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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1771-1819 | 2=1819-1831 | 3=1831-1849 | 4=1849-1864 | 5=1860-1882 | 6=1882-1890 | 7=1890-1899 | 8=1899-1906 |
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SAMELS, ADAM                            PA-5-2-256
SAMMEL, ADAM                            PA-5-1-87
SAMMEL, CORNAD                          PA-5-1-163
SAMPLE, LUDWICK                         PA-5-1-277
SAMS, ANDREW                            PA-5-4-240
SAMS, JOHN W.                           PA-5-8-159
SAMS, SARAH ELLEN                       PA-5-6-87
SAMZ, MARY                              PA-5-4-170
SARVER, JOHN                            PA-5-3-398
SAUER, JOHN K.                          PA-5-7-217
SAUPP, ANDRIS                           PA-5-4-161
SCHAEFFER, MARY JANE                    PA-5-7-104
SCHAFFER, JOHN                          PA-5-1-509
SCHELL, JACOB                           PA-5-3-54
SCHELL, JOHN                            PA-5-2-160
SCHELL, MARGARETTA T.                   PA-5-4-561
SCHELL, PETER                           PA-5-4-360
SCHERK, DAVID                           PA-5-4-13
SCHNABLY, ELIZABETH                     PA-5-5-291
SCHNABLY, FREDERICK                     PA-5-7-494
SCHNABLY, SUSANNAH                      PA-5-6-542
SCHNEBLY, JOHNH.                        PA-5-5-231
SCHNEIDER, FREDERICK                    PA-5-8-97
SCHNEIDER, JOHN G.                      PA-5-6-510
SCHNEIDER, MARGARET C.                  PA-5-6-149
SCHOOLEY, JULIA A.                      PA-5-6-389
SCHRADER, JOHN                          PA-5-5-49
SCHREINER, JACOB                        PA-5-3-434
SCHRICHFIELD, BENJAMIN                  PA-5-5-30
SCOTT, JAMES A.                         PA-5-5-273
SCOTT, JONATHAN                         PA-5-1-296
SCOTT, MARY                             PA-5-2-140
SCOTT, MARYANN                          PA-5-3-242
SCOVIL, HENRY                           PA-5-3-33
SCOVIL, WILLIAM                         PA-5-1-201
SCUDER, CATHARINE                       PA-5-5-35
SEANY, W. W.                            PA-5-6-38
SEESE, NICHOLAS                         PA-5-8-216
SEITES, JOHN                            PA-5-5-483
SELL, GEORGE                            PA-5-2-47
SELL, JOHN SR.                          PA-5-6-417
SELLARS, GEORGE                         PA-5-4-567
SELLERS, CATHARINE                      PA-5-5-343
SELLERS, HENRY                          PA-5-3-79
SELLERS, SARAH                          PA-5-5-151
SELLERS, WILLIAM                        PA-5-7-299
SELLES, JOSEPH                          PA-5-4-536
SEMLER, JACOBBOROUGH                    PA-5-7-233
SHADACRE, VALENTINE                     PA-5-1-35
SHAEFER, MICHAEL                        PA-5-5-473
SHAFEE, PHILIP                          PA-5-4-238
SHAFER, ADAM                            PA-5-7-471
SHAFER, CATHERINE                       PA-5-4-351
SHAFER, JOHN                            PA-5-4-610
SHAFER, JOHN                            PA-5-5-68
SHAFER, REBECCA                         PA-5-6-516
SHAFER, ROSANNA                         PA-5-6-536
SHAFER, SAMUEL                          PA-5-8-113
SHAFER, WILLIAM H.                      PA-5-8-176
SHAFFER, ABRAHAM                        PA-5-4-340
SHAFFER, ADAM                           PA-5-3-328
SHAFFER, ELIZABETH                      PA-5-6-310
SHAFFER, ELLEN                          PA-5-7-149
SHAFFER, GEORGE                         PA-5-6-81
SHAFFER, GEORGE                         PA-5-7-239
SHAFFER, HENRY                          PA-5-4-149
SHAFFER, ISAAC                          PA-5-5-138
SHAFFER, ISAIAH A.                      PA-5-6-430
SHAFFER, JACOB                          PA-5-3-9
SHAFFER, JACOB                          PA-5-2-123
SHAFFER, JOHN                           PA-5-6-159
SHAFFER, JOHN H.                        PA-5-5-456
SHAFFER, LEONARD                        PA-5-4-214
SHAFFER, MARY                           PA-5-7-134
SHAFFER, MARY                           PA-5-6-309
SHAFFER, RACHEL                         PA-5-6-278
SHAFFER, SOLOMON                        PA-5-6-196
SHAFFER, SUSANAH E.                     PA-5-7-122
SHARP, HENRY SR.                        PA-5-2-252
SHARP, JAMES                            PA-5-4-387
SHAW, BENJAMIN                          PA-5-4-156
SHAW, FLAVENIS J.                       PA-5-8-15
SHAW, GEORGE                            PA-5-6-323
SHAW, JAMES                             PA-5-4-198
SHAW, MOSES                             PA-5-2-115
SHAW, WILLIAM                           PA-5-1-220
SHEARER, GEORGE                         PA-5-6-361
SHEARER, W. W.                          PA-5-8-64
SHEELY, ANDREW                          PA-5-4-157
SHEELY, HANNAH                          PA-5-6-282
