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HADDEX, LEVI                            OH-85-3-231
HAEP, JOHN                              OH-85-8-340
HAFER, ROSINA                           OH-85-5-67
HAGAMAN, JOHN C.                        OH-85-5-58
HAGELBERGER, CASPER                     OH-85-5-137
HAGERTY, BLAIR SR.                      OH-85-5-164
HAINES, MICHAEL                         OH-85-6-186
HALL, MARY                              OH-85-5-19
HALL, RICHARD                           OH-85-1-75
HALLER, JOHN                            OH-85-1-24
HALM, JACOB                             OH-85-3-606
HALY, DANIEL D.                         OH-85-9-342
HANCOCK, DAVID H.                       OH-85-5-382
HANNAN, MINNIE                          OH-85-7-439
HANNEMAN, PHILIP                        OH-85-7-110
HARGAS, AUGUST                          OH-85-3-177
HARGER, JAMES                           OH-85-5-27
HARGUS, AUGUST                          OH-85-3-177
HARMAN, HENRY                           OH-85-5-240
HARMER, MARY                            OH-85-8-358
HARNUM, CATHERINE                       OH-85-8-411
HARRIMAN, ENOCH                         OH-85-4-16
HARRINGTON, LEONARD B.                  OH-85-9-41
HARRIS, ALFRED                          OH-85-2-318
HARRIS, FRANK SR.                       OH-85-2-454
HART, ALONZO                            OH-85-4-446
HARTMAN, ANN                            OH-85-3-410
HASKINS, ENOCH                          OH-85-5-210
HATFIELD, LYMAN                         OH-85-6-162
HATHAWAY, JACOB                         OH-85-7-150
HATHAWAY, MARGARET                      OH-85-4-192
HATHAWAY, RICHARD                       OH-85-4-280
HATHWAY, SAMUEL                         OH-85-5-22
HAVILAND, CATHARINE                     OH-85-8-194
HAWK, MICHAEL W.                        OH-85-7-371
HAWKINS, JOSEPH                         OH-85-2-508
HAYES, ALMON                            OH-85-1-171
HAYES, ALMON                            OH-85-1-176
HAYES, ALMON W.                         OH-85-9-49
HAZEN, HENRY                            OH-85-3-253
HAZZARD, WILLIAM S.                     OH-85-2-413
HELD, HENRY                             OH-85-2-356
HELLEM, JOSEPH                          OH-85-3-107
HELMING, JOSEPH                         OH-85-3-407
HEMPFLINGER, CHRIST                     OH-85-5-37
HENDERSON, JOSEPH                       OH-85-1-113
HENERY, HENRY                           OH-85-2-499
HERMANN, XAVIER                         OH-85-9-101
HERRMANN, JOHN B.                       OH-85-8-305
HESS, CONRAD                            OH-85-4-108
HESTER, HENRY H.                        OH-85-7-12
HESTON, SAMUEL                          OH-85-4-223
HESTON, ZEBELON                         OH-85-6-1
HICKOK, ROSWELL W.                      OH-85-5-234
HICKS, HENRY W.                         OH-85-2-588
HIGLEY, SEYMOUR C.                      OH-85-1-200
HILBERT, ADAM                           OH-85-4-112
HILES, SUSAN                            OH-85-5-373
HILGER, MAGGIE                          OH-85-9-116
HILL, JAMES                             OH-85-1-20
HIMES, JOHN                             OH-85-8-260
HINKLE, STREPER                         OH-85-8-243
HISEY, MARIA                            OH-85-4-364
HIVELEY, JOHN                           OH-85-1-11
HIVELY, AMANDA A.                       OH-85-9-273
HIXON, MARCIA B.                        OH-85-9-158
HOADLEY, ERASTUS                        OH-85-8-368
HOADLEY, HIRAM SR.                      OH-85-6-142
HOCH, FREDRICK                          OH-85-6-133
