEGEL, CHRISTIAN                     OH-85-9-639
SCHMIDT, JACOB H. L.                    OH-85-2-451
SCHOETTLY, MARY CHRISTINA               OH-85-5-193
SCHWEGLER, MARYLOUISA                   OH-85-4-471
SCOTT, MARY                             OH-85-2-569
SCOTT, MARY                             OH-85-2-569
SCOTT, REBECCA J.                       OH-85-9-35
SCOTT, SOLOMON                          OH-85-4-420
SCOVILL, CATHARINE                      OH-85-2-517
SCOVILL, CYRUS S.                       OH-85-5-420
SCRIBNER, ELISHA                        OH-85-1-4
SERRELS, LYDIA B.                       OH-85-5-343
SEVERENCE, DAVID                        OH-85-1-43
SEVERENCE, GERTRUDE                     OH-85-9-181
SHADE, ADAM                             OH-85-8-41
SHADE, HENRY                            OH-85-6-78
SHADE, MARY                             OH-85-9-419
SHAFER, AMASA                           OH-85-3-223
SHAFER, FREDRICK                        OH-85-6-195
SHAFER, MARGARET R.                     OH-85-2-445
SHAFFER, BENJAMIN                       OH-85-3-580
SHAFFER, DAVID                          OH-85-7-170
SHAFFER, JOHN S.                        OH-85-6-411
SHAFFER, SARAH A.                       OH-85-6-86
SHAMAUR, JACOB                          OH-85-4-404
SHAMBARGER, NICHOLAS                    OH-85-5-101
SHAPLEY, CALEB                          OH-85-4-259
SHARPSTEEN, SARAH A.                    OH-85-7-177
SHAUL, ISAAC                            OH-85-2-68
SHAULL, JACOB                           OH-85-2-150
SHEETS, FREDERICK                       OH-85-2-330
SHELINE, ANDREW                         OH-85-8-116
SHELLY, JACOB                           OH-85-7-160, 163
SHENNEBARGER, ELIZABETH                 OH-85-3-382
SHERIDAN, WILLIAM S.                    OH-85-8-100
SHERMAN, JOHN H. SR.                    OH-85-4-424
SHERRIDEN, WILLIAM SR.                  OH-85-4-381
SHETLER, ALFRED G.                      OH-85-6-64
SHIFFLER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-85-9-155
SHINNEBARGE, GEORGE                     OH-85-2-354
SHIPMAN, LO B.                          OH-85-8-147
SHIPMAN, O. E.                          OH-85-6-414
SHIRKEY, JOHN                           OH-85-9-203
SHIRLEY, ROBERT                         OH-85-1-30
SHIVE, JACOB                            OH-85-7-1
SHNUR, HENRY                            OH-85-6-138
SHOEMAKER, MARY A.                      OH-85-9-320
SHOEMAKER, MOSES                        OH-85-4-213
SHOOK, GEORGE                           OH-85-3-350
SHOOK, GEORGE                           OH-85-3-422
SHOOK, WILLIAM                          OH-85-6-311
SHORT, THOMAS                           OH-85-5-43
SHORTHILL, LYDIA                        OH-85-5-46
SHOUF, NANCY A.                         OH-85-3-390
SHULL, ELIZABETH                        OH-85-9-57
SHULL, JEROME H.                        OH-85-9-595
SHULTZ, SAMUEL                          OH-85-4-482
SHULTZ, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-85-2-526
SHUTT, EDMOND                           OH-85-8-464
SICKLES, ELIAS                          OH-85-1-51
SIEBENALER, ALBERT                      OH-85-9-458
SIELENALER, MATHIAS                     OH-85-8-327
SILLIMAN, MIRIAM                        OH-85-4-337
SILVERNAIL, ALBERT                      OH-85-6-40
SIMON, JOHN                             OH-85-1-53
SIMONS, HENRY                           OH-85-5-152
SIMONS, JOHN P.                         OH-85-4-465
SIMPSON, CHARLOTTE                      OH-85-5-359
SINGER, DAVID                           OH-85-2-598
SKELTON, ESTHER S.                      OH-85-8-330
SKELTON, JOSEPH                         OH-85-8-239