SHELLY, HANNAH                          PA-5-6-520
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                       PA-5-1-346
SHERTZER, JOHN                          PA-5-4-31
SHIFLER, JACOB                          PA-5-3-111
SHIMER, SAMUEL R.                       PA-5-7-576
SHIPLEY, ELEVEN                         PA-5-6-398
SHIPLEY, ELIJAH                         PA-5-7-422
SHIRES, PETER H.                        PA-5-6-353
SHIVES, FRANSIS                         PA-5-1-260
SHOAF, JOSEPH                           PA-5-8-65
SHOCK, JACOB                            PA-5-1-360
SHOCK, JOSEPH                           PA-5-2-54
SHOCK, MARY                             PA-5-2-77
SHOEMAKER, ABRAHAM D.                   PA-5-5-182
SHOEMAKER, ALEXANDER                    PA-5-5-55
SHOEMAKER, ANTHONY                      PA-5-3-47
SHOEMAKER, FANNY                        PA-5-4-513
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE                       PA-5-4-94
SHOEMAKER, HENRY P.                     PA-5-3-266
SHOEMAKER, JACOB                        PA-5-3-41
SHOEMAKER, JOB M.                       PA-5-8-396
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         PA-5-5-575
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         PA-5-8-72
SHOEMAKER, JOSIAH                       PA-5-5-249
SHOEMAKER, PHILIP J.                    PA-5-4-501
SHOEMAKER, REBECCA                      PA-5-7-418
SHOEMAKER, REBECCA G.                   PA-5-8-385
SHOENFELT, HENRY                        PA-5-7-17
SHOFFER, HENRY                          PA-5-6-578
SHOFFER, JOHN P.                        PA-5-6-560
SHOOK, CATHARINE                        PA-5-5-58
SHOOP, MARY                             PA-5-6-201
SHOUP, MARGARET                         PA-5-2-109
SHOUP, MICHAEL JOSEPH                   PA-5-5-210
SHOUP, SAMUEL F.                        PA-5-6-550
SHOWERMAN, PHILIP                       PA-5-6-110
SHRADER, MARY                           PA-5-7-85
SHRADER, PHILIP                         PA-5-4-276
SHREINER, HENRY                         PA-5-4-91
SHREVE, JOHN                            PA-5-4-318
SHREVE, MARY                            PA-5-5-50
SHREVES, DANIEL                         PA-5-5-224
SHRIVER, LYDIA                          PA-5-3-94
SHROYER, ABRAHAM W.                     PA-5-8-328
SHROYER, DANIEL                         PA-5-6-332
SHROYER, DANIEL SR.                     PA-5-2-254
SHROYER, DSANIEL                        PA-5-8-369
SHUCK, GEORGE D.                        PA-5-5-192
SHUCK, JOSIAH D.                        PA-5-4-257
SHUCK, MARY G.                          PA-5-8-151
SHUCK, MARY J.                          PA-5-6-112
SHUCK, SAMUEL                           PA-5-6-493
SHULL, CATHARINE                        PA-5-7-279
SHULL, DAVID                            PA-5-3-144
SHULL, WILLIAM                          PA-5-8-253
SHUSS, DANIEL                           PA-5-7-445
SIDER, LEWIS                            PA-5-8-239
SIGEL, STEPHEN                          PA-5-7-414
SIGEL, SUSAN                            PA-5-7-328
SIGGLER, CATHARINE                      PA-5-4-215
SILL, DANIEL                            PA-5-4-25
SILL, HENRY S.                          PA-5-8-408
SILL, JOHN                              PA-5-3-97
SILL, JOHN J.                           PA-5-5-394
SILL, MARGARET                          PA-5-6-460
SILL, MARY                              PA-5-4-475
SILL, SAMUEL                            PA-5-4-304
SILLS, GEORGE                           PA-5-1-371
SILLS, MICHAEL                          PA-5-1-415
SILVER, ASA                             PA-5-6-55
SILVER, RICHARD                         PA-5-4-76
SIMMONS, AARON                          PA-5-8-341
SIMPSON, SUSANNAH MARIA                 PA-5-4-123
SINK, JACOB                             PA-5-1-432
SIPE, EMMANUEL                          PA-5-3-24
SIPE, GEORGE SR.                        PA-5-3-257
SIPE, HENRY                             PA-5-2-70
SIPE, JACOB SR.                         PA-5-3-168
SIPES, GEORGE                           PA-5-4-10
SKILLINGTON, LAVINA                     PA-5-7-56
SKINNER, SAMUEL JR.                     PA-5-1-57
SLACK, THOMAS H.                        PA-5-5-433
SLATLER, LYDIA                          PA-5-6-529
SLEEK, ISABELLA                         PA-5-6-522
SLEEK, LUCINDA C.                       PA-5-7-377
SLEEK, MARY                             PA-5-6-414
SLEEK, SAMUEL M.                        PA-5-5-102
SLEEK, THOMAS J.                        PA-5-7-210
SLEGER, DANIEL                          PA-5-5-82
SLICK, JOHN                             PA-5-3-329
SLIGAR, GEORGE                          PA-5-4-140
SLIGER, FREDRICK                        PA-5-7-94
SLIGER, GEORGE                          PA-5-4-358
SLOAN, JOHN                             PA-5-3-353