HODSON, THOMAS                          OH-85-6-106
HOFFER, ISAAC                           OH-85-3-374
HOFFMAN, DANIEL                         OH-85-5-345
HOGE, AGNES                             OH-85-1-86
HOKE, HENRY                             OH-85-3-174
HOLLINGER, CHARLES                      OH-85-5-64
HOLLINGTON, MARY A.                     OH-85-8-190
HOLLINGTON, RICHARD P.                  OH-85-5-379
HOLMES, GILBERT                         OH-85-2-580
HOONSTOCK, GEORGE                       OH-85-7-325
HOOVER, ELISABETH                       OH-85-1-126
HOOVER, GEORGE W.                       OH-85-5-407
HOOVER, JACOB                           OH-85-2-184
HOPF, CHARLES                           OH-85-5-15
HOPLINGER, MICHELER                     OH-85-2-592
HORSTMANN, IGNATIUS F.                  OH-85-9-242
HORTON, JOHN S.                         OH-85-9-217
HORTON, MARY                            OH-85-9-490
HOSKINSON, GEORGE E.                    OH-85-7-120
HOWEL, ANNA                             OH-85-2-465
HOWELL, HENRY B.                        OH-85-2-102
HOWELL, HENRY B.                        OH-85-2-102
HUART, PETER                            OH-85-3-451
HUBBELL, CHARLES C.                     OH-85-5-198
HUBBELL, CHARLES R.                     OH-85-9-539
HUDKINS, JAMES                          OH-85-6-379
HUDSON, JACOB                           OH-85-8-457
HUFFMAN, BENJAMIN                       OH-85-3-583
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           OH-85-2-374
HUGHES, S. K.                           OH-85-3-237
HUNTER, CYRUS                           OH-85-1-21
HUNTER, DANIEL J.                       OH-85-9-355
HUNTER, JOHN W.                         OH-85-2-175
HUNTINGTON, GILBERT                     OH-85-4-298
HUSTON, ALFRED                          OH-85-6-383
HUTCHISON, REBECCA                      OH-85-9-626
HUTSON, JOHN                            OH-85-7-298
HYATT, SETH B.                          OH-85-3-624
INGRAM, THOMAS                          OH-85-1-87
JACKSON, LEAH                           OH-85-6-385
JACKSON, W. H.                          OH-85-9-281
JACKSON,D AVID                          OH-85-9-545
JACOB, NICHOLAS                         OH-85-8-81
JACOBS, GEORGE                          OH-85-9-340
JEANDHEUR, GEORGE                       OH-85-5-365
JENNYS, DAVID                           OH-85-3-182
JERGER, JOHN B.                         OH-85-9-685
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-85-3-260
JOHNSON, LYDIA H.                       OH-85-4-461
JOHNSON, O. B.                          OH-85-8-92
JOHNSON, STEPHEN V.                     OH-85-7-205
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH                        OH-85-6-29
JOHNSTON, MARTIN                        OH-85-4-487
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        OH-85-6-7
JOICE, WILLIAM                          OH-85-9-256
JOLLY, JAMES                            OH-85-1-1
JONES, ANSALEM                          OH-85-5-225
JONES, BETSEY T.                        OH-85-4-151
JONES, CASS                             OH-85-7-443
JUILLARD, EMIL                          OH-85-6-11
JUILLARD, LOUIS                         OH-85-4-290
KAILEY, HENRY                           OH-85-2-470
KAILEY, HENRY                           OH-85-2-470
KAISER, GEORGE B.                       OH-85-9-7
KAISER, JOHN SR.                        OH-85-8-77
KAISER, THOMAS E.                       OH-85-6-408
KAISER,JACOB                            OH-85-3-287
KALTENBACH, JACOB SR.                   OH-85-8-316
