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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1771-1819 | 2=1819-1831 | 3=1831-1849 | 4=1849-1864 | 5=1860-1882 | 6=1882-1890 | 7=1890-1899 | 8=1899-1906 |
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FALKNOR, JOHN SR.                       PA-5-1-435
FANAGAN, WILLIAM                        PA-5-3-255
FAUPEL, HENRY                           PA-5-8-36
FAUPLE, CONRAD                          PA-5-7-519
FAUST, JOHN R.                          PA-5-8-284
FAYERWEATHER, DANIEL B.                 PA-5-7-344
FEASTER, GEORGE                         PA-5-6-103
FEASTER, JOHN                           PA-5-6-169
FEATHER, DAVID                          PA-5-5-464
FEATHER, ISAAC                          PA-5-8-424
FEATHER, J.H.                           PA-5-7-350
FEATHER, SAMUEL H.                      PA-5-8-292
FEAZEY, JOHN                            PA-5-4-301
FEIGHT, GEORGE                          PA-5-4-88
FEIGHT, HENRY                           PA-5-7-6
FEIGHT, JOHN                            PA-5-1-230
FELLER, GEORGE                          PA-5-4-67
FELLERBY, MARGARET C.                   PA-5-5-125
FELTEN, CHRISTIAN                       PA-5-7-516
FELTER, MARY M.                         PA-5-7-141
FELTER, NANCY                           PA-5-4-182
FELTON, CHRISTIAN                       PA-5-3-334
FELTON, CHRISTIAN                       PA-5-4-179
FELTON, JACOB                           PA-5-8-257
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH                     PA-5-1-290
FERGUSON, GEORGE                        PA-5-7-376
FERGUSON, HUGH                          PA-5-1-283
FERGUSON, JANE                          PA-5-7-222
FERGUSON, JOSEPH                        PA-5-5-305
FETTER, ADAM                            PA-5-5-39
FETTER, ADAMP.                          PA-5-5-225
FETTER, DANIEL                          PA-5-6-267
FETTER, MICHAEL                         PA-5-4-449
FETTERMAN, HARMAN                       PA-5-1-238
FETTERS, JOB                            PA-5-4-353
FETTERS, LUKE                           PA-5-3-105
FICHTNER, JONATHAN                      PA-5-7-306
FICKES, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-6-239
FICKES, ISAAC                           PA-5-2-232
FIDLER, TIMOTHY                         PA-5-1-430
FIELDING, JOHN                          PA-5-2-63
FIELDS, DAVID                           PA-5-1-490
FIKER, JOHN                             PA-5-7-13
FILLER, FREDERICK                       PA-5-1-81
FILLER, REBECCA                         PA-5-6-208
FILLER, SARAH                           PA-5-7-322
FILLER, SOLMON                          PA-5-4-148
FINDLEY, EVEANN                         PA-5-8-248
FINK, PETER                             PA-5-8-23
FISHAL, JOHN                            PA-5-1-164
FISHER, GEORGE                          PA-5-6-206
FISHER, JACOB                           PA-5-2-139
FISHER, JACOB                           PA-5-4-7
FISHER, JOHN                            PA-5-3-159
FISHER, JOSEPH                          PA-5-5-168
FISHER, JOSEPH                          PA-5-7-491
FISHER, JOSEPH                          PA-5-7-534
FISHER, NAOMI                           PA-5-5-264
FISKES, IRA A.                          PA-5-1-375
FLETCHER, BALTZER                       PA-5-6-382
FLETCHER, JOHN                          PA-5-4-268
FLETCHER, SARAH A.                      PA-5-8-141
FLETCHER, SUSAN                         PA-5-8-432
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                       PA-5-7-427
FLUCK, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-3-459
FLUCK, ELI                              PA-5-4-367
FLUCK, HENRY ESQ.                       PA-5-3-311
FLUCK, WILLIAM                          PA-5-5-107
FLUKE, CAROLINE                         PA-5-7-340
FOCKLER, JACOB                          PA-5-4-302
FOLEY, MICHAEL F. D.                    PA-5-7-359
FOOR, DAVID                             PA-5-5-28
FOOR, JACOB I.                          PA-5-6-391
FOOR, JACOBC.                           PA-5-6-127
FOOR, LEONARD                           PA-5-3-444
FOORE, DAVID                            PA-5-1-519
FORD, DAVID                             PA-5-4-420
FORE, GEORGE                            PA-5-1-321
FORE, SUSAN                             PA-5-2-338
FORNEY, MARYANN                         PA-5-8-276
FORNEY, OLIVER                          PA-5-7-291
FORWARD, AMELIA SMITH                   PA-5-8-173
FOX, MICHAEL                            PA-5-7-186
FRAIZ, FREDERICK                        PA-5-1-73
FRALICK, GEORGE                         PA-5-5-201
FRAZER, AARON                           PA-5-3-108