SKELTON, WILLIAM                        OH-85-9-667
SMITH, ANDREW                           OH-85-4-101
SMITH, ASA                              OH-85-5-306
SMITH, CHAMPLIN                         OH-85-5-375
SMITH, ELEANOR                          OH-85-2-571
SMITH, EZRA                             OH-85-4-200
SMITH, FANNY                            OH-85-2-582
SMITH, GUY E. SR.                       OH-85-9-499
SMITH, HENRY J.                         OH-85-7-336
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-85-3-368
SMITH, JONAS                            OH-85-2-334
SMITH, MARY E.                          OH-85-9-378
SMITH, MORRIS H.                        OH-85-2-269
SMITH, PETER                            OH-85-5-216
SMITH, SARAH A.                         OH-85-9-601
SMITH, SARAH ANN                        OH-85-7-54
SMITH, WALTON R.                        OH-85-9-525
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-85-2-320
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                       OH-85-1-49
SMITHY, JOHN                            OH-85-2-290
SMITLEY, CATHARINE                      OH-85-4-115
SNAVELY, NANCY                          OH-85-6-118
SNEAR, FESTUS A.                        OH-85-8-136
SNELL, CHRISTIAN                        OH-85-3-114
SNOW, I. C.                             OH-85-3-262
SNOW, WILLIAM                           OH-85-2-297
SNYDER, ALVA L.                         OH-85-9-262
SNYDER, CAROLINE                        OH-85-5-87
SNYDER, G. W.                           OH-85-5-85
SNYDER, JONAS                           OH-85-8-204
SNYDER, OSES                            OH-85-7-66
SPADE, CORNELIUS                        OH-85-8-338
SPANGLER, DAVID                         OH-85-9-557
SPANGLER, ELIAS                         OH-85-8-448
SPANGLER, ISAIAH                        OH-85-9-73
SPANGLER, SALINA B.                     OH-85-4-267
SPRAGUE, JOHN C.                        OH-85-2-186
SPRAGUE, SOLOMON                        OH-85-1-28
SPROATT, TAMAZEN                        OH-85-6-268
SQUIRES, MARTHA ELLEN                   OH-85-6-282
STAHL, PETER                            OH-85-3-148
STARR, JAMES                            OH-85-4-17
STARR, JOHN                             OH-85-1-94
STARR, RICHARD                          OH-85-4-448
STARR, ROBERT                           OH-85-7-154, 159
STAUER, ESTHER                          OH-85-4-369
STAUFFER, DAVID                         OH-85-7-289
STEFFEY, MARY M.                        OH-85-6-351
STEIB, CHARLES L.                       OH-85-3-264
STEINBRENNER, JACOB                     OH-85-4-310
STELZER, CASPER                         OH-85-7-292
STENER, WILLIAM                         OH-85-6-369
STENGER, FRANCY                         OH-85-4-434
STENGER, WILLIAM B.                     OH-85-4-366
STERK, JOHN                             OH-85-4-25
STETLER, FRANCES R.                     OH-85-6-157
STEVENS, PASCARLINE                     OH-85-9-70
STEWART, JOSEPH H.                      OH-85-6-46
STJOHN, BURR                            OH-85-8-250
STOCKING, TIMOTHY W.                    OH-85-4-498
STOCKMAN, EPHRAIM                       OH-85-7-126
STOCKMKAN, JANE                         OH-85-7-295
STODARD, ISRAEL                         OH-85-1-34
STONEBRENNER, FREDERICK                 OH-85-3-179
STONER, ELI                             OH-85-9-361
STONER, GEORGE                          OH-85-4-120
STONER, GEORGE                          OH-85-3-551
STONER, JOHN                            OH-85-1-110
STONER, REBECCA                         OH-85-1-105
STOOPS, ROBERT                          OH-85-7-323
STOTZ, JACOB                            OH-85-9-510