KASER, WILLIAM                          OH-85-7-224
KAUFMAN, JOHN                           OH-85-3-339
KAYLOR, DANIEL                          OH-85-5-255
KAYLOR, MARGARET                        OH-85-7-276
KCK, HENRY                              OH-85-8-376
KEBBLE, EARHART                         OH-85-4-318
KECK, WILLIAM H.                        OH-85-6-264
KEELER, ERASTUS F.                      OH-85-9-399
KEILL, JOHN                             OH-85-5-61
KEISER, JOHN                            OH-85-3-102
KELBLE, JOHN                            OH-85-9-394
KELLER, ELIZA                           OH-85-7-321
KELLER, JACOB                           OH-85-5-160
KELLERMEYER, G. H.                      OH-85-8-360
KELLY, JOHN WILLIAM                     OH-85-3-518
KELSEY, JANE                            OH-85-4-54
KELSEY, SARAH A.                        OH-85-9-165
KEMBLE, JANE                            OH-85-5-410
KEMBLE, SAMUEL                          OH-85-4-431
KEMEY, JACOB                            OH-85-5-179
KEMMERER, SIBYL                         OH-85-9-447
KENT, BENJAMIN SR.                      OH-85-2-61
KENT, MARGARET                          OH-85-4-261
KENT, THOMAS                            OH-85-3-601
KERR, ROBERT                            OH-85-1-142
KESLER, MARTIN                          OH-85-8-270
KILLINGER, REBECCA                      OH-85-8-415
KIMBLE, WILLIAM                         OH-85-2-265
KIME, DANIEL                            OH-85-2-272
KIME, DEVILLO                           OH-85-4-348
KIME, WILLIAM                           OH-85-3-63
KING, JANE                              OH-85-4-455
KING, WALTER E.                         OH-85-2-601
KING, WALTER E.                         OH-85-2-601
KINNAMAN, JOHNW.                        OH-85-9-682
KINNEY, DAVID L.                        OH-85-2-85
KINT, WILLIAM T.                        OH-85-5-333
KINTIGH, ELIZABETH                      OH-85-5-340
KINTIGH, ISAAC                          OH-85-9-227
KINTIGH, WILLIAM F.                     OH-85-7-142
KIRK, ELISHA                            OH-85-4-154
KIRK, HARRISON                          OH-85-7-190
KIRK, NATHAN                            OH-85-8-372
KIRKENBURG, HENRY                       OH-85-8-143
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN                       OH-85-3-453
KISSEBERTH, WILLIAM                     OH-85-8-401
KISSINGER, JOHN                         OH-85-3-630
KITTREDGE, CYRUS                        OH-85-3-614
KNAPP, JACOB                            OH-85-2-88
KNAPP, LESTOR                           OH-85-8-352
KNAPP, MARY                             OH-85-6-129
KNAPP, NELSON                           OH-85-8-364
KNAPP, THOMAS JEFFERSON                 OH-85-6-197
KNECHT, MARIA E.                        OH-85-9-173
KNEPPER, JACOB                          OH-85-3-316
KNIFFEN, BENJAMIN                       OH-85-3-296
KNIFFIN, B. F. SR.                      OH-85-9-442
KNORR, ELISHA                           OH-85-3-251
KNOX, ROBERT B.                         OH-85-2-195
KOBER, RHODA L.                         OH-85-9-438
KOHLENBERGER, CONRAD                    OH-85-7-249
KOLLAR, DAVID                           OH-85-9-63
KOLLAR, GEORGE                          OH-85-2-496
KOLLAR, HENRY                           OH-85-9-404
KOLLAR, JACOB                           OH-85-8-348
KOLLAR, SUSAN                           OH-85-9-284
KOLLOR, MARGARET                        OH-85-3-241
KREIGER, JACOB                          OH-85-9-113
KRILL, JOHN HENRY                       OH-85-7-252
