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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1771-1819 | 2=1819-1831 | 3=1831-1849 | 4=1849-1864 | 5=1860-1882 | 6=1882-1890 | 7=1890-1899 | 8=1899-1906 |
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MACDANIEL, JOSEPH                       PA-5-1-190
MADARA, JANE                            PA-5-7-437
MADON, JOHN W.                          PA-5-8-405
MAIKEN, WILLIAM                         PA-5-4-213
MAIRS, WALTER                           PA-5-1-13
MALONE, CHARLES                         PA-5-3-44
MANGES, DAVID                           PA-5-6-462
MANGES, JACOBP.                         PA-5-7-432
MANGES, PETER                           PA-5-4-418
MANGES, PETER                           PA-5-4-415
MANN, ANDREW                            PA-5-1-508
MANN, DAVID                             PA-5-2-101
MANN, DAVID                             PA-5-4-463
MANN, HANNAH                            PA-5-3-465
MANN, JOB                               PA-5-5-153
MANN, JOHN                              PA-5-3-393
MANN, PETER                             PA-5-3-220
MANN, RUTH E.                           PA-5-5-418
MANN, WILLIAM FINLEY                    PA-5-6-190
MANNING, GEORGIA EDITH                  PA-5-7-256
MANSFIELD, LOUISA                       PA-5-8-381
MANSPEAKER, DAVID                       PA-5-4-460
MANSPEAKER, JOHN                        PA-5-8-383
MANSPEAKER, REASON                      PA-5-5-468
MARBOURG, ANNAM.                        PA-5-6-252
MARBOURG, MARGARETTA J.                 PA-5-7-573
MARBOURGH, FRANK M.                     PA-5-7-219
MARDORFF, GEORGE                        PA-5-8-86
MARTIN, ALEXANDER                       PA-5-3-389
MARTIN, ANN                             PA-5-3-405
MARTIN, ARCHABLE                        PA-5-3-231
MARTIN, BENJAMIN                        PA-5-3-241
MARTIN, COLLIN                          PA-5-2-19
MARTIN, ISAAC                           PA-5-2-90
MARTIN, JACOB                           PA-5-4-404
MARTIN, JOHANNES                        PA-5-2-154
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-5-1-378
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-5-4-500
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         PA-5-8-125
MARTON, JOHN                            PA-5-3-13
MASON, WILLIAM                          PA-5-8-290
MASTERS, MARY A.                        PA-5-6-25
MATHASIC, JOHN NICHOLAS                 PA-5-5-491
MATTHIAS, PHILIP                        PA-5-3-70
MATTHIAS, PHILIP                        PA-5-3-112
MAUNDORFF, WILLIAM                      PA-5-2-285
MAY, ABRAHAM M.                         PA-5-8-301
MAY, DANIEL                             PA-5-2-39
MAY, ELLEN                              PA-5-5-111
MAY, GEORGE                             PA-5-4-299
MAY, JACOB                              PA-5-5-37
MAY, JACOB L.                           PA-5-4-472
MAY, JOHN                               PA-5-2-206
MAY, JOHN                               PA-5-5-309
MAY, LEONARD                            PA-5-6-451
MAY, URIAH F.                           PA-5-6-182
MAYER, J. A.                            PA-5-8-30
MCCALLA, MARTHA A.                      PA-5-5-500
MCCANDLESS, CATHARINE                   PA-5-7-451
MCCAUSLIN, RACHEL                       PA-5-5-382
MCCLANE, AZARIAH                        PA-5-1-202
MCCLEERY, ANDREW                        PA-5-3-443
MCCLEERY, JAMES                         PA-5-5-48
MCCLELLAN, ABRAHAM                      PA-5-5-580
MCCLELLAN, THOMAS                       PA-5-3-286
MCCLELLAND, JAMES                       PA-5-3-286
MCCLINTOCK, JOHN A.                     PA-5-5-536
MCCLURE, NARCISSA                       PA-5-7-228
MCCOY, ALEXANDER                        PA-5-3-245
MCCOY, THOMAS                           PA-5-7-497
MCCREARY, AMOS                          PA-5-4-547
MCCREARY, REBECCA                       PA-5-4-255
MCCREARY, ROBERT                        PA-5-4-112
MCCREARY, STEPHEN                       PA-5-7-188
MCCREARY, THOMAS W.                     PA-5-8-116
MCCUE, SUSANA.                          PA-5-7-550
MCCULLOH, JOHN K. (DR.)                 PA-5-6-58
MCDANIEL, HENRY                         PA-5-5-159