FRAZER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-4-599
FRAZEY, SAMUEL                          PA-5-7-444
FRAZIER, GEORGE                         PA-5-5-186
FRAZIER, JAMES Z.                       PA-5-8-39
FRAZIER, SCOTT P.                       PA-5-5-85
FREAKER, ANDREW                         PA-5-1-445
FREDERICK, ELIZABETH                    PA-5-7-221
FREDERICKS, JOHN                        PA-5-2-53
FREDWELL, JOHN                          PA-5-5-10
FREE, GEORGE                            PA-5-1-83
FREET, VALENTINE                        PA-5-7-417
FRENCH, STPEHEN                         PA-5-5-136
FRIEND, BARBARY                         PA-5-3-46
FRIEND, JOHN                            PA-5-1-173
FRIEND, JOSEPH                          PA-5-1-228
FRIEND, JOSEPH JR.                      PA-5-1-231
FRIEND, NICHOLAS                        PA-5-2-60
FRYER, GEORGE                           PA-5-4-131
FRYMIRE, JOHN                           PA-5-3-100
FULFORD, SARAH                          PA-5-6-218
FULTON, EDMUND                          PA-5-5-62
FUNK, GEORGE                            PA-5-1-409
FURGESON, JAMES                         PA-5-6-453
FURNEY, AMOS                            PA-5-6-331
FURNEY, JACOB                           PA-5-6-227
FURNEY, SAMUEL                          PA-5-3-84
FURRY, HANAH                            PA-5-6-33
FURRY, JOHN                             PA-5-5-406
FYAN, LOUIS N.                          PA-5-5-258
GABE, ANNCATHERINE                      PA-5-5-13
GALBRAITH, WILLIAM                      PA-5-4-52
GANSINGER, ABRAHAM                      PA-5-1-381
GARDILL, GEORGE                         PA-5-7-255
GARLAND, GEORGE                         PA-5-2-303
GARLICK, GEORGE F.                      PA-5-8-299
GARLICK, STEPHEN                        PA-5-2-216
GARN, CHRISTIAN                         PA-5-5-551
GARN, JOHN                              PA-5-3-37
GARRETSON, AARON                        PA-5-2-331
GARRETSON, AARON                        PA-5-4-64
GARRETSON, ELIZABETH                    PA-5-5-383
GARRETSON, JOSEPH                       PA-5-3-362
GASTER, EZEKIEL W.                      PA-5-8-61
GATES, HARRIET                          PA-5-6-41
GATES, JOHN                             PA-5-6-570
GEBHARDT, HEINRICH                      PA-5-4-473
GEBLER, JACOB                           PA-5-4-510
GEIBEL, JOHANNES                        PA-5-5-157
GEISLER, LOUIS H.                       PA-5-8-164
GELLER, ADAM                            PA-5-5-81
GELLER, GEORGE                          PA-5-2-75
GELLER, GEORGE                          PA-5-4-250
GEORGE, MARGARET                        PA-5-6-324
GEPHART, HENRY                          PA-5-4-473
GEPHART, MARY                           PA-5-3-438
GEPHART, MARY A.                        PA-5-6-494
GHINT, ANDREW                           PA-5-2-102
GIBSON, J. E.                           PA-5-8-192
GIBSON, JOSEPH                          PA-5-7-587
GIFFITH, JOSEPH H.                      PA-5-7-467
GIFT, RACHEL                            PA-5-4-8
GILLAM, ADAM                            PA-5-2-178
GILLAM, DAVID                           PA-5-3-215
GILLAM, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-7-285
GILLAM, NANCY                           PA-5-6-30
GILLIM, WILLIAM                         PA-5-7-342
GINGERICK, DANIEL                       PA-5-3-52
GLASS, GEORGE                           PA-5-3-96
GOCHENOUR, JOHN                         PA-5-4-195
GOCHNOUR, DAVID                         PA-5-2-120
GOCHNOUR, JACOB                         PA-5-3-58
GOEB, FREDERICK                         PA-5-2-299
GOLLIPHER, ESPY                         PA-5-6-246
GORDEN, JAMES                           PA-5-4-172
GORDEN, MOSES                           PA-5-3-163
GORDON, JACOB                           PA-5-8-163
GORDON, MARY                            PA-5-5-4
GORDON, MATILDA S.                      PA-5-7-476
GORDON, THOMAS                          PA-5-3-386
GORDON, URIAH                           PA-5-5-149
GORSUCH, WILLIAM                        PA-5-7-126
GRABILL, MARGARET                       PA-5-8-406
GRACE, IZRAEL P.                        PA-5-6-518
GRACEY, WILLIAM                         PA-5-6-294
GRAFFIS, SAMUEL B.                      PA-5-6-418
GRAHAM, JOHN                            PA-5-1-211
GRAVES, JOSEPH                          PA-5-2-349
GRAVES, SAMUEL                          PA-5-2-273
GRAY, ISAAC                             PA-5-3-117
GRAY, WILLIAM                           PA-5-5-74
GRAYBLE, SAMUEL                         PA-5-7-531
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        PA-5-3-259
GREGORY, JOHN                           PA-5-2-152
