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EAGAN, MARY                            WINCHENDON                              MA-14-541-409
EAGER, ABRAHAM                         SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-15-260
EAGER, AUGUSTUS                        WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-400A-106
EAGER, BENJAMIN                        SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-6-214
EAGER, BEZALEEL                        NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-21-266
EAGER, DENNA                           NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-458-71
EAGER, DINAH                           SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-21-433
EAGER, FORTUNATUS                      STERLING                                MA-14-31-13
EAGER, FRANCIS                         NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-39-209
EAGER, JOHN                            NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-52-485
EAGER, JONATHAN                        WESTMINISTER                            MA-14-66-605
EAGER, JONATHAN                        WESTMINISTER                            MA-14-66-579
EAGER, LEWIS                           SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-56-284
EAGER, PAUL                            DANA                                    MA-14-52-403
EAGER, RUFUS                           LANCASTER                               MA-14-516-504
EAGER, SALLY                           SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-84-370
EAGER, SOLOMON                         ROYALSTON                               MA-14-39-232
EAGER, STEPHEN                         SUTTON                                  MA-14-39-218
EAGER, WILLIAM                         NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-80-261
EAGER, ZACHARIAH                       LANCASTER                               MA-14-16-402
EAGOR, ABRAHAM                         SHREWSBURY                              MA-14-1-148
EAGOR, JAMES                           WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-4-489
EAMES, DENNIS                          MILFORD (WAIVER                         MA-14-397-131
EAMES, DENNIS                          MILFORD                                 MA-14-396-607
EAMES, GERSHOM                         BOYLSTON                                MA-14-80-480
EAMES, HENRY                           SPENCER                                 MA-14-397-179
EAMES, JUSTIN E.                       MILFORD                                 MA-14-457-157
EAMES, LUCY                            BARRE                                   MA-14-399-239
EAMES, MARY R.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-541-357
EAMES, MOSES                           UPTON                                   MA-14-66-217
EAMES, PHINEHAS                        MILFORD                                 MA-14-89-135
EAMES, RUSSELL                         GRAFTON                                 MA-14-396-24
EAMES, WILLIAM                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-500-163
EARL, AMOS R.                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-492-521
EARL, BENJAMIN                         LEICESTER                               MA-14-7-4
EARL, DAVID                            LEICESTER                               MA-14-9-279
EARL, ENOCH                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-91-367
EARL, MARTHA P.                        SUTTON                                  MA-14-487-470
EARL, RALPH                            LEICESTER                               MA-14-5-400
EARL, WILLIAM                          PAXTON                                  MA-14-10-457
EARLE, ANN B.                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-473-232
EARLE, CHARLES S.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-495-483
EARLE, CLARK                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-43-540
EARLE, FANNY M.                        NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-548-548
EARLE, HORACE                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-72-302
EARLE, JOHN                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-95-396
EARLE, JONATHAN                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-43-66
EARLE, NATHANIEL                       LEICESTER                               MA-14-394-145
EARLE, OTIS D.                         NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT                MA-14-72-140
EARLE, RACHEL                          LEICESTER                               MA-14-91-678
EARLE, RUTH                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-95-60
EARLE, SLEAD                           LEICESTER                               MA-14-29-334
EARLE, STEPHEN                         PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-59-201
EARLE, WILLIAM                         LEICESTER                               MA-14-33-394
EARLE, WILLIAM                         LEICESTER                               MA-14-29-333
EARLE, WINTHROP                        LEICESTER                               MA-14-66-330
EARLY, MICHAEL                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-566-17
EASTERBROOK, ISAAC H.                  DUDLEY                                  MA-14-568-231
EASTMAN, ADELAIDE AUGUSTA              WORCESTER                               MA-14-478-45
EASTMAN, BETSEY W.                     DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-546-20
EASTMAN, EMILY POMEROY                 ATHOL                                   MA-14-516-512
EASTMAN, FANNIE A.                     WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-475-59