STOUGH, WILLIAM                         OH-85-6-326
STOW, CORNELIA A.                       OH-85-2-376
STOW, CORNELIA A.                       OH-85-2-376
STRAYER, JOHN W.                        OH-85-4-422
STREATOR, SARAH S. C.                   OH-85-8-254
STREET, WILLIAM                         OH-85-3-384
STRIATOR, MYRON J.                      OH-85-3-473
STROCK, REBECCA                         OH-85-6-273
STROCK, WILLIAM                         OH-85-9-265
STUBBS, JOHN H.                         OH-85-3-575
STUCKMAN, RACHEL                        OH-85-3-402
STUDER, FRANKLIN J.                     OH-85-3-420
STUDER, FRANKLIN J.                     OH-85-3-285
STUMP, MAGDALENA                        OH-85-3-226
STUMPF, JOSEPH                          OH-85-9-603
STURGEON, JOHN W.                       OH-85-4-252
STURGE,S EBEN PERRY                     OH-85-4-147
SUFFEL, JACOB                           OH-85-9-533
SUFFEL, PETER                           OH-85-7-106, 109
SUMMERS, WILLIAM                        OH-85-2-13
SUMNER, IRA                             OH-85-7-316
SUMNER, URI                             OH-85-2-196
SUTER, DANIEL                           OH-85-3-572
SUTHERLAND, J. B.                       OH-85-2-145
SUTTON, HIRAM                           OH-85-2-295
SWAFE, SEBASTIAN                        OH-85-1-6
SWANK, JOSIAH                           OH-85-7-353
SWEET, MARY F.                          OH-85-8-413
SWIFT, JIRAH D.                         OH-85-5-140
TARR, HANNAH E.                         OH-85-9-516
TARR, THOMAS                            OH-85-7-115
TAYLOR, JAMES                           OH-85-2-204
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      OH-85-5-182
TEDROW, JOSEPH S.                       OH-85-7-415
TEDROW, MARY                            OH-85-9-278
TEEMS, JACOB                            OH-85-8-118
TEEPLE, DAVID C.                        OH-85-4-394
TEMPLE, JOSEPH                          OH-85-2-162
THARP, DANIEL                           OH-85-5-109
THAYER, ISRAEL                          OH-85-2-11
THIEL, MICHAEL                          OH-85-4-318
THOMAS, ABIDAN                          OH-85-6-356
THOMAS, ALICE                           OH-85-7-450
THOMAS, DAVID                           OH-85-9-224
THOMAS, FRED                            OH-85-4-66
THOMAS, JACOB                           OH-85-3-196
THOMAS, SALATHIAL                       OH-85-2-173
THOMPSON, BETSEY J.                     OH-85-9-126
THORP, LAVINA M.                        OH-85-7-456
THOURAT, CHARLES                        OH-85-4-27
THRALL, CATHERINE H.                    OH-85-5-24
THRAME, GEORGE                          OH-85-4-334
THRONE, HENRY                           OH-85-7-188, 210
THRUSH, J. P.                           OH-85-5-401
TILLOTSON, CATHARINE                    OH-85-3-194
TINGLE, WILDA JANE                      OH-85-4-293
TINGLEY, JARED                          OH-85-3-456
TINGLEY, JARED (CON'T)                  OH-85-3-636
TINGLEY, SARAH A.                       OH-85-7-192
TOMLINSON, GILES H.                     OH-85-9-16
TOWNSAND, NATHAN B.                     OH-85-6-241
TOWNSEND, MARTHA H.                     OH-85-6-164
TRAXLER, MICHAEL                        OH-85-3-172
TRAXLER, WILLIAM                        OH-85-7-23
TREMPLE, JOSEPH                         OH-85-3-197
TRESSLER, ANDREW J.                     OH-85-5-351
TRESSLER, DAVID                         OH-85-7-130
TRESSLER, DAVID                         OH-85-9-560
TRESSLER, JONATHAN                      OH-85-2-462
TRESSLER, JOSEPH                        OH-85-8-140
TRESSLER, MARTHA                        OH-85-8-245
TREVITT, BUTLER                         OH-85-7-453