KRILL, WILLIAM SR.                      OH-85-8-228
KROMILL, LUDWIG                         OH-85-2-362
KUNKLE, CHARLES A.                      OH-85-8-223
KUNKLE, GEORGE                          OH-85-7-307
KUNKLE, ISRAEL                          OH-85-9-397
KUNKLE, JOHN H.                         OH-85-3-566
KUNKLE, JOHN M.                         OH-85-9-108
KUNKLE, JOHN R.                         OH-85-5-260
KUNKLE, LAVINA                          OH-85-9-464
KURTZ, GEORGE                           OH-85-3-393
KUSTER, BARBARA                         OH-85-7-76
KUSTER, KATE R.                         OH-85-9-136
LADD, IRA W.                            OH-85-2-438
LAFER, NICHOLAS                         OH-85-2-486
LAID, NANCY                             OH-85-2-542
LAMBERTSON, JEPTHA                      OH-85-1-122
LAMSON, ELIZABETH W.                    OH-85-8-55
LANDEL, MICHAEL                         OH-85-7-258
LANDON, THERON                          OH-85-3-277
LANDOW, REBECCA                         OH-85-6-17
LANG, GEORGE                            OH-85-2-137
LANGEL, MARY                            OH-85-4-230
LANOIR, HENRY                           OH-85-3-144
LANOIR, JAQUES L. F.                    OH-85-3-84
LANTZ, ELIZABETH M.                     OH-85-9-286
LANTZ, JOHN                             OH-85-8-71
LARRIUS, JOHN                           OH-85-6-153
LASER, ADDIE                            OH-85-9-554
LASER, GIDEON                           OH-85-3-458
LASER, JOHN                             OH-85-9-170
LATTANNER, PETER                        OH-85-4-5
LATTAUNER, MARY                         OH-85-8-393
LAUDAMAN, DAVID                         OH-85-1-103
LAUTZENHEISER, CARRIE                   OH-85-5-268
LAUTZENHEISER, SARAH                    OH-85-7-409
LAWRENCE, MAXMILLIAN                    OH-85-2-596
LAWSON, GEORGE SR.                      OH-85-3-484
LAWSON, IBY                             OH-85-5-248
LEASURE, WILLIAM                        OH-85-1-26
LECK, SAMUEL M.                         OH-85-5-320
LEES, HUGH                              OH-85-5-187
LEES, WILLIAM                           OH-85-3-218
LEES, WILLIAM (CON'T)                   OH-85-3-507
LEES, WILLIAM (CON'T)                   OH-85-3-514
LEGGETT, THOMAS G.                      OH-85-2-607
LEHMAN, ABRAHAM                         OH-85-7-282
LEHMAN, ADAM                            OH-85-1-46
LEHMON, DANIEL                          OH-85-2-97
LEIDIGH, JACOB B.                       OH-85-5-423
LETCHER, AMOS                           OH-85-4-136
LETCHER, LYDIA E.                       OH-85-6-137
LETCHER, MATILDA S.                     OH-85-6-245
LETT, GEORGE                            OH-85-7-34
LEW, JOHN                               OH-85-6-171
LEY, ANTYHONY                           OH-85-9-292
LIGGETT, REBECCA                        OH-85-5-162
LILLEY, OSENA                           OH-85-4-392
LINARD, GEORGE                          OH-85-3-429
LINDENBERGER, EVELINE                   OH-85-2-178
LINDERSMITH, DANIEL                     OH-85-3-134
LINDERSMITH, MARY A.                    OH-85-3-35
LINDSEY, JULIA                          OH-85-5-371
LINDSEY, SUSANNAH                       OH-85-9-616
LINEBRINK, LOUISA                       OH-85-8-11
LINGLE, THOMAS                          OH-85-3-32
LINN, LOUIS                             OH-85-9-636
LIPPY, JACOB                            OH-85-9-336
LIPPY, MARY                             OH-85-7-196
LIROT, MAXIMIN                          OH-85-5-280