EASTMAN, LOUISA D.                     CHARLTON                                MA-14-487-140
EASTMAN, THOMAS J.                     CHARLTON                                MA-14-538-155
EATON, ABBIE C.                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-541-418
EATON, ABEL                            FITCHBURG                               MA-14-497-210
EATON, ABIGAIL B.                      BARRE                                   MA-14-470-467
EATON, ALPHEUS                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-72-406
EATON, ANNA G.                         BLACKSTONE                              MA-14-580-166
EATON, BENJAMIN W.                     LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-470-3
EATON, CHARLES                         LANCASTER                               MA-14-95-208
EATON, COLLINS                         LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-30-414
EATON, ELEANOR                         GARDNER                                 MA-14-531-439
EATON, EMILY                           ATHOL                                   MA-14-557-344
EATON, EMMA L.                         FITCHBURG                               MA-14-577-56
EATON, HENRY A.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-395-148
EATON, HENRY C.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-538-137
EATON, HENRY C.                        WIDOWS WAIVER                           MA-14-538-138
EATON, JEREMIAH                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-457-521
EATON, JOHN E.                         DUDLEY                                  MA-14-41-494
EATON, JONAS                           AUBURN                                  MA-14-86-417
EATON, JONATHAN                        GARDNER                                 MA-14-52-114
EATON, JOSEPH M.                       LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-398-505
EATON, JOSEPH M.                       LEOMINSTER (WAIVER)                     MA-14-398-576
EATON, LUCY                            MILLBURY                                MA-14-89-397
EATON, LUCY                            LANCASTER                               MA-14-89-325
EATON, MALTIAH                         PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-72-181
EATON, MARTHA W.                       FITCHBURG                               MA-14-397-130
EATON, NATHAN                          WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-395-241
EATON, SAMUEL                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-10-288
EATON, SARAH                           FITCHBURG                               MA-14-95-397
EATON, WILLIAM                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-394-131
EATON, WILLIAM                         WORCESTER (CODICIL)                     MA-14-394-465
EATON, WILLIAM                         HARDWICK                                MA-14-84-192
EATON, WILLIAM A.                      PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-514-326
EBIT, ROSANNAH                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-394-411
ECCLES, MINNIE M.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-473-189
EDDY, ABRAHAM                          ROYALSTON                               MA-14-72-355
EDDY, ALEXANDER H.                     SUTTON                                  MA-14-478-20
EDDY, AMASA                            AUBURN                                  MA-14-400A-41
EDDY, ANNA                             MILLBURY                                MA-14-97-190
EDDY, AUGUSTUS                         WEBTER                                  MA-14-95-104
EDDY, AZARIAH                          LEICESTER                               MA-14-52-487
EDDY, BENJAMIN                         DUDLEY                                  MA-14-400A-531
EDDY, BENJAMIN F.                      WINCHENDON                              MA-14-89-218
EDDY, EDMUND                           CHARLTON                                MA-14-84-84
EDDY, ELIJAH                           WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-514-346
EDDY, EUNICE                           WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-398-253
EDDY, FRANKLIN A.                      ROYALSTON                               MA-14-397-173
EDDY, HANNAH                           WEBSTER                                 MA-14-397-486
EDDY, HANNAH N.                        OXFORD                                  MA-14-95-415
EDDY, JAMES                            AUBURN                                  MA-14-91-208
EDDY, JOHN                             DUDLEY                                  MA-14-398-295
EDDY, JOHN                             DUDLEY                                  MA-14-52-618
EDDY, JOHN                             NORTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-57-1
EDDY, JOHN                             OXFORD                                  MA-14-7-486
EDDY, JOHN                             BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-50-558
EDDY, JONAS                            OXFORD                                  MA-14-59-322
EDDY, JOSHUA                           STERLING                                MA-14-52-233
EDDY, LAURA                            OXFORD                                  MA-14-97-3
EDDY, LEONARD                          LEICESTER                               MA-14-485-40
EDDY, LEVI                             BURRILLVILLE, PROVIDENCE, RI            MA-14-89-13
EDDY, LEVI                             WARD                                    MA-14-56-75
EDDY, LUCY H.                          WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-543-91
EDDY, MARIA M.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-247