MCDANIEL, JOHN                          PA-5-5-124
MCDANIEL, JOSEPH                        PA-5-5-15
MCDANIEL, RACHAEL                       PA-5-6-111
MCDANIEL, SUSAN                         PA-5-6-359
MCDANIELAMOS                            PA-5-3-133
MCDONALD, HENRY                         PA-5-6-502
MCELFISH, ELZA                          PA-5-7-596
MCELFISH, MARYANN                       PA-5-8-415
MCFADDEN, ALEXANDER                     PA-5-3-260
MCFADDEN, HUGH                          PA-5-1-478
MCFADDEN, T. W. B.                      PA-5-4-206
MCFARLAND, ANDREW                       PA-5-2-320
MCFARRAN, WILLIAM                       PA-5-5-65
MCFERNAN, JOHN                          PA-5-7-389
MCGAW, HUGH L.                          PA-5-3-218
MCGEE, JOHN                             PA-5-5-84
MCGEE, PHILIP                           PA-5-7-378
MCGEE, SARAH                            PA-5-3-353
MCGIRR, FRANCIS                         PA-5-6-298
MCGIRR, N. L.                           PA-5-7-212
MCGORR, MICHAEL                         PA-5-5-94
MCGRIGOR, ALEXANDER                     PA-5-2-275
MCGUIRE, DORCAS                         PA-5-3-350
MCINTYRE, JOHN SR.                      PA-5-6-574
MCKIERNAN, JOHN                         PA-5-5-380
MCKINLEY, ALCINDA                       PA-5-8-169
MCKINLEY, JOHN                          PA-5-2-10
MCMILLEN, DORCAS                        PA-5-7-196
MCMILLEN, ROBERT                        PA-5-5-89
MCMURRAN, MARTHA                        PA-5-3-259
MCNEAL, HECTOR                          PA-5-1-95
MCRAY, THOMAS                           PA-5-4-248
MCREARY, REBECCA                        PA-5-6-79
MCVICKER, ALEXANDER                     PA-5-3-19
MCVICKER, GEORGE                        PA-5-5-104
MCVICKER, JOHN                          PA-5-4-489
MEANS, ROBERT                           PA-5-1-142
MEARKEL, LOUISIANA                      PA-5-7-438
MEARKLE, BARTLEY                        PA-5-7-67
MEARKLE, DAVID                          PA-5-7-327
MEARKLE, GEORGE                         PA-5-7-431
MECHTLEY, JOHNJACOB                     PA-5-4-559
MEGRAIL, JAMES                          PA-5-4-22
MELLOTT, ADAM                           PA-5-7-237
MELLOTT, JOHN                           PA-5-3-67
MELLOTT, JOHN W.                        PA-5-7-488
MELLOTT, NATHAN                         PA-5-7-226
MELLOTT, URIAH                          PA-5-8-221
MENCH, GODFREY                          PA-5-7-294
MENCH, JOHN                             PA-5-8-165
MENGEL, ISAAC                           PA-5-4-538
MENTCLE, FREDERICK                      PA-5-5-12
MERRIKLE, LOVES                         PA-5-4-316
MERVINE, CHARLES                        PA-5-5-368
MERWINE, MARY                           PA-5-5-324
MESSERSMITH, ALEXANDER                  PA-5-7-235
MESSERSMITH, HENRY                      PA-5-5-378
MESSERSMITH, JOSEPH                     PA-5-5-415
MESSERSMITH, SUSAN                      PA-5-7-583
METSGER, JOHN                           PA-5-1-241
METZ, ELIZABETH                         PA-5-4-69
METZ, GEORGE R.                         PA-5-8-120
METZGER, ANNJANE                        PA-5-4-20
METZLER, NIKLES                         PA-5-1-496
MICKEL, MARY                            PA-5-8-217
MICKELS, JAMES                          PA-5-4-611
MICKLE, ANNIE B.                        PA-5-7-561
MICKLE, S. F.                           PA-5-8-348
MIDDLETON, ANDREW J.                    PA-5-5-375
MIDDLETON, ELIZA                        PA-5-5-517
MIDDLETON, MARY E.                      PA-5-6-564
MILBURN, MARYANN                        PA-5-7-463
MILBURN, WILLIAM                        PA-5-4-568
MILER, DANIEL J.                        PA-5-5-2
MILLER, A.                              PA-5-6-237
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         PA-5-5-88
MILLER, ABRAHAM M.                      PA-5-7-526
MILLER, ADAM                            PA-5-8-9
MILLER, AMANDA                          PA-5-8-309
MILLER, ANDREW                          PA-5-6-496
MILLER, ANNIE E.                        PA-5-7-395
MILLER, ARCHIBALD                       PA-5-5-261
MILLER, BARBARA                         PA-5-5-83
MILLER, CARRIE M.                       PA-5-7-579
MILLER, CHRISTINA                       PA-5-7-123