TROCUTLIN, AUGUST                       OH-85-3-229
TRUMBULL, HENRY C.                      OH-85-1-163
TRUMBULL, HENRY C.                      OH-85-4-235
UFER, WILLIAM                           OH-85-6-95
UMBENHAM, ELIZABETH                     OH-85-2-332
UMBENHAUR, BENJAMIN                     OH-85-9-376
UMPSTEAD, THOMAS SR.                    OH-85-4-82
UPP, BENJAMIN J.                        OH-85-7-78
UPP, PHILP A.                           OH-85-9-453
URQUHART, JOHN                          OH-85-3-91
VANFOSSEN, LEVI                         OH-85-1-102
VANFOSSEN, WILLIAM A.                   OH-85-3-202
VANNORMER, MATHEW                       OH-85-1-184
VANNORTWICK, PETER S.                   OH-85-1-108
VANS, SARAH J.                          OH-85-9-175
VANS, TILMAN W.                         OH-85-3-362
VANS, WILLIAM H.                        OH-85-6-100
VARNS, JOHN                             OH-85-4-418
VAUSE, CATHARINE                        OH-85-4-362
VERNIER, CATHERINE                      OH-85-5-127
VERNIER, JAQUES                         OH-85-5-51
VINEYARD, LUCY F.                       OH-85-9-381
VOGLESONG, ELIZBETH P.                  OH-85-8-256
WADSWORTH, JAMES S.                     OH-85-2-250
WALDVOGEL, BARBARA                      OH-85-7-383
WALLACE, ABRAHAM                        OH-85-3-309
WALLAC,E JANET                          OH-85-9-693
WALLACE, MARY T.                        OH-85-3-380
WALLACE, SAMUEL G.                      OH-85-4-412
WALLING, ELIAS                          OH-85-1-3
WALTERS, SEBASTIAN                      OH-85-3-193
WALTMAN, SUSANNAH                       OH-85-9-298
WANDEL, FREDERICK                       OH-85-9-358
WARNER, DANIEL                          OH-85-3-53
WARNER, DAVID                           OH-85-3-242
WARNER, JACOB                           OH-85-9-111
WARNER, JUSTICE W.                      OH-85-3-142
WATERHOUSE, THOMAS Q.                   OH-85-8-67
WEAVER, CHARLES L.                      OH-85-2-57
WEAVER, REBECCA ANN                     OH-85-8-79
WEBB, DAVID M.                          OH-85-8-153
WEBER, FREDERICK SR.                    OH-85-4-219
WEBLE, THOMAS S.                        OH-85-3-412
WEBSTER, ANN K.                         OH-85-3-132
WEIGLE, GEORGE SR.                      OH-85-6-423
WEITZ, ADAM                             OH-85-5-176
WEITZ, MARY E.                          OH-85-9-276
WELCH, ELLEN M.                         OH-85-3-278
WELDY, JACOB                            OH-85-8-73
WELLS, MARCUS A.                        OH-85-4-328
WERTZ, JOHN P.                          OH-85-6-198
WERTZ, SARAH                            OH-85-8-300
WEST, ISAIAH W.                         OH-85-4-427
WEST, WILLIAM H.                        OH-85-4-504
WESTON, JOHN H.                         OH-85-7-301
WHALEY, MORRIS C.                       OH-85-9-507
WHEELER, CHARLES                        OH-85-6-234
WHINERY, HIRAM                          OH-85-3-61
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        OH-85-5-413
WHITE, SAMUEL                           OH-85-4-90
WHITING, EDWARD                         OH-85-2-46
WHITING, EDWARD                         OH-85-2-46
WHITING, EDWARD                         OH-85-1-74
WHITNEY, THOMAS E.                      OH-85-5-107
WIBERT, AMANDA C.                       OH-85-8-107, 218
WIDEMAN, LUCINDA E.                     OH-85-3-98
WIDLER, GEORGE                          OH-85-3-342
WIEMANN, HERMAN                         OH-85-4-429
WIGHTMAN, ABRAM                         OH-85-4-170
WILBUR, DAVID S.                        OH-85-4-301
WILLEMAN, JACOB                         OH-85-1-196
WILLETT, BENJAMIN                       OH-85-2-117