EDDY, MARY A.                          LEICESTER                               MA-14-457-268
EDDY, PATIENCE                         OXFORD                                  MA-14-9-448
EDDY, RUFUS H.                         WEBSTER                                 MA-14-574-187
EDDY, SAMUEL                           WARD                                    MA-14-28-397
EDDY, SILAS                            OXFORD                                  MA-14-36-72
EDDY, WILLIAM                          OXFORD                                  MA-14-33-396
EDES, MARY                             BOLTON                                  MA-14-578-372
EDES, PETER                            HARVARD                                 MA-14-21-13
EDES, PRISCILLA B.                     LANCASTER                               MA-14-473-185
EDGARTON, JOHN                         LANCASTER                               MA-14-506-417
EDGARTON, LEONARD                      HARVARD                                 MA-14-95-157
EDGELL, JOHN                           GARDNER                                 MA-14-495-481
EDGELL, LOUISA                         GADNER                                  MA-14-89-307
EDGELL, STILLMAN W.                    FITCHBURG                               MA-14-487-174
EDGERLEY, MARY                         HARVARD                                 MA-14-457-128
EDGERTON, SAMUEL M.                    STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-485-18
EDGERTON, TALCOTT                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-533-99
EDGGET, WILLIAM                        WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-36-340
EDMONDS, ARTEMAS                       WINCHENDON                              MA-14-394-3
EDMONDS, CHARLE SS.                    SOUTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-573-337
EDMONDS, JOHN                          NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-80-560
EDMONDS, LUCY                          NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-497-231
EDMONDS, SAMUEL                        NORTH BROOKFIELD                        MA-14-86-8
EDMUNDS, AMOS                          WINCHENDON                              MA-14-48-533
EDMUNDS, JOSEPH                        DUDLEY                                  MA-14-10-131
EDSON, BRADFORD G.                     OXFORD                                  MA-14-487-408
EDSON, JOSEPH W.                       NEW BRAINTREE                           MA-14-97-212
EDWARDS, BENJAMIN A.                   BOLTON                                  MA-14-457-129
EDWARDS, CATHARINE R.                  SOUTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-568-207
EDWARDS, JOHN                          SOUTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-400A-568
EDWARDS, LUCIA M.                      SOUTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-562-80
EDWARDS, SAMUEL                        DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-8-173
EDWARDS, SARAH A.                      BOLTON                                  MA-14-490-201
EDWARDS, SARAH R.                      PETERSHAM                               MA-14-398-130
EDWARDS, SUSAN S.                      WESTBOROUGH                             MA-14-395-104
EGERY, DANIEL                          HARDWICK                                MA-14-30-389
EGLESTON, FLORA E.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-511-219
EIDT, CAROLINE                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-516-224
EISENTRAUT, HENRY                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-478-250
ELAM, EMILY C.                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-95-495
ELDER, JOHN                            WORCESTER                               MA-14-84-426
ELDER, LYDIA                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-95-106
ELDER, WILLIAM                         WORCESTER                               MA-14-20-49
ELDREDGE, STORRS                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-399-252
ELDRIDGE, CLARISSA L.                  WORCESTER                               MA-14-543-382
ELDRIDGE, SILAS                        SPENCER                                 MA-14-97-213
ELIS, ASA F.                           WARREN                                  MA-14-511-229
ELLECK, MARY A.                        LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-563-397
ELLINWOOD, ARAH                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-89-449
ELLINWOOD, JUSTUS                      HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-86-589
ELLIOT, AARON                          SUTTON                                  MA-14-66-370
ELLIOT, ANDREW                         MILLBURY                                MA-14-48-570
ELLIOT, CALEB B.                       MILLBURY                                MA-14-89-265
ELLIOT, JOSEPH                         LEICESTER                               MA-14-56-102
ELLIOT, MARY J.                        MILLBURY                                MA-14-400A-638
ELLIOT, SUSANNAH                       OXFORD                                  MA-14-89-57
ELLIOTT, ELIZA J.                      BARRE                                   MA-14-543-462
ELLIOTT, GUSTAVUS                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-523-188
ELLIOTT, MARIAS M.                     GRAFTON                                 MA-14-470-80
ELLIOTT, MARTHA A.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-516-239
ELLIOTT, MARY E.                       HOLDEN                                  MA-14-580-511
ELLIS, ABEL                            SUTTON                                  MA-14-86-445