MILLER, DANIEL G.                       PA-5-7-179
MILLER, DAVID                           PA-5-5-56
MILLER, DAVID                           PA-5-6-301
MILLER, DAVID T.                        PA-5-5-509
MILLER, ELI                             PA-5-6-100
MILLER, ELIAS                           PA-5-3-429
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-2-187
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-8-193
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-8-133
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-8-190
MILLER, ELIZABETH G.                    PA-5-4-393
MILLER, ELIZABETH S.                    PA-5-5-127
MILLER, GEORGE                          PA-5-3-30
MILLER, HANNAH                          PA-5-4-253
MILLER, HANNAH                          PA-5-4-528
MILLER, HENRYJR.                        PA-5-4-425
MILLER, HEZEKIAH                        PA-5-5-298
MILLER, HEZEKIAH M.                     PA-5-8-90
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-5-1-287
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-5-6-554
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-5-6-556
MILLER, JACOB S.                        PA-5-8-275
MILLER, JACOB W.                        PA-5-5-95
MILLER, JACOB W.                        PA-5-8-13
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-5-3-149
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-5-1-437
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-5-3-310
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-5-4-516
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-5-4-587
MILLER, JOHN E.                         PA-5-5-278
MILLER, JOHN H.                         PA-5-8-3
MILLER, JOHN J.                         PA-5-4-519
MILLER, JOHN J.                         PA-5-6-390
MILLER, JOHN S.                         PA-5-6-288
MILLER, JOHN W.                         PA-5-5-359
MILLER, JOSEPH                          PA-5-7-357
MILLER, JOSEPH R.                       PA-5-7-114
MILLER, JOSIAH                          PA-5-5-507
MILLER, JULIA A.                        PA-5-7-388
MILLER, LEWIS                           PA-5-2-259
MILLER, LEWIS                           PA-5-6-412
MILLER, LIZZIE                          PA-5-8-139
MILLER, MARY                            PA-5-5-185
MILLER, MARY                            PA-5-7-415
MILLER, MERED J.                        PA-5-5-366
MILLER, MISSILDA                        PA-5-6-293
MILLER, MISSOURI                        PA-5-7-147
MILLER, NANCY                           PA-5-4-147
MILLER, PETERBEE                        PA-5-4-553
MILLER, PHILIP                          PA-5-1-187
MILLER, RACHEL                          PA-5-7-51
MILLER, ROBERT W.                       PA-5-5-238
MILLER, S.S.                            PA-5-6-343
MILLER, THOMAS E.                       PA-5-8-404
MILLER, THOMAS W.                       PA-5-5-66
MILLER, VALENTINE                       PA-5-3-247
MILLER, VALENTINE H.                    PA-5-8-16
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-4-78
MILLETT, JACOB SR.                      PA-5-3-289
MILLIN, LAVINA                          PA-5-8-178
MILLS, BENJAMIN                         PA-5-4-357
MILLS, DAVID                            PA-5-6-563
MILLS, ELIZABETH                        PA-5-8-154
MILLS, FREDERICK                        PA-5-6-424
MILLS, GEORGE                           PA-5-4-141
MILLS, JACKSON                          PA-5-8-166
MILLS, JACOB                            PA-5-5-465
MILLS, JOHN                             PA-5-4-143
MILLS, JOSEPH                           PA-5-3-35
MINCH, FREDERICK                        PA-5-7-243
MINNICH, JOHN C.                        PA-5-7-171
MITCHELL, ANN M.                        PA-5-8-235
MITCHELL, LILLY                         PA-5-8-108
MMCCLEISH, DANIEL                       PA-5-1-373
MOBUS, WILLIAM                          PA-5-5-335
MOCK, ALEXANDER                         PA-5-1-305
MOCK, CATHERINE                         PA-5-2-148
MOCK, CHRISTIAN                         PA-5-4-152
MOCK, EMMA                              PA-5-7-216
MOCK, GEORGE                            PA-5-1-282
MOCK, HENRY                             PA-5-7-412
MOCK, JACOB                             PA-5-6-276