SLOAN, JOHN                             PA-5-3-306
SLOAN, WILLIAM                          PA-5-1-208
SLONAKER, JOHN G.                       PA-5-6-468
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        PA-5-6-489
SMITH, ANTHONY                          PA-5-3-69
SMITH, CASPER                           PA-5-4-520
SMITH, CHARLES SR.                      PA-5-5-510
SMITH, DAVID                            PA-5-7-590
SMITH, ELISHA                           PA-5-6-133
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-5-5-155
SMITH, EVE                              PA-5-8-107
SMITH, FREDERICK                        PA-5-4-220
SMITH, GEORGE                           PA-5-4-541
SMITH, GEORGE                           PA-5-6-118
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        PA-5-6-304
SMITH, HANNAH                           PA-5-6-122
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-5-5-313
SMITH, HENRY W.                         PA-5-7-567
SMITH, ISABELLA A.                      PA-5-8-91
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-5-1-76
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-5-2-23
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-5-5-423
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-5-8-376
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-5-2-28
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-5-3-360
SMITH, JEREMIAH L.                      PA-5-8-324
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-5-4-166
SMITH, LEWIS B.                         PA-5-8-247
SMITH, MARY                             PA-5-4-44
SMITH, MARY                             PA-5-5-177
SMITH, MARY                             PA-5-5-98
SMITH, MARY A.                          PA-5-6-441
SMITH, MARY E.                          PA-5-8-339
SMITH, MARY E.                          PA-5-7-552
SMITH, MATTHIAS                         PA-5-3-184
SMITH, PETER                            PA-5-3-118
SMITH, PETER                            PA-5-2-323
SMITH, PHOEBE                           PA-5-7-460
SMITH, RACHEL                           PA-5-8-25
SMITH, RACHELC.                         PA-5-7-524
SMITH, REBECCA E.                       PA-5-8-294
SMITH, SAMUEL H.                        PA-5-7-372
SMITH, SARAH A.                         PA-5-8-261
SMITH, SARAH T.                         PA-5-7-3
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-5-3-374
SMITH, URILLA                           PA-5-7-91
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-5-4-228
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-5-6-22
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                       PA-5-8-390
SMITH, WILLIAM SR.                      PA-5-3-42
SMOUS, PETER                            PA-5-1-70
SMOUSE, GEORGE                          PA-5-3-305
SMOUSE, GEORGE                          PA-5-6-161
SMOUSE, MARYCATHARINE                   PA-5-4-565
SMOUSE, PETER                           PA-5-5-597
SMTIH, ISAAC                            PA-5-7-360
SNEEBLEY, HENRY                         PA-5-1-335
SNELL, JACOB                            PA-5-3-244
SNELL, WILLIAM                          PA-5-8-256
SNIDER, ABRAHAM                         PA-5-3-65
SNIDER, CHRISTENA                       PA-5-7-192
SNIDER, HENRY                           PA-5-5-429
SNIDER, JACOB                           PA-5-4-557
SNIDER, JOHN                            PA-5-1-274
SNIDER, JOHN                            PA-5-3-233
SNIDER, JOSEPH HENRY                    PA-5-4-552
SNIVELY, JACOB                          PA-5-2-24
SNIVELY, JULIA A.                       PA-5-5-32
SNIVELY, SAMUEL                         PA-5-5-108
SNOBERGER, EVE                          PA-5-7-242
SNOEBERGER, ANDREW B.                   PA-5-5-213
SNOEBERGER, JACOB                       PA-5-4-453
SNOWBERGER, ANDREW                      PA-5-5-179
SNOWBERGER, CHRISTINA                   PA-5-4-477
SNOWBERGER, DAVID                       PA-5-5-318
SNOWBERGER, JOHN                        PA-5-4-283
SNOWDEN, ABRAHAM                        PA-5-6-228
SNOWDEN, LEWIS                          PA-5-3-270
SNYDER, CANDACY                         PA-5-6-264
SNYDER, DANIEL S.                       PA-5-8-330
SNYDER, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-5-568
SNYDER, JACOB U.                        PA-5-7-419
SNYDER, JOHN                            PA-5-4-411
SNYDER, JOHN                            PA-5-4-15
SNYDER, JOHN                            PA-5-6-295
SNYDER, JOHN                            PA-5-8-174
SNYDER, PHILIP                          PA-5-3-468
SOENTHAL, HENRY                         PA-5-8-182
SOILL, WILLIAM                          PA-5-6-572
SOUSER, JOSEPH                          PA-5-6-15
SOWERS, ISAAC                           PA-5-6-402