LLOYD, DAVID                            OH-85-6-317
LLOYD, MARY                             OH-85-4-359
LOCKHART, NANCY A.                      OH-85-9-303
LOCKHART, WILLIAM H.                    OH-85-7-333
LOGAN, ANDREW                           OH-85-7-327
LOGAN, THOMAS                           OH-85-5-167
LOHREY, HENRY                           OH-85-5-393
LONG, CARRIE M.                         OH-85-9-119
LONG, DANIEL                            OH-85-5-336
LONG, GEORGE                            OH-85-3-304
LONG, GEORGE (CON'T)                    OH-85-3-313
LONG, GEORGE E.                         OH-85-7-133
LONG, H. C.                             OH-85-2-391
LONG, JOHN                              OH-85-7-434
LONG, JOHN W.                           OH-85-8-443
LONG, PARKER W.                         OH-85-9-47
LONG, WILLIAM                           OH-85-3-109
LONGWELL, WILLIAM A.                    OH-85-9-612
LONYS, SUSAN                            OH-85-7-355
LOOMIS, DIANA                           OH-85-3-424
LOUDEN, MOSES H.                        OH-85-4-321
LOUTSENHIZER, JAMES                     OH-85-9-128
LOUYS, FREDERICK                        OH-85-3-99
LOUYS, JAMES                            OH-85-3-48
LOVEJOY, ALBERT J.                      OH-85-9-623
LOVERIDGE, PARLINA                      OH-85-6-258
LUCY, FRANCIS                           OH-85-3-44
LUKE, DAVID                             OH-85-1-157
LUTTY, PETER                            OH-85-6-59
LYONS, DAVID                            OH-85-2-292
LYONS, DAVID                            OH-85-2-292
MACK, WOLFGANG                          OH-85-6-400
MAIER, AMANDA                           OH-85-9-178
MARK, CHRISTIAN                         OH-85-7-420
MARKEL, SARAH JANE                      OH-85-9-449
MARKLE, JONATHAN                        OH-85-7-235
MARKS, JOHHN                            OH-85-9-188
MARSH, FRANK                            OH-85-9-364
MARTIN, ELIZA                           OH-85-4-343
MARTIN, FRANK                           OH-85-8-395
MARTIN, GEORGE L.                       OH-85-7-360
MARTIN, HARRISON                        OH-85-4-129
MARTIN, JAMES                           OH-85-3-104
MARTIN, JOHN B.                         OH-85-3-461
MASON, JOHN                             OH-85-3-70
MATLOCK, JOHN                           OH-85-3-190
MATTBY, JOSEPH                          OH-85-3-327
MATTER, SAMUEL                          OH-85-3-618
MATTOON, JOHN G.                        OH-85-4-216
MATTOX, ELLEN                           OH-85-5-150
MATTOX, JOHN F.                         OH-85-5-284
MAUGHERMER, JOHN                        OH-85-1-203
MAURER, WILLIAM S.                      OH-85-6-372
MAXAM, ALONZO A.                        OH-85-7-112
MAXWELL, SAMUEL                         OH-85-6-262
MAY, JOHN                               OH-85-6-216
MAYER, GEORGE                           OH-85-8-434
MAYER, MARTIN SR.                       OH-85-5-79
MAZE, HENRIETTA                         OH-85-8-429
MCCAMIS, CRISSIE ANN                    OH-85-8-248
MCCANEGHY, FREDERICK                    OH-85-3-468
MCCARTY, OWEN                           OH-85-4-174
MCCLAIN, ALEXANDER                      OH-85-8-45
MCCLAIN, AMOS L.                        OH-85-5-169
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER                      OH-85-1-2
MCCLURE, HARRIET M.                     OH-85-6-14
MCCONEGHY, FREDERICK                    OH-85-3-545
MCCONNELL, JOHN R.                      OH-85-5-331
MCCOY, ROBERT                           OH-85-7-460