MOCK, JOHN                              PA-5-3-280
MOCK, MICHAEL                           PA-5-5-573
MOCK, PAUL                              PA-5-3-153
MOCK, PAUL                              PA-5-3-199
MOCK, PETER                             PA-5-1-481
MOCK, SAMUEL                            PA-5-7-116
MOCK, WILLIAM A.                        PA-5-4-434
MOODE, THOMAS                           PA-5-1-404
MOORE, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-1-533
MOORE, HUGH                             PA-5-7-140
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-5-4-227
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-5-7-65
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-5-2-236
MOORE, JOHN ESQ.                        PA-5-2-99
MOORE, MARGARET                         PA-5-7-458
MOORE, MARY                             PA-5-7-368
MOORE, MARY E.                          PA-5-8-398
MOORE, WILLIAM A.                       PA-5-6-314
MOOREHEAD, MATHEW                       PA-5-6-439
MOORHEAD, ADALINE W.                    PA-5-5-333
MORGART, ANDREW JACKSON                 PA-5-5-18
MORGART, BOLSER                         PA-5-4-120
MORGART, MARY                           PA-5-5-170
MORGART, PETER                          PA-5-4-364
MORGART, PHILIP                         PA-5-3-348
MORGART, REBECCA                        PA-5-7-518
MORGART, WILLIAM PERRY                  PA-5-8-131
MORGERT, PETER                          PA-5-3-373
MORGRET, GEORGE                         PA-5-3-395
MORRIS, ELLA                            PA-5-7-358
MORRIS, ISAIAH                          PA-5-7-594
MORRIS, ISRAEL M.                       PA-5-8-52
MORRIS, JANE SR.                        PA-5-3-255
MORRIS, JOHN S.                         PA-5-7-337
MORRIS, JOSEPH                          PA-5-3-409
MORRIS, MARY                            PA-5-4-534
MORRIS, THOMAS                          PA-5-4-130
MORRISON, MARY                          PA-5-1-413
MORS, PHILIP                            PA-5-4-481
MORSE, RACHEL                           PA-5-7-275
MORSE, SUSAN                            PA-5-5-519
MORTERMORE, DAVID                       PA-5-5-70
MORTIMORE, ANDREW                       PA-5-6-458
MORTIMORE, JAMES                        PA-5-7-595
MORTIMORE, JOSEPH                       PA-5-4-614
MORTIMORE, JOSEPH                       PA-5-6-31
MORTIMORE, JOSEPH                       PA-5-6-576
MORTON, JOHN                            PA-5-1-33
MORTON, THOMAS                          PA-5-3-342
MORTON, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-5-1-303
MOSER, MARY                             PA-5-6-138
MOSES, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-8-231
MOSES, CATHARINE                        PA-5-4-35
MOSES, JACOB                            PA-5-2-95
MOSES, JACOB                            PA-5-5-475
MOSES, PETER                            PA-5-4-332
MOSES, SAMUEL                           PA-5-3-252
MOSSER, DAVID                           PA-5-5-217
MOURY, ELIZA V.                         PA-5-6-83
MOWER, JOHN                             PA-5-6-80
MOWERY, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-8-382
MOWERY, MARTIN                          PA-5-8-176
MOWIN, LODWICK                          PA-5-1-198
MOWRA, ANDREW                           PA-5-1-342
MOWRY, HENRY                            PA-5-7-461
MOWRY, PETER                            PA-5-7-486
MOYER, DANIEL                           PA-5-3-156
MOYER, HANNAH                           PA-5-3-23
MOYER, NICHOLAS                         PA-5-2-316
MULLIN, DAVID W.                        PA-5-8-88
MULLIN, GEORGE                          PA-5-4-521
MULLIN, GEORGE SHANNON SR.              PA-5-7-98
MULLIN, MARGARET                        PA-5-7-251
MUSSELMAN, JOHN                         PA-5-3-122
MUSSELMAN, JOHN                         PA-5-2-62
MYER, GEORGE                            PA-5-1-331
MYERS, JACOB                            PA-5-3-25
NAGEL, FREDERICK                        PA-5-1-14
NAUGEL, AMANDA                          PA-5-8-123
NAUGEL, ANNAMARIA                       PA-5-8-111
NAVE, CHRISTIAN                         PA-5-2-274
NAWGEL, FREDERICK                       PA-5-5-460
NAWGLE, ANTHONY                         PA-5-1-541