SPADE, HARRIET F.                       PA-5-6-388
SPARKS, ABSALUM                         PA-5-4-334
SPARKS, CATHARINE                       PA-5-6-487
SPARKS, DANIEL                          PA-5-5-328
SPARKS, DAVID                           PA-5-4-600
SPARKS, ELIZABETH                       PA-5-4-267
SPARKS, JAMES                           PA-5-3-215
SPARKS, JOHN                            PA-5-5-307
SPARKS, JOSEPH                          PA-5-2-250
SPARKS, JOSEPH                          PA-5-4-324
SPARKS, JOSEPH SR.                      PA-5-1-268
SPARKS, SARAH                           PA-5-4-269
SPARKS, SOLOMON                         PA-5-3-125
SPARKS, SOLOMON                         PA-5-4-486
SPARKS, WILSON W.                       PA-5-7-546
SPEAKER, DAVID                          PA-5-3-273
SPEECE, JACOB                           PA-5-3-422
SPEER, ELIZA                            PA-5-6-363
SPEER, THOMAS                           PA-5-5-97
SPIELMAN, MARTIN V.                     PA-5-7-499
SPONSLER, SOLOMON                       PA-5-8-95
SPRIS, LOUIS                            PA-5-4-321
SRINER, JACOB                           PA-5-3-434
STAIR, JOHN                             PA-5-2-185
STALER, DANIEL                          PA-5-8-187
STALEY, CATHERINE                       PA-5-5-244
STAMBAUGH, MARGARET                     PA-5-2-101
STAMBAUGH, PHILIP                       PA-5-5-139
STATLER, EMANUELT.                      PA-5-6-82
STATLER, FRANKLIN B.                    PA-5-4-466
STAUBB, MARTHA                          PA-5-6-504
STAYER, DANIEL S.                       PA-5-7-385
STAYER, SAMUEL                          PA-5-5-445
STAYRE, JOHN                            PA-5-7-562
STECKMAN, DAVID B.                      PA-5-7-170
STECKMAN, JACOB                         PA-5-7-209
STECKMAN, JOHN                          PA-5-3-130
STECKMAN, VALENTINE                     PA-5-8-8
STEEK, JOSEPHW.                         PA-5-4-465
STEEL, CATHARINE                        PA-5-7-203
STEEL, GEORGE                           PA-5-1-167
STEEL, GEORGE F.                        PA-5-4-602
STEEL, SOLOMON                          PA-5-5-235
STEELE, ISAAC                           PA-5-8-414
STEEN, PETER                            PA-5-3-331
STEPHENS, THOMAS                        PA-5-1-239
STERN, SUSANNAH                         PA-5-3-176
STERRETT, REUBEN                        PA-5-2-29
STETLER, JOHN S.                        PA-5-4-330
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-5-2-124
STEWART, JANE                           PA-5-1-243
STEWART, WILLIAM                        PA-5-2-125
STIFFLER, ELIZABETH E.                  PA-5-6-507
STIFFLER, FREDERICK                     PA-5-4-525
STIFFLER, HENRY                         PA-5-6-205
STIFFLER, JOSEPH                        PA-5-5-472
STIFFLER, PETER                         PA-5-1-311
STIFLER, JACOB                          PA-5-1-209
STIGAR, JOHN                            PA-5-3-376
STIGER, ADAM                            PA-5-1-265
STIGER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-1-422
STILLWELL, JOHN                         PA-5-2-106
STINEMAN, DANIEL                        PA-5-4-363
STOCK, MICHAEL F.                       PA-5-6-215
STOLER, DAVID SR.                       PA-5-4-183
STOLER, JACOB                           PA-5-5-496
STOLER, MAGDALENA                       PA-5-4-244
STONDNOUR, MARGARET                     PA-5-5-355
STONE, JOHN                             PA-5-5-63
STONEKING, JOHN                         PA-5-1-343
STONEKING, JUDITH                       PA-5-1-384
STONENOOK, DAVID H.                     PA-5-7-425
STONER  ABRAHAM                         PA-5-2-287
STONER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-5-4-99
STORM, JOACCAM                          PA-5-3-294
STOUDENOUR, JACOB                       PA-5-4-365
STOUFFER, MARY E.                       PA-5-7-318
STOVER, HENRY                           PA-5-2-213
STRAUB, CASPER                          PA-5-7-262
STREALEY, HARRIET                       PA-5-5-439
STREIGHT, DANIEL                        PA-5-3-123
STREIGHT, JOHN                          PA-5-7-150
STREIGHT, JOHN SR.                      PA-5-1-363
STREMEL, GEORGE                         PA-5-5-564
STRIGHT, WILLIAM                        PA-5-2-68
STRODER, NICHOLAS                       PA-5-3-277
STROMINGER, ALBERT                      PA-5-8-274
STRONG, HAGER                           PA-5-5-290
STRUCKMAN, ADALINE M.                   PA-5-8-81
STRUCKMAN, HENRY                        PA-5-6-292
STUART, THOMAS                          PA-5-2-55
STUCKEY, ANNA R.                        PA-5-8-224
STUCKEY, ASA S.                         PA-5-6-539
STUCKEY, CHARLES                        PA-5-5-86