GREYBILL, MARIA                         PA-5-3-225
GRIFFITH, DAVID                         PA-5-4-346
GRIFFITH, JESSE                         PA-5-6-225
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          PA-5-3-268
GRIFFITH, JOSEPH                        PA-5-8-48
GRIFFITH, JOSIAH                        PA-5-8-268
GRIFFITH, RACHEL                        PA-5-3-205
GRIFFITH, SAMUEL                        PA-5-5-478
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-5-2-198
GROOBER, VALENTINE                      PA-5-3-319
GROVE, JAMES A.                         PA-5-8-10
GROVE, SARAH                            PA-5-5-388
GROVE, SIMON                            PA-5-3-171
GROVE, WILLIAM A.                       PA-5-8-351
GROVE, WILLIAM T.                       PA-5-6-1
GROWDEN, ANDREW W.                      PA-5-5-576
GROWDEN, JOHN                           PA-5-6-71
GROWDEN, JOSEPH                         PA-5-8-155
GROWDEN, THOMAS                         PA-5-6-39
GRUBB, CURTIS                           PA-5-6-224
GRUBB, HENRY                            PA-5-7-44
GRUBB, JACOB                            PA-5-3-223
GRUBB, NAHAN                            PA-5-7-566
GRUBB, PHILLIP                          PA-5-7-448
GRUBER, JACOB                           PA-5-4-154
GRUBER, MARY                            PA-5-7-87
GRUMER, HARRIET                         PA-5-8-208
GUMP, ELIAS ESQ.                        PA-5-5-226
GUMP, JOHNA.                            PA-5-8-45
GUMP, SOPHIA                            PA-5-8-296
GURBER, SAMUEL                          PA-5-4-142
GUYER, HENRY                            PA-5-6-286
GUYER, JOSEPH S.                        PA-5-8-388
HAASE, HETTIE                           PA-5-7-201
HAINS, JOHN SR.                         PA-5-1-349
HALL, BENJAMIN                          PA-5-8-185
HALL, GEORGE                            PA-5-3-307
HALL, SAMUEL                            PA-5-1-63
HALL, WILLIAM M.                        PA-5-8-3
HAMAKER, MARY M.                        PA-5-5-221
HAMILL, PATRICK                         PA-5-8-199
HAMILL, ROBERT                          PA-5-1-133
HAMILTON, JONATHAN                      PA-5-3-237
HAMILTON, RICHARD                       PA-5-4-530
HAMM, DANIEL                            PA-5-6-257
HAMMAKER, SIMON L.                      PA-5-6-519
HAMMER, JOHANN                          PA-5-4-151
HAMMER, JOHN I.                         PA-5-5-434
HAMMER, MICHAEL                         PA-5-3-217
HAMMER, MICHAEL                         PA-5-5-71
HAMMER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-7-15
HAMMETT, WILLIAM                        PA-5-3-359
HAMMOND, CATHARINE M.                   PA-5-4-514
HAMMOND, ELIZA                          PA-5-7-207
HAMMOND, JAMESB.                        PA-5-8-412
HAMMOND, NATHAN                         PA-5-2-146
HAMMOND, NATHAN                         PA-5-4-266
HAMMOND, SAMUEL                         PA-5-3-365
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        PA-5-7-164
HANCOCK, JAMES                          PA-5-3-250
HANEY, HANNAH                           PA-5-4-193
HANEY, MARGARET                         PA-5-7-120
HANEY, PATRICK                          PA-5-4-312
HANEY, WILLIAM                          PA-5-6-142
HANKS, CHARLOTTE                        PA-5-8-361
HANKS, DUANNAH                          PA-5-4-21
HANKS, JASON                            PA-5-7-479
HANKS, LABEN                            PA-5-5-215
HANN, HENRY                             PA-5-7-32
HANNAKER, CATHARINE                     PA-5-3-470
HARBAUGH, AMOS                          PA-5-5-180
HARBAUGH, BARBARA                       PA-5-8-337
HARBAUGH, GEORGE                        PA-5-6-285
HARBAUGH, JAMES H.                      PA-5-5-371
HARBAUGH, NATHAN                        PA-5-5-144
HARBAUGH, WILLIAM                       PA-5-7-540
HARCLERODE, ELIZABETH                   PA-5-1-396
HARCLERODE, HENRY                       PA-5-4-503
HARCLERODE, JOHN                        PA-5-4-226
HARCLERODE, PHILIP                      PA-5-5-437
HARCLERODE, SIMON                       PA-5-5-558
HARDENRODE, CHRISTENA                   PA-5-8-51
HARDINGER, CATHARINE                    PA-5-4-219
HARDINGER, GEORGE                       PA-5-3-467
HARDINGER, HIRAM                        PA-5-7-557
HARDINGER, JOHN B.                      PA-5-5-61
HARDINGER, PHILIP                       PA-5-3-407
HARDMAN, DANIEL                         PA-5-2-32
HARDMAN, PHILIP                         PA-5-5-297
HARDMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-5-3-89
HARKELROAD, JONATHAN                    PA-5-4-384
HARKLERODE, SOPHIA                      PA-5-6-203
HARLOW, HANNAH                          PA-5-8-96