NAWGLE, SARAH                           PA-5-3-17
NAWYER, MICHAEL                         PA-5-6-567
NEEDERER, JACOB                         PA-5-1-493
NEKEM, JOHN                             PA-5-1-377
NESBIT, ALEXANDER                       PA-5-1-21
NEWCOMER, ABRAHAM                       PA-5-5-33
NEWCOMER, JOHN                          PA-5-2-98
NEWMAN, GEORGE                          PA-5-3-156
NEWMAN, PHILIP                          PA-5-3-94
NICHORN, WILLIAM                        PA-5-3-81
NICKLIN, MARY N.                        PA-5-5-144
NICODEMUS, CONRAD                       PA-5-3-55
NICODEMUS, JACOB JR.                    PA-5-4-79
NICODEMUS, JOHN                         PA-5-5-485
NICODEMUS, REBECCA                      PA-5-4-447
NICODEMUS, SAMUEL                       PA-5-6-421
NICUM, MARY ANN                         PA-5-5-486
NIXSON, MARY                            PA-5-2-235
NOBLE, JOHN H.                          PA-5-5-222
NOBLE, JOSEPH B.                        PA-5-5-247
NORTHCRAFT, EDWARD                      PA-5-7-449
NORTHCRAFT, HEZEKIAH                    PA-5-8-170
NORTHCROFT, ANNA                        PA-5-5-553
NORTHCROFT, EDWARD                      PA-5-4-339
NORTHCROFT, MICHAEL                     PA-5-6-521
NORTON, JAMES L.                        PA-5-7-191
NOTWONG, FREDERICK                      PA-5-3-26
NUNAMAKER, JOHN                         PA-5-8-179
NUNEMAKER, JOHN                         PA-5-5-389
NYCERM, JONATHAN                        PA-5-4-109
NYCUM, GEORGE                           PA-5-5-246
NYCUM, JOHN                             PA-5-5-379
NYCUM, LEONARD                          PA-5-4-150
NYCUM, SIMON                            PA-5-8-55
OBER, ANNA                              PA-5-7-541
OBER, HENRY                             PA-5-3-170
OBERG, CARLAUGUST                       PA-5-7-469
OBERHULSER, JACOB                       PA-5-1-47
OBRIEN, MATTHEW                         PA-5-4-594
OCK, GOERGE                             PA-5-4-211
OCONNOR, BERNARD                        PA-5-3-140
OGLESBY, HANNAH                         PA-5-4-68
OILER, LAWRENCE                         PA-5-3-251
OLDHAM, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-4-476
OLDHAM, JEHU                            PA-5-8-60
OLDHAM, THOMAS                          PA-5-1-328
OLIVER, SAVILLA                         PA-5-7-9
OLIVER, SUSAN (WERTZ)                   PA-5-8-222
OLIVER, THOMAS                          PA-5-7-63
ONEAL, CHRISTIANNA                      PA-5-6-384
ONEAL, EVE                              PA-5-5-595
ONEAL, HEZEKIAH                         PA-5-6-372
ONEAL, JAMES                            PA-5-4-605
ONEAL, PRISCILLA                        PA-5-4-607
ONEAL, SARAH                            PA-5-5-51
OSTER, FREDERICK                        PA-5-5-26
OSTER, J. F. J.                         PA-5-7-439
OSTER, WILLIAM                          PA-5-7-364
OSWALD, JACOB                           PA-5-2-6
OSWALT, TOBIAS                          PA-5-2-245
OTT, ANN                                PA-5-6-379
OTT, MICHAEL                            PA-5-3-192
OTT, SAMUEL                             PA-5-4-566
OTT, SAMUEL                             PA-5-4-563
OTT, WENDLE                             PA-5-3-145
OTT, WILLIAM                            PA-5-5-303
OTTO, CONRAD H.                         PA-5-5-530
OTTO, HERBERT                           PA-5-3-308
OTTO, REBECCA                           PA-5-8-168
OTTO, WILLIAM                           PA-5-1-513
OVER, CATHARINE                         PA-5-5-129
OVER, CYRUS S.                          PA-5-8-305
PALMER, SARAH A.                        PA-5-7-597
PARE, SARAH                             PA-5-4-529
PARK, JOHN                              PA-5-2-76
PATTERSON, MARGARET                     PA-5-1-91
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-5-2-324
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-5-3-366
PAXTON, SAMUEL                          PA-5-1-289
PEBBLE, JOHN                            PA-5-1-472
PECK, JACOB B.                          PA-5-7-86
PECK, PETER                             PA-5-3-391
PEE, JACOB                              PA-5-8-189
PEEBLES, MATTHEW M.                     PA-5-4-349