STUCKEY, DAVID                          PA-5-5-163
STUCKEY, JOSIAH S.                      PA-5-4-505
STUCKEY, MARY                           PA-5-6-172
STUCKEY, SAMUEL S.                      PA-5-4-407
STUCKEY, SIMON                          PA-5-5-364
STUDEBAKER, JACOB                       PA-5-3-332
STUDEBAKER, PETER H.                    PA-5-4-390
STUDINBAKER, JACOB                      PA-5-1-338
STUFFT, JACOB                           PA-5-7-333
STUFFT, MARGARET                        PA-5-8-78
STUNKARD, JAMES                         PA-5-3-88
STUNKARD, MARY                          PA-5-3-243
STURTZ, JOHN                            PA-5-5-387
SUTER, SOLOMON                          PA-5-5-330
SUTERS, RACHEL                          PA-5-6-194
SWARTS, MARY                            PA-5-4-471
SWARTZ, HENRY                           PA-5-4-322
SWARTZ, PHILIP                          PA-5-4-210
SWARTZWALTER, EVAN                      PA-5-4-455
SWARTZWELDER, DANIEL                    PA-5-6-148
SWARTZWELDER, FREDERICK                 PA-5-3-437
SWARTZWELDER, JOSEPH                    PA-5-8-156
SWARTZWELDER, PHILIP                    PA-5-7-335
SWARTZWELLER, PETER                     PA-5-3-254
SWIGURT, JACOB                          PA-5-1-7
SWOVELAND, VALENTINE                    PA-5-5-284
SYSTER, DAVID                           PA-5-7-406
TAGGERT, CHARLES                        PA-5-3-5
TALIAFERRO, ELIZA                       PA-5-5-219
TANNER, JOSEPH                          PA-5-3-270B
TATE, ALEXANDER                         PA-5-8-105
TATE, ALEXANDER B.                      PA-5-3-402
TATE, JANE C. H.                        PA-5-7-556
TATE, JOSEPH WALKER                     PA-5-7-535
TATE, MARTHA L.                         PA-5-7-215
TATE, SAMUEL                            PA-5-3-451
TAYLOR, EDWARD                          PA-5-1-84
TAYLOR, HENRY                           PA-5-7-456
TAYLOR, JAMES                           PA-5-4-506
TAYLOR, JAMES                           PA-5-3-276
TAYLOR, JAMES                           PA-5-7-244
TAYLOR, JAMES A.                        PA-5-7-468
TAYLOR, JOHN R.                         PA-5-6-21
TAYLOR, JOSEPH R.                       PA-5-5-367
TAYLOR, LOUISA A.                       PA-5-6-156
TAYLOR, MARY                            PA-5-4-184
TAYLOR, MARYANN                         PA-5-8-37
TAYLOR, MATTHEW                         PA-5-1-479
TAYLOR, ROBERT M.                       PA-5-7-181
TEETER, JACOB                           PA-5-4-275
TEETER, JOHN K.                         PA-5-7-162
TEETER, JOHN N.                         PA-5-8-374
TEETER, SAMUEL                          PA-5-8-181
TEWEL, MARYANN                          PA-5-8-218
TEWEL, TRUMAN                           PA-5-4-61
TEWELL, GEORGE W.                       PA-5-6-321
TEWELL, HALLECK                         PA-5-7-435
TEWELL, HEZEKIAH                        PA-5-7-238
TEWELL, MARY                            PA-5-5-525
TEWELL, SUSANN                          PA-5-8-149
THOMAS, EDWARD                          PA-5-1-392
THOMAS, HENRY                           PA-5-1-502
THOMAS, JACOB                           PA-5-8-14
THOMAS, MICHAEL                         PA-5-5-132
THOMPSON, DAVID                         PA-5-4-138
THOMPSON, MARGARET                      PA-5-4-426
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-5-2-93
TIGARD, JAMES                           PA-5-4-92
TIMMERMAN, CASPER                       PA-5-3-72
TIPPER, CHARLES                         PA-5-3-51
TOBIAS, JOHN L.                         PA-5-6-17
TODD, JOHN                              PA-5-7-411
TODD, MARGARET C.                       PA-5-6-93
TODD, WILLIAM                           PA-5-1-44
TOMLINSON, BENJAMIN                     PA-5-6-42
TRAWYER, PHILIP                         PA-5-3-385
TREWAX, BENJAMIN B.                     PA-5-1-159
TREWEX, JACOB                           PA-5-1-247
TREWEX, JOHN                            PA-5-1-237
TREWEX, OBEDIAH                         PA-5-1-398
TREWICK, JOHN                           PA-5-2-318
TRIPLET, CATHARINE                      PA-5-7-22
TROXEL, JOHN                            PA-5-3-415
TRUAX, HESTER                           PA-5-3-428
TRUAX, JACOB                            PA-5-6-123
TRUAX, JOSEPH SR.                       PA-5-3-155
TRUAX, STILLWELL                        PA-5-2-72
TRUSHEIM, JOHN                          PA-5-7-241
TURNER, ANDREW                          PA-5-3-316
TURNER, ANDREW                          PA-5-3-318
TURNER, ANDREW                          PA-5-7-362
TURNEY, HENRY                           PA-5-5-435
ULRICH, SAMUEL                          PA-5-2-134
UMBAUGH, HENRY                          PA-5-5-540
UNCKLES, ELIZABETH                      PA-5-1-527