HARMAN, LAWRENCE                        PA-5-2-340
HARRIER, DANIEL                         PA-5-5-193
HARSHBERGER, DEWALT                     PA-5-5-294
HARSHBERGER, GEORGE                     PA-5-4-132
HARSHBERGER, JOHN                       PA-5-2-242
HARSHISER, LEWIS                        PA-5-3-147
HARSTERODE, JACOB C.                    PA-5-8-421
HART, MARGARET                          PA-5-7-547
HART, NATHANIEL                         PA-5-3-59
HART, WILLIAM                           PA-5-2-83
HARTLE, FREDERICK                       PA-5-1-307
HARTLE, GEORGE B.                       PA-5-5-572
HARTLEY, JOHN G.                        PA-5-7-492
HARTLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-5-3-114
HARTMAN, DAVID                          PA-5-5-245
HARVEY, JESSE                           PA-5-2-244
HARVEY, JOB                             PA-5-4-62
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         PA-5-2-222
HARWOOD, WILLIAM                        PA-5-4-452
HARWOOD, WILLIAM                        PA-5-7-407
HAUSE, MARY MAGDALENA                   PA-5-4-442
HAY, SIMON                              PA-5-3-82
HAY, VALENTINE                          PA-5-1-368
HAYDEN, THOMAS (REV.)                   PA-5-5-19
HAYMAN, FRANCIS                         PA-5-7-80
HEANY, PATRICK                          PA-5-1-474
HECKERMAN, HENRIETTA                    PA-5-7-19
HECKERMAN, HENRY                        PA-5-5-269
HECKMAN, JACOB                          PA-5-2-129
HEFFLEY, SAMUEL                         PA-5-3-423
HEFFNER, JOHN                           PA-5-5-41
HEFFNER, MARGARET                       PA-5-7-520
HEFFNER, REBECCA MARGARET               PA-5-7-252
HEFFNER, SAMUEL SR.                     PA-5-8-279
HELERICK, JOHN                          PA-5-4-124
HELFERTY, CORNELIUS                     PA-5-3-414
HELFERTY, JAMES                         PA-5-3-93
HELLAM, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-3-43
HELM, JOHN B.                           PA-5-8-347
HELRICK, BARBARA                        PA-5-5-161
HELSEL, SARAH                           PA-5-7-136
HELTZEL, JOHN                           PA-5-3-287
HELTZELL, CHARLES                       PA-5-8-83
HELTZELL, ELIZABETH                     PA-5-5-381
HEMMINGS, THOMAS                        PA-5-4-499
HEMPHILL, ADLEY                         PA-5-1-49
HEMPHILL, ROBERT                        PA-5-1-341
HENDRICKSON, ANDREW                     PA-5-1-28
HENDRICKSON, JONATHAN                   PA-5-2-184
HENGST, JACOB                           PA-5-3-76
HENGST, MARYANN                         PA-5-7-301
HENISH, JOHN                            PA-5-4-108
HENRY, ELIZABETH                        PA-5-3-146
HENRY, JACOB                            PA-5-1-470
HENRY, JAMES (DR.)                      PA-5-5-425
HENRY, WILLIAM                          PA-5-2-223
HERRING, SARAH A.                       PA-5-7-379
HERSH, MARY                             PA-5-2-240
HERSHBERGER, DANIEL                     PA-5-7-457
HERSHBERGER, ELIZABETH                  PA-5-4-95
HERSHBERGER, HENRY                      PA-5-5-352
HESHISER, LEWIS                         PA-5-6-322
HESS, ABRAHAM                           PA-5-2-50
HESS, DANIEL                            PA-5-5-25
HESS, GEORGE W.                         PA-5-8-144
HESS, JOHN                              PA-5-2-257
HESS, MAGDALENA                         PA-5-3-182
HESS, WILLIAM                           PA-5-1-501
HETRICK, HENRY                          PA-5-3-425
HETRICK, JACOB                          PA-5-4-237
HETZEL, HENRY                           PA-5-1-476
HEVNER, GEORGE                          PA-5-2-150
HEWETT, JOSEPH                          PA-5-3-119
HEWITT, JOHN                            PA-5-1-348
HEWITT, JOSEPH                          PA-5-1-286
HEWITT, JOSEPH                          PA-5-4-456
HEYDEN, THOMAS                          PA-5-3-194
HILL, H. HOWARD (DR.)                   PA-5-8-223
HILL, JOB                               PA-5-3-29
HILL, TOLBERT                           PA-5-4-562
HILLEGAS, JACOB B.                      PA-5-7-71
HILLEGAS, MARIA                         PA-5-2-333
HILLEGAS, PETER                         PA-5-2-248
HILLEGASS, GEORGE                       PA-5-8-197
HILLEGASS, JACOB                        PA-5-8-327
HILLEGASS, MICHAEL                      PA-5-8-152
HILLEGASS, PETER                        PA-5-5-39
HINER, ANDREW                           PA-5-6-53
HINISH, ADAM                            PA-5-5-490
HINISH, GEORGE                          PA-5-3-384
HINISH, HENRY                           PA-5-1-169
HINISH, HENRY                           PA-5-5-22
HINTON, JAMES                           PA-5-4-280