PENCYL, DANIEL                          PA-5-6-544
PENNEL, JACOB                           PA-5-5-398
PENNEL, JOHN B.                         PA-5-6-577
PENNEL, THOMAS                          PA-5-3-60
PENNELL, EBEN                           PA-5-8-320
PENNELL, JAMES                          PA-5-5-194
PENNELL, MARY A.                        PA-5-8-318
PENNELL, MICHAEL                        PA-5-6-235
PENNELL, URILLA L.                      PA-5-7-570
PENNER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-5-7-121
PENROD, HANNAH                          PA-5-5-75
PENROSE, AMOS                           PA-5-4-33
PENROSE, JOSIAH                         PA-5-6-13
PENSYL, LUCY A.                         PA-5-6-259
PEOPLES, JAMES                          PA-5-2-149
PEOPLES, JOHN                           PA-5-3-11
PEOPLES, POLLY                          PA-5-3-90
PEPPLE, JOSEPH                          PA-5-8-372
PERDEW, ELIJAH                          PA-5-3-129
PERDEW, JOHN                            PA-5-3-219
PERDEW, LABAN                           PA-5-3-61
PERDEW, WESLEY                          PA-5-6-28
PERDEW, WILLIAM                         PA-5-3-162
PERICE, ELI                             PA-5-5-2
PETRE, GEORGE                           PA-5-1-424
PETTIGREW, WILLIAM SR.                  PA-5-8-130
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       PA-5-7-503
PIERCE, SARAH                           PA-5-4-482
PIERSON, JOSHUA                         PA-5-3-169
PIPER, CATHARINE                        PA-5-3-288
PIPER, JAMES                            PA-5-4-545
PIPER, JOHN                             PA-5-1-467
PIPER, JOHN                             PA-5-3-379
PIPER, JOHN                             PA-5-4-409
PIPER, LEWIS M.                         PA-5-8-399
PIPER, LUTHER R.                        PA-5-4-373
PIPER, LYDIA A.                         PA-5-7-413
PITTMAN, DANIEL                         PA-5-4-608
PITTMAN, JONAS                          PA-5-5-106
PITTMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-5-6-311
PLAYSING, CONRAD                        PA-5-1-196
PLOWDEN, MILLY                          PA-5-8-308
POINTS, DAVID                           PA-5-4-581
PORTER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-3-272
POTTER, JOHN                            PA-5-3-153
POTTER, SUSAN                           PA-5-4-289
POTTER, SUSAN                           PA-5-8-395
POTTS, DAVID                            PA-5-1-234
POTTS, JONATHAN                         PA-5-2-4
POWEL, JOSEPH                           PA-5-1-212
POWELL, CATHARINE                       PA-5-5-21
PRESSLE, DAVID                          PA-5-2-319
PRESTON, WILLIAM                        PA-5-5-211
PRICE, ALEXANDER C.                     PA-5-5-459
PRICE, ELIZABETH                        PA-5-6-154
PRICE, JAMES                            PA-5-6-254
PRICE, MARY                             PA-5-8-260
PRICE, SUSANNA                          PA-5-5-409
PRICE, THOMAS                           PA-5-5-43
PUDERBAUGH, DAVID                       PA-5-3-368
PURCELL, JAMES M.                       PA-5-6-512
PUTT, J. WILLIAM                        PA-5-5-514
PUTT, JOSEPH                            PA-5-8-425
QELLIG, CHARLES S.                      PA-5-7-324
RAMSEY, OLIVER C.                       PA-5-8-26
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          PA-5-2-40
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          PA-5-3-297
RANDEBUSH, MICHAEL                      PA-5-3-73
RANKER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-7-560
RANKIN, JAMES                           PA-5-1-310
RANKIN, JOHN                            PA-5-2-312
RATH, JOHN                              PA-5-5-353
RAY, THOMAS                             PA-5-2-45
REA, CHARLES RAMSEY                     PA-5-5-72
REA, JOHN                               PA-5-3-369
REA, WILLIAM H.                         PA-5-4-396
REAMER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-5-3-83
RECK, JACOB                             PA-5-3-137
REDICK, JOSEPH                          PA-5-4-83
REED, HENRY SR.                         PA-5-5-209
REED, JOHN DOUGLASS                     PA-5-7-465
REED, WILLIAM W.                        PA-5-4-66