ELLIS, ABIGAIL                         WARREN                                  MA-14-97-342
ELLIS, ANDERSON S.                     SOUTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-490-499
ELLIS, BAXTER                          WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-397-578
ELLIS, BETHUEL                         WINCHENDON                              MA-14-458-112
ELLIS, CHARLES                         UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-397-581
ELLIS, DANIELS JR.                     ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-490-252
ELLIS, EDWIN O.                        WINCHENDON                              MA-14-487-163
ELLIS, ELIZABETH                       BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-89-383
ELLIS, EUNICE L.                       OXFORD                                  MA-14-500-429
ELLIS, EZEKIEL                         ROYALSTON                               MA-14-80-656
ELLIS, FRANCES B.                      WARREN                                  MA-14-511-58
ELLIS, GEORGE W. B.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-516-154
ELLIS, JEDEDIAH                        STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-33-124
ELLIS, JOHN                            HARDWICK                                MA-14-396-446
ELLIS, MARIA J.                        WORCESTER                               MA-14-473-225
ELLIS, MARY L.                         UPTON                                   MA-14-823-146
ELLIS, NATHAN B.                       BROOKFIELD                              MA-14-52-134
ELLIS, RACHEL                          SUTTON                                  MA-14-91-21
ELLIS, ROYAL                           CHARLTON                                MA-14-84-44
ELLIS, SAMUEL                          STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-31-352
ELLIS, SARAH                           GRAFTON (RESCRIPT)                      MA-14-396-560
ELLIS, SARAH                           GRAFTON (RESCRIPT)                      MA-14-396-554
ELLIS, SARAH                           GRAFTON                                 MA-14-396-130
ELLIS, SARAH                           CHARLTON                                MA-14-86-557
ELLIS, SARAH B.                        UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-511-46
ELLIS, SARAH W.                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-551-37
ELLIS, SHEPARD                         WARREN                                  MA-14-86-272
ELLIS, STILLMAN                        WARREN                                  MA-14-457-41
ELLIS, SUSAN                           WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-97-426
ELLIS, WILLIAM C.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-560--440
ELLISON, ADOLPHUS S.                   UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-483-444
ELLS, ELIZABETH W. D.                  NORTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-399-297
ELLSWORTH, HARRIET H.                  WORCESTER                               MA-14-500-120
ELLSWORTH, HENRY L.                    NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT                MA-14-394-244
ELLSWORTH, JOHN T.                     PETERSBOROUGH, NH                       MA-14-568-187
ELLSWORTH, SAMUEL                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-400A-541
ELWELL, ABIEL                          DUDLEY                                  MA-14-397-302
ELWELL, DAVID                          HARDWICK                                MA-14-89-584
ELWELL, JOSHUA                         STURBRIDGE                              MA-14-5-119
ELWELL, THOMAS                         HARDWICK                                MA-14-28-96
ELWORD, MARY                           WORCESTER                               MA-14-531-95
ELY, ELLEN J.                          WORCESTER                               MA-14-546-470
EMERSON, AMOS B.                       TOLLAND, WINDHAM, CT                    MA-14-395-407
EMERSON, AZBUBAH                       EAST DOUGLAS                            MA-14-546-39
EMERSON, ELIZA                         AUBURN                                  MA-14-458-196
EMERSON, GEORGE                        WEBSTER                                 MA-14-86-10
EMERSON, HORACE                        DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-400A-377
EMERSON, JAMES                         GARDNER                                 MA-14-470-25
EMERSON, JOHN                          UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-16-140
EMERSON, JOSEPH                        DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-66-631
EMERSON, LEVI                          WEBSTER                                 MA-14-75-73
EMERSON, LUKE                          UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-13-163
EMERSON, MARY R.                       NORWALK, CT                             MA-14-457-448
EMERSON, MOSES                         LANCASTER                               MA-14-56-524
EMERSON, PETER                         HARVARD                                 MA-14-52-531
EMERSON, WILLARD                       THOMPSON                                MA-14-97-414
EMORY, CHARLES A.                      FITCHBURG                               MA-14-531-390
EMORY, CHARLES H.                      FITCHBURG                               MA-14-473-193
EMORY, MARY A.                         ASHBURNHAM                              MA-14-823-456
EMREY, ELIZA M.                        FITCHBURG                               MA-14-490-518
ENDICOTT, HARRIET                      STERLING                                MA-14-400A-146
ENDICOTT, TIMOTHY                      STERLING                                MA-14-397-281