HINZERLING, TOBIAS                      PA-5-4-137
HIPPLE, JACOB                           PA-5-4-554
HIPPLE, JOHN                            PA-5-3-207
HITE, JOHN                              PA-5-5-565
HITE, MARGARET                          PA-5-7-43
HITE, SAMUEL                            PA-5-5-289
HIXON, ALICE E.                         PA-5-7-356
HIXSON, ISAIAH                          PA-5-1-399
HOCHARD, MARY EMMA                      PA-5-8-172
HOCKENBERRY, MARY A.                    PA-5-6-3
HODEL, NICHOLAS                         PA-5-4-326
HOENSTINE, ANNA                         PA-5-8-371
HOENSTINE, GEORGE                       PA-5-6-467
HOENSTINE, JACOB                        PA-5-3-346
HOENSTINE, JOHN                         PA-5-4-561
HOENSTINE, THADDOUS                     PA-5-7-511
HOFFMAN, CHRISTIAN L.                   PA-5-7-530
HOFINS, JOHN H.                         PA-5-4-42
HOGAN, MICHAEL                          PA-5-5-302
HOLDERBAUM, JOHN                        PA-5-3-380
HOLDERBAUM, MARGARET                    PA-5-3-174
HOLDERBAUM, MARTIN                      PA-5-1-263
HOLDERBAUM, MICHAEL                     PA-5-5-479
HOLLABOUGH, GEORGE W.                   PA-5-7-542
HOLLAND, THOMAS                         PA-5-2-92
HOLLAR, SOLOMON                         PA-5-4-169
HOLMES, CHARLES EDWARD                  PA-5-7-173
HOLSINGER, ELIZA                        PA-5-8-160
HOLSINGER, JOHN F.                      PA-5-4-104
HOOP, GEORGE SR.                        PA-5-2-337
HOOPER, JOHN                            PA-5-2-162
HOOVER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-5-3-224
HOOVER, DAVID                           PA-5-2-239
HOOVER, DAVID O.                        PA-5-8-158
HOOVER, EMANUEL                         PA-5-2-164
HOOVER, HENRY                           PA-5-6-171
HOOVER, JACOB                           PA-5-1-152
HOOVER, JOHNP.                          PA-5-7-193
HOOVER, MARTIN                          PA-5-4-153
HOOVER, PHILIP                          PA-5-8-71
HORN, DANIEL                            PA-5-6-220
HORN, ECHART                            PA-5-4-233
HORN, HENRY                             PA-5-3-322
HORN, HENRY                             PA-5-6-448
HORN, JOHN                              PA-5-3-48
HORTON, SAMUEL                          PA-5-3-91
HOUCK, MICHAEL                          PA-5-2-181
HOUP, ARNOLD                            PA-5-7-109
HOUP, SUSAN                             PA-5-6-297
HOUSEHOLDER, GEORGE                     PA-5-3-439
HOUSEHOLDER, MARGARET                   PA-5-7-416
HOUSEL, BENJAMIN                        PA-5-5-360
HOUSHOLDER, JULIAN                      PA-5-4-103
HOUSHOLDER, SIMON                       PA-5-3-263
HOWMAN, JOHN SR.                        PA-5-2-112
HOWSAN, JOHN                            PA-5-7-88
HOWSARE, DAVID                          PA-5-5-321
HOWSER, ANDREW J.                       PA-5-7-361
HOWSER, JACOB                           PA-5-4-84
HOWSER, JESSE M.                        PA-5-8-410
HOYER, JACOB                            PA-5-3-148
HOYMAN, CHARLES                         PA-5-4-353
HUBER, HENRY                            PA-5-2-94
HUFFMAN, JOSIAH                         PA-5-8-270
HUFFMAN, MARY                           PA-5-4-577
HUFFMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-5-6-280
HUGHES, ANN                             PA-5-6-244
HUGHES, ELIZA A.                        PA-5-7-177
HUGHES, THOMAS                          PA-5-6-243
HUGHES, WILLIAM T.                      PA-5-8-261
HULL, DAVID                             PA-5-6-262
HULL, GABRIEL                           PA-5-8-76
HULL, HANNA                             PA-5-4-197
HULL, JOHN W.                           PA-5-6-129
HULL, LEAH                              PA-5-7-397
HULL, MARY                              PA-5-4-128
HULL, PETER                             PA-5-8-333
HULL, SAMUEL                            PA-5-1-250
HUMBERT, FRIEDRICK                      PA-5-3-7
HUMBIRD, SARAH A.                       PA-5-7-74
HUNT, MARIAH                            PA-5-5-590
HUNT, NANCY                             PA-5-4-484
HUNT, SARAH                             PA-5-4-47
HUNT, THOMAS                            PA-5-3-446
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-5-1-300
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-2-191
HYDE, JONATHAN                          PA-5-7-543
HYSSUNG, MARY                           PA-5-4-478
IAMES, HENRY                            PA-5-7-522
ICKES, ADAM                             PA-5-5-17
ICKES, CONRAD                           PA-5-6-339
ICKES, ISAAC                            PA-5-7-315