MCCURDY, JAMES                          OH-85-8-380
MCCUTCHEN, HARRIET A. B.                OH-85-5-147
MCDANIELS, ARVILLA                      OH-85-3-80
MCDONALD, AMANDA D.                     OH-85-9-81
MCFARLAND, GEORGE W.                    OH-85-4-389
MCGOWAN, BENAIAH                        OH-85-1-91
MCGREW, JOHN                            OH-85-4-162
MCGUIRE, SUSAN                          OH-85-9-677
MCHENRY, ELI                            OH-85-4-11
MCINTIRE, JOHN H.                       OH-85-7-337
MCKARNS, JONATHAN                       OH-85-3-279
MCLAIN, ELIE N.                         OH-85-6-288
MCLAIN, IRA A.                          OH-85-6-146
MEEKS, MARY A.                          OH-85-6-182
MEPHAM, ALFRE                           OH-85-4-352
MERCER, HENRY                           OH-85-8-179
MERCER, JACOB                           OH-85-8-325
MERCER, JOHN                            OH-85-3-244
METTATAL, FREDERICK                     OH-85-7-369
METTETAL, MARGUERITE                    OH-85-7-147, 231
METZGAR, JOHN                           OH-85-6-35
METZKER, ELIZABETH                      OH-85-6-144
METZLER, ADAM                           OH-85-7-412, 441
MEYER, FRANCIS                          OH-85-5-314
MEYER, JACOB                            OH-85-3-266
MEYER, JACOB                            OH-85-3-267
MEYER, JOHN                             OH-85-3-356
MICHAELS, FREDRICK                      OH-85-4-501
MIGNERY, JAMES                          OH-85-9-607
MIGNIN, FREDERICK                       OH-85-9-660
MIGNIN, FREDERICK                       OH-85-9-660
MILES, JAMES A.                         OH-85-9-672
MILLER, ADAM                            OH-85-4-386
MILLER, ADAM                            OH-85-1-206
MILLER, BENJAMIN F.                     OH-85-8-268
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-85-3-204
MILLER, CONRAD                          OH-85-1-140
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       OH-85-3-68
MILLER, GEORGE M.                       OH-85-9-134
MILLER, HENRY S.                        OH-85-3-212
MILLER, JACOB F.                        OH-85-9-642
MILLER, JAMES J.                        OH-85-7-220
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-85-4-457
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-85-8-332
MILLER, JOHN H.                         OH-85-3-188
MILLER, MOSES                           OH-85-1-217
MILLER, W. C.                           OH-85-9-548
MILLER, WILLIAM                         OH-85-3-76
MILLER, WILLIAM                         OH-85-3-220
MILLER, WILLIAM STOW                    OH-85-1-145
MILLS, MARY A.                          OH-85-9-428
MITCHELL, SARAH                         OH-85-9-542
MIYNIN, GEORGE D.                       OH-85-6-298
MLLORY, CONROY W.                       OH-85-4-379
MOERCER, IRA A.                         OH-85-5-404
MOHR, CATHARINE                         OH-85-8-114
MONEY, ELIZABETH                        OH-85-6-301
MONWILER, CATHERINE                     OH-85-4-496
MOOG, MARGARETTA                        OH-85-7-80
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-85-9-552
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-85-9-552
MOORES, ALMIRA                          OH-85-8-127
MORGAN, CHARLES C.                      OH-85-7-342
MORGAN, HERMAN L.                       OH-85-9-232
MORISON, LYMAN H.                       OH-85-4-484
MORRIS, BENJAMIN F.                     OH-85-8-366
MORRISON, OLIVIA                        OH-85-4-397
MORRISON, THOMAS F.                     OH-85-3-392