ENGLAND, LYDIA P.                      LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-575-509
ENGLEY, JOSEPH                         UXBRIDGE                                MA-14-399-279
ENNIS, JAMES F.                        CLINTON                                 MA-14-535-229
ENO, ALEXANDER                         MILFORD                                 MA-14-823-1
ENTWISTLE, CAESAR                      SPENCER                                 MA-14-478-543
ERIKSON, ANNA MARIA                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-823-134
ERSKINE, JOHN                          MIFLROD                                 MA-14-395-163
ERWIN, CATHERINE                       CLINTON                                 MA-14-400A-530
ERWIN, JOHN                            CLINTON                                 MA-14-400A-463
ESTABROOK, AARON G.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-580-1
ESTABROOK, BENJAMIN                    ATHOL                                   MA-14-400A-621
ESTABROOK, BENJAMIN                    HARDWICK                                MA-14-66-343
ESTABROOK, BETSY                       WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-580-521
ESTABROOK, CHARLES W.                  WORCESTER                               MA-14-563-431
ESTABROOK, DANIEL                      RUTLAND                                 MA-14-29-114
ESTABROOK, DANIEL                      RUTLAND                                 MA-14-48-231
ESTABROOK, DANIEL JR.                  OAKHAM                                  MA-14-39-169
ESTABROOK, ELIZA R.                    WORCESTER                               MA-14-470-16
ESTABROOK, EUNICE                      HOLDEN                                  MA-14-59-221
ESTABROOK, GEORGE H.                   WORCESTER                               MA-14-578-350
ESTABROOK, HANNAH                      ROYALSTON                               MA-14-396-277
ESTABROOK, JEDEDIAH                    RUTLAND                                 MA-14-89-59
ESTABROOK, JEDIDIAH                    LUNENBURG                               MA-14-18-243
ESTABROOK, JOHN                        WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-32-404
ESTABROOK, JOSEPH                      ATHOL                                   MA-14-66-558
ESTABROOK, JOSEPH                      ROYALSTON                               MA-14-66-392
ESTABROOK, JOSEPH W.                   WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-514-409
ESTABROOK, LYDIA                       SOUTHBRIDGE                             MA-14-86-555
ESTABROOK, MILLISENT                   WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-398-131
ESTABROOK, REBEKAH B.                  WORCESTER                               MA-14-514-3
ESTABROOK, SARAH ADELE                 WORCESTER                               MA-14-504-487
ESTABROOKS, MARY W.                    OXFORD                                  MA-14-483-113
ESTE, NANCY                            SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-97-279
ESTE, SOLOMON                          SOUTHBOROUGH                            MA-14-398-383
ESTEN, DANIEL                          DOUGLAS                                 MA-14-400A-248
ESTEN, MARY                            BURRILLVILLE, PROVIDENCE, RI            MA-14-457-430
ESTEY, ARBA                            LANCASTER                               MA-14-523-215
ESTEY, FRANCIS                         WESTMINSTER                             MA-14-397-56
ESTEY, MARY P.                         PHILLIPSTON                             MA-14-571-175
ESTY, WARREN                           MENDON                                  MA-14-457-189
EUSTIS, NATHANIEL                      CHARLTON                                MA-14-13-394
EVANS, ARTHUR M.                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-551-72
EVANS, BAILEY W.                       PROVIDENCE, PROVIDENCE, RI              MA-14-533-153
EVANS, GEORGE                          WINCHENDON                              MA-14-398-65
EVANS, JONATHAN                        WINCHENDON                              MA-14-394-413
EVANS, MARY                            (RESCRIPT)                              MA-14-548-509
EVANS, MARY                            OAKLAND, ALAMEDA, CA                    MA-14-548-530
EVANS, MARY ELLA                       WORCESTER                               MA-14-578-370
EVANS, REBECCA B.                      SPENCER                                 MA-14-400A-283
EVANS, SAMUEL                          LEOMINSTER                              MA-14-41-201
EVANS, THANKFUL                        OAKHAM                                  MA-14-80-319
EVELETH, ASENATH G.                    PRINCETON                               MA-14-511-245
EVELETH, JOSHUA                        PRINCETON                               MA-14-89-66
EVELETH, RUTH                          PRINCETON                               MA-14-39-272
EVELETH, WILLIAM J.                    HUBBARDSTON                             MA-14-535-421
EVERETT, BETSEY W.                     WORCESTER                               MA-14-566-87
EVERETT, DAVID                         TEMPLETON                               MA-14-91-47
EVERETT, SARAH F.                      WORCESTER                               MA-14-490-169
EVERS, CHARLES A.                      AUBURN                                  MA-14-531-393
EVES, JOSEPH                           ROYALSTON                               MA-14-27-444
EWELL, ARVILA E.                       WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-569-349
EWELL, ARVILA E.                       WEST BROOKFIELD                         MA-14-569-349

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