ICKES, JOHN                             PA-5-2-290
ICKES, JOSEPH C.                        PA-5-6-48
IIAMS, AARON                            PA-5-4-598
IIAMS, WILLIAM                          PA-5-5-583
IMGRUND, JOHN                           PA-5-5-45
IMLER, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-7-421
IMLER, ADAM                             PA-5-8-417
IMLER, CONRAD                           PA-5-3-343
IMLER, DANIEL                           PA-5-7-7
IMLER, DAVIDR.                          PA-5-7-298
IMLER, ELIZABETH                        PA-5-7-220
IMLER, ELLEN                            PA-5-8-416
IMLER, GEORGE                           PA-5-1-463
IMLER, GEORGE W.                        PA-5-7-204
IMLER, ISAAC                            PA-5-5-505
IMLER, JACOB                            PA-5-3-66
IMLER, JACOB                            PA-5-8-392
IMLER, JOSEPH                           PA-5-7-446
IMLER, PETER                            PA-5-8-357
IMLER, SAMUEL                           PA-5-6-241
IMLER, SUSANNA                          PA-5-6-234
IMLER, THOMAS                           PA-5-4-582
INGART, WILLIAM                         PA-5-5-452
IRWIN, GERRET                           PA-5-1-367
ISOR, PHILIP                            PA-5-1-199
IVORY, MATHEW                           PA-5-3-92
JACKSON, M. J.                          PA-5-7-250
JAMES, ALEXANDER D.                     PA-5-7-180
JAMES, DAVID                            PA-5-4-89
JAMES, GEORGE                           PA-5-4-429
JAMES, JOHN                             PA-5-7-270
JAMES, WILLIAM                          PA-5-6-328
JAMISON, JAMES                          PA-5-2-266
JANES, DANIEL                           PA-5-7-266
JAY, MARGARET                           PA-5-4-441
JENKINS, ANN                            PA-5-8-271
JENKINS, EVAN P. (DR.)                  PA-5-8-50
JENNINGS, THOMAS                        PA-5-2-197
JERRY, JOSEPH                           PA-5-2-278
JEWEL, MOSES                            PA-5-5-350
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         PA-5-1-246
JOHNSOTN, JAMES                         PA-5-3-138
JOHNSTON, CHARLES                       PA-5-4-417
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-5-1-8
JONES, BENJAMIN                         PA-5-1-200
JONES, WILLIAM                          PA-5-1-455
JORDON, DAVID                           PA-5-2-74
JUSTICE, JESSE                          PA-5-1-357
KAGARISE, ANDREW Z.                     PA-5-7-167
KAGARISE, DANIEL                        PA-5-7-323
KAGARISE, JACOB B.                      PA-5-7-592
KAGARISE, MALINDA                       PA-5-7-466
KAGG, BOSTON                            PA-5-4-11
KAGG, PETER                             PA-5-2-343
KAGG, SEBASTIAN                         PA-5-5-283
KAINS, SIMON                            PA-5-7-169
KARNS, ABRAHAM L.                       PA-5-7-589
KARNS, ADAM                             PA-5-7-280
KARNS, ANNAE.                           PA-5-7-320
KARNS, DANIEL                           PA-5-6-66
KARNS, DAVID                            PA-5-6-445
KARNS, JOHNH.                           PA-5-6-486
KARNS, MARGARET A.                      PA-5-4-550
KARNS, OLIVER                           PA-5-6-56
KARNS, PETER                            PA-5-4-508
KARR, WILLIAM                           PA-5-1-92
KAUFFMAN, ISAAC T.                      PA-5-8-35
KAUFFMAN, JACOB                         PA-5-4-350
KEAGY, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-2-294
KEAGY, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-4-532
KEAGY, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-6-397
KEAGY, JOHN                             PA-5-6-561
KEAGY, JOSEPH                           PA-5-4-279
KEAGY, MICHAEL                          PA-5-7-470
KEAGY, PETER                            PA-5-8-1
KEARNEY, WILLIAM                        PA-5-2-289
KEEFFE, DAVID                           PA-5-1-506
KEEFFE, JOHN                            PA-5-4-85
KEEL, JACOB                             PA-5-4-102
KEGG, ELIZABETH                         PA-5-6-356
KEGG, EMANUEL                           PA-5-4-389
KEGG, JOSIAH                            PA-5-8-195
KEGG, SARAH C.                          PA-5-6-141
KEIFFE, MARGARET                        PA-5-6-393
KEIFFE, MARY                            PA-5-7-332
KELLER, NICHOLAS                        PA-5-4-190
KELLER, SUSANNA                         PA-5-8-212
KELLEY, BENJAMIN                        PA-5-4-427
KELLY, HENRY                            PA-5-7-393
KENDELL, JOHN                           PA-5-1-225
KENNARD, JOSEPH                         PA-5-7-264
KENNEDY, MARY A. R.                     PA-5-5-315