UNGER, CUNROD                           PA-5-3-49
VALANCE, ADAM                           PA-5-2-329
VALENTINE, LEVI                         PA-5-8-138
VALLENTINE, ANDREW                      PA-5-1-205
VALLENTINE, JACOB                       PA-5-2-35
VANCLEAVE, WILLIAM                      PA-5-2-320
VANCLEEVE, BENJAMIN                     PA-5-3-210
VICKROY, THOMAS                         PA-5-3-329
VICKROY, WILLIAM SR.                    PA-5-4-45
VONDERSMITH, VALENTINE                  PA-5-7-160
VORE, BENJAMIN                          PA-5-4-342
VORE, ELIZA                             PA-5-6-11
VORE, ELIZABETH                         PA-5-6-20
WADSWORTH, MOSES                        PA-5-1-540
WAGONER, BARBARA                        PA-5-4-178
WAGONER, MAGDELINA                      PA-5-4-176
WAGONER, MARGRET                        PA-5-4-175
WAGONER, PETER                          PA-5-5-532
WAGONER, SAMUEL                         PA-5-5-537
WAGONER, SAMUEL                         PA-5-5-534
WAIRK, SAMUEL                           PA-5-5-123
WAKEFOS, JOSEPH                         PA-5-7-351
WALENS, JUDY                            PA-5-4-209
WALISER, JOSEPH                         PA-5-3-228
WALKER, BENJAMIN H.                     PA-5-7-405
WALKER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-4-372
WALL, ABSALOM                           PA-5-2-351
WALL, CATHARINE                         PA-5-3-232
WALL, CHARLES                           PA-5-2-96
WALL, MATTHEW                           PA-5-4-133
WALTER, DAVID                           PA-5-5-53
WALTER, ELLEN                           PA-5-8-183
WALTER, EVE                             PA-5-6-446
WALTER, HENRY                           PA-5-3-106
WALTER, JACOB                           PA-5-8-266
WALTER, JACOB SR.                       PA-5-4-361
WALTER, MARYANN                         PA-5-6-107
WALTER, RACHEL                          PA-5-4-328
WALTER, SAMUEL                          PA-5-8-102
WALTERS, JAMES                          PA-5-4-189
WALTMAN, MARY MAGDALENA                 PA-5-5-402
WARD, HENRY                             PA-5-8-33
WARD, JEREMIAH                          PA-5-7-208
WARE, MARTIN                            PA-5-1-41
WAREHAM, CATHERINE                      PA-5-7-286
WAREHAM, JOHN                           PA-5-7-232
WARSING, GERHARD POPPO                  PA-5-3-40
WATSON, ELIZA                           PA-5-4-488
WATSON, WILLIAM H.                      PA-5-4-560
WAUGH, PAUL                             PA-5-1-2
WAY, CYRUS                              PA-5-8-188
WAY, DAVID                              PA-5-4-1
WAY, DAVID T.                           PA-5-6-76
WAY, JAMES                              PA-5-3-18
WAY, MARY                               PA-5-5-344
WAY, RACHEL                             PA-5-8-43
WAY, SAMUEL                             PA-5-2-42
WAY, SAMUEL                             PA-5-5-91
WAY, THOMAS                             PA-5-7-434
WEAVER, HENRY                           PA-5-2-326
WEAVERLING, ELIZABETH                   PA-5-5-14
WEAVERLING, HENRY                       PA-5-4-267
WEAVERLING, JOHN P.                     PA-5-8-29
WEAVERLING, PETER                       PA-5-4-137
WEICHT, JEREMIAH                        PA-5-7-384
WEIGHT, CHARLES                         PA-5-4-190
WEIGHT, JOHN                            PA-5-7-49
WEIMER, DANIEL                          PA-5-4-385
WEIMER, GEORGE                          PA-5-7-339
WEIMER, LEEN                            PA-5-4-603
WEIMERT, STEPHEN                        PA-5-6-135
WEIRICK, VALENTINE                      PA-5-4-539
WEISEL, ABRAHAM                         PA-5-7-11
WEISEL, BARBARA                         PA-5-4-195
WEISEL, JAMES                           PA-5-3-151
WEISEL, JOHN                            PA-5-4-126
WEISEL, JOHN                            PA-5-3-299
WEISEL, JOHN                            PA-5-5-183
WEISEL, MICHAEL                         PA-5-7-195
WEISEL, SARAH                           PA-5-7-21
WEIST, MATHIAS                          PA-5-6-219
WELCH, FRANCIS                          PA-5-3-204
WELKER, PETER                           PA-5-7-521
WELLS, DANIEL                           PA-5-5-9
WELSH, WILLIAM                          PA-5-5-393
WEMMER, SOLOMON                         PA-5-4-129
WEMMON, ADAM                            PA-5-2-168
WENTLING, WILLIAM HENRY                 PA-5-4-254
WENTZ, ELIZABETH                        PA-5-6-144
WENTZ, MARY S.                          PA-5-8-6
WERKING, JACOB                          PA-5-4-135
WERSELL, PETE                           PA-5-4-65
WERTZ, BALSER                           PA-5-8-24
WERTZ, JOHN                             PA-5-4-208
WERTZ, PAUL                             PA-5-2-170
WERTZ, PAUL                             PA-5-4-590