MORRISON, WILLIAM C.                    OH-85-3-1
MORROW, DAVID                           OH-85-6-303
MORTLAND, JAMES C.                      OH-85-6-365
MOSS, SAMUEL                            OH-85-7-417
MOSS, THOMAS                            OH-85-9-496
MOTT, CATHARINE                         OH-85-3-481
MOTT, HIRAM                             OH-85-3-246
MOULTON, JOHN                           OH-85-7-186
MOUNTAIN, WILLIAM S.                    OH-85-6-52
MUNK, WILLIAM H.                        OH-85-9-84
MURRAY, JAMES                           OH-85-9-388
MURRAY, JOSEPH                          OH-85-6-308
MURRAY, MARY ANN                        OH-85-3-197
MYERS, CYRUS                            OH-85-9-353
MYERS, FREDERICK G.                     OH-85-9-229
MYERS, JACOB                            OH-85-1-178
MYERS, MARTIN                           OH-85-9-192
MYERS, MARY                             OH-85-4-443
MYERS, RACHEL                           OH-85-9-139
MYERS, SOLOMON                          OH-85-5-388
MYES, WILLIAM                           OH-85-6-362
NEAL, AMERICA                           OH-85-6-266
NEIDHART, JACOB M.                      OH-85-2-2
NEIHARDT, JACOB SR.                     OH-85-2-573
NEIL, ISAIAH S.                         OH-85-9-92
NEIL, SARAH A.                          OH-85-8-386
NEWCOMB, ERASTUS                        OH-85-2-532
NEWCOMB, GEORGE M.                      OH-85-9-493
NEWCOMB, ROBERT                         OH-85-9-22
NEWCOMER, MARY J.                       OH-85-9-469
NEWMAN, ANDREW                          OH-85-2-447
NEWMAN, ANDREW (CON'T)                  OH-85-2-476
NEWMAN, HENRY                           OH-85-6-69
NEWMAN, JAMES                           OH-85-9-60
NEWMAN, JOHN                            OH-85-4-237
NICHTER, BONAPART                       OH-85-5-237
NICOLEN, JOHN B.                        OH-85-8-288
NIEDERAUR, JOHN                         OH-85-8-405
NIEDERAUR, PHILIP                       OH-85-8-59
NIEDEROUR, DEITRICH                     OH-85-3-311
NIHART, DANIEL P.                       OH-85-9-629
NITCHIE, GEORGE H.                      OH-85-4-159
NITCHIE, LYDIA A.                       OH-85-4-327
NOBLE, GEORGE W.                        OH-85-8-172
NOLD, JOHN                              OH-85-7-261
NORRICK, SAMUEL E.                      OH-85-9-131
NORRIS, NOAH                            OH-85-2-269
NUNN, JOHN GEORGE                       OH-85-1-181
NYE, JOHN                               OH-85-6-254
OBERLIN, JACOB                          OH-85-6-155
OGLE, E. J.                             OH-85-8-105
OGLE, ROBERT                            OH-85-1-77
OGLE, WILLIAM                           OH-85-2-154
OLIVER, ELI                             OH-85-2-22
OLIVER, JAMES                           OH-85-5-385
OLIVER, MARY                            OH-85-6-354
OLMSTEAD, ALVA                          OH-85-9-251
OLMSTEAD, ELISABETH                     OH-85-8-323
OMALEY, WILLIAM                         OH-85-4-59
OMEY, DANIEL                            OH-85-2-578
OPDYKE, ALBERT H.                       OH-85-2-126
OPDYKE, HEMAN A.                        OH-85-5-89
OPDYKE, HENRY H.                        OH-85-6-320
ORTON, TREAT                            OH-85-5-119
OSBORN, EMILY HELENA                    OH-85-8-90
OSBORN, SUSAN P. D.                     OH-85-8-19
OSTREICH, PETER                         OH-85-3-442
OVER, JACOB                             OH-85-5-398
OVERSTOCK, ARCHIBALD                    OH-85-9-487
OWEN, MARY                              OH-85-6-404