REICHARD, MARY ANN                      PA-5-5-96
REIGHARD, CAROLINE                      PA-5-8-215
REIGHARD, JACOB                         PA-5-5-557
REIGHARD, JONATHAN                      PA-5-7-455
REIGHARD, MARGARET                      PA-5-7-510
REIGHARD, SARAH                         PA-5-6-164
REIGHARD, SOLOMON                       PA-5-6-484
REIGHARD, SOLOMON S.                    PA-5-7-316
REIGHART, BARBARA                       PA-5-5-527
REIGHART, GEORGE                        PA-5-4-139
REILEY, CHARLES SR.                     PA-5-8-2
REILEY, MARTIN                          PA-5-2-313
REIMAND, JOHN                           PA-5-3-293
REIMOND, GEORGE                         PA-5-6-386
REIMOND, HENRY                          PA-5-5-312
REININGER, ELIZABETH                    PA-5-5-545
REININGER, JACOB                        PA-5-4-207
REININGER, PETER                        PA-5-7-402
REININGER, WILLIAM SR.                  PA-5-8-350
REMINGER, FREDERICK                     PA-5-8-44
REPLOGLE, DANIEL                        PA-5-5-44
REPLOGLE, GEORGE B. SR.                 PA-5-7-489
REPLOGLE, ISAAC                         PA-5-8-194
REPLOGLE, JOHN B.                       PA-5-8-54
REPLOGLE, LEAH                          PA-5-7-278
REPLOGLE, RINEHART                      PA-5-4-231
RESSLER, ABRAHAM                        PA-5-4-162
RESSLER, HARVEY M.                      PA-5-7-289
RESSLER, WILLIAM                        PA-5-5-585
REYMUND, ELIZABETH                      PA-5-5-567
REYNOLDS, FRANCIS SR.                   PA-5-1-30
RHEA, JOHN                              PA-5-7-10
RHEA, PHEBE ELLEN                       PA-5-5-535
RHODES, THOMAS M.                       PA-5-7-454
RICE, ANDREW                            PA-5-4-165
RICE, BENJAMIN                          PA-5-3-271
RICE, CAROLINE                          PA-5-7-580
RICE, DAVID                             PA-5-5-440
RICE, FREDERICK                         PA-5-1-261
RICE, FREDERICK                         PA-5-4-247
RICE, FREDERICK                         PA-5-3-180
RICE, RUTH                              PA-5-8-202
RICHARD, MARIAH BARBARA                 PA-5-2-59
RICHARDS, JAMES J.                      PA-5-8-352
RICHEY, ADAM                            PA-5-2-335
RICHEY, FRANCIS                         PA-5-1-217
RICHTER, ADAM                           PA-5-6-131
RICKLE, JOSEPH                          PA-5-3-102
RIDDLE, JOSEPH                          PA-5-4-518
RIDELMOSER, MICHAEL                     PA-5-4-105
RIDER, JOHN                             PA-5-3-460
RIFFLE, CATHERINE                       PA-5-4-317
RIGGS, ELISHA                           PA-5-7-500
RIGHTSMAN, SARAH B.                     PA-5-7-443
RILEY, JOHN                             PA-5-4-416
RILEY, SARAH                            PA-5-5-229
RINARD, JOHN                            PA-5-3-33
RINARD, JOHN                            PA-5-7-214
RINEHARD, JOHN                          PA-5-3-33
RININGER, GEORGE                        PA-5-3-388
RININGER, JOHN                          PA-5-6-558
RIPLEY, MARY                            PA-5-4-134
RISLING, LEWIS                          PA-5-4-458
RITCHEY, ABRAHAM                        PA-5-4-225
RITCHEY, DANIEL                         PA-5-4-335
RITCHEY, DANIEL                         PA-5-5-498
RITCHEY, DAVID                          PA-5-5-76
RITCHEY, DAVID                          PA-5-5-181
RITCHEY, GEORGE                         PA-5-7-572
RITCHEY, GIDEON                         PA-5-1-406
RITCHEY, HENRY                          PA-5-4-168
RITCHEY, ISAAC                          PA-5-3-313
RITCHEY, ISAAC                          PA-5-5-5
RITCHEY, JACOB                          PA-5-4-459
RITCHEY, JACOB                          PA-5-4-34
RITCHEY, JACOB S.                       PA-5-6-275
RITCHEY, JANE                           PA-5-7-155
RITCHEY, JENNIE                         PA-5-6-54
RITCHEY, JOHN                           PA-5-3-51
RITCHEY, JOHN                           PA-5-2-297
RITCHEY, JOHN                           PA-5-5-454
RITCHEY, JOHN S.                        PA-5-4-526
RITCHEY, LOUISA                         PA-5-7-338
RITCHEY, LUCINDA                        PA-5-6-505