WERTZ, PETER                            PA-5-4-479
WERTZ, VALENTINE B.                     PA-5-7-35
WERTZ, WILLIAM C.                       PA-5-7-588
WESICK, VALENTINE                       PA-5-2-8
WEST, SAMUEL                            PA-5-3-187
WEYANT, CHARLES B.                      PA-5-8-379
WHETSTONE, DAVID                        PA-5-6-74
WHETSTONE, REBECCA                      PA-5-8-240
WHIP, JOHN                              PA-5-3-3
WHIPP, GEORGE                           PA-5-7-47
WHIPYA, JOHN                            PA-5-1-37
WHITAKER, CATHARINE                     PA-5-6-407
WHITE, DANIEL H.                        PA-5-8-422
WHITED, JOHNW.                          PA-5-6-92
WHITFIELD, ELIAS                        PA-5-5-488
WHITFIELD, ELIZABETH                    PA-5-7-423
WHITFIELD, SIDNEY ROBBINS               PA-5-4-282
WHITFIELD, WILLIAM C.                   PA-5-8-298
WHITTAKER, MARGARET                     PA-5-4-601
WIGFIELD, ALEXANDER                     PA-5-7-477
WIGFIELD, AMOS                          PA-5-8-236
WIGFIELD, BENJAMIN                      PA-5-5-428
WIGFIELD, HENRYJ.                       PA-5-7-593
WIGFIELD, JOHN,                         PA-5-7-23
WIGFIELD, NANCY,                        PA-5-8-22
WIGFIELD, NOAH                          PA-5-4-593
WIGFIELD, RACHAEL                       PA-5-4-299
WIGFIELD, RACHAEL                       PA-5-5-292
WIGFIELD, REBECCA                       PA-5-5-596
WIGFIELD, WILLIAM                       PA-5-3-269
WIGFIELD, WILLIAM                       PA-5-7-392
WILDES, KESIA                           PA-5-4-23
WILHELM, HENRY                          PA-5-3-265
WILHELM, JOHN                           PA-5-8-201
WILKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-5-1-256
WILKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-5-7-290
WILKINSON, KEZIAH                       PA-5-8-243
WILKISON, SOLOMON                       PA-5-8-286
WILLET, SOPHIA                          PA-5-5-204
WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER                     PA-5-1-535
WILLIAMS, ALVAHR.                       PA-5-7-462
WILLIAMS, ASA                           PA-5-6-114
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     PA-5-8-27
WILLIAMS, CATHERINE                     PA-5-7-37
WILLIAMS, DAVID F.                      PA-5-7-408
WILLIAMS, EPHRAIM                       PA-5-3-12
WILLIAMS, EPHREM                        PA-5-4-101
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         PA-5-1-448
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         PA-5-2-104
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         PA-5-1-214
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         PA-5-4-284
WILLIAMS, JANE                          PA-5-4-192
WILLIAMS, JEDUTHAN                      PA-5-5-417
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-5-1-271
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-5-4-4
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-5-7-302
WILLIAMS, MAGGIE S.                     PA-5-7-383
WILLIAMS, MARY                          PA-5-7-452
WILLIAMS, PHILIP P.                     PA-5-3-4
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       PA-5-5-397
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       PA-5-7-496
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        PA-5-3-235
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         PA-5-6-145
WILLIAMSON, MARGARET                    PA-5-7-293
WILLIS, ABRAHAM                         PA-5-2-58
WILLIS, JAMES                           PA-5-3-320
WILLIS, JESSE                           PA-5-4-200
WILLIS, JOHNWESLEY                      PA-5-4-41
WILLIS, WILLIAM                         PA-5-2-219
WILLIS, WILLIAM                         PA-5-1-326
WILLISON, ASHFORD                       PA-5-6-426
WILLISON, CHARLES                       PA-5-2-352
WILLS, MICHAEL                          PA-5-5-1
WILSON, ALFRED                          PA-5-6-337
WILSON, CALEB                           PA-5-1-207
WILSON, ISAAC                           PA-5-7-263
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-5-3-371
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-5-3-68
WILSON, JOHN                            PA-5-1-9
WILT, HENRY                             PA-5-7-4
WILT, JOHNA.                            PA-5-7-268
WILT, THOMAS                            PA-5-3-233
WIMER, ABRAHAM                          PA-5-3-110
WINDLE, WILLIAM                         PA-5-3-411
WINEBRENNER, CHRISITAN                  PA-5-4-203
WINEBRENNER, CHRISTIAN SR.              PA-5-3-28
WINEBRENNER, MARGARET                   PA-5-5-90
WINEGARDNER, CONRAD                     PA-5-3-387
WINEGARDNER, JOHN                       PA-5-3-124