KENSINGER, HENRY                        PA-5-7-288
KENSINGER, ISAAC                        PA-5-5-172
KENTON, RACHEL                          PA-5-1-85
KERNEY, JAMES                           PA-5-3-104
KERNS, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-3-132
KERNS, M.R.                             PA-5-5-548
KERNS, MARK                             PA-5-5-263
KERR, EDWARD                            PA-5-4-329
KERR, EDWARD F.                         PA-5-8-354
KERR, WILLIAM J.                        PA-5-8-252
KERSHNER, MARY                          PA-5-2-332
KEYSER, JOHN                            PA-5-3-240
KEYSOR, CHRISTIAN                       PA-5-1-229
KIFER, JACOB                            PA-5-6-6
KIFER, SUSAN                            PA-5-7-512
KIFER, SUSAN                            PA-5-7-512
KING, ALEANDER                          PA-5-5-38
KING, ALEXANDER                         PA-5-5-147
KING, CAROLINE                          PA-5-8-126
KING, CHRISTIAN                         PA-5-6-247
KING, CHRISTINA                         PA-5-3-345
KING, JOHN                              PA-5-3-230
KING, JOHN                              PA-5-6-500
KING, JOHN                              PA-5-6-362
KING, JOHNC.                            PA-5-7-81
KING, LAVINIA M.                        PA-5-5-466
KING, MARYJ.                            PA-5-5-237
KINSEY, WILLIAM SCOTT                   PA-5-6-404
KINTON, JOHN                            PA-5-4-381
KINTZY, JACOB                           PA-5-4-55
KIPP, JOHN                              PA-5-5-191
KIRK, SAMUEL                            PA-5-3-279
KIRK, WILLIAM                           PA-5-7-34
KITTLE, JACOB                           PA-5-3-378
KLAHRE, CHARLES EDWARD                  PA-5-8-370
KLAHRE, MORITZ T.                       PA-5-7-41
KLAPPERT, HEINRICH                      PA-5-1-351
KLINE, ANNE                             PA-5-2-113
KLINE, HENRY                            PA-5-2-336
KLOTZ, DAVID                            PA-5-8-148
KLOTZ, MARTIN                           PA-5-7-379
KNABLE, GEORGE                          PA-5-2-131
KNAUF, PETER                            PA-5-3-31
KNEE, PHILIP                            PA-5-7-178
KNEPPER, FREDERICK                      PA-5-3-347
KNIGHT, MARY                            PA-5-8-41
KNIPPLE, FREDERICK L.                   PA-5-6-575
KNIPPLE, JACOBW.                        PA-5-8-119
KNISELY, CATHARINE                      PA-5-8-17
KNISELY, PHILIP                         PA-5-8-226
KNOUF, RICHARD                          PA-5-4-246
KOCH, AUGUST                            PA-5-3-176
KOCHENDERFER, MARY                      PA-5-5-588
KOCHENDORFER, CHRISTIAN                 PA-5-4-310
KOONS, ADAM                             PA-5-3-431
KOONS, GEORGE S.                        PA-5-6-98
KOONS, HENRY S.                         PA-5-6-344
KOONS, JACOB                            PA-5-6-403
KOONS, LEWIS                            PA-5-5-8
KOONS, MARYANN                          PA-5-7-143
KOONS, NICHOLAS                         PA-5-5-78
KOONS, NICHOLAS N.                      PA-5-7-401
KOONTZ, ADAM                            PA-5-4-498
KOONTZ, ANDREW                          PA-5-7-227
KOONTZ, CHARLES                         PA-5-5-7
KOONTZ, CHRISTINA                       PA-5-5-401
KOONTZ, DAVID                           PA-5-5-252
KOONTZ, EVE                             PA-5-4-82
KOONTZ, EVEANN                          PA-5-6-364
KOONTZ, JULIAN                          PA-5-7-585
KOONTZ, ZACARIAH                        PA-5-7-349
KRELL, FREDERICK                        PA-5-6-326
KRING, DANIEL                           PA-5-7-231
KUNKLE, JOHN                            PA-5-3-249
KYHAWK, ANDREW                          PA-5-7-515
KYHAWK, FREDERICK                       PA-5-3-466
LADEN, HARVEY S.                        PA-5-6-470
LAKE, J. C.                             PA-5-8-150
LAKE, JOHN                              PA-5-2-137
LAMBORN, ELIZABETH                      PA-5-6-581
LAMBOURN, LEVI                          PA-5-3-325
LAMBURN, WILLIAM                        PA-5-7-93
LAMISON, MICHAEL                        PA-5-4-297
LANE,JOHN                               PA-5-3-246
LANE,WILLIAM                            PA-5-3-128
LANG,MARTHA                             PA-5-7-477
LAPE, ANANIAS                           PA-5-8-49
LASHLEY, ARNOLD                         PA-5-5-220
LATSHAW, GEORGE                         PA-5-8-228
LAVERING, HENRY                         PA-5-1-291
LAW, ABRAHAM                            PA-5-3-77
LAYMASTER, ANDREW                       PA-5-5-162
LAYMEISTNER, ANTON                      PA-5-5-162
LAYNEY, JOHN                            PA-5-2-295