WILLETT, HARRIET L.                     OH-85-8-112
WILLETT, HORACE A.                      OH-85-5-266
WILLETT, MARY J.                        OH-85-9-425
WILLETT, MEREDITH K.                    OH-85-4-197
WILLETT, OLIVE RD.                      OH-85-8-109
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH W.                     OH-85-8-252
WILSON, WILLIAM                         OH-85-5-190
WINEGARDNER, CONRAD                     OH-85-4-22
WINEGARDNER, WILLIAM                    OH-85-8-336
WINEGARTNER, MARGARET                   OH-85-4-287
WINELAND, CLARA                         OH-85-8-43
WINELAND, DANIEL                        OH-85-6-20
WINELAND, DANIEL L.                     OH-85-9-386
WINKLER, GEORGE                         OH-85-3-208
WINYARD, JACOB                          OH-85-6-188
WIRICK, JAMES                           OH-85-8-370
WISE, AMANDA                            OH-85-9-10
WISE, CAROLINE                          OH-85-7-357
WISE, CHARLES                           OH-85-8-256
WISE, GEORGE                            OH-85-4-476
WISE, JOHN                              OH-85-3-210
WISMAN, JAMES                           OH-85-4-295
WISMAN, JOHN E.                         OH-85-9-183
WISNER, SAMUEL                          OH-85-3-78
WOLFF, DAVID A.                         OH-85-8-407
WOLFF, HERMAN A.                        OH-85-7-95
WOLVERTON, CHANEY                       OH-85-5-231
WOLVERTON, ISABEL                       OH-85-8-456
WOODS, LEROY D.                         OH-85-9-77
WOODWARD, EDWIN C.                      OH-85-3-233
WOOLF, WILLIAM                          OH-85-9-467
WORTH, JACOB                            OH-85-1-98
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          OH-85-9-90
WRIGHT, THOMAS N.                       OH-85-3-205
WURMSTICK, FREDRICK                     OH-85-6-127
WUST, REBECCA                           OH-85-3-415
WYATT, WILLIAM                          OH-85-6-169
WYNN, TURNER M.                         OH-85-2-274
WYSE, AMOS                              OH-85-8-165
YARLOT, GIDEON                          OH-85-9-646
YATES, WILLIAM                          OH-85-5-1
YEAGLEY, DRUCILA A.                     OH-85-9-326
YESBERA, ADAM                           OH-85-6-292
YODER, ADAM                             OH-85-9-664
YORK, SAMUEL                            OH-85-9-222
YOUNG, ELIZA J.                         OH-85-9-328
YOUNG, FREDERIKE                        OH-85-8-452
YOUNG, ISAAC F.                         OH-85-5-48
YOUNG, JANE                             OH-85-9-30
YOUNG, JOHN                             OH-85-9-25
YOUNG, MARTIN                           OH-85-8-69, 285
YOUNG, MARY A.                          OH-85-2-370
YOUNG, MARY ANN                         OH-85-8-98
YOUNG, SAMUEL A.                        OH-85-9-563
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.                       OH-85-2-130
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.                       OH-85-2-130
YOUSE, ARTHUR L.                        OH-85-8-124
ZEEB, ANNA MARY                         OH-85-4-254
ZELLER, VALENTINE                       OH-85-8-436
ZIGLER, REUBEN                          OH-85-9-314
ZINK, DAVID                             OH-85-4-275
ZINK, PHILIP                            OH-85-7-63
ZOLOMAN, EPHRAIM                        OH-85-5-396
ZULCH, MARTIN                           OH-85-9-514
ZULL, HESTER                            OH-85-6-122
ZUVER, HENRY                            OH-85-6-295
ZUVER, JOHN                             OH-85-2-284
ZWICKEY, CONRAD                         OH-85-4-7

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