WINK, ADAM                              PA-5-3-191
WINK, JACOB SR.                         PA-5-2-14
WINK, JACOB SR.                         PA-5-1-227
WINK, URIAH                             PA-5-3-203
WINK, URIAH                             PA-5-4-3
WINTERS, BARBARA                        PA-5-6-316
WINTES, JACOB                           PA-5-1-433
WISE, BARBARAANN                        PA-5-5-538
WISE, JOHN                              PA-5-7-60
WISEGARVER, ANDREW J.                   PA-5-7-334
WISEGARVER, DANIEL                      PA-5-4-185
WISEGARVER, RUTHANN                     PA-5-7-236
WISEGARVER, THOMAS B.                   PA-5-5-347
WISEL, ANNAMARIAH                       PA-5-4-552
WISEL, JOHN                             PA-5-4-445
WISHART, DAVID (DR.)                    PA-5-3-158
WISHART, GEORGE                         PA-5-5-286
WISHART, SUSAN                          PA-5-5-320
WITTER, WILLIAM                         PA-5-5-94
WOLF, DAVID                             PA-5-5-212
WOLF, JOHN                              PA-5-3-291
WOLF, KINEHART                          PA-5-1-273
WOLF, NATHANH.                          PA-5-4-511
WOLF, SABASTIAN                         PA-5-6-392
WOLFORD, ADAM                           PA-5-4-295
WOLFORD, ADAM F.                        PA-5-7-365
WOLFORD, ALEXANDER J.                   PA-5-8-394
WOLFORD, CAROLINE                       PA-5-7-514
WOLFORD, CATHARINE                      PA-5-4-320
WOLFORD, FREDERICK                      PA-5-3-382
WOLFORD, GEORGE                         PA-5-4-606
WOLFORD, JOHN                           PA-5-2-315
WOLFORD, JOHN F.                        PA-5-5-592
WOLFORD, JOHN J.                        PA-5-6-513
WOLFORD, JOSEPH                         PA-5-2-306
WOLFORT, GEORGE                         PA-5-5-216
WONDER, HENRY                           PA-5-4-555
WONDERS, ELIZABETH                      PA-5-7-582
WONDERS, STEPHEN                        PA-5-6-551
WOODCOCK, BANCROFT                      PA-5-1-483
WOODS, GEORGE                           PA-5-1-246
WOODS, HENRY                            PA-5-2-217
WOODS, JOHN                             PA-5-6-95
WOODS, ROSE                             PA-5-1-418
WOODS, THOMAS                           PA-5-1-53
WOONER, DANIEL                          PA-5-5-175
WORFORD, JOSEPH                         PA-5-1-11
WORK, ANDREW                            PA-5-2-325
WORLEY, ACOR                            PA-5-1-318
WORSING, JOHN                           PA-5-4-465
WRIGHT, CAROLINE B.                     PA-5-6-50
WRIGHT, JESSE                           PA-5-6-139
WRIGHT, LEWIS                           PA-5-6-442
WRIGHT, R.SEWELL                        PA-5-8-20
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          PA-5-3-75
WRIGHT, SARAH                           PA-5-3-292
WRIGHT, SUSANNAH                        PA-5-5-348
WYANT, JACOB                            PA-5-2-210
WYLES, SAMUEL                           PA-5-7-381
WYON, SOLOMON                           PA-5-7-132
YEAGER, ELIZAANN                        PA-5-7-146
YEAGER, MARY MAGDALENA                  PA-5-4-382
YEAGER, WILLIAM (REV.)                  PA-5-3-283
YONKER, JACOB                           PA-5-2-302
YORTY, JOHN                             PA-5-3-211
YOST, ADAM                              PA-5-7-586
YOUNG, ALEXANDER                        PA-5-4-243
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        PA-5-1-297
YOUNG, LEWIS                            PA-5-7-202
YOUNG, MARY                             PA-5-4-344
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          PA-5-1-292
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          PA-5-6-506
YOUT, HENRY                             PA-5-6-523
YUNT, PETER                             PA-5-7-40
ZEMBOWER, ADAM                          PA-5-7-391
ZEMBOWER, JOHN                          PA-5-4-261
ZESH, ULRICH                            PA-5-2-21
ZIMMENS, FREDERICK                      PA-5-8-21
ZIMMER, GEORGE                          PA-5-6-236
ZIMMER, MARGARET                        PA-5-3-262
ZIMMER, PHILIP                          PA-5-4-352
ZIMMER, SAMUEL                          PA-5-4-187
ZIMMERMAN, HENRY                        PA-5-1-486
ZIMMERMAN, LEWIS                        PA-5-7-284
ZIMMERS, ANTHONY                        PA-5-4-376
ZIMMERS, JACOB                          PA-5-4-595
ZIMMERS, JULIANA                        PA-5-7-267
ZIMMERS, MICHAEL                        PA-5-7-532
ZIMMERS, MICHAEL H.                     PA-5-8-251
ZINK, ELIZABETH                         PA-5-1-386
ZOOK, DANIEL                            PA-5-5-59
ZOOK, JOHN B.                           PA-5-7-555
ZOOK, MARIA                             PA-5-4-448

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