LAYTEN, HUGH                            PA-5-6-548
LAYTON, JAMES                           PA-5-4-546
LAYTON, JOHN                            PA-5-6-217
LAYTON, STEPHEN                         PA-5-2-80
LEACH, NICHOLAS                         PA-5-2-279
LEARY, WILLIAM                          PA-5-6-580
LEASURE, ANNIE                          PA-5-8-112
LEASURE, JOHN                           PA-5-4-558
LEASURE, ROSANNA                        PA-5-7-14
LEASURE, SARAH                          PA-5-6-204
LEASURE, THOMAS                         PA-5-6-121
LEAZEAR, THOMAS                         PA-5-1-161
LEAZER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-2-304
LECRONE, WILLIAM K.                     PA-5-8-53
LEE, HARRY B.                           PA-5-8-19
LEE, JAMES                              PA-5-7-83
LEE, MARYELON                           PA-5-5-311
LEEDY, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-3-56
LEHMAN, MICHAEL                         PA-5-3-62
LEIDY, SOPHIA                           PA-5-8-129
LENTZ, HIRAM                            PA-5-7-352
LEONAD, BARBARA                         PA-5-5-550
LEONARD, MARY                           PA-5-6-166
LESHER, ABRAHAM                         PA-5-3-150
LESHER, ABRAHAM                         PA-5-3-157
LESHER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-3-356
LESSIG, JOHNL.                          PA-5-7-523
LEVINGSTON, GEORGE                      PA-5-3-53
LEVINGSTON, SAMUEL                      PA-5-3-238
LEWIS, JOEL                             PA-5-4-171
LEWIS, PERMILIA                         PA-5-4-432
LEYMAN, ANNA                            PA-5-3-28
LIDDELL, JAMES                          PA-5-1-23
LINDSAY, A.                             PA-5-3-52
LINE, MARGARET                          PA-5-7-375
LING, ALEXANDER                         PA-5-5-276
LING, DAVID                             PA-5-8-362
LING, ISAAC                             PA-5-7-545
LING, JOSEPH                            PA-5-5-227
LING, MARY A.                           PA-5-8-332
LINGENFELTER, GEORGE                    PA-5-2-309
LINGENFELTER, JACOB                     PA-5-6-400
LINGENFELTER, REBECCA                   PA-5-8-171
LINK, DOMINICK                          PA-5-7-548
LINN, ADIS                              PA-5-1-302
LINN, HUGH                              PA-5-5-501
LINN, LEVI                              PA-5-2-214
LIPPERT, JOHN                           PA-5-5-243
LIPPLE, ISAAC                           PA-5-5-79
LITTLE, WILLIAM                         PA-5-6-352
LIVINGSTON, ADAM                        PA-5-2-17
LOCKWOOD, ARTHUR W.                     PA-5-7-542
LOGAN, GASON                            PA-5-3-462
LOGAN, THOMAS                           PA-5-3-416
LOGUE, MARY                             PA-5-7-553
LONG, ABRAHAM                           PA-5-8-345
LONG, BARNABAS                          PA-5-5-424
LONG, DAVID                             PA-5-4-39
LONG, DAVID S.                          PA-5-5-369
LONG, GEORGE                            PA-5-5-173
LONG, JACOB                             PA-5-5-554
LONG, JOSEPH                            PA-5-7-194
LONGENECKER, JACOB                      PA-5-5-46
LONGENECKER, SAMUEL                     PA-5-5-513
LOVE, POLLY                             PA-5-6-527
LOWER, HENRY                            PA-5-3-326
LOWER, JOHN                             PA-5-2-308
LOWERY, WILLIAM                         PA-5-6-46
LOY, CHRISTINA                          PA-5-3-175
LUCAS, JOHN D.                          PA-5-6-546
LUCAS, JOSHUA T.                        PA-5-8-134
LUMAN, JOHN                             PA-5-6-273
LUTZ, MICHAEL                           PA-5-5-569
LUTZ, MICHAEL                           PA-5-5-593
LUTZ, ROSA                              PA-5-6-24
LYAN, ROBERT                            PA-5-5-24
LYBARGER, DANIEL                        PA-5-3-256
LYBARGER, HENRY                         PA-5-2-30
LYBARGER, JANE                          PA-5-4-395
LYBARGER, LUDWICK                       PA-5-2-241
LYBARGER, NICHOLAS                      PA-5-1-253
LYBARGER, ROSANNA                       PA-5-5-11
LYNCH, ANTHONY                          PA-5-3-71
LYNCH, THOMAS M.                        PA-5-7-52
LYNN, ABRAHAM                           PA-5-6-515
LYNN, MARY                              PA-5-8-18
LYON, CATHARINE                         PA-5-6-444
LYON, JOHN V.                           PA-5-1-394
LYON, WILLIAM                           PA-5-5-216
LYSINGER, DEWALT                        PA-5-3-5
LYSINGER, JOHN                          PA-5-3-178
LYTLE, HENRY                            PA-5-1-521

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