OWENS, JOHN                             OH-85-2-436
OZMUN, ISRAEL                           OH-85-4-416
PAAST, JOHN                             OH-85-2-188
PADDOCK, MARY ANN                       OH-85-2-399
PAGE, MARIA                             OH-85-4-407
PAGE, PRUDENCE                          OH-85-2-72
PAGE, WILLIAM E.                        OH-85-3-359
PAGE, WILLIAM SR.                       OH-85-6-4
PALMER, ORRO H.                         OH-85-4-468
PARISH, LOVINNA                         OH-85-3-25
PARK, JOHN                              OH-85-7-201
PARKER, P. C.                           OH-85-2-2
PARKER, SAMUEL                          OH-85-9-44
PARSONS, ISAAC                          OH-85-5-348
PATTERSON, ROBERT N.                    OH-85-8-197
PAYE, MORRIS                            OH-85-6-331
PEACH, AMANDA                           OH-85-9-478
PEMBER, FREDERICK                       OH-85-2-213
PENNINGTON, THOMAS                      OH-85-2-202
PENQUET, JOHN P.                        OH-85-5-82
PEPPLE, W.                              OH-85-2-10
PEPPLE, WILLIAM L.                      OH-85-3-129
PERKINS, GARRET                         OH-85-2-443
PERKINS, JACOB                          OH-85-2-27
PERKINS, JOHN E.                        OH-85-8-350
PERKINS, SIMON                          OH-85-1-55
PEW, RICHARD                            OH-85-2-327
PEW, THOMAS S.                          OH-85-2-467
PFINSDAY, CHRISTIAN                     OH-85-2-594
PHELPS, ALFRED                          OH-85-4-164
PHELPS, ALFRED (CON'T)                  OH-85-4-307
PHELPS, MARY M.                         OH-85-4-401
PHILLIPS, AGATHA R.                     OH-85-8-262
PHILLIPS, BARBARA                       OH-85-3-446
PICKLE, JOSEPH                          OH-85-2-135
PIERCE, GEORGE H.                       OH-85-3-539
PIFER, CLARA D.                         OH-85-4-374
PIFER, MICHAEL                          OH-85-3-473
PIKE, SARAH M.                          OH-85-6-359
PINCKLEY, JOHN                          OH-85-2-15
PINCKLEY, LEVI                          OH-85-2-64
PLANSON, PETER                          OH-85-5-290
PLATT, JOHN W.                          OH-85-5-195
PLATT, REBECCA                          OH-85-8-9
PLAUSON, FREDERICK                      OH-85-3-150
POLLACK, JOHN                           OH-85-3-464
POLLOCK, JOHN W.                        OH-85-8-184
POOL, BANISTER                          OH-85-2-491
POOL, ETHAN A.                          OH-85-6-84
POOLE, MARY E.                          OH-85-9-52
POTTER, JANE E.                         OH-85-9-75
POUCHER, JOHN                           OH-85-5-251
POWELL, JEPTHA                          OH-85-2-322
POYNTER, LEVIN                          OH-85-7-229
PRATT, ALBERT M.                        OH-85-5-73
PRATT, ELIZABETH C. A.                  OH-85-2-544
PREIST, PETER                           OH-85-6-227
PRESSLER, JACOB                         OH-85-8-454
PRESTON, WILLIAM C.                     OH-85-2-502
PRETTYMAN, LOUIS W.                     OH-85-6-213
PRIEST, FRANKLIN                        OH-85-9-236
PRIEST, GEORGE                          OH-85-6-417
PRIEST, JAMES R.                        OH-85-9-598
PRUDENCE, PAGE                          OH-85-2-72
PUMPHREY, JOHN                          OH-85-2-82
PUNCHES, ADALINE                        OH-85-8-419
PUNGHES, WILLIAM                        OH-85-3-479
PUNTCHES, THOMAS                        OH-85-3-27
PURDY, WILLIAM J.                       OH-85-9-27

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