RITCHEY, MICHAEL                        PA-5-2-334
RITCHEY, MICHAEL                        PA-5-4-155
RITCHEY, MICHAEL                        PA-5-5-102
RITCHEY, MICHAEL S.                     PA-5-7-317
RITCHEY, PHILIP R.                      PA-5-6-377
RITCHEY, REBECCA                        PA-5-4-591
RITCHEY, SARAH A.                       PA-5-6-334
RITCHEY, SIMON                          PA-5-5-589
RITCHEY, SUSAN                          PA-5-4-333
RITCHEY, WILLIAM H.                     PA-5-6-508
RITCHEY, WILLIAM W.                     PA-5-6-85
RITTER, GEORGE                          PA-5-3-445
RITTINGER, MICHAEL                      PA-5-5-293
ROADS, GEORGE                           PA-5-5-208
ROADS, HANDRY                           PA-5-1-5
ROBBINS, MARIA                          PA-5-5-526
ROBBOSON, SAMUEL                        PA-5-4-535
ROBERTS, CHARLES B.                     PA-5-7-319
ROBERTS, HENRY                          PA-5-3-397
ROBERTS, MARYE.                         PA-5-8-407
ROBERTS, SAMUEL                         PA-5-5-476
ROBINETT, JAMES OLIVER                  PA-5-5-267
ROBINETT, JEREMIAH                      PA-5-6-126
ROBINETT, MATHIAS                       PA-5-7-591
ROBINS, JULIANN                         PA-5-5-122
ROBINSON, NATHAN                        PA-5-4-609
ROBISON, JOHN                           PA-5-6-290
ROBISON, THOMAS                         PA-5-4-406
ROBISON, WILLIAM                        PA-5-1-205
ROBISON, WILLIAM                        PA-5-5-176
ROCK, FREDERICK                         PA-5-3-296
ROCK, GEORGE                            PA-5-3-116
ROCK, JOHN                              PA-5-5-289
ROCK, MARY R.                           PA-5-6-465
ROCK, MARY R.                           PA-5-6-445
ROCK, WILLIAM                           PA-5-5-338
RODGERS, ELLIS                          PA-5-1-293
RODGERS, GIDEON                         PA-5-6-355
RODKEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-7-234
ROGERS, ELLIS                           PA-5-4-336
ROGERS, JOHN                            PA-5-1-263
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         PA-5-6-283
ROHARTY, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-5-1-244
ROHM, JOHNG.                            PA-5-6-335
ROLAND, JOHN                            PA-5-5-29
ROLAND, MICHAEL B.                      PA-5-5-128
ROLAND, SARAH                           PA-5-5-140
ROLLER, ANN ELISABETH                   PA-5-4-143
ROLLER, JONATHAN                        PA-5-4-394
RORAR, SIMON                            PA-5-7-377
ROSE, ALLEN                             PA-5-1-222
ROSE, ARTHUR                            PA-5-4-544
ROSE, CHARLES                           PA-5-5-16
ROSE, HENRY                             PA-5-7-329
ROSE, THOMAS                            PA-5-3-209
ROSS, JOSEPH                            PA-5-8-157
ROTH, JACOB                             PA-5-2-224
ROTHGEBER, JOHANN MELCHER               PA-5-4-338
ROTTER, VALENTINE                       PA-5-2-339
ROUSE, ELIBOROUGH                       PA-5-7-283
ROUSE, TAMARBOROUGH                     PA-5-7-396
ROUSER, ANDREW                          PA-5-7-97
ROUSER, MARY                            PA-5-5-559
ROUSH, JACOB                            PA-5-6-381
ROUZER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-3-113
ROWAN, JOHN                             PA-5-2-108
ROWLAND, DAVID                          PA-5-5-471
ROWLAND, JOHN                           PA-5-5-577
ROWZER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-4-115
ROWZER, ISAAC                           PA-5-5-202
RUNKLE, CATHARINE                       PA-5-2-328
RUNYAN, THOMAS                          PA-5-2-105
RUSH, JOHN H.                           PA-5-5-340
RUSH, REBECCA                           PA-5-8-220
RUSH, WILLIAM T.                        PA-5-7-245
RUSSELL, DANIEL                         PA-5-8-317
RUSSELL, GEORGE                         PA-5-7-148
RUSSELL, JACOB                          PA-5-3-463
RUSSELL, SAMUEL L.                      PA-5-7-102
RYAN, JANE                              PA-5-1-336
RYAN, MARY JANE                         PA-5-4-145
RYAN, TIMOTHY                           PA-5-1-90

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